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11-23-2005, 11:44 PM
:welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site. :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please pull up a chair and join us. :cofdate:

da fat n da furious
11-25-2005, 02:01 AM
Good evening ladies,
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are as thankful for this site as I am.
I ate solid food today,,chicken pot pie. Haven't been able to do coffee yet and things are feeling a bit tense. And don't know if you all have them over there but Carnation Instant Breakfast? Bad stuff,,,counted 7 points for a pack..not worth it. Gonna try low in sugar instant outmeal tomorrow.
I WI yesterday and was down another .8 which is over 11 lbs...slowly coming off.

Jane you were talking about spreading wings and such,,,there are times when I wouldn't mind my big bird to fly away and check out his kidding I would miss him...and his
You mentioned banana pudding but that got me thinking about bread pudding...gonna see about making that WW

Well off to bed,,,night all

11-25-2005, 03:33 AM
Hope you all are not as stuffed as the turkey tonight.
I had an up and down day. DH and I went to a champagne brunch this morning which was very nice. I came home and called various of our kids. Then I spent most of the afternoon feeling depressed, and I am not sure why. Everyone has their own lives to live and we chose to be here which we have done before. I just don't remember getting this depressed in the past. Just have alot on my mind and worried about several things. Maybe I will blame that instead of missing the kids. I actually am not looking forward to the Christmas holiday after today. UGH.
We did have a wonderful traditional turkey dinner out. Turned out great.
Jane- Hope you get the computer at WalMart..but if you don't many of the computer stores have good prices right now.

I am off for now...

11-25-2005, 09:09 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Angie - chicken pot pie sounds so good! I may make some turkey ones. The oatmeal I eat is the Quaker kind, with Molly McButter and 1 T. brown sugar. Mmm. Banana bread sounds good, too.

Sue - hope you're feeling a little cheerier by the time you read this. For some reason, I thought you were coming back to Indiana for the holidays.

Yes, I did get the computer - I'm using it right now. The Walmart stores were forced to lower the prices to match those in the big cities. But there were too many customers in line at Vincennes store, so Mary and Katie hurried over the the Lawrenceville store, and since they are an hour behind us, they had no problem getting at the front of the line. That was about 2 1/2 hours before the store opened. It's nice to have the wireless internet! But you know that when Katie goes to WDW, this computer will go with her, lol.

I overate yesterday, and am ashamed of myself. Yes, it was only one day, but still. I had heartburn last night for the first time in almost 2 years. Shame, shame.

11-25-2005, 10:05 AM
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

A bit late, but oh well.

Jane we can just be the heartburn sisters together - Cheers! I also ate alot, but, boy, did it taste good. Today I am will be back on track....My brother and I were talking about portable DVD players yesterday. He has a friend who apparently can't even drive his kids to the corner market without plugging them into a movie in the car. I pointed out that I had the kids on a lot of road trips last summer and I have significantly softened my stance on movies in the car:dizzy: He said, "well, why don't you just get a laptop with a DVD-ROM? You'll get more use out of it" Lightbulb! ok - so I am thinking about it.....

Marti - I could smell your pumpkin pie all the way here in Portland - yum. We skipped the pie this year in favor of pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting, as it was also my son's birthday and it was what he wanted. Can't believe he's 9 already. We looked at his baby pictures and marveled at how fast time flies.

Hi Cristi, Angie, MaryKate, Sue, Michelle, and everyone else - hope you had a great holiday.

Haven't heard on Leigh's tests yet, but it is a bit soon. We went back to the speech therapist on the 23rd for a re-evaluation and decided that it would help to go back into speech therapy.

I am grateful for healthy children - the rest of this stuff will work itself out :)

11-25-2005, 04:00 PM
Hello girls!
Wow, so what do you all think of the upgrade? Looks pretty good to me.

Angie--We have Carnation Instant Breakfast here, but I don't think I've ever tried it. Glad to hear your able to start eating solid foods. Must mean you're feeling a bit better!

Sue--Hope the sad feelings pass. I too thought you were going to Indiana for the holiday. Your champaigne brunch sounds like so much fun!! I may have to suggest that for some of our friends!

Jane--Jhanai & I went to walmart about 9:30 or so. We didn't want to get up too early, but we did want to get there before the sales were over. There weren't as many people as I thought there would be. I'm sure most of them hurried up to Eugene for the sales. (bigger town!)

Katy--Your pumpkin muffins sounds so good! Especially w/the cream cheese frosting! You say you can't believe your son is 9.....I was thinking the same about Jhanai and her being 11! I was cleaning her room and just seeing her "grown up" items such as her bra, laying on the floor amongst some of the toys she no longer plays was like "wow, she's growing up and it's too fast for me!" I think I'll go cry now................

Hello to everyone else!

Had a wonderful dinner last night. I always make my dinner for dinner time. So usually when people are having their turkey, mine still has a few hours to go. I'm not sure why I started doing that, but I have. So we ate around 6:30 or 7:00. Then it was plopping our butts on the couch afterwards. Went to bed early too. Very relaxing and comfortable. I have to go to work tonight, sure wish I would have asked for it off....I'll learn and do it next year.

I'm going to browse for a bit then get off the computer. You have a great night!

11-25-2005, 05:11 PM
well its a day after FIL and hubby are watching football, and I get to do the dishes....I did go off my diet last night....not to bad.

Yes kids do grow up fast my oldest moved to wisconsin and she is going to have a baby.....without me, It hurts not being able to go to the Dr.s with her or looking at baby clothes together......or even being in the delivery room with her.......she is due in January I'am almost done with the blanket i'am makeing for the babe......I always thought my kids would always live near me, when they grew up. hmmmm

So whats for dinner left overs?

11-25-2005, 08:37 PM
I'm back....
Just had to drop in and proudly state that I am a mammogram virgin no more - he he. Finally did the deed this afternoon and, boy, was it a lot easier than I expected! The xray tech said "tell all your friends its not as dramatic as some say" - so I am!

My sweetie and I are going to go out to a brewpub to have dinner and a movie tonight and celebrate this milestone. As my doc said, "Welcome to 40. Just wait...when you turn 50, you get to have a colonoscopy!"

Life just gets better and better......:dizzy:

11-26-2005, 12:51 PM
Good morning ladies~

The weather here is so nice, windy but nice. Supposed to get up to 64 today! :sunny:

MARTI~how was your pumkin pie? Did it turn out good? I missed having pumkin pie Thursday but we will have it next Sunday. So did you and Jhanai buy anything good when you went shopping yesterday? I didn't plan on going but for some reason I was wishing I was out in the crowds. We too eat our Thanksgiving dinner at dinner time, about 6:00. I remember my mother always having it ready at noon but I never cared for cooking that early-she would get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to start the turkey. I have been doing it that way since my first marriage, and then having Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. Of course that evolved because of going to my parents on Christmas day.

SUE~sorry you were feeling depressed. :hug: I too was feeling it a little. I was standing in the kitchen and a song came on the radio and it got to me. Guess I was just wishing Josh was home. He always helped with the Christmas decorating and I know V missed him! Sounds like you and DH had a nice intimate dinner though and at least you talked to your kiddos.

