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10-20-2005, 06:19 PM
:welcome2: WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site. :welcome2:

We're a friendly group of women that provides :cheer: support in our weight loss journey.

We also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. :tread: Please come join us!!! :cofdate: :cofdate: :cofdate:

10-20-2005, 06:35 PM
Totally exhausted trying to change the thread number!! Don't know how some of you have the patience to do it. Anyway - damage is done and I am going to take a nap! :)

10-21-2005, 10:30 AM
Hiya ladies!

Susan - thank you for changing the thread, missy. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it, lol.

Mary Kate - oh, your story about the Japanese businessmen was too funny. Once, for Mary's 10th birthday, we gave her and several friends a pool party sleepover at a very nice local hotel. The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant and when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, all the businessmen at a nearby table interrupted their meeting to stand and sing with us. How cool that was for her! Btw, hope your spider was an orphan with no siblings, lol.

Katy - hope you do well with the silent auction. They usually are good moneymakers. When my kids were in school, they were always bringing home stuff to sell. It got to be so often that I quit asking family to buy, and just bought the stuff myself, lol. Bet the wreaths are nice.

Cristi - since your restaurant points books are several years old, you might want to see if Dottie's has new info. They try to keep current. Have to say I haven't checked it out for a few months, though. I just love how lots of places have lightened their recipes, and how they offer some (fairly) nutritious foods since "Supersize Me" came out, lol. At least I don't have to take fruit with me like I did before, to McDonald's with the DGDs.

Started working on the The Alice in Wonderland dress last night and saw that it is lined - oh joy! Plus, since the bodice is fitted, it has darts coming up from the waist, front and back. Counting the lining, I did all 8 of those last night after I got it all cut out. Hope to get it all the way done this weekend.

Today I'm going to the dentist. Just for my 6 month check-up. It's his birthday, so I got him a card. The front of it says, You're not getting old.... and the inside says... ****, you were old last year! LOL I know him well enough to get by with this, tee hee.

Have a great day, ladies!!

10-21-2005, 11:34 AM
Good morning! :coffee:

Once again, I only get virtual coffee -- Tim still hasn't gotten a thermos, and I'm not going to make a whole pot for myself...guess it's Starbucks again today, grande non-fat vanilla latte, only 2 pumps of vanilla, please.

Susan, yay to you for starting a new thread! I have no clue how to do that, so when it gets up to 46+ posts, I just approach timidly, afraid if I post one more it will all collapse like a house of cards! :lol:

Jane, it's lined?? With darts????? Oh, my heart goes out to you! I haven't sewed for so long, and was never that advanced a seamstress anyway. My mom used to make a lot of my clothes when I was in Kindergarten through about 3rd grade. My sisters and I never appreciated it, we wanted store bought clothes like everyone else, but she was very good at it, and looking back at old family pics, they were really nice clothes.

Cristi, I've noticed too that even the WW books contradict each other. I have a Fast Food Companion from a few years ago, and Tim has the one we got when we just joined this year, and some of the point values are different. Some are a bit lower, some are a bit higher. I think it has to do with how fiber content is counted now, at least in some cases. At any rate, I compare a few sites on the web, compare the two WW books (giving the newer book a little more authority), and if I'm still not sure, I'll look to see if there is nutrition info on that company's website. I did that for Chipotle, which we love, but the points values couldn't be found anywhere. They actually have a "make your own meal" nutrition info on their site, and you can add and subtract ingredients until you are comfortable with the cal/fiber/fat content.

Oh, shoot...still gotta shower and that clock keeps inching forward...hi to all the rest of you ladies, and hope you have a great day!

Mary Kate

10-21-2005, 01:25 PM
I'm back with good news - I'm getting broadband next Tuesday!!!! :cp: ::dancer: I won't really believe it until it's all installed and the guy is gone, lol. Btw, if you count the pole, it's 325.00 cheaper than the other place. Woo Hoo!!

Mary Kate - here's some coffee for you, hon. :cofdate: The darts aren't really too hard, but they sure are time-consuming! Lining is a bear, no other way to describe it, lol. Btw, no need to worry when the thread count gets high. The worst that can happen is that your post won't be accepted because Marti or me might be in the process of closing the old thread. If that does ever happen, just hit the back button so you can copy and paste to the new thread. I promise nothing will collapse. :)

Gotta run - just wanted to share my good news. :cb:

10-21-2005, 02:04 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

Don't really have much to say but wanted to check in and say Hi.

Jane~not really worried about the books because I am not following WW. If I do decide to I will just get all new stuff by joining. Right now I am just trying to be conscious of what I eat, portion size.

Katiecat~when I do WW I just go with the higher points value that way I don't feel like I am cheating myself. I would rather be high than low and think I could eat more when I actually shouldn't have been. About Chipotle...I am glad you mentioned them because we have two that just opened up here and boy is that stuff goooood! I haven't had it often because of not knowing any calories and such.

Susan~you did a fine job starting the new thread! :cp: Thinking I need a up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and it is chilly!

Anyway, as I said not much going on. Busy weekend ahead so I will wish you all a very good one. :)

10-21-2005, 10:35 PM
TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :cb: :jig: :cp: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :twirly:

Oh I am so glad...thought the day would never end. What a relief to be home!

