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11-19-2005, 01:26 PM
Last night, I had a parenting nightmare. Just couldn't grasp what was happening for a bit nor what my motherly response was supposed to be.

DS went to a dance at his school which is 20 miles away in another town. I told him to call if he wouldn't be home by 10:30 since the dance ended at 10:00. He called and said he was going to a movie.

I tried to wait up but got sleepy and went to bed to read. I fell asleep but woke at 12:30 and called him to have him whisper on the phone that he was in the theater.

At 1:00, he called back and said he couldn't get to his car because he'd left it on campus and they'd locked all the gates. So, he asked, could he spend the night at Jeff's house? He's been hiding his friends names from me so I didn't have an idea who Jeff was BUT DS had to be at work at 7:00 a.m. today which I pointed out.

He seemed to want to sleep at this Jeff's house so I asked Jeff's phone number and got it. Where does Jeff live, I asked this boy at 1:00 in the morning, and he lives near the school EXCEPT THAT during the conversation Jeff turned into Beth and here I was on my way to giving sleep over permission.

But you have to be at work early, I said, I'll come get you. They were driving around and I couldn't pin him down on where to collect him. Besides everything was closed and it was a creepy idea.

Can Beth bring me home? he asked.

We don't want a GIRL to have to drive around by herself late at night, I answered.

He insisted. But it would be OK? She doesn't mind.

I got him to have Beth meet him halfway between. It was a schocking situation because I was making decision almost alseep and was saved largely by the 7:00 work schedule.

Once home, I had a nightmare that I'd fallen asleep in the living room after I got him home and someone tried to break in. In the dream, someone loudly shook the door and tried to open it, then went away. I only know it was a dream because I went straight to bed and was not in the living room during that time frame.

Now, he's at work and I'm exhausted.

By the Way, I want TONS OF SUPPORT from you all. I have decided to enroll in school in January and enter this new Florida program that turns people with college degrees into people with full-fledged teaching credentials. I need support from you because I know a bunch of teachers and expect NO support from them. I think there's a tendency there to see these newly trained, second thought teaches, as "not real teachers."

11-19-2005, 06:00 PM
Oh my goodness, Peachy! I am NOT looking forward to my kids having a teen social life. :?: :?: Sounds like it's curfew time. At least he knows now that he can't leave his car on campus if he's going to be out late. So glad that everyone got home safely and I HATE those dreams with noises - so scary.

And YAY for enrolling in the training program!! :hug: You know we'll always support you. Ignore anyone else who tries to get in your way.

11-19-2005, 08:21 PM
Hi Sugar Plum, I'm sure that DS is totally innocent. Kids are different today. They don't date. They hang out with friends. He's so inexperienced in this hanging out since he's shy and we live in Stickville PLUS he has a male brain. But can you imagine a teen girl's parents having her come home with this boy to spend the night at 1:30 a.m.? I dont' think he meant anything wrong at all. Just not seeing it right.

11-19-2005, 10:38 PM
Peachie: Good GAWD!!! That started out sounding like it could have turned out very bad... think about this: DS loved and trusted you enuf to call you with this problem...and you handled it very well, and with diplomacy so that BETH/JEFF didn't come off badly nor did your son... IMAGINE what you could do Awake and ALert!! .. I think going for a teaching cert is a wonderful idea! You can do this!! and you will be FABULOUS at it!!

11-19-2005, 10:51 PM
Alrighty then: Since I'm the newest cow here :moo: , I will take on the chore of compiling the addy list for cards and what not for the holiday season.. so.. IM me with your email I can get yer address--and then I will send to all--

ps: I'm only doing this so that I can get a box er pound of chicken bones outta the deal. hee heee ;)

11-19-2005, 10:59 PM
Post regarding management of teenaged kids:

Oh dear. This is no fun, is it? How are his grades? Are they fine? Is he getting to work on time? Is his life running well? If heís doing the things he has to do, there is no reason to worry. Heís a good, smart kid. However, Iím sure he is not unaware of his slippery nature. He doesnít want you to know what is going on and that is why you donít know what is going on. I have no idea who my kids are with most of the time. My mother had no idea who I was with, either, but she thought she did. He could lie to you and you would feel better. He doesnít, so that is a plus.

It isnít that he did anything technically wrong; it is that his actions had unintended consequences. You thought of Bethís welfare when he suggested that she drive the 40 miles round trip by herself; he should have thought things through in the same way. He should know that he is responsible for the outcome when he chooses a certain course of action. The fact that he canít predict what that outcome will be is what he has to learn; it is why he lives with you and is not ready to live alone.

Choosing to leave his car behind when he goes to a movie at 10:30PM has a thousand possible outcomes. Iíll bet 990 of them are negative. The fact that you had to be up at 1AM isnít workable. He needs to be more considerate of you. In NJ kids under 18 canít drive after 12. It would not be unreasonable for the two of you to agree on some boundaries, such as a curfew, that would make living together more pleasant. You arenít a mother and child living together anymore. You are a mother and a (just about) adult living together. He needs to act like an adult by being courteous to you and being responsible.
My next post will deal with career considerations.

11-19-2005, 11:09 PM
I am obviously the barren cow :^: Lushie speaks volumes of knowledge.

11-19-2005, 11:30 PM
I just read my last post and it sounds very "Mrs Know-It-All" ish. I'm sorry. I'm too lazy to edit. Now Shatzi won't like me. Oh well.
All I meant is that I've had the same problem. I have made peace with it. I approach it from the me-adult/he-adult point of view rather than the mother-punishing-kid point of view. It is harder with DS than it was with DD. I suspect that may be because she was sneakier.

On the career thing. I believe NJ was the first state to institute alternate route teacher certification. At first those teachers did have to prove themselves but now it is 20 years later and it is fine. Many teachers who get a job right out of college and teach for 30 years do not have the life experience to be effective. That is why so many of them do such a terrible job. Our school has many alternate route teachers. I am the only contracted sub who has a traditional teaching degree, the rest are all alternate route. They actually like teaching because they chose it when they were old enough to make such a choice.

I think it is a great idea that you're doing this. I work with a girl whose mother(our age) is in medical school. This is the time to do it, you aren't getting any younger. Remember, we have a long way to go in our work life. We should do something we like.

On that note, I have a new secret, secret life plan. DH, whom I adore, is looking again at retiring. You may remember that he does this every 10 years~~~~ then moves right back into workaholicism at whatever endeavor he has chosen. What is new is that after not working at a job all last summer, he thinks he will set up a shop here and do more car/furniture restoring and arty stuff. That means he will be home. He has this vision of us being here, working on a more inner-directed life. This is a sure sign that it is time for me to think about not being home all day. I love him but not 24 hours a day. He makes me tired with his constant activity and he makes me look lazy.

So I am starting school. I am not going to medical school, but I am going in a medical direction. I am starting with basic anatomy classes that can go in a variety of directions. I haven't burst dh's bubble, he thinks I am just doing this because I want to understand dd's situation better. I also don't want to commit myself just in case I decide it isn't for me.

11-19-2005, 11:47 PM
On other news.
Life is getting back to normal. Do you see that it is Saturday night and I have nothing to do but hang on the computer? Isn't that nice?

Shatizi, who are you? I live in NJ~ in the Pinelands. I have three kids-18, 15, 13. I am supposed to be a teacher but the fact that I hate other people's kids limits my enjoyment of the job.

I weigh about 160(used to be 150) for one day every September. Then I spend 6 months gaining a ton and six months losing a ton. Then it is September again and I have my day of glory. Usually this day passes without me noticing because I still think I will someday get into my Sergio Valente jeans.

As you see, overall, I'm not very interesting.
Tell me about you.

11-19-2005, 11:47 PM
WHATCHOOO TAWKINBOUT LUSH!!! I may not know ya and we haveno cow history but let me LIST the reasons the Schatzinator could not NOt like Lushious

1. Umm ..yer from Joisey
2. Like a joisey broad you speak plain n true FAGGABOUTITTT
3. You make lists
4. Your dog looks like precious from Silence of the lambs
5. You know what a Schmattah is
6. You know what a bagel with a schmear is
7.You make lists that you can actually cross **** off a
8. umm. Yer from Joisey.

11-19-2005, 11:57 PM
I sent youse a PM... cept Cherrycow came back as not a name.. I tried 2x with no luck...

11-20-2005, 12:12 AM
WHATCHOOO TAWKINBOUT LUSH!!! I may not know ya and we haveno cow history but let me LIST the reasons the Schatzinator could not NOt like Lushious

1. Umm ..yer from Joisey
Actually, I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm held in NJ, against my will, by the bonds of marriage.
2. Like a joisey broad you speak plain n true FAGGABOUTITTT
I have a PA Dutch accent and upspeak at the end of my sentences.
3. You make lists
Do you know about System Goddess? Please don't join. It is too hard on Kiwi. I forget the password and so she has to manage the whole thing.
4. Your dog looks like precious from Silence of the lambs
Really? As cute as my dog? I saw that movie but don't remember the dog. I will investigate.
5. You know what a Schmattah is
Well, I do now. I looked it up and I will use it in a sentence tonight. I don't live in a Schmattah part of NJ. I live in the Canoli section where the restaurants have no windows.
6. You know what a bagel with a schmear is
Yes, my problem is that a schmear is never enough.
7.You make lists that you can actually cross **** off a
Well, I guess I could cross things off if I ever got off my duff and did anything. Mostly I make lists.
8. umm. Yer from Joisey.

That I am. Where did you escape to?

11-20-2005, 12:30 AM
[QUOTE=Lush]Actually, I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm held in NJ, against my will, by the bonds of marriage.

you married either an eyetalian, Irish or wayward german

I have a PA Dutch accent and upspeak at the end of my sentences.

