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10-28-2005, 06:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a beautiful day in my corner of the world although a bit breezy; it is 64 degrees, sunshine, and bright blue sky. It is raining leaves big time! I've putzed away the day but it has been a good day! :carrot: I need to go and pick Bob up in a few minutes as he is driving a loader from one farm to the other. He has a guy driving in from Marquette, MI, to look at a tractor cab! This guy had no idea where we live and just left his home about 9:00 this morning . . . should be here late afternoon or early evening. Hopefully he'll get here before dark because there are no lights in the shed where the cab is. :lol:

Maggie -- A BIG CONGRATS on the loss! You are on a roll for sure! The snake was a garter snake . . . I think. A snake is a snake is a snake as far as I'm concerned and I don't like any of them! A farmer up by Paulina just found a PYTHON when he was combining! It was alive and coiled up in a corn row. The farmer called the DNR and they took it to Ames. Come to find out it belonged to a neighbor and had gotten loose this summer. The guy didn't want to advertise that it had escaped because he thought it would cause people to panic. :yikes: I would by hysterical if I lived in the vicinity!!!!! Anyhow, it is back 'home' again. It escaped once before and they found it behind someone's freezer. I think the owner should be charged with some sort of crime!

'Gma' -- You are smart to shop online for Christmas gifts! I need to make a list of things I already have because my memory is short when I'm in a store and trying to remember who gets what. I'm not computer smart at all . . . wish I were more so. :rolleyes: I'm not into costumes either and am always in awe when I see the imagination some people have at putting costumes together. Have fun at the party!

Gail -- Many years ago, Beth and I were going to run some errands and when I opened the garage door there was a snake on the 'welcome' mat. I'm surprised the door didn't go on through the frame because I slammed it so hard. Why I looked down, I'll never know. I told Bob that if there was ever one in the house, I would be gone! :yes: Our front door is ground level. Aren't Fridays the best part of the work week? :)

Gloria -- I knew that your DH was looking at knee surgery but I didn't realize it was so far away. I think books make the best gifts! So far my grandchildren really like to look at books. Ian will sit still for one line sentences but he isn't into paragraphs yet! :lol: We have never raked leaves! Bob's theory is that if we wait long enough, they will blow to the neighbor's yard! And preferably to the cat hater's yard! :twirly:

I need to get off line in case Bob calls for 'help' enroute. He is driving a loader he has never driven before.

Don't forget to set your clocks back tomorrow . . . it will soon be dark at 5:00 and I hate that!

Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-28-2005, 11:36 PM
Evening ladies! I may not get in here in the morning so I thought I would post tonight instead. I have to go and get yarn tomorrow and a couple things to complete the stuff I am taking to the party. I always try and take "throw away" plates or pans so I can leave whenever I want to and not take the food with me.

Maggie: I love raisin toast and when I was a kid used to have it with a frosting top, remember that? I don't know if they even make it that way anymore. I make cinnamon french toast from time to time, but Jack likes nothing but plain ole plain ole and hates raisins so I rarely buy raisin bread because I WOULD EAT IT! :lol:

Let's see, I found turquoise suede gloves to match my dil's scarf I knit her, a nice burnt orange suede handbag for her and bought one exactly like it in a different color for dd in suede as they were part of the buy one get one half off thingy, black leather gloves for dd as she has a black leather jacket I bought her 2 years ago for her birthday, brown suede gloves for son to go with his scarf, which is dark red, brown, yellow, green fall colors in a tweed look, then a twofer sweater deal for dil where one sweater was a burnt orange and brown stripes and the other the same yarn colors in a tweed pattern, and a really nice goldtone and turquoise cuff bracelet watch. I will get her votive candles to go with her candlesticks when I see my friend in Indiana that sells Home Interiors and she is DONE! YEAH! I also bought two kids videos, one about a soccer playing dog I thought T would like and they only cost me shipping as Jack has "fun cash" bucks on his dvd club website and I used those as they are going to expire in December anyway.