Just popped in to say hi :wave:

Weigh in tomorrow, last week I was up .3 lbs :eek: Shouldn't be too shocked because I was really down and ate things I shouldn't have, including margaritas and Mexican food last Friday night! :rolleyes: After two margaritas, I'm like, "sure, bring on the cheese enchiladas", no willpower left at all. :nono: So hopefully, this week will be better...

Cristi, Chipotle's nutrition calculator is on, not on Chipotle's website, but it looks pretty complete. We usually have a carnitas burrito bowl with no rice, beans, or sour cream (basically lettuce, cheese, carnitas, and tomato salsa) and it's 9 pts. The black bean version (with no carnitas) would only be 5 pts. Next time I might ask for 1/2 carnitas and 1/2 black beans and call it 7 pts :chin:

Jane, whoo hoo for broadband!!! :cp: I love our cable internet...zoom zoom...

Oh man, I am so wired on caffeine. I ordered a Venti nonfat latte (2 pumps of vanilla) at Starbucks, and they made it iced by mistake, and the girl says, "oh well, I don't want to throw it away, you can have the iced one, too, no charge". Didn't want to waste it, and it WAS non-fat, so I drank the hot one, then the iced one, then finished off my Diet Dr. Pepper...then came home and Tim made me an Irish Coffee... :dizzy: Hope I can sleep tonight!

OK, Noah is here now, so I need to get dinner started...see you ladies soon!

da fat n da furious
10-22-2005, 01:44 AM
So Katie is buzzing ...
I once asked what the pumpkin spice latte tasted like and she made me a grande at no charge...I was shocked. I drink the same as you,,,grande non fat latte vanilla. Except today the HR girls went for a SB run and brought me back one but they had sugar free vanilla bean syrop. Its full of aspertame,,,which I get sick on. I gave it to my supervisor and she was almost kissing my feet...ya a lil brown nosing goes along
I have to tell you I ate pierogies last night for dinner,,,I was dashing into the house and Brandon was cookind dinner..told him I didn't have time to eat,,,was just getting changed..came down the stairs and he had a rubber maid tv tray ready for me,,ahh how sweet,,,i am raising a good husband for some woman out there. Anyways driving to theatre,,,wolfing down the food,,,since I didn't eat most of my lunch i was pretty hungry,,(had planned to eat the rest at rehearsal) anyways eating a nice hot dinner beats it all. So after scarfing down 6 pierogies,,,I got to the rehearsal and had a few minutes,,,checked my tracker and found out that pierogies are BAD! thought 1 per 1 points,,,nope,,,2 pierogies per 7 points,,I ate 6! thats 21 points! *gasp Breathing heavy,,I had other plans for them bonus points and it had nothing to do with 6 pierogies!
Jane,,GREAT NEWS! broadband ! yay! so by Wed you will be around here more often...
I have to make curtains for this play,,stressing since its been about 10 yrs since I did any real sewing.

Cristi,,,what you are doing is correct,,,portion sizing is half the battle. Stay away from the man made stuff as much as possible is good too.

well not much happening here. Went to watch football with Becky and her second son and Tanner...they are friends too. Hilarous to watch Anyways Becky's son is like this fantastic football player...he is in grade 11 and huge! We almost froze...brrr my face is still burning from beening out there so long. I can feel my butt
Well i have a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book...wasting some points on a glass of wine.

10-22-2005, 10:45 AM
Good morning!
Well, I blew some points on wine and a burrito last made caramel apples and I was trying really hard not to put my face in the caramel....oh well, good thing today is another day! I am going to get a good hike in this morning to compensate (somewhat)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

10-22-2005, 11:28 AM
A bright and cheery good morning to you!

Cristi - well, whatever you're doing, it sure is working well. You've been a great inspiration to us all lately. :yes:

Mary Kate - lol, hope you're down from your caffeine high by now. I found a really good magazine at Walmart yesterday. It Healthy Eating by Good Housekeeping, a special issue. There's a picture of Autumn Stew on the front. Anyway, it has 100+ easy recipes, and some of them sound really good, and good for you. Each one has the nutritional info which we need to convert to points. Good luck at weigh in today! :crossed:

Angie - what's that brown stuff on your nose, lol. Jk!! Thank goodness for extra points, right, for the pierogies. The flexibility of WW makes it doable. Yes, after Tuesday, I'll actually ba able to turn signatures and avatars back on. :cp:

Katy - have fun on your hike today. :)

I woke up at 4:30 today, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got 2 pots of vegetable soup made for tomorrow's dinner. One for us and one for Mary's family. DS's kids don't like it, so that's why I didn't make them any. I'm going to make WW raspberry fluff pie for dessert.

Can't stay on here too long since I need to work on the dress more. Sheesh, I'll be glad when this project is done. I'm going to hem it before I actually gather the skirt and attach it to the bodice. Since it's so full, it will be much easier to hem that way.

Have a good weekend, ladies! :wave:

10-22-2005, 02:34 PM
Hello Ladies and a Happy Saturday!

