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12-01-2005, 08:46 AM
:wel3fc: To the Jaded Ladies!:wel3fc:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please pull up a chair and join us.:cofdate:

12-01-2005, 05:14 PM

Wow, slow day today? Hope everyone is busy having fun!

Susan--Panda Express sounds good! I've only ate there maybe twice. Thank you for clarifying what the initials stood for!! Your ASSistant would drive me crazy! She does realize that she's YOUR assistant?

Jane--I Have watched that show "Lost it" I like that one too. I don't watch it very often so I always tend to forget when it's on. I think it's on too early in the morning for me to catch it. As for the biggest loser...I was floored by how all the contestants looked for the reunion!! They all lost so much and looked great (except one) I think this group lost more than the first group. It was amazing and inspiring.

Katy--Hope you get more time to chat!

EM--Hope you figured out how to change your ticker.

Hello:wave: to Cristi, Angie, Sue, Marykate, Michelle and all the rest of the girls!!

Not much going on in my neck of the woods. I need to get myself on the gazelle.

Hugs to you all!

12-01-2005, 05:36 PM
Hi Ladies

:snow4: It has been trying to snow all day, Today I get to stay home:carrot:
Met my Dh for lunch then to deposit my last check from my old job looks like Xmas is going to be sparse this year, but thats ok.

Em: I see you taking belly danicing how long have you been dancing? Did you go to zainas belly dancin crown in Vancouver? (contest)Have you met Halima from Tacoma she sells and makes costumes for larger dancers? Who is your teacher? I dance with cassiopea and Farhia I see your from Salem i grew up in Woodburn but now live in Washington. so many of us are practicaly neighbors.

Christi:or was it Marti? I still see your insisting on naming

susan:What is up with all the drama? I do not envy you one little bit, I cannot handle confrontation at all, it is way to stressful for me, i cannot imagine how you fell:dizzy: the toll it takes on you not to mention your family, my DH would of gone there and raised cain for me.

Jane: your desciptions are ummm you leave no room for the imagination:rofl:

Marti:e-mail me some enchiladas, yum yum i'll send you some homemade tamales W/O calories:D

And a hi to everyone i hope I didnt miss anybody, i have t go prepare and work on my outline for tonight, thats if we still have class......let it snow let it snow

12-01-2005, 05:47 PM
Just a quick check in and subscribe really quick. I'm off to excercise! I hope today is going wonderful for all you ladies! I'll write more this evening.

12-01-2005, 06:10 PM
Marti: you slipped in and posted and i thought i was going to be first......:D I did watch the biggest looser, can you believe how suzy's friends treated her at the resurant, come on just taste the peanut sauce all you have to do is stick your fork in it.....well you it was just one little bite for me too and it does hurt. when she got up and left the table i wanted to cry for her.....I think they were at a Thai resturaurnt when i'am watching my weight more so i order the salad wraps, ( but red curries are my fav....)mattes friends to where all wanting him to take a shot they wouldnt leave the old man dead they wanted a resurection of there old party dude, I felt bad for him too.....
I also watch *I lost it* too. but I think i have seen them all, I watch fit tv it keeps me motivated and focused.

I never eaten at panda express there building one right across the street of they serve low cal food steamed vegtables?:?:
ok i better stop procastinationg and go do my work.....I can really let the hours slip away when i'am here

12-01-2005, 06:15 PM
mmmm, McChicken man just brought me some more sandwiches!!! I gobbled down 2 real fast - so hungry.

Better go but just wanted to share my good fortune with someone!!

The drama is that she wanted the job and has a live in relationship with the other manager. She doesn't take direction well and bolts when told to be here on time. That is where it started - I noticed she was showing up late and finally confronted her on it. Went through 2 HR meetings until this last one when she started saying I was lying and yesterday escalated where she is saying " I don't want to talk to you " And "I am going to bully"..........

anyway, we are in the process of firing her.

Panda Express has rice/fried rice/ or chow mein. I always pick chow mein and veggies with chicken. soooooo good.

best get!!

12-01-2005, 07:16 PM
Hi Marti & Michelle :)
The grand total loss is 5 pounds. I can't believe it. I did 20 minutes of callanetics. Its so boring & blah but man I love the workout.

Michelle to answer your question, Yes I have taken classes in Vancouver - once. I can't remember her name. Taught out of her home, in a big middle eastern inspired room with camel everything, had an asst. instructor who had blown out her knees from Hula..Had a little dog. All I can remember. Iilya was my instructor, and now I'm going to start classes with Beuosoleil. I'm hoping anyways. I've been out of the circuit for about 2 1/2 years now, babies and all..So just working my way back in. I've never performed. I'm too shy so far. I'm hoping losing some weight will give me a bit more confidence to get out there and try! As you know Some, (by no means the majority) bdancers only like dancing & watching with/at thinner dancers. I've always been very sub conscience of that.
My baby wants to fuss every spare moment I get. I'll keep writing when I get a chance.


12-01-2005, 08:22 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - glad the ASSistant is on her way out. Gals like that always land on their feet, though. I thought Panda Express is a movie you and Gaby saw, lol.

Marti - most of the shows on Lost It are reruns. Not sure when they'll have new ones.

Michelle - did you get enough snow to cancel classes? We got a few flurries here, and I can hardly wait for some real snow.

Em - YAY for the 5 pound loss so far! :cp: I was wondering if you considered adding a smaller-goal ticker to your siggie, in addition to the 100 pound one? Like maybe a 20 pound one. Might be good for your moral. Just a thought.

I shopped today with Miss Madison. It's the 1st, and Walmart was so crowded. Didn't bother me, though. We met my niece Carol for lunch at Wendy's, and I had the chili. Yum. Gonna have some white chili with a buddy next week.

I still haven't wrapped any Christmas presents, and the poor tree looks so bare w/o any. Maybe tomorrow.

Hope you're having a good day. :)

12-02-2005, 01:36 AM
Hiya ladies!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving -- we sure did. Day after we went to the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. It was wonderful! They turned the inside of the Cow Palace (stupid name, but they hold the Grand National Rodeo there -- it's a huge building, they have lots of concerts and events there) into Charles Dickens' London, complete with winding streets, shops, performers, different stages with entertainment. There was a tea shop where we had afternoon tea, very elegant and formal...until about ten chimney sweeps came down the false chimney and barged in, covered with soot. They sang songs, chatted with us at our tables, posed for pictures, and generally drove the dainty tea shop waitresses crazy :) We loved it. I can see making this excursion a yearly tradition.

Got horribly sick over the weekend though -- sore throat, everything ached, fever. Dr. insisted on a strep culture, but the nurse said she'd been doing tons of them and they were all negative -- not strep, just a really bad virus going around. I was off work Mon-Wed this week, basically slept for three days. Was too sick to even make it to WW this last Saturday, and haven't been OP very well, gotta get back on track...

Susan, glad you won't have to deal with that royal pain much longer. And glad you resisted hiding sandwiches in your desk drawer for later!!! :cbg: :fr: :mcd:

EM, I'm one of the "Katies" around here :) My name is Mary Katherine, and I've posted on the net forever as Katiecat, but since there is a RosieKate here, too -- that's Katy and I'm Katie -- and Jane has a daughter Katie, I started signing my posts "Mary Kate". At least...some of the time...when I remember... :dizzy: So, welcome to yet another Kate!!! :welcome2: You mentioned in the last thread about simple living. I didn't do home birthing, but I did homeschool my boys for seven years, made bread, granola, jam, and fell in love with the Tightwad Gazette and Miserly Moms :goodvibes Loved your family pic! So funny, haven't heard the term "Irish twins" for a long time, heehee. Hubby and I went to Ireland in September, my pics are here if you ever get bored:

Michelle, I've wanted to take belly dancing forever, but have been just too intimidated, especially because of my size. I'm not only a curvy girl :D , but I'm a BIG girl too...about 5'10", sort of Amazonian (read: big, klutzy, and don't blend in well). I have a short curvy friend who has taken belly dancing and was trying to get me to take classes with her...maybe I will someday if I ever get the nerve. :dance: :rofl: Oh, and I'll take some of those zero-calorie tamales, please :T I tried a really good casserole last night from Cooking Light, Chicken Chilquiles -- corn tortillas, salsa verde, fat free sour cream, low fat Mexican cheese, shredded chicken. mmmmmmmmmmm It was a hit, and really easy, so I'll post it in the recipe thread. Would be a good way to use up leftover turkey, too.

