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Brenda N
06-29-2001, 01:55 AM
Heather: Welcome back!!! We haven't seen you in awhile!!! Stick around :D

Jen: I love your snow angel proposal! How cool ;)

My proposal. I came home two days before X-mas and DH had red roses and candles all the way down the hallway leading to the bathroom. In the bathroom were tons of candles lit, roses on the toilet seat neatly arranged and a bath drawn with bubbles, pink & red rose petals and carnations ~ all in the water. He told me to relax in a bath and brought me a glass of wine. He was on the phone and I could tell something was wrong - he wouldn't tell me what though. Afterwards he took me to dinner at Palamino in Downtown Denver. The meal was incredible! Then we walked up 16th street mall to a spot where we were going to take a carraige ride! I had been telling him for the 3 1/2 years we were together that I had always wanted to take a carriage ride. The ride was soooo cool. All the X-mas decorations were out and although it was pretty cold it was neat to sit in the carriage and cuddle. Well, he started talking to me and the split second after he said 'Will you marry me' the carriage driver turned around, basically interrupted him and asked us a question. We kind of looked at him in stunned silence. The driver noticed what was going on, got kind of flustered and finished his question. I was so thrown off that I hadn't said anything. Poor hubby was like 'Well?' Of course I said yes! We laugh about it now, but poor DH was so mad at the guy for interrupting it :lol: Later I found out he was having trouble with the carriage reservation on the phone and that's what was wrong! I'll never forget that night and it's a blast to tell.

Once again I'm up late and about to head off to bed. *hugs* to all!

Oh, brain fart, can't think of a poll.................

06-29-2001, 10:31 AM
OK, I was wrinting a post and bumped the mouse.... poof the post was gone. How weird is that. Touchy computer.

I got a new cell phone finally. My old one was big and clunky (about 5 years old) so we got a new digital one. Now I can easily carry it on my walks.

Brenda, I remember you telling that story. What could the driver possibly have to say that was so important he had to disturb two love birds??? At least it is something you can remember. Kind of like at me wedding (this was very devastating at the time tho!!)... our DJ was arrested for attempted murder 2 hours before the reception. He never showed up.... an hour and 1/2 after the dance started this guy came in with barely any music... but he was nice and all. He didn't know the guy was arrested, he was just called and begged to come over. We made the best out of it tho. Let me tell you tho, at the time it made me cry and it was very embarassing... Everything else was absolutely PERFECT.. so it was a shame. But we laugh about it now. As far as we know, the guy is still rotting in jail!!!

OK, better get to work. We both have to work this weekend too! YUCK!

Brenda N
06-29-2001, 10:41 AM
Where is everyone this morning? Usually there's much more activity by now.

Jen: OMG!!! That's pretty scary actually. Glad it ended up working out. I would have been in tears too. The driver wanted to know of we wanted to stay on the street we were on or turn b/c the wind had gotten stronger :rolleyes: Can you believe that???

I don't have anything at work for breakfast and I left my money at home *pout pout* I'm in a dangerous hungry place!

06-29-2001, 10:51 AM
Good morning!

Brenda ~ Love your proposal story, its a good one! You too Jen!!

Jen ~ Your DJ story is scary! Oh man!!! Well, it adds color to your wedding memories anyway! :)

It is quite quiet here today, I thought I would have tons of posts to read thru when I logged on, everyone must be busy at work!!

I am so glad today is Friday, never did find any ambition this week at work, maybe next week!

I have been staying within my points this week, and exercising when I can. DH, the kids, and I are going ATVing again tomorrow, that will be some exercise, and I do hope to get a power walk in tonight after the kids settle down. WI is tomorrow, I am hoping for good things, it has been two weeks since I have weighed in. I really want to get these last few pounds off before my SIL wedding August 11th, but we will see.

I am in the process of planning DH and I's 5 year anniversary trip the beginning of October. We have decided to go to Vegas. So, I am really looking forward to that. I also have my SIL's bridal shower and bachelorette party to plan, as that is July 21st. (Which is my 30th birthday), will you guys still let me post here, even though I will be an old woman?????? :(

Well, better look like I am busy, be back in a bit.....

