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11-29-2005, 02:36 PM
In the little time i've been lurking here, I've really been buoyed by what I've been reading. It inspired me to come up with this prayer (meditation, affirmation, spell, what have you) that is becoming an important part of my journey. I have it taped to my fridge, but my goal is to paint it on there or maybe create a mosaic of it:

I dwell in a sacred temple,
which laughs and loves,
which offers pleasure and comfort,
which gives life and sustains it,
which connects me to all that is Divine, both masculine and feminine.
It is my Body.
Help me, oh God, to respect it.
To feed it well and within reason.
To move it, protect it and pamper it.
To think and speak kindly of it.
To appreciate it.
And to offer it as a vibrant, sensual and healthy testament to your Glory.

12-01-2005, 10:49 AM
I found myself telling someone today that the only decision she had to make about food concerned ONLY the next thing she put in her mouth. No daylong or weeklong of lifelong choices or commitments -- just the very next bite. If we make that next choice a good one, based on our true needs and respect for the vessel that is our body, then that's one baby step closer to good health and proper weight. It was a mini revelation for me. Based on that, I've started saying these prayers before I eat anything, in addition to my daily healthful eating prayer.

"Lord, thank you for this food.
Thank you for letting me make a good choice.
Please let it nourish me, fill me and satisfy me -- body and soul.
Fill me with gratitude for any living thing that was sacrificed to create this food
and for the abundance in my life that allows me to have such varied and wonderful choices. Bless it, and me."

If I find myself about to eat something that I feel I shouldn't, I'm going to say the same prayer but replace "Thank you for letting me make a good choice" with "I know I haven't made the best choice, but there must be a reason for my choosing this. Help me to enjoy this food and to make a better choice next time."

Hope you ladies don't mind me sharing these things.