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11-14-2005, 12:04 AM
Hello! I am 42 yrs old, married for 21 yrs and have 2 sons 13 and 16. I have been a member of 3FC for quite awhile but haven't found time to really post regularly for the past yr. Since that time, I have regained almost all of the weight I lost when I came here originally. :( My highest weight ever was 256 but last June I was down to 189. I am back up to 220!!! :o I know that a huge percentage of my earlier success came directly from the support, motivation and accountability I found here. I belonged to a thread with several wonderful ladies who posted regularly for a couple of years then one by one we all got busy with other things and posting became a rarity. I am ready to recommit not only to 3FC but to getting back on track with my eating and exercise. I would love to have others join me. Anyone interested??

11-14-2005, 12:59 AM
Welcome! I just wanted to let you know that you will find the support & motivation you need here on this board! and if you ever need an extra push or a kick in the pants, let me know and I'll be here for you! :)

11-14-2005, 01:26 PM
Hey, not much time to chat now. Just a little background info. I'm 42 also, 5'6, and 188 pounds. I think I'm going through the change already because of hot flashes and lack of periods. I don't know if this is the cause of my weight gain or my 3rd shift job, but I don't like it!! I need some accountability too. Maybe we can help each other. Gotta go carpool now. Talk later.

11-15-2005, 12:21 AM
Thanks Sunny, I'll take you up on that! I'll need that kick in the pants regularly I"m sure. And being the good buddy I am, I promise to return the favor when needed. :D

Sharilyn, from the sound of your post, you stay busy like me. Makes it hard to find time to get in here but I am determined to get back on track. I know support and motivation from others like us will be a great help. It's worked in the past and I know it'll work again. Let's really do this ok?


11-15-2005, 10:37 PM
Hi my name is Mary. I am brand new to 3fc and I am just learning how to navigate the site. I am ready to lose weight and thought it was great that you had success in the past when you utilized this web site. I now have about 60 lbs. to lose and am ready to get started. Would love to be your buddy.

11-16-2005, 09:04 AM
Welcome Emjay :) 60 lbs would put me pretty close to my goal also so I'd love for you to join me here! I think you'll love this site. It has lots of information but what helped me the most was the accountability of having a close group of friends here that would encourage me when needed, praise me when I did well, and give the occasional "cyber kick" when it was deserved also. We got to know each other really well, not only concerning our weight issues but other issues in life as well. I am hoping for that experience again. I'm sad that my other group has one by one lost contact over the last year but I know there are lots of great people still here! I"m excited to get started on this journey once again.

At this point, I have yet to get my eating under control, but I am walking 2 miles each morning before work..around 6 a.m. I want to increase that but mostly I need to work on my eating habits. My husband has been researching "Fit for Life". Ever heard of it? I had never heard of that program but he's interested in us giving that a try. He's buying the book this weekend so we'll see if it's something I think I could live with.

When you have time, please tell the rest of us something about yourself. I'm glad you joined our group and hope you find 3FC as helpful as I did in the past. We're all in this together and everything is always easier when you dont have to do it alone.

I better hit the shower before I'm late for work. ( I work at a bank, by the way) I'll try to check in again tonight. Have a good day!



11-16-2005, 11:56 AM

Currently I am unemployed so I have absolutely no excuse for not losing weight. I know how hard it is to work outside of the home and find extra time for excercise and meal planning let alone everything else you have to do. I have been walking 3 miles twice a week with a friend. However I live in a colder state and we are getting our first snow fall of the year today so I fear outside walking is done now. So I busted out my Leslie Sanstone walk away the lbs. tapes and did a mile yesterday and a mile today. I hope to continue that everyday so if you hear me making an excuse as to why I can't do it kick me in the butt. It takes less than 20 minutes. Oh yeah, I'm going to salsa dance lessons tonight (great excercise). Better with a partner though and my husband won't go. He is not as supportive as I would like him to be, mostly because he has never had a weight problem and his profession is very physically demanding and is all the excercise he thinks he needs. It is great that your husband is as motivated as you are. I have not read the book you mentioned let me know if it is good.

I lost 70 lbs. about 8 years ago and have gained all but about 5 of it back. I attribute that weight loss to Susan Powter's book "Stop the Insanity". I know she is thought of as radical or crazy but I found what she had to say made perfect sense and her eating plan was kind of easy. I'm thinking of doing it again. I did weight watchers but found that way too restrictive and it made me think about food all of the time. What else have you tried?

Oh yeah, I'm 34, married, and have no children. Sorry this was quite lengthy. Hope to hear from you soon. Emjay...

11-16-2005, 09:07 PM
Hi again ladies :)

Hope you all had a nice day. I actually did pretty well with my eating for a change. I was running late as usual so there was no time for breakfast. For lunch, I had a Diet Dr Pepper and a roasted chicken sandwich from Subway. Tonight although the family had fried bacon sandwiches which smelled soooo good, I fixed me some broccolli, cauliflower, and carrot stir fry. I drank water with that.

I walked my 2 miles this morning and I think we walked faster than usual. Yesterday morning, it was almost 70 degrees already at 6 a.m. but this morning it was in the 30's. :eek: Had to walk fast to keep warm. I walk with my sister and she isnt going to be able to go tomorrow or Friday. I know I'll never go alone, but I am going to TRY to make myself go ahead and get up anyway and use my XL GLider (airwalker type exercise thing) for at least 30 mintues. We'll see how that goes.

I'm excited about coming here. Looks like we've already got a great bunch for a good support system.

Emjay, I've never done salsa dancing. Sounds fun! In answer to your question, I've never really done any specific diet plan. If I think about doing without fats, or carbs or anything for that matter, I automatically think I'll just die without it. Crazy I know. All I've ever really done is to just cut back period or count calories. That's what I did when I was here before and I lost about 50 lbs between Oct and April of that year. I also used my Air Walker alot. When I started I could only make it 5 minutes and eventually worked up to doing it an hr at a time. I'm going to TRY to make it 30 min tomorrow but I know that wont be easy for me now. I'm disgusted that I've let myself go the way I did. Very depressing. :(

Sharilynn and Sunny, hope to hear from ya'll soon. Let us know how you're doing.

Sorry this was so long, but I am sooo excited to be here and to feel motivated once again! :carrot:

Bye for now

11-17-2005, 12:12 AM

Have fun on your air walker. I didn't make it to salsa lessons, the first snow turned into a blizzard (tretcherous driving conditions). Walk away the lbs. for me tomorrow morning. I am also going to make a conscious effort to eat healthfully. I am like you, crave carbs and sugar and feel as though I could not live w/o them. Everything in moderation usually works best anyways. I need the accountability. Do you think that the weight tracker on this site is a good motivator from your past experiences? I may do that if I can get past admitting my weight, yikes... Well have a great Thursday. Talk to you soon.


11-17-2005, 02:01 PM
:dizzy: I'm at work so this will be short. I didnt admit my weight on here for a long time when I first joined. Nobody in our group did. But then we all got to know each other and decided to just go for it. So we all posted our weights AND our measurements!! :o It was horrifying to see my measurements in public. It actually was cool tho as we all kept on the journey of losing and were able to repost them as we lost some. It was surprising to see the progress. Sometimes there was no actual weight loss by the scale but the inches were gone. Even when someone didnt lose weight or inches for a long time, there was just so much encouragement from everyone else that we all kept posting. We made a deal that no matter how we did, good or bad, we'd be honest with each other so we could get the support we needed whether it was a scolding or a pat on the back. (never really got a scolding, just the occasional kick in the rear..haha) The tracker things werent available at that time or I dont remember them and I havent taken time to find out yet how to use them. They do seem neat tho on the posts of others that I have seen.

I managed to do 20 minutes on the Air walker. I wanted to do more but time didnt permit. I am ALWAYS running late in the mornings. :dizzy:

Well, this wasnt so short after all. I better get off here and get to work.

Have a great day! :D

11-18-2005, 09:16 AM
Sounds like the group you chatted with here last time was very supportive. That is great, no wonder you were so supportive. I am going to Chicago for the weekend so I'm not sure if I will be able to check in much if at all. But on Monday I plan on doing that weight tracker. I really don't want to gain weight over the holidays, actually I'd love to lose weight over the holidays but would be happy if I stayed the same.

I actually controlled my eating fairly well yesterday, while some friends I was with had some nice comfort food for lunch I went with a modest salad, and was satisfied. That is unlike me, I was proud of myself. I hope to eat decent this weekend and exercise in the hotels fitness room. Its a girls weekend so I should be able to find time for it.

Well I need to keep this short I have a lot to do before I leave today. Keep excersising (is the weather nice there?)! Have a great weekend if I'm unable to talk to you.


11-18-2005, 11:03 PM
Talk about frustrating! I had just typed about 3 paragraphs when somehow my page went away. I hit "back" hoping to get back to it but the whole thing was gone. :mad:

Good for you on choosing the better lunch yesterday! That's a success in itself! Keep it up..I need the inspiration!

Healthwise this wasnt a great day for me. I had fried deer steak and mashed potatoes/gravy tonight plus I havent done any exercise. Tomorrow we are supposed to take friends out to dinner to repay plumbing work the guy did for nothing...wouldnt accept any payment. That and the holidays practically being here already make it seem a bad time to try to change eating habits. I might not lose weight during the holidays, but like you, I do NOT want to gain any. Bad thing for me is that since my parents are divorced, we have Thanksgiving with hubby's parents, my mom and then my dad all at 3 different times during the week. I honestly would like to just skip them all but feelings would be hurt so I just have to try to keep the eating moderate.

I plan to get in some exercise tomorrow before we go out to eat. It is nice here right now. Low 30s early in the morning with highs in the 50-60 range and sunny during the day. It's perfect for walking.

A Girl's Weekend sounds like fun. I have 3 sisters and last summer all 4 of us went for a weekend without the husbands and kids and we had a blast. Hope you enjoy yours.

Well, I better run. My 16 yr old son is playing in a playoff football game tonight and we weren't able to get off work in time to make it to the game. (it's 5 hrs away) The game is on the radio and I want to be sure to pay attention in case they say his name. This is their 2nd playoff game...not sure how many more they have to win to make it to state but they won their first one last week 42-6 after being picked to only win by one point. Josh is a sophomore and lettered this year already so we're thrilled.
Just SICK that I am not there to cheer him on.

Have fun this weekend and I'll check in again probably Sunday.

Sharilynn and Sunny, hope things are going well with ya'll. Have a great weekend!


11-20-2005, 04:19 PM
Hi there. I'm not really sure how this buddy up thing I just post in this message thread? Hmm..Well, I will start by telling you all a bit about myself...

I started TOPS on September 24, 2003. I weighed 247.5 pounds, I am 5 feet 8 inches so that is overweight. I lost weight very quickly at first, due to the fact that I was delivering the daily paper, and that took me an hour and a half each day. I started on the slim fast diet as well. I lost 16 pounds in less than 2 months, but then after that I gained 10 of that back. In the last 2 years I have lost a total of 35 pounds, but did do some gaining. I am currently at 217 pounds. My goal is 170 pounds.

I go to the gym as often as I far it's been 5 out of 7 days, so my physical level has greatly improved. My eating is PRETTY GOOD but I do have my bad days. I keep a food journal. For the most part, I write in as I eat but usually I do plan a day or 2 in advance so that if I'm hungry I'm not standing there at the fridge and/or cupboards trying to find something. This way, I just go to my meal plan and I know what I wrote down.

I have 2 girls. One is 7, and the other is turning 4 in a month. They keep me fairly busy. I am trying to set a good example to them by going to the gym, and eating healthy. They see this and I'm hoping it is going to rub off on them soon. My husband on the other hand...well, he's gaining the weight as I lose it lolol He eats a chocolate bar, sometimes more, every day.

Anyway, that is a bit about me. So, I'm not sure if this group is the right one for me but I need some buddies to keep me on track so I don't lose my focus.

11-20-2005, 09:33 PM

My girls weekend was fun. I ate so-so and did not utilize the fitness room in the hotel but we did spend most of Saturday walking a huge mall in Chicago. I guess that counts for something.

Did your son win his game? Even if he didn't that is an awesome acheivement.

Does your husband deer hunt? Mine hunds avidly. We don't eat venison though, neither one of us like it. Too bad because I know it is better for you than beef. We give it all away. Good for you for eating it even if it was fried.

I have two Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving. I plan on eating only the things I really like and skipping the rest. Good luck to you w/ your gatherings. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and write it down and challenge myself not to gain thru the holidays. Talk to you soon.


Good for you it sounds like you are off to a great start with your weight loss. Your goal is getting closer. I think you will really like this buddy system here. I just joined last week and feel very good about it. It's especially nice if you don't have tons of support at home. My goal weight is 170 too so we have something in common. Are you still doing TOPS? I've considered doing that in the past. Sounds like you like to excersice, I do to. It is just fitting it in that gets in the way sometimes. Hope to hear from you soon.


11-20-2005, 11:18 PM
:welcome: Shawna! We would love to have your join our group. Sounds like you are off to a great start already. 5 days at the gym and journaling're definitely on the right track. Hopefully you can help motivate me and Emjay! I am just under 5 ft. 8 myself and I would be thrilled to be 160-170 lbs so looks like we all that in common.

I didnt do so well with my eating this weekend PLUS I didnt exercise Saturday or today. :sorry: Starting on hubby's new diet plan tomorrow tho. He's been reading the book "Fit for Life". Basically you eat only fruit until noon every day. At lunch and supper, you have either a protein and veggies OR a starch and veggies but not a proten and starch in the same meal. For example, I can have a chicken breast, steamed veggies and a salad OR I can have a baked potato, steamed veggies and salad but I CANT have chicken breast with a baked potato. Can't have 2 starches and 2 proteins in same meal. They recommend 20 minutes of brisk walking or comparable exercise a day, but I'm going to do more than that. Normally I walk 2 miles each morning unless my sister cant go with me and then I use my XL GLider instead.

We're both going to weigh and take our measurements in the morning. I think it's going to be cool to have him doing this with me. They tell you to have one "free" day so Thursday will definitely be our free day this week. I still am going to try not to overdo it because it would be awesome to lose weight during a holiday week. :dancer: (altho I'd settle for at least just not gaining!)

Emjay, glad you had a fun weekend. I think walking at the mall counts for sure as exercise..I know when I do that I'm even more tired sometimes than if I had exercised for an hour or two. My son's team didnt win. :( They did great the first half and were ahead 13-12. Dont know what happened after that but they lost 52 to 26!! :shrug: Josh made 3 tackles though which was exciting. My husband does not hunt but he's one of the very few men in this area who doesn't. My sister and all of her family hunts so that's where we get the venison.

I cant remember if I've told much about myself here before but if not, here's a brief summary of me:
I am 42, married for 21 yrs (half my life lol), have 2 sons, one is 16, the other will be 14 in January. I work at a bank where I worked for 13 yrs, then quit to work at my kids's school for 3 yrs, than went back to the bank. (during the 3 yrs I still filled in some at the bank during school breaks and summer so it wasnt like I ever totally quit) We live in a small town in Arkansas, and most of our time revolves around work and the kids.

Well, It's after 9 pm and I still need to iron before bedtime. Guess I better get off and get things finished up around here. Ok girls...tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week...Let's all stay on plan and come back with a positive report! :cheer:


11-21-2005, 05:16 PM
Hey guys, I'ld like to join your group, can you use one more, I am trying to lose 50 pounds, wow just typing it in gives me chills, I have always been a little over weight but gained alot the past few years, that is because I just tried to deny it and ignore it, but everyone else could sure see it, anyway, I have never been more serious about just eating right and getting healthy, because I don't feel very healthy lately and cant do much without getting tired. I joined Tops 6 months ago, didn't bother to show up much till 3 weeks ago, but since then I have lost 5 pounds, and since i have got on here I have learned soooo much, and got sooo much support
I also need accountablity, I owe it to my self, so lets work together and Do this for OURSELVES.

11-21-2005, 07:19 PM
Hey girls,

Well here it is, my pre Thanksgiving weight. 234 lbs. That was hard. But I'm on a mission to not gain any weight during the holidays. Please remind me if I forget to report my January 1st weight as well. Today went okay food wise, could have been better though and I haven't excercised yet. But I'm hoping to do my walk away the lbs. tape before I go to bed. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Lynda, Of course we have room for another. I could use an army to help me get my weight off. Congratulations on the 5 lbs. I would love to lose 5 lbs. And then another 5 and then another 5. I hope we can all do it together.

Talk to you soon, emjay

11-21-2005, 11:51 PM
Hi again :)

Well, I am pleased to say I just finished 40 more minutes on my AirWalker! With the 20 this morning, that makes an hour..Yeahhh :cb:

Tonight I had a big salad of lettuce, tomato, carrots, cabbage, black olives and Fat free ranch dressing. With it, I had a bowl of rice. (weird combination I know lol) Wanted the salad but wanted something filling also.

I'm really excited to have ya'll here!! It's sooo much easier to stick with something when you have someone to talk to about it all. (Hubby's doing the diet with me I know but nothing beats girl

Emjay, admitting your weight is a big start toward reaching your goal! Wasnt easy for me the first time either. My husband knows mine now but I wouldnt tell even him for YEARS!!

Well, once again I still have to iron for tomorrow. Better get off here for now. Cant wait to see how we all make it through Thanksgiving but until then, Let's all work HARD ok?

Bye for now

11-22-2005, 11:20 AM
TOPS last night....argh!!

Down half a pound. I was down 3 last week. So, a total of 4 pounds in 2 weeks...not to bad. It wasn't what I wanted but it wasn't a gain. I have been working my BUTT off and to see the needle go down only half was discouraging...but it didn't go up so I need to keep that in my mind.

11-22-2005, 11:55 AM
Hi My Name Is Brandy And I Have A Lot More Then 50 Pounds To Lose But Dont Always Look At Just The Pounds I Bet You Are Losing Alot Of Inches With All The Hard Work You Are Putting In. Im Not Formally In Any Group As Of Yet But I Have Read Your Post And Think You Guys Are Doing Really Great. I Need To Keep A Journal And Im Already Back With The Excercising And Cutting Back On The Food. Anyways I Just Wanted To Give A Little Credit Where Credit Was Do And Keep On Losing... Brandy

11-22-2005, 01:36 PM
Hello everyone!

Thanks for dropping by Brandy and we'd love to have you join us regularly if you'd like. :)

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm at work so not so great lol. (jk) Only have a minute to post. I did that 40 min on my AirWalker last night so that I could sleep in this morning, but then instead of doing that, I actually did 20 more minutes of exercise this morning. Definitely not what I would have done 2 weeks ago!

Shawna, 4 lbs in 2 weeks is a good pace. I hope I do that well. Remember, taking it off slow is actually more healthy. I've seen people lose it really really fast, and Man, sometimes it ages them doing it so fast! (of course most of the ones I know that did it exceptionally fast used drugs of some kind to get that result)

Emjay, I have those walk away the lbs tape. I really like them.

Lynda, keep up the good work of going to that gym. We dont have a TOPS around here. (or anything else for that matter...its a small town)

Well, better get to work. Just wanted to check in.
Have a good day ya'll!


11-22-2005, 01:43 PM
Ok, scratch that remark about going to the gym, Lynda....I thought that's what TOPS was... :lol: A co-worker just corrected me. :shrug: But she says TOPS is a good program so Still keep up the good work! :D

11-22-2005, 03:16 PM


11-22-2005, 03:55 PM
Welcome Brandy,

I don't think you have to do anything in particular to join our group except join in. That is what I did last week anyways.


Congratulations on the half pound weight loss. Don't get discouraged, some weeks are better than others when it comes to weight loss. And it usually has nothing to do with what you are doing but with how your body is adjusting. I noticed that alot when I went to WW. Plus it is so much better than gaining a half a pound.


You are doing awesome with your excercise routine. Keep up the good work. :carrot:

I did my WATP tape last night, I'm only doing 1 mile right now but trying to do it everyday. I bought the 2 mile one this morning and will do that today. I plan on doing the 3 mile one on Thursday (I'll need all the help I can get on that day).

Talk to you all soon.

Emjay (

11-22-2005, 04:14 PM
I'm new to the site but boy reading all your posts makes me see that I"m not struggling alone out here.

My weight has been an issue of mine my entire life. Yet i look back at pics when I was younger and geez, how I'd love to look like that. Well now here I am with 50 lbs to lose and I was working hard at it and had lost 20-25 lbs but, I've now gained it all back. I was doing the Walk away the pounds tapes but after a daily routine over 3 months of the same tape it quickly got montonous and boring which quickly lead to not getting out of bed to do the tapes. And getting up at 4:30 each morning to exercise, I'm in serious need of something enjoyable. Course for me, is any exercise enjoyable????

Any event, I'd like to join in your posts.

I also joined another thread of the 30 something with 30 something to lose. I'm 37, barely 30 something anymore :( As I said in that thread, I"m so depressed, just hate me and hate the fact that I"m getting nothing but older and never gonna be the happy person that I so badly want to be. I love to eat, it's the one thing that does make me happy yet the one thing that makes me happy is the very thing that causes me to hate myself even more. My husband tells me time and time again until I learn to like me, within, that it doesn't matter what I weigh. I've lost weight several times in the past, only to gain it back again.

Any event, it's comforting to read your posts and see I"m not alone with my frustrations and the turmoils of a weight issue.

Well, I'm at work, I'd better get going...........


11-22-2005, 09:38 PM
:wel3fc: Glad you decided to join us Debbie. I can totally relate to what you said...I too love to eat, then get sooo mad at myself after doing it! Vicious cycle I stay on. But together, this group is going to break that cycle. :strong: I just know it.

Brandy, all you have to do to be a part of our group is post post post. We need all the motivation and support we can get and hopefully we can give some back in return. :)

Emjay, way to go with your WATP tape. I should dig mine out for variety instead of getting stuck on one thing.

Shawna and Lynda, hope you did well today. Post when you can.


11-23-2005, 08:28 AM
I Have Kept Up With The Excercise And Trying To Keep Up With The Water Intake I Need. Im Just So Tired And Depressed Also But I Know That I Can Do This. And I Know All Of You Can Help Me With What Needs To Be Done. Im Low On Cash Right Now So I Have Not Bought Any Of The Watp Tapes Do You Guys Enjoy Them And Can You Do Them Indoors? Anyways All Of You Have A Good Morning...

11-23-2005, 08:44 AM
I have WATP 1 mile get up and get started, 2 mile high calorie burn and 3 mile super fat burning which all uses the weighted balls. Luckily my mother-in-law had bought it and wasn't using so I got from her. These are the tapes I had used faithly every day, sometimes twice a day for probably 3-4 months earlier this year. I do believe I was firming up and I had lost a good 20 lbs; however along came summer and bordem with the tapes so I haven't used them and now I find when I go back to try to use them, I'm just irritated with them because it's the same old jokes, same old laughs, same old expressions, etc. A girl at my work had the WATP express tapes so I borrowed and copied :o them. they use the stretch band, again they're ok, I just can't get back in the groove of using them, bored with the same old moves. No matter the tape seems you do the same moves/routine. BUT...........I have them out again today and I'm gonna try to do the 3 mile with the weighted balls. I just need to get past the bordem and realize it's for a good cause and I do feel less guilty after I've done them, guess I don't hate myself as much because I feel like I've done something good.

I want to look today and see what other tapes she might have. Does anyone else know any good tapes?

Today, being home is gonna be a tough day for me. I seem to do ok at work with my eating, but it's like I"m home, not having to put on any "front" so I comfort with food and sleep.

Hope everyone has a good day :)

11-23-2005, 09:17 AM
hey girls how is everyone doing this morning, just getting ready for work, yuk, oh well can't be helped. See we have lots of new people joining the group. WELCOME ALL. Will have more time later to chat just wanted to stop by and say hi.
Brrrr. sure is getting cold here

11-23-2005, 10:51 AM
Hi all,

I kind of get bored with the WATP tapes too. But I was walking out side during the summer and not doing them so it seems kind of new again. I feel so much better physically and guilt wise after I have completed them that I just try to block out what they say. It is almost easy enough to follow along with that you could probably turn down the volume on the TV and turn on some motivating music. I also have the windsor pilates tape. I have never done them religiously enough to notice a big difference, but I do know that they are great for the abs because after the first time I did the 10 min tape I really felt as though I worked my abs. A lot of the celebrities do it so it probably works good. Too slow paced for me though I like the activity of the WATP. Oh yeah Watp is done inside in front of you television.

More later, Emjay

11-23-2005, 11:11 PM
Hi everybody :)

Well, I only made it 15 min on my Air Walker this morning. The batteries went dead in my portable CD player and I just cannot make myself do it without the music. I guess 15 min is better than nothing though, and I went at lunch and bought more batteries.

Last night I had chicken sauteed with bell pepper and onions with corn on the cob and a salad. Had fruit for breakfast this morning again and homemade soup for lunch. Tonight I had more homeade soup and a big salad. For a snack today, I had baby carrots dipped in Fat Free Ranch dressing. So far so good...wasnt boss kept offering to treat us all for ice cream or sundaes or whatever we wanted. I kept saying, "Nooo...I am NOT eating that stuff!" He kept saying, "Yeah'll want some." Well, that definitely made me determined to stick with it just to prove I could do it. (to be honest, he doesnt need it either..he needs to lose more than I do..haha)

It's so cool to see how much our group has grown in just a week! I love reading everyone's posts. All of you are inspirational to me...thanks!

Has anyone ever tried the Tamilee Webb's "I Want That Body" exercise tape? My sister and I did it back when we both lost before. At first we didnt feel like it was doing anything. It lasts 30 min but it literally only felt like 10 minutes! We loved the workout. The first time we did it, we thought it was just intermission and the thing was already over. Now that's my kinda workout for sure. You need 2-5lb weights to use with it, but it really works. We didnt realize how much until we quit using it for awhile then took our measurements again. We both were several inches bigger in a very short time even though we still walked and were eating right. We didnt gain weight, just inches. We figured out that we could lose with the walking and eating right, but that workout with the light weights really firmed everything. I need to get up the energy to try that one again.

Well, tomorrow is the big day, the big "test" I guess to see how much I overdo it. I am going to be realistic..I know I'm going to eat things I dont need. I will probably also eat more than I need, BUT Friday is right back on program. I also plan to exercise before I go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving. (Saturday noon and night are two more "thanksgivings" we have to attend...dreading having 3 but once again, on Sunday, I'll be on program again until Christmas. I am going to try hard to only moderately indulge myself during these holiday meals. I'll let you know how that goes.

How often are ya'll going to weigh yourselves? That's another problem I have. I tend to get obsessed with the scale when I'm trying to lose. I am constantly wanting to check my progress. I think I'm going to weigh every Monday. The biggest weigh-in will be January 1 to see how I really did throughout the entire holiday season.

