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10-21-2005, 12:30 AM
Evening gals! I have so much to do, didn't know if I would get in here tomorrow so thought I would post tonight.

Jean: I am just putting out feelers about a book club. It may not come to anything, but thought if there was enough interest it might be fun. You probably don't read slow just don't get enough time to do it. I don't see how you get done what you get done!

Maggie: Computers are great but of course can be a pain sometimes too! Glad you got it all straightened out and are back in here. I remember the mess you had before you left.

Sharon: Glad you had a great time. I will keep your family in prayer. Also, if he has to have a stent, he will do fine. My husband had a serious heart attack 2 years ago this month and they put 2 stents inone 90% and one 100% blocked arteries. They run a small wire up through the groin to the heart and the stents look like little springs sort of and expand and open up the blood vessel. Are they putting him on any heart meds? Jack takes 4 now. He was on 5 but his Plavix (that is the one that keeps the platelets from sticking together and forming a clot) was starting to cause serious bruising all over his body so the dr took him off it. He is on a statin drug, Zocor, a baby aspirin and 2 cholesterol drugs. If you looked at my dh you would never know he had heart trouble. He has a chubby tummy like a lot of men his age, but is fairly slender. Dr said it was from years of eating fatty stuff and genetics. He is doing great now. I know your son will do just fine!

Everyone have a great Friday and a great weekend!


10-21-2005, 09:58 AM
TGIF! Since my parents have postponed their visit I'm not taking the day off as planned--I'm here at work. It is so dark outside--its going to rain buckets. We don't need rain. We've had enough rain.

I. Am. Such. A. Baby. I went to the dentist yesterday for the second of four visits for my permanent bridge. The dentist gave me nocaine and I don't know what it did to me but when everything was finished and I went to stand up I promptly fell back into the chair again all woozy. They made me sit there for a few minutes. Even in my car I felt all shaky so I went home straight away instead of going to WW (I'll go tomorrow morning which is the last day of free registration.). I hardly ate anything last night--nothing tasted good--I did drink a lot diet ginger ale though. I feel okay this morning but I have a sore throat. Am I ever going to feel 100% again? It's been such a long time since I have felt well. ...didn't mean to go off on this tangent...

Sharon, welcome home! Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. Any damage done to your eating plan can be you well know. I'm sorry to hear about your son! I know you must be worried sick. Keep us updated...okay?

Maggie, well that wasn't nice at all--terminating you! But all is well now and you're here.

I have a pile of "stuff" on my desk. Pretty soon there will be people at my desk looking for completed "stuff" so I should get on with it. I will return! :coffee2:

10-21-2005, 02:36 PM

Just another lovely day in the mountains. We do need some rain though but I want it to hold of with the downpouring until we get the deck built. We haven't even started it so maybe it will rain sooner than later. :o I love this time of year when I can have all windows open without having to run the air or fans. This is an 18 point day and I am sticking to it! I ate all my extra points last night so don't have any left for the week. I enjoyed every bite though so am not complaining. Just bucking myself up for the challenge. I can do this.

FAYE busy day for you eh? That is good for you to be busy. Take time to rest and don't over do. I remember that the internet problem I had months back was only for this web site then they changed servers and I was allowed back in. This time it was my server that goofed. Either way it is a nuisance. Just glad they fixed the problem . . . it gets complicated. :?:

GAIL sorry you aren't feeling tip top. That has happened to me before but without a shot. They had me in the chair so long hand reaming out some roots that I needed a few moments to orient. They decided the next session wouldn't be so long. That shot along with the combination of your coming down with a sore throat sounds like it was a little much for your system. Hope all is getting better with you this day.

GLORIA are you getting some of the fall out from Maxine? Boy-O-Boy have you folks on that coast been hammered. Cozumel will never be the same ~ that is a bit far from you though.

SHARON hope all is well with you. Please give us an update when you can about your son. Take care. {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} :grouphug:

Type at ya'all later.

10-21-2005, 04:46 PM
Another decent day here but we are expecting rain late Sat. & is not part of Wilma. She is due up here later....maybe...they really don't know.

Sharon: My DH also has 2 stents, they have been in for a number of years and until his knee started bothering him he was walking 5 miles a day. Never felt better. He, too, is on High Blood pressure med, high colesterol med. as well as some heart meds and baby asperin. He was taking a regular asperin but every time he cut himself of even bruised there was a lot of bleeding and black & blue marks. The baby asperin helped to slow that down. Hope your son makes out as well as Faye and my DH's have. Good luck to him.

Maggie: The rain is just a big low pressure system coming in...not Wilma. Glad you got that internet connection back....that can be a pain.

Gail: If you are not feeling well it is alright to sound off. My girlfriend is also having a bridge made and will have the front 5 bottom teeth pulled next week and they will have the bridge ready for immediate use. I really feel for you both as there is almost nothing worse that a sore mouth.

Jean: Your post was on the previous page and I can't remember just what you said but I do agree that the young lady who wants to quit school and get married is sure doing the wrong thing. If you can't get a college education the least you can do for yourself is get that HS Diploma.

Gloria in ......having a good day and hope you all have a good one as well.

10-21-2005, 05:59 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers! It is clouding over and the rain is supposed to be here by suppertime. We got out of school at 11:30, went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch, and then back to school. The special ed. teachers were meeting with the core teachers regarding job sharing next year. That is going to be a fright! I had some work of my own to do and needed to clear off my desk and lock up whatever was loose. Senior high all state try-outs are tomorrow and kids will be on the loose again.

