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06-22-2001, 11:49 PM

Looks like its time to start #83!!!!!

Robin-sounds like husband is in pretty good shape, but poor Charlie!!! How are his ribs feeling today? I bet you are happy that you have maintain that 15 pound lost, is the Meridian still working for you? Your mom must really be worried with having a headache for so long. I hope the doctors can find the reason soon and give her some relief.

Lynn-are you enjoying the peace and quite with your parents away? LOL

Farmbabe-:wave: don't you just hate it when you lose a post? I sure do.

50poundslater-come and join us on this thread. We are moms, some stay at home, some working away from home, all striving to stay OP and lose weight. Good luck to you.


06-23-2001, 10:20 AM
Morning Everyone!

Just getting home from St. Louis. my mom had a cardiac cath last Tues so I went to be with her. everything came out normal. no blockages anywhere.

didn't do so well on program at my mothers' (gee maybe that's why I'm fat today?! ROFL)

too tired to go to WW this morning. will go next Sat. I'm back on program and will walk this week.

Monday the construction workers come to start on my bathroom......so you'll hear lots of whining from me! LOL

need to catch up on the post.......I'm WAY behind.

take care all, Theresa

06-25-2001, 01:08 AM
Theresa-it looks like its just me and you again,
how long will the construction workers take to redo your bathroom? and DON'T forget to take pictures.

tag--your it


06-25-2001, 01:10 AM
Theresa -- good luck w/ construction. We are talking to an architect. It;s easier than moving.
The kids did great w/ report cards & the standardized test results we just got (all 89(one) to 99's(four) Plus rport cards were "high honors" and "1st Merit w/distinction" -- this is a tough school. So, we are very proud of our girls.
I, unfortunately, am close to a high. I have gone no where in the 3 years I have been talking to you. how embarrassing.

06-25-2001, 11:37 AM
cindy - i have been off and on the meridia for a week now...can't justify taking it if i am not seriously trying to diet..the cost of this pill is high!...things should be relatively calmer now. i am going to take one today, and i have the proper food in the house to eat right. ready to get back on track:) my mother still doesn't know what is going on with her head..she sees the neurologist today. maybe she can give her some relief...oh, and charlie is fine...he recovered nicely...i take him to scottish rite in the morning, that is an all day experience...i am getting concerned that his arms growth rate has slowed down alot..it is about an inch or 2 shorter than his other arm. i don't want him to be a grown man and have one arm a foot shorter than the other. hopefully they can figure something out, his doctor is wonderful there.

theresa - good luck on your bathroom construction..how long should it take?? we want to add a shower to our powder bath downstairs. i also want to move the guestroom downstairs to the study, and the study in the guestroom..the guestroom is used 4-6 times a year, so the room doesn't need to be that big. if i move the study upstairs, i can fit the treadmill and exercise bike in there and set up a table for my sewing machine..i think that would make better use of the space.

yesterday we spent the day putting molding in my bedroom...we couldn't do crown molding because of all the angles in my ceiling..they are more rounded than square...anyway, we put up a flat piece of molding (it looks like a pole cut in half, kinda like a 1/4 round )where the walls met the ceiling, then dropped down 4 inches and hung another one, then we painted the poles and the wall space in between the same color as my baseboards, a high gloss off white...now it looks like a piece of crown molding...i like it. very neat looking.

i guess thats it...i need to go eat my bowl of grape nuts...yum yum....

linn - congrats on your girls report cards..very smart gals.

later ladies..robin

06-25-2001, 03:42 PM
Hi ladies...