Maybe in January, for the new year, we can all come up with some challenges to do together. Like not eating after 6 or drinking our 8 glasses of water, etc. Just an idea.

I guess I better get off here for now. Have a fruit salad to make for tomorrow. (not a diet one either :p ) Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.



11-24-2005, 11:03 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I went to country line dance lessons last night. Dancing is such wonderful excercise and a lot of fun too. I've decided to stick w/ the line dancing and skip the salsa because salsa almost requires a male partner. I have a few friends that will attend the lessons every Thursday night. Our only obstacle will be weather. We are have a blizzard today, a chance of 6 to 12 inches of snow before tonight. Yikes!

I have two dinners to go to today, I'm going to try not to overdo it. I feel very motivated to lose weight so I think I can do it. Good luck to everyone else too!

Miki - I plan on weighing in on Tuesdays. I can't wait to see the scale start going down. I have a friend that weighed 100 lbs. more than me and she has been going to WW (also going thru a divorce) and has lost over 80 lbs. Watching her get smaller is very motivating for me. I have not heard of that Tamilee webb tape but I will be looking for it now. I also can't wait to see how well your new eating plan works, it sounds like you are sticking to it quite will. Good for you.

Well I need to sign off - tons to do. Emjay

11-24-2005, 05:55 PM
I did it!!! I dragged my butt to the gym today. I think I worked out for about half hour on the machines and then I did my abs...2 sets of 10 of everything that I was doing. Siiiiigh. I wish losing weight happened just as fast as GAINING weight. hehe

11-24-2005, 06:56 PM
Well, we just got home from my Dad's. I did eat too much but I didnt overeat as much as I normally would have. I wore pants that were already tight before I went, so I felt miserable pretty quick. It made me feel like I ate a ton of food but when I got home and out of those pants, I felt fine. Guess that's a pretty good trick...if you wear something tight, you honestly can't comfortably eat very much more than normal. (oh yeah, I skipped desserts..only had the other stuff, just plenty of it)

I didnt get to exercise. I was just stepping onto my AirWalker this morning when my mother, my mother-in-law and then my sister all called. I was on the phone so long there was no time left to get my exercise in before having to get ready. Kinda put me in a bad mood because I really really wanted to get that done before eating lunch. My husband told me I needed to try not to be so rigid with things like that and not let it ruin my day just because I missed my exercise, but I dont consider exercising once a day "rigid"..Plus I know wouldnt take but missing a day or two for me to be back out of the habit. I am going to TRY to get it done before bedtime. I refuse to get out of this habit.

I hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving Day.

Way to go, Shawna!!!:ebike: You'll be seeing those lbs go down faster than you think if you keep up that gym workout!

Emjay, don't ya just hate having 2 on the same day? That's how we'll be here on Saturday. One is bad enough temptation. Line dancing with friends sounds like wont even think of it as exercise, just fun. Congrats to your friend who lost 80 lbs..that's great. I'm envious.

No cool weather here today. It was high 60s and sunny. We sat outside most of the afternoon after everyone was finished eating. The kids played football etc. I joined in basketball for a very few minutes but I was too full to keep up for long. ( I have 3 sisters who all have kids and my stepmom has 4 sons, 3 of which have kids so there's a big group at all holidays) We're kinda like the Brady Bunch and except instead of 6 kids there are 8. We didnt grow up all together tho because my parents didnt divorce until I was 21 yrs old.

Debbie, Lynda, and Brandy, hope to hear from ya'll soon.

Everyone remember...tomorrow is the day to get right back on track from our excess eating today ( at least mine was excessive) Even if we all eat well on Thanksgiving and again Christmas, if we stay moderate on all the other days, we should still be able to maintain or even LOSE by the end of the year.

Guess I'll go for now. My posts always look like I'm trying to write a book! Sorry, I just get all caught up with the excitement of losing this weight!:D


11-24-2005, 07:52 PM
It's me again:lol: Just trying to see if my new tracker turned out ok and shows up on here.

11-24-2005, 07:54 PM worked!:yes: :cp:

11-24-2005, 11:34 PM
Hello all,

I overate today too, who didn't right? It's Thanksgiving! I didn't eat as much as I normally would have though... I did my WATP tape this AM which I was very happy about. Yup, right back on the program tomorrow.

Miki, Breifly tell me how you got your tracker on your signature line. Thanks. Oh yeah and your idea about the challenges sounds great. I'd love to think of one that we could do thru the holidays that pertains.

Talk to everyone tomorrow!


11-25-2005, 01:35 AM
hello everyone
Hey Miki great idea on the tight pants, I have also been wearing my Jeans instead of my wonderful ol track pants, I have to feel uncomfortable to remind myself not to eat so much.
I feel for you US girls and guys, Hope you had a wonderfull Thanksgiving, know it was hard.
emjay keep up the line dancing, I use to do that, mmmm.... wonder if it is still available around here, you sure sweat up a storm doing that, I remember

Good for you Shawna going to the Gym, way to go GIRL!!!!!!

11-25-2005, 01:43 AM
hey WannaBe3 and Brandy hows it going ????
WannaBe3 what if you just crank up your favourite music cd and turn off the sound of your tape and go to town!!! this way you won't have to listen just watch, good luck
Good for you Brandi, KEEP UP THE WATER, and exercise I know about being tired believe me, I feel I live half my life being tired, it really sucks, but I hear others telling me IT WILL get better, so I keep going, we can do it together

11-25-2005, 01:45 AM
golly I am back again, I just love this place, I just wanted to tell everyone I weighed in tonight at TOPS weight loss center, and I am down 1.5 pounds, more motivation, slowly paying off....

11-25-2005, 05:47 PM
Hello all! You guys all did so good with your eating, way to go!!:cp:

I have no one but myself to blame for my eating :ink: :yikes: I've got to just accept it and realize I can only do better tomorrow. My husband opted to work a 2nd shift for OT today and my son went home with my parents yesterday. this morning wasn't too bad, my husband and I went to get our Christmas tree. Ended up being a little more $$$ than had hoped but, am pleased to say he and I worked ok together (for once, ha) and got the 14' beast in the stand, in the house and now ready to be decorated. It's pretty cool how big it is, hopefully it'll fall out good and been a good pick. THEN...we ate leftovers......and I've pretty much been in bed ever since after lunch when he left for work.

Now I need to find some energy and do some house cleaning :tantrum: and maybe get some energy and do the 2 mile walk tape. I did manage to do the tape yesterday morning. Had my mom do it with me. I think maybe I'll get her one for Christmas. I'd really like to see my mom lose, she has been up/down her entire life and is probably 100 lbs over weight. She's a breast cancer survivor, 6 yrs I believe now, and has some other health issues and her drs are begging her to change her eating habits and lower her weight. I"d like to have her around for many more years, not to mention my son ADORES her!

Yes, I like the idea of putting on other music while doing the tapes. I was hoping to be able to play the tape and have the music come through on the dvd player but if I switch the auxillary to dvd/cd well then no picture appears on the tv screen as the tv is now searching for that input source. Whole thing is confusing and irritating and I'm not about to ask Brian to see if he can figure something else out on that mess because what it took to get it to work now was a nightmare. So I had thought about using my son's walkman and doing it, well gee after finding it, ain't it broke, grrrr. So.... that's on my Santa list, course I need a new cell phone so my husband sent me a link last evening of a couple new phones with mp3 players, that might be cool. Anyone heard, seen, used or know anything about them?

Ok, I've been procrastinating enough, plus my dogs are whinning for food, you'd think they'd be starving or something, gosh what a life!

Big Congrats again to everyone for keeping on track:bravo: I can only hope for a better day ahead.


11-25-2005, 10:52 PM
Ok, confession time:^: I have a few retractions to make concerning yesterday. Ok so I didnt have the desserts at lunch...welllll, I ended up going BACK to my Dad's and ate a huge piece of pecan pie!! Then I didnt feel like exercising so I didnt get any in at all except that few min of basketball.:( Planned on doing some before work this morning, but my son had twin friends over and they slept in the living room where my AirWalker is. I didnt want to wake them up so I didnt do it. (again) I still havent ruled out doing it tonight. Just have to see how the night goes. There are 3 people in my Dept at work, and today one was out of town and the other came in but 5 min later was sick and vomiting. I told her to GOOOO!! I didnt want that stuff! That meant I had it all to do by myself and I'm tired. 10 hr day and I never took a break once, not for lunch or anything. Did not have one bite of anything until I got home tonight around 6:30. (not that I needed it after yesterday!) Had my soup and salad again when I got home. It's not that I love soup so much, it's just that I made such a big batch that I've been eating on it for days.

The eating I did yesterday should teach me a lesson. I felt really yuck by bedtime. I had so much more energy and felt better in general the days when I was eating right. I could tell a huge difference yesterday. Tomorrow we have our other 2 get-togethers. I'm going to try to stick to turkey and veggies at lunch. Going to skip the heavy stuff if I can possibly resist it. Tomorrow night we're having lighter foods like chip/dip, chicken salad sandwiches, etc. Of course there'll be plenty of desserts also. It's really easier for me to pass those up than the chip/dip. I LOVE chips/dip...I cant even keep them in the house because I can demolish them all in one sitting.

Lynda, I love this place too! I'm so glad you all joined me here.:) Congrats on another 1.5 lb!

Debbie, you're on the ball. I havent even thought about getting my Christmas tree out yet. I got one of those fiber optic ones last year. It was a $199 tree and I got it for 20.00 at a store that was going out of business.

Emjay, good for you for doing your WATP tape even on Thanksgiving:bravo: I think if you copy and paste this link in your address bar, you'll be on the page where it tells how to do the tracker.
It sounded complicated at first but really wasnt. I think they're cute.

Have any of you ever gone into the chat room here?( if there is still one here..I guess I should check that out) When I used to come here before, there was a chat room just for members of 3FC. If it's still here, we should set up a time maybe at least once a week when we could all meet there to chat together! I think it would be fun!

Brandy and Shawna, missed ya'll today! Hope I didnt leave anyone out. If so, it was completely unintentional. I love hearing from ALL of you!

Better go for now.


11-25-2005, 10:56 PM
Hey, Emjay, I dont think you even need to copy and paste that link...just click on it right there in my post and it should take you there.

11-25-2005, 11:12 PM
Hello Ladies! I post in the TOPS and Support forums, usually listing my food and exercise daily and wanted to jump in here too.

I have done really well since starting my plan towards a healthier me...losing over 20 pounds in under a month but I feel so hormonal that I can't stop feeling like I have bloated up 10 POUNDS :o and I am worried about my weigh-in on Wednesday. I've been haing a losing streak (5.25 pounds last week!) and I don't want to stop losing! Even if it's 1/2 a pound on Wednesday I will be grateful. I have been exercising but feel like I need to step it up even more to continue my losses. I guess I am just stressed out and feeling worried about regaining weight. Anyone relate?

11-26-2005, 12:55 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am so glad I did not host either Thanksgiving dinners yesterday, because I had no left overs today. Usually I'm eating the very stuff we fear for 2 or 3 days after. But I did have some guests over tonight and we ordered pizza, not too much better I guess. But I have vowed to myself not to eat any leftover pizza tomorrow. What my husband doesn't eat tomorrow is going in the trash. Pizza is a big temptation for me.

I did not excercise today, unless you consider day after Thanksgiving shopping excercise. I did make a point to park quite far from the doors of the stores I went to so I would have to walk more. I definately will do my WATP tape tomorrow. And my friend is bringing her 3 boys over to my house tomorrow to go sledding. I plan on participating in the fun. Trudging thru the snow up hill is great excercise, of course you Canada girls already know that. Ha ha.

Debbie, That is great that your mother is a breast cancer survivor. I think it is awesome when someone beats cancer. It sounds like you two could really stick together and be successful with weight loss. It is cool to have an excercise buddy, makes it less boring. I have been thinking about an MP3 player as well but don't know much about them. I'm not very savvy when it comes to downloading music. Best of luck to you for a great day tomorrow...

Miki, I think I got my weight tracker right I guess I will see after this post. Thanks for the info.

Yogini, Congratulations on your 20 lb. weight loss. Unfortunately I am just starting on my weight loss journey (for the second time in my life) so I haven't had that fear of regaining yet. But definately remember it from the past. Try not to dwell too much I'm sure it won't be as bad as you fear. Wow, how are you losing over 5 lbs. in a week. I will have to look at your other posts and take some pointers. Thanks for joining in.

Lynda, Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

Shawna, Good for you for going to the gym. Keep it up.

Brandy, hope to hear from you soon.


11-26-2005, 01:59 AM
Yogini, Congratulations on your 20 lb. weight loss. Unfortunately I am just starting on my weight loss journey (for the second time in my life) so I haven't had that fear of regaining yet. But definately remember it from the past. Try not to dwell too much I'm sure it won't be as bad as you fear. Wow, how are you losing over 5 lbs. in a week. I will have to look at your other posts and take some pointers. Thanks for joining in.

I just started really focusing on my weight loss at the beginning of the month. I have lost 21 pounds since the beginning of November. Basically I don't eat after dark, I drink a gallon of water a day, I exercise every day for at least 30 minutes (but most days it's an hour or more) and I eat a cholesterol-free, plant-based diet (I am vegan and eat no animal products). I have lost the weight by doing all of this and being really STRICT about making ONLY the healthiest food choices. It's not easy to "always" make the best choices and the fear of regaining is partly due to that I think.

11-26-2005, 05:02 PM
Woops, I ate the pizza a swore I wouldn't for lunch. But I did the 3-mile WATP, yay... Wow, I think that tape is really intense. Has anyone else done it and feel the same? Or.. am I just that out of shape. I will probably only do the 1 or 2 mile tomorrow. Like I said before, my focus is going to be more on doing it EVERY day if possible and not so much the duration. Not yet anyways.

Well I hope everyone is having a good day. And I will talk to y'all soon.


11-26-2005, 06:05 PM
Hello.....not too bad of a day today. Unfortunately didn't get any exercise in, did get some cleaning done this morning and Brian helped out which was really nice. Son had swim practice, make-up from Thurs, so my parents brought him back down for that and then we did a little running here/there. I was able to pick up 10 more sets of lights for the tree, lol, figure I"ll probably need about 14 or more to decorate this beast. It's cool though having this huge tree towering over you.

3 mile WATP tape, yep I've done them and even when I was doing them faithfully and in pretty good physical shape (so my husband said) I'd be dragging till the end and sweating up a storm. It was definately a good work-out. I really need to figure a way to push myself back into them -- really need to find a way to find some other music to play with the tapes, music is a big motivator to me. Even when I clean I need to have some good music blarring in the background.

Well, my parents have left again with our son. So now it's just me and Brian. He says he'd like to go out and get a movie, I'd really like to just stay put, think I'd like to take a nice HOT bath, now that sounds relaxing.:cloud9:

Tomorrow I want to try to

a)EXERCISE, hopefully 2 mile walk, maybe try the 3 again, naa don't think I'm ready for that yet. That's usually what happens I go back in full-force and then I end up hating it even more than already do because I kill myself and
b)drink lots of water!


11-27-2005, 08:24 PM

My day hasn't been too bad, other than I went out to a restaurant for a breakfast buffet this AM. I didn't do too bad there though, better than I would have in the recent past. Bagel for lunch, nothing for dinner yet. Did the 1-mile WATP tape and I may do it again before I go to bed. After doing the 3-mile yesterday I feel kind of guilty only doing the 1 today. My first weigh in is Tuesday and I am kind of excited because I think I have lost. Actually I know I have because I have been cheating and looking at the scale, I have to stop doing that. It can get you in trouble by being so obsessed with it. Next week I will try not to peek.

Debbie, I hope your day went well. did you get the tree all decorated. Mine is up but undecorated at this point. It is one of the pre-lit ones, so no lights to contend with though. Do you have a portable CD player or radio that you can use to do the WATP with? So you don't have to listen to them drone on and maybe spice it up again.

Where is everyone else???????


11-27-2005, 10:04 PM
Hi everybody! I posted last on Friday night so I've only missed one day in here really, but it seems like forever! I missed everybody:hug: Just doesnt seem right to skip a day posting.

Sounds like from the other posts that everyone is doing well so far. My weigh-in is tomorrow. Until today I've felt like I've lost, but today for some reason, I dont feel that way. Probably what I ate. Made a big pot of chili today and it was kinda salty. Kinda "bloated" feeling like I've retained water or something. Plus had those 2 get-togethers yesterday. (wore the tight pants again) I did do 45 minutes on my Air Walker this morning, though. I still havent gotten around to taking my measurements. I want to do that tonight or tomorrow because I know alot of times, there may not show a loss on the scale but an inch or two can be gone anyway.

Emjay, I'm like you...I get totally obsessed with the stupid scale instead of going by how I feel. Yesterday and even this morning, I showed a loss but tonight I showed right back to 120 so I'll be disappointed if it's still the same in the morning. (see how obsessed? I even check sometimes more than once a day!) Whoops!! 120????:rofl: OMG!!!!! Dont I wish?? Meant to type 220..sorry.:lol:

Debbie, if you found time for that HOT bath, I am sooo jealous!! :p :D Did you fit in exercise today and drink your water? I'm TERRIBLE at the water drinking and I know it makes a big difference.

Yogini, nice to meet ya.:wave: 21 lbs in such a short time is a huge accomplishment...way to go. I've been trying to cut back alot on meat...what are some things you eat alot? When I have meat, I try not to have a starch with it. I have a hard time thinking of menus for the week because it just seems natural to eat meat and potatoes or meat and rice or meat and pasta etc. I've been having fruit for breakfast every morning.

Well, I think I'll go jump back on the Air Walker. I like to know I've done it the night before in case I'm too sleepy to do it in the mornings. If I"m not too sleepy, then it's good too cuz I get in an extra workout.

Hope you all have a good Monday!


11-28-2005, 12:33 AM
hello ladies.I am new here. This is actually my second post (yeah!) I decided I need to get healthy before it's to late. and I need to find a way to push myself alittle, in the right direction of course.

A little about me...... I am 35 married 2 kids (15,12) and just made the biggest change in my life 5 months ago, we all moved from california to Arkansas! Since I am a huge creature of habit, needless to say I am all out of whack!

But the way I see it being here, far away from my friends I will have no excuses to go out to eat all the time, besides where the heck are the restruants anyway!?!? (lol)
OK, enough for now. I will be reading and hopefully make my self accountable!

11-28-2005, 12:48 AM
Yogini, nice to meet ya.:wave: 21 lbs in such a short time is a huge accomplishment...way to go. I've been trying to cut back alot on meat...what are some things you eat alot? When I have meat, I try not to have a starch with it. I have a hard time thinking of menus for the week because it just seems natural to eat meat and potatoes or meat and rice or meat and pasta etc. I've been having fruit for breakfast every morning.
Right back at ya, Miki :carrot:

I eat a LOT of beans and lentils! High fiber and protein, low fat BEANS and LENTILS! :carrot: I even eat them for breakfast ;) I focus on eating "beans and greens"...lots of veggies (especially green and cruciferous ones) and some things like Hemp Protein Powder are staples of mine. Basically I eat for health, first and foremost and for pleasure secondly. It's working so far! The bigest challenge for me is cutting out the fat...I've been doing it but I CRAVE fat! I LOVE a big bowl of brown rice with soy sauce and a little vegan margarine! I haven't had anything like that all month. I am going to be experimenting with adding in a small portion of those things on my "high calorie" day and see what happens. Part of me feels like I am an addict and I have to stay away from such things completely, lest I awaken the fat/sugar/salt monster! :dizzy:

11-28-2005, 06:06 PM
Welcome Deb,

I'm glad you joined us. I think you will really love this website. So far (a little over a week) it has given me a lot of motivation that I was lacking. I hope it does the same for you. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Hello to everyone else, not much time to post now. I will check back in later.


11-28-2005, 06:42 PM
Well, a week has gone by already and that only means one thing....weight in night. ARgh. I'm scared. I've been doing so well, and yet last week I only lost half a pound. Sooo, I'm just hoping this week will be an AWESOME loss..I'll post once I'm home.

11-28-2005, 07:51 PM
Hello everyone, just think positive Shawna, good luck. Congrads!!!! to you Yogini, 21 pounds fantastic, keep up the good work. You are very motivated, you will help keep us on track. Can you tell me more about the Hemp Protein Powder, how do you eat it, where do you buy it??

11-28-2005, 10:21 PM
Check out my ticker ladies!!!! Down 2.5 pounds this week...woohoo. I am so glad that my hard work paid off.

Wonder Woman
11-28-2005, 10:33 PM
Hello Ladies! Thought I would drop in on your thread & check it out. Thanks for the invite Miki.

A little background for you all: I am 35, and have lost 37 lbs. over the past year. I get 60 minutes of walking in each day (walk to & from work), and do pretty well with the food on most days. What I suck at is drinking all my water. Right now my biggest challenge is losing & re-gaining the same 2 lbs. over the past couple of months. Sometimes it comes back even if there is no good reason. So, I'm really trying to tighten my belt and get more strict with myself. I would like to get back into a regular weight loss again (I still have 48 more to lose!).

Miki, that Fit For Life thing sounds interesting. Right now I just count my calories & watch my fat & salt, but I already only eat fruit until noon...just because I like fruit for breakfast.

Yogini, my brother's gf is a Vegan. Do you have any good reliable internet sources for vegan dinner recipes? She is always a part of our family gatherings and with Christmas dinners coming up soon, I'd like to participate by providing some of the vegan dishes we will need (to give my mom a break from some of the cooking).

Well, talk to you ladies later!

11-28-2005, 10:39 PM
Hi everybody...this will be short and a headache and going to try to get to bed early. Today was weigh-in at our house. I lost 2 lbs. That's an accomplishment I guess for Thanksgiving week, but I was a little son and hubby both lost more than me and they both cheated LOTS!! (not just Thanksgiving Day either) Plus hubby has not exercised ONCE! Just not fair that it comes off quicker for men.:p He lost 3 lbs and my son, Luke who is 13, lost 5. Luke needs to lose about 40 lbs. He's a big boy...well over 200 lbs and 5 ft.9 inches tall already. I was actually proud for him because honestly I'd rather him lose than me. Kids can be cruel, ya know, especially at that age.

Congrats to everyone else who lost this week! Anyone who may not have, DONT GIVE UP! All of us will have down times.

Oh sorry CwbyDeb, just noticed your post as I was scrolling down.:welcome3: I'm in Arkansas also...been here my entire life. My cousin (and best friend)who also lived here her entire life just moved to CA 2 yrs ago. Strange huh? lol. It's like ya'll traded places. What part of AR are you in? S.E. corner here. We're glad to have you join our group. Drop in anytime!

Dont really have time for individual posts to everyone. I'll post more soon tho.


11-28-2005, 10:55 PM
Shawna, 2.5 lbs. that is awesome. You're right, hard work does pay off, especially with weight loss. Keep it up girl.

Miki, I am so proud of you. I can't beleive it 2 lbs. over Thanksgiving week?!? Imagine, just a week ago you and I were discussing how we would just like to maintain over the holidays. Nope not going to happen, we're gonna lose. That will be such a nice headstart for the whole new years resolution business. Wonderful news about your hubby and son too, however, don't ever compare yourself with a man when it comes to weight loss. It just doesn't work.

WW, Hello and welcome to you. The 37 lbs. you have already lost will be a great motivator for the rest of us. And maybe we can help motivate you to continue losing. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello to everyone else. Hope everything is going well.


11-28-2005, 11:02 PM
Hi Everyone!! :carrot:

I was just reading some of your posts, and it seems like a good group to be a part of. I need some motivation. You all seem like such nice, supportive people... and I would like to get to know ya'll.

A little bit about me...

I am 19 (almost 20) years old and I live in Central Wisconsin. I am 5'10 and I weigh about 160 pounds. I guess this is a normal weight range.. but I would like to get into shape and start eating healthier. I also have Type 1 (juvenille) diabetes (had it since i was 12).. yeah that is the kind that requires daily injections.. :tantrum: . I also have thyroid disease and Addison's disease (very low blood pressure due to the failure of some gland.. :?:) I actually just got out of the partying phase.. that was not good for my health and basically it just got old. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week with a friend from work.. we have been going for about 2 months (we get a free membership through work) and I love the way I feel after working out. I work at an insurance company in a call center... it is a good job, I will eventually go back to school... probably for nursing.. but I just needed a break after high school. Also, my boyfriend is in the Marines, I just flew down to North Carolina to visit him about 3 weeks ago. We've been together for about 8 months. It's really hard being away from him.

Well anyways, sorry I was blabbing on... enough about me. I would really enjoy getting to know all of you!! Thanks for listening... and I am here for any of you.. I am a pretty good listener! :shrug:

11-29-2005, 08:46 AM
I've definitely found the group for me :comp: The more I read your posts, the more I see I'm not that abnormal in my thoughts and actions. Especially enjoyed the scale obsession, ha, there can't possibly be someone more obsessed with those stupid scales than me. Explain to me how I can get on the scales one day and the next morning I'm down 7 lbs!!! I know, everyone says it's water retention. But boy talk about depressing seeing the scales go up like that. I'm so horrible with the scales that for awhile I'd make my husband hide the scales, and then when he'd be off doing something else and I'd get the need to just know, I'd be tearing the house apart till I found them. Now that's obsessed :dizzy:

Miki I totally hear you about trying to lose and have the hubby not even try and weightloss :stress: We've been married 16 years and all the years I've know him, yep he's worn the same size and been within the same 10 lbs up/down. Soooo jealous here :tantrum: I hear you about your son and how cruel kids can be. My son is 8, soon to be 9 (1/10) and I just hate how he's taking after me, he's 4'6" and 115 lbs. I so badly didn't want him to live the same feelings of inadequacy because he doesn't fit the "perfect" world mold. I often question why couldn't he have taken after his dad who has never had a weight issue. He gets decent exercise,we have him in a swim club which requires two nights a week of hour long practices and they are constant back and forth doing laps. I got in that pool once and thought hey this doesn't look that hard, thought I can do this :strong: Well.....half way down one length (25 yrd) I was dead :yikes: So it's definitely good exercise for him. He just eats too much, he eats like an adult and I just don't know how to lower his amounts as he's truly hungry, he doesn't do much snacking and we try not to keep bad stuff in the house that often. Unfortunately if it's there I can't just have a little, I've got to eat it until it's gone. Hope you're feeling better today.

Well, I've finished my first 32 oz cup and of course I've gotta run run run now and then back at it -- I'm at work.

