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11-28-2005, 09:21 AM
Good morning LWL!

Today is "back on track" Monday for me. Hmmmm....have we heard this before? My plan is eating clean, no unscheduled junk eating. I'll worry about the calories and start measuring on Wednesday, but just getting back to clean and getting rid of the nightly munching will be a victory.

Chest and cardio planned, I'm off to the gym :wave:


11-28-2005, 09:30 AM
:faint: I just went out and ran in my lunch hour! :D This is HUGE! It is a huge huge huge great big accomplishment! I was worried people would laugh, I was worried people would take the p, worried that people might comment if I only went once and never again. Well, guess what, no-one even noticed I was out! :lol: I did day 1, week 3 of couch to 5k, I pushed myself really hard to complete it, I just skived 1 min 10secs of running, but I can faithfully say I tried really really hard today. Did I say this was huge? Oh yeah, and the sun shone :sunny: just for me!

Okay, so rest of the day I have to make sure I eat my tuna thing (I've never had tuna before and when I did have the tinned stuff on my plate, I thought it just smelled too fishy! But I've drowned this tuna in soy sauce!) for lunch and my salad later on and have something good and healthy for dinner (perhaps chicken). Then I have to get on and do my weights (which is the easy part!) tonight and I'm going to be one seriously happy camper! And guess what - those carb cravings have dissapeared since I got out in the sun!

Oh boy do I feel good *gush* :D :D :D :D :D

11-28-2005, 04:23 PM
2F, I feel good just reading your post! :sunny:


(clean eats so far for me! That's huge, too)


11-28-2005, 05:14 PM
I need some more clarification about "clean eating". Is it avoiding processed food? Keeping all grains whole grains? No red meat?

Seeking answers!

11-28-2005, 05:14 PM
I need some more clarification about "clean eating". Is it avoiding processed food? Keeping all grains whole grains? No red meat?

Seeking answers!

11-28-2005, 06:35 PM
Elana, I'm not a expert, but I'd say all or some of the above! Everyone has their own definition of "clean."

I'm finding it hard to settle at work after 4 days off! :) My arms are finally less sore after all the shoveling I did. Good thing, as I intend to work them tonight :strong: My other plan is push things a little more. The scale has stalled on me for the past couple weeks, and I need to get it moving - down of course! I found out from a friend that there is now a place offering spinning classes in town, so I may check them out. A chain gym has a sign up in an empty storefront in the mall (the only 1 in town, and it barely qualifies!). I've heard various rumors about what kind of facility they're putting in though - just minimal equipment and no showers :eek: - is the most frequent.

11-28-2005, 06:47 PM

I had a nice trip to USA this weekend with my teen daughter with the purpose of shopping. Those who do not have little kids will not understand me, but it was first time in 8 years that I went shopping without thoughts in the back of my mind about how quickly to get to the washroom, how to avoid food court with all the junk food, etc. Despite waiting on the border for 2 hours, trip was awesome! One of the highlights of the trip was (beleive it or not) the difference in sizes between Canada and States. I usually wear size 8 here, and sometimes when I really do care I can tightly insert my bottom into size 6 jeans however I can not sit in them for extended periods of time. In States however size 6 was too wide!!! I bought myself size 4 jeans !!! I even came home and tried my old jeans at home and no, I did not magically srank - it is just the States have their "fatter" sizes... My DD BTW ended up in size 0 and it was loose on her - so we were laughing that they have to invent negative sizes for those who actually stay slim - he-he :)

Yesterday did home reno project of taking off wall paper from the wall... tell you - that's a good upper body workout, my arms are still hurting :)

Plan to do UBW tomorrow if the snow in the forecast will let me make it to the gym or to work for that matter.


11-28-2005, 09:21 PM
Back on plan tomorrow for me "clean" eats for sure!!! 2F you have motivated me too... Sunday and today have been BAAAAAD!!! And it wasn't even Thanksgiving around here I have no excuse! Eating badly makes me tired though I feel exhausted tonight!

Elana -- "clean" eats for me means all unprocessed foods, no breads, 5 meals of a protein and a carb every 3 hours, usually no carbs in meal 5... I eat oatmeal, eggwhites, whey protein powder, brown rice, lean meats, chicken breast, tuna...Oh and no sugar...

2F -- I'm not fussy for tuna either but I mix it with real mayonnaise, just 1 tablespoon and dill pickles or relish although relish has sugar in it...

I didn't exercise today but I had a great run yesterday and I will do legs tomorrow and run tomorrow night!!

