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11-21-2005, 03:46 PM
Hi, guys. I've been thinking a lot about how this journey needs to be about making life changes and not just changes you stick to throughout your diet. I don't get a lot of exercise but on Fridays when we can wear comfy clothes, I take a different bus route and walk home (about a 15 minute walk and sometimes I get off a stop early and do the killer hill!). I told myself I only did it once a week because I had to wear uncomfortable shoes on all the other days but I went out and bought myself some new shoes and am going to aim for at least two walks home a week.

Also, I walk to the coffee shop and back on Saturday (about a 25 minute walk each way). Would only take five minutes in the car but I feel so good doing it.

Had a bit of a slip-up this weekend. Went out to dinner and ate my entire Gardenburger and almost all my fries, while my slim, healthy friend neatly cut hers in half and only ate half! I kept thinking, why didn't I do this? Half would have definitley been enough. But that's why there's next time!

11-21-2005, 04:05 PM
Yep! By starting small, we can keep the new habits that we form. Back in the day, I would try way-low-calorie diets, but after I lost the weight, I couldn't keep it off. Now I'm going slowly and developing habits, rather than just being crazy about my behavior, and I've kept off the weight that I've lost over two and a half years.

11-22-2005, 03:30 PM
A good habit to incorporate when your going out to dinner is simply ask for a take home box right when your ordering your meal or even ask if they could just put half of your meal in a box for you before bringing it to the table and stress that you dont care how the placement looks for first glance because you want to not eat all of the food at once. Or just want to give half to someone else for later or take it for lunch the next day anything as long as you dont see the rest of the portion you will be full on what you have and not bother with the rest. ;)