Hope everyone has a great day! :)


11-29-2005, 01:13 PM
Well today was my weigh in day. And here is the good news. I am down 3 lbs. Yippee. I really didn't think I could do it when I started on this website a little over a week ago. Okay, does anyone know how to efficiently adjust the weight loss tracker so it doesn't change all of them throughout my posts? Is that possible? In other words, do you have to totally redo it everytime you want to update it? I would appreciate any help I could get with this. Thanks.

Welcome Allison, It sounds like you are off to a great start with excersice and all. I am 34 and I would tell anyone your age to start an excercise regime now and continue it for the rest of your life. And maybe you won't ever get fat like me. It sounds like diet will be an important part of your life too, with the health obstacles you have. Good thing you have your head on straight. Oh yeah, the nursing thing sounds great too, go for it.

Debbie, I am glad to hear you are getting motivated. I'm a water-retainer too and I think people like us should stick to our program and only look at the scale once a week. If you can do it, I can...

Hello to everyone else, hope your day is going great.


11-29-2005, 08:29 PM
Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone's day is going good so far! ;) Mine's pretty good. I did alright today with the trying to eat healthier thing. For breakfast I had some Raisin Bran and a glass of milk, then for lunch I had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, and for snacks I had an apple and an orange. I slipped up once and I ate some chocolate :p I am going to go the gym tomorrow after work. I didn't go today because the roads are pretty bad here. I will do the gazelle when I get home though.

Last night I ordered Leslie Sasones' walk away the Pounds dvd pack. I've heard some good things about it, and since I live in Wisconsin, and it is winter, It will be nice to be able to do some exercise in my own home.

Well I just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone! Hope you are all good! :wave:

11-29-2005, 11:09 PM
Hi everybody!:D

Ok, our group is growing by leaps and bounds (which I love by the way), and I am having trouble keeping all the names straight. We have 2 Debbie's right? If ya'll dont mind, I am going to use the "user Id's" instead of real names so I can keep straight who said what and who I"m replying too. Is that ok?

That said....Welcome Sweetn'Crazy.:balloons: I think it'll be great to have the input of someone younger than the rest of us. Sounds like you are much wiser than I ever was at your age. Stick with what you're learning now and you won't have the struggle the rest of us are having later in life. I promise you'll be glad you did. 160 lbs sounds like a good weight for your height. I am just under 5 ft 8 inches and my goal is to be around that or a little under. Way to go with your gym workouts and eating healthy! I know you must miss your boyfriend lots so until he's able to be home, you can always come visit with us.:)

Emjay, 3 lbs??!! Whooohoo! You did awesome for a Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited we actually did better than just "maintaining". Who woulda thought it? :lol: Oh, on the tracker thing, what I did was just went to where that first signature code was..ya know the one you used to make it in the first place? When you go back in there under "user cp" just choose "edit signature." Then on it, I just deleted that last number replacing it with my current weight. Then just be sure to save it. Didnt have to recopy and paste. It will change on all your posts at that time, though, past or present. I only know that because way back when I added this pic to mine, one day I went back in my old thread a few months to look something up from a previous post and there was a pic on it also. When I did my tracker, I noticed it was on the posts all the way back to the beginning of this thread also, not just the one from that day.

WannaB...I laughed so hard at your post.:rofl: I've done the same thing having the scales hid...I've even tried to hide them from myself thinking if I put them out of sight, I'd leave them alone. Nope doesnt work. I understand what you're saying about your son getting exercise and still being overweight. I believe it has got to be partly genetics because my older son, Josh who is 2 yrs older than Luke, is also 5 ft 9 but only weighs 160. Ok, they have the same parents and I've never fed them different foods but one is slim and the other overweight...over 60 lbs difference between them. My husband's father is tall and slim exactly like Josh while his grandfather was built identical to Luke. Seems unfair huh?

How did everyone else's day go? Havent heard from WW, Shawna, Homemade, Cwbydeb or Yogini today yet.

I have one son sitting here waiting to use the net and the other waiting for the phone (we have dialup) so I guess I better go for now. I swear teenage boys are as bad as teenage girls;)

Talk again soon

Wonder Woman
11-30-2005, 12:25 AM
Hello all!

Emjay...congrats on the loss! Good job. Miki, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets confused on the names easily. Until I get the hang of it, hope everyone is cool with me occasionally mis-spelling your name....I'll get it sooner or later. Yeah, it's okay to call me Wonder Woman, or WW for short. That's my real name anyway :D Just kidding.

Today was a busy day at work. Only got 1/2 my workout as I had to take the bus home today to speed up the process. I was only home for a couple of hours before I had to go back again. Yuck...I really hate going in at night for a project. I guess it's not too bad. There is a 3-hour minimum on overtime, and I only had to work for 35 minutes...but I still get paid for the entire 3 hours ( money).

I ate pretty well today. Also, tonight I tried a recipe for mini cranberry phyllo tarts from a Diabetic living magazine. (I'm not diabetic, but my mom is so I'm trying to learn some new treats for her). They are great, only 29 cals per tart with 0 fat. Okay...they are really small, but quite yummy. The only thing is I need to work on the phyllo dough part. It's kind of hard to get it to all stick together properly. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

Anyways...I am going to go surf around a bit more. Talk to you all later!

11-30-2005, 02:37 PM
May I join you, ladies? I am 47 and a returning 3fc. I'd lost 44 lbs earlier this year, but after weighing last night, I discovered that about 18 of them found me since August. So I'm back, because the accountability and encouragement of 3fc makes a huge difference for my efforts.

I am diabetic and have long had a thyroid condition. Learning that my little bro also now is facing diabetes sort of made me put my head back on regarding the carelessness of my own eating habits. I can't afford to put my head in the sand about my health (especially if it is really cocoa and sugar instead of sand).

I can do well if I exercise and stay COMPLETELY away from chocolate. It shouldn't be so hard, but it is. My DH has suggested that perhaps my absolute craving chocolate is from being allergic to it. Given how many other allergies I have, he may have a point.

I just got back from the gym where I did 32 minutes (204 cal ) on the treadmill. I like to listen to a praise tape while I walk. My eating plan includes eating every three hours to keep my blood glucose levels stable (ff yogurt or fruit between regular meals). That seems to keep away the diet headaches I'd struggled with so badly when I'd tried to diet before. I try for at least 1/2 gallon of water a day. I splurge once a week for a guilt free dinner out to keep myself from feeling deprived.


11-30-2005, 02:48 PM
May I join you, ladies? I am 47 and a returning 3fc. I'd lost 44 lbs earlier this year, but after weighing last night, I discovered that about 18 of them found me since August. So I'm back, because the accountability and encouragement of 3fc makes a huge difference for my efforts.

I am diabetic and have long had a thyroid condition. Learning that my little bro also now is facing diabetes sort of made me put my head back on regarding the carelessness of my own eating habits. I can't afford to put my head in the sand about my health (especially if it is really cocoa and sugar instead of sand).

I can do well if I exercise and stay COMPLETELY away from chocolate. It shouldn't be so hard, but it is. My DH has suggested that perhaps my absolute craving chocolate is from being allergic to it. Given how many other allergies I have, he may have a point.

I just got back from the gym where I did 32 minutes (204 cal ) on the treadmill. I like to listen to a praise tape while I walk. My eating plan includes eating every three hours to keep my blood glucose levels stable (ff yogurt or fruit between regular meals). That seems to keep away the diet headaches I'd struggled with so badly when I'd tried to diet before. I try for at least 1/2 gallon of water a day. I splurge once a week for a guilt free dinner out to keep myself from feeling deprived.


11-30-2005, 07:25 PM
Hello Everyone!!

How is everyone today?? I'm alright. I hope everyone else is doing good.

Thanks for the warm :welcome3: Miki ! I hope I can get some guidance from all of you. I just really want to get on the right track to be healthy. I am on my break at work right now and I am eating an apple. I don't really feel good today though, I have kind of a headache.

Well I just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I hope you are all doing good! Also a big :welcome2: to Sea. I am also diabetic, so it will be nice to talk to you because I also have thyroid disease.

Well I will talk to you all tomorrow ~~ Have a good day! :D

11-30-2005, 09:04 PM
Ok, I"m bent over and ready for it....somebody me that cyber kick I deserve:^: I'm still at work, it's almost 7 pm...I've been here since 8 am once again with no lunch break. I'll be here probably at least another hour. Not that I'm really busy, just at the moment I'm having to wait for something to print that takes FOREVER and cant leave until I'm sure it finishes. Anyway, I had a banana and apple for breakfast and had my homeade vegetable soup again for lunch but that was before noon. My co-worker and I are starving soooo...she looks in the breakroom and all there was to eat was CAKE! Guess you know what happened next huh...yes we ate a piece of it. :o (in fact, to make matters worse, I just stopped typing for a second to finish the last bite:s: ) But dont kick too hard ok? 7 hrs is a long time to wait to eat!:dizzy:

I hope everyone else has more will power than I have! Brenda and I are not good influences on each other. If one of us gives in, it's over.:dizzy: I'm only having salad when I get home tho...and not one full of cheese and ham either..I promise.

:welcome2: SEA....glad you joined us! I recently gained back half of what I had lost also so you'll definitely fit in here.

Well since I'm at work, I better end for now. Probably wont get a chance to post again once I"m home but I'll be back tomorrow.

Bye for now

11-30-2005, 09:18 PM

I have that same EXACT problem! :halfempty I have NO will power. If it's around me, I will probably end up eating it. That is what I'm really trying to work on! It feels like I am always hungry too.. weird huh? I hope I can do this.. I just really need some motivation.. I am trying though... Well I am at work at bored... but I suppose I should go process claims or something... Talk to ya'll later! :scooter:

Wonder Woman
11-30-2005, 11:13 PM
:nono: Okay Miki...there is your cyberkick! Well, it's only a tiny one because:
A) you didn't eat all day and by then were probably pretty those circumstances cake would have looked great to me too and B) you had a cheating buddy with you...that always makes cake go down easier, lol. Hey, forgive yourself, it was just one piece, and your calorie levels were probably pretty low to start with. Dang! I suck at this cyberkicking thing, lol.

I did pretty good today foodwise. My big cheat was some potato salad, but I did stop at one serving...I love potatos and can't say no to them (they are my cake...I must have them). I made steak for dinner, but kept it small. Also, I broiled it instead of frying. Did I drink my water? Heck no! Exercise was bad today, it was finally too cold for me to walk to work, so 60 minutes of potential exercise down the tube. I thought in my head I would do some work on the bike to make it up, but I didn't.

Welcome to the new ladies on this thread. As there are many diabetics here, I am wondering if anohne knows of any good Christmas baking recipes? I want to make some treats for my mom this christmas (she's a type 2). That's actually the #1 reason why I'm doing this weight loss thing...I really want to avoid diabetes, it's been such a challenge for my mom that it opened my eyes a bit (her mom had it too...and I was well on my way). to you all tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great OP day!

12-01-2005, 08:49 AM
I know I deserved it so....Thanks for that strict reprimand WW...;) Ok, there is a shower this morning at work for a co-worker getting married next week, but I am NOT going to eat any cake this time. I am having a veggie sub from Subway...already have it planned. Besides, I ate cake because it was all that was available..I would MUCH rather have potatoes like you. I prefer real food any day to sweets. Give me steak, fried chicken, slice of pizza or chip/dip or whatever instead of cakes and cookies any time.

When I got home last night, I had salad of lettuce, spinach, carrots, black olives, bacon bits and FF Cheese with FF Ranch dressing. Oh and some corn on the cob, no salt or butter added. Then later believe it or not, I actually did 30 min on my AirWalker. I honestly didnt think I could do it because I was really tired but I made it. All in all, I dont think the cake did too much harm. (this time...dont wanna make it a habit tho)

Sn'Crazy, we just have to stick together with the will power thing. If we start to eat we have to remember, "If I do, I will have to confess to the 'chicks' and possibly suffer one of WW's terrible cyber kicks.":lol: (thanks for not being too hard on me, WW:) ) Remember..Accountability!

Hope to hear from everyone else again soon. It's almost 7 and I havent made it to the shower yet and have to be at work by's a 15 min drive so I better get in a hurry. Everyone have a good day!


12-01-2005, 11:24 PM
Hey, I took a shower and used deodorant too so why does it look like everyone has left me here all by myself??? :?:
Strange coming and finding that noone has posted today but me..what's up with that??

Foodwise has been pretty good today. Havent exercised yet but about to. Have no excuse since I dont need to use the time replying to any new posts:p

Hope everyone had a good day! Check in soon..I miss everybody.


Wonder Woman
12-01-2005, 11:56 PM
Hello! I am here with my fierce cyberkicking powers, lol. are a fellow potato lover! I eat them quite a bit, but find I have to be careful because they can easily get me in trouble. When I started a year ago, I had to cut potato chips down to a 0. It was the hardest sacrafice ever. It's like that commercial, "betcha can't eat just one"....well, no, I can't just eat one, I require the entire bag. A year later, I can dip my hand into the bowl without gorging...but it's still hard.

Posting late today. Got off work and had to drive across town to pick up a package. Once I got said package....I realized I forgot my purse at the back across town we go. Eeep. Then, groceries, then make dinner, now it's relaxing time and it's almost 9:00!

I feel bad tonight too. A kid came to my door trying to sell a newspaper subscription. He started by giving me a free paper. Inside I'm rolling my eyes, but I figure he's a young boy, I'll let him give his speech. I politely decline the sales pitch. He presses on. I say no thanks..this time firmly. He wants to know why. I explain I buy my paper on the way to work and I don't need a subscription. He continues to hound. I hear 3 different prepared speeches from him on why I should buy a paper. The kid would not take no for an answer. Meanwhile, my cat is poking her head through trying to get out into the halll, my dinner in the oven is done & I need to get it out...and still this kid won't stop with the speeches or even listen when I say no. I really don't want a subscription...the paper will arrive at my door long after I leave for work, and it will get stolen to boot (I'm in an apartment building). Finally, frustrated...I just say "you know what? Here you go...", then I set the "free" newspaper on the floor, say goodbye & close the door. I wasn't mean, I didn't yell or anything, but I really had to go and I can only say no so many times. But...I'm racked with guilt. I closed the door on a kid! Okay, he wasn't in the door or anything, lol...but I feel bad that I couldn't make him understand my answer was final without having to take that kind of a step. This is probably the kids first job ever...I can't stop feeling racked with guilt for ending the conversation so abruptly.

Honestly though...the newpaper calls quite often, and it drives me crazy. Not to mention, I have one hundred million telemarketers constantly calling (Saturday mornings are the worst, I can get 6 calls from different companies in the space of one morning). I a bad person? I just can't take all these constant sales pitches!

Whew, this post is kind of long, so I'll end it here. Signing off...racked with guilt...

12-02-2005, 12:35 AM
OMG! I just got on this site, LOGGED IN, typed my post (a lengthy one I may add), went to submit my reply and it said I was not logged in and took me to a spot to log in which I did but my post is nowhere to be found. Argh!

Now I am tired of typing and ready for bed. So in a nut shell:

Welcome back Sea, so glad to have you join us. We need all the help and support we can get. And hopefully we can support you too.

WW, I think you were far nicer to the saleskid than most people would have been, especially after a long day. Hopefully he learned a lesson from you and can spare himself a far more harsh experience with someone else.

Miki, No guilt about the cake yesterday. Guilt can be destructive when dieting. You are doing great!

Excersice for me today was line dance lessons. I tell you what, that works up a sweat.

Hope everyone else is doing fine.


12-02-2005, 01:29 AM
hello guys, sorry been really busy at work, glad to read all the new posts and see all the great new people, way to go!!!! together we can do this, I weighed in tonight at TOPS and I am down again, only 1/2 pound but I will take it, I received a charm for losing 5 pounds, my first one. Welcome Sea.
Well I have to confuss too, I made my husband go out and buy me some fried chicken, he couldn't believe it even, but you know I have been very good for the past couple of weeks I thought just this one time wouldn't be too bad, what I found was I really didn't enjoy it as much as I thought i would. I find I am really thinking of the food I put into my body more and not wanting some of the greasy foods I usually want, that is my downfall, not cakes, cookies or sweets, the greasier and saltier the better.
Anyway I guess if you's are giving out cyber kicks, I had better bend over, hehe


12-02-2005, 01:24 PM
Lynda, Congratulations on the weight loss. That is awesome! I agree with you I have been physically feeling much better since I have been more conscience of the food I am eating. And then when you slip up and eat one bad thing you regret it. But...deprivation isn't good either, sometimes you have to feed your cravings so they don't get out of hand. Good job on the weight loss.


Wonder Woman
12-02-2005, 09:33 PM
Hello ladies.

Well, got home from work much earlier today. Yay! It's Friday! I love Friday, in fact, I love Friday the best when it's 4:30. I don't have to come in and work at all this weekend...I'm going to shut my cell phone off. :carrot:

Don't know why I'm in such a good mood. Maybe because Christmas is coming, and I've got a lot of shopping done. Still a lot more to do though.

Today I was pretty behaved with food. Fruit for breaky, fruit & a bagel for lunch, going to have a tiny little steak with veggies for dinner. I did dip into the chips & salsa, but only a handful of chips. Plus, they are organic chips and fairly healthy salsa, so only a tiny little cyberkick for me. I rented The Skeleton Key to watch I'm guessing it will be a snacking on popcorn kind of night.

Lynda, I understand what you said about not enjoying the greasy chicken as much as you had anticipated. I went McDonalds free for one entire year (it started when I watched SuperSize Me last year). In fact, I didn't go to any of the big fast-food burger chains. Well, I had McDonalds for the first time last October when we were in Montreal. I was really shocked with how bland it tasted. The fries didn't taste anything like I remember, nor did the Big Mac. In fact...I found it had very little taste at I haven't been back. Sometimes all it takes is a little time to break the addiction...then you realize it was nothing like you remembered.

Congrats on the loss by the way. Good Job!

12-02-2005, 11:11 PM
Hi all,

Didn't do too bad w/ food today, until dinner. Went out to dinner to a grill your own steak restaurant with the hubby. We split a steak and I eat very little of it, but I overdo a little on the fried potatoes and sauteed (in butter) portabello mushrooms. Oh yeah and a few mixed drinks (with diet coke though). I made sure I did the 1 mile WATP before we went. I'm going to try to do the 3-mile tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great Friday!


p.s. I have to rent supersize me. Can you beleive I have yet to see it?!?!

12-03-2005, 05:28 PM
Hi everybody. Glad to come back and find lots of posts! I didnt make it in here myself yesterday. Had a busy day at work then last night we had a town Christmas thing where all the merchants stay open later with sales, and churches and organizations have booths set up down the streets with things like homemade chili, hot chocolate, fried twinkies etc. Didnt splurge on anything except the hot chocolate. Afterward, my friend Brenda and I went to Western Sizzlin and had chicken tips w/bell peppers/onions and asked to have our potato replaced with salad. It was really good and I was glad we didnt give in to fast food or the stuff at the square.

Never got in any exercise yesterday but we walked alot at the Christmas function. Havent done any yet today either but I will before the night's end. I'm really feeling good about Monday's weigh-in. I have eaten and exercised better this last week than I have in over 6 months.

I dont really have time to address any individual posts but I'm really glad to hear from all of you. Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll check in again before the weekend is over.


12-03-2005, 05:52 PM
Not too bad with eating today. But I am going out to dinner again tonight, my sisters work Christmas party. Late notice so I was unable to do my 3mile WATP due to time crunch. But I'm going to do the 1-mile right now before I go. I love how fast it is to do it. I really have a hard time finding an excuse not to do it. And I feel as though I have really done something afterward. I'm going to try not to splurge too badly on the food tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Hope to hear from everyone soon.


12-04-2005, 03:02 PM
Hi Everyone,

I havent been here in a couple of days. I've been doing pretty good with the eating thing, except I had a couple of cookies yesterday... :nono: Yesterday my Dad and I went to Sears (he wants to lose some weight too) and he bought an eliptical machine and a really nice exercise bike.. I couldnt believe it, so I am super excited to be able to actually do this stuff at home instead of going to the gym.

Miki, good job on the not splurging at your christmas thing :carrot:

Well I just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.. Have a good day!

Wonder Woman
12-04-2005, 03:18 PM
Good morning all.

Didn't get a chance to stop in yesterday. It was due to laziness, lol. Spent yesterday going out for breakfast (standard Saturday am activity), then came home to "clean" (ha ha ha ha ha), watched TV, fell asleep, then did a run out to Walmart (had to visit the local evil corporation to pick up some makeup), then out to the company Christmas Party. It was a nice party, the food was very good (turkey was really nicely done)...then we went out for coffee after. Exciting eh? Oh yea, I stayed up until 3:00 am loading all my favourite songs from my CDs into my Ipod shuffle. It's the smallest, cheapest Ipod you can buy (no screen, 512 mb)...and it still ate all the music I had with room for more. Amazing.

Good news for me today...2 lbs dead and gone. Well, I tend to go up and down and up and I hope this is down for good. It does mean I'm no longer fighting with the same 2 lbs...this is a NEW 2lbs! So, I am pretty happy for now.

Allison, I'm excited for you about the machines. I tried an eliptical once...hurt my knees, but an amazing workout for my heart. The bike sounds nice too, I'm happy for you!

Emjay, how was the Christmas Party? Hope you had fun. I did splurge a little at mine...I had a dessert and 2 drinky poos! It was a chocollate/rasberry mouse (moose? lol). I enjoyed it though, I won't let it kill my will for the rest of the week. Hope you had fun at yours too.

Miki, good job not giving in to the treats at the event. I have never seen a fried twinkie in real life...but I saw one on TV and it looked weird. I've always been glad they haven't made it big here in Calgary...because I would have to try it just to see what it was like (& if it was good I'd be in trouble, lol).

Well, today is a day of cleaning (no really, this time I have to). Laundry is on the go & ready to be switched over. Have a great day all!

12-04-2005, 06:20 PM
I have done very well with food today. Most of the day I was on a holiday home tour in the town I live in, so really no time to eat. Came home ravished and had a deli ham sandwich with a slice of mozzarella cheese on the super healthy wheat bread (you know the kind that one slice weighs about 3 lbs.) and a few tortilla chips. Haven't excercised yet today but did a ton of walking on the tour, I still plan on getting my 1-mile WATP in yet though.

WW, Congratulations on the weight loss, that is great. Keep up the good work! You sound like you hate house work as much as I do. I dread it and have to force myself to do it usually. I think it is why I entertain so much, then I have to clean, lol.

Allison, I am so jealous of you for getting an eliptical machine. I would love one, it is my favorite thing at the gym (when I used to go). If you spend any amount of time on that daily you will be in great shape in no time.

Miki, Congrats on not overdoing it at the christmas thing. I'm with WW I have never tried a fried twinky before and I don't think I ever will. It sounds dangerous! Have you ever had one? Are they good? I have a friend that has never tried a krispy kreme donut before, how smart is that? Unfortunately I have and I love them and ususally cannot eat just one. Sometimes it makes sense not to try something for the first time if you know it is bad. Easier said than done though.

Hello to everyone else! Hope you are all fine.


12-05-2005, 09:09 AM
Hey there!
Once again I am running sooo late this morning! Another quick post but just had to let ya'll know about my weigh-today...I lost 4 lbs!:goodscale :dancer: Skipping that twinkie was definitely worth it and by the way, I have never tried one. Just couldnt seem to give up that many calories for it altho they looked really good. They're on a stck like a corndog, deep fried in a batter then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Like they arent already fattening, lets add flour and grease:lol: and more sugar.

Congrats to everyone else also. Sounds like the group is doing great. At least so far even the ones of us (like me) who cheated or splurged some still know to get right back on track! That's the key...not to give up even when we mess up.

Anyway, already going to be late for work so better run.


12-05-2005, 03:10 PM
:bravo: Miki!! That's awesome!!! 4 pounds is definatley a pretty big accomplishment! Congratulations! :carrot:

12-05-2005, 07:42 PM
Not much time to type right now. Didn't excercise yesterday but I better make myself tonight. I will feel awful if I don't. Did ok with eating all day today, until dinner. Four pieces of pizza, that's right I said four. Did I mention I love pizza and I was over hungry, didn't get an afternoon snack in.

Well anyways, Congratulations Miki. Four lbs. that is awesome. I hope I can do half that well tomorrow with my weigh in. Keep up the good work.


Wonder Woman
12-05-2005, 10:05 PM
Hello all, just popping in for my daily check in. Did very well with the eating today...actually I think I haven't eaten enough. I'm at just over 1000 calories for the day, and I usually diet on I need to pop something into my mouth to throw a few hundred more cals in (hello non-fat ice cream sandwich!). I went shopping at lunch, and can't eat any food at my desk that is cooked, or gives off a food smell (or people will complain) lunch was 2 oranges, a banana, an apple pear, a juice box and a bag of snow peas. Normally I'd have a bagel or sandwich with that...but didn't have one nearby and no time to run to the kitchen.

Tonight we had Taco's for dinner, with ground turkey instead of beef. I thought I was killing myself with the calories, but it turns out the shells I bought only have 150 cals, 6 g fat & 10 mg salt for every 3 taco shells. Wow, nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I guess they must be baked instead of deep fried.

Way to go Miki! 4 lbs. is really great. I'm going to dream about that twinkie man...I loved them as a nice of them to make them even fattier for my adulthood, lol.

Emjay, forgive the pizza. I'm the same way with it. I can't just have one slice and usually end up eating way too much of it. It is one of my favourite foods...especially greek pizza (I love olives & feta cheese).

Allison, any word on when your dad's exercise equipment will arrive? I'm excited for you!

Well, I should get to work on the dishes. If I leave it too late...they will still be there tomorrow, lol. Have a good night everyone.

12-05-2005, 10:18 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would check in and say Hello. I didn't do so good with the food thing today. I snacked a lot, and not on healthy stuff either. I am going on the new exercise equipment tonight though, so it will help a little.

WW - Way to go on the calories for today! :carrot: We already have the exercise equipment, and my Dad is setting it up tonight. I'm so excited, I am going to use it as soon as I get home.

Emjay - Don't worry too much about the pizza... I'm in love with pizza too... I can never eat just one piece. Oh well. :dunno:

It is really cold today (about 7 degrees) which is never good. I hate winter by the way.

Well I hope everybody's day was good. I will stop in tomorrow and say hi! Have a great day! :crazy:

12-05-2005, 11:19 PM
Hi again everybody :)

Emjay, pizza is a major temptation for me too. Finger foods, chip/dip, pizza....all that kind of stuff is what I LOVE! Just get in some exercise tonight and you'll do fine. Good luck on your weigh-in!:crossed:

WW, way to go on 2 more lbs gone! I'm envious that you have to actually look for more calories to make sure you get enough..I never have that problem.:dizzy: If you dont mind me asking...what kind of ipod did you get, where and what price range? I would love to have one but know nothing about them.