Can you make them egg noodles or funnel cakes???

Do you know about System Goddess? Please don't join. It is too hard on Kiwi. I forget the password and so she has to manage the whole thing.

No, I don't Is this the WAKEYBAKEY GET ON THE BUSY BUS club?

Really? As cute as my dog? I saw that movie but don't remember the dog. I will investigate.
IT PUTS THE LOTION IN THE BAAAASKET scene... Classic dahlink

Well, I do now. I looked it up and I will use it in a sentence tonight. I don't live in a Schmattah part of NJ. I live in the Canoli section where the restaurants have no windows.

I am devastated. I thought fer sure ya wear one wit pride: Yummm Cannolis....

Yes, my problem is that a schmear is never enough.

I think cream cheese should be its own level on the food pyramid

Well, I guess I could cross things off if I ever got off my duff and did anything. Mostly I make lists.

ahh, but you could always Cross off " Make a list" from the list.. (Thats usually my first entry....such a sense of accomplishment )

11-20-2005, 09:55 AM
It is such a thrill to see Lushie here and especially heartwarming to see her playing so nicely with Shots.

Shots I will tell you about system goddess. Once, a long time ago, Lush had this idea that .. as a joke ... she would start a yahoo group for women to become perfect in the next year. Problem was non-cows found it and became quite involved and this meant work for Lush. But Kiwi, always the sweetheart to everyone, said she'd help and then ... Lush completely totally abandoned it. I think she may have withdrawn her membership. Anyway, it all fell to Kiwi who continued to respond to people who posted there. I don't know it it's still going or not.

I want you ALL to send me your blog names. I have lost Painty's and Kiwi's and adore Sugar's. Email them to me not private message if possible as PM is too hard to use.

Bye Lushie ... stay and talk about your new goals. I need to hear this.

11-20-2005, 06:59 PM
Shots I will tell you about system goddess. Lush completely totally abandoned it. I think she may have withdrawn her membership. Anyway, it all fell to Kiwi who continued to respond to people who posted there.

I see I have to mount a defense. Shots, SG started as a joke it is not my fault that people took it seriously. After I started it, I went away for a few months so Kiwi was in charge. Then when I came back, I tried to make it disappear but I lost the password. Because I gave a fake birthday and fake information the password is lost because I can't remember any of the fake information I gave to Yahoo in order to prove I am who I am so I can't delete it. If you're interested, here it is:

For Kiwi's sake, please don't join.

Peaches, I am too lazy and boring to have a blog.

11-21-2005, 01:08 AM
Who was going to tell me the thread changed? Hmmm? Hmmm? !!! ;)

Oh... and another thing!!
Would you go to to this map thingy ( and put a push pin and a hello where you are? Maybe I can get everybody accurately located!! Thanks!! :o :dizzy:
And my blog is here (

Cherry Cow
11-21-2005, 07:45 AM
Blogs? I'm not the only one with a blog? Fascinating! I'd also like to know everyone's blogs. I know Kiwi's house blog and the fabulous System Goddess, but that's it. I lost the rest of my bookmarks.

Peachy, I think it's a great idea that you're going to be a teacher! I think Lushie is right, and she would know, that kids who go into it out of high school don't have enough life experience (it's ever so fun to be lectured about child-rearing by a childless 22-year-old with a six-month practicum under her 26-inch belt.) I work at a teacher's college and sometimes I look at these little girls and wonder if they've really thought about why they're going into teaching. I know it's possible to have a calling for it, but I think they should do something else for a few years-- get a taste of what life is like for the rest of the world-- and then go into teaching. I suspect that there would be fewer cases of burnout, which is really common among new teachers. I think sometimes kids get into teaching because school is the only workplace they understand and maybe they're a bit afraid to leave it. I'm glad I'll have so much experience elsewhere before I get my certification.

It's Thanksgiving break, so I'll have a whole week to hang out here and obsess about weight loss! I'm considering starting the McDougall plan, which I expound upon at length on my blog. I have to do something about my health problems, because it's only sheer will that keeps them from interfering with my life and my education.

Hi to all the cows!

11-21-2005, 10:59 AM
oh my GAWD!!!!---lushie has been resurrected in true Catholic Glory from her blueberry patch!!! what a WONDERFUL christmas gift for the Cowpatch!!!---i can't even read all of this and absorb it---i will be back to make loud EFFIN comments-----WHAT A STORM OF INFORMATION--- i was on my way to the shop and thought i would check in for a second and WOW!!!--gotta go to work but i do have to say to peacharse--- YOU GO GIRL!!!! FABULOUS IDEA---AND THEN YOU CAN MOVE ANYWHERE AND TEACH ANYWHERE!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

11-21-2005, 11:26 AM
I'm here. I'm addicted to a new thing. It is called Spider Solitaire. Remember when I used to be addicted to Freecell? Spider Solitaire is so much better. It is practically impossible to win. It is very hard. AND you can keep playing and playing the same game all different ways until you see if it is winnable. I love it. It wastes all the time I could be wasting with you.
Hi Bagzie, how's tricks? How is the store coming along? I guess you're busy with the holidays...any displays to show us?
I went to college to be a teacher because that was all girls did when I went to college.
Peaches there are a thousand practice Praxis tests on the internet. The only part that is hard for people or our age is all the 'new age' child management and child psychology phooey that they want you to know about. The rest is trivia.


11-21-2005, 11:49 AM
What is Praxis. Personally, I'm not afraid of spiders but I'm not inclined to play with them either. Now, cockroach solitarie would eliminate me immediately. Dog solitarie might. I don't like their:

1. Voices
2. Feet
3. Tongues

Jet is adorable but so nicely far away.

Cherry Cow
11-21-2005, 12:17 PM
Lushie, I know what you're saying. An older member of my family might have been a mathematics researcher or computer engineer, but because she was a girl, she became a math teacher. She doesn't even like children.

Peachy, becoming a member just means clicking the "register" link and putting in your name and email address. I had to do that because of spam. As far as I know, I'm the only person who has access to the info. Also, I don't watch TV news shows about dirty houses... they have no sense of perspective. Books are not dirt-- except to journalists.

11-21-2005, 01:06 PM
Alrighty then: Since I'm the newest cow here :moo: , I will take on the chore of compiling the addy list for cards and what not for the holiday season.. so.. IM me with your email I can get yer address--and then I will send to all--Schatzi dear, as the newest cowchick, there is no need to compile a new list. It's in your email by now; add your name and send it back to ever'body. Lushie, not sure what email you are using; I sent it to a yahoo addy. Yoohoo, Lush, is it Yahoo?
And too too bad about Europe tour deal... is there anychance she could go with some OTHER group and apply the '"down payment"? DD went on that Winjammer yarn cruise with mostly retired women, and actually had a blast. I'd certainly rather go to Europe with a bunch of high school students than old farts with walkers. Yeah, me too. I think it would be a blast to take a few kids to Europe. And heck, maybe that's just what I should do -- we could have our own edumacational tour. I'll bet I could do it for half what they were going to charge anyway.
That really sucks about the mammo, Kiwi! I think EVERY woman should be entitled to a free one or at least at a reasonable cost. I guess I'll be due for one some time soon but it's only covered if they already suspect something. Duh. Ah. Good point -- this is a retest (they said to be retested in 6 months or so, but didn't say why -- not that I am particularly worried) -- if I had normal insurance, it should be covered. However I have only major medical now -- $10,000 deductible :eek: -- so I'm looking for other ways to pay less.

Oy, Peachie, you are having fun, aren't you? My first reaction is that you need to be all over him about this, but that probably wouldn't help. You are right about the way kids do things now, it's hard for us to figure out what they're doing because we were different. I think you should play up the poor mom having a heart attack with worry angle and insist that you have an open conversation about his friends. I would be having the same problem if DD's school were as far from home as DS's (and if I didn't stick my nose in rather frequently in her activities, which I know you do too). Maybe you could tell him you're worried he's "getting hopped up on drugs". He'd feel so sorry for your completely hopeless uncoolness that he might feel the need to explain what's really going on. Or not.

Anyway, way to go on the edumacation decision. I think that will be great! Believe me, if your future coworkers didn't snipe at you for being in that program, it would be for something else, best develop a thick skin! I'm always horrified at how political some workplaces are and schools seem to be as bad as anywhere.

Have to go help DH with the boat cover. Will read the rest of the discussion later, hopefully what I have written is not too hopelessly outdated.


11-21-2005, 01:16 PM
I had to delete my previous list in a panic. While registering with the Us Department of Ed, I copied and emailed some stuff to myself. Accdientally, then, I pasted it in my post.

So new list:
1. exercise
2. clean for a hour
3. Look at the financial aid thing again.

What I did :dance: is request 3 transcripts be send to Fl DOE; apply to FL DOE; look at financial aid see that I have to get something in stupid snail mail to continue; apply at US Dept of Ed for PIN number and see that it takes 3 days to arrive in email; fill in aplication for emplyment at college and put in mail. :beach:

11-21-2005, 01:42 PM
Kiwi, you are the System Goddess! How organized you are ! Thankyou for the Xmas list..I've updated and returned to all....
I think that some areas come around with the mammomobile where you can get free mammograms... perhaps you can call your health insurance carrier to help you with a low cost or free one....And.... why won't the school make you whole on the money you put down for this trip? Something just sounds fishy to me...its just not right I say!!!!

Peachpit: I sense such enthusiasm in yer list!! I think this is gonna be wonderful for you and thanks for the background on system goddess...yer the historian round here!

Painty: I added my locale to yer Frapper thingie...and Hmmmm I'm Abe Lincoln tooo...and my movie is Raiders of the Lost amusing.

Lush: The system goddess made a interrrresting read... however since math was never my strong suit I would fail in the point calculation portion of the system...I held back my desire to JOIN THE LIST indeference to Kiwi...

