Support Groups - The Royal Procession Towards the Solstice

11-02-2005, 04:06 PM
Calling all Royalty -- and you KNOW who you are! Let's all take a deep breath, join hands, smile and courageously forge ahead towards the Winter Solstice and the Festive Season. Let's celebrate our journey with a pledge to seek health and wholeness, in the knowledge that therein lies the purest celebration.

We're about seven weeks away -- in that time, we can relax, reinvigorate and rejuvenate. Then, when the blessed day arrives, we'll be fortified to venture forth at our radiant best, into the ever-increasing light!

Pop in and post your own personal challenge/commitment!

11-02-2005, 06:38 PM
Yo, :queen: Wood Nymph, also known as Arabella, thanks for startin' this march to the lovely Solstice, the time when light returneth to the winter night and the sight of spring be just beyond the horizon, unseen but nevertheless felt by those who know it's there! :)

Massive insecurities in my universal continuum make it impossible right now for me to accurately predict where my weight-management/fitness commitment should lie by that Solstice, but I shall returneth with some goals at a different time.

Huzzah, all. I have to go cover something.

11-02-2005, 06:50 PM
Aaah, so invigorating a march! I may come up with more goals presently but for the moment I pledge to eat the five pounds of apples in the fridge within more or less the next week as a continuing of my healthier eating intentions.

Walked again while therapist was here. I love that woman. Even though it's usually only 15-20 minutes, it's more than I'd have otherwise.

11-02-2005, 08:53 PM
Arabella!!!! Thank you for writing such a lovely invitation/declaration for us. I'm truly inspired!

How cool would it be to actually lose/maintain weight over the holidays? I'm going to ponder my mission, like Amarantha and Anagram, and will be back later after I've devised a cunning plan that cannot fail!

11-02-2005, 08:55 PM
Hello all!

Thanks Wood Nymph! We've never had a procession before. So much more royal than a parade....

I need some ideas....
I am responding to a job advertisement by email but am braindead and stuck...
this is all I have....
I am the qualified person you are seeking!
Please find my resume attached for your review for the Incorporating Specialist Position advertised in the Sunday News Journal.
My Customer Service skills and experience, combined with my previous experience Incorporating and Registering Business Entities, (stuck)........

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss further........(Stuck)..."

Any ideas??

And yes, day 2 from the sugar binge didnt go well.... not horrible but not stellar either...

Here's a grin for us too....

.Another Way to Economize











Ketle is on!

11-02-2005, 10:12 PM
Kaylets I'm usually good at these things, but I'm brain dead after a day of no sugar and no caffeine.

Surviving first day of induction. Need to find some snack-type stuff that I can have...sugar free jello is one, but need something portable. Jello melts.

Thanks for starting us off in such royal fashion, Arabella! I can't really commit to a weight loss goal for this challenge because I don't know how my body is going to adapt to Atkins...could lose quickly, or not at all...maybe after my two weeks of induction are over I'll have a better idea. For now I'm just committing to staying on the wagon!

11-03-2005, 04:37 AM
And I'm just committing to clinging on to that wagon for dear life! Fluids were pretty good, got in my little walk. But binging right and left and knowing I'm doing it and not giving a ....... This is NOT ROYAL and MUST STOP. I am seeing my doctor today and will likely be weighed. But won't ask if they don't. CHICKEN, YOU BET!

I am also finishing up the prednisone. Hopefully that will help. I need to get back to sneaking in my little relaxation techniques. No doubt this is all stressful and I need to find more constructive ways to deal with it all. I realize just how much I miss dh as my sounding board. No matter what went on, he'd be there for me to sound off to.

I'm really missing the freedom to be out in this gorgeous weather. I do have caregiver for my doctor visit today - hopefully the visit will be short and I'll be ableto squeeze in something else, be it five minutes on a park bench. Did I mention that when she was here Tuesday I got a pedicure? My toe nails are now glowing "Jewel of India". But it was so crazy trying to get out, it was incredible and I was worried the whole time about getting back. DS is supposed to come this weekend and then I usually have a bit more extended time to unwind.

On the whole, he is making progress but in teeny tiny stages with some backsliding. We are currently "tweaking" the dialysis and the nephrologist has assured him he WILL feel better when more toxins are removed.

So I'm still trying to be gentle with me as far as self criticism is concerned but I just have to get back enough intelligence to stop the bingeing. THREE SEAT BELTS TODAY - SCARLET, GOLD AND HUNTER. VIVID - VIVACIOUS - VIBRANT. If that doesn't do it, nothing will!

11-03-2005, 07:24 PM
A me-me postie if no one minds as I'm late headin' to the latest meetin' from ... wherever ... very complex few days comin' up and my mom's bird died (I've had it since two years before mom's death) ... and that upset me a bit ... anyhow, still off sugar and white flour etc. and still thinkin' o' solstice goals ... I will post when a plan occurs to me ... I do believe I will be committing to decluttering everyday and this IS related to weight management/health/fitness, as the clutter in my life is defeatin' everything, including the bod ... this is an "unlike-me" postie, sorta ... I am in a different place today than usual ... are we havin' fun yet? :)

11-03-2005, 09:41 PM
Hello all....

Empress, its interesting how we feel sadder than we expect by some things....
and how sometimes we just don't know ourselves as well as we think we do....

I am braindead again tonight....
Hugs to alll!

11-04-2005, 09:05 AM
Yep, Kaylets! :)

I am also braindead today. Meeting was very disturbing and I had to tell someone to take their hands off of me, that's how bad job is getting.

Anyhow, am taking day off to attend to personal biz.

For this challenge, I've decided I will just "declutter" every day. Simple. I will deal with weight goals, etc., on Sunday and do a separate challenge in the journal in land far far, so's not to confuse me brain. The decluttering IS weight related, as previously stated, so guess it's ok to post it here.

Today: Decluttered 20 minutes.

11-04-2005, 09:22 AM
Good Morning Royals!

:carrot: a new thread!

I've set forth a mini goal for myself of drinking my water and just getting some excersise. I don't care if I lose weight right now. I need to move by butt and replenish my fluids.

I've decided I actually am repulsed by my current working conditions and I am doing something about it. I cannot believe I have sat here at this client site for so long with nothing to do, and I cannot believe my company has let me do it after all my complaining about it. I'm applying like mad!!! I am using careerbuilder and, are there any other websites for posting resumes or searching jobs on?

11-04-2005, 01:40 PM
Frogger, I have found to be much better than Monster. Good luck!

Oh, Day 3 of Atkins, still hanging in there! Will be back tonight.

11-04-2005, 03:17 PM
Flying by to say "Hi" -- still swamped, but off sugar and flour. Have had a frantic week -- and I usually count on the first week of the month to be a bit of a respite :rolleyes: Have had DS and DGS here a couple of days. Still have an ugly tax situation to deal with this aft. Should be back over weekend, hopefully rested. Take care of your sweet selves, Royals!

11-04-2005, 09:58 PM
AAAAH, the weekend! I'm ready for it. Caregiver never showed yesterday so i had to cancel dr. appt. My whole day seemed off kilter after that...Thought I had it together by mid afternoon but made some mistakes in hooking up dh last night. Just couldn't get it together.

Beautiful day today - Necessities done - then figured I deserved a break and took it. DS & DDIL coming for the weekend. Hope at least to get to grocery store and hopefully church while they're here.

Working on my apples. Off to bed early again. Need to make sleep a goal, I think.

11-05-2005, 02:09 PM
Good morning, Queenlies! I slipped last night -- went to the movies with my sister, who handed me a little bag of popcorn, into which she'd put chocolate treats. Ate the whole thing, I think more to avoid having to turn it down (or, heaven forbid, eat around the candy). I think it was mostly the kerfuffle that made me do it. That's my story, anyway. Need to practice saying "I'm off sugar." Back to sugar avoidance today. :yes: I've done a set of qi qong already and I think I'll go meditate soon while DH still snoozes. I've been doing well, food-wise. Need to hit the water a bit harder, though, and definitely need to increase my life-enhancing stuff.

Anagram, it must be so hard to have to stay in when the weather is lovely! (That said, I must admit that I spend way too much time indoors -- but it's my own darn fault and I should do something about it) You're making such a monumental sacrifice to keep your loved one at home. I know it's what you want to do, but it must be so hard. I'm familiar with the feeling of having one thing going awry knock the whole day off kilter, too. It's hard to regroup, sometimes, especially if you don't get a lot of respite. I hope you get some good, restorative breaks this weekend. Bet being off the prednisone helps!

Frogger, I know that great job is out there -- kudos for beginning the search!

Amarantha -- you had to tell someone to take their hands off you!!!! :eek: That's horrendous! I concur -- the clutter is weight-related for me, too. It's "not taking control"- related and "feeling overwhelmed/depressed"-related. It's ALL related. I did a vacuum and tidy last night.

:queen: K, you are right -- I never know how I'll react to something until it happens, no matter what I think while it's in the theoretical stages. We've got a guide to writing resumes and cover letters:,289893,sid9_gci1128479,00.html

Wildfire, how are you feeling on the Atkins? I did it years ago, but the vegetarian version, which was not as restrictive, carb-wise. I'm really thinking a good go at no sugar or starchy veggies for a while might be just what the doctor ordered.

Eydie, yes -- with our cunning plans, we shall not fail!!! That reminds me, I must concoct my own... Much the same as before, I think.

WSW, how goes it? I might have forgotten to lay that breadcrumb trail... will go back and leave now.

K -- been a long break here -- I started this this morning. Did qi qong, tai chi, a little run and yoga. WILL meditate :yes: But maybe a nap first :yawn: Have a great day, All.

11-05-2005, 09:18 PM
Just stopping to say hello, dears.

anagram, I hope you are getting some much deserved time to yourself this weekend with DS & DDIL visiting.

Amarantha, sorry that your bird died. Poor little thing. What kind was he? And you had to tell someone to take their hands off you? That's awful!

Frogger, those little changes will add up! Good luck with the job search.

Arabella, isn't it frustrating when people think they are doing you a favor by providing treats? I've started a journal here ( about my Atkins adventures. It's tough going, but I'm determined. I just have to get through induction and I'm sure I'll feel better in the second stage.

DH is calling for me to watch a movie, so I better go. Hope everyone is doing great!

11-05-2005, 09:46 PM
Yowza, we've got quite a bit o' activity here in the palace this weekend, seemingly. :carrot: :)

Yea, Arabella 'n Wildfire, I DID tell someone to take hands off and next time I'll tell 'em with an order of protection.

This worm hath turned, folkettes.

Actually, I think I'm startin' to get paranoid, though, but maybe not. I seem to be attracting negative energy from the universe lately in the form of confrontations and scary people botherin' me. This sometimes happens in parking lots ... I typed out a long story here about a scary happening to me in a parking lot today but decided it's identifiable ... so deleted.

Anyhow, be careful out there :queen: s ... it's a evil world sometimes.

Arabella, I'd just suggest that if you want to avoid sugar with ease, it is a good idea, as you say, to avoid "starchy" veggies, as well as white flour, white rice, etc. (and corn) ... getting those out of the system really makes a difference on how easy it is to get the sugar out. Sorry for the unsolicited advice. :)

Anagramatic, sorry the caregiver did not show and messed up your day. Hope there was a good reason for this, as it seems a little unacceptible not to show up for such an important job.

Wildfire, you're doing great on your Atkins. Hold on ... re the headaches, I have them when I've been on sugar for awhile and then withdraw ... horrible, very bad headaches. They do abate, though.

11-05-2005, 09:54 PM
Oh, Wildfire, the bird was a pure white English budgie called Bette Boop.

I don't think she suffered, though, although birds hide their problems well.

This is the first time since I've been five that I've not had a budgie in the house.

But will not get another one.

11-06-2005, 11:42 AM
Hello all,

Condensed version.... DS was given 2 choices when we realized he was out of work again ( got 2 paychecks this time) AND is using....
Choices were.... Take a drug test ( home kit) and if test positive ... leave
or Take the money we would have spent on the test and leave.....

DS was very loud and dramatic but DH was not to be distracted or swayed....
Most of the same arguments were brought up again... especially DS's argument that he disagrees w/ the laws that make drugs illegal so that should be enough for us too....
DH told DS that we cannot be "helping" him continue his present lifestyle.
DS took the money and DH took him to a motel. Who knows if he checked in....DS told us he'd come back for his "things"
DH told him it would be the last money he got from us.

That was Friday evening.
Yesterday, I washed nearly all of DS's clothing as it was impossible to tell what was clean or dirty... Nearly all of it is packed now except for a few pieces hadnt dried.

Coincidently, both Friday and Saturday night, I woke up what felt like a dozen times.. bathroom, coming downstairs for apples, tossing, turning....

Empress.... I shudder imagining a work situation that I have to tell someone to remove their hands from me..... I really don't know what I would do....

Wood Nymph.. thanks for the link, I 've already saved it and read a couple articles too....
You and Wildfire are so clever to imbed links into your postings... I am impressed!
Anagram-- How frustrating to have to reschedule because the caregiver didnt show.... wow... I would've been reaching for more than apples!

Frogger---I am sending positive vibes to travel w/ your applications... "you must hire Frogger... you need Frogger"

WSW-- Are you feeling like you've put some distance between you and the pnemonnia?? My guess is that you're still feeling the aftermath.... Keep taking those naps!

Wildfire--My own experiences w/ Atkins were so, so long ago that I am no judge anymore... then, you ate only protien one week, than no protein the next... I was too hungry the no week to continue... Interested to hear your results....

