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11-01-2005, 11:24 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I went to donate blood after school today and have felt lazy since getting home. There was no line for once and I got right in; the paperwork takes longer than the actual donating. :^: We got grades yesterday and several of our special ed. students are failing health so I will be reading the health tests from now on. That's ok but it irritates the he** out of me when it is obvious they don't study and want me to give them answers. I don't do it, but it's hard to not show how I'm feeling about the whole process. I'll now have to read the test 3 different times to boot. I should know it by heart when I'm done! I dread the semester tests because they are and hour and a half long!

Maggie -- I like the Schwan's treats too! :T Our area driver delivers during the day but most of the neighbors are retired and home. I'm not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. In the last few years the kids have gone to the other side of their families and we have gone to Fort Dodge where my stepsister and her husband live. I'd almost just as soon stay home and enjoy a day to myself. :o

'Gma' -- I hope your allergies settle down. They are not fun, that is for sure! Thanks for sharing T's picture; he is really growing tall. Is his costume for a specific character or just a spooky looking one?

Gail -- Glad to hear you had fun handing out the Halloween treats. It was such a nice night here; I can remember many, many Halloween nights when it either rained or we had snow. :(

Gloria -- I had to laugh at you saying everyone knew your husband and you were the 'chopped liver!' I think men are more recognized because they are out and about while we are inside the home slaving away! :lol:

I'm tired so guess I will figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and head for bed. Have a wonderful Wednesday and a 'losing' November!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-02-2005, 09:41 AM
Good morning gals! It is supposed to be low 70's today, nice and pleasant. The are talking about near 80's for a couple days again. What a roller coaster!

Jean: Health is not a hard subject but I guess when you don't listen at all it can be. I pity you having to go through everything. Thomas was just a spooky one and he would walk around with his arms out groaning like someone coming out of the grave! :lol: He is getting tall, but a good swift wind would blow him right away. Skinny as a rail. His dad is really thin as is his aunt and grandma. He certainly doesn't get it from my side! :lol: :lol: Kelly is tiny boned but she has a lot of trouble keeping her weight down sometimes. She only carries it in her hips and upper thighs though, the rest of her is pretty tiny.

Maggie: I have never had Schwanns stuff. Guess I ought to look into it and see if they have it here. I am sure they do as I think I have seen the trucks.

Gloria: I am the one everyone knows in the neighborhood, mainly because of swimming everyday and walking. Jack does not like socializing with neighbors at all and is the one that has to get nasty with people blocking our garage etc so he is probably thought of as a curmudgeon! :lol: In his defense, when we lived in Indiana my sister lived in a nice housing area but the neighbors were nightmares. They would just show up at her door and barge in, expect to be invited to dinner if they were eating (which my dumb sister would always do instead of kicking them OUT) etc. Now these were ADULTS not kids doing this, but the kids followed their parents bad example. As we spent a lot of time with them, Jack saw all this and decided he didn't want to ever get close to neighbors and he doesn't. Now that is not to say he doesn't speak or wave if they do, but he doesn't walk up to them and make conversation now stand outside and talk with anyone. He is a pretty private person all the way around. He HATES having any of our curtains, shades and whatnot open and has to concede to a couple being up somewhat for the cat to sit in the window. Now if he is in a group he feels comfortable with like family he is a totally different person.

Well I hear the washer is finished and I need to finish a couple chores and get the downstairs floors mopped as the darn mop won't do it by itself for some reason . They have that Rumba thing that vacuums for you by itself, why not a mopping system, huh? :D


11-02-2005, 10:15 AM
Good morning!

Well, I went to WW last night (and it wasn't pretty)--to a new center opened at the senior center in town. It was an older crowd...hmmm...a lot of them looked liked me! :lol: Anyway, the leader is a no-nonsense type of person but very nice and tactful about it. She says we have a job to do and since we walked through the doors tonight (last night) we've agreed to do that job so we should just get right to it. Anyway, that made me smile. I like her. I'll go back! ;) We talked about those BLTs--how many times have I heard that particular lecture? Many times. I'm sure I needed to hear it again because the other times sure didn't get through to me! So, I've bought a new journal book and no more sloppy journaling for me. Today is Day #1. It's very nice outside today so I'm going to take a walk on my lunch hour. Oh. We also talked about caffeine too--how it dehydrates our body...but I have to have my ONE cup of coffee in the morning!

Maggie, nope...never tried Schwann's products but I've heard they are very good. I guess the main reason why I've never tried them is because of $$$. I spend so much money on food each week--I still buy like I have a growing family and I end up giving some of that away to the kids.

Faye, I knitted on that horrid Harry Potter scarf last night. I swear I feel like I'm backing up on it. Thought of you--I just wish I could SHOW you how to start that circular knitting instead of trying to explain to you how to do it. I've had a time of it this fall with my allergies. For four weeks I had severe sinusitis on top of my hayfever and it took FOUR prescriptions to finally get rid of it!!! At one point, my family doctor wrote a note for me to stay home a few days--I was so glad he did that.

Jean, you have a time of it at your school! Bless your heart. Yes, it is so nice for the little ones when the weather cooperates on Halloween. But you know something? Halloween is NOT a favorite holiday of mine! I could do without it easily.

Well. I must get to some of this work on my desk. I don't feel like working today but here I am...