11-28-2005, 09:48 PM
2F -- I just thought of my favorite way to eat tuna is making tuna patties. I take about half a cup of tuna 2 egg whites or one egg 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs, I use Italian flavoured ones because they have flavouring already in them. Mix the whole mess up and make 2 patties and have that for lunch with or in my salad... :hun:

11-29-2005, 05:11 AM
:wave: Hello y'all! I got home and tidied the kitchen and did ALL the humungous pile of washing up that had accumulated (we ran out of bowls and cutlery there was so much!) I felt so energised after my run! *gush* :D I usually just get my weights out of the way then slob out! :D

I did my leg weights too, but they were a bit below par because my legs were sore from running! I still managed to do quite a bit though! I had a really great "clean" day yesterday, not even my daily 1 tiny piece of chocolate! :D Well actually, I had about 2 tablespoons of custard which was a dirty eat :rofl: but it tasted so good! I was getting hungry and I've been craving fruit crumble and custard and pie and all things hot and stodgy, so last night I decided to put rhubarb and apple in the microwave, with a smidge of ginger and a smidge of brown sugar, then I whacked a little bit of custard on the top and I hardly missed the crumble topping! I'm going to be eating that lots although I'm going to wean myself off the custard till I can just eat the fruit by itself! ;)

I have a lovely chicken stir fry for lunch and a nice salad and a sweet potato for snacks! Then kickboxing tonight :hyper: which I'm really looking forward too, since I'm feeling a lot less jet-lagged now! :dance:

Hope everyone has a great day with clean eats and lots of working out! We can do this! :D

11-29-2005, 08:03 AM

2F, Ilene, Mel, Sashenka, Pat - Just reading your posts perks me up!

I am really tired this morning as i went to work for the 2nd morning in a running. I am building up stamina to get back to a more or less normal job (after burnout of 1.5 year) and it is really building up slowly!. Sofar i have managed to tstretch my 2 x 2 hours into 2 x 4 hours 9although the last half huor is really difficult) and today I did 3 hours after yesterdays 4 hours. I am going to have a nap after this post !

On the XH front things are moving along in a very slow manner. Tomorrow we are at the therapist again on the issue of the children visiting him with/without his NL around. The kids have now written down what they want ( which is no NL for the next half to one year), and I sincerely hope this willget into his thick head. Unfortunately, XH lives on a different planet at present. He hopes that we all (including myself and the children) will embrace his NL and of course I myself do not want to and the children are not ready for that either.

On the plus side he has consented to me taking the children to see my cousin in california this summer ! so I have booked tickets today, and I hope i will be used to the idea once we fly. it's only in Jule but it gives us something to look foreward to.

Have a nice day all,

11-29-2005, 08:52 AM
Hi all - din't mean to slip into "lurk", but sometimes things happen. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Yesterday was a "bad" day, and I think I am learning to see those when I wake up. It didn't stop me from anything I had on my 'to do" list, and I sure paid for it, but this is progress. TG was hard for a lot of reasons, but I made it through. Fri I tried the treadmill and had a lot of balance and foot drag, so stopped after 30 min. Sat I went out for a two hour walk and during the second hour tried to "race walk" the best I could. It pushed my heart rate and I felt pretty good at the end (and a negative split to boot, too). So, Sandy, thanks for encouraging me to keep trying to find that cardio "sweet spot". I am willing to try spinning, but the classes at my gym are after 5, and that is too late for me. Pat, I hear you on the Low Fat recommendation for MS, and that is right in line with both what the dietician said as well as how I have been eating when I have been "clean" for the last two years. Nice to know we are doing this right. I know, according to a study or something I read that I can't quote right now, that diet is 80% of this journey and exercise is 20%. As hard as I push and beat myself up for not being where I "was" gym wise, it comes down to what I chose to put in my mouth and what I leave in the store. Each day I am getting better and the 7 pounds I gained over the past two months are now 5. Slow, steady, progress. I leave for Las Vegas Thurs, plan on doing at least 45 min of cardio every day (in addition to spa treatments , of course), eat carefully at fabulous restaurants, pass on the garbage, walk everywhere, and still come home the same weight. It has worked for me before, we will see what happens this time.

My weight workouts are back on track - I have control back on all the moves, now need to get weight levels and speed back. I have started with a new Pilates instructor (2nd session today) and hope to start back to yoga after the first of the year. I am also going to look more into this race walking and swimming. I KNOW my perfect cardio is out there ....

Sandy - bathrooms and food court locations and emergency plans in malls have nothing to do with children, or I am still a child myself :)

2F - you are like the energizer bunny, keep it up - it pushes me out the door. And i am going to have to try soy on tuna. Sounds yummy.

rabbit - you are doing a great job - stick by your guns, take care of yourself and pull on that amazign inner strength you have. It may not be clear to you, but it is to us. You are keeping yourself and children save and realizing that you do not have to accept what XL hands you, that you make these decisions. Do you know what a powerful lesson that is to your children? Believe it or not, your story and daily movements keep me going and willing to deal with mine. Thank you ... We wll get through these thing together - ALL of us LWL.