Allison, how cool your dad is buying not one but two pieces of exercise equipment! Maybe you two could challenge each other to make it interesting.;)

My sister and I walked 2 miles this morning at 6am. It was 22 degrees out. I had on a pair of jeans with a pair of sweatpants over them. I had on a long sleeved-shirt under a sweat jacket underneath a coat. Both of us had those toboggans (sp?) that cover your whole face with just the eyes showing. I'm sure we were scary looking. :lol: By the time we started the second mile tho, we were unzipping and peeling back the masks.

For lunch I had more soup but I didnt even find time to heat it up until almost 4:00 this afternoon. I had a banana for breakfast. Tonight I pan fried some boneless breakfast pork chops, just a little oil and onions, no flour. With that we had green beans and stewed squash. For dessert I had a fat free chocolate pudding.

Where is Linda, Debbie, Cwbydeb, Yogini, Shawna and Sea?? I hope they are all doing ok. Ya'll come back and join us!:comp: ( I hope I didnt forget anyone.)

Well, I still want to try to do my AirWalker and I havent ironed for tomorrow yet so I better get off here.

Bye for now

12-06-2005, 10:12 AM
Hi All I Tought I Would Check In To See How Everyone Was Doing ? Fine Here Been Watching What I Eat And Excercising. Have A Silly Cold And Been So Tired Lately. Anyways Is Everyone Staying On Task? Hope So If Not Just Remember 1 Day At A Time And If You Fall Off Jump Back On...

12-06-2005, 11:29 AM
Hi Brandy, It is so nice to hear from you again. I'm glad your are doing well and hope you are feeling better soon. I think we are all doing great, we are moving in the right direction and losing weight. I hope you can pop in more often we would love it.

Miki, Brrr, 22 degrees. That is what it is here in MI. Is that unusual in Arkansas? All you are missing is the fluffy white stuff (snow). Well you are braver than me, I'm have been walking inside for weeks now. Keep it up!

Well today was my weigh in and I lost 2 lbs. I was so relieved (excited). Makes me want to keep going even more. Off to a good start already today with food and already did the 2-mile WATP.

WW, Good for you looking for calories. I'm with Miki it will never happen to me. But that is cool you are keeping good track so you can get enough cals in so you can lose weight. Keep it up!

Allison, How was the new equipment? What kind of elliptical trainer did you get and do you like it? If I buy anything it would be that. But I have heard not to buy too cheap of one because only the more expensive hold up. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Hope everyone else is great.


12-06-2005, 03:32 PM
Hi Everyone! :) How is your day going?? I just got to work... I don't really feel all that well... but I did use the new exercise equipment last night. It was awesome!

Miki- That would be pretty cool for me and my Dad to challenge eachother, I will definatley bring that up to him. You are definatley brave for still walking outside in that weather! It is about 5 degrees here... brr :D

Emjay- The new equipment is awesome! The exercise bike is a really nice one (schwinn brand) and I really like it. The elliptical machine is a nordic-track, it is also really nice, probably the nicest one we saw. I agree with you about not buying too cheap, you might as well invest in something nice.

Well I just wanted to check in and say Hi. I hope everyone has a great day!! :D

Wonder Woman
12-06-2005, 08:29 PM
Hello everyone! Thought I would pop in quick before my condo meeting starts. They usually run kind of late so I don't think I'll make it back online tonight.

Hey Brandy, good to hear from ya. Hope that cold goes away soon. Tis the flu season! (I've already had a bought despite my flu shot, lol). Lots of rest and feel better soon.

Emjay, congrats on the loss. Good job, good job, good job. You get a dancing carrot for that! :carrot:

Glad to hear the exercise equipment is already there & set up Allison. Sounds like you are having fun with it.

Today, my eating was rushed. I shopped at lunch time again, so for lunch snacked on an egg salad sandwich & potato salad. While one or the other would have been fine, together they pushed my calorie intake up to almost 200 (combined with all the fruits & veggies I ate today). It was a bad choice to have 2 items with so much mayonaise in them. So....I only have 300 cals left for the day. I seriously doubt dinner will only be 300 cals, so I'm looking at going over today. Oh will balance out from yesterday, lol.

Well, I've got to get my paperwork together & head to that meeting. Talk to you all tomorrow!

12-06-2005, 10:36 PM
Hello everyone:D

Brandy, welcome back! Sorry to hear you arent feeling well. Hope you get better soon.

Emjay, Hooray for 2 more lbs gone!:cheer: And to think we doubted ourselves just a couple of weeks ago. We can do this! As for the weather, honestly we never know what to expect here. It gets pretty cold at times during the winter but we rarely get snow and if we do, most of the time it doesnt stick. We get more ice then snow..YUCK. So far no precipitation at all, just cold. But last week the temp was in the 70s every day.:cool: It could easily be that warm again by Christmas. Cant plan in advance what to wear. Even in Spring, if you choose a summery Easter dress you may freeze to death or stick with long sleeves and it may be 80 degrees.

WW, you made me want to get some Nonfat Ice Cream bars. I forgot yesterday and today until I past by your post again. I gotta get me some tomorrow for nightime snacks.

Allison, you'll have to let us know what challenge you come up with for you and your Dad. Sometimes a challenge makes us lots more determined. We need to come up with some for us in here too.

I didnt get to walk this morning. My sister is having problems with her foot so she thought she better rest it today. Going to do my AirWalker in a little while. I did 20 min last night in addition to my 2 miles yesterday morning. Today I had a banana for breakfast, soup for lunch and tonight I cooked a big skillet of boneless skinless chicken breast strips w/onions and bell pepper and wrapped it in 2 whole wheat tortillas. Also had some whole kernel corn with it and a Fat Free pudding cup afterward. I'm actually too full right now.

Well, I think I'm going to check out ebay for a few minutes until I feel like I'm not to full to exercise. Talk to ya'll again soon!


PS....I keep forgetting to bring it up again but there is still a chatroom in here. Is there a time we could all meet there sometime? I think it would be fun. I dont know how I didnt see the icon for it at the top of this page. I even called myself looking there and missed it! But I checked it out and it still works.

Wonder Woman
12-07-2005, 12:48 AM

I had to stop back in because I realized I didn't answer your (Miki) questions about my ipod.

I have the Ipod Shuffle. It is the smallest, most basic version of ipod you can get. It retails in Canada for $129 CDN, but I've seen it on for $99, I'm assuming that must be American dollars. I've posted a link below so you can see what it looks like (you might have to copy & paste the link). I have the 512 MB version, but if you want to pay a bit more you can get a 1GB version. It does not have all the bells and whistles, for example, there is no screen. Honestly though, I find it quite liveable without the screen. I never needed one on my old walkmans from years before, so I certainly don't need one on my ipod.

I can fit about 120 songs on my 512 MB ipod. That's more than I need (I have 95 songs on it right now). I find it really easy to use, but make sure you follow the manual when you first load the software and all that. It plugs directly into my USB port. It works faster with USB 2.0, but I find it works fine with the USB 1.1 ports on my PC. It does require a fairly recent Operating System, only works with Windows XP or Windows 2000, so users of ME or earlier are kind of out of luck. It also works with MAC, but I'm not sure which version.

The think I like about the Shuffle is it's very basic. I open up my itunes software, put a music CD into it, select the songs I want to load, then load it into the software. Then, I plug the ipod into my USB port. After about 20 seconds a "Liesa's Ipod" icon comes up on the left, and I drag & drop the songs onto the icon. They load into the ipod, and they automatically convert my music files into a format that the ipod can read. The ipod shuffle is really not much different from a USB Memory just has player controls. Plus, I can set it to either play the music in the order it is loaded, or I can select it to "shuffle" the music, so it plays random order.

Okay...that's all I got, I should go now. I was just outside getting some dinner, and it's -23 C right now (about -9 F). BRRRRRRRRRR! Me ears are frozen!

12-07-2005, 08:19 AM
Hello everyone I would like to join your group here! It sounds like a lot of motivation and support and thats what I need. I have been maintaining for awhile at one wt. up or down a few lbs. But its time to get serious and lose a bit more I have 10lbs more I would like to shake off before spring. So I am trying to get motivated to do so. I have to go battle the snow covered roads to get to work in the city about 24 miles away. But I will jump on again later to get introduced better. I look forward to having this accountablity daily to lose my wt. and stay focused. Thanks,

12-07-2005, 12:38 PM
Hello all,

Well I have sattelite internet and I just had to trudge thru about a foot of snow around my house (down a hill) to clean the snow off of it. It is the second time this year I have had to do that since the snow fell. Coming back up the hill is pretty good excercise, I'm sure I will have to do it more. So far that is all the excercise I have gotten for the day. But I plan on doing my 1 or 2 mile WATP. I haven't decided yet. I also have to go to the grocery store which I am not looking fwd to. I just can't get motivated today. I have spent most of the AM wrapping christmas gifts.

Welcome Carol, We look forward to your imput in our group. I'm from MI and dealing w/ snow covered roads right now too. We are getting dumped on right now as are you I think. Well great to hear from you. Come back soon and tell us more about yourself.

Hope everyone is having a great day...


12-07-2005, 05:25 PM
My name is Errica and I have been a member of this site for quite a few years now. I gained alot of weight when I was pregnant with my daughter (In 1999) and lost most of it in 2001. It is now nearing the end 2005 and will be going into 2006 and I have gained all of it back plus an additional 34 pounds. Due to illness, stress and I stopped exercising. This is the heaviest that I have ever been and I definitely ready to lose weight. I just weighed myself today and I am gonna need all of the support and a buddies I can get. I do have a realistic goal date but I am more into cooking and eating healthier foods. Next summer I will be a major milestone "age 35". It's all or nothing because I am tired of yo-you dieting!!!;) (

12-07-2005, 11:54 PM

Welcome back! Isn't it so frustrating when you lose weight and then gain it back again? I think that is the case for some of us on this thread. It is for me, I lost 70 lbs. about 7 yrs. ago and have gained all of it back. That is why I'm here. I got so sick of eating unhealthy and not excercising. So far I have found so much support here and it has made this journey easier to begin. Was this site instrumental for your weight loss in '01'?

Well anyways, it is good to have you here. Hope to hear from you soon...


Wonder Woman
12-08-2005, 01:56 AM
Hello all. Don't have much to update you with today. Eating was fine, exercise was fine...same old boring day, lol. Work was major busy today, feel like I'm falling apart sometimes, lol.

Welcome Carol, we all could always use more support, so glad to see you jump in. 10 lbs. by spring sounds like a pretty reasonable goal, I'll bet you make it!

Hello Errica, good to see you. I know what you mean with the gaining back. I've lost & gained so many times I couldn't possibly keep track, lol. But, this is the farthest I've gotten so far, so I think I'll go all the way this time. Glad you are here to do it too. We all hear you on the yo-yo dieting.

Emjay, that's quite the self serve internet service you have there, lol. Sorry, I shouldn't make fun. Being a snow hater (good think I live in Canada eh?), I should be pouring all my sympathy on you for having to dip your feet into the snow. I hope you don't have to do it too many times this year!

Well all, it's getting late here, so I should think about trudging on off to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.

12-08-2005, 07:40 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Miki what is an airwalker? I am looking for some type of exercise equipment for home. I just don't seem to be going to the gym with the snow and all.
Yesterday I didn't have time to introduce myself really. I am a young 51 year old gram. I have 3 lovely grown children and 4 grandchildren. I don't feel like a gram yet. I love the kids and they keep me going thats for sure. They are 9,6,5 and 4. Thank goodness they live with in 5 min. and thats great. My son and his wife live in Hawaii and if all goes well I will visit with my hubby in the spring. So I would love to be 10lbs. lighter. It doesn't sound like a lot of wt. but yet it is the lbs. don't come off so easy. I have been on the sites for awhile now and pretty much at this time maintaining my previous loss. I lost around 10lbs and several inches. But still need and want to lose some more. Christmas is here and thats a tough time to lose. I am just going to try to maintain and if a loss comes thats great. I calorie count that works best for me. A few weeks ago I went off the computer and my sites no so good I over ate and didn't make great food choices. So here I am back on and I have been gaining some control ever since. I just need to be accountable or junk just gets in my way. I slip and fall not good at all for this young gram... I look forward to getting to know all of you. I work a full time job and have many hobbies.... Too many to keep up with! I love to camp, cook and bake, knit, quilt, crochet, make soap, kayak and go to the casino when I can. Never time to be bored. Oh and I am still paying for my degree late bloomer! Thats it! Thanks again for the warm greetings!

12-08-2005, 09:32 AM
Yes, Emjay this site along with doing the Atkins diet and going to the gym 3 days a week faithfully, was instrumental in assisting me in weight. I went from 255 to 205. It stayed off for 4 months. After that, I lost my job and my daughter became sick and that was it. For the last year and a half, I have been dealing with illness (myself now) and personal stress and I am gaining, gaining and gaining. I've got to stop.
My menses has been irregular for the last five months and that has also thrown my body completely out of wack. I have been having these intense cravings for sweets. I can't follow the Atkins Diet (the first two weeks) because it is too much protein in my body. I am incorporating just enough carbs in my diet so it doesn't hurt me. I get a terrible pain in my side whenever I eat alot of protein and no carbs. As along as I eat healthy foods with carbs then I am ok.

We had our first snowfall earlier this week and it is suppose to snow again tomorrow.

12-09-2005, 01:59 AM
Hi all,

Didn't do too bad eating wise today. Went out to dinner w/ a friend and only had a grilled chicken salad and dinner roll. And it wasn't only because it was a skinny friend either. It does feel nice not to leave a restaurant feeling over full and sick though. Did my 1-mile WATP tape. I think I will be snowed in the house tomorrow (actually today) so I don't have any excuse not to do a longer one.

Hope everyone is doing well...


12-09-2005, 08:43 PM
I did really well eating today, however, it is 7:30PM and I am feeling hungry or feeling like eating anyways. I hope I don't blow a pretty darn good day. I have a Christmas party tomorrow night so I need to be good today for a little indulgance tomorrow. I did a 20 minute Windsor pilates tape today. I just can't force myself to enjoy pilates. I'm convinced it is only for the 110 pounders on the video. I find it painfull (back and neck), but I do feel the burn in my abs when I'm finished. But overall I feel worse after than before. I think I may try it again after I've dropped about 20 lbs or so. Has anyone else tried it?

Where is everyone??? Hope to hear from y'all soon...


12-10-2005, 08:44 AM
Girls I had my christmas party last night. THe food wasn't to good and I did a lot of dancing first time in years. So I can count yesterday as a good day even with the baking I did. Today I am going out with the girl friends to finish shopping, seal a meal my cookies, dinner and a play out tonight. This sure is a busy weekend. Our weather is awesome no snow coming down. Roads are just wet. So I will take advantage and get out while I can. My nephew is in the play he is a senior at his high school. I am taking his gram as she doesn't drive. We will have italian food for dinner. That will be hard to keep the cals down so I will attempt to eat healthy the rest of the day. To try and keep my calories to 1500 or so. My dancing at my work christmas party had to count for some great calories burning. Hope your all doing well and I have even figured out a plan for this next monday to exercise. That has been my down fall lately.

Wonder Woman
12-10-2005, 02:56 PM
Hello ladies. I'm still here, lol. Been missing for a couple of days though. I'm disappointed to say I didn't lose anything this week. I shouldn't let it get me down, because my weight loss moves very slowly so this is actually quite normal. I can't help but let it bug me a tiny bit though.

Went to the dr. yesterday. Nothing important, just the annual check up. The resident that saw me was quite impressed with my weight loss (the dr. office didn't know I've been losing since they saw me last year). He was even happier with how slow it was going, he was quite excited about it and said I was doing it right. I told him it could take me 3 weeks just to lose a lb. sometimes, and he quite liked that. He said the lifestyle changes will make a bigger difference than actual dieting, and that they tended to stick more. With my method it would be harder for me to gain it all back than if I were to just take 60 lbs off in six months and then go back to normal eating habits. He said it was the hardest method because people get discouraged when they hit the plateaus, but as long as you didn't lose the motivation it would always work out fine. So, that made me feel good.

Emjay, I've never tried Pilates. It looks so hard. A girl at work wanted me to go to Yoga class with her, but she said they make you stand on your head on the very first class. I can't even imagine the pain my neck would be in, so I passed. Instead, I prefer the Rodney Yee AM Yoga video/dvd for beginners. By no means is it any kind of yoga workout, it is just gentle stretching (and I even found that difficult, lol). But, after using it for a while it gets easier to stretch farther and farther. Plus, I don't feel like I am doing anything dangerous to myself that will cause pain. My legs were a bit sore after the first few tries, but just because they weren't used to stretching. I've accepted I will never be a yoga goddess, lol. But, I will be able to build my flexibility slowly with this tape...good enough for me.

Carol, sounds like you had some fun at the party. All that dancing would tire me out, lol. Enjoy your busy weekend!

Well, I need to work on cleaning today, I don't want to do it tomorrow. I'll talk to you all later!

12-10-2005, 11:22 PM
Hi everybody. Wow, missing just two days gets me way behind on reading posts! Took me awhile to get caught up. Welcome to the newbies, Carol and Erricah:wave:

Well, my eating has still been pretty good this week but I missed two days of exercise I think. I've been cheating and looking at the scales as usual and I dont think I have lost anything this week. Of course, altho I check many times during the week, I never count it as my real weigh-in until Monday morning. Still got a little while to maybe lose a lb.:^: Going to the mall tomorrow so that should get in some walking.

Carol, my AirWalker is similar to the "Gazelle" you see advertised on television. You move your arms and legs at the same time. You just glide your feet back and forth so there isnt a big strain on your knees like on a stair stepper or something and it's much easier than a treadmill to me. It's not hard to do, almost feels like it's too easy to accomplish anything but my husband and I both have used it before and lost 50 lbs in 6 months. (which I've now gained most of back which is why I'm here now..See, Erricah, you're definitely with the right group!). Anyway, when I first got it, it seemed sooo easy at first but it gets your heart rate up and by 5 minutes I thought I was dying I was so tired. Being so overweight at the time, I honestly could only do 5 minutes the first time. I eventually worked up to an hr. Now I usually do 30 minutes each time. I like walking outdoors best, but when I cant do that, I love my AirWalker. It's in my living room so I can watch TV or listen to CD's. I bought it off QVC Shopping Network for around 100.00. ( I think the brand name is XL Gliders)

WW, thanks for the info on the ipod. I'd love to have one but guess it'll have to wait for now..I havent even started on my Christmas shopping yet! Hopefully will tomorrow. How cool your doctor actually bragged on you...I always dread going.

Emjay, I couldnt help but laugh at you trudging through the snow to thaw out your internet.:lol: It reminded me of myself. We live in the middle of nowhere, 15 miles out of town and before we got Dish Network, we had one of those huge satellites outside. One winter, it was frozen solid and we were going stir crazy. My husband and I went out and chiseled through inches of ice all over this huge thing to get to watch TV. It took forever. We were freezing to death and it was lightly sleeting the whole time. I know people driving by thought we had lost our minds. lol.

Erricah, the last time I got serious and lost weight, which was 2 yrs ago, I was about to reach the "40" milestone. That's what really motivated me to lose the weight. I was thrilled at losing over 50 lbs but here I am again, having to relose over 20 of those plus some. I didnt reach my ultimate goal last time, but I am going to stick with this and with 3FC until I do. I am determined that I am not going to gain and lose the same weight again.

Carol, your party sounds like lots of fun. I'm envious..I had a work party last night and it was BORING. Hubby's is next weekend and his usually tend to be much more entertaining than mine.

Guess I better get off here. Need to check on a couple of Ebay bids that will be over shortly. So far I have lost 3 different items this week because my bid was $1.00 short but I forgot to get online and check before the time was up. Aggravating! My 16 yr old, Josh, only wears certain name brands and Ebay has great deals on them sometimes. ( My 14 yr old, Luke, couldnt care less where his clothes come they say, they are as different as daylight and dark in every aspect) Anyway, I'll try to check in tomorrow night but if not, I'll be back by Monday.

Bye for now

12-10-2005, 11:40 PM
Hi all....I'm so far behind with all the posts. It's been crazy, like you're not all super busy too, I just get so stressed out and find it hard to do anything. Did manage to get the house decorated and 6 trees up and decorated. My son needs to get his tree decorated and then we still need to find a 3ft live for the front porch. Trying to get some cookies baked, sighh, did 3 types today and about 5 to go. I'm only doing single batches this year. Weightloss is depressing as usual :( Was happy yesterday after coming in from shoveling, heck scales had me down like 5 lbs, course I'd not ate or drank anything before going out so obviously was dehydrated. Now today I'm 9 lbs heavier than that weight and 5 lbs heavier than this morning's weight. I just hate how my body is and yeah I know I should stay off the darn scales more than every 10 minutes, ha.

Well just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell everyone to keep up the good work :)


12-11-2005, 12:11 AM
Hi Debbie! You must have posted right behind me tonight. I left, went to Ebay, came back and there was your post. Girl, we gotta stay off those stupid scales!! :dizzy: Doesnt it drive you crazy how they can change within minutes??:?: I mean, there is no way we could gain 9 lbs overnight! I am just like you but I just cant stand not looking. And then when I look, even tho I know I've stayed on track, if I show a slight gain or no loss, it ruins my mood and I get really discouraged. On the other hand, if I know I've cheated and not exercised and done terribly, yet the scale shows down a lb or two or even the same, I feel fine because of what it says even tho I know I havent done right! Ridiculous that I actually let the scale determine how I feel whether or not it is truthful or not. I mean, come on...If Ive eaten junk all week, but the scale says I lost a lb or stayed the same, should I really be feeling all smug like it wasnt that bad?? Nooo..I should be feeling bad because I know inside that I did not stay on track and the weight is going to show's just a little slow occasionally. Honestly, we shouldnt let the scale judge us...we should judge ourselves based on how well we've really done. (Ok, that little sermon was just for It really gets to be an obsession with me tho.

6 Christmas trees? Now I really feel bad...I havent gotten my ONE up yet!:p Just seems like time has just sneaked up on me and I am so behind. It'll be over before I realize the season is really here.

Well, heading to bed now. Christmas shopping tomorrow and hoping to really get into the spirit of things and get lots done. Goodnight everyone!


12-11-2005, 01:00 AM
Hi all,

Overindulged a bit at the christmas party I attended tonight. But I did 3-mile watp tape. So, hopefully it equalls out. I plan on doing 2-mile tomorrow. Otherwise been doing quite well with food. I'm becoming more in the mindset that I don't need food all the time or to be happy or to celebrate or anything else except nutrition and fuel.

WW, Good for you for maintaining. I think your doc is right slower is better. I usually lose pretty slow too, I am anxious to get some weight off right away though so I hope I con't. at a pace. And then join you with the slow but sure.

Carol and Miki, I'm right w/ both of you, I have to learn to stay off the darn scale. It makes me crazy watching it go up and down between AM and PM. Plus I don't think my scale is the most accurate, I can step on it 3 times consecutively and it will show 3 different weights sometimes. I think that is because it's digital. At any rate I need to just say "no" to the scale unless it is Tuesday AM. Good luck teaching an old dog a new trick...

Carol, Good for you for staying on track at your party. And getting in the extra excercise w/ the dancing (it's Kirstie Allie's secret weight loss tool you know). Hope your busy weekend is going great.

Erricah, Hope to hear from you soon.

Am I forgetting anyone??? Well I have to finishing baking for a cookie exchange I am hosting tomorrow. Don't worry I plan on giving almost all my cookies away...


12-11-2005, 10:42 AM
Hi Everyone!
Just rejoined the site here and recommitted myself :wave: I will post more about me later ... just wanted to touch base with everyone.

I am also coming back to the 3FC site after being AWOL for quite some time ... I have been a member of WW on and off for - oh - my entire life (it seems). I am 48 and 5'6". I have lost and gained about 3 people in my lifetime (and I am tired of draggin' them all around with me!).

I re-joined WW in October of this year and did really well the first two weeks ... then I crashed and I have been totally out of control since then. I've gone to meetings and told myself that I was committed to getting back on track - but I wasn't :( NOW I AM!! I know that I can do this, especially with the help of my 3FC buddies :grouphug:. I am determined NOT to be a fat 50!

I am a nurse and work part time at our local hospital. I usually work two or three days a week but on different shifts. I will try to visit here everyday - but may not post daily (sure will try to!) ...SO, If it takes me a day or so to respond to anyone ~ you'll understand why ;)

Good Luck to Everyone! I know that we can do this and have a much slimmer 2006 :newyear:


12-11-2005, 02:52 PM
Hi Everyone!! :wave: How are you all doing? I haven't been online for a few days, it just feels weird to not post for a couple days. I also had my work christmas party on friday, it was so much fun, and I didn't eat too much junk either... although I had way too much to drink which is never good :barf:

Well I got my Walk away the Pounds DVD's in the mail on Friday and I used the 1-mile one yesterday, I really liked it a lot. This morning I did 15 minutes on the elliptical... that thing kicks my butt!! :rofl: It is a very good workout though. Me and my Dad both did the bike and the elliptical together this morning then we switched from one to the other... it is always easier to have someone to talk to when you are working out.

It is really cold here again today, and it is snowing pretty hard.. :shocksn: but oh well I guess that's winter in Wisconsin for ya.

About how many calories do you guys eat in a day? I am thinking about trying to watch my calories more. I don't know though :dunno: Do most of you only weigh yourself on a certain day of the week? That sounds like a good plan.

:welcome: to Debbie, Cathy, Erricah, and Carol!! I hope you are all doing good, and I am looking forward to getting to know ya'll better.

Well I just wanted to check in and say Hi! I will post tomorrow. Have a good day! :D

12-11-2005, 10:34 PM
Well didn't do the greatest w/ food today. But I haven't stepped on the scale today, mostly because I don't dare. I don't have a good feeling about my weigh in Tues. I will be ecstatic if I maintain. Did my 1-mile WATP today, hopefully will do more tomorrow. Had a cookie exchange at my house today, I have to get my bounty boxed up and given away immediately so I don't eat too many.

Welcome Cathy, your story sounds similar to a lot of us here. I think you will do well at this site. I have joined WW on more than a few occasions and never found it to be all that effective for me. The constant counting of points felt so restrictive to me, I don't like to think about it that much. So glad to have you join our group, talk to you soon.

Allison, So glad to hear that you liked your watp tape. You are really fortunate to have so many options when it comes to excercise. Hey at one point I found a website that someone posted on 3fc to go to to calculate how many cals you should have daily to lose weight. It was for post-partum mothers but they said anyone can use it because there was a question "are you breastfeeding" and if you answered no it calculated normally. Obviously breastfeeding moms need more. It went by your age, weight, and height. If I find it again I will direct you to it. That's cool that you had a good time at your party. I am a social drinker too and it's a struggle when you are trying to lose weight, especially around the holidays. Oh well, if you get drunk enough you don't have to worry about eating too much the next day, lol.