06-29-2001, 11:05 AM
Hi there Jen, Brenda, and Tonya! Hi to the lurkers too :)

Well my proposal story is kinda funny because it was totally off of the original plan. DH had planned to propose in the park that I met him on our college campus. He had this whole picnic thing and saber arch (military school) planned and I ended up ruining it because I had to work. At the time I had really mean bosses, so they made me work on that Saturday instead of going up to the college. I called DH at 5 pm that saturday and told him that I was still working and I thought he should just stay in college station instead of coming to houston. He kinda sounded nervous and he told me that he was coming anyway. So a couple of hours later I sneaked away from work and met him at my apartment. He said he had gotten paid so he wanted to take me to dinner. We finally found a place that had openings (it was 8 on a saturady night) and went to dinner. It was a great time and we ended up getting free wine and dessert after he proposed. My bosses ended up calling me 8 times the rest of the weekend so I unplugged my phone and turned off my cell. I don't regret it a bit :).

Ok that was long...sorry. I am so hung over today. We had a happy hour last night and I had 2 glasses of wine, a light beer, and a shot of Jagermeister. Bad idea. I'll come back once I get some coffee and aspirin.


Grace, Grace
06-29-2001, 11:18 AM
WOOOO! I caught up on posts. That was exhausting;) Well I didn't stay within pts yesterday but I am not concerned b/c I felt in control and just went a bit over pts. I also went biking and paddleboating (I don't think thats a word:^: ) so I probably earned some activity pts. I am just glad to be back on the WWer wagon. Ok I guess I will get to posting.

First I would like to catch up on the polls.
Tues-Tan fr. outside. I just got back fr. Cayman and I tan well, however don't worry I use sunscreen (most of the time:)) I don't in Michigan but I do when it is tropical sun. I never burn here unless it is an all day outside kinda thing and in that case I wear a bit of sunblock.

Wed- Sinead all the way. I have thick, curly hair and if it was that long I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to carry it around. Besides Demi Moore pulled it off. Oh man GI Jane didn't that movie inspire you to get buff??? Yikes she kicked butt.

Thurs-NO Plastic Surgery I have deep set eyes and I am afraid that when I am older the skin will hang over but I watched a special on Plastic Surgery and it was frightening. I truly couldn't believe how disgusting it was. I also would love to get the fat sucked out of my thighs. But NO wouldn't do it.

Lolly- Congrats on being under 200!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday! Belated:^: HOpe you had a good one!Ok talk aobut depressing when my sister was pregnant she borrowed my clothes. UH Actually it was all of my stretchy stuff but still. I too have found myself looking in maternity sections on accident. Some of it is so cute.

Lori- how is the stress going. I cant' believe it. Moving, visitors etc. YIKES. Hope things are better

Jen-I had tears after reading about your DJ . I am sorry but that is hysterical. It sounds like a "say anything" in Glamour or Seventeen I can't remember where those are b/c I have no time to read mag.'s anymore. Anyways hope you don't mind that I find that so amusing. I know that I wouldn't have the day of my wedding. BTW please don't stress aboutthe 8Months after baby. My sister's baby is 5 months old and she is doing the same thing. YOu have done well to lose the wt you have. Keep it up.

Brenda- I understand you complainst about working with women however, I work with both and men can be soooo demeaning. I don't know if it is b/c I am a women or b/c I am the youngest in my office by about 15 yrs. but in the past 2 days 2 of them have talked to me like I was 2 yrs old. UHHH I hate that. I honestly felt I was being "scolded". OH well welcome to womanhood I guess. Also I loved your crazy day story with the bra etc. I have those all of the time.

this reminds me of a funny story. My sis has a hot pharmacist and last time her prescription was for a yeast infection and she had to go back this wk to have a wart removed and her prescription said in big letters "FOR WART REMOVAL" she 's like "he is going to think I am the dirtiest person".
Sorry had to share just reminded me of another one of those "say anything's"

Moving on.....

kT bummer that you can't post for a while. Check in for some support.

Stacey- Almost the big day. HOw exciting. I am glad to hear some thing about those Crest strips. I have been wanting to try them. You could be our guineau pig. You should take a before and after pic. Just a suggestion. Hope all is going well.

Kay GOAL GOAL GOAL. I am inspired. Congrats. I love how you are all going to work for WW. I would love to have some young people working at my WW meetings.

Kieri-Congrats on cycling and the definition. That is truly exciting.