Here I am eating my hot n sour soup which i hope is sugarbusters legal! it is so hard bringing stuff to work to eat throughout the day, adn it has been so hectic with work, kids' camps, dh's strange schedules, that as usual, i am coming last.

saturday we had another car episode to follow the dead battery episode - now it looks like w ehave to spend another $250 on a new starter. i just don't get it, the car is only 3 years old! so i am very very bummed out - the best thing was, on sat, when we had no car, i "new-yawked" the owner after the service paged him and he was nice enuf to go to the dealership and loan us a car for the duration. not many places would do that.

so we were able to go to ny to see friends yest - they just put in a pool that is gorgeous to the max - ziggy zaggy, diving rock, speakers hidden in rock-like things, heated of course....the kids had the best time with their kids and it was nice just sitting around and schmoozing with old friends. i ate totally off program including imbibing some margeritas, so i am being very good today (if this soup is legal, lol...)....

these friends have a 5 y.o house and LOL - they are redoing the kitchen for the 2nd time around! when i say top of the line, i mean top of the line - it is beautiful. cherry, cherry floors, sub zeros, miele appliances, industrial range....the INSIDES of the drawers were beautiful! ya gotta say they deserve it - 10 years ago this guy started an engineering firm from scratch in nyc - they now have 60 employees and a great reputation. i keep telling my kids NOT to go into tv like DH, lol....

Other than that, I have decided this friendship that is on the brink of being destroyed is not worth keeping. I fthis friend is going to behave this way, it's not worth it. that's okay with me, I just hope she doesn't try to be vindictive and cruel through school/the kids. Anyone ever have any experience with that? Help me out!

Linn - congrats on the grades! You should be so proud! What are the plans for the house?

Theresa - so what are the big bathroom plans? What fun fun fun!!!

Robin - so what is up with these headaches? They're not just calling them migraines and shrugging their shoulders? Hm.....C'mon girl, stick with your program, you've made the initial investment so keep up with it!

Cindy - when are you leaving on your trip> How is your weight> ARe you still holding steady? YOU have to be the one to tell me that in the long run, none of this elementary school parental BS matters!!!

Jill - I could use some Canadian-cool air today!

Lynn - how's mom doing in FLA? When are you going down to visit?

OK, off to fight with the insurance company now...it's been one of those months!



OH, I have to mention this =- on the Sugarbusters board, the administrator is a great gal named Debbie. She really puts a lot into the boards and is a wonderful resource. Anyway, she finally made her goal - she lost about 70 lbs on SB and is down to 129!!! Congrats, DEB!!:smug:

06-27-2001, 08:43 AM

Viv-did you look by sweet and sour sour----was it "legal"? Your friends home and pool sounds really nice. I'm leaving for the mission trip on July 18th and my weight is staying the same. Still at goal.

Robin-I can see how it would be difficult for you to follow any program right now with what is going on with your mother. It must be fustrating and scary to not know what is causing the headaches. I hope they find out something soon. How did the appointment go for Charlie and his arm?

Linn-congrats to you and your girls for such good work in school.


06-27-2001, 10:53 AM
Hi Guys,

Construction is well under way.....I'll post you a pic of what it looks like in the hall bath lol a real MESS! although I have to say, I'm VERY please with this construction crew. They gutted the entire bathroom Monday. Plumber and Electrician came yesterday and will finish up today. Dry wall guys will be in this afternoon, Thurs and Friday......then the tile guy.......I don't want to say it, but at the rate they are moving along, I don't see how it's going to take 3 1/2 wks. ?? The one thing I'm most pleased with is the care they've taken to cover my carpet and hardwood floor in the foyer...... for the carpet they've laid plastic that's sticky on one side so it stays put. on the hardwood floor, they laid giant paper and covered it with paneling and taped it down smooth.

12 yr old continues to drive me insane this summer! 61 days till school starts! lol

Viv, WOW! that's great Deb lost 70 pounds. how long did it take her.......does SB have a maintance plan? ----- even though WW is slow and steady everything is "legal" :)

Laurie, how's it going for you on the Meridia?

Robin, what'd they say about Charlie's arm? can they fix it? sorry to hear about your mom. hope they figure out something soon. can't imagane having a headache that long. ------ Robin, you sure are "handy" around the house. I'd never attempt to do crown molding. do you have one of those saws to cut angles? maybe I should've hired you .......how much would you charge?! LOL

Linn, Eric did great on his report card too. All A's! woo hoo AND he basically "aced" the 6th grade proficiency test :) thank heavens, cause we pulled him outa school the week before....when they were "studying" for them.. dh and I figured, how can they study for proficiency test. either they know it or not. the school REALLY stresses the kids out over them.