Miki, Good luck with weigh in tomorrow. I know you'll do great!

Hope everyone else is doing well. Talk to you soon.


12-11-2005, 10:49 PM
Hi Everybody.:) Welcome Cathy!:welcome2:

Just got home from the mall. Did ok with my eating. Had an order of Bourbon Chicken w/Fried Rice for lunch in the mall then had a salad tonight. Oh and had a yogurt breakfast bar for breakfast. Walked several hrs at the mall but still plan on exercising before bedtime. I'm hoping for a loss even if a slight one tomorrow.:crossed:

Allison, I try to stay around 1500 calories but most days I dont actually take time to figure them up to make sure I did. I used to log everything in My official weigh-in day is Monday mornings but I cheat all thru the week by sneaking peaks.:sssh: It's a bad habit I know and several of us here have it. Even tho I cheat, I only count Monday's weight as my real one and that's the one I use for my tracker. I do that because my scales literally can change in 5 minutes at times. I figure once a week at the exact time is more dependable than lots of fluctuating times all through the week.

I dont have time to post individually to everyone but sounds like we're all still determined to stick together and lose this weight. I know with all of ya'll motivating and inspiring me, I can do it. I'm really excited we have gotten such a great group working together. I know I couldnt do this alone!

Hope you all have a good Monday.

12-12-2005, 07:31 AM
Brandy thanks for the reminder to just jump right back on. I burned a lot of calories with dancing at my christmas party. But sunday was a different day sampling christmas cookies. Oh so bad! There all bagged up and put away now so hopefully I can jump back in. I have planned on healthy choices for breakfast and lunch, christmas party after work at a clients group home. So I hopefully can make some good choices. I won't stay too long but want to go. I am also going to get to the gym today. That is something I need to do. I realized this is something I have to do 3 times a week so today is #1. I will be trying to be more accoutable in this area...It will help balance the extra calories that are so difficult at this time of year. My breakfast and lunches have to be low cal, low fat! And exercise 3 times a wk. thats my plan to survive.

12-12-2005, 03:43 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am so bad when it comes to not posting ---- I forget to -----. I will make a commitment to post everyday. That's where the positive reinforcement came from when I was losing weight the last time. Christmas is not too far away and I still haven't went christmas shopping yet. I do this every year!!!!!!
I was really stressed out this weekend and I didn't lose any weight but I know I gained. I refuse to get on the scale because I know that I will be disappointed. I didn't drink any water either. Sodas and food was my buddies. Even my children left me alone. I am feeling alot better now that I have gotten my feelings out in the open. I need to learn how to handle stress alot better than I do now.

12-12-2005, 04:39 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave: I hope everyone's day is going good! I am not doing too good today for eating... there is SOO much junk food around our office with the holidays, everyone has candy at there desks.. and AHH! :crazy: I am also working a 10 hour day today... so it will be a long one considering I got here at 11am and it's now 2:30pm and I work until 9pm :stress:

I did the 2-mile WATP dvd last night, I absolutley love it! I am super excited. I think I am going to start weighing myself on Mondays only. That way I can see the overall results of that week. It sounds like a good plan to me. I am also going to go on the exercise equipment when I get home tonight.

Miki- Thanks for the advice about calories and trying to weigh yourself only once a week. :goodscale

Erricah- I'm sorry that you didn't have that great of a weekend. Don't let one slip-up ruin your plans! Just jump right back on! :wl:

cacmsc- sounds like your plan to survive is a good one! :goodluck:

Well I hope the rest of everyone's day is good! Talk to you guys later! :carrot:

12-13-2005, 07:35 AM
Allison I also put in a longer day with a christmas party at the group home. I feel its important to try to attend. But it was all the way on the other side of town 11 hr. day isn't so fun. Which was 45 min. from home. My case load is all over the place. I didn't eat to much as far as portion control. I had that but the choices were tough lost of southern cooks, but boy was it good. First year I made it to this house usally the weather is too bad. I did have a healthy breakfast with oatmeal and a salad and soup for lunch. The thing is to try and balance out the calories. 1500 can go pretty far most of the time with healthy choices available. I will try my best to stay a bit lower today 1400 to make up for yesterday. Christmas cookies are all in the freezer and I managed to make my peanut brittle last night after work. I am shipping my gifts off to Hawaii on thurs. So that means finishing up the touches on those gifts. Take care everyone and I agree with the doctor slow is sometimes better in changes habits for good. Also that is what my doctor also recommented when I was last there. Slow loss is more permanent results. Thats not a problem as nothing I have done results in a fast loss. They say do something for 10 days and it becomes part of a routine.

12-13-2005, 12:07 PM
Bad news! Today is weigh in for me and I am up 2 lbs. Yuck! I am disappointed but not surprised. Oh well, I will do better next week.

I feel for you girls w/ your long work days and work parties. And the dreaded treats every where you look in the office. That was always a huge temptation for me. Sounds like you guys are doing well though. Keep it up!


12-13-2005, 01:23 PM
Hi work and gotta hurry to get this posted;) Just wanted to say, NO, I didnt lose this week either. I'm really disappointed but even more determined to LOSE this next week! Emjay, we gotta get back in the groove girl...we were on our way!

Better run and at least look busy! ha

12-13-2005, 08:30 PM

I am sad that you didn't lose, but misery does love company. We are both going to lose next week even if it is only a pound. My challenge for myself is to absolutely make sure I excercise every day (it's the only way for me). I did 2-mile watp today. Ok, here is to a better week.


12-13-2005, 09:22 PM
Hello Gals. How is everyone's day going? Mine's okay, I am not feeling all that good though, I have a sinus infection... which just plain sucks. :cry: So I am all tired and stuff too. I didn't do any type of exercising yesterday, but I will try my hardest tonight when I get home from work. It kind of sucks because I don't get home until 9:30 pm and now I am even more tired from being sick. Anyways some good news - my boyfriend comes home on FRIDAY!! Yay!! :cb: I can't wait to see him. Then yesterday he told me that he gets another 10 days leave on January 11th!! So he comes home this Friday - the 16th and leaves on January 2nd -- and then comes home again on the 11th!! I am so excited that I get to spend even more time with him!! :love:

Anyways maybe I will just do the 2 mile WATP dvd tonight... and not the elliptical and the bike. I really want to but I just don't think I feel up to it. Well I hope all is well with everyone and I will talk to you guys later! :moped:

12-13-2005, 10:51 PM
Just quick post again tonight...still got tons of stuff to do before bedtime. Allison Hooray for you that your b/friend is coming home soon! I know it's really hard being away from him for such long stretches.

Emjay, I'm going to try hard to lose this week, but to be honest, I am feeling pretty discouraged today, kinda like I'm losing steam. I need some major motivation! (or maybe another cyber kick lol) I'm off this Thurs and Fri and then again next Wed thru the next Tuesday. Hopefully that'll give me time to rest up some plus to get rid of some stress that work causes at times. Just been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with work, holidays, trying to change eating habits, adding exercise, etc etc etc. Anyone else get in this rut?:?:

Anyway, might be in a slight slump, but I REFUSE to give up.:D I'll be back tomorrow.


12-14-2005, 07:27 AM
Well girls this is a hard time to lose for me I am trying to maintain more than anything at this point. But maybe with all the busy work and running around I will lose? Now that would be great but we'll see. I haven't done the scale thing lately but have been checking the way my clothes fit, rings etc. I think things are going okay. At least for today I can say that. I have been baking but try my best to package it away pretty quickly. That way less temptation. I have attended quite a few parties and thats tough. At the office so far I can say no one has really brought much in. The girls are after me to bring in goodies but I am not til next week. I have been trying to at least be good with breakfast and lunch times. If I can eat healthy with those two meals it makes a difference. Yesterday I was able to stay with in 1450 calories. The goal for the day was 1400 to make up for the extras the day before. But at least I came in close. I am also making sure I use the stair case at work instead of the elevator and walk a bit quicker. My friends always mock me about how quickly I walk but it helps. Have a great day and don't get discouraged every little change can make a difference. My down fall in the past is that if I over eat is to do it for the whole day or two. Now thats not good!

12-14-2005, 09:01 AM
Good Morning :)

Sounds like all of us are a little stressed these days, whether from work, from baking and shopping for holidays, from family situations, etc. Let's try to keep focused and not let these things cause us to lose sight of our goals and overeat, which of course causes MORE stress once it's done. I know with me, immediately following a binge or giving in to something I know I dont need, I always regret doing it. Then, I'm discouraged and mad at myself. Seems that stopping on the front end would save us some misery huh? ha.

Carol, my co-workers mock me too. I walk fast also and not just because it helps, but I am usually trying to do 3 things at once so I have to walk fast. :dizzy:

Erricah, come here and vent anytime you need to! It's a great stress reliever.:hug: Hope you have a good day today.

Emjay, thanks for the sympathy....if I couldnt lose this week, at least we didnt lose're right...makes us both feel a little better..haha. We're gonna make it this time tho, I just know it.

Well, once again running late for work. Gotta get off here.
Have a good day, all.


12-14-2005, 12:11 PM
Hey Everyone,

This week is going very well. I am not allowing myself to become stressed out. I am at work and gotta type fast. I weighed myself at work today and I lost FOUR pounds!!! HOORAY!!!! HOORAY!!!! I was expecting the scale to go higher. I try to cook dinner every night but some nights I just don't feel like it.
I haven't been eating take out or fast food for dinner. I do buy from the cafeteria and watch what I purchase. If this keeps up then I will lose even more weight. I also began taking the light rail to work instead of driving. Now I have to walk to and from the train station which is approximately 7 to 10 minutes. Now that winter has set in, it is very cold outside and I walk very fast. I wear scrubs & sneakers to work. The scrub material is very very lightweight. I wore my long johns today and it made a big difference. I am not trying to be cute and sexy in the winter (unless I am going to a function). I need to stay warm. I am seriously contemplating moving to another part of the country where it is not too hot and definitely not too cold. I hate winter.

Congratulations Allison --- I know that you are thrilled that your boyfriend is coming home.

12-14-2005, 11:13 PM
Hey everyone,
I would like to join you on this journey of healthy eating and exercise.
I have been looking and reading for like 2 wks. trying to find a thread
that's feels right and comfortable. I think you girls are it. I too once belonged
to a group on another site about 1 yr. ago and they just drop out 1 by 1 and
now the ones I knew are gone so I was in search of a new group. I've really
enjoyed go back and reading all your post here and getting to know a little
about all of you.

A little about me: I'm a southern girl, from S.C. I'm 45. Married to my high
school sweetheart for 28yrs. now and I have one son that's 23. I lost about
83 pounds 10 yrs. ago but have gained most of that back and would really
like some support to get healthy and fit again.

Hope I can be a friend to you all.
Have a great day,

12-14-2005, 11:33 PM
Welcom Rivergal, Wow another person who has lost all their weight at least once in their lives! Well I hope that together we can all make it stick this time. Congratulations on the 10 lbs. you have lost. What have you been doing diet and excercise wise? Always looking for new ideas...

Erricah, Congratulations on the weight loss. Wow, 4 lbs. that is great. And I bet the extra walking everyday is really going to pay off too. Good for you, keep it up.

Miki, I feel like I am slowly getting back on track. Yippee!!! We must not get down on ourselves though, we were only going to maintain this holiday season remember? I am convinced we will do better this week.

Allison, That is awesome that your boyfriend gets a nice break to be home. We probably won't hear from you much during that time, ha ha. Well I hope you have a wonderful visit. Hey, did you get the resistance belt w/ your watp set? If so do you like it? Right now I am just using 2.5 lbs. weights in each hand to do the resistance (seems to work well). But I was curious if the belt would be worth sending away for. Thanks.

Carol, Wow, sounds like you are doing pretty darn good w/ the calorie intake. I would think you should be losing at less than 1500 a day. Good for you for holding off on the goodies at work. That was always a huge temptation for me, I could never seem to say no to them at work. Keep up the good work.

Well I had a pretty good day eating wise today. And I did my 2-mile watp as well. I went down to the basement and dug up my old aerobic stair and plan on doing a step aerobic tape tomorrow. I think I need a little variety.

Hope to hear from everyone soon...


12-14-2005, 11:54 PM
Hi ladies!

Welcome, Rivergal! The more the merrier, so just jump right in! We have a great group going here and we're happy you want to join us. :)

Erricah, 4 lbs is AWESOME! And you thought you had gained....what a pleasant surprise, huh?

Emjay, I think I'm getting out of my slump too and feeling motivated again. I had a grilled chicken wrap and diet coke for lunch, an apple for breakfast and tonight I made a skillet of stir fry veggies with a couple pieces of chicken breast mixed in. Before I ate, I did 30 min on my AirWalker. Just now, about 2 hrs after supper, I did 30 more:carrot:

I'm off tomorrow and Friday and I plan to shop all day tomorrow. That will be exercise in itself, but I am going to try to do more AirWalker before I head out in the morning. Hopefully I'll do ok with my eating at the mall.

I need to go pay some bills online so I'll know what I can spend tomorrow;) Better get that done...almost bedtime around here.


12-15-2005, 12:21 AM
:wave: hi yall from texas. i am 34 and needing to lose 60 to 70 lbs. dont have much time to give my entire story tonight but will return tomorrow night to inform yall of my situation.

whatcha think? can i join this support group?

Wonder Woman
12-15-2005, 01:18 AM
Hello all! I've been missing for a couple of days :)

Actually, hiding is more like it, lol. This week I need one big huge cyberkick. I've become overwhelmed too Miki. The Christmas rush is starting to get at me. We ordered pizza last night...yup I ate more than I should have. I figured I would take it easy on lunch today...but forgot I had to go to a luncheon, so ended up eating a submarine sandwich (no, it wasn't turkey, lol)...then tonight we were so tired out from shopping we at in the food fair.

To sum it all up, I feel tired, no energy, and bloated from eating bad. I'm pretty darn sure I put that 2lbs. back on...but I'll wait until Saturday to confirm it for sure. I deserve it I guess, but I have kept on my 1 hour of walking.

It will be challenging again next week. 22nd is dh b-day (taking him out to fancy steakhouse), 23rd is big family gathering (will be easier to control at this one), 24th is smaller family gathering, 25th is dh's family gathering.

So....I have to try harder!!!!

Welcome to Emily & Rivergal. We are always glad to see newbies join us in the battle. Looking forward to getting to know you both.

Erricah...4lbs...WAY TO GO! A dancing carrot for you! :carrot: Be very proud that you aren't giving in to the stress...I will use you for inspiration (hope you don't mind).

Carol, good job on the calorie count. I will try to use you as an example too, lol.

Allison, happy to hear your bf will be coming home soon. Hope you guys have a lot of fun together!

Emjay & Miki...I will try to get my groove back on too!

Oh...that's all the updating I can do for now. I'm going out of town this weekend, so I want my place looking clean and shiny before I go. Talk to you all tomorrow!

12-15-2005, 07:15 AM
Well its getting pretty close to christmas and lots of goodies are around. Last night we built our gingerbread house with lots of candy. Can't say some didn't slip into the mouth. Then there were a few potatoe chips too. But overall not to bad of a day. Good breakfast ,lunch and dinner was scrambled eggs. I did have italian bread today a bit more than I should of. Too many carbs. all in all for this time of year not a horrible day. I feel good in my clothes not awful so something must be going right. It is probably all my running around.I will have in 34 hrs. already this week at work so I am going to take a few vacation hours and take friday off. The weather is suppose to get bad later on. Well gotta fly try and be good its tough at this time of year! But every bit of effort in good choices helps balance some of the others.

12-15-2005, 01:50 PM
:rain: It's been raining and freezing rain all night here. Everything is iced over today. and it's so dark and dreary. But warm and cozy inside. Good day for reading. Anyone else love to read?

Emjay, I've been more or less doing the 3 hr. diet and 8 minutes in the morning. I really like it, I can eat this way. You eat every 3 hrs. to keep your motabolism going. It really makes sense to me. Anyway, at meals you have
1 serving of protein, 1 serving of carbs, and the rest of the plate with fruits and veggies. and 1 serving of fat. then inbetween meals you have a 100 cal.
snack to keep you eating every 3 hrs. No foods are off limits. I have fruits for breakfast with a protein and carb and then veggies with the other meals. It's a balance diet and easy to do. I like the 100 cal. snack pack cookies they have now. IT makes it easy to allows have a snack handy. And I love the little Debbie marshmellow treats. By the way if you're over 200lbs, your snack can be 200cal. till your weight goes below 200. The 8 min. in the morning is I work out 2 muscle groups every morning using dumbbells. It takes very little time. I want to keep doing this and add more exercise to it. Got to get back on that bike and treadmill that's just sitting there.

Miki, Hope your shopping days are fun. All my family is going on Friday. Hope this weather is much better by tomorrow.

Allison, your BF is coming home on my Birthday, Jan.11th. special day!

Errica, this is for you: :cheer: 4 pounds is GREAT!!
By the way My future daughter in law's name is Erica.

Eating has been pretty good so far today. I'm just trying to maintain during the holidays cause I know there's too many Christmas goodies to say no to. but I plan to exercise and burn the calories as I go to keep the balance.

Then after the holidays, Girls it's: :smoking: No!!! That's not it!!! LOL.
Just kidding. It's: :strong: :ebike: :wl: :barbell: :dancer:
and then: :goodscale :cp:

Ok, enough silliness,
Everybody have a wonderful day,

12-15-2005, 04:28 PM
Hi Everyone!! :D How are you gals doing?? I'm doing good... getting really excited to see my boyfriend in 1 day!! :welcome3: to the group Rivergal!

Anyways - we got a HUGE stowstorm last night.. so that was really a lot of fun to drive home in. ugh.. :spin: I have been doing pretty good lately on not snacking as much. I have also lost 3 pounds!!! I went to the DR. like 2 days ago.. it was pretty exciting! :carrot: I guess exercising really does work.

Emjay- You're right - I probably won't be online much in the next couple days since my boyfriend is coming home :D I will still try to check in though. I really do like the resistance band. It really works your muscles hard! I really like it. If you are using weights though.. I think it's pretty much the same thing. It is a really good tool though.

Miki- I am going shopping tomorrow too ( I have off on Fridays) so I can get the rest of my christmas shopping done. That should be some good exercise.

WW- Don't worry too much about having a bad week. Just jump right back on like we always say! I think we will all do better after the holidays are over.. it's just so much temptation with all the goodies , and plus a lot of added stress. It's hard to find time to exercise too.. oh geez. :stress:

Well I better go do some work. I will probably check back on later tonight. Talk to ya'll later! :comp:

12-15-2005, 11:13 PM
Well I finally did it and dug the aerobic stair out of the basement. And I did a Susan Powter Lean Strong and Healthy tape that I have had for years and haven't done in years. Wow, that was a hellaworkout! I forgot how intense the stair could be. Well anyways I will probably only do that one a few times a week until I get a little more conditioned. Probably back to the 2-mile watp tomorrow. Eating was so so today, I have got to get these cookies out of my house. Sweets are my biggest temptation, I can take or leave chips and salty stuff.

Emily, Welcome to our group we are glad to have you. I am 34 also and have about the same amt. of weight to lose. I'm sure we have a lot more in common too, can't wait to hear your story. Talk to you soon.

Allison, Congrats on the weight loss. Good for you!

Well sounds like everyone else is busy getting ready for Christmas. Just remember to make time for yourselves in all the hustle and bustle. Talk to everyone soon...


Wonder Woman
12-16-2005, 02:48 AM
Hello everyone.

Whew, what a busy day. But, I finally got my Christmas tree up tonight. I can't believe I left it so late this year. My dad wants me to come over and do up his tree too, don't know when I will find the time.

Thankfully, I have taken all next week off from work. I could really use the break during this busy time. Almost have my Christmas shopping done too.

Don't know if I will get the time to post tomorrow. I have to work until 9:00 at night, then get home & pack, and going away for the weekend. If I don't have time to post, then I hope you all have a nice weekend and I'll talk to you all on Monday!

Bye for now!

12-18-2005, 11:27 PM
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:mad: I just typed a big long post to catch up after missing days and when I hit "submit reply", it tells me I'm not signed in and cant reply. I do "back" and get back to my reply and it shows at the top that I am indeed signed in. I try again and get the same error message that I'm NOT signed in. This time my reply was gone!! Sooooo frustrating!!:(

Anyway, no time now to retype it all. I've missed everyone the last few days:hug: . I've just been extra busy and things have been hectic.

Emily, Wecome to our group.:) You're more than welcome to join us.

Weigh-In is tomorrow...honestly not sure how that's going to turn out. :?: I'll let ya'll know tomorrow night.

Gotta run for now

12-19-2005, 07:17 PM

That happens to me at least once a week on this site. But I never get my messages back. It is so frustrating! I had a mega busy weekend too, looks like everyone else did as well. I'm not feeling positive about my weigh in tomorrow. But I can't wait to hear how you did. I hope you did great. Talk to you soon.

12-19-2005, 09:39 PM
Hey All,
I think everyone had a busy weekend. My was too. We went shopping all day Fri. and worked the flea market on Sat. then more shopping on Sun. Went to Christmas play Sun. night and then to movies to catch the 10:00pm. show. But had lots of fun!! :corn:

Sorry about losing the post Miki, I hate it when it does that. Hope your weigh-in goes really good.

Hey EJ, Hope your weigh-in goes really good too. My weigh-in is Fri. but I think I may just skip this week. :devil: This is gonna really be a tough one cause we're gonna be doing the Christmas baking and goodie thing starting tomorrow. Hopefully I can get in some bike riding.

WW, hope you enjoyed your weekend away. Wish I could get one of those sometime soon. Lucky you.

I'm looking forward to the new year with all my friends here. And all of us working together on this journey to a smaller and healther body.
Everyone have a great night and talk to ya tomorrow.
Later, :hohoho:

12-20-2005, 11:44 AM
Hi all,

Today is weigh in and I am down 1 pound. I couldn't be more happy. It must have been from the workouts cuz I didn't eat that well. But now I am motivated to keep going. Losing just 1 pound puts me in such a good state of mind. I didn't workout Sat. or Sun (too busy) but did 2-mile watp last night. And I think I'm gonna get off here right now and do the 3-mile. Thanks to all of you girls for the motivation that you have given me. I honestly know I would not have made it this far w/o you. And I know 4 lbs. isn't that far but for me it is because I know otherwise I would have had no support and no accountability and probably would have gained 4 (or more) lbs. over the holidays. So, thanks again.


12-20-2005, 01:46 PM

Emjay I was thinking is it still ok if i hop aboard with you ladies?

If so I will just tell ya'll about me...
2 kids (9 and 6)
married (12years)
5' 11"
At this time I have been doing this for two mounths and I have lost:carrot: 13lbs :carrot: I had my weight day on Sunday and found 3 more lbs gone..I have been doing the happy dance every since.

I dont follow any real diet plan. I have my own little black book I keep all my days meals and workouts. I walk on my lunch break at work and I have a nightly workout I do before I take my bath.

I am from the south Ladies and love my :devil: fried foods.:devil:

My goal is to lose 50 lbs..I started at 242. I am at 229.

Thanks so much

Leigh (

12-20-2005, 02:35 PM
Welcome, of course it is ok if you join us. Wow, it sounds like you are doing great so far. What kind of excercise have you been doing? I'm always looking for new ideas.


12-20-2005, 03:30 PM
hello everyone,hope it's ok that i join in on this thread, a little about myself
i have been married for 17 yrs have a daughter that's 16 (ugh) and a son thats 13 yrs old i'm joining weight watchers tommrow i'm doing the felx plan hope it works..i've never tried ww before,and i have a workout room just never use much anymore i was doing 45 min a day and then i got depressed
and now i'm feeling better so i'm going to go for it well that all for now have a good day to all:carrot:

Wonder Woman
12-20-2005, 05:31 PM
Hello all.

Back from my weekend away with the ladies. It went pretty well, and we had some fun. Then I stepped on the scale. Yup, I did gain back 2 lbs. It's okay though, I already cyberkicked myself, lol. I expected it, so it wasn't a big surprise. I'm not expecting to take anything off this week, too close to Christmas. So, my goal for this week is to maintain. Just to not gain any more will be good enough for me this week.

Emjay, way to go on the lb. lost, hard to do at this time of year.

Miki, sorry about the lost post, lol. I hate it when that happens (seems to happen on all message boards from time to time). Before I hit "submit reply" I always highlight my message and right click, select "copy". Then, if it goes into space, I can just open a new message & click "paste"...voila my message is pasted back in. Of course...I don't remember to do that 100% of the time, and the one time I forget will be the time I lose my message, lol.

Welcome to Leigh & Hoosierlady, looking forward to getting to know you. Hope I didn't miss any other's been a few days since I last posted so I feel out of touch, lol.

I'm going to try to get some cycling in tonight to try and ward off the christmas treat evils.

Well, I have a ton of present wrapping to do, so I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. Bye!

12-20-2005, 05:39 PM
I been walkin twice around the building where I work. I will start going 3 times around after Christmas holidays. I been doing part of the buns of steal work out at night I do not have time for the whole thing with the kids and all. I add a few things to it. I walk all day at work so really is like I am on wide open all the time. I feel like sometime I run from the time i get to work till i go home.

