Support Groups - Teachers Successfully Losing Weight/holiday Season Edition/see Ya In January!

11-06-2005, 10:27 PM
MY PERSONAL GOAL: I will try not to eat my way through the holidays...

11-07-2005, 05:35 PM
Hey everyone!
I finally found you! Can't sneak away from me that fast! Glad this Monday is over. It was report card day. My son forgot his report card and we had to drive all the way back over to the YMCA and pick it up. That was a lot of fun..... It was worth the drive though. :D We only have a four day work week this week. I am so happy about that..........
Summer: Where have you kept yourself hidden? We miss you. Thanks for the new thread!

I am gonna try and take a nap. I think I am getting a cold. :(



11-07-2005, 05:49 PM
Pam - I have only been married for 4 1/2 years but we started dating when my children were only 3 and 6, so my DH has been in our lives most of their lives. It will be hard for all of us.

Mouse - stay off that ankle! It is hard to do now but in the long run you will be all the better off for it.

Robyn - I can't imagine having a mom come in and act like that! Luckily we don't have too many parents show up at the high school level. Sometimes I wish we had more parental support.

Summer - sorry to hear your schedule has been so crazy. Things will only get worse with the holidays quickly approaching.

This weekend I have been invited to a slumber party. It is a bunch of married women who are going to spend the night at a woman's house whose husband is currently in Iraq. I am sure it would be lots of fun but I feel funny about leaving the children after my DH just moved out last week. Maybe I can get a sitter for a few hours since we have Friday off to spend together.

This is parent teacher conference week for me. Actually the schedule isn't bad. We have Wednesday night 5-8 and Thursday (no school) 10-12, 1-4 and 5-8. The 10-12 time we don't have conference it is just a time to get things ready and it is when teachers, like myself, who have children in the district can meet with their children's teachers. We don't schedule appointments at my school. We are just all in the gym in alphabetic order and the parents talk to whomever they want to. I spend most of the time socializing with other people since I was born and raised in the area. Not too many special education parents bother to come. Some years I get all my Christmas cards addressed and the notes written inside. Then I just hold them until the beginning of December and pop them in the mail!


11-07-2005, 09:42 PM
Thanks for starting the new thread......gee we have all missed you!!!!!
Sorry not to get personal right now, today has been so busy. Tomorrow promises to be sane.....well maybe. I will be out on the road for a HS at 6 am (yawn) but back a bit earlier.....all the public schools are closed......private all are drive I will......
and I will check in with this and the old thread tomorrow.....see ya then (and forgive me for not getting personal with you tonite!)

11-08-2005, 01:11 AM
I have a feeling I missed something... ;) What'd Robyn's parent do? I have one right now that won't call us back to set up an IEP meeting because I allegedly called her son a ****** (this is my child with ED). The head principal has taken over this task for us because the parent won't talk to any of the rest of the staff. And here I thought that going back to public schools meant that I'd get to leave the really ED parents behind!!! I had a parent like this my first two years at my last place... she burned through administrators like a mouse through cheese!
We have a 3 day work week this week... well, its 5 for me but 3 for the kids. We have "Meet the Teacher" tomorrow from 8:30 to 10:30, then I have a mentor meeting.... the last one I have to attend. Since I've been teaching 10 years, I don't have to complete the mentor program in this district. A truly good thing: most of the time my mentor gives me half the information I need, and in some cases, she is totally wrong. Like, she told me what form I needed to do IEP quarterlies, but forgot to tell me I had to photocopy the goals pages and mark those too! Fortunately, I had to get admin to sign off on my quarterlies, and that person told me that I needed to include those pages also! This district does it differently: I think I like it. We have to include a narrative AND the IEP goal pages. And we have progress reports we send out and are supposed to get back, but that's another story altogether!
So, I got the quarterlies done and mailed today, also two picture recipes (rice krispy treats, and Chex Mix). I need to make questions/writing to go with those two. Also managed to get all the pictures of the kids off the camera... which is good because we REALLY need to start working on those portfolios! I'm going to use that as my "final" for my basic skills classes. We have to do a project or a test, and I think that's a good place to stick the portfolios!
I did call the doctor, but couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow afternoon. I also finally reached the orthopedist's office down here, but couldn't get an appointment there until next Monday. They had some available this week, but they were in the middle of the day. I'm not positive I have a substitute TA, and its impossible to get a substitute for less than half a day for my class, so I had to wait till next Monday.
And I need to make stuff for my new student in swimming classes... He did respond pretty well to some of the stuff I already have.
I need to get it made and sent to the other teacher, although I'm going to ask her if we can get it really heavy laminated at Staples or something; the thinner laminate is leaking.

11-08-2005, 01:18 PM
Ok, I tried to leave a long PM a few minutes ago and it got bounced into I will be brief and hope this goes thru.

Went to WW this am....behind me online to WI was a dad from my route, I have driven all 3 of his kids to school and now only have one, as the other two are teenagers now. He confided in me -also wondering if his youngest had told me that he was moving. I did not know that. The reason for the move was because his marriage was failing- they had sold the house and both mom and dad were relocating in town. Fortunately for the kids (they are great kids too.....I adore them) they are staying nearby- not miles away.
Well, this dad told me that with his marriage failing, the move, his job situation being shaky, 2 teenagers......all the stress in his life.......the ONE thing he could control was the food he ate!! So he came to WW to conquer his weight. (he is a return WW member having lost 40# many years ago).

I found that inspirational- for those of us who are stress eaters.......
Sorry to be brief. See ya tomorrow (I'll get personal then......)

11-08-2005, 07:24 PM
I am totally pooped. I had another workshop afterschool and didn't get home til 5:30, then had to vacuum the living room, my doggie did some shredding. :mad: Chicken in the oven. We have a math department meeting tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately we are off Friday! Yeah! I really need to get some papers graded........They sit in my bookbag, in the car........Where they will remain until tomorrow morning, when I take the book bag back into school.

I have a student who grabbed a girls breast in class. He is in alternative school. He said it was an accident, but it was a full grab..........He is making me crazy.........This is sixth grade folks. You wouldn't believe the garbage written on the bathroom wall. IN the sixth grade, maybe I am naive.......But, I certainly didn't think of those things, and use those words, and didn't write on the bathroom wall.....

Let me go get some stuff done before dinner.

Hey to everyone!


11-08-2005, 09:45 PM
:mad: :cry: :eek: :stress: :tantrum: :bomb:
:mad: :cry: :eek: :stress: :tantrum: :bomb:
:mad: :cry: :eek: :stress: :tantrum: :bomb:

Okay, if you guys didn't get the idea, this is one mad mouse. There are some significant disadvantages to nerve damage... beyond, even, walking with a slight limp, having to wear hiking shoes all the time, and not ever being able to shop at DSW or Payless during the Buy One, Get One 50% off sales. Like, falling on your nose or your butt time and again. And again. And again. :cry:
I was pretty darned sure I hadn't done anything this time: it didn't start hurting too badly till last night, when it kept me up (now you know the reason behind the past-midnight posting!). I went to the doctor today, and she took my sock off and says, "Wow... its really swollen." I'd had to take my elastic brace off because I couldn't handle it (too tight). Then she asks me if I have any "ecchymosis". Huh?! Bruising. I said no, because I hadn't noticed any: I didn't think I was black and blue anywhere. WRONG!!!! All along the bottom of my foot, I am. And that means I tore something, again. :mad:
Oh, I'm so ticked off! Not at myself too much, but at the worker's comp laws in Pennsylvania... and the fact that I blindly agreed to what they suggested instead of fighting it. Okay, I didn't know then about medical care what I know now, that if they don't listen to you LEAVE... go somewhere else.
This is so old. I'm so tired of it. The doctor's office wants to have an MRI done, because an X-Ray will just show bone issues. But they are going to wait till I have a visit with an orthopedist, which is this coming Monday.
I can't take any kind of pain medication, can't take ibuprofren either, so she gave me a 'script for muscle relaxers because my leg was spasming again.
And I was so damn close to meeting my goals for the MONTH!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I'm in full whine mode right now. To top it off, it decided to RAIN for some reason tonight.

11-09-2005, 01:43 PM
well, if you are in that much pain you deserve to bellyache a bit. I am sure that the incoming rain/weather change did not help your discomfort, as most of the time changes in weather aggravate an injury. I hope your pain eases up quickly and you heal fast. Good luck on the medical merry-go-round.....gosh you have had your share of it.

Pam- how are you feeling? Did you get some rest?? Hope so! How sad about the grabbing incident. I am not a huge fan of the "middle school" years. I do not drive middle school for that reason...... Hope they are good for you today......tell the leacher to sit on his creepy little hands.....gee, ain't I nice? :lol:

Sue- ok I went back and read the end of the last thread. You must be in shock. I feel badly for you, what a miserable situation. There is a rainbow out there somewhere waiting for you. I hope you can find a way to get to the slumber party for a few hours ( I like that approach). It gets you out and hopefully will be some fun for you.

Robyn- sent some stuff to you snail mail should expect it by 2006.....

Not much new here. Kiddies were ok this am. Got 45 minutes of excercise in. Eating is ok. And I'd better go do something productive.....see ya!

11-09-2005, 06:09 PM
Survived this afternoon- I had a "light load" for both my HS and elementary runs, which made it easier and quieter. Now off to get dinner finished, and a large cup of tea.

11-09-2005, 06:22 PM

Another long day. Have Jumbalaya cooking on the stove. Need to put the recipe in to the weight watchers site and see how many points. Bet, it's high! Oh well......Smells great. School was ok. We had a false alarm fire drill......Ughhh, a real fire drill. Kids were wild... BUt, tomorrow is our last day of the week. So, I'm really excited about that.

Mouse: You have every right to complain. You poor thing. How are you getting around? Not very well I imagine. Hope all goes well.

Ginny: The grabber is not in my class for three days. I think her parents are actually pressing charges against him. :o

Sue: How are you? Four years or fifty years. I know your heart is broken. You need some time to be with your friends. You should go if only for a little while.

Robin: Hey! How's things this week??/

Let me go finish dinner.


11-09-2005, 07:57 PM
Hey Pam-
yup, tomorrow is my last day for this week also. It just can't end soon enough. Gee, I hope that you are not dragged thru the mud because of the grabber incident. And you know........I might be inclined to press charges too, if it was my DD. Jambalaya.......oh brother......have no idea.......probably a million points......let me know how it calculated out.
Have a good nite!

11-09-2005, 09:07 PM
Evening all!
Sue: I'm thinking about you, hoping things are slowly working themselves out!
Ginny: Glad your bus runs were light this PM.
Pam: Jambalaya, hmm? I don't think I've ever had it. I know what it is, but I'm not a big fan of spice. Do you make yours really super spicy?
Me? Well, I couldn't get my foot in a shoe today, which turned out to be a maybe good thing. It didn't hurt anywhere near as badly today as it has the last few days when I've put the shoes on with the orthotics and all. I am just going to wear the ankle brace and no shoe, I think. The brace is black, and I have black sandles... so I'm wearing one sandle and the brace; none of the kids noticed and neither did most of the staff. A definite plus in my book! All the kids will know tomorrow, though, because we have CBI... I won't be able to walk around the grocery store with them. I picked a nice big one that I feel safer having them walk around, and it has benches up front. My TA is going to walk with the one child (he has seizures, so he needs somebody near him), but the other three can be independent up to a point.
Some good news is that it looks like the position paper last summer might be published; I was told that the board requested some edits, but they were definitely interested in the paper. And, it looks like my grad advisor may allow the independent study project that I'm interested in. If that goes well, I might be able to publish the finished work: I'm going to do some spelling units with integrated recipes and writing activities.
I want to go swimming, but I'm afraid of getting out of the pool at the gym here. They have stairs, and its hard when I'm not nursing the ankle. I'm also scared that I might slip on their floor. Its way more slippery than my Baltimore gym; and that is where I fell. I guess I'll have to wait till Monday and see the orthopedist. I suspect I'll wind up with PT again. The one staff member who noticed did wonder if they were going to put a cast on it, but I doubt that. The brace worked well enough... I hate casts, its soooo hard to take a shower!

11-10-2005, 08:44 AM
Hello everyone. Thank you for your well wishes and words of support. Today I emailed my DH and suggested we have a local real estate agent come and tell us what we could expect to sell the house for with the current market. Our house is appraised at $375,000 but we built it in the country in no man's land and not too many people in the market for a house like ours want to live in the middle of no where. Since we recently refinanced, we owe over $340,000. I doubt we could get what we owe.

We had parent-teacher conferences last night. We have the morning off then have them again this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow we have the whole day off. It is a nice schedule. It sounds like a lot of us are getting a break this week.

I think it is shocking the way the children talk about sex now. When I was in school couples did have sex but they didn't talk about it. Now they brag about getting drunk and sleeping with people they don't even like! Even the girls talk about having multiple partners. It is sad really. Makes me really worry what it will be like when my children get to be that age.


11-10-2005, 08:42 PM
Everybody can think of me too: I have school. We were off on October 10 for Columbus Day, but that has been all this year. I, of course, was off for the Jewish Holidays, but haven't been out otherwise. We have more days at Thanksgiving and Winter Break, though. I was surprised... and apparently, my district doesn't make up snow days. They get so much snow being in the western part of Northern VA that they had an exemption to start earlier than the other districts here; they also have more hours in the day for the students, so they hardly ever have to make up their snow days. Bring it ON!!! SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!! SNOW!!!
Today was a strange day. I would have almost thought there was a full moon... my Spanish speaking student called me a b****. Out of nowhere. I didn't write him up because I really don't think he knew what he said; I made him sit in chill time for the last 5 minutes of the period. He had a bad day anyway: he forgot his lunch money and wouldn't let any of us give him the 40 cents he needed for lunch... by 8th period he was cranky and sleepy. I don't normally, but I let him sleep once he cleaned up his work.
My kid with ED is heading back into a strange phase... he's making up weird stories again, and spent the last 2 days with me during lunch detention and in chill-time. The first time he had lunch detention, he wrote on his response paper that he was in chill-tme for coughing, and that next time he'd just hold it in since I didn't understand what it was like to cough. I made him do it over. He also told us that one of the other teachers shows R-Rated movies to them in the afternoon. Oh, and Aerosmith was in Wayne's World... and the movie is about a couple of teens who want to start a rock band. They go back in time to get stuff for their band. He also drank "heavy water" last night with dinner. I need to remember to put all of this in his log we're keeping...

11-11-2005, 07:22 AM
Robyn and Mouse I am thinking of you as I sit in my pjs and type! Unfortunately my internal clock didn't get that I didn't have to get up this morning so I was awake at 4! I did mananage to stay in bed and somewhat rest until 5:30 but then decided I might as well be productive.

Parent/Teacher conferences are done. I had a message on my machine that my car is done (did I mention I hit a deer last week?) and I can pick it up today. I am so happy. I hate borrowing other people's cars. I think I'lll make myself a cup of Chai tea and curl up on the couch and watch the news. They are predicting our first measureable snow this week.


11-11-2005, 07:21 PM
Where is everyone today? Robyn, I didn't last all day but I put forth a good effort with the pjs! I had a very good day today. I picked up my car from the body shop and was very pleased with the results. Then ran into the "big city" because my DS outgrew his winter coat last year and it is suppose to snow next week. He found one he liked after about five minutes AND it was 50% off plus I got an additional 15% off by putting it on the credit card! YIPEE!!!!! Then I got home and called the camper place about getting the camper winterized and they said we can do it right now if you can. I was so worried they wouldn't get me in before winter hit. Now I am thinking about slipping my pjs back on and doing a little reading. Unfortunately my book is at school but I have tons of magazines that I haven't had time to read.

Tomorrow I have my "Second Saturday" coffee group meeting in the morning. I'll take the kids to bowling in the afternoon then I will need to decide if I want to make an appearance at the slumber party. Right now it sounds good just to lay low but who knows what I will feel like tomorrow.

Sunday my family is celebrating October/November birthdays. Luckily none of the birthday kids are mine and it is at my Mom's so I will get off easy on what I need to bring! It will be kind of nice being at a family gathering and not stressing over whether or not my DH is enjoying himself. I have to keep thinking of the positives of this divorce because otherwise it is all too depressing!

So what did everyone else do on their day off? Anything exciting happen at school for Robyn and Mouse?


11-11-2005, 09:59 PM
G'evening everyone.
School was mostly uneventful today; my Spanish speaking student is getting quite the English vocabulary. He called me a b yesterday, and a student in another class a baby today. Then he got on the computer when I turned my back (my fault, I left myself logged in for the 30 seconds it took to show the TA where something was), and starting typing all kinds of stuff on my IEP form.
However, it seems as if my bad luck is back! I was kind missing it, you know? ;)
So, I think I mentioned my car nearly stalling out a couple of times? I took it over to the car dealer today. At lunch, I called to find out the issues. It needs a new coolant gauge, because the current one is cracked; it needs a new engine cylinder because one of those is cracked also. The breaks were also due for repair, so I had them go ahead and do that with an oil change. Why take it back later??? :sigh: Total bill? $1100.
But here's where things get interesting: The car wasn't ready by the time I dragged my butt out of school (after 4:30.... we were editing an IEP meeting). So, Saturn arranged for a rental car for me, and they are paying for it. Good thing, right? And I was so PROUD of myself for remembering the parking tag for my apartment building AND the garage opener! Guess what I couldn't get, and what didn't occur to me? MY HOUSE KEYS and the door opener for the apartment (key card) are on the CAR KEYS!!!!!!! I got all the way home, Saturn is long-gone and closed, and my keys are in Sterling! Fortunately, somebody came out of the building and let me in before I had to stand there too long; and a neighbor that I know was at home. We met one evening she was taking out the trash because her kitty looks like a bigger, unspotted version of mine. Her cat went out to roll on the concrete, which my Imp does also. So, we talked. Good thing. I owe the maintance guy becuase he didn't charge me the lockout fee after I explained the whole story to him about Saturn having my car and my keys. That was my day. And tomorrow, I don't know if I'll get my car back because I forgot that I had a mandatory school training (they'd better be paying me or I'm leaving!). The training is like 25 miles from here; I normally go out there on a toll road, but of course the rental car doesn't have my EZ Pass. The training is over at 3:30, and I think the dealership closes at 4:00 or 4:30. Oh, and I have swimming lessons that evening. I was looking forward to a trip to the library, and then going to the gym EARLY so I could swim! Or at least do my old PT exercises in the therapy pool. I can't get in or out of the new pool because they have stairs.
Robyn: He was talking about Wayne's World I, not II. He was very specific. But you're right, I did get Bill & Ted mixed up with WW I & II. He did eventually agree that I was correct, though, so now I'm not sure what movie he was talking about.
Okey... mouse off to bed.

11-12-2005, 07:14 AM
Gee, a lot to catch up with. Sorry for missing the past 2 days....just got caught up trying to do a million things. And attempting to get this messy house straightened up (changing curtains, decorating etc......) for Thanksgiving, which I know will be here. Ok, I am early- but also know that Thanksgiving week there are several half days and that means I spend a lot of quality time in #234......(my bus #). And not so much time at home.

Sorry not getting personal at this time, I have to go on Dh's HR website and complete the open enrollment stuff..... Happy Saturday!
See ya later.

(Robyn, get to WW this am???)

11-12-2005, 08:46 AM
Happy Saturday everyone! I was one of those folks off for Veteran's Day also. However, I steamed clean all the carpets in my house. Gosh, I feel so much better about that. With the holidays coming atleast that will be done. Managed to get my bedroom clean. With all the other work, the kitchen is a disaster. I am probably going to my mom's to help her clean her house so it will be "presentable" for Thanksgiving. It always is, but she is picky....
Well, I only lost another stinkin half a pound this week. Ughhh, I'm really starting to get frustrated.......I walked almost every night, and did really well with my points and everything. Yes, half a pound is half a pound, but at this rate it will take me forever to get to 150.......

Ok, the Jumbalaya was 9 points. Not great, but not bad for dinner I guess.
This jumbalaya is pork chops, kielbasa, onions, celery, garlic, bell pepper, a dab of worcestershire sauce, rice. I could cut the points down some....My son's friend's father makes it and I had a taste, it was good, so he gave me the recipe. Yummmy. Big hit, I fed my family plus two of my son's friends....To me, it wasn't spicy enough. My folks put hot sauce in theirs.

Getting sick. My oldest has been sick, my hubby is sick, and I have been fighting it for a week. I refuse.............I felt yucky yesterday, but so so today.

Sorry not to get personal, but lots to do.


11-12-2005, 11:57 AM
Back again......still having trouble with this darned open enrollment stuff, but at least I think the selections finally went thru. These darned computers are wonderful when it all works out.........depressing when they do their own thing, as this web site did.

Also went to Dd's last soccer game......kind of bitter sweet.....happy and sad all at the same time. But cold- it was 28 degrees last nite!

Pam- so I am not the only nut cleaning for Thanksgiving already! Sorry that you are not feeling great. Drink lots of water- try to get some rest, ok?

Robyn- get to WW today? Hope that WI was a winner.....

Mouse- OUCH!! What a nasty car repair bill!!!! Hopefully you will be able to get thru the winter w/o any major expenses on it. Pretty amusing about your keys..........glad that worked out for you.

Sue- hope your family outings this weekend are all pleasant.....nice that you have much to do to keep you busy, productive and focused on your family.
I can't imagine how you must be feeling- but it does sound as though you have a fairly decent support group for yourself in terms of friends and family.
(and of course you have us here too!)

Okie dokie- got a busy afternoon so I'd better get going. Hope everyone has a great weekend.....

11-12-2005, 12:15 PM
Hello everyone,

It is cold here. The temps have dropped nearly 40 degees in less than 2 days! I hated getting up in the dark for my WW meetings; however, at least it was warm! Sigh! I've just returned from my 7am WW meeting, followed by a rousing shopping extravaganza (not!) at WallyWorld for next week's groceries and all the other junk WallyWord has! I earned my 25 pound magnet for hitting -25 today! I was soooo excited! I'm like one of my first graders! Those little stickers, key ring (got that last week!), magnets, and postcards (REAL mail! WhooHoo!) really make a huge difference and I feel totally goofy and child like as I show my "prizes" off to people! LOL Anywhooo, I've made a dent in my next 20 pounds which makes me grin like an idiot! Perhaps someday ....before everything is out of style... I will be able to get back into my "skinny" clothes! Sigh! Tried on my NOT women's sized pants and realized that my post pregnancy belly REALLY is an issue! (Ok...don't tell....but my baby is 10! But I *SWEAR* that it was my two beautiful babies that caused this wonderful body shape I've got! OK...well.... the gut....I'm not gonna tell you what caused the back side of the issue...Moving along..)

Ok, Pam. Pam. Pam. Here comes the arse kicking..... Are you journaling? Are you drinking your water? Something is hanging you up! Are you eating enough?! While this has NEVER EVER happened to me....chortling at the idea, actually....I've heard others talk about this issue of your metabolism slowing down to save you from starvation! I was meant to be THE last survivior on the planet, honey! I could live for 2 years on a single apple. SLUGS! SNAILS! They are all faster than my metabolism! :) Google the Wendy Plan.... It is a way of arranging your whole week of points that some WW folks prescribe to that manipulates your metabolism. I've tried it (not this "go round"!) and it made a difference! **Disclaimer, WW does not recommend this AND I am not a doctor, nutritionalist, or expert of anything (other than First Grade!) BUT I do express my opinion a LOT! My husband is still unemployeed and I'm a lowly paid teacher, SO...If the Wendy Plan doesn't work out for you, please don't you and your lawyers try to squeeze the turnip! This ends my rather long winded disclaimer!** AND don't forget any - number beats the crap out of a + on your chart! ;) STICK to your plan! I know it gets frustrating! OMG, do I know! But hang in there and your 9 point Jumbalya sounds wonderful! THAT is what is so wonderful about WW.... you can eat 9 point Jumbalya and STILL lose weight!

Gin, We are going to go to Hatteras for Thanksgiving! We will be staying down there at Corey's new house in Southern Avon! It is literally on the last street out of Avon! You can sit on the porch swing and look out over the sound and the ocean at once! ...Depends on which way you gaze! Also, the light house is easily in sight! Its beacon actually crosses the great room at night.....not so much that you can't sleep (like in the house we stayed in at Buxton several years ago!) but just enough to make you smile yourself to sleep! :) We will take food to add to the Thanksgiving meal..... and it will cost us gas money....but other than high rent to worry over! AND it is fishing season! The blues are running! AND the prime shelling time will be starting! :) I'm excited, can you tell?! A freeeeezing day down on the beach beats the heck out of a 100 degree day at home! Hopefully it won't be bad! Heck, we used to camp down there every Thanksgiving for years! So....heading into a house will be dreamy! Sorry...I go on and on!
I'm watching my mail for your post! So far...darn federal holidays....nothing!

Has anyone made the WW 4 point Crustless Pumpkin Pie? It sounds wonderful AND the whole darn pie is only 4 points! WhewwwHooo! I'm thinking of whiping one up to see if I should take one to the beach! (What a great excuse, huh?! BUT it *IS* only 4 points!)

Mousie, um, glad to hear that your ESL kiddo is learning some of the English language! Had to giggle at his progress, tho! Isn't it so typical?! ...and I bet if he knows how to taunt and tease a kid by calling him baby...then he knows more english than he wants you to know! I wasn't correcting you about the movies. I thought that you were trying to figure out what the kid was talking about! ...and it is totally sad that I knew exactly who was in what...and the plots! :) Hope you and your car (and keys!) have had a reunion!

Hello to anyone I've missed! Forgive me!

Well..... This is TOOOOOO long and wayyyyyy too meeeeee! So, I'll leave for now! Gonna go see if I can rake the living room before going into the bathroom to chisel my way to the original surfaces! I just *ADORE* weekends! I get to scrub toilets and prepare everything for going back to my paying job!

take care!

11-12-2005, 01:28 PM
hey pam... you don't have to go to google to read about the Wendy Plan....
go to support groups and ww general...and it is the first sticky! just thought I'd save you some pop up ads! LOL

11-12-2005, 06:16 PM
Okay Ginny do you actually change your curtains for each holiday or did the curtains and the decorating just happen to occure at the same time? Last week I was in major scrubbing mode so this week I have done nothing!

Mouse- sorry to hear about the car bill. Wow that was a biggie! Hopefully that will fix everything for a while. I can't believe you left your house key! Sounds like something I would do.

Pam - I hope you beat your bug. Your Jumbalaya sounds like it was worth the 9 points. I am thinking that I have a recipe for jumbalaya in one of my WW cookbooks. I'll take a peek through them one of these days when I get a second and send it to you if I find it.

Robyn - I have had the WW pumpkin pie and it is really good. Not as good as a huge piece of crust but one of my favorite things. I put a big gallop of FF Coolwhip on it to. Yum. Congratulations on getting your 25 lb magnet! I got to 24 1/2 lbs once but then gained some back. I guess I should have went to get weighed during my stressed out week when I got too thin! It is funny how hard we will work for such things. They aren't even very attractive!

When I was at bowling today my sister asked if she could take my DD, who loves to clean, home with her because she has a neck injury and can't do much. I told her she could take both kids to help. She agreed so now I am going to the JUGS (Just Us Girls) party tonight. Sounds like fun but I am guessing I'll be paying for it tomorrow!

I think I'll take a little nap right now so I can hang with the big dogs tonight. I usually can't stay up past 10!


11-12-2005, 08:57 PM
Thoughts of you Robin......Just went to Walmart to do my grocery shoppin on a Saturday Night no less.......Usually I am there at 7 am on SUnday morning. But, I have cleaned the house and that would be one less chore to do before we go back to school Monday. Yes, I have been journaling, journaling, journaling. No, I am not drinking enough water I guess. How big of a difference does that make? I thought you could drink three decaffeinated beverages for three waters though???????I am drinking water now..... But, I have been drinking decaf unsweetened ice tea a lot instead of Pepsi. I only drink half a pepsi in the morning.This week I actually did try the Wendie plan. And believe it or not, you really have to eat to get to that high point day......I believe that was Jumbalaya day........... I was hoping that it would would do something for me. My body refuses to go where I want it to go.......I know it's better than a gain, but it just sucks.
However, I realized at some point during this day, that my period is due this week. Maybe that has something to do with it. I am certainly not giving up. I have not been at this weight since before my 20 year old was born. Omigod! :o I also have nine year old post baby fat. Ha! So, I know the feeling. Wave at me when you are at Hatteras. I'll pass you on my way to Virginia Beach. Sounds like a blast though.
I want the pie recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginny: I have the cleaning bug definitely. We won't even be home for Thanksgiving. BUt, I know that if I don't get it clean, then I won't be able to start pulling Christmas stuff out when we get back! Weird huh? I was a little miffed at all the kids tracking leaves in, on the freshly steam cleaned carpet today. I wish I had this cleaning bug all the time.

Sue: I'd love the recipe. We have really been trying a lot of new things. My hubby even complemented me on low fat cooking. It's so funny all my oldest son's friends have been eating all the stuff too. Saying geez Ms.Pam, you sure can cook, even if It's only two points! Ha! Cracks me up. :D

Mouse: What a bummer about the car. How's the ankle?

Ok, talk to you all later.


11-13-2005, 12:16 PM
Just a short hello....
Robyn- congrats on the 25#!!!!!!!!! Hey who cares if all the bells and whistles- as in post cards, magnets, bookmarks, bravo stickers......if they make you happy. It worked didn't it!!!!!! :D What an accomplishment and I am so happy for you. Love your comment about the paying job........ah, the unsung glory of maintaining a home.

Pam-yup, the cleaning bug is contagious. I totally understand wanting to start from "ground zero" before Christmas hits. All my housekeeping goes in the tank for the month of chaotic.

Sue- you have a good time last nite? I hope so! Nope, I just wanted to change the curtains- the ones I took down were well over 10 years old(yes, I had washed them in the 10 years! :lol: ) and they did not really fit anymore with new paint colors and other changes I had made. The new ones look great. Even Atilla likes them. :lol: SO- how late did you stay out last nite? ;)

Okie dokie- got my 2 point walk off for some shopping with Atilla and the kids.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend

11-13-2005, 05:53 PM
Hope everyone had a good day today. I have a splitting headache. Feels like a migrane coming. Also have a major case of the munchies today. I need to wire my mouth shut. I had a really stupid moment today. I was getting ready to leave for the store, and I couldn't find my keys. Nothing too unusual for me. I am quite a scatterbrain sometimes. My husband is threatening to rivot them to my butt..........Anyway, I looked everywhere, looked through my purse, my husband looked in my purse, I looked through his car.......Then, went to the mexican restaurant we had dinner at, no keys. Came home, continued to search, no keys.........I was in the tub, my husband brought my keys in, he found them in my purse. Now, either he is trying to make me think I'm going crazy, or we're both blind. I even shook my purse. They were in the side pocket. I swear I looked there. Ughhhh OOOOOPS :o :?: :?: :?: :D
My hubby is getting ready to grill some chicken, and I made a cherry crunch recipe that is only three points. It's been in the fridge all day, hope it tastes as good as it looks. The stuff that you use as one layer tastes almost like a cream cheese frosting. Ideas are coming with that......

Ginny: How many activity points are the Watp tapes? I know my thirty minute walk is two, but not sure about the tapes. My friend is trying to get rid of both a nordik track and a total gym. So, I'm thinking of buying one of those. I've seen the commercial for the total gym, it looks pretty neat. My hubby says it will just become a dust collector.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Have a great Monday!

11-14-2005, 09:22 PM
Ok, before I get this lost in cyberspace....lets see if I can leave a post.

11-14-2005, 09:34 PM
Hey Pam- I like the keys in your profession how could you possibly consider that you would have ANY brain cells left.......and you are a wife and mother to boot so your one lone brain cell is maxed out thinking for everyone else. At least you found them! Hope you are feeling better. Migraines do not sound like fun.
As far as the WATP tapes- it is all going to depend upon the intensity of your workout.
At your weight (and my AP slider is upstairs, so I am approximating) anywhere from 30- about and I mean about 50 minutes of a moderate workout will earn you 2 AP's. Most of the WATP tapes fit in that time frame. Of course if you are really huffing and puffing- and in a really intense workout the AP's go way up. If you want me to actually figure it out give a holler! Ihave heard the Nordic tracks are a great workout- but call for some coordination (I am a klutz) so not good for me!

Anyway, I got over an hour of walking in today- got up early this am for 33 minutes and another 30 after dinner. ANything to stay away from the kitchen and chocolate......oh this PMS cycle is bad. The darned thing better show up soon as I feel so crummy. Monsters on the bus were so-so......trying to get to the bottom of a rather sneaky student- she is new to my route, so probably thinks she can get away with stuff, plus I know my district is one of the more safety concious, so the rules are followed a bit more. Anyway, I suspect she is picking on some other student(s)- and am in the process of trying to get the whole situation figured out. I can take a blatant lack of obedience, but this sneaky stuff bothers me. Ok, I am a naive fool, but I like to think that at this stage I have an understanding with my students and can trust them. So this bugs me.