Ceara-- How are you and your job now too??? Are things easing up or do they still expect you to be their SuperWoman??

Aria-- How is life treating you?


I must go to the farmers market while DH is at work .... I am also thinking I may finally get the ironing board out of my dining room .....hmmmmm

maybe thats exactly what I need to do...

hmmmmm can you reorganize stuff that isnt organized in the first place?


11-06-2005, 01:54 PM
Kaylets, I am sorry you had another sad DS incident, but you know you and dh are doing the right thing. Somehow I am getting vibes from the universe when I read this and feel it will play itself out and resolve itself favorably, it will just take time, sweetheart.

World, I have lost another .40 and started a new journal in the second PBI (Plateau Bustin' Initiative) in the land far far. I would put a link to it also but I don't know how. :lol:

Thank you, Kaylets, for the comment on my HANDS-OFF working problem. I don't really know how to get past all this either, I just appreciate being able to connect with the :queen: s on it.

11-06-2005, 06:35 PM
Amarantha, sorry to hear about your bird-friend. You've had birds as pets since you were five? That's really something! And someone put their hands on you unbidden? :mad: Evidently they don't know who you are!!!

Kaylets, sorry to hear about the ongoing drama with DS. I wish I had something profound to say but I can't imagine how stressful and painful it must be.

Wildfire, I look forward to reading about your Atkins adventures! Can you post it here too? Also, I was wondering why coffee is forbidden during the induction phase.

Arabella, I didn't know there was a veg. version of Atkins. I did see several lo-carb vegetarian cookbooks at the bookstore yesterday though.

I have a book to recommend: "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness" by Joel ben Izzy. Lovely little true story about a storyteller who loses his voice. Garry read it and then talked me into reading it and we're telling everybody! We checked out the author's website and saw that he was going to be telling stories and signing books at a bookstore a mere 3 hours from us so we decided to go on an adventure. The book signing was yesterday and it was a great experience. You always take the chance when you meet someone you admire, that that person will be a complete jerk, but he was so nice! The store was in Raleigh, NC and on the way home I though of you, wsw, and that's where you live!!!!!!! We're planning on coming back and we HAVE TO meet, okay? :)
Anyway, yesterday was one of those magical rare days where all goes right. Believe me, it's not like us, to travel 3 hours [one way] for an hour-long event, but it was really good for us.

I trust everyone has disposed of their Halloween candy.......? :devil:

11-06-2005, 09:22 PM
The palace seems to be a social hub this weekend! So nice to enjoy all.

Empress, my sympathies too on loss of B.B. So many emotions wrapped up in one little parcel - and to have to tell someone to keep their hands off is certainly another tension making moment for sure. And to have to keep going back to the "scene of the crime" doesn't help.

Kaylets, I'm so sorry. I had hoped this time it would work for DS. How heartbreaking for you and dh. But glad he's firm - this is certainly not good for his health - or yours - or for that matter DS's.

I did have a quality weekend. DS & DDIL took us on a leafpeeping tour that included going to our favorite state park and that was a "milestone" in that dh was anxious to get back however briefly. Then I got out to the grocery store and to church. Today I went alone to a favorite local park where dh and I have done a lot of walking. It was very bittersweet. I loved being out in the autumn air and seeing the color and the leaves dropping. I had a lovely walk but on the other hand, it was so lonely being there without dh. I had a bit of "survivor's guilt" that I could do it and he couldn't and then I had such a sense of loss. It isn't likely we'll be able to do it together again - at least not anytime soon. So sad.

DDIL said she'll cook Thanksgiving dinner (well, she and DS). Here. So we agreed I'd do a turkey or turkey breast, she'd do other stuff, DD will do desserts and misc. Should be fun as we've agreed to be as informal as possible with an eye to making it easier (possible?). I had not wanted even to think about it though had to a day or so earlier when DD started talking "planning". I guess the important thing will be to have enough wine :). Everything is so out of place around here, it will be hard to have the dining room presentable by then but I guess as much decluttering as I'm able to do would be a start. We have medical supplies just about everywhere it seems (except in the living room which has other stuff in it from rooms that needed more space for medical purposes. The only bedroom not disrupted is my own - my loverly blue (with a slightly violet hue) refuge. I know I'll get it sorted down sooner or later but not too likely by Thanksgiving. But, hey, I always say it's the people, not the food, not the place so time I believe myself, eh?

When I got back from walk, DS had DH on the patio of peace and tranquillity. Was glad he got out again today - doesn't always want to go for me but DS can get him to do almost anything.

I'm trying to decide on a really motivating color for this week's seatbelt. Last week was better in many ways but so much room for improvement. Are those Fresh Start cards here from the printer yet, K? And does anybody have any spare "get up and go"? I'm sort of out at the moment and could use a bit to tide me over.

Always a joy to visit the palace........

11-07-2005, 09:16 AM
Hello everyone! :balloons:
Just found this thread.

11-07-2005, 09:52 AM
Morning :queen: 'ies!!

Amarantha-My sympathies for the loss of your dear bird.

Kaylets-Way to go standing strong. DS sounds a lot like my nephew (remember him?) Sometimes somepeople just have to hit rock bottom before they wake up. (And in my nephew's case, it's taken several bottom of the barrel attempts to realize he has a problem. He says he's in treatment now because he knows he's got problems.) We are the same age and when younger were completly the same. Passed for brother and sister several times because of looks and attitudes. It's funny how we turned out completly different now though. Kudos to you and your DH. One day, DS will wake up and thank you.

Increasingly positive for me today even though it's back to the same ol same ol here at this job. I sit with my cupa coffee, my bottle of water and the want ads. Don't know where this positive mental attitude is coming from considering I had a bad morning. I have realized that I now only have 2 pairs of pants that fit correctly. Oh, I can SQUEEZE into the rest of them, but then you get the fat overhang and pinching which I just will not do anymore. (I was part of the squeezing into smaller jeans and pulling the zipper up with a pair of pliers club as a teenager.) I hate how it looks (and then try to cover it up with a larger blouse which makes you look even bigger!) But I'm on my way to doing something about it. YES I AM!!!!

Have a snazzy kinda day!

11-07-2005, 10:19 AM

SO HERE WE GO, MONDAY, HERE WE GO!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :strong: :dancer:


11-07-2005, 10:20 AM

11-07-2005, 08:04 PM
Dovies, I have had a frantic day -- started this message this morning and am just about to head for bed :yawn:

Amarantha, I do thank thee for the good advice, which I do believe is 100% correct. And I forgot to say how sorry I was about B.B. -- very sorry indeed!

Eydie, I did the veggie version of Atkins back in the eighties. I remember one veggie casserole, made with garlic protein bread croutons, tons of veggies, cottage cheese and some kind of nuts. It was good -- I wouldn't mind finding the recipe again.

Kaylets, my sympathies to you and your DH! Sometimes it's awfully hard to do the right thing, but you KNOW that you and DH have, absolutely. Peace! :grouphug:

Anagram, your walk sounds like a powerful experience, one of those extra-real real life experiences. Full integration with the natural environment unfolding while realities of your situation made themselves felt.

K -- off I go. Wishing all a peaceful night!

11-07-2005, 09:47 PM
Arabella, that recipe soundeth good even if I'm no longer vege and was never on Atkins ... could you PLEASE find the recipe? :)

Thanks to all who offered sympathy re my birdie ... s'ok, though, as she was happiest these last few months since I'd moved her to a different location where she had a better view o' things. T'isn't the way o' birdies to live too long, although I had an English budgie named Max once who lived 13 years. He was quite extraordinary and thought he was a dog. But not all budgies have the intellect of Max.

Anagramatic, I wish I could send some warm, warm Arizona sunshine your way ... it is extremely yellow. :) Hang in ...

Eydie, I think we are cosmic twins! Tomorrow, before I go to work in the mountains, I am going to stop by a book signing by two of my favorite authors (won't say the names as don't want to be identifiable).

Yes, I've had budgies since age five, my mom raised them and we always had some o' the little guys hangin' about. They are quite nice, but I am tired of mourning for them.

Froggie, I know thou will vanquish those jeans ... never give up.

To all, mentioned and unmentioned ... I've gotta go lie down! :0

11-08-2005, 09:57 AM
Morning Loves!

Positive mental attitude continuing today. :carrot:

I have a phone interview today out of the blue. A company pulled my resume off one of those career sites and sent me an email. They're calling "sometime" today. I wish it was a little more narrowed down, but I will not complain!!!

On a sad note, I lost my cell phone yesterday. It was in my pocket one minute and the next it was gone. I had some really great pictures on there of Sydney. Waiting on a replacement phone. We purchased a phone a while ago and activated it on our plan for such emergencies as this. Well guess what? I charged it up yesteday and the phone doesn't work!!! It won't make a call and it won't recieve a call! Customer service was no help. They gave me the run around and then after an hour on the phone (20 minutes of holding) the lady comes back on and says we're sorry for your inconvienience. We don't know what's wrong with your phone. AND HANGS UP ON ME!!! :mad: DH is taking it to the store were we purchased it from to see if maybe their techs will be kinder and more knowledgable. Glad I didn't have an emergency out on the road or something.

Lazy day, the "man" is supposidly in a meeting offsite that no one knows about which means he's at home. He says he'll be in this afternoon. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

11-08-2005, 05:54 PM
Amarantha -- LOL!!! -- the recipe was in a book I had twenty or twenty-five years ago. It's possible it's on my mom's bookshelves...

11-09-2005, 10:17 AM
Arabella, if ya find it, please post. Meanwhile, me brain's workin' on the thought.

It sounds like a "strata" ... remember those from long, long ago? :lol: My mom made one with crackers and some stuff, I can't remember. She also made a "mock apple pie" with crackers instead of apples ... which makes NO sense, but that was then and this is now, I guess. :)

Froggie, sorry about your cell phone. Enjoy the boss' secret meetin' ...

Running late ... am takin' my new (to me) car in for a few things ...

11-09-2005, 10:51 AM
Amarantha, I just read recently the sad news about your bird. I am sorry you lost your pet!

11-09-2005, 02:42 PM
Thanks, Aria!!! :wave:

I just saw your journal and how well you are doing, especially the extra effort on the cal front. You're doin' great!!!

11-10-2005, 07:20 AM
Hello all,


Interview this morning, 8 am est for a position... the one I sent the resume to just last Thursday evening.... They called Tuesday midday and it sounds as though one of my "interviewees" just got out of grade school but I will reserve judgement till after they offer me a position! :dizzy:

We'll see....naturally, all the old doubts run thru your mind... "why bother... no matter where you go, there will be similiar issues... yada yada yada..."

I admit it was a wondeful ego boost when they responded to my resume but again, my guess is that its only because of some key words that match the job description.... Nowadays, companies have computers "search" for key word matches and its not until then they even look at the way the document is put together....

ANYWAY.... Wish me luck ok???

As I said to someone else last night, at least when I tried the outfit on, I didnt think "They are going to think I'm fat..." instead I thought" They are going to think I'm old..."....

I hope they don't care!

Or maybe I won't want them....we'll see....

Hope everyone is doing well....


Thought of the day :

..."For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day."
---Sanskrit proverb

Question of the day :

"How much loose change(coin) would you guess you have right this minute?"


somehow this morning, even decaf tea seems too strong...

time to switch to water....


11-10-2005, 07:57 AM
Good luck today Kaylets!

Sorry to hear about your B.B. Amarantha. And someone grabbed you? Jeez, I thought Royal Personages were sacred. Always wondered how the Queen had kids :lol:

Anyway....have been lurking but no time to post. Work is OK, thanks for asking K! Or was it Arabella...anyway thanks for thinkin' on me. I have a couple of extra things to do today for work and I'm leaving tonight for the week end for a I will be brief. Am building resolve for the battle ahead. I have dropped 2 lbs since I last weighed in....:dunno: how that happened as I've not walked for a week....time constraints. I need to schedule my exercise I guess. However I did get a lot of reading done ;)

So keep the palace dusted! Looks great in here! I'm off...will report back in on Monday!


11-10-2005, 06:55 PM
Just saw this, but wanted to say, "Good luck, Kaylets, anyhow!" :cheer:

11-10-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi, Ceara! :wave:

11-10-2005, 06:59 PM
I am in vehicle heaven with the new car but getting a sunroof fixed is proving to be a problem ... it is stuck slightly open and after FOUR referrals from the dealer and the referralees, all I get is the freakin' runaround and more referrals ... I don't understand why I keep getting all this runaround ... why is it so hard for someone to at least slam it shut, which they say they can do but refuse to do?

If it rains while I'm on a job, this is goin' to be a problem!

Do they care? No.

11-12-2005, 12:39 PM
I've had a sort-of down in the dumpsish week but feel so much more chipper today, more like life is full of possibilities. Thank goodness!

There's big upheavals at work and no one knows exactly how everything's going to shake down, but I've been assured, at least, that I've still got a job. And it seems to me that things will continue more or less as they have done. So. Ok, on we go.

Next WI is Wednesday, en route to the solstice. I've noticed an improvement in my appearance, tummy flatter and looking more shapely. I think after Wednesday's WI, though, I'm going to start weighing each morning. I always feel like it helps me stay motivated and also -- if I have a slip -- makes me pull out of it better and not fear the next WI so much that I put it off.

Amarantha, v. glad you're in vehicle heaven -- but Heaven's sake! You need a ROOF!!! They CAN slam it shut, but WON'T??? How frustrating!