Well, thought I was going to be busy this weekend...:lol: well, I still will be busy just with other things. At the last minute yesterday V was told they would be working the weekend so sticking around the house. DD did make it to the park to get in a walk. That always feels good...starting the day off with a 3-mile walk. Hoping I can still get them in next weekend. Not sure if that is what Josh would want to do considering all the walking and running he's done in the past months. But I would like to get in 2 days, maybe Friday and Monday. We'll see what happens.

Angie~at least you had those extra points! I've not ever had a pierogie so don't know what I am missing. But you have me curious. And you are right about the Kaboom! That stuff is stinky! Decided to tackle the bathrooms today! Yuck! I did open the window first before starting. I actually don't think it is as bad as Tilex though. Tilex has a really strong bleach smell and burns my eyes. This has a strong smell but not sure what it is. I was able to get on my knees and stick my head in the shower and it not bother me. Just bothered me when I first sprayed it. A good book sounds like a good idea today. I had started a book a few months ago and just picked it up again the last two nights so maybe when I finish with things I will sit down and really get into it.

Katiecat~I go for the chicken burrito with pinto beans, rice and cheese and man are those things good! :T But they make them so stinking big I never finish a whole one. I will have to check out the site though. I am curious to see the breakdown of one. May make me not ever get another! :lol: Guess I'm the only one who isn't a coffee drinker. I love the smell of it but can't stomach the taste for some reason. Hope you have a good weigh in today! :goodscale

Katy~the caramel apples sound so good! :T You ladies are making my mouth drool with all this talk of food! :lol: I meant to mention that I noticed your ticker a while back and you have come a long way with your weight loss! :bravo: to you. You are almost there! Hope you have a nice hike.

Jane~vegetable soup sounds yummy too! :T And it is the perfect weather for it. It was cool this morning so I went for my walk a little bit later than usual, but it is perfect soup weather. The raspberry pie sounds good also. I attribute the weight loss to the walking because I really am not eating any differently. I am eating the same things and cut back just a little, try to fill up on water while eating and at dinner time I have a full bottle while I am cooking. Water is my new best friend now, even though I still hate the taste. :lol:

Hi to every one else, Marti, Sue, Connie, Janet, Susan, Terri, Mindee, Anita, and anyone I missed. :wave:

Speaking of are you doing girly? Can't remeber but was thinking the baby was due this month. Have you had it yet? Are you out there lurking? Stop by when you can and let us know what's up.

Well, I guess I best be going for now. Have a lot of things I want to get done today. Have laundry to do, take down the valance in my bathroom, finish up my bathroom and do the rest and tackle my closet. I may do the other bathrooms tomorrow after my walk and focus on my closet and bathroom today. Also, need to clean the rugs in the bathrooms so, a very busy day today. Want to be done by 3 or 4 so I can relax before having to cook dinner. Think we are doing chicken today, with what I am not sure yet. Not sure why everytime before we get ready to go on a trip I get in a cleaning mood.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

10-22-2005, 03:07 PM
Back again for a few...

Katiecat~jeez louise!!! Just checked out the site and OMG!!! I am glad to see that I don't actually eat a whole burrito! That is almost a whole days worth of calories! YIKES! :yikes: But I am glad to know what the calories are so next time I am tempted to get one I will DEFINITELY only eat 1/2! But they are good and that is a nifty little site. I would have to say Matt was pretty bored to do it but smart.

Also, forgot to mention...a new magazine I bought at Target yesterday. Has anyone heard of or seen Looking Good Now!? Think it was Jane that mentioned a magazine and reminded me of it. Anyway, I am going to send off for a subscription. It is along the lines of WW but I think maybe a little better, I like the lay-out better. It has a lot of good stuff, recipes, Fast Food, not points but calories, fat, sodium, etc. of course the fast food in there was KFC! Seems we were talking about that a few days ago. LOL Anyway, thought I would mention it as there is a lot of good reading in it.

10-22-2005, 04:56 PM
Happy Saturday :)

:goodscale Down 2.6 this week, so I lost the .3 I gained last week, and still heading in the right direction *whew* It's actually only 19.8 lbs, not 20 as the tracker shows...but next week I want my 20 lb sticker from my WW leader!

We had breakfast burritos this morning: 2 low fat tortillas (4 pts), 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled with nonstick spray (2 pts), 2 Tbsp low fat Mexican style shredded cheese (1 pt) and 1 slice turkey bacon, fried crisp and crumbled -- 8 pts, not too bad. I made a small batch of 0 point veggie soup yesterday, and homemade cream of tomato soup with non-fat evaporated milk, so that will be lunch today. I am dying for chocolate and just found a non-fat brownie recipe I might try today.

RosieKate, be careful about the alcohol/Mexican food's a killer...remember me and my two-margaritas-bring-on-the-melted cheese-and two-more-margaritas! :cheese: :cheers: :rofl: Naw, I'm sure your hike today will more than make up for it :)

Jane, the GH magazine sounds like a good one. I just picked up Best of Cooking Light Everyday Favorites. I subscribe to their magazine, and really love the recipes...always looking for new ideas and I love to cook. :hungry:

Angie, what play are you making curtains for? Watch out for those pierogis. Were they the frozen heat-'em-up kind? If you really love them, I bet there is a WW friendly recipe somewhere out there.