11-02-2005, 03:36 PM
It's now the is a gorgeous day out there! I walked for 30 minutes on my lunch hour. It felt so good to be outside! :)

11-02-2005, 04:23 PM

Looks like rain is coming this way. We are going out and about for a nice drive in the mountains at one o'clock. Should be a nice time to be out. I got my new bread machine ordered and now await it's delivery. I have some lightened versions of good breads and Cowboy will be happy I once again have a bread machine. I am not a big bread eater ~ more a Rustic and Flatbread kind of gal. Like "stuff" in the bread that gives it substance and more fiber. I also like making nice loaves to decorate with pretty ribbon and a pot of some sort of spread as gifts. I found a lovely recipe for "Orange Blossom Honey Butter" which is only one point per 2 1/4 teaspoon serving. I have quite a few good recipes for sweet and savory spreads.

JEAN do just stay home and enjoy the day for yourselves for once if that is what you want. We have done that and have been so glad we did. Isn't it a shame that you have to read those tests to them. A firends daughter was shocked in one of her college classes where they had to write a paper ~ some of the kids couldn't even put a sentance together. They had gotten into college somehow without any tools of knowledge. That scares me.

FAYE sounds like your husband works hard and when he is home wants to enjoy his peace and quiet. Nothing wrong with that. You have a vacuum that that is neat. Yep they should make a mop that mops.

GAIL CONGRATULATIONS for getting back to WW. I like your leader also! I am glad you found such a one. Yeppers, write what you bite and mind those BLT's and you will lose weight. I wish you a good walk down this road to thin. I too have to have my coffee ~ latte for sure. Let's drink our water too.

11-02-2005, 05:39 PM
Work has been hummin' right along and thought I would take a break before I left for the day. :)

Maggie, I like my WW Leader a lot. I have drank more water today than I have in a very long time--32 oz. I had gotten away from drinking water. I know you can't wait for that bread machine to arrive! Sounds like Cowboy can't wait either! :D And that Orange Blossom Honey Butter sounds scrumptious.

I have a full schedule of things to do tonight. I'll be doing the last bit of "company cleaning". I'm looking forward to having Friday off. Of course, I'm looking forward to seeing my parents as well! :D

11-02-2005, 10:49 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We've also had a beautiful day and it is still 75 degrees outside! This weather has been so nice! The sun disappeared around 4:15 so I don't know if we are in for some rain or what. I hate it getting dark at 5:00! It was "Day of the Dead" at school and the building reeked of onions, spices, etc., from their cooking. We can't burn candles any more so the custodians walk around spraying trying to get rid of the stink. It's always more work for the custodians . . . heaven forbid the teachers would make the kids clean up their mess. Of course, most of us weren't privileged enough to sample any of the food which is probably good. I need to adjust my attitude! I had bell choir tonight and have an algebra assignment to do so I can help kids tomorrow.

'Gma' -- After working with these kids, I can understand why there are so many pregnant girls in school. They have NO clue about birth control methods nor even what body parts are where. :o We used to kid the health teacher about slacking off but not any more . . . they just plain don't care and don't put any effort into the class. We've lived in different kinds of neighborhoods over the years . . . some we didn't even know what the people looked like and some were just like our family and we were really close to each other. We still hear from neighbors we had in Ohio 30+ years ago. Our current neighborhood is the kind where you might wave if you are outside or visit in the driveway. The neighbors on one side are probably the closest ones . . . we watch their house and remove snow while they winter in Texas and he will feed the cats if we are going to be gone. On the other side is the cat haters . . . enough said about them! We've lived here for almost 22 years and the lady across the street has yet to wave or speak although her husband will wave. They are strange! :twirly:

Gail -- I'm glad you like your new WW leader! I'm convinced they make all the difference in how successful one wants to be at this weight loss game. You are off to a GREAT start! I wish I had time to walk during my noon (27 minutes) hour! ;) That includes 8 minutes for coming and going so it's about all I can do to shovel in my lunch and catch my breath. I like my coffee in the morning too and I could do without the Halloween hullabaloo! :eek: Let's start a club! :lol:

Maggie -- I can almost smell your bread baking now? Hmmm, Hmmm, Good! :T We have kids that graduate without being able to read, write, or speak English (beyond survival English)! No wonder we are on "THE" list! I hope you enjoyed your ride . . . sounds like fun! :D

I need to go over my algebra to make sure I know what I am doing for tomorrow! Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-02-2005, 11:17 PM

We had a wonderful ride ~ left Mr. Barks A Lot at home. We are going to order one of those gadgets that gives out a high pitch noise to curb inside barking. They really work, used them before and they don't hurt the pooch. Anyway we can get one that can be portable so can take it in the car. He just loves to bark at horses and any other thing that moves. If he barks at people it is his "come play with me" bark. Yesterday he started barking at a fake deer in the back of a parked truck. That was the last straw for Cowboy. Ragg Mopp is just a puppy and coming up on 11 months old and may out grow this but in the mean time he doesn't need two adults that are ready to do him harm (which we never really would) if he doesn't quit with the noise. I tried the squirt with a water bottle and he thought it was fun and came closer to have me squirt him in the mouth which refreshed him so he could bark some more. He isn't a yapper ~ he has a serious bark for such a little thing. Anyway we left him at home. :D My bread machine will be shipped the 4th. Tomorrow is weigh day and I don't feel that I have lost any weight this week but have had a good OP week all except not drinking enough water. I have slacked off on that since the weather has turned a tad cooler.

JEAN I wonder what happened to "hold the child back" if he refused to learn how to write and read. Dumbing down of America is what we see happening before our very eyes. When my grandparents were in school when they and reached their 8th grade exams they knew what (or more) the kids do today that are graduating 4 years of college. That's a fact you can take to the bank. My generation didn't allow any to graduate that couldn't read and write. Look how quickly we have dumbed down. And that truly scares me. But those that are really dumbed down won't be the ones running this country now will they.

