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06-24-2001, 04:28 AM
Body for Life #8!!

Our Introductory Material.

Check this post for general information about :
1. Body for Life (what it is and how it works).
2. BFL links (Please let me know if you have more!) and
3. a short critique by Mrs. Jim at the end of her week 3
General Body for Life Information
Must Have: Body for Life book by Bill Phillips

BFL eating program in a nutshell (see book for more details):
six meals a day 2-3 hours apart consisting of balanced (or close to balanced) protein/carb using fist/palm method of measurement.
Recommended grams per day: divide lean body weight by 6 and that is how much carbs/protein you should have at each meal but it tends to correspond to your palm (protein) and fist (carbs). Add green veggies to 2 meals per day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Because of the six meal requirement, some people find it convenient to have Meal Replacement Drinks and/or Bars on hand. This is not a requirement but a convenience.

Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars (Shakes are better IMHO). Look for good ratios of protein to carb and low sugar (Myoplex by EAS and Met Rx not anything like Slimfast

Vitamins: suggest multivitamin

Supplements: l-glutamine for faster muscle recovery and immune system (this is not required but almost standard fare on BFL)

Supplements optional: many options but few (other than creatine) that is standard fare.

Workout schedule (see book for more details): 47-60 minutes intense (using supersetting and drop sets) weight trainining 3 times a week working lower and upper body on different days.

20 minutes intense interval cardio 3 x a week (see the BFL book)

Free Day: One day a week no workout and eat any thing you please, as much as you please.

Rest: 12 weeks of program with one day of rest each week and then one week of rest between each 12 weeks.

