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11-18-2005, 10:11 AM
:carrot: Phew! After losing only 3 lbs. in 5 dreadful weeks, I added protein this week. I did not cut down carbs. I just added protein, having read that people lifting regularly should do so. I avoided it before because I am not thrilled with protein powders, but caved and have daily smoothies (or schoopies, as my kids call them) with the powder. Just that little change broke right on through my plateau and put me at my second mini-goal (as seen in sig) today!!! YEAH! It has been a tough month, but I finally feel some achievement through it all.

This is also the first time in my life that I have not quit during a plateau. Wow! I wish I had known a long time ago that you can actually get THROUGH a plateau and keep losing. I might not be here now. :dizzy:

11-18-2005, 10:29 AM
Congrats on doing so well!!

11-18-2005, 10:32 AM
Great job, Paula! Plateaus are the worst, but if we keep on doing what we're supposed to do, we *will* break through eventually. Congrats!

11-18-2005, 10:46 AM
Congrats on reaching your mini-goal!!!

11-18-2005, 10:56 AM

11-18-2005, 01:07 PM
WTG Paula. That is so awesome :bravo: You are right, many people do give up when a plateau rolls around.

11-18-2005, 01:22 PM
Good for you. I am glad to say I have never had to deal with that. Other than maybe a week at a time. I know Kimberley has though. I applaud you for making it through. That has to be hard.

11-18-2005, 02:46 PM
Congratulations! It's always a great feeling to get through a plateau safely and come out the other side.

11-18-2005, 03:14 PM
Thanks everyone. Believe me...if I can push through a plateau -- anyone can. I am the queen of plateau quitting!

11-19-2005, 12:00 PM
Great job Irish! I know how hard it is to break through those plateaus!

11-19-2005, 01:21 PM
congrats on getting through the plateau. You figured it out and did what you had to do :)

11-19-2005, 04:25 PM
Congratulations!! It's tough breaking through a plateau, and so many people give up. Way to go!!

11-19-2005, 08:06 PM
Hitting a plateau can be so disheartening. Well done for sticking with it, Paula,and coming out the other side. :cp: It's a lesson for us all.

Amanda Panda
11-20-2005, 06:03 PM
Your plateau of 3lb in 5 weeks sounds like heaven to me - mine has been no loss at all for nearly 8 weeks!! :rollpin: Your protein theory sounds interesting - does it have to be a protein shake, or can you just up your protein in general??

Congrats on sticking with it and coming through the other side - I hope I can join you soon!

Love Amanda x

11-20-2005, 07:07 PM
Oh my Amanda -- that IS tough. Good for you for sticking with it.

What I had read is that upping your protein when you are doing resistance training consistently will help lose weight. I had tried doing it through foods alone and could not get it high enough. I don't think this will be helpful unless you are doing strenuous resistance workouts regularly. If you aren't, it is not ahrd to start adding some, though. You can even do them without any weights -- jsut pushups, squats, lunges, etc. Good luck.

11-21-2005, 02:54 AM
Way to go, Irish! I'm really tickled for ya!