I also knitted an entire scarf for my sil today so that is done except I want to find yarn to make fringe for it as the yarn I made it with is twisted and unravels into fuzz so would be lousy fringe. I am going to take the scarf to the store and try to match something that would look nice. Then I will only have my son's to finish up and I am going to try and get his yarn tomorrow as I have been all over town looking for it and haven't found it. Last place to look is Hobby Lobby across town and if not I will have to order it from the manufacturer and if that happens the scarf may be late getting finished so keep you fingers crossed for me. I have dd's hat and scarf and then those darn mittens to tackle. Hey, I can always say they didn't come out I guess as she isn't really counting on them that much for him. Now the dreaded wrapping part, which I DESPISE! I am crummy at it for one thing, probably because I hate it so much. I used to get so mad when the kids were small and I would get their toys out of layaway and have to come home and wrap everything right away. I don't know if I ever told you the story about my dd when she was about 5 getting up in the middle of the night, unwrapping ALL her presents then rewrapping them. We would never have found out except she couldn't find the scotch tape and used masking tape to rewrap them! :lol: :lol: Those are the kind of things when they happen make you mad, but when they are grown are sweet memories.

Well, I think I will go upstairs, watch a little more tv then go to bed. I have watched CSI (3 episodes) tonight on one of the cable channels because there wasn't anything else to watch. I can't remember which one of you ladies said you were big CSI fans, but didn't it make you mad that last night was a RERUN????? What is with that? Las Vegas is rerunning too and may not even be on next week because they said something Monday about a new episode in 2 weeks. Sheesh, you find something you like and they don't even make 6 episodes before they start rerunning everything.

Have a great weekend ladies and like Jean said, don't forget to "fall back" tomorrow night!


10-29-2005, 12:11 AM

I have finished another low point day with succcess ~ I made beef strogonof in my crock - pot the other day and we had it over noodles. Tonight I reheated the leftovers and had it over toast. It was actually more tasty tonight ~ it had sat in the refrigerate and married. We do eat left overs in this house but I know some folks who wouldn't touch them. To each his own. Some things I find actually taste better when reheated.

JEAN I agree that man who owns that python aught to have some fine to pay each time it gets out. Those things are real scarey. I am glad it didn't end up being cultivated. I can imagine your fright when you saw a snake on your porch.

FAYE you have done so many neat things for Christmas and I feel lax for I have not even started. I admire your doing all of that. I want to get some glass made but don't want to do it inside and Cowboy hasn't yet had the time to build me a deck. He will though.

GAIL I was talking to Cowboy about his finding some low fat raisin bread and he said, "Remember where we are!" OH it is hard to find some things up here. He said he would get me a bread machine and I could make my own ~ he loves home made bread like your Wayne does. I then took a look through my catalogues and Cuisinart has a new one out that is a two pound convection bread maker that will make of course smaller loaves and do the cake cooking and jam making along with all those programmed recipes in it. All that for just under a hundred dollars. I remember when I got my first one it cost almost five hundred and I wore it out. I'll find a place to put this one! Convecton really is neat. My toaster oven is a convection cooker also and I love it. I'll go on a quest once again finding low fat point friendly recipes for great tasting home made bread.

GLORIA I am sure it is hard to see your hubby using a cane now but perhaps the doctor can get him back to exact and he will be doing those 5 miles again. They can do wonders I have found, those doctors have some new techniques that are really working well on patients. Cowboy needs to make an appointment to have his heel looked at. Something inside it makes it hard to walk on when he first gets out of the car. I am so glad we have insurance that we don't have to have a referal ~ we can just make a call to a specialist and make our own appointments.

Have a lovely evening folks.

10-29-2005, 01:59 PM

The sun is shining brightly on this beautiful morning. Ragg Mopp woke me up by pressing his "baby" in my face. UGH it is a stuffed bear that he has adopted and I didn't need that. Little scudder wanted to play.

Today is the day I make those fig bars and I sure hope they turn out well. There are things I need to get done first before I do start baking though. Number one is to wake up. I am sipping my coffee and that is the start of it.

I hope everyone is going to have a wonderful SATURDAY. Type at you later.

10-29-2005, 07:12 PM
A short message! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! That is what has been going on all day. We now live in a 'Winter Wonderland!" The snow has covered the grass and cars but not the streets. I know the Mall has their Christmas Decorations up but have a heart it isn't even Halloween. What is this Winter going to be like? Gloria

10-29-2005, 07:43 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is dark and gloomy in my corner of the world today . . . quite windy so it's not a nice day to stand around outside. :no: I've putzed away another day and accomplished quite a bit but things one would never know by just looking around my house. I went with DH to move a tractor and loader from one farm place to another, stopped at the dreaded WM to make copies of some pictures for great-grandmothers, and took a little nap with Leonard on my lap. :)

'Gma' -- We can get raisin bread with frosting here. :T DH likes to toast it and it sure gooeys up the toaster! I hope you found the yarn that you were going to look for. I have tried to match outfit colors over the years . . . what looks ok in the stores never seems to come close in natural light. :( I wish we lived close enough so I could wrap your gifts! I love to wrap! When I was younger and in college, I told my mom I was going to get a part-time job in the department store and wrap gifts! I never did though and mainly because I didn't have a car to get downtown. The old downtown Sears store had huge storefront display windows and they would set up the gift wrap tables so that anyone walking by could watch.