Once again thanks so much


sorry about the typos (

12-20-2005, 09:08 PM
Hi all...It's 7 pm and I'm still at work so only got a second. As for my weigh-in Monday, I think it was a lb down, but honestly I couldnt see. .. the marker is so tiny and usually I get my husband to look for me. He had already left for work. I'm not going to count it for sure yet. Just going to wait until Monday again. Of course, Monday is after all the Christmas get-togethers all weekend so I'll TRY to maintain at least if not lose. I'm telling you, tho, the day after Christmas I am going back STRICT!! I've slacked off alittle on the exercise these days except for shopping. Well, better run. Gotta get finished here. After today, I'm off til next Tuesday...Whoohooo!!!:carrot:

12-20-2005, 09:09 PM
PS.....Welcome Hoosierlady and Leigh!!!:D

12-21-2005, 12:30 AM
hi guys. i asked last week if i could join and i have so busy at work and with the holidays to check back with the site.

thanks for the warm welcome emjay71,mikiG,etc.

well here is a little about myself. i am 34 and needing to lose about 60 to 70 pounds. i have always had a weight problem my entire life and never really did get in shape until i was in my twenties. i eat and enjoy myself when every other aspect of my life is going well and when things are not so good in my life like work or problems in my marriage i don't eat and lose weight. i am tired of that. my marriage is the greatest it has ever been since we have handed it over to our Lord and Savior,but i don't physically feel good. my blood pressure is up dangerously and i miss the self confidence in looking good and feeling good. i feel like an embarressment to my husband and kids and the rest of my family. i have saved all my clothes from my skinny days and at work one day some friends and co-workers were mentioning my habit of keeping everything. a co-worker asked what sizes i had and when i mentioned from size 2 to 16,another co-worker point blank said to me that i would never get back down there again. i was shocked at the statement she said. was she right? i have to ask myself. but it was not her position to make such a statement.

i had a baby almost three years ago and can't seem to get this weight off. in just those three years of carrying around 204 pounds i have noticed how some people treat overweight people. i don't seem to get the service or smiles i did when i was weighing 130 lbs. i was very comfortable at 130 lbs but it took work to maintain that weight. it is worth fighting for though.

i use to work out all the time and enjoyed it. i want that feeling back.

after the holidays,i know it sounds a little cheesey,i do plan on taking my weight,health and respect for myself back into my hands and do something about it.

i have a full time job for the state of texas and on the side i am a photographer. i have been a photographer for about 2 years now,no schooling or training but hope to do so one day. i enjoy doing weddings(can be stressful at times) and other events. i meet some great people.

so how does this work? do yall weigh in once a week? please write back and thank you for the support i feel already.

12-21-2005, 02:06 AM
Hi again everybody! Well, I finally got off work. Worked from 8 a.m. til 9 pm. today. It's 11:30 now. I'm tired but didnt want to come right home and head to bed. I like unwinding time first.

Emily, I know what you mean about how people treat you. I was really surprised when I lost down almost 60 lbs a couple years ago that the boys at the grocery store were more than happy to carry out my bags when prior to that, it was like I was invisible. I've had them walk right past and not even offer altho that was their job! As for our weigh-ins, most of us do weigh once a week but we dont all weigh on the same day necessarily. Monday is my day. I've just decided today that I am going to skip this next Monday and have my next official weigh-in on Monday, January 1. I'm addicted to the scale so it's going to be a challenge with my own self to resist weighing before then. I think that will be best because if I weigh and havent lost this next Monday, even though I'll have lots of holiday dinners, I'll get discouraged. I have to be reasonable and realize I know there will be things I eat over the holidays that I dont need but that doesnt mean I have to eat those days and the days after also. An occasional splurge is ok. It's not ok to splurge and then say, "Well, I blew it so might as well forget it and keep eating." I'm determined I wont get back into that mindset this next year.

I want to lose around 60 lbs also. I did it a couple of years ago but have gained half of it back. Since I hadnt reached my ultimate goal back then, I have the rest of it plus the 30 I regained to lose. Sickening to think I was within 30 lbs of my goal and gained 30 instead!:(

I was on blood pressure medicine when I started losing before and it wasnt long before I was able to quit taking it. Now even though I gained 30 back, I still havent had to start back on the medicine. Monthly prescriptions are costly so that's an incentive to me. Glad to hear your marriage is going well. I've been married 21 yrs and a year ago, we went through a really tough time. We made it though and I think we're doing better than ever now also.

WW, guess I'll skip the cyber kick since you took care of it yourself.:p :D

Leigh, that's a smart idea to walk around your building at work. Congrats on the 13 lbs you've already lost.

Hoosierlady, our kids are the same ages. I have 2 boys, ages 13 and 16. Luke will be 14 in January and Josh turned 16 this past October. Keep you busy dont they?

Emjay, happy to hear you achieved a loss this week.:) Think I can really not look at the scales for two weeks?lol

Rivergal, how was your day? Get all your baking done?

Well, it's midnight now. I think I better go get some sleep. It'll probably be Thursday before I have time to check back in. Talk to ya'll then!


12-21-2005, 06:43 AM
I didn'tdo my night workout last night:mad: I will have to be good today.

Me and my husband went shoppin last night and it was late when we got back. I only ate grill chicken sandwitch for supper last night. Its really going to be hard during the holidays.HELP ME STAY ON TRACK.....

I try to do this in small steps I just started walkin last week. I am lovein it too. I think it makes me sleep better at night. Now it time to do the next step.
I need to slow down on my most fav thing Mountain Dew. I love them...I am drinking about 2 a day. I want to cut back and stop all together. I am staying away from the chocolate all ready so this is the next step. Wish me luck on this. I will need all I can get

The Christmas season will be hard for me. Southerns Love this time of year

:carrot: Have a good day ladies :carrot:

Leigh (

12-21-2005, 08:11 AM
hello all, thank you for the warm welcome:) well i'm going to my first ww meeting,well first paying meeting and i'm getting weighed today:( , i'm really hating to get on that scale but i'm going to and i hope it works because i'm going to my all into , well my kids are home for chirstmas vac and they can't wait till they get to open their gifts:) and yes they do keep me busy, and worried, my daughter is driving on her own now and that worries me more then anything, but she is a good driver it;s everyone else lol well thats all for now and again thank you for the warm welcome:hug: to all

12-21-2005, 09:33 AM
Good luck on the ww today. I hope all goes well for you and I have a few more years before my girl starts driven I know what you are feelin. She only 9 and well on her way to 29. I can tell I am going to have a hard time with her...

Leigh (

12-21-2005, 12:32 PM
Well, this week I lost 7 pounds!!!! Increased my work-outs from 30 minutes to 45-60 minutes and watched what I ate. feels soooo good. Anyway, this weekend is Christmas and am I worried? maybe just a bit but I know that I'll make good choices.

12-21-2005, 12:47 PM
:carrot: I do the happy dance for you :carrot: I am thinking about the christmas holiday to Sunday is my weigh day and that one going to be a hard one:( Keep thinking good things

Leigh (

12-21-2005, 06:58 PM
Hello! :)

Shawna, 7 lbs in a week is unbelievable! I'm jealous:p :D Way to go..I have no doubt at all that you'll do great thru Christmas. You've got some real motivation going on! Hope it rubs off on me!

Went shopping a little today and still have to go back tomorrow. Does it ever end? Guess by Sunday it will have to huh? There are a few people that I'm just stuck with no ideas for. I hate that. I dont like getting something just to get it..I like getting just the right thing. Somehow I've let time slip up and I"m down to the wire to get this done.

I have a decision I have to make soon concerning work. Kinda stressed out about it. I've been offered a new position that is more money and benefits etc than my position now (and lots more responsibility), but I LOVE where I am. I dont know if it's worth the money. What if I dont like it?:?: But what if I pass it up and I would have loved it just as much PLUS had more money?:dizzy: :?: I really dont know what to do and they wanted to know by Friday.

Well, think I'm going to take a short nap. Luke, my 13 yr old, has to have another Sleep Study done tonight at the hospital which means I have to stay there with him. They dont have the most comfortable sleeping arrangements for those who are not the patients. Last time, it wasnt even a cot so I could lay down. It was sorta like a recliner except it didnt really go back much, just the foot thing came up so you could at least stretch your legs out. Not looking forward to that

Talk to everyone again soon. Take care!


12-21-2005, 08:33 PM
Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well with the preparations for the holiday and all. I have been quite busy as well not much time to post tonight.

Shawna, Congrats on the huge weight loss, I would feel great too. Keep up the good work.


12-21-2005, 09:46 PM
Hey All, It has been a busy time. I Won't even talk about the eating. Been making fudge today and wrapping gifts. It was fun, we put the Christmas music on and me and my Dad did the wrapping. When I got up, he had rigged up a wide plank on 2 square things in front of one of the couches to use so he wouldn't have to get in the floor. I said, "Talk about your redneck coffee table." LOL :rofl:

Welcome to HoosierLady and Leigh. Hey Leigh, I'm a southern girl too. Right next door to you, here in S.C. What part of Georgia are you in. I'm in upstate S.C. next to N.C. line. I do love this time of the year too. Way to go on losing the 13 lbs.

MJ: Yea!!!!on the lb gone. I think we're all with you on the after the Holidays.
I weigh in on Friday but I'm waiting till after Christmas.

Miki: Boy, you're working long hrs. don't wear yourself out girl. I hope everything goes good with Luke and hope you get some sleep too. I'm with you, after next week I'm getting strict too and leaving the holiday eating behind me.

WW.: Welcome back from your weekend trip. I have all my wrapping done as of today. Now, I'm gonna just do some baking and relaxing and enjoying the Christmas days ahead.

Shawna: Great work on the 7 lbs gone. Keep up the good work!

Everyone have a great night and day tomorrow. DH's last night at work was last night so he's off till next Monday. I love having him home. He's been on nights for 5 yrs. but I still don't like it. Never will!!!

Talk to ya tomorrow,
Rivergal :clause:

12-22-2005, 12:13 AM
I am about 1 hour from the sc and ga line...I am 30mins south of Augusta....

My weigh day is Sunday and I hope I do well....its late and I need sleep so talk to you all later huggggggggggs

Leigh (

12-22-2005, 09:21 PM
Hello Everyone!!! It's been 1 week since I last checked in. I had off from work Friday thru Monday but then I have been really sick so today (Thursday) was my first day back at work. I have bronchitis, so I havent really felt up to exercising, but I havent been eating much either. My boyfriend is home now too... I never realized how much I love having him around... I just love him so much, and I am going to be really sad when he has to go back for good. :( Well I just wanted to check in and say hi... talk to you all later! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!! :clause: :wreath: :tree: :candy: :snowball: :mrsclaus: :rudolph:

12-22-2005, 10:05 PM
Hi all,

I'm going to make this short and sweet it's only 9pm and I'm beat. I did my 3-mile watp which I havent done in a long time. I thought I would be feeling more energetic since I have been working out almost everyday but I am still tired a lot. I know I should be eating better, more whole grains and veggies. I have been eating alot of fruit though, we have a large fruit basket at the house right now.

Allison, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear you are ill but I'm glad you are enjoying your time with your boyfriend.


12-22-2005, 10:51 PM
Hi all

Well, the sleep study wasnt so great. Luke had a stopped up nose but they insisted that he had to breathe only through his nose for this machine to work. They tried a strap under his chin to help keep his mouth closed. Around 10:45, I had to run to Walmart to get him some nose spray. (The sleep clinic isnt allowed to dispense meds even tho it's in the hospital) We were pretty much up most of the night. The few times I drifted off, Luke would wake me up to ask what time it was.:dizzy: He couldnt sleep and didnt think I should either evidently. Finally around 3 he got adjusted to everything, but they woke us up to go home at 5. (oh and again there was no cot..I had a stupid chair that was wide enough I could kinda curl up in but no way I could lay down) I went to bed around 5:30 when I got home, then got up at 8 to once again go shopping. Normally I can shop all day, 12 hrs even, but today I was exhausted. By 2:00 I thought I couldnt walk another step. It's almost 9 and like Emjay, I'm totally beat. Going to head to bed very soon. Honestly, not trying to sound like Scrooge, but it will be nice to get the holidays over with and be back in a normal routine.

Allison, hope you get to feeling better quickly. No fun to have your boyfriend home and be sick. Dont worry, we wont hold it against you if you cant find time to post while he's home.;)

Lots of southerners around here huh? Arkansas here. Southern food is definitely not the best for

Well folks, I am outta here. Hope to get lots of rest tonight.

Bye for now

Wonder Woman
12-23-2005, 02:54 AM
Hello all.

Just checking in to say Hi! before the holidays. Not sure I will get any time later. Tonight was Jim's b-day, so I took him out to a fancy restaurant. Tomorrow is a family gathering, next night..a family night...a family gathering. My shopping is all done, but still have some baking to do.

So, I hope to stop in even briefly before Christmas, but if I don't, Merry Christmas to all! :hohoho: are not a scrooge. I am looking forward to returning to the normal routines of life as well.

Talk to you all later!

12-23-2005, 07:12 AM
Are those things still available?:?: When does the christmas tree get to leave again? :?: and :?: Who made the rule that you got to go shopping every day?:?: (I need to have a talk with that person)

I just want to say I hope all of yall have a great holidays and hope to talk to every one soon hugssssssssssss :hug: :carrot:

Leigh (

12-23-2005, 09:19 AM
good morning everyone:) well ww went pretty good i've been on the flex for three days now and am feeling ok,i hope i'm doing it right , well today starts with all the dinners and vists to everyone:dizzy: yes i too will be glad to get the holidays over with , and get things back to normal so it will be easyier to watch what i eat , well i'm off to my mother inlaws house have a good day to all and merry x-mas :)

12-23-2005, 10:51 AM
Hi all,

I'm going to the grocery store this AM, I hope I can beat the holiday rush and there is not a bazillion people there. Haven't worked out yet today but I definately will, it's my goal to not miss a day this weekend. I'll need all the help I can get w/ all the food floating around.

Miki, sorry the sleep study was miserable. I know those things are horribly inconvenient. Are they checking for apnea? I hope you are finally done shopping now!!!

Hoosierlady, Do you like the WW flex plan? I did the winning points but not the flex I'm curious about it. I do better when my food isn't so restricted. What part of Indiana are you from? I'm from Western Michigan, less than an hour from the IN border.

Leigh, I know I am already strategizing about when I will take my tree down as well. I think I may have a get-together next week w/ some friends I didn't have time to get together w/ b4 christmas so it may have to stay up for a while.

WW, Wow, you are gonna be busy this weekend. I hope you have a nice time.

Rivergal, Hope you have all the wrapping done and can relax now. Have a great weekend.

Shawna, What type of workout are you doing? I may have to try it to get a big weight loss too.


12-23-2005, 11:28 AM
I found a great way to stay away from the Mountian dews...Crystal lights "On the go " packs there good if any one is like me tryin to stay away from the drinks......I have not been doing my night time workout:mad: I need to get back on track. I have been eating more too so I need the "Cyber Kick" the holidays have got to go soon......:dizzy:


12-25-2005, 03:20 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have a great day! Don't worry about food today!


12-25-2005, 07:56 AM
Emjay I was force to get up at 4:30 in the morrin omg I hope you have a great day......


12-25-2005, 10:53 PM
Ladies I found the 3 lbs that I lost on my last weigh in day. I will start again tomorrow on getting back on track with my goal. I hope the holidays where all good to all of you and you are all well and happy.....Its time to start again.....


12-26-2005, 01:15 PM

Don't get discouraged. The holidays are behind us now (well except for new years) and we can have a fresh start. Other than I have a fridge full of leftovers that are calling my name. I didn't work out yesterday but I did Fri. and Sat. and I'm going to today. It makes a huge difference for me.


12-27-2005, 10:51 AM
I am going to walk 3 time around the building today... and I got back to my journal and I am going to keep closer tabs on what and how much I eat. Get back to my nightly workout....I am ready to get back on track..:carrot:


12-27-2005, 02:41 PM
I did 3 times around the building.....and :carrot: I did it in 30mins :carrot: I feel great now to get though the rest of the day. I lookin for a way to cook lighter. I want to get away from all the fried foods...


Wonder Woman
12-27-2005, 09:01 PM
Hello all.

I'm back after being missing most of the week. It was just too busy to check in, lol.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Leigh...don't worry about the 3 lbs. Time to start new. My total Christmas gain is 4 lbs. I'm kind of disappointed because last year I did a great job maintaining...but this time I didn't do so well. I'm kind of okay with it though because I feel really motivated again now that the holidays are behind me.

So, today was back to the grind with my 1 hour of walking. Will take me a few weeks to gain that ground back, but I can do it.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

12-27-2005, 11:03 PM
Hi all,

Today is weigh in and I didn't lose anything, but I didn't gain anything either. I maintained so I am quite happy. I of course overate on Christmas day, I think if I would have been sensible maybe I could have lost, oh well. I packed up a plate full of cookies and candy that was given to us over the weekend and shipped it off to a friend who has a husband that will eat anything. It felt so good to get rid of it. I have to get serious now. I worked 8.5 hours today which is alot for me lately so I didn't work out today but I definately will tomorrow.

Hope everyone survived the holidays. Talk to you all soon.


12-27-2005, 11:33 PM
I haven't posted in a while. Conection problems. I also moved..No scale and I feel terrible and have been depressed. I feel that I gained back all my weight. I feel fat,I feel "fluffier"..I just feel like if I have a suit that's suffocating me.

So... I'm back. No more!

12-27-2005, 11:43 PM
I can feel where you comein from......


My goal for Apirl 1st (

12-27-2005, 11:51 PM
Hello everybody! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)

I definitely overdid it foodwise and definitely UNDERdid it exercise-wise. Havent exercised today yet either and to be honest, it isnt looking promising that I'm going to. Back in that stupid rut again. Once I miss a few days, it's sooo hard getting back into my routine!

Dont worry, I will get back into it..just takes me a little while to get re-motivated. Hopefully ya'll will inspire me to get back on track ASAP.

Well, just wanted to check in. Nothing major to report. I'll be back tomorrow night. Night all.


12-28-2005, 05:53 PM

Welcome back. I hope if I ever stop posting on this site I have the sense to jump back on the wagon. Wow, looks like you have done great w/ your weight loss so far. I am very envious. Good luck with getting back on track. Check in with us when you can, we'll give you some motivation.


12-28-2005, 08:18 PM
Thanks emjay. That's an old ticker. I thought I got rid of it! :dizzy: LOL!

Well,I couldn't have gained it all back.... And I did it once.. I can do it again! :carrot:

I will be checking back. I'm sick of feeling so dissappointed with myself.

12-28-2005, 11:11 PM
Ok, I finally did it....just finished doing 30 minutes on my AirWalker :D Now that I made myself do it once, it shouldnt be so hard to keep it up. Just seems if I ever miss a day or two, It is soooo hard to get back into it!

Had a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch today and tonight had stir fried vegetables with chicken breast cooked with it.

Zapphire, glad you made it back. I know from experience that this site is a great way to stay on track. When I quit posting before, before I knew it, I had regained almost all I lost. I love the accountability.(even when I have to confess instead of giving a positive report)

Leigh, way to go increasing your walks around the building. I'm terrible at journaling but I always hear it's a big help.

Emjay, shipping off your leftover cookies is a big achievment! Not sure I could have done it...good thing I didnt bake any, huh? lol Glad to hear you maintained. I'm still waiting until this next Monday to weigh. Hopefully if I did gain during Christmas, I'll have it back off by then.

WW, it was good to hear from you again. It was definitely busy around here also. Glad to hear you're back at your walking. I just got back to exercise also after taking a week off. (of course, tons of walking at the mall should count for something right?lol)

Where is everyone else?:?: Hope all of you are able to join us again very soon. We miss ya'll!


Wonder Woman
12-29-2005, 01:28 AM
Hello all.

Well, trying to get back into the groove of posting every day. I started journalling my food again too. 2 days of staying within my calorie limits.

Emjay, good job shipping off the cookies. My sister gave me cookies for christmas, wish I could say I did the same thing with them, lol. Lucky for me, DH was happy to polish off a good amount of them.

Zapphire...I'm also feeling "fluffier". I can definitely feel the christmas weight and it doesn't feel good! But, I feel really motivated now that the holidays are out of the way. I'm sure I'll take it off again soon enough. Must be that January 1 optimism creeping in, lol.

Miki...good job on throwing yourself back onto the airwalker. It is hard to get the routine started again, but I think we will all get into it again over the coming weeks.

Well, I should get going. I'm reformatting my main PC right now (I'm on my crappy laptop right now). For Christmas this year, Internet Santa gave me a Trojan Virus! And, that nice little trojan invited all his little virus and spyware programs in for a party, lol. Tried to clean up the mess...but there are just way too many virus' and various spyware programs in there to get. Plus, I think the trojan copied itself over and over again in my system because nothing gets rid of it (took 2 days of playing with Norton just to get it to recognize the problem). So...happy me! Sometimes I just don't understand how this stuff gets in. I have a firewall with my router, I have Adaware that I use regularly, Windows has a built in firewall, plus I have Norton and keep it updated regularly...I don't download any illegal music or questionable files....sheesh how does this stuff get in?

Hope you all have a great night, talk to you all tomorrow!

12-29-2005, 01:09 PM
Wow, I am so proud of all of us for getting this ball rolling before the new year. I myself am exstatic that I have actually lost 4 lbs. before Jan. 1. Usually I make my resolution on Jan 2 and then have no momentum to go with it so it never works. Not this year! Good for us... I have already done my 2-mile watp today and plan to do it tomorrow as well and the day after that and the day after that. Hopefully I don't have too many adult beverages on new years eve so I feel like a mega workout on Jan. 1.

WW, Good luck w/ your pc. If that happened to me I'd have to buy a new computer, I'm no where near as techy as you sound. Who am I kidding I need to buy a new computer (still running windows 98) anyways. Maybe I will sometime in 06, lol.

Have a great day everyone.


Wonder Woman
12-29-2005, 10:22 PM
Hello all! I'm posting from my freshly formatted PC! It's now all nice and clean and shiny, just how I like it. Yes, emjay, I am a bit techy. I work in IT and although I work mostly with phone systems...I have to do double duty as a PC tech too (I don't have any formal training though...I'm on the "learn as you go" program, lol).

Wow, 4lbs. gone for emjay before Jan 1...congratulations! A dancing carrot for you! :carrot: (I'll use any excuse to use the dancing carrot).

Well, after a few days back at counting calories, I am already starting to feel less "fluffy". Pants not so tight around the waist...I think I've shed some of the Christmas bloat (not the lbs...just the bloat). I have to admit, it feels really good to get back to fruits, veggies and grains. My body seems to be craving them after eating so poorly the last couple of weeks.

Went grocery shopping tonight...and went $40 over budget. Ouch. Had to be done though, we were really getting low on lots of things. Carrying it all up 3 flights of stairs was a good workout too. Wish there were kids living in my building...I'd pay them 5 or 10 bucks to haul my stuff up for me each week (I'm so lazy sometimes).

Well, hope everyone is doing well and had a great Christmas!

12-29-2005, 11:25 PM
Whew! Just finished exercising again. :ebike: Now that I've actually done it two days in a row, I think I'll be able to stay with it. Emjay, I'm like you...I'm so glad we all got started before the New Year! Even those of us who gained had already lost some before Christmas so we're still ahead of the norm. We have a head start on everyone who will be making their New Year's Resolutions. Somehow those seem to always get broken so I'm glad we're already on our way and making progress.

WW, carrying bags of groceries up 3 flights is a workout for sure! I got tired just from reading about it. lol Glad you got your PC all cleaned up. A few months back, I had lots of problems and had to completely restore my Win XP. I was really nervous doing it but didnt have the money to have it done either. Thankfully, everything turned out fine and it works much better now. Seriously, how do those things get in there?? I have all the things you mentioned also....Adaware, Norton, etc etc. Seems nothing can completely catch everything.:no:

I hope everyone else gets back soon. I'm anxious to hear how everyone is doing. Hope ya'll all had a nice Christmas holiday!:present:

I have to work late tomorrow. It's month end, quarter end and Year end all at once...YUCK!! I will be working a minimum of 12 hrs so I'm not sure I'll get back in here for a day or two.

In case I dont get back here before then, Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!:newyear: :cheers:


12-29-2005, 11:30 PM
Oh forgot one more thing:

I knew I couldnt wait until Monday to weigh! I weighed today and didnt lose but didnt gain either. (unless I gained but lost it in the last few days) I guess I'll be satisfied with maintaining because I definitely did my share of eating during Christmas.

Holidays are over now so maintaining is no longer an option...I gotta get back into LOSING! Will be hard for me tomorrow because one of our co-workers is leaving so we're having potluck. Another is leaving next Fri so another potluck! There will be tons of good things to eat. Hope I can refrain from overindulging!

Anyway, just wanted to share that.


12-30-2005, 12:52 PM
Miki, What did you decide about the job promotion? I almost forgot about that but have been wondering since you said that.

Wonder Woman
12-31-2005, 03:23 PM
Hello all.

Weighed in this morning...and 1 Christmas pound is gone, three more to go! I'm really quite pleased to remove one so quickly, plunging so quickly back into the fruits, veggies & exercising really helped.

Last night we went out with some friends to see The Chronicles of Narnia. I enjoyed it. I don't think it was as great as some blockbusters of the past...but still pretty good. Kids will like it (older kids though...the smalls could get scared by all the fighting, there are some battle scenes).

So, for the first time in years I have my dh all to myself for New Years Eve...and I have no idea what to do. Bars are not a good option for us. The celebration at the zoo is all sold out (darn, I really wanted to do that), and for the first time in years, none of my friends are having New Years Eve parties (I'm sure dh's friends are...but that's not an option, lol).

So...what the heck do grown ups that don't want to get drunk do for New Years Eve? I'm thinking movie...that's really all that comes to mind.

So...what are you all doing for New Years Eve?

I'm going to get myself pulled together now and go out for a walk. The weather here today is amazing! Talk to you all tomorrow.

12-31-2005, 06:55 PM
Happy New Year to everyone!


Congratulations on the pound gone! You are right, that was quick. I for one am glad the holidays are over. Well, except for tonight. I am going to my sisters house for a party, more like a game night actually. She is doing a murder/mystery theme. We all have characters and there will be clues and you have to figure out who done it. I've never had experience w/ this but it sounds fun. I don't think that portion of the party will take long and then on to games. People will probably play cards, Balderdash is a favorite of this group, and I got Scene It for Christmas and can't wait to play that. I don't want to get drunk tonight at all cuz I really want to workout tomorrow and that would not be possible if I overindulged. I am going to enjoy some champagne at midnight and maybe a Kahlua and Cream or two earlier (I know terrible for fat and calories but I love them and to me they are not intoxicating). I also plan on NOT overeating. I am bringing turkey wraps so I know I will have one sensible option. Last year this same group went to a hotel where the room, dinner, party, champagne, and breakfast were included in one price and we loved it. We had intended to do the same this year but my brother-in-law had spine surgery right b4 Christmas and cannot travel in the car so we decided to go to him instead. But if I was in your boat w/ nowhere to go I would probably rent a few movies, make something I enjoyed for dinner (maybe pick up some shrimp cocktail) and thouroughly enjoy a quiet evening at home. Actually it sounds great to me. Well whatever you do enjoy it. Talk to you later.


Wonder Woman
01-02-2006, 04:19 PM
Hello everyone.

Well, dh & I decided to take in a movie on New Years Eve. We saw The Producers, which I thought was really cute. It was like going to broadway, but in the movie theatre. Then, when we got home, a movie we like was playing on TV. Can't remember the name of's a war movie, basically a sniper battle between the Russians & the Germans...Jude Law is in it. We've seen it on TV a hundred thousand times...and each time it's on it draws us in again. Then, opened a bottle of wine at midnight, happy new years kiss, then back to the movie, lol.