Ok,I am so pooped......gonna go spend some time with Dd and then off to bed.
Got a crummy cold and a headache. But this too shall pass......
Have a great nite!

11-14-2005, 09:46 PM
Good evening folks! Did anyone else notice the full (or very nearly full!) moon besides me? Of course I knew that it was a full moon before 9:10 this morning when my kidlets were bouncing like ping pong balls! The first two children came breaking down our classroom door with the very loud 6 year old voice screaming, "YOU are such a JACKA$$!" AndhappyMondaytoyouTHATisnotanappropriateschoolwor d! ....and that was just the beginning! By the time the final bell rang, I just sort of sat down at my desk with my mouth hanging down to my knees. Can't wait for tomorrow!

OP .....having used up a few of my weekly extras at the BoyScout meeting. Those boys would force Fergie herself to EAT! :) OH and today was report card day and I had 3 ...count them 3.... HS Freshmen asking my advice about grades, etc... (NOT my kid, mind you!) 2 were minor issues....but 1 had 3 F's, 2D's and a C. OMG.... I gave him my best "What are you DOING? and HOW will you fix it?" speech....but I have NO experience with grades this low.... luckily for my own son, the boys at scouts sort of made his 1 C and the rest A's and B's look perfect! I considered stopping to buy him a car on the way home! LOL

Thanks for the snail mail , Gin. Can't wait to try a out a few of your suggestions!
I'll post the pie when I get a chance....... by the end of the week for sure.

Gotta run...homework calls!
take care,

11-14-2005, 09:46 PM
Good evening all.
I saw the orthopedist today: I didn't do any serious damage. I have to go to PT 2x a week for 4 weeks... which isn't bad either. He gave me a new version of my old brace that is more flexible and not as big, so I think I'll be able to wear a shoe again.
He did say that the other orthopedist wasn't seeing arthritis... he was seeing some calcium build up and some small spurs from the number of times I've injured myself.
My disappearing TA is going to resign... the assistant principal told me today. I need to remember to ask him how he wants me to tell the kids. We'll have to tell them something because they always ask for her.
I'm jealous of all your cleaning bugs. I hate to clean, but I do it... LAtely, though, I'm never home. And while I'm home now, my ankle hurts to walk on... forget cleaning.
I'm also going to have to steam clean the carpets here; Imp has thrown up a few more times. I'm going to take him to the vet. Between him & my car, there is no way I'll be able to take more than 1 grad class in spring. :( I don't understand it: he acts perfectly normal, before and after throwing up. He's drinking water. He's eating food. He begs for ear scritches, and bugs me when I'm taking a shower. A friend of mine recommended the vet she takes her cats to. She has 4 older cats.

11-15-2005, 07:26 AM
Mouse- great news that you did not do anything major to yourself. Hope the PT helps, and the brace too. Some of the new braces are so flexible and easy to wear these days. I have a student who is wearing a knee brace- and it is not at all apparent that she has one on. Guess by now you should get Imp to a vet......I am at a loss for ideas. Gosh, I forgot that you needed a "new" vet with the move! That too is one of those "relationships" that need to be developed - it is important to feel comfortable with your little friends Dr. (my vet is a total nut case....his real name, and I kid you not is Charlie Brown). Anyway good luck with the resigning TA- this is the crummy one right? Can you get that really good one to replace her?

Robyn- okie you noticed the darned full moon too?? Yesterday am the kiddies were really wacky. I have this student who really dislocated her knee 2 weeks ago- and then went on vacation last week. Yesterday was her first day back. So she boards......asks to sit with her best friend.....I refused that one as they are both whack jobs and even worse together...and then find Miss Knee brace climbing over the seat, in the aisle.....jumping around. And me, Mrs Type A personality, freaking out worrying that a full body cast would not protect this kid. Not pretty......then there was the deer that danced in front of my bus on the way home......blew the horn and got it off the road....and it then danced in front of the bus behind me (we were both returning at the end of the day). And there above it in the sky, the big fat full moon. Shall I also add my wacko kitten.......she is in active house trashing mode now..... Aw, I hope today is better for you!!!!! Get the duct tape out for the mouthy one..... And as far as those additional points, well that is what they are there for !!!!! Special stuff, treats- something out of the ordinary, right? Keep it up- your progress is wonderful.

Got up and walked for 25 minutes, 1.5 miles. And, thankfully, TOM arrived. I was so tired of feeling now I am just tired :dizzy: . Hopefully I will be down a bit for tomorrows WI.

Guess I'd better go wake up Ds. Have a great day!

11-15-2005, 07:52 AM
Good Morning!
I would normally be up an on my way to school at this time. I took a personal day today. Got some oldest son stuff to take care of. Won't bore you with the details......But, hopefully it won't take long and I can just have the rest of the day to piddle around.
My kids at school were ok yesterday. I am missing a mock writing test today. I would have been at school for it, but they changed the schedule after I had already put in for my day. Oh well. Darn, I would have been stuck with my first period. Shucks!
Ginny: I feel your pain. I am waiting for my tom to arrive any time now. Wish it would just hurry up and get here. I feel like I could have wired my jaws shut when I got home from school yesterday. I ate a banana, three marshmallows, a few hazlenuts, and a leftover barbeque chicken leg that was calling me from the refridgerator. Ughhh. However, I still didn't go over my points for the day, and I managed to get in a one mile walk.
Mouse: I don't like to clean either. However, with me living with three "boys" if I don't clean, you would have to kick a path through the livingroom. I have been going around everynight, trying to keep things straight. Where I steam cleaned the carpets in front of the front door, they have already tracked in leaves and dirt. It pisses me off. Ughhhhhh

Robin: Looking forward to that pie recipe. Would like to try it out before I take it to my mom's house. Made a cherry crunch recipe the other day. Must have been great cause I didn't even get a single bite of it. My oldest said it was off the chain. So, I guess that's great! :p

Talk to you all later.

11-15-2005, 04:18 PM
Hey! Yes I've posted twice in a row. However, the freakiest freakiest and I do mean freakiest thing happened to me today.

Ok, I took a personal day from school oldest son had a ticket had to go to court......Anyway, as I am sitting in there, in walks the SUPERINTEDENT of the school system. :o :D ;) He is actually the man who hired me nine years ago.
I was like oh great. Now, mind you I was doing nothing wrong, but where did he choose to sit??????? In the row in front of me. So, I don't think he noticed me as I kind of looked the other way......Anyway, I noticed there was a news crew in the back of the courtroom...............Ok, well then our ISS TEACHER comes in shackled..............In an orange jumpsuit......Charged with 3 felony counts of Indecent liberties with a child, etc.....Statutory rape....Omigod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll be watching the news at 5. I called my best friend at school. We thought he had gotten into trouble, but weren't sure what for. Anyway, it was so strange.......My son's ticket was dropped and we went on our merry way, out the front door of the courthouse and smack dab into the news crew....Ha! Talk about having your business on the street huh? It will be interesting to see what in the world actually happened.

I have an apple spice cake in the oven and I am attempting to make a lower fat lasagna for dinner. I just realized I haven't eaten all day and I am starving..........

Will update later........


11-15-2005, 08:20 PM
Back again!

Pam- that is entirely too strange. Now the big question for you is, do you return to work tomorrow and keep your mouth shut or attest to all of the proceedings? I gather that this was just an arraignment (sp) and not an actual trial. Wow. Can't imagine......but we all know that that kind of junk happens everywhere and anywhere. The closest thing I have to that is several years ago a male member of the janitorial staff was caught with some online porno (using a school computer) and making xerox copies of his private parts (somehow the idiot lay down on the copier nude.....just the thought of it all makes me want to puke). Oh well- he no longer works for the district. Back to your story- you had no inkling of this situation? I do know the way my district works is they try really, really hard to keep stuff quiet and out of the media. So it would not surprise me if this incident was hushed. Glad that Ds's ticket was dropped.

Anyway- survived the afternoon. I am so tired. Part TOM, part cold,part holiday burnout. Guess its not going to get better......actually am toying with the idea of a personal day myself, in a week or so, just to regroup and get stuff done. Gotta redo the stupid seating chart. I can tell I am losing control over the gang, and with the reduced daylight hours that ain't good.
Got another short walk in, but I am no bundle of energy today.
Dm is on the phone. Guess I'd better go. Let you know how WW goes tomorrow.

11-16-2005, 12:09 AM
Well... it sure is hard to type with my eyes poked out. When Gin started typing about the school custodian who was laying on the copy machine (Xerox proves you're OLD, Gin! LOL) making copies of his, ahem, parts.... lead me to have visions of the janitorial crew at my school in various poses with the copy machine which caused me to jab out my eyes in an attempt to rid myself of the vision! EWWWWWW! Thanks Gin! Could have done with out THOSE visions!

HOOOOW freaky for you Pam! ....and you thought your day was going to be rather uneventful! Please update (maybe in a PM!) how this all turns out! I made a enchilada
(rather high points...but within my plan!) recipie that was in the new(?) WW chicken cookbook! It was very good! Everyone liked it ....the Picky3 ate without negative comment! (THAT is huge!) On Thursday, I'm going to try something else.... chicken and dumplings from the same book! Will let you know how it turns out! Tomorrow is a WW ground turkey chili crockpot deal! (Tried it two weeks ago with the Picky3 loving it!) :) Will get the pie posted here soon!

Mouse, hope Imp is ok! Glad to hear that you've done no serious damage to your ankle!

Gotta run.....
This morning something happened.... to me or to the clock or something. Dh woke me up 15 minutes AFTER I was supposed to be walking out the door to take DS to school. I have NO clue about what happened....but mannnnnnnnnn did that screw up my day or WHATTTT?! Things just seemed "wrong" all day!
I've got to check out the alarm clock AND get some REMsleep tonight.... My fanny was truly dragging today!

:grouphug: take care everyone!

11-16-2005, 06:17 PM
This is copied from Dottie's Weight Loss Zone .......... I've not personally tried it....
and there seems to be a mini debate about the point value.... YOu may want to count it up yourself....

Crustless Pumpkin Pie
Whole Pie - 4 pts!

1 - 15 oz can pumpkin
1/2 cup EggBeaters
1 1/2 cup skim milk
3/4 cup Splenda
1/2 teaspoon salt (I just sprinkled a bit)
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (I used 1 1/2, love the stuff)

Beat till smooth (I just whisked it all); put in Pam sprayed pie pan. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes, then at 375 for 45 minutes till knife inserted in center comes out clean. Because of the size of the pie plate Jackie used it's usually less than 45 minutes - she must of used a bigger one than the standard - I used the standard and it needed about 50 minutes (it does poof up a bit). Serve with FF Cool Whip! Delicious!!!

11-16-2005, 06:57 PM
Haven't tried this cake either...but well, I've tried sex....and if this cake is better than THATTTT...well...whooohooo and all for 3 points!!!!


Better Than Sex Cake

This is from the recipe swap at the WW site. Hope it's what you are looking for!

Servings | 24
Estimated POINTS value per serving | 3
Course | Cakes

1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
10 oz Diet Cola
1 egg white
6 oz Fat Free Caramel ice cream topping
7 oz reduced-fat or fat-free condensed milk
1 cup Heath Bar bits
1 container fat-free Cool Whip

Mix cake mix, egg white and diet soda. Bake as directed in a greased 9x13 pan. During the last few minutes of baking, put caramel and condensed milk in a sauce pan and stir on medium low heat until smooth.

Take cake out of oven, and poke holes all over the top. Pour caramel mixture over warm cake, filling in the holes. Sprinkle Heath bits over the top, reserving some for the top. Cool completely. Cover with containter of Cool Whip and sprinkle with remaining heath bits. Keep in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Special Notes
Made this for holidays and non-WW relatives didn't know the difference. You can reduce the amount of Heath bits if desired to lessen points.

11-16-2005, 11:00 PM
Pam - Here is a recipe from my "Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly" Cookbook (a great book for any crockpot fan!). I haven't tried it yet, so no promises.

Chicken Jambalaya

1 lb uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed
3 cups fat-free chicken broth
3/4 cup water
1 1/2 cup uncooked brown rice
4 oz reduced-fat, smoked turkey sausage, diced
1/2 cup clelery with leaves, thinly sliced
1/2 cup onlion, chopped
1/2 cup gree bell pepper, chopped
2 tsp. cajun seasoning
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/8 tsp. hot pepper sauce,optional
1 bay leaf
14 1/2 oz can no-salt diced tomatoes, undrained

1. In a large nonstick skillet, saute chicken 2-3 minutes.
2. Stir together remaining ingredients in slow cooker.
3. Add sauteed chicken
4 cover. cook on high 6 hours.

Makes 6 servings: 370 cal, 7 g fat, 4 g fiber

11-16-2005, 11:15 PM
Pam - I can't believe you guys are talking about going to the beach when I have been driving in our first snow/ice storm of the year! We are suppose to get 1-4 inches of snow and since it rained all day, it could be a mess by morning. You will have to share your cherry crunch recipe with us. Anything that remotely resembles cream cheese frosting, has to be good! Any more on your ISS teacher? What are the chances that you would be there at the same time!

Ginny - I actually spent the night Saturday night. My friend Mary's husband is in Iraq so she had a slumber party with just girls allowed. We were up gabbing until 4 am, which is 6-7 hours past my bedtime! It was fun but I ate WAY too much. Everyone brought their own beverage and a snack. I did good on the drinking, only three Cranberry Mikes, but MAN did they have some irrisistable snacks! It was nice just to laugh and relax and forget about reality for awhile.

Robyn - Thanks for the visual of our janitorial staff! I was trying hard not to think about it at all then I read your post and started visualizing some of our janitors, EW! Since I may never actually get to have sex again, I'll have to try your cake. It sounds wonderful! My pumpkin pie recipe is a bit different from yours because it has Bisquick in it. I'll have to dig it out because that one is tried and passed with flying colors. I hadn't noticed the full moon but I have only had half my students due to deer hunting season starting yesterday. That is a downfall when you work in a rural community!

Mouse - I am glad you received some good news at the doctors. Maybe the new brace will help to prevent future injuries. So how is Imp? Do you have any new plants in your house?

I am headed to bed. I have been working with a home bound student. Between that, teaching and helping my own two with homework, I feel like I have done nothing but teach all week. I am sure driving in the icy snow today didn't help anything. Snow doesn't phase me too much but I hate the ice. Especially black ice like tonight.


11-17-2005, 07:37 AM
Ok...I demand a "re-do" dreams last night were all about school.... I woke up feeling exhausted...and worrying about something that I have finally decided DIDN'T really happen! OY! I feel robbed! ROBBED, I tell you! It isn't enough that my days are filled with these my nights are too? I'm getting REALLY grouchy without getting decent sleep for so many nights in a row!

11-17-2005, 11:36 AM
Ok, so I am old and decrepit........Robyn will you forgive me?

Speaking of stuff, here I was envious of Pam's day off and thinking of taking one off myself.....then Dd got sick. I drove my am (she slept thru most of it) and my supervisor is swapping someones much shorter afternoon for mine- keeps me home longer with Dd, keeps me in town as she is sick and gets me out of my big yellow monster in time for her 4:30 Dr appt. Her throat sure looks "strepy" to me...... SPeaking of recipes, got to WW yesterday and Laura gave out Pumpkin Mousse......

1 box ff, sf vanilla instant pudding
15 oz can solid pack pumpkin
Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.....
2 tbs ff cool whip (bless the person who invented this stuff anyway!)

Prepare the pudding as the box directs with ff milk.
Fold in the pumpkin. Add cinnamon and nutmeg.
Chill. Spread ff cool whip over the top (at this point you can sprinkle on a wee bit more cinnamon as a garnish over the cool whip).

One member said she made it last year- her kids liked it better than pumpkin pie- not so strong tasting. She recommended putting the stuff in parfait glasses....just to jazz it up. Oh, the point value????? 1 point per cup!!!! :carrot: I am going to try this as it makes an easy dessert that I can enjoy.

Sue- if it is any consolation, we had ice last nite and frost. Upstate they are dealing with snow, so I know us downstaters are due soon. I am so glad you had a good time Saturday nite. Heck with the one nite of overeating.......start afresh...go for an extra will burn it off!

Robyn- thanks for the recipes.....I am actually cruising for something to make for dinner now that I can do and have in the oven while I am taking Dd to the Dr tonite. SO glad you enjoyed my copier ( :p ) story- nope I can't go there either thinking of the janitorial staff laying on the XEROX machine......... :devil: Ok , I admit it- I am a old one at that..... Hope you get your redo in on the sleep my dear.....and if you can manage to pull that one off, well please let me know your secret!!!

Gotta go figure out what I am making for dinner......can't get to the store with Dd so I will have to deal with the chicken breast I have and let the finicky eaters bellyache! See ya!

(BTW, went down .8 yesterday)

11-17-2005, 05:18 PM
Thursday........Tomorrow is Friday and then two more days...........Wahoooo. Ok, so I have eaten terribly. Duct tape, that's what I need on my mouth. I was planning on being good today, but it is Tom and I broke down and bought a goooey chocolate chip cookie at the school cafeteria today. Don't know how many points are in that. Free??????ok, maybe not.
Ginny: Did you see my lovely school??????? Janitor joke funny..... :D

Robyn: That pie sounds yummy. Gonna try it before I take it to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I will just take it and see what happens. Cake sounds good too. I have made a cake like that. But, with milky way and butterfinger bars. It definitely wasn't low fat either. But, quite tasty.

SUe: Thanks for the Jumbalaya recipe. Maybe I will try that next week. When we are all sick of turkey.......

I'll be back later. Gotta get some stuff done. I have to train the sixth grade Math teachers how to use or handy dandy new calculators. Aren't I lucky?


11-17-2005, 08:06 PM
Evening all!

Ginny: Pumpkin MOUSE??? ;) Oh no! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!). Hope your daughter is feeling better!

Sue: Ice... YUCK! Snow doesn't bother me either, because we get quite a bit of it near my mom's house. We're at the base (or just a bit south of) the pocono mountains in PA. I don't drive in the snow in MD or VA, but that is because people there don't know how to drive in it! I drive in PA all the time.

Robyn: I'm sorry you feel gypped! And thanks for the recipe: I think I can also eat that pumpkin pie you posted. I know that my Grandmother can. I told my mom when I sent her the recipe in email that we could probably use sweet potato pie filling instead. My mom, having lived in the south for a number of years, is a huge sweet potato pie fan.

And whomever asked about the TA: Yes, I'm trying to keep the TA I have now. I've recommended that he be offered an "end of year" contract which means he's being hired until the end of the year, and if they still need him, he can stay.

Me? Well, I can make neither fur nor tails out of Imp. He's stopped throwing up again, except for a bit here or there. I don't have any plants in the apartment. The only thing I can think of is that he's getting in the trash or something when I'm at work or asleep. I found out on Saturday that he can open the kitchen drawers... he got one of them opened and pulled out his whole baggy full of treats! So, its not a far guess to see him getting into the trash can or the dishes in the sink...
And the ankle? Well, I have crummy insurance now. Its good for doctors and such, and the dental plan is good... but the vision insurance is worthless (very few doctors take it; they sent me a list for Maryland by mistake, and all the doctors were in inner-city Baltimore!). And, apparently, most of the physical therapy places do not take my insurance. Those that do (all 3 of them) near me, were booked until middle or late December. The orthopedist's office helped me find a place in Leesburg. Its not too far from school, but its a hike getting home. And the therapist doesn't want me swimming for 6 weeks. I'm not happy about that AT ALL!!! That'll be hard this weekend: I'm working for one of my friends who is a guard there on Saturday, then we have lessons on Sunday night and I'm working Friday after Thanksgiving at the gym. And can't swim during ANY of that time! I think I may just not bring my swimsuit in with me, because if I do, I'll want to swim! I'm not sure though, because the gym I work at (its my gym in Baltimore) has the heated therapy pool. I have the same old exercises, so I could do them in the pool... The new gym doesn't have that, plus their steps in, so...
Oh... and can you believe this? We had a set of very difficult parents for an IEP meeting today. The assistant principal attended, and came back to thank the dean, but he also thanked me! I got a lot of compliments on my goals and objectives, too... I'm constantly stunned when I get thanks for that kind of thing because it NEVER happened in my last place. I used to get compliments from our IEP director, but she was really the only one who did it. She had two people in her department who did occasionally as well...


11-18-2005, 11:00 AM
Tried to get here last booted off. Oh well, it happens.
Happy Friday!!!

Pam- hope your day goes well......the one thing I found hard to believe about that article was that the district gave no status on the TA's employment status.....think I might have wanted to hear that it was being "evaluated" or something like that. But then you are innocent until proven guilty......guess I am just a pickle.

Mouse.....or shall I say Mousse? Hope they will hire that TA- the good one- sounds like a winner to me. Is Imp due anyway for a checkup?

Guess I'd better go get a recipe for dinner, that is why I came here anyway..... hope everyone's day goes well.
(BTW, Dd's throat culture came back strep positive)

11-18-2005, 05:25 PM
Survived the afternoon......BTW jambalaya is in my crockpot as we speak...smells wonderful.
Gotta go get a fix on the rest of dinner!

11-18-2005, 07:16 PM
Happy Friday everyone. I just finished the three mile walk with our friend Leslie. Feel the burn. I just got a flu shot today, and my arm was already tender before that.
Ginny: You said article......I thought you were getting the video....Hmmmm Interesting. All I can say about that man is that he is no longer associated with our school...........

I ordered caramel popcorn from the boyscouts earlier. It came today. That was a disaster waiting to happen. I wasn't too too bad. But, it is sitting in the car so it won't end up in my mouth again. I will give it to hubby so he can just finish it off this weekend. I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight. I'm too tired to cook. Nothing sounds good to me at this point. Maybe a nap. That sounds kind of good.

I'll be back later.


11-18-2005, 08:46 PM
Pam- it was a news site, however, I read two brief articles about the situation. If there was a video about it, I didn't download.....both articles were on the left side of the page. Gee, am I missing something good???
Sorry about the carmel popcorn. I can't be around the stuff either. I do have a WW recipe for the stuff, have never tried it though.

Jambalaya came out well....I altered it a bit based upon what I had in the house.......had to with a sick Dd and unable to get to the store.
But I have nothing for breakfast that the gang will off to the store I go.

11-19-2005, 09:36 AM
Good morning!
Just chatting with myself here......which I am very good at ;) . Hey, you all know I am half nuts here. Anyone want to do Thanksgiving for me?? I am at the point now where I am feeling very overwhelmed. Just want a week in a rubber room with some nice soft music and a pile of good books. Dream on Ginny!
Robyn- hope the WI goes well......I know this is your morning for it.

Off to the shower for me and then to start cleaning and cleaning and cleaning......have a good day!

11-19-2005, 09:42 AM
Happy Saturday.
It's a very cold Saturday here in North Carolina. BRRRRRRR. I did not lose or gain any weight this week. I guess that's ok, since I was on my period this week. I didn't make the healthiest eating choices. However, I also excercised more this week than I usually do. I walked atleast a mile everyday. One day two miles and yesterday three......Ughhh.

Ginny: Nothing more interesting, with that news thing. Just showed him in the courtroom, and a picture of my school.
Can't do Thanksgiving for you, sorry. Going to mommas. Actually I am supposed to be going today to help her clean since I didn't make it last week. Now my hubby is supposed to work, so I don't know.

Hey to everyone else!


11-19-2005, 02:29 PM
Hello people....
-.6 wasn't a huge loss....but it sure was better than a gain! At this rate, I'll be reaching goal in 2010...but I'm moving in the right direction, I guess, said the last known human survivor who managed to live off of her left thigh for 8 years...sigh! :) I do know that I should add some physical movement to my day....besides chasing kidlets; the only thing I can give up is one of my 4 hours of sleep...and I guess I'm JUST not good at making priorities...cause I'm rather unwilling to give up one of those precious hours.... My body and I function quite nicely on 4 - 5 hours of sleep.... less than that...and well, I get a bit Bit$&y....

I've said it before...and I'll say it again! The class this year is kicking my butt...and there are only 12 kidlets to deal with...they are VERY demanding and VERY high maintence and VERYVERYVERY low! HOWEVER, we are making progress! We are! Measurable progress! :) Had my 1st term meeting with the principal, reading lead, and the supervisor for reading/writing instruction on Friday. They were VERY complimentary! Which made me smile.... which lasted until I walked back into my classroom where my children were with a Kindy Assistant...and they were ROCKING the place! :) Got them settled down, did most of our day and then as my teaching partner was out for the day, I took both of our classes and ran us thru our Thanksgiving program...( you know...the glossy, shining, happy program....with pilgrims and Indians holding hands...singing stuff.. yadda yadda yadda.....We are NOT touching the rape, disease, stolen land and any other various issues!)....told the sub to take a break! (I didn't want her listening to me sing OR "direct" the "play"! LOL) Anywho... I'm exhausted from my week... and I have less than 48 hours to get my butt energized to go again! ;) So...I'm sorta thinkin hard about a nap!

Oldest is off camping / riding bikes in the woods in the freezing (literally!) weather with the BoyScouts! Yes, we also ordered some of that BLASTED caramel corn...the one with almonds and pecans...OMG OMG OMG! What sinful wonderful stuff that was! I ate a handful...and closed the bag.... I'm sure the 1 handful had 100000 points! I'd love a WW version of this, Caramel Corn is one of my trigger foods...that and just about EVERYthing else one could eat!

Someone tell me what the meeting was this week.... I had to do stuff early this morning with BoyScouting Son....and when I went thinking that there was a 8 am meeting....however, the next meeting was at 8:30 ...and I decided that I didn't want to hang out with those strangers (Isn't it funny how you get used to YOUR meeting?!) while I had SOOOOO much to get done today! Watching the news about the hurricane! Who would have ever thought a hurricane AND Thanksgiving in the same week!?! IT had BEST not hit the beach! I'm so READY to sit my fanny on the beach ...even in freezing weather...I can't waittt! :)

Hope Imp, strep daughter, and everyone else are doing well! I hear my pillow calling me! :) Take care,

11-19-2005, 05:29 PM
No takers on my Thanksgiving offer eh?????

Robyn- smile.......anytime the scale goes down it is good!!! Keep it up- you are doing fine....hope you got that nap in. Sounds as though you need it with your 12 kidlets.

Pam- it is cold up here in NY too. Considering the time of year maintaining is good too......anything short of a gain of a # or two is good.....holidays and all the food this time of year makes it tough. SO, I consider staying the same, well not as good as losing but still an accomplishment. Hang in there.

Got a walk in, 2 miles. No great pace, as I am pooped, but the fresh air felt great.
OFf for more cleaning......

11-20-2005, 02:29 PM
Just spent wayyyy too much time reading the surf fishing reports for Hatteras! :) We've got to get thru Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 2........ and then we're headed for Hatteras or not! :) Can not wait! The 3 days coming at school are going to be very difficult...I've got lots to accomplish before Wednesday at 2! I'm going to take my work and home stuff one day at a time! I'm off to make my lists and plans for how to attack the mountains! Yesterday I stayed OP and only felt like eating the sofa cushions once! Today things are going fine! :)

Hope the sick kitty and sick children are feeling better! Hope all you cleaning freaks have made progress! I've managed to make our living area worse by dragging in boxes of Christmas presents that were purchased this Spring..and stored at my parent's house! (All my shopping is done with the exception of our kiddos ..... and 2 dear friends! :) And it is all PAID for! With 1/2 of our income missing...THIS is getting interesting...but I'm trying to only use CASH!)

Ya'll take care,

11-20-2005, 04:19 PM
Made the pumpkin mousse......wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!! :carrot: And incredibly healthy. Robyn- you make me sick with all your shopping done.....but I am happy for you. And to have done it with cash....that is tremendous. Gotta be commended for that one. Fishing on Thanksgiving???? Hey, better that than eating too much.

Gotta go clean some more.......
See ya !

11-20-2005, 05:17 PM
This is PRIME surf fishing time.... the ocean is getting cooler.... fish are moving south...right down the coast... the point at Buxton, NC is where the currents (southern and northern) meet.... Surf Fishing is whatcha do on Hatteras Island this time of year! There will literally be crowds to contend with on the beaches...especially IF and WHEN the fish are running! (I decided long ago.... I couldn't beat him.... I had to join him! :) )

I'm worried about eating too much. To the point that I've put a red rubber band around my wrist to remind me of that darn red line on my scale! I guess I could have put a digital 200 on the back of my hand in marker to remind me of where I don't want to head! Hehehehhe....

The Crustless pie recipie, while I've not tried it (cause I'm FARRRR from a pumkin fan...), is getting rave reviews everywhere I surf.....

Gotta run.... going to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight! I'm excited...but must get my part of dinner ready! He will be grilling....

take care....

Michele L
11-20-2005, 05:42 PM
Hello, all. Sorry I've been MIA for over a month. I just haven't cared about anything related to walking or weight loss lately. I haven't walked since Nov 5 and don't know when I will again. I HATE feeling this way, but I just don't know what to do to change my attitude!

How do those of you with younger kids (mine are 9 and 11) and full-time job DO IT?????

Michele :wave:

11-21-2005, 08:32 PM
Michele- glad you came back to say hello. You have to find a program that works for you- your lifestyle, your eating habits. And one that allows you to live a normal life. It is a lifestyle event- a change in your whole outlook on things. And it is not easy- but you are worth it. And you can do this.
OK, I know I sound like a darned broken record, but have you tried WW?. They now have 2 programs, core and flex- both work in the real world with real food. I won't preach, I won't nag. Just here to answer questions in you have any. And remember as far as walking goes......15 minutes a day will make a difference....

Robyn- PLAN!!!!!! Ok, you know you are going to snack- want some high point value foods. Pick your battles! Try to figure out which foods are total musts for you......allow yourself a small amount of those...keep away from the rest. Or find some way to reduce the points in your favorites. And come up with some substitutes that will keep you happy. And have on hand LOTS of flavored seltzers.....water.......whatever you need to keep your mouth busy for no points. Got any tough foods?? Maybe I can help or have some low point alternatives for you......let me know. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Hey- surf fishing is fun- Dh and I do that too, except I am crummy at casting.
Have you given those artificial blood worms a try ?(or any of the artificial baits....we found tons on them on the OB) Believe it or not they worked- and we did not have to worry about bait going bad (and I HATE blood worms).
I remember hearing that fall fishing on the OB is great......timing is bad for us Yankees.....too long a drive....... Hope the movie was good.

Today was ok......still cleaning......there might be a light at the end of the tunnel....tomorrow I start baking and will get to a WW meeting in the evening.
My darned bus starting smoking from the instrument panel this afternoon- had to get a spare brought in (and I had not even left the school yet!). Oh well, worse can happen. Snuck a walk in....
Guess I'd better go. Have a good nite!

11-22-2005, 09:45 PM
:) Gin.... you are so so so so wise.... not only about fishing bait...but also about planning my attack for this long weekend with friends! This truly will be a test! We've made our menus for the whole weekend... made as a whole group...4 families. It will be difficult to only eat healthy foods... so my attack is to focus on eating with control and determination not to OVER eat! I have been very successful giving up alcohol! Not a drop since I don't know when! WhoooHooo! So THAT won't be a temptation! Now if only I could do that with sugar! LOL Gotta run get the clothes ready to go!

Tomorrow is our program for our parents! We did a dress rehearsal today for a 2nd grade classroom (mom of one of ours is the teacher...and won't be able to come tomorrow!) She was allllll GaGa over our hard work! :) They sure pulled it together today when they had to! They look so darn adorable in their turkey hats! Wish us luck tomorrow...when it truly counts!

Off to my laundry sorting! I'll check back tomorrow.
......til then
Take care,

11-22-2005, 10:17 PM
Made it through the last two days of ****.....Now a needed five day vacation. I'm feeling crummy. Got a flu shot last Friday. Now, I feel like I have been fighting something off for two weeks. My house...Ughhh Back to a disaster area again. Oh well. I was thinking of putting my fall decorations away so that when I get back from Virginia Beach I can start pulling the other stuff out. So far, just thinking about it. My hubby has left for his moms house. We are doing separate Thanksgivings this year. I told him to go to his mom's house because he rarely gets to spend any time with her. So, I am taking my kiddos plus my son's girlfriend to my mom's. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon. Oldest has a job interview in the morning. Yes, another one.....Surprising isn't it. I hope this one pans out, I think it is salaried.......Staying on plan. I have not fallen completely off the wagon this week. But, I'm not doing as well as I should be. I went to my mom's this weekend, for the whole cleaning thing, and ate a little too much Saturday night. I was down to 167.5 this morning, but by Saturday who knows........I am going to try to be good..............
I'll try to get back on here tomorrow. I'm pooped.

Hey to everyone!

11-23-2005, 04:00 PM
Hi! I am a public school preschool teacher in Columbia, MO needing some support and motivation. As my username suggests, I am the "queen of yo-yo" when it comes to dieting...attendance at Weight Watchers...weight loss and get the picture. I have a love/hate relationship with food and a history of dieting (and not-dieting) that goes back for most of my life! I'm also married and mom to three girls (10 years and 7 year old twins). I'd love to join in on this thread if I can. Thanks, Fran

11-23-2005, 04:32 PM
Just seeing if my signature works!