I plan to do some closet cleaning as well as some sorting and pitching of the paper piles tomorrow. Zowie is being baptized on Sunday so will go there for church, out to brunch, and then to the mall (I hope). I need clothes! :yes:

"Gma" -- I only showed two pages on the previous thread but thank you for starting a new one! What determines if stents are put in or a by-pass is needed? It is pretty amazing what modern medicine can do. :D I hope your day has been a good one!

Gail -- I hope you feel better soon! I've had alot of dental work done over the years and when my teeth and mouth hurt, I hurt all over. I used to love ginger ale but I had my fill of it this summer. It was my drink of choice when I had a colonoscopy and I think I overdosed on it. :rolleyes:

Maggie -- You have probably shared the information before, but what do you eat on an 18 point day? That doesn't sound like much to eat unless you eat a huge amount of bunny food. ;)

Gloria -- I hope Wilma fizzles out before she gets to your area. :) What is with all the natural disasters? I wonder if someone up above is trying to tell us something and we're not listening. How is your DH's knee doing . . . I think you said he was walking a little again.

I need to get started on the laundry. It looks like a bigger pile than usual which probably means a bigger pile of ironing too. :( I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-21-2005, 07:13 PM
Hi! I had every intention of posting more tday, but the day got hectic. Thanks for you kind words. It is good to hear the postive results of this procedure. His procedure isn't until Nov. 4th. I am going to try to read a bit.

10-21-2005, 07:47 PM
Faye, thank you for the information about the stints. Mike isn't on any medication that I know of. It is just sad that at 35, he is having this problem. Did I mention he is big boned, 6'5" and 300#'s. The cardiologist says he is satisfied with Mikes weight. Just wants him to try to lose about 2#'s a MONTH. I guess his age is working for him. Good luck with your book club. I used to read a lot, but don't seem to have the ability to sit still and focus for very long anymore.

Gail, I wonder why you had such a bad time at the dentist. I have heard that when you sit in that position for a while, it can cause some discomfort when you get up. I know my dentist always makes me sit for a minute or tells me to take my time getting up. Did I read that your folks aren't coming to your place? I hope all is well with your Dad.

Maggie, isn't this California weather wonderful? I just love this time of year.

Gloria, It is good to hear another positive result of stints. For all I know he won't need one, but there has to be a reason he is not getting enough blood to his heart. I just hope it all goes well for him. I wish I could be there.

Jean, you always seem busy.

10-21-2005, 10:55 PM
Good evening gals! Whew what a busy evening we had! Looks like no dvd player for Jack until after the first of the year. Best Buy and places like that want way too much, Target's cheapest one is $130 and doesn't have what Jack wants and either of the two he wants are GONE! The Walmart guy said that people swarmed the store and put them all on layaway for Christmas and they aren't getting anymore until after. We went to THREE Walmarts and they were all the same! So he wants to just wait. I am sure there will be scads after the holidays and maybe on sale if Christmas sales aren't too good.

We did get our new recliner and it is so nice to sit in something that doesn't lean or drop wood chips underneath! :lol: We were going to have my sil's dad help pick it up on Sunday, but they don't have the warehouse open again until Tues so we took measurements and stuck it upside down in the trunk and tied it down and it did fine. It was encased in plastic so it didn't get dirty or anything.

Sharon: You are most welcome about the stents. My husband just woke up in the middle of the night with chest pains, said he thought I better take him to the hospital, stood up to get dressed and didn't know where he was, sat back down and said he thought I better call an ambulance instead. I did, got him dressed and down the stairs, enclosed both the cat and dog in the bedroom. and dressed myself all while talking to the 911 operator! :lol: I had 4 EMT's and 3 fireman in my living room with a stretcher! They gave him nitro and an aspirin, then put him on oxygen and away they went. Thank you Lord, we only live 5 miles from the hospital. When I got all the insurance work finished they took me back and as God is my witness, my husband was the color of a gray flannel t-shirt. I have NEVER seen a person that colorless. They had him on 70% morphine drip as they started at 10% and nothing was working. I started crying and the nurses were so sweet. This hospital has a "chest Pain" emergency room all by itself that is only staffed with ER people that are heart specialists. The dr on call said Jack was definitely having a heart attack and when they called in the on call cardiologist, he took me out and said to me that if we had waited 10 more minutes he would have died! It was one scary time for me and I was all alone for awhile as it was the middle of the night. I sat in that patient lounge in the corner and just balled my eyes out. Too afraid to call anyone or to ask ?? He is doing great now and the on call cardiologist is his cardiologist and he is wonderful. These thngs will help your son a great deal and he will feel much better when it is done.

I may not get in here tomorrow. I have a soccer game at 8:30 then I got 2 messages on my phone back to back from a little red head boy that I was supposed to call mommy's cell phone it was important. I thought maybe something happened to my sil's grandma or parents or something. I called and she handed the phone to him. Here is the conversation:

"Nonny, you didn't answer your phone when I called you. It was a man talking then it was silence." I explained it was the answering machine. He then said, "You promised me that you would take me to Chucky Cheese so I want to go to Chucky Cheese." (I promised him back in MAY and his parents could never work it out! What a memory! :lol: ) I asked him when he wanted to go and he said tomorrow after soccer. He then said, that he and mommy were going to be all alone, Nana and Holly (his other grandmother and aunt) were going to Birmingham, Pops and his partner had a show (this is his other grandfather and the man that does craft shows with him) and ummm, Daddy has school. "So can you take me to Chucky Cheese?" I told him yes and he said, good and just hung up! :lol: :lol: (for those that don't know, Thomas is 5) I looked at Jack sitting with the dog and cat in our new recliner and he smiled and said, "I take it we are taking our grandson to Chucky Cheese tomorrow?" :lol: I told him yes and that we would pay for everything and he said of course and so I dropped the bomb that it would probably cost us $40! :lol: So, no commissary for me tomorrow and you know how sorry I am not to be able to do that! :^:

Have a good day tomorrow gals and I will get back in asap!