Maggie -- The python was coiled up in such a way that the farmer thought, from a distance, it was a tire. :rolleyes: Do you suppose Will might have a heel spur that is causing his pain? They are not fun . . . been there and done that one a couple of times. Ouch!

Gloria -- I sure don't want to hurt your feelings but I'm glad you got the snow and not us! :s: I've been kind of wondering about our winter because the Farmer's Almanac says we are supposed to be colder and wetter than usual. I didn't actually read that but other teachers were talking about it at lunch one day. I hope not!

I need to keep moving and figure out what is for supper. We had a DQ treat :o after moving the tractor so I'm not hungry.

Have a nice evening and a super Sunday tomorrow! Don't forget the clocks . . . I've already done most of mine so I wouldn't forget. :)

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-29-2005, 08:04 PM
Just avery quick note while Jack is showering to go to the party. I have been busy busy today and I did finally find that yarn. Hobby Lobby didn't carry it (went clear across town to find that out) and so went back to the store I was sure I bought it at and there it sat at the end of the row all by itself. Come to find out, someone bought it all before I went back and they reordered then last night returned it ALL!

I made the cutest rice krispie squares. I bought those little sugar Halloween figures you put on cakes, frosted them with milk chocolate chips and plunked one on top of each one. My dip turned out cool too. It is 7 layer dip and I made the last layer sour cream, put a big dollop in the center for a spiders nest then put the rest in a plastic bag, cut off the tip and made a web. I found plasic spider rings at our paper goods store so I put those down into the dip all over the web.

Hope you all are having a nice day. I gotta run!


10-30-2005, 01:39 AM

What a delightful day it turned out to be. Nice weather and we went into town and got some things which was a nice ride. Made the fig bars and they turned out yummy. Cowboy said to give them five stars :lol: and definitely make them again and hopes there are some left over from tomorrows pot-luck. I told him if there were any left I was going to give one to that guy that ordered the dried figs for me. He is the same fellow that makes the best coffee latte for me. :lol:

GLORIA you make me homesick for Montana with that snow. It does snow here but not since we have been here though. I am hoping it will snow and give us a white Christmas. Don't you just love to have the curtains pulled and watch it snow when it comes down like that.

JEAN it probably is a heal spir but Cowboy said he has several sets of spirs so doesn't need one inside his heel. He will make an appointment on Monday. :lol: I am glad that they found who that snake belonged to and when it gets out again they can make him come get it.

FAYE I can imagine you are having fun at the party. The refreshments you are taking sound neat ~ hope you took pictures. We are planning to have a good party around Christmas (which isn't that far away). We like to have a white elephent party each year with a gift that you have that you no longer want but has some use in it left for another person. No junk please. We will be going to a friends for Thanksgiving.

Turn those clocks back.

10-30-2005, 11:47 AM
Good morning ladies! We had a nice time at the party. Didn't stay but about an hour and a half, but it was nice. They were all kids my children's age and lots and lots of kids so we didn't really have much in common with anyone. I went as Maxine on the Hallmark cards and Jack as an Indiana University fan. We were running late and didn't get any pics though and forgot to take the camera. We are going to dd's for Halloween tomorrow so I need to remember it to take pics of Thomas. There was a beautiful 4 month old little boy dressed as a scarecrow and he was so adorable. Then there was a lady who was 7 1/2 months pregnant and wore a crop top and painted her belly like a pumpkin. It was cute.

Oh my gosh! I think I told you I bought some stuff for Thomas for making the honor roll. I took the stuff off his "wish" list so I knew he would like what ever I picked. One of the things was called Psychic Soccer Ball so like a boob I assumed it was some funky decorated ball for him. It is one of those Magic 8 Ball things (remember those from the 70's) but looked like a soccer ball. Thomas called me to tell me thank you but just kept giggling. I finally understood what it was I bought him and understood he was laughing because he kept asking it questions and laughing at the answers. One of the questions I heard him ask while he was still on the phone to me was, "Will my mom make me a sandwich" and it said something like "in a while" (I wonder if the reader of the ball my dd may have "misinterpreted" the message so to speak :lol: ) He just loves the darn thing. My dd didn't get to the box before he did and he saw his Wallace and Gromit calendar so no saving it for Christmas like my dd wanted to do!