ANGIE~I've seen the carnation stuff but never tried it. About the otameal...I buy the quaker 1 minute stuff (smaller flakes & never cared for the old-fashioned stuff) and use sweet-n-low or just plain sugar and a little bit of milk. Love oatmeal! Once in a while I get the raisin and spice instant stuff. Glad you are feeling better and eating solids now. Chicken pot pie sounds so yummy. :T

KATY~I was so afraid when I went for my first mammogram. EVERYONE talked about how bad it hurt and those cold metal things. Nothing like that at all. They have plastic where I go and the pain only last a few seconds, only when they flatten it like a pancake and then twist! :yikes: It's the twisting that gets me! Hope you and hubby had a nice evening out. What movie did you guys see?

JANE~I never could get the hang of a laptop. Jason has one and loves it. It is nice as far as convenience though. Guess if I used one long enough it would grow on me. Glad you got one, I know how you loved the last one. Sounds like you guys had a nice Thanksgiving day.

MICHELLE~I think everyone forgets about their diets/programs on Thanksgiving & Christmas-just too much good food to pass up! I sent you a pm, hope you get it. I too thought my kids would live near me when they moved out...of course they haven't yet. :lol: Just my middle one (DS) who recently joined the ARMY. The oldest had planned to this past Sept. but then lost his job and decided to concentrate on school.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Well, I for one didn't overeat on Thanksgiving, but I am sure I will when we have our turkey dinner-well,maybe. :dunno: I did cook dinner and a little more than I normally do but there were leftovers, which Jason & Vince managed to finish off last night. Took us or rather Vince, (I did help a little) all day to do the lights and such outside but it looks nice. Then I spent the whole day yesterday decorating the inside, man what a job. But it's done and we can sit back and enjoy. The Christmas decorations make the house look so nice and cozy and then after it's over the house looks empty. So today I am looking some stuff up online, need to see what the weather has been like and will be like in GA next week so I know what to wear. Of course I take extra clothes in case I change my mind. Then I am working on my Christmas letter. Was going to get my cards mailed early but want to wait for Josh so I can get some pictures to send. He hasn't been able to write because they had a week long camping thing that started last week, I think Thursday or Friday. So he wasn't going to write again. Anyway...I'm doing the letter and some laundry. V and Jason are working today so it's quiet around here.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

11-26-2005, 03:31 PM
Hello ladies~

Just checking in once again to see if anyone had posted since I was here last. Getting ready to sign off the computer for the day. Finished my Christmas letter, looked up the few things I planned on looking up. Although, I did forget to check out Anyone use their services? Received something in the mail not too long ago from them and never did get around to checking out their site. May use them instead of :shrug: We'll see...anyway...need to go get the laundry done. Have a load in the dryer waiting to be folded and one waiting to be dried. Oh what fun! :lol: Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! See ya...:wave:

11-26-2005, 03:37 PM
Good Saturday

Thrilled about your weightloss Angie! Sounds like you are doing super , I am happy for you.

((Sue)) - hope you are feeling in better spirits. I have been down for weeks - just feel so sluggish with the weight.

Welcome Michelle. I lived out in Beavercreek, I read where you grew up down in Woodburn.

argh - this is so hard. I don't know how some of you do it. Can't I just chat about myself?? lol

Cool on the computer price Jane!

Thanks for the card Cristi - I got in daaaaaays ago. That was sweet - you are always so thoughtful.

I am glad you got Jhanai for most of the holiday Marti - that must be so nice. I am getting 135 every 2 weeks now from Mike. So that comes in handy - lets hope it last through the holidays!!! His mother has finally started emailing me again.

blah - Hi to Katie & Katy. I totally have NOT had those test at the doctors office Katy. The last time I went to the doctors was a 3 month check up after Gaby was born..............3 1/2 years ago. :nono:

I need to go to Starbucks - I feel dead in the wadder with out my mornng jolt. Headed for another (the 3rd - we average 1 a month- lol) HR meeting with my assistant. She is horrid and her side kick is an arse - constantly underminding my training with her. She runs to my supervisor now - amok, amok.

I better go. Have missed chatting with you all - sorry I am such a lousy member.

11-26-2005, 06:19 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Katy - yay for you getting a mammogram!! And yes, my doc recommended a colonoscopy once I turned 50. Haven't had one yet, but may. My new laptop has the dvd feature. I would probably never use it, but Katie will. I have to admit that I really love the new technology available, and hope I never turn into one of those "old' people who won't get with the program, lol.

Michelle - aww, I wish you were closer to your dd who's preggers. Any chance that you'll get to visit when the little one is born?

Cristi - bet your houe looks so nice!! I want to put up the Christmas decorations but not the tree yet. Not sure why I feel that way. I'm full of Christmas spirit, but just don't want to put up the tree. I don't use Wish I could help you, but I get my pictures done at Walmart. I, too, need to do some laundry. Never an end to it, lol.

Susan - there you are!! We've missed you, too, sweetie. Sorry you've been feeling down. Hope you get the Christmas spirit and feel all energized soon. Starbucks should help, lol.

I spent the day shopping with Mary. Since Dale had to work, Katie babysat all the kids. She needs the $$$, lol. Mary and I had a lot of fun. Bought a nice carrying case for the laptop. Not sure what happened to my old one, but I think I gave it to Goodwill.

I'm having trouble getting back OP!! Yikes! And to think last Thanksgiving I didn't go even 1/2 point over my limit.

Well, gonna surf a bit. Have a good evening!

11-26-2005, 11:08 PM
Really Jane being OP is highly overated - :devil: lol

Venti's make me anxious and stressed, I continue to drink them though in the mornings.Plus I drink wine most night and am working a 12 step program now - lol jk, Though I am sipping the wine just to relax at night.

The assistant thing is cracking my mental state - and we know how fragil that was - haha. So I called her today and asked how the applications were going because she needs to put them on the computer (data entry) within 24 hours and we had 15 yesterday. She still had 15 today, plus some checklist to complete. 15 apps takes approx 2 hours and the checklist maybe an hour. I am thinking I have given her 3 hours in an 8 hours shift. I say something like "so you will get it all done today." "Uh" she says "I don't think so....15 apps,plus your checklist , plus I have a stack of workorders to do.Plus any emergencies that might come up..........blah- blah- whaaaaa - whaaaa.

Look I say applications are the priority and the checklist (which I gave her last Tuesday to do) work orders we can deal with Monday. She has lots of time to do all this,,,,,,

Such a pain.......exactly why I called today to make sure she knew that. I don't have time to go in there on Monday and be behind because she didn't do her job........ARGH,,,,,,


da fat n da furious
11-26-2005, 11:41 PM
Susan, the person who replaced me at reception is a bit like your assistant. She doesn't do her job,,,which was so easy. Most days I would have most of my work done within an hour starting...she can't finish hers in a 5 hour.
I usually go for the fat free grande latte..vanilla bean Yum Except one day I went in,,,for my blood work,,was fasting so after it was over I had a fat free omega 3 coffee cake,,,it tasted like pine sap. And my usual,,,but it wasn't my was gross. Haven't been back since... I so easily get turned
Jane,,I have a computer bag,,,just no laptop. I carried all my law books in it. U
I guess Katie will need some cha ching for her trip eh...

Katie,,good for you! I know I have 3 yrs before I go. Dang I want them muffins your talking about..with lots of icing...lots!

Cristi,,,you make me tired thinking of everything you have done and Ive not even looked at the boxes all piled down stairs.

Marti,,,we normally eat at 4:30-5 Because since we moved we usually have a 2 hour drive after that.

Hey Michelle,,,There is over eating with healthy stuff and over eating with total junk...but no matter they are in the past...move on.