Mental requirements: commitment and dedication

Body for life Links

~~~My own page with week 11 pix (more work on it after I finish ttaking after pix)


'round the net bfl links:

(for plus women)
(for women)
(Thanks Christie!)

From BFL #3 Thread: Mrs. Jim's critique at the end of Week 3

Woo! Today's end of Week 3...
...I'm feeling great - my arms are sore (not unbearably so) from yesterday's UBWO...

For the remaining 9 weeks, I've downloaded and printed copies of the progress reports, then written down the strength training routines, with the dates on top (not the planned weight to lift though - I write that in the night before). Each week, I'll pull out the three strength training routines for that particular week and put them on my refrigerator to grab on my way to the gym each morning!

My opinion is, if you want to truly succeed at losing weight in any case - not just BFL - it requires some advance planning, reading/researching, etc. When you're considering a weight-loss/fitness plan, don't just go blindly into it. Do some reading and research. Talk to people (on line or in person) about how they've done on the plan - preferably those who have done the plan in the past, or for more than a few weeks. Ask yourself "Can I stay on this plan for X amount of weeks? Will I be able to KEEP the weight off? Can I afford to do this?"

Let's face it, BFL isn't for everyone (though I would strongly encourage all to give it a look!), just like WW or other plans don't work for everyone. It's important to find a plan you can live with for an extended period of time!

The things that appealed to me about BFL were:

*The structure of the plan - I've lifted weights in the past, but didn't have an actual routine to make them more effective. I like the way BFL's weight training is set up and timed - it's fast paced and actually enjoyable!

*Even though I'm doing less cardio than in the past (where I would typically spend 80 minutes on the EFX, followed by 5 minutes on the treadmill and 10-15 minutes lifting weights, six or seven days a week, in addition to long hilly bike rides on the weekends) I find I'm getting more out of it. My typical BFL cardio workout day consists of doing the 20 minute solution (using a HRM to monitor my intensity), THEN doing a 40-minute easy 'jog' keeping my HR low (120-140 HR) just because I enjoy it...I still do my Friday Spin class but only after my strength training and usually only stay for the first 35 minutes (primarily because of my work schedule).

*Another great thing is the FREE DAY...can't say enough about it. It's kind of exciting to plan what I'm going to be eating on Sunday! In addition, Jim and I usually go cycling or are out and about, so it's not like I'm hanging around the house pigging out...I still don't know what I want tomorrow...we did Mexican last week...maybe Italian??

Well, gotta go - my Myoplex is ready! Later...

Mrs. Jim

06-24-2001, 08:57 AM
Today is my FREE day! I am going for my regular 10 miles bike ride, though. I plan on making good choices today and drinking all of my water. I found out why the scaled hasn't budged. I just got my period. I'm so happy that I didn't gain! Normally my weight would be up about 3 lbs.!;)

Susanje-Thanks for the new thread-the other one was taking forever to load! I went to, which you suggested to me awhile back. Wow! I was able to print out different exercises that I want to do, rather than just the ones in BFL. Thanks for the address.

06-24-2001, 12:52 PM
Missed everyone the last couple of days. Been soooo busy at work that I've been wasted by the time I get home. I ordered one of the EAS utimate packs where I'll get myoplex lite, BetaGen and BetaLean as well as a gym bag and another copy of the book.

Not sure about the BetaLean - ephedrine and caffeine! geez not too much of a stimulant...tho as hard as I'm working maybe a litle speed would be nice!! I just don't like the idea of using a "supplement" that I'll feel like I'm coming "down" from if I don't take it. Have any of you tried it? I'm also getting the Cytovol (?) t(he extra I-glutamine)...I'm looking forward to trying that. But if your muscles don't hurt, is there a tendency to injure yourself by doing too much?

As always, your wise counsel, oh experienced BFLers, would be appreciated!!

06-24-2001, 01:35 PM
Hey Susanje, how was your weekend?? Hope you had a great time!

Speaking for myself, I'm feeling so much energy these days - even though I don't remember being quite so busy, especially on the weekends! Yesterday morning Jim and I spent working at the ranch - me cleaning stalls and feeding horses, Jim hoeing weeds. If it sounds like a lot of work, it IS but it's also a lot of fun being around the horses too.

This Challenge - my first one - seems to have just flown by! Tomorrow I begin Week 10. Also for the next three weeks I'm planning on cutting my cardio way down. What I've been doing so far on cardio days is the 20 minute HIIT, then 30-40 minutes of light cardio at 60-70% of my maximum heart rate, followed by Ab Boot Camp. I don't want to hurt my muscle gains (especially in my legs where I REALLY need it) so for the next three weeks, I'm just going to do the 20 and my abs.

I really do think that glutamine powder helps a lot! I'm just finishing up a container of CytoVol - going to switch over to Labrada Glutamine on the recommendation of L&S. You get 1,000 servings for $45 which is a much better deal than the CytoVol (of course I really like the taste of CytoVol though!) I'm still using Betagen, and just started using Udos Choice Perfected Oil Blend, which is supposed to be the bomb to help with fat loss. Anyway, it can't hurt to try it!

For this Challenge, I have been following the recommended exercises on the Training Zone. But next Challenge I'm going to tweak them a bit - the new Muscle Media magazine has some great pull-up routines. Pull-ups are really difficult for me but should do wonders for my back!

Today I went to feed the horses, then Jim and I had our "Free Day Blowout" Breakfast at Stacks', now I'm going to go back to the ranch and do some 'horse housekeeping!!"

06-24-2001, 03:12 PM
Ah, the weekend.

We went to Desert Hot Springs in the Palm Springs area to a fairly posh Spa Resort (they were filming a movie there while we were there).

They had 8 pools...7 jacuzzi natural hot springs pools and one large gorgeous regular swimming pool. We did the pools on Thursday night. We did the spa on Friday...I had salt glow, seaweed and herbal linen wrap treatment, manicure, pedicure, facial, swedish massage and hydrotherapy. It was WONDERFUL.

We had dinner at the hotel and then did pools for the rest of the evening while we watched the sun set behind the mountains and then the sky filled with stars.

We woke up on Saturday and did pools again. Relaxed...ate...hung out and came back last night. It was heaven.

I definitely recommend pampering for Free Week. It was SO GREAT!!!

Glad to be back and revved for C2.

06-24-2001, 09:22 PM
I know you guys saw most of the pictures but I updated measurements and body fat percentages. I hope to redo this page over the next few weeks (I took TONS of after pix) and to start a C2 section. But for now it's pretty much the same except for updated stats.

06-24-2001, 09:28 PM
Susanje - sounds wonderful!!! And I can't think of a better way to reward yourself for hard work than to take care of your body in a wonderful spa. Good for you!

06-25-2001, 01:39 AM
Several ladies have written to me privately to commend me on my results (THANK YOU!!) and to ask questions. I have encouraged them to post here if they're reading the book or the websites and are unsure. I'd like to encourage anyone else out there who is reading the book, unsure about doing a challenge (I practiced for 3 weeks before I began just to get a feel for it), or just really curious, to post here and we will answer you and encourage you and support I just wanted to say that to anyone who is reading this thread and maybe the book or some of the other websites....come on in! The water is fine!!!


06-25-2001, 10:38 AM
Had my free day yesterday. It was great!! However, I mostly ate carbs--cereal, matzo, bread. I didn't overdo it, though.

Just did my LBWO, and feeling wonderful!! I can't wait until my clothes and the scale start showing it!

06-25-2001, 10:49 AM
HI Shelley,

I think on my first free day I ate a box of matzo and a half pound of butter. :lol:

You WILL see results if you stick to the plan!!! Keep up the good work!!!


06-25-2001, 11:01 AM
Re: Supplements


I have only taken glutamine and have gone on and off creatine. For C2 I am going to try gugglesterones and Adipokinetix (both by Syntrax) I have never been a big fan of "fat burners" but I'm going to try this combo for a few weeks and see what happens.

I also use Udos.

Other than that I'm not really familiar with the BetaLean but others have had good results with it.

Let us know!

06-25-2001, 11:16 AM
Mrs. Jim- What is the recipe for a Myoplex root beer float??? I have chocolate flavor Now and would love to have a float!

06-25-2001, 12:32 PM
Good Morning everybody! My name is Julie and I just started the Body for Life program today. I've had the book for almost a year and I've attempted it in the past, but quickly fell off the wagon. Over the past three months I've gotten into the habit of exercising every morning so I thought now is the perfect time to give BFL another go. I don't think I'll have a problem sticking to the exercise routine, it's the eating I'm concerned about. I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian so incorporating adequate protien may be challenging. Here's a sample meal plan:

8:00am - 16 oz soy milk
10:00am - Luna bar or balance bar
12:00pm - baked potato w/ raw veggies & cottage cheese
3:00pm - cottage cheese & fruit
7:00pm - tofu & veggies w/ brown rice
9:00pm - protein shake

I know 3 to 7 may be a too long to go w/out eating, but I've got a long commute home from work. I'm trying to be realistic about this program so I can truly incorporate into my lifestyle. Is anybody else a vegetarian? I would love some meat-free BFL meal ideas.

Reading your posts inpsire me! I like the idea of pampering yourself at the end of the challenge. My folks have a vacation home in Palm Desert so I should plan a mini-vacation down there for the week after my 1st challenge ends. That will motivate me to stick to the program! I can look forward to showing off in my bathing suit! :D


06-25-2001, 12:35 PM
This is my own recipe!!!

One packet Myo Lite Vanilla Creme flavor (I suppose you can use chocolate if you want...)

One 12-ounce can diet root beer (I usually use A & W)

Lots o'ice


Blend root beer and Myo Lite in blender. Add ice and blend until smooth.

I guess you could also add a couple tablespoons of Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding Mix to this as well to make it thicker!!

Tres Yum!!!

06-25-2001, 01:00 PM
I just started Week 10 of my first Challenge today. After spending the weekend working with the horses, I really felt the burn in my legs doing barbell squats this morning!

I was a vegetarian myself for 8 years until this year. You may want to try Boca Burgers for protein - they make a "chicken" pattie that I've heard is pretty good. I don't think you can use GardenBurgers for a protein portion - I recall they're mostly carbs.

My weekday meals are always the same for the most part:

7:00 Myo Lite shake
10:00 Fruit and cottage cheese
1:00 Simmered Veggies & chicken breast with brown rice
4:00 Meal Replacement Bar (Myo Lite, Pure Protein or something similar)
6:30 usually a grilled chicken breast w/lime juice, brown rice pilaf or wheat pilaf, and a veggie
8:30 Myo Lite shake

A couple of nites a week I have a 6:00 riding lesson so I will generally have my evening shake before the lesson, then have a late meal of chicken, rice and veggie.

Another favorite dinner for me is Joe's Special - very yummy! Posted the recipe at in their Cooking Library...this can be made veggie by using Boca Burger Bits or something similar to subsitute for the ground beef.

I'd also like to recommend picking up a copy of Muscle Media magazine or checking their website ( They have some really terrific articles in there - I'm already making plans for my next Challenge and wanted some new routines to try out. Like I said before, for my first Challenge, I'm going strictly by the book (and using the Team EAS Training Zone journal) with my strength training. A couple of weeks ago, I started doing Ab Boot Camp on my cardio days and have seen a REAL difference! I've graduated from doing Ab Boot Camp on a flat bench to the decline board which is much harder.

I just had a thought - at work, I'm in charge of organizing a regional meeting with members from all around the world. Our last meeting was in London, the week before I started my Challenge on April 23rd. Our next meeting will be on July 10 and 11 - right in the midst of my final week! Wonder if they'll notice a difference??? ;)

My first challenge will actually end on Thursday 12 July - I'm going to workout that morning then Jim and I are heading off to Yosemite for three days - a great way to begin my Free Week (although a couple of days prematurely). When we get home, I am not going to hit the gym for another four days, which is really tough for me to do but absolutely necessary! I'm going to try to schedule a massage for a treat that week but will most likely be spending the bulk of my free time at the ranch (since I'm going to be off work those days). See ya guys!

06-25-2001, 01:09 PM
Good Morning All!
I had a great weekend! I am excited to be starting week 3. I told my sister in law and my neice about BFL, don't know if they will try it, but I just had to share it with them. I hope they will see some results when they see me next a the end of July.

Back to work I will stop by later when I have more time.
Susan- blastit

06-25-2001, 08:10 PM
Hi Julie. Welcome to the thread and welcome back to BFL. I'm in week 6 and loving it. In answer to your concern about about getting enough protein~you should not have any problem getting enough if you incorporate cottage cheese, boca burgers, morning star crumbles, egg beaters and meal replacement shakes/bars. I love the Myoplex Lite shakes and Lo Carb bars. Try using the site at . You can enter your food for the day and it will show you the percentage of protein and carbs. You might need to have alittle larger size portion of your protein at each meal, but it will help you to see where you stand on protein intake.
Today I did my 3.5 miles of elliptical wo and then did my UBWO. I know you're not supposed to double-up but I sat down on the couch last night (after working a 28 hr weekend) and accidentally fell asleep.:eek: After my wo I then mowed the lawn (1 acre with a push mower)
Susan~just saw your new pics and have to say that you are looking sexy!! You can even see it in your face (you are smiling:) ). And I love the Harley!!!

Ya'll keep up the great job (it's fun isn't it?)
~~~Sil (week 6)