Tonya-You are being so good about exercies even in this heat. YOu go girl!

Kim "margarita" I hope you spanish improves slightly;) I can't talk though. I had two yrs and my grandfather was hispanic and in his last yrs that is all he spoke. He had alzheimers and just spoke in spanish. Looking back it is kind of funny b/c he would talke like we all knew what he was saying. I like my quote too. I stole it from another thread:s:

Sarah- Congrats on Grad school. I cannot wait till I am done. Actually I haven't quite started so It may be a while:dizzy:

Belle- Have lots of fun camping. I am glad you are able to get away for the wknd. Big fun.

Sorry if I missed anyojne. I had 3 days of posts to catch up on.


Brenda N
06-29-2001, 11:28 AM
Stacey: After Jen said something about knowing what you look like, I went back to your web page for the wedding and I'm not finding a picture. Is there one there? Maybe you've posed on the photo thread and I haven't bothered to go check......

I'll read new posts later...gotta run :D

Grace, Grace
06-29-2001, 11:38 AM
Ok three of you posted while I was writing my MEGA POST! Anyways I love the proposal stories!!
TONYALYNN (MIDDLE NAME FOR EMPHASIS) YOU BETTER CONTINUE TO POST HERE. WE WOULD ALL MISS YOU IF YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT CLEAR???? Yikes that reminded me of my mother. Well I just wanted to get the point across .


06-29-2001, 11:59 AM
Brenda... when I opened "the Knot" info about Stacy's wedding, a pic of her and her Soon To Be Hubby was on it. Very nice pic. If you can't get it, maybe I can save it to my computer and e-mail it to you, that is if Stacy doesn't mind. I was a nice pic!!!!!

06-29-2001, 12:04 PM
Stacy ~

I loved your pic!! You are beautiful! And, I love your hairstyle! You resemble Ann Jillian to me! :D

06-29-2001, 03:00 PM
OK, on my lunch break, hubby and I just walked for about 35 minutes in the horrendous heat. Amazing. Now I am all sweaty and my hair in hanging in my face. He suggested it...very rare! I walked this morning too! Double Whammy.

06-29-2001, 03:09 PM
HEY, I've gained 4 activity points today! YAHOOOO...

Where is everyone today. I feel like a loser cuz I am here at work!

06-29-2001, 03:10 PM
Jen ~

I am still here, and still at work!! :)

06-29-2001, 03:21 PM
Shewwwww Tonya.... I thought I was the only lonely one still here at work. What a Bluchhhhhh day. 4 people left at noon, 1 is on vacation and another called in sick. We are only a staff of 13. Oh and one is REALLY crabby and has the office next to me. AND I have to work this weekend. How yucky can that be!

06-29-2001, 03:24 PM
That is really yucky, Jen!!! I am actually leaving work in 30 min. Our vacation and sick leave runs fiscal year, and I just got my leave report, and I have more vacation left than I thought, so since this is the last day to use it, I am leaving a little early. But, I'm not gone yet, so post away!!!!

It is a hot one today, isn't it!! I have to run to the grocery store, I better get straight home after that or my milk will start to boil!!! :)

06-29-2001, 03:38 PM
Gee Tonya, don't buy frozen food, it will be cooked by the time you get home. We had central air installed in our house last month and we thought we were nuts after the cold/rainy weather we have been having. But now I am happy and spoiled by it!!

Have fun on your time off! I get 1/2 next Friday!!!

06-29-2001, 03:41 PM
Central air is fabulous, I couldn't live without it!!

Have a great weekend all!! I will see you guys on Monday! :smug:

Brenda N
06-29-2001, 03:58 PM
OK, so I wasnít going to tell you guys b/c I feel like suck a dork, but I will b/c you can get a good laugh out of it! I was looking at the wrong registry for Stacey. It was just a mix up with names. Instead of looking up S Tatum I just looked up the last name and found a different Stacey and a guy with that last . I feel like such an idiot. BUT ~ Stacey you are smashing :D That is such a great pic!

Kay: You rebel! Iíll bet your hubby was bummed that your job messed up his proposal! Sounds like he really put some effort into it!

Becky: You are right, men can be bad too. I get the same condescending talk from my boss. I started this job as a temp and brought it up before I would be hired permanently, but itís looking like I need to have that discussion again. Grrrrr, not fun.