11-23-2005, 10:49 PM
Welcome Fran!!!! Of course you can join our insane band of friends. Sorry tonite I am such a burn out......can't properly welcome you other than to say hello. It will be fun to get to know you better after Thanksgiving ( this site is closed tomorrow).

Robyn- no wise woman here.....just been to a lot of WW meetings and know that that is what works! Hope your program was a success.....happy fishing my dear!

Pam- congrats on the loss......hope this weekend is good for you! Stay OP!

Me, I am pooped. Got my last pie in the oven.....have to finish cleaning up.
Then finally, MAYBE some sleep. Got up at 4:45 this am to get my darned 3 miler you know that by now I am a zombie. Got one funny story, however......2 students (brother and sister) board this am....both are pretty good actually- she is a bit loud at times.....he ALWAYS has a nice green snot in his nose (1rst gr) and I always hand him a tissue, begging him to be sure to throw it in the trash for me. But, all in all......not bad kids and at least as far as being there at the stop- Mom and Dad seem to be ok. So this am they board, and the sister (4th gr) hands me a bottle (yes, sealed) of wine. :carrot: How if Mom and Dad know that I might just need a glass after driving my insane route.... ;) Hey I saw humor in it.

Anyway, better go....gotta clean up. WI last nite, I was the same- which is fine as it was an evening meeting and I usually go in the mornings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! And among my blessings I count each of my friends here........

11-24-2005, 09:13 PM
I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. If you didn't stay OP don't get too upset. Just compare what you ate today to what you would have eaten if you weren't on WW. I know even when I am bad, I am still so much better than I use to be.

Fran - Welcome. This group is great. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Everyone is so supportive.

Michele - I know where you are coming from. My children are 10 and 13, so not much different from yours. Working full time, taking care of a family and your home is tough work. You just have to remember that by taking care of yourself you are actually helping for all the other things to fall into place. Give yourself a little time each day to take care of you. I am with Ginny. WW is a great program and it doesn't take a lot of time.

Robyn - I hope you enjoyed your time on the beach. I just can't imagin with the freezing cold and snow we have. Must be nice to be where it is still warm. I can't believe you have your shopping done. I use to have all my shopping done by Thanksgiving every year until about three years ago. This year I haven't even started! So how was the Harry Potter movie. We have seen them all but this one is rated PG-13 so I am not sure it will be okay for my 10-year-old. What do you think. I know there is a murder in that book. How graffic is it?

Ginny - So how is the strep throat? After Thanksgiving (at my DM's) my DD asked me to scratch her back. I felt some bumps so I lifted up her shirt for a peek. DEFINATELY Chicken Pox! She is covered. She had been vaccinated too. At least we will have four less days of school to miss thanks to the break. We are scheduled to have our family portrait taken tomorrow. So far she doesn't have any on her face, so we will see what she looks like tomorrow. I would LOVE your WW carmel popcorn recipe. That is one of my big triggers. I could eat a whole batch. I hope they found the cause of your smoking bus. That would be a scary thing to see!

Pam - I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your DM. I think maintaining your weight through the holiday season is a big success.

Mouse - Do I remember you talking about a water proof case you use with your IPod while doing laps? My sister, who is a dedicated swimmer, just got an IPod for her birthday. I was telling her I thought you swam with yours and she is very interested in what she needs to purchase to do that. Hopefully I wasn't making things up. Sometimes my old brain does that to me!

So is anyone crazy enough to go shopping tomorrow?


11-25-2005, 03:01 PM
Nope, Sue, I am NOT insane enough to go near the malls today. I am such a burn out I would not even dare going much of anywhere.......
Well, the good news about the chicken pox- if there is any- is that at least this time of year is not hot and humid.....a wee bit easier to keep comfortable. Can't figure out why your DD got such a bad case, even if they get it with the vaccine, it is supposed to be a milder case....hope she is feeling better. One game I played with my kids when each of them got chicken pox (2 of them are old enough to be prevaccine, so they got a lot of pox) was to play connect the dots....or pox with calamine lotion and a Q tip.
We would make all kinds of designs and pink of course. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving- did you go to your Dm's? (thanks for asking about Dd, she is almost out of antibiotic and feels fine now)

Mine was ok.....I cooked and cooked and cooked. At least today we have all the leftovers. Took Dm home this am (early) so now things can quiet down a bit. Dd (both of mine) and Dd's roomate (from San Jose) are going to put up the Christmas tree today- ok it is early, but Dd can't come home every weekend from now till Christmas break- and this keeps them busy and the tree goes I guess it works. My eating was pretty good- went slightly over points yesterday and no walk- but I am making up for it today- journalling like crazy and about to get a walk in. Gosh it is cold here in NY- 19 degrees here, withthe wind chill feels like 7.
Better go get the Christmas stuff out.......Enjoy the long weekend!

11-25-2005, 05:01 PM
Ladies, thanks for the warm welcome. I'm sitting here at my computer planning my night out (yes! I get to go out with my husband! What a concept!) Tomorrow's our anniversary, so the kids are going to grandma's and we're going to a movie and out to dinner. Can anyone say "I'll start eating better in the morning..." Good lord, you'd think after the amount of food we had at my family's Thanksgiving yesterday I'd be disinterested in food.
Really, though, I do think I am ready to get my act back together. I actually MISS my Weight Watcher meetings. I am about 20 pounds above my "low point" of two years ago, and I feel pretty much like a slug at this point. I am envious of the good progress that I can see you guys have been making--lots of hard work, I know. Any good suggestions for motivating oneself to hop on the treadmill at 5 AM?

Thanks for being there! Fran

11-25-2005, 07:00 PM
Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Just rolled back into town and I mean literally rolled!:D Hope everyone had a great day. I made a broccoli (sp)
casserole that was OFF THE HOOK. Omigod, I ate it for breakfast today. Ok, so it wasn't low fat, but I think I can adjust the actual recipe and make it low fat.....(There was cheez whiz involved......) I'll say no more.

Ginny: DID YOU SAY STAY OP????????Geez, wish I would have read that sooner. I will weigh in tomorrow "officially" and we'll see. I am proud to say that I did drink tons of water. So, that's something. It's not too early for a Christmas tree. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Everything about it. Except taking down the decorations. So, since my December, will be slam packed full, mine is going up this weekend. Probably tomorrow. And, I was one of those crazy people out shopping this morning. Unfortunately, there was not a newspaper to be found in the entire town of Virginia Beach yesterday, because everyone had the same idea as me. Darn. So, I kind of just ambled arround aimlessly. However, got a few great deals on some video games my youngest one is wanting and that's about it. Now, I'm pooped.

Fran: WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: :D :hug:
I have a different kind of relationship with food. It's a love love relationship. I happen to love to it. I have been dieting since last January. It has been a slow process after a summer of walking to the fridge. However, it's been quite successful. I am proud of me! It was nice to see relatives I haven't seen in a year and have their jaws drop and say I have inspired them. Nobody has ever told me that before.:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: I know you will like it here. One day at a time.......
By the way before I forget. 5 am? I don't do mornings. I only get up because my job requires me to....Ughhhhh. I am an evening walker....

Sue: How was your Thanksgiving? Hope it wasn't too tough for you. I was thinking of Robyn too. I live in NC where she is this weekend. Our temps tomorrow morning are supposed to be in the twenties.....BRRRRR.
Our weather is so stupid. We go from freezing to warm and back again. It's freezing this weekend, but supposed to be in the upper 70's this week. I just never know what to wear.

Robyn: BRRRRRRRRRRRRR girl.. Hope you got some great fishing in. Bet it was a good time. I actually thought of you Wednesday, as I was driving to Virginia Beach, and saw the evacuation route to the Outer Banks sign.......

Mouse: How's your ankle? I hope you got some much needed rest and had a wonderful Thanksgiving...

Ok, gotta go dry my hair, we're going out for dinner, and I haven't seen my hubby since Tuesday. I kinda miss him. Talk to you later.


11-26-2005, 02:52 PM
More power to you who are getting your Christmas stuff up already! It is such a pain to do, you might as well enjoy it as long as you can. I use to always put my decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and take them down New Years Day. I'm not sure what happened to my Christmas spirit. Last year I think I put them up one week before Christmas and took them down a week after! Hopefully I will do better this year but I am not in the mood just yet.

We did get to two stores yesteday night. We needed a new family picture, so we just ran to Walmart. Then I took the kids to the dollar store to buy presents for each other. It was pretty depressing. First it was tough with the picture making it so concrete that we there is only three in the family. Then my (13-year-old) DS said he needed tools for Christmas in stead of toys because he had to be the man of the house. Finally when we returned home I noticed the flyer for the portraits and the fact that my DD had scribbled out the father in the picture with a marker. The good news is that the stores weren't busy!

Pam - Thanks for your concern. As you can tell from the above, things are a little tough right now. I hope that after the holidays things will get a little easier. Congrats on the relatives giving you complements. That makes all the work worth it!

Fran - Sorry no advice for the morning exercise. Unfortunately I am the type that would rather starve myself than exercise. I really need to get better at that for other health reasons besides maintaining my weight. If it helps, those who are able to make exercise into a routine, really miss it if they don't exercise. We have some great exercisers in this group, I just don't happen to be one of them. I am definately a morning person but I already get up at 4:45 a.m. to get myself and my children to school on time. I just can't see getting up any earlier than that.

Ginny - I do think her chicken pox are milder than normal. She has a lot of pox but they are mostly on her trunk with a few on her arms and legs. They already seem to be drying up. I am hoping she doesn't get another batch and we might actually be okay for school on Monday. She just has a very low fever (99) and as long as we give her Benadryl every six hours, she isn't itching.


11-26-2005, 05:58 PM
Hi..have been Christmas shopping this morning and afternoon and am feeling pretty beat, but way farther ahead than I was this morning. Why can't Thanksgiving break be a little longer?

Had a great time last night with my hubby--out to eat and we went to see "Walk the Line", which was very good. He and I hardly ever go out, much less to the movies. It's so hard to justify paying almost 8 bucks a ticket when you rent or buy the movie 6 months later for so much less .

Sue: I haven't put up anything for Christmas yet either ..I carried my mother-in-law's decorations from her basement, which pretty much did me in for awhile (many, many loads of stuff...this woman loves Christmas....on a positive note, I burned some calories going up and down those steps :)! I'm taking my kids to the dollar store to buy presents too. I told them they had to spend their own money this year instead of mine! I'm envisioning some LOVELY gifts.

Pam: Yes, I know. 5 AM sucks. I actually would love to do the after-work gym thing, but it's too hard with school responsibilities and the kid's stuff. I used to try to exercise when we got home, but then everything else happened later....baths, supper, homework (plus I like my kids to leave me alone when I'm on the treadmill...none of THAT happens in the evening!) If I can just make myself go to bed at 10 PM, I can do the early bird thing (once I get into the routine). Getting past the first week is the trick, at least for me.

Ginny: Ok--the wine thing is very funny. If I drove a school bus, I'd need wine on a hourly basis! I had a mom (of one of my preschoolers) that gave me hot cocoa mix, a mug and a tiny bottle of peppermint schnapps a few years ago..needless to say, kept it pretty well hidden until I could get it out to the car! I must have looked like I needed it. My instructional aide and I swap wine at birthdays and Christmas pretty regularly, too.

Ladies, I'll check in later. Laundry and dishes are beckoning (plus I need to sneak the presents out of the car while the kids are at the neighbors). Fran

11-26-2005, 06:56 PM
Got the tree up and have a big mess of boxes everywhere. Dinner is in the oven, and I am tired, but have to finish doing this stuff because there is a mess everywhere.
Just wanted to report that I had a 1.5 pound loss this week. (Inspite of the fact I kind of just ate whatever.) Wasn't too great with eating today either. Actually, kind of on a Pepsi kick. Have had a headache all day and thought maybe the caffine was what I needed.

Anyway. Back to work......


11-26-2005, 09:17 PM
Hi All,
Sorry that I have been MIA. Things have been a little crazy in my life right now. My dh and I put our house up for sale two weeks ago. It is just too big for us and we can't afford it anymore. I told him that I was tired of working all the time and not getting anywhere. So I have been depressed here lately and just put in time at school, do housework stuff, put my workouts in and that is about it here lately. But I hope to get back to checking in with you all on a regular schedule again. I think I will get off of here and go watch a movie. The living room tv has been on football all day and is still on it. So I guess it is off to the bedroom for me. I guess one good thing is when I fall asleep, I am already in bed. :)
Hope all is well with everyone. I will read the posts lately and catch up with everyone.

11-27-2005, 12:27 AM
Good evening everyone...
I've been gone for more than a week, sorry... let's see if I can't catch everybody up.

Last weekend, right after I posted, the weekend lifeguard and the head guard had a hiss & spit match with each other on Friday night. The weekend guard was supposed to come in to work for the head guard at 4:00. Our head guard is a decent guy, though he has a lot of risky behavior that tends to make me treat him like one of my students... ;) Anyway, I don't know him to be nasty or vindictive, and he's pretty accepting. He certainly accepted me into the fold (and while that may have something to do with the fact that I'm usually willing to work his shift when he wants off, he was pretty nice to me before I started working there). He apparently had an appointment, and was unable to leave because the other guard didn't show up. Our director has been really sick lately (and I'm worried about her; she's not acting like normal), and so wasn't in. He managed to find a cover, but then the weekend guard got really mad that the head guard told our director that he was late and/or a no-show. The weekend guard then refused to work, refused to tell the director that he wasn't going to work, and called me. I worked 12-7 Saturday, and 12-9 on Sunday. By myself. Fortunately, I have a teacher-bladder, so not being able to leave the pool to go to the bathroom didn't bother me TOO much!
Monday we took a tour of a local resort with the kids, in the hopes that the resort will hire some of our students. One of my shy kids got up the nerve to actually talk to the head baker and ask for a job application! Woo hoo!! I was super proud of her, and also of my ED Kiddo: he kept it together until right at the very end. I think that might have been the influence of sugar at lunch, though. They treated the kids to lunch with a totally awesome buffet, and all these homemade desserts. And my one kid had a seizure right at the very end... In what is surely going to become my signature line from now on, he dropped his MOUSSE (MOUSE!!!) cake on the lap of my ED kiddo, and on the floor. It was a very mild seizure, though, but he did have a pretty nasty headache (he doesn't normally complain), after, and fell asleep on the bus back to school.
Tuesday was a half day for us, and we spent the morning making turkey flower pots. They were super cute; my ED kiddo started off his morning in a bad way: change of schedule. He was convinced that he didn't want to do this, that he hated me and everybody else, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and that if he ate turkey he was going to get bird flu! :chuckle: I told him that HE WAS going to do all of this and he did... super well! I remembered his desire to learn chess and backgammon, so my mom gave me the old set we had at home. Its in my trunk for him to use on Monday as a reward for pulling himself together.
Then, I left, and went to Pennsylvania. My mother had outpatient surgery, so I had to go pick her up. One of my students is a map quest guru, and got me absolutely AWESOME directions! Without him, I'm not sure what we would have done; if I'd gone my usual way, I would have gotten stuck on 95 behind that tanker truck that caused the accident on 95 N outside Baltimore Tuesday/Wednesday!
I spent the next two days running around (my mom can't drive yet), and helping make Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother is driving everybody nuts because she pulled her hip out, and the orthopedist can't fix it till December because he did minor surgery to repair her shoulder. So, she's confined to a chair and using a walker. And madder than a wet cat about it.
I left Friday morning (after my father got mad that I had to leave without seeing him; I'd told him weeks ago that we could go to breakfast on Friday, but he was being his usual self and decided that wasn't good enough!) since I had to guard. I was supposed to guard from 12-5, and then head home. Guess who didn't show up? The other guard. Yea, the one I covered for last weekend. And yes, I "ratted him out" by calling the director. What else could I do???? Let me tell you, I'm still annoyed! I ruined my black school pants (not my dress pants, fortunately), but the others, and my red sweatshirt from my middle school I taught at. We're having to hand feed the pool, which means adding chlorine to the main pool via a drain in the floor. The machinery isn't feeding it for some reason. The chlorine splashed all over my clothes... I'd been freezing all day so I was wearing my street clothes over my uniform (we're allowed to wear black pants or shorts, and red sweatshirt or t-shirt, or guard shirt). :cry: If he'd been there, HE would have hand-fed the pool or at least helped me tip the bucket so it didn't splash. I finally got home to poor Imp at 10:30, and he was very glad to see me. He had been left home because he and Wiccan (mom's kitty) don't get laong very well. He is doing better: no throwing up while I was gone.
I think he's been getting into stuff in the bathroom... drinking from the toilet and the tub kinda stuff.
Today, I went to see Rent and Harry Potter. Rent wasn't bad, but they had to rearrange scenes and events to fit a movie. If you look at it as a separate entity instead of being "based on" the musical, its was very well done. If you want it to be just like the musical (which I saw when it was touring), you'll be disappointed. I think the person who played Joanne in the movie is better than the one who did it in the original show; she has a better voice, IMO.
Harry Potter was also decent, though they left out bits that really made what happened understandable! Like, duh, they don't tell the ending or show you most of the stuff from the Pensieve. Understandable, as the movie was 150 minutes long... but if you haven't read the book, you might be lost.
The ankle? ITs doing better: I went out today without the brace. I only almost fell over something once, on my way home. But, it still cramps up in the middle of the night. I'm going to try swimming next weekend when we have lessons, and hope to be able to walk well enough that I can use the mass transit service to get to the hotel at my conference in Philadelphia instead of a taxi. I'm taking the train from Lancaster like always, and the mass transit train drops you right at the convention center where the hotel is. The train is free, too.
Sorry to not get personal with everybody... this is already WAY long enough.
Sue: Yes, I have a waterproof case for my iPod. As far as I know, the company makes them for the iPod mini (which is what I have), and the larger iPod. The company is H2O Audio, and I bought mine from J&R music. J&R is accessible via Amazon.Com, but they also have their own website, I think. You might also checkout They sell the bags that I used to use for my CD Player... and the last time I talked to them they were considering carrying the H2O audio cases. If they do, buy it there. Awesome customer service!!! Oh, and tell her to give a miss on the holders. The arm one makes it really hard to swim, and the waist one seems to only fit the thinnest of thin. It didn't fit me (obviously), but also didn't fit two friends that were average sized.

11-27-2005, 08:26 PM
Hm. I'm talking to myself here. I got the laundry done, but not put away. I was going to take out all the winter clothes and store the summer stuff, which meant I needed to wash because there was a mix of clothes since the weather can't make up its mind.
I had some leftover turkey, though, and really wanted a turkey sandwich with soup for dinner. I was planning to use the low-carb tortillas that Trader Joes sells. I should say, sold. Since low-carb isn't popular anymore, all they have is some nasty low-carb/low-calorie wheat bread, or some gluten free products that taste like sawdust. So, no turkey sandwich. Also, no meatloaf sandwich. When I'm at my mom's, I always stop at the local deli nearby... they make most of their own products, on site. Their products just taste so much better than any other lunch meat or bacon or anything. They make meat loaf and ham loaf which they slice up real thin for sandwiches. I don't normally like meat loaf except if I make it myself (or my mom does), but this stuff is great.
Do any of you know of a source for decent lower carb/low carb tortillas or bread? Most of the ones I've tried are horrible, and they tend to mold very quickly. I don't eat a lot of bread, and eat less than I ever did before, so it goes bad. Even if I put it in the freezer, it can still mildew... I've NEVER had that happen before! My whole family isn't big into bread, so we almost always store it in the freezer.
So, that was a disappointing trip. On the way home, somebody ran a stop sign and almost hit me, then somebody else put their car in reverse at a stop light and almost hit me again. Let me tell you, fear REALLY gets rid of nausea QUICK! I was convinced that last person was going to hit mel, because the car kept backing even after I honked my horn and flashed my lights. After that, at the next two lights, I stayed twice the normal space away from that car! Good thing too, because the driver did that back-up bit at the 2nd light too. Anyway, I just can't deal with the clothing right now. It'll have to happen sometime during the week. And I need to do it, because I know I need pants, but I'm not sure if I also need any new tops. The sweaters that I have now are at least 6 years old. But I don't typically use the dryer and wash them in cold or warm water, so they look okay.
And, stupid as it sounds, I'm wearing my fuzzy robe, got lots of blankets, I even turned the heat on in my apartment (its about 65 now), and I'm STILL freezing!

11-27-2005, 09:04 PM
hullo people! :)
our time at the beach was wonderful! accidently even fished some...and caught one too! (was handed the thing by my oldest who had decided that he was never going to get a bite and decided to literally go fly a kite instead!) cute little fishy it was.... took it off the hook myself and released it back to the deep blue sea! even managed to visit some shops as i hung out with the other girls on friday as it was too cold and windy for those of us in pink to give a sh#& about fishing! did very well with eating and drinking.... since we weren't home ...and i didn't find a meeting at the beach before we left...i skipped this week with WI.... will catch up next week! i've not had the time to read all the posts yet....hope that all had a great holiday and are doing well! gotta run to get some laundry in...and i'm sure that i've got a school bag around here somewhere calling my name! please forgive me for not getting personal with everyone!

take care,

11-28-2005, 01:52 PM
Just a short hello for me too......glad to see all the posts from the weekend though......Yup I did stay OP on Thanksgiving- had a bit of a rough weekend though.....not enough excercise and some stupid stress eating. In a strange way I am glad to be back to work- I can actually get some cleaning done here without all the house trashers following me doing their house trashing.

Be back later or tomorrow......sorry not to get personal.

11-28-2005, 08:39 PM
Okie dokie...........or in Robyn speak Yippee skippee........
I just went online and got Ds's SAT scores....good thing Atilla is sleeping.....there's gonna be h*** to pay......

Anyway- survived the afternoon, kiddies were ok. My eating has been pretty good today, although who knows how my WI will go on Wednesday.

Now to get a wee bit personal...

Robyn, glad you caught some fishies.....don't sweat that you did not make a meeting, with a Saturday meeting you have all week to get back on track! (lucky girl....I have to face the music in 2 days).

Kerry- gee we thought you dropped off the face of the earth! Best of luck with the house sale..... I give you a ton of credit for doing what you have to do to make sense of the situation. I know far too many who are house poor...

Mouse- you aren't talking to yourself anymore!! I hear ya with the clothes, I should also go get some new stuff, and it just takes so much ambition to do so. Clothes shopping is not meant for anyone who is not a perfect size 8 or less.....sad but true. Hope you do get out to get some new stuff for yourself, a pretty sweater or two can really brighten the spirits, however!

Pam- so your tree is up too! Hope you got the miserable box mess cleaned up.....oh, can I identify with that one! (did a bit more decorating today myself) Congrats on the 1.5 loss......pretty awesome for this time of year!

Sue, glad the chicken pox were mild for Dd. Did she get to school today?
Got some shopping done??? Wow......I am so far behind, did none this weekend.

Fran- you too got some shopping done......want to do mine???? 5 am....Hmmmmm......I am the queen of 5 am workouts. Reasons to throw yourself out of bed at 5 am when those sheets and blankies are far too comfy..... NOONE interrupts you. The joys of peace and quiet. I go on the treadmill and actually watch some TV without Dh's comments about what I am watching. Perhaps you can tape a favorite show and watch the tape then-incase early am CNN and infomercials are not your style. I know big time that if I do not get that workout in early, there is a good chance that it will not happen. And I want those AP's far too much..... and the workout feels too good.......and I usually treat myself to a flavored coffee afterward (skim milk, no sugar....homemade so it costs pennies). It is my time- and that I get precious little of. I am by nature a night owl, so 5 am is totally against my normal rhythms. But the above reasons for me exceed the negative. And the workouts make all the difference in losing weight or not for me.

On that happy note......gotta go check out Dd and her homework. And turn off this darned thing with the hope that Atilla will NOT ask about the SAT.
Lord, give me grace......

Michele L
11-28-2005, 09:49 PM
I'm back OP (I think)! Yesterday I did the 1 mile WATP with my 3 pound weights PLUS 40 minutes (2.25 miles) on the treadmill. Eating was good, too (I even skipped the pumpkin pie). Today I guilted myself into another treadmill workout. This time I did 2.3 miles in 40 minutes. I went upstairs to grab my robe before taking a hot bath to warm up. But I felt guilty since I promised myself a mile a day, so I put my workout clothes on and the next thing I knew, I had done over 2 miles. I always go to the next 5 minute increment, which gives me something easy to record AND sneaks in a few extra steps. So, I ended up at 40 minutes.

Sorry to not get personal! I need to go shower off the sweat!

Michele :wave:

11-29-2005, 01:52 PM
Hey Michele!
Congrats on all the workouts.....feels good doesn't it!:carrot: Good for you staying OP. A lot of us seem to be having a tough week, I saw my WW buddy yesterday and she is having a tough time getting back on track after the holiday weekend too. I am doing ok with it.....could be better......

For me, got a 2.3 mile walk in this am, and will be on the treadmill again tonite when the Felicity movie is on.....plan on going for a leisurely 2 mile walk during the movie, which I promised I would watch with Dd who has been a Felicity fan for 2 years now....
Other than that not much new. Spoke to Dh this am about Ds's abysmal SAT.
Well, he did not take it well, but was not nearly as irritable about it as I feared. I am already investigating an SAT review course for him, there is one tutor in town who does a really good job of SAT prep.....Ds has no choice on this one, he will have to take it. EVERY teacher who has ever taught him has said he is the classic underachiever, far more intelligent than his grades indicate, just lazy and uninspired. (fun to be his parent too!;) ). So there is hope.....he will have to work hard and focus that is all.......

Okie dokie, gotta go make my tea for the pm and get ready to face the masses.....see ya!

11-29-2005, 05:19 PM
How's everyone? Sounds like everyone is busy. I am pooped and it's only Tusday. Oh well, I got my plans done for December, so I won't have to worry about that. That's a huge relief.
Managed to get my livingroom decluttered. Now it's time to work in the kitchen.
No time to get personal. I am determined to get my kitchen straightened and clean, and have to cook dinner and hem a pair of pants for my little one.

Talk to you all later.

11-30-2005, 01:38 PM
Pam- I hear ya, I am pooped too.......hope you found a path thru the living room, I hope to do that tomorrow....mine is not too bad however. Glad your plans are done for December, as busy as this month will be I am sure it is a relief to have all your lesson plans done.

Got to WW this am....lost 1.something....I am happy with all the holiday stuff going on. Good meeting.....glad I got there. Walked 3 miles this am.....and I am getting a cold. Feel like garbage, not enough tea in this world to make me feel better ( I drink tons of tea when I have a cold, I find it soothing).

Hey, remember the moron who passed my bus a few weeks ago while I was boarding a student??? Bless her crabby heart, she showed up again yesterday, about a mile from where she pulled her infamous move last month.
I had a 5th grader (back seat) catch her plate#, and once she gave me that I knew it was the same jerk. Oh the faces she made, nasty name it....and there is no good place at that point to allow her to pass me.
So when I got to the stop with the wonderful Dad who backed me up, I informed him "guess who is behind me!". He picked up on it immediately.....pretty funny ride from there on.....and all the kids in my bus were leaning in the aisle staring at this nut case......ok you had to be was humorous.

Gotta go type something for Dh. Have a good one!

11-30-2005, 06:16 PM
Dinner is in the oven one chore down..........Had a HUGE moment of weakness today. Stopped at the grocery store to buy some chicken to cook for dinner....Well, this grocery store has all this old fashioned made at the store candy. Single dipped peanuts, white chocolate covered pretzels, haystacks, you name it, they have it. So, I left there with a bag of single dipped chocolate peanuts and a bag of white chocolate covered pretzels. I opened the bag, ate a handful of the peanuts and thought what in the world am I doing? So, after two pretzels.....;) I took the rest of the candy to my husband's work, and left it. He said, do you want me to bring this home. I said NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a recipe for turtles that is one point. If anyone wants it.......

I have had a rather uneventful day otherwise. I woke up at 5 believe it or not, cause I had fallen asleep at nine. So, I mopped my kitchen, washed and dried a load of clothes, loaded the dishwasher, took out the trash, and plucked my eyebrows, all before getting ready for work. Gosh, I wish I had the drive everyday. Now, I'll be pooped again by eight. But, I have to use this energy up as soon as I get it.

Ginny: You and that crazy bus. Bet that woman was feeling a little awkward........ Hope your cold gets better. Get some rest.....

Oh, remember the woman I told you about on the Hallelujah diet? She is already down to a size twelve from an eighteen. Dang.......A little jealous over here......Not about the diet part, just the clothes part. I can wear anywhwere from a fourteen in some pants, very rarely, to an eighteen.....
However, the eighteens, are way too baggy in the legs, and fit around the waist. I should live by this motto: Count your blessings, not the blessings of others. This really applies to me some days....

Hey to everyone!

Take care,

11-30-2005, 08:00 PM
hey ya'll.... is it FRIDAY yet? I'm so tired... and I've got nothing exciting to talk about. Glad to see that those of you who are checking in are doing well! I'm picking wayyyy too much after school and before dinner... I need to get THAT into check! Tonight I picked my way thru 5 points.... sigh! Control. Control. Control. I'm just so tired because I'm not sleeping right due to stress...I'm spending my nights sleepwalking and sleep talking and without REM sleep for 3 nights, I'm nearly dead! Sigh!

.... I'm sick of being in charge. I want my mommy! I want to be taken care of. I dont' want to have to think! Sigh.... right! See??? Aren't I inspiring?! Gonna run .... work...yadda, yadda, yadda....

hugs and stuff from your ray of sunshine in Coastal Va!
:) meeee

12-01-2005, 11:32 AM

Robyn- oh I hear you loud and clear.....naw, I don't want my mommy, just someone to do all my stuff for me.....a maid, chef, chauffeur......if I find one I will send one your way!!! Try to get to your meeting Saturday.......this weeks topic was another how to get thru the holidays kind of thing- except it focused on fast fowarding to January (when it is all over) and helping you focus on how you want to finish the next month up. Hope you can somehow manage to get a good nights sleep. That is SO frustrating......(had that problem myself about a week ago).

Pam- hey you human dynamo! Dont' you wish you had that kind of energy every day? Well, good for you getting so much done. And you get two bravo's from me for getting rid of that darned candy!:carrot: :carrot: When you get a chance, please type out the turtle recipe. Sounds good. BTW, my supervisor (knowing what a bad road my route is on.....and you would never think it was a bad road from looking at it!) suggested I keep a daily log of stuff that happens on it...of course most days will be blank....just helpful in the event of trouble. Started the log today...........

Okie dokie. Got a short walk in this am (1 mile) hope to get more in in a wee bit later. Doing an easy dinner tonite, so I am not cooking until after work.
Guess I'd better go.......see ya!

12-01-2005, 08:00 PM
Survived today.....have a question for my teacher friends. Can anyone recommend a great board game that encourages vocabulary? We have Scrabble and Scattergories Jr (left over from my 2 older kids, the Jr version is no longer available). Dd and I like to play board games and according to Scattergories box (the adult version) it is rated for adults. She has a good vocabulary, and is a good reader (age 9), but I would love to encourage this strength in her.....and am looking for ideas for Christmas or Bday (poor kid was born in mid December!)
Thanks.......see ya probably Saturday, as tomorrow I am spending a lot of quality time in my bus- gotta deal with one school with a half day:dizzy: and the others all normal schedule.........

12-02-2005, 07:16 PM
Get an I get an amen for Friday?

I, like Robyn, am having a horrible time picking picking picking......I am also finding a few convenience foods sliding back into my life. For example, just went to Taco Bell, and last night we ate pizza. I have not excercised all week, and I don't even want to know how much I weigh tomorrow. Ughhhh.

Here is the recipe for turtles: They are one point each. I haven't tried them but my friend says they are excellent. If you like turtles, Walmart, back where they sell all the slim fast, vitamins etc...had these little two pack turtles that are one point each too. They tasted good to me. My hubby said they tasted waxy, but I liked them. They are made by Whitman's. I think they are like .88 for a two pack. I may get some to put in my Christmas stocking. Ha!

Rolo candy
Pretzels small
Pecan halves
Preheat oven to 200 degrees

Place pretzels on baking sheet, put a rolo candy on each pretzel, put in the oven for thirty seconds, press pecan half on the Rolo. Doesn't sound chocolatey enough to me, but I am going to try them anyway.

Next weekend, we have two Christmas parties one night after the other. My hubby's company is having one Saturday night. Hors douvers (sp)
and mine is Sunday night. Dinner. I ordered the chicken. So, I'm sort of dreading that......
I have nothing to wear....Maybe I will go out this weekend and find something and then that will motivate me to stay on track. Or, I will have to be extra good throughout the week because I know I am going to these two parties..... I am my own worst enemy. I was thinking about this on the way home....I am almost seventy pounds lighter, than when I got pregnant with my nine year old. How cool is that?

Sorry to be so Random.....

Have a great weekend everyone....


