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11-01-2005, 10:42 PM
Well, here I am yet again. I am sure you guys are sick of me doing this type of thing, but here goes.

I realized that it was Last August that I started eating healthier and here I sit over a year later still basically in the same situation. This year the cousin that told me I should get weight loss surgery is going to be at family christmas too. SHe is now a size 4 and had D breast implants. Mom is losing weight too so not only will I be the fattest one there.. it will be even more obvious than usual. If there was any way I could get out of going to this thing, I totally would :-(

I have really been half-heartedly doing everything as usual. I tend to do that and I don't know why. I don't think I have gained any of the "pre low sodium diet" weight back but I don't necessarily feel that I have made much progress though either.

My mom joined a weight watchers at her work and I thought about it but her work is 30 mins away and mom just cant drive 30 mins home to get me, drive 30 mins back and then drive 30 more minutes to take us both home. I looked at the WW online stuff and it was 100 bucks! Most of the stuff in the kit I would not even use. I asked over at the WW board but.. anyways..

Mom said she could get me the kit for much cheaper but it doesnt include some tracker thing that figures your points and that you get that at your first meeting and then she tells me how you are held accountable ifyou go, and do better. Argh,.. I cant go and I'm definitely not going alone. Meetings are out. I am thinking about scrapping the WW idea already because I am so confused and apparently you can only get ALL the necessary supplies through going to meetings... ugh.

Didn't mean to go on a WW rampage there, sorry :-)
I am still doing my DDR type dance game although I slacked on it as well when I got busy and such. I re-started yesterday but I know losing weight is going to have to involve more than a little bit of a dancing game..

I am just so aggravated,, cant ya tell?,,lol

11-01-2005, 11:53 PM
Hang in there Heather ~ you are here and not giving up ~ that is the important thing. You will eventually "get there" as long as you never give up.

11-01-2005, 11:57 PM
Hi, Heather - Ditto to what Gayle said. You probably know the right ways to eat, how to control portions, watch fats, keep a food log and all that...So, how about letting 3FC serve as your accountability?

11-02-2005, 12:06 AM
I totally agree with Kimberly on letting 3FC support and hold you accountable. I have quit WW too many times to count. What's different for me this time is that the support we find online here is personal and real. I may have tough days, weeks, etc but I stick around and pick myself up eventually. I really credit this site and all these great people with helping me stick! Ya learn lots too. Good luck whatever you decide.

11-02-2005, 12:34 AM
Thanks guys...

I think the issue I have now is that I need to find an eating plan or adjust my eating, yet stay in that low sodium area...

It seems there are very few foods left that I like and can eat, so I can't even imagine trying to diet even further.

Maybe I just need to actually drink enough water and exercise a bit more and see if that helps.

11-02-2005, 09:32 AM
Oh Heather, I am so sorry you are having a rotten time of it right now. :grouphug: A whole bunch of us were commenting on how we are struggling lately on different threads for the past few weeks. Christmas can be such a stressful time to be around families. There is so much pressure on everyone that this one day of the year, everyone has to be happy and not make waves, and isn't ironic that at Christmas time, it is usually when the arguments occur or ongoing issues are magnified to the nth degree. Kimberly is correct, if you find other weight loss centres too expensive, definately use 3FC as your journal, to track your weight loss, and your excercise. Of course also the great support system as well. :D Believe me, I know how difficult in can be not too take personally comments made by your nearest and dearest. They mean well, but sometimes it can come out all wrong.

I have learned not to compare myself to others, as this journey will be done it its own time. You are a unique individual, and as such you need to find what works for you. By all means investigate all the avenues to weight loss, but in the end you need to find what works from you. If you poll anyone on 3FC, I am sure they can fill you on all the trial and tribulations of their weight loss. Take care and keep on trucking! ;)

11-02-2005, 09:53 AM
There are so many sites that give points for foods for weight watchers. And If you have internet access you don't need the starters kit from weight watchers. However I understand that $11 a week adds up!
Have you ever thought about looking up a TOPS meeting? I think its a one time fee but it will give you the accountability.
Also I am more than happy to tell you how many points you can eat and if you goto dotties weightloss zone she gives the points for foods and I am sure I have a points finder slide at home and I'd be more than happy to send you one so you can try it at home.
You can do this! So many people online do weight watchers without joining. If you just do searches you will find all the info you need to start. And again if you have any questions ask. Its so easy to follow and all you have to do is eat and weigh and post it here. We will motivate you!

11-02-2005, 01:32 PM
When I joined WW about 4 years ago, I only went to the first few meetings so I could get all the "goodies" then I quit going and just did it on my own. If WW is something you are really interested in doing maybe you could go to just one meeting with your mom and then just not go back to the meetings. You have a great support system over here at 3FC.

Heather I would be more sick if you didn't keep doing that thing and coming back to us. We have all started over countless times. Just so you don't give up you can do it.

11-02-2005, 02:37 PM
Hi, Heather--welcome back! We're here to support you so use us!!

11-02-2005, 03:19 PM
Good to see you back Heather. Let me say that no one is ever going to be sick of you coming back here to try and lose weight. That's what this place is here for. We have all had failures. You just have to keep trying until it sticks.

11-02-2005, 03:46 PM
Thanks guys :-)

I think as far as the diet goes, I will just try hard to make even better choices than I do now although I do make better choices than "old heather" I also am going try my hardest to get in at least 8 glasses of water (I only get 1 or 2 usually) and I am going to try to do at least 30 mins on dance dance game for at least 7 days straight and see if that kicks things up a notch.

I mean, I am still better off than I was a year ago, I think because instead of getting 5 x baggy pants, this last time I ordered 3x and they are too baggy and next time I am going to go for 2x (unheard of for me) I think I am just a moody type person, and I tend to be okay for a while and then go "blah"

Hubby says if i can commit to 7 days straight of exercise, that he will help me even more with planning food and such (I think he is trying to get me more motivated because I know he would help me anyways no matter what..lol)

So, I think the next purchase I will make will be a scale that can weigh me (most cheapo scales dont go high enough :eek:

Also, I wonder if doing the DDr game will make the Leslie Sansone DVD easier for me. Only one way to find out ;-)

11-03-2005, 12:13 AM
Mom brought me home one of those points trackers that lets me figure points from nutrition labels..

Ill just play around with it a bit and see what happens. Ohh,.. my spdium free ketchup is 0 points..lol

11-03-2005, 01:18 PM
Hi Heater - I agree with what everyone else said. 3FC is a great place for support and unlike WW you can come here anytime of day or night and know that there will be someone around to help and support you.

I joined WW myself a few years back and did find it successful (wish I had stuck with it). I was contemplating going back at the beginning of this summer and once I found this site and the wonderful people that post here on these boards I knew that I had found the support I needed to be successful. I'm still a big advocate of WW - I think their eating plans and information can be invaluable. I see that you have the points slider and you can also get the rest of the information from your mother (or all over the web for that matter). That along with the support of these boards will certainly help you accomplish your goals.

Go get 'em.