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11-10-2005, 12:14 PM
Here's the new thread!!

I haven't had a reply from an e-mail I sent SunnyD. Hope she's okay.

Nine pounds, Charlotte!! Way to go! :bravo: I'm so impressed! Glad that DH is working, and still praying that he finds a good job with health insurance.

Hello to everyone!

11-14-2005, 07:39 AM
Hi gals,
Whats up with you all. No posts lately?
Tomorrow starts deer season here.I will be going for my pap & mamm instead.WOW WHAT A THRILL!!!!
IS that garage done for you yet Charlotte? how is your dh feeling?

11-14-2005, 11:15 AM
Can I join this group? I'm 50.....and I have about 45 lbs to lose.....I posted to an old over 50 thread yesterday....but saw that y'all started a new one.
I'm tired of messing around with this last effort was with Nutrisystem.....I got down to 196......went on vacation.....then just could not seem to get back on the it is expensive and some of the stuff is just plain nasty I'm basically tired of spending alot of money.....and I'm going for the old fashion way this time.....counting calories and exercising.

11-14-2005, 11:51 AM

Good Morning My Dear Friends... :coffee2:
I will try to catch up with reading the last thread :bubbles:

I had quite a mess to clean up with my E-mails... :p I have two: OUTLOOK EXPRESS and INCREDIMAIL... *Outlook* I hardly check... if at all (my mistake!)... well, I found out, over weeks of searching, that when I Upgraded my IncrediMail several weeks back many of you whom I usually hear from (including the 3fatchick's forum links!) were going the Incoming Folder and Sub-folders in OUTLOOK! I could not understand where they went off to :shrug: And because I have been so busy trying to get things straightened out on my own... I have not been around to post in 3fatchicks aside from getting my e-mails... I am so sorry :sorry: I'm thrilled to have figured it all out and correct the Outlook so that now ALL my mail will go into the IncrediMail as it should have! :D

I have also been very busy with the Delphi Forums @ Sig Party... I basically work there for them as a *Forum Greeter*... it's fun, but very time consuming! Not to mention that my G-father has not been well and because of his health my mother who is worried over him is not well. I would so appreciate your prayers! :^: I find that I am on the phone allot with her and on the puter with my family. And that's not mentioning all the family fun! :dizzy:

On the bright side... we have a new nephew...
*Joseph Michael*
Born: Oct 27th pictured below at just hours old :)
He is a big boy - a bit over 8 lbs at birth :)

I do hope that this post finds you all doing well and enjoying life! :flow2:
Joe & I are doing well... and I thank all of you who have asked about us :sunny:


Sheila ;)
I have just opened your e-mail and am so thankful for your friendship and concerns! :grouphug: I love you all and hope to stay in touch from here on in - now that I am getting my e-mails again as I should!! :)

How are you??? And how is your Dear father doing sweetie!! I feel so badly for letting so much time get past me!!

Hi Bonnie2,
Sounds like you have been very busy as well... I hope your tests go well for you!!

Kim :wave:
I was just sharing with my girlfriend how tired I am doing the up & down thing with weight and with the holiday's coming, it's not going to be easy. It's nice to see you here :)

*May the Lord Bless and Keep you all safe in His care!*



11-16-2005, 09:20 AM
Well after a discouraging start to the week.....gained a pound on Monday....I'm doing better.....lost a pound on Tuesday....and another today...Tonight and tomorrow night will be tough.....tonight is a monthly quilting get together (I belong to 3 different groups) and there is always food involved....then tomorrow night is a Red Hat function...we are having our Thanksgiving I'll do my best. One of my goals was to get back to least twice...haven't been there yet.... :eek: and with my activities the next 2 looks like I won't have any choice but to go on Fri and Sat :ebike: My best friend and I have a little support thing going, we each state 2 goals for the week....and if we make our goals, then we get each other a little (few dollar) reward (non food of course) we email encouragement each day. I've been counting my calories on am surprised at my sodium is way over the amount that is targeted.....definately an area to work on!

11-17-2005, 08:55 AM

Hello everyone,

It sure is cold!!! Down in the 20's these days! We're freezing our booty off. :p We move into the garage this weekend, Sheila. I'll be glad when we're settled. Sorry I've been slow posting. Lot of excuses, I suppose. One is that I'm staying busy with a couple of CD's. I just got the master copy of one, when I had people to request a Christmas CD. So, gotta get with it. At least, now I can handle it all at home. Blew my speakers trying to learn, & had to get new ones. :dizzy: I go next weekend to sing at another TV Station to help raise money for their new building. Hope my strength holds up. I get a treatment Monday, so it will help. I think I've lost another lb or so, but haven't weighed yet.
I went to Nashvillle with Connie for the CCM awards & ate out a lot, so was scared to weigh this week. :^: It was fun. The program was broadcast live & we had media passes. Didn't have to pay to get in, & could mingle with the stars. Wynnona Judd was there, Josh Turner, Porter Wagoner, Randy Travis, etc.

Enough about me.....welcome to the thread, Kim. Hang in there!

Bout time you showed up, SunnyD! :D Glad you got your email straightened up. Sorry about your grandfather. Prayers are going up! Beautiful nephew! I got to see my great-grand Saturday. Such a sweet baby. :D Like his great-grandma......... :o

Hi Bonnie-2...deer season here, also. DH doesn't have many chances at it, but son goes often. All I have to do is look out the front door, & see if one has been hit by a car!

Hope all are going to have a good Thanksgiving. Hoping my family will all come. :)

Bluet....miss hearing from you! :hug:

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-17-2005, 07:57 PM
Hi, everyone!

Welcome, Kim! Good for you for losing that pound, and I'm crossing my fingers that you'll make good choices during your activities. Sounds like you have a good support system in your friend. I've lost about 80 lbs., but it's taking me forever to lose the last 20 or so. The darn holidays don't help either, but I am doing better planning than last year.

SunnyD, what a cute new nephew!! He looks so mature for only a few hours old. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, SunnyD. I'll be praying for him. How are your parents doing? Do you and Joe have Thanksgiving plans? I missed you--it's great to see you back.

Charlotte, did you really mingle with the stars?? How cool!! Did you talk to anybody we'd know? That must have been so much fun. Tell us more! The last time you posted, it sounded as if you were having such great weather so it must be hard to see that end. I'm glad you have the warm garage to go to. We're a bit nippy here, but no rain and it's been sunny for days. I had a nasty cold for a couple of days, but got up this morning and felt okay. Zicam works wonders!

Bonnie2, how was the hunting? Did you get anything?

My DH, Dad and I are spending Thanksgiving with my friend and her family. Her two daughters will be there, one with her boyfriend, and then another couple. Her son is in France with his family for the entire year. His wife is on a teacher exchange program. He's not allowed to work so he is the househusband.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen in about 25 years. We have lots to catch up on. And I haven't seen my Dad in a while because he had a stomach bug over the weekend when he was supposed to come over for dinner. Then I caught a cold and don't want to give it to him so I'm staying away. He has two drs. appointments next week, though, so I'll be taking him to them.

Hope everyone is doing okay and anticipating a healthy holiday!

12-01-2005, 01:23 PM

Good Thursday Morning my friends...
I just don't know where the time goes!!! I have been up to my ears with work since my hubby became the Choir Director and even more so with Christmas coming up. Not to mention how busy Delphi keeps me! After the new year it will quiet down some (I hope!)

Joe took off the week of Thanksgiving and we had a very nice long week / weekend together! We baked our bread and my sugar cookies and I made Garlic mashed potatoes on Wednesday to bring to the Thxgiving feast. Then on Thxgiving we travelled thru 7" of snow to Maria's (Joe's sister) for a Thxgiving feast... there were 21 of us there and our newest - baby Joseph - whom I finally got the chance of visiting and holding :^: We got home around 10pm and were up bright and early Friday for our decorating day together... we got everything pulled out and began to decorate for Christmas, putting in one of many favs of Christmas movies and began to decorate. Needless to say, it took us much longer then the one day to finish... we finally finished Sunday afternoon! :lol: And I still have a home to clean before I an snap a few pics to share! :D

How have you all been??? Sheila, Charlotte, Bonnie, Diane, Bonnie2, and a warm welcome to Kim! It's not usually this quiet, but with the Holiday's and all that come with it happens ~ we do hope you will give us another go :)

Hi Sheila,
You are such a sweetie... trying with all your heart to keep this wonderful thread alive!!! Bless your heart!! I MISS YOU too! (((Sheila)))

My G-father is holding his own right now... we are praying that he does not pass-on before Christmas, but it's out of our hands & in the Lords. My folks are hanging in there! In fact, I spoke to my mother and father just yesterday ~ my mom is so "on top" of things... she already has her cards written and sent and I got my Christmas pkg. from them yesterday!!! Don'tcha just hate people like that! :lol: I try every year to live up to her and just cannot seem to do it *giggles*!! I have my decorating done, but still have shopping and cards to get done (among many other things in between)!

How was your Thxgiving Day with hubby, father and friends? Is your father living near you again Sheila? Did he move?

How was your meeting with your friend of 25 years? Did you have a wonderful "get-together"!!??

Hi Charlotte,
I tried several times to send a Thxgiving card to you, but you must have changed your e-mail addy... it came back to me both times! Do you think you could send me your new addy via PM so I can stay in touch! I so MISS YOU and want to stay in touch.

How is life treating you these days? It's been strange here - weather wise - last week we had 7" of snow for Thxgiving and then a few days later it actually hit 69* in OH in NOV melting all the snow we got!!!! That's a record high! And now it's only 32* and we are expecting another storm, but not as big this time :cp:

Glad you got the chance to visit & get reacquainted with your G-grandchild... no pics? So hubby is one of the many hunters out there right now... we are an area full of deer also! Allot!! Why... this past Sunday, while on the way to church I was stopped cold by a BUCK right in the middle of the road!! And the speed limit there is 55... I was shocked to see him just standing there when I came around the bend :o I stopped and waited to see if more were coming, but he must have been the last and when I hit my horn - he darted off... I hate seeing them get hit!

Hey there Bluet/Bonnie,
Do you think that we will ever see you stop in again? We all sure do MISS YOU here!!!

You too Diane!!
How is your life going? MISS YOU too!! Do you siggy shop at Delphi still? What is your nickname there... I wonder if I have bumped into you and didn't know it was you :D You will know mine... it's the same as here...

And Bonnie2...
How is life on the farm these days? Have all your Christmas decorating done?

I really must be running... do take care everyone and try to stop in... I will try also!!! *God Bless* Have a wonderful weekned!!!!


01-30-2006, 12:32 PM
Hi Sheila, Bonnie, Charlotte, Sunny, Bonnie2, and I think Diane was here when I was last here, and Kim is new.

I had a hard time finding this thread. I thought everyone had disappeared. And, I wasn't far from wrong! :D

I hope everyone is doing well. I think of you all, but don't spend as much time on the 'net as I used to.

My hip is doing well. I haven't lost weight and despair that I ever will.

Send me an email once in a while and let me know how you're doing.
You can send it to

Take care all and best to you all with your health. More later, ..... Willow

01-30-2006, 11:59 PM

Hello Willow! So good to hear from you! Glad to hear your hip is doing well.

I'm afraid you're right. Our thread is just about gone. It's sure not Sheila's fault....she posted a lot, when no one else did, trying to keep it going. Things just happened, I suppose. I got slower & slower about posting. I think of everyone a lot.....just lazy or depressed. I haven't figured out which. Maybe a little of both. Still living in an unfinished house (probably the rest of my life) & my health isn't doing very well. Suppose I'm having too many pity parties.

I DID get a new computer, though. Bought it for myself for Christmas. Really enjoying it. I wanted to make a new CD, & the old computer just wouldn't load the music anymore. I'm not a great singer, but I love to try, & it helps me on my "pity party" days to sing & record. I also enjoy making the jackets for the CD's and tapes.

Well.....I hope we hear from the rest of the gang. I'll send you an email, so you'll have my address also. I don't trust putting it in a post. We're warned against it.

Stay well,

03-18-2006, 01:51 AM

Yes, it is me, I need your help and support....Please. I have started to eat sugar and whites again and I need you to help me stop this awful binge I am on.

Besides I miss all of you so much, Sheila, Charlotte and Sunny. Are you willing to give me another chance? I don't blame you if you don't.


03-18-2006, 11:03 AM

Hi Bonnie!

Great timing! I started a diet 3 wks ago. So far, I've lost 10 lbs!

I'm here for you, girl! Now, you know those sugar & whites aren't good for, lay off! I won't listen to any excuses! You can do it!!!!!

Love back later. Let me know how the day went.

03-18-2006, 05:29 PM
Hi Charlotte,

Good for you, you have lost 10 pounds and I have gained 5 pounds. Good for you :carrot: and bummer for me :( .

I was going into my third year of no sugar, no whites when I went with my daughter from Stevens Point to Richmond Va. My daughter stood up for a college friends wedding, and I went along to keep her company. Had a great time, but had a little coffee mocha at the airport, then a little wine at the wedding, and a sumptious dessert at the wedding, and it has been all downhill since then.

Goodness, I can't believe myself after all that time. Well, one never knows sometimes.

I have tried and failed over and over to get back on track, but just seem to be climbing a slippery hill. I knew I could count on you girls to get me back on track, after all you did it for three years.

I wonder how your house is coming along Charlotte, are you still in your cozy little living space in the garage? I hope things are moving along for you. I still have your CD and listen to it from time to time.

It is almost Spring time here again. Sun is very bright today, but we have a cold wind. Still have not learned to like winter. Looking forward to my roses blooming again.

Everyone is well, DH is retiring at the end of April, but he still plans on running the farm, so I guess it will be kind of a semi-retiring :D.

Well, I guess I will move on, talk to you soon again. Love :hug:


03-20-2006, 09:12 PM

Don't worry, Bluet, we all falter from time to time. I can't believe you were so disciplined to go 3 years! You should be patting yourself on the back!:D You can get back in line again....just get that will power again. I know it's's been very hard for me to get started on my weightloss this time.

I'm afraid our house is at a stand still at the moment. DH was in a very bad accident coming home from work the 23rd of Dec. The woman who pulled out in front of him almost died. His work truck was totalled. She had no insurance & has avoided us. So.....our insurance had to replace the truck...which didn't really replace it, because the other one was paid for & this one isn't. Now, the motor has blown up in this newer one. It's been one thing after another, so our house hasn't even been thought about. Our son has also moved back in with his two little girls, so I stay exhausted & frustrated a lot. We just do the best we can. If the house is ever finished, I'll be surprised. It's ok, I've made peace with it.

Today is the first day of Spring, but, you wouldn't know it by the weather. It's a cold, rainy day! Suppose to be cold all week.

Bless your heart for listening to my CD. I have a new one now. I think it's a little better. Thinking about making another. I'm wanting to make a video, if we ever get the time at the TV Station for someone to film it for me. I think it would be fun. Connie has one of her walking in the snow while singing.