I ate solid foods,,,mouth doesn't hurt as bad,,,but my throat is killing me. Funny eh since Im on day 4 of antibiotics. Our party last night was fun! Lots of compliments on a fabulously put together fun entertaining party. Love hearing that. Im exhausted, was last to leave,,being responsible. No drunk drivers,,,made sure to hand out taxi chits...
Nothing else new...the play is fantastic...sold out nights.
Looking at carpet today for the family room,,,found a nice berber in a light choc color.
well I have been reading this book called *Dies teh Fire* by SM Stirling. Seriously I have had nightmares...and yet I still am reading it.
and off I go to tackle it again.

da fat n da furious
11-26-2005, 11:52 PM
I have a strange question...who are all those women in the change a letter game?
Do them come into the chit chat area, read but don't post?
I don't think Im feeling territorial,,,more uncomfortable with the lurkers. Another question,,,do you know when we have people coming into lurk? Strangers that is...I know that when Im crazy busy I will come in to read and eventually post...but makes me wonder if we have total strangers lurking..reading our personal stuff.

11-27-2005, 04:00 AM
Hello girls---

Well today James & I were suppose to go to Portland and do our annual crafts fair trip. Didn't happen. His job called and told him that he's on a different job for the week and that he'll be on call by 3:00. That didn't give us much time to go up there and do anything! So we were both sad about our tradition not happening this year. And get this....he just left to go to work!! He could have gone up! Sometimes I wonder why he's still working for them!

Michelle--Sorry to hear that you're not close to your DD while she's pregnant. I hope you do get the chance to go to her once the baby is born! Tell her to have it on the 19th, that's a great day to be born!:D

Katy--Have to say it's always good to her the positive on things that you always here bad stuff about. When it's time for me to get mammograms, I won't feel so hesitant about it.

Cristi--I have plans to do some decorating next weekend w/Jhanai. We'll get our tree up too. We didn't get any lights up on our house last year since James' grandpa had passed away and we just didn't get it done. But this year we will. I'm also going to get started on my christmas cards. Last year I got them out so late, that I just didn't get everyone like I usually do. Plus.....I have to redo my list. I like to send cards to people that send back. Sounds selfish doesn't it? But I never know if they receive it!

Susan--Glad to hear that Mike is sending the checks! And hopefully he'll continue w/that. Did you ever decide to make a box for him of stuff from Gaby? Sorry you've been feeling down lately. I had a really bad bought of the saddness myself a couple weeks ago. Didn't seem to want to go away! But it has.

Jane--I believe that I may have gained all 6lbs that I have lost. I haven't weighted myself in awhile and I really don't want to! Terrible isn't it? But I plan on getting myself back on track here by the time this weekend is over. We have so much left overs from Thanksgiving.....just need to find a way to make it more health friendly!

Angie--I would love to attend one of your parties! They always sound like so much fun! The book you're reading sounds interesting....what's it about? I hope your throat starts feeling better! As for lurkers...yes we have them. And I'm sure anyone pops in to read our posts. If they like what they read I'm sure they'll join, but if not, they just move on. A lot of the people who are posting replys to that game post on other threads.

Well I'm going to browse a bit and then head off to bed. I want to get some shopping done tomorrow. Try and get some stuff and avoid the last minute shopping that I always do. Just wish I knew what to get James. He told me that he doesn't feel like he deserves anything. What in the world????? That man works so hard and makes a lot of sacrifices and he doesn't think he deserves anything?? What am I going to do w/him? (give him a huge hug!:hug: )

Have a good night.

11-27-2005, 09:14 AM
Good Sunday morning, ladies!

Susan - Really Jane being OP is highly overated - :devil: lol You are so funny!! I needed a chuckle today. So sorry your assistant is being a pain in the butt. Can you write her up, as a warning? There must be some sort of policy for what she's doing.

Angie - so glad the play is a success and that the party was, too. I had no doubt that they would be. I remember reading "Coma" by Robin Cook and being so scared I couldn't move. But I continued to read it, lol. What we'll do for some entertainment, right??

Who are all the women in the change a letter game Sometimes it's hard to remember that we're posting in a very public arena. Hopefully they are women who will decide to become JLs!

Marti - aww, sorry your traditional trip to the craft fair got cancelled. I know that had to be very disappointing. About gifts for our men, Neal never likes to ask for anything. He's hard to buy for because, at his age, he has most everything he needs or wants. But he dropped his cordless drill off a ladder recently and said he could use a new one of those, lol. So I got that, and a couple of shirts so far.

I've got my Christmas shopping done, except for Neal. Need to find a little more for him. Now I need to start wrapping. I like to turn on Christmas music and have the house to myself when I wrap presents. I'm really disappointed in the bow selection out there. The affordable ones are tacky looking and the nice ones can break the bank to buy as many as I need. Sometimes I just make my own with the ribbon on a spool.

I continued to overeat yesterday but have resolved to stick with the plan today. I've written out what I can have, and Katie says she'll help me. She wants to lose a few pounds so we can do this together. Having you Jaded Ladies sure makes it better, too.

Have a great day!! :cool:

11-27-2005, 10:17 AM
Ugh - well, you can add me to the list of people who need to get back on track after a pretty Off-P weekend, bleah. We have had lots of people in and out of the house all I've been the good little hostess with lots of nice little munchies - which I've been eating. Back to the gym tomorrow.

Susan! Yay! So glad to see you back. Glad your getting $ from Mike. Hope he's giving it up willingly, but I have this feeling that he's getting matter as long as you get it. I went the M&F Parade Fri and thought, Gee Wonder if Susan will be scooping poop..thankfully no. It was cold, wet, and after about the 20th middle school marching band, I got a little bored :devil: Hope things get better with your assistant, or if not, you can get her replaced. What a drag.

Jane - those colonoscopies don't look like alot of fun, but if I can get a valium or something, I'd probably be ok. Then again, I'd heard alot of bad mammogram stories, and it was so maybe the other test won't be so bad either.

Marti - I was just hanging out watching videos yesterday, we could have gone to that craft fair....but I know it's your tradition with James and it wouldn't be the same. We spent yesterday afternoon waiting for some out of town relatives who were going to drop by to see the progress on the house. Well, I cleaned it up...and they didn't they are coming today.

Angie - I lurk on a bunch of boards, not this one obvoiusly. Hard to remember sometimes that we reallly do post for the whole world to see. I never would have found the JL unless I was lurking, so that's good. I think the little word games are a fun way to draw folks into our little corner of 3FC... your party sounded fabulous! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Hi Cristi - WTG for staying OP at you can see I did not. But today is another day! Did you turn your lights on last night? I thought about your neighborhood when we were at my ILs last night. They made a big deal about turning the lights on for the first time. Their neighborhood waits til after the holiday, not because of CCRs, just because.

Michelle - you know, my DH loves to have lots of turkey leftovers, so we had a 18 pound turkey for 7 people. There's ALOT of leftover turkey. We managed to take care of the chips, dip and sweet stuff, so what's left now is pretty healthy - yay. Hope you can get to WI for the birth. It will be so special; but then it will be whenever to get to meet that little bundle of joy.

Have a great Sunday, people. We are off to church this morning - good - I can pray for some self-control :dizzy: Might go to the advent festival tonight, but DH wants to try to take DS to Goblet of Fire sometime today, then there's the drop in from the outoftowners. Looks like it will be another busy one
Take care everyone

11-27-2005, 02:52 PM
Morning Gals!!