Cindy, only ~6 more weeks till you come here! :D anyone else wanna join us?!

see you all later, Theresa

06-28-2001, 08:49 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Gosh, my first month off is almost over!!! WHen school first let out, I was BORED, NOW, there isn't enough time for the things I need and want to get done. As much as I am looking forward to my trip to Nicaguara and Theresa in August, I almost dread it, cause I know after that it won't be long until I am back to work. :(

So where is everyone?????

Theresa-I bet you are glad that the construction is going so quick and that they are taking precautions of taking care of your carpet and floors. Hope it continues to move at this pace.


06-28-2001, 11:34 AM
Boy this site went through some changes - guess I've been away for a while!

How is everyone???

I have to be brief, I'm on a co-workers computer, mine is still off-line and my home computer is full of bugs, I am going to toss it before we move (Did I tell you guys we bought a new house up the street from our old one? )

I'm still nursing the baby, even though he has cut 3 teeth and bites me on occation (rarely). I can't quite give it up yet, he doesn't take bottles and is still too uncoordinated for a cup. Plus it helps at bed time. He is growing like crazy though, cruising around the house, getting into all sorts of trouble. He hates baby food but will eat any table food I give him. He is very cute.

I'm slowly getting back into my exercise routine, walking in AM and I want to start rollerblading on weekends. I've lost about 7 or 8 lbs since starting WW in April but havn't been able to get to meetings. So I'm on my own and sometimes I'm good and sometimes I don't care. But now that bathing suite weather is here.....

Anyway, I have to run, just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here and thinking about all you guys! Take care

06-28-2001, 01:55 PM
Hello Everyone!

Life has been crazy lately! I had a big project to work on for the office which was taking up my free time. I had out of town guests visiting for 5 days also. Big sigh of relief! :D

CAB - glad you were able to log in and fill us in a little. Good luck unpacking in the new house. I'm still afraid to look in my basement to see how many boxes I have left!

Robin - Glad Charlie is ok. If you don't mind me asking, was he born with one arm shorter than the other or did one just develop quicker? I've started the Meridia. I also noticed a decrease in appetite. I haven't really started an eating plan since I had guests. But, I'm going to get going now.

Theresa - or should I say Princess Jasmine? What no PP Girl anymore? How do you put a picture there? Nice pipes!

Cindy - I know what you mean about the summer going quickly. I can't believe it is the end of June already. When are you seeing Theresa?

Linn - Kids grades look great. Tell them to keep it up. I haven't had to deal with grades yet. This will be our first year.

I now have stairs going from the deck into the backyard!! :spin: I can't believe someone would build a deck 3 feet off the ground and not put in stairs!!
:mad: Our next project is getting all the trim around the windows painted. Then our projects on the "new" house will be done.

Well, better run. I'm meeting someone for lunch.

Take care


06-29-2001, 02:58 AM
I will try not to leave anything out.....

My mother...basically the neurologist told her it was all in her head??? go figure....she said her stress level has gotten so out of control that it has caused the hypertension and the 2 month long headache and she didn't offer her any medication!! she said to change her life!!! unfortunately you can't do that in a day, so my mother finally called and asked for a pain reliever and it is making her sick...what to do...i told her to ask for the migraine medication, the neurologist did say that is what her headache is...hopefully she can get this resolved...i told her to quit her job, leave my father and come live with me...i gaurantee her headache would go away then...i don't know what she is going to do.