Kaylets, I hope the distress surrounding the last DS episode is easing. I know that type of situation all too well -- the hope, the constant level of stress, the despair, annoyance, etc. At least he's out of the house, though, huh. That's good! Keeping my fingers crossed for the new job prospect! :crossed:

Ceara, WHOOO-- HOOO to you!!! for the 2 pounds gone where the bad pounds go!!! Kudos -- Have a carrot! :carrot:

Anagram, I hope this weekend is as nice for you as last week's!

:queen:lies, DH is waiting for me to go for a walk. I said I'd just finish my coffee and brush my teeth and go, so ... best be off! Love to all, mentioned or un-... Let's make this a good one!

11-12-2005, 01:15 PM
Yo, glad to see thee, Wood Nymph, as nary one :queen: hath posted since the 10th and I was afeared the moss would grow in the palace and the Towel Boys would go seek employment elsewhere.

Arabella, I think we are both have been connected to the same cosmic wave or somethin' 'cause I've been way down in the dumps AND there's been a major shakeup at my work as well.

Would say more but too recognizable as it is. :)

11-12-2005, 02:02 PM
Hello all!

Thanks for the vibes.... I could feel them !
Interview went very, very well ... Passed the first two gauntlets and met w./ the owner too... was told I should hear something by next week ending if not b.4....

and then, go figure, at 4:30 yesterday, the HR person I've been wooing since Aug regarding the internal posting I bid on called and said "lets schedule an interview..." and of course, they can only see me Friday afternoon....

I am now in a befuddlement...

Just trying to get a handle on what would be my best response to all concerned....

Thoughts and advise are welcome...

I am very new to the negotiation game...


11-12-2005, 03:34 PM
Kaylets, I would keep my options as open as possible if I were you. It's possible you won't hear about the position you interviewed for before the end of the week. My experience of these things is that they often take longer than they say. Then, after you interview for the internal position, you may have a better idea of which you'd prefer. In any case, I'd say -- don't turn down the job you interviewed for on the strength of the other interview. If they offer you the job, you might have to say you have a previously arranged interview that you felt obligated to go ahead with and ask if it would be all right if you responded early next week. Then, if they pushed you, and you wanted to take the job you could cancel the Friday interview. But maybe you'll get a chance to hear what your options are before you decide! :crossed: Good things are coming for you though, no doubt!

Amarantha, I was just musing on that very same thing today -- about how often there's some alignment of the planets or some such that has us all contending with similar issues at the same time. I was suddenly inspired today to start writing the horoscopes again. It did feel, when I was doing them, like it was creative and I was channeling something good and actually helpful for people, even if I didn't take it fully seriously. Anyway, I'm going to do a year-end feature: A look ahead at 2006 and then see whether or not I should continue with it every month. Om shanti! (Oh, I wonder where our Christmas girl, Cerise, is and if she's okay!)

11-12-2005, 05:16 PM
Om shanti, Arabella! :) I just had a lovely experience meeting some authors of books I've been reading exclusively for several months now, books that have really opened my mind and heart and healed something that was bothering me ... and lo here they were in my local little world signing their newest book and I had a chance to gush at them about how much their work has meant ... almost like karma or somethin' ...

Kaylets, I second everything Arabella said, except I'd kind of disagree (sorry, Wood Nymph) with the part about saying you had a previously arranged interview and could you respond next week ... while that's extremely ethical, I just don't think it's a good idea ... if you are offered the first job and want it but are still wanting to do the second interview, personally, I'd take the first job, ask to start in THREE weeks or whatever gives you some time not to tell the current employer but still have time to give proper notice, THEN go to the internal interview asap and see what you think, if you still want the first job and have received no offer from the internal one, you can go ahead and give notice and just say that was from a previous interview that had just come through ... or something vague ... THEN, if perhaps they offer you the internal job and you want it, you can act accordingly ... OK, all this doth not sound noble and queenly and all that, but employment is a chess game and as long as you are being as ethical as you can while still not just throwing up your hands and letting them win, I personally feel this would be the way to go, but then you shouldn't listen to me probably because, hey, look at my lousy work record.

Hey, if I were any GOOD at this chess game, would I be as far down the totem pole of my profession as I am? :)

So don't listen to me.

11-12-2005, 09:17 PM
Hello all....
Thanks WoodNymph and thanks Empress....

Its interesting how I thought both scenarios through today....

But learned in the outside interview something very valuable... ( to me) ...
The HR rep was telling me about company benefits and said " We offer full medical coverage".... and something about that just made me stop.... At first I was going to let it go as most companies offer medical..... but I said to myself...this a safe question to ask...and asked "Do you mean medical benfits are offered to employees for a certain fee?" expecting the answer to be "yes".... but the answer was "Employees get free medical, you can add a dependent for a fee..."... Which was very suprising to me...
AND I nearly didnt ask as I "assumed" I knew what the answer would be....

This may sound funny to some of you, but I found it very empowering that I asked a question I already thought I knew the answer to and got an answer
entirely different than I expected.

As I said earlier, I have little experience negotiating and have had trouble justifying why I should "ask" for more salary, etc, etc when the initial offer seems fair. But now, if I'm offered a job b/4 the internal interview, I feel I am justified in asking for more time to make up my mind. And as for giving my notice...... I wonder how that might play out too......

Amazing how mentally draining I am finding all of this.....


so, I think I'll go back to bed....

11-12-2005, 10:14 PM
You'll do ok, K, just play it by ear and relax. You're in the catbird seat now, with two possible options and that in itself is an accomplishment.

11-12-2005, 11:17 PM
I thought I posted here a couple of days ago...hmmm.

Kaylets, you likely won't hear from the first interview until the end of the week, which is also when you have your internal interview. Should the first one call you and offer the job, there is nothing wrong with saying you need a few days to consider their offer. In the meantime, you'll have your internal interview and get a better feel for whether or not you want that position.

Certainly don't tell the employer what you expect in salary! Should they ask how much you want, the best reply is "I am willing to entertain your best offer." Make THEM set the bar...and negotiate from there. They will tend to say the low end of their range because after all, they want to save money. You'll know if the low end meets your requirement, and even if it does, ask for a bit more. If they won't budge on salary, you can go for an extra week's vacation. Do it now, because once you are in the job, you won't have the opportunity.

gotta run...time to play chauffeur...

Hi everyone! :wave:

11-13-2005, 11:15 AM
Hel Friends! Sorry I haven't been posting much---apparently I'm right in there with Arabella and Amarantha--feeling down and things are weird at work now and just generally feeling wary of humans. The cosmic net widens!
Feeling better today. Had a lesson yesterday where I learned that people are really lovely and you just have to slog your way thru the less-than-lovley ones. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself.
Diet and exercise has been only okay and I want much better than okay. May start posting food hournal her if that's agreeable to everyone. I feel like I may have gained a couple of pounds back and don't want to step on the scale just yet---calories have been high lately.

11-13-2005, 01:50 PM
Well, crosspostin' be loathsome (and probably illegal on 3FC, but anyhow ...), but in order to sum up the story of where I am in the solstice challenge, I'm just gonna post my journal entry from that far far place, 'cause I need to get back to work as this is gonna be the week from that double hockey stick place and I need to at least make an effort today ... then rest ... henceforth, I will not burden thee with these fanciful details and stick to the journal ... assuming there ARE any further details and I don't just decide to give up ... which, as thou knowest, be not bloddy likely (can I say bloddy on TV?) ...

Having lost .40 more pounds during PBI, Phase II, "My Life as a Spy," former Plateau Bustin' Agent (Amarantha) hath resigned her commission to dedicate herself to a life of quiet contemplation and research into the evil ways o' that most loathsome o' creature that plagueth dietkind, "Plateau Demon" (shun him as he be not your friend, pilgrims).

"Mutter, mutter, mutter," saith A, closeted in the den o' her flower-decked abode deep in the heart o' the quiet (mysterious) Diet Village Without a Name, located in the darkest, dankest (but charming) clearin' in Weight Loss Wood south o' Diet Town. "I can't get it right," she muttereth, "but that Plateau Demon won't find me here ..."

"Knock, knock, knock," saith the strange Front Door Docker on the wooden door o' Charmin' Dietbreaker Cottage, which hath been rented by A for an undetermined time.

"Oh, NO! He found me! Aaaack," said A.

But upon investigation, she findeth that it was simply a contingent o' delightful (but somehow sinister) Dietbreaker ladies bearin' low glycemic casseroles and welcomin' her to the neighborhood. They asked A to come to the weekly meetin' tonight o' the Anti-Plateau Demon Society held at the Central Diet Meeting House.

A said she would attend. ...

11-13-2005, 01:51 PM
E, I answered thee in a p.m. and need that url for thy land far far ... :)

11-13-2005, 02:06 PM
It's a glorious, crisp and brilliant fall day today. We've still got enough bright leaves to make a show against the blue sky. Lovely! I felt better yesterday and today life still seems full of promise. Going to hang onto that! I've decided that I'm going to start my workday a half-hour later and devote that time (after DH leaves for the office) to my own well-being. Meditation time, plus whatever else. I'm going to try to wake up before DH, too, to have some me time for qi qong or journalling.

Went for a little run this morning and did yoga. Tomorrow is "fall clean-up" day where they pick up junk, so I spent a good 45 minutes lugging stuff up from the basement after that. (WHERE is that darn "patting self on back" smiley?) Will do a set of tai chi in the back yard later, too...

Kaylets, I so understand how empowered you felt after asking the question. I have difficulty being assertive, too. And then kick myself over questions I didn't ask, etc. Kudos to you!

Wildfire, you sound pretty savvy about the job hunt thing. (Kaylets: what she said!)

Eydie, that so often seems to be the way, doesn't it, that many within the palace have similar feelings and issues at the same time. I do think there's something to this astrology business. It's amazing to me how much things affect many of us of different signs -- I begin to think it's an overlooked component of astrology. We're all traveling under the same stars!

Amarantha, I think you may have mentioned this before, but would you tell me what those books are again? I think I need to read them! :yes:

Fixed my tracker and hope to be able to change it come Wednesday. :crossed: Now... I really need a shower. Love to all!

11-13-2005, 06:26 PM
I'll pm thee, Arabella! :)

11-14-2005, 07:52 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! Here we go with another week -- let's hit it!

I overdid it a bit yesterday lugging heavy boxes up from the basement, so am going to try to get a little extra rest today. That said, I'm back from the gym already and have done the first 1/3 of my yoga (which makes a good stretch after the gym). Will do the other 2/3 later and get outside for a set of tai chi. Another glorious fall day here and supposed to be mild. DS and DGS are coming over later on. Have been doing very well on the food/exercise front. I vow I WILL meditate today :yes:

K -- off, for breakfast, shower and 30 mins of quality me time. Love to all -- let's make this a good one!

11-14-2005, 08:55 AM
Reporting in but much less ambitiously than the Wood Nymph. Such fervor is inspiring. I am showered, dressed, have dh detached and out of bed eating his breakfast. Lovely day here, hope to get in a walk while OT is here - one of my last chances. She's done this week. Not that HE'S ready to be done but I guess insurance says he is though he's not yet ready for outpatient therapy.

Still have three apples left of my last challenge's allotment. One serving of broccoli from the allotment of the week before. Must think of a good challenge for this week. Am still finishing out the "walk when the therapist is here" challenge from the week or so before.

But it is Monday, Fresh Start Monday. Mmmm - slimfast or oatmeal, hmmmm.

Good luck on the job decision, K. And Frogger hope your quest goes well too. And Empress, thou be next in line for some good job news.

Yes, it seems more than coincidental that so many queens run into so many life hurdles in the same time period.

Enjoy that DGS, Wood Nymph. Huggles, and cuddles and snuggles before he (too soon) outgrows it all.

11-14-2005, 09:08 AM
Good Morning Lovies!!

Guess what happend to Sydney? She was petting my sister's cat when all of a sudden the cat had enough love and swatted her across the face. She didn't have her claws drawn, but the "thumb" claw (you know the one up their paw a little ways) caught Sydney right on the ridge of the eye between the nose and eye. Didn't bleed. Scared her though and she cried for a bit. She has her first black eye and it's pretty swollen in that area. 5 minutes later she wanted to play with the cat again. (NO!!! We put the cat downstairs). It could have been so much worse (like if she had her claws drawn or if she got the baby in the eye. I'm so thankful it wasn't though) She's fine, just looks like she's been in a bar fight!! :dizzy: Guess we won't be doing Christmas pictures this month.....

I too am back in a funk. I have another round today with the first company I interviewed with that pulled the position last month. They are saying they have other things lined up and maybe I might be interested in something. The phone interview never happend with company #2. They never called.

I honestly don't want to be here. I find it harder and harder to get up to come here to sit doing nothing all day. It's a waist of our $300 a month in train fare.

Did I mention my face blew up? I have the occational break out, but jeez laweez!!! I look like to poster child for why you should take acutaine or use that proactive stuff. My whole jar line is littered with awefullies!!! And my back broke out too. It's weired. I haven't pimples on my back since high school. Hormones I'm guessing!!! I noticed my weight has shifted again. I now have flabby arms, a spare tire and the ever wonderful C-section apron that's been there for a year still great.... :(

Try to have a nice day loves..I'm off to post my resume in cyberspace.

11-14-2005, 10:59 AM
I'm Back! Had a great weekend..lotsa fun. Managed not to gain a thing, 'nor lose a thing but that's OK...I'll take maintaining.

Just spending the morning playing ball and catching up...laundry, dishes, making a pot of turkey soup...stuff like that. Thought I'd check in.

Job is getting better I is funny how things happen to a bunch of us at the same time though...good luck to the job seekers. I know what you mean head has been in some weird space for quite a few months now...kinda seeing a glimmer at the mouth of the tunnel these days.