Jane--I'm getting some shopping done today. I have a couple ideas for James and I know what I'm getting Jhanai. I don't buy much for others but for a couple friends. So this should be an easy shopping day! As for the over eating....don't you worry, it'll pass. We just have to get it out of our systems...and get some of the food our of the fridge!! I'm taking half of the left over turkey and freezing it today. And most of the side dishes have gone already.......I'm hoping to get back into a routine here before I gain more than I've lost!

Katy--So funny that you mentioned a 18lbs turkey for 7 people. James HAD to buy a 21lb turkey and it's only the three of us!!:D So imagine all the turkey we have left over! I could have gone to Portland w/a friend if I really wanted to or have taken Jhanai. But it has always been mine & James thing and then we head off to the mall to go do some shopping. It goes on every year so we always have next year.

I think I need to do something w/my hair! It's looking a bit unruly!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Hugs to all!:hug:

11-27-2005, 04:06 PM
Good Morning

I feel better Marti, thanks. Sometimes I don't feel like writing but I am reading. Happy to know you have come out of your blues too. Ick on the not making it to Portland, sorry about that. I wanted to go up into the forest and chop down a tree. Something the girls & I can do - along with makng candy canes. lol I told my mother and she goes........"Suuuuuuuusan, why are you wanting to do that???" Ummmm, cause it sounded like fun.......omg - I think I am going tp cry. lol

Michael gets his paychecks garnished, he would nevah do anything willingly!! Though I will do a box for him and will send him a recent JCPenny pic next week of the Gabster.

Yes Jane!! Lets write up the sorry arse!! Geez, she can't talk to me like that. I am so surprised by her behavior.I am not union like her but I have my rights too!! I was telling my friend that I started drinking. It wasn't too bad though because I only drank at night and in the bathroom at work. So I am ok,,,,,,,,haha

My pooper scooper days are over Katy - sad but true. Co worker was so anal in the parade last June. The people wanted him to pick up other horses poop and he wouldn't. The people got mad.......I said "just pick up the dang poop, it makes them happy." He wouldn't though..........jerk. lol

Earth to Angie. You are on the internet sweetie. Lurkers abound. I gave up along time ago any privacy. Now I am just the nut from Oregon.......anyone can find me I have given out so many clues. lol

HUGS to all.........

11-27-2005, 04:50 PM
Hi everyone!
I didn't do too bad over Thanksgiving, but I'm glad tomorrow is "back to normal". Too much snacking here at home.
The weather here in NW OH has been cold & snowy but today is warmer & rainy. Depressing.
I took the day off after Turkey Day to start decorating the house but "life" inteferred. A good friend's father died so I had to take food to the house and then DH & I went to the visitation in the afternoon. Then his youngest daughter decided to have a Thanksgiving Day dinner for the family (including his ex-wife & her fiancee) in the afternoon. His kids usually go to the ex's side - why this year did they decide to have a dinner!!??? Then afterwards I had to pick up my Mom and go visit relatives that were here from Washington D.C. So much for my day off! So Sat., after the funeral, I did some shopping. So today I told DH that I wasn't even going out of the house. My work schedule is going to be busier than ever from now until at least Feb. so I am selfish over every minute for myself.

We adopted a dog that was rescued from the hurricanes. He is about a year old lab & shepherd mix. Still a puppy but at least he's housebroken! Our cat is severly traumatized! The dog, Buddy, is supposed to be a companion for DH but seems more attached to me.

DH's condition (Alzheimer's) is slightly worse. That's another reason I will be glad to get back to work tomorrow. I'm having a hard time handling his constant chatter & rambling. We had a regular appointment with his psychiatrist last week & I could tell there really isn't any reason for us to go there as often as we have in the past. Not too much more she can do for him. Just keep an eye on his medications. It is so sad. He's only 56 & to see the mind struggling like that. I have some things to clear up with the lawyer but I keep putting it off. Maybe tomorrow. Well, enough feeling sorry for myself.
I need to get some Christmas decorations up or this weekend will be a total loss!!

See ya!!


11-27-2005, 05:05 PM
Hello ladies

What an ugly Sunday! It started out sunny this morning, then cloudy, then rain, then a lot of hail and the sun again and now it looks like it is about 7 p.m. and raining again. Of course there is a winter advisory for tonight-supposedly some snow on the way. Weird weather for sure for November. Not a lot going on. Slept in this morning because for some reason I woke up at 2:30 this morning-wide awake and didn't get back to sleep until about 6:30. Anyway...

SUSAN~glad to see you back, missed ya. :hug: And so very glad to hear you are getting some moola from Mike, couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Sorry about the assistant being a pain in the booty. I too was thinking maybe you could write her up. I thought on most jobs you could do that and after so many they kicked her out the door. Sounds mean, but if she's not doing her job I think she needs to find another.

JANE~you'll get back on track, you've come too far and I know you won't go back. I wasn't so much in the Christmas spirit as I was just wanting to get it done and be done with it. :lol: That way I can sit back and enjoy it for a while.

MARTI~sorry you didn't get to go to the craft fair with James this year. :hug: As hard as it may might want to nix the tradition and just go with a friend next year if James can't go. I only say that because with both marriages I missed out on a lot of stuff in the beginning because of both their work schedules. So I started going and doing things by myself or with someone or with the kids. I know it's not the same but seems like work always comes first. And neither husband minded. About the Christmas cards...I don't think it sounds selfish at all. I read before that if you haven't received a card from someone in the last two years you might want to cross them off your list. Of course with me some of my family members just don't send cards, along with some friends but I know they appreciate the card and knowing we are thinking of them.

KATY~we did turn the lights on, actually Thanksgiving night. V worked until 8 that evening getting all the cords hooked up and the timers set. The next day the guy next door actually put up lights! You have to know this guy to know that it is a true miracle! :lol: Seems a lot of people in the neighborhood are in the spirit. There's a lot more houses lit up now than last year and I'm sure there will be more! We drove around a little Friday night looking at some-love the lights!

ANGIE~nice that you guys had a wonderful, fun party! And I missed that you had a loss, :bravo: on your loss this week! Your book sounds interesting, now I am going to have to see what it is about.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Going to go surf the net a bit before getting off here. It has stopped raining and the sun is shining again...weird, very weird this weather is. Wouldn't be surprised if it does snow tonight. Have a good one ladies!

EDITED: to say Hi to Connie and send hugs your way. :grouphug: You were posting as I was. Sorry to hear about DH.

11-27-2005, 07:07 PM
Goodafternooon ladies;
It looks like snow:carrot: on our way to church this morning saw afew cars coming down and had snow on them.

I'am just starting a new job at wal-mart, and i dont have much money to go see my daughter when the baby is due....she is due the 24th but I'am sure the 19th is a wonderful day to give birth too;) my daughters is the 13th and yes she was born on the fri:o

I dont understand the work ethics of some people and they still have a job Whats up with that?:dizzy:

Rosekatie what is the advent festival?

mom2gaby: Where is beavercreek? you are talking about oregon right? refresh my memory:?: and glad to meet you:p

turkey leftovers dont last long at my house, years past I would make a enchiladas, now that my sons are bigger they have bigger appetites to boot my oldest works construction with his father so he burns alot of calories, I think there is just enough left overs for tomarrows lunches and thats all she wrote.

today i actually felt like i have a handle on my diet, i think getting back into the daily routine has helped me greatly:)

I have orintation it is for 6 will be very interesting we open for business on Jan. 31,06 I have never gone thru so many hoops before getting a job.....well except that one time when I entered the


11-27-2005, 09:15 PM
I'm back....