charlie's visit went well, he is the case study that scottish rite talks about when the doctors lecture and his pictures were taken around childrens hospital to see if the pediatric drs or nurses knew what he had...what a celebrity....what he has does not have an official name..it goes by several...cutis aplasia forearm, vol kmenn's ischemia, and neonatal compartment syndrome...the latter is the one our drs use. my concern was is his arm going to continue to grow normally or are we going to lose inches along the way...they believe that as an adult his arm could be 2"s shorter at the most...if it appears they are wrong, what they would do while he is a child is to stop the "good" arm from growing until the "bad" arm catches up...i don't think i want to do that, don't want to mess with the good one. hopefully that won't come up. he has been complaining about his hand falling asleep alot, if it continues, he is going to have to go in for nerve testing and this could be corrected with surgery..i don't want him to go through a surgery, maybe that will go away on its own...all of this i can deal with fairly well, if we are lucky it will be fine....what concerns me is school starting....the first time my baby comes home crying because some kid is making fun of him is going to kill me...children can be so mean...most people don't notice it, hopefully the kids won't either.

theresa - your bathroom looks lovely :dizzy: be sure to send a picture when it is finished....i am painting the study this weekend, it is going to be the new guestroom and the study will be upstairs with our exercise stuff. dh has been re-wiring his tv and computer stuff the last 2 days, it is finally done. eventually we want to add a shower to our downstairs powder bath. yes, we have a mitre saw, and dh bought a nail gun when he put the molding up in the formal living...i love that....home projects are our hobbies, we enjoy doing them.

it's late and i can't remember anything else and am too tired to read anymore...

will check with ya'll later


06-29-2001, 06:36 PM
Hi Everyone,

Where is everyone? I just heard a rumor around my office that we will be having layoffs in the next week or so. I'm hearing numbers as large as 30%. I think that is drastic but I am certain some people will go. Keep your fingers crossed that I am not one of them! :(

Garrett's 4 year old birthday party is tomorrow. I have to make the train cake tonight. Wish me luck! Never did a train before but how hard can it be? We're having water games outside so I hope the weather holds up.

Well, it is time for me to call it a day. Take care everyone.


07-01-2001, 12:37 AM

Laurie-How was Garretts birthday party? Did the train cake come out ok? Keep us posted on the layoffs at your work, and I will keep my fingers crossed that you are not on that list. GOOD LUCK.
I will be at Theresa on AUgust 1st.

Cab-so how soon will you be moving? How old is Emmett now? Good job losing and excercising too. I sure wish I knew how to rollerblade.

Robin-that would be terrible if CHarlie got teased at school. Is he aware that his arms are differnet? Does it bother him? Kids can be cruel at times, I hope you have a plan incase he gets teased. and I pray that they can fix his arm to where its not noticeable. Thats too bad that the doctors said your moms headaches are all in her head. Hope she can get that straighten out soon. Constant headaches can be very tiresome.


07-02-2001, 12:14 AM

boy am i tired...dh and i were busy all day doing our new room..i think it turned out well...very cozy for a guestroom. i still need to work on the study, curtains, pictures etc....it's not going anywhere, so i have time...my mil will be in town next weekend, so the guestroom had to get done.

laurie - hope you don't get layed off!! so many companies are laying off here, i don't how the market is going to be able to absorb so many layoffs...good luck...how is the meridia working for ya??? i am starting back on it in the morning....my run of fast food has come to an end.

cindy - kids are so sensitive, i can only explain so much to a 5 yr old...he was crushed a few months ago when a boy in his mdo class told everyone he was having his bday party, but only invited 2 boys from his class...charlie cried all the way home because he wasn't one of the 2...he couldn't understand why i just couldn't call his mom and tell her that he wanted to come. i will do my best. and i will have a chat with the mother, that could get ugly..no one ever thinks their children do wrong. yes, he know his arms are different..according to him one is broke.

i am beat...nite all

07-02-2001, 12:11 PM
Hey Everyone.

I've been on a cleaning frenzie lol mostly cleaning out closets. ugh! what a mess.

Today they are laying the tile. woo hoo! next they'll put in the toilet and vanity! :)

Robin, Kids are so mean !! 2 yrs ago my 12 yr old was teased because the lining of his coat was purple (girl color you know) .......it was a boy coat, got it from LL Bean (dark green on the outside and the lining purple) he also gets teased on a reg. basis cause his hair is curly.... :( he keeps it cut very short and every morning he wets it down trying to make it "flat" poor kid. and try telling him to ignore the other kids is an impossible task. good luck with Charlie. I hope they can do something to lengthen is shorter arm. I'd be leary of letting them mess with the "good" arm too.