Mel, Ilene, Tiki, Sandy, Pat, rabbit, 2F and everyone else, I love having you as my personal coaches. We will figure this out together, as no one in the MS on-lne community (that I have found) seems interested in anything more than "walk 30 min a day 3x a week". Not to disparage that - 3 days a week would be good for me right now, but only right now. I will get back to where I was, with all my LWL beside me. *hugs*

11-29-2005, 09:15 AM
Hi all - didn't mean to slip into "lurk", but sometimes things happen.

Hear, hear! Thanks, Ellen, for making me post. There's been a lot happening. Nothing dreadful, thank goodness, and some exciting bits.

Two things for now. This morning I endured a short lecturette about healthy eating from my GP. Stick-thin, probably always has been. She did not listen to me, made me feel dreadful, and was no use at all. My side of the story is that I have had a very bad year (illness and injury), and eat a bit too much (of extremely healthy food). I'm trying very hard, go to the gymn three times a week, fit in as much cardio, walking, etc as I can. It was not an empowering session and I feel terrible. [insert bad words of your choice here.] Please encourage me!

Second thing is something Ellen said a week or so ago about fatigue, and getting up in the night to go to the loo (N American readers: I think that's the bathroom in your lingo). As you know, I struggle with tiredness quite a lot, and I also get up to go, especially if I'm disturbed. Broken sleep is the very worst for me as I'm not making the most of the hours of sleep I'm getting. One solution: stop having to get up in the night! Train the pelvic floor muscles like I'm training the other muscles. Be rigorous. Be disciplined. I think I read that yoga engages these muscles for most exercises. I'm sure Sandi knows. What do you think? Ellen: would it help you? Should we all go for that pelvic floor??

Rabbit, you are doing very well. Keep at it, woman. Step by step.

Everyone, thanks for being here. Your words really help. And isn't it amazing how people's personalities shine through the screen?

Love, Silverbirch.

11-29-2005, 09:39 AM
:grouphug: for Everyone! Specially Ellen :hug:, silverbirch:hug: and rabbit:hug:!

Ellen, you are doing so well figuring out your "new running" and getting back on track with things, an inspiration - truly.

Rabbit, glad you are concentrating on things other than :censored: XH and that that side of things is slowly coming together.

Silverbirch, doctors can be the WORST and as for a lecture, gimme a break, I probably would've walked out! :lol: I think the pelvic floor thing is also a good idea, perhaps try cutting out/down on caffine (if you do drink the stuff) so that you're not "over producing" to make you want to get up in the middle of the night ;)

Mel, well done for eating clean :cp: I sometimes forget that you have trouble along with us "losers" I so often think of you as a pro! Being a maintainer and a PT! I know you're mortal too though ;)

Pat and Ilene, join me on the clean wagon, it tastes nice here! :D

:wave: :goodvibes: everyone else! :D

11-29-2005, 09:52 AM
2F - thanks, you're a pal! Caffeine! I only have two cups of coffee in the morning and most definitely nothing in the afternoon. No junk soft drinks here, nor strong tea. I'm very sensitive, you know! Btw, very good going indeed on the running. Careful on those pavements, you fitness fanatic, you.

11-29-2005, 01:53 PM
Hey gals - I'm coming out of lurking yet again - just can't seem to stay on the wagon once I get back up on it!

Let's hope this time will be different - my work is sponsoring a fitness contest with daily logging on workouts and fruits/veggies eaten, so I signed up and hope to win some prizes while having some company in doing this to keep me motivated. This started yesterday and runs through Jan. 15th, so it will be just the ticket for getting me through the holiday season!

Aside from procrastinating about getting into the gym - tomorrow!, I still have to work through the whole food thing with my boyfriend - he is totally unsupportive of the fact that I have weaknesses, and continues to bring junk food into the house. I guess it's up to me to deal with that as well as work around our eating preferences. Like, it's ok to have a turkey sandwich, despite the bread, but that doesn't mean I have to eat any snack foods along with it, even if he is. I need to remember that I wanted someone in my life, and now I need to learn to live with that change!

Hope everyone has been doing well - I plan to try to get caught up on posts for November. Has Dip been around lately? I sure could use her for some motivation!