12-02-2005, 08:04 PM
Just fine to be random, is, after all, Friday.
I barely made it thru today, there just did not seem to be enough caffeine in the world for me. I was so tired. And 7.5 hours in a school bus is not my idea of fun. Not even close. Kiddies were awful, time for a new seating chart.

Anyway- Pam, thks for the recipe. Here is the caramel corn.
1 tbs vegetable oil
1/2 c unpopped popcorn
1/3 c light corn syrup
1/4 c packed light brown sugar
2 tbs unsalted butter
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp baking soda
Preheat the oven to 250. Spray a roasting pan w/ Pam.
Heat the oil in a popcorn popper. Pop the corn according to the manufacturers instructions (should make about 12 cups of popcorn).
Spread the popcorn in the roasting pan.
Combine the corn syrup, brown sugar, butter and salt in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Bring to boil over a medium low heat, stirring frequently. Reduce the heat to med-low and continue boiling without stirring until the mixture is golden brown and reaches 250 on a candy thermometer, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and baking soda (watch for sputtering).
Immediately pour the syrup over the popcorn, mixing with a spatula to coat all the kernels without crushing them. Bake, stirring occasionally until the coating is dry and crisp, about 1 hour. Cool completely, then gently break the corn into chunks with a spatula. Store in an airtight container.
Makes about 8 servings- Each serving is about 1 1/4 cups. 3 points per serving.

The comment was to make this on a not too humid day and not to use air popped corn as it is too fragile. They claim this keeps for about 10 days - in an airtight container. Got this from WW magazine.

Well, this burned out bus driver is going to get in her jammies......and have some more tea. Think at this point in time I am switching to herbal.....feel as though I have not ingested any caffeine at all.....:(
Nighty nite.....happy weekend.

12-02-2005, 10:31 PM
Evening all.
I'm going to get personal first, and then you guys can ignore the rest of the message...

Ginny: How about one of the Cranium Cadoo games? I've been eyeing them for my classroom, but they are kinda pricey, so I haven't take the leap yet. My kids also like Pictionary (we inherited it from another class, its not something I'd buy). We also have a game called "Roll a Word" that is like Scattergories except you have 6 different letters and one category. So, if your letter are C, B, M, W, S, and R and your category was fruit your answers might be "Cantaloupe, Banana, Mandarin Orange, Watermelon, Starfruit and Raspberry". I've never seen a big version of the game, ours is a travel version. I sometimes use it as an in-class assignment to increase vocabulary and spelling. Upwords is a nice game, like Scrabble except you can build "upwords". For computer games, I like TextTwist and WordMojo, but they might be too hard for her, and they only have you making words, but don't necessarily tell you what they mean. There was a computer version of Scattergories at one point (I have it.. got it off a box of cereal along with Yahtzee, Monopoly Jr, Boggle).
Another game that encourages following rules is the Fluxx card game. They have an adult version (nothing racy or bad in it, but it does include graphic references to death, and war), and they're coming out with a Family version. I LOVE this game, and my kids fight over playing it. This is the first time I've successfully taught my MR kids to play it. In past years, only my higher functioning ED kids have been able to learn it. I'm planning to buy Family Fluxx so my lower kids can play too... the cards will be easier to understand.
The neat thing with Fluxx is that you can make your own cards too, and personalize the game. You can see where to buy it at LooneyLabs' website.
They have other games, too, that might be good: NanoFictionary.
Michelle: Good job getting back onto your track!
Kerry: Congrats on the decision, hope it works for you and you get big heaps of money for the house! :)
Robyn: I've been that route (think I'm there tonight, in fact), with sleep. My kids have been real creative in terms of bad behavior this week, and I've spent the last three afternoons in the principal's office. :rolleyes: One touchy-feely issue, one of my kids set up somebody to pick her up and just cut school; she lied to her art teacher to get out of class (art is the only class on that day that she doesn't have with me, because she had to know that I'd never allow her to leave without seeing a pass!).
Hope I didn't miss anybody. And, as I said, you're welcome to stop reading here if you'd like...
I am not sure if I should feel like a heel or not. My friend had her baby yesterday... C-section. I asked her to let me know how it was, and to make sure she and baby were okay. I never heard from her or her husband. I've been worried sick, because near as I can figure she was barely 8 months pregnant (maybe 8.5?), because she wasn't due until Christmas. She'd been absolutely adamant that she wasn't going to have a C-Section, then suddenly agreed to it. I found out Wednesday night, 11/30, right before she went in. Apparently the baby was in a bad position for delivery, although I'm not sure why they didn't try to turn the baby. I didn't ask, and don't know enough about pregnancy to speculate.
So, you can understand I've been really worried... got more and more worried without having heard from them. Then, tonight, a mutual friend sent me an email asking if I was going to be a gdmother. I replied that that wouldn't happen, seeing as how I'm Jewish and they aren't... and that I hadn't even heard that everything was okay. He sent back that he'd gotten an email from my friend's husband. I was LIVID... You have no idea how mad I was when I read that. I told my friend that I was angry and upset and confused (although not in those words)... and then went and did some schoolwork. I come up out of the schoolwork haze, and find an email in my in-box, from her husband. I'm not sure if he realized he forgot me, or if our mutual friend said something (not his usual MO). I haven't read the email yet, so I'm not sure what it is. I guess I'll go find out... but I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing.

12-03-2005, 09:59 AM
WELL! That week is over! OVER! OVVVERRR! This school week was far, Far, FAr, FARR from a favorite week to file in my memory! I will spare you the list of the Who, What, Where, When, and WHY's of why my week SUCKED.... just know that it did! Friday evening found me under my electric blanket on HIGH! I must have fallen asleep before 7....woke up today when the alarm went off to get to my WW meeting. (The alarm stays set. I get up for WW the same time I get up for school M-F. I didn't plan to sleep all evening and just happened and thankfully the alarm was still set for the week!...I would have been angry had I slept thru WW!) Missed last week's WW meeting and WI due to my surf fishing / Thanksgiving extravaganza... I KNOW that I was down from that week! And after the week mentioned above, I was a bit hesitant to get on the scale yet anxious to get back to the WW meeting to get my Brain on! In 3 weeks, the scales have registered a 1 pound loss. Um, THAT my friends nearly sucks as much as last week! So. As I put my 16 week charm on my WW keyring... I listened to the "sermon" of the day. AND I know what must be done! I know it! I really didn't forget it last week. I've got my plan in place! I just have to figure out how to keep my plan in place as my life sucks my brain and body dry.......physically and emotionally! EASY, huh?! (Gee I just realized I seem to be using the term "suck" wayyy too much in this post! Sorry! Hope you fragile flowers don't wilt... there is just NO other word for the way this week went or the way I feel! Suzy Sunshine should be my nickname, huh?! :) ) Ok... so my plan is set... and I've got 2 days to heal my head and get back in the game! I can NOT pay $$$ to lose 1 pound! If it is to be...then it is up to me! Today our oldest and dh will be marching in the Christmas parade with the marching band. The youngest and I will be with our school. Kiddo will be singing and playing his recorder, OMG! ;) I will be one of the adults in charge, of course! Yippeee! We will walk a ways before the day ends! :) Besides it being just above freezing...THIS will be fun! This will be fun! THIS *will* be fun! (See if I repeat it enough, It WILL be fun! :dizzy: )

Ok...enough of my rant!

Gin, you deserve a medal for staying on a school bus for THAT many hours! GeesLouise! you can tell from my astounding vocabulary (suck), I am unable to help you with your ? about game choices! :) Um, Sorry! I just SUCK at those games, believe it OR not! LOL

Pam, Sounds like you and I were on the same train this week! I'm sorry to say! Here's to you and me "fixing" this week! :) I've put on one of my silver bracelets.... to remind me of what I'm supposed to be doing! Who the heck knows if it will help my head....but it does add a special touch to my sweat suit that I've pulled on since returning from the WW meeting! ;) Come on! We can do this! :)

Kerry, Hey! We miss you! Good luck with your house! This is a hard time of year for selling a house....don't get discouraged if things move slower than you'd like! You are wise to make a decision that will allow you more flexibility with your finances and life! Please don't forget to update us now and again! ((hugs))

Mouse, I'm sorry to hear that you are worried about your friend! I also know how it feels to NOT hear the big, important news from a dear friend. My oldest, and I thought dearest friend's newborn was nearly a week old when I called her to see if she wanted to go out to lunch with me...and I discovered that her baby had arrived! THAT was a huge shock and hurt my feelings tremendously! It was literally YEARS before I was able to not think about it each time I saw or talked to her. I'm over it now... good thing.... as the kid is nearing 17! It wasn't that I didn't forgive her. 'Cause I did. I held no grudge... but my heart was hurt by the whole thing.... BUT I'm over it, I tell you .....17 years later...I can still go on and on about it! sigh! LOL Good luck with your own disappointment and hurt feelings! (((Mousehugs)))

Michelle, Yahooooo for you and all of your success! You are working hard and you will be so proud of all of your results! Keep it up!!! :)

Hello to anyone that I missed!
I'm off to make myself a nice warm bowl of low point oatmeal! *YUMMY* hehehe! Say it and it is so! Thank you for allowing me to rant and Robyn! :) You know how it goes! Y'all take care! Make your plan and stick to it! Oatmeal and then this FatChick is taking it to the street! Jingle bells and ALL! :):moo:

take care,

12-03-2005, 08:46 PM
Mouse- dittos to what Robyn said. But what I can add is that this is such a life changing event.....probably the biggest, and also (and for some it is fairly devastating) going for a C section is the ultimate defeat. Stinks for you to be out of the loop like that- give your friend some time and space as necessary (my neighbor had all 3 as sections and basically sequestered herself for 6 weeks each time....a very proud woman and I am not sure if I mean that in a good way at all). So, it could just be a bad case of C section shock....please accept my cyber hugs for trying to be a good friend to her.
Thanks for the game ideas.....think I might try Cranium- we already have Cranium Cadoo and one of their other games. Just looking for some variety.

Robyn-well, would you rather have gained a #? HMMMMMMMM??????????
Ok, I know you are not losing weight at the speed of sound, but I do believe you have lived these past few days, weeks.....and STILL LOST! Pretty amazing in my book. Go pick up that pound of butter and know that that is what fell of your body-you are doing great!!!! Look at the total- pretty awesome stuff, and you did not deny yourself. You are just living life in a more healthy manner. One thing I do is keep a large supply of no calorie drinks around for me- flavored seltzers, herbal tea (love the mint tea!) crystal lite whatever works for you. I turn to that instead of all those darned goodies.
It helps. Sorry you had such a stinky week......better days are coming! BTW- I love my oatmeal too.......

Long day. No walk.:mad: Gotta get one in tomorrow. Better go........
See ya!

12-04-2005, 12:20 AM
Evening everybody!
Robyn: Congrats on the LOSS! That is what is important: 1 pound loss. When you get down about it, think about me, maybe... It takes me months to lose 1 pound, even with the strict diet I mostly follow. And let me tell you, I broke my diet to have a bagel the other day. I really wanted that bagel. And when I got it, it didn't taste very good at all. The same thing happened when we had our traditional Thanksgiving Day breakfast: scrambled eggs (egg whites for me), lox, bagels and cream cheese. I had a biali (think Jewish English Muffin)... and it tasted stale.
Ginny: Sorry, didn't know (though I should've guessed!) that you had the Cadoo games. Does your daughter like them? Were they worth the price? I need to replace my Life, and Payday games (my last school kept Life completely, and only sent half of Payday back in a mangled box) as well as Uno. I actually haven't taken any of my games in yet, which is kinda strange. I usually teach the kids Uno, and Yahtzee in the beginning of the year because they're great for math!
As for my friend: I'm sure the C-section was a shock; we're talking about a woman who fired who OB in her 7th month because he was saying that petite women were at a higher risk for C-section. She wanted data on that (she's got a degree in economics and math), and why the surgery was performed, and when the office said they couldn't give her that information, she had a fit and fired them. Our mutual friend finally sent me the email, so I know the basic facts about the baby at least, but I still don't know how she is doing. I guess she's okay, because I can see her husband on instant messenger. But, I really am hurt. I mean, for pity's sake, I introduced them! I was in their wedding! I was one of the first people who knew they were engaged, and who knew she was pregnant the second time! I don't understand what is going on now.
And, really, I was having enough trouble getting over my own feelings about her having a baby at all... I haven't ever really liked babies, I mean, really, my whole life. And it isn't any easier because of being pretty certain that I'll never get pregnant (okay, first I need to find a boyfriend so I can get a husband, but!).
Although I am thinking much clearer since I violated my physical therapists ban on swimming. I went up to the gym in Baltimore early, and swam for 1.5 hours... then did my exercises in the therapy pool, and taught my lesson. I'll pay for it tomorrow when I can't walk (my leg was really cramped up when I finshed!). I know why I'm not supposed to swim, but I needed it.

12-04-2005, 11:05 AM
Mouse- gee, it sure sounds as though this friend (the one who just had a baby) has some major, major issues- anger, control freak some anger/grief/ whatever and just normal post partum stuff seems very in line with her personality. For your own sanity, try to work thru this, perhaps read something on postpartum depression..... I mention this just to help you get over the crummy way you are feeling......not out of any sympathy for this other person. Don't think you deserve this either...Hugs. Cranium conga is ok- runs thru batteries far too quickly for my likes, however. Cranium cadoo is ok too...... I think I prefer that of the two. Dd got both of them as gifts from others.

Got my 2.something mile walk in.....eating well so far, just oatmeal and coffee. Dh and I have an 80th bday celebration to attend this afternoon.
Hope his mood improves a bit...... Plan on eating smartly but without denial this afternoon.

Gotta go shower for church. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

12-04-2005, 01:12 PM name is Robyn and I'm addicted to DietCodeRedMountainDew! If you've never tried it...DON'T! Stay away from the stuff, mannnnn! :smoking: It will only bring you down! For real....this stuff is haunting me! If it is in the house, then I can hear it calling to me, "Drink ME!" If it is in the house, I can feel it pulling my hand to the box like some giant magnet...again it whispers, "Drink MEEE!" OMG. I can only imagine how a real drug is! my addiction IS out on the table... I think I've confessed this before... but every now and again... a new confession is good! My dh's answer to this addiction/obsession is...get THIS..what a man..... Don't buy any more! Well...DUH! Doesn't he know how those darn bottles and cans literally chant my name when I walk down THAT aisle at the store?! (Have you seen THAT Starbuck's commercial on TV? THAT is what happens to me!) Doesn't he know that usually I have to drag multiple 12 pack boxes of cans OUT of my shopping buggy and back on the shelves after they have thrown themselves in on their VERY own?! I've suggested that HE do the grocery shopping! That I'm sure that HE could pass by and not hear the chanting but alas... NOPE! He just DOESNT get my addiction OR the way those DCRed's attack and control me!

Thanks for listening to my confession...AND my warning! Stay away from Diet CodeRedMountainDew! Don't fall into this horrible trap! I'm planning on going cold turkey...once this can is empty.... and I'm planning on just drowning the MonkeyOnMyBack with water! And..I guess, the family will just NOT be having soda (or cookies) for a while since I can't go down THAT aisle! I've done this before....I can do it again!

Thanks for listening to my confession! I'm going to need your strength and encouragement to beat this addiction!
:rofl::lol3::D:lol3:;):lol3::p:lol3::lol::lol3: :eek::lol3: :joker: :lol3::yikes::lol3::rofl:
(For anyone who doesn't know me.... don't fret over the children that I teach daily....I'm only just a TAD crazy... and that TAD is what keeps me IN the classroom! :))

12-04-2005, 01:26 PM
Ok. Ok. OKAYYY! Thank you very much Gin and Mouse for your support and encouragement and praise for my loss! You both are RIGHT! :) AND I didn't give in OR throw up my hands OR eat a box of Krispy Kreme (ohhh raspberry filled or lemon filled or cream (the yellow!) filled with chocolate glaze...Oh did I tell you that I suffer or rather enjoy ADHD?!) to see if THAT would help my mood and scale issue! :) I THANK you very much for your "vision" when I get under my Eeyore cloud and can't see the light of day OR the end of this journey! YES! You are both right! Shall I say it again?! You guys are the best! Thanks! :)

OK... so here is my NSV for the moment! I cooked pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns, and various eggs for the King and 2Princes breakfast today! I ate my bowl of cereal! There was only 1 BLT... it was to see if I had enough sugar in the pancake batter! (Save me the rant about eating raw eggs...I'd be dead by now!) (And YES, I put a bit of sugar in my didn't think I got into THIS situation by eating ole dried out blah pancakes, did you?! AND we only use REAL maple syrup! I was raised on the REAL stuff and Aunt Jemima isn't MY aunt! If you're gonna eat the junk! EAT THE JUNNNK! :) ) So... The King and 2Princes ate and ate and ate and ate. The only comment that I got about the breakfast (that required all 4...count them 4... burners to be on at one time...) that I served was and I quote... "What? No cheese in my omelette?" I didn't hit anyone with one of my 4!!! pans that I had going.... I'm sure the King and 2Princes meant to say something like..., um... "Thanks!" BUT...I didn't eat anything that I shouldn't have! :)

Gotta run.... the living room has seen too much living! ;)
take care,

12-04-2005, 10:01 PM
Evening all.
Robyn: You might want to stay away from Pepsi One, then, too. I, on the other paw (I AM a mouse afterall, right? I can't have hands!), will keep drinking that, my diet 7UP and my Hansen's Gingerale. :grin: Although, I am slowly able to drink more regular water, I do far better with carbonation and I'm less likely to get sick from that. My endocrinologist isn't thrilled by it, but she's dealing. ;) I do avoid the caffeine at school, though, so I get less caffeine than I used to drink. Let's see... did you know that the company that makes one of the Vermont Maple Syrups does a sugar free version with Splenda? Its great with some low-cal/low-fat margarine melted into it. Its super expensive in the store; I usually buy mine at Cracker Barrel's stores. Its cheaper there for some reason.
Ginny: Cranium Cadoo, hmm? Okay. I was also looking at the amusement park-styled one, because I usually do this huge thematic unit on amusement parks at the end of the year in some form or other. Not sure if I'll do that this year or not; its going to be a pain in the butt to get the Roller Coaster Tycoon software approved by the County since its a video game. I have done a lot of work to match up the game with state standards, though. I just haven't decided whether or not I'm going to do it because at least 3 of my kids would need a WHOLE LOT of help to get anything out of it.
Yea, she is definitely a control freak. She loves to give me advice, which I mostly ignore (though she has been right more than once: she told me a year and a half ago that I should've left my last school because the administration was insane). We've had our moments in the past, too... there was a period where I refused to talk to her or her husband because they gave me less than 6 weeks notice that they were going to sell the condo they'd rented to me. This was in 2001, so the rental market was really tight, and I didn't have my master's degree yet, so I wasn't anywhere near the average income for Northern VA. I couldn't afford to rent anything near my school. I survived by buying a house I didn't want, that was 30 miles from my school in utterly horrendous traffic. I rented the upper half of the house to some friends of a friend of mine, and while they were decent: quiet, mostly sane, they were sloppy and didn't do the stuff they were supposed to do for me to get the reduced rent I gave them. I quite literally didn't talk to them from 2001 until late 2003, and they initiated it. Rather, her husband did. And that's pretty unusual for me, because Jews typically make up with friends and/or family just before Yom Kippur because it is the Day of Atonement. Also, I have a hard time being mad enough at anybody that I'm going to shun them. That was my problem at my last school, after all! I couldn't stay angry at them, and kept coming up with reasons for why they acted the way they did and treated me the way they did. We'll see what happens; I had bought them something for the baby (already gave them a machine-stitched Mennonite quilt; though I'm not sure they understood the sentiment behind it) from Boyd's Bears. Its a stuffed lion and a little keepsake box. I was going to hang on to it to give it to them in person, but I decided it was easier to ship it to them. So I changed the order today, and it should go out tomorrow.
We'll see.
And, I think I have things in a bit more perspective: I had my first fire call for my new Red Cross chapter. I think I told you that I was asked to be a disaster manager for the chapter recently. That means I'm a team leader of 3-5 people, and the lead responder for any local events. So, I was up & out at 5:30 this morning. The family has insurance, fortunately. The house can be repaired, and its half liveable. I'm sure it looked worse outside than it really was since it was a white house (the smoke on the siding, and all).
And, the parent of the child I teach swimming to told our supervisor that she's going to bring her son next week, but she'll have his grandmother work with him instead of a substitute teacher since I'm going to be attending a conference. He has made progress... he's getting off the steps more, grabbing the railing on request, and he crab walked about half of the bar.
I guess I'm trying to say that I know that I have qualities and parts of me that make me who I am... and that I'm probably a fairly decent person most of the time. I just wish there were more people who could see past what I look like on the OUTSIDE.

12-04-2005, 10:18 PM
Hi! I saw this thread and thought I would give it a try. I am a fourth grade teacher beginning my weight loss journey. Here is my story...

I gained 60 pounds when I got pregnant with my daughter and have not been able to make any headway in the 8 years since. :dizzy:

I've tried everything imagineable, but cannot do it without motivation and support from others.:o My husband is very supportive but he lost 40 pounds without a problem and doesn't know how it feels to work on it but get no results.

I feel like if I don't see big results right out of the gate I give up.:(

I need motivation and was hoping I could write here and talk to you girls for some support.

How do you get the counter at the bottom and your picture to come up with the messages?

12-05-2005, 12:21 AM
Hi TeacherLady! Dawn! :) Welcome to a very supportive place! The folks who hang out in this thread know ALLLLLL too well about the pleasures and pains of the faculty meeting goodies, the teacher's lounge, as well as the desk drawer full of candy for THOSE moments (that seem to be getting more and more frequent!)! I'm off to turn over the last load of laundry of the weekend and then calling it a weekend by hitting the bed before midnight....but, please do check back! You've GOT to meet the gang! :) They are wonderful, supportive AND full of great recipies! You will find this thread as well as other places on 3FC nearly as addictive as DietCodeRed! ;)

I'm teaching 1st grade for the 19th time! Which is hard seeing as I'm just a sweet young thing of 22! (Crap! I'm nearing 41!) I'll tell you all about it next time...the dryer just buzzed for the 2nd time...and while I love to chatter...I hate ironing more! :yikes:

Take care,
meeee (but some call me Robyn!)

12-05-2005, 08:41 PM
Thanks for the warm welcom Robyn. I'm looking forward to posting on this thread and getting to know everyone. I think this will be a great outlet for me. I'm looking forward to a successful weight loss journey.

I have a ton of grading to do tonight plus workout.:dizzy:

Always so much to do and not a lot of time. You all seem really nice. I've read through some of the posts. I'm looking forward to talking to you all.

12-05-2005, 09:21 PM
Welcome Dawn! I know the feeling about not having enough time! It just doesn't seem to work!

Okay, all. I've probably made school history! TWO, yes, TWO of my students have received in-school restriction within a week. My girl that cuts all the time has one day tomorrow, and my boy with the touchy-feely issue has 2 days at the end of the week.

So. That's about all that's new on my end.

12-05-2005, 11:14 PM
I'm off to visit CSI-Miami while enjoying my electric blanket! Last Monday was 70+ degrees.... a week later.... we got snow! Didn't stick...but WOW! The ship would have sunk if it were up to the kiddos! They were glued to the windows today....we would have capsized for sure! Even tho CSI is a repeat.... my electric blanket is calling to me! AT least there isn't any food in there! Hope all is well! :) Gin, Pam.... the rest! Where are you?! take care, meeee
Oh, P.S. I've got a ton of stuff to do.... I'm NOT doing it! :devil:

12-06-2005, 09:14 AM
We had a two hour delay today. It was nice getting to sleep till 7:00. ;)
I did finally hear from my friend; she thinks it was trapped by my spam filter. I told her anything is possible, although my Norton spam filter hasn't been working since last Wednesday... I have two copies of Norton Anti-Virus, since I'd bought it before I bought the new 'puter... and the new 'puter came with a 60-day version... so now the two of them aren't cooperating because the subscription on one of them expired. Symantec hasn't answered my email.
Also, I have things set so that if the person is in my address book, it doesn't get marked junkmail... I REALLY REALLY want to give them the benefit of the doubt. :shrug:
Well, I'd better start thinking about going to work. I don't have to be there till 10:00 though, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do for another hour. I'm disgustingly organized: my grades are in and done, I have work for my two kiddos that have in-school suspension, and all I need to do is write sub plans for Friday.

12-06-2005, 12:26 PM
Hi Dawn!!!! Welcome to our group......I love the friends I have made here. They have so put up with my ranting and raving......insanity.....warped sense of humor......oh well. You will find tons of support here and tips to help with the weight loss journey. Think I am the only non teacher here......gee, have a dd who is studying to be a teacher that sort of counts, and I myself am the resident bus driver here (unless another joins us!). Anyway, welcome- I look foward to getting to know you better.

Sorry, got a ton of stuff to do this I will have to be short. Mouse- you could not have sent some of that snow here in NY????? I was looking foward to a delayed opening, which we did not get..:( Oh well. I am so glad that you are seeing a different side of this situation with your friend and not feeling quite so hurt. I hurt for you reading of your pain and despair- and it did seem so undeserved. Hugs........
Robyn-oh, you crack me up. Guess I will have to stay away from the diet code red mtn dew, eh???? Worse than chocolate?????? Keep your chin up-
stay warm.....Hey, did you get a snow day today???

Okie dokie.......gotta go do some online shopping. Hi to everyone I missed....sorry for being so brief. Take care!

12-06-2005, 07:32 PM
I have a girl with ADHD who does not take meds and will not do anything. I was at her desk at least 30 times today trying to get her to work and she just stops working when you walk away. I have no idea what to do with her.

I tried to have the counselor come talk with her but just as they were leaving the girl's mom came to get her early. This is a usual thing too. I am at a loss on what to do.

However, on the weight side, I weighed in today. I made a vow to only weigh myself once a week. I have been dieting for one week and I have lost 3 pounds. I'm so so happy. It has been easier this time than I thought it would. Although I still have not started working out.:( I just haven't found time for that part yet.

I started logging everything I eat in at and that has made journaling really easy.:D

Well I have to go to a high school boys basketball game so I better go. I will check with you chickies later tonight.:smug:

12-06-2005, 08:30 PM
Evening everybody.

Ginny: Well, now I don't know. I sent her back an instant message about how utterly adorable he is (and he really is, and mind now, this comes from a person who really isn't into babies. I don't coo over them, although most of the time I manage to make polite conversation about them), and got no response at all. I don't know, I just don't know. I'm trying SO HARD and I feel like screaming. I really am going to be out of town the next 3 weekends: I'm in Philadelphia this weekend, next weekend I have my Maryland Council for Exceptional Children board meeting and the last night of swim lessons. I'm not going to drive back to Virginia from the meeting, I'm just going to stay up there... and then the following weekend is Christmas and Hanukkah (Hanukkah starts on Christmas Day at sundown this year). If I don't go to my mom's house that night, I'll go the day after because I said I'd hang around here in case we have fire calls. I'm the only Jewish member of the team, and Hanukkah isn't in the same class as other Jewish holidays. And, the weekend after that is New Years... I'm working at the gym in Baltimore! I'm sure she'll think I'm making excuses!
As for snow: We only had about an inch or 2... they really don't know what to do with snow around here. Some of the roads in the district I teach in are horrid, though... small, narrow, windy.
Dawn: Would a behavior chart or point sheet work for her? I forget what grade you said you teach. They sell these little charts with boxes for small stickers, and everytime she did what you wanted (start small!), she'd get a little sticker. As for mom, well... wish I could help you out there. I've got a crew of them this year. I usually do, but being a new employee in the district doesn't make it easier. I have one that does the same thing: his daughter has 21 UNEXCUSED absences since the start of school. She's been told by the attendance officer that she & dad will have to go to court if she doesn't attend school, and she needs doctor's notes whenever she's absent. She never brings them, and just today had in-school suspension because she left school without permission AND cut scheduled classes. She used her cell phone to get somebody to pick her up, lied to her art teacher and snuck out of the building. She didn't go out the front door, because she said she left around 1:45 or so, and my TA has hall duty at the front door at that time. Plus, they checked the cameras. And, she hates me now: because I made SURE she served her in-school suspension. She was trying to act like she forgot she had it. I feel so rotten, but I know I can't let her break the rules just so she'll like me!

12-06-2005, 11:41 PM
It seems like you have a wonderful group too. I teach 4th grade. I have tried the award charts for her. It is hard at out school because we have this thing where we can't give out candy, gum, etc. we have to give out healthful snacks like trail mix and granola bars. Needless to say the kids couldn't care less if they get some trail mix for behaving. I also have a treasure box but after awhile with some it loses it's appeal.

To make matters worse this is my first year of teaching. I have 28 kids with 4 sets of siblings, a set of cousin, 3 special ed kids, 9 kids in remedial math, and 7 kids in remedial reading AHHHH! :dizzy:

Everyday is crazy and very eventful. You would think with all of my problems I teach at a large school. Nope. I teach at a K-8 school of about 200 kids. Our town only has 5,000 people. It just so happens I picked the school district with the lowest economic class. That's what I get for following my husband.:mad:

It should get better though. I will be splitting my class after christmas. My room is too small for that many and we are literally shoulder to shoulder. I cannot separate their desks at all they have to be in groups. This is a problem since all they want to do is talk. But, 2 weeks and we will have Christmas break and after that I will only have 14.:D I'm so very excited.

My town is expecting snow tonight. I sure hope we get it. I could use a day to relax. I guess I'm going to clean some of my house now before I go to bed. Ughh! I hate cleaning. Talk to ya later.

12-07-2005, 12:38 AM
Ok Dawn... Did you hear me ROTFLOL? (Can I count the rolling as exercise?) I was trying to think of what I would do for a snack of trail mix! Ummmmm ......"NOTHING" is the only thing I can come up with! Hanging a raisin under my nose would do nothing more than make me giggle like a fool! (Sorry... I applaud, I think, your schools efforts.... but trail mix doesn't cut it for a bunch of elementary kids... at least the kids that I know! For the record, I don't use food much as a motivator. BUT...when I do .... I make it worth their efforts! Last year I actually shared my baby carrots with my class on a rather regular basis... long story... I didn't use them as any sort of reward.... they would eat ALL that I allowed them to eat...DAILY! :) )

Your class sounds quite challenging! Why on earth so many siblings and related children? (For everyone but will want to ignore this paragraph cause it is when I start ranting about the stuff you all KNOW so well....yadda, yadda, whine, whine!) I also am the SpEd inclusion teacher for my gradelevel as well as the remediation teacher. My class this year *ONLY* numbers 13. (Got a new one last week!) HOWEVER, these 13 are THE lowest of the low, the most challenging of the hard to deal with kids. Each of these children were suggested to be retained in Kindergarten. The principal asked me to take this class as my prior 17 years of experience was in a very tough situation. I am sort of certain that it isn't the students that are causing most of my stress... I'm so overwhelmed by the pull out programs and other adults that I must deal with. ALL of my children are labeled "at-risk". They ALL go somewhere sometime during the day. There is 1 hour (not counting lunch!) where everyone is in the room all at the same time! I will begin piloting a new reading series on January 2nd....because THEY think that this is a great time of year to TOTALLY change things. I have no choice in this implementation date....and I was told that I would be pulled out of my room on Tuesday (write sub plans) so that I can be trained. 5 days prior to the Winter Break... yeah, those will be easy to write (NOT) and wonderfully followed sub plans...NOT... I just erased a BUNCH of whining.... sorry. I'm so frustrated by this situation.

I did well with eating today! Altho I ate a school roll with my salad.......It was all emotional! Haven't had a diet code red since my last plea for help! BUT man do I *MISS* it!

Gotta run...didn't realize it was so late....
duh, huh?!

sorry to not get personal, Gin and Mousie....
take care
thanks for listening to me rant and rave!

12-07-2005, 01:50 PM

Before I get way-layed into some nonsense about me let me get personal-

Mouse- for a short story about postpartum stuff......when I was pg with Ds- we attended a lamaze refresher with another couple - who ended up delivering almost the same day as Ds was hatched.......yes said hatched.....
anyway. This was her 3rd baby or something like that. I remembered wanting to crawl (Ds was almost 9# and all head!) across the hall to visit her- remember we had spent about 5 evenings together in a course- and was told by the nurses that she was not seeing anyone.....not for the whole week.....she ended up needing a Csection and was NOT at all handling it well.
So, it is with that in mind that I think of your friend. You have done all you can, my friend.....she will just have to deal with this when she is ready. Hope the Friday storm does not impact you snow wise......I know your area does not do snow well.

Robyn- code red withdrawal eh??????;) Hey- rant, rave, whine........cause when you are doing that here, you are not snacking or stress eating, right????
(I for one find your ranting refreshing, it reminds me of me!hehehehe)

Dawn- well, I have not a clue what to do with the ADHD child. I have had to deal with them on the bus and know that is no picnic, and what I would resort to at work you can't do. (I have tried to pair an ADHD student with another more mature student who is willing to assist keeping the other from self destructing...poor way of putting it....but that is the gist of it) Congrats on the 3# loss.....any particular program you are following??