Cindy, woo hoo! and I'm counting the days. can't wait for you to get here! :)

Laurie, just go to your profile and I think it's under "edit options" then go to "avator" they've got a lot you can choose from or you can put your own in. ......I want to go on a magic carpet with a prince .........sigh

CAB, nice to hear from you! I"m glad you're still nursing the baby! and yes I remember getting a few nips too OUCH. ------ have you been roller blading any more?!

I've been walking 2 miles just about every day ...... need to work on staying on program better though.....had a nice little gain Sat.

better go, they are making tons of noise here today.....heading outside.


07-03-2001, 02:51 PM
oh well....i am doing good staying op so far this week....i got on the scales and had a 4 lb gain!!!!!!!!!!!! that will get ya back on track real quick! will start back to exercising next week, mil is coming saturday thru tuesday, then i can get to it. i got the denise austin pilates dvd...will look at it then and let you know if it is impossible to do :)

theresa - how goes the construction? yes, kids are mean..i think evans hair might stay curly....i guess a boy doesn't think its as cute as a mother does. when is cindy coming?

cindy - aren't you going on your mission trip soon? if you have any layovers at dfw let me know....i can come have a snack with ya.

lynn, jill, viv??? i guess everyone has moved on?

have a nice 4th everyone, we will be lounging at the pool...aaahhhh...


07-03-2001, 04:11 PM
Hi Robin......oh I hear ya on the gain stuff. ugh! I'm strugglin' here too, so far today I'm doing pretty "good" :) I'm at 15 pts. we're having grilled chicken tonight.....so if I don't screw up I'll be fine.....duh! lol ---- yeah, just wait, when Eric was in Kindergarten, we were shopping for school clothes and he informed me he didn't want anymore "cute stuff" his exact words! :lol: Cindy comes Aug 1st. I'd hoped to lose 10 more pounds before she got here....at the rate I'm going I'll be +10 :(

I'll post a new pic of my bathroom Friday morning. they are supposed to have the tile grouted by then. they were short a few tiles when they left today. The linen cabinet and vanity is installed ....the sink/counter isn't installed just sitting on top (looks good! ) and the tub is installed but not usable yet. hoping they'll be finished next week.

have a nice holiday everyone. :wave:


07-03-2001, 11:09 PM
Hey Girls, I just had a second to post, still here, of course, always will be, just having a hard period going on and sometimes just can';t bring myself to chat. Sugarbusters just did a live chat and it was very funny and uplifting.

Robin - that is some story about Charlie. It makes me think of Harry's guitar teacher - he just graduated HS and something happened to his arms as a baby - one arm is way skinnier than the other and he holds it kind of awkwardly, yet is an incredible guitarist., high honors student, socia life and all. I don't know if he ever got teased - but I do know that whatever might have happened to him when he was little did not deter him from becoming a succesful older kid with decent self esteem. I know that I want everything to go perfectly with mykids and when it doesn't, you ALL know I fall apart - lately I have been trying to tell myself that they can handle a lot more than I give them credit for - and I see evidence to that point all the time. So hopefully Charlie will come thorough all this with a heightened self esteem - and you won't lose it. It is so hard, isn't it?

Theresa - send those bathroom pics! I just had the builder here to do some work to the kitchen and install maple floors in the fam room, hallway and kitchen. waiting for the estimate...yikes...

Laurie - keeping my fingers crossed about thelayoffs.

Oh shi_, cat just threw up, gross,....hi cin, lynn, jill, cab!


07-04-2001, 04:16 PM


Robin-Enjoy your visit with your MIL this weekend, how long will she be staying? I know you must be loving your pool in all this heat. I leave for my mission trip on the 18th but we have a layover in Houston. and when I go to Theresa's I fly straight.

Viv-thats so true what you told Robin about kids can be stronger when they go through an ordeal. Are you still keeping your weight down with SB?

Laurie-any news about the layoffs at your job? I hope you are NOT affected.