11-29-2005, 01:56 PM
Morning all. 2F - I'm working on the clean, and pretty much made it yesterday. DH had his evening class cancelled so he was home for supper, which made it easier for me to keep it clean. :)

Ellen, Rabbit and Silverbirch - you are all strong women! Keep up the good work.

SB - I have a doc like yours. She's never gained an ounce except when pg, and then went right back to her tall stick-like self. She just doesn't "get" weight loss at all. Last time she told me "just skip a couple pieces of bread a day." Ya, right. If that would work I'd weigh 110 with no problem. :rofl: I'm dreading seeing her next month - though it's the only way to get my prescriptions renewed.

Meanwhile, I keep on keeping on. Did a faster 2 miles on the elliptical last night, and tonight will be UBWO and some more cardio. I'm determined to come out of this holiday season at the same or a lower weight than I am now! I just feed DH all the goodies. :)

11-29-2005, 06:10 PM
Speaking of tuna, today for lunch I heated up a small can's worth of albacore tuna and melted a slice of provolone over it. It tasted INCREDIBLE.

After two weeks of almost no working out and constant junk-food eating, I am...two pounds lighter, which is enough to help me start fitting into some of my skinny stuff again. Yeah, I have no idea how that happened. But I know better than to rest on that laurel, so my new mini-goal is to drop seven pounds by the end of this month. Workouts are getting consistent again as I've figured out how to adjust to my new schedule, and I already told my mom not to send me Christmas cookies this year. :ink:

Ilene, I've been meaning to ask you - what % of your 1RM do you use on your leg days? I read your leg workout from a week or so ago and I am amazed at the kind of volume you can produce. I'm starting to lean more towards the high-rep work myself so I was wondering how much weight you use (again, percentage-wise, as I'm not trying to be nosy and get into specifics of how much you can lift...unless you want to share them.) :)

I need to remember that I wanted someone in my life, and now I need to learn to live with that change!

Um, wait - you, uh, want the right someone, don't you? Someone who supports you in your goals and doesn't actively try to sabotage them?

It's true that the only one responsible for how you eat is you, regardless of how anyone else tries to tempt you (and believe me, I know what it's like to try to lose weight when your loved ones are CONSTANTLY bringing junk food into the house). But on the other hand, you don't want someone who doesn't believe in you and doesn't recognize the importance of what you're doing.

I mean no offense; your statement just alarmed me a little.

11-30-2005, 04:26 AM

Ellen: If 5 pm is your limit for the day, it's good to stick to that or even make it 4.45 or 4.30 so you do not overtire. Remember to try to put a little bit of energy in your bank every day. You are doing great to get to terms with your situation.

Ellen, Silverbirch, 2F, Pat - thanks for the support!!. It is now morning, and in an hour or so I have to leave to see XH at the therapist. I took an extra pill yesterday, but I'm still nervous. However, my son was really sweet: he gave me the tip that I have to time how long it takes for me to get crying and out of control on the sessions, and see if I can improve on that. And my daughter suggesting taking the notebook that she made for me with "Don't panic" large on the front. And I will, I need all the help I can get.

The strange thing is that rationally I know there is nothing to be afraid of. XH has already done his worst and what he says can only get to me because I allow it to. I have to work on that. Also XH explained in an email that part of his behaviour is because he is afraid that I will get mad at him. I do not understand that. He has dumped me so first of all what does he expect me to be ? And furthermore, what is it to him? probabely a remains of 20+ years of conditioning on his (and my) side.

What is cheering me up is that I have booked the tickets for my trip to california. I already mentioned this yesterday but the thought is really cheering me up. And I bought a new stereo, present for myself for sinterklaas (next to the electric drill & drill bits for walls).

I'll let you all know how the session went. Thanks for all the good feelings you all are sending this way. I agree with Ellen: I have the feeling that I am not alone in this situation.
Thanks all off you for letting me tell my story.

Have a great day all,

11-30-2005, 09:19 AM
:wave: Hello ladies, glad everyone seems to be on track! :D

I've got a banging migraine which meant that I didn't go kickboxing last night :cry: :tantrum: I just curled up in bed, and DF brought me some lovely Irises - bless his little heart! I've taken the day off work today too, which is nice to be at home, but not because my headache's still pounding away so I can't really go for my run today, unless I want to throw up! ;)

I've just bought myself a magazine and I might pop out into town to go and get some stronger migrane tablets and pay in a cheque, apart from that, not a lot happening on the frus front - apart from I'm very frustrated about having this flippin' headache :tantrum:

11-30-2005, 01:45 PM
Good afternoon LWL! I'm back again today, which is a major accomplishment. I promised myself I'd post regularly and not lurk, so here I am!