10-22-2005, 01:54 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I intended to get so much done this morning, but a friend called long distance and we talked for over an hour. I was still in my robe so was really behind by the time I got off the phone. :o We only talk a couple times a year so it takes awhile to catch up. DH is farming again today and I have laundry going. Have to vacuum up the fur hunks and sort through some clothes for the church rummage sale next week. DH made the comment that the bedroom was looking "kinda" dusty so suppose I should run the dust rag and vacuum in there. It must be those blankets that cause the dust! I did put the electric blanket on the bed this morning. I wore socks to bed last night so decided it was time. :yes:

Sharon -- Nice to see you today! I know you are worried about your son but don't you think that if it were an emergency situation they would have scheduled him before November? We life flight heart patients all the time and they have their testing done whenever they get to the heart hospital which is just minutes away by air. I hope they can find a solution to whatever the problem may be. :grouphug:

'Gma' -- I imagine you may be at Chucky Cheese's right about now. :lol: I know you will have a good time with T no matter where you eat lunch. Are you buying a super duper DVD player? We bought one for $45 at Sears and it works fine. I don't think it has anything special on it -- I know how to turn it off and on, but that's it! I know you and Jack (and the fur people) will enjoy the new recliner. :yes:

I need to keep moving, so have a great "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-22-2005, 02:55 PM

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I am just easing into the world sipping my coffee and enjoying the sunshine throught the windows. We got some real good news ~ our neighbor gave us enough red wood to build the deck frame and a table for my glass works. All we need to get now are the planking boards. Also some plastic bins ~ WallMart sells all sizes ~ to put the stuff we have to take out of the side compartments. We are going to put lattice around the bottom of the deck and hinge it so we can put the plastic bens under the deck. It will be nice looking when we get it done and keep Ragg Mopp a bit cleaner. We also want to plant a little patch of lawn but water is so iffy here that we may not do that. Our friend has a well but the water table is shrinking due to others up the valley building and also sinking wells. We need rain. The well water in these mountains is soooooo good. We have a well at the cabin which is up 6000 feet over on Sugarloaf and when we lived down south we would take jugs of water home with us whenever we left for home.

FAYE I just know you had fun at Chucky Cheese. I gotta tell you this ~ maybe I already did but here goes. . . Years back I met a friend from work and Chucky's and she got there first and had ordered a salad for starters while she waited. I got there and w both placed our orders. While we were waiting for our lunch my firend gave me a mushroom off her salad. The minute I ate it this kid came out of nowhere and pointed his finger in my face and demanded we leave immediately. He said the policy was that both people had to order and that not just one could order and share it. We tried to explain to him that we had both ordered and were waiting for our food. He still yelled "OUT." We asked to speak to the manager. We told him that we knew a lot of people and we were going to unofficially boycot that place. No more parties from any of our friends. It hurt them so bad they almost went under. Power is in the hands of the customer and they failed to recognize that their shoddy treatment of us could lead to disaster for them. It later reopened with different management and they sent us some "free" passes. We laughed and said "don't 86 us again." To be 86ed from a Chuckie Cheese was quite the talk of the town. We put the word out they had new management and their business flourished. We didn't even have to run a campaign against the frist group ~ just laughed and told everyone that we were 86ed from the place and they volunteered to go elsewhere. I mean it was a status thing to be thrown out of there. Who ever gets thrown out of a pizza place. On to a different topic... We don't have a DVD player or a TV for that matter ~ we watch DVD's on my computer. I have one of those thin flat screen monitors and it works perfectly for us in this small area. I also use this computer for my music box for it plays CD's. When you live in a small place you try to have what you have to be used as multifunctional. Works for us. When the new year comes around the new models of the players come out and you can probably find exactly what Jack wants. I wish you good hunting.

JEAN isn't dust a protective coating? If not I'm in big trouble. This road we live off is dirt with rock on top. When ever a car goes by it kicks up a dust cloud that drifts inside my windows. I keep covers om my electronic stuff when not in use to keep it from getting inside. But that is a trade off for living out in the country and we prefer this to city living. Yes it is getting time here also for the electric blanket ~ nights are getting cooler. Wonder how much snow you will be getting this winter.

GAIL what are you up to this morning? How is your weather there in that beautiful area of this nation you live in?

JOYCE & GLORIA good morning to you!

Everyone have a lovely day and make this weekend a nice restful one.

10-22-2005, 07:46 PM
The rain has arrived and it is a chilly 40 degrees as I type. I intended to get my winter jacket to the cleaners last week and now I'm thinking I might be sorry that I didn't. Oh well . . . .

Maggie, I didn't think you lived in "electric blanket" country! I think of CA being quite warm all year round. Your deck will look nice when you get it all finished. I never thought of dust as a protective coating; I'll run that one by Bob and see what his reaction is. :lol: I thought maybe one less cat would make a difference in the fur, but "Mom's" fur is so thick she drops it by the hunks. She also goes through cycles where she will pull it out and leaves a circle of fur when she is done. Even the vet couldn't figure out why she does it.

I need to make a grocery run -- the weather feels like it would be a good soup night!