Marti, now you've got me wanting to go to craft fairs, too! My short bellydancing friend invited me to go with her Sunday morning to a fair. She's also been dragging me out every two weeks for a pedicure -- quite a big step for me, since I'm so hopelessly un-girly. So now I have pretty pink toenails, even if I can't figure out makeup or what the heck to do with my messy hair, and I live in jeans and t-shirts. :lol3:

Jane, I'll be lucky if I can get my act together and get Christmas cards out this year. Wish I had your organization skills. Our living room is still kind of torn apart from moving 5 full bookcases into the spare room, but have one more floor-to-ceiling bookcase (full) that won't fit anywhere else in the house, and the TV has to stay somewhere near the cable hookup, and Tim wants to move the couch to the opposite wall, so hopefully it won't be too close to the fireplace...ack!!! So...if we can get all that arranged by this weekend, then maybe we can put up the tree next week. Now as for outside lights? Well, this is what I'd like to do, just to trip out the neighbors: :cp:

Cristi, what's going on with your arm? I get to go back to the hand surgeon next week, oh yay. :( The doc that did the nerve conduction testing says she sees the start of carpal tunnel in my wrist, but the biggest problem is the radial tunnel up near my elbow, running across the top of my forearm. Index finger and thumb keep going numb, losing my grip, pain, etc. I don't want surgery, but I sure don't want cortisone shots, either, which they keep trying to push me into. What has the doctor been able to do for your arm so far?

OK, it's getting to you all soon...

Mary Kate

da fat n da furious
12-02-2005, 02:08 AM
Hey all,
WELCOME Em,,,till you decide what name you
My mom did the cloth diapers with my brother which ment me doing cloth diapers,,,and I was quick to say I didnt' want to with my boys. My youngest was almost a home Made to the hospital bathroom.
And congrats on the 5 lbs loss...thats fantastic. I am one the WW (weight watcher) ladies...and so far am at 12 lbs loss. slowly coming down. I have 120 lbs to you Im big boned,,,no shrinking violet here. Wiht football shoulders,,size 10 feet and trucker hands...hard for anyone to scoff when I say Im big boned. Good for you about belly bancing,,I know thats a fantastic workout. I have a girlfriend who teaches it,,,and she's a beautiful plus size woman.
Marti/ Michelle,,,you are killing me with all the food,,mouth literally watering...drooling. PULEEEEEEEEZ give me a recipe,,,tamales. *gasp must have a tamale,,,before I die..never had one but sounds good,,,and well can you tell I got my food cravings back?
Michelle,,,nice to know your in a nicer Walmart,,,I am amazed by the lack of business atire at this walmart,,,muscle shirts with sweats..*shudder I just could never wear something like that to a retail job.

Susan,,,geesh sounds like the drama I was putting up with the woman next to me. She was given the choice of quitting or getting fired. She quit but made it unbareable for everyone for 2 weeks.

Cristi,,I hope they find out whats going on,,,I would raither know what it is even if its bad then to struggle along in pain. And DD's ear ? whats wrong?

Jane,,,your a braver woman then me, taking a small child into a christmas shopping crowded store,,I will now not be going into the malls to shop...I am done. I hate crowds,,,and can barely tolerate the bustle and such.

Work is going well,,,busy. Finished reading that horrid book,,,I say horrid cause it gave me nightmares. I did finish it and saw there is a book 2 to continue on with the story. I gave supreme heck to the customer who told me to read the book,,,he felt bad. Told me to read a book called Wheels of time? Can't remember.
The play is almost done,,,every night has been a sold out performance. Sat..I will be doing a strike,,clean up of the play. The antibiotics weren't working so I went back and got another type. Day 2 and nothing still...I think Katie that what you said,,,not strep,,but a bad form of virus is what i have. The results came back that I didn't in fact have strep.
AND I did get the results of my iron! I am so excited,,,I got 26 which is fantastic. The best Ive ever been. Normally for me is 11.
I keep wanting to watch that Biggest Loser show,,,just can't figure out which night. Im so addicted to home renovation shows. Im in 'like' with this one reno guy,,Mike Holmes for Homes.
well i need to get to bed...night all.

12-02-2005, 02:12 AM
MK: I think Katiecat is an aboslutely adorable nickname. My grandma always use to call me Katie-did. :) Still makes me feel warm inside. I hope "Irish Twins" isn't un-pc. I asked my Dr. one day cause she said "Oh - a true set of Irish Twins" and so I figured it must be fine to say. I've always wanted to go to Ireland! I'm going to look at your pics. :)
My friend was just sick with a virus much like yours. It took her over a month before she felt normal again!

Jane, I hadn't considered that. It sounds like a good idea. I know I want to be 230 pounds by March. I wonder if that would be possible. Hmm..But I do have very slow dialup and don't want to bog down the machine more..I'll give it some more thought. Thanks Jane :)
Oh good news! Through Freecycle, I asked for an eliptical style machine, and someone had an older one they are going to give me! YAY!

Bah, I'll write more. The 15 month old is getting cranky because she can't brush her teeth all the time and I took the brush away. Aww. Today was a good day though.

I'll be more personal tomorrow, I promise!


12-02-2005, 10:32 AM
Well, my house looks like it puked up Legos ;) James had his birthday party at Chuck-up Cheese last night and a grand time was had by all. Now today he has no school and his little sister will be at preschool and he can play with the loot, uninterrupted. I get to clean.

Just wanted to add my voice as another Tightwad Gazette fan - I have all three books and get them out every now and again for ideas. This book empowered me to realize I could reduce our expenses enough for me to be a SAHM to my kids. In fact, I really thought I would never be able to afford children until I read these books and then a little lightbulb went off; "If she can do this with six kids, I should be able to do it with one!" So we did....and have another kid to boot, lol!

I know CEC isn't a thrifty bday option, but believe it or not, I spent about as much time, money, and energy throwing this kid a party at my house for half as many kids two years ago. My perspective has changed on these things:p I tell you, all those 9yo boys need a place to just be the little devils they need to be...and that place is it. I used to dread the CEC juggernaut, now I embrace the big mouse!

Back later for individuals

12-02-2005, 04:18 PM
My head is totally swimming:dizzy: with more McChicken sandwiches today. I did eat one - so hungry but will take the rest home for the girls. I think I will go get Bento though - still hungry.

Belly dancing sounds interesting EM

I better go. I have tons to do. Just wanted to say hello.

ASSistant update is she is going to a medical appt on Monday to try and go on stress leave. Though we are firing her somewhere down the road and already have a security company to cover our night shift so I can pull that asm for days................blah- blah - who cares, right?? lol

mmmmm, I best get before I grab another sandwich.

Katy!! Breakfast w/ Santa tomorrow at the Lucky Lab. I might take Gaby.

12-02-2005, 08:46 PM
Hi ladies,

Mary Kate - I wanna go to the Dickens Fair!!! I got a good laugh over the lights display, lol. Neighbors from ****, right?

Angie - 2 big YAYS coming your way from me. First for the play going so well, and another one for your iron level being higher. Which play will you be doing next?

Em - "Irish twins" is PC enough, lol. I personally know several of them, being raised Catholic, lol. (I'm Methodist now, not that's there's anything wrong w/Catholics) Wtg, getting a free eliptical machine. Is it from someone local or does it need shipped? Btw, I call my Katie Katiedid all the time.