GAIL It sure does help the program when one likes the leader. My leader is already trying to get me to aim for being a leader. I told her not to get too ancious that I would want to take her job. She says that I should be a leader in front of the group and then they all clap. My fan club. Life is good. Have a good OP week.

11-03-2005, 05:01 AM
Good Early {{{YAWN}}} morning to you! I had hot flashes in bed so got up for a little while and found part of the living room ceiling on the floor. We thought we had the tub spout problem fixed, but obviously not, so back to the drawing board so to speak. The plumbing in this place is antiquated at best. What a mess it was to clean up off the carpet!

Maggie: We have a "non" barker here in our house. He will bark at something that startles him that none of us hear, but the dog down the street can be raising cain and not a peep. You take him in the car, nothing. He doesn't bark at people, someone knocking on the door or anything. He loves the UPS and FedEx guy and they aren't afraid of him, but always give him an extra pet when he is jumping all over them. Obviously, we don't use him as a guard dog! lololol (none of the smileys etc are working this morning for some reason) I love to bake bread in my machine, but haven't done it in quite awhile. Have you ever made chocolate bread? I heard that is pretty good. I have had my current machine for several years and it is a 2 lber. Oh a ? for you about Schwann's. I looked at their website and found the food to look pretty appetizing, but something confused me. Each order is a one time thing, right? I mean it isn't like milk delivery, where he delivers the same thing every week or whatever (I know the Schwann guy comes every two weeks) I just wondered whether you go back into the website and re-ordered whatever it is you want for the next delivery or nothing at all and he doesn't come or what. I apologize for being such a dummy about it, but I looked on the site and couldn't find the answer anywhere.

Jean: Until we bought the condo, we lived in rental property our whole life and that is a come and go existance, you know? Jack is just not comfortable with strangers and to be frank, doesn't trust any of the ones we currently live around, which to be fair to him is probably the right way to be. He thinks the elderly lady down the street is batty (she is just lonely and overly friendly) and we have a resident honest to goodness nut living at the end of our street. The man is mentally ill and I have been told attacked some people, though he has come over to the pool when I have been there alone several times over the last few years and though very odd, was nice as could be. When he doesn't stay on his meds, you can find him sitting naked in his backyard, I once saw him walking down the street and he stopped and peed against a fence right on the busy street. I once saw him about a mile and half from the condos in the middle of the same busy street in the median just standing there! I guess his sister is supposed to keep an eye on him, but sometimes he just wanders all over the place.

Gail: I bet you can't wait to see your parents. Jack and I's parents have been gone many years, our dads died a month apart and have been gone now 31 years, Jack's mom died on Valentine's day in 89 and my mom has been gone 8 years now. I adored Jack's dad, tolerated his shrew of a mother and wasn't close with my parents. My parents divorced when I was in jr high school and my mother was one of those cold women that you couldn't get close to. I, for some reason when I was grown was her favorite and ended up with something I will always treasure and that is my great grandmother's and grandmother's bone china. Their sets are exactly alike so I have a huge set. My sisters, are livid about it, of course, but she gave it to me before she died and that was her choice. I didn't ask for it. It is a wonderful old set, just plain white, but I have cool little things like tiny tiny dishes for t-bags, paper thin little coffee cups, etc. I love it and would never give it to anyone. It is part of my will where it goes when I die. My dd has tried to convince me to give it to her, but uh uh no go! I have to be pushing up tulips before anyone gets it. Have you ever seen the program knitty gritty on the DIY channel? I have watched it off and on and they were doing blankets yesterday doing cabling and Irish patterns. It was pretty cool some of the patterns. I am hoping to go and get the yarn to start dd's stuff this weekend and maybe take it with me at Thanksgiving. I want to get it done so I can work on my throw for my living room I am making.

Well, gals, I have cooled back down so guess I will go get in the recliner and snooze a little. I don't want to go back upstairs and wake up Jack, though I hear him upstairs right now.


11-03-2005, 10:06 AM
I am at work NOW but not for long. I'm taking the rest of the day off--I need to go to the grocery store, prepare some food ahead of time, and.......wash my kitchen floor. Yes, I know it's "only my Mom and Dad" but I also look at all this "company cleaning" as HOLIDAY CLEANING as well. :)

Jean, by the time I pull into my driveway at night (5:30pm) it is DARK. I don't like that either. 27 minutes for a lunch "hour"--that stinks, but then again you work in a school and I remember (vaguely) what those lunch "hours" were like...and I was a kid back then! :) Do you wanna be President of the "No Halloween Club"? I'd much rather be Vice President--they don't do anything! :lol: :lol: <reaching for my coffee mug>

I can't remember if I told you this Maggie, but I live in horse country...yes, right here at the northwestern Delaware/Maryland stateline. Beautiful race horses! Ragg Mopp would have a time of barking! :) Ragg Mopp knew that was a FAKE deer--he was just trying to tell you! ;) You just might be surprised at weigh-in day tomorrow and besides you have one more day. :) Good luck to you!! I just found out last night Wayne is going to be home Tuesday night--my weigh-in night. Its not like I'm trying to keep a secret about going to WW from him...but I wanted to surprise him with my results. Hmmm...I guess I am trying to keep it a secret from him! Anyway, here I am trying to come up with a plausible excuse why I'm going to be getting home late on Tuesday night. I guess I'm going to have to tell him. There goes my surprise. Anyway...I stepped on the scale this morning (and I've been 110% OP mind you) and I'm up 4 tenths of an ounce. Bad scale! Bad scale! I'm not upset; its just my body doin' it's thing. (I'm not discouraged!) I've had people tell me I should be a WW Leader also but I enjoy sitting with the group and talking. I'm not shy! :) (Although I was when I was a child but not as an adult.) You'd make a great Leader!