Well, I hope Sheila & others will join us again. If not...we'll encourage each other!:hug:

Talk to you tomorrow. Stay on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-21-2006, 05:39 PM
Hi Charlotte,

I think perhaps I am on the right track Charlotte, I am really good about no sugar or whites all day, but then after supper, I love the chocolate, so DH and I have decided, there can be no more in the house again. For the longest time I would have these sugar things around for the grandchildren and they would not bother me. Obviously, I have lost that will power. I will get there though, if I don't I will be very disappointed, because I am more emotional and feel really ucky when I have a sugar binge. Just keep hoping. At least I know the difference now from feeling well and feeling sugared up.

I am really sorry to hear about DH's accident, and so close to Christmas too. How wonderful that he wasn't hurt. Once again a major trial for you to get through. But, as usual I can tell you are being a real trooper as you normally are. I know, it is hard having guests in the house, but this too shall pass. You know better than I do that there is a reason for this. Thank goodness he has you and DH to turn to with those dear little grandchildren when he needs your support.

My DH had major surgery on that shoulder that he fell on the winter before this last one. His left arm was pretty useless for most of the summer, but he is getting strength and mobility back little by little in that arm. Our summer was a real bummer. Especially when DH and Son-in-law decided to move a garage ten miles to our property, improve the building, put in an outdoor woodburner, run all the heating tubes and wiring under ground and add a deck on the back of our house, it was getting way into fall when they laid the cement for the sidewalk and driveway. Obviously we won't be making any large purchases or taking any extended luxury vacations this summer, yeah like we ever do :dizzy:

We have been having Northeast winds off of Lake Superior, which we usually don't get. The winds are very cold. Fortunately for us, the winds and front are keeping all that snow the plains in the midwest are getting away from us. :carrot: We won't warm up until May, gotta love that Lake Michigan ;) .

Well, time for me to go.. I know you don't watch a lot of TV, but I got hooked on American Idol last year and enjoy watching the diveresed talent.
It is on tonight for 2 hours.

Talk to you soon.....Bluet

03-23-2006, 06:08 PM

Just checking in.. Had some sugar last night..left over pumpkin pie from when the grandkids were here night before. Should have thrown it out, that's for sure.

Hope you are doing well Charlotte, are you still doing the weather at the tv station?

I would like to say hi to Sheila, and thank you for the pm you sent last month. It was great to hear from you and to especially hear how you Dad is doing. I received my copy of Birds and Blooms recently and it has a two page spread on Daphne. I had never heard of Daphne until you mentioned it last year. So I automatically wondered if your Daphne is blooming yet or not. Nothing here yet all the world is brown to us. I plan to hunt some Daphne down this summer, apparently they do make Daphne that will survive our cold winters. Are you still watching Survivor? I am, not on tonight though... basketball, basketball and more basketball on TV for the next four days. I am watching a new show this year called Bones, that I find very interesting and DH and I enjoy watching House.

Charlotte, I know you are not a dedicated TV watcher like me, so sorry to have left you out for a minute there. We are getting a little snow flurries this afternoon. Not suppose to accumulate, certainly hope not.

Have a good evening, talk to you soon.....Bluet

03-23-2006, 06:33 PM
Oh, my, I accidentally hit "Support Groups" instead of "Support" and immediately saw this thread! My eyes are leaking happiness! Missed you all so much.

Charlotte, I'm so upset to hear about your DH's accident. And an uninsured person, too. It sounds like he's okay, but that's awful about the truck. I don't think I'm a litigious person, but if the driver is working, perhaps you can get her wages garnished to pay for repairs? You certainly deserve to recoup your losses. How did the garage work out for the winter? Are you going to move into your "summer home" when the weather gets warmer?

Bluet, do you remember how you got off sugar three years ago? Can you go through the same steps? You CAN do it! SunnyD was the Survivor nut--I'm not into reality shows (except Biggest Loser--got hooked on that this year), but I love House. Have you heard Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) talk in interviews? It's so funny to hear his real, very English voice, after listening to him on House. I loved him on British comedies I used to watch.

Yes, the daphne is blooming!! The camelia was, too, until we had it removed along with the rhododendrons and two maple trees. Almost all the other shrubs are leaving, too. Our yard will look naked! I hope our neighbor doesn't invite the old owner to come by because I guess she cried when she saw we'd removed the junipers in front last year. Just think what she'll do when she sees that we've removed almost every bush in the yard!

It's 2:30 and I haven't eaten lunch. Now that says something that I delayed eating to type in this post! :)

03-23-2006, 11:38 PM
Charlotte, isn't it wonderful Sheila found us again! My eyes are pretty moist too. Love you both...bluet

03-27-2006, 11:09 AM

I was trying to get onto the site Friday evening to post, but my server was so slow I was never ever to pull up the forum. Just wanted to tell you we were going to be gone for the weekend and would touch base on Monday.

DH is retiring at the end of April and his company gave him a weekend away at a resort near where we live. We had a wonderful time, we were pampered beyond belief.

Sheila it is so good to hear from you. You are a very compasionate person, you always mention all your friends and I can understand why you have so many lasting friendships. :smug: At this resort we stayed at, everything is English Tudor and it has beautiful enclosed courts with English gardens and knot gardens and gazebos and arbors. You would adore the place I am sure.

I hope Charlotte is o.k. lost track of when her treatments are :?:

Well gotta go girls business as usual....Monday morning and all.


03-28-2006, 12:00 PM

Sorry, but, my email didn't show any new postings. I just decided to check on my own. I get my next treatment April 3rd (Monday). Sounds like your diet is on the right track!

Hi Sheila! :hug: So good you joined us again!:carrot: Hope all is going well. Back in the business of working in your flowers!

We all have a terrible cold. Hope I'm better by Monday. Can't have treatment, if I have any infections. DH has got to where he keeps a cold & can't get over it.
I'm afraid there's no summer "home" for us. In fact, I have no idea when it will ever be. It's ok...don't worry. There are more important things in life. I mostly miss decorating my house with curtains, flooring, bedspreads, pictures, etc. I can live without them. At least, I have, for almost 4 yrs. The garage is comfy enough, & we'll make do. DH has got to where he feels bad most of the time. When he gets home from work, he just doesn't have any more work left in him. We both have been sort of depressed lately, so I'm not pushing him.
Bluet, hope your DH is doing better now. Wish you could go on a nice vacation this summer. Maybe, there will be a turn-around in those plans. I don't see us going anywhere, either. Right now, we're just not interested. This week is much warmer than last week was. I do like that. I still help with the weather maps sometimes. Our meteorologist needs prayer. He takes Remicade treatments, same as me, only for Crohn's disease. They found liver damage last week & had to have a lot of tests. This is one of the dangers of Remicade. Although it's chemo, it can still cause problems. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils.
Gotta go for now. So glad to hear from both of you.
Love ya, Charlotte

03-29-2006, 10:30 AM

Charlotte, sorry to hear you and DH are depressed. I know how it goes though, life has it's ups and downs. When seasons change I get funky like that too. Today I am not par and just wish I were at home.

Not too much going on here. SIL is building a new home for someone and I have been picking up the grandkids next door from school and the 2 year old up from day care. Get home and get supper ready, feed the kids, do homework and get the baths done, before daughter picks them up when she is done at work. Starting to get worn out can feel it in the bones.

Sheila, how are you doing and how are your children and DH and your Dad. Are you busy tearing out the rest of the trees and bushes? No fear what the old home owner thinks, it is your home now. ;) We made a lot of changes since we moved into DH's home place, at first I think I hurt his Mom and Dad's feelings, and I felt bad about that too.

Well, gotta go attack the stuff on my desk, have a good day ladies. Talk to you soon. P.S. gained another 1/2 pound.:(


03-29-2006, 09:33 PM

Good evening, friends.

Had a long day. I coughed all night & couldn't seem to wake up all day. Finally made it through. I'm off tomorrow. Normally go get hair done on Thursday morning, but thinking about cancelling out, & sleeping in. I just hate to have to fix it myself. I suppose I'll see how it goes tonight.

Bluet, don't beat yourself up over 1/2 lb. You could weigh tomorrow, & it be gone. The scales will vary.:) I weighed this morning & it showed another 2 lbs gone. That makes 12 lbs in all.;) I don't think I can take credit with my diet, though. This cold has left me kind of sick at my stomach & can't eat much. I'm afraid I may make up for it next week. It sure is hard to lose as I get older.:(

Sheila, we had beautiful flowers here, when we first bought the place. It's an older home place & the woman that lived here before us had worked hard with them. Now, they're all gone. Because of the fire & construction work. She passed away before we bought the place...I'm glad she never knew her hard work is gone. Such a waste.

I really don't feel too well, so I'm going to go. Try to post more tomorrow. Hope you both have a great Thursday.
Love, Charlotte

03-31-2006, 12:50 AM
Hi, ladies--

Charlotte, I'm so sorry you're feeling awful. Hope your cold goes away, especially by Monday so you can get your treatment. Get lots of rest! I think that depression can affect the immune system, too, and it sounds like you need a dose of good luck to come your way soon. You know, I wish I could get all your relatives' addresses and write them "encouraging" letters (okay, what I really mean is kick 'em in the rear letters!) so that they could get together and help you guys out. Am I reading that right and your son has moved into the garage with you guys? Please tell me that's not correct! Hopefully, he's working on your house.

Bluet, what a great company your DH works for--that's an awesome retirement gift. Did you get any spa treatments? Are you going to follow him into retirement and finally be rid of OB? I hope the little ones didn't run you ragged.

Dad's doing good--thanks for asking. Did I mention he's in an assisted living place here where I live? I see him every night for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. He had another bladder cancer removed, and had a bout with pneumonia, but he's recovered from both plus the assorted foot ulcers. The only thing I've had to get after him about is that he tries to reuse the Depends he wears at night (gotta be a depression thing). He dries them out over his radiator and then hides them from the assistants. As you can guess, his nose doesn't work right anymore, but everyone else can smell what he's doing so it's certainly no secret!

Yesterday a friend and I went to a day spa for a facial--it was her 70th birthday gift from last year. I figured since she turned 71 a couple of weeks ago, I'd better give her the gift soon. We had a great time--so relaxing.

Well, it's a bit later than I thought!

03-31-2006, 11:10 AM
Good Morning,

I whole heartedly agree with you Sheila, Charlotte and her DH need some good things to come their way, and soon. :hug: The truck accident was just way too much.

I hope you are feeling better Charlotte by the time you get this message. How are your daughters and grandchildren doing?

Sheila, we were all still on the forum when you moved your Dad down to a nursing home near you. Drying the Depends on the radiator, oh my do you think we will end up doing things like that when and if we get to be his age? :?: Sheila, my birthday is in April and from then I will have one year and 10 months to go and I will be free of OB :mad: One of the girls that works for me was bullied last week by OB, it was interesting to step back and watch the process. Afterward she walked around as if she were hit by a Mack Truck. Usually I am on the receiving end and can feel the process, but do not get to see it from a view point. There is absolutely no justification for abusing another person, that's what makes me so angry. Thanks for asking, :^: got that off my chest. Actually it has come down to him not having any friends here and everyone avoiding him. Pretty lonely at thetop eh?

Last night we had a brisk blowing wind with rain hitting the house, and I didn't sleep very well, am tired today. We plan to do yard work this weekend if the weather cooperates, and after last years construction site, we have plenty of yard work to do. Well gotta go to the other office and do some billing. Talk to you soon.


04-01-2006, 09:39 PM
Good evening friends,
Had a beautiful day, weatherwise. Also, we're all getting better, if no one relapses.
Daughters & grands are all doing great, Bluet. Thanks for asking. All are picked for cheerleading this time, & others are placing in beauty pageants. I'll have to post pics some time when I'm not so lazy. Our biggest worry with them, now, is the two 17 yr olds graduation next yr. Jeremy is in South AL, & Tasha is here. We're afraid they may have graduation on the same day!
Great grandson is trying to walk now. Such a handsome boy! We're proud of all of them. They are all so unique.
When is your birthday, Bluet? Don't want to miss reminding you you're getting old! (hehe)
Sheila, thanks for worrying about us, but we're ok. Family will have to answer to someone higher than us. I leave it all in His big hands. Our son isn't in the garage. (at least, not after the first 2 weeks) The room that we used as a make shift kitchen is now the girl's bedroom. And the livingroom is their livingroom/kitchen/& his place for 1/2 bed. DH helped him put up a ceiling & door. That almost made me mad. I had wanted a room to get off to myself with a door for so long & a ceiling. I'm over it now. May as well be. far, he hasn't helped on house. We're having a lot of problems with him....a long story. He needs prayer.
Glad your dad is doing well. I know it isn't really funny, but, when I visioned your dad drying his depends......well....I DID smile today.;) My mother was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for a week with pneumonia. We didn't think she was going to make it. My sister & I had to stay at the hospital around the clock & she works. A very rough week. It was also the same week our son came home. She's doing much better now, & back at the nursing home. Poor thing doesn't know anything anymore. She does recognize me, though, because she see's me on the TV each evening, & then on Monday night with my program. The nurses says she goes to smiling & looking toward the TV when she hears my voice. Must be a sad life.
You know, I post so much about my problems, that I get to wonder, sometimes, if it's really believable. I live it, & almost don't believe it. All is true, though. Probably would be a best-seller, if I wasn't too lazy to write it.:dizzy: You know, there's people going through a lot worse. We're blessed.
What a nice gift for your friend, Sheila! I know you both enjoyed that! Every year, I take Connie (at the station) out on her birthday for lunch & to get her nails done. We enjoy the day so much.
Well, my friends, need to go & get prepared for church tomorrow. Time change is tonight, & we'll be running late (for sure!) in the morning. Have a great Sunday!
Love, Charlotte

04-04-2006, 02:52 AM
Charlotte, I think it's kind of neat that your mother recognizes your voice on some level. Of course, I'm looking at it from an observer's point of view. That must have been difficult with your Mom in the hospital, both physically and emotionally.

Hey, that's so cool that they all got picked for cheerleading this year. That was kind of tough when one GD didn't make it last year. If they end up graduating on the same day, can you go to the graduation where you live, and your DH go to the out-of-town event? It must be nice having some grandkids so close so you can go to their events and watch them grow. We're going to visit our granddaughter in May. She's making some good progress in physical therapy--is sitting on the couch for long periods of time and trying to keep herself up rather than just flopping forward. Can't wait to see that!

Bluet, that little baby is walking already? Where does time go? Hey, my birthday is in April, too. I really like being born in April--maybe that's why I have such a love of spring flowers. The cherry trees are so gorgeous, and all my tulips are up and most are blooming. Hopefully the deer won't get them. It's hard to believe we have deer roaming our 'hood, but we do.

Wow, it's almost 11:00 pm. That one hour time change really does make a difference. Oh, after getting after my Dad about drying the Depends, he hasn't done it since. It's like I'm the parent and he's the kid now, which is tough. I'm already writing down all the stuff he does so that I won't do the same things when I'm older. I figure by then I won't remember so it will all have to be written down now. :lol:

04-05-2006, 05:46 PM

It is very nice in Wisconsin today. Sun shinning, not sure what the temp got up to, but the winds are out of the southwest, therefore no lake breeze with frigid winds to cool us off. Our spring bulbs are just starting to poke through the ground, absolutely nothing is in bloom yet. It is nice to hear that thinks are blooming and it is spring in the areas that you live in Sheila and Charlotte.