Katy - glad James and his buds had a good time at the party. I personally love skee ball at CEC. Couldn't think of the name of that game a little while back when we were talking about CEC, lol.

Susan - Ma Jane here is worried about the contents of your daily diet. A chicken sandwich in each hand doesn't make it balanced, lol. Where are your veggies?

Like I've got any room to talk! I have been eating the wrong things, and too much of them. (Jim Carrey's voice) = Somebody stop me! I write out what I am supposed to eat, then don't follow it.

Need to go to the fabric store and get a zipper to replace the one on Katie's coat. It's a 30" one, and light blue. Can't just get it at Walmart. She is notorious for breaking coat zippers.

Nothing much planned for the weekend. What's going on with you?

12-02-2005, 10:26 PM
Ma, McChickens have lettuce on them, thus a veggie and therefore

I don't know where this elderly man is getting them from - hope he isn't buying them. $25 worth already if they are a $1 each.

Going to the Grotto and the mall maybe for a pic with Santa for Gaby. So fun! I gave my older boss some candy canes and he thought they were nice. I said "like Martha Stewart - tacky glue and all" Though when he saw me coming down the hall he tried to dunk back into his office. I said "you can't hide from me" haha.
He is so nice - he has no lights in his office - totally dark. I said "you are like a gopher." haha

Anyway - the work place is getting better. Any ideas how to decorate the lobby??? I thought it would be kind of cute to do something with the mail box area. Like a candy cane pole saying something about letter going to the North pole.......Letters to Santa.......something fun and cheery.......

12-02-2005, 11:08 PM
Back for individuals
Susan - Breakfast w/ Santa sounds like fun, but I have to take DS somewhere at 8:30 or so, maybe I'll swing by with Leigh if we are back soon enough. I like your ideas for the lobby...very cute. Glad things seem to be improving with your assistant.

Jane - Imagine that...I am getting ready to sew a zipper into a fleece jacket I am making for Leigh. Weird JL karma, I tell you. I used to work at a fabric store and I really enjoyed it. Spent way too much on fabric. I guess that goes without saying....

Angie - I'm like you...hate malls, only go there if I absolutely have to. My goal this year is to make it through the holidays with no trips to the mall. Between shopping in the Village and the internet, it's doable. I can take the kids to Alpenrose for Santa if they really want to do that. They aren't really into the big guy; some years they want to see him, some years they don't. BTW- Alpenrose is a big dairy in the area that puts on a Santaland every year.

Katie - I like that I am Bored website. Great place to poke around when you are, well, bored. That house cracked me up. I am not a light person. My DH is, so we might put some up this year. Or rather HE will.

EM - good job on your weight loss! I used to do Callanetics - but it's been a long time. Didn't know she was still around.

Hi to Marti, Cristi, Michelle and anyone else out there. Started TOM today and I've been a raging rhymeswithwitch. I was up too late last night after the CEC party, so I overslept and missed step this a.m. My lucky day, as I found out later the class was canceled at the last minute because the instructor was sick. So no exercise, and I've been eating way too much leftover pizza. Sigh. Jane - I have my Jim Carrey voice ringing in my ears.......

12-02-2005, 11:11 PM
Question:What in the world is an Irish twin? and its not pc? is it racial slang?

Angie Sorry about how your wal-mart is.....perhaps you could complain or write a letter, see if you can raise the standerd. And about can you crave something you never had? is antie Flo coming for her visit?

Katiecat: A dickens fair that sounds wonderful, I hope you are feeling better:p I'am the short friend with curves i have a hour glass shape nomatter how much I weigh i still have a weight is all in my hips....

Jane: Our snow turned to slush......and yes class still was on, even thou I wanted to stay home;) we just had lumpy rain all day today.

I must of missed the post about diapers....and I did the cloth diapers I had diaper service my kids were allergic to the son had to wear leather tennis shoes his feet would breakout if he had plastic shoes.....I had a midwive to delivery my babies and my last one was without drugs.....:dizzy:

Ballroom bootcamp is on is on I must go the transformation later

da fat n da furious
12-03-2005, 02:49 AM
Michelle I know Ive never had a tamale,,,and don't rightly know what it is,,,but it sounds good,,,and Im a mexi food hound. Love the stuff!
Well since its only dress code,,,I wouldn't put in a complaint over that...too minor when I get such great service.

Katy seriously I didn't like McDonalds or CEC for birthday parties till Brandon got a bit older and it saved on the furniture and my sanity. With the loot bag costs I would say going to CEC was cheaper...since they have to play and win to get any loot.

Susan,,,I binged on McD chicken sandwhichs once,,,never again. Funny that your ASM is going for stress leave,,,the freak that worked next to me did the same. Not realizing she was the once causing all the

Jane,,,I lost a good jacket over a zipper... Monte bought me this really awesome winter jacket,,,it was micro something,,,barely weighed anything but warm. Zipper went on it and at the time I just didn't think I could sew it,,,duh I took it to the tailors and the next week when I went back,,(I had lost my stub) they didn't have my jacket anymore,,6 days! They tried to say I didn't bring it in,,,I know I did. But without the stub couldn't prove it.

went out for dinner with the girls...I have to say I made up for all the points i didn't eat the last week. In the last 3 weeks I haven't been eating much,,,probably half of my points. My belly hurts now.
Well my play is over tomorrow..a bit sad. Really love this show. And Tanner got great new today,,,he did get the lead,,Aladdin.
Day 3 of the antibiotics and still have a bit of a sore throat,,,thinking virus and not strep. Oh yay.
Doing some crafts,,,I had these old tins that some fancy coco came in,,,painting some christmas theme on them and filling them with candy,,,giving them away as a small gift. Been awhile since I painted.
well off to bed I go,,,night all.
Em,,,my mom and aunt are irish mom is a new years baby,,,and my aunt is the same year a christmas day baby. Had never heard it called that,,,like it,,,will be telling my mom that.

12-03-2005, 05:43 AM
Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Just got home from work. It was my early day. It was a fun friday too....we've decided at work that we're doing White Elephant gift exchange every week until we move to the new building! Fun. Some of the gifts have been hokey, but tonight I got a cute Santa.

MaryKate--OMG!! You went to San Fran??? I watched on the food channel about the Dickens Fair. It looked like so much fun. I'm really jealous of you now!! Hope you had tons of fun and had fun for me too! I have always felt ungirly myself. It wasn't until I got w/James that I really wanted to get more girly. If that makes sense. I guess I wanted to dress up more and do something w/my hair ever since I've been w/him. I think he's worth it unlike my ex.....hee-hee!

Angie--Your christmas tins sound cute. Making one for me?:D I wanted to also say Hurray on the 12lbs lost so far!! You're doing fantastic!! I knew you lost, just didn't know how much. Proud of you!

Jane--They're starting another Biggest Loser in January. I'm getting ready to watch that too! It looks more interesting. Kind of like a family kind of thing? Not sure. But I really like seeing the results afterwards.

EM--I'm clueless too, what is an Irish Twin? Is that something like being born the same day different year? I can't believe that someone is giving you an eliptical. VERY cool! Find someone to give me one too...I don't live far from ya!:D

Katy--Very happy to hear that James had a wonderful birthday. You know, it's been so long since I've had legos in my house! Jhanai was never into the little ones, only the big block things.(also she was little so that might be part of it.) She just never got into legos. And now....she's interested in a boy....sheesh, can't I just bring back Barbie into her life?

Michelle--I had a midwife deliver my babies too. Loved having her. She was so much more personal and I felt so at ease when having my babies. I couldn't have any drugs since I had quick deliveries w/both kids. 2 1/2 hrs from the start of feeling pain to having them. Frightening.

Hello to everyone else out there.

Cristi--Hope you're having a wonderful time!

I finally weighed myself this morning and was shocked. I had lost rather than gained. Surprised me. I'm down 2lbs.:carrot: Very happy about that! So I'm off to change my ticker then heading off to bed.

Night girls!