See you later! :wave:

10-22-2005, 08:29 PM

It has been lovely day and I got my WW magazine in the mail and clipped a few recipes and get them pasted in my binders and new indexes run off. Now days since I have so many good recipes I don't clip many ~ just some I don't have and maybe are better points wise. Like I did clip a good sounding lightened cheese lasagna out of I do belive Cooking Light that is within the range becaue it is only 6 points a serving. Anyway you get my drift.

JEAN OH yes it can get cold in California. Especially in the high Sierras and the deep dessert valleys. It may be sunny in the day but when the sun goes down so do the temps. Plus I don't think this motor home is as tight as a house and it gets hotter in here and colder also. I wonder if your cat has dry skin so she pulls her hair out. Just a thought. I am so glad that Ragg Mopp is one of those breeds that doesn't shed. Turn left his fine hair drifting all over and we just couldn't see having him in this small space with his hair in everything. It wasn't so bad in a big house but in a small space it can be overwhelming. AH-choo.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

10-23-2005, 08:45 AM
Morning gals! Hope you are having a fine Sunday today. It is pretty cool here today and I am heading out to the commissary around 9:30 AM to get that done.

Please keep my sil's family in your prayers. His grandma died Friday night and his poor mom kept it quiet because her son had classes at the university all day yesterday and Thomas had a soccer game. She told Kelly when Kelly went home to give Thomas a bath after soccer to come and meet us at Chuck E Cheese. She was in her 90's but it is still hard to have a loved one pass. She is being buried in Jonesboro (about 80 miles away or so) and we won't be able to go to the viewing etc so I sent a beautiful bronze mum in a fall container with fall accents to Tom's mom and dad's house. She loves outdoor flowers so I thought that was better than cut flowers or sending to the funeral home then having to drag it home again.

We had fun with Thomas at the mouse house {{{{SHUDDER}}}}} but a funny thing happened :rolleyes: . My knee is acting up as you know and it was really bad yesterday. Thomas wanted he and me to get our pic taken together (for you non Chuck E visitors it is a photo booth that is sort of a :write: /photo pic.) Anyway, this is made for CHILDREN not adults though adults sit with their kids and get pics taken all the time. I sat down and we had a time of it getting into the screen. He kept bobbing his head around. It was funny. We finally had both of us in the screen just in the nick of time and were sitting waiting for them to draw us. Ok, time to go. OOOOOPPPPSSSS, this :censored: bench sits so low, I couldn't stand up because it put too much pressure on the bad knee! I told Thomas to go and get granddad and have him come see me right away. He goes over there and they are having a high old time discussing the pics, talking etc :rollpin: . meanwhile, I have a line of kids looking :mad: at the fat woman not getting off the darn picture bench so they can give it a go! :lol: I can tell Thomas has told his granddad and Kelly is looking at me and I am :wave: frantically to get her dad. I mean, the kids look like they are ready to throw :jeno: at me by this time. He finally meanders over and I told him to help me up. I am lucky I didn't get a ban like you Maggie! :lol3:

Jean: Jack could be covered in dust up to his eyebrows and wouldn't notice. He says I clean too much! Is there such a thing????? :^: :lol: We have electric heat so don't have a lot of dust, ok ok, truth probably is I clean so much it can't accumulate, I admit it...... :lol: :lol: I promised Jack as soon as it cools off permanent here I will make him his favorite potato soup. I made chili the other night and it was yummy. Jack loves chili, but won't eat it with beans, tomato chunks or other "foreign" :rolleyes: objects. That had me experimenting years ago to find a chili he would eat that was homemade. I pureed stuff, but it didn't thicken very well that way then I hit on an idea and the chili comes out perfect; tomato soup. I brown my meat and onions, then add my spices and cook them into the meat then add a big can of tomato soup and a couple cans of water and cook it down. It is really good. I like beans so I usually drain a can of kidney beans and just throw some in my bowl and put the chili on top and stir it up to heat the beans a bit! :lol: Course I like cheese and jalapenos in my chili so I dump that stuff in too!

Maggie: Fortune doesn't shed either thank goodness, but the cat sure has this year. It is the first year I have noticed he is shedding. I keep telling Jack that sooner or later Vegas is going to dry up their water supply being out in the middle of the dessert and such huge tourism and building boom. Jack says Lake Mead is too big to worry about that but "I ain't so sure!" :lol:

Well, I need to get chores done so better get to it!

If anyone can help with my ticker factory, let me know. I can't get it to take my losses and now it seems I have to redo both things as they aren't even showing, probably because I can't figure out where to subtract the losses from or put losses in! I am sure I will figure it out somehow.

Faye **PS: Had to come back in and post a pic of my three "boys" watching the NASCAR race :lol: Well, you know, it IS hard work sitting in a recliner and watching tv! :lol: :lol:

10-23-2005, 06:37 PM

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood. In the high 70's and a slight breeze that makes you feel good. Not wind that would carry the dust around. :dizzy: Ragg Mopp and the Cowboy are both snoozing. I never take naps and this time is so quiet. Cowboy didn't take naps either until he started working Monday and Tuesday nights until 2:30 in the morning. We went out for the noon meal and had breakfast ~ yikes did I have to pay my days points for it. Now I remember why I don't eat out for breakfast. I discovered a sugar free gum that packs flavor ~ Trident's Tropical Twist. WOW it packs fruit flavor and is it tasty. I don't chew gum very often and this was a real treat. They say to chew gum while you cook so you don't taste it too often adding points that you don't count so I tried this and it worked.