It is very nice that all the girls got on the cheer team this year! Happy to hear that Charlotte. I thought about you on Monday and Tuesday and today, knew you had your treatment on Monday, well provided you were feeling all right. Hope you are starting to feel better today. Who takes you to these treatments, since I know you are not suppose to drive after them? Well, I haven't had to face double occassions for my grandchildren so far, but I can see it coming in the future. Four of them are born within months of each other. Two are nine years and two are two years old. My birthday is April 20th.

Sheila, how wonderful that you are going to get to see your little grandaughter and good news that she is able to sit up by herself. You know Sheila, I have never met anyone that lived in Idaho, you are the first person I have ever known that spent anytime in Idaho. Did you like living there? What was the weather like and the terrain? I am glad your Father listened to you about the depends. How is your weight lifting and excercise routine going? Are you still at it?

I have hit a plateau in all I have gained 6 pounds. It just destroys me, I need to excercise more and eat less. :( I have been so tired when I get home from work, I am hoping that with the daylight savings time and spring on the way I will want to get out and work in the flower beds. There is just so much to do out there.

Well, have a good evening. Watched House last night. That Hugh Laurie is impossible. I did not know about him before House. I did see him in that Sahara movie. Talk to you later....


04-06-2006, 10:10 PM
Good evening friends.
It's been a short week for I slept through a couple of days of it. (hehe) My treatment went well. You're right, Bluet, I'm not suppose to drive myself, but, there isn't anyone available. My kids & friends all work. My twin daughters scold me every time & tell me to let them know the next treatment & they'll take off work. But, I don't. I hate being a bother to anyone & know they need to work. I have about 40 miles one way to go, so I stop at a couple of stores & walk around to wake up, when I get drowsy. I also take just a part of the meds beforehand that I'm supppose to, and take the rest when I get home & lay down. My DH keeps his cell phone handy & checks on me also, in case I need him. I wouldn't lie to my nurse, but, she stopped asking me if I had a driver.:D We do what we have to know. Thanks for thinking of me....I missed posting.

We're suppose to have very bad stormy weather tomorrow. I dread going to the station. (which is unusual for me.) Connie & Bro Jones are going out of town for the weekend, so our meteorologist will have me on the maps all day giving warnings & such. I don't mind....I just usually end up wrestling with all the equipment, & it wins!:^: I just hope no one gets hit by a tornado before we can warn them.:(

Bluet, I'm sure those few lbs are helping to make you tired. So, yes, you DO need to get it off. Like I said before, though, don't beat yourself up over it. Just work on getting it off. Even 1 lb a week won't take long. I'm finding that just eating a light supper is making a big difference for me. I don't think I've lost anymore since the 12 lbs, but I feel better. Going to get more serious with it.

Sheila...great news about your granddaughter! I know life is much better sitting up! Oh how I wish that precious little girl could be totally healed. God has his reasons for everything, though, & we have to trust Him. She has touched soooo many lives in her short life, already...including mine! When you see her, give her a big hug for me, would you?? I'd like to see a new picture of her.
My grandson, Jeremy, in South AL, had a minor vehicle accident Sunday night. He hit his chin on the stirring wheel, but, he's ok. He said he met a car on a curve on his side of the road. I worry so much about all of my grands. He's a good boy & a safe driver & I can just pray for him. you said, Sheila, this time change is rough. I'm tired, so gonna go. May be too tired to post tomorrow, but I'll get back soon as I can.

Love, Charlotte

04-06-2006, 10:13 PM
P.S. Thanks for telling me when your birthday is, Bluet. Now...Sheila, when is yours???:D

04-10-2006, 12:07 AM

I hope this message finds you safe and that the storms that went through Northern Alabama didn't touch you and yours. I went on line to see how close two of the communities that the tornados touched down were to you. Seems they are pretty close. Praying you are all safe.


04-10-2006, 04:00 PM
Charlotte, I've been thinking of you, too. Let us know how you and your family are doing, please!

04-10-2006, 09:43 PM
Hello Friends,
Well...Friday night was a long one. We had tornadoes coming in from Mississippi all night. You were right, they were right on us. Somehow, our little town did ok, but, a lot of other folks got hit pretty hard. If you can see on a map of Alabama, Franklin county, that's where we live. Going west from Tupelo Mississippi, then Red Bay Alabama, then Belgreen, then Russellville. Most maps don't have Belgreen on it, so we're between Red Bay & Russellville. There were Tornado warnings out all night, with the sirens going off every 30 minutes or so. Somehow, when they got to us, they went a little farther north into Lauderdale county at Florence. This is where I shop a lot & go for my treatments. There was a terrible wall cloud shown on the news. Our son when "storm chasing" & would call us back with reports. I finally got exhausted & went to bed about 11:30. I had worked on maps warning people all day & was just too tired to stay up. DH decided to give it up, also. We both fell right to sleep. There were people in small communities close to us that lost their homes, barns, etc. But, as far as I know, there wasn't any loss of life or injuries. It sure was scarey looking on the maps watching it on the news! Hope that doesn't happen again. We've had beautiful weather since.:smug:
Well, I'm tired. Hope you both are well. Have a great Tuesday. It's my day off....planning on enjoying the peace and quiet.:D
Love, Charlotte

04-12-2006, 10:25 AM
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Woops........missed my directions! I live...going EAST from Tupelo, Mississippi!
:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

04-12-2006, 10:37 AM

Charlotte so glad to hear you are all safe! :hug:

I have the site automatically e-mail me when a post is made to this forum, unfortunately this time I did not get an e-mail. Finally, I just came here to see if either of you had posted or not. I was really concerned, Charlotte when I did not hear from you after the storms. So thank goodness I had the foresite to just come here and check on things.

It is great that you are having good weather now. I would imagine things are nice in Oregon too, Sheila. We are starting to warm up a little, today it is raining and helping to green things up a bit. The daffodils are up through the ground and the lillies are up too, yes, there is hope for spring in Wisconsin just takes a little longer though. ;)

Do you all have plans for Easter? The kids are all coming home on Sunday. DH and I have to do our sacristan duties at church at 8:00 Sunday and then we are meeting the children and families at a local restaurant for a breakfast buffet. After that we are going back to our house and the grandkids will look for Easter baskets. DH always hides them, and he hides them really well for the older boys, they have to look a long time before they come up with their baskets. No candy just books and small toys.

Well, have to go, have one girl out this week, and I have to pick up some of here duties. Talk to you all a little later. Stay well.


04-13-2006, 10:29 PM
That sounds pretty scary, Charlotte! So what do you do when the siren starts up? I heard that one town in Tennessee that got hit so hard didn't have warning sirens, but I imagine they just can't put sirens up everywhere. I'm just glad you and your family are safe and sound.

Bluet, looks like you're going to be having a fun weekend. Makes me nostalgic for the days when we'd hide Easter baskets and eggs for our kids. The last time we did that was in 2002 so I guess it wasn't that long ago, but I still miss it.

04-14-2006, 05:28 PM
Hi, ladies--

I didn't mean to hit the post reply button yesterday, but then did and realized I was getting late to go see my Dad so I kind of cut off the post.

So my daughter calls me last week (on my birthday) and tells me that she's going to re-enlist and be transferred to Italy. Now that caught me off guard! I gave the phone to my DH, then burst into tears. In December when they (hopefully) come for Christmas, it will be two years since we've seen her, which is difficult enough. When she goes to Italy, we won't be able to see her for four years unless we go to Europe. And she won't be able to phone us much. Originally, she'd planned to get out and move to Portland, which is about 1.5 hours north of here. It was perfect. I know I need to support her in whatever she decides to do, but it's hard, which I know is a completely selfish response. As my DH says, though, she's got another year to think about this and who knows what might happen?

Went back to being drizzly and grey. Maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit melancholy. Well, hope everyone has a good weekend!

04-15-2006, 11:15 PM

You never did tell the date of your birthday, Sheila. Hope you had a great day. I've been thinking of you and Bluet also. Hers is the 18th, I think. I love April........the beginning of spring!

I'm so sorry you're upset about your daughter. I totally understand. There's nothing you can do about it, though. So, try to accept it. You know it's what she wants, so just pray for her safety & happiness. Hey, maybe you WILL get to visit her! Wouldn't that be great! Look forward to that & plan for it, maybe it will help.

I heard about those sirens not going off in Tennessee, also. I think they said they had malfunctioned. What a time to mess up! When our sirens go off, we're suppose to go to a basement, or the safest place in the house. They give instructions to cover with mattresses, etc. We had flashlights, pillows & blankets ready to go to the basement, but, never went.

Other than remembering what tomorrow represents, we won't be doing anything special. Our church is small. I'll probably sing a "special" song. Our pastor & family are singers, also. Then, we'll go out somewhere to eat & come home & rest like "old" people do.:o're quiet. Let us know how you're doing.

I've got to go. DH has found us a movie on tv to watch. I hope you both & all others have a "blessed" Easter!

Oh yes....I ordered me a new Dell notebook computer! Can't wait for it to get here!
Love you, Charlotte

04-17-2006, 12:31 AM
Hi Lovely Ladies,

Happy Birthday Sheila!!!!!

I knew your birthday was in April, but I thought it was the thirteenth. Your birthday, my birthday and Willow's were all around the same time in April. Happy Birthday to you too Willow.

Gosh, I am tired, it has been a long day. Ate too much junk too and my stomach is letting me know about it. Hope it settles down by morning. I have another girl on vacation tomorrow again.

Sheila, I am sorry about your daughter's decision to reup, but like your DH said, she may change her mind before the year is ended. What will her husband do? Does the military let them stay together? I wish I were near you I would give you a hug. Dad-burn-it-anyway, what is a Mom to do? Hope you were able to cheer up for Easter.

Charlotte, hope your Easter Day went well too. My birthday is the 20th on Thursday and the only thing I like about it is it gets me closer to retirement. I have been quite because I have been doing a lot of cleaning and scraping around my house, cleaning on the inside and scraping on the outside. This old house takes a lot of work and a lot of maintenance. All the trim needs to be painted again and some windows on the upstairs south side need to be replaced again. Oh joy more dollars flying out the window so to speak. ;)
Well I had better get myself off to bed, or I will be falling asleep at my desk again tomorrow afternoon. Hope I can find something that fits me to wear to work tomorrow. :( [


04-20-2006, 07:00 PM
:hb: Happy Birthday, Bluet! Hope you have a great day!! And remember. . .you're now a year closer to retirement! :)

Did you get your new computer, Charlotte?

Had to take my Dad to the urologist (no sign of cancer after tumor removal in January) so I was only able to do a 35 min. cardio workout at the gym this morning. This afternoon, though, I walked for 30 min. at a very fast pace up and down hills and as I was a few blocks from home, I saw this cute little dog coming toward me. I thought, oh, a MinPin, then as he got closer, I thought, oh, no, it's MY MinPin! That rascally dog got out of the fence again. At least I was able to snatch him up and carry him home, and my DH found where a fence board had come loose. Can't wait to put in a new fence this summer.

Have a good weekend, you two!

04-20-2006, 09:01 PM

Hope you had a great day!:D We're having some hot weather these days. In the 90's.......... Bringing bad stormy weather again tomorrow. Just hope it doesn't get as bad as it did the last time!:o After that, it's suppose to cool down & be pretty. Look forward to that!

Sheila...glad your dad's tests turned out good. I know you always worry. My step-dad had that same surgery, & it never came back. We did lose him in Dec. of '95 to other problems, though. I believe that's why my mother went down so fast.

Well...DH's work isn't doing so well & the wolves are at the door! Have to pray. My computer hasn't arrived yet. I asked him if he wanted me to cancel the order, and he said no. He said the monthly payments are so small, they won't hurt. (I didn't argue with him.:hug: )

Gonna go clean the table from supper. I think everyone is finally finished.
Love you,

04-20-2006, 09:07 PM


04-20-2006, 11:56 PM
Sheila and Charlotte, Thank you for the birthday wishes. You are both so sweet. Will check in with you both tomorrow. Yes, I am closer to retirement, that makes me smile. The children and grandkids and DH gave me such lovely cards today. I am truly blessed. Charlotte, I hope you will be safe and the bad weather won't be touching your part of Alabama. I'll pray about those wolves too. Sheila, you are so lucky you ran into your min-pin, what a horrible thing if she had gotten lost. Glad to hear your Dad is ok. I love Dad stories, always have. :-)

Bye til tomorrow. Bluet

04-22-2006, 12:41 AM
Good Evening,

Well the weekend is here. DH wants to cut the lawn tomorrow, jeez, it's only April. Usually we start mowing our lawns in May. Oh well, can't complain about nice weather ;) can I? It was very nice today, too bad we all had to be inside working. I do hope I can at least get out and look at the flower beds tomorrow, there is a chance of showers off and on.

Sunday is my Mom's birthday, I bought her a gift certificate from a local florist that sells lots of perenials, and I bought her a little wooden sign that says "Mom's Garden." I think that will make her happy. Next Tuesday DH and I will be married for 43 years. I guess that would be what one calls a milestone. :) It has been very good years, I was very fortunate when I found my DH, even though I was young and not very sure of myself.

We are probably going to drive out to the center of the state on Sunday to visit our daughter SIL and grandson. it will be nice to see them again.

Well, it is time for me to turn in for the night. Have a good weekend, take care and talk to you soon....


04-22-2006, 12:44 AM
P. S. Charlotte..........


04-25-2006, 03:45 PM
Charlotte, where are those jelly beans now? Hopefully you took Bluet's advice! :) So is your DH working for himself still, or did he find a company to work for? I hope his work picks up. The remodel industry is still hopping around my area so I know good floor people are in demand in some places.

Bluet, happy anniversary!! You WERE very fortunate to have found someone when you were young--it took me a couple of times to get it right. So do you guys celebrate anniversaries? Tell us how you spent this special day.

How did the visit go with your daughter? Is this a family you don't see to often? I'm not sure where you are in relation to the center of the state so I'm wondering how long a drive that is.

Ladies, I have a personal question for you. I've developed some major insomnia issues (I know you can relate, Charlotte!), and it's really getting me down. I'm wondering if it's related to menopause? I had a partial hysterectomy in the 80s so I haven't had a period since then and can't tell that way if I'm entering menopause or not. But, boy, am I sleep-deprived and cranky! Last night I even took twice the recommended dosage of the stuff I use to help me sleep (because of my movement disorder), and still only managed to sleep from about 2:00 am to 5:00 am. I got back to sleep around 6:20 am, but my darn dog started barking at 7:00 am. He's wearing the bark collar tonight for sure. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm scheduling a doctor's appointment for next week anyway to discuss my lab results so maybe I'll ask my family doctor.

Hope everyone has a good day! Lots of sun, blue sky and warm temps here lately--much appreciated!