12-03-2005, 08:01 AM
I am up late (4 am here), but is it possible to gain 6 pounds in one day?? The scale says I'm 271...Whats up with that??

Take care and happy day to everyone!


12-03-2005, 08:03 AM
Oh, Irish Twin is a term for children born less then a year apart. I wasn't sure of the history of the word, so I wasn't for sure if it was PC or not.
Not like I'm pc, but still...don't wanna offend ;)

Take care, I gotta get some sleep.


da fat n da furious
12-03-2005, 03:23 PM
EM,,,getting enough rest is a big part of loosing weight,,,the body needs to have a time to regroup. I know here I am telling a mom of two small children to get more rest...

Thanks Marti,,,I have been working hard for those 12 lbs. Except the last few weeks,,,not able to worried I may of gained some weight.
Like you I never had time to get any drugs,,not that I needed it. With Tanner I felt nothing but the *ring of fire*at the end. And if I had stopped to take a shower like I wanted I would of ended up having him at home. Not cool since I did some funky things after having him.

Well its very cold here,,,minus 25. Last week we had t-shirt weather,,this week,,parkas.
Got some sad news last night,,,my old neighbours close friend died. 47 years old,,I guess she had a tear in her aorta. Anerism? (sorry about the spelling) I gave Mel a call,,,she was pretty broken up. understandable...never easy loosing afriend.
Well off to Tan's rehearsal...then home to decorate.

12-03-2005, 05:04 PM
Good afternoon on this Saturday morning:hug:
It has been a very very lazy day, I cant believe I slept till 10:30. My son made breakfeast for everyone.....watching blaines low carb cooking...ok so its on in the background:D I try to eat clean. but its not working this month, so i hope I can just maintain thru the month and get back on the wagon come January, last Xmas I was 228-130 and today i'am 208. come January I plan on starting the new year in least by the end of January:carrot:

Hi Rosiecat: so TOM came for a visit, I usally am a wimpery sniffling crying over every little frustrating for me, since I cant control my feelings as I try to do so :cry:

Hi MartiJane :wave:

I never heard of Irish twins, so would you have to be irish to be called so? :dunno: My dad has double cousins, and there called double cousins because my Grandma and her sister married twins, so by way of mom or dad there still cousins:dizzy:

EM You should only weigh once a week , as weight flucuates during the day, I only weigh in the morning on Monday if i weighed myself all day it would move up and down due to water weight eating, food being digested etc, to much sodium or even stress that TOM,and if your working out then as muscle become dense it would weigh more than fluffy fat. so many factors to take into consideration. Dont despair keep moving forward we all fall off the wagon and need help getting back on. I had lost 5 lbs and didnt loose weight for two months then boom I lost 6 lbs in one week and 4 lbs the next week, if I didnt stay to my program gave up I would of never experienced the weight loss, its not fun starting at a platuea.

12-03-2005, 11:03 PM
Hello ladies--

Just a quick hi from me for now. Had a very busy day and I am too pooped to do individuals. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

See ya soon :wave:

12-04-2005, 12:52 AM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - you know how fast food restaurants have to throw away sandwiches when they've set too long? I'm hoping the old guy isn't raiding the trash. :yikes: Lettuce - you crack me up, Susan. :rofl:

Katy - hope you're feeling less rhymeswithwitchy by the time you read this, lol. Hey, I got the zipper in and it was a snap! So much easier than the ones that don't seperate.

Michellle - I had Mary w/o drugs, and she was my easiest. Not only that, I was lucid and mobile right away, which was great. My first (my son) was with a spinal block, which is why I didn't want anything with Mary. And my last, Katie, was an emergency C section.

Angie - a big YAY for the 12 pounds lost!! And kudos to Tanner for snagging the lead in Aladdin. He's probably pretty psyched about that! So sorry about your neighbor's friend.

Marti - we used to have white elephants at my old church, for the bazaar. Good way to pass on stuff you don't want, but someone else might want.

Cristi - so glad to see you're safely back home! When you get all rested, tell us about the trip, ok? I bet it was hard to leave Josh. I'll be facing the same thing with Katie in a few short weeks.

Julie - just jump right in and tell us what's going on in your little corner of the world, ok?

Went to breakfast with Maggie on the spur of the moment this morning, then did some shopping. No, not Christmas shopping - I'm all done with that. There're no malls around here, but the crowds at Walmart and other places don't bother me unless someone is overly rude. I have to admit I don't like the dwindling supply of stuff, though.

I've done much better with the food today. :yes: I posted copies of my "top 10 reasons why I want to lose weight" on the fridge and food pantry. Cheesy, but effective. :D

Gonna surf, see you tomorrow. :)

12-04-2005, 04:10 AM
Hiya ladies!

OK, for the record, "Irish twins" are babies born between 9-12 months apart, "Irish triplets" are 3 babies born in 3 years. It's supposed to have started out as a derogatory term -- Irish = Catholic = no birth control and lots of kids -- but I don't know any Irish person who takes offense to that, including myself (at least the bits of me that are Irish, heehee), some even find it endearing. :lucky: It's kind of English person is offended by the term "Limey" (the term started because British sailors carried limes in their ships' food stores because vitamin C helps prevent scurvy). I had an internet friend who used to call me "Yankee", and signed all of his emails, "your Limey friend" :) And for that matter, "Yankee Doodle" started as an insult when the British soldiers were making fun of the colonists, and nobody is offended by that, either.


Marti -- yeah, hon, SF is only about 1 1/2 hours going there. Hate driving in the city, parking costs are ridiculous, but there's so much to see and do. My oldest son, Erik, will be on leave for a few weeks in January. He's an artist, so we might do a museum day -- the Museum of Modern Art, and the Legion of Honor in the afternoon. Although, the Legion of Honor is so fabulous and has so much stuff, we could probably spend all day just there. I do some of the girly stuff for Tim sometimes, too, I guess. He's not into makeup, hates kissing lipstick, but he loves it when I wear mascara, of all things. And of course, perfume to bed, whoo hoo!!! ;) I've never seen Biggest Loser, but everyone I've talked to says it's great, so let me know when it comes back on again.

Michelle -- what a coincidence, I watched Ballroom Bootcamp last night for the very first time, then saw your post about it today :dancer: Very cool show! I loved Shelly's transformation from geeky shy girl to dramatic tango diva :encore: Then I watched "What Not to Wear", also for the first time. The girl on the show was a hopeless tomboy-tshirt-no makeup chick, wearing baggy shapeless clothes, and it hit a little close to home :fr: I'm not as...hmmm...."punk" as she was, but about as fashion clueless. I hate shopping and trying on 57 different things just to find one that looks just okay, but I don't really like the way it looks or feels :tantrum: I don't want to buy any clothes until I reach my goal, and I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe every 20 pounds, but my pants are falling off my butt. And the next size down doesn't really fit either. :mad:

RosieKate -- I will send you virtual chocolate and sympathy. I had a hysterectomy about 7 years ago, and no longer have to deal with TOM, thank goodness. Although I still was able to keep my ovaries, and Tim swears he can tell when I would be having TOM by my hormonal moods. I don't think so, I think I'm just rhymeswithwitchy sometimes :rofl: When you said it looked like your house puked up Legos, I laughed so hard -- did I ever tell you my Legos story? Love the Tightwad Gazette, too -- have you ever read Miserly Moms?

EM -- My scale at home seems to show a different weight even if I step off and right back on again! That's why I really only count the once a week weigh in at WW, because their scales are calibrated, and I know they are accurate. I can show a pound or two gain if I eat salty stuff and don't drink enough water, or if I even think about a brownie or chocolate chip cookie :cookie: Last week I was sick and didn't go to WW, this week I weighed exactly what I did two weeks ago...have hit a plateau. At least I didn't gain, and if I even maintain through the holidays, I'll be pleased. But I think if I get more focused, drinking enough water, journaling my food, etc that should kick start things and I'll be losing again. What is Freecycle? Is it like bartering?