ShannonM - not sure what your personal situation is, but when in your early 40's and single, you learn that relationships are a lot about compromise. That perfect man exists only in my imagination, and believe, me, I've kissed a lot of frogs to find this Prince. He wonderful in a lot of ways, and not so wonderful in others. I didn't mean to imply that my BF is not at all supportive - it's just that when I did BFL for the first year, I lived alone and was not seeing anyone, and was able to insulate myself from the real world of food. I watched my friends all struggle with trying to do it while living with familes - husbands and kids who needed their snacks in the house, and I just couldn't understand what the deal was. But now I am in that same situation, and I feel like I need to learn to deal with it, although it is a struggle. But, I will learn to deal with it eventually, and be that much stronger for it.

Yesterday I was pretty clean food-wise, but I ate too much. Baby steps, I guess!

11-30-2005, 02:13 PM
I watched my friends all struggle with trying to do it while living with familes - husbands and kids who needed their snacks in the house, and I just couldn't understand what the deal was. But now I am in that same situation, and I feel like I need to learn to deal with it, although it is a struggle.

I see. Looks like I misunderstood your comments.

But, I will learn to deal with it eventually, and be that much stronger for it.

You really will, just as I did. If you take a "boot camp" approach to the whole thing, and realize that true willpower is forged in the flames of constant temptation, you'll be amazed at the self-control you learn. And it's quite possible to plant the seeds of healthy eating and exercise in the minds of the others who currently have such bad habits - a couple of my family members have made some positive changes as a result of my example.

11-30-2005, 03:19 PM
I had eye infection and stayed home yesterday. Did Tae-Bo as well as abs Windsor pilates tape, as it snowed here and I could not possibly drive with only one eye able to see. Today is better and i am at work after walking the dog in the morning on the snow :)

Cindy (thanks Shannon for pointing out that I addressed my comments to the wrong person) - I personally have a husband who always sabotages my attempts on clean eating however he likes when I loose weight. Every time he goes shopping (thanks God he does not like it so it happens only once in a while) - my home is full of food temptations. he also has a great gym at work and to avoid rush hour traffic - he goes to gym every day after work - luxury I do not have as I only can make it once or twice a week as I have to rush home and care for kids. I learned to live with it however sometimes I think that it is too much! Good luck with making your BF understand!

11-30-2005, 04:43 PM
Sashenka - everybody loves a good fight. ;) I wonder what his reaction would be if you announced that you would not be coming straight home one evening to care for the kids, but would instead be heading to a gym to work out, and that he'd need to make childcare arrangements. In any case, stay strong and focused and do NOT let him win.

Did you mean to direct your comments to Cindy? I'm married and my husband has always been supportive of my weight-loss efforts. However, the other family members insist that they can't live without their chips, chocolate, bread, soda, etc. I eventually had to decide whether I was going to let that hold me back, and...it didn't. :drill:

11-30-2005, 05:34 PM
This is it for me - just finished packing and flight is early in the am. Off to sin and sun, hope to come back lighter and richer! Just booked a spa appointment for a hot stone pedicure - how much fun does that sound? Have a lovely time while I am gone. I'll kiss Elvis for you all. Viva Las Vegas!

11-30-2005, 06:09 PM
Ah, Ellen, I'm jealous! I haven't been to Las Vegas for a long time. Always been with my GFs though - DH refuses! :lol: I think it's lots of fun, if a bit unreal. The pedicure does sound great. Have fun!!

11-30-2005, 09:27 PM
Ilene, I've been meaning to ask you - what % of your 1RM do you use on your leg days? I read your leg workout from a week or so ago and I am amazed at the kind of volume you can produce. I'm starting to lean more towards the high-rep work myself so I was wondering how much weight you use (again, percentage-wise, as I'm not trying to be nosy and get into specifics of how much you can lift...unless you want to share them.)I'm not too sure what % of my 1RM -- I am mathematically challenged, doncha know :lol: -- I just bring down my usual weight by 10-20# when I want to do higher reps, depending on the exercise of course. I don't have an exact science behind my workouts I just do what feels right, if I go heavy and I feel pain in my joints after a couple of reps, then I bring the weight down a bit till it feels right, then next set after a rest I will bring the weight up or keep it the same with more reps. It really depends on how I feel some days ... I leg press on a sleigh up to 360# and I can do 10 good reps of that... In squats I can lift about 145# with no spotter, I never go higher because I have no spotter...

Cindy -- :hug: to you... Having a new beau in your life is a wonderful thing, but dang they can be a pain in the you know where... As the ole saying goes, you can't live with them and you can't live without them! So hang in there it will get easier with time, when he gets to know you better and you get to know him better... In the meantime just keep talking and expressing your views on the junk food in the house, maybe he can just eat it when you're not around, or something like that, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Also just come here and vent, won't tell a him :p that you did ...