04-25-2006, 09:32 PM

What am I going to do with the two of you???????? You let me eat the whole bag of jelly beans before trying to stop me!!!!!:o :o :o I've been on a sugar crave like you can't believe! It's killing me to think I'm letting that 12 lbs go down the drain like that.:(

No, Sheila, DH hasn't got work at a company yet. All of the jobs he had on his own are done., we don't know. We're both worrying. He asked me at supper tonight if I could stay here alone, if he had to leave to find work. Of course, our son lives here. (but, that's not always a GOOD thing.:( ) I don't know the answer, but God knows all about it.

Bluet, hope you & DH are having a good anniversary! It's nice to know you've been with your sweetheart that many years. We will have our 38th anniversary the 14th of June. We've always been happy. There's a lot of things we would do differently, if we could go back in time....but, it would be together.

Sheila, I reallly feel for you with the insomnia. I do know when I was going through menopause, I didn't have a problem with my sleeping. I also had a hysterectomy. The Dr took a blood test to tell that I was in menopause. I insisted I was, & he insisted I wasn't. So, he was going to prove me wrong. Oh well....shows you drs don't always know everything.:dizzy: My insomnia started right after I got RA. Thing is, we had the housefire soon after I got RA & had our things stolen, & other problems. So, don't know what it's really from. Sometimes I think if it was possible to go without ever sleeping, I might could do it.:( Seems like I've read that insomnia can be a symptom of menopause, though, so tell your dr. My computer has gotten me through a lot of nights!

I got my laptop Friday. I really like it!

Gonna go. Hope you both have a good Wednesday.
Love ya,

04-26-2006, 11:18 PM
Good Evening,

Charlotte, I know how crazy that sugar craving can be. I have been struggling right along here too. I am pretty depressed about the whole situation. We will get back on track, I know we will. :hug:

I am sorry that work is slowing up for your DH. Things will pick up, after all you do have the Lord on your side. He always looks out for us. I hope your DH doesn't have to go elsewhere to look for work, it would be better if he stayed close to you. Do you have your sons two little girls with you too? As precious as the grandchildren are, it is an extra load to have them 24/7. :). I could go forever when I was young, but now I need my rests in between things. Ah old age, who needs it? ;)

Sheila, menopause hmmmm, I don't remember having a problem with not being able to sleep, just being hot and/or cold all the time and crabbie and irritable as heck. I started taking a supplement with the highest dosage of soy in it that I could find and that helped a lot. I have developed a non-sleeping pattern the last two months though, and since I never had a problem sleeping, this new development has me quite annoyed. I am really puzzled as to why this would come on all of a sudden.

Our visit with our daughter went well, they are looking for a bigger house and we toured two homes with them. I only liked one, but I didn't tell her that. She knows what she likes and I am not about to sway her. We live on the shore of Lake Michigan about 120 miles north of Milwaukee. Our daughter lives in Stevens Point which is smack dab in the middle of the state. It takes us about a two hour drive one way. Since they have finished the double highway going both ways it is a much more pleasant drive.

DH and I went out to dinner for our anniversary. That is plenty for me, I don't care for a huge splash of attention or a lot of gifts.

Well, time to get ready for bed. Have a great Thursday ladies, and talk to you soon.


04-29-2006, 11:32 PM
Hey, everytime you want some sugar, go brush your teeth instead. Buy some of those mouthwash strips, and if you're out of the house when you're tempted, stick one of those in your mouth.

Oh, Charlotte, I hope your DH finds some local work soon. Yes, you can stay alone if you have to, I'm sure, but I'm praying it won't come to that.

So glad you got your laptop. Now. . .don't take it out of the house and leave it someplace! :lol: I was afraid to get my daughter a laptop for college because I could just see her taking it to the library, getting into a conversation with a friend, and leaving the laptop on a table. At my age I leave my car keys and reading glasses in weird places, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't leave a laptop anywhere. Still remember going to the grocery store with my mother who was looking all over for her glasses so she could write a check. I plucked them right off the top of her head and said, "looking for these?"

Bluet, it sounds like you had a good time on your anniversary. I'm with you on the gifts and stuff. A nice night out is a great way to celebrate.

One good thing to report and one bad thing. Finally got a good night's sleep after changing my medication back to the one that makes me a bit groggy in the morning. Really didn't want to do that, but not getting any sleep is worse than being dry-mouthed and slightly hung over.

So today started off really well. We got to the gym at 8:00 am, and I did a 5K on the treadmill in 38 minutes--30 minutes of that 38 was running (21 minutes continuously--then I'd walk, then run). Went to the vitamin store after that where we got a 10% discount for being the first customers of the day, then got a wheelchair at the rental place. We were going to take my Dad to the Farmer's Market, then to a dog agility event and out to lunch. We got home to change clothes after the gym, and walked into a flood. The dishwasher was pouring water onto the floor. There was at least an inch of water in the kitchen, part of the family room rug was soaked, and water had spilled out of the kitchen onto the hardwood in the dining room, and it was actually coming outside and onto the patio. So we spent the day cleaning up the mess (luckily DH had purchased a wet/dry vac last year), and then going over to a nearby town to buy a new dishwasher. I put in an insurance claim online, too, because the wood floor is starting to look bad, and I want to see if we're covered. So no outing for my Dad, which I felt bad about.

Tomorrow should be better! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

05-01-2006, 06:01 PM
Good Afternoon,

Hope this finds you both well and happy.

The weather has been atrocious, the last three days. A big front with lots of rain is stalled over Minnesota and heading our way. DH got a good start on springs work this weekend and got all his barley fields done, but now we are getting cold rain. The rain is good, but we don't need the cold. DH is officially kinda retired as of Friday and he is anxious to get all the field work done. Well, it will all fall into place eventually after all we have gotten through every spring for the last 42 years and generations before us have too. ;)

Sheila, that sounds like a good idea about the teeth brushing and the strips. I am not real fond of those strips, I used one once when I had a canker sore on my tongue and I just about hit the ceiling. I sat down in my chair and waited until the pain went away with tears steaming down my face. I am extremely careful when I use those things now. The only time I crave sugar and/or chocolate is after I eat supper. I think it is a stress release thing, coming down from a stressful day at work and relieved to be at home in my comfort zone. I am going to have to start an excercise program immediately after supper when the cravings hit.

I am so sorry about the dishwasher flood. I always have a fear that that is going to happen in my kitchen someday, but so far I have been safe. I need new kitchen flooring, so I wouldn't be too sad if I could get a new kitchen floor, but on second thought that's not such a good idea, it would entail tons of clean up and work. I can really feel for you Sheila, what a shock to come home to. One of my many clothes washers pulled that trick on me one time, but my washer and dryer are in the mudroom area when you come into the back of the house, the stairs to the basement are also there and all the water ran down into the basement and into a drain in the floor, that wasn't such a bad deal. I am glad to hear you kind of fixed your sleeping problem.

Charlotte, Good news for you that you got your laptop. Eveyone is getting one of those, do you just rely on the laptop or do you use your pc too?
Speaking of losing things or forgetting things, for the longest time now I have been having these anxious dreams, where I am trying to get to a telephone to call someone, or I get to the phone and I can't find the number in my purse. Or I will dream that I left something behind such as a laptop and I am trying to go back for it but can't get there. After one of those dreams, I am usually pretty tired the next day.

Well I guess, I will move on have some month end things to do yet before I can head home.....take care...Oh be the way Sheila, I sure do hope that the insurance pays for all of the damages to your home.


05-03-2006, 10:43 PM
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hello friends,

Sorry I've been gone so much this week. I've been so tired. I think the Remicade is wearing off early, this time. I don't go for a treatment until the 15th.

Anyway, hope you both are having a good week. I'm trying to lay off the sugar. I think you're right, Bluet, about the after supper craving for sweets...especially chocolate. I've got to get a grip!

Sheila, sorry about your dishwasher. Hope your floors are ok. The only time I had a dishwasher to do that, is when I ran out of dishwasher detergent, & used dish liquid. I wouldn't recommend it!:o I live 12 miles from town, & thought it might work until the next day. You should have seen the suds!!! I had a lot of mopping to do.:^: (Yes....I get teased a lot about being blonde!)

I'm enjoying my laptop. I still use the desktop for most things. When I go to the garage & watch tv with DH, I'll get on my laptop & work during commercials, etc. That way, I get to be with him more. The only place I've taken it to, so far, is the Herb store & the tv station. I almost left it at the station....Connie reminded me to get it.:dizzy:

I don't like those mouthwash strips either. If all sweets tasted like those, I'd lose weight!:D

Well...I'm very tired. I'll post more soon as I can. Love you both. Hope the weather is better, Bluet.

05-04-2006, 04:36 PM
Hi, ladies!

Hey, how is the herb store, Charlotte? Is it doing well? How involved are you in the day-to-day business?

That's a bummer that your Remicade is wearing off early. I imagine the 15th can't come too soon for you. The last time I had Botox injections, the doctor put some near my eyebrow as a test to see if I was developing antibodies. I can't understand how people get that done on a regular basis--yuck! Anyway, I ended up not being able to lift that portion of my eyebrow, which was kind of amusing, when the stuff started working. Also got a visual clue as to when the Botox started to wear off. I can only get it every three months, and it wore off about a month ago, and my appt. isn't until the end of this month. Oh, well.

Bluet, have you figured out what your dreams means? I bet there's a website where you can go to look up a dream interpretation. That's horrible that it disturbs your sleep. After my insomnia issues, I've become a big fan of a good night's sleep!

You've both convinced me never to put dish soap in my dishwasher, that's for sure! We got the new stove and refrigerator, which we love. And tomorrow the insurance guy comes to check out the damage. The wood floors are the major problem, but then again I haven't been under the house to check out the damage there.

Shoot--haven't even showered yet and have to take my Dad to the doctor in 45 min. Better run! Hope you're having a good day, you two!

05-04-2006, 11:14 PM
Good Evening,

Watched Survivor tonight, finally someone I immensley dislike was booted off the island. Down to the final four now. I have my eye on that hot Terry guy to win. He has won 5 immunities in a row and a SUV so far. Tried to stay awake to watch CSI, but didn't make it. Started falling asleep and losing focus, so I decided to check the mail and then go to bed. Had a really rough night last night dreaming again. This dream was all about DH's Mom who is 92 and needs someone to come in and help her once or twice a week. Everyone was blaming me because I was the oldest, but I am not the oldest on my DH's side only on my side. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are older than us. DH is the second born. Go figure. I think I will take up your suggestion Sheila and find a web site that can analyze my dreams. I am wondring where all the guilt is coming from. Did you get a new stove with the glass top? That's what my stove has, and I swear I will never go back to any other range. I love not having those grates to worry about and the stove is so easy to clean. I guess you don't have a basement under your house? Every house that I know of in Wisconsin has a basement. Is it common not to have basements in Oregon? Our winters are too cold not to have a basement, also have to have a place for the furnace. Did you ever get to take Dad on that outing you were going to go on before the dishwasher flood?

Charlotte, I am sorry about the Remicade wearing off. I think you are a little depressed too. I worry about you. I didn't realize your sister still had the Herb store. How is that business going for her? Good I hope. Are all the kids and grands coming home for Mothers Day on the 14th? I was so shocked that it is almost here already. I have always wondered about Mother's Day especially when I was younger. I just wanted it not to be Mother's Day, with hurrying to church and getting the kids dressed and ready and shopping for something, that I wasn't sure the Mother's wanted and then rushing around to make an appearance at both Mother's places and the Grandmother's places, Mother's Day just always wore me out :dizzy:

I took the afternoon off from work yesterday and cut lawn and did some work in my flower beds. So much left to do though. Well gotta go time for bed. No dreams pleeze.

Have a good Friday........Bluet

05-13-2006, 06:42 PM
I can't believe no posting since the 4th! I'm sorry. I've been busy.....& yes, depressed, worried, etc. DH hasn't worked in 3 weeks. Our bills are soooo far behind, we'll never catch them up. I know I shouldn't tell my personal business (DH husband would kill me!), but it seems to help to vent about it. We try to keep relatives & friends from knowing how bad it is, so I get really stressed. I know it will work out, it always has. I also know, though, that we lost a home & land before several years ago, & what it did to DH. He's older now, & I don't know if he could take it. He's been putting in resumes everywhere. I know they're not suppose to discriminate with the age (he'll be 57 May 22nd), but we all know that they do. I just hope the pressure is off of him soon.

Bluet, I know your dreams are bothering you a lot. I don't know where to look for the answers. I always thought I was just tired or felt bad when I had disturbing dreams. Survivor..........hmmm.......I still can't get interested. My sister watches, though. I AM beginning to like American Idol, though.
Yes, the Remicade is due Monday....which I really need. I worked today at the Herb store for my sister to go to her daughter's college graduation out of town. I'm tired! The little store is doing fairly well. Especially with the weight loss products!:D The ladies are wanting a quick fix for the swim suits this summer.:carrot:
Glad you had an evening off of work.:)

Sheila, I'm very involved in the day-to-day business at the herb store. It almost went under a few weeks ago, & I realized I had to be more than just a "silent" partner. She was worrying for both of us, & that wasn't fair. I go by almost every day on my way to the TV station & have lunch. We came up with some new ideas that are working very well. (one is the weight loss) She is heavier than I am, so she's trying one of the products, & lost 18 lbs, so far. This is really making customers come in! I'm telling about it on the "Tennessee Valley Now" show in the evenings. The herb store sponsors the birthday cake for the winner on the program monthly, in exchange for us talking about the store. It's really picking up customers! ;)
Hope your dad had a good Dr's report.

Gotta go. Love you both. Have a great Mother's Day.

05-14-2006, 06:07 PM

Just a quickie to say that I've been out of town for the past week. Happy Mother's Day to us all! :)

05-15-2006, 12:11 AM
Good Evening,

Hey Sheila, we feel like we live in the state of Washington right now it has been raining here since Wednesday and the prediction is that it is going to rain everyday all next week. We are so saturated, there are ponds in the fields and the dumb geese and ducks are hanging around instead of flying to the marsh in Wapaun. All that hard work that DH put in to get the fields planted is in a very tentative situation right now. Not sure anything will grow being so saturated. Well, we will just have to wait and see how things go. :( Did you have a week away from the grind of life? A little R & R perhaps? I hope so.

Charlotte, my goodness the time does fly, I was thinking you just had your last RA treatment and here you are up for another one tomorrow. I have been praying for your DH, praying for a good job he loves, (that is so important). I just know something will come his way soon. I never realized how one feels with the discrimination of age, until I got here and have experienced it. It is not a fun thing. I remember my Dad feeling it at work and how it made him feel. People are so thoughtless at times, but there are more good people out in the world than there are the other, so we will be O.K. :hug: Just hang in there and know we care. And honey, you can talk to us anytime you want, just let loose, we are here for you.

How was your Mother's Day, day ladies? Good I hope! Saw all the children and grands this weekend, saw DH's Mom and my Mom. Wasa pretty darn good day all in all. I am just dealing with a stiff neck that I woke up with this morning, and I am a little light headed from all the Alieve I have taken today. Therefore, I am calling it a night, back to my day job again tomorrow. Missed you both last week. Take care and remember, you are my most favorite two people.