Jane -- I loved the music for that Christmas lights display, makes me want to go get a Trans Siberian Orchestra CD. :goodvibes I didn't have any drugs with any of my births, but my labors were long, 20 hours was the first and longest one, and my kids were pretty big -- 9 lb 14 oz, 8 lb 13 oz, and 9 lb 15 oz.

Angie -- good for you on the 12 lb loss! Slow and steady seems to be the key for me. It's taken 16 weeks to lose 23 lbs (got my 16 week charm at WW today), but if I can keep it up, that would be about 70 in a year, not too bad. And congrats to Tanner in getting the lead in Aladdin! Will you be involved in the production, too? Did you get to see the Aladdin show at California Adventure when you were at Disneyland? Very well done, great costumes, and a real flying carpet :genie: Sorry to hear about your friend's loss...that's hard, only 47, how sad.

Cristi -- glad you are home safe and sound, will be looking for your post after you get rested up. :cloud9:'s later than I thought, off to bed for me... :tired: :faint:


12-04-2005, 02:18 PM
Quick hello since I have no computer time and Jhanai is here.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!! I will chat later on tonigh!

da fat n da furious
12-04-2005, 09:53 PM
Katie, my grandma had irish triplets then...and my mom being the oldest was born in the bush,,,just my grandpa helping...yikes! I would love to live so close to SF. Been there once and enjoyed it.
Katy,,,not only did I have both boys into lego,,,Monte kept all his. They were in a container about the side of a small coffin. and well let me tell you,,,thrown up lego could be used for what my house looked like.
Jane,,,I bet you even have all those gifts wrapped! I have wrapped about 5 so far. Another 30 to go. And those 5 that are done,,,well I recycle all gift bags,,,and will use as many as I can before resorting to paper.
The tree is partly up...I threw a full blown hissy fit when I got home today. Monte had placed the box of lights somewhere in the basement,,only he knew. So I had asked him a few days ago to please bring it up...nope..I asked a few times,,,nothing. So today I came home and without saying a word,,,started to take down the tree. I then went and took all the orniments I had out and placed them back in the containers. Everyone noticed...(maybe cause I did it without saying anything) After I was done,,,I turned the tv off..stood infront and explained to the three of them...*there will be no decorating in this house unless they do it. I don't mind the shopping, wrapping all the gifts,,the cards,,letters, cleaning, baking, cooking and trying to juggle everything else while they sit on the coach watching tv,,,but when I do ask for help,,,days inadvance,,,DAYS inadvance there better be some help. So I understand that we can't have lights on OUTSIDE,,,fine. I will do what I can with everything else..(house is very tall without alot of places to put lights) but when a tree stands bare,,,waiting to be decorated for days...get the lights. (I offered to go buy a few strings of lights yesterday) put the lights on the tree,,,don't sit infront of the tv,,,waiting for me to explode. I am but one person,,,and I need help. You are my family,,,you benefit from all that i do. You will in kind do everything you can to make this a time to celebrate raither then for me to feel over burdened with all the tasks that need to be done.

I made some hot chocolate and went to my room and watched a movie. Came down 2 hours later,,,tree is party decorated,,,seems they hit a snag. You might think me tough,,,but I will stand my ground and will not be doing any decorating. The gifts will be placed under a partialy decorated tree,,,so be it.

12-04-2005, 10:12 PM
Well, here I am again. Feeling better except it is DARN cold here in IN. We got back on Tues. and had snow Thurs. Now, is that any way to treat us? My computer here is acting up again, so no telling if and when I can get it to let me come in here. :) We leave to go back to LV on Sat. if nothing new arises.

Tomorrow is our busy day, meeting with our builder, my Dr. appt. and my aunt's thyroid surgery. I hope the weather cooperates as I hate to be on a fast track and have the darn ice and snow hit.

Went to Mom's for dinner today and it reminded me so much of when my family was young. We went to Mom's most every Sun. afternoon. I am so proud of smoking since July and she had smoked for over 60 years. She said she feels real good too.

Congrats to all you gals who are losing or maintaining and getting the exercising in. I haven't been able to walk, but have done WATP a few days. My weight isn't budging, but it will one of these days. :)

Talk soon.........

12-04-2005, 10:22 PM
Hi everyone!

A belated "welcome" to EM. Glad you can join us.

Haven't had much computer time this past week, took care of DGD every evening except one & I am sooooo tired.
Put up the Christmas tree last night. Chloe is going to help me decorate it tomorrow night - that should be interesting! :D

Had a little "collision" with our new dog when we were playing the other night and his claw got me from the inner corner of my left eye all the way down my face. Did it every bleed!! Luckily I didn't need stitches, but ended up getting a tetanus shot and antibiotics. I can just hear everyone at work tomorrow, thank heavens for make up!

Not much else to say tonight, so I hope everyone has a good week!


12-04-2005, 10:32 PM
No tomorrow is not the busy day..Tues. is. You would think I could remember one thing...the reason we flew home. Geesh.

Angie- Stand your ground, you deserve the help. I was the one who always decorated and DH sat and enjoyed the "fruits" of my labor. Now that it is just the 2 of us I do very little decorating and he has even been known to do a few things. haha

Katiecat- I, too, envy you the trip to SF. Sounds like a fun time. My DD just moved to Santa Rosa. She has lived in Sonoma and Petaluma. We hope to make another trek into "the city" when I go out to see her in the Spring. I love to visit CA. (up there and San Diego where DS lives)

Jane- I envy you having your shopping done. It is so hard for me to get into the groove when we are not going to be with family this year. I am still trying to convince Mom to go back to LV with us, or at least fly out for Christmas. The teenage grands can't even tell me what they want. I think that is a sign that they have too much.... Then the little 5 year old GS wants IT ALL!! Hubby and I are going to donate to charity this year and just exchange a few small things.

Marti- Have fun with Jhanai. Sounds like you are feeling better.

Cristi- Hi and get some rest!!

Katy- I still have a Lego explosion here when the grands come over. I have my oldest sons legos and the teens still like to mess with them. The 5 year old thinks they are just for him when he comes. LOL

Michelle, EM, Susan, and all other JL' to you all soon. Hopefully from sunny Las Vegas. This midwest weather is the pits! I know Jane, you are waiting for snow and I hate snow! Bah humbug! :)

12-04-2005, 10:35 PM
Connie--Missed your post. Hello, and hope your injury heals quickly.
Have fun with the tree and the DGD. :)

12-05-2005, 09:45 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Katiecat - a really big yay for the 23 pounds down. You're doing just great. Is Tim still on the wagon, too?

Marti - where'd you go??

Angie - YAY for you putting your foot down. Sometimes the fam can be clueless. Especially the guys. Remember when we got Fern out of the nursing home and brought her home? I had a long talk with Neal and Katie beforehand and told them that I'd have to have help with her. They left every bit of her care up to me before, and it just about did me in. No, I don't have one single gift wrapped, believe it or not. Usually I have them all ready before the tree even goes up. I'm having trouble this year, and think it's because of the house. It sure doesn't feel like home.

Sue - we're going to scale way back on the gift giving next year. The kids all have too much, anyway, and since we'll be on a fixed income, I've already warned everyone. Have to save some $$$ for trips, lol. Hope your aunt's surgery comes out ok tomorrow. Yep, I'm looking for snow. I love it! And also, my son is in the snow removal business this year, lol. :D

Connie - have fun decorating the tree today with Chloe. Hope your face is feeling better today. You might want to put some vitamin E on the injury so you won't scar.

Cristi - hope you get rested. Won't be long until you get to see Josh again, right?

Saw a movie on (free) HBO yesterday that was really good. It was a Stephen King movie starring Johnny Dep called The Secret Window. Freaked me out! Had a clementine and salad as my movie snack, btw.

I need to clean and do some laundry today. Also must to go to town and get a sympathy card. The sister of a (sort of)friend died, so I need a card for that.