It is a lovely sunny day, so I'm gonna get movin' again. Rest (catching up) time is over! Got soup to finish and dogs to wash...another show coming up this week end!



11-14-2005, 11:08 AM
I am gonna believe thee, Froggie!!! :)

On the job news, that is!

Went to bed with sore throat last night that is now a full-blown somethin' and I have to work until very late tonight in mountains.

No option not to do it, nobody else ... anyhow, am determined to enjoy the day nevertheless, as, well, here it is ...

Sorry for the me-me, no reply stuff ... hey, isn't it all about ME!?

Remember what I think I once posted here from Mother Teresa, with apologies to that goddess-like entity that she was (IMO) for rewriting to fit our more eclectice spiritual diversiveness in the Palace: "It was always about you and God (or entity or belief structure of thy choice or lack thereof to connote spiritual Power in the universe); it was never about you and THEM anyway ..."


11-14-2005, 08:00 PM
Hello all!

Tried to read the posts fast and am typing fast as I have lots to do b/4 DH comes home.... he is working late and I'd like him to see some kind of an attempt made towards the palace as the maid has not shown up again.
So the timer is set

The boss was very motivated all day long to "helping" me clear up a bunch of pending items... Either there is a movement afoot to clear things up b/4 month end or .......
Anyway, much of the day was "if there was no response, then close the file"....
So, I am trying to carry that same momentum here for a little while....

Shredded a bunch of junk..... all of it on non shiny paper.... so it then goes to the composter.... get the vacuum revved up too....

machines are running... need to figure out breakfast and lunches for tomorrow...

Frogger.... kids and pets are problematic... must be scary to see how close something couldve happened and little princess is oblivious....
so.... are you going to pursue the other "openings" the company says they have or are you looking elsewhere?

Empress.... ill you say? and yet have to work? Its not right I tell you! Just not right!

WoodNymph-- I too could use some hauling out of probably nearly every room.... why oh why do we think we should bring this stuff in the house in the first place?

Eydie-- yes, I can relate to too many calories in... I did ok so far today... first time in a long time... It wasnt the way I 'd prefer it happen but I was very very busy.... and couldnt get near anything to put in my mouth... doestn mean I wasnt thinking about food !

Ceara! Glad things are easing up some... perhaps we all share the same!

Anagram.....The insurance companies are a very sore subject of mine....
We need to figure out a safe way that you can leave DH alone for moments and then stretch the moments to minutes and then some.....

How goes it your way??

Timer has rung... time to run the vacuum.

11-15-2005, 02:03 AM
:queen: K, thou canst come to my Arizona hovel anytime thou tireth o' cleanin' thy palace. :)

I do still have a sore throat, but got through a 13-hour workday ... AND I intend to do the 105 minute exercise class at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Hmmm, guess I'd better go to bed.

11-15-2005, 09:01 AM
Stellar day's to another! It is murky and rainy here...we need it though, the ground is really dry. A good thing to have before the freeze-up!

Geez K, that is disconcerting. Maybe you are reading more into something that is truly innoculous? Empress A, glad you got through the L-O-N-G- day! Have a low glycemic :carrot: !

Got a lot of laundry done yesterday, 1 dog bathed and dried, and one partially groomed. She needs a part bath and wet down, and the puppy is quite dirty, so I'm off. Have class tonight with the last 2!

Tah! Have a great day. I want my seatbelt to be candy cane striped but I don't have time to do that option ... a lot of codes there.


11-15-2005, 11:27 AM
Thanks for the :dc , Ceara!!! Wouldn't it be fun to have a candy cane striped carrot?

Hmmm. I digress.

Throat still sore and head aches but again, work-avoidance be not an option so will be off soon. They'd rather have me there with germs than not do my job, which actually is not an option for them as only I know what I'm doin' ... if that makes sense.

Probably not.

I had an aunt who used to make my mother mad because everytime she said something, she said, "IF you know what I mean?"

I have not reported on my solstice goal of decluttering because it is no longer my goal ... decided I will stay cluttered. Just workin' on the challenge I journaled and shared above ... 135.

Did NOT go to the 105 minute exercise class. Seems the EM (Exercise Mojo) hath disappeared once again from my life, but in truth, forcing it when I am ill would not be helpful. I took a 10-minute walk and will try to repeat that a few times during the day ... have not really exercised since Thursday, but that's ok.

Cooking chicken and mustard for work, but Old Dog skulketh as she thinks it's for her and doesn't see any reason why I don't give it to her NOW, cooking being optional as far as she's concerned.

11-15-2005, 11:47 AM
I'm still tired from Sunday, but not as bad as yesterday. Am doing all in my power not to get ill from stupidly overdoing. I think I just find it hard to accept that I can't get away with doing as much as I can possibly do, but need to reserve some energy. Ah well. Once I get my immune system built back up I'll be able to move mountains again. :strong: Am doing very well, food and exercise-wise, in any case. And that's a triumph, even, because so often when I'm tired I push on through at work and then feed go on "autofeed" as a substitute for rest.

Kaylets, there is just weird work/job energy out there -- no question, things are in flux. I think it's going to mean good things for you!

Empress A, pls. try to get some rest and look after your own divine self! Love the MT quote -- so applicable, always!

Ceara, hooray for the stellar days! That's all that's required! :carrot:

K, dovies, I'm off again (but not by much :p ). Let's make this a good one!

11-15-2005, 08:45 PM
Hello all!

FULL MOON in the palace!

So far, everyone has been right, I have not heard anything from the outside interview I had last week.... Am trying to stay focused on what's in front of me... but things keep sneaking in.... for instance, what is their pay schedule and will there be a "gap" btwn paychecks.... but I am doing my best to push away thoughts of things I cannot do anything about and concentrate on what I can do something ....

Empress.... no wonder you don't want to exercise! sore throat, fever! Puleeasee!
I know you are taking extra vitamins?!? Right?

And WoodNymph you too...

which reminds me..... things do seem to go more smoothly for me when I remember to take the Black Cohosh...hmmmmm guess I should take my own advice and vitamins!


I guess I finally got far enough away from sugar that I have been able to be nearly 100% on plan the past 2 days.....

and already see some bloat coming off the royal bosom....


wonder if maybe....just maybe....

My cycle has shifted....

All of these tornado warnings on CNN are hairraising..... Makes me wonder if our Ceara is in the line of fire....

Hi Anagram!, Eydie!, WSW!, Wildfire!

I have a book to read.... just came in at library... A Million Pieces....

Take care all....

11-15-2005, 09:32 PM
That I spelled "eclectic" incorrect-lec in a previous post. :carrot:

Oh well ... I am really sorry that I don't seem to be able to respond much to everyone these days ... I just do me-me posties 'n go back to bed.

Anyhow, I DO read everyone's posties and am concerned for all the challenges we face, just have a virus or something ... yep, K, I did take extra vitamins today ... :)

Old Dog has been making noises in the kitchen for about 10 minutes that indicate she has found something on the counter she wants and has pulled it down hoping to consume it. I am ignoring this sound.

Gotta go lie down and read!

11-16-2005, 12:20 AM
It's OK Kaylets...we were in the line of fire...I watch the American stations in MI and OH. Their weather is more applicable to where I live. By the time the Canadian weather service guys have figured out there's severe weather, and issue a warning, the weather has blown by and your hair is gone. This area is the forgotten part of Ontario. So when certain counties in MI have warnings, I know they are just across the river. And Tornadoes are not respecters of international boundaries!
Thanks for your concern though.

Goin' to bed now...I have Kirstie Alley's book up there...something about losing your ***? Think I should peruse it.

Good Night Gracie!


11-16-2005, 03:30 PM
Sooo sleepy today and I did get enough last night. Rainy and gray here - doesn't help, I guess.

Can't seem to get swing of things, think I've put on a few pounds. Shouldn't be happening with all the activity I've had but I guess when you eat everything in sight, it happens.

Prednisone no longer an excuse so I think it's the old "stuff your mouth so you don't have to talk about anything". I'm starting and restarting so often, I think I'm on automatic pilot.

Love the holiday/solstice ticker designs. Trying to think about that.

Did you get your moonroof unstuck yet, Empress? Would have been so nice the last few nights with the full moon and all.

11-16-2005, 05:41 PM
Hi, Anagramatic! :wave: No, the roof is just slightly off the track or something, but not really wide "open" ... it won't move either way. I got such a run-around about fixing it, I decided to just leave it for awhile. The car is so great, I just am not going to worry about it.

I am still sick, guys, but have to work a meeting tonight ... see ya.

11-16-2005, 07:42 PM
Forgive the me-me post, please. I'm overeating these days because of the tension at work between the new director and the old interim director. 2 women who should know better. Painful to watch and so easy to get sucked into gossip and I have to constantly be on guard against that because it will most assuredly come back to bite me in the butt. I HAVE TO find a way to deal with this skillfully and about the emotional eating---I know better, dammit! :( But isn't that just the way---as soon as you think you have a handle on something, here it is again. Back up to 140 pounds. :?:

Any hugs or advice welcome. :hug:

11-16-2005, 08:00 PM
Forgive the me-me post, please. I'm overeating these days because of the tension at work between the new director and the old interim director. 2 women who should know better. Painful to watch and so easy to get sucked into gossip and I have to constantly be on guard against that because it will most assuredly come back to bite me in the butt. I HAVE TO find a way to deal with this skillfully and about the emotional eating---I know better, dammit! :( But isn't that just the way---as soon as you think you have a handle on something, here it is again. Back up to 140 pounds. :?:

Any hugs or advice welcome. :hug:

No advice, comrade, 'cause we know the drill ... but your self-awareness will see ya through and dinna worrit 'bout that temporary, stress-induced few pounds. You know it'll go away ... I've gotta go or would be here pontificatin' all night ... here's some hugs :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

11-16-2005, 11:40 PM
:grouphug: for Eydie :grouphug: That is tough.

How's things down east Arabella? We had the wind from Kansas here last night...was expectin' a cow or broom to fly by...and today it is starting to snow...I like snow.

Anyway...three stellar days under my belt and I'm thinkin' that the mind is finally in a place where the :devil: food doesn't tempt me.......too much!

:hug: for Anagram :hug: You're doing great!

Gotta run...will try and check in tomorrow but may off again for the week end and have lots to do! If I don't, see you Sunday. Am aiming for another no gain week end!

Tah to all!


11-17-2005, 08:38 AM
:balloons:Well, the scale is showing a downward trend...sure helps the mindset. :woo:

Have dusted out the cobwebs. Hear there is a gala event in here this week-end...will read all about it on Sunday...have a great time!

:wave: to all :queen: s.........

Carpe Diem!


11-17-2005, 09:18 AM
Ok, I posted but apparently it ate it....

I got reinterviewed! I got a definate that they will be in contact to negotiate salary!!! :carrot: Hope they can give me what I want. Is it bad to put as your minimum salary more that what you currently make? I put $5K more for my minimum that I would expect. I think it's fair because we really need it and my time and effort to change companies and everything. I really was hoping they wouldn't ask me what I made now (they did on the form). I was actually going to ask for $10K more than what I make now. Maybe they'll be generous!

On another note....We have another boarder. WTF????? DH brother spent the night (he sometimes does on occation). Then it comes out that he's been told to get out because he's "worthless". He and the parents have had an argument and now he's no longer welcome in the house. We CANNOT afford another person!!! I have to host Thanksgiving and company coming for Thanksgiving, and I have my brother in law on the couch. I don't need this stress!

11-17-2005, 09:26 AM
No downward trend to report on here! :( I weighed in this morning at 3 pounds UP :eek:, despite good behavior. That's the bad news. Good news is that, since scale purchase two months ago my body fat is down 2%, muscle mass up 10 (yes, 10!) pounds (I think this is in conjunction with the 10% increase in body water content). Am not going to change ticker yet, but will WI every day now for motivation/keeping on track.

In truth, this is an old pattern, something I've always seen in the campaign when I increased my exercise. Nevertheless, y'd think that at this weight, I could squeeze off a pound or two of weight as well, wouldn't you? I think the daily WI is going to really help. But -- it sure hurt seeing that number today, even if the composition is improved, even if I can see positive change. Onward, downward! We have just begun to fight!

On the job upheaval/ out-out-of sorts theme 'round the palace -- it has come to my attention that we're under the influence of a Mercury retrograde -- there ya go! Time to make peace with situations old and new, adapt and relax in the knowledge that "this too shall pass."

Ceara, congrats to you on that downward trend! Shall emulate. We do have a wild wind here, although I don't know where it comes to us from. Also just started raining torrentially a few minutes ago. :rain: I want it to stop so I can go out for a walk while it's warm -- 14 degrees, supposed to plummet by this eve.

Amarantha, I hope you're feeling better! As for me-me posts -- thou knowst, always, how welcome they are. Thanks for keeping in touch! And exercise mojo should be banished whilst you use energy to get well.

Eydie, can you make time to meditate? I'd say (never afraid to give advice, that's me :rolleyes: ): work on the stress and don't worry about the small and temporary gain! Serenity... soonish... :hug: I've committed myself to a 20-minute, non-negotiable meditation in the afternoons. There's just no reason for me not to do it (I know I'm lucky to be able to do this, working from home) -- better concentration, strengthened immune system, serenity, clearer thought processes... Pssst: want to do a little mind/body challenge?

