WW Clubs and Groups - Lolly's birthday thread - come join the party

06-28-2001, 06:21 AM
Morning everyone! One more day to the weekend - hooray!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLLY! hope you're having a good one.
Kay - well done on getting to goal - that's fantastic. :D
KT - we'll miss you, keep up your enthusiasm and pop back when you can.
Stacey - will you dazzle us with your teeth now? ;)
Kierie - hooray on the cycling - sounds like you're doing really well.
Bren - woo hoo on the new jacket. sorry to hear about the evil bus driver.
Tonya - you should come over to London and take part in the "strollerthon" next weekend. there was a woman at the 5k i did last weekend jogging along with her baby in a stroller.
Trish - good luck with the journalling. don't forget to give yourself stars for good days!
Jen - sorry to hear about hubby's grandma. glad to hear emma is doing better. mouth ulcers are not fun.
Lolly - you'll be well jealous to hear that BF has got a free ticket to wimbledon this friday - centre court and #1 court apparently. courtesy of IBM trying to bribe him. nice.
Kim - sounds like things are pretty difficult with you and bf. it's a shame he can't stand up to his boss and change his hours a bit. fingers crossed something works out for you guys.
sarah - i hope WI goes well and you get lifetime. hooray on finishing school.
hey ali - i'm v. jealous you are tanned! not fair. i reckon being a leader would be cool.
hello to everyone else about to post, i better go start some work! i can't wait till saturday morning cos i've ordered all my groceries online and they'll arrive between 9 and 11am. no effort required. fab.
enjoy your day,

06-28-2001, 06:56 AM
Hello! Thanks Kirsty for birthday wishes - so far so good, though I have an 'end-of-job' interview with the head of the college in 25 minutes (as in the last interview we'll have before I leave, not she's going to tell me it's the end of my job!). Do you think she will have bought me cake? Me neither :( BUT! I have had the pleasure of blokey's company because he has a hospital appointment this morning, so we got to have a lie-in, I opened my pressies, then we wandered round town and I got a new white t-shirt (staple of my wardrobe) and a new minimiser bra (so glam! but they really make a difference). Cool pressies - DVD of 'Spaced', one of my fave tv progs, Nigella Lawson's 'How to Eat' (like I need to be told!) and a 'Basque History of the World', plus a new computer game - Zeus - which is the next one after the Caesar I've been doing where Hannibal's war elephants keep jumping on my city ...

Ok, going now, but I'll be back. I have to try really hard today not to pig out just because it's my birthday (no excuse!) but I will bear in mind that there are no calories in birthday cake as long as you eat it on the day (Stacey, I'm reliably informed the same applies to wedding cake :devil: )

Lolly (now in my late twenties!)

06-28-2001, 10:29 AM
Happy, Happy Birthday Lolly! Your morning sounds very nice. Glad you enjoyed the ice cream yesterday. Cool presents!! I hope you get cake and I agree, no points in bday cake (my favorite)!!! :)

Kim - I hope you are feeling a little perkier about things since yesterday. did you stay in points after the chinese lunch? That can be very hard. I had leftover chinese for dinner last night but there really wasn't much left.

Kirsty - glad you are less busy and back to posting. Have you told your job you are laving yet? How exciting! It sounds cool to order groceries to be delivered. We have that service here but I have never used it.

I had another nice evening yesterday, very relaxing. After the gym , I sat outside and read istead of fussing around or weeding. I almost never take time to myself like that so I really enjoyed it. And I am almost done with my book too! I had 22 points today and the scale said 174/173 this morning (WW is 2 pounds lighter than home) so there is still hope that I will be within 2 pounds of my goal. Lifetime is still 4 weeks away.

Thanks to everyone on the well wishes on finishing school. I actually received my grade for my independent study this morning and got an A-! I was so excited since I took an incomplete and had a tough time getting through. The project won't be graded until August but I don't mind waiting now. Yipee :D

I called WW and left a message to find out about becoming a receptionist or a leader. I have not heard back yet but will keep you all posted. (Lola - if you are around, how long is the training? any inside info would be appreciated)

I am in Annapolis today and I leave tomorrow for a long weekend to a wedding in Ohio. We are packing healthy snacks including fruit for the car. WI is tonight!!! Ok, talk to you all later!


06-28-2001, 10:32 AM

Well, so I am not hapy with how I look, and what did I do last night... We went to our local restaurant and ordered burger with fries, split some onion rings and a malt. How is that for pigging out??? And Emma watched! I know everyone needs a break once in awhile, but man, I knew i was doing it, knew I shouldn't, but still did it! Whats worse, Emma will be 8 months old tomorrow and I am supposed to have the baby weight off by now. It's not. I know I lose slow, but for once I just want to be thin. Never remember ever being thin, so this is hard for me. UGHHHH.