Maggie: Glad you fig bars were a hit. I agree, you should take some to the gentlemen who got you the figs, who knows, you may get a deal for feeding him next time! :lol:

Today is NASCAR day and it starts at 11 so won't be long. I am going to try and get some more knitting finished while it is on. I could watch tv upstairs, but you have to sit on the bed and I don't want to do that. I keep telling Jack we need to buy a chair for up there.

I talked to my sister that has the husband who has MS. She said they had a family/doctor/nursing home meeting last week and her husband was told by the doctors he would never be going home again. She said, he blames her now and is making her live a living :devil: . He is now telling her since she has "stuck him in there he will die within 5 years." I told her that it is just that he has been in denial about his disease all along and now it has slapped him in the face. That people have quit stepping around it and have faced it and he doesn't want to face it so blames her. I told her she needs to just let him spit venom and not take it to heart. Personally, he is a difficult man and always has been so it doesn't surprise me he blames her. When they married about 15 years ago, he was still walking and playing golf, working etc, then he had to start using a cane, then a scooter and now he is bedridden pretty much but he still wants to deny what this disease does. He won't talk to anyone about it either. I feel for her, but she is going to have to make decisions for him that won't be popular. One of the problems is that her kids don't pay enough attention to her and so she reaches out to me. She is now a little put out because we are going up there on the Tues before Thanksgiving and leaving early Sunday morning and I am only spending ALL day Wednesday and most of Thanksgiving day with her. She hinted around about wanting to go with Jack and I and our friends to dinner on Saturday but I didn't take the bait. We have so little time up there as it is and my kids deserve to have time with us. We also deserve a little time with some dear friends we only get to see a couple times a year. We won't get up there until probably 11 PM on Tues as they are an hour ahead of us so Friday is pretty much the only day we get to spend with them exclusively and we are having Christmas with them that day. So, the situation is not the best, but I am not going to let her guilt me just because she is unhappy. She wanted us to come stay with her instead of our son and dil and I told her no. For one thing, we are bringing our dog and her dog is a huge and I mean huge brown lab and it has no manners and she keeps it inside all the time. It jumps on you and and slobbers all over you and barks at you and last time we took Fortune over there for my bil to hold it their dog hurt our dog. On top of that, I am NOT hurting my son's and dil's feelings by staying with my sister when they ask us to stay with them. She is one of those people that feels sorry for themselves when things go wrong and so now she is a mess, mentally, physically and emotionally. I try to help, but she won't listen. She has gained a huge amount of weight, has a treadmill and won't get on it even though I told her it could really relieve her stress. She now has diabetes, has to wear oxygen to bed to sleep, has thyroid problems and instead of walking is using her husbands scooter to do anything. She says she hates to walk so won't help herself out. It is such a sad situation, but you can only get drawn into it so far, you know?

Well, I have things to do around the house so better get to them!


10-30-2005, 02:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I have a pan of stuffed manicotti shells :T in the oven so have a few minutes to chat with you. We got up to gloom and rain this morning. The sun came out about an hour ago, but now the clouds are back again. I have got to clear off my dresser top so that we can pull it out and I can vacuum behind it. I HATE it and want a new one. It has 9 smaller drawers that shirts, etc., won't fit in unless folded into itty bitty squares. I don't know why I didn't figure that out before I bought the darned thing. Anyhow, the little TV, that sits on one corner, finally died so we hunted all over for another one that will come on at a certain preset time. I set my alarm but DH likes the TV. Of course W-M didn't have anything close to what I wanted and the dumb head :mad: who works in that department had never heard of such a thing. We ended up getting one at the local appliance store and for $5 more than the W-M unheard of brand. We should have gone there in the first place!

'Gma' -- I'm glad you were able to find your yarn! :yes: The Halloween treats sound so cute! I've looked at magazine pictures for ideas but my stuff never looks like the pictures . . . handy, I am NOT! Your sister's situation is a sad one and I would hope she could find some professional help somewhere. I would think that the nursing home would have a social worker to counsel with families. Does she work outside the home? Your BIL sounds like he could be a real pain for the nursing home staff to deal with. When DH's sister was diagnosed with MS, the doctors told her she had to keep moving or she would lose the use of her muscles at a faster rate. She does have a scooter and uses it if she has to walk a long distance but most of the time she tried to walk. She was diagnosed in 1978 and has done pretty well over all. She actually does better when MIL is there to nag at her. :rolleyes: MIL is a firm believer in 3 balanced meals a day and daily exercise! I will give all the credit in the world to her as she does both faithfully!