Cristi, yep that site is definitely educational! :fr: But, like I said, I can go to Chipotle and get a good meal for 5-9 pts, and that's not too bad at all. And it's sooooooo yummy... :T

OK, house is a disaster, I've put it off long enough...hi to everybody else, talk to you soon...

Mary Kate

da fat n da furious
10-22-2005, 09:19 PM
Hey all,
What a day! It was pure shopping,,,sounds like I do alot of shopping eh? I DO! There was a new store opening adn the cleaning supplies were so cheap I took my chances with the mass of people. I love them javex wipes..and at 1.99 each thats cheap.
Then did some grocery shopping at Safeway,,,chicken and stuff I saw was on sale.
Went to Micheals for some fake bread. And then a white elastic headband for one of the princes..he had to have his eyes covered in a bloody bandage.
Katie, Im doing Into The play. This one is the adult version.
Just need to stop at Ikea since I saw a sale there for a stool. Jack in the Beanstalk needs a milking stool.
I stopped at Linen and Things,,Im in love with a duvet cover..well no,,its a quilt,,,I wish it was a duvet cover.

Cristi, I would take the strong smell of bleach over that Kaboom. I spray it,,,close the curtain then scrub everything then scrub the shower down then spray it with water,,,this is all within 5 minutes,,,I come back later to clean mirrors and floors. Im almost out of the bottle and won't be replacing it. Just don't like that smell. Think Im going to stick to Tilex and Oxy.

Well Monte and I are going for dinner,,,Applebees. Yum!

10-23-2005, 12:31 PM
A good Sunday morning to everyone! :sunny:

It is definitely going to be a beautiful day today, cold but BEAUTIFUL! :sunny: Went to the park to get a walk in and had to leave. OMG! I didn't think it was so cold and with the wind blowing my face couldn't take it. Did a 1/2 mile which is sad but it was just oo cold. The bank said it was 36! Brrrrrr So will finish off my walk on the treadmill.

Did I mention that the Extreme Makeover Home edition people were in town, in Rose Hill where we lived before moving here. The show will air Dec, 2 I think. :dunno: Was tempted to go see Ty and Martina McBride but didn't. They started on this family's home last Sunday I think, maybe Monday. Anyway, Martina was there to sing on Tuesday...should have gone then. The are wrapping things up today and unveiling the house. Anyway, this family was on vacation visiting family I think in MO and while they were gone their house/trailer exploded. Think it was the propane tank, That would be horrible though, to be on vacation and find out your home exploded. There was nothing left of it, or nothing standing. It literally blew to pieces, just horrible. So this is a blessing. Some woman wrote the show and told their story and the rest is history. They went from a 2 bedroom, 800 sq. ft. trailer to a 3000 plus sq. ft. home. It is BEAUTIFUL!! They did an awesome job with the house, and landscaping. Even built a huge pond in front of it. They have been showing the progress on the news and in the paper. Of course now instead of taking into consideration the family's income and their lifestyle and how they are going to afford this house they built this massive, beautiful home that will triple the taxes. They are estimating the value of the home between $200,000-$350,000 and they are going by the outside of it, not anything inside. But anyway, what a nice surprise they will come home to today. They have been away at Disneyland or Disneyworld compliments of the show.

Anyway, going to finish up what I didn't get to yesterday and do some reading. Just got on the computer to get the College Footbal scores for Josh, almost forgot. But they had some late games last night. Can't believe of all the things he would ask for he asked for that. :lol: But he does love his College football. And need to make a schedule for Ernie so Carrie & Jason know when he usually goes out and is feed. I am the one who usually does all that so...don't want the dog to go hungry. And thought I would stop by and say HI.

Angie~I've never tried Oxy, might have to give it a try next time. But for now the Kaboom is fine with me. It got the job done, and even Vince commented on how clean the bathroom was. That makes it all worth it! LOL The tilex makes my eyes water and I get that smell in my mouth and nose and it stays for a while. Does the oxy have a bleachy smell? Aren't you just the shopping queen! LOL :queen: :queen: Sounds like you had a ball though. Hope you had a nice dinner.

MaryKate~:bravo: on your loss!! You are doing GREAT! So close to the big 20 lbs. gone! Do you use the wheat tortillas? If you haven't I would give them a try-they are good! I buy both the white and wheat because the kids like the white ones. But they are both 98% fat-free. Also, have you checked into any of the WW cookbooks? They have some good ones. I don't count points but I still use them. I bought one at Wal-Mart and the other through the mail through the WW magazine. I think I am supposed to get one a month or every other month...something like that. Probably should find out because I haven't gotten one lately. :lol:

Anyway, Hi to everyone else. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Need to get going and get something done. Have a nice day ladies. :wave:

10-23-2005, 02:05 PM
Just a quick note to say that I've been feeling under the weather the last few days.

I will catch up when I have more time, especially since I have Jhanai this weekend.

Hugs to all!

10-23-2005, 03:45 PM
Happy Sunday to everyone!