Anagram, this is a sleepy time of year, at the best of times. Can you get a little more rest? I've been trying to take little rest breaks when I'm tired and I'm surprised at how much easier it is to stay out of the kitchen. For me, it's almost reflexive, and almost instantaneous. I think "Oh, I'm SO tired." :yawn: Sit for another five or ten minutes (rather than getting up from the computer and having a 15-minute break) and the next thing I think is "What can I EAT?"

Dahlings, I must get back to work. Love to all! Let's see what good we can pull out of this retrograde period. :yes:

11-17-2005, 09:55 AM
:balloons: Have a nice day everyone!

11-17-2005, 08:23 PM
Hello all!

SO, still have heard nothing.... and am wondering if I imagined the whole thing...

Frogger, would seem to me that all you can do is list the $$ you want... if they come back and say " This is too much" then you can say " I am willing to negotiate"...
Keep smiling... at least that's what I'm trying to do on the job front.....

As for the boarder, is he not working??? Even $50/ week would make you feel a lot better about the sofa ....

And on that one I can relate too....

Eydie!! ME TOO! ME TOO!
Trying to stay real but seems like I have a low, low benchmark for how much I can tolerate...and then right to the food...

Anagram.... Maybe its just what Eydie and I are feeling.... stressed w/ no escape hatch....

Maybe we do need a stress relief challenge... YES we do ! :carrot: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I have more to say to all but must make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow's interview ( as I am starting to stress about not being ready)
so I will be back shortly.

11-18-2005, 05:08 AM
All this interview excitement/stress! Good vibes to all. And to eggshell walking Eydie - hate having to watch every word/action.

Two months now since dh came home. If I look back two months, changes have been gargantuan. So much more progress needs to be made but I'm sure things will continue to improve albeit slowly. A big insurance issue has been lifted and I feel like I've lost at least 20 lbs (in my dreams!) - hoping this and other recent progress will lead to less food indulging.

Otherwise still don't feel it's time for me to be supertough with me but just to doublebelt me to the wagon and hold on and try to make small improvements. Today is the last day for the therapist who urges me to go out while she's here. Ergo my last little walkie but I'm also thinking dh is improving enough I can leave him for 15/20 minutes and carry my hated cell phone in case he needs me. If not yet, soon.

So here we go, FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Here we go!

11-18-2005, 05:15 AM
Frogger, hope the boarder is a short lived thing. Really short! I'd be really thrown off by that esp. with baby, work schedules. You did get rid of the other boarder, right? Is your Mom still living w/you? Does she care for Sydney? Cash would help ease financial strain of boarder, of course, but being helpful goes a long way as well. Somehow I don't get the feeling that's happening either. Seems if he had cash and were helpful, he wouldn't be called "worthless". Anyway, :hug:

11-18-2005, 07:02 AM
Hello all!

So, this afternoon is confirmed scheduled Interview w/ current employer for the position I bid upon in August...
Am asking for good vibes from all parts of the Ream! :D

Biggest mental stress w/ this one is what to say to current supervisor who I feel tremendous respect as she has gone way above and beyond for me but in many, many ways cannot change many things as we are watching her authority be overruled and undermined.

It is Friday after all so lets make it the best one we can.....


Thought of the day:

"Forever is composed of nows."
-- Emily Dickinson

Question of the day:

"What do people remember about you?"


Here we go Friday!

Take care all!

11-18-2005, 08:58 AM
Good morning, :queen:lies! :wave:

Have done WI and seen that two of those stupid-don't-believe-them pounds are gone. I really think this every-day weigh is going to be good... :chin: Lessee... if I lose two pounds every day... Ok, where's the "bubble-bursting" smiley? Nevertheless, I am encouraged. :yes: Have been doing mostly low-GI, although I must admit to the occasional piece of banana. And glass of wine, although I haven't had one all week. Onward! Have been meditating and doing yoga and it makes SUCH a difference. I've been reading a lot about the benefits of meditation lately -- not that I didn't know these things before, but it's always good to be reminded, esp. when trying to get a habit going -- and I just tell self, when self would rather fret or fritter away the time: It's non-negotiable. And then I do it. (looking for "patting self on back" smiley again...)

Anagram, I'm so glad to hear that an insurance issue worked out -- and that you'll be able to get out for a few minutes from time to time soon! That will make your life so much easier. And I'm so impressed by the success of this enormous undertaking. I think it was just at the outer limits of what is humanly possible -- And you did it! I'm sure your darling has recovered so much better -- and SO much more happily! -- because of your incredible strength and devotion! :encore:

Kaylets, I'm sending all the good vibes your way all through the day -- I know you'll do great! :crossed: :goodvibes: Are you reading A Million Little Pieces? I found it rivetting and powerful, if painful. Love the ED quote...

Frogger, I hope your boarder is gone soon. I really don't like my house to be dissaranged that way (not that it's ever that "arranged" :rolleyes: ) Also sending you good vibes on the job front...

Amarantha, hope you're recovering!

Aria :wave:

EveryQueenie, have a lovely day!

11-18-2005, 09:28 AM
I continue with the good vibes to everyone on the interviews! :hug:

Kaylets- BIL has no job (YET). To his credit, he is applying. He HAS to have one, he has child support to pay. Inlaws have completly cut him off (they were paying EVERYTHING. He's 20, they shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. IMO). I don't understand. They didn't do it for DH, I had no one doing it for me, we turning out OK....Just goes to show I guess. Wish they'd give us 1/3 of what they were paying for him!!! I have to feed a hungry 20 year old, which is much like feeding a hungry 1 year old. :lol:

anagram-Yes, we got rid of nephew about 4 months ago. He's supposidly in rehab somewhere, but ya know...Can't believe a word he says.
No, Mom has a boyfriend who several months back asked her to move into his home with her. They are very happy and yes, she takes care of Sydney on the days that DH works/sleeps from working. He has her Wed's and Thurs.

Might go to dinner w/my sister tonight and leave the 'boys' at home and Sydney w/mom for a little longer than usual. I need a night out!

11-19-2005, 04:32 PM
Fly-by thread bumper-upper... hope all are well! Food and exercise very very good, plus non-negotiable afternoon meditation working its magic.

Awfully quiet in the palace -- was it something I said?

Kaylets, are you around? I'm dying to know how your interview went yesterday and if you've heard anything from the other people!

Frogger -- did you manage your evening out? I hope you did and had a blast.

Amarantha, are you recovering?

All other :queen:s -- how goes it?

11-19-2005, 06:33 PM
Not yet, Arabella. Sorry, this is still a me-me ... well, more of an "aaaccck" ... "when will I feel better" type thang.

Work in shreds, no exercise and eatin' so many bad carbs I'm swellin' up like Toad~!

Someday will do better in supportin' all those herein with their challenges, but too brain dead to be much help ... 'cept, Froggie, ya might wanna rethink this bil thing ... stick a dish towel or a mop in his hand everytime ya see him sittin' and indicate how ya just KNOW he can't stand not to be helpin' out and all since he's stayin' and workin' on improvin' his life and wow ya really admire him for his spirit and oh, when he finishes the dishes, could he just take out the trash, wash the kitchen floor and do the laundry ... WHAT did ya ever do without him? :lol:

He can't very well refuse to do any work asked of him, now can he? 'Cause then ya might throw him out and that would be inconvenient in building his future life.

11-19-2005, 06:37 PM
Hilarious, Empress, but I'll bet it would work!

11-20-2005, 05:19 AM
My goodness, the royal environs are quiet this weekend. I hope this is because everyone is having such a jolly good time in this last weekend before the big holiday rush.

Speaking of which, for our American royals, time to make all sorts of plans on how we'll NOT be overdoing the food part of the festivities this week. And for those with job stress, it's one less day of that this week.

For me, my kids/grandkids are coming but they're doing the cooking. And, I hope, the planning. I'll do a turkey breast and the rest is up to them. In the priorities of life, right now the food orgy is low on my list. The family-together part, however, is way up there. DHs birthday is also in the week following Thankgiving so we'll be celebratingthat too while they're here.

11-20-2005, 11:18 AM
Yep, a little echoey in the palace this weekend -- and Friday was quiet, too, if memory serves. All continues to go well here with the no wheat, almost no sugar (occasional glass of wine or bit of chutney or somesuch), mind/body, every day weigh campaign. The 3 unreal pounds are gone again. Yay! :carrot:

Have a birthday celebration for one of my sisters this evening. Am feeling so on top of things that I don't fear the food in the least. :smug:

I've found lots of great guided meditations online, some of them only a few minutes long. Those ones will be just perfect for fitting in here and there through my workday. I did an unguided 20 minute meditation on Friday, though, and was reminded of how powerful a good session is. DH came home and I didn't even really want a glass of wine because I just felt so good already. Wow!

Anagram, your plans for Thanksgiving sound wonderful. I'm so glad that the kids are going to do the cooking! We already had our Thanksgiving in Canada, but I'm already making plans for how not to overdo through the long festive season here. I intend to stay off the wheat and sugar, except perhaps on Christmas day itself. Even there, though, I don't want to go overboard at all. Last year was one of those times where I let go on Christmas and didn't catch myself until... oh, about now :rolleyes: Last year I made chocolate cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, which were fabulous. This year I'm going to see if I can make the recipe with spelt, unsweetened chocolate and stevia. I'll foist it on my family first to see how it goes :) Will be weighing in on Boxing Day, as every day.

Amarantha, "me-mes" and "aaaaaccckkks" are all totally acceptable and welcome. We just want to hear from you! Please look after your royal self and nurture said self better!

K. Let's take this day and do our level best with it. Love to all! :hug:

11-20-2005, 11:51 AM
Hello all!

Sorry it took me so long to get here but....

I don't think I did well at all...

and then DH wasnt feeling well yesterday and I suspect some of it is because
of my reaction to what happened in Friday's interview....


Friday I got to the internal interview and looked down as I was crossing the
parking lot to see that I had slopped something down one pant leg from knee
to ankle and on both shoes.... I ran back to the car and found a bottle of
water and was able to at least wipe the shoes clean and get the worst off
the navy slacks... and hope I was sitting down most of the time....

Initially, I sat w/ the dept head who seemed at first seemed very informal
.... couldn't find my resume in her email.... "They only sent me 16 other
appts ..."..... so when I said, "Let me give you one" .... she seemed
slightly impressed but that's debatable....

We talked about my experience and it seems like every time I
mentioned who I worked for it created a negative reaction...? I can't help
who my former dept manager was ...

AND then.... we got onto a very "safe" subject about insurance agent's.... and how the agents expect the "details" to be handled by everyone but themselves....
which is a very popular game to play "rag on the agents" .....

About a year ago, an agent who led a division
made the news because he was found dead in his apartment.
As I said, we were talking about agents and I said how so many of them were
wonderful but that it seemed like the most successful were the ones who were
the most problematic. And without thinking, I mentioned a big sales manager
in CA who has a heart attack and passed away and then the Atlantic division
guy.... "then found dead .." and THAT's when I knew I had stepped on a

"You mean So and SO.... ? "
Yes " I said.
And she said, in a very Judge Judy kind of way ""He worked for me for 10 yrs
b/4 he went downtown... We were all very upset when we heard what happened "
and I said ( and this is all true about this man too) " So you know exactly
what I mean, someone so goodlooking, so smart, so charming.... when he
spoke you could see the electricity ..... "

she again repeated that he had worked for her for 10 yrs , talked about what
he did and I couldnt think of another way to
clean that up....
and I just became so overwhelmed, knowing things weren't going weill that
shortly thereafter, she asked me "What else do you want me to know about
yourself?" and I just smiled a little like a deer in the headlights and "
Any more questions?"...( She had mentioned the unit had been very backlogged
and she was very proud of how they had pulled themselves out it... working
lots of weekends....and I had asked was the unit still working those hours
and she slammed her hand on the desk and said " NO, that's all behind us"...
Again, I felt like I was at such a disavantage at that point I was afraid to
say " I am always willing to work OT" and appear greedy or wonder if she was
thinking that extra hours would turn me off)

Anyway, after a few more minutes about what she sees coming ahead for the
dept, ( a question I had asked) she told me she was done w/ me and it was
time to speak to her supervisor of the unit .."Who will be doing the real
interivew details"....

I am not sure, but from what I overhead at security, they forgot about me or
didnt know about the appoinntment although Security did...
My sense of it was that the Manager was on her way out the door when I
showed up and only stayed to talk to me and thats why I saw her first.
She also told me straight out that the vacancy then needed to fill was
because of $$ but that anyone who knows "the company" knows the $$ would never be what
other places were willing to pay.
She asked me my salary expectations and since its already on my application,
I told her what I was making.... and that I understood that was still w/ in
the range for the position.
She also made sure I knew she was in charge of 4 units but what I "read" from all of this was that she would love to know why I was pursuing a job at this "low level" at my age....
My guess is that although I said "Yes, I've done that many times..." the way
the questions were phrased " You only did This, you never did That did you? " ... I would smile and say " Yes, I have, depending on the jurisdiction and product line...." trying to answer in a way that proved I had TONS of experience in that area.

In other words.... It was all downhill after I made the remark about the
agent who was found dead in Fl.and she was looking for excuses to rule me

Maybe I was w/ her 20 minutes and then as she was bringing me back to ther
supervisor, the manager said to the supervisor " See you on Monday..." and that's when I
realized, the manager was done for the day.