Oh woe Cherry! Health issues??????Good Gravy ...and I dont know where your blog is lest I would read it along with Paintys and Cowpeach

This weekend was spent raking pounds of leaves, trimming hedges, and massive ninja like pruning on a Laterna out front... we then went to pick up a cord of wood for the fireplace... I thought fer sure I would suffer from Flipper Syndrome since I havent had n upper body in years....but thankfully I can lay my elbows on the table as I type the most I can manage with my arms is ummm Penguin like mobility.

11-21-2005, 06:10 PM
Schatzi-this weekend should have been spent raking leaves and such, but I spent the majority of it being lazy. We went to see Walk the Line which was a good movie. Napped. Ate. Little bit o' shopping. You get the picture.

DH's brother and sil are in town, visiting from Texas. I expect to be going out to dinner tonight and eat and drink waaaay too much.

Peach, I'm so relieved to not have those late night worry sessions anymore. I think you did just fine. If DS were one to get into trouble you might have reason to be concerned, but he's proven himself to be pretty responsible and level headed. I think the actual parenting ends somewhere around the 15 to 16 yr old range. After that, we just have to trust that what we've taught them sticks. Oh, and worry - we always have to worry..... of course you will be a wonderful teacher..... you can do anything you set your mind to, darlin'.

Painty - I'm Mother Teresa. I really, really don't like that. I need to work on it.

Hi Lushy, I'm so glad to see you hanging w/ the herd - but you knew that. :yes: I'm a closet Spider Solitaire addict too.... but only the first level because I like to play solitaire and let my mind wander.... kind of like computer meditation. Instead of repeating a mantra, I play solitaire. It will completely empty your brain. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to refill it with anything useful.

Hey to the rest youz cows too - didja have a good weekend?

11-22-2005, 10:35 AM
Thank you for the encouragment Wabbo.

It has been at least a week since I cut out sugar and bread. I feel better MUCH BETTER but my butt has not shrunk. Why is that? What am I supposed to snack on? Not cheese and dried fruit? Chocolate Silk? (so good) Celery with peanut butter?

11-22-2005, 12:02 PM
I snack on celery with natural PB...and celery stuffed with egg salad...turkey or salami rollups "buttered" with Lite Laughing cow... also roasted chick peas are good...

11-22-2005, 12:09 PM
How do you roast a chick pea?

Wabbo, I wanted to point out to you that I messed around with the questions on the World Leader survey and became Hitler!! You should be very very proud to be Mother Theresa, I think. If I really got Hilter with my true answers, I would tell no one.

11-22-2005, 12:15 PM
I have nothing to say I thought I would share that I have a crippling aversion to sticking my hands in a turkey carcass... This has led me to creative methods to the cleaning and stuffing of the turkey which keeps my hands outta it's cavity.(Patent pending).

1) put turkey in sink
2) Holding by legs, use the sink sprayer to wash out the innards
3) Using a long handled spork, gently scrap out any remaining turkey lungs
4) Repeat step 3
5) Turn turkey upside down to drain the water
6) Wrap Paper towels around a Potato masher - secure it with a rubber band and proceed to dry the carcass out by plunging and extracting the masher.
7) Using a long handled ladle as a catapult, I wing sling the stuffing into the turkey carcass
8) Mash the stuffing down with the Masher (sans paper towel)
9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 until chockfull
10) Sew up the turkey hiney and roast.

11-22-2005, 12:40 PM
That is motivational but PLEASE SAY you aren't putting that stuffing in now. You're defrosting a bird, right?

11-22-2005, 01:15 PM
Of course Schatzi isn't stuffing her bird yet. She's safely defrosting it in the refrigerator. I don't stuff my bird. I cook Grandma's cornbread stuffing in a casserole. I do brine my turkey. It makes it so yummy it's worth the extra work.

You absolutely can't believe my ordeal this morning. I have a crippling aversion to rodents of any kind. (Turkey carcasses don't bother me, by the way.) Anyhoo, I dragged myself outta the sack this morning and I was sitting in the front room w/ my cuppa joe. You can see into the kitchen from there, and around the corner into the kitchen a rat sauntered in..... not a mouse----- A RAT!!!!! :fr: :fr: :fr: :fr: I am totally freaked out. I had to wear jeans to work today because I'd have to go thru that area of the house to get to my laundry room so I couldn't iron any slacks. I don't know how this critter decided to move into my house. We have an unfinished basement. Maybe he got in there. I hate living in an old farm house. Do new houses ever get rats? I'm calling an exterminator today. DH says he's looking for dog food, but I keep the dog food in a plastic tub w/ a lid on it. I guess we won't be able to leave dog food out in my doggies dish anymore. What's really freaking me out is the old saying "if you see one rat, there's 10 more you don't see". Eeeeek.

My sil is here visiting. She's an executive for Dell Computers. She travels constantly to exotic places in the far east. She's living my alternate life..... D*mn it. I bet she doesn't have a rat.

11-22-2005, 01:27 PM
Don't you have a little dog or cat to chase the rat? Icky icky rat. I had to quit leaving cat food out because of ants. Now the ants have gone and I can leave it out again. But rats are WORSE. Poor Wabby.

Does sil speak the native language of India? I don't enjoy talking to those people because they're just hard to understand. I've had my share of Dell problems already.

DS just called to say he's going to a movie after school. I'm glad. He needs a social life. I suggested he be home before 11 and not get his car locked up anywhere.

11-22-2005, 01:47 PM
I have 2 BIG dogs. Apparently I shouldn't have gotten a Golden Retriever. I should have bought a Rat Terrier. My Golden Retriever was sleeping at my feet when the rat skittered in. He slept thru it.

SIL claims no responsibility for east Indian tech support. She knows all kinds of interesting stuff about China, though. She drinks Scotch just like a grown up.

11-22-2005, 02:00 PM
Peach: here's a link to the South Beach Recipe for Roasted chick Peas... they have lots of A--B--C--DElicious recipes on that forum...

OH WOE WABBY!!!!! RATS EWWWWWWW Yer a better woman than I -I would have ran outta the house SCA-REEEEEMING nevah to return before the Exterminator exterminated that vermin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with peachy, I hate the fact that Dell outsourced the dell Support... unfortunately I had my run ins with india and outsourcing coding and claim processing.... A DISMAL FAILURE... The company slowly withdrew from oversea outsourcing...cept fer Ireland.. oooh SIL get's to travel to far off exotic locales..must be wonderful. ..I don't drink scotch...ergo ipso...I STAY FOREVAH A CHILD IN A WRINKLY BODY!!

11-22-2005, 02:17 PM
Thanks Shots. I'll be making them.

I don't drink nothing which makes me a bore at times. But I'm missing those who do: Bagz, Kiwi, Lush in alphabetical order.

11-22-2005, 05:09 PM
I made an appt. w/ the exterminator. They can't come until Dec. 1!!!! They suggested I buy a big trap until then. Argh. How am I going to sleep tonight?

11-22-2005, 05:11 PM
Boy, Schatzi, that's some way to stuff a turkey. :D I usually just bite the bullet and yank everything out with my bare hands, hoping not to turn the whole kitchen into Salmonella Station.

Rodents don't bother me much. But I don't like martens - one chewed through the ignition cable on my car, the little devil.

I know most of you cows need to get through Thanksgiving first, but I'm already thinking about Christmas Displays. I have the urge to do creative things with cinammon sticks and dried orange slices. Sunday is the first Advent Sunday and I need to make a wreath to plop on the table. I have candles and ribbon already.

I barely ever take a drink of anything alcoholic, but last summer I discovered Bomby Sapphire Gin and it's SOOOOOOO good.

Anybody every grown a lemon tree inside? Dh brought one home and there are about 20 l'il green lemons and two big ones on it. I'm hoping it's a dwarf tree because I read the regular ones can grow up to 25 ft high. :o

11-22-2005, 07:15 PM
I've sprouted lemon seeds and made tiny trees. They needs lots of sun. Actually, citrus doesn't even grow as far north as I am here in Florida. Maybe indoors in a good idea. Can we name it?

11-22-2005, 11:27 PM
Um... addenda: If you want to have a copy of the address list e-mailed to me... you'll need to either email ME, or include your email in the PM..... My email is:


11-22-2005, 11:34 PM
Oh my god Wabbit! Move out! What am I saying -- I live with a roof-full of bats and a basement full of mice. But still, EEEEEK!!!!

Schatzi, I am the most DISorganized human being ever. The only reason I can appear organized is through the magic of computers. See, I never throw anything away pretty much and that is not very helpful in the house, because just because I have it doesn't mean I can put my hands on it. However, on the computer, nothing really gets lost because of handy dandy search. So I can go and look at email messages from last December and drag out all those addresses. Voila! Organization!

I cannot believe you printed that SG url, Lush. Do you know they started up again and I had to approve a bunch of new messages a couple of weeks ago? Oy, I suppose I'd better go look again.

I used to play Spider, but I always played medium level so I won most of the time :lol:

How long does it take for fruit flies to go away once you find the thing they were feeding on?

We went to parent/teacher conferences this evening. Everything is a-ok, but the funny thing was that almost every teacher referred to DD and her bf in the same breath. Now granted that they are the #1 and #2 student in their class and take apparently almost every single class together (that predates their "item-ness"), but they all were aware of the fact that they were going out together and said something about it (they did say it wasn't a problem). I have never had this experience before, is this common? It is very wierd. I guess it wouldn't be like that if he wasn't the kind of kid that teachers like, but geez it's disconcerting.

I also got to see part of the play this afternoon. It's way fun.