Faye, bless your heart--what a thing to wake up to. And the hot flash too! Chocolate bread? Would that taste like the chocolate muffins WW sells in the frozen food section? Oooooh yeah...I've watched Knitty Gritty! Isn't that hostess of the show the cutest thing?! :D I pick up some good pointers from her show from time to time. :) Your dishes sounds I don't have a nice set of china...yet. And I have no one to blame but myself--I can't make up my mind.

Okay...I need to clear up my desk a I can leave early! I'll try to log on later this evening. :) Everyone have a nice OP day!

11-03-2005, 06:53 PM

It is a lovely sunny day here and the clouds that looked so much like rain have gone away. So...Cowboy is starting the ground work to build my deck. I call it mine for I am planning to use it for my glass works. :lol: We talked a bit about spaghetti to day at WW and on the way home Cowboy said, "Do you want to hear what I would like for dinner?" I said, "I imagine it would be spaghetti!" He was astounded for he knew nothing about our WW discussion. So this afternoon I am going to make a big batch of sauce so I have some to freeze for later meals. I showed a loss for the 5th week in a row and am now considering myself on a roll.

FAYE you can order what you want each time on the website and then the driver is sure to have it on the truck. Sometimes I order a lot and sometimes just one or two items. I have it set up with him that if I don't put in an internet order than he isn't to stop by. You can set it up with your driver how you want it. If you don't want to order off the internet you can order when he arrives. He gives you a catalogue of the products so you can make your list from it. Sometimes in the past when I hadn't put in a internet order we would just stop a driver and get what we wanted that way. When we lived in Idaho the warehouse was outside of town and we would just go there and didn't have a driver. They will work with you on how you want it. I have never had a problem with any of their products.

GAIL let us know how you do let Wayne know you joined WW. I know he is a totally supportive husband and willl encourage you. Aren't those horses beautiful? We have a horse ~ named Cattle Kate. She lives on a ranch and is making beautiful babies out in Tennessee. We didn't bring her out here when we came. She isn't a race horse but is a decendent of 2 Eyed Jack who is famous in his own right. When we were out in TN, Cowboy went on seasonal cattle round ups with the man who owns the ranch where we left her. He has a herd of (or did back then) around 30 horses. His cattle are up high in the mountains in the summer and he brings them down to the valley to winter them. Anyway Cattle Kate did her job but didn't like going into the thick brush to hunt for lost cows. She absolutely didn't like that thick brush. Cowboy used a different horse for that type of work. :dizzy: We had other horses when we were back there but it was cost prohibitive to bring them out west. Kate is being well taken care of and earning her keep.

11-03-2005, 11:04 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I didn't get home from school until almost 5 . . . I had to stay after school to get help from the algebra teacher and then we spent the last half hour just visiting. The school days are so busy we barely have time to say hello to each other let alone visit. When I got home there was a message on the answering machine that my contacts were in (my 4th set since July so I hope they got it right this time) and I wanted to put the birthday bonds for Maddy and Ian in the bank box so we turned around and headed out again. We ended up getting a sandwich at the DQ and are back home again. I read the second part of the health test today and out of 6 kids today, only 1 had obviously studied. What a waste of my time. As of tomorrow I 'get to' spend a study hall with a BD student who is a total jerk. :tantrum: He supposedly needs help in algebra but when I checked with the teacher, he is getting a C+. He can't get along with the study hall teacher he had so is pitching a fit to get out of that room. He is a gang wanna-be, has a cocky attitude, and had been sent away last year. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Maggie -- I had to :lol: at your descriptions of Ragg Mopp and I have a mental picture of this ball of fur bouncing from one side of the car to the other. Congrats on another loss this week! :cheer: You are on a roll! Dumbing down the course work is as stupid as requiring EVERYONE to take advanced, upper level math and scienc classes when they can't remember from one class period to the next where they are going! I'll be glad when the government gets out of education and lets the educators do what they know best how to do. I'm sure I'll be long gone if and when that happens! I'm not about to try my hand at chemistry, physics, and calculus at this late date. :nono:

'Gma' -- I'm sorry you're having plumbing problems again. It sounds like you do have some interesting neighbors! :dizzy: I noticed, as I was sitting at the breakfast table yesterday, the neighbor yahoo who lives behind us was peeing outside his basement door! :yikes: Now I only saw him from the waist down because the leaves are still on the tree but this has been going on since he was in middle school and he's now probably 22 or 23. . .old enough to know better. I wish I could whistle and get his attention but our yard is too big and I can't do a wolf whistle. :(

Gail -- I'm sure your house will pass the spic 'n span inspection when your parents get there. It's nice to have food ready in advance; I just wish I liked to cook! :^: If you really want to surprise him, you could tell Wayne you had to work late or had to stop on the way home for more yarn or needed to stop at the mall for a spur-of-the-moment gift. I've given up trying to second guess the scale! When I think I've done well, I gain, and when I'm afraid to step on, I've lost. :shrug: I think it is all mental!

I need to fold a load of towels and unload the dishwasher. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-04-2005, 11:12 AM
Happy Friday morning. My parents w/nephew in tow have not showed up yet. Jean, I wish they would hurry up and get here because I'm tired of cleaning. It's not that my house is all that dirty but I keep finding nooks and crannies to clean. I'm tired! :lol: And I don't like to cook either! Hmmm...let me take that back, I have to be in the mood to cook! And I'm just going to stay on program and allow my body to do it's own thing--that's all I can do.