The supervisor was very pleasant and had read my resume and even mentioned
the professional society I belonged to at one point.
But it seemed to me like she askd more questions about how the unit I am
currently working in ran than about my experience making me prepared for her unit. She asked 3 or
4 differnent ways how my current unit handled a busy call time, how did we knowthere were calls in queue, how did we get the calls answered when there were calls backed up. But each time she started asking me that, she would say "Not that this would apply to our unit as most of our calls are out going tothe state... you never hear from the agents, you will deal w/ their
Licensing coordinator..." Now, after thinking about it, I wonder if she is
posting for a position in a call center and was trying to get some ideas so
she knew how to act in her interview.

I was w/ her 3x as long as the manager if that means anything. The
superivsor told me that there is also going to be a lot of work upcoming in the new year which is why they to get the open positions filled ... but that she has no idea when they will fill the slot....
"Well, that's up to HR really"..... Not even a " we have just begun to
interview.... etc"..... and again, at this point, I pretty much had the
sense I was written off anyway by the supervisor's boss, I told the
supervior, the reason I was asking was that I had bid on the positon in
August and was wondering what the time frame might be. She said she was
amazed to hear that, that HR had only told them about me very recently and
perhaps it was because HR was so short handed. And I just smiled and said
that was my guess too and left it at that....
but I could tell she was very, very uncomfortable about answering that

The supervisor, on the other hand, had just seen a few months ago, the woman
I had worked for at one point, at the society seminar in Vegas
and I got a completely different vibe from the supervisor...not that same
"oops, I must have stepped on a nerve"
Meanwhile, I had the feeling all day Friday that there would be a letter in
the mailbox from the outside interivew saying " Thanks but no thanks" but so
far, I have been wrong on that score too.....

Yesterday, I just couldnt even think about how disappointing the experience
was and literally just tried to stay busy to keep myself distracted. I
nearly posted but didnt think I could control myself and DH also wasnt
feeling well so I didnt want to upset him....
when I woke up yesterday, he was online looking at Real Estate courses to
make $$ because I had mentioned that maybe my age had something to do w/ the
manager's reaction to me....

Anyway, its one for the books

Not the worst interview of my life but definitely one for the books....

BUT, I didnt eat a lot o food ...

11-20-2005, 02:50 PM
Kaylets, honey :grouphug: You just never know. My reading of your talk with the manager is -- it sounds like she was trying to trip you up right from the start. And I know that there are places in which that's actually interviewing POLICY! If that's the case, if it hadn't been the comment you're concerned about it would have been something else. I think the theory is to see how you handle that kind of crap. Total BS. And that kind of thing is very difficult for straight-shooters, who try to deal honestly with people. Sometimes there's just no way that an interview is going to be pleasant. And -- you just never know. You probably did as well as anyone could have done with that woman. Thanks so much for giving us the rundown, though -- I was anxious waiting to hear.

Please don't be discouraged -- if you don't get the position you interviewed for, it could be all for the best. There's something better ahead for you, I'm sure! :hug:

11-20-2005, 05:43 PM
Thanks WoodNymph....

I took a nap and woke up feeling more positive and found that DH had made a pot of lentil soup and an apple/oatmeal crisp so it reminded me that life can be worse and I need to stop feeling like this will break me....

And yes, I was reading A Million Little Pieces.... in some ways, his writing style is very interesting by not using puncuation but if I hadnt seen Mr.Frey on Oprah, I would've not had the patience to get thru the book... Much of it was too strong for me to read every read, much less every paragraph...
Much of it hit home, much of it reminded me of the similiar issues here although then I wondered if we were being naive about DS's issues....

This week may not have been a good week to be alternately reading that book anyway....

Anagram! Cell phones arent so bad once you get more used to them....
and its a good way to remain in touch....

Need to run to the gas station so I'm ready for the morning....

Then we're off to bowling..

11-20-2005, 06:28 PM
Kaylets, methinkest thou suffereth a little from a disease I also, er, suffer from. It's called "I'm absolutely sure I did/said/came across wrong in that discussion/interview/situation ..." of course, for me, it keeps escalating (I don't see you doing this as much) and after I analyze everything I said/did/came across wrong in, it starts down the slippery slope to "I'm no good, will never be any good, have no future and it's all because I can never say/do/be the right thing." :)

Job interviews are the worst causers of a flare-up of this condition, but be assured there's no way for you to know what the woman was thinking of you ... even if she WAS thinking about you and not just wanting to go home to dinner and a good book. But you did get a better vibe from the supervisor and it's more likely the supervisor who will truly decide who gets the job.

I've had lots of interviews where they didn't know I was coming for some stupid reason or other; once I got offered a job when I was at a place for another reason ... one I won't go into, but it wasn't a positive reason. You just can't predict the outcome of these things and rest assured if you don't get the job it won't be because of any mud on your pants or anything you said or didn't say ... just the luck of the draw in most instances.

I DO think that unspoken "why are you looking at this low level at your age" question is a common thing. It's a reflection of other people's egos about what they perceive themselves to have achieved and it is meaningless. "Level" means nothing. Age means nothing. You are looking for a work experience that is good for YOU and to be an asset to THEM. You are not a career-seeking missile programmed to hit specific targets or conform to patterns created by others.

Make dang sure they know that.

I bet you did really well and if you don't get the job, well, it's their loss.

Rock on.

I gained .60 of a pound this week but am not unhappy considering I've been eating for two (me and the virus) and not exercising.

Time to move on.

11-21-2005, 06:16 AM
Thanks Empress.... And in this case, I've finally come to the conclusion that there wasnt much I could've said to make any kind of a difference about my age....
Which in my opinion was still younger than the dept manager but for all I know, we're the same age....

And yes, I knew I shouldnt have been spending so much time on the experience but compared to the interview w/ a completely unknown company the week b/4, the entire experience caught me completely off guard.

Thought of the day :

"Failure is only deferred success."

Question of the day :

"Name 3 things you are proud."


Here we go Monday!

11-21-2005, 07:47 AM
Kaylets, I didn't mean you shouldn't be spending so much time on the experience, that is definitely healthy and normal, just hoped to point out that often we feel we've blown something when we haven't. :)

That's funny about the manager being older yet makin' you feel self-conscious about age (which, of course, you couldna do anything about, nor would ya want to, I'd think). I often have this experience also ... people being concerned about my age when they are not only older than I am, but act and appear older than I am, but they don't seem to know that! :)

11-21-2005, 09:49 AM
HI all!

I did get an evening out w/my sister. We had a very nice dinner and a little light shopping afterwards.

BIL is stacking wood. I couldn't think of a better brother to brother bonding moment but to send them both outside this weekend and stack stack stack. And put things up in the attic, and attempt to replace my kitchen faucet. (I say attempt, because we actually called my mom's boyfriend to come and do it after a couple of hours. The old faucet was original and so rusted underneath it had to be cut off. He was a master plumber and inspector for the county so who better to call??) Anyway, idle when he is home is unheard of this weekend. Good news is he says he has found a job and has to call back today to schedule the drug test.

On another note, I found out that we have the outlawed grey plastic plumbing in the house. We have to consider redoing the whole plumbing system which is EXPENSIVE. I'll pass at the moment. (The plastic they say just doesn't hold up. It's all original, 13 years old now, no major problems so far.)

I plan on eating light on Thanksgiving. We'll have 21 people plus a couple of kiddos at the house. I'll be too exhausted to eat!!!

11-21-2005, 09:51 AM
Good Morning, Queenly ones! It does, indeed, appear to be the case -- here we go! :carrot:

Dinner celebration for my sister's birthday last night went exactly as planned. Had no banned substances, no inclination or twinge of desire. I've been managing yoga and meditation every day and have noticed some subtle shifts in my thinking -- more open and positive, less judgemental (I hate to even type that to you, but I have to admit that I am sometimes more judgemental than I'd wish) and more proactive about my own needs at the same time. For example, on Friday I thought I should go do the shopping and fill the wine bottles, besides taking my mom to the library and picking up a movie for that evening. Then, suddenly, I thought: I'm tired, if I do all those things I'm not going to have a minute left to myself -- and we can do those chores tomorrow. So I did the library with my mom, got some FUN books to read (Kirstie Alley's being one of them -- was it our Froggie who's reading it now?), picked up a movie and came back for a nice long meditation that left me feeling smooth and happy and loving.

Kaylets, keeping the good vibes flowing! You're right -- A million little pieces is a very hard book to read and probably the opposite of what you might need at the moment (I'd be looking for something Calgonish -- as in "Take me away!").

Amarantha, hope that stupid virus is gone, gone, gone! Look after yourself!

K. Must work. Love to all! :hug:

11-21-2005, 10:29 AM
No that'd be me who read Kirstie's wasn't a diet help per se....more biographical, but interesting and light. I don't read a lot of non-fiction. Can't type this morning either........

Had a good week end, the young lady behaved well. In fact I am extrordinarily pleased with her... she showed beautifully. And my nylons weren't pinching me! Butt must be tighter or smaller :lol:

Food wasn't bad...but am struggling to get my mindset back to last Thursday...I didn't go hog wild or anything...made healthy choices, but restaurant portions are huge, and I am of the frugal what you pay for. I wonder if I qualify for senior portions and prices? We had Chinese on Sat pm...and the scale showed me up 3 lbs at first weigh-in, and down 2 lbs 2 hours later? Gotta be water...I'll see what tomorrow is.

Got laundry and a dog to wash, plus some dirty floors a-callin' me! Gonna go play ball and get my behind in gear!

Carpe Diem!

Ceara :wave:

11-21-2005, 07:26 PM
hi all! have had some pesky ms "technical difficulties" of late and so have not been posting, but i have been thinking about you.

eydie-i too hope sometime we can meet if you get down this way. that would be great!

amarantha-i hope your virus is on its way out! please take good care of yourself.

kaylets-it sure sounds like that interview was frustrating!

arabella-glad to hear your sister's birthday celebration went as you had planned. all the meditation and yoga you are doing inspires and reminds me just how helpful it really is.

i have been op this last week, which has felt good. also sticking with exercise. now i need to add back meditation tapes, which i badly need about now. even though i am not responding personally to everyone, please know i am thinking about you, and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. take care, royals!

11-21-2005, 08:34 PM
Hello all!

WSW! So glad you had a chance to stop by... been wondering how you were and am glad you could give us an update! Mediation and pampering are exactly what I need to do... Find it is a good substiute for the hand to mouth habit I instantly revert to when I am feeling stressed....

I feel better.... still tempted to rehash and worry the details to death but interstingly enough, a friend's reaction to the episode was perhaps just shock and disbelief about the mentioned insurance agent and nothing more....
but I am trying to move beyond my impression and keep focused on what is in front of me....

and no Empress, not to worry..... I was saying that to myself... that if I didnt force myself to get some distance from all that emotion, I'd wouldnt have energy for anything else.....

So... the only update re the interviews is:
Outside interview-- nothing.
Inside interview--- need to do the thank you lettes as who knows what will happen in the future and I want to know I put my best face on it....

So far, I've had two cups of mint chamoille tea and its very, very nice...


maybe I am pampering myself and dont even realize it!


Eydie! Are they working you too hard? I need you to help motivate me back to goal!

Ceara! How can dogs get flea bites when its freezing at night? I mean really, cold enough to make ice?? One beagele is scratching and scratching. I see nothing but she is especially senistive. Last time got an infection at the base of her tail from scratching and biting... We spray the anti itch stuff and put some flea stuff on the back of their necks but ....
Could they get fleas from a Dalmation on the other side of a chain link fence??

Frogger... yes, you are on the right path...projects are good... especially if you are the naviagator....My guess is the more wood the better this year... wishing I had a monster pile of it and a wood stove too....
or free heat....

So my friends....

guess I need to have some dinner....

ANGAGRAM! How goes it?


and where is the Queen of Friday?

11-22-2005, 08:07 AM
Yup. Fleas could do that. However, since you have frontlined the dog, if they bite your dog they will die. That does not help with the allergy though. Poor thing. Does it have fall allergies too...we've not had it cold enough to get rid of those either...fleas are especially durable..they just go dormant until it warms up a, vacuum your house a lot, put some sort of flea dust in your vacuum cleaner bag...I use cat flea powder when I suspect fleas...they will live in the vacuum and the dust helps deter that.

Those weird pounds are gone...back to my candy cane ticker. So I continue to cruise downwards. That is the mindset. D-O-W-N. Clothes are a titch looser.

Have a busy am...still need to bath a dog...actually 2, the puppy is aromatic. His beard smells like a wet dish towel. And the tree to start, and some more cleaning...yippee!

So, nice to see you wsw. Glad the techno difficulties are being ironed out. It is Tuesday right? Man O Man. It feels like Friday already. So take care :queen: s and :wave: to all!


11-22-2005, 09:32 AM
All goes well with daily weigh, meditation, yoga :) I've also been walking or running or doing the step tape every day and weights 3x a week -- that's my usual, but I've been more religious since the new campaign began. When will the new campaign end? When I get to goal! :carrot:

I've got pesky tax stuff to deal with and a self-evaluation to complete. Ick. I hate that kind of crap worse than anything * well, might be hard to decide between it and dentist * -- guess I'll just knuckle down after breakfast and "git 'er done." Then, git 'er out of my freakin' life! :p

Ah, Ceara -- that was you reading Kirstie Alley's book! Interesting that the two books in discussion are at opposite ends of the fun-anguish scale. I've just started into "How to lose your ***..." but it's a very enjoyable, fluffy read. I can really relate to her ability to let the pounds pile on while somehow remaining "unaware" that it was happening. I'm telling you, my scale is my NBF! Also really enjoyed Jennifer Weiner's "Good in Bed," which was about a girl with weight issues.

WSW -- so happy to see you! :hug: You're so right about the meditation tapes -- I continue to be blown away by the way meditation can transform my mental state. There seems to be an increasing number of online links to a wide variety of guided meditations, too. I'm amazed at how many more there are since I first started looking for them, which was not all that long ago.