Happy Mothers Day Charlotte and Sheila!


05-19-2006, 03:06 AM
So who ended up winning, Bluet? Wasn't it down to the skinny girl and the rather attractive young guy? Is the skinny girl the one who swore on her children's life that she wouldn't vote off the guy with the weird hair who pretended a piece of wood was a Blackberry, but then she did? That's my total knowledge of Survivor, gleaned from watching a few minutes of the Regis and Kelly show while I was on the elliptical at the gym. :D It made an impression, though, and now I really want to know who won!

Yes, I definitely got the glass top stove. We had one in Boise and Seattle so it's been hard to go a year with the rings and spill pans that I can never get clean. The refrigerator is one with the freezer on the bottom instead of the top. We're both tall so it's great not to have to bend over and search for stuff in the back of the refrigerator. Got a check from the insurance company, but have to wait for three months for the wood floors to dry before we can get them refinished. I'm thinking about just pocketing the rest of the money (other than the cost of the floor refinishing) and putting it toward our eventual remodel.

Are you getting a dreamless night sleep yet? Hope so. I find dreams to be rather disturbing--not necessarily their content (although sometimes definitely), but I just feel like I don't get a good sleep. Hey, we've been having lots of sun lately--must have sent the rain your way. Hope the rain stopped where you are so that your newly planted fields don't drown.

Charlotte, I'm glad you have a place to vent your frustrations and fears. I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your DH. I pray for you guys every day, and I know that something will come your way soon. In fact, I hope it has already.

That's great about the herb store! I'm happy it's doing so well. And I hope you're feeling a bit better after Monday's treatment.

I spent last week at my son's house. My granddaughter is doing amazing. She can sit up for over 10 minutes by herself, and we rolled a ball to each other. She's never been able to do that before so it was quite exciting. I'm going to try to visit more often--I miss her and my son.

Well, didn't realize how late it is. Have a great weekend, ladies!

05-21-2006, 08:52 PM
Hello friends,
Thanks for the encouragement. You're both such good friends. DH still doesn't have work. We're considering relocating. It would be hard with my mother in a nursing home here. Also, the TV station would be so hard for me to leave. I would probably lay around the house so much, that I'd stop all activities. Not that I'm that lazy. I just feel bad & hurt a lot & having the station to work at makes me have to get up & go.

My treatment went well. It took two tries this time, though. My darn veins are just too little. (If only the rest of me were) The Dr is talking of doing surgery on my foot, soon. The RA is at the base of my big toe on my left foot, causing the bone to stick too far out for shoes, anymore. I wear mostly flip flops now. My feet hurt all over when trying to walk, but this would help. Besides, the other toes will turn also, if not operated on before too long. I told him I wanted to wait as long as I can.

Sheila, I'm glad you got your stove. My daughter has one like that, & I really like it. When & if we ever get our kitchen put in, that's the kind I want. I'm so glad your granddaughter is doing so well. We're ready for more pictures!

Bluet, hope that rain finally stopped. I had a good Mother's Day. We had a large gathering at one of the twin's house today for a grill out. There were so many birthdays & graduations in the family we had a celebration for them all at once. DH turns 57 tomorrow. I've got to find him a coconut cake, his favorite.
Speaking of graduations, we found out our granddaughter, Tasha is graduating the same night as our grandson, Jeremy, next year! That just plain stinks!!

Got to tell you what happened on the way to church this morning! We stopped to get gas & DH saw a dashund that looked like ours that's been missing for a couple of months now. I told him I would find out if it was ours. A man & his son (about 10 yrs old) were getting in their truck to leave & I walked up to them. I told them I didn't want any trouble, but would like to ask a question. Then ask if they had found the dog they had. They both said yes, they found him about 4 weeks ago. His wife worked at an apartment house for the elderly & handicapped, & she found the dog outside almost starved. She took it home & they took care of it & their son even slept with it every night. I backed up several feet & called him by name & he leaped out of their truck into my arms! I was crying, but could see the boy was sad. Although he never complained a single time, because his dad had told him he'd have to give him up if an owner showed up. We talked for awhile, exchanged names & numbers, decided he must have wondered down to the school (which he would do) & someone took him. It's about 12 miles to that town. He must have gotten away from them & wasn't able to find his way back or much to eat.
DH & I talked it over.........I put my dear dog in the arms of his new owner & told him to keep taking good care of him. It was worth the look on that boy's face! "Red's" name is now "Scooby Doo"!

I'm really tired.....gonna go. Keep praying. We really don't know what to do...but, it needs to be soon.
Love you both,

05-22-2006, 12:39 AM
Good Evening,

So good to hear from both of you.

Charlotte, that is an amazing story about "Red". How very kind of you to give him up to the little boy. How wonderful that they found him and are taking good care of him. I had to give up my Cheasapeak Bay Retriever this winter, because she was killing the cats on the farm and DH was fit to be tied. She was a gentle good dog, except she sure didn't like cats. I had her for at least six years, but she had to go back to the humane shelter from whence she came. :( She was an outside dog, she liked winter better than summer. Summer always made her melt. Sorry about your feet, nothing worse than when you can't get around well. Good thing flip-flops are the in thing right now. I think the kids even wear them to school in the winter, if they can get away with it. My feet get too cold to wear them, but everywhere I go ladies and men are wearing flip-flops.

They would really miss you at the TV station Charlotte, where are you talking about moving to? Change is hard at our age, well I should say at my age. I keep hoping and praying things will work out for you and DH.

On Survivor, there were two men left Terry from one tribe and Aras and Danielle from another tribe, but different than Terry's tribe. Terry was winning all of the immunity challenges, therefore he could advance without being voted off. During the last challange, based on balance, Danielle won the immunity and she got to take one of the men with her to the tribal counsel. She chose Aras, who was well liked and he was was voted to win the million dollars. Danielle made too many enemies along the way and she lost out on the million. The show is petty and sometimes mean, and I am just amazed that people can act the way they do, and it keeps bringing me back each week. :?:

How nice you got to visit your son and grandaughter again. Charlotte is right, time for more pictures. That is so wonderful that she could play ball with you for as long as she did. I bet it just broke your heart to leave. We all have to have our "Grandma fix" don't we? My first refrigerator had the freezer on the bottom, which is so nice. The freezer on the top is insane. I have had side-by-sides since that first refrigerator. If I didn't have that I would have one like yours for sure.

I was working on the family reunion flyer for DH's family picnic this summer. I finally firgured out how to incorporate photos into the word document. I was becoming frustrated at first, but I persevered and finally put together a flyer with old pictures of DH's parents, brothers and sister and the grands and greatgrands. I hope everyone has fun with it when they get it in the mail.

The rain finally stopped, and we have had some very cold temps. The winter wheat has mildew growing on it, our crop consultant tried to hire a helicopter or airplane to spray all the fields of his clients that have the mildew problems, but it was way too expense to be feasable. We are going to have to depend on a lot of sunshine to kill the mildew, Lots of luck with that lately.:dizzy:

I selfishly took a nap this afternnon, but am now starting to feel tired, so I guess I will wander off to bed. Last Monday, I was too sick to go into work, so took a day off, my stiff neck lasted about three days. What a joy :p Have a good week Sheila and Charlotte. Talk to you soon.


05-23-2006, 10:48 PM
Charlotte, I was so hoping for some good news, as I imagine you were, too. I hope you don't have to move. Is your DH thinking of a bigger town? It's definitely tough to move and leave everything, but it's doable. It's something I hope you don't have to do, though. Like Bluet, I'm praying that things work out and soon.

What a selfless, kind thing you did for that little boy! It sounds like Red is going to have a wonderful home, and that the family loves him a lot. They were lucky--to have found Red and to have found someone like you who was willing to think of the other people involved.

Bluet, I hate putting photos in Word documents. You've got a lot more patience than I do. Everytime I try to do that, they move around like some gremlin has got ahold of them. Bet it was a lot of fun to look at the photos, though, and I'm sure your family will enjoy your hard work.

So, we'd better start praying for sunshine or you're going to have a crop of nothing. :( Weather is a farmer's best friend and worst enemy, right? Having neck problems myself, I certainly understand what a pain in the neck is--glad it's gone!

Going up to Portland for my injections tomorrow. We stay overnight and visit friends--it makes the whole painful thing more fun. Then Memorial Day weekend at my sister's place on the coast. Supposed to be raining a lot, but that's par for the course around here.

I really lucked out when I picked my Dad's new doctor here. He's such a great guy (and it turns out he goes to my church), and very diligent. My poor Dad has lost some circulation in his arm so his right hand is becoming unusable. His old doc in Seattle probably wouldn't have done a thing (he never called me anyway), but this guy calls me at 6:30 pm to talk to me about options. He's sending the ultrasound results to a surgeon to see if they should do angioplasty and perhaps put in a stent to open the blood flow. The problem is that the all the arteries are narrowed, so there's not a real visible clot problem. If they can't do anything, my Dad will just have to learn how to eat left-handed, but he's a strong guy--he'll just do it, I'm sure.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, ladies!

05-29-2006, 05:17 PM

Hello friends,

Sheila...hope your injections went well. Sorry you have to go through them. Hope you're enjoying your visit with your sister. Oh my, your dad really has his health problems, doesn't he??? I do hope he gets better. Sounds like a dangerous situation. Must be a neat thing for his Dr to go to your church.

Bluet...good for you on the flyer! I love doing things like that! I'm working on a new project, now. On my computer, there's "moviemaker". You may both have it on yours. Anyway, I can set my music to pics of myself & family or "whatever". I thought I'd work on something for our family's Christmas. It's a lot like some of the stuff we can do at the station, only I can work on it at home, at my own pace.:D
Hope that rain stopped in time for you.
I watched the last couple episodes of American Idol. The Alabama man got it!:carrot: There were a couple of other singers that I did like better, though, I have to admit. He wasn't anything to be embarrassed of, though. isn't any better. DH did one job last week, and so far, nothing for this week. Yes, it will be a move to a larger town, where we know, already, he can get work. (it's where he worked last week) We just don't want to have to make that decision. Keep praying....

Love to both of you, & have a great holiday. Ours has been restful & good.

06-01-2006, 04:18 PM
I like that graphic, Charlotte! :D You have such fun graphics. I bet when you get the moviemaker thing working, you'll do a great job. Your family will love it at Christmas. Glad you had a restful Memorial Day weekend, and I'm still praying that things will look up for you two soon.

Bluet, did you have a good weekend? What's happening with the mildew situation? I hope it's been sunny. We've been having a lot of spring rain. Good for the flowers, I guess.

Well, I'm off to Alaska on Monday. Had a trial run when we were at the Oregon coast over the weekend. It was cold and wet, which just may be the weather we'll encounter in Alaska. My sister ended up giving me a bunch of warm, breathable clothing (she goes camping a lot) so I'm ready for anything. Maybe by taking all that warm clothing, we'll get great weather?? Either way, it will be an incredible experience, I'm sure. I told the kayak place, the cruise people, and the restaurant I made reservations at for Tuesday that we're celebrating our 25th anniversary so I'm hoping they'll do something special to surprise my DH. I figure this trip is present enough for both of us, and we have way too much silver as it is, especially on the top of our heads! :lol:

See you all when I get back! Hope you have a great week.

06-03-2006, 08:42 AM
Happy Anniversery!

Hope you have a great trip, Sheila!! Alaska!!! WOW!!! You'll have to tell us all about it when you return. We found out yesterday, that my neice & her husband are moving to Alaska to pastor a church. They are missionaries & took a trip there a few months ago. We'll miss them so much, but, they have to do what they feel is right. They haven't been blessed with children, & have dedicated their lives to working for the Lord.

Well...I'm leaving Sunday morning, myself. My daughter Gina (one of the twins) & I are going to Gulf Shores for a week & staying in my other daughter's (Paula) motor home. I can't wait to get away for awhile. Paula & Kevin have set up their motor home at a new park & wants someone there with it for the first few days, to make sure all is well. They're paying all the expenses. I wondered if they're not trying to give me a few days away because of the slump I've been in. I try not to show it, especially to my kids, but, they know me pretty well, I suppose. DH has work (thank the Lord) so he can't go with me. I'll miss him. It's a very nice place. It has an indoor pool, outside pool, hot tubs, etc. Don't have to go to the beach for fun, but sure we will. (Now, I wish I hadn't ate so many jelly beans!:( ) I'm taking my laptop computer, but, just in case I can't get the wireless connection to work, just know I'll be back, also, next week.:)

Today is my 57th birthday. My friends at the TV Station gave me a party yesterday, & some of the most beautiful angels! I now have an angel lamp! A large angel that stands on the floor with a lacy robe & feather wings, an angel fountain, & many more beautiful gifts! They are so good to me. We give a party for everyone with a birthday, but, they go all out for mine. I know it's because I'm a volunteer, but, I still don't think they should do that. (although I do enjoy it!:D )

Got a lot of packing to do. Take care while I'm gone, Bluet.
Love you both,

06-06-2006, 12:57 PM
Charlotte and Sheila,

My compter is down at home - in the repair shop - for a week now. I am having a frantic, stressful day today at work, but will try to get back to you later today. I am suppose to be able to pick up my computer this evening. Take care!

Bluet :dizzy:

06-12-2006, 04:56 PM
Hi Ladies,

How's everybody been? Sheila are you back home yet? What a happy little wanderer you are, all the way to Alaska, good time to go in the SUMMER! :cool: Hope you did not run into any Black Bears up there. A cruise is nice enough though, no matter where it takes you.

Charlotte, how are you feeling? Are you still at your place? How very nice that you and Sheila could get away on a little vacation. I don't think we will be able to go anywhere, not with all the work we have around the place this summer and the expense of it. Perhaps next year we will go after I retire, that will be something to look forward to.

I do have my compter back, and we are going to get DSL as soon as the phone company can come out, so it will be more pleasant to use the computer at home. We are laying pavers and bricks for a walk way and little patio in front of the building we moved last year. We work a little bit on it every evening when I get home from work, eventually it will get done. The week before we painted the inside of the building with three coats, one primer, two coats of grey, so that's done.

Well I gotta run.......still at work......I'll keep checking in to see if you all are back from your trips....Take care.......Bluet

06-12-2006, 05:00 PM

Happy Birthday Charlotte, Hope It Was Great!!!!

06-16-2006, 12:02 AM
Happy Belated Birthday, Charlotte!

Hope you had a great birthday as well as lots of fun on your minivacation. How were all those pools?

Bluet, sounds like you're working hard around your place. How about a photo when you're done? The patio sounds nice.

So. . .we had a fantastic time! The weather was incredible. I packed fleece, but really needed shorts and sunscreen. Can you believe I got a sunburn in Alaska? I've included some photos here:

Those are just a few of the great photos we took. Oh, here's one I'm including that shows us in front of the restaurant where we had our 25th anniversary dinner in Ketchikan. Free dessert and champagne! (I needed those like a hole in the head. :dizzy: )

06-20-2006, 02:56 PM

Sheila, what beautiful pictures, so glad you had a good time and the weather co-operated. This is the first time I have ever seen a picture of your DH. Quite a handsome lad your married to there. :) Good to know you are back! So where do you think Charlotte is? Have been worrying about her.