Maggie, I agree with Jean--I chuckle when I read about Ragg Mopp (love that name!). I just wanted it to be a surprise for Wayne--I wanted to lose a significant amount before I told him but I'm going to have to tell him because he'll be waiting for me to walk in the door at 5:30pm on Tuesday. And yes--he is supportive--thank goodness for that! BUT with all that said I just feel a little self conscious about saying (to anyone for that matter) that I've just re-joined WW! How many times have that been since I've known YOU? But I'll keep trying and I just know one of these re-joins will be the time that I get to goal and lifetime. I won't give up! I have a beautiful horse ranch down the road from me and they give riding lessons--I've thought of doing that. Perhaps one day. You're doing wonderfully--CONGRATULATIONS on another week's loss! :D

11-04-2005, 02:23 PM

It is a bright and shinining day with the tem so far in the high 50's. A tad cooler than it has been but no "weather" in sight. I am going to make a pot of chicken with dumplings in a bit. Going to the market for some FF chicken broth. I'll make enough so I can send a serving with Cowboy to work. I have some of my killer spaghetti that I made last night ready for him for tomorrow. Getting that time of the year when a hot meal is welcomed out there by the lake.

JEAN you are so right that little fury ball of energy is back and forth on that back seat. We have a harness on him that connects to the seat belt which keeps him in the back seat so he isn't bouncing up front bothering the driver. He has a lot of freedom "back there" and keeps him safe. I was talking with the Sheriff yesterday about the "dumbing down of America" and he shuddered. He already can see the results of some of it. It is those folks who won't be the good work force which is the fabric of this country. They won't hold office or be a viable positive force in thier community. What is happening the classes are getting spread wider and wider apart in this nation of the have and have nots. We are having a large group of kids coming out of school that are on the dole and will be the "have nots." They will swell the nations jail cells and drain the welfare systems and form the long and longer lines at the soup kitchens and flop houses. Babies are having babies and who cares for them. . . certainly not the fathers. :soap: If I were raising kids in this age I would be home schooling them. The government cannot do a better job than I because the governmnet doesn't care about my kids like I do. And that's a fact.

GAIL I am sure you will enjoy your company now that you have all your little nooks and crannies cleaned out. I can imagine you are a fine cook when you do cook and that is a great plus. Don't worry much about this being another start. It is a fresh start and you can make it work for you. After all, you are doing this for YOU. This is my final go-round for I am going to keep at it this time till I reach goal. I too have had many starts and this start will have a fabulous finish. :D

We are off to the market . . . type at ya'all later. Have a good afternoon.

11-05-2005, 07:35 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening Flowers! It's getting colder as the day goes on, cloudy, gloomy, and 'feels' like it could snow. :( Today was my day to work in the hospital gift shop; some of the new Christmas items were on display so I was the best customer of the day! We ran some errands late yesterday afternoon and I was so tired when we got home, I didn't even get on the computer which is unusal for me. Now I'm finishing up the laundry and need to vacuum the fur hunks before I call it quits for the day. We plan to go see the kids and grandkids tomorrow after going to SAM's Club, Toys R Us, Menards, and Sears. I'm hoping to get some Christmas things as well as pick up something for Ian to unwrap for his birthday.

Gloria -- I noticed that you posted on #40 but I will answer you on #41! ;) I know you are looking forward to your trip! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and it is always nice to see your family again. I think our new TV is a dud! :yes: We bought it because it has an "on timer" but it either doesn't work or I'm not smart enough to set it right. :o I set it for 6 AM and it comes on at 4 AM . . . two days in a row! :mad: So I tried setting it to come on early in the evening so I can check it, and it doesn't come on at all. :mad: We don't use the sleep timer part . . . I can fall asleep sitting in front of the TV but don't know if I could do that in bed. :lol:

Gail -- I hope you are enjoying your weekend with your family! :yes: How old is your nephew? I'll bet your granddaughters will be tickled to have someone new to play with. :D

Maggy -- We were discussing different insurance companies in a class one day and a student spoke up and said his family had Title 19 Insurance! He actually thought that was another company. :rolleyes: It would be so nice if the government would stay out of education as well as religion! :yes: Some of us think we should go back to teaching respect, self discipline, and manners since many students do not get them at home. In all fairness, we do have some really nice students but the jerks sure outshine the nice ones. :(

"Gma" -- I hope all is well with you! :)

I am off to vacuum! Have a nice evening and a super Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-05-2005, 08:02 PM
OK, Now does this say I need a vacation or what.....I posted on #40 and Jean caught me. :o I copied and pasted so you would know what I had said. And it is.....

Good Morning, Flowers

It is down to the last week before we leave.....the 13th. WOW! I am pretty much set now just a few last minute pack.
Actually I have some things in a suitcase and now am making a staging area in the dining room for all that is to come with us. We are bringing Christmas gifts and some birthday gifts. I will try to pack the trunk with anything we won't need on our way down and only put in the back seat the things we will need overnight.

Jean: I like the idea of a TV for the bedroom that will shut itself off. That's the only kind I could have as I would fall asleep before the end of the program.

Faye: Boy has T gotten tall! Sorry about your troubles with the allergies. I am so grateful that I don't have them.

Maggie: Yes DH knows every female for a 5 block radius. He was walking his route for the last 10 years and now he has quite a following, both young and old. In the supermarket we often see someone he knows and they say Oh, your Jack's wife.