Good news - my back/hip has finally stopped hurting! (After another visit to the chiropractor). I just have to be careful how I move for a while. My DS is visiting this weekend. 28 yrs. old and lives about 3 hrs. away. His work schedule is pretty busy so he doesn't make it here to visit very often so we enjoy it when he is able to get here. He just left to visit his grandparents and step-brother and will be back tonight (to do laundry, of course, and sleep). Tomorrow he is meeting me for lunch before he returns to the "big city". (Columbus, OH).
The weather has turned pretty chilly here the last few days. I'm hoping to get outside and plant some crocus bulbs in some big pots on each side of the driveway. Every spring I kick myself for not doing it so I hope to actually get it done today so I can enjoy them next spring.
Got hightlights put in my hair yesterday, makes me feel better. Everyone says I look younger so that is reason enough to keep it that way, don't you think!!?? :D
Better go plant my bulbs and tend to the laundry - it's neverending!


10-24-2005, 09:02 AM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - like you, I want the house clean before I go on a trip. It's nice to come home to, even if there is a little dust by then. WW magazine is so small for the money, and I don't often buy it. Thanks for the tip on the other magazine - I'll write it in my grocery list so I'll be sure and look for it. When do you leave to go see Josh? Bet you can't wait!

Mary Kate - 19.8 pounds!!! YAY!!! What an accomplishment, girly. I eat flour tortillas several times a week. Ususally with sliced turkey breast, changing the condiment. Just a little honey mustard, salsa, bbq sauce, or some type of salad dressing. Always with some fresh lettuce.

Angie - hey, I've got a real milking stool out in the shed. There haven't been cows around here for about 15 years, but the stool's still here. Hope you had a good meal at Applebee's.

Marti - I've noticed you haven't been around much lately, sweetie. Is it a cold? Hope you're feeling better, and that Jhanai took good care of you this weekend.

Connie - brrr, it's been chilly here, too. Glad to hear your back/hip is better. It's always nice to have the grown kids come and visit, isn't it? Although he lives only about 10 miles away, I don't get to see my son as often as I want to. He's so busy right now, but his slow season is almost here. Yay for highlights!

Well, ladies, I got the Alice In Wonderland dress done, and it turned out pretty well. If she'll let me, I'll take a picture of Katie wearing it. Just so glad that's over with!

I'm doing good with the food, exercise and water. Neal finally hooked up the TV in the extra room downstairs, so today I'll be dragging the Gazelle in here. I'm going to be putting a shelf on the wall near it to hold my water bottle and remote, lol. The more comfy I am, the greater the chances are I'll stick with it, right?

I hope you all have a great day! :wave:

10-24-2005, 11:54 AM
HI ladies :)

Just a quickie, probably should have waited to post but was here to change my ticker so thought I would at least say HI. I am up one pound :( Actually thought it would be more because it is week before TOM and I have given into some cravings. Plus I haven't gotten as much walking in, such a slacker! :lol: Anyway, gotta go and get my walk in since it has warmed up some. Will be back in a few. :wave:

10-24-2005, 01:26 PM
Hey ladies!!

It's been a while, but life is just so crazy right now. I can only post at work, and work is so busy I just never have the time to log on.

I miss you all though. It's little quieter today So I will try to catch up.

The weight loss is going well. I am at 48 pounds and hopefully can be on maintenence by Christmas. The Leather coat fits, but is still a little snug.

Anyway, I must run. Hope everyone is well.



10-24-2005, 03:54 PM
Hiya ladies and a good afternoon to you! :wave:

Marti~I hope you get to feeling better soon. We miss you!

Connie~so glad your back/hip is better. Hope you have a nice visit and lunch with your son while he's there. I have some tulip bulbs I need to plant. Was told to do it in November but I always read you are supposed to do it before the first freeze. Well, a little to late because last night was our first freeze! Oh well, I'll plant them soon and if they come up they come up. I have buttercups in random places around the yard and will do that with the tulips also.

Jane~this Friday morning we leave for GA. We all are looking forward to it and excited. Me and Vince need a little get-away and although we will be with Josh two days that still leaves us two days. Just hope the weather cooperates! It got cold here also, Saturday night. Almost turned the heat on but didn't, did yesterday when I got back from the park and our attempt at a walk! LOL

Anita~WOW! :bravo: to you on your weight loss!! :cp: You have come a long way and in such a short time, I'm very impressed-48 pounds is an awesome loss! Would love to see some before, during and after pics. Hope you can find some time to post more.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I did get my walk in. :tread: When I started walking the wind started and made it really cold! Brrrrrr....but I braved it and kept going. Walked the neighborhood today and it was a nice change, so many cul-de-sacs to walk. I will still go to the park but not as often, Maybe on the weekend now. Then came home and mowed the front yard. I was going to do the back but thought I would save it for tomorrow. Anyway, doing a load of laundry and then will clean the living room and dining room and I am done until next week. Going to put up some halloween lights (orange lights & pumpkin lights) around the front door and some lights that have eyes in the bush/shrub by the walkway when V gets home. Then I have two pumpkins that light up also-don't buy real ones to carve anymore. So we will br ready for trick-or-treaters when we get back Monday late afternoon. Well, better get going if I am going to finish up my chores. :lol: :carrot: :) Love the pumpkins!

Take care ladies and have a marvelous Monday!

10-24-2005, 04:14 PM
Hello gals....

Oh it's not a's more like it was PMS. It just takes over the body and mind sometimes. I'm ok now.