However I am mungo depressed. It has been raining since early this morning. After p/t conferences, DH & I hit the :mcd: drive-thru and we both got lovely grilled chicken caesar salads. However when I got home, the kitchen was leaking again in spite of the fact that DH patched the roof again a couple of weeks ago, and I had to mop up water and rearrange the dog pen to accomodate the drips and take the dog out who was very antsy because of being inside so much today. And then I had to take her out again because she was driving me crazy and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat my dinner in peace. I finally sat down at the computer with my salad at about 8:30 and soon discovered that I would need a knife for the chicken (why would they bother slicing it 75% through?). Then I discovered that I'm allergic to something in the salad and my throat was itching like crazy. Meanwhile the dog was driving me crazy, grabbing paper and hiding under desk (yeah, that was cute the first 500 times you did it, puppy). I finally gave up, put the salad in the fridge and poured myself a giant glass of Bailey's. I am planning to get drunk, but I keep typing so much, it seems doubtful. My life is so stupid.

:thanks2: :happ3: :thanks1: Very interesting method of turkey cleaning, Schatzi. You are quite inventive. Me, I don't have a problem with sticking my hand up a turkey butt.

Movie = necking

I'm just saying.

Oh yeah, I got my boobies squooshed today. It were okey-dokey, no big d. Hope there was no good reason for this 6 month followup. Good grief they hire some young little chickies at the lab -- the tech couldn't have more than 12. But very personable.

Sugar? Did I see in print that you have a BLOG? Where oh where? I must know!


11-23-2005, 12:26 AM
Hahaha Guess what world leader I am? I'll give you one hint: starts with A

11-23-2005, 01:37 AM
Would that be Anakin?

Thanksgiving I am going to friend's house where there will be FRESH NEVER FROZEN turkey (she thinks this is great), ham, and other stuff. DS will work all day. Friday I intend to cook a turkey. For the fresh turkey feast, I am to bring a tray of celery and carrots. I don't know what else to put on it. Really. This is too dull. Maybe I'll say I forgot.

I have a movie to recommend for those who understand French or read subtitles. A La Mode. Very warm, funny, tender movie about 17 year old orphans who are apprenticed out to tradesmen. Boys not Jewish. Tradesmen Jewish. Boys weird and sweet and know-it-all like 17-yos I know. Adults very tender toward boys. I watched it twice so far.

11-23-2005, 03:00 AM
Sugar? Did I see in print that you have a BLOG? Where oh where? I must know!
Ja wohl! I've had one since April, but I just never got around to telling anybody. :D

I emailed y'all with the details.

11-23-2005, 07:51 AM
Wabby, I DREAMED about rats last night. You need a cat. I don't think dogs care about rodents very much(unless you keep the dog hungry). My dog will sleep right through mouse visits. Please call another exterminator.
Remember "doubleclick"? It was Francine's company- it went public back in Cybermom days. I bought 10 shares, for about 4 dollars. Then they got caught selling information about their visitors and went in the toilet. Now they are subject to a class action suit. I am getting a settlement of about $0.30. I feel better now.
I must go force children to go to school.
Cat, Wabby, get a cat. If you see any more rats, don't tell us. It opens up too many possibilities.

11-23-2005, 07:54 AM
I know most of you cows need to get through Thanksgiving first, but I'm already thinking about Christmas Displays. I have the urge to do creative things with cinammon sticks and dried orange slices. Sunday is the first Advent Sunday and I need to make a wreath to plop on the table. I have candles and ribbon already.

Oooh Sugah, so do I ... I'll be making a wreath for our door... and some decorated garland for the top of the kitchen cabinets.. and I looooove candles: burn them constantly in the fall/ I'll pick up some cinnamony and piney ones for the holiday season.

I do brine my turkey. It makes it so yummy it's worth the extra work.

How do you Brine a turkey???does it make the skin all crispy and brown ?? yummmmmmmmmm!

I am mungo depressed

Well this makes me mungo concerned. I think I will have a large glass of Baileys to commiserate. Does this have to do with the leaks and meeses..and what not with the house. I wish I knew how to help that wouldn't cost money...but I would do some strategic sabotage ... and pull a TAWANDA! (this is a reference to one of my fav movies: Fried Green Tomatoes, where Kathy Bates takes a hatchet to her walls...heh heh) :devil

I am to bring a tray of celery and carrots. I don't know what else to put on it. Really. This is too dull.

OOoh yummy, snicky snack on veggies thats the best part of holiday fare... Add some Black/Green Olives, pepper slices, broccoli/couliflower and a easy dip lie sourcream and a packet of Good seasons dressing...

m.u.s.t. g.e.t c.a.w.f.e.e. (why Lookie here, schatzi mastered the multiple quote thingy!)

Cherry Cow
11-23-2005, 10:01 AM
I have updated my blogroll and sent an email about my blogs to everyone.

Well, two and a half weeks after giving up dairy, I might be down four pounds. Who knows. My scale is all wonky right now.

Kiwi- yay for your good news!

Schatz-- I don't like touching raw meat. We'd be vegetarian if I was responsible for the cooking.

Well, I just wanted to share the interesting news about my possible weight loss.

11-23-2005, 01:31 PM
Day 2 of Rat Watch - I bought a trap and poison for DH to put in the basement. The trap is set, but DH hasn't put out the poison and I'm NOT going into the basement to put it out. When I'm home I spend most of my time talking very loudly to my doggies or singing "I am coming 'round the corner yes I am, I am coming 'round the corner yesssss I yammmmmm. All the rats had better hide out yes they haddddd, oh the rats had better hide out yes they haaaaddddddd" Of course to the tune of "She'll be coming 'round the mountain". I figure if I make enough noise I won't surprise a critter. I'm leaving no dry dog food out unless the doggies are actually eating it. Geez. It's all I can think of.

Kiwi, there is probably nothing more depressing than a leaky roof. Sounds like ya got a case of cabin fever. What happened to the roof guy you had fix it last year? or was that the year before? Grandpa Jim's mobile home has sprung a few leaks this year too. We hate to put a new roof on a 40 yr old mobile home that we're planning on demolishing when we move out, but we can't let Grandpa live in a leaky house either. What to do? Speaking of Grandpa Jim - we took him out to dinner and everyone was piling into the car. I was sitting in the front passenger's seat, and I shut the door on poor Grandpa's fingers as he was getting in the back seat behind me. Ohmygod. I felt sooooo terrible, and that was before DH kept going on and on about it. Then when we arrived at the restaurant and everybody wanted to know where Grandpa was (he insisted on staying home after I mangled him) and then after everybody else went on for a half hour about how I'd slammed his fingers in the door, I was ready to go slam my own head in the door just to shut them all up. It was an effin accident, people!!!!!Now that doesn't sound like Mother Teresa, does it?

Peaches, my turkey is a fresh, never frozen one too. Mostly because if I buy a frozen one, I never can seem to get it to thaw out in the fridge, and I'm afraid of poisoning everyone if I do the quick thaw in water method. Schatzi, to brine a turkey you soak it for 6 hours in a water, kosher salt, brown sugar, and spice solution. It does some chemical thing to the bird and makes it very, very moist. It makes it the most delicious turkey you will ever eat. Then I stuff him w/ celery, onions and whole garlic cloves, rub sage butter under his breast skin, cook him @ 500 degrees for the first 30 minutes, then 350 degrees to finish him off w/ a foil tent over the breast area. This is my baby sister's recipe she got out of Gourmet magazine.

Note to self: buy bottle of Bailey's on way home. Kiwi, you're a bad influence. :devil:

Lush, my dogs aren't much for being rodent hunters, but they would definitely terrorize a kitty.

11-23-2005, 02:50 PM
Geez. My older sister just called. She's in Arizona w/ my parents. She called to let me know that my younger sister is having Thanksgiving w/ just her husband and son all by themselves and she strongly suggested I invite them for Thanksgiving dinner, which would be fine by me, but here's my dilemma - I have put out the word that we are having dinner w/ DH's family so that I wouldn't have to invite my whacky family for dinner. Because A. My brother is an alcoholic and even tho he's on the wagon now, there's a whole lotta water under the bridge that I don't feel like dealing with. B. I absolutely can not stand his GF. C. My niece is a stripper that I don't want to have to deal with. D. My other brother is an active alcoholic E. I've gotten tired of cooking for all of them, for them just to bring their appetites to dinner. F. I prefer my immediate family for company. The problem is that we really aren't having dinner w/ DH's side of the family. We're having dinner w/ our children and Grandpa Jim. A nice quiet dinner w/ no drama. Now I'd love to have my younger sister and her family for dinner, but I would have to ask her to keep it quiet or we will be besieged w/ everyone else. Isn't this exactly what Thanksgiving is not supposed to be? I'd love to feel like our home is open to everyone, but my family makes me crazy. Why wasn't I smart enough to move across the country away from relatives years ago?

Lush, I expect you have the answer to this dilemma.

11-23-2005, 02:58 PM
I always get a fresh turkey, too. I don't brine it. Should I? Can I still stuff it? I'm thinking about it. I have to find something to soak it in. It is 25lbs....even though it's only us.
On the exciting front...RENT is in the theater today!!!!! I'm sure Peaches is running out to see all those buggering dancers hop across her screen.
I'm going to go chop things then brine. I am happy to be back.

11-23-2005, 03:54 PM
Lusho, we are happy to have you back.

And wabbbbby, I don't ever every think that Mother Theresa was without emotion. I'm sure she felt fed up plenty of times. Remember when that committee wanted her to vote to condemn the actions of Sadaam Husein and she said NO, it is not for me to judge or condemn anyone! Remember when some celebrity visited her and tried to do the celebrity thing and she MADE THEM nurse dying lepers. She was no push over. Neither are you. She just did what she believed was right and meant the best for those who have the least. You?

I would say I now want a fresh turkey but it would be a lie. I want a pile of cooked sliced turkey breast. Smoked preferably.