Gail: Whether you tell Wayne or not I am sure he will be pleased with the new you.

Gloria in my face red. LOL

11-05-2005, 08:41 PM
Good evening gals! Well, we have the computer fixed. I somehow deleted some important download files from Windows XP so we couldn't download anything and that included most websites. That was why my smileys and whatnot wouldn't work. I couldn't get on today and that is why there was no post from me.

I went to the commissary today and boy were they busy. I did get checked out fairly quickly though.

Gloria: I know you are so excited about gettting on the road for vacation. We have already started planning for Vegas next year! :lol: We have vacation days set aside and as soon as we can book the hotel, we will. I am also taking Christmas presents to Indiana for Thanksgiving and that is why I hurried getting all those scarves done. I am not to the point where I only have my dd's scarf and hat to do. I am waiting for 2 sweaters for my dil to get here from QVC than I am shipping everything to Jean to wrap for me! :D :^:

Jean: You are ready to wrap, right???? :lol: I have to tell you that I am so thrilled with the gloves I received. I bought long suede gloves for dil that are a bright turquoise and since I ordered online I wasn't sure how they would look. I got them on Thursday and took them up and compared with her scarf and they are almost a perfect match to the turquoise in her scarf. My son's leather gloves have sheepskin lining and are soft soft soft leather and match his scarf beautifully too.

Maggie: You will have to share your spaghetti sauce recipe if it is not a chef's secret! :lol: I love spaghetti and sure do miss my dad's homemade sauce. That was back in the days where you could buy really long spaghetti in big long packages and I can remember coming home from school and smelling that wonderful sauce. My dad was a cook in the army during WWII. Fortune has a seat belt restraint AND a car seat. It is great because he can see out the window. It is covered in fleece so it is nice and soft and has a little drawer underneath for his leash, treats or whatever. The restraint attaches more than likely like Rag Mopp's does then the seat belt goes throw the back of the car seat and attaches back to the connection.

Gail: Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. I am washing curtains I just washed a couple days ago. I believe my cat sprayed on them. He is neutered and I don't know why he does that. GRRRRR!

I actually did it and made mittens. I am including a little pic of one of them. They can be worn with or without a cuff. This matches Thomas's hat and scarf, which are Harry Potter colors.

Well, gals, I need to go. Have a good evening.


11-06-2005, 10:52 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! This morning DH went to church to give a finance report, (next week is commitment Sunday) and then we took off for Sioux City. It was "rip and dip" Sunday and I just can't do that any more. Gross! :barf: We power shopped and got the toy part of Christmas taken care of. After going to SAM's Club, the trunk and back seat of the car were full!

We stopped to see Beth and her family. Kolby is crawling all over and if he can't get over it or move it, he just keeps hitting it with his head. DH thinks we should get him a helmet for Christmas! :lol: Maddy acted like she had never seen us before and it's only been two weeks; evidently she is doing that with everyone.

Our last stop was to see Jason and his family. Ian goes into show off mode and Zowie didn't like either one of us. :o I was acceptable after she saw I was holding the bottle. :lol:

We headed home while it was still light but it was dark when we got here. I hate it getting dark so early! :mad:

Gloria -- I thought some of the posts were missing when I saw your post on #40! :twirly: I've done the same thing myself. ;)

'Gma' -- I'm glad your computer is fixed! When I first got my computer I deleted a bunch of stuff . . . every time it would ask a yes or no question, I never knew which to answer. :rolleyes: We ended up having to take it in to be fixed as I really messed it up good! The mitten looks great! I am proud of you! :cp: I know T will love the Harry Potter look. I'm going to have plenty of wrapping to do . . . the toys we bought are big but all in boxes except for the big Tonka truck DH though Ian should have! We got a bargain today . . . if we bought the truck we got a big Tonka fire engine free! He happened to overhear someone checking out in the next lane so went back and got the second truck. I'm thinking we'll keep it here so that Ian and Kolby will have something big to play with. We'll see.

I hope you all have a great week!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-07-2005, 08:58 AM
Good morning ladies! These are the predicted temps for this week:
Mostly sunny.
80/66 Tuesday

Partly sunny.
86/68 Wednesday

Hazy sunshine.
80/62 Thursday

Hazy sunshine.
78/59 Friday

Mostly sunny.

Is this insane for November or what?? Even for our part of the country, it is usually in the upper 60's at most by now!

Jean: Why does your church do communion that way? You are right, that is nasty. I mean, yuck yuck yuck, you don't know what nasty hands have been on that bread! Jack used to be a deacon when we lived in Indiana and it was the deacon's job to prepare communion. We had communion once a month and each deacon would take a turn. There was a deacon who was responsible for keeping the "product" bought and the month Jack had it, you guessed it, there was only half bottle of grape juice and no wafer thingys. Jack had to come get me (I was the SS secretary) and I had to run to the store and buy soda crackers and grape juice so he could set up communion after his class. What a mess that was! It is supposed to be up on the communion table before Sunday School starts and the adult class Jack taught was IN the sanctuary so no one could place it, even if someone else has set it up. He was so rushed I think he was afraid he wouldn't get it done in time. I think he was to the point where he wanted to just pass the bottle, have everyone take a swig and grab a cracker out of the pack! :lol: :lol:

We have been working upstairs to get the upstairs rugs shampooed but NASCAR interrupted the flow of things so only the hallway got finished. I am going to go ahead and do the spare bedroom today as there isn't much furniture in there, then Jack is going to do the master bedroom tonight when he gets home and can help me move the furniture around. We are leaving his office until the weekend as it has a big file cabinet and his big L shaped desk to fool with.