I've been mostly in lurkdom myself this week but I've eaten fairly clean and I feel good about it... Workouts have been so-so because I have been called into work unexpectedly and can't seem to fit the time in for a gym workout when I don't plan on working... I did a 7.5k run on Sunday I was rushed, Monday nothing, Tuesday a quicky leg workout I was in and out of the gym in 30 minutes :o, today swim for an hour... Tomorrow if I don't get called into work I am doing chest and triceps then a run in the afternoon with the girls, I may do a short run in the morning just for extra burning of calories...

2F -- Hope that banging headache leaves soon... I haven't had one in ages but I remember them well, they are NOT pleasant!!

Rabbt and ellen have a great relaxing trip, enjoy the ride!

Sandy take care of that eye!

11-30-2005, 09:48 PM
if I go heavy and I feel pain in my joints after a couple of reps

You ever have the opposite happen? For leg work, my knees will usually ache a bit after my first set of squats, but the heavier I go the better my knees feel. I have no idea why that is. It's just the reverse with bench press.

Seriously, your muscle endurance is amazing.

11-30-2005, 11:40 PM
You ever have the opposite happen? For leg work, my knees will usually ache a bit after my first set of squats, but the heavier I go the better my knees feel. I have no idea why that is. It's just the reverse with bench press.. Oh yes, with legs I'm like that too... with legs extensions my knees will crackle and pop, but they don't hurt, and I can still go heavier. For some reason my elbows will hurt if I go too heavy with side lateral raises and if I don't really concentrate on using my shoulder muscles rather than my elbows...

Seriously, your muscle endurance is amazing..*blush* Thank you for the great compliment! I have just started to do higher reps, I get bored easily if I have to count too long :doh:...So I trick myself by counting 5-5-5 :lol:... I also need a LOT of variation to I change up OFTEN...

12-01-2005, 04:57 AM
:wave: Hello everyone! I'm feeling better today! :D So it's double kickboxing for me! I'm a bit gutted I had to miss running and weights yesterday since I was doing so well! However I argue with myself that I was sick, so leave me alone! :crazy:

Actually had a lovely relaxing day yesterday and managed pretty much clean eats and a couple of treats (trying to cure the headache don'tcha know!) and stayed within calories! :D

I actually peeked at the scale yesterday, since I thought I couldn't have a much worse day - I'm up 3lbs since I went to Japan. Which is about what I expected, but I'm going to try my hardest to work it off before next Friday, which is official weigh in day. If not, then it'll come off eventually! I always do this, get really low, then pack it on again (however not as much as last time :D ).

Okay I suppose I'd better clear off - have a clean and healthy day ladies :D

12-01-2005, 09:00 AM

Ellen - have fun in Vegas!
2F - glad you are up again !
Sandy - nice to hear from you again, I hope the eye is better now!

Yesterday XH and I had a session at the therapist. Both the children wrote a letter stating they did not want to meet NL, and instead of coping with that his reaction was "They "ll have changed their minds in 2 months time". Fortunately the therapist took him to order and tod him that he has to cope with it. For the rest the best thing I can say is that i did not cry during the session. We also spoke briefly on the subject of money; about paying his normal monthly part for january and february. His gut reaction was "I have a lot of expenses now..." so I see the next problem looming on the horizon. In the end he said that he would pay for jan and feb, and i can see the next issues coming up. I am glad that I have an appointment with my lawyer next monday, for I guess I'm surely going to need her.

I'm tired since i worked this morning. I'm going to rest now.

have a great day all,

12-01-2005, 09:29 AM
Hullo everyone!

Pat - thanks for your support about clueless doctors. I think they are a menace. And their social skills need more work.

I have now taken control of the situation. I am doing pretty well with my general fitness, I think. I am aware of what I'm doing and where I can improve things (clean eats, mostly). So, well done me!

I haven't had any new clothes in a very, very long time. Had to go to Tesco this morning for bottled water (long story but we are having to boil our drinking water until January and boiled water does taste pretty vile) and decided I would look for a new hat. No hat but ... a party skirt (size 14 - help me out, 2F, that's size 10 in American isn't it?) and a cardigan with a deep false fur collar (size 16, aka size 12 - crazy as I am smaller on the top than the bottom but sizes are mad) plus a necklace. And 20 per cent off. My next social event is ... the school Christmas play on Friday afternoon. Why not?

And the upshot? I feel amazingly good. Now I just have to keep warm.

Rabbit - have a rest for me too please!