I did my WI today after two weeks of avoiding that thing. I'm down 4lbs. So I gotta go change my ticker. :)

I had a great weekend w/Jhanai. We made some halloween cookies for her friends party. She says that no one ever brings anything and I'm thinking: These parents invite 20kids over every year!! So I thought we should make something.

Ok...ladies, James is making breakfast so I'm going to cut this short. I will post more and catch up on individuals later on.

10-24-2005, 05:57 PM
I'm back!! James is off to K-Falls for a day. He's trying to get out on the train everyday so he can have the weekend off w/me!! What a sweet man!!

Ok, to catch up on everyone!!

Angie--How do you like Applebee's? We have one here in Eugene and I've only gone a few times. ALWAYS so darn crowded that we have to wait. But the food is are the drinks! :lol:

Katy--Did you put in a good hike?? I made some cookies for Jhanai's Halloween party w/her helping and I managed to not lick any of the chocolate and I sent the entire batch w/her! No saving any of it.....of coarse James asked if we had any later on! I have to make some more tomorrow for our potluck at work. What was I thinking??

Cristi--I have never heard of the magazine you mentioned, but you have me curious and I'll have to go check it out. I think I'm a magazine junky! I had so many at one time. When we were moving from our last house to this one, half of the bed of our truck was just magazines that we were taking to recycle. I couldn't believe it. Where did I find room to keep them all??? I have cut down on it majorly. I still get my scrapbooking magazine and every once in awhile I'll buy "Muslce & Fitness Hers"....

Jane--Hurray for Broadband!! :carrot: I'm so glad that you'll be getting it. It must be frustrating to wait for pages to load. I was amazed that you said you got the Alice in Wonderland dress done already! I'm not a sewer so it would have taken me forever. I'm really looking forward to the photos!!

MaryKate--Fantastic on the weightloss!! So happy for you. I should tell James to make me a sticker for every 10lbs lost. May keep me motivated. Although, I'm feeling pretty good so far about everything that I don't think my motivation will be going away.

Antia--Hurray to you too on the weightloss! That is amazing...48lbs so far? Wow. You better hurry back and post some of your "during" photos!! Plus, we want to see more of your little one!

Connie--Glad to hear that your hip is feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful time w/your son!

Hello to the rest of the gang!! Please stop in just for a quick hello!!

Ok...I've got some roaming to do and then I need to do something w/my hair. You all have a great Monday.

10-25-2005, 12:10 AM
Good evening...In a rush here, but wanted to say "hi." We heped SIL finish moving today, well DH really did the moving, along with other guys. I helped un-pack a little and move some furniture. Not much else we women could do except stay out of the way.

Tomorrow we both have early dentist visits. I might be able to finish getting my clothes ready to pack...seems like I have been trying to do this for days..LOL

It is cold here already. Vegas is going to be in the high 70's and 80's this week. Here I come sunshine!!

Have a good week ladies and I will try to hurry back.

da fat n da furious
10-25-2005, 01:03 AM
Good evening ladies,
Anita...Fantastic weight loss! 48 much does your DD weigh?

Marti, your James is a sweet man! I didn't get a chance to go to Applebees Monte was so tired he crashed and so I had a lite snack and watched TV. I am hoping we can go on Sunday...for lunch.

Cristi,,,I love that your on my work email list so I can just fire off what ever the ladies are giving me for jokes. Hope your ok with that. I giggled about the one road Its cruel but I can't help but laugh. Like you I don't do the real pumkpins anymore. The mess and if I forget(which I have done) I *shudder don't ever what to have to pick up a slimy falling apart pumpkin again..*nuff said

Nothing happening here,,,trying to make a pregnancy belly for one of the cast members. A deflated soccer ball and some batting will go along way.

Well I should get back to cleaning the kitchen.

10-25-2005, 02:55 PM
Hello ladies! :)

Ooopsie! Apparently I forgot to log off yesterday. Normally, when I forget it will log off after a couple of hours but this time it showed I was still signed on, oh well. Got my walk in this morning. Actually had to go to the mall and get some lotion from Bath & Body and look for a small purse to take with me this weekend. I plan on putting it in a tote along with a book, a notebook, my cd player, cd's and a couple of other things. I want to have something to read and/or listen to while on the plane. And they will count the tote as a handbag, had Vince make sure. Anyway, so while at the mall I thought it is nice and warm and toasty in here so why not walk around the mall. Should do that a couple of times a week when it's cold. I think they open at 8 a.m. so people can do that. Anyway,

Marti~WTG on the 4 pounds! WOOHOO!!! :carrot: :bravo: :carrot: I like the magazine, lots of good info and stories of people who have lost weight in it. It is kind of like WW but not as big/thick. I like WW magazine and do get it in the mail but I like this one better for some reason. I too have cut back on magazines, drastically! Can't believe you had a truckload!!

Angie~no problem with sending me things through e-mail. I tried sending stuff through your work e-mail but it was returned saying the company wouldn't accept that sort of stuff, think it was a card. Ditto what you said about the real pumpkins and they attract bugs-ick!