I want to have Thanksgiving with a stripper. I have having it at my friends house with her friend who always visits from out-of-state. For the past several years, he's brought this girlfriend who is a step down from a stripper. They exchange Christmas presents at this time and one year she gave my friend's DH a new shirt with the shoplifitng-foolproof tag still attached. He had to throw it out.

Not going to see Rent. I will wait for Lush to tell me what I've missed.

Kiwi ... a week or so ago I emailed you about my depression and feedback I was getting about it. Then I gave up sugar and break and I am not depressed now. I AM NOT. If I were, I would forgive myself since my life is a crock o refried beans with lard, but I am emotionally stable and it's just that d**n sugar. Lush agrees.

11-23-2005, 04:07 PM
Would that be Anakin?Nope. Albert.
I am to bring a tray of celery and carrots. I don't know what else to put on it. Really. This is too dull. Maybe I'll say I forgot.Well, since that's my only job pretty much at our family dinners, I do know what to put on it. If you are bringing a dip to go with it, there are lots of great things to add: Raw broccoli or cauliflower broken up into trees, different colored bell pepper sticks, grape tomatoes, mushrooms quartered or sliced thick. The dip should be made from veggie dry soup mix mixed with full fat sour cream. Or a dill dip is good too. If you're not bringing a dip, the only thing I can think of is black olives, which I don't even like and if you pour them all over the carrots and celery, I wouldn't eat those either...

My previous dog was afraid of mice. Not sure about this one yet, she hasn't seen any. I suspect she will be delighted to make their acquaintance and attempt to play with them. You should see her with one of our cats -- the cat lets her get pretty close and sniff her, but when she starts to try to play, the cat raises a paw to her (rarely hits her). Jet thinks this is fun too and frequently matches the paw raising, or hops around on her back legs to try to get the cat to play. She will never be convinced that the cats don't love her.

I had forgotten about Francine's company, Lush. I seem to remember I didn't like what she was doing, or maybe it was the way they just yanked Cybermom off the web without any warning, and then later wrote to us asking for our business for something or other. I'm glad she got sued. What kind of nasty person takes names entrusted to her and hands them over for $$ anyway?
.but I would do some strategic sabotage ... and pull a TAWANDA! (this is a reference to one of my fav movies: Fried Green Tomatoes, where Kathy Bates takes a hatchet to her walls...heh heh) :devil:You're bad! But you give me ideas.... :chin:

More later, the more I write the more behind I get.


11-23-2005, 04:39 PM
Kiwi, I googled Albert world leader and got Albert Pike, Bip Whoppe in the KKK. Surely not! Who the heck are you? I am Lincoln as it Paintyl

DS has been nominated for the USA Today All Academic Team. I know the name looks wrong and we don't know what it is except that we looked it up on the net. yay anyhow! It says he gets $100. Last year, he went National Science Something in D.C. and was supposed to get $100. So now we joke about it.

11-23-2005, 05:43 PM
Wabby, the family thing is such a drag.
Let me ask you,do you remember drunken holidays? Worse, do you remember the reformed drunk sitting in the corner further aggravating the situation but making remarks to provoke the people who still get drunk? If you did, you wouldn't have a qualm about what you're doing. Don't have the sister. Don't feel guilty. It would be nice to have and open door policy but that isn't in the cards. You have your own family. Enjoy them! With grandchildren on the way, your children have a right to start their own family traditions.
I'm brining my turkey. No one answered about the stuffing, so I am stuffing it. I like it that way. My turnips and potatoes are cooking.
Peaches, isn't it depressing all by itself that sugar causes depression? After tomorrow, I think I will go off it so my Christmas isn't depressing. We went skiing last year and it was fun. This year, dd wants to work over vacation because she hasn't worked for so long. So, I dont' know what we're going to do. Maybe a movie. Maybe Atlantic City for a show.
gotta cook.

11-23-2005, 06:10 PM
Too late, Lush, I already asked the sister. She's ok. She and her DH have a few issues, but they are good at keeping it under wraps even tho, of course, every one knows about it. I prefer the Don't ask, Don't tell policy.

Peaches, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind having my stripper niece over for Thanksgiving, but DH has a harder time tolerating her. I think he's much more judgmental about these things. I'm more understanding because when she was little I spent lots of time caring for her. Her mother was a very active alcoholic, she had no supervision and got pregnant at 15 and has generally had a pretty hard life, not that it qualifies her to live an immoral life, but it explains things. And I still do love her. My extended family just makes my heart ache.

Now my Mom just called to tell me she & my Dad will be here on Dec. 18th and they are planning Christmas Eve at their new house. Of course, if you're following our family saga you all know DH and my kids won't step foot in my parents house. So I'm looking forward to more angst next month. Lord, how I love the holidays. :snowball:

11-23-2005, 06:13 PM
Lush, just don't stuff it before you brine it.

11-23-2005, 06:16 PM
I almost forgot ----

:cp: :cb: :cheer: :encore: :bravo: :cp:

Yeee, haaaaa, Peach Boy! Atta boy!

11-23-2005, 06:48 PM
Thanks Wabby, I think I knew that but you never know!
Congrats to the Cowmrade. Tell him to spend his 100 bucks well.
I'm still cooking. I'm trying to motivate the rest of the group to share my sense of urgency. This year, I told everyone that they have to contribute two items to the dinner. Boy was that a bad idea! Guess who's doing all the work.
Opps our recipe just loaded, bye

11-23-2005, 06:54 PM
I got the Alton Brown recipe as a link from someone on SBD forum doing the same Brinning/seasoning... I will save for next year..too many missing ingredients and I'm making a dwarf turkey just for the 2 of us.

Wabby; Hugs ...that's all I can say.. are you sure we're not related..cuz there are soo many parallels . Do what your heart tells you , and your and your DH and DKs psyche and stomach can handle. cuz yer damned if ya do...and damned if ya don't darlin.

Peachy: Yay for Sonny Boy!!! He beeee Schmacht!

11-23-2005, 07:10 PM
I'm Albert Einstein. How did they know?

Hope y'all have great fun with briney turkeys and pickled relatives. I will be spending a Thursday just like any other Thursday around here. Zzzzz.

11-23-2005, 07:18 PM
Kiwi, I googled Albert world leader and got Albert Pike, Bip Whoppe in the KKK. Surely not! Who the heck are you? I am Lincoln as it Paintyl
Ewww! Didn't you guys look at the descriptions of the possible results on that thing? There were only 6 or 8 choices. Think unruly hair, chalk dust.
Yeah, I know, not exactly a world leader, but neither is Mother Theresa.


11-23-2005, 07:21 PM
See, Sugar? did you get my email? We were separated at birth.

11-23-2005, 08:23 PM
OK my darling cowsies..... I'm signing off for the weekend...... just want you all to have a loverly
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: and I hope you Canadians and Canadians in Foreign Lands have a good weekend too.

I'm off to slave over my hot oven!!! :happ3:

11-23-2005, 08:35 PM
nope. I didnt see the descriptions. I messed around with and found Hilter which was quite enough messing around for me. You and Sugar are the same.

I want you all to visit my new blog and leave comments about me being a genius like Sugar did. Then I want you to come vacuum my carpet.

Thanks to Kiwi and Shots for the celery plate info. I have asked DS to bring home the appropriate things from work. And catfood. While he was out, I went to WMart. Think he'll notice?

11-23-2005, 09:50 PM
Day 2 of Rat Watch - .... singing "I am coming 'round the corner yes I am, I am coming 'round the corner yesssss I yammmmmm. All the rats had better hide out yes they haddddd, oh the rats had better hide out yes they haaaaddddddd"

..... What happened to the roof guy you had fix it last year? or was that the year before? ....

I absolutely do not blame you for the rat-singing. I would be doing the same thing. Last night DD and I had to battle a giant spider (DH had gone to bed). We were brave and true and we defeated the enemy.

Yeah, we had another roof guy work on it last year I think. And DH has patched it over and over. It just keeps leaking and leaking. It's pretty hopeless. Even if it were permanently fixed, the whole ceiling and whatever's above is rotten.

Can I come over for turkey tomorrow? It sounds sooooo good :hungry: !

Poor Grampa. I feel his pain. I cut my finger this afternoon and I keep banging it on things. So I have a leaky roof and a sore finger too. :hug:

DD is complaining that someone turns on the washer or starts doing dishes or something every time she gets in the shower. She usually takes her shower sometime in the evening, so it's not surprising. But she wants me to notice when she's taking a shower and not use the water. I told her she had it backwards -- her problem, she can jolly well tell me she's taking a shower and I will gladly not use the water. She's still arguing about it. Irrationality reigns.


11-23-2005, 10:05 PM
He won't notice, Peach. He's a male. I'm sending DH down there to vacuum your carpet. He seems to be able to do that.

I remember pickled relatives. I miss that. Occasionally there are pickled rels at my family's in NC, but they are less amusing because they are more likely to be my husband. Or me :cheers: or another of my generation. It was fun when it was uncles and dads and the occasional tipsy aunt.

What is one step down from a stripper? Never mind. I don't think I want to know.

I have to go stuff some onions. I have had a very frustrating day. It's 9 PM and I've barely scratched the surface of my meager :thanks1: offerings.



P.S. the whole sugar thing -- maybe that's why birthdays and christmas are so depressing!

11-23-2005, 10:58 PM
1. one step down from a stripper (actually lots of steps) = thief

2. I bought Ds a table at Wmart to use for a desk in his room. Think he won't notice that? It's possible.

3. I have the vacuum out.

4. I will enjoy the friends' friends because I have a new view of pickled people at the table. They drink and drink. They are from New Orleans. Apparently, other than losing some major stuff in Mississippi, they're ok. The National Guard camped on their land in Mississippi so what the storm didn't take, no one took.