FAYE I don't think it works to go into edit and change your numbers after you have them posted here. I know I go back to the ticker factory and make a new one each time to copy and paste here. I wondered why I was seeing little red x's instead of your ticker. :?: Your experience with that low bench was a hoot! AH only because I could picture myself in your shoes. When my knee or knee's are acting up I had better watch where I sit or I need help standing up. Especially some folks couches are ~ well you sink way down in them and getting up and out of them can be a process. Hope your picture came out good. Thanks for posting the one with your furry friends.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

10-23-2005, 11:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a busy day and a cat nap snuck up on me as soon as I sat down in front of the TV this evening! :o We got up to rain and wind this morning. By the time we left for the baptism it was snowing! It looked like rain on the windshield but it was sticking in the fields. We drove out of it after a half hour or so and I was a happy camper . . . not ready for the white stuff yet!

Beth and family were up and down all night so didn't attend the baptism. :9 Kolby was running a fever and wouldn't settle down. He just popped two teeth this week so don't know if more are on the way or he is catching a cold. Beth has been sick with bronchitis, 'almost' pneumonia, and now the latest round of meds have made her stomach upset. Ian had a hard time deciding who he wanted to sit with since Amanda's sister and family, brother and fiancee, and parents were all there. The church probably has a total of 10 rows of pews so everyone could watch the action! :lol: Zowie wasn't at all impressed until someone turned on the ceiling fans. :)

After brunch, I did some power shopping at the mall and went to Target to pick up some juice glasses to replace two that broke and they didn't have any boxed glass sets except for wine/alcohol drink glasses. GRRRRR! :mad: We had a nice check out clerk who asked if we'd found everything and I told her I really was looking for glasses. She offered to check for me but there were no empty shelves so we assumed they didn't carry them any more. I did pick up Christmas pjs for Maddy and Ian so have officially started my Christmas shopping!

Maggie -- 'Mom' doesn't appear to have dry skin; I could brush her every day and get handfuls of fur out of her as she has really thick fur. When we first let her move in, her fur felt just like a steel wool pad. It is soft now, but what is so weird is that the furn on her stomach is longer and softer than the fur on the top side. She is a tortoise shell so has interesting markings. 'Mom' is a cat that likes to pat you -- she will pat Bob's face in the middle of the night and all he has to do is scratch her ears and she'll go back to the foot of the bed and settle down. :rolleyes: If she sits on our lap in the evening, she'll tap us on the hand or arm to get some petting. I haven't had Trident gum in a long time. I'll check to see if we have the tropical flavor around here -- sounds good for a change.

'Gma' -- I'm sorry to hear about the death in your sil's family. The mum plant sounds beautiful and I'm sure his mother will appreciate your thoughtfulness. I had to laugh at your getting stuck in the picture booth. :lol: I can just picture the line of kids waiting for you to get out of there. :yes: If I sit too long anywhere, I'm stiff when I first stand up. At our house, DH hates the clutter and can't see a cobweb that is hanging right in his face while I can't stand the dust bunnies. I can stand the clutter piles because I know I'm working on them a little bit at a time. :D :jig: I'm with Jack in that I don't like chunks of anything in my chili although I don't mind the beans. I put the tomato chunks in the blender or sometimes I just pick them out as I eat. What all do you put in potato soup? I've tried different recipes but none of them taste like my mom's did and she didn't use a recipe. :(

It is time to get ready for Monday so I will do that, catch the news, and head off to bed. Have a marvelous Monday and do something nice for yourselves!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-24-2005, 08:22 AM
Good morning ladies! It is BRRRRRRRR here this morning. We actually closed the windows last night.

Jean: Sounds like you had a real round of it yesterday. Sick family and bouncy kids! :) I hope you all had a good time being together.

Maggie: Thanks for the tip, Maggie. When they started the tickers, you could go in and change your number because I used to do it. I am not putting them back up then as that is a pain to be starting over and over all the time. I've done the lowdown couch too and feel like a pregnant woman trying to get out of them. One of the worst for me is my fold up chair we use for the soccer games. The seat sits low to the ground and with it being on uneven ground and not sturdy like a couch or whatever, Jack has to help me up every time! :) I don't embarrass particularly easily, so it doesn't bother me.

How's gas around your areas? It is really coming down here. We are at $2.51 about a mile from the house, across town it was $2.43 on the way to the commissary yesterday and I met a lady at the commissary who lives in Mississippi and she said it was $2.36 in Olive Branch. We rented a Trailblazer SUV for Thanksgiving so I hope it continues to drop. It is always horrendously expensive around Chicago (good ole Mayor Daley has to get his cut! :lol: ) so we always try to make sure we have enough gas to sail through Chicago. Jack was telling me that his sister, who lives in Lubbock, TX went to Las Cruces on their yearly trip to get green chiles and gas there was a whopping $4 a gallon! I mean, I know Las Cruces is far from everything, but that is ridiculous!

I have snacks and drinks for the kids at the soccer game tonight and found the cutest thing at the commissary. They were graham cracker "Scooby Snacks." They are shaped like dog biscuits! :lol: I hope Thomas is not going to be mad at his ole Nonny. I said to him on Saturday, "Thomas, I need a kids opinion." He said ok and I said that I needed to know what kids like for snacks after the soccer game (I was going to make those caramel apples, but one of the other mother's just did that last Monday.) He told me to get Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Then he said, "Only get cheddar cheese. Remember, only cheddar cheese!" Well, the commissary didn't have little bags of goldfish so I had to go with something else. He did clue me in to a great lowfat snack and those are the little goldfish pretzels. I like pretzels for a snack and these are pretty good as long as you just give yourself ONE serving and not the whole bag! :)

I have chores AND carpet shampooing to do today so I guess I better hop to it! Have a good morning everybody!