Got to WW today. Up 0.4, but last week it was 55 and I was in my workout clothes, today it was 19 and I was dressed like nanuck of the scale here tells me I am down, so I will see it next week. I did something totally STUPID.....Robyn will appreciate this. Our meeting has a travelling tracker......noone volunteered to take it this week, so me the do-do head did.
Okay, it will keep me painfully honest, and I do really want to see a loss next week.......gosh am I a moron or what...... (Robyn, ok to answer that honestly......:dizzy: ). So I am nuts. But then you all knew that.
Got a busy nite. Got a 3.2 mile walk in this am. 4:45 am start to do so.....and I have to accompany the choir tonite at their practice......bring out the toothpicks, I will need them.
I have blabbered enough......... See ya tomorrow!Hey, Pam, Sue, Kerry, Fran- who else did I miss......we miss you (or I am scaring everyone away:o ).

12-07-2005, 07:52 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the trail mix idea was a joke. I understand their point but it does not work at all. The idea came from our counselor. It is such a mess. She was also given the job of discipline this year. A counselor doing discipline:?: ? Does anyone else see a problem here.

Anyway, we have to give our students detention with us instead of a designated area each night. We can only send them to ISS for a partial day. However, if any student gives the counselor attitude she sends them to ISS for the day. She can send them but we can't? This system is a nightmare. Anytime you send a child to her she sends them back.:mad:

I asked her to come talk to my class once about their behavior when they go to art and she said no, I asked the principal and he also said no. They told me it was the art teacher's problem and I shouldn't worry about it. Yet, everytime I go to pick them up I have to spend time listening to them complain about how awful the students were for them.:(

I was so stressed and emotional today that I had chinese food. I feel so guilty now. However, I had only had a small bowl of soup for lunch and did not get a chance to eat breakfast this am. I orderd the biggest loser book and dvd but still have not received it. It was scheduled to be delivered on Monday. I'm starting to get impatient because I want to get started on the dvd. I guess I've done enough complaining for today.:D

Off to type on another thread.

Oh, I almost forgot Ginny, I am not really using any particular plan. I pretty much pay attention to fiber, calories, and fat grams. I log everything in at fit It calculates everything for me so I don't need to add anything up. It's awesome. I have a link to it in my signature.

12-07-2005, 10:25 PM
Evening, everybody.

I, also, only allow healthy snacks in the classroom. If you are allowed a small hot water pot, maybe sugar-free hot chocolate or apple cider would go over well? My high school kids were complaining loudly about the school lunches, so our classroom store (Mouse's SuperStore; they get paid every other week for good behavior from Mouse's National Bank... which, get this, is on 150 Doughnut Drive. All the hallways in our school have names. We're next to the cafeteria, so we're doughnut drive) was able to stock the little cans of spaghetti and meatballs, cup of noodles soups, pretzels, oatmeal, and Propel Water. The water is SUPER popular, as is the sugar-free hot chocolate. I've been asked for canned fruit, as well, from some students or nutri-grain bars. I told them that this stuff might have to wait till Spring, because the store can only order so much! I spend my own money on this stuff, so it all comes from the discount grocery near my mom's house. I got the spaghetti 3 for $1.00, and the soup was .10 cents each. How about sugar-free candy? Brach's has some really good hard candy, and Lifesavers has their most popular combos in sugar-free: 5 fruit, the creme savers, and wintergreen. Brach's has cinnamon disks, gummi bears, etc. There are also sugar-free licorice somewhere. I keep the cinnamon candy and wintergreen in my desk for when I'm feeling too sick to eat or drink, and my kids found out... so now I occasionally toss them a piece as a "caught you being good" thing. I just gave one of my kids 2 pieces to take with him to the state tests because he loves the wintergreen. His smile was awesome!
Ginny: I understand, and slowly she is talking to me again. Part of it is timing, because I'm hardly ever at the computer when she is now. She's usually around during the day, and I'm at work. She's typically gone (though logged on) when I am home around 7. She's been one of my closest friends for 15 years, so this has been hard... but I can't help but think that some of my attitude is because it has finally hit home that its REALLY unlikely that I'll ever have children. I mean, assuming I found somebody I wanted to share my life with, I just don't have a monthly cycle. I haven't had one that wasn't medically caused with massive doses of progesterone in more about 15 years. I had one in 2001, but that was my doctor giving me seriously massive doses of progesterone. She had to give me 2 cycles worth of a high dosage to cause anything to happen at all. So, assuming that I somehow manage to find somebody, have a monthly cycle... I'd then have to go off ALL the meds I take for the endocrine disorder, which wouldn't be healthy for me. I'd be at high risk for gestational diabetes and other problems if I weren't medicated for the endocrine disorder. So, yea... I don't want to admit it, I'd rather say that its I don't want things to change, and they have...
Me? Well, my physical therapist has finally figured out that what comes out of my mouth most of the time when he asks me how I feel isn't always 100% truthful. He's learned (and passed this knowledge onto the aide) to watch my face. I'm not very good at hiding when I'm in pain. They've also learn to TIE the ice bag onto my foot because I try to take it off since I hate the cold... It helps a lot, but I can't stand having it there!
And, it looks like my trip to Philadelphia is postponed. :( :cry: We're supposed to get sleet and rain tomorrow night, changing over to snow, and 3-6 inches of snow on Friday into Saturday.
So, instead of heading to my mom's house tomorrow night, since she's supposed to get the sleet earlier than we are, I'll come home first... then call her after rush-hour to see what the weather is like. If its good, I'll head up. If not, I'll get up early Friday morning and check the weather. My train doesn't leave for Philadelphia till 11:39. I can get to my mom's house in time to make my train if I leave at 7:00 or so. This conference is really my vacation every year, and I NEED it this year. I get to see friends that I only see once or twice a year, or only talk to on the phone or via email.
So, as much as I'd like snow, I'd rather it not happen this week! Of course, if it does snow, I will get my personal day back instead of having it charged against me... That'd be a nice bit of luck.

12-08-2005, 01:41 PM
Well, Mouse for once I feel bad about a nice Friday snow day......too bad that it is going to mess up your plans so severely, and it does sure seem as though this storm is emminent. (sp). I will lay off the situation with your friend, and I know how complicated reproductive issues can be emotionally.
I had an awful time when I was plagued by miscarriages....and remember being ready to strangle a friend who is basically a baby factory and has never had one moment of trouble getting or staying pg when she told me just to "get over it". (strangulation at that point was not good enough.....)
I know that you will resolve this and hopefully at some point in the future you can love this baby and restore your relationship. Will be praying for you......
Hey, can I come to the Mouse superstore????!! Sounds like fun. And bravo to the physical therapist for doing his job and really caring. Hard to find, that kind.

Dawn- enlighten me, I guess the biggest loser is a lifestyle/excercise weight loss program? (don't watch much TV). Yes, I see a big problem with a counselor doling out discipline- who would want to confide in someone who could punish you for being honest??? Duh. Hey, chinese food can be very healthy- I just had a conversation with my oldest Dd at college, who asked me how many points (WW speak) the chicken with chinese veggies was that she had (5 per cup). So that was a great choice for her. (BTW, she is not even close to fat, if I was 125# and 5'5" - her weight and height - I would be ecstatic!) Eating to lose weight is all about choices and choosing well.

So, I am insane but keeping that darned travelling tracker. So I do not look like a moron, I am actually making better choices.......hopefully it will show up on the scale. Stupid me, I picked PMS week to do this! But then I do really want to get this weight off and get to lifetime membership. Got 3.6 miles in today (52 minutes on the treadmill), and have been eating well.....Ds has a basketball game tonite, his first- then a quick trip to Walmart (only need 2 or 3 things) then home to wait for my 5 am phone call. I WANT A SNOW DAY. According to my "expert" 4th graders on snow days, you have to flush the toilet 3X before going to bed, put a silver spoon under your pillow and wear your jammies inside out and backwards. That guarantees a snow day.......and now you all know that I have been spending entirely too many hours on a school bus and am completely insane:o .
So, see ya tomorrow!

Michele L
12-08-2005, 02:37 PM
I'm SOOOO excited! We're getting out at 1pm due to SNOW!!!

I'm going home, changing into my workout clothes and walking away the pounds! I'll have the kids (ages 9 and 12), but they can occupy themselves. My son will beg me to play outside and/or shovel--lol. DD will probably just read, so I can have the VCR to myself (at least for an hour or so).

I Love snow days when we don't have to make them up in June!!!

Michele :wave:

12-08-2005, 08:28 PM
Evening all.
I might get to Philadelphia afterall. They are talking that the snow will end around noon, but that its likely to be sleet/freezing rain. That means that soon after it ends, the major highways around here will be okay. A friend of mine in Baltimore (one of the people I teach swimming with) is willing to give me a ride into the train station if I meet her at the gym. I can totally do that. She's also willing to pick me up Sunday afternoon/early evening. She lives near the gym...So, with lots of crossed whiskers and tails...
Ginny: Its okay, really. I probably should have talked to my endocrinologist about this before now, but I've never been brave enough to bring up the subject. I just put it all together and kinda figured it out. And, I was okay with it because as I said, I've never been fond of babies or little children. Its been a joke: I teach high school for a reason; though I teach kids who have cognitive levels of elementary school kids. I'm not sure why I'm okay with that and not little children. I stopped being completely okay with it the first time she was pregnant. Then I felt guilty when she had the miscarriage and had to wait another year before trying. I was too busy with everything else this summer to really process or deal with her being pregnant again, and then Hurricane Katrina kept me busy after I moved here, plus school stuff. It just really HIT last week. It wasn't helped by not hearing from them, or by our mutual friend asking me if I was going to be the gdmother. I actually would love to be the gdmother, since they are two of my closest friends and I probably don't have any trouble loving the child. But they'll never ask me, and I don't even want to ask them who they've chosen because it'll just make me upset.
Okay... enough of that. You're all certainly sick of reading it!
I have a funny story to tell: We have been pairing our student who speaks mostly Spanish with our kiddo with ED. It works beautifully because our ED one loves to help and feel responsible... it keeps him mostly calmer. And our other student has been learning English from him as well. It varies how well he uses it... but today, our ED kiddo was teasing him, and the other student VERY clearly told him to "talk to the hand", and then "zip the lip" with gestures. I'd rather have heard WORDS... but he's picking up teen-speak! I ignored the fact that it wasn't the most APPROPRIATE comments...

12-09-2005, 07:50 AM
Michele- congrats on the 1/2 day!!!! (hey, this darned snow is good for something at least!). Hope you got that nice walk/workout in.

Mouse-ok, I am crossing my fingers, whiskers and tail....;) Hope you can keep your plans for this weekend. Safe travelling, Mouse. Love your ED student story......typical kid to pick up on the "cool" stuff.

Ah, the sweet sound of my supervisors voice at 5 is closed:carrot: . I needed a 3 day weekend!!!!:D
Not sure what I will do today- but for now I know that an hour on the treadmill watching a morning news show (pure luxury for me as I usually only see fragments of the first 15 minutes) is in my plans. Dh just called, he made it to work ok (left at 5:15 to avoid the morons on the road) and the rest of us are homebound.
Guess I'll go put my sneakers on.......Happy Friday!

12-09-2005, 08:02 AM
LUCKKEEEEE <------ said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice!

It is pouring RAIN here. Yeah! Another wonderful day with dripping coats, soggy shoes, NO recess, techni colored runny noses. I can't wait!
My stress levels are sky high...and not ONLY about the rain! I am going to have to work on a group PM..... I don't want to post it all here.... maybe I will try to do this later this evening....IF I survive the day!

Get on that treadmill, Ginny! The rest of you keep warm and be careful in this weather event!

(((Hugs))) take care,

12-09-2005, 11:18 AM
Quick message: We were closed today as well, but it is now above freezing everywhere, and if I go before sunset, I might just get there. Philadelphia is varied: the hotel told me it was still snowing when I called directly, but the reservation specialist told me that the hotel said it was okay... and I heard them say it to her. :shrug: I'm going to wait another hour or so, since my train from Baltimore doesn't leave till 1:45. If I leave here at 11:30, I can make it to Baltimore. The roads are clear, just wet, I can see that on all the traffic cameras. My mother, on the other hand, is truly annoyed that I'm even considering going. Actually, Maryland Dept. of Transportation is on the news right now saying the main roads are just wet with some icy spots.
I'll let you guys know what happens.... the hotel said they wouldn't charge me a cancellation fee because of the weather conditions.

12-10-2005, 12:37 PM
Safe travelling Mouse........hope you were able to do what you wanted to this weekend. From the looks of the storm you probably were, it was fast and furious- but all over by 1 pm here and Philly is west of me.

Robyn- hope you got to the WI this am......hope you are ok too.....
thinking about you! Try not to let the stress monster get you too badly. (got that workout in......shovelling snow and treadmill...see if you can burn your stress off)

Dh was in a good mood which went rather sour after talking to his mother and Dd on the phone. So, this will be a short hello,as his mood is not the best.
See ya!

12-10-2005, 03:54 PM
Heyyya! :) Flying in to say.... Look at me! Look at me! I lost 2.2 this week! Look at me! STRESSSSSSSS AND a weight loss! :) Yahooooo! I wore my summer pants with a turtle neck and a huge REMOVEABLE sweater for my WI! I looked sorta ridiculous until I saw the crowd coming in in their winter duds with their shorts and t's in their hands ....and them changing into them before their WI! Had I worn shorts for the first WI...then I'd be doing it too! I wear the same pair of pants most meetings! LOL

Anyway.... I'm going to update my stats.... and then I've got junk to move and stuff to do....and Christmas shopping to get done! YippeeeSkippeee.... Tis the season to be a Grinch! Gotta get in the mood!

Oh, did I tell you that a dear friend (or so I thought) gave my children an 8.5 foot blow up HomerFrickenSimpson for our yard?! I'm mortified.... the 2Princes adore him, of course.... I'm embarrassed to be seen going in or out of the house! My dh helped them set him up AND put lights and BALLS on the cedar tree that is by him! I'm HORRIFIED! I was sorta hoping that he would get stolen. He's been out 2 luck yet! I'll keep you posted! I may even post a photo of the darn thing! I am also shopping for a new friend! ;)
You wonder who puts those stupid things in their yards??? Look at me! Look at me! Ohhhh miiiiiiiiiiii GAWWWWWWD!

take care,

12-10-2005, 04:02 PM
I was out of school yesterday as well. I was very excited at first to have some extra time off. Then when I started thinking about how I'd already made my lesson plans and everything was going to be messed up, I wasn't so happy anymore.

Had an old high school friend over today with his fiance. She's skinny, I'm fat, so my esteem level is way down right now. I hate being fat so much. I went to the doctor yesterday to talk about some of my health problems. I've had extremely dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, depression, etc. She tested my thyroid and I am supposed to know something more on Monday. I went ahead and started some pills for depression. She thinks maybe it will help get me out of the current moods I have been in.

I have to start focusing really hard. Not only am I going to Florida to see the ocean for the first time, but my friend is getting married. I have to have some significant weight loss my June. I've been trying really hard. I've only lost one pound this week though. That's disappointing, but if my thyroid is messed up then that explains why I can't ever lose any weight. But, I'm down 4 pounds due to low calorie intake. Well I guess I better go. Have to clean the house. Talk to everyone later...hope you all enjoyed the snow.

12-10-2005, 04:32 PM
I just realized I have not been on here in a week! I read everything......
Welcome Dawn!
I have been sick, had laryngitis(sp), too much work and not enough sleep. We have two Christmas parties this weekend. Yikes, one tonight at 7 and one tomorrow night at 5:30. I know what they are serving at my schools party, I ordered the chicken....Tonight, who knows........GIVE ME STRENGTH, as I am starving right now..................I'm drinking water, for now......Since I am the DD, that will be points I won't have to worry about....

Robyn: I know what you mean about the one pound loss. I was beginning to get really irritated myself. However, geez, with the holidays, my goal is not to go overboard, still be able to enjoy myself, and try to be really good in between festivities........The week of Thanksgiving I lost 1.5 pounds. The week after that I gained half a pound......This week I have lost two! I have really tried to be good this week..... We shall get there. Slowly but surely...... So, tonight will be tricky, but there is always tomorrow......

Ginny; Got all your shopping done? I have not even done Christmas Cards or anything.....I have a little shopping done, but it's all in the back of my car, unwrapped....Where it will continue to stay until I have the energy to do it.

Mouse: I don't blame you for being upset when your friend didn't let you know if she was ok. I bet once you see that cute little baby, you'll forget why you were even mad. I was out shopping for baby clothes for my little cousin, cutest little stuff.............

I am sort of excited today for two reasons....First of all, I went and bought a skirt which was an x large, which is too big.............Kind of sucks because I wanted to wear it tonight.... Secondly, I am one and a half pounds away from being considered not overweight according to the BMI!

Talk to you all later. WIsh me luck tonight....


12-10-2005, 05:50 PM
Welcome Dawn! I just started hanging around in this group and it's a very friendly bunch.

Lately I have inserted just about anything that will fit into my mouth . I have made many a stupid food decision recently and don't exactly feel my best. I think the holiday stress is getting to, my IA (instructional aide) will be gone until Christmas break starts and I have a sub to work with for the next week and a half--a good sub, but a sub no less. I also just shed a student teacher yesterday that I was about to choke. This sounds terrible, but I am glad just to have her gone and my room back to myself.

I need to go--lots going on tonight and tomorrow (still haven't put the tree up either!) Have a good weekend everyone!

12-10-2005, 09:24 PM
back again.........

Robyn- happy for you!!!!!!! 2.2 loss!!!!!! Hey who cares what you wore- I try (and that does not always work out) to wear the same thing.....I know I was messed up by a sweater and jeans last week. But you are seeing what I love about comes off slowly but surely. Happy shopping and BTW, you can keep homer!

Pam- glad to hear from you- but sorry that you have not been feeling well.
Congrats on the healthy BMI (being so close). Really that is why we are all doing this, to be healthy, right? (ok, looking better is nice too!:D ) Enjoy the party......hope you make great choices and your damage control mode is in full gear.

Fran- a few pointers for stress eating.....WW suggests that you keep LOTS of no calorie beverages around ready to drink- seltzer, herbal tea, limited diet soda/iced tea plus some healthy alternatives to whatever food is tormenting is SO tough this time of year, and it does seem as though there is food (and really yummy food too!) around every corner calling your name. I hope you can find some way to minimize the damage. Get your tree up?

Dawn- hey 1 # loss is great!!! Hope the blood tests come out ok. This darned weight loss thing can be SO frustrating- don't know if having a thyroid problem would be good or bad. I do hope that your mood improves- and I know lots of people that take paxil, zoloft, wellbutrin etc.....and have responded well. Feel better!

Survived today....did some Christmas shopping with Dd and Dh, which went ok. He sort of was in one of his moods- I think he wants to way overbuy for the kids- we go thru this every year and he tells me what a crummy Christmas last year was (with the implication that I was too cheap). Gee.......he could spread some of his generosity on his wife?! Did I say that!?
:dizzy: Aw, shut up Ginny......... ok, I am sane for now. So we are getting some shopping done, which is good. Little by little.
Geen a good girl keeping food out of my 2 points left and am not hungry at all.
Okie dokie....guess I'd better say nite!
See ya tomorrow.

12-11-2005, 12:40 PM
Ginny--Thanks for the advice. I think my main problem is I just haven't been committed to caring for myself, just taking care of everybody else. My body is letting me know, too! I feel cruddy.

One of my sisters began WW about 11 months ago--I was already a member and doing pretty well--and she has lost about 40 pounds. I have "found" about 20 of those. You would think that her success would motivate me--but I think part of it is that I am very different kind of eater than she is--she is much more "quality focused" and can have appealing, fattening goodies around her and they don't bother her unless it's something very specific that she wants (at her house Halloween and Christmas candy--even the really good chocolate stuff-almost goes bad before someone eats it!) I tend to be more compulsive and have a hard time geting out of a "eating-junk rut". I've been spinning my wheels--on and off--for most of the past year. Once I go over on points I start to get that defeatist attitude that the day/week is shot.

I think that the frustrating thing is that I know exactly what to do, I just don't do it and have no one to blame it one except myself.

Okay, I've whined enough. Time to actually put that Christmas tree up!

:) Fran

12-11-2005, 03:05 PM
Compulsive. Emotional. CompulsivelyEmotional. <------ Meeee!

Remembered 10 minutes ago that I have GOT to finish my interim report cards that go home TOMORROW! Won't be posting ALL that I was gonna NOW! I'm off to be nice AND truthful on my report cards. Someone pass me the COOKIES!

Type to you all later!
Fran...YOU and I have GOT to chat! Especially about going over points and killing a week! Yeah, we ALL know WHAT to do.... it is the dagggon DOIN it that is KILLIN me! :)

take care
Wish me good report card writing karma! ;)

12-11-2005, 08:58 PM
Evening, all... I'm back.
I did get to go to Philadelphia after all. It was nice; I was able to see a college friend who decided to come this year for the first time. I just saw him last May, because he stayed with me when he was in Baltimore for another convention. I don't usually get to see him very often. I also saw other friends (though some of them I didn't find till this morning, and that completely by accident!), and ran into husband & wife friends of mine that I haven't seen, let laone talked to, in 3 years. I found out they were there, and walked into the room they were at... and said, "How did we manage to spend the entire weekend together in the same hotel and not see each other?!". They had arrived late Saturday, so that was why.
They caught me and pinned a staff ribbon to my badge this year, so I spent most of the convention (okay, ALL of the convention) doing registration. That's okay, though, it gives me a good place to catch friends!
The only downers were some issues on the train to Philadelphia (rude conductors, seriously crowded train, and due to the combination of the two, I managed to slip on the platform between the 2 trains. I'm playing phonetag with Amtrak customer service), and being told by one guy (who wasn't bad looking... actually, very good looking), what he wanted in a girl... and I met all of his requirements except the being able to have biological children part. And he wasn't the least bit interested in me. I don't know why. :shrug: I have lots of guy friends, but none of them are ever interested in dating.
However, this mouse needs to go to bed now since I didn't go to sleep before midnight any time during the weekend, and was also up by 7:30 each morning. Tomorrow, its back to school.
Oh, and about that snow day? Some friends agree with me when I say that Friday's snow day is Gd telling my school district that they should have let me off for the Jewish holidays. ;) I get my personal day that I was using for the convention back...

12-12-2005, 10:41 PM
Glad you had fun on your trip, Mouse! ...AND that you got your personal day back! :) Gotta love that bonus! While we've had snow flurries a couple of times, there have been NO threats of us needing to miss a day or even go in an hour late! I'm not too jealous yet...knowing how January and February can be!

Today I hit a brick wall.... the stress at work is REALLY killing me! No, I let it kill me! Today I ate M&M's ... wasn't was my failure at dealing with my emotional distress over several situations that are happening at school... the icing on the cake was my principal coming to talk to me during my resource time about a very difficult student that arrived just 4 school days ago! I am also overwhelmed with my whole schedule changing as soon as Winter Break ends.... my whole Language Arts program changing as soon as Winter Break ends.... AND me needing to be out of my classroom tomorrow, leaving the room presentable (more stress) sub plans (more stress) so that I can be trained for this new Language Arts program that my room is piloting.... AND I get to be trained by the reading specialist that I DON'T get along with at ALLLLLLL (MOREEE STRESS!)! My dh called with a list of things that he needed to finish supper (he *WAS* cooking! :) ) so I had to stop at the grocery at 5:15. OldestPrince had an obligation that he needed transportation to (Dh actually sent me to our room to wait for dinner to finish...and then brought my dinner in to me.....I don't usually eat in our room...but it was sort of nice being secluded and hiding from the world!) It was while I was in the bedroom, alone, breathing and eating dinner....that I realized that I had let the STRESS win! Thankfully, a few handfuls of M&M's aren't the end of the world..... I guess this WW stuff is working 'cause I could see what was happening as I began losing control. I'm not certain that the candy tasted that great! I'm sort of haunted by my leader's voice...."Nothing tastes THAT good beyond the first taste!" Maybe next time I will figure out how to STOP after that first taste!

So...I'm off to prepare for an Eligibility meeting at 8....and then the sub at 9.... SO much to do...but I'm back in the driver's seat! I refuse to think about the changes in the room / schedule / language arts program UNTIL I get the training...and can sort through it KNOWING what the whole thing entails!

Sorry to rant and rave like a lunatic...... I hope that my rambling makes some sense! I made a doctor's appointment to see the doctor about my left hip that has been very painful since September. :)

gotta run...lots to do! Hope everyone is doing well! Stay strong people!
take care,

12-13-2005, 07:11 PM
Just a short note....Got to go Christmas shopping have done very little...
Eating....Yes, I am eating. Eating too much. It's almost time for my tom and I could eat the wallpaper right about now. School is ok, nothing monumental to write about. Just meetings up the butt. I'm pooped, my house should be condemned......
Have a great day........

Michele L
12-14-2005, 10:03 AM
Thank goodness for SNOW DAYS :cb: :cp: !! Of course my lesson plans are messed up, but I can actually get my cards written AND do some holiday baking!

PLUS, I'm doing at least an hour of walking. I haven't decided if it's treadmill, WATP videos or a combination, but I WILL DO IT! I'm behind on my monthly goal (though ahead when compared to recent months :cheer: ), so I need to do some catching up while I have the time.

Hope everyone has a great day (even if you have to work)!

Michele :wave:

12-14-2005, 10:17 PM
I got some of my test results from the doctor. My thyroid is fine, but I still haven't received the results from my hormone tests. If they are normal my doctor wants to give me some diet pills. I can't decide if I want that or not. I get so discouraged and she thinks maybe it will help take some weight off and then I will be more motivated to exercise and diet.

What do you guys think? Should I start taking diet pills?:?:

I've already started something for my depression and I just don't know if I want to take another kind of medication.:(

Hopefully I'll find out the hormone test results soon. There has to be something making my hair fall out.

12-15-2005, 08:53 PM
Hi, all.

Dawn: Make sure they did all the hormone screenings, and not just standard ones. Some issues don't show up on standard CBC results. I've never had a normal monthly cycle, and I asked questions but was told not to worry, that's normal for young women. I stopped asking after awhile, and didn't worry about it until I started gaining weight after I hurt my ankle the first time. Then, we figured the weight gain was because I couldn't exercise anymore... I couldn't walk and found out I couldn't get out of the pool anymore either because I couldn't do stairs or the ladder. My orthopedist referred me to a doctor he was working with; but turns out that doctor was only interested in me for a study he was doing on overweight women with orthopedic issues who were candidates for gastic bypass surgery. My mother had gone with me to the appointment, and we told him the issue, and asked for him to do hormone screenings and such. He wrote a script, but wrote it for a standard CBC. Nothing showed up wrong on that test or so he said. My primary care doctor realized that he hadn't done the right tests. I ascribed that to pre-meditated negligence on his part... In any case, we went looking for an endocrinologist to do the tests. It took 4 appointments, and many months before I hit pay-dirt with the 5th doctor. I've seen 3 more endocrinologists since then, and most of them haven't recognized issues either despite the messed up bloodwork. It turns out I have some seriously whacky hormone issues. I have thinning hair, weight gain all in one spot, too much testosterone, too much insulin, not enough estrogen or progesterone, too much cortisol, etc. And unless my doctor gives me huge doses of progesterone, I don't ever have a monthly cycle. We finally brought the insulin level down through exercise and a strict diet change, although when it became normal, I was really sick for a while before we realized that since my body didn't use insulin right, if I was producing normal amounts, it wouldn't like carbohydrates very much either. I also get in really funky moods and want to give up. You read the last one about a week ago...
The best thing I did was start swimming laps. I can't say that its helped me lose weight, but its definitely improved my mood! :)

And on other subjects: We had an ice storm today, and so didn't have school. I'm not sure what is going to happen tomorrow with our holiday shopping trip. Its going to be all messed up for 2 of my kids because they were supposed to take driver's ed finals today, and will have to take them tomorrow now. Assuming we have school. My area is just rain now, I think, though the roads are still below freezing and icy... but to the west, its not above freezing, and will keep sleeting.

12-15-2005, 11:10 PM
What a flippin week! Only rain here....which I guess is ok...BUT man, I'd love a moment away from the looney bin! Actually, I got one this morning. My left hip has been hurting...BADLY...since September. I called and got an appointment with my doctor. THAT is how bad that it is hurting. Going from one position to another, anything that is weight bearing...., climbing the stairs is a killer. So, I was able to get in this morning. School office gave me coverage so that I didn't have to take any leave! (Unheard of at this school!) Besides doubling my dose of Wellbutrin....ahem....Tis the season!... She examined my hip and leg and literally butt. ...Seems that I have Trochanteric Bursitis secondary to Piriformis Syndrome. When I researched this on the web I have discovered that this is most common in middle aged women RUNNERS. Yeah! THAT nearly describes me! JUST 1 little detail is not quite right! GUESS which detail!? :)

Did I mention that my classroom heater burned up yesterday? Quite disruptive to have pouring choking smoke..... then NO heat..... then all the people in to LOOK at the burned up heater, deciding what to do. Today when I arrived after the dr's appointment, there was Mr.Honeywell....with my heater all pulled apart, huge metal pieces laying in our writing center, our fine motor area, our group meeting area, on one of the kid tables, under the computer center.... and no children. He also had a bucket of tools and a huge commercial vaccum cleaner going. There was a note on the board for me from the gal who was doing the coverage...."Too many dangers, too much noise, too crazy! In Room 24!" So I found them in a room that belongs to her best friend who had taken her class on a field trip! We stayed in that room until the class returned from the trip...and then we went on a walk. Searching for warmth and either enough chairs OR a carpet for us to sit on! Ended up in the main office in the conference room. An armed chair on wheels for each of my kidlets! The huge work table! Heat! Carpet too, in case we wanted to sit on the floor! Windows out the ying yang! We had a great time in there! We had a wonderful shared reading! Eventually got back into our room....without doing 1/5 of what was in my plans for the last 2 days! I spent the afternoon trying to finish up the testing that I HAD to get done! I ended the day with only 3 to test! 2 who've been out all week ill...and my nonverbal child.

Ok...enough from me. Gotta get tomorrow figured out so that I can finish up my Family Traditions unit..... a few days short of lessons...but the time is up! Next week...2.5 days is ALL Gingerbread Boy! :)

Sorry to rant and run! Can't wait for the weekend!
Take care,

12-16-2005, 09:26 AM
Well everyone else has been busy here too, not too many posts. Sorry, I have no time to get personal........been a very tough week, I am trying desperately not to strangle Dh, who is just such a non helper any time of year and of course this time of year it is all the more difficult. But I am surviving. Did some lousy stress eating last nite......bad girl I am. Somehow will get thru this next week. We have a 2 hour delay- so once I leave the house I'll be gone all day.......
Hope everyone is ok, sorry to be short and crabby. It is Friday, isn't it?

12-16-2005, 06:46 PM
Did you see the full moon? ORRRR was that just blazing in the sky down here...right over my classroom? Managed not to JOG..chortle, My hip HURTS! Had my dear friends kiddos with mine today...her baby was sick and they had no sub... I team with her...and decided that I should do it cause I know the kids and stuff.... What an idiot I am! We had a good day....Maintained control for MOST of the day....Totally exhausted tonight...go figure! Oldest prince has a dance at school tonight...Youngest wants to do shopping for Daddy and brother....WHY does this make me wanna whine louder??? Dh made a loaf of Ginger Bread today. Added some cute little house details with icing...YEAHHHHH, he needs to get a freakin job! (The bread is toooooo good, of course!) Heading back out to the races........mannnnnnnn, I don't wanna! Hang in there Gin...I've missed you this week!

Where are the rest of you? :) Doing well, I hope!
take care,

12-16-2005, 09:32 PM
Good evening, all.
We were closed again today. I went to PT early (they called because they heard that school was closed, and figured I might like an earlier appointment). PT isn't as torturous when I've had a day and a half of NOT using my ankle! ;) Although, I scared a life out of my therapist. I almost tipped the treatment table over when I got off one time (I started to get down, then realized I was getting down with the bad ankle first, and no brace, so when I tried to correct it didn't work well). He rushed me, and grabbed at me to keep me from falling (which I wasn't really in danger of doing), and scared me in the process! Then, I hit the dollar store to get the stuff for my students to make gifts for the bus drivers that do our community instruction and the basket to make the lunch-stuff kit for the SD teacher. I hope I picked good things, because I have no idea... Its hard to pick up lunch stuff and stay healthy... I bought some tuna packets, noodle bowls, chicken noodle soup, some chicken-salad and crackers packets, and some applesauce. I can't say its stuff I'd ever eat, but...
I still need to get a couple of gift cards, the plastic wrap with the holiday print, and a gift for my TA. I wanted to get him a Disney sweatshirt or something, but I couldn't find one I liked. So then I figured I'd get him something when we went shopping today, only we didn't have school so we didn't take the kids shopping. I also need a present for my college-friend...last year, I gave him a teddy bear dressed as a nerd and named Fuzzy Logic. I don't have any idea what to give him this year.
Tomorrow, I have my state Council for Exceptional Children board meeting, and then I told the weekend guard that I'd work his shift for him. I'll be at the gym from 12-9, and no time to swim for myself.
Robyn: What's your non-verbal child's diagnosis? Is it elective or non-verbal due to another disability? I've done some testing with kids who use voice-output devices... for reading... I have notes on it from a presentation I've seen by a researcher who does a lot of work in that area. Let me know if I can help.