Tonya: Iím not that far behind you girl. I may be 26 but everyone is right, it does fly by. None of you are allowed to leave. Maybe we need to have the 3fcís add another thread for us? We could come up with a cool name for us or something eheheheheheheheh

Jen: Let's play hookey!!! Just ditch the place, pull a Kay :lol:

I'm about to head out for lunch. I'm going to be totally non me and buy a camoflauge tank top. It's to go with this really cute Columbia button up tank that I got a great deal on at Ross, so that's where I'm headed again! Be back lata.

06-29-2001, 04:27 PM
Where are you Brenda.... ohhh the tank threw me off!!! Now you can go hunting with my hubby!!!!!

Tonya... I'm 29, teetering on the verge of 30. The other day this dippy lady at the store asked me how my baby was (we used to bring her in there with us) and said I was much to young to be 29. She is really strange, but a nice compliment.

Ho hum... I should be working but don't wanna. I know I am bad! I just ran out and bought all of us poor saps that are still working a soda... diet Dr. Pepper for me... Thanks Trish! Everyone thinks I am god now. OH and since I am the knowledge source employee that is left today, everyone is coming to me with emergency questions and when I answer them, they think I am so smart. Hmmmm.

Oh and Brenda, don't feel dumb. When I did the search, 2 names came up and I almost chose the wrong one. I had to remind myself I was looking for Stacy.

Oh and speaking of dumb... this one will get you Brenda. We are having a Potluck on the 3rd for the 4th of July.... and I haven't signed up yet. Well hubby and I were walking by the signup and I saw Jennifer listed as bringing Taco Salad. (she is our new employee that started May 1). I said to hubby... when did I signup for that??? And he said, Yah I was wondering why you were bringing that. I felt like an idiot because I forgot there are 2 Jennifers here now. Total blonde moment, but I am a brunette!

Man, the phones are busy here today.... LEAVE ME ALONE, it's friday and I want to go home!! :s:

06-29-2001, 04:28 PM
hey girls, stampede is coming up here in Calgary - you should all come over and join me for the best time you'll have with your boots on!!

Its super fun in the city this time of year! MMM....beer!!

I just ate japanese for lunch and my tummy is paying for it :rolleyes: I shouldn't have eaten it in the first place, for 9 points GASP :o

Oh well, what can you do......I earned 3 activity points already (good job Jen!) BUT I am at 22 points for the day - leaves me only 7 to my max (before the activity points).

The proposal stories are fun! I don't have one to share, bit if I ever do I'll let you all know (after I am revived from having passed out and nearly died) :dizzy:

I didn't WI today and am going to leave for camping right away tonite so I'll wait til next week...I figure I'll just go next Friday and let 2 weeks go by rather than trying to find on on Tuesday - too hard...

Tonya - I think the rule is, if you are in your 20's when you start posting, you can post here to infinity and beyond....so don't stop posting!

Becky - that "wart removal" story was pretty funny!! :lol: Poor girl!! OH my god...

Brenda - I went to the wrong site too at first, its okay..you are not alone!!! :wave:

Well, I better get some work done. The office is pretty empty.

To all you canucks, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!! Enjoy the long weekend.....YEE HAW!!!

B :love:

06-29-2001, 04:32 PM
Belle... I just talked to someone at the Stampede.... our company works with them. I would love to go to it once! I have a REALLY COOL Stampede jacket!! I wear it very proudly!!!

Brenda N
06-29-2001, 06:19 PM
Well, if anyone is still around, I have another 45 mins to go. Couldn't find a camo top. I did find some Eco. tab top drapes that are really cool that would work in 3 of the rooms in my house! Only $8 per drape. I'm so excited!

Jen: You can't find me, nah nah nah nah nah!!! :p Sounds like your hubby had a blonde moment too if he thought it was you. Don't take all the credit for yourself! Ho hum, is that 45 mins up yet?

Belle: The Stampede here in Colorado is going on right now. I haven't been in quite a few years but it's fun. Great food and beer, shopping and concerts! We promise to call 911 if you pass out. Deal?

OK, that tells you how bad I need to go home, I can't think of what to post :(

"The mere sense of living is joy enough." -- Emily Dickinson