10-24-2005, 11:01 AM
Good morning...this is going to have to be quick...but I am here! :)

My weekend went by so quickly. It started off like any other weekend--going to the grocery store after work on Friday evening. However, I received a phone call from my youngest daughter telling me she's on her way home from the children's hospital. Robyn's elbow popped out of it's place and my sil drove her to the ER there. Once it was popped back into place all was well. Of course, now she's prone to having it popped out again. Saturday was exceptionally rainy day and I met oldest daughter at the mall--I hadn't been to the mall like that in a long time--browsing and shopping. I came home so tired that I fell asleep while knitting. :dizzy: Sunday was very nice. Wayne started painting the living room in the afternoon. We grilled steaks outside. Then about 2:00am, DH wakes me up, upset, complaining of a headache he can't get rid of. I finally found something to give him for it and of course I didn't fall back to sleep until 5:30 this morning. And now I sit here at work feeling very groggy. I need a nap.

I'll be back later after I've read the posts since Friday...

10-24-2005, 05:15 PM
Hello all! I am not feeling o good today and the last couple of days. I have kidney pain. I am wondering if I have not been drinking enough water. I am really guzzling it today.

I think another part of my problem today is that I got word that my cousin in Washington tried to commit suicide. He is 60, lost his long time job 2 years ago and can't find work. Plus he has progressing cataracts and they don't have enough insurance coverage to get them taken care of. Plus his unemployment has run out. He is a nice guy. We were raised fairly close as kids. I sure hope he gets the help he needs.

Jean, you are right about they must not think my son is an emergency. He sure sounds cheery when I talk to him. Friends of ours tht came in for a visit from Missouri also though all of California is always warm and sunny. Trust me, it is not. 2 hours from here we have the Sierras and plenty of snow. Around Yosemite it is snowy. You go far enough North and you have plenty of cold weather and snow.

Maggie, I have never liked Chuckie Cheese. I will go for the kids, but only when needed. Thankfully the kids don't want to go there often.

GMA, I am sorry to hear of the death in the family. Even at the age, it is hard to take. I so sympathize with you about not being able to get up. I am so careful about where I put this body. I am terrified of embarrassing myself and getting stuck.

Gail, I am so sorry about Waynes headache. How is he feeling now? My daughter has had one for a while. She is finally going to the doc today. She thinks it is either sinus or neck. She types all day, and probably does have some neck problems. Did they wrap Robybs arm? You would think they would want to keep it still for a bit. I remember taking Mike to emergency once for a dislocationa and the first thing they asked is if he had been jerked around. Another words abused. Of course, he had not any more than Robyn, but they really jump on that type of thing. Good luck staying awake. Your day is almost done at work.

I am going to put my feet back up. Talk to you later.

10-24-2005, 09:39 PM

I have had a wonderful day today. Getting the dried figs for a recipe I want to make for Sunday's pot-luck was a challange but a local place ~ my favorite place to get my latte ~ ordered me some and they came overnight. I am doing well on my 18 point day and have some points to have some fruit this evening with popcorn while I watch a movie.

FAYE we have some wooden chairs that fold up that I take with me to wach ball games. They work great and I can get up whether my knees are acting up or not. :D Gas has come down some here and on a good day we can get for $2.75. But the holidays are over and they tell us they don't raise the price ~ HA. If they don't why does the price go down after a holiday. It will go up now around Thanksgiving for that is the known most traveled day of the year.

GAIL isn't that something how fast your days go. I am amazed sometimes how time is going faster the older I get. I hope they gave Robin some pointers on how to keep her elbow from getting out of place. That can be painful. Poor dear. Hope Wayne is over his headache. I do fine with my migraines if I take a couple pills when I feel it coming on but if I wake up with one then it lasts a few days. Gotta have thse pills at the very beginning for me to not get that pain. Seems everyone is different in that area though.

SHARON soundsl like they found your cousin in time to save his life. I do hope that he gets some good counseling which is so important at this time. I would think that he could now get on some of the goverments medical programs to get his eyes fixed. We do pay taxes to help those how are in dire straits and I would love to see him get some help. I hope your drinking water will help you out ~ if not then get checked out for maybe you have something that could be treated quickly. Your doc may tell you to drink more water. :o Your so right about when you take a kid in to emergency ~ my little niece fell off her bicycle and my brother took her into get checked out for a broken arm. The nurse looked at HIM and before she could say a word the older sister (2 years older so she was 8 at the time) put her hands on her hips and said, "Don't you even look at my Dad like that! He didn't have a thing to do with her falling off her bicycle ~ and if you report him I wil report you for false information and you could lose your job." The nurse turned bright red and apologized to my brother and the two girls. Guess they have to do their job in reporting abuse but sometimes they overstep their bounds.

JEAN got any snow yet at your house? We don't have any yet here. We are a few feet down from Yosemite int he Sierras and don't usually get hammered. It would be lovely if we did have a white Christmas though.

Everyone have a lovely evening.

10-24-2005, 09:51 PM
Good Evening, Flower! It is a chilly 39 degrees in my corner of the world as I type, but the sun has been shining all day so it looked warmer than it felt outside. Tomorrow is a "no school" day for the senior high students while we will get to sit through a meeting that will help us turn our school around! We will have all straight A, well behaved, motivated students by the time second semester starts. :dizzy: Yeah, right! -- in our dreams. The Kreative Kitchen class has prepared our lunch and that will be the best part! It smelled so good today. Yum!

"Gma" -- Gas here is $2.31 for super unleaded. I never thought I would be glad to see anything over $2.00 a gallon! :lol: The Scooby Snacks sound cute and I'll bet the kids will get a kick out of them. I've not see the goldfish pretzels so will have to look for them.