Maggie -- I hope the doctor can ease the heel pain for Will. I ended up doing physical therapy along with Celebrex and they did help. Giving useful white elephant gifts is a good idea! When I taught Kdg. we would sit in a circle and draw numbers for who would choose the first gift. Then as each person opened a gift, if they liked someone else's better, they could swap gifts. I don't remember if we limited the number of times we could swap or not, but I'm thinking it was it was when it was our turn.

I need to keep moving. I came upstairs to find a gift bag for a gift I need to deliver tomorrow.

Have a relaxing day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-31-2005, 08:59 AM
Good morning ladies! It is a nice upper 60's this morning and quite pleasant. never know whether to put on extra blankets at night or not! :lol: We have trick or treating with Thomas tonight. We go over there and hand out candy while they trick or treat. Tom can't go because he has a college class tonight and it is the first time he has missed going so I am sure he is unhappy about that.

Maggie: I think White elephant parties are lots of fun. We haven't been to one in years. Man, I would wrap up an assortment of Jack's computer stuff that still works but he "upgraded!" He has so much stuff it is unbelievable. We could open a store!

Jean: I hate to buy something like that, fal in love with and get it home and it is impractical or whatnot. I have cast an envious eye on a cherry table I want for the kitchen to put my computer on. They still have a couple at the store, but it will be after Christmas before I can buy anything. Have to get everyone elses gifts and have money to go to Indiana in a few weeks. I hope their gas comes down as it is $2.75. Ours is down to $2.33. Boy, even I have heard of tv's that come on by themselves! Don't you love it when you have a sales person who has never heard of something then looks at you like you were from the planet of Ogg or something when you ask about it? They make you feel like an idiot for just asking.

Gloria, Sharon, Gail, good morning to you!

Gotta get to that cleaning this morning as I am doing curtains. They get smoke on them from candles.


10-31-2005, 11:04 AM
Good morning! Happy Halloween!

Sorry I didn't get in here since Friday. So much running around!

Maggie, I did NOT find any "lite" raisin bread!!!! :( The raisin bread that I did find were 3-5 points for two slices and well, when it came right down to it, I thought that was too many points to spend on bread (in addition of that egg) to make French Toast. I did not have French Toast on Friday night.

My weekend went by in a blur. I didn't get home until late on Friday night. Saturday, I ran errands in the morning with DH. After he left for work, I had an errand to run at the mall and Circuit City. I got home late again! Worn out! Yesterday, I helped DH all day long with painting the living room, foyer, and down the hall. By the time we went to bed both of us were so worn out neither one of us could go to sleep.

And tonight is Halloween--like y'all don't know that! BUT this year I'm NOT buying candy...well, except for DH's "3 Musketeers" but that goes in the freezer as that is how he likes them and I'm not tempted by them anyway. Tonight I'm going over to the grandkids' house and see them and "help" out giving candy for awhile there.


With THAT said, there is a Halloween Lunch today. It is going to be a tough call for counting points as the main entree will be Quizno subs...but wait a minute...DWLZ has that listed on her restaurant points pages...and no one says I have to eat the whole sub...right? :) BUT there will be all kinds of temptation (I'm talkin' food here!) at lunch though. I hear there are EIGHT different desserts...homemande potato salad, a cheese and cracker tray, AND...a...VEGGIE TRAY! I can eat that!

Okay...I've had waaaay too much caffeine this morning...someone brought in a "Box of Jo" from Dunkin Donuts...Toast Almond coffee....YUM-0...very delish...but I feel like I'm typing (as opposed to talking) a "mile a minute"

...okay...I'll just go calm down...and I'll come back to read everyone's post.... :)


10-31-2005, 12:14 PM
Okay ladies, I've since come down from my caffeine high and have read the posts on this thread. So, let's see how much I goes... :)

Jean, the trees are just now starting to change colors and it is beautiful outside here in Delaware. I love Fall! Which reminds me that I need some new sweaters. On tv about 2-3 weeks ago the news said that a lot of pythons have been released down in the Florida Everglades--people have been getting rid of their pets. And they're starting to cause a lot of trouble down there. They eat...or try to eat anything in their path including a chicken from someone's backyard. Both chicken and pythod died--they showed a picture of this! While I was eating my dinner no less!. Yuck.