06-25-2001, 10:39 PM

Thanks for the compliments. Before BFL I was terribly depressed (even worse before the 1st of the year) and I didn't realize it showed in my face as much as it did....the afters are more what I "usually" look like. Before BFL I would catch a glimpse of myself in windows and store mirrors and think I just looked so unhappy and was always so shocked to see it. The smiling me is more like it!!!


Welcome to BFL. You might want to consider the protein drinks. I love the MRPs much more than any bars (I find that both Balance and Luna have too much sugar, not enough protein and the ones that have good amts of protein like EAS and Met Rx are horrid tasting). I think the MRPs are the way to go to get the protein in and then you can have cottage cheese, boca burgers (great suggestion by MrsJim!), and tofu at the other meals.


My 8 yr old went horseback riding for the first time this past weekend at Tahoe and now she is bugging me for lessons! It's addictive I suppose! You're in the home stretch! Can't wait to see those after pix! You have been SO committed.


I am so sick of Free Week. I can't wait to get to the gym!


06-25-2001, 11:22 PM
Another successful day on BFL!!! And I still have one more meal la la...

Even though we're having a summer rain, I feel sunny inside! Does that sound corny or what??

Susan - I KNOW that being around the horses, along with BFL, is really an 'upper' for me! As the self-described depository of unrequested info, I went ahead and emailed you with a couple of 'horse places' in your area that give kids' lessons! Just in case you need the info...

I've been buying MRB's at Trader Joe's - they have a HUGE selection and terrific prices. I just pick through the ones with high protein (unfortunately they have the Myo Lite bars but not the Myo Lo Carb, but they do have Pure Protein, Met-Rx, etc.) I do love the taste of Luna Bars but they have a TON of sugar and a teeny tiny protein portion. The reason for this, of course, is that the Clif Bar/Luna company (along with PowerBar and others) are catering to a whole different market - the athlete who needs a quick shot of carbs (simple or complex) during a marathon, hike or whatever. Many of my husband's friends who are also mountain bikers practically live on Gu and Clif Shots - little foil packets of what appears to be Hershey's Chocolate Syrup with a big shot of caffeine. Unfortunately, most of the sales of these 'energy bars' are to people who are NOT being especially athletic - they just buy them 'cos they believe them to be healthy or 'diet food'. Hmm.

Me, I still gotta do the MRB's even though most of them taste less than fantastic (that I've tried so far anyway). I just use them for Meal #4 - when our cafeteria's closed. Also this weekend when I was working with the horses, I had one stashed in my purse that came in handy!

I am definitely NOT looking forward to Free Week - at least the aspect of having to stay away from the gym for a week. I actually enjoy it! But I am planning on going on some hellacious bike rides during the times that I'm not at the ranch!

Mr. Jim is thrilled with the results of BFL (not to mention our Sunday pigouts!). He's been almost eating BFL- style himself. Almost! Now if I can only get him into the gym, he'd look HOT!

06-26-2001, 08:48 AM
If you don't mind me asking, what type/brand of elliptical did you get and what did it cost?
Also, what level of resistance and ramp incline do you alternate with for the 20 min WO? Do you stay on the same incline but change the resistance each minute?
On my way to the gym for cardio:wave:

06-26-2001, 09:52 AM
Mrs. Jim-Thanks for the recipe. I tried it with just using root beer and chocolate Now, but it didn't taste right. I need to go get some vanilla to make it taste like a float, I guess. You are doing so great! I can't imagine what it will be like nearing the 12th week! I am in week 2, and haven't seen any results yet, but I feel great!

Do any of you workout at home??? I wish I could afford to go to a gym, but can't. I have an exercise room, which my husband built for me before kids--it has mirrors, ballet bars, the whole thing-but now it is full of kid's things! My weights, bike, incline bench and treadmill are all on 1 side of the room. I have 3 step up benches and a full set of free weights (only up to 20 lbs.) I also have 2 barbells. Even though I have all this stuff, I wish I could go to the gym and use the machines. I used to have a very big weight stack machine, but it took up half the room and I never used it, so I sold it. Now I feel deprived! I would love to be able to do a leg press. I don't use the workout on, since it requires going to the gym.:?:

Julie- Welcome. You will enjoy it here! :wave:

06-26-2001, 10:02 AM
Hey Mrs. Jim, I checked out your web page yesterday and when I checked out what you were eating for the day you had only consumed 800 calories. Why so little?

06-26-2001, 10:06 AM
Wow, do you wake up early or what?? Must be those kids!

I wish I could work out at home (tho I love going to the gym - a sure sign of a sick mind IMO :dizzy: ) but our place is quite small. Maybe if Jim didn't have his studio set up in our TV room...but he's gotta have a place to practice...

I do have a wind trainer to use with my road bike, but it's quite noisy although it DOES give you a killer workout. My heart rate goes up like crazy using it.

My fave machine at the gym is the Precor Elliptical. What I do is start it on a program where the incline begins at 10 and goes up to 20 (max) by the time I'm 1/2 way thru my workout. I hike up the resistance level every minute. So when I start the first two minutes, I begin at resistance level 5 and work my way up to resistance level 10 by the time I'm in minute 3. Then punch it up a level every minute. When I'm ready to go back down to a BFL "6" I punch it down two resistance levels, so for the second set I would start at resistance level 11 and go up to 14, third set at 12 and go up to 15. When I hit my '10' in Minute 19, I bring it as high as 18 or 19 (haven't gotten to 20 yet as I also check my HRM and my heart rate is in the mid-170's at that point). Previously in my Challenge I would stay on the machine for an extra 30 minutes but not today - I cooled down for 5 and then hit my abs HARD. I really want to get definition in my legs and don't want to reduce my muscle gains by overdoing the cardio.

I'm going to hit the shower before hubby wakes up - crossing my fingers that it won't rain like yesterday since I have a riding lesson after work today! Yee Haw!

06-26-2001, 10:18 AM
Good reason for that -

I don't always immediately enter what I eat as soon as I eat it on - sometimes I have to wait for Jim to get off the PC, other times just too darn tired!!!