I guess I better get on the stick and get Monday's cleaning done so I can get upstairs and tackle the spare room this morning since it is going to warm up pretty quickly.

have a good day gals!


11-07-2005, 10:05 AM
Good mornin' y'all. (Can you tell I've been with Southerners all weekend long?)

I will get back in here (have a pile of mess on my desk) but just wanted y'all to know that when one crams a LOT of company cleaning and then has a LOT of fun after that it makes for a very tired lady with a lot of sore muscles. :)

I will return. Soon. I promise.

11-07-2005, 12:20 PM
I'm trying to catch up on what everyone has been it might take me a few posts to be back up to speed...

Faye! I am impressed! Mittens! I've never knitted mittens! I can knit a sock but I haven't tried knitting a mitten yet! Good for you!

Maggie, no matter how long it takes me to get to goal I'll do it this time; however, with THAT said, I made poor food choices over the weekend. I'm retaining fluid something awful because of...ham. BUT I'm not giving up this time.

Jean, my nephew is 12. I was worried that he wouldn't have a good time; that he'd be bored. But he was fine. He's so good with the younger kids and sat in the playroom and watched movies with them for part of the time. He endured watching Cinderella and Snow White. Of course, he got to shoot pool with the men too.

My weekend:

I left work early on Thursday. Which was a good thing. I ended up helping Wayne put the main floor of the house back in order (after his painting). I put all the outlet and switch covers back on while he cut the grass. I washed the kitchen floor, breakfast nook, laundry room, and powder room's floors...on my hands and knees! [Note to self: buy knee pads like DD#1 used to wear playing volleyball in high school.] After DH went to work, I met DD#1 at the mall for dinner (garden salad w/light dressing) and she showed me how to get my pictures developed (from digital camera) onto the computer there. (Found out later I can put my photos from my digital camera directly onto my own home computer.) I did get some pictures developed however. Then I went to the grocery store.

Friday morning, while DH went to run errands (including picking up the ham from Heavenly Ham), I did some last minute swipes of dusting and vacuuming. DH got back to the house about 30 minutes before Mom, Dad, and Nephew showed up. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I made a good food choice there. Tilapia fish. Very good. We went back to the house and sat and talked. I taught my nephew how to knit! Then about 5pm we all got into the jeep and drove over to DD#1 and SIL's house to meet up with DD#2 and family for a pizza dinner. I ate ONE too many slices of pizzas. (Bad Food Choice #1--not stopping at 2 small slices that I had allotted points for.)

Saturday, the "womenfolk" with Nephew in tow, we met at the Mall. DD#1 coming from one direction. DD#2 and grandkids coming from another. We met at Ruby Tuesday at the mall for lunch. DD#1's husband made a surprise visit (while waiting for a tire to be changed) and ate lunch with us. Then he went on to the house to hang out with the men. We shopped until we dropped...literally. (Bad Food Choice #2--Starbucks's Vanilla Latte that DD#2 surprised me with. Found out AFTER I drank it, it was made with whole milk and goodness knows what all. I had not allotted points for that.) We made it back to the house by 4pm. By this time ALL of us were tired with sore feet (we compared foot stories) and Robyn (youngest granddaughter) morphed into "Robbie Rotten" (she's entering the terrible two's early) even though she had a stroller to sit in whenever she didn't feel like walking or being held. Did I tell you that we accidentally left Amanda (5-year-old) in Pottery Barn Kids? Oooooh yeah. Which led to me buying her "just a small thing" (her words) in the Disney Store. ("Barbie" Belle for $12.50) I thought it was a cheap we're-sorry-for-leaving-you-behind" gift. For the rest of the shopping trip she had "separation issues"... By about 2:30pm my nephew wished he had stayed with the men....nuff said.

The best idea I had for this whole weekend was ordering the ham and making all the sides ahead of time and having the beans cooking all day in the crock pot. All I had to do was put the food out on the counter and we all ate buffet style. (Bad Food Choice #3--ate too much ham, one too many homemade rolls, butter instead of lite margarine.)

After we all ate dinner, we all hung out in our new familyroom (made possible by DH who I am so proud of!). I love the playroom he added on to the family room downstairs. The grandkids actually kept their toys in the room and watched children's movies. (Bad Food Choice #4--what was I thinking nibbling on taco chips like I hadn't a weight worry in the world?....and the salsa which was fine but not good for fluid retention which was starting to kick in.)

My parents left the following morning. The weekend was a success. DH and I agreed we would ask nothing of each other that day but we did end up going for a "last cruise" of the season in the Corvette before he put it to "bed" for the winter. It was a nice day. I was in bed by 8pm.

And now its Monday. And my fingers are swollen and the 80-degree heat in this office is not helping. I am drinking LOTS of water to flush out this stuff in my body.