Sue~can't remember but when do you guys leave for Vegas? 70-80 degrees sounds so nice right now. Brrrrrr! Actually it's not so bad now but earlier it was cold. Hope you enjoy your time in Vegas and try and check in when you can.

Jane~must be getting your broadband! Yippee! Hope you like it.

Well, I probably should get going. Need to go pick up poop, (hey, it's a crappy job but someone's gotta do it! For some reason I was elected to! ) and then mow the back yard to finish off my walk for the day. It will give me a little over a mile so that's good. Need to get some more things done around the house. Trying to do a little bit every day so that I don't get overwhelmed with it all. Then will spend most of Thursday doing laundry and packing. I'm getting excited. I think the excitment has taken over any anxiety about flying, which is good. Of course I will be a nervous wreck come Friday morning. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a terrific Tuesday!

10-25-2005, 04:47 PM
Good afternoon, ladies,

Anita - you're getting so close to goal! Come back when you can, ok? Any chance you can join us in Vegas next year? Check out the Vegas thread, ok?

Cristi - we've had the heat on here a few times, and it feels so good in this drafty old house. When I read that you have to pick up poop, I thought it was a typo, lol. Thankfully, our dogs (usually) go in the field across the road. Fertilizes the corn, lol. I'm so happy for you that you get to go on this trip and it will be so fun with just you and Vince. As much as we love the kids and DGDs, we sure like our alone time.

Marti - YAY for the 4# loss!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Wow, it's great that you were able to send all the cookies with Jhanai. When there's a will, there's a way, right? Glad you're feeling better, toots. Yes, I got the dress done, and even have a picture of her in it already which I'll post soon.

Angie - did you get your kitchen done? Mary was needing some extra Christmas money, so I had her clean my house while I was working on the dress. Made both of us happy.

Sue - hope you only need a check up at the dentist and aren't having a toothache or anything. I had my cleaning and check up last week and always am glad when it's over for 6 months, lol.

I've got broadband!!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

The installers were so nice, and I'm all set to go. Katie is, too. We can actually be on the computer at the same time. :cp: Can't wait to play around the net now, tee hee.

Have a good one, ladies!!

10-25-2005, 04:52 PM
Afternoon Ladies!!

I just got done w/my gazelle and now I have a bunch of things that need done before I go to work. And I'm really not in the mood for it. Sheesh! But.....gotta get 'em done!

Cristi--The malls around here always have people walking. Some of them can be darn right rude if you're in there way! But I do think it's a great thing for people, to be able to walk indoors. How excited you must feel that the weekend is just about here!! Time goes by way to fast when you have so much to do before going on vacation!

Angie--Come clean my kitchen please! I'll be making a mess in there soon since I've got some cookies to make for the potluck at work tonight. I don't even know why I wanted to bring something in. You know, Jhanai & I bought pumpkins to carve and they are still sitting on my swing outside. Never got carved. Probably stay that way until I can't stand looking at them anymore!

Sue--Have a wonderful time in Vegas. When do you go? Check in when you have more time.

Hello to all the rest of ya.

Well as I said earlier, I have a lot to do so I better get going. I hate having so much to do and no energy to do it. (or maybe it's more like not wanting to do it)

Have a great day!

10-25-2005, 04:55 PM
Hi Jane!

You snuck in while I was typing away. Hurray for broadband!! :carrot: As for feeling better.....I am, but at times it seems I'm still feeling "ick". Just not sure what it is. Can't blame it too much on PMS anymore can I? Maybe something else is bothering me and I just can't figure it out yet. I go before I run out of time.

10-25-2005, 05:02 PM
Marti - maybe you're pregnant! :D

10-25-2005, 11:20 PM was chilly and just downright gray here today. Got the dentist out of the way. Yes Jane, it was just a clean and check. No problems. Then I called the Dr. and they got me right in with my ear problems. He is giving me meds which he says should kick it. Sure hate to fly if my ears are already hurting.
I did get the packing almost finished. A few pieces are being washed that I want to take, and that will be it. Oh, the last minute things, like make-up, but I will have my carry on for that. We leave Sat. early a.m. and get there by 8:45 a.m. Vegas time. I will have to spend most of Sat. dusting and sweeping the house, unpacking and settling in. I do have a computer there, so I can keep in touch and will.

Cristi, I always take a purse and a carry on. DH carries the laptop computer and we send 2 bags through. Those bags are so heavy! We leave some clothes out there, but all of our jeans and slacks get packed.

Take care ladies and I will be back.

da fat n da furious
10-26-2005, 01:42 AM
Well I got a woman looking very pregnant.

Sue, so you have two of everything,,,have you ever thought of having someone house sit for you or even renting out one house while your in the other?

Jane,,,yay for broadband...know nothing about what it is, but if it gets you on here easier,,,then yay! I have no idea what to go as for Halloween,,,need a costume for a party Sat. and another for work Monday.

Marti, thats what I used to do,,,buy the pumpkins and then not carve them...stick them on your front poarch,,,if you have some coffee cans or even soup cans,,,wash them good,,,take sandpaper,,,scrub then all around then paint them orange. Then using a nail and hammer,,,nail some holes here and there. Place candle inside and there you go,,,nice lil halloween candle holder. This is something you can do with DD.
Be creative and use a jiffy marker and draw jackO lantern faces on them.