Faye, may I please get on your Christmas gift-giving list?! :) Please? Pretty please? All your gifts sound beautiful. Especially those turquoise suede gloves! You've been so busy knitting all those gorgeous scarves! My problem with knitting something is that I have a difficult time giving it away! :lol: However, if one of my daughters or my Mom say they like a scarf I'm wearing I'll take it off right that minute and hand it over to them! THAT always takes them by surprise. Have you checked out yet? Any order over $30 shipping is free! A very good deal. And their prices are very very low! They have good prices on their knitting books also. I love CSI especially the Vegas one. And it was a repeat last week. We were just discussing in the office this morning about how a lot of tv shows in the past week have been reruns including LOST. Why?! Reruns are for summer; not the Fall. Annoying. When that happens I go to my standby channels: HGTV, DIY, Food, QVC (never bought anything from them but I like to watch it), Travel, E!, History. Love those channels.

Maggie, I love leftovers! I think spaghetting sauce is especially good the second night. That Cuisinart bread machine sounds like a good one! Bread machines have come down a LOT since I first got mine but my Mom bought mine for me but I remember her paying over $300 for it! That was about 12+ years ago and it still works wonderfully. But it only makes bread...or prepares the dough for different things like soft pretzels or pizza crust.

Gloria, SNOW?! Oh. My. Goodness. I think if we were to get snow in Delaware now, DH would be putting the house up for sale! :lol:

Faye, the food you made for the party sounded yummy! We're having a Halloween lunch today but I'm not dressed up...but I am dressed all in black! Another secretary had bought a cute tee shirt from QVC for Halloween--it's nicely embroidered but the cutest part is there an embroidered spider hanging on a web on the back--starts at the shoulder seam. Very cute! Your grandson sounds precious! :) I love it when my oldest grandaughter (5 years old) starts to giggle...especially over something I've done! We're in the midst of redecorating the living room now. And one thing I told DH I wanted when we start to look for new furniture is that I want a nice comfy chair with ottomon for the bedroom. I have a small alcove in my bedroom just perfect for a sitting area. I do not like to sit on the bed...or lay down either when I'm watching tv because I'll fall asleep for sure. It's like my brain goes, "Sit on that bed and you are going to sleep, Gail!" I love my family down in Virginia Beach (VA). I really do, but I don't get to see other people when I'm down there. Family can be a tricky business at best. I used to break out in eczema whenever I got stressed out about family. I don't anymore but now I get panic/anxiety attacks but I've learned how to control those too now. DH can recognize my attacks coming on before I do and he's learned techniques to calm me down--he learned this from my doctor. Knitting has helped me a lot also. I didn't say all that assuming YOU have these...actually don't know how I got on that tangent! Oh Gotta love 'em! :lol: Oh yeah...I meant also to say something about guilt trips. Just don't go there! :)

Jean, manicotti shells! I made those ONCE! I made a mess in the kitchen! The messy kitchen wore me out. :lol:

Maggie, I immediately thought heel spur for Will.

Okay...I did pretty good, huh? :)

10-31-2005, 04:27 PM
Oh happy day! :) I'm going to go spend the evening with the grandkids--I'm goin' trick or treating! I haven't done that in years! :D

...trick or treat, smell my feet, give me somethin' good to eat... :lol:

10-31-2005, 11:11 PM
Good Evening and Happy Halloween, Flowers! The little gremlins have been and gone. We had more than usual, probably around 25, probably because the weather is so nice. I can remember wind, cold, rain, and snow on many Halloween nights.

"Gma" -- I'm sure you have fun passing out Trick or Treat candy. I love to see the little kids but some of the bigger ones can sure be annoying. One big kid saw my variety of candy and wanted something different than what I gave him. I should have told him that I didn't give treats to anyone taller than I am, but I just kept my mouth shut. :rolleyes: Afterwards I thought maybe he might come back and do something to the house -- hope not.

Gail -- You did have a busy weekend! It makes me tired to just read about it! :lol: Hope your lunch turned out as good as it sounds. Yum! You were smart not to buy any candy to have at your house.

It's time to think about what to wear tomorrow and head to bed. The time change has made me tired all day today for some reason.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-01-2005, 01:14 AM

It has been a very busy day this day. We went all over town (a biger city than this) looking for that bread machine and no one carried it so I will order it out of the catalogue. I just didn't want to have to pay those shipping charges unless necessary. Guess that model is just too new to be put in the stores around here. Good thing no one except the Schwans man came to my door tonight to bring me my order for I didn't get anything to give out for this date. I didn't think any kids would come here for there aren't any around here but the two babies down the way and they aren't home. :lol: This is "country" and there aren't many places on this little road. I hope all of you that were out there are safe and didn't have any trouble.