OK, done with that! Had my vent and now I have to go back to work! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY everyone! :D

Trish O
06-28-2001, 10:42 AM
Lolly: Happy Birthday!!!! Your morning sounds really fun. I wish I was there to have a big party for you. Hey, my hubby plays Caesar. THat is one of the reasons that I can not get on the computer at home. Happy day!!

Kirsty: I would love ot order my groceries on line. Is that expensive? Any news on the contract? Oh, and did BF give you the ticket? How fun that would be.

Sarah: COngrats on finishing school and the great grade. Also, don't worry about the scale. That is what maintanence is for, trying to figure out where you are to eat in your range. You are doing great. My family lives in Ohio now. Where in Ohio are you going?

Jen: Don't beat yourself up over the baby weight. As my hubby keeps telling me about everything in my pregnancy, it is just an average they report in books etc. When it comes to the body, there are very few things that happen exactly the same for everyone. You are doing what you need to do. Put last night behind you and start new today. You are right, we all need a break. I think at times they can be very motivating. Hugs to you.

Ok, must get to work. Trish

06-28-2001, 10:46 AM
Sorry I have been so absent lately. Work has been somewhat stressful because of the layoff rumors. Thank ya'll so much for the congrats. I'm still on cloud nine and feel relief that I actually did it. Now I'm a little worried about the whole maintenance thing, but I know I can do that too. I gave my leader my phone number because I want to work for WW now. I think it would be so rewarding to help others achieve their goals. Plus, if I lose my job it would be handy to have another already in place.

Since I've been so absent I'll try to catch up as best as I can...
Lolly ~ Happy birthday! In a month I'll be 25 and a half so I guess I am in my late 20's now too :). Hope your exit interview goes well.
Sarah ~ Great job on finishing school. I'm starting to look at where I want to apply. I'm going to apply to the standard texas schools, but I think I'm also going to apply at some "dream" schools. Maybe a couple of Ivy schools just to see if I get in.
KT ~ sorry you won't be able to post as much anymore. Check back in whenever you need support!
Brenda ~ "Leather Jacket on sale" are the 4 of the most beautiful words in the english language. Good for you getting back OP after a vacation. The weight will come off soon!
Jen ~ I hope little Emma is better. Little ones pick up things super easy. I know a lady I work with has a lot of problems with her two catching bugs and such from other kiddos. She'll feel better soon and be back to her giggly self before you know it.
Kim ~ Oh I soooo know what you and BF are going through. Me and DH had lots of the same problems when I first started working. I worked for a very large consulting firm for a couple of years and he was in another city going to school. He would get very upset when I had to work on the weekends (the only time I could see him). I eventually just had to tell my bosses to shove it so that we could have time together. It hurt my reviews, but the time with DH (then, BF) was worth it. Its so tough when you are both trying to manage career and life, but it works out. It just takes a bit of compromise and prioritization to get through it.
Tonya ~ I think the walking idea sounds great! Also, exercising with the kids will get them into the habit at an early age which is such a valuable lesson. My mom was a Phys Ed teacher and would always play and run outside with us as kids. Those are some of my best memories from growing up. Plus, outside games are usually more cost effictive than video games :).
Stacey ~ The wedding is soooo close. Remember to take some time out with you and Fi and relax. Where are ya'll going for the honeymoon?
Lori ~ How are your plans coming? I love weddings so keep us posted!
Belle ~ Your job sounds like mine, always busy and stressful. Take care!

Well I've rambled long enough...Hi to all out there!
P.s. - I chose no plastic surgery even though I am not so thrilled with my barely B cups. It just seems too painful and dangerous.

06-28-2001, 11:14 AM
Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray
Today today is your birthday
It's not the beaver's or the Bear's
Or the pickle's or the pear's
it's not next week or yesterday
Today today is your birthday,
Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray
Today today is your birthday

:D :D :D

I would sing it but you wouldn't hear me!!

How are you girls today!!??

I am okay, tired didn't sleep well. Had a lazy night with b/f. Watched the shadow of the vampire last night...it was funny. Also saw emporer's new groove which was funnier than I thought!!

Was fairly OP yesterday but didn't get much exercise cuz B/f drove to work (we were lazy and slept in!).

Tomorrow, going camping for the long weekend! Should be fun, I am looking SO forward to it. But that means tonite I have to do laundry and pack, and I have to fit in seeing my best friend who is leaving for Vancouver tomorrow. I'll miss her (sob!) :( I am strassing about it now.

Well, other than that, not much goingon. In those horrid meetings again most of the day, adn I have to go meet some people I am communicating for in a nother group - I hate that, I get so uncomfortable!

Kay - congrats on goal! Yay!!

KO - sounds like you are very OP lately way to go!