12-17-2005, 07:05 PM
Still surviving here......gosh this time of year is tough. I am planning on making Christmas dinner MUCH less stressful, as a matter of fact am planning on making it a no cook meal- with all the cooking done the day before.
Will I tick off my Dm with bet! Do I care????Not really. So sorry for my crummy attitude, just feel overwhelmed at the moment. Dh and I did some shopping today......not near done yet but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bless my boss, I am taking Monday pm off as a personal day, or half day I should say. Going to finish some shopping (Dh is off then also) and that should wrap it up for me for Christmas. Sorry not to get personal here......gotta go make dinner......thanks for putting up with my bellyachin.
Hang in there out there!!!!!! Robyn- make it to WW this am?????

12-17-2005, 08:09 PM
Hey ya'll!

Trying to 2Princes to help with the living room raking...I've given up on true cleaning. Now I just need to dig a hole in the mess for the Christmas fun. Oh gees!

Mouse, thank you for your concern. My student is nonverbal by choice. He can speak. He does speak. He is just VERY selective as to WHEN he speaks! He is quite a puzzle. Parents call him shy. THAT isn't it, I'm certain. I'm also concerned about processing.... but no one else seems to be. I can't get anyone to believe me when I say that this is beyond "shy"...... Ideas?

Gin, -1.4 and a great meeting! :) Slow but steady wins the race...and well, after the way my week went, I literally went around the desk and hugged the WI chick! For Christmas, my husband agreed that I could get the Season's Pass that will be good for Jan - April.... So, I guess I'm stuck going! (Which is what I needed! :) ) By the way, I was raised with Christmas being a cook free day! I've actually never eaten a "traditional" Christmas 40 years! LOL We usually are at my inlaws for a Christmas breakfast (I hate hate hate breakfast food! breakfast time, anyway!), Mom's for late lunch (ham biscuits, veggies, zillion varieties of cookies...other stuff...nothing that requires a fork!) By the time we leave there...with a ton of junk packed for us to take home.... we don't ever really eat a dinner! This began when I was really little....and has continued for FOREVER! The theory behind it is.... Christmas is a day to spend with family....not kitchen appliances! (I vote for THAT!)

Went to Kohls at 8 this morning....finished up the very last of the last of the LAST of the shopping... OldestPrince wants to go out to buy his brother something.... I'm trying to convince him to wrap $ in a huge box! I don't know if I will win...and I've GOT to get to the grocery...YUCK! But other than that, I'm steering clear of any place with a cash register! I've gotten my presents from King&Princes early! Corner cabinet for the kitchen....not new...not an antique...but perfect to use as a "pantry".... He is building me a bread box for the top! :) Perfect! :)

Gotta run....2Princes stopped the shoveling....and I must MOTIVATE them, if you know what I mean!

take care,

12-17-2005, 10:12 PM
Evening, all.

It was a long day. I'll just leave it at that. Nothing bad happened, but I'm just tired. I have to go tomorrow to get 2 Red Lobster gift cards (one for grandmother, one for my hanukkah harry person at work), and one for Borders (hanukkah harry, again). Oh, and the grocery store because I need holiday-print plastic wrap so the kids can make the gifts for the bus drivers and I can finish my gift for the severe disabilities teacher. I still don't know what I'm getting my college-friend or my TA. I HATE MALLS with a passion. I wish I'd thought of making him a lunch-gift basket like I'm making the SD teacher, since he always has microwave stuff for lunch or cafeteria food. Can't do that now, htough, because he knows what I'm giving the SD teacher and helped pick out the stuff with the kids. He's not a reader, and doesn't seem to be into music. He's mostly into sports: I wanted to get him a Disney sweatshirt. I'd thought about a sweatshirt from our school since he's new and all, but the basketball coaches were all given several.
I've had my 5 minutes of fame: A few months ago, I was interviewed for a news article, and it appeared today on the front page of the section. ;) My mother is thrilled, of course. I, personally, am more interested in the possibility that I might get to go to the national Council for Exceptional Chidlren conference in April. ITs a teeny, tiny, itty bitty chance... but I'd love to go.
Robyn: Sounds like elective mutism. There is usually a psychological reason for the child not speaking or only speaking to certain people. I've have 2 students like this: one would whisper, and as he trusted you more, if he was having a good day, he'd volunteer answers (only in a whisper). The other was a little girl who was taught American Sign Language and was very fluent at age 5. I've heard of other students who use voice output devices because they WANTED to talk, they just couldn't do it. If you wanted to do a trial with sign language, you could tie it into reading and spelling... teach the kids the signs for the words and letters while you teach the words themselves. There are actual studies done (long time ago, I think) that show that this type of intervention helps kids, especially the kinesthetic ones, learn to read and spell better. A friend of mine who was (a long, long time ago!) a special education classroom teacher in New Orleans swears by this. The catch with elective mutism is getting people to recognize that is what it is, and not just "shyness" as you've said. Its typically caused by trauma of some type, and in some cases, the parents benefit from having the child perceived as shy or immature.... I know that sounds bad, not sure how else to say it. :(

12-18-2005, 02:42 PM
Mouse - I've had several different types of hormone testing. I think we have narrowed the problem down to polycistic ovarian disorder. It causes weight gain in the stomach and upper legs, hair thinning, insulin disorder, increased facial hair, increased finger hair, unusual menstral cycles, dry scalp, acne, oily skin, moodiness, cramps, and a couple of other things. I have all these symptoms. I am having a test for the male hormone level on Thursday because that is also usually higher with this disorder. The two hormone tests I had were normal, however, the ration between the two should neve be above 2 and mine was a 5. This is obviously a problem. I am going to have a test for diabetes and a pelvic ultrasound on Thursday as well. All of the symptoms are caused by having cysts (not sure how to spell) in your ovaries.

If the ultrasound shows some then I have to goes see an endocrinologist. Anyway, it sounds like we are having similar problems. Have you had a pelvic ultrasound? Has your doctor mentioned this disorder to you? You may have the same thing. I'll let you know more when I get all my other test results back.

Only 3 1/2 more days with 28 kids!!!:carrot: I'm so excited about splitting my class after Christmas. Although, I feel like their mine kidos and I don't want to trust them to someone else. The new teacher is awesome, I went to school with her. I just feel like they're still my responsibility. Weird since they drive me nuts.:dizzy:

Well I'm off to work out.

Biggest Loser workout DVD is the best workout video ever made. Love love love it. My whole family does it with me.:^:

Check back later. See ya all.

12-18-2005, 03:15 PM
Hi, Dawn.
Yes, PCOS has been mentioned to me. In fact, that is what we put on the forms so that the health insurance will pay for me to see my endocrinologist. But, I don't have cysts... and you don't have to have cysts to be diagnosed with PCOS. As near as we can figure, the biggest difference between whatever it is I have is that I don't have cysts, I don't have acne, and no matter what they do, I don't have ANY menstrual cycle and haven't had one at all since I was about 19. Before that, it was very rare for me to have one, and the ones I did have couldn't be planned for: I never knew how long, or when one would show up. The only time I have a cycle is if my doctor gives me progesterone to take, and even then it took 2 cycles of a moderate to high dosage ... and then my body STILL waited a week before it happened! And I haven't had another one since that time. I have a pelvic ultrasound every year, and have also had CT scans and MRIs. My endocrinologist is also a specialty gynecologist (she makes her actual money off being a fertility specialist), so she handles most of what happens with me. She is the one that finally diagnosed me after a year of running around to different doctors. I refuse to give her up; she and my gastroenterologist are the only two doctors that have ever believed that I'm not overweight because I stuff my face. My gastroenterologist mostly believed when she read the bloodwork, but then she really believed because she saw me at the gym. She works for the hospital that runs the gym I work for, and one of her offices is right next to it, so she saw me there a whole lot.
All my weight gain was in one area, and it looks really, incredibly odd. And although I've lost a lot of weight in other parts, I haven't lost much of anything there which makes clothing tough. I was also insulin resistant when I started seeing her (normal insulin levels are 7 and under, high normal is 17, I was 55). She referred me to another endocrinologist who put me on glucophage, but then took me off of it and dismissed me back to her care when it made me super sick. A few months after I was off of it, they discovered elevated liver enzymes, too. Right around the time my insulin started to come back to normal, I started throwing up everything I ate... so, now I get to follow a permanent low-carb/healthy carb diet. I'm not supposed to have more than 100 carbs per day, and those are supposed to be mostly from things in milk, vegetables or fruit. Its kinda like Atkins, but not really, because I'm allowed to have berries and soft cheese (cottage cheese, ricotta cheese) and milk products. I'm not supposed to have rice, pasta, bread, potatoes... not even the low-carb kind or whole grain. My body lets me know if I've indulged too much... because I get really sick. I don't know anybody else who has PCOS with insulin resistance who has had a reaction like that. I typically save any "free" carbs I have for something sweet or some microwave popcorn.

12-18-2005, 03:56 PM
ANother short hello......

Robyn- congrats on the 1.4# loss! I too am going to get the "spring pass" as a matter of fact my Dm is going to give me the $$$ for it for my birthday. No excuses for me either.......Hope you got the 2 princes motivated.....congrats on finishing the shopping.

Dawn- I sincerely hope that you can find a medical answer to your symptoms. (been listening to Mouse's saga since I "met her" and realize what a **** she faces with the medical community). Usually it is so much easier just knowing what the real diagnosis is and then you can take some action.
Great for you that Mouse is here for you (well, we all are but she has been thru some of the same stuff as you)- it always helps to find a person who really knows what it is like to walk in your shoes. Glad you like your biggest loser DVD.:D

Mouse- by any chance is your big moment of fame online? (does the paper have the article on a web page?). I would love to read it......gee, I feel famous thinking that I know you. I do hope that you get to go to that conference in April. When will you know?

Me? Today is Dd's 10 bday.......might take her to see Narnia later...checking out the review online. Got my WW tape in (4 point workout, woo hoo!). But have spent a ton of time in the kitchen- bday cake, cupcakes......on and on plus meals. Nothing horrific, just have to behave myself at dinner.
gotta go fold wash.......see ya!

12-18-2005, 05:43 PM
Fold wash?? You mean you're supposed to fold it toooooo? Mannnnn! Oh, found a couch in the living room last night! Had forgotten that it was there! We unearthed it and I actually sat on it! WOW! Cool! Merry Christmas... as if the clean living room wasn't enough! I hear that we're going to get time off from school too?! AND Santa is going to come! WOW! What a WONDERFUL time this is going to be! :) How long it will last??? Not long as we've got to put up our tree...Oh, our tree.... you'll love THIS!...

We just returned from going out in our huge (THAT is sarcasm!) back yard (We do have an acre...but..ahem...THAT is FARRR from huge!), we went back to the property line where our trees are thick (altho they never ever regained their beauty that was lost when Isobel blew the **** out of them!). We picked the "best" of the little cedars and chopped it down....2Princes aren't exactly thrilled with it....BUT, when it was explained that THAT tree just gave them a turkey dinner! (Yes, I KNOW that I *JUST* said we never eat a "traditional" Christmas dinner....BUT, my dh asked me this morning if we COULD.... and I said NO....and he said that HE would cook! (and he will!) AND he said that he had been checking out the cedars in the back....and thought there was one that would work...and it would save a bit of cash to use on the dinner expenses! SOOOO.... for the last 39 years all that I said about Christmas dinner was true! This year...DH is going to create a traditional turkey dinner for us using the $ earmarked for a tree.... :) )

Dawn, the2Princes are giving me the BiggestLoserExercise DVD's for Christmas! I was very excited about it....until the doctor has told me to not jog anymore (ahem!) due to the bursitis. Even IF I can't do them for a while...I AM going to at LEAST try to Walk with Leslie again.... I've GOT to do something.... However, the darn hip and fanny HURT....sigh...I don't know... but trust me! I *HAVE* given up jogging FOREVER, I'm pretty sure! Sounds like you and Mousie have a lot to chat about! Sad to say! I know the horrible time that Mouse has had with the doctors! Hopefully you both will be able to learn and support each other (not that we won't support...but someone who is going thru the same thing is soooo much more helpful, IMHO!) and find some answers! My sister also has PCOS among other things... I know how it has changed her, yadda yadda, yadda! Good luck with it! I know how you feel about dividing your a momma hen! How / who decided who you would keep and who would leave? Are you going to be allowed to team at all those who did or didn't want to leave you KNOW that it is nothing about THEM that caused them to be "given away"? Just wondering! I know how protective of my kidlets I get! You will enjoy the smaller class! You're going to be amazed at how tiny the group looks...after the huge class! :) We finish Wednesday 1/2 day! I can TASTE it! :)

Mouse, I *SWEAR* that there is more than meets the eye with my "shy" kiddo! He does get language and speech services.... put I'm pretty sure that it isn't enough. I'm very concerned about processing...something just doesn't seem right. He will participate (to a degree...talking...but NOT "right"....hard to describe) in small group (reading). He has a horrible HORRIBLE time with our math. 1:1 extra instruction, every "trick" in the book, AND still needing more time and practice than the others! He also will talk to me.... in a little squeaky Michael Jacksonish voice about most anything. I heard someone yelling on Wednesday during centers. Didn't recgonize the voice and LOW and was HIM...and it was a deep NON Michael Jacksonish voice! Family dynamics are an issue. He is the baby. He is only boy. He is totally treated like a baby..... sigh.... He is very sweet...adorable dimples! Fast flashing smile and LONGGGGG delightful eyelashes.... Simply adorable...and well, he truly isn't any problem in class.....only whispering or not talking at all! Sighhh....that isn't my goal!

Gin, Happy Birthday to your baby, Momma! 10?! That is how old our youngestPrince is! Of course he has never acted his age due to his older brother..... Did you go see Narnia??? I am going to take the boys to see it, perhaps...using some of my Christmas money! maybe.... depends on the living room's condition! ;)

Tomorrow we make ornaments and do the last of our Christmas (and other holidays). Tuesday we spend the day with the Gingerbread man! (NOT anything ChristmasIE!) We will make and bake cookies.... we will write about GBMen, measure GBM, yadda yadda yadda GBM! Wednesday is 1/2 day, class party and video...and HOME! :) Now I just have to make all that sound like objectives! :) After THIS many years.... I can make most ANYthing connected to objectives! ;) Ya'll know how it goes!

Take care,

12-19-2005, 06:43 PM
G'evening all.
Robyn: I think I remember reading a research study at some point about children with speech issues who were treated younger than their age. I wish I could remember more details for you! And I hear you... we're done on Wednesday also, and the next two days we aren't even in the building.
Glad you found your couch! I picked up the loose books that are crawling off my bookcase and screaming my name. Two followed me home from Border's yesterday, but another 3 books were calling my name! I really like science fiction and fantasy, which you guys knew, but I also like history. They had a book there about Mao Zedong, and a historical fiction about Vlad The Impaler (the real man behind the Dracula story), and a biography about Milton Hershey. Had I been living in Lancaster, I would've gotten the Hershey book from the library because they will definitely buy several copies... but I don't know if it'll sell well locally. I bought that one, and one fiction book.
The others went on my Amazon wish list.
Ginny: I think you know my real name, right? I don't have the article link anymore, but it was in the Washington Post and it was about apartment shopping. The Post has most of their articles on-line, but I don't know if it is still there or not. Happy B-Day to your daughter! Did you see Narnia? We're going tomorrow morning to the 10:15 matinee.

A t-shirt wearing child of mine has been coming to school the last 2 weeks hacking up a lung... his mom smokes, so he coughs more than average, but this has been pretty bad. He's also stuffy, etc. So, guess what? YEP! I got it, but I've been drinking like mad, and so I'm fighting it off successfully. I haven't gotten as sick as I used to get when I was younger or even after I moved out of my mom's house. I think that is because the meds I'm on help my endocrine system work better. I mean, I did have that nasty virus last spring, and was out of school for a week... but I think that was due in part to the stress from the administration where I was working. I got sick right around the time they ramped up their nastiness, and during the CEC convention... The convention contributed because I know I didn't drink enough, and I went to lots of the events, so I didn't sleep much either.
I did come home a little early today (45 minutes), but I also used that time to run to the dollar store again. We finished the gift-mugs for the bus drivers, and the gift basket with lunch stuff in it for the severe disabilities teacher. She loved her gift... It had tuna packets, chicken noodle soup, applesauce, chicken-salad kits, one of the new ramen noodle entrees, some candy, and rice-krispie treats. I also bought her a $5 gift certificate to Chik-Fil-A, which has to be her favorite restaurant. She eats there all the time. The bus driver gifts have Hershey Kisses (caramel ones), hot chocolate packets and some holiday pencils. But I had to go back because I didn't realize that this school gives administrator gifts... But they were out of mugs! So, they had large plastic tumblers. So, instead of coffee or tea, which was the original plan, I bought all this coffee-flavored Hershey candy: coffee flavored kit-kats, hershey bars, etc. I bought some other candy, and large tootsie-rolls to put in. Then a basket with candy and some cookies for the secretaries in the front office... I don't have a lot of dealings with guidance... but the front office secretaries are a big help.
I managed to get gifts for the 9 people for $25. I love dollar stores: total, I spent less than $40 for everything including the gift certificate to ChikFlaA.
I think I am going to take a nap now, though... later.

12-19-2005, 11:43 PM
Another busy day here......does this ever get any easier????? Took the pm off to go shopping with Dh, well was semi successful- or so I think. And it is all drawing to a close.......but I am jealous of those who have off from Wednesday on. We are working all week- the only bright light about this is that Friday is a half day.:carrot: Somehow I am sneaking to WW this week- not sure if Wednesday or Thursday will work. My usual meeting will not be available (it is held at a church and they need the room for the preschool Christmas show).

Robyn- well aside from your usual wit and humor about folding laundry (so THAT is my problem.....I am a lousy perfectionist and fold the dumb stuff.....makes sense to me!;) ) I did truly love your Christmas tree story and that Dh is going to cook the meal..... What a sweetie..... I hope that you can get some excercise in does help the weight loss journey a lot. I did not realize that you were that uncomfortable.

Mouse- well I am searching the post far nothing......would Love to read that our Mouse is famous! (hey, there was a neat column about charging rent for cats~ thought that maybe one of my favorite felines, Imp, was in there!) Anyway, I will keep looking.......let you know how I fare. WELL, after I spelled your name correctly (duh) I found the article......had no idea that that was your saga and that you searched online for the apartment.
Too bad they did not mention Imp too -just kidding- anyway a nice article and interesting story!

Ladies, I am pooped......woke up at 4 am and had trouble sleeping after that so I worked out. Gotta get some sleep......nite!
Ginny (forgive me- those I missed)

12-20-2005, 08:08 PM
Yo! I spent the day hunched over guiding little hands to pat, cut, and decorate gingerbread men! Then I baked them, remembering who made who! I'm a tad, just a tad FLIPPING EXHAUSTED! The kids LOVED the Gingerbread day.... and well, ........Seeing Bruce's face light up as he announced, "I ain't never made cookies before!" and "Isn't he the best one ever?" (in Re: his cookie) made it all, even the hunched back worth it! I made cookies with 28 kidlets... My teaching friend did all the really hard stuff with them...maintaining order! YIKES! I'll get the hunched back anyday!

Off to the hot see if I can fix this shoulder issue.....Sorry not to be more personal! Hang in there folks! :) (((hugs))) take care, meee

12-20-2005, 11:10 PM
Just a fly-by hi, here...
Somebody please beat me over the head with a hard object if I ever again say that "doing soandsuch will be easy day with the kids!". That is apparently the key phrase to cause something to go wrong!
My ED Kiddo has the flu (or so his mom thinks, because he was fine on Monday, woke up in the middle of the night sick with fever, heaves, headache, the works. He was VERY well behaved on Monday, though, so he might've been getting sick then!), so he missed the movie. He's probably going to miss shopping tomorrow, too. And you remember my kid with the touchy-feely issues? And how his mom blames my ED kid for the problem, even though that kiddo wasn't involved AT ALL...and my principal pulled the video tape from our bus so that we could prove it? Okay... his mom comes in today at 8:50 this morning and says that he can't go on the trip with us to the movies, and he cannot go shopping tomorrow either. She couldn't have said this to my TA on Monday? Called me? Said something 2 weeks ago when the whole thing happened? She says she doesn't want the two of them together, so he can't go on trips if the other kid goes. I'm not punishing my ED kid for something he didn't do!!! So, my kid got a folder full of work, lovingly copied by your favorite Mouse... after I frantically flipped through all my binders of stuff to get the work together... and he spent his day with the LD classes. And he will do that tomorrow also. He absolutely is NOT getting any treats or special treatment for this behavior! But, let me tell you, I was so livid this morning wit his mother pulling that stunt! I wound up having to drive to the movies because I had to get him settled. But Narnia was AWESOME!
Today was a horrible day for eating: We had a staff meeting, and the administrators gave us breakfast. Somehow, they had fresh cherries on the fruit platter! I love cherries, so I ate them... had some grapes too. I did NOT, however, have a doughnut or pastries. I had one rugalach cookie, and my protein shake (I was kinda sick this morning still). Burger King messed up my lunch order... I wound up with a double whopper instead of a whopper junior (my usual order!). I ate it, though... bad Mouse. And the small fry, too. Ate the bun too (though my body let me know that this was a bad idea later in the afternoon!). We had our staff party tonight, at a chinese restaurant. That was an awesome choice, because I was able to eat! They had veggie spring rolls and veggie lo-mein available, so I had that... then my apartment complex had THEIR party tonight, but I didn't eat anything.
I am so incredibly stuffed... and really, I still didn't have more than 2300 calories! That is just like 1100 calories more than I typically eat in a day, though. And I probably didn't really have that much because I know I overestimated on some of the food that I had.
And now, this Mouse is going to bed. We're going SHOPPING AT THE MALL tomorrow!!!

12-20-2005, 11:30 PM
Evening Everyone,
I am alive and well. Just have been very busy these past few weeks trying to make order out of my life with school, home and other responsiblities. But I am back for good now. I think I have it all figured out how to balance things again in my favor.
Still no takers on our house yet. My dh did meet a guy the other night who said that we could trade houses. Since he wants to sell his for a bigger house. Don't know if he was joking or serious.
Know how I was starting a home business. Well after only doing it for 3 months decided to give it up and try Avon. I made more in one campigan (SP) than I did the three months I did the other business. Avon gives you president's points to use for incentive gifts for yourself. So I think I am going to work towards getting a treadmill. I am much happier with my life doing Avon and not the other stuff. So you will be hearing from me more.
I went to TOPS tonight and gained 1/2 pound. So that gives me moviatation and incentive not to overeat this weekend when we go to my parents for the weekend.
Nothing really else new with me.
Sending out a warm welcome to Fran and Dawn. Glad you joined us. We are a wonderful support group. Which I sure did miss you guys this last month or so.
Well I better sign off for now. I have some laundry in the dryer to fold. Need to do it before I forget about it again. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.
Take care,

12-21-2005, 12:03 AM
(((Kerry)))!!! :) Welcome back! We *sure* missed you! :) Sorry to hear that the house is still YOURS.... But after the first of the year, people will begin looking again! I know a woman who has quite a successful Avon business out here! She is something else! She does it full time! Loves it! ...and is always asking me to try it! I told my unemployeed dh that he was going to take her up on the offer come January! ;) Gonna run.......I'm about asleep at the keyboard! So glad to see you back!

take care,

12-21-2005, 07:47 AM
Its just me. Talking to myself. As if ya'll didn't KNOW I was nuts enough!
4 hours. THAT is all I've gotta get thru.... 4 hours!
Yesterday, I had a very difficult IEP meeting that went 1/2 way well. But, while I was in that meeting, they tell me that one of my Grandmothers came in all ticked off and ready for bear. I know what she is ticked about... My teaching partner and I had the *NERVE* to discipline her grandson, THE King! Sigh...I REALLY REALLY don't feel like messing with her. This is the same one who HATED my letter from Santa and yelled at me for the better part of 20 minutes. The kid is um....a BRAT...and I don't allow KingBrat to do what he wants. Go figure!

I took all my gifts to school yesterday! Tis a good thing that I'm a pack rat! I have such limited cash, I was afraid about the holidays and the gifts that I would need for school. HOWEVER, I went into the attic....dug around in my boxes and came up with something 1/2 way decent for EVERYone that I needed and spent nothing NEW (I mean, I had already spent the $$ sometime along the way.... but I didn't have to go to the store with my $2 and buy anything else!) :)

Some man, locally, has set up a home made snow machine.... His wife wanted a white Christmas. I told David. He said he would drive me over to see this guy's yard. LOL (Gee, somehow I didn't REALLY expect my own snow machine.... I love his solution! LOL)

Ok....gotta go pull the 2Princes up out of bed! whoooHOOO! Won't have to do that tomorrow! Did I tell you that my best friend is going to be in Richmond for Christmas? I'm leaving before dawn tomorrow...and will be spending the day and evening with her! (And the daughter and that cute baby of hers! Oh and their men!) :)

take care,
Hope you survive the day!

12-21-2005, 10:17 AM
Morning All,
Just a quick note to say hi! I am off to go workout at Curves and deliever my Avon today. Plus I have to stop at the dentist office to pay on my $1000. 00 debt. He is only going to get $30.00 from me this month. But the way I look at it is a start. I think I might just set aside $10 from every campigan I do with Avon for awhile and build up a little vacation fund for me and my dh. Depends on how much I have saved and what kind of mood the kids are in if I will include them in on our little trip. Don't know where I want to go yet. But just knowing that someday we could go on a real vacation is a nice dream right now. :)
Robyn sorry to hear that you don't let KINGBRAT get his own way and mean grandma has to come in all fired up. I had a parent like that last year with her twin sons in my room. I was never so happy in my life to see that bus pull out on the last day of school last year. Hope you make it through today okay without any problems.
So how is everyone else doing today? I woke up renewed and ready to conquer my 1/2 pound gain last night from TOPS. I am not going to let anymore fat find it's way on my body this week. So keep your fingers crossed that next Tuesday night's weigh-in goes well. Because that night my dh and I are going out for dinner and maybe a movie for our anniversary. We will have been together 2 years come next Tuesday.
Well I better go get my workout clothes on and get ready to head to Curves. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

12-21-2005, 04:17 PM
Afternoon All,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. I went and ran my errands this morning, worked at Curves. Then this afternoon, I did a 2 mile walking video and rode my excerise bike for 30 minutes. I think I figured out what made me show a gain on the scales last night at TOPS. My mil made white beans on Monday evening and I ate a bowl of them. So I had a little gas problem yesterday. I think that could have been my problem. Since I weighed myself at home this morning and I was down 2 pounds. So I just have to remember not to eat beans the day before or the day of my weigh-in. LOL.
I have been on vacation since I left school at 2:45 on Friday the 16th. Who else has been on vacation this week? Who still has to go to school this week? I have enjoyed the time off to regroup and get my mind in the right mindset.
Well I best go jump in the shower before the kids get here from school. Talk to you all later.
Have a great evening!

12-21-2005, 08:34 PM
FINALLY! The bell FINALLY rang! :) Sent the lil dears home for a few days! Whooohoooo! I'm off to finish a bracelet that I have to give as a gift tomorrow! So.... I'll talk to you tomorrow! Take care! I'm FREEEEEEEEE at last! :)

12-21-2005, 10:19 PM
Evening, all.
Welcome back Kerry! :)
We're done. Its over till January 3rd. My ED kiddo was there today, but my chronic absentee wasn't. I was surprised, actually because I thought she'd been looking forward to the trip. My Spanish speaking student came in late, and we left his backpack in the main office; when we came back, he was all upset and pointing, crying... I didn't understand what he was asking me at all. I thought we wanted to go to the nurse. He thought he left his backpack at the mall. We had to call his Mom and find a translator to get the whole story. I felt like a rotten teacher!!
My student that had to stay back is really upset with me too, but its because he didn't do most of the work that I copied for him yesterday or today. So, instead of letting him sit with the group and wrap gifts or have pie with us, he had to sit at a table and do work. So, on his way out, my TA asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he replied, "A transfer to another school! My mom is going to get my IEP and get me moved over break." What fun! If the school calls, I'm not home!
I walked the entire length of the mall 4 times. Its a HUGE mall. Then I had PT. It was not fun.
I received and gave gifts to a lot of people, but none of them seemed to realize that I read... I would have been totally thrilled with just a gift card to a bookstore. Instead, I received candles, foot massage stuff, calendars, etc. I also received a stuffed Eeyore... but its one for a baby. I feel rotten, because I don't know what I'm going to do with any of this stuff.
Oh well!!! I'm going to read and go to sleep.

12-21-2005, 10:31 PM
I wish I was done with school already.:tantrum: I am so ready for break. Tomorrow should be a pretty easy day though. I have both my specials first thing in the morning so I'm taking my kiddos to Art and then PE. After that we are watching The Polar Express until we get out at 11:45.

The only plus about tomorrow is that the new teacher, my friend, is coming in and we are planning lessons for after Christmas and getting her room ready. I'm really looking forward to having my kids split. I am going to have so much space in my room it will look funny.:D

Well I'm down to 178. Only two more pounds until my Christmas goal. I only have a few days left.:stress: I'm going to make sure I stick to my plan and keep going. I have been working out every day and I feel great.

Well I'm going to try to read some and then jump in the shower before I fall in bed. Hope everyone has a great night.:goodvibes

12-22-2005, 10:29 AM
Dawn Congrats on being down two more pounds. You will reach your goal for Christmas. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Sounds like you have a fun morning at school ahead of you. Have fun helping your friend get her room in order and planning your lessons for after Christmas.
Robyn your not happy or anything about your break are you? LOL I was the same way last Friday. I was counting down the hours and than the minutes till we got rid of our kids. They have just been crazy here the last month or so. Oh my God what it is going to be like when Spring Fever hits? Yikes!!!!!!! :) Enjoy your visit with your friends today. Did you get your braclet made last night?
Mouse, sounds like you had a very interesting day yesterday with your kids. Sorry it was such a rough one. At least you got paid to excerise though. So how long do you have to go to PT? So did you get to read a little bit before going to sleep? I started to read the Biggest Loser book last night before I went to bed. I got through the first 14 pages. It sounds like it is going to be a really good book! Enjoy your time off from school.
Hi to Pam, Michelle, Sue, Fran, Ginny and Summer! Hope all is going well with you fine ladies!! :)
Well I need to finish my breakfast and start thinking about putting in my workout for today.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Thursday!!

12-22-2005, 11:32 PM
Hi girls! I am so far behind in reading post. Someday I will be able to get on regularly again. Probably next summer! Maybe after the holidays for a while at least! This is day two of bliss. Not that I have been able to relax much (I have two Christmas get togethers at my house this weekend) but it is nice to not get up at 4:45 and get dressed up! It has been pjs most the day! Robyn if you want a snow machine come to Michigan. It is most commonly called Lake Michigan but in the winter it is a snow making machine! Actually our two biggest storms this year HAVEN"T been lake affect, I don't know what is up with that. I love the snow! It is so white and clean and sparkily! We have a beautiful state park around the corner of my house and it can be breathtaking to crosscountry ski there. It is suppose to rain tomorrow. I am so bummed. I was hoping to get in some major skiing this week.

I guess I should change my little weight chart. When all the stress with my husband happened in October I lost too much weight. I couldn't hardly force myself to eat so I ate crap to try to put the pounds back on. Man what a mistake. Once I got that sweet tooth activated again, I couldn't stop! Then I moved on to french fries and alfrado sauce (not necessarily together). Now I not only gained back the 5 lbs I needed to but probably 10-15 extra! I can really tell it in my pants. It is a bit scary how fast we can put the weight back on. I have decided not to beat myself up about this. I am even going to stay relaxed about my eating through Christmas but then it is back to the WW basics. That program works and I know I can stick to it. I just have to start tracking again. It hasn't helped this week that along with my mild depression, the normal stress of the holidays and the endless supply of sweets, I am also PMSing. YIKES what a deadly combo!

I got a letter from my husband's lawyer today along with a list of items my husband things I should give him in the divorce settlement. Among the list is my cross country skis! What would he even do with them other than sell them? I think he was trying to think of something that I would fight for so that I would let some of the other stuff go. I am surprised he didn't go for my golf clubs! Maybe he knows that I won't be able to afford to golf next year anyway!

Incase I don't get on tomorrow: Happy Birthday Ginny! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Dawn - Congrats on being so close to your Christmas goal. Losing during this time of the year is to be commended. I am always happy to just maintain! Keep up the great work.

Hello to everyone else. I miss you all. I hope Santa is good to you.