Have a good Monday, and I'll see you on the flip side. :cool:

12-05-2005, 02:07 PM
Okay here goes my first attempt to join in with everyone...

Jane: Thanks for making me feel welcome, I loved Biggest Loser too and the Secret Window freaked me out..but Johnny Depp is hot even when he is psycho!

Marti--yeah for 2 lbs off-2 more closer to your goal

Earthy Mom-- yeah for your 5!

Angie- I did the cloth diapers too--saved disposable for going away. I stayed home with the kids until they went to school and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Money was tight but everything got taken care of.

Susan- I had a similar experience with a girl I was supervisor of--anytime I corrected her she went to the director who had close ties to the family she married into and I was told to be "nicer"--became unbearable so I put in a transfer even though I loved my job and everyone else but this person who got away with doing nothing(hid her work, rude to phone customers,played on internet all day instead of doing work then allowed to come in for overtime by the director) --long story short-due to a shuffle to make due with those left after a downsize- my supervisor got moved to a different area which he loves, the person I had problems with got moved to a different area and is still able to get away with doing nothing and I am in charge of my area and everyone is happy now because they don't have to deal with her banging stuff around and losing her temper.

Mary Kate- The Dickens Fair sounds cool. In Lancaster PA there is a place called the Mt Hope Winery and in the summer they do a renaissance theme, October is a Edgar Allen Poe theme in the different rooms and Nov & Dec is a Christams-Dickens theme. I went to the Christmas one years back with my husband and a group from a previos job--we had a great time. My husband and I have been talking about going back--there was also a great pretzel place where you could watch them being made before your eyes and then you could buy a batch in a beautiful tin.

Em- never heard of "Irish Twins' but I like it and don't think it should be offensive to anyone--my mother was rasied Mennonite (think Amish but with electricity & cars) she is one of 8.

Connie- what kind of puppy do you get? hope your eye gets better quickly, we used Merederma on a scar my daughter had and it worked well. You have to allow for the wound to start to heal before you begin to apply it.

Anyone I missed--I am sorry- I will eventually get the hang of this--

I have my snowmen out and stockings up and some other little stuff--Hubby wants to get another live tree to plant after Xmas is over-- Both my 18 year old daughter and 20 year old son don't live at home but are both coming Christmas Day.... It's really been hard this year since Teri (my daughter moved out to start college) my kids have been my world for so long (they both call me everyday) I need to find something besides food or watching tv while grazing to fill my time up when I am not at work--hubby is always tinkering in the garage--working on a "hot rod" at the moment.

12-05-2005, 04:41 PM
Hello Ladies--

A big :welcome3: :welcome2: :welcome: to EM & JULES! Glad to have you ladies aboard and looking forward to getting to know you both!

I am back and still pooped! :lol: I'm telling ya...those three days in Georgia were terrible and I am glad to be home! Terrible in that the crowds were horrible! Which made for lots and lots of traffic. They had three graduations in one. But it was nice, other than that. I've scanned pictures to share but have to get them on shutterfly, so maybe in a day or two.

MARTI--I did catch the finale of The Biggest Loser and all I can say is WOW! They all did a great job with their weight loss, except for the one girl and I was amazed. I'm glad that Matt won. Wait...was it Matt? I can't remember their names. Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Miss. Jhanai.

CONNIE--hope your eye is feeling better, OUCH! Our little dog does that sometimes and man does it hurt. I haven't gotten it in the eye but pretty close and just about everywhere else. Hope you and Miss. Chloe have a grand/fun time decorating the tree.

ANGIE--good for you! You do soooo much the least they could do is do what you asked. V is usually pretty good at doing what I problem is asking for help. You reminded me of a time when I did get angry at the kids for fighting so much and I got po'ed and took the tree down thinking I will show them. I told them there wouldn't be a Christmas and it was all because of them. Of course while they were at school I put it all back up a few days later. But it got them to thinking and they at least straightened up until after Christmas! :lol:

JANE--I saw that movie a while back and in the beginning I was confused! Can't remember what exactly it was at the beginning but something was said or done that didn't make sense to me. :crazy: movie though, but good. I love movies like that. Josh is home now. We went down the end of Oct. and this was our second trip for his turning blue & graduation. We had a nice time and were very busy but glad to be home, all of us!

SUSAN--girly, you be careful eating all those sandwiches. Especially after they have set for a day. I've not had one but I am guessing they are good. Tempted to go get one and see. :) Did you and the girls get all your candycanes made?

KATY--I have to say I lucked out and as of today haven't had TOM! :cp: Of course I probably jinxed myself and will have it double the pain! Hope you are feeling better though and not so rhymeswithwitchy.

MICHELLE--I think I have your name down now. :lol: Again, not sure why Melissa was on my mind. Hope you are well and liking your new job.

SUE--I do envy you...would love to be in Vegas now. Sorry, but I am glad you guys got the snow and not us. I am not ready for it. Hope everything goes well today at the docs and with everything else. Sounds like a busy day for ya.

MARYKATE--oooo, my shoulder/arm etc....geez, who knows what's wrong with it. Started with my right arm years ago and the doc thought it was bursitis, or tendonitis with a touch of carpel, fun eh? Well, she did an MRI and they said it was arthritis. Was doing fine until last year sometime when the pain totally switched to the left arm, so weird. It's the same pain, just different arm. I have some numbness like you do in the fingers and this doc thinks it may be a nerve so we'll see. I wouldn't mind surgery if they can figure out what it is and fix it but with the pain switching arms...might be tricky. I had a cortisonne shot twice and the first time it worked and felt GREAT! The second time it made it worse so I don't even want to go that route again. I saw that lighted house on one of the threads here a couple of weeks ago and it is crazy! How would you like to live next door to them?! It's kind of cool though.

A big :bravo: to all you ladies who have lost and are maintaining. MARYKATE, EM, ANGIE, & MARTI-great job ladies!

HI to everyone else :wave: I hope I didn't miss anyone but know I probably did, sorry. It's hard trying to play catch up so forgive me.

I am just so glad to be home even though I have tons of laundry to catch up on. Josh brought two duffle bags full plus a bag pack home and most f it is dirty! Good to have him home though. He is home for the month. Goes for his special (Airborne) training Jan. 2. Will be there for two weeks depending on when they actually get started. He's thinking he will be there 3 or 4, we'll see. So another trip down there for the end of the training, not sure yet if they have a graduation or ceremony or what. then he is off to who knows where. He thought it was Fort Riley, or so he was told for sure. Then they were saying he is going to go to Fort Hood, TX instead, there was also some mention of Korea to him. So we will see when he gets his official orders in the next few weeks. We had our Thanksgiving dinner Saturday. Was going to wait until Sunday but Jason and Vince had to work so went ahead and did it Sat. man, was I pooped! But it was good! Well worth the wait. Let's see what else...I did get post cards to you ladies, no telling when you will get them. I say that because I received a post card in the mail Saturday (I send them to myself to get the postmark from where I am, I know silly) and it was from when we were down there the end of October! :yikes: Now why in the world would it have taken that long to get here? Geez, and I thought our mail was slow! We were busy from the time we arrived in GA to the time we left-no kidding. That's why I was so pooped. Anyway, had some library books to get back this morning and ran to the post office to get my cards mailed. Was going to mail them before I left and thought I would wait until we returned to see if we would get Josh's military pictures which we did. So stuffed them with pictures and a Christmas letter and off they went. Could have mailed half of them early though since that stuff just went in about half the cards. Anyway, it's done! And I better get going.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! See ya tomorrow! :wave:

12-05-2005, 04:53 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies--

Was busy yesterday decorating the house. James got a cute tree and Jhanai & I decorated it! (James had to leave for work.......) My house still looks in turmoil this morning. I need to put things away back to the shed and tidy up.

Jane--I was watching shows on free showtime yesterday while decorating. I didn't see that one. One movie I watched was "Stepford Wives" I've never seen it, and didn't even know what it was about. Pretty good. Both James & Jhanai knew what it was about!!