5. If Kiwi and Sugar were separated at birth, then Sugar is really a Yankee?

6.Where is Bagz? It's not her holiday. No excuse.

11-23-2005, 11:16 PM
gawwwwwwwwwwwd i am here---you people are just soooooooo talkative lately it takes me ages to catch up!!you are making me want a salt water turkey---i did laugh OUT loud when wabby said she wanted to slam her head in the door to make everyone happy!!! haaaaaaaaa------my niece who works for me most days was away today as her grandmother died -----not my mother of course----anyway--i was stuck working ALL the effin live long day---i even had ds11 in the shop helping me----no customers of course but i have to finish the damn decorating---- I WISH I WAS IN THE STATES FOR THE FRIDAY SHOPPING---I KNOW IT'S CRAZY DOWN THERE THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!! i hope youse have a ball tomorrow stuffing your big cow faces---speaking of my large apron gut with several pockets----can anyone recommend a thread around here where i could find out how to loose some weight before christmas----and how do you totally give up sugar---i need a little in my morning coffee-----DO YOU HAVE TO GO COLD TURKEY---how do you do it???

11-24-2005, 03:33 PM
See, Sugar? did you get my email? We were separated at birth.

Got it! We're twins! :carrot: (oops, how'd that get in there? looks like a good candidate for a veggie platter)

I would seriously like to try giving up sugar but I don't know if I could do it since I tend to stuff things in my mouth without even thinking about it.

One of the few things I did today was vacuum. I had that graduate student coming in the morning for tutoring so I HAD to tidy up at least a bit. Poor thing - she got back from a vacation in China a few days ago, and on her first day back at work at the university she left her office for half an hour and some guy came in and stole her laptop AND her bag with money, bank card, ID card, car papers, keys etc. She was really upset, especially when she saw her laptop up for auction at eBay the next day! She tried to bid on it and buy it back from the guy, but he got suspicious and didn't go through with the auction. And the police say they can't do anything because of lack of evidence. Huh? She found out the guy's name and address and has the serial number for her laptop and hard drive, but they still won't get a search warrant. Great.

Other than that, I have developed a REALLY bad habit of going to bed somewhere between midnight and 1 a.m. even when I have to get up at 6:30 the next morning. I need to break the cycle and be normal again.

11-24-2005, 08:01 PM
My voice must be heard-although I am in pain ..don't ask: A cooking episode...(what the h*LL- ?? The bold/Italiac/etal is Gooone! How can I express myself? EMOTE if U will..without THEM!!!!) I Can't go on... I will check back later.. hopefully full Functionality will return to the site... I can't say the same for my breastissI (is that the singular expression for breast Kiwi??) OKAY MY BOOB or BOOBI!...Dangling,pendulous breasts are fire hazards.

11-25-2005, 03:45 AM
Schatzi!! What?? You burned your boob???? What happened? Is it going to be OK?

We had SNOW. I'm not sure I like it yet.

Why is the reply box this weird grey colour? And why is there a smiley drop down menu (see? I can talk like a geek) when they're still on the side anyway?

11-25-2005, 08:53 AM
This is awful!!! Shots' boobi has been injured. And the story about Sugar's grad student is awful as well. How terrible to be violated and helpless. How do police do things in Germany? Serial numbers mean nothing?

11-25-2005, 03:21 PM
Got it! We're twins!.....I'm confused though, how did you manage to be so much younger than me?
Other than that, I have developed a REALLY bad habit of going to bed somewhere between midnight and 1 a.m. even when I have to get up at 6:30 the next morning. I need to break the cycle and be normal again.Be careful, it's a vicious cycle. I haven't managed to break it after years of sleeping 4-5 hours at night and 2-3 hours in the daytime (which has become much harder with DH home and Jet to take care of)

Oh good grief, Schatzi, what have you done? Or maybe I don't want to know! Hope you feel much better soon.

The 3fc's say that you may need to do a hard refresh (F5) to get everything functional. Or maybe those things aren't working yet, not sure.

11-25-2005, 03:28 PM
Oh Cool -- You Can Do A Quickie Edit -- Try It -- Hit Edit On Your Post.

That smilie drop down seems totally redundant, though.

There's a switch editor mode over in the upper right corner that looks interesting. Must try later when I have time. Gotta go now and sell Christmas ornaments for music boosters.

11-25-2005, 07:15 PM
Well, I sold ten Christmas ornaments
And I've discovered many fun new things on here.

:gift2: Woohoo!!! You can fool with the smilies! But apparently it doesn't take. I expanded it, but it doesn't show.

Bagz, darling! Stay away from the wild :thanks2: and geese and stuff!!! :yikes:


11-25-2005, 07:34 PM
Nice work Kiwi. Where is YOUR blog?

11-26-2005, 05:36 AM
I pulled the oven rack out to check on the sweet potatoes...pulled it out- reached a bit to grab the casserole dish- and sizzled a boob. Do you see the time???? I've been having such a spell of insomnia of late.. at least once a week I am up all night - I'll crash around 8 tonight...

I'm feeling very blobby fat. I would like to not have my belly fat lying on my thighs when I sit. Back to the diet tomorrow er today. And YAY for Cowie for doin a south beach type of eating. Use Splenda if ya can get it - you won't miss real sugar... and Whole wheat bread and pasta instead of the processed white flour ..and brown rice instead of white...Pretty much if it's White its Wrong. he hee.

Kiwi: YOU MAY HAVE A JOB IN SALES!!10 ornamentals?? Well done !

Sug: Oooh Snow.. I saw yer pics..quite picturesque and quaint..I can't believe that even though the student did all the investigative wokr the Police still won't do anything????

I hope Wabby caught her RATS and Grandpa Jim's fingers are better..what the heck you think Grandpa Jim is livin high on the hog since he thinks he won't be around to pay it all off so what the H*ll?

Bagzilla: RU Still decorating ????

Where is Lushie, Painty and Cherry...

11-26-2005, 11:37 AM
I hate and despise sales. I sat there for 2 hours wishing I could go home. :lol: I'm so childish. Oh yeah, and ornaments, not ornamentals.

I also hate my blog so much I refuse to go there. Not really true, but the fact is I haven't written a word in many months. I suppose it is still findable by typing into Google "How to Build a House for Less". Actually I just looked and it's not. You'll have to type in How to Build a House in 425 Years or Less. :lol:

Sometimes I have to crawl under the desk and hang out with the dog while she eats the recycling.

I actually typed "log" instead of desk. I'm definitely losing it...


11-26-2005, 03:00 PM
I can't find the blog and am pouting.

DS took a friend to a crafts fair in Dogpatch this morning. He said he'd take her to the book store after so I went there to wait. He knew I'd be there.

She's Asian. Lovely. They look wonderful together. They were looking at books outside and I went out and said, "HI!" She looked up and returned the "Hi" then eyes back to the books. DS whispered "That's my mom" and she looked up again, introduced herself and shook hands.

I could tell I wasn't needed.

Do watch "A La Mode." Wonderful happy movie about kids this age.

11-26-2005, 03:21 PM
I can't find the blog and am pouting.

DS took a friend to a crafts fair in Dogpatch this morning. He said he'd take her to the book store after so I went there to wait. He knew I'd be there.

She's Asian. Lovely. They look wonderful together. They were looking at books outside and I went out and said, "HI!" She looked up and returned the "Hi" then eyes back to the books. DS whispered "That's my mom" and she looked up again, introduced herself and shook hands.

I could tell I wasn't needed.

Do watch "A La Mode." Wonderful happy movie about kids this age.

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11-26-2005, 04:30 PM
You're not following directions very well.

11-26-2005, 04:49 PM
Somehow I thought you were joking. But dadgum it. You were right.

11-26-2005, 05:55 PM
Yay! I found Kiwi's blog too! I remember when you started it. "My plates are your plates" - heh.:D I like your political rants.

Peachy, you must have this lovely girl over for dinner and see what she's like.

I'm very worried about Schatzi's boob. :(

Spent most of the day having a headache but went over to the neighbours to drink GlŁhwein anyway and that fixed me up good. Now I'm bouncing off the walls.

My mum had a knee replacement on Tuesday, got sent home on Thursday and can now climb stairs with the help of her crutches. Nothing ever stops that woman. My dad is overjoyed that she's home so soon since he swears he doesn't know how to use the washing machine. :p

11-26-2005, 06:39 PM
Sugar, your dad sounds so romantic :cb: :carrot:

The lovely girl would barely look at me. She and DS are balanced on the shyness scale, I believe.

I talked to my friend at the bookstore and they (the girl) bought a book. This is a used book store where you can trade in your books for store credit. Guess how he paid for her book. My credit. You got it. She said she couldn't remember what book.

This whole "girlfriend" thing seems to have developed so suddenly that I'm quite taken aback. But, of course, it's good. Now I can have a bf, right?

11-26-2005, 06:46 PM
I agree with Sugahbear...the holidays are a purrfectly acceptable time to invite DS new friend... heck perchance all these mysterious friends could come over for a holiday get least you can put some faces to the names and get a feel fer what they are like..

I like yer political rants toooo Kiwi.. yes I visited yer leetle bloggette..hmmm yer sounding a bit irritated today.. hope you are okay.

Sugahsnoofle: so glad yer mom is doing so well so soon after surgery...and men sheesh, they would be lost without us.. and the older they are and the longer yer married the more lost they get ! I know I'm not pronouncing this right.. but what is this Wineglue yer drinkin.. ???? Boobie is fine, a fine brown crusty line acrossed the naughty bit area is all....
DH and I spent 3 more hours raking again today.. it was loverly outside! All the Fall crap is down to make room for the Xmas crap.,that's as far as I got.... Dh fixed the fireplace... he's soo handy I am lucky..