Gail -- Don't you hate waking up in the middle of the night and then can't get back to sleep?! :mad: I hope Wayne is feeling better today and you get caught up on your sleep tonight. Your trip to the mall sounded fun. I hope your daughter gets along ok with her elbow. That sounds like it would hurt! :stars:

Sharon -- I hope you are feeling better also! Drink that water . . . gulp, gulp, gulp! :carrot: I'm sorry about your cousin; I hope he can get some professional help to work through the challenges that he is facing. That is too much for anyone to have to deal with!

I should do a load of laundry before the evening is gone. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-25-2005, 10:41 AM
It is a dark and gloomy day as I sit at my computer and wait for my dryer to ring. We are having a N'oreaster today and part of tomorrow but it is better that the people in Fl or Cancun. Should have a good portion of rain & wind but it held off long enough for us to go into Boston yesterday to get DH a temporary disability placard. This will be a help on the trip when we can park closer to hotels, etc. He made a zillion calls yesterday to reschedule some Dr's appts. he needs to see his reg dr. and the heart dr. within 30 days of his scheduled operation date. Lots of fun with the medical runaround. Bottom line he got everything re set up and we have the placard and are all set.

Jean: Now that your school is all set with only high achievers and not problem students, live will be boring.... :lol: Isn't if funny how people can not see the trees for the woods. After being around the type of students you have how can they expect a change without a top down change of attitude. Last of my sermon. :)

Sharon: Hope the water helped. I usually find if I don't drink enough water I can tell in my hands and feet. Hope your cousin can find the help he needs. There is a lot of help out there but sometimes it is not easy to find.

Gail: Hope Wayne's headace is long gone. It is tough when you are woken in the middle of the night and then can't get back to sleep. When either DH or I have to get up in the night for a bathroom run we try to be as quiet as we can but inevitably the other person wakes up. Yes, the ER will challange any kind of bruising on children or women as abuse. A neighbor got bit by a spider and went to the ER with her face swollen and her eyes completly red. She is less than 5' and her husband and son are big people. Naturally, even before they diagnosed the spider bite they had called the police and everyone was questioned. It wasn't until another dr went by who had experience with this kind of thing that it was abuse....spider. I guess it is good that nurses etc are alert but they must realize not everything is bad.

Maggie: You are doing so well with your points that you will soon be a shadow of your former self. :carrot:

Faye: T is sure a delightful kid. He will always keep you on your toes. There is nothing wrong with spoiling him. I always love to spoil the gks because then you can send them home. :lol:

Gloria in MA....there goes the dryer. Have a good day.

10-25-2005, 10:46 AM
Good mornin'....figured I'd get in here bright and early before I get swamped with work.

First of all, I'm going out to dinner tonight after work. I'd say it was a "girls night out" sort've of thing but we'll all be home by 7pm at the latest. A few of us at work are getting together. It will be fun. I plan on making healthy choices when ordering.

Wayne is feeling much better. Scares me when he gets ill as he just doesn't very often. I can't tell you the last time he was sick.

The grandkids came over for a few hours last night. Robyn is doing fine--running around all over the place and not paying any attention to the arm that was injured. Maggie, I don't imagine they gave her any pointers at the hospital. She will be 2 years old at the end of January. However, the doctor did tell my daughter and sil that Robyn's arm will be more prone to pop out now. So all of us are a little more careful in how we play with her. No more swinging her around or rough-housing with her which she does not understand as she's a little tomboy. :)

Maggie, the last time I saw a fig was when I was a little girl at my grandmother's house! I remember picking them and eating them fresh. got thrown out of Chucky Cheese?! :lol: I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time though. Goodness gracious!

Sharon, I hope you're feeling better. I know you're worried about your son--what mother would not be! Your cousin is in my prayers at night.

.....trying to remember what I wanted to say...

GAS! I bought gas (regular) for my jeep last Friday night and I paid $2.47 a gallon. Gas prices are coming down. Faye I have to keep remembering to buy kid snacks for the house for the grandkids--fruit snacks--they love those. I buy those small bags of cookies too. Of course when they leave my house they always want a "parting gift". :lol: It doesn't matter what it is--box of raisins, small bag of cheese crackers--love the goldfish.

Jean, was that lunch good? I always throw a load of laundry in as soon as I walk in the door in the evenings. Once I go downstairs I forget about everything--I'm settled for the night!

Okay, I've been typing this little bit for over an hour now--I should click the post button!

10-25-2005, 10:51 AM
Hi Gloria! My daughter was told by the hospital personnel that Robbie's injury is very common. The reason why my sil took Robbie to the children's hospital because he knew they would take her right away w/o him having to fill out insurance papers. He was afraid her arm was broken and all he could think of is that if it was he wanted the best specialists for her. He had forgotten the diaper bag and all he did at home was scoop her up in a blanket and rushed in--they took her right away. The hospital personnel took x-rays because at first they thought she might have broken her shoulder. They even had a neurologist there. He said they were all very good to them.

10-25-2005, 01:27 PM
Morning gals! Whew I have had my exercise this morning shampooing the living room rug. That puppy is heavy for one thing and pushing it all over then pulling it back to suck up the soap and water gives you are real workout, but the two downstairs carpets are done for another 3 months. They are so old ugly and stained from previous owners that I try to keep them pretty clean. We hope to replace all the downstairs sometime next spring. $$$$$ Sure can't get the stuff cheap can you?