Yesterday though - are you referring to 25 June?? I just checked and I DID enter everything. I wonder if it shows up differently for you, because I have a lot of 'customized' stuff on mine (Myo Lite, MRB's, wheat pilaf etc.). Like I've posted before I generally eat the same thing every day. Oh, by the way, I don't post my Free Day eating (Sunday). My feeling is, if it's Free Day, I don't have to keep track!

06-26-2001, 10:46 AM
Calories: I usually have 3 Myoplexs which are almost 800 !

I have a NordicTrak elliptical. It was expensive (close to $1000 as I recall) but I have done the cheapo versions and they made a lot of noise or didn't work right. I like the one I have A LOT. I do what mrsjim does and go up every minute.

I wish I could work out at home too!!! I would invest in more weights and a bench with the leg extension on the end. We don't seem to have the room or I can't seem to justify spending more money on the weight sets when I have a gym membership. I have some bowflex videos and have been meaning to check them out but again, I don't know where I'd put THAT. We could clean out a spot in the garage but it would be cramped. Those damn motorcycles!!! :lol:

My elliptical is in my library loft and I don't like it there (see my cardio pic on my page). I am thinking of moving it into the bedroom but that means moving everything around or just leaving it in the middle of the room.

I could move it to the family room I suppose but again, it would be in the middle of the room.

Sorry for thinking out loud!!!

C2 begins tomorrow!

06-26-2001, 11:59 AM
I would like to preview the workouts for BFL before I buy the book. Is there a Website that I can check it out? Possibly the library has the book. I'm intrigued by the idea but not sold. I'd love to hear some opinions.

06-26-2001, 12:35 PM
Livein~~~Check out the websites that are listed in the first post on this thread. and have exercises. Or go the bookstore and just look thru the book at the different exercises shown there. When I started BFL I was doing it at home with dumbbells and my exercise bike. I picked the exercises that could be done with dumbbells and made copies of each page from the book. I put the pages together according to lower body (LBWO) and upper body (UBWO) so I could learn them. But you will have more options being able to use the machines at a gym. Check out the YMCA in your area. Mine has a great selection of equipment and is much cheaper than a regular gym membership (and NO CONTRACT).

MrsJim~~~Do you know what stride rate/min you go at when you are on a resistance of 15-20? You have much stronger legs than I do~must come from your biking!!!! I have only put the incline to 11 and the resistance up to 9, with a stride rate of 130-145. Remember now, I'm just a beginner~so don't laugh! Since my lifestyle is not as active as yours (bike riding ,horseback riding, stall cleaning) I do extra cardio on aerobic and UBWO day (also on free day). Got in 6.5 miles today on the elliptical. LOVE THAT MACHINE.

Susanje~~~Thanks. That's about what I would expect to pay for a good quality machine. I have a Precor Turbo bike that i purchased 10 years ago for $600 at an exerise wholesale store and it's still in great shape. But I really love the elliptical because it's a cross bet the bike and a stairmaster. Somewhere under the EXERCISE thread, someone was asking about buying an elliptical and wanted advice/info.

Right now I'm enjoying a Cappuccino Myoplex Lite shake w/alittle ff/sf instant vanill pudding added~~YUMM:cool:

Shelly~~~Sounds like you are off to a great start~hang in there. You'll :love: it!

Oh,yeah, I also have a public account on I'm missing a weeks worth because my hard drive died June 11 (but the few weeks prior to that are there), but you are all welcome to check it out and give suggestions/comments. I also don't enter my free day~because it's free.

Everybody have a great day:wave:

06-26-2001, 12:36 PM
I would really suggest reading the book - I first checked it out of the library too - but if you go to the site (or any of the other links that susanje posts at the beginning of these threads) you should be able to get some good info.

The book is a pretty easy read - starts out with a few motivating transformations - then goes right into the program. Bill Phillips is no Tolstoy, but I think he does an excellent job communicating what the BFL program is all about and I really enjoy his writing style!

On the bodyforlife site, you can also download the training and eating forms. For most of this Challenge, I've been tossing them after a few days (I write down the info on my next workout form) but I really wish I hadn't - just as I wish I had taken ALL my measurements prior to the Challenge (waist, hips, upper arms, thighs, bust etc) and didn't.

I would also strongly urge you to check out the Transformation Library at - these are just ordinary people (myself and Susanje included) who have shown DEFINITE RESULTS with BFL. Whenever I feel my motivation lagging (granted, it isn't often - must be those darn endorphins!) I just browse through those files...

Like Susanje said earlier - jump on in - the water's FINE!

06-26-2001, 12:38 PM
I found Body for Life at my library and they are holding it for me. I think I am more interested in the workouts than the eating 6 meals. I have a hard time being that completely strict. Although the free day sounds wonderful. What are your thoughts on upping my protein and using the workout?

06-26-2001, 12:39 PM
The workouts are weight training 3 days and cardio 3 days.

Weight training takes approx 50 minutes. Cardio 20 minutes

For weights you work Upper Body: back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps one day. 2 exercises per body part
Exercise 1 reps going up in weights: 12,10,8,6,12 (the 12 is a drop set meaning you go back to the weight you were using for your 8 rep set) Then 12 reps of exercise 2. You wait a minute between sets except for the last 2. The last 2 12s are called the "high point". You should be hitting what is called in BFL "10s". Meaning that after your high point, you can't lift one more time. Wait 2 minutes and go on to the next body part.

Lower body are quads, hamstrings, calves and abs. Same thing.
2 exercises per body part, progressing up in weight for 12, 10,8, 6, drop back to the 8 set weight and do 12 and then another 12 of a different exercise.

Check out the base note in this thread for links to exercises. You can use the exercises in Body for Life or use different ones.

Check out the other body for life links in the base note of this thread.

For "opinions" and results check out the Transformation Gallery on and our pages posted here.


06-26-2001, 12:41 PM
Cardio is 20 minutes of interval cardio training. Meaning that you use different intensities throughout the 20 minutes to challenge your system completely. It's only 20 minutes but it's not that easy.

06-26-2001, 12:47 PM
Seems we are all posting at the same time:lol:

06-26-2001, 12:50 PM
No sooner do I post than more notes are added!! Terrific!!

Sil - I hate to say that I rarely pay attention to the stride rate - more to my heart rate. One time when I was on a incline level of 20 and resistance of 18, I happened to glance at the stride and it was somewhere at 110-115. If I'm at, say resistance 9/incline 12, I can push it up into the 200's.

When I first started using the Precor a couple of years or so back I was NOT that good at it. Could only push it up into resistance level 10...I haven't been biking as much as I used to but I am a pretty strong climber (looking forward to seeing my leg-muscles once the fat melts off them!!!).

Livein - I have to second what Susanje just posted - plus add that the exercise and the eating plan work hand-in-hand. It was difficult for me to get in the six meals at first - but you get used to it very quickly, believe me! And do check out the Hussman/EAS site. It's a LOT of reading but he goes into the depth that Bill Phillips doesn't in the book. I especially like what he quoted Bill as saying regarding meals: "A meal doesn't mean you have Mom lay out a napkin, and put a fancy plate of food out there. A meal simply means a portion of protein and a portion of carbohydrate. So a meal for me may mean a protein drink and a piece of fruit."