11-26-2005, 06:54 PM
this is a hardship of being a single mom. I can picture these kids here all talking to each other and .. me. I need another adult to relate to while I'm being ignored by teenagers. After all, when DS saw me at the bookstore, he didn't speak to me, didn't introduce, just whispered to gf "that's my mom."

Peaches needs a man.

11-27-2005, 07:16 PM
Okay, I have to weigh in on this. DS needs to know that girls are impressed by boys who are polite, boys who value their families all that good stuff. And, if you invite kids over, you've definitely got to invite one of their mothers too! You don't want to be too outnumbered! I'd show up, but my holidays are so booked up, y'know....

Had a great time at puppy class today. Well, okay, maybe not a great time, but it was worthwhile. Still can't walk Jet without getting my arm pulled out of the socket, but we've got lots of stuff to work on so maybe that will come sooner or later. She can sit/stay, down (iffy on the stay), come, leave it, drop it (as long as you give her something better), give her paw, go in her pen. Leave it is the best thing. I don't let anyone wear it out, because so far she is really good about it. I don't tell her to Leave It with the recycling, not important enough. DH hates it when she chews on an envelope. Heh heh.

Must go make beef stew. In da pressure cooker. Quick and fast. Both. Ta


11-27-2005, 08:13 PM
It is sometimes awkward when the kids friends are over. Take the bull by the horns. Start sending regards when they are on the phone or online. Make him say, MY MOM SAYS HI. Then, invite her. When she comes, no matter who she is, no matter what she wears, no matter how inadequate and unworthy she is, like her. A lot. Since his school is so far away, I don't know how you'll have another mom over. Just be busy enough that they don't feel that they have to entertain you. But she'll want to get to know you, all girls want to know the boy's mother.
Oh, Shatz....your poor boob. Your boobs hang into your cooking????? Whew.
How Raquel!
Sugar, poor Mummy. She is amazing, though. Up steps already- no wonder your dad is lost.
DD has a new job. She is working at Aeropostale. She started 10 days ago. Since then, all the managers have quit. Ach. Chaos. However the discount is great.
Kiwi, aren't puppies the best? I've never actually trained a dog. My dog now is so little and even tempered that we didn't have to train her at all. In the past I should have trained the dogs. Our biggest problem her is keeping them in the yard.
Speaking of yards....the leaves are killing me. I don't know why it can't come into style to have leaves on your front yard all year long.

I got the first season of "6 feel under" I've never seen it. I"m three episodes into it...I like it so far.

Have a good week.

11-28-2005, 02:15 PM
Ooooh Lush! I'm a 6 Feet Under fan. It's so quirky. and sorta morbid.

Yikes Schatzi! poor boobie. I used to have boobies that got tangled up in my cooking too, but I had a boobie bob 1 1/2 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Now I have stand alones.

Lush gives such good advice about meeting GFs. In my experience kids today usually travel in packs, so I've never had a problem meeting them. Then again my kids were definitely not shy and were social to a fault. Meaning they should have spent more time on their academics and less time on hanging with their friends. Can you have DS invite her over to do some kind of Christmas activity w/ you, like hanging lights or putting up your tree? ..... and yes, now you get a boyfriend.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, although it was lots of work for me. And just as we were sitting down to dinner, my new DIL's parents stopped by to visit, so I didn't feel comfortable knoshing down all my dinner in front of them. I ended up zapping my cold dinner after they left. Day after TG, my bil and sil from Texas came over and we ate leftovers, I went shopping on Saturday and on Sunday we had a birthday party to go to for my Great nephew's first birthday. We had Grandpa Jim ride with us and I didn't smash any of his fingers.

We had another rat sighting. DD saw one on the steps to the basement. We've put out poison in the basement and I have my doggies sleep in our bedroom with the door closed. I'm totally terrorized. Counting down 'til thursday exterminator appt.

Kiwi, Jett is more advanced in her training than my 10 yr old dog. I took both dogs for a walk at the new park across the street and they both were terrible. They do not heal, they do not stay, they jerk my arm out of the socket. I still love them, though. They're much better if I walk them individually, but I just don't have the heart to leave one of them home while the other gets to go for a walk.

Sugar, good that mummy is on the mend, sounds like she doesn't allow her self time for recuperating.

Dang. It's cold here today. Brrrr. :snowball:

11-28-2005, 08:04 PM
I see I'm being forced to talk to myself. This what I did this weekend to put my foot in my mouth 1) Asked DIL's mother if her hair was her natural color - what I meant to say is "good lord you have gorgeous hair color!" but it didn't come out that way. Instead she confessed that she was prematurely gray and her color came out of a bottle. 2) Told my nephew who is 25 that Grandpa Jim is not his biological Grandfather. He had no idea. He was asking me to outline all the uncles and aunts on DH's side of the family and when I said "well Gpa Jim had 2 and Grndma Evelyn had 2 and then they had 5 together and my nephew said in a very sad voice "you mean Gpa isn't my Dad's real father?" Geez. Why in the world would you not tell your kid that? Why let them find out by talking to a big mouthed aunt? 3) Said it will be fun to be a Gma because I can spoil the baby and then send her home to her parents. I said this to the Gma of a baby whos daughter still lives at home w/ the grandbaby and has no prospects of moving out any time soon.

And thats what I did to alienate as many ppl as possible last weekend.

11-28-2005, 09:40 PM
Well.... Wabby .... hmmmm .... I don't know if I've said here that I'm planning to go back to school. I'm deliberately not telling many people because I don't want to hear any discouraging remarks. ... I'll tell you though !!!!! LOL LOLLLLLSLS

11-29-2005, 08:54 AM
Wabby, Geez Louise.. I read that same "how to win friends and influence people" book" I hope that no one was overly sensitive as no malice was intended.
I set up our Christmas village Sunday always makes me smile ... Today it is raining a purfectly good day to go out shopping..Can't pass up the SALES !!!

11-29-2005, 02:00 PM
The sales are great, but the stores are so crowded. I'm doing a little on line shopping today. I hit Old Navy for my DD, and I'm perusing a Cuisinart Griddler for my DS because he's the cook in his new family. This kind of shopping is so easy on my feet. OK, back to Amazon for some book shopping.

Remember my cookie exchange party idea? well, my friend is having one, but it's on a night I can't make it. durn. She makes good nog.

11-29-2005, 02:34 PM
I ended up staying in today.. The rain is torrential.. but the wind is making it just les miserable to be out in.. I got as far as opening the garage door...and promptly hit the button to close it...So back into my comfy clothes.. and either a complete schlubby day or I'll find something to amuse me....I love to internet shop.. when stuff comes its like getting presents in the mail...

11-29-2005, 05:39 PM
Pssst! Schatzi!!! Where are your favorite internet shopping sites? It's an icky, rainy, blustery day here today too.

11-29-2005, 05:56 PM
So I was sitting here minding my own business reading posts and checking my hotmail, and I was assailed by one of those Lamisil ads where they lift up the toenail. Made me sick. Just thought I'd share. :barf: It was on hotmail of course, not here.

When she comes, no matter who she is, no matter what she wears, no matter how inadequate and unworthy she is, like her. A lot. So true. But really, maybe I'm just weird, but I have always liked every boy that DD has been interested in. Even the one with the makeup and the pierced tongue. I can't help it. If she can see something in them, so can I. I try not to tell her that too often, though. Well, it's hard not to say good things about the current guy; he's a gem.
Kiwi, aren't puppies the best? I've never actually trained a dog. My dog now is so little and even tempered that we didn't have to train her at all. Must be nice. Mine is still just awful on the leash, and at 26 lbs she's gotten quite powerful for a little puppy. I have to keep thinking of her as a little puppy, because she's got a whole lot of growing to do yet!
This what I did this weekend to put my foot in my mouth ....And thats what I did to alienate as many ppl as possible last weekend.Good for you. I hope they appreciate your candor. Or something :lol: Here, this'll make you feel better: When we were NY with some friends a couple of years ago, we were being shown around the city by the friend's brother, who is gay. He's a great guy and very affable, but I can't say that I know him all that well, and he's a lot younger than I am. So we're standing in a bookstore looking at some odd little book, and I point to something in it and say "that's so gay!" Then, not even knowing if he heard me, I feel compelled to cover it up by babbling something completely ******ed and blushing like a little girl. Yay me. I can only hope he merely thinks I'm a moron.

I'd be a little peeved if I had to put off Thanksgiving dinner, Wab. Good for you for being such a worthy hostess. We had ours at the SIL's house as usual, but it was a smaller group than usual. Just the grandparents, the 3 of us, SIL and nephew and his new wife. The other nephew is in Iraq, but everyone is very upbeat about it.

That was of course an early afternoon dinner (always, with my in-laws), so we decided on our way home that we should visit DD's bf's family who had suggested that we stop by for a drink. We went home first and called and ended spending the evening there having pumpkin soup and turkey sandwiches and my veggie tray and wine I brought. The bf's twin is an excellent cook and made the soup and 2 pies that we managed to scarf down as well. Was much fun. Very cool family. DD and the bf sat and held hands most of the time. Isn't that cute? Heehee

The school play is only 2 days away. I went to a performance they put on for the middle school. Got teary. Uhoh.


11-29-2005, 10:11 PM
lets see..of course Amazon, Jessica London for my fat business clothes, landsend for jeans, fleecie tops, pricegrabber to get the deals, oriental trader for fun kitchy party seen on tv..hsn...
that's some of them... this year I'm not doing nearly as much on line...