2F - Veganin used to work for me until I became so relaxed that I didn't get that kind of headache any more. Yes, that's me, totally relaxed and chilled.

Ilene and Shannon - Iron is your middle name! And welcome, Shannon! Don't think I've said hullo yet.

Have a lovely time, Ellen!

Cindy!! Welcome home!! It's great to see you and to hear your news. A new fella ... I understand about compromise, I think. I met the Man when I was 40 and he was, ahem, 29. He eats like a horse. There were things which had to be worked on. Still are, of course. It's all a work in progress. Very good luck!

Mel - are you there? And are your eats clean?

Hullo, you readers, and hullo, you lurkers! I do understand that there is a difference.

12-01-2005, 11:25 AM
Don't have time to post a long one but just wanted to CONGRATS Silver on the new duds and smaller size :dance: that really rocks.... You'll look awesome at your party, tell us of all the compliments you will get...

TTFN :wave: I just got THE call to go into work... I called them AFTER I came back from the gym... I know I'm sneaky :devil:

12-01-2005, 01:21 PM
Hello everyone - not much time to post, but just had to share - I ACTUALLY FINALLY WORKED OUT TODAY!

Can't believe it's been such a struggle to get myself into that gym - it was tough, but I survived it, and actually had a lovely endorphin high as a reward this morning!

Now let's hope I will keep it up!

PS - Silver - 29!?!?!

12-01-2005, 03:03 PM
:wave: I'm here! Life has been crazy and I have too many clients, not quite enough time for my own workouts, and hardly any time for the computer!

Clean eats day 4 :carrot:


12-02-2005, 07:41 AM
WTG Mel! :D

I'm doing good, had a great kickboxing session, so hard that my legs almost fell off! :hyper: I really taught that boxing bag a lesson too! It won't cross me again! :devil:

Still eating clean too - which for me is nothing short of a miracle! Wooo! Eating loads more fruit and veg this week! Plus I've started experimenting with stir-fries!

Haven't managed to do any more running since Monday because of rubbishy headache - I won't have time (I know it's no excuse) tonight because I'm going out to a party before we get on the overnight coach to go to Paris for the day tomorrow! I am going to try and squeeze some weights in before I go out though. I don't have lunch hours on Fridays otherwise I would've gone out in a bit. I'm going to see how pooped I feel on Sunday and go then - I need to get my couch to 5K going! :D

Have a great, clean, pumping (iron) day! :D

12-02-2005, 09:10 AM

Silverbirch - congrats on the new clothes. It's a thought, I haven't been clothes shopping in ages! last time I needed a new pair of jeans I found some of my nephew that were still te big for my son...so they are in my closet now. December is a pretty expensive month though, I might just skip it for another couple of weeks yet.

I feel like I am more or less succeeding in glueing the shards of my life together, I have decided on a car and am now in the stage of seeking where to buy; I have conferred with financial adviser and he confirmed that it is extremely likely that I can stay in the house; jobs are taking shape and i am speaking on that next monday; XH has consented to paying for jan and feb, and I have an appointment with the lawyer also on monday. Yesterday I had a child transportation crisis BUT managed to resolve it. Then the computer monitor broke down, and I almost started to cry to have that on top of everything else... BUT this morning I phoned and they are going to send a replacement, on warranty, next monday or tuesday and the neighbor will be home so the exchange can be at her place. I have also managed to rig the 2nd computer so I can use it for my email as well, so it is no inconveneience to have the monitor broken this weekend. I have done my sinterklaasshopping, only have to wrap up 2 more presents.

I am definitely getting to be where I need to be. More in control, and with my surroundings more tailored to the needs of myself & my kids. Now I am very tired, so I'll go and have a rest before getting my daughter from school.

All of you, have a great day today, and thanks for all your support. It means a lot to me that I can tell you how things are, and to read how all of you are doing.

Have a great day,

12-02-2005, 02:51 PM

I started my day with Billy and Tae-Bo bootcamp workout - it snows here in Vancouver and I live ont h e mountain and we had about 12cm of snow overnight so I hoped for snow plow to show up on our street. So it was enough time for all the 55 min of new DVD I bought yesterday and it uses resistance bands which attach to the legs and i found that I liked it - I usually am very bad with band as they slip always, but those ones are sitting on your foot and do not slip.
I also baked 270 cal/piece croissants with chocolate for our work fundraiser but for myself took oranges to go with it. Guess what - I only tried a little piece and ate 2 slices of oranges :)

Tomorrow is planned walk with my dog and day after tomorrow is our first agility class in the stable - I bet i will run a lot :) as stable is enormous and my dog is full of beans :)

My eye is doing fine and it opens and closes fine however I am still on antibiotics.