Meal #4 for me usually means a MRB at work or a Myo Lite shake (at home). Meals #4 and #6 were the hardest for me to get accustomed to - because at 4:00 I'm usually up to my eyeballs in some project - and the last meal - I've been so used to the old maxim "don't eat 2-3 hours before bedtime" that it was hard for me to get over that. Now about 1/2 hour before bedtime, I have a Myo Lite shake and have had no problems sleeping!

06-26-2001, 12:54 PM
Food plan and workouts:

The food plan is complementary to the workouts. The food plan is designed to increase your metabolism and feed your muscles. The workouts are brief but intense and the food plan is designed to feed those muscles and burn that fat. The Free Day is the reward for the discipline of all week, and has a psychological and physical advantage: You are not feeling deprived and your body is not thinking it is starving and therefore your metabolism will not slow down as it does on so many plans. You can't have free day if you haven't earned it by "eating clean" six days a week.

If you "tweak" the program, your success will be jeopardized.

Eating six small meals a day gives you incredible energy, keeps your focus OFF food (you never think about it), your cravings to a minimum and gives your muscles a good supply of fuel to help burn that fat. The food plan is really essential to the success of BFL. You can do the BFL workouts but you won't be doing BFL and if you're not feeding your muscles properly the workouts probably won't be as effective.

06-26-2001, 01:10 PM
Hey Everyone! I see many of you are online right now! I just finished a shake (frozen coffee with chocolate Now)-delicious!!

Question- Do any of you eat popcorn for a meal? I've been having a bowl of air-popped (no salt) and having 2 egg whites for protein. What do you think??

Livein-I'm on my 9th day and love it! My cardio today was a 2.8 mile jog (with intervals of faster running.)

06-26-2001, 01:15 PM
Today after my mere 20 minutes of cardio (plus a five minute cool down), I did my Ab Boot Camp on a decline board...THEN just to try 'em out - hanging leg lifts!!! I could feel it in my abs, but unfortunately also in my hands (I don't bring my weight-lifting gloves with me on cardio days).

Next Challenge - going to work on chinups!!

Susanje - I don't know about the Bowflex - doesn't seem to me that it would give as good a workout as the old fashioned dumbbells, barbells and bench combo - maybe you should ask for opinions at L&S?? I'd be interested to know myself. They ARE expensive!! I'll bet you can pick up one secondhand for a decent price!

06-26-2001, 02:35 PM
I posted your query on the Lean & Strong message board (tip - if you want a quick answer to questions, that's definitely the place to go!). Shannon of L&S replied as follows:

"No nutrition in popcorn
and 2 eggwhites? 7 grams protein?
Oy Vey :( "

Basically I believe that's why popcorn isn't on Bill Phillips' 'authorized' list - there's just nothing there except calories...and you need the nutrients you would get from, say, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, etc. to fuel your workouts.

As for eggwhites, she's saying you need a LOT more than that for your protein portion. Definitely not a palm-sized portion at all! It's really important not to short yourself on your eating on BFL. You've GOT to keep that bod fed if you want it to build muscle and burn fat!!!

I think of it as similar to feeding a fire in the fireplace - if you don't keep throwing fuel in, the fire will go out. But - if you throw a HUGE log on the fire, it won't burn and will be stored as fat. So in my mind anyway, that's why we have six small meals - to continously feed the furnace and keep the fires burning!

I only eat eggs on my Free Day and with Joe's Special, but if you look at the sample menus that people post on L&S, you will see that many of the women eat SEVEN eggwhites and one yolk in a protein portion, while the men eat anywhere from 8 to 11 egg whites. Personally I prefer Egg Beaters myself. Much easier to prepare IMO...

06-26-2001, 02:38 PM
Thank you all for your meal ideas. Day one was a success. Today's cardio workout was intense! Shelley, I work out at home. I have a treadmill, weight bench and some free weights. I'm going to have to expand my free weight collection. I'm looking into possibly getting a Bowflex down the road (maybe it'll be my reward for completing C1). I love working out at home. I get up at 5:00am and exercise. My days are sooo packed that the time I save buy not having to travel to and from the gym, packing my gym bag, etc... is precious. I've tried joining a gym before and hated it (too much hassle for me). :smug: Julie

06-26-2001, 02:58 PM
I believe I asked about Bowflex on L&S months ago and someone said that one of the more successful L&Sers used Bowflex exclusively (though with the expanded rod set). I was interested in it because I can put it away when company comes.

However, if I get the Bowflex, I'll also add free weights and a bench and cancel my gym membership.

I'll have to review that video.

06-26-2001, 06:00 PM
Mrs. Jim- Thanks for posting the question @ lean and strong. I read the answers there also. I just LOVE popcorn. It fills me up. I didn't realize that 2 egg whites wasn't enough protein. I normally have 4 in the morning with my oatmeal.

I printed out all the pages from and read everything. It definitely helped me to understand the program. I like his different ways of tweaking it.

Just got back from buying a carton of vanilla cream Myoplex. I was hoping to be able to just purchase a couple of packets, but Vitamin World only has it in the full box. It was 29.96 for 20 packets. I guess that's not too bad, considering that I didn't have to wait for snail mail. I want to try the root beer float using the vanilla.

For my 3rd meal today, I had a sandwich with lower fat ham (2 pieces at 45 calories each) and a slice of FF cheese. I used 2 pieces of Italian bread (no wheat in the house) and 1 banana. Do you think it was okay to add the banana? I am feeling very guilty over eating it.

06-26-2001, 08:45 PM
After all, this is your first week. You're still in a learning phase.

What I did the week prior to beginning my Challenge was READ the book carefully, cover to cover (not too difficult to do as I was stuck on a plane going from San Francisco to London - even in business class with lots of movies and stuff, you still have loads of time to kill in 10+ hours each way!). I made a photocopy of the Eating-For-Life Authorized foods list and used it when I went to the grocery store the first few times. Now I know what to buy and just get my staples - which pretty much consist of frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts in a big bag; brown rice pilaf and brown & wild rice mixes; a couple of potatoes; whatever fruits and veggies look good; a pound of extra lean ground beef and a carton of Egg Beaters. I bought a TON of Myo Lite early on so I have plenty to last me well into Challenge 2.

Another good thing to do - at least at first until you get a groove going as far as food - is to plan your meals ahead using the Eating-For-Life Daily Progress Report (which you can download from the site and photocopy). I did this for the first few weeks - every evening I'd write down what I planned to eat the next day. You'd be amazed how helpful that is! Now (as I've said before!) I basically eat the same thing every day. Sounds boring but it works great for me!

I also do what Bill Phillips recommends and go shopping on my Free Day - when I'm less likely to pop something in my cart that isn't authorized.

As far as bread goes, the first few weeks I did allow myself bread and low-carb whole wheat tortillas, but I've since eliminated them from my pantry - I was just nibbling them. I save bread for my Free Day.

In retrospect, and especially after reading some of the messages on L&S, I wouldn't tweak my first Challenge too much - I mostly use Hussman's recommendations for supplements (Vitamin C, glutamine, creatine/Betagen) but I think I did too much cardio this challenge - for the rest of it, I'm just doing the 20 minute HIIT right out of the book.