11-30-2005, 07:50 AM
just stopping by quickly to say HI GUYS!!!--- i am sure i will be here every day in January, but i have to strike while the iron is hot----i am certainly not accustomed to being this busy that is for sure----business is picking up quite a bit on the weekend,but the weekdays are better too-------I AM EXCITED FOR KIWI'S DD'S PLAY!!! needless to say,i am living vicariously through the grade twelve mothers,as i miss that so much----------------BREAK A LEG!!!!! ohh--i just got some gorgeous corduroy shirts from Lands End and i highly recommend them----very cozy and GREAT colours!

11-30-2005, 05:54 PM
I love those corduroy shirts. I have a creamy colored one that I would be wearing right now if it weren't in the wash :bb:

Get this: I feel like carp today and here's why: I got my period for the first time in about 3 months. :barf: I want my old body back. Well, I have my old body, I want my young body. This one sux.

Wish I could come visit your store and add to the chaos, Bagz. But I must soldier on and watch all those musical performances :s: Tomorrow night, opening night, I'll be backstage helping with costumes (and snapping photos of the kids).


11-30-2005, 07:45 PM
Poor Kiwi feeling like a carp! I guess you're in the peri, pre whatever phase now, huh? I can imagine the only thing worse than getting heavy periods with killer cramps every 28 days right on the dot is never knowing when you're going to get one and being surprised as heck. Hope ya feel better soon!!:hug:

I am trying to knit three scarves by next Tuesday. First attempts are looking a bit lumpy but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Tomorrow is December 1st! Got your Advent calendars ready?

Have I mentioned how fat I am? I must have gained about 7 lbs, but the weird thing is that I can still fit into my pants. A stretchy but tightish low rise (which on me is almost waist-high) pair of size 14 jeans fits OK, but that's because all the lard squishes out over the top of the waistband and hangs there for all the world to see. It's horrible. I think I'd much rather have a gaint butt. Or maybe not. Exercise my be on the agenda tomorrow.

12-01-2005, 10:14 AM
Peaches, I hear you about the going back to school. No one but my darling DH is supportive of me. At work I can't say anything because as soon as I do someone says something that means, once translated, that they think I'm a fool. But, here's how I look at it. We still have a long work life ahead of us. Our kids are about to leave and when they do, if we're not happy with what we're doing every day it is nobody's fault but our own. So you go! Don't listen to anybody.
Did I tell you that I've settled on surgical technology? It meets all of my criteria for my new job.
Yes, Kiwi, the "comes whenever it feels like it" time of life is a drag. I've come to the conclusion that white pants bring it on.
Wabby, you have me completely freaked out by these rats. I used to live in a farm-town that sold out to developers. The rats, who used to eat in the fields infested the town once the farmers stopped planting.
It looks like I'm off today. I'm tempted to go to the movies.

12-01-2005, 10:25 AM
Hope you are well... I wasn't boycotting. Really. The anti viral Norton stuff at my end was SO protective, I couldn't stand the waits for sites to show up... Oh, and I went to Kerrville with DH and DD for the Holiday....
Am vowing to combat the lumpy, lazy, lethargic attitude I've developed over the past 6 months.... HELP!

12-01-2005, 10:26 AM
I can't find my keys I can['t find my keys I can't find my keysyssysysysy

I have a pair of white white pants purchased on a cruise ship .. hardly ever worn .. I will be glad to send them to Kiwi to help her bring it on when she wants it.

surgical technology is something I have never heard of. It sound perfect. Will it give you time to post???

I neeeed mykeys.

12-01-2005, 10:29 AM
Last night I went to church because that lady who needs my knitting help needed it again. Then I went inside and sat with 3 women, 2 of whom are single. One had just been burglarized. She is living in fear. She and the other single woman proudly own guns which makes them feel better. I tried to tune all this out. The married one directly asked me if I live alone and said, "But you know how to take care of yourself, don't you?" I asked her what she meant and got no response. I went home a couple of minutes later as they were scaring the carp out of me.

Found my keys. You can quit worrying.

12-01-2005, 10:41 AM
Kiwi: Bleah! I am the Queen of Menopause, I graduated at around 30 to the tampon free phase of life. I do Not miss the wretched cramps and yet another pair of unnawear Ruined! Hope attending DDs play tonight picks ya up a bit.

Lush: Wise old sage ! I agree with you ! Interesting coincidence.. I had been looking at surgical technologist toooooo. My friend's son is going for it..he is lucky enough to be working at a hospital in an "apprentice" type role and the hospital is sponsoring him in school.

Bagz: Go forth and Multiply that bank account! Hope this is your most prosperous year yet.

Sug: I sport that popover/muffin look myself..I'm in a snug 16..
My hair affair is officially over. I went to see Mr Lyn yesterday just for a trim..but he had a cancellation so he was also able to color my roots.. then he flat ironed my hair.. It looks soooo very loverly and "hip" Finally the saga has ended! Dh pronounces it as one of the best styles/colors I've had...good to keep the old man happee.
Must get to my crafts ..obviously knitting not one of them.

12-01-2005, 03:50 PM
I have a pair of white white pants purchased on a cruise ship .. hardly ever worn .. I will be glad to send them to Kiwi to help her bring it on when she wants it.Dearest Peachie, if I could fit into a pair of your pants I would stop griping about my DAM self. :lol:

Oh, I'm so glad you found your keys, I was getting ready to call 911.

Congratulations on good hair, Schatzi.

I think surgical tech sounds parfait, Lush.

Good luck on all the knittin, everybody. I'm going to go shower and get over to the school. The kids were asked to be there at 4 for a 7 pm performance. Sounds like they'll just be burning up nervous energy and be exhausted by 7, eh? Or maybe not. Maybe just me will be exhausted. That's why I took a 3 hour nap today.



12-01-2005, 05:39 PM
Poor Kiwonk, that on again off again time of your life is disconcerting, isn't it? Hope that talented DD breaks a leg---

Schatz ---I'm so glad that somebody is having good hair days. Mine is too blonde and too brassy looking. Yech. It makes my bloodshot eyes look even more so.

Big news here, Cowsies----- today is Exterminator Day!!!!! yeaaaaaaahhhh!!!! He has set traps and put out poison stations and he "disposed" of a recently deceased critter. yech. Anyhoo the Interstate Pest Control man is my hero. He will be checking back in a week.

The popover/muffin style is my current look also. Who the h*ll thought up these low waisted jeans anyway? I've seen some pretty ugly examples of the style, on all ages.

Lovely Lush, I think going back to school is wonderful. You're my other hero (besides the pest control guy). Any naysayers are just stuck in the mud fuddy duddies.

Bagzie, you have the energy of 2 of me---you go girl!

Cowper, I always figured I'd be more likely to shoot myself than anyone else. I prefer the big dopey dog method of protection.

Painty, if you wait until January I might be interested in battling lethargy, but this month I'm going to concentrate on eating, drinking and merry making. :gift2:

12-01-2005, 06:14 PM

My first toast of the season:

Twas the night way b'for Xmas and all thru the house
Creatures were a stirrin and it twasnt a mouse
There's a RAT in my Kitchen, screamed Wabby -oh skeeved
a long pink tailed eatin'..that leetle thieve
so up on the bed Wabby did crawl, Dialin the 'sterminator them rats to leave
Old santa sterminator said ho ho ho
gonna costa days and money to make em go
Wabby the trooper she hung in so tight
I think the rats will loose this fight..

silly I know but I felt a need to be poetic... I think I must go and have a glass of wine now

12-01-2005, 07:06 PM
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SHATZI---YOU ARE HI LARRY ASSSSSS--- i have to go to my first Christmas party of the season----let's hope i don't get loaded.----i am jealous of kiwonk-----------------i will have to drink a lot to deal with it.

12-01-2005, 08:15 PM
:hat: teee-heee I think our Schatzi musta already had a glass o' wine..... or a bottle;) .... and now our Bagzi has been driven to drink.... and Cowsies, it ain't even Friday yet!!!!

12-01-2005, 08:45 PM

snap snap..oooh cabana boy: refresh my beverage...I'm a tad parched..

12-01-2005, 11:16 PM
time for someone to start a christmas cow thread!!!! back from the party,none the worse for wear-------------KIWONK---WE CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR HOW OPENING NIGHT WENT!!!!!!!!!--------------wabbsy------------i am getting excited for the new baby---exactly when is she due=====i forget the date

12-02-2005, 08:45 AM
Surgical Technologists do what scrub nurses used to do before nursing became an administrative job. I want to work in labor/delivery. I like kids before they can talk.
I always lose my keys. They are usually in the door.
Gap has called dd for a job. Should she leave Aeropostale? Gap has better clothes than Aeropostale- but they don't cost 5 bucks an item once the discount is in place. If Express is hiring, she is lost. Her paychecks rarely make it out of the mall.
I'm making a basket for my friends whose mom is going into the hospital on Monday. So far I have a pizza gift cert, chapstick, water, snacky stuff....I could use book suggestions. Light books that are so good that they won't want to put them down. Also, what magazines do you read. They are not fashion people....not so much home style people either.
I think I'll go to work. Bye..... Have a fun day!!!!!!

12-02-2005, 01:46 PM
Bagzie, my Grandbaby is due on February 21. I can't wait!:D My next door neighbor's daughter had twin baby girls yesterday, 6 weeks early - one weighs just over 4 lbs., the other is just under 4 lbs. Mama and babies are doing fine.

Lush - Good books that are easy read and you don't want to put them down - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. He's written a series of them. Magazines I read - hmmm, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, and that's about it. I really don't read them either. They come to my house, and I throw them out after a couple months. Working in labor and delivery would be so much fun Lushy, I bet you'll be great at it.

Tonight is cookie exchange party at my friends house. I have my cookies made, and I'm ready for some imbibing..... Schatzi has a head start....Saturday nite is bunco so I'm sure I'll catch up with her. :hat:

Hey everybody! there's a party on a new thread!