12-22-2005, 11:52 PM
Evening, all.
Today was the first day of break. It was nice, even though I got up at 8:00. Actually, it was nice to get up at 8:00! Even though I don't have to be at work till 8:30, I'm usually there by 7:45. Or at least, I try really hard to get there by then!
I had to go to PT, and then ran over to the Red Cross. The new on-call pager is in, which is nice: our paid staff person has been having to call me when we were paged, which means that she would call me anytime there was an occupied dwelling fire. There was also one time that I slept through her phone call somehow! I don't think I've ever slept through a page on the pager. I also stopped at Borders to buy the last two gifts: my friend from college is getting a heffalump and the Annie DVD--I was surprised that he wanted it, because he doesn't like musicals or Broadway the way I do. I figure I'll encourage it, even though he asked the MOVIE version (the original movie, not the horrible Disney remake). The heffalump is because EVERYBODY needs a heffalump and a teddy bear. He got the bear last year.
I finally just bought a gift card to Borders for my friend's husband. He doesn't like books the way she & I do (we can go into Borders and disappear for hours... after we collect 10 or 15 books EACH, we buy tea and sit in the cafe and read snippets to each other. Okay, that's what we DID before she had the baby...), but I didn't know what else to get him. He's hard to buy for and I've had trouble buying him gifts the entire time 've known him. I bought her a foot massage set similar to the one somebody gave me. I figure she'll need it. I figure she'll wind up benefitting from both gifts... ;)
I'm ticked at the company I bought their baby gift from though: it hasn't shown up yet, and it was shipped December 9th! It took them long enough to process the order (about a week!) The gift my mom bought them from Babies R Us is in my apartment already, and she didn't buy it till last Saturday. She had it shipped to me because she didn't have their address.
Sue: Glad you're still with us. I hope you get to enjoy some skiing... or at least some snow!
Kerry: I was supposed to have been dismissed from PT last Friday. My orthopedist had recommended only 8 sessions (2x a week for 4 weeks). I haven't progressed very quickly this time: I'm not sure why. I did have to find a new physical therapist, and the only things different with the new one than the old are that he doesn't use ultrasound, and he makes me pick up marbles with my toes. Everything else is the same. He asked my orthopedist to sign me up for another 4 weeks.
I did get to read. I'm reading a biography of Milton Hershey now, by Michael D'Antonio. I have a few books on hold a the library: one book about Chinese women before and during the initial Communist start, and one about the treatment of people with mental ******ation in the the United States at the beginning of the century. I'm on the waiting list for a historical fiction novel about Vlad the Impaler (the person behind the Dracula myth), and a biography about Mao Zedong. Oh, and several fantasy novels. I also have a novel by Jodi Picoult on my floor (I've been slowly reading most of her books since I read the first one over Thanksgiving). I have very eclectic reading tastes! Bookstores are very dangerous places for me: I rarely meet a book I don't like!
Ginny: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :bday: :flower:

12-23-2005, 12:53 AM
Evening All,
Happy Birthday to Ginny!!!! Your 29 again right. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. So do you have any big plans to pamper yourself tomorrow? Hope you have some Ginny time!
I spent the day playing with my stepsons' and their new toys that they got for Christmas. My dh and I let them open their gifts last night since we won't have them on Christmas this year. Plus I squeezed in my workouts today. I did read a little bit more of the Biggest Loser book today. I plan on reading a little more before I go to bed.
Sue I know what you mean bout the pounds going back on. I gained about 10 pounds over the fall from all the classes I had to follow-up with from my summer sessions. So I am hoping to take them off here in the next few weeks. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day today. My dh can't stand it at times when I don't get a shower first thing in the morning and he keeps asking me all day long when are you going to take your shower. Here lately I drag it out as long as I possibly can just to torment him so more. I know we will be able to take it back off. Sorry to hear that you are to get rain tomorrow. So is cross country skiing easy to pick up?
Mouse,glad you were able to finish your last-minute shopping today. I have to help my one dss tomorrow wrap presents for his mom, stepdad, and grandparents. While I am doing that I think I might just go ahead an wrap my dh's gift. I just picked up a gift set of cologne and a little pocket travel watch. He doesn't like to wear a watch so I thought the pocket watch might help him. So what are your big plans for your break? Besides reading!:)
Hello to everyone else!! Hope you are enjoying the start of your Christmas breaks.
Well I think it is close to my bedtime. I have to get the laundry done tomorrow, pack my suitcase, go to the store for buns and tea for Christmas dinner with my family, clean out my van and squeeze in my workouts tomorrow. My dh and I are leaving Saturday morning to go be with my family for Christmas. So I am looking forward to it.
Talk to you all tomorrow.

12-23-2005, 01:24 PM
Afternoon All,
I just got back from going to Curves with my dsd. She loved it. So now we have to find a way to ask her mom if she can go with to Curves three times a week to workout. She is the one who begged me to let her come workout with me. So I asked the owner if it would be okay. She said sure. So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with our chat with her mom.
Hope you are all finding sometime to yourself's before the hetetic rush starts this weekend. I am off to ride my bike for a little bit. Talk to you later.
Have a wonderful Friday!

12-23-2005, 04:13 PM
So far today I've spent 2 hours vaccuuming cat litter and putting together Imp's hanukkah gift. He received the automatic litter box last year, but he's a bit of a slob. I put up with him scattering litter EVERYWHERE for a year... and that's it. So, this year, he received the canvas tent that goes with the litterbox. It completely encloses the box, so any litter he kicks goes in the canvas box. It should make it much easier to clean, and way less litter all over my apartment.
Then I remade the bed and fought with my computer. I'm also trying to track down that darned baby gift. I think the company is lying to me because I sent it to their work address, and the company says that a notice was pinned on December 10th. Not possible: the post office doesn't deliver to business addresses on Saturdays! Also, the email sayng the item shipped was on December 10th (at 1:00 a.m.)... so I'm guessing it shipped on December 9th. There is no way it got from Long Island to Falls Church in less than 24 hours... not since that was the weekend we had all that snow and ice! It was the weekend I almost didn't get to go to Philadelphia.
So, I think they are lying to me about having a tracking number & a signature for the item.
I also had some really awful news today. The person I work for at the gym was very badly hurt in a car accident yesterday. Oen of the other employees called me. :( :cry: I'm really upset; she totally supported me this past summer. If she hadn't let me work those hours, and given me the opportunity to renew my license, I wouldn't have gotten through the summer. It wasn't the money so much, because that didn't amount to a whole lot: it was that she gave me the opportunity, and she gave me something to do. I had somewhere to go and people that needed me to do things. I needed that last summer because I've never not worked full-time over the summer... I would have spent my whole summer brooding over the way my last school had treated me. I hate that I can't do anything now to help her. She's in a trauma unit at a local hospital, and only family is allowed to visit her.

12-23-2005, 04:22 PM
:woo::balloons::hb: :woo::balloons::woo:
Happy Birthday, Gin!
:woo::balloons::hb: :woo::balloons::woo:
Love you! :grouphug:

12-23-2005, 04:34 PM
Hi All:
I just needed a place to come vent right now! My dh woke up in a great mood and than it all changed once his kids came over for the day. He was mad at his daughter for spending all day yesterday with her stepdad and not coming over at all. Than his twin sons' lied to him about brushing their teeth. So after I thought everyone was calmed down, my dsd and I went to Curves. Came home and did a few things around the house and than went to the grocery store for lunchmeat and buns. Came home to him ranting and raving about the kind of lunchmeat I got. So I let him have it and said a few choice words to him. His reply to me was that I could go home to visit my family for the Christmas holiday by myself. That is his standard reply when every we have a disagreement and it is close to the time we are to go visit my family. I am getting really sick and tired of him using my family like that. My 91 year-old grandma, parents, 2 sisters and brother and sister-in-law don't need to be punished because the two of us are having a disagreement. How do I polite tell him that without starting another war of words with him? I haven't spoke to him for about an hour now. I went and cleaned out my van, started the laundry and dishwasher. Plus I helped my sds wrap a couple presents he bought at school for his grandparents, mom and stepdad. After I get off here I think I am going to go start packing to go home tomorrow, with or without my spouse. If I go without him, then Tuesday on our anniversary should be interesting to say the least. Maybe I won't come home until late on Tuesday than. Just in time to go to TOPS and weigh-in for the week.
Well enough of me babbling right now. I guess I need to go and be constructive with my hands and not strangle someone well they are taking a nap in front of the tv. Talk to you all later.
Thanks for listening.

12-23-2005, 05:19 PM
Hey ya'll! I'm back from my visit with my dearest friend! :) I spent the day with her, her daughter, and her 2 month old grandson! HE is so adorable! He is so sweet! They let me give him his bath and get him ready for bed before I left for home! Nothing like breathing in the scent of a freshly shampooed baby! :)

I'm soooo glad that you're back Kerry! :) Sounds as if you've been as busy as ever and you are SOOO good about doing your workouts! Very inspiring! Sorry for the difficulty that youre facing with your dh! Um, Ive no magic words or even words of advice about it. Sorry! Hope it all works out for the best! You asked about the bracelets, Yes! They loved their bracelets. I made a mother's bracelet for the new mommy and a grandma's bracelet for Nona. I also made a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet for myself out of beads that were in my bead bag waiting for me forEVER! :) So now I have something newand it was already paid for! Gotta love THAT! J

Mouse, your taste in books is, um, wonderfully wild! Ive got similar tastes in music! J Pretty much, anything goes, right?! Im so sorry to hear about your friend and the accident! I certainly hope that she makes a fast recovery! So, do I understand correctly? The company says that they delivered the gift while your friends say that theyve never gotten it? Did you pay by credit card? Is there any sort of protection that your credit card company offers for situations similar to this? ANDplease tell us what company this was so that we dont give them any of our business! Will you be going to your mothers for Hanukkah? :han: :dreidel: You may have already told us this sorry, if so!

Dawn, you mentioned diet pills earlier. What is the doctor offering you? Id be very concernedand cautious! Yahooo! Youre so close to your Christmas goal! I, on the other hand, made fudge while visiting my friend. Fudge. Yummy, tasty, creamy, FAT filled fudge. I am rather sure that my WI Tomorrow morning will not be the most wonderful news that Ive gotten. But, there is NO way that I will regain 30 pounds, so Ill look forward without regretting that I ate a chunk (or 2 or 3 or :shrug:) fudge! Tis the only time of year that I make it! :hohoho:

Sue, It IS horribly scary how the weight reappears! Sweets are certainly my down fall! My mother no longer eats sugar (Im not sure of her definition of sugar!) and she says that not only is she losing weightshe FEELS better! Im not ready to do thatyet see my earlier mention of FUDGE! LOL Im sorry that things are becoming an issue with the divorce settlement. Good luck with sorting that out! and no thanks re: the snow machine! I dont want any snow right now! Maybe in February when I would like time off from school! LOL Snow here just makes things dangerous and yucky! It is very rare that we have beautiful snow for longer than a couple of hours!

Gin, how is it going, Birthday Girl?!:hb: Hope that youre able to have a bit of time to relax and enjoy being 29 FINALLY or was it AGAIN?! ;) I miss your chatter around here! I WI tomorrowand am afraid that I let the Christmas fudge and cookies that we baked yesterday get the best of me. Hopefully, it wont be a ton! J

Well.gotta run! Not 1 gift is wrapped. AND, of course, I have to UNLOAD that darn couch I found last weekAGAIN! WHY does junk keep sprouting on it?

Take care! Hello to anyone that I missed!

12-23-2005, 08:42 PM
:birthday2: :birthday1: :balloons: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINNY!!!!!!

Robyn: I have similar taste in music. My current listening selections on iTunes range from Broadway to Movie soundtracks to Country.... Stopping along the way at Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative, Bubble Gum Pop, and Top 40 Rock. I listen to Bon Jovi, Broadway, Billy Joel, James Taylor, REM, Green Day, Clannad, Mannheim Steamroller, and Kids Stuff. The only thing I don't listen to, ever, is Rap... I also listen to classical.
I finally dragged myself out of the house to the grocery store and the library, and the library was closed! Fortunately, I had that Jodi Picoult book to start... since I'm pretty sure the library is closed tomorrow & Sunday. They might even be closed on Monday!

12-23-2005, 11:41 PM
Evening All:
Well Thank God today is almost over. It has been a very long day. After my dh's temper tantrum, then my one dss got sick on us. He is complaining of his stomache hurting and he threw up once. So guess who has been nursing him. You guessed it right, me! So atleast that has taken my mind on the mood swing man. He has been trying to be very sweet to me after I won't talk to him this afternoon over the lunchmeat ham deal. He took my van and washed it and swept it out. Than tonight he went to Wal-mart and put minutes on our phone card. He told me that he was going with me tomorrow. So he must have having an insanity attack. I think after the first of the year if he is still having these mood swings were one minute he is happy go lucky and than the next minute he is ranting and raving, I might suggest he go visit our family doctor for a complete physical. I have the presents sitting by the front door ready to go with us tomorrow. Plus I put the suitcases in the van already. So all I have to do in the morning is to put our personal bathcare needs in the overnight bag and put the presents in there. Then it is off to the ex's house to drop the boys off since their sister didn't want to spend the night and than up the highway we go. :) :0
Mouse, I am surprised that your library was closed already for the holiday. I wonder if they will be open on Monday than. I am sorry to hear about your friends accident. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Hope she makes a speedy recovery, so you can see her soon. Sorry to hear that your baby gift hasn't arrived to your friends yet. Hope you get that solved soon.
Robyn, wishing you well with your wi tomorrow morning. Hopeful that fudge won't find it's way onto your body.:) LOL You have the right attitude though so that is what will keep you going. Did you get any of your presents wrapped tonight?
Hi to everyone else. I will try to check in with you tomorrow morning before we take off for my parents house. If not, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone!
Take care,

12-24-2005, 12:33 AM
aHappy Birthday Ginny!
Hey everyone! Been missing again. Been crazy.....I only have one more day and I still haven't finished my shopping I'm thinking I like Robyn's idea about putting money in a big box for my oldest one. Littlest one has been done. I have been busy cleaning, my mother in law came today. I have a ton of stuff to wrap. I need another week...........Oh well,just a short hello to say I've been thinking of you all. Wishing the safest and happiest holidays to you all...

Best wishes if I don't make it back on here in the next few days.....Tomorrow is my weigh in day. Hope that goes as I hope it will. ALthough, had lasagna and cheesecake tonight....

Hugs to all

12-24-2005, 10:23 AM
Well.... didn't get to my WI... I woke up with a horrible cold. I can't breathe or stop coughing! YUCK. I did get up with the alarm and I got in the shower but...but I just felt so yucky! I wouldn't want to sit next to me coughing and blowing the way I am.... so. I decided not to go. I am so disappointed that I can't see straight. NOT about not getting to the WI...I don't want to spend this time off from school trying to breathe and feeling horrible! Whine whine whine!
:stars: meee

12-24-2005, 07:54 PM
A lovely day this has been. Nothing seems to make me feel any better. My family has gone off to a Christmas party. I'm heading to bed!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
Take care,

12-24-2005, 08:55 PM
Evening, all.

Well... the baby gift is no more. After much discussion, my friend & I realized that there is a good chance the company is lying to me about the shipment. I think I mentioned that they had just moved into a new home and I didn't have the address. I had shipped the gift to their office. I didn't realize when I spoke with the company yesterday that they claim a first delivery attempt was made on December 10th, and since they were not there a notice was pinned to the door. My friend tells me that the post office does not even deliver to the building on Saturdays, and the building is locked: there would be no way for a notice to be pinned to the door of their office. In addition, I had the email that tells me the ship date: I received that email on 12/10/05, at 1:01 a.m. The item shipped from Long Island, NY. As I said, its just not possible for the gift to have gotten from NY to my friend in Northern VA in 24 hours. They also refused to give me the tracking number and won't tell me who signed for the package.
I called my credit card company today and asked them to dispute the charge, so they are going to handle it for me. I now need to go find a new baby gift. I am going to get them some baby sign language books, but I'd also really like to get them the stuffed animal! I think I might have mentioned that when I was born, my gdfather gave my mother an animal quilt, and a peter rabbit for me. I gave them the quilt already... Apparently, I'm going to be "Aunt Mousie". She has no sisters or brothers, so that is acceptable to me. She asked me when I wanted to babysit today. ;) That made me smile... I think she finally got the idea that although I'm not overly fond of babies, HER child, since she & her husband are among my closest friends, are different. And that my family has always been REALLY small... its really just my mom, grandmother, and me. I have 2 cousins, and a 2nd cousin, plus my aunt and uncle, but I don't have a whole lot of contact with them. Not by choice, but I guess by their choice... My one male cousin is apparently getting married and I didn't even know. So, I figure I get to choose other parts of my family!
I did find out that the library is closed on Monday, and so is the lab I need to go to in order to get my bloodwork done! I'll have to go Thursday after I come back from my mom's house. My mom is going to hate that, because it'll mean I need to leave really early since I can't eat. But the lab is also closed on Friday, 12/30! I suppose I could go on January 2nd, but I'm not sure... I'll have to call them sometime next week and see if they are open.

12-25-2005, 09:30 PM
This has been the strangest holiday. My husbands car decided to die. We have to take it to the shop tomorrow. Then this morning I was putting in a load of laundry to dry and the dryer wouldn't turn on. It is completely dead. What a weekend. :mad:

The good news is that I reached my Christmas goal.:strong: I'm so excited. A friend of mine wants to have a biggest loser challenge. So starting Jan. 1 we are going to compete to see who loses 12 pounds first. Our deadline is Valentine's Day. That gives us awhile to reach the goal. The first one there is going to take the other one out for a relaxing evening. Our husbands agreed to keep the kidos. I'm pretty excited.:hyper:

I would like to lose a few pounds between now and then though. Maybe another 3. I think that is probably doable because I have a week to get there. I'm really excited about going in on Tuesday to move half of the desks out of my room.:carrot: I can't wait to go back to school with only 14 kids. Yeah!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Talk to you all tomorrow.;)

12-27-2005, 09:37 AM
Where is everyone? Guess you are all off enjoying your time off from school! I have spent the best part of the last 3 days sleeping. Since I've been able to lay around, drink when I want to, sleep when I want to, yadda, yadda, I've been able to get over this cold much faster than if I'd been at school dealing with it! I think I'm nearly over it!

Yesterday I got a phone call that one of my retired teacher friends died on Christmas day. How horrible is THAT? I will go to the service for her. I'm not too sure what I will wear as I 've got no dresses that even remotely fit me. I guess I will call my sister and ask to borrow one of her black skirts. I can wear that with my boots and a sweater and I'll look ok.... well, as ok as I'm gonna look right now!

Anyway....hello to all! Sorry to hear about the baby gift, Mouse. I hope that the credit card company sorts it out! And it is great to hear that you are going to be AuntMouse to the new arrival! :)

Dawn, congrats on making your Christmas goal. I have put the holiday and the fudge behind me and I'm moving on! :) I've always been about nibbling candy and cookies....and with the house full of that crap, it has been very difficult! Today, there will be none of that stuff in my fat hand! :) My dh stuffed my stocking full of stuff (books, gummy candy, hand cream, etc..) that he knows that I can have....I guess I need to concentrate on the things that I was given and not what everyone else has or had (until I decided to eat it all!)! I bet you are excited to be chopping your class in half and giving some away! :) I'd gladly go in while on break to pull/push the desks out of the room too!

Gin, Kerry and everyone else! Hello! Hope your holidays are going well! I'm off to take a shower and see if I can truly breathe today! (fingers crossed!)
ya'll take care,

12-27-2005, 02:22 PM
just me.... talking to myself again! :) I discovered a wonderfully helpful web site that is offering free memberships. google spark people to get there. I don't think that I can post the link here..... it is full of all kinds of resources for weight loss etc... BUT... I do think 3fc remain the Queens! :)

talk to you (or myself) later! :) take care, meee

12-27-2005, 04:25 PM
Aw Robyn, you ain't talking to yourself.......there is life out here (although I can hardly call myself much of a life with this crummy cold.). Sorry for not posting- the past few days have been SO busy and I have tried 2x to post and my computer got hung up. So this will be short- and hopefully will stick.

Robyn- so sorry to hear about your friend.......had she been ill? (did that force the retirement?). Hugs and condolences. Hey you going to WW this week??? (I am taking the week off, too much going on with the kids and Dh who is home).

Mouse- how are you doing?

Gotta go.....sorry if I missed you and I am also not sure if this post will work........see ya tomorrow.

Dawn- congrats on making your Christmas that feels good!

12-27-2005, 08:22 PM
Hi, all.

Robyn: Its okay to talk to yourself, as long as you don't start answering yourself. :) I talk to myself all the time (though I try to convince myself that I'm talking to the cat!). Glad that you are almost over your cold and sorry to read about your friend. :(

Ginny: You have a cold too? :( I had one the weekend before school let out, but it magically went away. I'm doing okay, although I'm having issues with spring classes. My class was cancelled again, and my back-up class (which my advisor suggested based on the fact that it was at a campus far from my former employer) is now being taught by my former supervisor... at the campus that isn't anywhere near my former employer. :mad: I, of course, am not taking that class.

12-28-2005, 09:34 AM
Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying a great break and is having happy holidays....I just got back from Virginia Beach last night and walked into a Christmas box, paper nightmare.....Ughhhhhh So, I think I will try and tackle some of that today......
I am feeling very depressed this morning. I don't know why. I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. I know I have gained about three pounds this week. Seriously.....However, we have no food in this house, maybe that will help. Christmas was great. I got a digital camera and docking station, so maybe once I figure out how to work it, I will post some pics up here.....Or not....Ha! Also, a karaoke machine......My dog is hiding...Think we scared her last night. Although, I will say, that my hubby can do a mean rendetion of Billy Idol's White Wedding.....
Robyn: Sorry you have been sick. About two years ago, I ended up with the flu. I got sick the day we got out of school, and was unable to walk until Christmas Eve. Needless to say, I had a lot to do that day. Hope you are feeling better.

Hey to everyone else..........Please give me motivation. I need to get some weight gone before March 1st. (Our cruise.)

Be back later....

12-28-2005, 11:51 AM
Welcome home, Pam! I'm glad that there is no rule that says I can't talk to myself...but it is much more fun when you guys are here! :) Sorry to hear about the class difficulties, Mouse! Gin, I go to my WW meetings on Saturdays. I did not go on Christmas Eve cause I was feeling so icky...but I will be going on New Years I HAVE to reel this butt back into place! I'm not too sure where I am with things... I'm back on track with my eating tho! FINALLY!

I took down our Christmas Branch (as the 2princes called it!) last night as it had gotten crispy and began shedding those wonderful (NOT) cedar tree pieces when ever it was even brushed against! I have spent the days since Christmas day trying out various new pajama pieces! However, today the fun of flannel must end! I've not only got to get to the grocery to get some healthy food....we have a command performance at my mother's tonight! All of my mother's family is coming to her house for some sort of family torture event. I had considered begging out of it...but my mother promptly acted like a baby....and well, I would like to see one of my I guess we're going! I think that I will demand that my dh takes his own car so that he can escape without making the rest of us miserable! I'm taking the rest of the Christmas cookies and that darn fudge! I've got to get it out of the house...altho it has been 2 or 3 days since I've heard the fudge calling to me! :) Gotta get up and hip is killing me due to being so lazy lately! I don't know what will happen with it, but I'm going to dust off my old Leslie cd and see if I can do a 1 mile walk! Gotta start small........

Ok...enough babble from ME!
Ya'll take care,

12-28-2005, 05:09 PM
Okay let me try this one more time. I typed a long post and it won't post. I got feed up waiting on it to post. So I gave up.
My Christmas visit home was good. Enjoyed seeing my sister's new house and visiting with everyone.
I went to TOPS last night and gained 1 3/4 pounds. I was a little disappointed since I put in some kick butt workouts last week. My dh was a little helpful and said that it was probably the salty ham we had for dinner on Christmas. I am going to renew my vow to take off the weight and this coming year will be the year to do it.
My dsd is going to join Curves with me. So I think that will help motivate me too! Her goal is to get some of the weight off of her tummy so she can be catcher again this year for softball and to run faster.
She helped me spend my Christmas money too at Wal-mart today. I was able to get the Leslies Sansone Walk Away the Pounds book, Dance off the Inches 2 DVD's and the Biggest Loser Workout DVD. She even told me that she would do the workout's with me too. So maybe I need to add another weight tracker on my signuature for my birthday goal. I would like to be down to 175 pounds by my birthday in May. So I hope I can reach that goal.
Sounds like you are all enjoying the time off. I have really enjoyed the laid back days I have had and playing games with my stepkids. I know I will be sad on the 2nd when I have to go back to school. :) Oh well, than I can start the count down to spring break I guess.
Well I better go and try to post this. If it works I will be back on later to chat with you all!
Take care,

12-28-2005, 05:52 PM
Robyn I just wanted to tell you that I check out that website. It is a great movitation tool! Thanks for the info. That is just what I needed to reach my weight loss goals for next year!

12-28-2005, 06:12 PM
Hey Kerry! Welcome home! :) Yes, salty ham will do that to you! AND Tonight I am off to face salty ham and other various treats at my mother's annual extended family soiree. I am not anxious to go.... or actually, I"m very anxious about going! I'm not too worried about what I will eat. I have done well all day... and no matter what I eat tonight... It isn't going to make THAT much difference! I am wearing a black velvety or is it velour sweat suity thing that I've had for eons but didn't fit into...... now I fit...and I'm not too sure I have the guts to pull this off.... but I have I've changed my clothes for THE last time and my dh is making fun of me! LOL So... Here I go. I'm glad that you found the other site to be helpful! :) My log in is the same there.... just in case you were looking for me! Hehehehe!

I'm off to pack the car..... and deal with a miserable husband AND relatives AND salty ham AND fudge! :) Talk to you on the other side!
Take care,

12-28-2005, 09:45 PM
Evening All,
Hope everyone enjoyed today. I think my dsd is trying to kill me. This evening we tried out the 15 minute dance off the inches dvd. It was a lot of fun. But I did realize that I have no rhythm and need to work on it. LOL Well she wanted me to do the 10 minute dance off at the end. I said there is no way sweetie that I can do it. By that time I had already worked out for a total of 2 hours today. I am feeling it tonight in my stomach and legs. She might just help blast that fat off of me. LOL :)
Robyn hope you had a nice time at your mom's get together. I am sure you looked just fine in the outfit. By the way how do you get the second tracker on your signuature. I tried that tonight and couldn't get it to come up.
Hello to everyone else. I think I am going to go read a little bit before going to bed. Talk to you all later.
Have a great evening.

12-28-2005, 10:34 PM
Just seeing if my new signature came up.

12-28-2005, 10:41 PM
Sounds like everyone is having an eventful break. We've had a lot of problems to deal with. Our dryer stopped working and when the guy came to look at it today he discovered it was just a burnt out fuse. Thank goodness, it didn't cost hardly anything to fix. I was convinced we would need a new dryer. However, my husband's car has been acting up. We took it in to get worked on and they said it would be about $155. Then they called today and said what they did didn't fix it. So they finally found what was wrong with it. So now it will be another $80 on top of the $155. Not too much, but more than I wanted it to be.

My daughter wanted her room redone for Christmas so we have been working on that during break. We got the walls painted, border up, and hardwood floors down. It looks awesome. Now all we have to do is put the trim and doors back up.

The really bad thing is that I'm sick, again. I was sick all through Thanksgiving break, and never really got better. Now, it's back full force. Sore throat, coughing, fever, very very sleepy. This means I have not been working out for the last 3 days. I am going to be crushed if I gain back some of the weight I've lost. I really wanted to lose another 3 pounds this week before my friend and I started our own biggest loser challenge. Doesn't look like that's going to happen. Well I'm getting a fuzzy head so I'm off to take another nap.

12-29-2005, 12:55 PM
Sorry that you are not feeling well, Dawn! Tell me about this DanceOffthe inches dvd, Kerry? 15 minutes? Sounds like something I could fit into my schedule! Glad you figured out the signature thing! My mom's was fine. I ate too much crap......of course!

gotta run......take care, meee

Michele L
12-29-2005, 01:12 PM
I don't know whether I like being on break or not?! I have managed to do 8.12 miles in the last 3 days, but THE JUNK :yikes: !! I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I won't be around to mindlessly munch. I don't even want to THINK about stepping on a scale!

Well, I guess I'd better just enjoy the time off--it'll be over soon enough (we go back Tuesday)!

Happy Thursday!

Michele :wave:

12-29-2005, 11:24 PM
Evening all.
I went home briefly (overnight). I was supposed to stay longer, but before I left, my friend from the gym called and said that we could see our aquatics director starting this afternoon. I really didn't want to go by myself, so I asked if I could go with her. Partially because I wasn't sure how I'd react on seeing her, and also because its a downtown hospital, so there is no parking... there would have been a seriously long walk or a seriously high garage fee, plus $5 for the valet.
Given what I was told (that the accident was damn near fatal), she does not look bad. She knew we were there, despite sedation, and made attempts to communicate. She's breathing on her own. I am going back to see her on Sunday, after I'm done at the gym. It will be my last chance for awhile, since we go back to school on January 3rd and I wanted to grab it.
I took her a stuffed Roo from Winnie the Pooh, because plants and flowers are verboten in shock-trauma.
I also had a chance to swim today, because after we were done, I went back with my other friend to see her new house (she moved in last May, but I never got over to see it), and then went back with her to the gym.
I'll get personal with everybody later, just ask that you please keep my friend in your thoughts as she recovers. Her son has asked me to help her with communication once she gets better, so I'm hoping that I know enough! I'm not a speech pathologist, just a teacher...

12-30-2005, 09:30 AM
Good morning everyone! I seriously think I have hand and mouth disease. I have a problem keeping food out of my mouth. Ughhhhh. I will get back on track atleast by New Years. So, I think I have gained a lot of weight over this month. I feel awful about it. But, can't seem to help myself. Doesn't help that my son's girlfriend keeps bringing over all these treats her mom is trying to get out of the house. She brought four huge containers of cookies and candy over here. I told my son to keep them in his room cause I didn't need to look at them. I did finally manage to cook dinner last night for the first time in I don't know when.
I have too been trying to get my house back to normal after Christmas. I have boxes everywhere. I think the kitchen is the only room left that I have to take care of today. I'm going tomorrow to pick up my total gym. Yeah, I'm so excited.....It looks like something I will enjoy. It does take up a lot of space, but I hope it will work. I guess I have to make it work.

We have been having great fun with the karoke machine! My husband was singing superfreak like "the terminator" the other night. I wish I could have taped it. I was rolling on the floor.

Gotta get some work done, I'll be back later.


Ginny: Got the new Cornwell for Christmas. Haven't really started it yet, I'm afraid I'll get nothing done once I start it. Too much to do.

12-30-2005, 02:01 PM
Hi Everyone,
Boy what a week this has been! We had a bat in our house on Wednesday night. So we were up for 1 1/2 trying to catch it. So now my dh is in full bat mode saying we are taking every thing out of the back storage room and putting it upstairs. So instead of having the steaks we were to have for lunch today, he orders a pizza and says you can go pick it up and I don't know what you are going to eat for lunch, but this is what the kids want for lunch. So I guess I will run into Subway and get a sub for lunch.
Sounds like everyone is having a great week! Are you all savoring the last few days of freedom from school.
Mouse glad that you were able to go see your friend yesterday. Sounds like she will make a great recovery. I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers still. Did you get your lab work done yet?
Pam sounds like you are excited about your Total Gym. Was it a Christmas gift? Hope you enjoy it. Don't worry I think we all gained weight over the Christmas holiday.
Robyn did you enjoy your visit last night with your teacher friend? Doesn't it make you feel great about your weight loss journey after hearing the nice comments from your family?
Well I better go and get the pizza and pop. Plus something healthy for me to eat.
Talk to you all later.
Have a great day!

12-30-2005, 04:58 PM
Been busy here but still alive.......this week has been tough and now Atilla has moved in for awhile......sorry to be short.....I am not looking foward to work but looking foward to a return to some order here. Sorry not to get personal.

12-30-2005, 06:23 PM
Evening Everyone:
Hope everyone has had a good day! My dh is finally done bat proving our house. He drove me and the kids nuts today. I was able to get my 2nd workout in this afternoon. Now after doing the Biggest Loser Workout for the 2nd day in a row, if next Tuesday doesn't show a drop on the scales I think I am going to cry. It is a killer workout. Supposely my dh and I are going to go out for dinner tonight. My dh wants to go to the local Mexican restuarant, so I guess I am going to have to change my order that I usally get there a spicy chicken quesadella (sorry about sp) and an order of rice. I just will have to read the menu really good to get something sort of healthy for me. LOL
So what is everyone's plans for New Year's? We are going out with some friends tomorrow night to the local bar in town. I am just going to have to limit what I drink so that I don't pack on the weight due to alcohol and attempt to get out on the dance floor for a little bit.
Well I better go and get my dh headed to the shower to get ready to go out. Can you tell I am getting hungry? :)
Talk to you all later.