06-26-2001, 10:20 PM
Hi, there, BFL team!
Into week 5 - tried not to weigh on Sunday, but sneaked a peak at the scale at work - which weighs 10 pounds heavier than mine at home - knew that wouldn't get me too excited! So I really have NO idea what I weigh! I'll remeasure after week 6.

Realized today that it's time to up my cardio workout - wasn't hitting 9s and 10 on the bike settings I was using last week - which means I'm ready for more, right? I may try the treadmill on Thursday. I was using a treadmill last year and loved it, but had some surgery on my foot in March and it's still not right. I'm going into the doctor Thursday after my workout, so I think I'll use the treadmill just so I can really tell her what's hurting and where!

I have weights and a bench here at home for my workouts, but no cardio equipment - so I go in early to the gym at work on Tues and Thurs...I'd go in every day because I do have a great set up there, but I have to run my labmonsters and work them out first, so it's more convenient to do the longer workout here at home. My bench has a extension piece, but it doesn't fit me right - I can't get it positioned right for my legs. So I stick with the squats and lunges (I HATE lunges - I guess because I need them the most!)

Got my "ultimate pack" from BFL/EAS yesterday - I used the Betagen and a couple of the BetaLean tablets...hesitant to take as many as they recommend - it makes me nervous to have them warn you not to take it more than 5 days a week - sounds either addicting or too hard on you. I didn't feel speedy from it, but I wasn't wiped out after a big presentation I had to do today which normally would make me comatose. So maybe it did perk me up a bit! Here I got sucked into this ultimate pack to get the free book for my firend and they're back ordered on the book!! And another friend told me they were 40% off at Barnes and Noble. Cheez...I could have saved a lot by just buying her the book and going to vitaglo to order my supplements!!!

I'm going to try out the Cyto-whatever tomorrow. Mrs. Jim and Susanje - how soon did you feel any difference from using the glutamine supplements?

Check in with ya'll later.

06-27-2001, 09:59 AM
Somebody Just Shoot Me!!!! I can't stay off the scale. I have weighed every single day since starting this plan, and now my weight shows a 1 lb. gain. I hate this! Why does it call my name every morning??? When I was on the Slimdown, I kept myself from weighing, but I can't seem to do it now. It may have something to do with me trying to wean myself off Prozac, which I have been on for about 5 years for stomach problems (ulcerative colitis.) I'm beginning to get O/C again.

Mrs. Jim-Thanks for all your response. It is great! There was another answer to the message about popcorn on L&S. You are such a great inspiration!

Today was UBWO. Did great, and feel wonderful!!

Today my goal is to eat more protein with my meals. I don't think I am having enough. I added 1 more egg white to my 1st meal this morning. I plan on having the vanilla Myoplex for my 2nd meal. When I have my last meal, I am going to throw in some Myoplex with my yogurt to make sure I am getting enough protein before I go to sleep. Last night I added cottage cheese to the yogurt and hated it. We all have our own tastes--that's what makes each of us unique!!

Talk to you later!

06-27-2001, 10:22 AM

Put it in a box, toss it in the closet, loan it to a friend. Just get rid of it, girl!!!

Then go to L&S's Transfomation Gallery and Profiles and take a look at Pam B - she is at 164 pounds and look at her!!!

I probably haven't lost 10 pounds in scale weight but my body fat is down, and all my clothes are baggy. Use the "pants-o-meter" - a much better indicator than that stupid scale that has controlled so many of our lives.

Remember...MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT but TAKES UP LESS SPACE and BURNS FAT...the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn and the better you'll look!!!! If you want to succeed at BFL, you need to get out of that 'scale' mindset. I can't stress that enough.

Labmom -- I do feel a difference from l-glutamine - I really feel that it helps me recover faster (I also take it after horseback riding lessons - makes the soreness go away that much quicker!)

See ya!

06-27-2001, 10:50 AM
C2 Begins TODAY!!!!

I am psyched. It will be so good to go to the gym and eat clean. Free Week was a horror show.

Shelley, GET RID OF THE SCALE (have ya heard that before?)

Seriously, I was so depressed my first six weeks of BFL because I hadn't lost a pound or an inch. I dropped inches at the end of week six but still now pounds and that was it for me...I threw the scale away because it was making me nuts.

When I got back on it during week 11, I had lost 12 lbs. It was so great to see the scale move THAT MUCH since the last time I saw it.

Many people who have a lot of fat to lose typically see more results in the second half of the Challenge. In fact, I had a gain in week 5. It was me building muscle but not letting go of the fat yet so I expanded for a week. Talk about "shoot me"!!! It's so hard to keep going through that but the extra added aggravation of the scale is enough to drive you completely around the bend.

Throw away the scale and just hang in there, no matter what. If you workout and eat clean you will have magnificent progress in the second half of the challenge and maybe even before then.


06-27-2001, 12:14 PM
The food tips you guys gave me were great. I'm going to be spending a long time in the grocery store this weekend planning next week's meals. I'm on day three and I'm feeling positive. My food yesterday slipped a bit near the end of the day, but I'm doing better than I was last week. I'm trying to focus on progress, not perfection. I can't expect overnight miracles in my eating habits or body transformation. I did lower body this morning and my legs are still feeling a bit weak and shakey (over two hours later). I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow! :( I hate it when I push too hard and suffer for the next 3-4 days! Julie

06-27-2001, 12:44 PM
Congratulations Susan on completing Challenge 1 and on starting C2 ! I'll bet you really missed the WO's last week. You had such great results from the first one that I think your body is going to see HUGE results this challenge. I'm rooting for you!

MrsJim~~~I'm thinking of trying the glutamine. My muscles get so sore for the next few days post-WO, that I think it might be helpful. At first I thought it was because weight lifting was FOREIGN to my muscles but it's been 6 weeks now . I need to order some more Myo Lo Carb Apple Cinnamon bars so I'll add the glutamine to the order. Thanks for the tip on PRICES!

Julie, Shelly and Cris~~~ You all sound like you are motivated and determined. Stick with it and you WILL find your groove~then watch out everybody:)

I had a wonderful LBWO today. Then tried the elliptical on incline 13/resistance 13~OMG! Looking forward to Free Day tomorrow although I would still like to get a moderate WO on the elliptical.
On to WEEK 7! :cool:

06-27-2001, 12:54 PM
In addition to my LBWO routine, I added a 12/10/8/6 set of adductor, abductor and gluteflexor to my routine. I need extra help on the inner/outer thighs and glutes (butt). Do you think it's alright? Remember, I don't get the exercise that some of you do in your normal lifestyle. I do alot of gardening/landscaping, but nothing in sports. Your suggestions are welcomed. Thanks~~Sil

06-27-2001, 04:28 PM
I'm in a Writer's Advantage class today, but we get a long lunch. Just long enough for me to go to Mydashi and get my fave BFL lunch (chicken and veggie brown rice bowl - YUMMMM!) and get up to speed with you all here.