I made lemon zest and orange zest and got it in the freezer. I have recipes that call for it and like to have some already ready so I don't have to do it each time. I freeze the lemon juice in a ice tray that makes little bitty 1/2 inch squares of frozen juice. I do that with lemon and lime juice. I like to put a square or two in my water at times. I need a few limes now to make some lime zest. I like to keep a can of frozen orange juice in the freezer for some recipes also.

This is the first time we had Schawans delivered since we moved here and this is the same driver we used to have. He was out sick when we left the other place so was surprised when he got my order for a different address. He didn't mind the wild greeting he got from Ragg Mopp because he has dog kennels that he baby sits dogs while folks are on vacations they can't take them with. Good business for him since he probably knows every dog owner around these parts. Real nice guy and I am glad he is the driver that will be coming here. It is just real nice to get a driver you are used to and can trust. Where we were before we gave him a key to the house and if we weren't home he would put the food in the freezer and pick up the check I left for him and lock up behind him when he left making sure he didn't let the cat out. Never had a problem in any state we have lived with that company or any of the drivers that we delt with.

I think I will head to bed. Ole Ragg Mopp is curled up in Cowboys chair snoring and he is so cute sleeping. AH tomorrow is his day with the goomer and he will smell like fresh orange blossoms once again for a couple of days.

I'll type at ya'all later.

11-01-2005, 08:18 AM
Good Apres Halloween! We didn't have many kids last night and they live in a nice neiborhood in the city. I think parents get frightened by it all anymore. Thomas had a haul though and just did two streets. I am including my little "undead" guy at the bottom of the post.

Jean: Kelly says if the kid wears deodorant he or she is too old to trick or treat. She thinks that is what the cut off should be and it makes sense! :lol: Like you, in this day and age, refusal could be anything from getting tp'd to getting shot! One cheapo gave Thomas a very very old McDonald toy! It was even dirty! EUWWWWW! Now this is a neighborhood of homes in the $200,000 and up range so that is exceedingly CHEAP! Why not just keep your lights off and not give out anything.

Maggie: That is nice that you have someone that will deliver in that manner and not steal from you. Of course, his job wouldn't last long if he did I suppose. Sounds like you are all ready for the season's cooking and baking. I use lemon zest in my kieflies. Don't know if I am going to make them this year or not, but the kids always beg for them and I even have to ship some to my son! :lol:

Boy I am sure having a time of it with allergies and I have no clue as to why they are worse than they were in summer. Right now I want to stick a poker down my ears they itch so much. Guess I need to get some meds into me, but even the mild ones make me either sleepy or irritable so I try to hold off unless I am desperate.

I guess I better get the chores and cleaning done this morning! Have a great day. We are actually getting some rain this morning!



11-01-2005, 10:50 AM
Good morning! Happy November 1st. Now...we wait for Thanksgiving and goodness knows that will be here before we know it but at least we can CHOOSE to eat healthy if we wish. Easier with turkey than with a Snickers candy bar! :)

I had a blast last night. I went over to my youngest daughter's house. My granddaughters were soooo cute. Yes, I took pictures but I will have to get them developed and when I do I'll try to post their picture. My daughter made meatball sandwiches for everyone. In their neighborhood it is a younger crowd so they have LOTS and LOTS of kids. I ended up sitting on the front porch with my daughter and her friend handing out candy while my son-in-law and friends took their kids out trick or treating.

Faye, I emailed you. Bless your heart, I hope I don't make you throw a ball of yarn at the frustration. Your grandson is a cutie! Although I'm sure THAT is the last thing he would want to be called on Halloween in his scarey costume! Great costume!

Maggie, I know you've always been a fan of Schwann's and there is someone on my street who has them deliver to them as well and everytime I see the truck I think of you! :) Gosh, it feels good to be able to trust people! Good idea about making the zest--it would be nice to have some fresh zest on hand at any given moment. I'll keep that in mine. Too bad you didn't find the bread machine. I hate paying shipping and handling costs.

Jean, even though I didn't dress up in costume yesterday I had a great time at our Halloween luncheon. The best thing was that I could control myself around the food too.

11-01-2005, 03:58 PM
Just came back from the Commissary and boy am I pooped. Got all the last minute stuff for our trip, sm OJ's to take our pills with before we leave the hotel rooms and things like that. Have put it all away and now am sitting here to catch my breath.