11-07-2005, 03:18 PM

It is a bit cloudy here so I am hoping for rain. It fooled us the other day and the clouds disappeared and the sun came out loud as ever. Will has been requested to move out to the lake ~ one of which he has been doing Ranger work for. The little phone company that services that area is probably the worst in the state. Hasen't yet buckled under to the big giants and limps along keeping it's customers under a cloud of iffy phone service and next to nill internet. The regular Ranger out there does have a phone but it is the trickle down method. If no one up the line is using the phone service then the juice trickles down to him. He doen't have an internet connection. That challenge is what I will be facing if we do move out there. The area is very nice, right by the river that flows into the lake and what a view. Threre was a 150 pound cub bear wandering around out there Saturday. It is bear season and they figured someone had probably bagged its mother even though it wasn't sow season. Guess some hunders can't tell the difference in the sexes of bears. Any way the little cub was being very inquisitive and of the age where he will make it on it's own. I wonder if that phone company could be persuaded to give me a direct drop of my own out there. It is worth being investigating. I just may have to come into town and use the services at the library but you can bet I'll try to persuade that phone company to give me a line. I ordered one of those devices to curb Ragg Mopps barking and expect it in a few days. It will be a good thing to get his training started and underway with a good foot hold before we do move out there. (I think we will be moving before the month is over.) There are lots of deer and wild turkeys to bark at and I just don't want him causing a racket and chasing them off. Even though we will have him on a long lead we don't want the wild animals to be chased out of the area by a little dog that thinks he is "big hunter." Now if he wants to bark at the mountain lions then . . . don't want him to become the lions lunch.

FAYE my spaghetti sauce isn't the real home made kind that you cook all day but you would never know it. Actually it is really easy and quite tasty and you count the amount of points in it by how much of the meat you dish out with the sauce.
1 jar spaghetti sauce ~ your choice of flavor
1 dry packet spaghetti sauce mix
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 # lean ground meat
1# hot (or mild if you choose) Italian spiced sausage links
1 med. onion chopped in chunks
3 celery ribs cut in chunks
1 box mushrooms sliced
Italian seasoning
Garlic powder
Put the jar of sauce and the packet and tomatoes in a pot and heat on low.
Spray a skillet and add the ground meat and the sausage you have removed the skins and cut into inch long pieces (I use kitchen sheers which makes that job easy) Cook the meat until done and place it in the pot.
Wipe out the skillet and spray it with cooking spray.
Place the chopped and sliced veggies in the skillet and stir fry them until the onion is translucent. Place veggies in the pot and turn the temp up to medium. Spice it up to taste with the Italian seasoning and garlic powder to your taste. Cover and simmer for about half hour. If you want a thinner sauce you can add water.

Cook your spaghetti according to the package and spoon sauce over the top. I use a grater with Parmigiano Reggianio in it and grate some over the top and springle it with red chili flakes. That is what Cowboy calls my Killer Spaghetti....... it is to die for.

Adjust the ingredients to your taste.

JEAN you will be so glad you have done that toy shopping early because later on you wouldn't find a thing on your list. It never ceases to amaze me how those shelves empty out this time of year.

GAIL thanks for sharing your weekend. WHEW I am tired! You certainly crammed a lot into a few days. Sounds like you enjoyed your company though and that is what it is all about ~ enjoy your guests. Girlfriend now put those little indiscretions behind you and have a lovely OP day and do drink that water. Chug-a-lug now. I lift my bottle to you as I take a break from typing. I too made some poor choices yesterday and will save the week by having a good next 3 days.

Everyone have a wonderful Monday.

11-07-2005, 04:15 PM
I'm happy to report that I walked 1.5 miles on my lunch hour. It took me 30 minutes. It is gorgeous out there--the leaves are a bright gold and red and everything inbetween. I enjoyed it! I'm chugging my water to help get rid of the fluid retention. I already feel somewhat better.

Maggie, where you'll be moving to sounds beautiful. Peaceful. I hope you get a phone line and if not hopefully when you go to town you'll stop in then and "see" us and tell us of your adventures out there! I assume you will still be going to the same WW meetings or will you be trying find somewhere closeby or is the WW center you go to now is as close as it's gonna be? DH and I lived in a somewhat remote area (Mineral, VA...back in the 70's) like that for 9 months when the girls were little. I did have telephone service though. But I had to take a cooler with me when I went to the grocery store so the dairy and other frozen items wouldn't go bad on the trip back to the house. The nearest grocery store was in a town with one stop light! When we did any clothing shopping we drove to Charlottesville or Fredericksburg. I enjoyed living there. Life was reeeeal simple then! Where you're going just don't let one of the bear cubs take Mr. Barks-A-Lot!!

11-07-2005, 04:41 PM
GAIL I don't think where we will be parked will be much farther from WW meetings than here. As it is the drive is about 45 minutes and that is where we do most of our shopping so Thursday is our day "out." We also have a cooler or those cold bags we keep in the trunk when we shop. We have lived in several places where we had to drive quite a ways for groceries. Some stores in Wyoming and Montana supply dry ice to the customers for their journey home. I really like living away from the hustle and bustle of city life and to the lake will be further "out there" on the edge. They don't want Cowboy to build a deck out there ~ guess it speaks of too much look of permanent. Soooo he will build me a nice BIG porch. That will work and they don't mind us having a porch. I guess it is all in what you call it. My big porch or my little deck. However, my porch will be smaller than what my deck would have been but I don't need a huge work area. We can get Sir Barks-a-lot a nice big fenced in area with a lid so he won't be carried away by one of those eagles. I think that will be what will work when we aren't out side with him. Otherwise he can be on his long lead. Right now he looks so precious. Cowboy is taking a nap before work and Ragg Mopp is also napping with his head on MY pillow. Such a cute baby. He turned 11 months old today. OH a friend had a yard sale and her grandson was selling some of his old "stuff." Will bought a little stuffed puppy for a quarter that was the size that Ragg Mopp was when we got him and it looks just like him. Now he has a new baby to carry around and shake and bite. His stuffed bear is pathetic looking.

11-07-2005, 04:50 PM
Maggie, I'm glad to hear that you'll still be going to the same WW meeting. So at the very least we'll hear from you on Thursdays? :) I'm sure Ragg Mopp (and Cowboy too ;) ) look sweet asleep! :)