Kaylets, that's our "'Kay, lets!" gal. :carrot: The thank-you follow-up letters are such an important (and often neglected!) touch. Even if what you'd like to say is "Thankth for the thour perthimonth, Cuthin!" a la Daffy. Mmmm... mint and chamomile sounds lovely. I've never tried that combination before, but shall! Don't know about the doggies, but my cats act a bit like they're being attacked when the weather gets cold -- maybe that's when the little buggers want to hop on a nice warm furry body the most? My cats are on ph-control (i think it's ph-control) catfood because the boy has that urinary tract thing. I've never had to treat them for fleas since they went on it, which does gladden my heart!

Ok -- so, now I've come back from a walk round the park (we're supposed to get a "weather bomb" later -- never had "weather bombs" when I was growing up, despite the extreme weather we did have... Who makes these things up?). Must deal with pesky evaluation and taxes :barf: I'll feel better afterwards!

Love to all! Let's make this a good one!

11-22-2005, 10:54 AM
DRUMROLL:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::

I GOT THE JOB!!!! I GOT THE JOB!!!!! :carrot: :cb: :dance: :encore: :crazy:

Man I drive a hard bargain....They'll give me my minimum, plus pay 100% for health insurance.

Sorry for the me post!

BIL has a job too, (it's like a double wammy! :dizzy: ) They called him yesterday to come to work that very day. He was beat tired when he got home. Home renivations is what he's doing. As long as he goes to work, I'm fine with it.

:genie: Here's to all of the rest of the queenies looking for something new. Whatever it is...

Love to you all!

11-22-2005, 12:30 PM
More o' me-me, 'n that's a shame 'cause there's all these great posties from the :queen: ly ones and I have read 'n taken note, but am sooooooo rushed and still ill that I'm gonna cross post my "challenge" for the coming long weekend (intend to get some rest) from my journal in land far far and well ... it's all about ME! 'Cept anyone who wants ta join me with a daily challenge this week is more than welcome, but be careful, 'cause that banishment stuff really s*cks!

... Yesterday's cal report is not worth mentionin' and ALL hope o' reachin' that happy average weekly goal is gone (as, again, A refuseth to starve the bod, as that doth not work). Howsomever, the good news be that A, though not feelin' too well still, is movin' forward with her health and fitness program. In an effort to track the wild Exercise Mojo, A hath gone out to the Gym Forest (where the mojos tend to hang out) and done 30 minutes cycling class (had to get off bike and walk around for the last 15), 30 minutes abs/core class, 30 mins dynamic stretch class.

She hath ALREADY eaten sugar in the form of Nemo's Banana Bread (not the cake, this a less sweet version, but good). That's the bad news. The good news is she happened on a street faire in Diet Towne Square today and lo there was a CHALLENGE afoot, with a prize. The game was for participants to declare a Back-on-Track Personal Challenge for Tuesday (today), Wednesday, Thursday (U.S. Thanksgiving), Friday and Saturday. Each day, the contestants must return to the registration booth and sign in with a fresh challenge for that day.

The BAD news is that those who do not complete their daily challenge on a given day are to be BANISHED from Diet Town for an indeterminate length of time and must live in the Forest o' Fat 'n Unfit Folk where there are no great Diet Amenities like personal towel boys, gyms, spas and low glycemic food. It's a JUNGLE out there. Only by dint o' doin' a brave and extraordinary Diet Deed will these poor banished souls be allowed to return to the town to live amongst civilized diet folks.

"That sounds like fun," saith A o' the exciting new game. "Sign me up."

She then specified her Personal Back-on-Track Challenge for Tuesday: to eat no more than one serving of a "bad carb" item until the stroke o' Diet Midnight!!!

Sprouted 100 percent whole grain buns with minimal high glycemic items incidental to the production o' bread (such as molasses, sugar or malted barley sprouts), do not constitute a "bad carb."

An example of a "bad carb" serving would be a Nemo's banana bread, which coincidentally, A had already eaten that day, SO, she will avoid all "bad carb" items for the nonce in otder to win the prize.

The prize: TO BE ANNOUNCED. Participants are asked to return to the registration table at their convenience to collect their prize and declare their WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE ... or be banished, whichever applies.

Banished citizens should be sure to dress warmly 'cause it's gae cold in that Dietless Forest ... be there or be square.

11-22-2005, 01:05 PM
Frogger -- WOOOO-HOOOOOO!!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you :carrot: Now you're done with the job mojo for the mo, mayhaps it should be sent to :queen: Kaylets?

Amarantha, please make recovery your first priority! These things can hang on so long. And also have a nasty habit of recurring when we don't look after ourselves properly.

11-22-2005, 03:02 PM
JOB MOJO.....JOB MOJO.....JOB MOJO...... :genie: :goodluck: :wizard:

11-22-2005, 07:53 PM
Hello all...

YAY FROGGER~!!!! YAY!!!!! and free health insurance is WONDERFUL!
And thanks for passing on the mojo...
And to know BIL has a paycheck coming must be wonderful too....
You will have a wonderful Thanksgiving w/ your full house ....

Meanwhile, lets hope the " we'll make a final decision after the holiday" is what's the delay now....
No word by phone andl nothing in the mail so....

And I have to admit, I havent done the letters yet.... Not motivated although maybe tonight would be good...
Will still date them w/ last Saturday's date... and run them thru the company mailroom....

Empress.... Sorry you are still not feeling well.... folks at the job claim the are not coughing at home... but cough all day long at job...Feel better!

Time to get some things done!

Hugs and hello to all!

11-23-2005, 05:10 AM
Well, excitement afoot! Congratulations on the new job, Frogger. Medical insurance SO IMPORTANT and free, even better. WSW, so glad you could post - think of you often. Kaylets, hang in. Been my experience (be it second or third hand) that often one can have given up on ever hearing re a job and suddenly, there 'tis. Happened years ago w/DH on the job that ended up being his lifetime career. And put the negatives from the interview out of mind - you've gone over the interview enough to have sifted out anything there might be gained from it and it's time to banish the "what ifs". We never know what's going on in someone else's world that seeps through in their dealings with us.

Wood Nymph - you're inspiring. You too, Ceara, Empress. Note I'm not reporting anything. I know my "serious" time will come again and I'm making some efforts. For now, the miracle is I haven't gained more. It all depends on which scale. I like my old pattern better as if I weigh on DHs scale with more clothing etc. it's higher and I don't like it. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity too often to do things the way I was before. Sure am developing muscles though doing wheelchair transfers and car transfers, etc.

Overall, things are improving albeit slowly. So many complexities that my brain is spinning trying to sort them out. And for the most part, I'm the one who has to as each medical specialty is focussed on that portion of the boy and I must remind myself to remind them of all the other situations.

Miss you, Eydie.

11-23-2005, 06:09 AM
Hello all!


Thought of the day :

"Live everyday like it is your last day on earth, because one day it will

Question of the day :

"What's the last movie you watched? Would you watch it again?"


Here we go Wednesday, here we go!

11-23-2005, 08:29 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! A little tired this morning -- have noticed of late that an especially busy day one day will lead to fatigue the next one. Hoping for boundless reserves of energy in future, however. I did manage to get stupid tax stuff out of the way yesterday, although I fear that there'll be more toing and froing on it before the matter's settled. Ideally, they'll just say: Oh! Our calculations match yours and this is what you owe. :crossed:

Anagram, thank you for the kind words. I'll be very happy when this new dedication has led to some real pound droppage. In the meantime, though, all I have to do is keep doing it. And I feel in some ways like i'm saving my life. I feel like I could be stressed out and unhappy now -- but life's too short! You are undoubtedly developing muscles with your new activities. Are you able to get enough rest now and can you get out briefly from time to time? I admire you more than words can express!

I miss Eydie too :( And Punkin and Cerise and...

Kaylets, last movie I watched was "Heights" which was ok, but definitely not something I'd watch again. Favorite thing I'm watching lately is "Six Feet Under" on DVD but a little frustrated because I want to gobble up the episodes and DH finds a little goes a long way. Tis getting to the season, though -- I like to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol" once a year, sometimes other favorites like "A Christmas Story" and "One Magic Christmas."

Anyone else have any seasonal favorites to recommend?

Amarantha, I like the idea of a daily challenge, although I cannae go far, far away. I declare today's challenge to be: getting out of the house for at least a few minutes this afternoon and adding a set of tai chi to my regular routine (it's been falling by the wayside since I committed to daily yoga).

K, Dovies. I must be off -- the work day beckons with its gnarly claw... Aw, let's take this day and do our best. Love to all! :grouphug:

11-23-2005, 09:56 AM
QOD: Last movie I watched was the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. It was actually the second time I watched it so yes, would watch it again. (Love me some Johnny Depp!!) :love:

I already slipped this morning. What a cad! I stuck a slightly melty belgian truffle in my mouth and ate it. What the heck was I thinking?? It's not even 9am :doh:

Sister and family should be arriving sometime early evening. We ran around like mad people cleaning up last night. I give up, the house is 'straight' but far from actually clean. It'll have to do because with that many people, it's just going to get dirty again.

Happy Thanksgiving (early) to those that celebrate it, and lovely day to all! I'll check in monday.

11-23-2005, 10:23 AM
:) Challenge for today: eat only when hungry

11-23-2005, 07:11 PM
Things are better at work. I made a very firm decision not to get sucked into the gossip trap, that when I hear it I don't linger, don't nod sympathetically, I state that 'I hope you can work it out with her' and keep on steppin'. It's not the easiest thing I've ever done but it's proving quite effective and it feels right.
Have I mentioned that I'm taking a bellydance class at work. It's been going on this whole month and I love bellydancing more than is decent! Learned a new traveling floor move last night and came home with rug burns on my knees and the tops of my feet. You'd just have to see it--the instructor told us that professional bellydancers actually wear knee pads while executing this move! Can get very athletic! :carrot: Am I seeing things or does that carrot look like he/she's bellydancing--kinda?

Everything's ready for the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. It's all balanced precariously in the refrigerator. I've made a seitan and stuffing "turkey", and creamed spinach, roasted potatoes w/ onions and carrots, succotash, sweet potatoes and apples, and whipped cauliflower. Dessert is fruit-sweetened pecan pie and pumpkin-apple pie. Think that's enough? :dizzy: Garry's mom and a few people from our meditation group are coming--hope they'll be hungry.
And I hope I don't eat myself silly over the next 3 days. I've got the big feast tomorrow and another big feast on Friday and a breakfast thing on Saturday. I don't expect to lose any weight--just hope I don't gain any.

Congrats on the new job, Frogger! :D

An sorry about the truamatic interview, Kaylets. Dang it, the fact is, when you're in that situation you're at the interviewer's mercy.

Favorite thing I'm watching these days is "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on DVD. Can't get enough! I think I like it because it makes me laugh at people's jerk-ness and then I find it endearing.
I love watching "A Christmas Carol"--the one with Aleister Simms. Love the scene at the end where Scrooge's housekeeper thinks he's gone mad!

Amarantha, stay away from Nemo! Frosted or not, this Nemo character is up to no good. Did I tell you that I bought myself a Magic Bullet? Love it!!!! [Only drawback is when I try to tell people about it they think I'm talking about a vibrator! :rofl: ]

To all Queens---I missed you and thanks for welcoming me back into the fold. I wish you could all come for lunch tomorrow. God knows I have enough food!

11-23-2005, 09:36 PM
Eydie, I used to love bellydancing ... took a bunch o' classes in my 20s! Mucho good exercise!

Congratulations on that Magic Bullet. I'm workin' on my second set now ... have had it stored for awhile. Gonna get heavily into the soups this winter ...

Mr. Nemo is, indeed, evil! My challenge today was no more than one serving of sweets (I'm trying to get back on track, but am still feeling so bad and now my back has gone out) ... needless to say, I had two servings ... but no Nemo, just some chocolates in the afternoon.

I am in terrible pain ... back seems to be hurting for no reason ... did go to gym and gently worked out. I am going to join a second gym on Friday so I can get some training sessions with a trainer I know ...

E, thou couldst never be OUT o' the fold ... wish we could come to lunch with thee also as thou soundeth like an amazin' chef.

Going to go lie down ... pain pills not even touching this back pain ... I think it's only a pinched nerve ... there's no reason for my back to be hurting ...

11-24-2005, 12:56 PM
happy thanksgiving!

amarantha-sorry to hear you are still feeling so bad, and with back pain added! hope all will improve soon!

frogger-congrats on your new job!

eydie-your holiday spread sounds wonderful!

am planning to go to an afternoon movie, then have a simple thanksgiving dinner at my place afterwards with a friend. well, thinking of you all. take care.

11-24-2005, 02:48 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, all! :wave:

I'm over in the emergency thread I put up here in the royal neighborhood ... gotta get a grip today, guys, or I'll never get any better.

11-25-2005, 07:40 AM
Good morning! Hope all American Royalty had a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm tired and a little cranky, I must admit. Have stupid self-evaluation to pass in today. The reorganization goes on at work. People have gotten calls to say that their jobs are finished. I've been assured that mine's in place, but ... not a good feeling. Have to just feel the feelings.

I headed out to walk yesterday and felt so wonky and shaky that I turned around and came home. Bah. Late afternoon found me remembering ice cream in the freezer and starting to make a date-cocoa sauce to put on it. Had the sauce almost together, was thinking about adding PB... and then thought about how I'd feel this morning if I went ahead. Dumped the whole thing out.