Theresa-We have 4 weeks from today girlfriend until we meet again, losing 10 pounds should be pretty easy. Hang in there.

Its HOT here--------the HUMIDITY is a killer, we're at the dangerous level for being outside at this point, but it looks like we have some serious rain on the way. Even with the planned fireworks this evening, I'm OK with a shower to cool things down a bit.


07-04-2001, 05:17 PM
HI there,
We've had computer problems on and off. Still not back to normal but slowly getting there. It sure is hard when you can't get your 3fc fix!:(

My son was 16 yesterday. We had a party. He did not get his driver's. A real *itch of an examiner.(I guess she is known to be one.........ugh) He might get somebody different next time. Let's hope.

I did not weigh in last week and have felt myself spinning down a black hole since. Isn't that something how you can be so ON and all of a sudden.............. Last night drinks and a black forest cake..............etc. etc.
Got my tracker out. I really hope I haven't gained a whole bunch because i was doing so well.

No summer plans yet. We are starting to make hay for the cattle now. As soon as that is done..........it is holiday time.
We ARE going to the biggest mall in the world in Alberta in August. It's always a fun time.

Robin - I'm loungn' at the pool today too. Isn't it just awful to see a gain put on that fast!!?? I just don't get it:?:
I have to get my fan in here to put by the treadmill. I always use heat as an excuse:lol:

Laurie - I hope you didn't get laid off!:(

CAB - great to see you post!:cool:

2 boys are out in the tractors today. Well, 1 just drove in. They have a/c so don't get hot in there.......LOL

Well, ladies, it's 80 here today and that is HOT ENOUGH FOR ME!!! I just don't know how y'all do it!:dizzy: :eek: :nono: :devil: :?: ROTFLMAO!!!

07-05-2001, 10:45 AM

Farmbabe-tell me more about this hugh mall, is that the one with the roller coaster inside or on top of the mall? good luck to your son on his next try for his licence. Try and get yourself back on program, you proabably didn't do as much damage as you think you did.


07-05-2001, 12:18 PM
Hi Cindy!
Yes, that mall has an NHL size ice rink(Edmonton Oilers ; the team that Gretzky played with practice there), a rollercoaster/amusement park, a huge waterpark, hotel, a huge ship in water and you can go in a submarine down and all around that to watch sharks, a pool with a dolphin show a few times a day, the hotel rooms have some 'theme' rooms. ie. igloo, hollywood, arabian, semi-truck, etc.
It really is something to see. Judy(on the other thread) has a daughter that works there.

Oh man, I hate the heat. It's only after 9 here and I'm dying.:dizzy:

We are off to the city for the day. Ahhhh, air conditioned vehicle!

:wave: have a good day buddies!

07-05-2001, 05:46 PM
Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good Holiday. It rained all evening around here. I discovered that we could see the fireworks from the next town over from my attic guest room. So, the whole family went up and watched through the opened window. :) It was pouring when we were sitting quite dry! :smug:

No news on the layoffs yet. Maybe tomorrow. They usually do them on a Friday. I used to think I was somewhat protected since I work in customer support but I don't think that is true any longer. It all comes down to the almighter buck. :(

Garrett's party went well. A couple of kids got sick at the last minute but the boy he likes best showed up so he was happy. The kids (large and small ) :lol: liked the slip-n-slide. The water balloons went over well also. Those suc_ers take a long time to fill up and then in minutes they're shot. :dizzy: Garrett like 'em. I managed to make him a train cake. It short of looked like Thomas the Tank Engine ;) if you stretch your imagination. I had the right blue anyways.

Jill - that Mall sounds fantastic. How big is it in comparison to the one in Minneapolis? I've never been to that one either. I'd need a golf cart to get around. :D

Well, I better get to work. Theresa I'm looking forward to more bathroom pics.