Katy - sounds like you had another busy day planned. Will the out-of-towners be going home today?

Marti - everything I have left in the house can be considered healthy foods. :yes: Makes it easier, you know? I agree with Cristi on going ahead and enjoying things when James has to work. He wouldn't want you to sit home and miss out. Plus, it gives you a chance to bond with your friends. I just love spending time with friends.

Susan - be careful, hon, or we'll have to get you enrolled in a 12 step program! JK!! No matter how you're getting the money from Mike, I'm just glad you're getting it. So sorry your mom said what she did. :hug: I think your plans sound great and hope you do make candy canes and chop down a tree!

Connie - fogive me if I'm repeating myself, but I took care of my mil who had Alzheimer's, so I know what you're up against. Btw, we're all dog lovers here. My avatar is my Molly.

Cristi - the weather here is so weird, too. It was cold and very windy last night and this morning it rained. Then it warmed up to the high 50's. Kind of scares me that another tornado may be headed my way. Hope you sleep better tonight, Cristi.

Michelle - how did orientation go? This must be a brand new store, right? Good luck with it. Which department are you going to be working?

Well, I'm glad to say I've been OP today and feel much better about myself. :cp: Now that all the temptation are gone, it should be much easier to stay OP.

Have any of you seen the ad on TV for the screwdriver thingy that's like a 6-shooter? Neal seemed to like it, so I got one today to go with the other stuff I've got so far. Once everyone is gone tomorrow I may begin wrapping the gifts.

Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday!

da fat n da furious
11-27-2005, 09:37 PM
Wrapping gifts,,,lights and cards,,,arghh I am behind.

Jane, I saw the screw driver thingy you bought and want one for myself,,it does have the multi heads that can be changed by slidding it down,,(like that pen that has like 5 colors in it)
I love the pic of Molly,,,she is soo cute. I will try to do that with Miss Skittles.
Cristi, Monte spends alot of time working and I spend alot of time organizing things around his work. He took yesterday off so he could come to the party the night before. The weather here is strange,,,it got cold today,,a bit on snow,,before that we have been record warm weather. And OMG the book im reading is down right scary,,,nightmares and everything..Im taking a break from it right now. It takes place in Oregon,,mentions Eugene alot. I can't wait for it to be done,,,and I know what you are thinking,,,why not just not finish it...I CAN'T! waaa unless it puts me in acoma I have to finish it.
Marti there so many wonderful things you can make with turkey...I love making casseroles. And oooo what Michelle said enchilladas,,,what a fantastic idea...mmmm I used to make bread dough and roll turkey and broccoli up into it,,,and make *turn overs. Im sorry you and James had to miss out on your tradition,,,I know its become my tradition to read what you Next year will be more special cause you know how easy it is to not get your traditions in.
Connie, Im sorry to hear about your husband helath,,,yes he is too young to be aflicted with alzheimer so soon. I watched a dear friend with this,,,she travelled the world,,had done everything but have children.
Michelle,,,again love the idea for left overs. Being it wasn't our thanksgiving I didn't get turkey this week but do have one in the deep freeze and I think Im going to roast it just for left overs.

Katy I couldn't get those pumpkin muffins out of my head,,,I ate a pumpkin scone just to get a fix...Im good Im trying not to over eat,,,Im worried I will binge eat to make up for all the days I didn't eat solids.

Did I mention I got my hair cut,,,or should I say butchered...yikes she hacked/cut my hair...not sure if I like it.
Monte and Tanner came to my play today and loved it,,,I play to order the video...and sweat shirt. I never do that. I love this play.
Anyways I should get my cleaning done.

11-27-2005, 10:25 PM
Just a quick one tonight.

Susan--James & I cut a tree once, it was the biggest charlie brown tree ever!:D Unless you know where all the good full trees are out in the woods, they're all Charlie Browns! But that makes them more special!

Cristi--I'm w/ya on the weather! We had sun today. Bizarre. We had rain a couple days before, and before that....really THICK fog. I hate fog. Makes it so difficult to drive in! Especially after work. What usually takes me 25mins. to get home takes more like 40. Wonder if we'll get snow here in Oregon this year.

Michelle--Turkey Enchilada's are the one thing James & I make every year after thanksgiving. James makes such a good enchilada caserole! So what will you be doing at Walmart? Or do you know yet?

Connie--My thoughts are w/you and your husband. We'll be thinking of you and are sending lots of hugs your way!:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Jane--I went shopping....but didn't get much for my family!! But I also didn't go up to Eugene.....where all the good shops are, I didn't get out the house until late....hate to drive when I don't need to. Did you happen to see a big tool box on sale at Walmart? I was wondering the price it was $84. It came w/tools too. James didn't want it. Geez that man is difficult.

Angie--MMMM.....turkey turnovers sounds very good right now!! May have to try that. Besides our echilada caserole, we also make turkey casadilla's, and turkey burrittos, and turkey pasta salad. I'm hungry just talking about all these left overs!! I may have to go have dinner.

As I mentioned, I didn't get much shopping done. There are some department stores that I want to get gifts at that are in Eugene, and I'm going to wait until this weekend to go and take Jhanai w/me. She loves to help shop for James. I did get her some stuff that she asked for. But things like CD's she wanted...they were out of! (of coarse!)

Ok...I'm off to watch holiday movies. My favorite thing in the world!


11-28-2005, 01:38 PM
Good morning ladies

Like I said, weird weather! We had tornadoes north of us, blizzard like conditions west of us and rain and hail here all in one day! And we did get snow last night as well. Not a lot, not enough to say it snowed but enough to where there were tons of wrecks on the highways this morning. And it was 70 Saturday! Perfect chili weather and I have my beans soaking right now.

MARTI~never thought to make turkey quesadillas, or enchiladas! Sounds good right now! Actually, anything warm sounds good right now as cold as it is. Hear ya about the fog. Fog and ice are the two things I hate driving in/on. People just don't seem to slow down and I hate when I can't see in front of me.

JANE~went to sleep pretty fast last night but woke up again but at 3:30. This time though it didn't take as long to go back to sleep. Glad you had an OP day! I haven't seen that commercial for the tool. And yes, Molly does look cute! I thought about using Ernie as my avatar with his antlers on or me. I have a pic of me with the same antlers on! That would be a good one.

MICHELLE~geez louise! I went and typed in Melissa again before realizing what I did! I don't know why I have Melissa on my brain. Like you, when we have turkey we are lcuky if there is enough for left-overs the next day. I usually get a 20-22 pound one and sometimes cook a ham also. Now when I do cook a ham with it there is enough for maybe a third day, but not usually. I've got three growing men and they love their turkey! Hope the orientation went well and you enjoy your new job. Sorry you're not able to go be with DD when she has her baby. Hey, the 26th is a good day also! We have a lot of January BD's in our family.

ANGIE~the good thing about hair is it gorws back! Although, I would be a little po'ed if someone really messed up my hair. But I bet your hair looks fine, and I know you will fix it nice. Is it just that it is too short or did you get a different cut this time? I guess I missed it somewhere...what play is/was it?