Had a great Halloween...had about 60 trick or treaters in all. The last group were a bunch of middle school girls. The first one said to DH ( we were both at the door)...Are you Sean's grandfather, my locker has been next to his for 3 years. Next one...Oh, your Sean Paul's grandfather! And so on. Of course the acknowledgement of Mr. C and ignoring me had been going on all night. Everyone know's Mr. C the dog walker and I guess I am just chopped liver. Well I just had to call DD#2, Sean's mother, to let her know how popular her 14 yr old is. She said he is not dating yet but does have his following. The girl's all call him by both of his names...Sean Paul. His sister,12, has just started middle school and some of his 'girls' have made friends with here already. No dummies. I thought it was so cute as he is the oldest of the younger GK's and I told his mom that he should only give her everything she gave me.

Gail: I do think the besst part of Halloween is seeing the small ones coming to get their so small that I'm sure they don't really understand it all but it is making great memories.

Faye: Yes it is the older kids that give Halloween a bad name. That's why we shut the lights out right after 8 as that is the witching hour in our town.

Maggie: It is on days like this when we do our large shopping that I longingly remember you have yours delivered. How nice.

Gloria IN MA.....have a great balance of the week.

11-01-2005, 04:38 PM
Gloria, you made me smile when I read about all the kids knowing your husband instead of you! I'm used to it as Wayne is home during the day (works nights) and throughout the warmer months he's outside doing yard work or washing the cars or something like that. Anyway, he meets everyone and I'm known as "Wayne's wife". We have a lot of retirees in my neighborhood so he gets to meet the walkers in the neighborhood. Hmmm...perhaps I should be walking in the evenings? And then I'll meet some of my neighbors on my own...and get in some much needed exercise as well. Talk about a lightbulb moment! :lol: I saw a lot of sweet trick or treaters last night that's for sure! :D

11-01-2005, 07:21 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Our electricity was off until all morning since 8 am till a little while ago. We were fore warned though because they had to put in new poles for the growth abound here. My fridge automatically switches itself over to battery and the freezer held up fine for those few hours. We went and had Ragg Mopp bathed and he sure is white again where he is supposed to be white.

JEAN are you going anywhere for Thanksgiving or is your family coming there? I can imagine you are looking forward to that holiday. We will be having the meal with friends here and she absolutely won't let me take anything for she wants to do it all so I will just let her. ;)

FAYE what a cute little boy ~ he is sure getting tall ~ thanks for sharing. Sorry you are having fall time alergies ~ seems there is as much floating around in the air this time of the year as there is in spring only the stuff is dried out now but still carries a whap with it. Take care when you sneeze and don't knock anything out of place. I know how those alergies can act. ;)

GLORIA there isn't a commisary anywhere near here where we could shop but guess we have done fine without it. There were always such crowds. I used to take OJ with my morning meds until I found out that it was inhibiting some of the action. Especially I can't have grapefruit before noon. I loved that glas of OJ first thing in the morning too. I am glad you got things ready for your trip. You know Cowboy knows lots more folks in town than I do. And he knows most of the girls and thier parents of the softball teams that he umpired. He is always introducing me to someone when we are out and about. Today it was "This is Rhonda, the mother of my girlfriend." And I replied, "And which girlfriend might that be?" It is so nice that those kids think of him as thier "grandpa" because he is so good to them.

GALI Have you ever tried Schwans products? I especially like their meats that they have individually sized and packaged flash frozen so it is easy to count points that way for me. They have lots of other things I like also and they aren't so good for me. :lol:

Have a wonderful first of a new month ya'all.

11-05-2005, 10:57 AM
Good Morning, Flowers

It is down to the last week before we leave.....the 13th. WOW! I am pretty much set now just a few last minute pack. :D
Actually I have some things in a suitcase and now am making a staging area in the dining room for all that is to come with us. We are bringing Christmas gifts and some birthday gifts. I will try to pack the trunk with anything we won't need on our way down and only put in the back seat the things we will need overnight.

Jean: I like the idea of a TV for the bedroom that will shut itself off. That's the only kind I could have as I would fall asleep before the end of the program. :)

Faye: Boy has T gotten tall! Sorry about your troubles with the allergies. I am so grateful that I don't have them.

Maggie: Yes DH knows every female for a 5 block radius. He was walking his route for the last 10 years and now he has quite a following, both young and old. ;) In the supermarket we often see someone he knows and they say Oh, your Jack's wife. :D

Gail: Whether you tell Wayne or not I am sure he will be pleased with the new you.

Gloria in MA....Sean Paul is here to cut the to go and say HI!