100 lb. Club - Remember I have had severe knee pain?

11-04-2005, 06:26 PM
Hi guys,

Remember I have had severe knee pain since i started losing weight. Well just wanted to update you that after 5 weeks i decided to call the doctor and get a prescription to hold me over. I didn't want to but the orthopedist i am supposed to see had to reschedule for a week later than the appointment i originally had so my doc said no problem. She put me on Lodine and gave me a two month supply, the stuff works MAGIC... i am feeling so much better and able to maneuver almost back to normal once again!!!

I am tickled pink, and now i can get through until my appointment time which i am aiming to have a cortisone injection in the knee, if these pills are working then i need the injection which i can get one every six months if needed. Feels weird actually to feel no pain!!

11-04-2005, 10:19 PM
Glad you've found relief with the Lodine! Small world, too. I've got an appointment with an orthopedic specialist Wednesday for problems with my knee - that and hip and lower back pain I've been having. It's wonderful you're doing so well now!

11-05-2005, 08:54 AM
Good luck with your appointment. The pain i have been having was so severe it would just incapacitate me. It was getting to the point i couldn't even sleep. I got a bit upset when i found out my ortho appointment was rescheduled for a week after the original date that's why i called my primary to get a temporary prescription so i can at least get some relief to get through to the appointment. I hope all i need is an injection.

It's hard to believe i can actually walk !! it has been a long five painful weeks and now i have no pain, or very little pain anyway.

11-05-2005, 10:18 PM
Knee pain is no fun- I know from personal experience, having had several major knee surgeries on both of my knees. And anytime you have knee or foot/ankle pain, it can make you walk just differently enough that next thing you have hip & back pain. I'm glad you found a medication that helps- its an anti-imflammatory so it will help with both the pain & the swelling...it doesn't take a lot of swelling the knee to throw things off. Hopefully your ortho can make some non-surgical recomendations that will get you back on track. Physical therapy might be a big help, not only to rehab the knee but to also make sure you aren't developing any bad body mechanics from the pain.

When you are ready to start thinking about exercising, you might want to look into Nortic Track like skiers. Along with water aerobics, its one of the few things my doctors will let me do...even exercise bikes are out, other then for easy peddleing for warm up/cool downs. I can also use some eliptical trainers, but I have to be careful that I don't put any pressure on my kneecaps since they dislocate so easily.

Good luck to both you and GardenWife with your upcomming appts.

11-07-2005, 11:01 AM
It's good you've found some relief, Elie. I hope it continues to be your miracle cure. Knee pain can be horrible - we all need to be mobile in our lives so when we experience pain in one of the key areas that give us our mobility it can be especially bad.