Kim - don't get to down about B/f....I think you 2 have been through a lot and will survive this one too.

Sarah - what we all need is more time like that! I wish I coulddo that tonite, but I am relaxing all long weekend!! 3 days of relaxing!! congrats on finishing school!!

Jen- when we got off Program, we ALL know it, so you are not alone!! do'nt worry, you are not in a race to lose the baby weight. you'll do it in time!

Well, hello to everyone - Brenda nice to see you back yesterday!

Must run, got meetings...


06-28-2001, 11:23 AM
I chose yes to plastic surgery b/c I hate my boobs. tehy are huge and saggy...I'd get a boob lift/reduction.

I am waiting till I lose weight and have kids (not necessarily in that order??)


Sweater Girl
06-28-2001, 01:24 PM
hmmm plastic surgery.... tempting for some of the loose skin, but I think I'll say no in general. Or maybe implants, I am really flat, but padded bras work wonders.

Lolly: Happy birthday! My parent's are going to Oxford today or tomorrow cool eh! Na, you're still in your mid-twenties:)

Kirsty: I am the freak of my family who tans at the drop of a hat. Though I know it's bad for me.

Sarah: Cool, I called WW yesterday for the same thing. The only thing is was the the HR person is on vacation, hopefully I'll hear something soon.

Oh, I am working on Canada Day, oh well, should bebusy which is good, I hate being bored at work (when you work in the main shopping mall in the nation's capital on its birthday there are tons of people. Canada Day is one big party here!).

Jen: Days like that kept me OP... I know that sounds dumb and bad, but splurging once in a while is what people do, so don't worry about it. You'll get there:)

Kay: Welcome to the adventures of maintanence, it's definately a new learning experience.

Belle: Enjoy Camping!!! And Happy Canada Day to you! (July 1st for the curious).

Trish: all the grocery stores here deliver, but I think it's because I live downtown and a lot of people don't have cars. I live just accross the street from a grocery store though which gives me zero excuse to ever order take-out.

Take Care Y'All!


06-28-2001, 02:30 PM
I hope you are enjoying YOUR day!
I'm trying to get things wrapped up here at work. Tuesday is my last day until the 16th of July!! Wow! I'm super glad weekends don't count as vacation days!
Kay: I think I'd like to be a WW leader, too! I can tell them don't give up b/c you will succeed...just look at their leader. :) We're going to Cozumel and staying at the El Cozumeleno. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!
Sarah: I am envious of you and your points control. I am, however, going to WI on Tuesday so I can see how I do on our honeymoon.
Wedding Update:
Bridesmaid dresses are almost done; My dress is still at the Tailor's but I'm picking it up Saturday; Bachelorette party is planned (we're getting a limo and cruising, then hitting a local club called Bricktown 54...modeled after Studio 54); Flowers are paid for; Cake is paid for; Honeymoon is paid for; I have most everyone's gift bought but not wrapped, yet;
Thanks for letting me take a moment and visualize. That helped me get things in perspective.
You ALL are so wonderful!! Even if I wasn't on WW, I would still post here with everyone! :smug:
I picked yes to surgery. I'm like Belle, I want a boob uplift! :lol:
I bought a new bra to wear with my wedding night lingerie...just so I can feel good about myself. Sorry if TMI!
Ok, now I'm getting back to work. I'm getting hungry, too!
Hey, does anyone have those posts where it's just babble? Well, this one is one of those! :lol:

Trish O
06-28-2001, 02:51 PM
You have the wedding so well in control. When I was in your place and it was the final countdown, I still had so much to do! I also had a new bra for my wedding night...however, hubby and I were SO TIRED (was up really late the night before with friends in town etc) that we fell asleep right away. Great wedding night. But in some ways, it was really nice and felt so married. Anyway, our honeymoon we we not so tired.

You know, I also would post here even if I was not on WW (which right now technically I am not)...but it is so great to have so many friends to talk out things with.

Ok, hello to everyone else. Belle: my sister had that surgery and she LOVES it.

Internet police...also I must get home early as my parents are coming for the weekend.


Brenda N
06-28-2001, 03:21 PM
Haven't read the posts yet for today, but had to leave this:


Brenda N
06-28-2001, 03:36 PM
Well, did crappy on food yesterday. New day right *sigh* My main thing this morning is co-workers. It’s such a pain working with women. Especially when all three of us are stubborn and opinionated. We do all work really well together, but when there is a conflict, watch out! I do have to say I have learned how to deal with it better and am gaining skills I didn’t have. Way to find the silver lining today right?

Don’t have time to reply to all today, but a few things:

Belle: Your little song cracked me up!

Stacey: You sound so calm! Looks like things are totally falling into place girl!