Sil - For your first challenge, from what I've read on L&S it's best to stick strictly with the program as set out in the book. As you probably know from reading my previous posts, a few weeks back I began including the "Ab Boot Camp" (see susanje's opening post for the link) on the days I have cardio. So right after my 20 minutes, I cool down for five, then go into abs. It's a GREAT workout when done correctly. I started doing the ABC on a flat bench and now doing it on the decline board. Yesterday I also added in some hanging knee lifts - but not too many since I didn't have my gloves on (ow!).

Today I had a TERRIFIC UBWO...after I woke hubby up (he likes to snooze until about 6:50 a.m.) he commented on how 'buff' my arms and back are getting! I can't wait until my abs, hips and thighs start looking 'cut'. I can see the hamstrings coming through but like I said before, I don't expect to see my quads clearly until mid-way through C2. But my UPPER BOD - that's another story! Yee haw!

06-27-2001, 06:30 PM
I tried the vanilla cream Myoplex today. I mixed in a few frozen blueberries and some Equal. It was fantastic!! It made so much I had to freeze some of it into popscicles. Bought some Pure Protein bars today. I'm hoping they taste better than the Myoplex bars.

Susanje--Good luck on C2!!

Thanks, everybody for trying to get the scale out of my house. Would you believe I have a regular dr.'s scale? I have had it for years, and am known for getting on it up to 5 times a day. I'm going to try not to weigh tomorrow morning. I'll get up and drink a cup of water--that will keep me from weighing. I really only want to lose about 10 lbs. I think 135 would be an okay weight for me without it affecting my face (making me look wrinkled.)

I have a friend that is on this with me. She does not need to lose any weight-she just needs the exercise (she thinks she is big, but her weight is less than 115 lbs. at 5'3".) She is asking if Altoid mints are allowed. I tend to say no, but since she doesn't really need to lose it probably wouldn't hurt her to have them. What do you think? She has a store, and orders the Now brand of supplements. I am thinking about getting the glutamine from her. She is going to get me some prices on the EAS, too. It's amazing how many people are on this program when you start talking to them. She has had 2 people just yesterday that are on it.

Even though I am having a hard time with the weight thing, I'm loving the program!

06-27-2001, 06:35 PM
Mrs Jim~~~I've been watching your progress the past month and have seen that at times you added alittle moderate aerobics after your 20min WO. You also bike ride and horseback ride for extra exercise (and FUN ). And I don't see anything about Ab Bootcamp in the book. (I have printed out the Ab Bootcamp exercises). Also, BFL does not give an exercise set for the glutes or inner/outer thighs.( just hamstrings and quads)
So, it appears to me that you haven't stuck to the program strictly by the book. Do you feel that this was a hinderance to your progress ( which is impressive BTW ) or did it help to jump-start your metabolism? ~~Trying to learn from everyone:)

06-27-2001, 07:55 PM
Judging from what I've read on L&S and other places, doing TOO much aerobics may have adversely affected my muscle gains. I just recently cut my cardio way back to the 20 minutes three days a week (plus a five-minute cooldown).

As far as the inner/outer thigh exercises, you may want to ask on the L&S board about that. In fact, that's a pretty good query - I'm going to post it on L&S board in a couple of minutes. You may want to check it out. My opinion is that when you do squats it strengthens the whole upper thigh - not just the front quad but the sides as well. Just take a look at Bill Phillips 'pose' shot in the front of the exercise section of the book.

As far as glutes, I believe that hamstrings includes glutes, in fact I'm SURE of it! I'm not doing any other exercises for that area - just curls, deadlifts, lunges (OW) and according to Jim, my butt is lookin' good!

I have not been riding my bike nearly as much as I used to - maybe once in awhile (last year I was riding just about every day) and no centuries. Much of that is due to my busy work schedule this year, some due to working at the ranch on the weekends (lately anyway). Most of my horseback riding has consisted of going at a walk around the ring - it takes some time for us old gals to get good enough to bounce around at a trot or canter. According to Fitday, riding at a walk burns a little over 2 calories a minute...

Abs - I'm pretty sure a lot of L&S people are doing the Ab Boot Camp - but only during the final four weeks - on cardio days only. I jumped the gun a bit by starting ABC on Week 8 rather than Week 9.

Anyway, I'll post the query about inner thigh exercises on L&S...

06-27-2001, 08:22 PM
As always, you are most helpful. I'll check over at L&S.

Susanje~~~Based on everything that you learned in C1, are you going to make any changes to your C2?

Since reading the article posted by Lauren over at L&S, I have removed the adductor/abductor from my exercise routine.

06-27-2001, 10:43 PM
Sorry it took so long to get back - right after work we hot-footed it up to the ranch (our new hangout!) and just got back.

I know the L&S board is a lot faster-paced than here at 3FC - (except yesterday morning we just seemed to be posting like wildfire! :dizzy: ) but there are SO MANY good people with TONS of great info.

Since prior to BFL I wasn't taking weights all that seriously (thinking that 'cardio is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than strength training' - I'd do 80-90 minutes on the Precor and then futz around with weights for about 15 minutes, of course had no routine or set goal = no results) I'm still in a learning mode when it comes to routines. I did get the impression that squats and lunges are some of the best exercises for the lower body (they should be - they're the ouchiest!!) that you can do.

I've always been under the impression, though, that abs recover much faster than the other muscles in the body so you can work 'em more often. I could be wrong - now that I think about it, that's what my Jazzercise instructor used to say about abs - that they could take a LOT of work. I'll have to post that query on L&S as well...first I gotta eat dinner!

PS - just had to post this link - this is L&S's famous Liz_nz (no relation to our MizLiz here) - she is just hilarious but her transformation is awesome! Wish I knew how many pounds a kg is - she states she started BFL weighing 65 kgs and is currently just a hair under 53 kgs - she looks TERRIFIC!! See? BFL WORKS!!!

06-28-2001, 12:09 AM
Changes in C2:

I'm doing more free weights right now but I am studying periodization. I am looking for my 1 rep max right now. I think I am going to ease into periodization and try to do the first 3 weeks of C2 "straight by the book" and then when I return from my trip east I will probably start periodization.

The whole deal with BFL is to keep your system shaken up so I am going to do a periodization in C2, see how it goes, maybe do advanced periodization (skipping Phase 1 which is the foundation building phase) in C3 and then start body building routines in C4.

However, I'm going to keep eating BFL. I might tweak it a bit to more of a body builders food plan in C4 but right now I'm very satisfied with it, I think it's the best for energy, mood and satiation. I'm going to keep it the same.

Still thinking,

06-28-2001, 12:12 AM
Abductor/Adductor machines.

I don't do them anymore but I have to think that they do something. I know that even body builders do cable adductors/abductors. Maybe they're different, but I don't know that I am completely sold on the fact that they don't work. I'm not completely convinced they do work but I feel something when I use them.

However...I remember the first "gym" I joined was Elaine Powers for women and the "workouts" consisted of those belt machines where you jiggle, and those wooden rollers and some twisty thing for obliques. Then hit the sauna and steam off for 20 minutes. Egad.

So I dunno....just thinking out loud.