Rabbit - I am happy you are on top of situation. Mel - do not disappear, it is lonely without you! Ilene, 2F and Shannon - you rock!

Have a nice weekend,

12-03-2005, 08:48 AM
PS - Silver - 29!?!?!

I'm afraid so, Cindy! It made me feel like a real femme fatale when it happened. And that was ten years ago. And now we've got a 5 year-old boy. Strange things can happen, I tell you! Good going, getting to the gymn. Keep it up!

Glad you approve, Ilene! The party outfit went down well amongst a lot of over-the-top clothing (mostly worn by under-sevens on the stage). It has made me feel very good. Today I'm wearing the fur-collared cardi. Perhaps it's an odd choice for (a) moving wood, (b) wrestling with bathroom taps and (c) wrestling with the computer but I'm trying the glamour look out for size.

Mel - well done on day 4 of clean eats! I am thinking of setting up a glamour fund: the value of any unclean food I don't eat, if you see what I mean.

2F - tell us all about gay Paree.

Rabbit - my clothes weren't amazingly expensive. Try a little something different. Sinterklaas will soon be here and you can sparkle. (Actually, you always do sparkle here, even when you're down we love to hear from you.)

Sandy - you did so well with those croissants! Glad your eye's working now.

Have a good weekend, one and all.

12-03-2005, 03:14 PM
I'm not a happy bunny, I have a sprained ankle. I managed to sprain it, not by doing exercise, but by fainting and landing awkwardly!!! I went to a posh ball last night, had two glasses of wine, and then felt rotten, so my friends sent me back to our hotel room (lucky me was sharing with two nurses!). I got up at two to go to the loo as I felt a bit ill again, couldn't find the light switch, and the last thing I remember were my friends picking me up off the floor.

I walloped my head, as well as twisting my ankle, and got a ride to hospital in an ambulance. I was given some medication and sent home again.

I just feel so annoyed because things were getting back on track with my exercise and I had finally started losing pounds again. I do hope it gets better quickly so I can get back into the swing of things again. I am still going swimming tomorrow though!!! I figure that can't hurt my ankle too much!

12-03-2005, 08:14 PM
Ouch! Kykaree, good thing you only had two glasses of wine :o

Be careful, swimming really does use your ankles. Keep the food under contral and give yourself some time to heal.

Hi SB, Pat, Rabbit, Ellen, Sandy, Ilene, Shannon, 2F...who did I miss? (it wasn't intentional).

I had a new client this morning who passed out during her workout. She turned, green, then white, then slid onto the floor. I caught her before she hit. Turns out that she figured I would weigh her and measure her bodyfat for our first session, so she didn't eat since 3 pm yesterday. Her session was at 10 am this morning! That's a new one for me :p I revived her with an orage and some cheerios we had in the trainer's kitchen. Then we talked about eating.

My clean streak ended this afternoon. ah well, back on already. Cardio and lots of leaves done today.


12-04-2005, 01:36 PM
I know a new LWL thread will be started tomorrow, but I made a discovery that's alarming enough to warrant a posting today.

I have been forgetting to exercise.

That's never happened to me before. Ever since I started losing weight, I might miss some workouts on account of oversleeping or laziness or excuse-making, but I never just...forgot. I think it's because I've been working so much overtime the past two weeks, which has a) been cutting drastically into my usual set-aside workout time and b) been making me exhausted. But that's no excuse!! :drill: I'm going to be working these hours the whole month of December, and with an office party, Christmas, and my birthday coming up, I simply cannot afford to skip workouts.

So starting today, as 3FC is my witness, I will do twenty minutes of exercise every day this week. Interval stuff on the treadmill or elliptical machine, some GPP, weightlifting...whatever will get me back in the habit. Because twenty minutes a day won't kill me, regardless of how tired I am. But it will make me stronger and fitter and better able to face a myriad of holiday temptations.

12-04-2005, 03:49 PM
My ankle is feeling much better today, I did go swimming, but I got a lift to the gym instead of walking, and did some gentle breast stroke, and it really is feeling a lot better now. I think the painkillers for the stomach cramps are helping the ankle!!!

I've put up our Christmas tree today, it looks very pretty, I love Christmas. And I am making red pepper, tomato, celery and carrot soup for dinner, and that looks Christmassy too!!!!

12-04-2005, 05:07 PM
I'm not a happy bunny, I have a sprained ankle.

Oh, oh, oh! You poor thing! Take it easy and you'll be back lifting, swimming, walking and the rest with renewed energy. A week or so off occasionally is GOOD!

Is/are your gymn(s) open over Christmas and New Year? (My old ones weren't but ... my new one is and I can't wait!)