Angie--Good for you for standing your ground!! Doing everything yourself kind of get you out of the spirit of things and who wants that? I'm glad your boys started decorating the tree. Whether its only partially decorated or not, at least they got the point and did something. Maybe you should partially wrap the gifts??? Go w/the theme? (Just kidding...sorry)

MaryKate--The Fair sounds magical. I really wish Oregon had more things going on for the holidays. Sometimes I wonder if we're the scrooge of all states and don't do anything. That or I just read or hear about any festivals. One year we did have a "No Christmas Tree" display going on in Eugene. No company was allowed to put up a tree. Crazy.

Connie--Oh my poor thing. I hope the wound heals quickly. Be careful w/your eye. That just sounds so painful to me!! I'm sending you a get well hug!!:hug:

Michelle--So, with your grandma and her sister marrying twins....did a lot of the family look very similar? I work w/these two girls who were best friends through highschool and they married brothers. (not twins) and all the kids look like siblings!

Sue--Things are changing around here w/the gift giving--holiday gathering. For one, I don't even think there is a family gathering at my grandpa's this year. Most family are going to the spouses family (you know the trading of years to spend w/family) and that left a lot of family out of town this year. If nothing goes on this year....that will be the first in 34yrs. Makes me sad.

Julie--Want to send you a big welcome!!:wel3fc: Your town sounds like a fun place to be around the holidays. The Edgar Allen Poe would be fun! I guess I'm just going to go on a hunt for the perfect town to move to during the holidays.:D

Hello to anyone I may have missed. I have to get my house in order. And eat some lunch. My tummy is growling at me. Tomorrow is Jhanai's band recital at the hult center. Looking forward to that! I bought her this really pretty blouse for her to wear. Everyone had to wear white tops and black pants. I will try and get photos that are clear enough to see while she's on stage. Hopefully I get a good seat! (Can you believe I have to pay to watch her play??)

Ok..better get going.
Have a great day!

12-05-2005, 04:57 PM
Cristi--And there you were typing away while I was typing away! It was Matt who won the biggest loser. He looked incredible. They all did. (except that one...she didn't even look like she wanted to be there) I was very impressed and inspired thinking "With a little discipline...if they could do it, I can do it!" So we'll see.

Better get to the house cleaning! Just wanted to say hi to Cristi! Hi!!

da fat n da furious
12-05-2005, 07:13 PM
brrr its cold outside....minus 34 tonight...Im going to go learn what that means down in the will all be impressed! Anyways Tan and i were suppose to go sing,,,i think,,,opening my mouth will freeze my tongue...hmmm don't a good thing.
Tree is decorated,,,Monte and Tanner. Will get Brandon to do something...bring down all the huge containers..
Jane, we are at the point in our lives where no one needs anything...I want to sometimes just say we should donate our gift money to a charity instead.

Marti,,,did James bring home a real tree? I went out and bought a new one recently. ITs huge,,,almost too big. Have to go buy a new star,,,no one could find the star,,,can't remember if I tossed it out last year.

Hello Jules...and a big welcome! This is a great place to come and hang out...

Cristi,,,Korea is far! So your card took 5 weeks? wonder where it went...? Travelled the world!

Anyways should go and do some grocery shopping...brrr
will be back later...

12-05-2005, 10:23 PM
A super quick hello to all my lady 'loser' friends :) :) :)

I've lost an inch off my bust, waist and hips. and Five pounds with a week being OP. Wonderful!

But its going to be a busy next couple days, just didn't want you all to think I dropped out or anything. :)
Take care you all and love,


12-06-2005, 01:49 PM
Morning ladies~

Not a lot going on today. Man is it COLD!'s a big 11 degrees! Tomorrows high is supposed to be 14 and maybe 1-6 inches of snow-ICK! There was a time I liked the stuff but having to drive in it makes it icky and of course tomorrow will be my busy day. Hopefully we don't get a lot of it this winter. :crossed: You can have the snow Jane, I'll send it your way.

ANGIE~yes, Korea is a long ways off! And I am hoping that's not where he goes. :crossed: They keep telling him different places but until he actually gets that official letter nothing is set. So we will see. Glad you didn't get out in the cold especially since you were sick not too long ago.

MARTI~you are right...with a little discipline I think we all could do it! No, I KNOW we can! It really was amazing the amount of weight they all lost, very inspiring. I definitely am a fan of Biggest Loser now. That's odd that you should have to pay to see Jhanai's recital, but I know it will be worth every penny! Is the money going to go towards charity or just the school? Or do you know? Hope you get some pics, would love to see them! I know Jhanai has grown a lot since the last photos we've seen. Would also love to see your cute little tree! Did you guys get a noble fir this year? Those are the prettiest trees!

EM~WTG on being OP for the week and the inches and pounds off! :bravo: You are doing an awesome job! Are you following a specific plan/program? I'm not sure if you mentioned or not, probably missed it somewhere. Being gone for a few days and then trying to play catch-up I miss things.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

As I said, not much on the agenda today, just trying to stay warm! Should have had V start the fireplace before he left for work. The thing with that though is it warms up the kitchen, dining area and living room fast and keeps it really warm and then the furnace stops coming on so the rest of the house gets cold. But I love a fire's a gas one and I don't like messing with it otherwise I would do it myself. Anyway...going to dust and vacuum and do a load of laundry. Took me forever to get it all done yesterday and I want to stay on top of it. Well...take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful, warm day!

12-06-2005, 03:25 PM
Afternoon Ladies, well almost noon!

Cristi--Yep, we got a noble fir! James went and picked it out. It's a shorty & a fat one, kind of like me!:D I'm not sure why we're paying to watch the kids play. But the place they are performing at is a performance hall. I'm assuming it's so the school can afford to play there. It's only 6.50 so it's not a biggy. I'm a big fan of biggest loser too. Don't forget they start again in January! That one should be an interesting one to watch! Looked at the photos! Thanks for sharing those w/us!

Em--Fantastic on the loss of everything!! That is one thing I should really do....measure myself. But I just haven't. Have fun whatever it is that you're doing and pop in when you can!

Angie--I love the real tree's. So we get one every year. We have an angel on top of our tree. But this year I kept looking at our angel wondering "Did she shrink?? She looks smaller than usual!"

Not much going on w/me until the recital. James won't be able to go tonight, in fact, he isn't even home from work yet! That RR really gets me sometimes! Can't we just win the lottery so he can stay home? (oh, you mean I gotta play first?) :D

Ok...going to get myself dressed. Have a great Tuesday!

da fat n da furious
12-06-2005, 06:25 PM
Hey everyone...
Em,,,good for you about your loss.

Marti,,,I ended up going out and buying a star last night...couldn't find our angel. Bought a santa hat and a mini tree for my desk. I had bought these tiny lil decorations a while ago..and thought a mini tree with tiny decorations would be cool.

Cristi...its very cold here,,,and have bundled up so much I can barely bend my arms,,,lol

Im going to and watch a movie under the

12-06-2005, 09:00 PM
Hi ladies! :wave:

Cristi - 1st of all, thanks for the postcards! I've been through Atlanta, and the traffic really is like that, lol. Also, thanks for sharing the photos. He's such a handsome soldier, Cristi! And you look great, too. I so hope he gets Fort Riley for your sake. But he may be looking for something a little further from home. Let's just pray it isn't Korea! Yep, I think your snow is headed here. We had a dusting of it this morning, but are expecting several inches on Thursday.

Marti - I saw the Stepford Wives this weekend, too. I saw the original back in the 70's, and it was a big topic of conversation everywhere for awhile back then, lol. Hope you have fun at Jhanai's recital. Did you mention which instrument she plays?

Angie - stay warm, hon. Neal is a geomorphologist and teaches earth science at VU, and says that celcius and fahrenheit temps are equal at minus 40 degrees. Yikes, that is SOOOO cold, Angie!! Your office will be so festive with the decorations you bought.