06-28-2001, 12:20 AM
I remember those 'salons' - they opened one up in my hometown (I think the name then was Gloria Marshall Figure Salons). Of course at the age of 15 I had to check it out since they practically guaranteed that the weight would just melt off so fast my pants would be at my ankles.

I remember all those wooden rollers and much older women being pummelled with them, as well as those reducing machines where you put the belt around your waist and it shook you like a bowl of jelly (I think you only see 'em in the old movies now). Hilarious in retrospect!

Of course being underage I had to get parent's permission. Even back in the 70's Mom and Dad knew that was all a bunch of hooey so it was thumbs down for me. Probably saved me a lot of babysitting money (which I promptly blew at Diet Center anyway).

Memories...aren't they wunnerful, wunnerful! :lol:

06-28-2001, 07:47 AM
MrsJim: 65 kg= 143.3 lbs and 53 kg=116.8 lbs

06-28-2001, 09:07 AM
Being probably the oldest person here (48), I remember those machines. Believe it or not, I had both the rolling machine (Ouch!) and the belt vibrating machine. I used them constantly. I think is all I achieved from them was bruises!

Didn't keep myself from the scale again. It was calling my name. What are we going to do with me????? :?:

Did 20 minutes on my recumbant bike today. I haven't been on it in years, but it was dark outside, and didn't want to go out. I did intervals with high resistance and low-fast resistance. For some reason, whenever I bike I can't get my heart rate past about 96. Is this okay for my advanced age???

Mrs. Jim- The link you posted is amazing! I just can't believe what can be accomplished it this program is followed correctly. Do you have to be in the official challenge to ask questions over at L&S?? I have a few and hate to keep bothering you about it. Okay, I will bother you! Do you ever eat cereal (Shredded Wheat or some other non-sweetened cereal) mixed with cottage cheese for a meal?? Just wondering if this is legal.

BTW- I could not choke down the Pure Protein White Chocolate Mousse. YUCK!!

Talk to you later!

06-28-2001, 09:58 AM
Nettie - thanks, I'm just metrically challenged - my math teacher tried to get me to learn the metric system but I wasn't having any of it!

I forgot to mention (in case you didn't notice it) that Liz_nz's weight of 52.7 kg was her weight about midway through her 2nd Challenge - at the end of the first she had gotten down to 56kg from her original 65 kg.

Shelley (and all other interested) - You DON'T have to be entered in the official challenge to post on L&S - in fact L&S isn't even affiliated with EAS or Bill Phillips (as it states on their home page). Just go to the FAQ link on the right side of the message board to find out about signing up, etc. Those people really have a lot of info!

As far as cottage cheese and Shredded Wheat, well I suppose you could - it's a protein and a carb, isn't it? I'm not doing cereal myself (except occasionally on Free Day). I'm accustomed by now to having my Myo Lite in the morning, then later (around 9:30 or so) toddling off to the company cafe for cut fruit and cottage cheese...I'm a creature of habit I guess...

06-28-2001, 10:21 AM
Mrs. Jim-I actually like to have cottage cheese and cereal for dinner! I think I'll probably just use the ceral for my free day, since I tend to over eat it anyway. I just posted a question on L&S, after reading the FAQ. Thanks for the info.

06-28-2001, 10:41 AM
Today is my free day and I've decided not to do any cardio at the gym. It feels strange to not grab my bag and head over there this morning. Instead I think I'll spend some time in the flower garden, pulling weeds and planting a few things. (No weights but lots of squats! ) This afternoon I'll relax by the pool and make out my exercise reports for week 7. I don't think the gym will be open on July 4th, so I'll have to change my routine to free weights and do it at home. If I plan ahead I'll do fine.

Shelly~~~I'm 47, so I'm right there with you:lol: I also cannot keep from weighing myself 1-3 X a day. BUT, I don't panic if I go up a pound because I know I'm working on muscle. Old habits are hard to break, aren't they? I think I'll check my body fat today and compare it to the begining of BFL. I think a monthly check on that will be helpful to know.

I'll check in later to see how you are all doing~Have a great day:)
OMG, we're on page 3! Susan~any chance you can start a new thread? I'm not sure how to start one and transfer over the intro post w/links,etc. Thanks.

06-28-2001, 11:15 AM
One thing I forgot to mention about BFL (and I experienced the same thing on the Zone), was that I have always suffered from heartburn and I couldn't quite get a handle on what foods were causing it. I thought I was lactose intolerant...and I may be....but I still experienced it on low carb "diets" like Atlkins and Sugar Busters. I experienced it on WW and Jenny Craig. The only two plans where I am completely heartburn free have been the Zone and BFL.

However, when I start my free day with cereral and milk...BOOM...heartburn immediately (one of the reasons I suspect I have some form of latose intolerance)....

Anyway, I DIED to give up cereral but I did and not only has it been easy but after 1 Challenge, I don't eat it at all anymore and don't crave it. I didn't have ANY on free week. Probably a good thing to give up.

I wouldn't think that Shredded Wheat is bad per se, because it may actually have more fiber than the wheat bread many of us have for breakfast, but are you going to eat it dry? Yucch. The "bad" part of cereral is not only that it is high glycemic and most are high in sugar but that you put milk on it...which is high glycemic and also converts to sugar quickly.

It's so weird, I did enter the official challenge but I haven't written my essay, developed my pictures or anything like that. I think that the challenge became very personal along the way. for my morning Myoplex. :)



06-28-2001, 12:41 PM
Like you guys, I also tend to go WAY overboard on cereal!

Back in the 'fat free 90's' all the ads and stuff were touting the 'healthfulness' of cereal - but my problem with it is portion control. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me to have two or more bowls of Raisin Bran or Corn Chex at a sitting (with lots of skim milk of course!).

In the book, low-fat granola is listed as an authorized carb - BUT if you notice the same table on the BFL website omits this. The first couple of weeks or so of the Challenge I was still consuming cereal (I figured Go Lean Crunch was the equivilant of Bill's "low-fat granola") with cottage cheese, but found that I was having a difficult time controlling my portions, so I cut it out. I think there's a reason that the website omits the low-fat granola choice in the's easier to make revisions to websites than to a print run of books.

I notice that Jim is eating a LOT less cereal - now in the mornings he starts off with a Myo Lite and has fruit and cottage cheese later in the morning like I do (although I think he also grabs a croissant - naughty guy!). Pre-BFL, we would go through two gallons of skim milk per week; now a gallon lasts well over a week (I haven't been drinking milk but Jim likes his Myoplex made with skim milk rather than water - and he still has a bowl of cereal on nights where he has to rush out after work to practice with the band!)

I know a lot of people will argue "but Cereal is HEALTHY". Some brands have a good portion of fiber and vitamins/minerals - BUT I think most of us have a tendency to go WAY overboard on them. Check the serving sizes on the box - a serving of Grape Nuts is only 1/4 cup, Corn Flakes (I think) a bit over a cup, etc. I don't know about YOU, but when I eat cereal it's usually substantially more than that. Anyway, like Susanje, I've elminated it from my diet and don't miss it at all!