SUSAN~your mother sounds like mine. I think chopping down your own tree and making candycanes sounds fun and I am sure the girls would enjoy it. It will be something they will remember for a long time to come.

CONNIE~hope you are having a better day today. We all need "our" time once in a while and it has nothing to do with being selfish. You've got a lot on your plate and you deserve a day off to yourself. :grouphug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. Staying inside and keeping warm! Going to cook the pinto beans later after they've soaked for a while. Chili is sounding mighty good right now. Going to do a mile walk on the :tread: and the 2 mile WATP video and get some laundry done-that's about it. Have a great day ladies!

:gift2: :snowfight :snow4:

11-28-2005, 03:46 PM
Afternoon Ladies!

Not much going on here. I'm thinking of getting myself together and going to Eugene early and maybe getting some shopping in. Don't know how fast I can get myself together though!

Cristi--I really need to get on my gazelle again and get a workout done. Also need to do some laundry! I think I'll put a load in and do some time on the gazelle before I take off. May not get out today for shopping, but that's ok.

Going to try and get our tree next weekend. Jhanai has a garage sale fundraiser at her school saturday morning. So I won't be picking her up until that's over. Want to get the tree when we pick her up. So much to do this time of year and the time just doesn't want to slow down for me! Now, if I didn't have to work, things might be ok!:D Heck, if I were to win the lottery, that would make things even better!!:lol:

Well I think I'll get my day started. You all have a great start on the week and I'll chat some more later on!

11-28-2005, 07:06 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - yep, your hair will grow back, but I know how frustrating it can be to get a bad cut. Was this your regular stylist? I've had to go back to my old style which I think makes me look older, but with the newer style, my roots showed. That made me look even worse, lol. I was lots happier with my hair longer, but oh well.

Marti - Thanks for starting the new game thread. I'm bad about noticing that kind of thing sometimes, lol. Didn't notice the tool boxes at Walmart. Did you end up going to Eugene? About the CDs, if they are something she really wants, you can get them online. I buy lots of stuff online and it saves lots of trouble. Have to admit I love to shop in real stores best, but sometimes it's helpful to shop online, if you can't find what you want IRL.

Cristi - I had Molly with the Santa hat as my avatar last Christmas, too. The thing is, I had the photo stored on my old laptop and when it bit the dust, I lost that (and other) photos. So I took a picture of a picture, lol. The color is a little funky, but it's still kind of cute. Chili sounds really, really good. I just use chili beans out of a can, but I do rinse them. You're a good mama to make yours fresh.

Well, I woke up early this morning, and it sounded as though the house was falling apart. There is old aluminum siding on it, and the wind tore off a whole section of it. It blew into the trees and on the ground, and the insulation sheets are everywhere - in the fields, etc. Then the rain started, and my ceiling/wall began to leak. We had a guy come and give an estimate for the damage. We just want it fixed well enough to keep out the rain and cold until we move.

What a headache, literally! :( My head has felt like it's going to explode, even though I have taken pain reliever. You don't hear me complain about headaches very often, but this one's a doozy.

Hope you have a good one!

11-28-2005, 07:55 PM
Michelle - just noticed that you haven't filled out a bio yet. When you feel ready to share, we'd love to know more about you. :) No pressure, though. I'm hoping that as a Jaded Lady, you'll be able to join us in Las Vegas next June. If you haven't already read about the trip, please do, then let us know what you think, ok? The more, the merrier. :D

11-28-2005, 10:23 PM
hi group, I just got back from orintation, this wal-mart i'll be working at will be an upscale walmart it is in a ritzy neighboorhood, our dress code is no denim at all.....(which is a good thing cause i dont own a pair of jeans at all)i'll be working in fabric and crafts.....orintation was 6 hours and then i'll be going in to do CBL which is computer based learning.....and will be working in set-up till we open January 31st we do this little cheer before every shift....gimmie a W....w gimmie a A....a silly but fun.

Marti, I love turkey enchiliadas....and I even make our sauce from scratch, also have been known to serve enchiladas for thanksgivng instead of turkey too:dizzy: does James layer the corn tortialls like lasagana?

Cristi:: gimmie an M......I....c....h....e....l....l....e :carrot: :hug:

it has been trying to snow all day been having icy rain......and it is so cold brrrrr this morning it was all icy and frosty.

Jane; Yes it is a brand new store, with higher quality standards.....hmmm my bio is that in my profile? and about that husband wouldnt let me go.....I would love to go:cool:

Techi question? how do you change colors when I do it tells me the color but it dosnt show up as the color....I even use the button that you click on your dosnt work either.

Have a goodnight:hug: everybody:hug:

11-29-2005, 03:51 PM
Hello ladies!

Geez, what a crazy day...and it ain't over yet!! Had some errands to run and went to the doc (arm is bothering me again). DD has had a problem with her ear for the longest time and trying to get to problem so we had an appointment at the same time. Didn't think they would actually take us both back at the same time though. Anyway, she's going to see a specialist next Wednesday and I am going to have x-rays of my spine and neck next Tuesday at the hospital. The doc wants to get to the bottom of my problems with my arm/shoulder/wrist/fingers, geez, anything else?! :lol: I hate that I had to change docs and start all over with all the tests and such, but I hate being in pain more. Anyway...

MELISSA--er, MICHELLE :lol: just kidding this time! Wonder why I have Melissa stuck in my head? I don't even know a Melissa. get the color, I highlight what I want in color, whether it be one word, or the whole post and then go to the color and pick one and that's it. Not sure why it wouldn't show up in color if it says the color. Hey, the Wal-Mart I shop at (I'm sure a lot of them do it) do their little cheer early in the morning. It will be quiet in the store and then you hear this yelling and wonder what the heck and then you hear what they are saying.

JANE--sounds like you guys got the nasty wind that we had yesterday and last night. I am surprised it didn't do any damage around the neighborhood other than blow peoples trash everywhere. I think Molly's pic is cute regardless of how you got it! I love how she looks like she is sitting so still, as if she is posing for the camera. I used to use my mothers quikie chili recipe and use can kidney beans-it was fast but no one liked it as much. So now it's pinto beans that I cook for 3-4 hours and I add stewed tomatoes to it which is yummy. Hope your headache is better today.

MARTI--I did get in a walk on the treadmill and did the 2 mile WATP and it felt good. I thought I would sleep good because of it but no. But it felt good anyway. I need to get in a walk today sometime also but I don't know if that is going to happen. Too much left to do and I think I will be busy until I go to bed! Did you make it to the stores to get any shopping done? Did ya get anything good?!

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Well, ladies I need to get going. Still have tons to do and I really am going to try and get a walk in, at least a mile. Actually, I think I will do two miles, one now and one this evening when I take a break from everything. Have a good week, and weekend ladies. I'll see ya...ummm...not really sure...maybe this weekend or Monday. But take care. :wave:

11-29-2005, 04:07 PM
wow its been a slow day on here, a bit warmer today:beach:

Christi I highlighted your name then i clicked on a color just like you said, even the format looks differnt than what i was using when i post i'll know for sure if it works:goodluck:

and good news about my DD she is coming home on the 18th she will be taking amtrack from milwaki WI and coming thru montana it will take her two days I hope she will enjoy her winterwonderland train ride:dance this grandmais so happy.....And i will get to hold my grandbaby i'am so happy I could :cry:

Melissa.........I mean Michelle

11-29-2005, 04:25 PM
Good Lunch Hour

Someone brought me some McDonald :mcd: :mcd: chick sandwish - yum - 8 of them. I gave 2 away and ate many do I have left??? Math question. haha.