Anyhoo, have DS and DGS coming today and going out to dinner at the home of very good friends tonight. Will walk to gym and hit the weights, do either yoga or tai chi, and meditate. Plus, **** or highwater not withstanding, I'll have my self-evaluation handed in by EOD.

I suspect things'll look brighter by tomorrow. And it's not like there's anything really wrong, I just feel like it is. Toying with the idea of deleting this whole thing so as to not be downer, but I guess I'll leave it in to document the inevitable upsies and downsies that are *sigh* all part of life's rich pageant.

Love to all! Am thinking about blessings, and each of you are definitely among them. Let's take this day and do the level best we can with it! (I feel a little better already :) )

11-25-2005, 09:59 AM
Good luck with the self-evaluation, Arabella. I hate those kind of things ... being a reporter and therefore kind of public, folks are evaluating me all the time ... I don't intend to do so! :)

11-25-2005, 02:10 PM
arabella-good luck with the self-evaluation. good for you for throwing out the stuff which might have made you feel worse instead of better in the end. hard to do that kind of thing. i admire your resolve.

hi to amarantha, aria, ceara, kaylets, and to all our royals!

have to get a few errands done today. really cold here, so decided to wait until had a chance to warm up a bit more. cleaning up after a thanksgiving meal, no matter how small, sure seems to take a lot of work. oh well. everything back to normal now, so will make my way out to accomplish those pesky errands now. just wanted to say hello.

11-25-2005, 03:23 PM
Hello all....

Yes cleaning up can be a drag ...

Especially when cleaning is not your favorite sport...


WoodNymph.. can relate in a very big way.... ( eg. last weeks posts) sometimes as you say, you can only feel the feelings or mask them.....
sometimes its good to pull up the blanket, chug a pot of peppermint tea or sweat it off on the treadmill....

Lately, I've been pulling up the blanket...

YES WSW it got cold! YIKES!!

11-26-2005, 09:37 AM
Hi, all!!! I'm evaluatin' also, Wood Nymph, and find meself sorely behind on all fronts; just posted a message on the emergency thread reminding myself (it's not really meant to be preachy to anyone else, that this is the 27th day before the Solstice ... gotta get goin' ) ...

Cold here, too, at least cold for Arizona ... wouldn't be cold in, say, Ontario, but our blood is gae thin down here! :)

11-26-2005, 05:34 PM
All my social feasting dates are over. Had 3 in the past 3 days and am seriously thinking of doing one of those all-fruit days---nah, who am I kidding---but I am looking forward to getting back on track. I will say this: I feel oversalted and puffy.:( Must drink water.

11-26-2005, 09:42 PM
it's supposed to warm up here tomorrow, and i am happily awaiting that. i saw the movie "rent" which i really enjoyed. i know there was a question from quite a while ago about movies we'd see more than once, kaylets, and that is definitely one that i would see again! have been thinking about this past year and how much i have been off track much more than i was op, and even though this is the very end of the year, i at least feel like i am approaching it with a good plan and much more resolve than i had in a long time. i kept using a lot of reasons as excuses, such as being sick a lot more this past year, my body being very stubborn about letting go of any weight even when i was doing the right things, etc., blah, blah, blah, which while true, i am feeling more resolute now about just doing it, whatever it takes, no matter what! well, at least that's how i feel right now, anyway. i plan to stop worrying about what i didn't do right weight loss-wise, and focusing on what i can do now to make sure i have a better outcome from here on in. well, on that positive note, i will say goodnight to the royal kingdom. take care, all.

11-28-2005, 08:49 AM
LOL Eydie, I know exactly how you feel!

11-28-2005, 09:22 AM
Morning Ladies!
Hope everyone that did Thanksgiving had a good one. As suspected I was overly busy and didn't really get to eat. I had a plate after everyone was finished with a bite or two of everything, but with more to do and cleanup, I didn't even finish that. Everything turned out fantastic, except for those items my MIL brought. I believe she was trying to poison us all... The lemon meringue was spoiled. (My sister took one bite and nearly threw up.) She either used rotten eggs to make it with or it spoiled sitting ON HER DECK!!! Yes, that's right, she said she sat stuff out there to cool, including the lemon merigue and the green been casserole (which by the way was over done and hard as a brick.) And no, the deck is not covered.

Other than that, a TREMENDOUS time had by all. Glad we did it. But next year, we're eating out...:devil:

Hope everyone has a splendid day...I'm off to finish my forms for the new job.

11-28-2005, 11:59 AM
Oh noooo, frogger!

11-29-2005, 11:55 AM
Yowza, howdy to Aria 'n Froggie (sorry to hear 'bout that lemon pie/green bean casserole thing, though, Froggie).

Sorry 'bout the brevity mode on this thread. I'm kind o' scattered these days and livin' for the daily challenge to keep me focused.

11-30-2005, 12:26 PM
Horrible day yesterday -- I was tethered to computer all day (despite warmish sunny weather :( ) making final adjustments to self-evaluation (ended up 4 single-spaced pages). Ugh. Late morning, we had an e-mail to the effect that they'd let one of the first employees of the company go -- this after similar announcements about 3 others. This was especially awful because I think (and others have the same thought) that the only reason these people are gone is because their salaries are high and the owners are looking to sell, so want to make the company look especially profitable. I can't imagine how grim things must feel at the office. I'm still in shock. The first three were announced as if they'd left of their own volition, this one not so much.

And these guys pay a lot of lip service to valuing employees, having a "family" atmosphere. I'm just stunned (I think I said that already.) I'm dreading the company meetings and party in January. Hope they cancel! They always do a day of presentations about the company. I tell you, right now it would seem like such total BS because of all that would remain unsaid. And they always make it very jolly. Just can't imagine how they could do it...

They've also forced the founding editor of my site into retirement, which kind of breaks my heart. And they're trying to make my assistant take another job. I'd likely get a full-time assistant, but would have to train...

Anyhoo, am soldiering on. Have informed the Universe that I am open to offers...

Am in better spirits today and didn't let yesterday knock me off track (except that I didn't manage to exercise). I'm fighting a cold with all the ammo I can muster. Today I did get to the gym and am just not going to work too hard. I need a break! Going to do the second half of my yoga routine in a few mins and then I think a jaccuzzi with eucalyptus oil and a big cup of ginger and green tea is in order...

Love to all, sorry for the me-me-meness! Let's take this day and do what we can with it...

11-30-2005, 02:44 PM
arabella-sorry to hear yesterday was so rough, and about the entire situation. hope you are successful in fighting your cold, too. sending soothing-physical and emotional-thoughts your way.

11-30-2005, 09:33 PM
Hello all....

WoodNymph... How ugly your job situation has become. And you're right, they will most likely go ahead w/ the January meetings and you will sit and wonder how many else in the room are embarrassed just to be there.

Frogger.... I started to wonder how meringue could go bad cooling and decided not to think anymore.... glad things turned out well....

Somehow, don't know how..... have one idea but think I'm wrong....
Believe it or not, I'm thinking I may not be heartbroken if the job interviews don't pan out... The internal job interview got out.....and suddenly today after months of being passed by, I was offered overtime...
interesting how suddenly I am noticed....

Ah well.....

Did I mention I am now officially 2 days on JUST DOING IT TODAY....and feeling much better although I am shocked at how much my trigger hand is hairtrigger ready to grab anything edible....literally have to force myself away from things today.... not technically "off plan" foods but above the daily limit.
As my Dad says, if you eat enough lettuce you can be fat on lettuce.

I also feel a head cold/scratchy throat coming on....

so.... off to bed ...

W/ a cup of lemon tea.....

Here we go bedtime, here we go....

12-02-2005, 07:53 AM
Good things: Feeling slightly less symptomatic this morning, also weight appears poised to duck under the next pound mark. Furthermore, I just heard that something I was supposed to do this morning (a quiz mailing) is shoved off to Monday now. So I've got time to do the things I want to get done and also get the house ready for visitation tommorrow. Having the fam in for pre-Christmas get-together -- carols, hanging out, maybe some ornament making. Maybe watch a Christmas movie.

I finally called the hairdresser yesterday to make an appointment and they had an opening at 2 so I took it. Jury's still out on the new do (not different enough from what it looked like before I went, methinks, and I was ready for a change) although it may look better after I wash it.

Kaylets, 'tis the season, is it not, for colds. Ugh. I hope that the scratchy throat was just a rumor and you feel fantastic now! Glad you're feeling sanguine about the interviews -- I know there's a fabulous job holding out for you.

wsw, thanks so much for sending the soothing thoughts -- recieved and appreciated! Amazing what we can do at a distance, isn't it. :) I don't think you need to feel that you're using being sick a lot as an excuse, though. Being sick just makes everything so difficult. And it's hard to know how much to do when ill. To some extent, you just need to give yourself a break. Of course, we want to do what will be good for our health...

Amarantha, not sure if it was in this thread or the other one that you mentioned Airborne. Wow, that sounds like the stuff! I'll look for it today. All this ginger tea and ginseng and -- oh yeah -- cayenne and so on and so forth is a lot of work. What a brilliant idea to put it all together (not sure if the cayenne is part or not, but that's just one element of about 15 I'm taking. So far, all it's done is made me feel all week like I'm in the early stages of catching a cold :rolleyes: Maybe I should just let the cold have its way with me...

K -- off to the races. Going to take it easyish and just do stuff a bit at a time. Love to all -- let's make this a good one!

12-04-2005, 08:33 PM
Just popping in. It's been a party, party, party weekend. I ate a small piece of ice cream cake, but have mostly been very well-behaved. Didn't manage to exercise yesterday but was on the go all day. And today I got out for a walk. The second pound of this challenge had dropped off this morning so I had to come in and change my ticker before it bounced the wrong way :rolleyes:

I'm exhausted! Off to bed, I am :yawn: Love to all!

12-04-2005, 11:06 PM
Not sure where I mentioned Airborne either, Arabella, but I've also discovered another remedy that I'm starting to believe in ... oregano oil. You can get it in capsules, supposed to be better than antibiotics and is also anti-viral, supposedly. Normally, I don't believe every miracle herb remedy that comes down the pike (oregano oil is popular right now) but have seen some good research on this, besides, I'm desperate. :)

12-05-2005, 09:17 AM
I'm still alive! Just popping in for a moment. First day on the job, (same place unfortunatly, different company, different project). No one from my new company is here yet, so I', cleaning out my desk for the move (across the room). :lol:

I'll stop back by later and catch up and let you girls know how the first day went.


12-05-2005, 01:32 PM
Good morning! Feeling a wee bit worse again (too many parties, work, stress and not enough rest, relaxation, meditation -- must redevote myself!) I don't feel horrible, just not great. Have a big work day on, but am not minding it too much. Nevertheless, as soon as my lunchtime soup has settled I'm going to head off to the gym and WILL do yoga and meditate. :yes:

I have my writing group potluck on Wednesday eve and then DH's birthday party a week from Friday. Those are the only other parties I'm hosting this season, at any rate.

Amarantha -- oil of oregano, huh? Yes, I've seen it and heard the miraculous claims (typed "miraculous clams" first :lol: -- do you suppose that's another remedy?)

Wondering about our Wildfire and her upcoming date!

K -- popping out again. Love to all!

12-07-2005, 10:34 AM
OK where is everyone??? COME ON LADIES!!!!

New job is OK. Yes, just OK. I sort of feel like the gopher around here though. Maybe it's because I'm new. We'll see how thing progress once I can get someone to teach me what the heck it is I'm supposed to do.

Anywho..I think I may have lost an inch or two. (I still weigh the same). But I have a pair of jeans that I can button and zip up and pull right off of me all the way down. They've never done that before!

I'll check in later.

12-07-2005, 08:14 PM
[color=blue][b]Clams, hmmm. Might work.

I do think the oregano oil lives up to its press ... I feel it is fighting the good fight in me beleagured bod.

Froggie, congrats on the inch loss and the new job. Sounds like you had a good first day, even if you played the gopher ... I personally like it when I'm the gopher ... more fun than runnin' things. :)

Speakin' o' work, have to go cover a meeting.

12-07-2005, 09:07 PM
Frogger, hope the new job gets more exciting. Trust me, sometimes "just okay" can be a good thing! I hate drama at work and I have plenty of that lately.:dizzy: And congrats on losing a few inches there!

Just think, Arabella is at her book club potluck somewhere even as I type this.

Amarantha, I hope you feel 100% better soon. I can't stand those colds that linger!

I'm feeling good and behaving myself reasonably well. I want to get back to my calorie cycling thing but I can't seem to make that happen. So I'm predicting that I'll simply maintain this holiday, not likely to lose--but who knows? I could have a Christmas miracle yet!

Kaylets, the weather folks swore and declared that we were going to have 8" of glorious snow this past monday but we only got the 'slop' too. Yuck!

I say this every year and I must say it again: there's a delightful little book called "The Christmas Conversation Piece"--it's a book of questions and is a lot of fun to ask questions with a group. Mind if I share a few with you thru the season?
Here's one: If you were going to be Santa Claus for a Christmas Eve, what one amenity or convenience factor would you insist that your sleigh feature?

12-07-2005, 11:27 PM
Just stopping in quickly to say hello! Have been busier than a one-armed paper trip, parties, DD's oral surgery...and a certain Irishman is coming to visit on Friday morning! I stop in here to read what everyone is up to, but have been keeping a journal in the land far away. ( After this weekend it looks like things will slow down a bit, and I'll be back. Just not enough time to keep up with two sites!

And on that note, I still have stuff to do before bed! Stay well!