Not too much going on here. I am waiting for the accountant to show up. I will be glad when he has come and gone, it will take a few days though, it is our fiscal year end. It always becomes a dragged out affair.

All our lttle projects have been put on hold at home, DH is helping the guy that rents our barn for his heifers with the haying. It is all first crop and it is going into those big silos in front of the barn. We did get the brick path way in and all the perennials. The kids got DH a chimnea for Father's Day, camp fires are a big thing around here. DH wasn't as happy about it as I was. It is really nice looking, it is all cast iron. It weighs so much that it has to be half dismantled to move it. :D Whenever we get done with everything, I will take pictures, it is all a lot of work. I was trying to plant those perennials Sunday, (I know I am nuts sometimes), it was 91 degrees outside. Well, I only have the weekend to get things done.

Hope this message finds you both well, take to you soon.


06-22-2006, 08:36 PM
Hello friends,
Sorry I've been missing. I've been kind of numb the last few days. My son shot a man at his ex-wife's house. He did live, & my son is charged with 1st Degree Assault. He walked right into the trap we kept telling him she was setting for him. Her family and friends are making it look like he just went in a jealous rage. There's a lot more to the story. I don't agree with what a lot that my son has done, but, I know he did this protecting his two little girls. There was over an hour's time from the shooting until the authorities got there, and her family and friends were in and out of the house, etc. He's with us now & breaks down a lot crying. He's afraid he won't get to see the girls. It's his time to get them tomorrow night. We are trying to get them out of there, but our money is very limited, as you know. We're also having a hard time finding the money for the lawyer we want. Please pray for us all. He's facing 20 yrs. I don't know when I'll post, I've been so busy & depressed. I love you both.

06-25-2006, 12:15 AM
Hi Ladies,

It is late, but I am going to Steven's Point to help daughter and SIL move to their new house and will be gone for a few days and wanted to get a note off to you all.

Work has been really rough the last few weeks. Work loads are picking up, and year end and month end have weighed me down somewhat and it is not over yet. When I get back to work on Wednesday, the accountant is coming back again. By month end I mean May, haven't even started to look at June yet.

All we do is work on this yard. I even hate to take a few days off, but the yardwork will wait for me, from past experience that is how it has always worked.:)

Charlotte, my heart is breaking for you. If I were there I could hug you and look you in the face and tell you everything will be ok, but since I can't, I will have to reassure you with words. Words that do not seem to be enough to heal the heartbreak I am sure you are going through right now. I am sorry this is happening to you and your dear family, I will pray for you and your son that all of this will turn out allright and ask for prayers in church for a "dear friend" that is experiencing difficulty at this time in her life. Take care and know that you are loved.

Sheila, hope you are enjoying your summer. Since I have told you more times than you can bear to hear, summer is my favorite time of year, and I get panicky when the first day of summer comes, because I worry summer is half over. Well here in the frozen north anyway.

Still trying to take off the weight that I had gained, but not doing too well.
Take care and talk to you all soon, I hope. :hug:


06-27-2006, 02:33 PM
Just got back from spending some time with my son and granddaughter in Idaho.

Oh, my, Charlotte, I'm so sorry about your son's trouble. What a heartbreak for your family! Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I so hope and pray that you are able to find a good attorney who will get you through this heartbreaking situation. We're here for you when you need us, dear Charlotte. Please take care of yourself, okay? I know--easier said than done when life is in such turmoil. Sending my love. . .

Bluet, so far your summer sounds like too much work! :) But at least the snow is gone, the birds are singing and it's sunny outside, right? There was an article in the paper about bully bosses (guess there's a movie starring Meryl Streep as a bully boss coming out soon), and I thought immediately of you. Hopefully, though, OB doesn't treat you as poorly as Meryl Streep treats her assistant.

You say campfire, I think s'mores. Not that helpful with losing weight, am I? Vacations are my downfall, and I've had too many of them lately. My sister wants us to use her beach place this weekend while she's gone, but I really don't want to. I want a nice quiet weekend at home where I can control my eating and exercise.

Well, friends, time to start that housecleaning I've been avoiding.

07-05-2006, 12:43 AM
Charlotte, I hope you can come back soon and let us know how you are doing. I pray every day that things will get better for you and your family. Know that I'm thinking of you. . .

Bluet, how was your holiday? Did you take four days off? Hope the weather was good for your outside work--not too hot, not too cold (as if that's a problem in the summer where you live, right?).

Well, my big news is that I ran in my first 5K run. I couldn't run the entire way, but that's okay. I beat the lady in her 70s! Actually, today was the first time I've run on pavement, and only the second time outside. I usually run on the treadmill so it was really different. My DH walked, and would have come in first, but he nicely let three women who really wanted to be first go ahead of him. He's got long legs and could have poured it on at the end, but he knew coming in first was important to those women, and it wasn't to him. Isn't he a great guy? I think so. :)

After that, we watched the parade, where anyone and everyone can join in. I haven't been to a parade in a long time, and it was so cute with all these kids on bicycles or in decked-out strollers. We had my Dad over for dinner (made chicken shish kebabs with different colored pepper and onions, herbed potato salad (from the new Weight Watcher magazine--it was really good), and mixed greens with fresh raspberries and walnuts with a raspberry vinagrette dressing. Yum! After dinner, we took my Dad to the bandshell in the city park to hear the community band play marches and patriotic songs. We borrowed a wheelchair from the assisted living place so he didn't have to walk. He really enjoyed the afternoon and evening.

Well, back to the same old, same old. :hug: to you both!

07-05-2006, 01:14 AM
Hi Sheila and Charlotte,

It is really, really late for me, but wanted you to know Sheila, that I read your post before going to bed. We just got back from the marina, where the fire works display was. We wouldn't really go, except we always meet our son and his wife and children and our SIL from next door and his children to watch the fireworks. Actually I watch the grandkids watching the fireworks, that is more satisfying for me.

We worked all weekend. The weather was spectacular. I am exhausted, getting too old for this crap. Will tell you all more tomorrow. Sheila your meal sounds fantastic. What a neat daughter you are for your Dad. Charlotte, hope you are doing ok. Thank you for the pm. I pray for you everyday. Take care. Love you both.


07-08-2006, 08:52 PM
Hello my two friends,

Thank you both, for your words of encouragement. I keep asking the Lord why these awful things are happening. Maybe some day, I'll understand. You know, it's amazing how some things that were so important, just aren't, anymore. Like....I'd like to just be worrying about finishing the life was so much better.
The custody hearing is Thursday, July 13th. Please be praying. She got temporary custody of the girls & an order of protection from him. He hasn't seen his little girls since it all happened. Also, the preliminary hearing is July 21st. We did get the attorney we wanted, but, it's costing us $15,000 dollars. My DH does have a good job right now (thank God) with a construction company, for awhile. He's working seven days a week...late each night, to pay the attorney.

It was in the papers, and on tv & the radio, so everyone knows. So far, everyone has been very kind & supportive. Of course, they don't know the full story....why he had to shoot him...& they've all been kind enough not to ask.

Please keep posting what's going on in your lives. I need to read about other things, & enjoy your posts. I love you both.

07-13-2006, 05:05 PM
Charlotte, today is July 13, and I'm thinking of you and wondering how the custody hearing went (or is going). I'm glad you were able to get the attorney you wanted, and I hope he is worth the fee. What a relief that everyone is being kind and supportive.

Sounds like you had a fun but hectic 4th of July, Bluet. Hope your yardwork is nearing completion so you can spend the rest of the summer enjoying it!

Yesterday was my Dad's 90th birthday. We took him to a restaurant by the river, and had a lovely meal. Then we took him to the park for a big band concert. While he liked the music, he said he liked the concert we went to on the 4th better. Souza marches and patriotic songs are more his speed, I guess. Also took him for a ride, which he loves. We went onto the campus area, which has wonderful landscaping. He enjoys flowers and plants so much.

Saturday is the "big" party. My half-sister and three of her kids are driving down (about a 5 hour drive), and my sister and her DH are coming up (about a 45 min. drive). I made the party time so that my half-sister could go back home again if she wanted, but it appears she's coming down Friday night and staying until Sunday morning. Yikes! Although they're all staying at a motel, what am I supposed to do with them? I don't know them all that well. Oh, well, that's what I get for planning this "event!" I've been feeling a bit under the weather, too, and haven't worked out since Tuesday. Man, I hate that all-over achy feeling. :(

Let us know what happened, Charlotte, okay? Thinking of you both. . .

07-13-2006, 11:02 PM
Hello my friends,
My son and I spent 2 hrs at the courthouse today, only to hear that the Judge couldn't try the case today. They will let us know when the new hearing date will be. We did find out that my son would probably only get supervised visitation with his girls. I hope it's only through the period of his trial. They always had so much fun going places, and doing things together. None of this is looking very good. Even with a good attorney, he can only do so much. Keep praying.

Sheila, I love the new pic of your granddaughter. She's a darling! I know your dad enjoyed his day out. You're a very good daughter. I'll pray your weekend goes well, and not too stressful.

Bluet, I know what you mean about being too old for fireworks, etc! I told DH that I knew I was getting old. I now want to go to bed early & wake up early....Hope you're rested now.

Love to you both,

07-14-2006, 12:33 AM

Oh Charlotte, you sound so sad, my heart is breaking for you. You are a good Mother. I will just keep praying for you, your family and your Son, that is all we can do at this point. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Sheila, what a nice time your Dad had for his birthday. It will be very nice to have the rest of your siblings there to help your Dad celebrate his 90th. That is quite a milestone, turning 90. What does your Dad say about it? I hope you don't get too stressed, trying to entertain all these people. Usually when I take a trip and we stay at a motel, I like to have down time and relax and not be entertained. Perhaps your sisters will feel the same. I hope you will be feeling better soon Sheila, there are a few flu strains going around.

I have been feeling strange lately too. I feel fine when I get up in the morning, except I have a strong desire to sleep in, which I can't. Once I am at work, I start feeling anxious and punk. I feel hungry for lunch and eat something, then my stomach feels crappy after lunch and I feel increasing ill, until it is time to go home, and them my stomach starts to feel better. Do you all think it has something to do with stress? Gosh knows we have plenty of stress at work.

Our outside projects are on hold again, DH is at second crop hay. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see, we have until the end of September to get this stuff done.

I am very tired, so I am heading to bed.....Take care......Love you both very much.

07-20-2006, 10:59 PM
Hello Friends,

How are you this evening? I came home from work and made a little supper of white chicken breast and Natural Ovens Bread. I wasn't very hungry, read the paper and had a hand full of m&m's ;), had to have my sugar fix. Got off my butt and went outside to work in the flower beds, the old flower beds along side the front yard need work. I pulled out at least six clumps of Queen Anne's Lace ( a weed) and decided the pink Baby's Breathe had to go. I cut it all off and gave some to the girl next door on the other side of us and then asked her if I could transplant the clump in four places on her wild perennial hillside and she said yes. No fear that I won't have any for next year, because Baby's Breathe, seems to follow you around and start all over in some other place in the garden.

I came in took a shower, worked on some billing for the farm and must admit I am feeling somewhat better. I just have this immense feeling of being overwhelmed. I just needed someone to talk to and want to thank you both for being there today for me. You are both very special.

Another week and July will be over and then August starts to march down to ending the summer for us. The summer always goes so fast. Next weekend we are going to Door County for an outing at a nice resort with DH's former coworkers. The company is celebrating 50 years in business. I am hesitant about going, too many people and too much socializing, but perhaps I will feel like it more next week.

Well, I am going to hustle on out of here. Hope to hear from you all soon...Take care.


07-20-2006, 11:35 PM
It's so good to see your post, Bluet. I could almost see you working with the Baby's Breath, etc. I do hope you feel better. You also made me hungry for m&m's.:D Hang in there, girl!

Sheila, I hope you're ok. How did the big birthday party go for your dad? I do hope you didn't overdo.

I can't stay here long. It's getting late, & I've got to prepare for court tomorrow. It's our son's preliminary hearing. Please pray for us. He is so hyper....I would probably think he's high on something. I know better, however, because he knows he'll probably be tested for drugs tomorrow. I'll post again, when I can. I sure do dread this............

Love you both,

07-21-2006, 10:49 AM
Hi Charlotte,

Special prayers and well wishes are being channeled your way today. Hope you can feel it. :hug:


07-23-2006, 11:16 PM
You are so sweet. Yes, I could feel it & it made me smile, when I read your post. My son & I sat outside the courtroom almost an hour, before giving up & calling our attorney. He said he was half way to Russellville, (where we were) when he got a call that the hearing had been continued. He couldn't call me, because my cell phone was turned off, since I was in the court house. So.....we wait until a new date. This is so frustrating. I just don't want to do this anymore. Don't have a choice, though.

Our town was hit by a bad storm Friday night. The TV station was struck by lightening twice. Several buildings in town & on the main highway was torn up & power lines & trees were down. The TV station is back in operation....don't know how much damage until I get to work tomorrow.

Bluet, I hope you're feeling better. I've been thinking about you.

Hope you both have a good week.
Love you,

07-25-2006, 10:47 AM
Good Morning,

We had huge thunder showers last night, not as much damage as we had with last weeks storms, but we did get 3.75 inches of rain dumped on us in a short time. :?: Today the temp is suppose to reach 90 degrees with more rain. Jeez, that is almost too much summer. ;)

Charlotte, I am sorry there was more disappontment at the court house. Eventually this will all get resolved. I always remind myself that "This too, shall pass." and it always gives me strength and hope.

The boys had a marveleous time on the farm last weekend, getting into all kinds of mischief and adventures. They even let grandaughter from next door hang out with them "sometimes", which certainly made her happy.

Went to the church picnic, the boys and DH spent all their time at the tractor pull, and GD and GS and I spent our time at the games and food booths. Got to listen to the brass band for a little while, well as long as would be tolerated by GD & GS.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.


07-26-2006, 06:01 PM
Charlotte, how absolutely frustrating and annoying for you and your son! But. . .not surprising. I've heard of that happening multiple times. My friend's son was a crime victim, and he was asked to testify. The first time they came to the courthouse, they were told the trial was postponed. The second time they showed up (after taking time off work for both these appearances, of course), they were told that a plea agreement had been reached. No phone calls, nothing. I sure hope everything will be resolved soon, and in a way that's positive for everyone involved.

Your symptoms do sound stress-related, Bluet. I wish you could retire this month. :( I've never grown baby's breath--just seen it in bouquets. Rain and 90 degrees sounds like a recipe for raging humidity. I can take 90, but I like a "dry" 90. Glad everyone had a good time at the farm. How nice of the boys to include their female cousin (I'm saying this tongue-in-cheek, of course).

It's been really hot in my little corner of the U.S. Hit 105 degrees on Sunday. Saturday was "only" 102. My friends who don't have A/C came over in the late afternoon on Saturday, and we watched movies until almost 10:00 pm. Luckily, they have a basement so they stayed cooler than some. The bad part about the heat was that it didn't cool off in the evening, which is really unusual. Some clouds came through and just kind of kept the hot air on the ground--was really unpleasant. Reminded me of the south in the summer. Sorry, Charlotte, I'm a weather wimp!