Michelle- Beavercreek is south of Oregon City.It was a small town when I was growing up in the 70s. We use to take Sunday drives down to Woodburn and have dinner and some roadside Mexican cafe. It was always sooooo good.

My supervisor asked how I would feel working here part time and some where else part time - TEMP to help out at another complex. I said sure. He thought it would give me some good experience to learn other properties. I said I didn't want a family complex and he goes " now why is that??" He always sounds like DR Phil. lol I said a property back where I was would be ideal but he said no, it would be a property in his profolio.......I know which one he means. It would be out with co worker. YIKES

Co worker is sweet though he offered to take me up in the mountains and get a tree this weekend. He said he would clean out his truck to make room for the girls, thought that was very nice of him.

I better get. 2:30 meeting with HR and Mizz *** istant.

11-29-2005, 06:27 PM
Hello ladies,
I was reading through the different boards wondering where I should post when I came upon "Jaded Ladies"...If that dosen't fit my feelings about weight loss..I don't know what does!
So, decided to do an introductory post. I need all the support I can get!

My name is Katie, I live in Oregon & I'm 23 years old. I'm 5'5 (and a half) and am weighing in at 270 pounds. I'm married, and have "irish twins", a 15 month old daughter and a 4 month old daughter. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. Even at 18, I was 260 pounds. I've been happy with my weight. Sure, I wanted to be thinner and sexier, but then I began to hate men and that made me feel better about being heavier. :dizzy:

But, hating didn't last long. So, I started Dr. Atkins two months ago. I was on it 3 weeks and feeling pretty good. Then, I went to a Halloween party that had my favorite pasta salad.
Katie, bar the window! My diet went off track until yesterday. And, hence the 51', 48', 49' measurements and 270 pounds of...Me :)
So, I'm back on Dr. Atkins (Not loving it, but I love that I can eat fattening things without it being bad).
I am big boned (no, really) and am larger framed so my goal weight would be 170. I know that still sounds big, but that sounds nearly anorexic compared to what I am now!
As far as the Screen name "Earthy Mama" goes, I'm a little earthier then some. I like herbal medicines, home birth, (Both of mine were born at home in the water weighing in at 9.6 & 9.7 respectively), cloth diapering, and being aware of the waste in what we consume. I enjoy bellydancing, knitting, crafts, weird films, & being a good mom (Coincidently, the 'weird fims' I watch now are VeggieTales and Barney, but guess you can't get any weirder then a talking dinosaur or talking tomato).

I wish I would've chose a better sn now! ;)
I'm hoping myself, God, and this board will help me reach my weight...
So, sorry for the long welcome...But love and blessings to you all!!

(ps) There are pics of me in my profile. Oh, & since there is already another Katie, You guess can just refer to me as EM. Makes your job easy, eh? hehe
And, apologies; but I will not be able to make it to Las Vegas next week or anytime soon actually :hug: but nice to 'meet' you all online!

11-29-2005, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies--

Jane--This weekend I will be doing some shopping in the malls in Eugene. Much more variety for things I'm looking for. And a couple music stores so I'm sure I'll find her CD's there. I'm not one for shopping online. I don't know why....paranoid about it I guess. James on the other hand....has no problem.:D

Michelle--Could we combine the name and call you Millichelle?:D Yep, James layers the enchilada's. And we're talking about making them this weekend. So incredibly happy for you that DD is coming home to be near you for the baby!! I'm doing the happy dance w/ya!!:carrot:

Cristi--Didn't get any shopping done, but did chat w/James. He was working on something on the computer this morning and was talking about after he's done w/the Engineer training he wants to buy a Bryce program so he can create pictures. I may have to buy it myself and stick it under the tree!! Are you going to watch the Biggest Loser finale tonight? I got it ready to record. The last three have lost so much already!! Very inspirational.

Susan--8 chicken sandwhiches???? How small are they that they brought you 8? Or were you meaning nuggets? Your co-worker sounds like a nice person offering to take you and the girls to get a tree. I say go for it and have fun! Doesn't mean that you have to have a romantic relationship. Friendship is good too.

Hello to all the other gals!

Not much on my agenda today. It's pouring down rain here. And the wind is blowing like crazy!! I hate this crazy weather. But I suppose there are other things to be irratable about besides the weather.

I need to get on my gazelle. You all have a great night!

11-29-2005, 06:39 PM
Welcome Katie!!!:wel3fc:

You snuck your post in as I was chatting away.

You will make the THIRD Katie we have here. We have a Katy who lives in Portland Oregon, and a MaryKate that lives in Cali.

So glad to have you join us here w/the Jaded Ladies!!

There are three of us in Oregon, Susan, Katy and me. Where abouts in Oregon do you live? (You don't have to share that if you're not comfortable)

Really looking forward to getting to know you more and feel free to chat away like crazy when you're here!

Well I really need to get on my gazelle before I talk myself out of it!!

Once again----Welcome!!

11-29-2005, 06:40 PM
PS to Katie.....Very beautiful family! You are a gorgeous girl!

11-29-2005, 06:54 PM
Oh Marti, Thank you so much for the warm welcome! & The compliment! I feel all embarassed but that made my a little teary eyed. It's been a long time since someone said anything positive like that! Darn horomones LOL!

I live in Salem, Oregon. My DH just got a job at Intel, so we may be relocating to that area. It looks a little spendy, but in time. :)

Oh and as for the "I wanna be a page 5 girl" under my name, I figured I'd share the joke. In "World Weekly News", the outstanding reporting magazine that brings us stories such as "BatBoy" and "Women gives birth to four headed cat" there is a Page 5 girl. Its on page 5 and she is usually a very lovely, thin woman. I am befuddled why she would choose to have her beauty displayed in such a magazine. So as a teenager, I was joking to my friend when we were having a (Far too serious) talk about our futures that my goal in life was that "I wanna be a page five girl"..
Anyways, it broke up the seriousness and its still funny to me now, but perhaps its one of those "You had to have been there" things.
Well, diapers need washed, children need loved, and I have some excercise to do! Thanks again for the warm welcome!

11-29-2005, 11:20 PM
Welcome EM. I am in Portland - couple blocks from our other Katy. I am 41 and single mom to 3 daughters (14 - 13- and almost 4).
My highest weight has been 250 and the lowest was 130. I don't think I will ever see 130 again but would really like to see 145.
Just have been in a slump.
Welcome though and I will look at your photos.

I think they are those $1 McChickens Marti, I left the other 4 in my desk at work,think they will be good tomorrow???? haha

Going to meet with my fave co workers tomorrow at Panda Express. They are brother & sister. She was hired as an asm when I was and he was hired later. Now he is a SM too and she works for some company as an account and part time as an asm. Anyway - they are my closest friends....(along with my JL ones :)

Had the HR meeting and Miss A said I was lying about her being late. She is a real half backed fruit cake. Why would I lie?? Why would I put myself through this tension?? Put 15 pounds on and start visiting the plaid on my way home for a botte of beer, start smoking a pack a day.........jk, not smoking.

Anyway- better go home. I over slept this morning - woke up at 5:40 and freaked thinking I would be late, I like to get there early.......

best get!! ........oh- em our vegas trip isn't til June - still time to jump on board.