Oh, and I picked yes to surgery but not for boobs – I have plenty I can share there. I was such a tomboy all my life that I have a lot of scars on my hands/legs. Not real noticeable but one of those things that you notice yourself you know? I don’t know if I could ever go through with it though.

Must go ~~ luf you girls :love:

“A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.”

Grace, Grace
06-28-2001, 04:32 PM
Hey Girls, I haven't been able to post. I started Teen Camp this wk and we are gone tues-thurs on field trips during the day. I don't really ahve time to post now but I wanted to take a minute and say Hi. I am going to try and catch up tomorrow however I will only be in the office for 1/2 the day and I have a wk of paper work to catch up on:dizzy: Does life ever slow down. Oh well. I know that Monday I said I was going to start eating good again and keeping track of pts however:s: I just started today. I actually started to crave good food like salads etc b/c I have been eating such crap:( I am back on the bandwagon and remember the 4pds well they stayed on:eek: It may have been food wt. but after 3 more days of eating crap it is still there. I just have to start again I guess.
I am not discouraged thought which is good I am just going to pray that I stay motivated.

Have a great night ladies. I miss ya and will check in tomorrow and catch up on posts this wknd:angel:

06-28-2001, 04:49 PM
First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLLY! Don't party too much! :D

I'm feeling pretty good today because I'm staying on program — even with Chinese food. For dinner, I just had a low-fat hot dog (3 points) with a slice of light bread (.5 point) and a bunch of baby carrots. Then, I went to an Irish pub with some friends and only had 1 beer. Whoo-hoo! Very proud of myself. I did take a few sips from my friends' beers but I did not order another one. I had water. It was karaoke night and although I didn't sing, my friend Sam completely stole the show and we had a great time. I wanted to sing, really I did. I love to sing, and I'm not too bad at it, but I'm so self-conscious these days about getting in front of people. I've become much more shy since I've gained weight — has anyone else experienced that? I shy away especially from things that require anything physical.

But I love to dance and I still dance — and I did last night!

As for the poll, I voted yes, but I'd have to say yes and no. Only if I knew it was completely, positively safe. The main thing I'd do, if it could even be done, was get rid of the circles/bags under my eyes. I guess it's a hereditary thing, because I've tried every cover-up cream and overnight cream known to man and nothing works. Clinique's eye stuff does the best job, I suppose. Although I'd never get liposuction, I joke about it constantly. For the past 3 years, whenever my mom or b/f asks me what I want for my b-day, I say lipsuction. But of course I want to really lose the safe, healthy way.

Boobs — yeah I'd like a lift, but I was a 36C cup before I gained weight (i'm not wearing an — ugh— 38D) and I hope I can get back there again one day!

Hey Stacey! What's your wedding website again? I can't believe the day is so close! You'll have to post a picture here afterward!

Well, I was at a court hearing all morning and I need to get my stories written. Hi to everyone and have a great rest-of-the-day!

06-28-2001, 05:18 PM
That's one of my favorite things to do!!!
Kim: The website is www.theknot.com go to the couple's web page and put in S Tatum. It should bring us up.
must get back to work even though I don't want to!! :(

Brenda N
06-28-2001, 06:04 PM
Very cool site! I love your description of how he asked you to marry him *sniff sniff*

06-28-2001, 06:16 PM
Stacy, now I know what you look like. YAH! I noticed you are having a night wedding. Neat!!!

My hubby proposed in a snow bank! Hey, lets share these, I love hearing these! He was still in school and driving home to see me because I was leaving for a 10 day trip for work. Middle of winter (January) in Wisconsin. He calls me on his cell phone telling me he will be late (Picking up the ring, but I didn't know that).... then calls me later and says he is a couple blocks away and he wants to see me making a snow angel. So I run out the door (Fool in love) and jump into a snow bank as he is driving in.... he comes over and leans over and asks me "will you"... I was like "huh", didn't see the ring cuz it was dark... then I was stuck in the snow, and screamed "yes"... but I needed help getting up!! hee hee. Very original. He said he first wanted to make a winter wonderland at his parents house with lights and stuff... but it would be private because his nosey family would be there. So instead he suprised me at my apartment/townhouse. That's my proposal... romance has been slowly drifting away since we are now married with children... but he is still a H.....Toad!! TMI I know!

06-29-2001, 12:40 AM

I would definitely get plastic surgery if I had the money--liposuction! Because the thing is, no matter how much weight I lose, I'll always have my problem areas--stomach, thighs, and liposuction would just make them more proportional, more permanently. :) Although I hear if you do gain weight following liposuction, you gain it weird places like under your arms or behind your knees since the normal places don't have enough fat cells to handle it all. yuck! :eek:

Glad to see you're all doing well here in 3FC land. I'm doing okay, though after being in two weddings in two weekends (neither my own) the wedding cake has pushed me up a pound or two.