Em - way to go on the inches lost. :cp:

Reading about Christmas the way we do at this time of year, I have to say I'm so glad none of the Jaded Ladies say "Xmas"! And do you know Lowe's is now selling "holiday trees" instead of Christmas trees. They caved to the pressure, I guess. :( But isn't Christmas all about Christ??

Off my soapbox to say I've had a busy day. I made cookies for the big family Christmas party Saturday, and then had Terry and his family over for supper. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like.

Take care and I'll see you later. :dizzy:

12-06-2005, 09:16 PM
Just a quicky before I head out for the recital.

Jane--Jhanai plays the clarinet. She's all excited and keeps asking me to make sure I get there early to get a ticket. For goodness sakes, they better let me in or they'll have a disgruntled mother on their hands!!

Angie--Your office is going to look cute w/the little tree! Our department can't have a tree,not even a little one. No room. But the reference department where I'm cross training has a little one. But it's kind of hidden...can't really see it. Kind of hard to do in a lab environment.

Ok...I'm off to the recital. I got my camera and I'm ready!

Take Care!

12-06-2005, 09:17 PM
Thought I'd pop back in and mention that there's a link on the 3fc home page of the Philly mod meetup. It has a photo of the mods who went, and gives a run-down of what we did.

12-06-2005, 09:17 PM
Hi ladies!

Not too much going on today. Last night Chloe & I went to Lowes for a little Christmas project her school had. They made cute wooden snowmen which meant all these pre-schoolers had HAMMERS!! What were they thinking??!! With about 50 kids, the noise was something else! Plus tiny, tiny nails. The adults had to get it started and then let the kids wham away -and did they ever!! They were so serious about it, it was cute. (They all had safety goggles too, made them all look like frogs!) By the time we got home she was too tired to decorate the tree, she put on 2 ornaments. So tonight I'm trying to finish up. The family room will have to wait another night or so.

DS called and is bringing his new girlfriend for the weekend. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. She's only 21 and he's 28.

My office is having the annual holiday breakfast tomorrow morning at a really nice restaurant. I will try to be good - no promises though!

Thanks for all the good thoughts about my facial "wound". It still hurts but is looking a bit better.

Hope everyone is doing fine.


da fat n da furious
12-07-2005, 01:27 AM
Jane, I know what you mean,,,I was/am appalled by some of the things that are being done over Christmas. It makes me want to put a brake on the whole thing and bring back the basics.
We were told no holiday carol songs,,,just Christmas songs...ahh ok. I found out that jingle bells is actually not a real christmas song. And a few other songs that blew me away.
The whole idea for christmas is most.

Connie,,,enjoy your breakfast. And glad to know your owee is getting better,,,like Jane said,,,use vitamin E..helps with scarring.

Marti have fun! and hope you took alot of pics. Clarinet is what I played for 4 years.

well off to bed I go,,,night ladies.

da fat n da furious
12-07-2005, 01:31 AM
Cristi,,,forgot to say,,,looked at your pics...,,,what a good looking gentleman you have.
He probably has to beat the girls off with a

12-07-2005, 05:16 AM
Hi Connie, I hope you don't get too tempted at the holiday party. You've done so well - 10 pounds is a great loss! Have fun though :)
Oh, and my husband and I have a 15 year age difference, its worked out pretty well actually. ;)

12-07-2005, 05:46 AM
As far as the Christmas thing...
I've never really understood why Christians would choose pagan celebrations to celebrate the birth of Christ...Honestly, thats been the biggest head scratcher about Christmas to me.
I love it though, I think of it as a time to share love and good wishes to everyone and help those less fortunate (Just I'm that group of people this year lol) and spread Christ's example of his love. But, never as far as his birthday...That just never made sense to me! I guess what I'm thinking is, they can call it the Holiday tree if they want, but I get really, really, really tired of the commercialism of it all. The love feels like its been taken out of Christmas. & in my short 23 years on this Earth - thats what I will always miss about it. No love anymore, just politics & money...Sorry, I'll quit being a downer. Besides, how can I say theres no love? Today I recieved a gift card today b/c I signed up as a needy family. I bought laundry soap, shampoo, jumper cables, and a couple movies for Darlene (she LOVES veggietales and the wiggles like you wouldn't believe), and with the remainder of the money we decided instead of buying crap with it, we'd buy something for a kid on the Christmas tree's they have set up. Well, we chose one and all it says is "BOOK"..
What kind of book can we get for an 11 year old boy? Anyone have suggestions, and plus it has to be under $10 cause thats all we have.

But anyways, here I am griping about how there is no love yet some perfect stranger sent my family a gift card and is in turn helping us to help an 11 year old boy...So, I guess there IS A LOT OF LOVE in Christmas, we just have to look a little extra...Kinda like the best present under the tree!

I gtg, I'm sorry if this is incoherant, I'm half asleep.
Have a WONDERFUL, OP day and I'll check in later M'ladies!


12-07-2005, 05:53 AM
Hello Everyone, Just thought id jump right in here and say HELLO to everyone ....My name is Jewel and im going to join WW. I'm not sure weather to join on line or at a center...Which one is better??
I need to lose 85 pounds ...I know its alot but I know I can do it...Iv checked out other WOE AND WW seems like it well work for me....
I like the meeting aspect of it....Do they sell there foods at the meetings or do you just buy it in the store? I live in Portland, Oregon so does anyone know a good place to start or they all about the same?? Iv checked on line and found a meeting close to Division
Thanks for all your help and I look forward to your reply and learning about WW I'm VERY EXCITED

Jewel Im @ [email]

12-07-2005, 11:11 AM
Just a quick Hello, I have been physically exhausted, every night and can barely move.......putting up a new store is hard work, we are building the shelving,,,,,, my job has been to use a warehouse pallet jack to move the shelves.....from the receving to its disgnated spot. moving and carrying all those metal bars and putting them together I look at it as big giant legos, not all the pieces want to cooperate, so we have t use a lot of elbows grease to make it work. ....on my way to work this morning and wanted to drop a hello to everyone. I havent had time to read nor do I have time to post to individuales Merry Christmas everyone.......God bless you all.
Welcome Julie.....:) I hope you make your home here with us

12-07-2005, 12:26 PM
Good Morning!
Miss Leigh has the sniffles, so she's keeping me company today instead of going to school. I have a little more time this a.m. to post...yay!

Just to follow up, all her blood work and EEG came back normal, so the challenges she's facing at school are based in her temperament, as I felt all along. I am still glad we tested as we could have been overlooking something neurological and would never have known it. Turns out Leigh's unresponsiveness is just her way to cope with the noisy classroom, so she just needs a bit more direct communication. She is in speech therapy, so I also think some of people's confusion about her stems from her developing vocabulary. She's just fine; it's the grown-ups that need to adjust, ha ha.

EM - the Lemony Snicket books seem to be real popular among my son and his buddies. They are 9, but are all really good readers. I agree with you about Christmas. I read a great book called Unplug the Christmas Machine which is very helpful for trying to minimize the commercialism and stress that it brings. I kind of like the intermingling of Christian and pagan... particularly this time of year. With advent we are anticipating the coming birth, yet we are also anticipating the change of seasons, the year, the lunar calendar... I just love it all and can't see why we can't just appreciate the gifts all celebrations bring to us. But people seem to have a need to get their knickers in a twist over something this time of year...that seems to be a holiday tradition as well.

Cristi - Thank you for sharing your pictures ( thanks for the postcard, too)
He looks great - I can tell you are so proud and have every reason to be. Hope he gets stationed close, but I know what will happen will happen.

Welcome Julie! And hello to Michelle, Jane, Marti, Angie, Susan, Connie, and everyone else.

I am off to deliver the greens I sold for the preschool fundraiser, go grocery shopping, and hope my daughter is not coming down with something worse than the sniffles.


12-07-2005, 02:34 PM
DO NOT POST HERE PLEASE! Head on over to Weight Loss and Chit Chat #154 See ya there! :wave: