Does it Work? - Paging Mrs.Jim....What is your opinion on Marylu Henner's Body-Victory?

10-22-2005, 02:41 PM
If anyone can find out, you can....

Marylu Henner was the author of a book out a few years ago that seemed to advocate clean eating...

She's back in the spot-light with a new TV show (on FITTV) called Your Life.

Today I see she' spouting a new infomercial sponsored by GRakker folks called "Bodyvictory"....some mind CDs and Pilates showing a 21 day plan to stop binge eating of carbs and sugar....showing people chomping down these really attractive brownies and losing large amounts of weight.

Now Marylu might have caught my interest with the natural eating approach...but she is also hawking SUPPLEMENTS?

If Mrs.Jim (and others) could add her opinion and any other info. I'd appreciate it. thanks!

10-23-2005, 12:49 PM
Man...we don't get FIT TV. (500 channels and no FIT TV?!?)

I checked out her own website (she has a website separate from the one hawking the program you're referring to) and from the ten steps she has posted, it's what many would call a "vegetarian" diet - although I personally wouldn't use that word as poultry and fish (as long as they're organic free range types) are allowed on the program. No dairy products either - and she's into 'food combining'. Sounds a lot like the old Fit for Life diet.

I haven't read her books - I would suggest before spending money (even with a "money back guarantee" or whatever they're offering as an inducement) going to your library and checking out one of her books. The food part of the program, at least, is probably lifted right from her previous writings. As far as the Pilates video that comes with the program...there are LOTS of pilates videos out there...don't know how hers measures up to the rest of 'em...

I didn't see supplements mentioned on the Guthy-Renker website though.