The party was nice. We bought a couple of bouquets down at the Farmer's Market in the morning, and my sister arranged them into three vases. And I bought three bunches of balloons (the three mylar ones are still hanging around). The cake was excellent (too excellent!), and he seemed to enjoy himself. I made everyone wear nametags, but I don't think he got who everyone was. Three of my local friends came, too, which was nice. After the party, the family minus Dad went out to a restaurant. He decided he didn't want to go because he was afraid he'd eat too much. Have no idea what that was about, but I just accepted it. This was the most time I'd spent with my half-sister and her family ever, and it turned out to be lots of fun.

Stay cool, ladies!

07-29-2006, 09:42 PM
Hello friends,
Had a storm to come through today. At least, we finally got some rain. We've had high temps, also, Sheila. I know it's hot in the south, but, I was raised in Detroit, MI, so I really do enjoy the south. It does get very hot sometimes, but....still prefer.
I went to great-grandson's 1st birthday party today. This child will never want for anything! He is soooo sweet. Tomorrow is my son's 27th birthday. He is very depressed that his girls won't be with him. It's so frustrating. He is being punished before he's found guilty of anything. In the trial OR in the custody issue. We did finally get the papers signed by the judge to make the mother take the girls to a psychiatrist of our attorney's choosing. This could make a big difference for us. More prayers are needed. Yes, Sheila, I know how slow the courts can be, and think I can handle it, as hard as it is. But, I'm afraid my son won't be able to handle going much longer without seeing the girls. If they were in a good, loving invironment, it would be different, but they're not. I've got where I, not only worry all day, but have nightmares at night.
Bluet, you've been quiet for a couple of days....are you ok? Hope you haven't had any more bad weather.
I'm suppose to be at the TV station tonight. They wanted me to come sing. I just wasn't up to it. I haven't sung since "the incident". Just can't get myself to do anything, hardly. They've been showing reruns of my programs. Not having a pity party, here......just lost my desire, for now, I suppose. I've been going into work, though. My friends there are great, & I need them & my job to keep me busy.
Hope everyone has a good Sunday. DH is finally off for one day, & can go to church tomorrow. He's been missing teaching his Sunday School class. It'll be good for him.
Love you both,

08-02-2006, 06:53 PM
Good Afternoon

We are also having warmer temperatures than normal, well actually it has been just plain hot. Thunderstorms have been popping up sporadically all summer. Some have done a lot of damage, and we have had power outages from time to time. I love summer ;) , but not so much of this kind of summer.

The weeds are taking over the flower beds, weeds love this kind of weather. I was going to spray weeds tonight, but it looks like another evening of showers. We will have to see when I get home from work.

Charlotte, it is nice you have the TV station to take your mind off of things, I wish you felt up to singing, because that would make you feel better too. All that will come in good time, it just take time. Your great gs is one year old already, times sure does fly by. They are so much fun at that age. Into everything and just learning all the time. I hope that all your daughters and other grands are doing well. Almost time to be thinking of going back to school again. All the fall and winter clothes are on display in the stores already. Makes me hot just looking at them. Prayers are still being said for your son and dear grandaughters, may a resolution be found soon.

Sheila, how are you? Hope things have cooled off somewhat in your little corner. I guess, I am a weather wimp too, but fight admitting it. On second thought, I do admit it in the winter, that's for sure. How nice you had a good time with you siblings and your Dad enjoyed his birthday party too. Another milestone passed for you.

We were gone for a little mini vacation to door county last weekend. It was so nice, no one making demands or talking my ear off, just peace and quite and a little shopping.

Well I better head for home, the sky outside is looking darker all the time. Take care everyone, talk to you all soon.


08-05-2006, 04:43 PM
Hello friends,

Yes, it's still hot weather. Just too hot to do anything, really. I haven't been feeling well, either. I'm staying "light-headed" & trembly a lot. I had been having spells with my hands trembling, but thought it might be from my medications. I'm staying very thirsty & going to the bathroom a lot, also. I was borderline diabetic for several years, so, I'm afraid it may be diabetes. All I need is more health problems! I suppose it could be from all the stress, though. I've lost 16 lbs since June 17th (when my son got in trouble), and don't have a desire to eat or do anything else, hardly, as I've said. I get a treatment Wednesday (Aug. 9th), so I suppose I'll mention it to my Dr. I had a real bad spell in Wal-Mart the other day, and thought I'dd pass out, before I could get out of there.

Bluet, glad you got to go on a mini vacation. It always helps to get away, even if just for a couple of days. Especially with the problems you have at work. If you've gone without rain as long as we have, you won't have to worry about weeds....they'll die of thirst! No one around here has to cut their grass, lately....

Sheila, I suppose when we're suffering in this heat, we can think of just 4 months from now.....Christmas!!!! Can you believe it???? I don't have any interest in Christmas right now, maybe that will change...I hope so.

Well...gonna go. Hope you both have a good weekend.
Love ya,

08-06-2006, 08:06 PM
Hello, ladies--

We've cooled down quite a bit, which is nice. Pacific Northwesterners get so cranky when it's over 80! It's kind of warm and muggy today--in the high 80s, maybe 90. I tried to go out and saw down some shrubs that need to be removed before the fence guys come. Managed two shrubs and some bamboo stuff before the sweat started getting in my eyes. My little dog was panting, and he was just standing in the shade.

Charlotte, it sure sounds like you may have been having some kind of glycemic reaction. Glad you're going to check it out with your doctor. Losing sixteen pounds in less than eight weeks can put a strain on your body, but I understand what it's like to be so stressed that the thought of eating just goes out the door. The Stress Diet. So have any decisions been made about your son seeing the girls?

Bluet, did you get a chance to spray those weeds? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by weeds. When I lived in Seattle, I would hire someone every couple of months because I just couldn't keep up with the weeds. Our lawn is totally dead because we don't water it at all (we're actually trying to kill it--unfortunately, until we actually get around to digging it up, it will grow once the rains come), but the weeds just keep on growing no matter what.

Ooohh, a mini vacation--what fun! Sounds like you relaxed for the weekend, and hopefully you rejuvenated yourself.

Christmas. Well, I was really looking forward to it actually (although not the winter weather, that's for sure!). My whole family was supposed to be together. But my daughter did something really stupid. I mean really stupid so we're not sure what's going to happen. Kids. I think they almost cause us more worry when they get older, if that's possible. *Sigh*

I can't decide if I have allergies, or if I'm picking up viruses somewhere because in the past month, I've been ill twice. I started feeling ill on Wednesday, and today is the first time I've really done anything. Lack of energy, congested ears, sore throat, aching body, etc., etc. Hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow, though. I use this nasal spray osteoporosis medication, and I wonder if it's drying out my nose so much that it's becoming a germ magnet??

I hope both of you had a relaxing weekend--you deserve it!

08-13-2006, 06:11 PM
Hello friends,

Sheila, I'm sorry for what may be bothering you about your daughter and Christmas. I do hope it will be settled. I believe the saying is true that our children step on our toes when they are little and on our hearts when they are grown. I'll be praying for you. :hug: I hope you are feeling better, now, with your allergies or viruses. I know the hot weather hasn't made it any better.

How are you Bluet? Hope the weather has cooled down a bit for you. We actually had a cool down after stormy weather this past week. It's back hot again, now, though.

Custody hearing is Thursday (17th), so I'm getting nervous again. I don't know how much of this I'm going to be able to take. My nerves are getting really bad. Our son has started scarring his arms up by carving things into them and burning them! He says when he's feeling the pain, he's not in pain from not seeing his girls. I know it's a mental problem, but I don't know how to handle it. DH is working himself to death on the job, so I try to take care of most of the dealling with our son. I've got to call the attorney tomorrow and tell him...don't know how this is going to go over with the judge, this week.

Well, I'm going to go. Hope you both have a good week.
Love ya,

08-14-2006, 12:24 AM
Hello Dear Friends,

Yes, the weather is cooling down in our neck of the woods. For us August is a summer melt down, all the Black Eyed Susans are in their glory, which is a sure sign of the approaching fall season. We are suppose to have some thunder showers tonight, actually we could use a little rain. All my roses have black spot this year, too much rain in the beginning of the summer.

We have most of our grain off now, and are working on getting the straw either chopped or baled for bedding for the winter. Next will be the corn and the beets, and then the plowing and a winter rest. I think DH can then begin to enjoy his retirement. :) I did get the weeds sprayed, and now it is time to do it again.

Well, Sheila, what can I say, kids, if it isn't one thing then it is another. We parents are all in the same boat so to speak. I remember being so afraid of disappointing my parents, that I wouldn't try anything for fear of the rath of my Dad. I would hate to think my kids would have that same fear in their hearts, but on the other hand :D......naw, but things have sure changed in society. Hang in there kiddo, she won't let you down, she always comes through for you.

Charlotte, you poor dear, when will you feel some relief from this stress you are under. I pray for you everyday that things will turn out for you and your family. Sometimes things are asked of us far more than we think we can bear. I remember that you posted a picture of your son and grandaughters a while back. Your son is such a fine looking young man, it hurts to think that he is harming himself in such a way. Soon, and soon I hope this too shall pass. Take care Charlotte.


08-16-2006, 02:24 PM

Charlotte, tomorrow is a big day for you and your DS. Just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten, and am prayng and hoping for the best out come possible.

Hello to Sheila, hope you are having a good week.

Take care.


08-16-2006, 10:29 PM
Charlotte, please know I am thinking about you, and praying for you and your DS. If you can, take a hot bath and try to relax. Play music that soothes your soul. I'm so sorry that DS has taken to cutting himself. I would remind him that cutting himself is not helping the girls--he needs to stay as as strong as possible for them, and model behavior that he wants them to emulate.

Bluet, I don't want to think about fall! :) Because after fall comes winter. But if that's what it takes for your DH to enjoy his retirement, then for once I'm glad it's coming. What projects and pleasures has he been putting off until retirement?

For some reason, I've been losing weight quite rapidly for the past two weeks. Well, rapidly for me. I've lost almost 5 lbs. in two weeks, and am getting so close to my goal. I'm probably going to set my Weight Watcher goal at the highest level (169) so I can quit paying, then shoot for my personal goal of 100 lbs. lost, which I'm hoping to get to by the middle of December. Wish me luck!!

Wishing everyone a hopeful Thursday. . .

08-20-2006, 08:56 PM
My dear friends............
You just don't know what you both mean to me! I checked the posts & emails, and found your words of encouragement and it helped me through. Thank you.
Once again......postponed! Our attorney is in a jury trial, so the preliminary hearing is September 1st. Don't know when the cusody hearing is, yet. They say they're trying to set up a supervised visit for our son and the girls, which he doesn't believe will happen. I don't really blame him.
Also, we paid $500 extra to have the girls court-ordered to talk with a very good psychiatrist about the invironment they are living in. Well, they've had the girls over two months now, and that's sufficient time to teach them what to say. (we should have happened during the divorce, also.) Anyway, the psychiatrist said they are well taken care of by their mother, and they are very afraid of their dad and all of us! It probably will always be supervised visits. For now, though, even THAT would be nice! We miss them sooo much.

Sheila....I'm so happy for you losing that 5 lbs! Good for you! All that hard work is paying off. I didn't realize the total would soon be 100 lbs!! WOW! You can be really proud of yourself! When you reach your goal, please put a picture of yourself in here, so we can see you. I've lost 18 lbs now. I can't take credit for it, though. Just can't eat...probably my nerves. I stay nauseated a lot. If I don't get better soon, I'm going to see my GP about it.

Bluet...I don't like fall either....because of winter. But, it looks like it's coming very fast, so might as well prepare. We sure have had a hot summer! No one has good gardens this year. The cotton, corn, etc., all look burned up. I feel bad for the farmers. There's been very little rain. You know, dh and I were talking about it today. We couldn't get the roof finished, because of the rain. Then, as soon as the roof was finished, the rain stopped!

Well...need to go and prepare for another week, and see what it will bring. Again, thank you both for being such good friends.

Love ya,

08-23-2006, 10:48 PM
Sheesh--postponed again! That must be so frustrating, Charlotte. I can't even begin to imagine what it's been like. How is your son doing? I so hope that you can visit the girls soon. It certainly does seem like they were coached if, after happily living with you and your DH for quite a while, they now say they are afraid of you. That just doesn't make sense at all. Are you still feeling nauseated? I hope you've been able to eat something. Hope you're having a better week, Charlotte.

Bluet, have you been feeling a nip in the air at night? We have. I even had to put on pajamas instead of a light nightshirt because I've been cold at night. Over the weekend it was in the mid-90s, and wouldn't you know that was the weekend we chose to start moving dirt around in our yard.

Well, ladies, I made my Weight Watchers goal weight today. It was exciting. I still want to lose another 7 lbs. at least to make it 100 lbs. lost, but I also wanted to quit paying the WW fee so I chose a higher goal. According to the BMI charts, I'm officially a "healthy weight." Yippee!

Take care, ladies.

08-28-2006, 09:08 PM

Sheila...that's great!!!!!

I'm soooo proud of you :carrot: for making your goal!! I'm sorry I didn't see your post until've probably lost even more! We want a pic.:D :D've been pretty quiet. Hope you're not in one of your "isolation" moods. I don't like you getting depressed. I stay depressed enough for all of us.:( Hope all is well at work. The weather is beginning to cool off just a little, here. How is your farm doing?

Well, my little Daschund dog (Little Bit) got bit by a rattlesnake this morning. Her jaws and head have really been swollen up today. She's better tonight, but not sure she'll make it, yet. DH believes in doctoring dogs at home, instead of at a vet. I just don't think he wants to spend the money on her. I know we're out a lot of money on other things, lately, but I would have already taken her, if it were up to me.

Friday is the next appointed Preliminary Hearing, so be praying for us. As I said...appointed. We never know. We still haven't seen the girls. I hope our son can hang on...seems they all are trying his patience as well as ours. I know it would help him mentally, as well as other ways to see them.

Hope you both have a good week.
Love you,

09-05-2006, 10:59 AM
Good Morning,

Sorry, I missed your post Charlotte, I am usually notified through Yahoo, when you girls post, but I wasn't this time. Isn't that the little dog that you lost one time and then found at a gas station? I don't remember the details. That is really serious to be bitten by a rattlesnake. That is one thing we don't have too much of around here are snakes. I am really afraid of snakes, even the non dangerous type that we have, which are grass snakes or garter snakes. I had not seen one for years, and just this summer I had one slither across my path while walk along the road near our farm. Yuck. Well, I guess sub-zero weather is good for some things.