Emjay, your party plans sounded like a lot of fun, how did it go? Don't feel guilty about the drinky poos...sounds yummy, and you have done so well this holiday!

Well, this is my last day of vacation. Back to the grind of normal life and work tomorrow. So, I'll spend my last day cleaning up the Christmas stuff. I'm going to sign off now and get that Christmas tree packed away.

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years!

Wonder Woman
01-02-2006, 04:41 PM
hee hee hee...we got moved and I didn't even notice.

Our thread is now located in Support Forum / Support Groups. We have a new little home! I slow or what?

01-02-2006, 04:49 PM
Hi Everyone! :D

I hope everyone is off to a great new year. Well my boyfriend left this morning.. but he is coming back in 9 days. :carrot: I miss him already though. :( Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. I didnt gain any weight and I actually lost 2 more pounds!! Yipee! :carrot: On Saturday night my blood sugar went really low and I had a seizure.. which sucks so I still don't feel all that great. I am thinking about going back on the insulin pump. Well I just wanted to check in.. I've missedd you guys.. It feels like forever since I last wrote! I better do some work, talk to ya'll later! :smug:

01-02-2006, 10:30 PM
Hi all,

I'm doing good. I got in a 1-mile watp today and 2-mile yesterday. I have been doing pretty good w/ food, probably could have gotten a little more h20 in this weekend. Tomorrow is weigh-in, I'm feeling fairly confident. So glad the holiday parties are out of the way and things can get back to normal.

WW, Sounds like a nice new years eve. Mine was ok too, I pretty much stayed on track w/ the drinks and food too so I was happy. I got all my Christmas stuff boxed up too now just have to haul it all down to the basement (yuck).

Allison, Yikes, that sounds terrible about Sat. night. Does that happen often? Do you have to go seek medical attention when it does? Well anyway, congratulations about the weight loss. We missed you too.

Where is everyone else:mag: ????


01-03-2006, 07:31 AM
hello everyone ,i haven't been here in a while well i was here had a long post written then it said i wasn't long in (ugh) and i was but i haven't had much time to be online with the kids home (they want the computer lol) well last week i went to ww and i lost 2.2 pounds couldn't belive it and i thought i gained well i hope it keeps going down , i started to walking on my tread mill this week been doing 20 mins and riding my x-bike 10 on that and boy was my back hurting but it will quit in a few days i hope well have to go talk at ya'll later oh and happy new year to all:)

01-03-2006, 04:49 PM
Hello ladies:

I read some of your posts and see that most have common ages and weight goals. I'll introduce myself first, Maureen from Connecticut, 38, married and have two children boy 11, girl 9 and work full time. I've dieted in the past WW and Atkins. I'm thinking of doing something similar to a WW plan. Increasing my fruits and veggies and cutting back on fat and sugar. My husband wants to do it as well so that should help. I need to lose about 50 lbs for now. I haven't weighed myself in months but I figure I'm between 210 and 220 which is my all-time high :( I'll weigh in this week. I was slow at work today and came upon this website. It looks similar to which I used to be a member of. I enjoy the support and socializing on a board. Can you tell me is it alright if I/we post some of our daily menus to share ideas or do you prefer to keep your menus private because of people doing different types of diets?

I need a day or so to get myself organized and prepared with some health food and then I'll start posting daily. Each diet has ended with me always gaining my weight back (usually 30 pounds)...I know, I know, I'm not alone with this! This time around I'm going to try to add some exercise which will be a first for me. I suffer from a bad back/hip but I received a pilates machine recently and it seemed to help...although I haven't been on it in weeks :o

I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone and sharing success stories! Are you all from down South? When I have more time, I'll try to read back further, hope I'm not being rude to any men on the thread, but it appeared to be all women from my quick look.


Wonder Woman
01-03-2006, 08:45 PM
Hello all.

Well, back to the grind today. I did very well with eating, and I have 5 glasses of water down so far...3 more to go!

Allison, sorry to hear about the seizure...I hope you didn't have to spend time in the hospital over the holidays.

Emjay, glad to hear you are doing good with the food/exercise. I's nice to have the pressure of the holidays gone.

Welcome back Hoosierlady. Congrats on the loss...pretty darn good considering the time of year!

Welcome to Maureen, happy to have you onboard. I can't specifically remember where everyone here is from...but I'm a cannuck, so nowhere near the south, lol. I'm in Calgary, Alberta (near the Rocky Mountains). I have no objection if you want to share your recipes. You will find I don't have a lot to share though...I'm a calorie don't have any special tricks up my sleeve...but will share if I try any recipes that rock. Glad to hear your husband wants to join always helps to have the hubby on board!

Well, I'm going to sign off. DH is cooking dinner and he is almost done (bless his little heart). I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

01-03-2006, 09:47 PM
Hi all,

Today was weigh day and I am down one pound. Not bad for a holiday week. Hopefully next week is better though. I don't remember if I mentioned but I will be in Florida for all of March and I really really want to be a good 20 lbs. thinner if not more. So hopefully w/ the holidays behind us I can kick it in gear. I would love to be in a size or two smaller by the time I leave, although I really don't want to try to buy summer clothes in MI in Feb. It's not easy, w/o spending a fortune anyway.

Hoosierlady, Welcome back! Congratulations on the weight loss that is awesome. Especially when you aren't expecting it, it gives you motivation to go on.

Maureen, Welcome. I'm from Michigan but we have a lot of southern gals here. You were right, no men posting. I don't mind if you post your menus I'm sure no one else will either. We are a pretty laid back bunch. I myself, am always looking for new ideas. Hope to hear from you soon.

WW, I'm so jealous your hubby is cooking. Mine never cooks, cleans, or does much around the house. He doesn't even grill, that's my department too. Oh well, can't have it all I guess.

Hope to hear from everyone else soon...


01-04-2006, 09:14 AM
hello everyone,
welcome maureen glad to have here:)
allison hope your feeling better
emjay congrats on the weight lost , you can do it!!
ww my hubby cooks also but only once in a while (thats a good thing)
well today is weigh in :( i hope i didn't gain i made it to a mile yesterday on my treadmill:D and my back is not hurting anymore don't know why but now i can move without aches lol well i'll write back when i get home after my ww meeting wish me luck:carrot:

01-04-2006, 09:28 AM
how do you all get your weight tracker on your post ?

01-04-2006, 02:08 PM
Hoosierlady, Well if you have already created your tracker than you just find the crazy writing section that indicates it is for 3fc site, highlight it w/ you mouse, right click on it, choose copy, go back into userCP and choose edit signature, when that comes up highlight the crazy writing there, right click it and choose copy, after you have done that it will say update signature at the bottome click that. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have more questions.

Well I am on a good roll today. Already did my 3-mile watp. I have challenged myself to do the 3-mile everyday this week. Yikes. But I plan on doing it, so remind me if you don't see me post it everyday. Thanks.


Wonder Woman
01-04-2006, 10:49 PM
Hello ladies.

Not too much exciting happening today. Food was pretty good, but I did pretty poorly with water today.

Yes, my husband cooks...and quite often too. I would say right now he is the main chef in the house as I am not nearly as good at it as he is. He seems to have turned a point lately where he isn't relying so much on recipes and is running more on instinct...and everything is turning out really good. The nicest part is that he considers my nutritional goals and always gives me smaller portions on my plate (he noticed how much smaller I always portion out my own plate...and he started doing it too). It's nice, it's like having someone else watching out for you.

Well, don't have to much to update right now. I'm just cooking up some turkey breast for dinner tonight, so I should go check on it. I'm not too familiar with cooking turkey, so have to check it often so it doesn't dry out.

Hope you all had a great OP day, and talk to you all tomorrow.

01-05-2006, 07:44 AM
hello everyone, thanks for the help on the weight tracker, we'll see if if i did, well i went to my wi yesterday and i lost 3.2 pounds couldn't belive it i guess this ww program really works i surprised because i have tried so many diet,pills and what ever else you can think of and i never lost and i guess i 'm not used of something working and surprise myself every time i lose
well for one thing i'm not hungry all the time and i can eat real food so i think thats why i'm still in wonder :) well have a good day to you all i'm off to walk

01-05-2006, 09:00 PM

Congratulations! Wow, 3.2 lbs. I'm jealous. I'm glad ww is working well for you. I know a lot of people who have had great success w/ it. One of my close friends is doing it right now and is close to 100 lbs. lost. Pretty amazing! Well keep up the good work.


You are so lucky to have an ultra-supportive hubby. My husband has never had to really lose weight before so he has no clue what it is all about. Lucky dog. His job is very physical and that helps alot. He also doesn't really care for healthy food so I typically have to make two meals. Yuck! I have been eating alot of lean cuisine meals lately. I don't mind them and they really keep the calories down.

Well I hope the rest of our pals make it back soon. Do you think they are having trouble finding us since our relocation? Lol.

More later.


01-07-2006, 08:53 PM
Hi everybody!

Wow, I"ve missed ya'll this last week or so! I have just been so busy I couldnt get here. I had a few min at work yesterday and tried but I couldnt find the thread!:dizzy:

Anyway, I took the new position at work and the next few weeks are going to be a nightmare. Our Senior Vice Pres is's her job I am taking on but my title will be Asst. Vice Pres/Operations Manager to start out. She has been with the bank 37 years..I cant possibly take on her Sr Vice title. Honestly I should have started as an apprentice with her months ago, but instead I have the month of January and that's it. Overwhelming if I think about it so I try not to. On top of her retirement, our President has accepted a job at another bank out of town, and another of our best employees has decided to leave and go back to school. Very stressful right now and I would think it'll take a year probably to get into a groove of feeling comfortable in the new positon. I'm going from being just someone in a dept of 3 to being in charge of about 15 employees.

My eating hasnt been great and I havent exercised at all this week! In fact, I think I gained almost 2 lbs this last week!!! I'm discouraged because how ridiculous to lose during Thanksgiving,maintain thru Christmas then gain once it's all over. Just got to get myself a routine going. I cant afford to let work interrupt my schedule toward health. Have to be healthy to do a good job at work, right?

I was happy to see we have another new member. Welcome, Maureen.:) I'd love to find some new recipes and menus so post any of them you'd like.

Well, I better go for now. No kids home tonight;) lol. Hubby and I are going to get our snacks (low fat of course) and jump in bed for the night and watch "Man of the House" and "Bad News Bears" . Romantic huh? LOL

Wonder Woman
01-07-2006, 09:20 PM
Hello all.

Congrats on the loss hoosierlady...glad to hear your efforts are paying off.

Emjay, your husband is lucky to have such a physical job, he'll never know the struggle we know, lol. My hubby actually lost almost 20 lbs. when I first started, because he would just eat what I eat (you are a nice woman to make two dinners...I'm not so nice, lol). He would like to lose 20 more...but hasn't done much about it. Unfortunately, he has a coca-cola addiction and drinks a gallon of that keeps him where he is.

Miki, congrats on your new job. I know you are probably pretty stressed about it, but once you get your groove it will get easier, will just take some time as you mentioned. The stress probably contributed to any gain this forgive it and move on.

As for me...didn't lose a dang thing this week, ha ha ha. I am doing my hour of walking per day, trying to get the water in...I need to kick up my physical activity a bit to get the loss going again. Time to drag out my DVDs again I guess.

Well, that's enough typing for me for now, I will talk to you all later.

01-07-2006, 11:39 PM
Miki, OMG, I'm glad you're back. I was getting so worried about you. Congrats on the promotion. Wow, it sounds killer. I must say, I don't envy you. Management really burned me out, I knew it would. But I'm sure you will do great. You're right, you have to find a healthy balance no matter how hard it is to do. Your health is more important than any job will ever be. Well good luck in the weeks ahead. Glad you're back!!!

WW, Are you walking outside? What's the weather like there? I can't wait till our weather clears up and I can put the dvd's away. Although, I will be in FL in March and will undoubtedly be able to walk outside there. I enjoy the watp tapes but outdoor walking is my first love. Oh yeah, congrats on maintaing...


01-08-2006, 06:42 PM
Emjay, I just told my husband yesterday, "I have got to get in 3FC today..they're gonna think I've just forgotten them" lol. I know there have been times when I've gotten to know someone on here in the past and they were gone awhile and I'd get worried also. There have been a couple even that just never came back and I always wonder what happened. I was thinking about that yesterday and decided that (heaven forbid) should anything terrible happen to me that my husband is to come here and let ya'll know. the future, no news is good news ok? (or at least not bad news...just maybe that I cant get time to get here for a few days) I wish everyone would do that because really, it bugs me about the couple a few yrs back that just were here one day posting as usual then never heard from again. I cant stand that because I feel like I really get to know the people here and consider all of you friends.

WW, I plan to start back on track tomorrow. I know...should have done that this weekend, but decided to forget it and start over fresh Monday. Phil, my husband, started back exercising this last week so I'll have to also..cant let him show me up! lol

Well, better go. I have spaghetti cooking. ( used ground turkey instead of ground beef tho so that's a little better) Every little bit helps I think.

Be back soon!

Wonder Woman
01-08-2006, 06:53 PM
Hello all.

Well, today instead of being a lazy Sunday, I have gone out for a mega walk in the neighbourhood. Walked along the bluff, so had a great downtown skyline view the entire way. Lots of people out walking their dogs today...makes me nervous when I have to walk past them, I'm afraid of being bitten. But that's the risk of walking in off-leash areas, most of the dogs I encounter have been good, and I only cross the street when I see off-leash pitbulls (sorry, I know it's not politically correct, but their strength terrifies me...and I have had a few nips on the leg from doggies would rather not risk it with a dog that could tear my leg off, lol). I have a fear of dogs due to past experiences, and walking through the offleash areas helps me tame that I get better views going through the parks.

Emjay, it is absolutely beautiful up here in cannuck land. Calgary has been unseasonably warm since before Christmas. January & February are our coldest months traditionally, but today when I went out it was only -3C (about 26 degrees F). I have been walking outside for most of the season, and part of my weekday includes a 30 minute walk to work (and 30 minutes back home). weekday exercise is actually tied into my work commute...which saves me great hordes of time not having to do another workout after work. Of does get cold. I allow myself the hour of outdoor walking up to -25C (13 degrees F). After that, the cold starts to get painful and I get a ride to work.

I agree, walking outdoors beats walking indoors anyday. I do expect it to get too cold soon, in which I'll have to switch to using my exercise bike...which will be hard for me. I can take 20 minutes on it...but an hour? Ouch, gets too boring.

Well, I've got my laundry on, and it's time to switch it over. I'll talk to you all tomorrow, hope everyone is doing okay!

01-08-2006, 11:06 PM
Miki-Ok, no news is good news, I'll remember that in the future. well anyways it is good to have you back. Good luck on getting back to the excercising tomorrow.

WW-Wow that is really cold. I can't bring myself to walking outdoors right now, and it has only been in the 30's (farenheit that is). Today was awesome though, it got up to about 45. I seriously considered walking outside today but got too busy and just did my 2-mile watp. Not being a city-dweller I have never had a job I could walk to, but talk about killing two birds w/ one stone. That would be great.

Well talk to you all soon.


01-08-2006, 11:30 PM
Hi again :) Thought I'd check back in before bedtime since I may not get to drop in as often as I'd like during the week. My spaghetti was good...the rest of the family never even noticed a difference from my substituting turkey for the ground beef.

We had great weather here today. Sunny with a huge breeze. For the past week, it has been in the upper 60s, even up to 70 F one day. It's nice but kinda frustrating when just a few weeks ago it was winter temps. We never know what to wear when we get up in the mornings. Doesnt look like we're going to have much of a winter this year. Hopefully it'll rain tomorrow. It hasnt in ages and it's extra dry. There was a huge fire last weekend about 20 miles from here, then today 3 different fires broke out. One of them was 3 miles long the last I heard. It was about 8 miles from here but the wind wasnt blowing in our direction. We could see and smell the smoke for miles. Scary looking to see those huge clouds in the sky as far as you can see except knowing they arent clouds but smoke. A few people had evacuated but last I heard no homes were destroyed.

Well, no more news since I was just here a few hrs Hope everyone has a good Monday to start their week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine will be less hectic than I'm expecting.

Bye for now

01-09-2006, 08:13 PM
Hello all,

Well I weighed in today. Down 1 pound AGAIN. I wish it were 2 or 3 but I guess I shouldn't complain. Maybe this week I can do better and lose more. No excercise today because I went to my cleaning job and I feel like that is a pretty good workout for 7 hours. Right back on track tomorrow.

Miki, The fires in your area look really scary. I didn't know it was still an issue down there. My brother lives in Austin TX and I know they were real close to him a week or so ago. I hope you all get rain soon. Are you close to Texarkana? My husband and I are going down to Lake Fork, TX in April to fish and that is quite close to Texarkana.

Well more later!


Wonder Woman
01-09-2006, 10:38 PM
Hello all.

Miki, good to hear from you. I know how it is when life gets hectic, you must be busy with the new job too. No worries, we just miss ya when you're gone...but it's good to see you pop in when you can. Don't let Phil show you up! lol.

Emjay, yah, I guess it seems cold here to a lot of people. I'm not going to lie & say -25C is sucks and I can't stand the feeling of cold air freezing in my feels yucky to be freezing from the inside out, lol. But, -3C does feel balmy to me at this time of year. Mind you...I'm not in shorts or anything...still need the winter coat, but don't need scarf or mitts when it gets this warm. I guess it's just what you are used to, I've been here all my life. Once summer comes around and I get used to the warmer weather...I'll become a cold wuss again, lol.

Tonight I made steaks...without turning them into hocky pucks. Ta daaaa! Okay, that's an accomplishment for me. I'm learning how to cook so I can keep up with the hubby...and this is the first time steak turned out really well for me. So...I am pleased with myself.

Bad news...I wrenched my knee. I went out for a turned into a little run...and now the knee is weak and having a hard time holding me up. I'll give it 2 days to heal...& if it doesn't I guess I'm off to the doctors. (oh please, oh please, no physio please!).

Well, I'm going to get going, I brought some work home (yuck), and I should get going on it. Talk to you all later.

01-10-2006, 12:06 AM
Emjay, that is cool you'll be close to Texarkana in April. I am a couple hrs or so from there, but my sister lives about 30 min from there. Do you have family near Lake Ft or you're just vacationing? Way to go on another loss this week. Wish I could say the same. Like I thought, I was up 2 lbs. Doing better today tho and hopefully will stick with it all week.

I did 15 min on my AirWalker this morning before work and just finished 30 more tonight. I had a piece of cheese toast for breakfast (because it was leftover from the kids lol)I had a Fat Free hotdog on a Lite wheat bun for lunch. Tonight we had baked fish, rice and green beans. At work today, it was someone's birthday. There was turtle cheesecake. As if cheesecake isnt fattening enough, it was in a chocolate crust with caramel, chocolate and pecans drizzled all over it. BUT I didnt even have one bite! Can you believe it? :carrot:

WW, your knee made me hurt just thinking about it..Ouch! I hope it heals up on its own so you dont have to go to the doctor. Any secrets to how you cooked your steak? I have trouble with it's never tender like everyone else's. Occasionally I happen up and it turns out good but it's only by

As far as I know, all fires around here have been put out. There were 4 homes lost tho. It was supposed to rain today but havent seen a drop yet.

Well, it's 10:00 and I'm tired. Guess I'll talk to ya'll again tomorrow if at all possible.

I hope everyone else gets back soon! Maybe if they dont, we should post again in Buddy Up just to give them a way to find us here. I know Fri when I was in a hurry, I couldnt find it myself. Anyway, ready to head to bed now. Bye!


01-10-2006, 02:35 PM
WW, Sorry to hear about the knee. I know that can be such a big setback. I myself am freightened of an injury at this point cuz I don't want to stop working out. It is half the reason I don't walk outside in winter, I have weak ankles and am always afraid of slipping and injuring one of them. I also don't like to bundle up in the cold. Well I hope it heals on it's own quickly.

Miki, Congrats on not eating the cheesecake, I would have been all over it like a cheap suit. That is what I miss the least about the working world, all the parties, potlucks, and fattening food. I have worked in medical offices for some time and we would get bombarded by the pharmaceutical reps constantly bringing us food. My biggest pet peeve was the reps pushing cholesteral or weight loss meds that would bring in lunches from some of the worst restaurants for fat, sodium, and calories. It made no sense to me. No offense to any drug reps that may be reading in. But it was an area I always had contention in. Well anyway, keep up on the good work with you excercising, it will pay off. Oh yeah, we are going to Lake Fork because it is one of the best bass fishing destinations in the country and my husband really likes to go once a year. Yup, he is a huge redneck, oh well.

Talk to everyone soon,


Wonder Woman
01-10-2006, 10:39 PM
Hello all.

Well, I didn't do any walking today...and my knee already feels way better than it did yesterday. I'll walk again tomorrow...but avoid stairs just to be sure I don't make it worse. I think I may recover without the doctor trip (amen). I guess the lesson is I shouldn't run, I'm not built for it, lol.

Emjay, congrats on another lb. down. You are doing awesome! Your redneck comment made me smile. I used to go fishing with my dad, but it's not my cup of tea anymore. However, I do enjoy going out just for the camping sometimes, it's nice to be out in nature. I'm sure you will have a good time when you head on out.

Miki, what can I not only resisted cheescake, but it had caramel on it, and you still didn't eat it. Wow....I'm not sure I would have been that strong. Good job. I took the recipe for steak from They have a lot of great recipes. Here is how I made the steaks:

- 1 lbs. of sirloin steak
- brush vegetable oil on the steak (just a bit...1 or 2 tsp should cover it)
- make a "rub" consisting of 1 tsp chili powder, a little pinch of ground cumin (very strong! don't even use 1/4 of a tsp), 2 tsp of garlic powder, 1 tsp. of ground black pepper
- rub the mixture onto both sides of the steaks
- broil for 4 minutes on first side, turn over, broil for 6 more minutes

It comes out medium rare, I think the centre should reach 145 degrees F.

Probably not a really low cal meal considering it is steak...but I give the hubby the bigger portion, lol.

Well, I should get going. I've got dinner dishes waiting for me. Talk to you all tomorrow.

01-10-2006, 11:09 PM
Hello :)

Ya know, I'm really wondering if everyone else is like I was and just cant find us since our thread was moved. Strange that we had probably 15 people here at times and now it's down to the three of us.

I've done pretty well with my eating today but only 10 minutes this morning on the AirWalker before work. I planned on finishing up on it tonight but I have some kind of problem with my hip...actually more like my rear end. I have no idea why..havent done anything that I know of..but it's like all of a sudden tonight, I just got a catch in it on one side. Phil was trying not to laugh because it's such a weird thing. We were watching TV and all at once I let out an "OH!!"..He says, "What's wrong?"...I said, "My butt is hung". He died out laughing. (of course he was trying to hide that) I had tried to get up and just couldnt...I know, weird. I may take a muscle relaxer when I head to bed and see if that helps. I really dont want to go to the doctor with this. lol

Emjay, I didnt know that about Lake Fork. I've never even been there. Dont worry, tho...everyone around here are

That steak recipe sounds good, WW. I may try it soon. Glad your knee is feeling better already.

Well, Luke, my 13 yr old has a final exam he is supposed to be studying for. I need to go quiz him so I better go. He's ready to get to bed.

Bye for now

01-11-2006, 07:55 AM
Hello everyone, yeah i know I haven't been here for a few days ,well it was my husbands birthday over the weekend and we had a few people over for the weekend so i could't get to the computer then on monday my son was home with the flu:( and then my daughter was home tuesday but today should get back to normal lol ... well today is weigh in and i hope i didn't mess up we'll see..
emjay congrats on the weght loss:)
miki nice job with the no cheese cake thats hard to do :carrot:
ww sorry bout the knee and glad it's feeling better
well i'll talk at ya'll later

01-11-2006, 04:03 PM
Hi all,

Haven't done too good w/ food today. But I knew I wasn't going to, kind of. I went to my mother-in-laws for coffee w/ the ladies (although I don't drink coffee), but I made a really good french toast bake to enjoy. And we did, oh yeah we also had some fresh fruit and oj so I guess it wasn't too bad. More sugar than I have been allowing myself lately though(especially in the AM). Haven't worked out yet but I have roast, potatoes, mushrooms, and onions in the crock pot so I should have no problem fitting it in.

Isn't it crazy how you get older and things start falling apart? I was having hip/butt pain as well but since I have been working out and toning up it has resolved itself. I was thinking it was kind of nerve related cuz the pain was shooting down my leg. I would be standing and everything on that side would just go out. Miki, hopefully yours resolves soon and you don't have to go to the doc. Maybe it is just a fluke.

Hoosierlady, Good luck at weigh-in.

Later, MJ

01-12-2006, 08:04 AM
hello everyone, well I went to weight in and I lost 2.0 pounds so Ifeel pretty good because I messed up a few times this week emjay i'm right along with you sometimes you just have to start I did this week ,
yes I sometimes I have pains in my butt:o but they don't last too long a day or so but I get bad back pains a lot and I know i'm going to because i'm going to start doing sit ups (ugh hate em) well see ya all later:carrot:

01-12-2006, 07:56 PM
Well, glad to hear I"m not alone with the weird butt pain thing..:lol: I didnt realize it was so

Emjay, I sure know what you mean about falling apart. For the past 3 days, I either have the butt thing or a pain in my left shoulder. So far, I havent had both at the same time, but it seems like when one gets better, the other flares back up. I dont know of anything specific I've done to cause either. I'm beginning to think it's some kind of arthritis or something. Very annoying whatever it is.

My food today has been terrible. I wont even list what all I've had.:o Going to try to make myself exercise. I have a problem with the wrong mindset tho..I think "Well, what good is exercise after all I've eaten today?" so then I get off track with the exercise and eating both. I think I need a cyber kick or two to get me motivated.:drill:

Congrats on the 2 lb loss, Hoosierlady. I'm envious but I guess not too envious if I dont get myself in gear to accomplish the same thing!

Well, Josh my 16 yr old, is standing over me. I'm guessing he's wanting the phone as usual. (Still on dial-up here..we dont have the fancy

Talk to ya'll later!

01-12-2006, 10:37 PM
Hoosierlady, Congrats on the weight loss. Wow 2 lbs., you are really on a roll. You must be doing something right. Oh, and I'm w/ you on the situps, they always give me a back ache. The watp tape I have been doing lately is for the abs. It's a much easier way to get that toning in.

Miki, Better luck tomorrow on the food. Don't get too down, tomorrow is a new day. I'm always the opposite on excercise, if I eat what I shouldn't I feel compelled to work-out. Somedays I just totally guilt myself into it. Although, I think it is habit now. Which is a good thing.

WW, Hope your day is going great.

Wonder Woman
01-13-2006, 01:21 AM
Hello ladies!