11-29-2005, 11:41 PM
Hi ladies , :wave:

Michelle - YAY!!! So happy that your DD and grandbaby will be coming for a visit. Or are they coming back to stay? Btw, I read your bio. Thanks for adding it. Your birthday is the same as my DH Neal. And you were married on my and Angie's birthday. Is the movie A Walk in the Clouds a romance set in wine country? If so, I really enjoyed it, too.

Cristi - have a good visit with Josh! Tell him all the JLs said hello. :)
I didn't realize you were leaving so soon, time has snuck up on me.

Susan - are the Powers That Be preparing you for bigger things down the road? Hope so.

Em - I will for sure call you anything but Katie, and hope you'll sign your posts with that name. Or maybe a different one, like a middle name? Or Caty?? It's your call, hon, just let us know which you prefer, ok? Anyway, :welcome3: to our little corner of the 'net, and I'm glad you feel comfortable here. It really is such a nice little group of caring friends.

Marti - I know how you feel, having to go to a bigger town to shop. I really like to keep my money local, but sometimes it just isn't possible. For example, we don't even have an actual bookstore here.

Today I put up the Christmas decoration, finally, and the tree is up and ready to trim. The DGDs will help with that part. Neal won't have time to do the outside lights until Thursday at the earliest, but I braved the cold and put out some stuff.

Next on my list is getting the rest of the Christmas cards ready to mail. I won't send them out yet, but I will feel better when they're all done.

I've been doing good with the food and water, but need to get more exercise in. My mind-set isn't nearly as strong as it used to be, and I find each day to be a struggle. Even though I am doing well, my resolve is shaky.

Talk to you later,

11-30-2005, 12:25 AM
Jane - Ugh. I haven't even thought of mailing out Christmas cards yet?
I see that you have lost 85 pounds, how did you lose it exactly? What kind of excercises, etc? Sorry to give you the third degree :)

Susan - I think the slump hits this time of year. It's SOO busy! Most people think its foolish to begin a new eating regimen and excercise regimen this time of year, especially with all the holidays (or is that holidaze?). I never do things 'right', so thats why I'm starting now!

I've hit ketosis. And it seems like I've lost 2 pounds since yesterday. I'm not very good at this, I just recieved a scale for the first time in my life on my b-day this month. How often should I weigh? Should I count the 2 pounds I've lost towards my weight loss tracker, or could it show up again tomorrow?

Thanks Gals!


11-30-2005, 12:30 AM
I'm sorry for the last post, was manhandling a kid. It sounded less than bright. My online english leaves little to be desired :)

11-30-2005, 07:27 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

Just got home from work and I'm ready for bed, but..........gotta watch my "biggest loser" finale!:D (no wonder I'm so dang tired all the time!)

Earthy--I kind of like that name....bare w/me though, I'll go through a bunch before I settle on one I like!:D I don't weigh myself as much as I used to. I have grown to hate the thing. I'm really happy w/it when I'm on a losing streak, and when I think I'm I do these last couple weeks....I tend to forget I even have one. But....since you're asking, I would say once a week. Pick a day and WI the same day every week.

Susan--Toss those other 4 if you haven't already! No need to keep them around. Ok, you had my head spinning :dizzy: trying to figure out what SM and ASM stood for. Would you mind clueing me in?

Jane--I bought my cards this year earlier than usual! I'm very proud of myself. And I may actually send them out this weekend. I would feel better sending them out early than too late where everyone gets them AFTER christmas.

Which reminds me: Earthy--- if you would like to be part of the card exchange, PM us your address and we'll add you to our list!! That goes for anyone that would like to exchange cards that hasn't already joined us!

Ok....I'm heading out to watch my show.

Hope you're all resting soundly!

Chat w/ya all in the morning (afternoon)


11-30-2005, 11:42 AM
Good Morning -

I would never throw away good food Marti :eek: :hungry: shudder - shudder.
I am sure they are still good, it gets cold in my office. I am sure the mayo is fine- what is a little runs anyway?:yikes:
SM= Site Manager ASM = Assistant Site Manager. ASM work part time 6pm to 10pm/live on site.

I am being prepared as a punching bag Jane - lol Geez. I have never been called so many names in my life.

Earthy(EM) Pick a day any day. In the morning. I always liked Saturday.That way I could always say........tomorrow is another week to to get back on track!!! lol

ok- better get, I WILL throw the sandwiches away - getting ready for Panda Express.

11-30-2005, 03:05 PM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Em - (as in "Auntie Em from Oz) the details about how I lost the weight are in the thread "How I lost 85 pounds". Kind of lengthy, but people often tell me it's inspiring, so hopefully you will get something from it. I think this is an excellent time to begin healthy eating. If you can make it through the holidays, you can make it through anything. If you wait until later, you may have even more to lose. That being said, notice that I began January 24, lol. How often should you weigh? Once a week is good since there can be so many flucuations throughout the week. Btw, I'm getting my cards done. If you want one, please PM me your addy, ok?

Marti - you mentioning the Biggest Loser made me wonder - have you ever watched the show I Lost It? It's on the Health channel, or Discovery. Lots of stories about how and why people lost. Very inspiring!

Susan - did you throw away the sandwiches?? Can you say Food Poisoning??? Or how about Back Door Trots? Hershey Squirts?? Your life makes me nervous at times, Susie!!

Ellen - if you're reading this, I just want to say I miss you and hope you'll pop back in.

I'm staying in today and trying to keep warm. Had a good visit with my sil Sarah on the phone. She's a jabberbox like me, lol, and I love her phone visits. Her DGS Zane will be staying here for a few days after Christmas.

What's going on in your corner of the world?

11-30-2005, 05:01 PM
Hershey squirts? Ewwww

Well, that's ONE way to lose weight :snicker:

Welcome EM! I live in SW Portland, where you may end up if your DH stays w/ Intel.... I also did the cloth diaper thing w/DS....I have an interest in simple living or voluntary simplicity...sounds like you do, too. Do you have fave websites? I enjoy (for the forums) and

Again- Welcome

Hi to everyone else!

11-30-2005, 06:59 PM
I will write back soon, I promise - but I have a question.
How do I change the weight loss on my bar without changing the whole bar?

Thanks gals,

11-30-2005, 08:08 PM
Oh, lets celebrate!!!:dance: :dance: :dance: :hat: :hat: :cp: :cp:

They sent ASSistant home! Bout time.

She came in at 1:30 and I admit I was a smart mouth and said "cutting it close Karen"

She goes "why should I come in early, you don't want me too"

You don't need to be belligerent Karen. Supervisor wants to meet with us and talk.

"I don't want to talk with you."

"Supervisor wants to talk with you Karen. I will meet you back there" and I leave.

I talked with supervisor and said "either she needs to go home or I need to because I have had enough of being disrespected." So, he went and got HR lady who happened to be in the building for a meeting and she came in and we talked and agreed to send her home with pay. Assistant comes in and starts yelling saying "I am going to bully" blah - I just wave her off and she goes " I am tired of her" and I go "I am tired of you too" and waved my hand like a fly and she stands up and HR lady stands between us and talks to her.....

Anyway in the end she left in a huff. Course she had to do her shift notes and I think she slammed down the phone because it was all

WhatEVER.........3 months of ****.

11-30-2005, 08:57 PM
I'll post more after work....

EM--Just go to your edit siggy and change the weight you want changed. It will automatically adjust.

Talk to you all later tonight!

12-01-2005, 08:44 AM
Getting Full....Head on over to #153.