07-06-2001, 12:58 PM
WELL....I am so amazed at how just cutting out cokes for a week will make you drop 2 lbs!!! that and I have been careful with my choices and have gotten in 3 whole days of exercise!
So, I have 2 more to lose to be back where I was...that would be my 15lb loss....I should have that gone by next week and ready to start another 15lb loss! :spin:

EVAN HAS SLEPT IN HIS BIG BED 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!!! AND NAPPED IN IT YESTERDAY!!!! That crib is going to be history this weekend! :D

We pick MIL up tomorrow, we are going to take her and the boys to see cats and dogs on sunday and her and i are going to shop for pillow fabric on monday and she has requested a visit to KOHLS..they don't have them in Houston...and she leaves tuesday morning....that should keep us busy.

Cindy - sorry no layovers in dallas...i would've come and hung out with ya...how hot are ya'll now? we might hit 100 this weekend...:cool: hot hot hot

jill - OOOHHHH that mall sounds great! I think all of us gals should get together and take a "tour of malls" vacation :lol:
that would be right up my alley, and our husbands wouldn't want to go for sure.

laurie - hows the meridia working for ya?

hi theresa, loved the pics.

viv - i wonder what happened to his arm? they have just found a couple of young adults with what charlie has, i wonder if he is one?

gotta get my laundry done and things picked up before tomorrow....


07-08-2001, 07:35 PM
Just been super busy since school let out.

Glad to see that you are all still intact and moving along without me.

We went to DC and watched the Fireworks from DH's office. We were all dry and happy, but boy did the other people out on the Mall get wet! :smug:

Going down to see my Mom and Dad from Aug. 7-14. Got great airfares with Spirit Airlines. $44 each way! :D Can you believe that. Now I'm working on getting DH down there for the weekend. Booked a rental car and am going to drive up to Orlando with the kids and pick him up there. We still have 3 days of pool passes (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) to use up. Found a place online that we can get a room at the All Stars Sports or Music for $49 a night. We bought an air mattress today and are going to take it with us so we have plenty of sleeping space. :cool:

Talk to you all later.

Take care.


07-10-2001, 01:28 PM
well...mil is gone...she left this morning...i think the visit went well.
she only annoyed me once yesterday, pretty good for her...and dh was good too...he usually tries to show off in front of his mother...men:rolleyes:

EVAN IS OFFICIALLY IN HIS BED!!!! we took the crib down on saturday. i put his train table in his room and when he goes down i put up a little gate so that he won't come in my room a million times. he is so funny, we tuck him in and he gets up and runs his trains around the track a couple of times, in the dark, and then climbs back in bed and goes to sleep. no fussing..i am so happy...he will be 2 next month, guess that means i need to start potty training!!!:eek:

okay, i keep swelling...i had lost my 4lbs and have not had any cokes until yesterday, i had 1 with lunch and i can tell i am swollen..and i weighed and it is showing on the scale..i wonder why i am retaining so much? maybe the gain is from muscle (wishful thinking) i have been exercising in the pool and walking again..i could happen.

i need to get my house back in order, left the kitchen a mess last night and still don't have it cleaned...was tired from running mil around yesterday..we were gone for 6 hrs shopping!! wore the poor old lady out. she knows how to sew, so she helped me get some fabric to make 4 throw pillows for my couch..they better turn out, i am having to sew trim around them..never done that before...i have to get my hoa newsletter done this weekend, so will start that project the following...so many things to do!!
oh, school starts august 13th!!!!!! this summer has been too short.

gotta run, boys are hovering around me.

bye robin

07-11-2001, 10:32 AM
Gosh Robin, I can't believe our little cyber nephew is already going to be 2! and already in a big boy bed! wow! how time flies.

I'm still living in construction h*ll..... :( I'm not as happy with this company as I was in the beginning. yesterday they totally stood me up! (as a friend says) I'm as mad as a wet hen! it's nearly 9:30 and the painter still isn't here!

I've been doing pretty well on WW program since monday ....yeah I know it's only Weds lol I didn't go to WW last week, I will go this Sat for sure. we had chinese last night and I'm really thirsty today (gee what a surprise lol) so I'd better go get a water bottle and think I'll stare out the front door and see it that makes them come any quicker lol

theresa :wave:

07-11-2001, 10:35 AM
welp that worked......HE"S HERE! woo hoo and get this he said, he'd be outa my house by 1 ........