Was the court appearance this last Friday? Sorry, I missed knowing about it. I hope it went ok, well as ok as possible. I feel so sad for you, your family and you son. I could have been "isolating" along with workng on the buildings and yard yet from last year. DH and I painted the building, barn red with white trim. And did some more landscaping this weekend. I am really tired this morning, I feel more like having a nap than being at work. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Sheila, how is your landscaping going, what did you have in mind? Taking down more trees and shrubs? Congratulations, and a big hug for meeting your goal weight. How did you celebrate? How is your Dad doing? We are cooling down weather wise considerably, everything is starting to look tired and fall like. Do either of you get the magazine "Cottage Living"? There is a very nice write up on Door County in Wisconsin. Sometimes I mention going to Door County, which is not too far from us for mini-vacations. I just thought if you get a chance to see the magazine, that you might like to see pictures and read the write up of Door County.

Well, I hope this message finds you both doing well, may your week be happy and productive. Take ya!!!


09-06-2006, 03:05 PM
Charlotte, how is your dog? I'm hoping that she's made a complete recovery. So what happened with the hearing? I've been praying for you guys.

Hope you got a little nap in at work, Bluet. :) I enjoyed it when I had an office, and I could close my door. Didn't happen often, but sometimes you just need that five minutes of closing your eyes. In fact, I've heard that power napping is really good for people at work--makes them more productive.

You'll have to show us photos of all your hard work this summer. I'm going to have to check and see if Cottage Living is in the library. I've heard of Country Living, but not Cottage Living.

So we spent one day of the long weekend kayaking with my sister and friend. I really enjoy kayaking so we went and bought a kayak--for my DH! And a paddle for me. So now we have one kayak that fits DH and one paddle that fits me. :D DH ordered a paddle online for himself (he's tall), and I'm going to buy my sister's friend's kayak once she gets another one. I like hers a lot, and hopefully it will be a good deal.

The rest of the weekend we spent digging trenches in the front yard so that the rock guy can build a rock wall and stone paths. It took us four hours to dig less than 1/2 of what we needed to dig. Then I got the bright idea of putting the soaker hose on the remaining stuff--duh! The next day it took us two hours to dig the rest of the way. All this in mid-90s temps, no less! Had my Dad over for dinner on Labor Day. He's got a cold, which I'm hoping doesn't turn to pneumonia.

Leaving tomorrow for our "tri-state tour." I have my treatment in Portland, then we'll stay overnight and leave for Boise the next morning. We'll spend a week in Boise with my son and granddaughter, then fly back to Portland where we'll pick up our car and head to Seattle for a symposium related to the neuro disorder I have. The literature said that they dress up on Saturday night. Dress up--what's that?? I have no dress so I went to the thrift store run by the Humane Society and bought a dress for $2. I may have to buy shoes, which might cost more than the dress. :)

See you in a couple of weeks. I hope to hear good news, Charlotte. You deserve some.

09-10-2006, 11:30 PM
Hello friends,
Sorry I've been so long. I had to work a lot last week, & came home too tired for anything. My little dog "Little Bit" is well from the snake bite.:) The dog that was lost was "Red", her partner...we wanted them to give us puppies. He was the one the little boy found, and we let him keep. His new name is "Scooby Doo". I'm so glad "Little Bit" is ok again. Thanks to both of you for your concern.
The preliminary hearing went as well as expected. At least, we didn't have to see anyone from the "other" side. The DA asked the detective about the shooting & what the witnesses said. Our son still hasn't seen his daughters. He's not doing too well. We've got to get him some mental help, soon. My dh is going to talk to our attorney tomorrow, and see what is going on.

Bluet...I love buildings that are barn red! I bet your farm is beautiful! I would love to spend some time there. In fact, I would like to be anywhere but here these days...
I understand about you "isolating", Bluet. Just don't get too "isolated". I miss you. I've had people on my back about being that way, but, I handle things the best way I can. I haven't song, or done my program since the day this all happened. My pastor tries to get me to sing at church, but, he says he understands that I have "lost my song", but wants me to get it back. My joy & song has left me, for the the moment, and I'm not going to pretend.

Sheila...I'll miss you this next few days. Hope you have a good time. Hope your dad is doing well. My dh loves to kayak! When we went on vacation in Tennessee, he went kayaking, and loved it. I couldn't stand to watch, so I just rode the train most of the day.:dizzy:

The weather is changing a lot, now. Very warm during the day, but, quite cool in the mornings. It won't be long til we'll need heat. I dread that.

Well, I'm going to's getting late. Hope both of you have a great week.
Love you,

09-22-2006, 04:50 PM
Hello, ladies--

Charlotte, so glad to hear that your little dog survived the snake bite. It's been almost 2 weeks since you last posted--I hope that you've heard some good news about the case in that time. And I especially hope that you've been able to see the girls. Please let us know!

Bluet, thanks for the PM. I can't believe that little boy is two already! Time really does fly, doesn't it? I think the older we get, the more that happens. I mean, shoot, it's fall already!

So I did my usual tour of Boise restaurants. :( Haven't been on the scale yet. Don't know what it is about going to Boise that makes me eat more. Maybe because it's the place I gained most of the weight?? I could get into some food porn here (bread pudding--oh, my!), but I'll try to restrain myself. Glad to be home and back in my eating and exercise routine. I'll think about weighing tomorrow. . .or next week. . .or ???

After being in Boise for a week, we spent the next weekend in Seattle where we attended a symposium called Dystonia Daze. (I have dystonia in my neck.) It was incredibly freeing to be in a place where everyone has the same disorder or is married to someone with the disorder so we all have the same problems, etc. Met some great people, and I even made my DH dance with me on Saturday evening.

Hope you're both enjoying good weather (sun and in the 70s here)!

Edited on 9/24 to say that I ran an entire 5K race today! Isn't that cool? Now my goal is to better my time. :)

And editing on 9/25 to ask Bluet a question. Okay, so I watched a few minutes of Survivor, and I was wondering this--are the women given razors so they can shave their underarms to look better for TV? I swear I didn't see any pit hair, but then I wasn't looking that closely. I might have to tune in just to see! :D

09-28-2006, 12:28 AM

I am so sick. Monday I started with a very sore throat that lasted two days and today I feel like complete crap and my throat is still raw and croupy. I stayed home Monday because daughter from SP was home with grandson for the family reunion and stayed home on Tuesday which was the day I felt the worst. I went to work today, even though I still was dragging, but payroll and payables had to get done and a few other things like state taxes, etc. I am so mad about feeling this sick, I am a complete grouch.

The reunion was nice, it was DH's turn to host and we had it at a very nice cabin in a local park. Hardly any of the first generation of grandchildren were there, because they all had other social events they had to be at, including two of my children, therefore there were'nt too many great grandchildren there either, but stuff like that happens and we had a very nice time with the ones that could make it. Goodness knows we had plenty of room in the cabin to move around. :)

Sad to say Sheila, but and this is most unfortunate, I have noticed on other Survivor shows that there has not been any arm pit hair or hair growing down around their ankles either. I don't know who they think they are kidding, like we would'nt notice something as important as that. ;) Well, I guess we have them figured out. I am finding the splitting of the tribes a very interesting senario though. How wonderful for you to have run a 5K, that is just too cool Sheila. We are really cooling down and by the time I get home from work there is only an hour of daylight left.

Charlotte, how are things going? How is your Son holding up? I hope you have found your song by now. I should try to get some pictures of what we accomplished this summer on here for you girls to see. We will see how I am feeling next week, right now I don't have any energy for anything. Well, I guess I had better get off to bed, last night I hardly slept with the coughing all night long.

Take care....Hugs to you both....Love Bluet

Here is a little update...I am feeling better this evening, I am starting to sound like a normal person talking again. I stop at the local Walgreen's last night and asked the pharmacist what I could take and not feel like a walking zombie, she recommended Claritin. Little did I know you had to have three identifications and your passport to buy the stuff. Naw, just kidding just your drivers License. :-). It does make me feel abnormal though, my teeth felt numb and I couldn't be responsible for the things that came out of my mouth this morning. Other than those "small" stumbling blocks, I feel less congested and can breathe tonight.

I know this will thrill you Charlotte, "more on pit hair" I saw some on one of the ladies tonight, sorry to have judge too soon. I thought the tribes would stay divided for awhile longer, I was finding it very interesting. Also Sheila, I think CSI is truly trying to lose me.

Well good night again on another day. Take care please.


10-03-2006, 09:49 PM
Hello friends,

Sorry for not posting for awhile. I've had a lot going on. (just the usual)
Also, this site is driving me crazy, lately! I don't know if it's just doing it with me, or everyone, but I have to log in before I reply, then, again after I reply. Also, it's very slow going from place to place. There was a couple of times I just gave up. I don't think it's my computer, because this is the only place it happens. Oh well....I've done my venting....

Sheila, that was great about your 5k run!!! You're really doing well, lately....made your weight goal & your 5k run. Congrats!!!!:carrot: Still no change in the case with our son. Haven't seen the girls yet, either. Thanks for asking. We go back November 1st for Custody Hearing, if it's not postponed again. Our son is seeing a Psychiatrist, though. He got to talking really strange, and our attorney suggested it. I don't think it's helping. The only thing that will really help is his girls.

Bluet, I do hope you are feeling better. Glad the reunion went well. We're planning on going to South Alabama this weekend to watch our grandson play football. It's his Senior year. It's suppose to be a pretty weekend. Our Senior granddaughter got engaged!!!! There was an engagement ring in her "Fortune Cookie" when they went to eat! I thought that was kind of neat.:)

About "pit hair"....if they would take the Remicade treatments I take, they wouldn't have to worry about shaving.:D I'm hairless!!!!;) Got a little scared about the hair on my head, but I have a very good beautician that uses Herbal Shampoo from my/&my sister's herb store, & she knows how to make my hair look thicker.:p I have to admit....I don't mind not shaving the armpits, or legs!

Haven't found my song, yet, Bluet. Maybe soon....I'm trying to find a life in all of this mess. Love you both,

10-04-2006, 07:00 PM

:lol: Just have to laugh about Survivor and the pit hair. I'm really going to have to start watching just to check out underarms. I have to wonder if they have a whole crew of people on those islands in addition to the camera people, who are standing just out of camera range. Kind of like Oprah and her friend on their road trip--they're in one car, and then the entourage is packed into five cars following them. Maybe there are Survivor make-up artists who artfully smudge dirt on the contestants' faces!

Are you totally back to normal, Bluet? Hope so. Glad you had a good time at the reunion. So is it always held near you, or only this time because your DH was hosting? It must be nice (most of the time!) having family relatively nearby. While I understand all the cold medicine hoopla, it's pretty easy to get off the internet. Would be nice to read some statistics that indicate the regulations are reducing the amount of meth produced. The meth addicts are going around to farms and stealing irrigation equipment and other metal farm objects to sell to scrapyards. Have you heard anything about that? The farmers are all pretty miffed when they go out and discover all their new piping has been stolen.

Charlotte, I've seldom had any problems getting onto this site--wonder what's going on? I'd be annoyed, too. Glad your son is getting some help, although it's kind of discouraging that it's not working. Maybe more sessions will turn it around for him, but seeing the girls again probably would make the most difference as you say. No talk about even supervised visitation?

Sounds like a fun weekend to take your mind off things, Charlotte. I love high school football games. Is your GD's fiance still in H.S.? Have they been going out a long time? What a sweet way of giving her a ring! Remicade sounds kind of like chemo. Do you have eyebrows? My mother's hair thinned a touch after chemo, but she never had to wear the wig she had made. Glad that herbal shampoo works so well.

So I guess I'm going to VA to visit my daughter. She's having rather a rough time. I'm not thrilled to be going (I'll be traveling alone and it's an 8 hour trip), but I want to be supportive, and I haven't seen her in almost three years. October was supposed to be a good at-home month, but now it appears we'll be going to Boise again the end of October. Only an hour by plane, though, and I get to see my little sweetheart. She'll be in her new "body jacket" that she has to wear for her scoliosis.

Oops! Look at the time--gotta go, ladies!

10-12-2006, 11:13 PM
WOW!!!! It took me awhile, but I'm finally here! I almost gave up again. I don't know what's up with it. It's the only place I go to that gives me problems. I had to login, also. Now, I'll have to login again, when I send this post....oh well. I got my venting over....

How are my friends doing? I truly enjoyed the little "get-a-way". We lost the ballgame, but it was a tough game. Our grandson plays very well. His name is called out a lot after the plays. The granddaughters have really grown! And are so mannerly! The daughter & son-in-law are doing well & looking forward to another son! Paula is so cute pregnant.:D Wish I had looked that way when I was pregnant!

We went on to Gulf Shores, and dh got sunburned really bad. You know how the men don't like to listen to us women????? Well...he's no exception! I told him to put the tanning lotion on, but he thought it would be better to "burn" a little first. Well...he did!!!!!!!!! He sure is suffering! He's lost a lot of work since we've been back, also. I feel so sorry for him, though. I felt so less stressed, that I begged him to stay there, or moved there. He did actually check at a couple of places. It encouraged me, so I'm doing searches on the computer for work!

Still no visitation for our son. In fact, the attorney told us to get another attorney for the custody hearing! We don't have the money to hire another attorney! I don't have a good feeling about any of this. Just doing a lot of praying. I didn't know he could decide to do that to us in the middle of it. He said he needed to concentrate on our son's trial. So far, we haven't seen anything out of him, but aggravation.

Our granddaughter's fiance graduated last year, and has a very good job. He has already bought them a very nice home about 70 miles from here, where his job & their college is. Yes, they've been with each other since they were barely old enough. Neither has ever dated anyone else. Sometimes that works out, & sometimes it doesn't. We all hope for the best. He sure seems to be crazy about her!!

Yes, Remicade IS CHEMO....just a lower dosage than cancer patients receive. Although, they do keep raising the dosage as time goes on with me. I didn't have any eyebrows at all, until recently. I have a few, but mostly kind of wild & have to pluck them out. Believe me, it's hard to put eyebrows on, & make them look right! I suppose I'm paying for talking about older ladies I used to see that would absolutely paint their eyebrows on! I didn't make fun of them, just wondered if they really knew how much better they would look if they didn't!;) I have a wig that looks just like my hair. I keep it handy...just in case. So far, just used it when I had a bad hair day!:p

Hope you had/have a safe trip to VA & enjoy your visit with your daughter.
I did a research on Dystonia. Sheila, I didn't realize what you were going through. My prayers are with you, my friend. Some day we'll be in a better place & not have to go through all these worries & pain. I'm looking forward to it.

Bluet, how are you? Hope you're over your sickness. We're suppose to get our first freeze tonight. I sure dread cold weather. I've been cold all day. Think what I'll be like in a couple of months!! I thought about you while I was at the beach. It was so peaceful & stress free. A very good place to "isolate". Take care of yourself.

Love both of you,

10-21-2006, 12:38 PM
I just found this thread. I am 57 and take prednisone for saroidosis. I have about 50lb to lose.

10-22-2006, 10:55 PM

Hi Carol! Drop in any time...glad to have you visit with us. I'm 57 also. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. My meds really fight my weight, although I've lost quite a bit, lately. Hang in there. You can do it! Keep us posted.

10-23-2006, 11:53 AM
I was saved at age 21 and my hubby and I have been married 37yr and have 10 children and soon to be 8 grandchildren. I just love kids! My mom just went to be with the Lord on Aug 18th from our home where she lived with us. She was 90. Thanks for replying.