Well...been avoiding posting because I ate Pizza there goes any chance of weight loss for me this week. I really feel like I'm slipping...whoever gives Miki a cyberkick needs to fit me into their schedule to, lol.

Hossierlady, congrats on the 2 lbs. Well done! I'm with you on hating sit-up, they hurt my back. I try to do the crunches...but they are so hard. A step class teacher taught me a different way to work my abs. Sit on the floor with knees in the bent up position in front of me (you know, like those tacky mud flap ladies, lol). The, lean back until I feel my stomache muscles holding me up. Hold the position while doing reps of tai-bo type of punches into the air. Sit up & rest...lean back...20 more punches....ect. If your back hurts you have leaned back too just want the abs to hold you up.

Miki, I have had the "butt pain" that shoots down into my leg. It was a few years ago and the doctor diagnosed me as having injured my Sciatic nerve. Not sure if that's what you have done...but I remember it as a flash of temporarily crippling pain that shoots down into the leg. The only way I could describe it is "it's like my butt got stuck", lol. Whatever it is you have, I hope it goes away soon!

Emjay, how true it is. We hit a certain age and suddenly everything hurts..and things are going out of place all over the place, lol. I feel 90% better with my knee...will not run anymore, but back to walking stairs with minimal problems. Don't worry about the eating...sounds like you didn't do as bad as you think.

Well, it is pretty late here as I type this, so I should get going. Major project going on at work right now, so I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I also have to work this I hate that part of my job. Hope you all have a good night...I might not be able to drop in again until late Saturday!

01-15-2006, 02:39 PM
WW, Glad to hear your knee is improving. I'm w/ you, running is out of the question. Even when I'm thinner I don't do it, way too stressful on the joints. It just don't pay, I think. Stick to the walking you will be further ahead. Well hopefully you will see a weightloss despite the pizza. Mmmm, I love pizza. Well I kind of had a naughty weekend. Went out w/ the girls last night and had two large drinks loaded w/ cream and baileys and some other stuff and then went out to breakfast w/ hubby this am. Hopefully I can at least be down 1 lbs. tomorrow morning. I did 3-mile watp and will hopefully get that in today.

Well hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

Bye for now,


01-16-2006, 03:17 PM
Hi ladies :)

Well, the butt problem as far as I can tell is better if not completely overwith. My shoulder is the problem now. I dont know what I've done but I pretty much cant use that arm at all now. I've tried to use it as little as possible over the weekend hoping it'll help. I really cant afford to go to the doc right now, moneywise or timewise either. I'll have to I guess if it doesnt get better soon. Very frustrating. I saw a young guy, probably mid 20's, at the grocery store recently that only had one arm. I really admire the way he was able to handle himself and get things done.

Still not back into eating right and now with my shoulder, having a hard time with exercise also. I cant use the AirWalker because I have to move my arms. I did it for awhile thinking it would help work out the problem, but now I'm thinking that was the wrong thing to do. I think it made it worse.

I'm glad to hear the rest of you are doing well. Keep up the good inspires and motivates me to not give up either.

Well, better go. Not easy trying to type without moving my arm. I'll check in again soon.


01-16-2006, 10:58 PM
Miki, Yikes, thats terrible about your shoulder. Sounds like a rotator cuff injury, which doesn't have to be from an injury at all. I worked in physical therapy for a while and we saw a lot of those. But if that is the case it will be real important for you to have it looked at. How have you been getting along at work without the use of that arm? Well I hope it feels better but if not go to the doctor.

Ok, here is the bad news, I gained 1 pound. How disappointing, oh well nothing I can do now but be better this week.



01-18-2006, 09:39 AM
Good Morning

Well, I only have 5 min til I need to leave for work so this will be quick. My shoulder is possibly some better but still giving me some trouble. I think if I could just completely rest it for a day or two it would help, but who can go without using their arm? I find that the simplest things take both arms and I use it without thinking. Emjay, what can they do about a rotator cuff injury?

Sorry to hear you gained a lb but you'll get it off again in no time I"m sure. I think I've actually gotten rid of the 2 I gained New Years'. Now I just gotta get onto getting rid of the 50+ more I need to lose.

Well, gonna be late if I dont get off here. I'll try to check in again tonight

Have a good day:)

Wonder Woman
01-18-2006, 09:51 PM
Hello everyone.

Sorry I was missing all weekend. The project this weekend ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated. I worked both Saturday & Sunday and was just beat by the time it was done. Then Monday night was the Bryan Adams concert. Went with my niece and had a great time, but got home quite late. Tuesday...spent it sleeping, lol. Here we are at Wednesday, 1/2 the week is gone already!

I know I won't lose anything this week so I'm not even going to look. When we do monster weekends they usually order in food. I'm so hungry (because a lot of the work is physical), so I eat whatever is set down in front of me. Oh well, the weather has been great so I'm getting a lot of exercise in. I do feel I haven't gained though, I can usually feel even a slight gain, and I'm feeling good so not sweating it.

Emjay, sorry to hear about the lb. Don't worry, just keep at it and you will lose it again in no time!

Miki, sorry to hear about your shoulder. I forgot about the health care costs in the US, I hope that if you do have to go it isn't too expensive. Just take it easy and hopefully you will feel better soon.

Well, just wanted to pop in and let you all know I still live. I'll talk to you all again tomorrow, dh is starting up dinner and I need to get some dished out of the way for him.

01-19-2006, 08:52 PM
Miki - Well I'm glad your shoulder is a little better. Rotator cuff injuries are treated initially w/ physical therapy (which we saw a lot of successes) and in more severe cases it is treated surgically. A lot of people were always willing to try a good run of therapy to avoid surgey. The injury is usually a tear (sometimes small and sometimes large) but that is why it is good to have it looked at quickly because it can get progressively worse. I can't imagine what else could be causing you so much trouble (I'm not a dr. I just play one on tv, ha ha). But you are right, rest would probably do good too.

WW - Wow, a Bryan Adams concert. Was it good? Did he play alot of the old stuff? I used to think he was sooo cute when I was younger. He is a Canadian too, right? Sorry about the food situation last weekend but I am sure you did fine.

I went "up north" (that is what Michiganders call anything north of where they are, Do all states and countries do that?!?!) to a casino w/ my mil and a friend yesterday and spent the night. My eating wasn't too great either. But yesterday I ran laps in the hotel pool, it was a good workout but I think I spent too much time on the balls of my feet cuz my calves kill right now. No excercise today, but tomorrow is a new day.

Talk to you guys later.


Wonder Woman
01-19-2006, 10:26 PM
Hello all.

Not much to report today...just more work work work. This project just gets worse and worse and is taking up so much of my time, I'm not providing really great customer service to the rest of the people in the office. Oh well...I'm only one person, right?

Emjay, yup, the concert was great! He is touring with his "Anthology" album right now, which is a double CD Greatest Hits yes, he sang pretty much every hit he's ever had. He played for 2 1/2 hours, which included 2 encores. The second encore was quite long...about 5 more songs. Yeah, he's a cannuck. He's from Ontario...or what I would call "out east", lol.

Yeah, we use the term "up north" too. I don't like going too far up north, because it starts getting cold, lol. We pretty much label each other with what direction we live in. People are from "out west" (like me), or "out east" or "down south" or "up north". Strange habit people get into I guess.

What is really cute is how people from the UK perceive the size of North America. DHs cousin lives in Wales...and she was all excited because her husband would be in the US for business, and maybe we could drive 1/2 way & meet him in Toronto for a is on the other side of the country, lol. It would take us days to drive there. Needless to say...we didn't meet, lol.

Well, that was a lot of babble about nothing. I'm going to run off and throw some laundry in before it gets too late. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Wonder Woman
01-19-2006, 10:27 PM
Hello all.

Not much to report today...just more work work work. This project just gets worse and worse and is taking up so much of my time, I'm not providing really great customer service to the rest of the people in the office. Oh well...I'm only one person, right?

Emjay, yup, the concert was great! He is touring with his "Anthology" album right now, which is a double CD Greatest Hits yes, he sang pretty much every hit he's ever had. He played for 2 1/2 hours, which included 2 encores. The second encore was quite long...about 5 more songs. Yeah, he's a cannuck. He's from Ontario...or what I would call "out east", lol.

Yeah, we use the term "up north" too. I don't like going too far up north, because it starts getting cold, lol. We pretty much label each other with what direction we live in. People are from "out west" (like me), or "out east" or "down south" or "up north". Strange habit people get into I guess.

What is really cute is how people from the UK perceive the size of North America. DHs cousin lives in Wales...and she was all excited because her husband would be in the US for business, and maybe we could drive 1/2 way & meet him in Toronto for a is on the other side of the country, lol. It would take us days to drive there. Needless to say...we didn't meet, lol.

Well, that was a lot of babble about nothing. I'm going to run off and throw some laundry in before it gets too late. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Wonder Woman
01-19-2006, 10:27 PM
Hello all.

Not much to report today...just more work work work. This project just gets worse and worse and is taking up so much of my time, I'm not providing really great customer service to the rest of the people in the office. Oh well...I'm only one person, right?

Emjay, yup, the concert was great! He is touring with his "Anthology" album right now, which is a double CD Greatest Hits yes, he sang pretty much every hit he's ever had. He played for 2 1/2 hours, which included 2 encores. The second encore was quite long...about 5 more songs. Yeah, he's a cannuck. He's from Ontario...or what I would call "out east", lol.

Yeah, we use the term "up north" too. I don't like going too far up north, because it starts getting cold, lol. We pretty much label each other with what direction we live in. People are from "out west" (like me), or "out east" or "down south" or "up north". Strange habit people get into I guess.

What is really cute is how people from the UK perceive the size of North America. DHs cousin lives in Wales...and she was all excited because her husband would be in the US for business, and maybe we could drive 1/2 way & meet him in Toronto for a is on the other side of the country, lol. It would take us days to drive there. Needless to say...we didn't meet, lol.

Well, that was a lot of babble about nothing. I'm going to run off and throw some laundry in before it gets too late. Talk to you all tomorrow!

01-20-2006, 08:38 AM
hello everyone, sorry I haven't been here all week but been little down and not feel like getting online (tom) but I'm feeling better , well i didn't go to my meeting this week so so i don't if i lost any thing, the weather was kinda nasty
and the county didn't get my road clean till 11:45 and and my meeting stars at 12 weight in is 11:30 and it takes me 20 min to get to town boy was i mad:mad:
because i still have to pay for that meeting even tho i it wasn't my fault
because i couldn't get off my road (ice ) well i'll talk at ya'll later i'll try to get back on later :)

01-20-2006, 08:53 AM
Ok OK Ok, WW...we got your message!!:p :D (Sorry, I just had to laugh when I saw yours posted 3 times...I get so aggravated when my posts dont work To be honest tho, I'd rather have mine show up 3 times too than to lose one I just finished typing.:mad:

Work with me is getting hectic too. Yesterday was the worst so far, well not worst, just the most nerve-wracking so far with the new stuff and it will be that way for several months as I get adjusted. Not going to worry about it, just trying to go with the flow.

I'd LOVE to see Bryan Adams in concert! I love his music. That scratchy sounding voice of his is sooo cool.

Hoosierlady, hard for me to imagine people with ice on the roads right now. Still upper 60s here and sunny. Doesnt look like we're going to have a winter at all. (not that I miss it lol)

Emjay, I'm still doing as little as possible with my left arm. It's not any worse, thank goodness, but not well either. I know I'll have to have it seen about, but I really really really dont need to miss work right now. We have an off day coming up soon, Pres Day maybe?? Cant remember for sure but hoping I can make it til then if I'm careful.

Well, need to get in the shower and get ready. Not an easy task when I can only raise the one arm. If I was smaller, wouldnt be so hard to reach the all of me with one hand..LOL. Oh well, working on that.

Everyone have a nice day!


01-20-2006, 11:31 AM
Hoosierlady, Glad to have you back. Too bad about your meeting, I know that is frustrating. Well I will be a fellow ww buddy for you, I just resurrected all my ww stuff and am starting to count points today. I'm not going to join anywhere but just do it on my own w/ the help of this site of course. I've joined about 3 times in the past and pretty much know the ropes. I was feeling a little out of countrol and think I would do good w/ a little structure. It may be a little hard to stay within 28 points but I'm sure gonna try. Wish me luck.

WW, I know Canada is expansive. I personally have only ever been to Niagra Falls and Windsor. But I would love to go to Banff (sp?) or Lake Louise, have you ever been? My hubby has been up by where Shania Twain was born (Timmens?) hunting a few years back. Well hope work improves for you.

Miki, Have you tried ice and heat on your shoulder? That may help as well. Try to take it easy this weekend. Hope work gets better for you too.

Well, I'm off to Meijers for groceries (Hoosierlady may know what that is) and I think I will p/u a new watp tape for myself. I need a little motivation. Take care everyone. Talk to you soon.


Wonder Woman
01-22-2006, 02:32 PM
Holy Triple Post! I rock! :carrot:

Actually, it's weird, when I tried to post I'd get a "server too busy" message. So, I hit the back button & tried again..."server too busy"...did that a few times before I gave up. Came back a bit later and saw my post went through, but just once! Today I see two more went through. Ohhh, that is too funny. Wonder if any more will show up.

I've been getting that server too busy message a lot lately...guess next time I won't "try again", I'll just be patient, lol.

Sorry to hear you are feeling down hossierlady, and hope you are feeling better soon.

Miki, I was hoping your arm would be feeling better. Take care of it and I hope it doesn't get any worse. Does your employer take it out of your wage if you take time off work?

Emjay, I live about a one hour drive from Banff & Lake Louise, so I've been quite a few times in my life, but not recently. I never stay overnight in that area as its fairly expensive, but like to go out for a day trip now and again.

Well, I'm up 2 lbs. Too much work eating. So, did the groceries and loaded up on fruit and veggies, and did not buy any bagels. They are usually a big downfall for me, so I'm going to cut them out again. Going to be very good this week and see how I do.

Well, talk to you all later!

01-22-2006, 11:16 PM
Hi all,

Well I didn't do too badly this weekend although I only excercised yesterday (too busy today). I am counting WW points and that seems to be helping. Idealy I think I should lose tomorrow at weigh in, but it is that time of the month so I may have some water weight. I'd like to take some of those pms pills w/ the diuretic but most of those have caffeine in them and that doesn't agree w/ me at all. So I'm hoping to maintain. That would be nice.

WW, Too bad about the 2 lbs. but you will do better this week. Hey I had problems w/ that server too busy for a lot of the day yesterday. I don't know what was up w/ that.

Hope everyone else is well


01-24-2006, 08:56 AM
Hi all...just a quick update. Went to the doc yesterday. She's pretty certain it's a torn rotator cuff (just like Emjay and I Anyway, since I'm allergic to Ibuprofen, etc, all the good anti-inflammatory stuff, all she could give me right now was pain medicine. Having an MRI today to find out extent of the tear. HOPING not bad enough for surgery!!!!!!!! I honestly cannot afford time off work right now. I have only have a few more weeks before my supervisor retires and I'm left with all the duties.

The MRI will be about 400-500 dollars. Being the first of the year, I havent even begun to meet this year's deductible so it will all be out-of-pocket expense. Worse than that, hubby's work is changing insurance companies in Feb so none of this will go toward that deductible either! Very aggravating. Deductible on the old insurance was 2500.00 which to me is outrageous. I hope the new company has a better plan.

Well, gotta get ready for work and as usual lately, takes me extra time with this shoulder problem. Better get going.


01-24-2006, 09:33 AM
Miki, Wow is that $2500 deductible for each person or family? We have been buying our insurance (not getting it from anyones employer) and our deductible is $500 each, I thought that was bad. What kind of insurance do you have? Big insurance companies will be the downfall of this country, oh gee don't get me going on that (it's like pharmaceuticals to me). Obviously the MRI is necessary but if they give you the option of PT before surgery I would try it if I were you. In some cases it can resolve the problem. Well good luck w/ the MRI, I hope all goes well.

Oh yeah by the way, I lost a pound yesterday! Hubby leaves tomorrow for an 11 day trip to Idaho and I plan on really kicking the weight loss into gear. I will be able to be totally selfish w/ my excercise time and won't have to cook for him (or be tempted with what he eats).

WW, Hope you are doing well.


Wonder Woman
01-24-2006, 11:50 PM
Hello ladies.

Miki, really sorry to hear of the diagnosis. That really sucks. That's bad news about the double deductible too. I can't believe your deductible is $2500...that would be really hard for me to swallow. Hope the MRI results are good and that you don't have to have surgery.

Emjay, congrats on the lb. Good job. I won't weigh myself this will be "that time" of month, so won't bother or I'll get myself all worked up, lol.

Went out yesterday shopping, and bought myself a beautiful blue jacket. Also got a nice little white undershirt to go under it. Today upon getting home, I find the jacket has turned my arms blue, lol. Unfortunately, it also turned the shirt blue. I've got it in the wash with bleach right now...hope it comes out. It's an expensive jacket I'm kind of ticked that the color rubs off, lol. Oh well, it looks nice on me...even if it does turn me into a smurf.

Well, I still have dinner dished to do, so I'm going to go take care of them. Talk to you all later.

01-25-2006, 04:17 PM
Hey All, I've been MIA for a while. You've probably forgotten me. It's Rivergal. It's nice weather here today. Did the 2 mile WATP this morning and then went outside for a short walk. I know this mild weather can't hold out for long. We'll be having winter in the Spring if we don't watch it. LOL. It's good to see you're all here. I've got to go back and read and catch up. Have to get my tracker up to date. I had lost 10 pounds before Christmas then gained 5 back and now I've lost 4 of the 5 so 1 more pound gone and I'll be back on track again. Don't you just hate it when you gain and have to relose the pounds. That stinks!! Hopefully from now on it's forward all the way.

Miki: Hope the MRI is in your favor and no surgery will be needed. Will keep you in my prayers.

Emjay:Congrats on the pound gone!! Hubby gone, house all to yourself. ENJOY that ME time!!

WW: I bet you make a very pretty smurf!

Off to catch up on past post.
Later, Rivergal

01-25-2006, 08:59 PM
Rivergal, Welcome back. I certainly remember you. I was hoping some of the old group would make it back soon. I know what you mean about gaining and then having to re-lose. But kudos to you for getting it back off so quickly. That is awesome.

WW, Too bad about the jacket. Don't you hate when you buy expensive clothes and they do that??? I have been shopping Lane Bryant lately because I like their styles right now, but you have to watch them closely because they shrink. And they are not cheap either. All blouses or sweaters from there I wash in cold and hang dry because of that. Thank goodness their jeans are ok.

Miki, Hope you are doing good. How'd the MRI go?

Well more good news for me. I interviewed for a job today and got it. And they are even going to work around me being gone the month of March. Didn't find time to excercise today w/ hubby leaving and the interview and all but right back on track tomorrow.

Talk to everyone soon.


Wonder Woman
01-26-2006, 01:49 AM
Hello all.

Wow, today was really busy day. I can't believe how busy work is these days...somedays you just want to throw in the towel and say "to heck with this"....then you remember all those bills....sigh....just one of those down days I guess.

Welcome back Rivergal! Yup, I sympathise on the gain...I gained over the holidays too..and I have yet to get my groove back. I'll keep coming back here though and try to make it "click" again for me.

Emjay...congrats on the job! Yay! What are you going to be doing? (if you don't mind my being nosy). Nice that they will be flexible with your planned time in March...that's a good sign the employer will be a good one!

Well...I actually read the label on the blue jacket today. It says this, "Color may transfer when new. Wash before wearing". :doh:

I guess I have turned myself (and my nice white undershirt) blue for no good reason, lol. Wow...I never read those labels...guess I will start. The blue did not come out of the shirt, but it is light enough that it won't show through when wearing it under a white blouse (which is what I bought the darn thing for). Me feeling pretty silly, lol.

Well, it is pretty late here, and I need to make our lunches for tomorrow (or I will get lazy and buy my lunch...which means mega calories). I will drop in on you all tomorrow!

01-26-2006, 09:49 AM
:) Hello everyone hows it going, well I went to ww yesterday and I lost 4.2 pounds good weigh in , so I have 10 more pounds till I'm at 10% then i have to set my goal well this week i did something stupid lol I was putting some things up in our barn and the floor's not in good shape well I thought i missed the hole but nope i didn't and i fell right thru:) and my back hit the corner (ouch) so i had a back ache this week not much working out for me but today I feel better so i'm going to walk 2mile (tharts my mini goal for this week to up my walking insted of 1 mile)
Rivergirl welcome i don't know ya but hope to get to:carrot:
WW I hate when that happens , thanks for reminding me i'll start to read labels too well is it a nice blue? hope so
Emjay congrats on the jog and welcome back to ww hope you do good ( I know ya can):)
well i have some work to do i'll talk at you all later :carrot: :carrot:

01-26-2006, 02:10 PM
Thanks for the welcome backs girls. Started my day off right. Did the 2 mile WATP this morning. It looks like it's gonna be another pretty day. Maybe I'll get a short walk outside in. Standing in the sun feeling the warmth from it this time of year feels so good. It's like taking time to stop and smell the roses except it's to feel the warmth of the sun. Boy, have I been out in the sun too long?:dizzy: What 's that coming out of my mouth? Deep thinking. Anyway, you girls have a great day. Tomorrow is weigh-in for me. Hoping to see some gone or at least one. I've been good this week for the most part so we'll see.

Mj: Was seeing a few post back that you & hubby bass fish. Me and my hubby bass fish too. My hubby more than me. He had rather fish than eat when he's hungry. I grew up in a fishing family. I use to hate to have to go fishing on the weekends with Mama and Daddy and wouldn't you know it, I marry a fisherman. But I love him deeply. So a fishing we will go. So yall think about him when on that lake cause he'd love to be there too. Congrats on the new job. Hope it's the best one you ever had.

WW:I think so many gained over the holidays, you will get your groove back just hang in there. And try to keep from turning blue. Don't want anyone trying to give you mouth to mouth by mistake. LOL.

Hoosierlady: Good deal on the pounds gone. U go girl. I was on here a while back so look forward to getting to know you too. I'm just a plain southern girl.

Miki: Hope everything is going good for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Off to read some. Talk to ya later,

01-26-2006, 11:17 PM
Hoosierlady, Congratulations on the weight loss. Wow 4 lbs. that is great. I'm really curious what you are eating, I'd love to bump up my weight loss like that. You aren't counting points, you are doing their new plan right? Tell me more.

Rivergal, Which watp tapes are you doing? I am doing mostly the one for the abs right now but am always looking for some other good ones. I don't fish much either but my husband does avidly. Since I got a new job we may cancel the fishing trip to Lake Fork:?: Oh well.

Didn't do great on food today but will try harder tomorrow. Got half way thru 3-mile watp when hubby called today (had to take the call). By the time I got off the phone they were on last 1/2 mile so I continued there. I figure I did about 2 miles. I will shoot for the 3-mile again tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is well. Later.


01-27-2006, 07:48 AM
Hello everyone:) ,
Well I did it I made to 2 miles woohoo thought I'd be sore today but nope feel just fine:carrot:
Emjay that lost was for two week because I didn't get to go last week I have been losing about 2 pounds a week, now what I eat is really anything I want but I do track everything and stay with in my points and I use all my extra points the extra weeklky points allowance (35) I'm doing the felx plan and Iwalk a mile a day now trying to do 2 miles a day on my tread mill lol I watch oprah, now there is sometimes i just let myself eat whatever I want like last sunday we had kfc and I ate whatever I wanted but then the next day I just went back to staying in my points.
I know with me I have always beat myself up when I cheated but now I don't I think thats one way I have been doing good with this by not stressing over the little mess up's because we all have to live life and sometimes that means
eating out or whatever well good luck to everyone :hug: to all

ps .. i" try to get here this weekend but if not i'll be here monday:)

01-27-2006, 08:04 AM
Emjay I forgot to say that I quit using salt and I use a sugar sub and I use I can't bevlie it's not butter spray sorry bout that :o

01-27-2006, 01:55 PM
Good day to all. Got mine started with the 2 mile WATP. Today was my weighin day and I'm down 2 pounds :carrot:
I told Scott before I weighed if nothing is gone I'll be disappointe but he said don't be cause you know some wks you lose some wks you don't. Which is true but thank goodness I did lose. I told him before I weighed, I'm gonna keep eating like I'm eating and exercise and if I don't lose I don't lose cause I'm not cutting my food down to little nothings cause I can't eat that way all my life. Cause once I start eating again it'd all come back. So the way I eat to lose has got to be the way I'll eat for a lifetime. So, it's working , I hope it continues to work. I figure if I eat like I should and exercise then all the over weight will come off and the real me will be left. Does that make sense? :dizzy:

Mj: I'm sorry you have to cancel your fishing trip. but I'm glad you got the job. Hey, I know maybe we can go in your place. :chin: No, but I wish I could.
Sounds like you're doing great on your WATP. I got the one that has the easy 1 mile and the brisk 2 mile using the stretchie band. What's the one that works the abs? I may get that one and try it. Lord knows I need all the help I can get. LOL.

HL: 2 pounds a week is a good lose. That's really all we should lose to be doing it the healthy long term way and we won't have saggy skin once the weight is gone.

Miki: Hey girl, hope you're doing ok, Miss ya on here. Hope to see ya soon.

Later, Rivergal

01-27-2006, 02:15 PM
By the way I changed my April fool's day challenge and decided to do 10 pound mini goals. I think they'll work better for me. No set time to reach it just trying hard to stay on program and taking one day at a time. I use a lot of the can't believe it's not butter spray too. It's really good stuff.

01-28-2006, 12:20 PM
HL, I didn't know you were supposed to count points when you were on the flex plan?!?! Thanks for the info about what you are eating. Yeah I'm w/ you on the not beating yourself up. It's good to eat what you want occasionally, makes it easier to eat better the rest of the time. That is right I forgot you couldn't weigh in last week. But still, 2 lbs. per week is great. I can only manage to lose 1 a week, argh.

RG, The watp for the abs uses the "walk away belt" which is a belt that you wear that has stretch cords w/ handles on it. I almost bought that one w/ the stretchie band. I also have a tape that utilizes some special weighted balls that she also sells, I never purchased the balls but just used some hand weights that I have had around forever. That is kind of frustrating that there is so many gadgets to buy, I wish she would just stick to one peice of equipment for all her tapes. I also have one of her tapes from way back it seems judging on the hairstyles and clothes they are wearing. And it is not called watp it's called walk aerobics. It's not too bad. I like to have a lot of them for variety, I don't want to get bored. But if you look for a new one my favorite is the one for the abs. I'm w/ you this "diet" really has to be a lifestyle change. Just like the excercising, it is something we should do for the rest of our lives.

WW and Miki, Hope you are both well.