Gail: Glad the little one is ok, but she will probably have trouble off and on as that is the way stuff like that goes. Little as she is though, everything might just tighten right up and never give her another bit of trouble. Have fun with the girls! I miss being part of a group like that. I used to go out with the legal secretaries at the law firm I worked at once a month and that was a lot of fun. There is always tons of gossip in an attorney's office, let alone 75 attorneys! :lol: Thomas doesn't come to the house much, but he has a table and little sitting cube in the living room with all his games in it and he has an M and M machine we bought for him at the M and M store in Las Vegas last year and that MUST always stay full! Jack tends to eat the things and not tell me then he comes over and boy oh boy am I in trouble! :lol: When we went on vacation this year, his mom checked on our cat for us and brought him on a Saturday and his machine was empty. Kelly said he was pretty mad and sure enough when we got back home I was told in no uncertain terms that his machine was out of candy! :lol: He is such a sweety though and pretty well behaved for an only child. He and his mother are exactly alike so they butt heads a lot but other than that he is good. I never have a bit of trouble with him when I keep him.

Sharon: CRANBERRY JUICE, girl! It is the very best thing for kidneys and bladder. Hope you get to feeling better. Nothing like being in pain to get you down. Sure hope your cousin can turn it around. I feel for him as we know what it is like to lose a job through no fault of your own then try and find another one. Age has a huge amount to do with it. Our prayers are with him.

Gloria: Batten down those hatches girl! I saw on the news this morning the hurricane is already up the coast so that is probably what you are getting. I talked to my son this morning as they are in Florida on vacation and he said they got some heavy rain but nothing else. he said it was really windy today though. Thomas is just a funny kid. Some of the things that come out of his mouth amaze even me. Not nasty or anything, just so grown up. He takes his clothes very seriously and won't ever let his mom pick anything out for him. He told me once he had "fashion sense." :lol: I am sure he heard that somewhere.

Jean: Listen well so you can make that school of yours tip top! :lol: Nothing like asking for miracles is there? Did that snow of yours stick? It has finally turned the fall corner here I think. Now as soon as my knee decides to behave itself I am going to get out and walk. I also need to attack those leaves on the deck again. Wish I could figure out a way to bend the tree over to the nasty neighbors yard. It already looks like a trash dump so why not add my leaves? :lol:

Maggie: I don't care for figs much. What are you going to make with them? Well, let me take that back, I like Fig Newtons! :D When I was a little kid, I was the only one my grandpa would give any of his cookies to because I would eat Fig Newtons and none of his other grandkids would. Funny how you remember things just out of the air like that. I don't mind a white Christmas as long as we don't have another ice storm like last year. Boy, that was scary getting stuck at the casinos. I am hoping it won't snow on Thanksgiving though as I don't have a winter coat and want to wait and buy one up there. It snowed about half an hour before getting into town last Thankgsiving and there was snow most of the time we were there. Guess it saw us coming!

Well, girls need to get me some lunch.


10-25-2005, 03:16 PM
Now I want a fig newton! I haven't had a fig newton in a long time. Thanks Faye! :lol: Wait a minute...these cookies are GOOD for you...right?! Looove cranberry juice--I had a glass of it this morning with my toast. I buy the "lite"--1/2 the sugar. Wayne and I went to the M&M Store in Vegas when we were there 3-4 years back (I lose track of time--seems just like yesterday). We loved that store! I had never seen silver or gold m&m's before. Downstairs, Wayne made a separate room where my treadmill is supposed to go. It's not down there yet--still in my bedroom. Anyway, this weekend, he's going to mount a 19-inch tv we have high up on the wall in that room. Plus a DVD player. That room has become a play room for the grandkids. Last night, Wayne said we should get some beanbag chairs for that room too. I wonder if I can buy thouse at ToysRUs--child size? I'll find out! :) Faye, those of us that are meeting for dinner tonight, we all knit so it will become a "show and tell" too. And of course, we'll "discuss" what's happening in the college! ;) :lol:

10-25-2005, 05:34 PM

Just got back from having lunch in a deli place that makes sandwiches - best in town. Just after we had ordered our friend the Shriff came in and joined us so we had a nice chat with him while we ate.

Last night we had a thunder and lightening performance. Ka-boom and flashes that stayed for seconds so you could register them with your eyes. Ragg Mopp thought he could control them by barking then coming to me for assurance that he was doing good and protecting me.

OK more on Fig Newtons: several years ago I awoke in the middle of the night and Cowboy was sitting in a chair in the front room. I asked him what was the matter and he proceeded to tell me a list of things that pointed to the "big one." I got gressed and took him to emergency where they performed every test they could to find the cause of his discomfort then the doctor said "mylanta." Cowboy had eaten a row of Figg Newtons before going to bed the night before.

The recipe I have is for Fig Bars that have lightened cream cheese in them. If they are good and you want I will give you the recipe. I got it out of the latest issure of Cooking Light. They are 3 Points a bar and the recipe looks like a good one so I thought I would make it for a group.

GAIL I can just hear you ladies now while having dinner together. What fun to get together with folks of like interests. I know you will make smart choices of what to eat. Enjoy the company more than the food.

FAYE ouch! Cleaning carpets is hard work and shows you have muscles you didn't know they were there. Ah but when it is all done aren't you glad you tackeled it. Yep cranberry juice flushes the system. Good stuff.

GLORIA getting the rain is nice but I do hope you don't get any flooding. Flooding can be so devastating. Take care and do stay high and dry.

JEAN burrrrrrrr about says it about your weather. Do you ever go cross country skiing? I always thought that was a great form of exercise. There are so many places in your state where you can do that. I think I would venture to do it before down hill ~ afraid of what I would do to stop.

Catch ya later.