12-30-2005, 10:40 PM
Well... I didn't get a whole lot done today. I finally started some laundry, and did get to Staples. Staples somehow sent me gift certificates with idential numbers, so although I have $75 in gift certificates (from all the money I spent on my classroom; you get points and then gift certificates from Staples) I was only able to use one of them. :mad: I was using it to buy stuff both for Red Cross work (I found a really nice zip-binder with file folders inside that would be perfect for organizing my disaster paperwork, plus a new clip-board since I dropped mine at the last fire and it shattered), and for my friend. She loves music, so somebody floated a suggestion about putting together song lists for her to listen to, and I offered to burn the CDs since I have the equipment, plus iTunes. I actually had no idea that she liked music so much: she never uses the CD player in her office, and she laughs everytime she sees me with my iPod and the waterproof case. ;) She is apparently an accomplished pianist (which is something she doesn't know about me, because I'm pretty sure she doesn't know that I play).
Anyway, all I was able to get were the blank CDs. At least I have those.
I also spent quite a bit of time doing research on the use of alternative communication in a hospital setting.
Pam: Good luck getting your house back together.
Kerry: You can find healthy food at a mexican place. :) Baja Fresh has an awesome tossed salad with shrimp on it. I actually went to Baja Fresh for dinner tonight, but only ate the kid's quesadilla I bought, and the meat out of the burrito... the burrito was just steak, and tomatoes... no rice or beans. I didn't drink enough the yesterday for what I've been doing, so I wasn't hungry since today I drank all day long!
Ginny: Hope things look up... :)

Well, I need to go start sorting through music for my own CD for my friend. I want to have it for Sunday.

12-31-2005, 01:00 AM
Pam - Do you read Patricia Cornwell. I love her. She is my favorite author. I have all of her books except for the newest one.
It sounds like everyone has been busy. I've been so sick and I've had to redo my daughter's bedroom. We finally got all of her stuff moved back in today. My house is still a mess though. All the painting stuff and things we needed to put in her wood floors are strung everywhere. Plus she was sharing a room with our son while we worked on hers, so all the toys they got for Christmas are piled in the dining room. Tomorrow has to be a major cleaning day.

I don't want to start back to school with a dirty house. I hate that. I'm feeling better tonight so I'm hoping I can get a workout in tomorrow. I haven't worked out since Christmas Eve morning. But, I have weighed myself and I'm still at 176 so I must be doing something right.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.;)

12-31-2005, 01:46 AM
Hi all:
As you can see what time it is, I am still up for some strange reason. I guess it was the two large glasses of iced tea I had at dinner. Dinner was nice, instead of going to the Mexican place we went to Bennigan's Sports Bar. I had steak, salamon, dinner salad, brocolli and a piece of carrot cake for dessert. My dh told me to go ahead and get dessert since we were celebrating our anniversary late this year. Since his truck was broke down on our big day. I enjoyed myself. Then I went to the video store and got two movies. I watched the one tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was an awesome movie. Now I am trying to make myself sleepy since we will be out late tomorrow night with friends celebrating the New Year in.
Mouse, thanks for the suggestions for Mexican food. I will have to try that the next time we go to the Mexican restuarant. Sounds like you had a busy day. Did you get your cd's burned this evening?
Dawn, glad that you are feeling better. I know what you mean about a dirty house. We sort of let our's go this past two weeks and just enjoyed playing with the kids. Hope you get your house cleaned tomorrow! We have to do that too tomorrow. That is good news about you not gaining weight over the holidays. I hope you can work in some time tomorrow to workout. I better it will help you start to feel like your old self again. :)
Hi to everyone else! Hope all is going well with you all!
Chat with you all later! I think I am ready to go to bed. :)
Night all,

12-31-2005, 01:49 PM
Hi all:
Happy New Year's Eve to you all! Sounds like cleaning house today is on everyone's agenda. I have to do that here in a little bit once I get done with my workout. I did my 30 minutes of the Biggest Loser Workout. That sure will keep your butt. But I want to do my excerise ball for a little bit and maybe strecth out my sore muslces.
Robyn, at least you seem to have a positive attitude towards your gain and you are ready to get back on track. Sorry your meeting wasn't so great today! Hope you find your living room again! :) As for the bat, they think it was already in the house hiding and was disturbed. But last night we didn't have any more flying around the house. Thank God! Enjoy your get together tonight. I guess our friends want us to go to one of their friend's party before we go to the local bar for a while.
Well I better go and get my workout finished. I will try to check back in with you all sometime today. If not, have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Plus be safe if you go out.
Take care,

12-31-2005, 02:32 PM
Afternoon, all.
I was apparently among the many that couldn't sleep last night. I was up till around 3, and back up at 7:30. :sigh: I have to work tomorrow at the gym (most of the lifeguards are real party'ers, so our director had given the shift to me several months ago!), and then am going to see my friend at the hospital. I'm going with the other person who went with me last time, and one of the managers of the whole gym. I'm hoping that the other guard that is a friend of mine will come too; he has been avoiding going.
So, I won't be doing a whole lot tonight... I think I'll just watch the DVDs I received from NetFlix and get some chinese food. The chinese is a tradition in my family: not sure when it started, but I remember it for most of my life. One reason we do it is because nobody in my family likes pork and saurkraut, but that is the local tradition where we live... so we do Chinese cabbage and pork! ;)
Dawn: Glad your daughter's room is nearly finished. :) I bet she will really like it.
Kerry: Enjoy yourself tonight... :)
Robyn: No, the people at Staples didn't help me at all. The cashier tried and did get the manager on duty, but he wasn't really the store manager and just kind of shrugged and said I'd have to come back on Monday or call the 800 customer service number for the teacher rewards program. I've seen the Suduko puzzles but haven't gotten into them at all.
I made one play list for my friend, but I don't like it... and I'm glad I always listen before I burn stuff because I completely forgot that one of the songs had an anti-drunk driving message appended to the end of it. Its the finale from HairSpray, the musical (which is based in Baltimore), and its like 20 or 30 seconds after the main song. I definitely do NOT want that in there.
I guess I'll have to go play around somemore later today.

12-31-2005, 03:31 PM
ANother short hello......Atilla was in such a horrible mood because he was actually cleaning the garage....and the miserable mood results from that. Thanks for your condolences. Robyn- 2.4# is nothing......probably a lot of it is salt/water....and will be gone next week. (I missed last week but am going on Wed- my WI will not be too pretty either.)
Pam- enjoy Predator......I read some of the reviews on B& and it was not all that well recieved. For me, I found it a vast improvement over The last Precinct (did not really like that all that much) - I liked Trace- and did enjoy Predator. One character in particular was at least prevalent throughout the book and that made me happy.......yup, I am leaving out details deliberately. BTW- Cornwell herself is a bit of a wierdo.....did some online research on her. But Iguess you have to be "off" to come up with plots like these.
Mouse, Kerry, Summer, Dawn and Michele- sorry not to get personal, we are getting ready to go see King Kong.....and I get little time (if any ) to the computer with Dh and the kids home. Happy New Year all!!!!!!

12-31-2005, 05:28 PM
Happy New Year everyone!:balloons:
No big plans for us tonight. Hopefully going out to dinner, as my kitchen is clean and I don't want to mess it up.:D
I have managed over this week off to gain three pounds......:mad: I guess it could have been much worse. Tomorrow I am going to journal everything, drink water, and start excercising. Haven't made it to get the total gym yet. It was a gift to me......From me.....My friend is selling it and she is letting me make payments on it. So, that's great.
I have read the first three chapters in Predator.....Not liking the way Lucy is acting so far, sort of pissing me off....Had to make myself put it down so I could clean the bedroom, and drag the rest of the stuff up to the attic. Tomorrow, I am going to read, read, read. Can't believe it is time for us to go back to work. I'm not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No time to get personal, still need to vacuum in here before my husband gets home, and I get nothing done after that....

Have a safe and Happy New Year! See ya in 2006!:newyear:


01-01-2006, 02:51 PM
Happy New Year!!:balloons:

I got my house completely cleaned!! I can't believe I did it. I still am not feeling all that well, but I get to start school with a nice clean house. I am getting ready to start my workouts again because I actually feel like I can make it through without passing out. We shall see. I've been really good on my eating though.

I have so much stuff to do when I go back to school on Tuesday. Kids don't come in until Wednesday so I should have plenty of time to get everything finished. I have company over so I guess I should go. I'll check back in later.:comp:

01-01-2006, 03:17 PM
My condolences to those who are returning to work tomorrow. I face the music on Tuesday.......

Dawn-now that you are done cleaning your house, how about cleaning mine?
(I wasted 2 days ripping apart the house looking for Ds's wallet- and I mean ripped the house apart......a wasted effort BTW) Glad you have been good with your eating........keep up the good work.

Robyn- I will be screaming with you tomorrow, when I am down to hours left......hope you get a chance to read Predator. I did enjoy it....I did the same thing as you pulling out all the "lost" stuff.....scrambling all over the house. Funny, I can do sort of ok for most of the year as far as organization goes, and then Nov/Dec hits and my organization skills go to the dogs. Good luck getting set up for tomorrow.

Pam- glad you are getting some Predator time in. Lucy is not my favorite character at all.....Benton describes her rather well toward the end of the book (think it is at the 2/3 point.....). She drives me nuts, and for me it seems wierd how someone so bright can be so dumb. Congrats on the gym membership. And only 3#? You will have that off in no much of what we eat this time of year is salty.

Got my WW tape in this am......feeling "salty" myself, we got chinese last nite and TOM is due this week. I am not expecting great things this week at WI time.....Happy 2006 everyone......better go. Just wanted to sneak in a quick hello.

01-01-2006, 04:51 PM
Happy New Year everyone,
I am not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow either Robyn. I know it will be a very long day too where I work the afterschool program until 6. Than I will be off to the gym and home to rest probably. :) Hope you are able to get your stuff done for school today.
Dawn, glad you are feeling a little bit better. So what kind of workout's do you like to do? I told my dh this morning when we woke up for the 2nd time and stayed up that I wasn't going to put in a workout today. That after dancing with our friends for 2 hours after midnight that I needed to let my legs and stomach rest today. :) So are you looking forward to a smaller class come Wednesday? Hope you are able to enjoy your last few days!
Ginny, so did you ever find your ds's wallet? Hope you were able to put your house in some sort of order today. So feeling a little salty after Chinese last night huh? Hope you are feeling a little bit better. Sending postive thoughts your way for Wednesday's wi. :)
Pam, a 3 pound gain isn't that bad due to the holidays. You will take it off in no time. Sounds like you have a great plan lined up to hold yourself accountable. So did you get to go out for dinner last night than? Hope you are able to enjoy your last few days of freedom!
Mouse, did you get your cd's burned for your friend? Hope she is recovering nicely. So did your one friend who hasn't see her yet go with you and your coworkers? So were you busy at the gym today? I hope you enjoyed your movies and chinese last night!
Hi to Sue, Summer, Michelle and Fran. Hope all is well for you all!
Talk to you all later.
Take care,

01-01-2006, 07:19 PM
Evening, all.
If there are typos, I disclaim responsibility... there is a cat laying on this mouse's chest purring. I guess I was gone too long today or something.
I yanked myself out of bed and out the door by 8:15 this morning, and arrived on time at the gym. There was so little traffic on the road, it was kind of scary! You would have thought that we would be empty at the gym? HECK NO!!!!! There were 8 people waiting when I arrived, and more coming up behind me. The pool did a booming business all day (our members hate sharing lanes, and won't do it unless absolutely necessary; I can't blame them, the lanes aren't really that wide!), with all 4 lap lanes in use constantly, plus a handful in the therapy pool or exercise lane. I had to ask 2 regulars to leave when we closed at 1:45 this afternoon. The other guard that I had hoped would go with us to the hospital didn't show up (he'd been on the schedule with a question mark anyway, and he's into his parties, so I didn't REALLY expect him!). My friend and I left around 2:00 and went down there. I didn't have the CD done, but my friend had finished laminating the communication board I made for her. Unfortunately, she is running a fever today (not high, right about 101), and she is on a ventilator. She's being assisted with her breathing, and only breathing about 20% on her own now.
Her color is still good, and she's not in a coma. She still knew we were there, and was interested in the conversation when we discussed things at the gym. I made a point of telling her that today was the first time I managed to move the lane lines for a class WITHOUT dropping any of them in the pool!
Came home, and I joined the ranks of those having chinese food. I'd like to take a nap, but if I do, I won't sleep later.

01-01-2006, 10:48 PM
whine whine whine whine whine!
Talk to you all at the end of the week!
...trying to be brave.......sighhhhh!
take care,

01-02-2006, 10:02 AM
My condolonces to Robyn who is returning to work today!:(
I will be in your boat tomorrow am. I don't even know where I left off teaching.............Hmmmmmm. Guess I'll have to investigate that......
Well, I'll have to come back later and type a post my friend just called to say that she is on the way over. Need to get dressed....


01-02-2006, 01:22 PM
My last day of vacation:tantrum: I am so not ready to go back to work. I am looking forward to my smaller class though.:D I'm really excited to see how things go. I'm hoping it will go better than before. There were so many things I wanted to do but couldn't because of all the bickering and fighting.:shrug:

My friend that got the job taking over half of my kiddos is so nervous. She still hasn't finished her room. She is going to finish everything up tomorrow. We have teacher work day before the kids come back on Wednesday. I will use every minute of it too.

I convinced one of my friends to do the biggest loser video with me. I thought she was going to pass out. I found it harder than usual since I hadn't done it in a week. Even though I'm feeling better my husband now has what I had.:( It sucks being sick.

I hope those of you that had to go back to work had an ok day. I will be joining you tomorrow.:(

Mouse - I hope your friend gets better. Being on a ventilator is scary stuff. I will be praying for her. She'll pull through. I'm sending you a big hug.:hug:

I have to go do some laundry so I'll check back in later. Have a great day.

01-02-2006, 03:43 PM
Thanks, Dawn. The person that went with me yesterday thinks that she may have just come back from surgery, because she'd had surgery on her eye, and it was stitched shut on Thursday when we were there. The physical therapist that I saw in Baltimore is also friends with our director, and was there Saturday; her eye was still stitched then, and she wasn't on a vent at that point. It wasn't stitched on Sunday, so the possibility is that she may have been on the vent because of the additional surgery. Although it seems strange that they would have been doing surgery like that on a Sunday, on New Years Day. But who knows?
Like most, I go back to work tomorrow. I haven't worked on the rest of the spelling units for my kids, because I sort of stopped when I heard about my friend. I have no planning done. :( And things were so crazy in December with snow days and holiday activities, that I don't even remember where we were. I think we finished the grocery store units. I need to get them started on their portfolios, but I've been held up because they haven't installed the talking word-processors on the computers in my room yet... and I want the work to the KIDS, and not mine. If they dictate to me, its not their work... they tend to say different things to me then they do when they write on their own.
And, just for the record, I'm FREEZING! Again. I even have the heat on (although it is set at 65 because I have gas heat and my bill doubled last month from $35 to $75!), but I'm still freezing. But the temperature it is set on shouldn't matter: I'm wearing a sweatshirt, sweat pants, socks, and sitting on my bed with 4 quilts and a portable cat heater... Although that latter part tends to move unexpectedly and has been known to bite if it tips over. ;)

01-02-2006, 08:08 PM
Yes, Mousie! Wasn't today just one of those GREAT beautiful Virginia weather days?! NOT! I certainly hope that you have not either burned down the apartment building nor electrocuted yourself with that portable car heater! Um, aren't you the Emergency Red Cross gal? YIKES! A fire OR electrocution would NOT look good on your resume! ;) I'm very sorry that you are so cold! I spent the day either sweating or freezing as the new heater in my room (the old one burned up during our short week before the holiday!) seems to know 2 temperatures....FIRE and ICE! Please be careful, fried Mouse would be horrible!

Pam, um, isn't it funny how a few days off causes us to go into amnesia mode? Isn't it also funny how one day back in the saddle undoes all that the days off do?! Sigh! Good luck with catching up and getting back into the swing of it all! Did you have fun with your friend? And thanks for your sympathy.......going back was like riding a remember the feeling of the sidewalk and you're sorta scared to try it again! (Not what you were thinking, huh?!) ....and yep, we got right back to business! Helicopter momma's and all!

Dawn, hope that you find that your smaller class is wonderful! I had to chuckle at your comment about your friend being nervous about taking the other 1/2 of your class.... She should be! ;) I'm sure that the 2 of you will do great....AND you have a work day before the children arrive back??? Holey Smokes! I'm green!

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry! I hope that you survived today...and tonight! My nerves were pretty shot by 1 pm when I realized that not only was I NOT going to get to take a nap...I was also not going to get to run to the restroom until 1:30! How spoiled Christmas break made me! Having to wear shoes and a bra all day was also a drag! My kiddos were in rare form..... too much time at home with no discipline. I had one in hysterical tears over his math page... Gasp, sob... I had him add AND subtract to 10....with ONLY a numberline to help! Sob, gasp! He needed a nap in the worst sort of way! ...and trust me the crying him no where REALLY quick....gasp! Sob! Poor kid! Those 15 math problems were so Sob! Gasp! harrrrrrrrrrd! (Make sure you do your best I Love Lucy whine there!) It will take most of the week for me to reel him in and get him back to the point that he can follow the discipline plan!

My head has been throbbing since Math (see above!) .....the weather and lack of sleep truly has not helped Granny today! So, I'm off to help my boys with their homework assignments and then call it a night! NOT that I will be able to get to sleep...cause now I've got THEM back in my noggin! ::shrug::

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny! Where are you Ginny?! Hope Attilla has gone and left your dh alone! (((hugs)))

Good luck to you folks who are welcoming the new year at school tomorrow! We wrote our New Years Resolutions.... my little dears decided that I should lose weight! Well....DUH! ...but it still sort of stung! I'm about asleep at the I'd best go!

Ya'll take care! How many more weeks until Spring Break?! :) :)

01-02-2006, 08:54 PM
Oh, Robyn.... poor, poor Robyn!

I don't have a portable CAR heater. I had a portable CAT heater. It meows, and purrs! And, as I said, tends to bite when it is tipped over. ;)

Your math story is making me remember that at least two of my students have no discipline at home. One rules the roost, although she decided to take an extra day of vacation, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if she didn't come tomorrow either. The other one is my ED Kiddo. He's going to be disappointed that there isn't anything new for the classroom store... but maybe he'll be a little happy, since I'm supposed to get a whole delivery of used games tonight. A friend of a friend of mine was cleaning out a storage locker, and had lots of old games: Uno, Boggle, Scrabble, etc, and she said I could have any of the ones that were left that. She's going to drop them outside my apartment around midnight tonight. Of course, that means I have to get up to let her in. Its worth it though: Games are so expensive, and as you know, my last employer kept my Life & Uno games, plus sent back PayDay with only a few pieces. I have Yahtzee and Scattergories but those haven't made it to the classroom yet. We'll have to find space for all the games!
I like your idea about New Years Resolutions! I might have my English class or my transition class do that tomorrow. Depends on behavior. We may just play structured games all day tomorrow... practice those math and language arts skills that way! Get 'em warmed up.

01-02-2006, 11:50 PM
All I can say is I made it through the day! But I can't wait for Friday to get here. My kids were sort of good until this afternoon and than it was a free for all. The kids in the afterschool program were okay. But you could tell that they were all tired and wanted to be at home. Plus the adult staff wanted to be home too watching Ohio State beat Notre Dame. :) But I was a good girl and went to Curves and put in a workout this evening afterschool. I came home to relax a little bit and my dh called from the local pizza pub and asked if I was planning on coming down to visit with everyone. You all would be so proud of me, I didn't eat or drink anything there. They all tried their hardest to get me to eat some pizza, but I stuck to my guns and said no. So hopefully the scales will tell me a good number tomorrow evening at TOPS! :)
Robyn I just want to send out tons of hugs your way! Sounds like your day was a rough one. Hope you get a good nights sleep!
Mouse, hope you finally got warm! I get that way sometimes and everyone thinks I am weird. So I understand where you are coming from. :) Hope you get some really neat new used games.
Pam and Dawn, hope you have a nice easy transition tomorrow back into the work world.
Found out that we don't MLK, Jr. Day off this year. The students get it off, but we have to come in and work that day. So I guess I have to do the count down to President's Day weekend. I am not a happy camper about having a workday that day. For years we have gotten that day off. I hope my boss doesn't keep us there the whole day.
Well I better go and get ready for bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Take care,

01-03-2006, 07:18 AM
Well THANK HEAVENS! I told you I was fatigued when I wrote my last note! I had logged in this morning to see if Mousie had survived the evening! :)
caT / caR whew! I'm sorry that your cat bites! However, WhoooHooo! Your resume is safe, altho, I'm adding "blind old coot" to mine!

Kerry, you are such a good girl! Good for you resisting the PEER PRESSURE! I struggled yesterday with my intake..... couldn't get the water in while at school for the horrible need for the restroom and NO ability to get there... AND when I get stressed, I tend to have horrid cravings! While I didn't go hog wild (no fudge this time!) but I feel right into the emotional eating as I was starving and cooking dinner trap! Sigh... Today is a new day!

Hey to everyone else!
Take care,

01-03-2006, 07:50 AM
Gee, looks as though our morning Robyn beat me here this am.......glad to see you up bright eyed and bushy tailed, my dear!!! I hope you have a great day and that your math woes.....unstructured kiddies and lack of a potty for hours becomes managable today. I hear ya with the darned emotional eating at the end of a work day, while cooking. One thing I picked up a while ago at a meeting, my leader suggested having a healthy snack(something you like that is prepackaged in a sandwich bag for example a cup of popcorn or 5 lf wheat thins and something nice to drink (flavored water, seltzer...whatever floats your boat) ready and waiting for you to snack on to keep the awful I am cooking dinner munchies and am stressed out away. Good luck today.....hope all goes well.

Kerry- first of all I do want to say how great it is to hear from you on a regular basis again. I missed you!!! Well, the only good thing about having to work MLK day is at least you won't have the stress of the kids there. But it still stinks having to get up out of bed. Good for you resisting the pizza!!!!
Feels good doesn't it?! (not that I am that good with willpower). That Ohio state game was sure interesting......(it did not matter to me who won, Dh was more interested in the WVa- Georgia game for some reason).

Mouse- FYI most of the game manufacturers have great websites to order missing game pieces. I was able to totally reconstruct our Scattergories Jr that way......and scattergories Jr has not been made for several years. (oh, am I dating myself...) Any news on your friend's health?

Dawn- how did your first day back go???

Pam-Good luck on your first day back.....I love Robyn's wisdom about it....well worth reading.

Me??? Today will be fun. Fidgie (our obnoxious 10 month old kitten) has a appointment to be spayed today.....can't wait. Hormonal kids and hormonal cats don't mix (add my hormones in and the fun really begins!:o ) Then I have to take Dd to get her eyes checked....actually we already know she inherited my myopic eyes, just getting contacts today (new insurance year....hehehehe) Didn't sleep for crap last night knowing that I would have to get up this am for work. But.....well, it snowed here and we are closed.
So I will face the music tomorrow. Guess I will sign off and go face the treadmill...I am SO tired.......

01-03-2006, 04:19 PM
Well ladies, the time has come, the time is now, back to join you in losing weight NOW!

Grad school is over till summer or fall. The holidays are done. I'm stressed out over money and the lack thereof. I'm fatter than ever. I really need to be back here with you, and I will work to make the time to come as often as I can. I hope you will have me.

Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser 2 marathon till midnight. I have to say, it was very inspirational. I especially related to Suzy who ended up in the top three. I really liked South Beach, but after doing really well during the first two weeks on phase 1 (the real deprivation period), I didn't lose well on phase 2 when good carbs are gradually reintroduced. In the past, weight watchers has worked well for me, but I still agree that carbs are dangerous for me. So, I plan on using the old fashioned weight watcher points system while eliminating all bad carbs. How's that for a compromise?

I have missed you all, and I look forward to reconnecting with you.

01-03-2006, 04:47 PM
Let me know when you are ready for a new thread.

01-03-2006, 06:24 PM
WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Will we still have you??????? Huh??????:carrot: :carrot: I have missed you and Kerry (and was too asleep this am to be this before my coffee is not pretty).
Sorry about the financial woes (think we all have them), sorry about the weight.......hang around here and it will come off. Sounds as though you have a great action plan- following WW eliminating the trigger foods for you (a good choice). I still have some trigger foods that I cannot touch.....who knows if I will ever be able to do so. Welcome back .......hope you can get here frequently.

Survived today. Got an hour on the treadmill. Shovelled some snow. Figure I got my 4 AP's in somehow. We just picked up Fidgie from the vet.....still a wacko cat....just recovering from the anesthesia. Took Dd for her contact lenses, snow and all. So it was a successful day. My house still looks like a bomb hit it....some things never change.Tomorrow should be interesting......3 of the rowdier drivers are going with me to WW.....nice ladies, just very nuts.....Laura (the leader) will probably kill me for this one.......
Opps, Atilla (he seems to be in a good mood....pfew!) came home. See ya

01-03-2006, 10:22 PM
Evening All,
I survived day two of this week. But I think it is going to be a long week trying to get my kids back on track. I may go insane before that happens. LOL I went to TOPS tonight and stayed the same. So I guess that is better than gaining weight. :) We started our Biggest Loser Contest tonight. It runs from Jan.3rd to July 4th. So I hope to finish in the top five. Atleast that is my goal plan for now.
Summer welcome back! We sure did miss you! Sounds like you have a wonderful plan of action to get back on track. I know that you can do it.
Robyn hope your day was better today. No crying math stories I hope! LOL Did you stay on plan today with your eating? I know it is really hard when you are tired and stressed on top of that. So we will have to support each other to get through those times without doing some major emotional eating.
Ginny, snow what is snow? You would think by this time of the year, Ohio would be covered with it. But now we didn't even have a white Christmas this year. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and a ton of rain. Glad that you were able to get some Ginny time in on the treadmill. Were I am selling Avon now, I earn points for each dollar amount I sell and I can turn those points in for prizes. My first prize purchase I think I am going to make is to get a treadmill. I would love to be able to make a home gym with a treadmill, excerise bike, ab lounger and maybe an epillical machine. That way my whole family would benfit from it. Hope your friends are not too rowdy tomorrow morning for your WW meeting. Good luck with your WI!
Dawn I hope you were able to get a lot of work done in your room today. Are you ready for your kids to come back tomorrow? Hope all goes well for you with a smaller class size!
Hi Pam, Sue, Michelle, Mouse and Fran. Hope all is going well with you guys! Miss chatting with you. Hope you come check in with us soon!
Well I need to go do a few things before going to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Take care,

01-03-2006, 10:54 PM
:carrot: :dance: :dancer: :cheer: :cb: SHE's back!!!! :carrot: :dance: :dancer: :cheer: :cb:

:welcome: home, Summer!
:wave: :hug: Can you tell that you've been missed?:hug: :wave:

Will return confess that I've had a horrible day with eating..... HORRIBLE.... HORRIBLE... TERRIBLE and I'll spare you the woes of my mathbaby! Tomorrow is another day.... I'm gonna move mathbaby's seat.....AND keep my darn mouth closed...even if I have to use duct tape! Sighh!

Sorry not to get personal...... I didn't sleep much last night AND we had no snow you lucky snow birdies! I've slept about 5 hours total in the last 2 nights.... Guess it was a darn good thing that I slept too much while on break! ENOUGH of my mouth!

ya'll take care,

01-03-2006, 10:58 PM
Should we do a new thread in honor of the new year????

I got a note from a teacher down the hall that was on the cutest "teacher" post it today... It had cartoony class at the bottom....and the teacher looking up gazing at the clock and the caption was "Its 3 o'clock somewhere!" Don't know why I HAD to mention it here.... Maybe because this day was THEEEEEEEEE longest day in 2006 so far! ;) Yeah! Whine, whine, whine! I'm really getting good at this!

01-03-2006, 11:11 PM
Evening, everybody!
Let's see... Today...
Well, the games showed up at my door around 12:15. I was still awake. We are now the proud owners of: Wheel of Fortune, Password (got 2 of those, gave the older one to another classroom), Trivial Pursuit (we now have Junior and original; junior is too hard for my kids, but they wouldn't give up the original one... I suggested, they resisted!), Othello, Boggle, Clue, and 2 or 3 decks of plain cards. I was motivated to bring in Yahtzee, Monopoly Junior, Roll-A-Word (a travel version of Scattergories), and some other card games. We also received Family Therapy (didn't take that in to school), Pokeno, and Texas Hold 'Em. Those didn't get into school. There were also 2 checker/chess boards which fell apart. Most of them were in really good shape once we fixed up some boxes and sorted out cards and money. We're missing some weapons from Clue, and a player piece... I'm going to look at Ginny's website and see if that helps me out any. We also have 2 sets of a game called Fluxx that all the kids love, and a friend of mine found Family Fluxx so my two lower kids can learn it too, plus my mom donated a Backgammon/Chess/Checker set.
The kids weren't too bad today, although my student that speaks only Spanish apparently had a doozy of a seizure over break and came back with 2 broken teeth. One was removed entirely, and he had stitches, the other is half gone. He also zonked out at the end of 7th period for 20 minutes (not unusual: we're not sure if its the meds or if he's having so many little seizures that he just zonks) My ED kiddo is off to a fantastic start and earned 49 out of 50 of his points today. Of course, I didn't tax him too much: no academics (well, sorting the games and getting those put away ARE academics for my kids!), and I taught him how to play Othello during the study period today. As I predicted, he LOVES it.
I worked in the computer lab after school: none of the kids showed up, so I had an hour to do my grades. Oh, and the assistive tech people showed up to installed the software I requested in October! :) :) :) Of course, I asked for 2 programs, and they put one on one computer and one on the other computer... which doesn't do me a lot of good for group activities, but I'm hoping they'll agree to put both programs on both computers for me.
Tonight, I finished up 3 out of 6 spelling units for this thematic set... I should've had them done FOR today, but I had convinced myself that today was an 'A' day, and it wasn't. It was a 'B' day, which is a totally different schedule!
I haven't heard anything about my friend since I saw her on Sunday. The head lifeguard scared me because he called me yesterday afternoon, but it was just to ask me if I wanted to work last night. I would have done it, but I had to work in the morning here. I'm supposed to go to the holiday party (the gym always has it AFTER the holidays because we have mixed religions, so its too hard to have it in December)... but since I have the days wrong at school, I may not. I can handle lack of sleep on an A day, but its hard on a B day because I don't get a break.
Summer: WELCOME BACK!!!!! :) I'm supposed to start classes again in the Spring, but both classes I was going to take were cancelled! My back up class is now being taught by my former supervisor from my last school; after the way they treated me, there is no way I'm going to PAY for the privilege of sitting with that jerk for 12 weeks! My advisor had been pretty certain that my supervisor wouldn't teach at the one campus closer to me, but somehow, he is! :(
Robyn: Its okay. My cat doesn't really bite, only if he tips over (IE, I make him move). The whole thing was really a joke.... although, fried mouse. Oh, here's a funny for you: I brought in some folder activities for my student that speaks Spanish. They all go with a picture book: I have Very Hungry Caterpillar, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Mitten. They were for a 6-year-old I worked with in a hospital program several years ago. So, I'm showing the folders to the kids, and my Spanish speaker looks me right in the eye, points at the picture of the Mouse from 'If You Give..', and say, "Rat". I looked at him and said, "No, that's a Mouse." He smiles and say, "No Mouse. Rat. In Spanish, Ratton... No Mouse!" He was very insistant all day that it was a rat! It was really kind of cute! I wonder what he'd think of my name here...? Ahh... my portable cat heater is coming up onto the bed!
Ginny: Sorry. We don't have any snow right now, but its all rainy. I was really tired too when I woke up. How's Fidgie doing? Imp stayed overnight at the vet's office the day he had his surgery.
Kerry: No, I don't think I ever warmed up... and to make matters worse, over break the "energy dictator" came into the school and decided that it was "too warm". So, they cut the heat! Now, my room was freezing before break, but now its like being in the Arctic! The kids weren't complaining, but I was freezing all day long until I drove home. And that only lasted as long as I was in the car with the heater going full blast! Its insane: I'm either freezing or sweating (but as soon as I finish whatever I was doing that made me sweat, I'm freezing again!).

Wow... way long post. :) G'night, all. And, hopefully the physical therapist will let me start swimming down here again. Maybe.

01-04-2006, 07:19 AM
Didn't want you to miss the party I had thrown in Summer's honor! It got stuck down on the end of the other page!
If you already saw this, well, um, celebrate again! :) I'm REALLY glad Summer is back with us!

:carrot: :dance: :dancer: :cheer: :cb: SHE's back!!!! :carrot: :dance: :dancer: :cheer: :cb:

:welcome: home, Summer!
:wave: :hug: Can you tell that you've been missed?:hug: :wave:

01-04-2006, 07:21 AM
Bright eyed? Bushy tailed? Nuh uh! But thanks for the vote of confidence, Gin! :) I'm off to duct tape my mouth! Have a great day!

take care,

01-04-2006, 08:11 AM
WOW!!! Thanks for the love!!!

Okay, I'm gonna start a new thread. I'll see you on the new one!

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