07-11-2001, 11:16 PM
theresa - glad your boy showed up....i have heard stories about contractors, i don't think many of them are very reliable. being on program from monday to weds is actually a big accomplishment:)
i was headed in that direction and then took a bad turn somewhere. this swelling thing has me irritated.

yes, it is hard to believe he is almost 2, and he will be in mothers day out twice a week starting in august!! i have so many projects that i am waiting to do until then...aaaahhhh.....2 days of peace.....i really hate starting him so early, but if i would have waited he wouldn't have gotten into this school..it is the hardest one to get into here and they do a lottery now to let in new kids..not good odds with that. i think he will really like it...i hope:?:

i have to go tuck in the boy right now...

take care....robin

07-12-2001, 12:02 PM
Hi Everyone!

No layoffs here at the job yet. Should be tomorrow or Monday. How would you like to lose your job on Friday the 13th?:mad: I don't believe I will be let go but you never know.

Robin- I can't believe your baby is almost 2! I remember when you dropped off the site for a while to have him. How time flies. How was the movie Cats & Dogs? Our local movie reviewer hated it. We'll problably see it since there aren't that many kid movies out there. We saw Atlantis this weekend. I thought it was pretty good but the kids got scare a little. Sounds like your MIL visit went well. That's always a relief. ;)

I'm looking forward to our trip to Florida next month. Of course my Outlaws are being a pain. DH and I want to take the kids to Disney and then go visit my niece and her family. We want my Outlaws to go with us so they have more time with the kids but of course they don't want to do that. Now if we hadn't asked them to join us they would complain.:?: My MIL said she didn't want to go to Disney World because of the heat. SHE MOVED TO FLORIDA BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO LIVE WHERE IT IS WARM. :mad: Now she is complaining that they won't get to see the kids that much. We'll be spending the last 3-4 days of our trip with them. The Outlaws can be such a pain sometimes!

Jessica is on our new community swim team this summer. She has competed 3 times with the kickboard. It's cute watching those little kids making their way down the pool. She cut almost a whole minute from her time last night compared to last Saturday. We're very proud of her working so hard ( and having great fun) :D

Talk to you later


07-17-2001, 04:42 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well I did get hit with the layoffs yesterday. Where is everyone? Let me know where you are. I'll write more later.


07-18-2001, 02:26 AM
laurie...so sorry to hear you were layed off...where did you work?
are you still on the meridia? how is it working for you?

i emailed theresa and asked if it would be okay for me to crash the ww women helping women thread that her, cindy and lynn are all now posting on...not much action on bm lately...maybe you should come on over to.

good luck with lay off


07-18-2001, 08:04 AM
Good Morning,

Laurie-I'm sorry to hear about your layoff. What are your plans now? Have fun in Florida and stand your grounds when it comes to your outlaws. :)

Robin-we haven't seen your post on WHW----there are 2 WHW we are on the one under W.W.

I'm leaving today for our mission trip to Nicaguara and will be back next wednesday.

yall be good while I am gone.


07-18-2001, 11:06 AM
cindy - you be careful down there! i haven't posted yet, been busy getting my newsletter done...just finished it last night. i haven't found the time to read all the posts for the last day or so..will try to do that today and then post on whw...

take care of yourself, use lots of bug spray!


07-18-2001, 11:44 AM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your well wishes regarding the layoff. After talking to some of the people remaining, I think I might be in a better position than they are. I'm taking the kids to my sister's house next week. So my job search will really begin the week of July 30th.

Cindy - have a safe trip and come back a new woman!

Robin- I'll look up the new thread also but I don't want to lose this one. :( We've been together for so long.

I'll write more later. See ya!


07-26-2001, 07:44 PM
Laurie, I got home last night, EXHAUSTED!!! I have been sleeping most of the day. The trip went well, Rick and the kids enjoyed it and said it was the best trip we have ever taken together. So thats good. The poverty is so horrible there, Its so different seeing it on TV and seeing it in person. Glad to be home, but I could have stayed longer there too. How is the job hunting coming along?