Ok now about the pregnant woman,,,shes one of the cast members and needs to be pregnant during the end of act 1. Using a deflated soccer ball and batting I have made her look full term. Her belly even feels like a pregant belly. Now I have to sew 4 wings that are 5 feet long eahc together. Repunzle. Thinking a loose braid will do it.

Marti, TOM started yesterday for me,,,but I start feeling really yucky a week before,,,my back hurts so bad,,,cramps,,headaches. This being a woman sucks. Because I am so special I get TOm twice a month,,,so technically I feel crumby all the time....hmmm explains
Anyways tomorrow is WI and Im worried,,,I feel so bloated...and I crave junk. At recept. there is bowl of halloween choc. Its hard but I made sure to bring an apple and that seems to be ok..want the choc though...but want to be thinner more.

well off to bed I go,,,
night all

10-26-2005, 09:56 AM
..want the choc though...but want to be thinner more.

:cp: :bravo: :cp:

10-26-2005, 01:47 PM
Good Wednesday Morning Ladies :)

Marti~maybe it's just you working the hours you are working and James being gone so much that is making you feel that way. Hopefully, whatever it is you get to feeling better soon. You are right...there are some rude people at the mall walking. For the most part though I have found they are nice and friendly and if I am in their way they just go around. But I have to say I thought I was going to be run over the other day by this old lady with a walker. Not sure why she needed the walker, maybe for support, because she was power walking and I didn't want to get in her way. But when it is cold like it has been and I am sure it will get colder, the mall may be my new walking place for winter. I am just dreading walking the treadmill-it's just so boring to me for some reason, even with music.

Angie~you are a crafty little booger! :lol: I like your you take pics of your crafts and stuff that you make for the plays? I like to think I am a little crafty and I do mean a little! Would like to learn to knit/crochet one day and I don't sew at all. Used to a little bit but gave my sewing machine to my sister years ago. Of course I have been wanting one for a while now. WTG on your NSV! :bravo:

Sue~I will have a carry on and the tote thus the reason for putting the purse in the tote. Unless of course the carry on ends up being too big, which I don't think it is. Their little rules were confusing me! Went to the airline online to see their guidelines/rules and then happened on a federal guideline site and it said something different so we made sure by calling. I'm a little jealous you are going to Vegas...where it's warm! If I don't get back tomorrow for some reason or forget...I hope you guys have a nice flight and enjoy the sunny weather! :sunny:

Jane~so how are you liking your broadband so far? I may eventually go with the AOL broadband but won't go back to the cable-didn't like that at all. first we need to clean up the computer and add more space! Glad you had a nice experience with the installers. I've not had a bad experience with any kind of installer but I have heard stories of guys being really rude. No, no typo! :lol: I am the elected pooper picker-upper! :lol: But thank goodness Ernie is a little dog because I wouldn't pick-up after a big dog! :yikes: Would love to have a bigger dog but for that reason alone, never will. It really isn't so bad though. I only do it once a week and by the time I do it it is all dried up so not bad at all. I could probably just leave it but I don't. Probably more than you wanted to hear. :o will be fun to get away, just me and Vince.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

I have a lot of stuff I need to be doing but I am not sure what to do first. Going to save the packing for tomorrow. But I have been getting things set out, such as the camera, movie camera-need to charge up the batteries, stuff I want to take in the tote, etc. I always feel like I forget something for some reason. Even bought some snack foods to take while at Wal-Mart this morning. Bought some of those 100 calorie choc. chip cookies, and graham crackers, ritz crackers. Already made Ernies schedule for the kids, hopefully they won't forget about him! Did manage to get my walk in this morning before Wal-mart, almost froze my booty off!! But at least the wind wasn't blowing. Need to get some laundry done and head on over to Halmark and get some cards. Bought a lot a while back to send to Josh but I have been writing him 2-3 times a week and have like 3 cards left. That and I need to pick-up a few candles. Didn't even think about it while at the mall Tuesday and walked right past Yankee candle. Well, I best get going. Lots of things to do the next two days and I don't want to be packing and doing other things late tomorrow night. So...take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :wave: I'll try to post tomorrow sometime to say Aloha! :)

10-26-2005, 07:13 PM
Marti - maybe you're pregnant! :D

Jane--You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such things!!! How are you liking your broadband?? I have no idea what it even is, but I hear it's nice and fast. Still waiting to see Katie in her Alice in Wonderland outfit!!

Angie--So proud of your NSV!! You did a great thing passing up the chocolate. I told some of my co-workers about your soccer pregnancy belly....they said how creative you are! I would like to see photos of it when your done.

Cristi--I think you've hit the nail on the head when you said: maybe it's just you working the hours you are working and James being gone so much I've been feeling lonely a LOT!! And the PMS really didn't help either.

Sue--Do you have a vacation home? Or is it a timeshare type thing? My Aunt has a timeshare in Vegas...been thinking of asking her about that when we go.

Have a real PAIN in my hip/leg/butt area. That darn nerve acting up. Always acts up after TOM. But I hopped on my gazelle anyway to stretch the legs out. Feel pretty good about that.

James asked me today if the workout pants I was wearing were tight when I bought them and I told them that yes....they still are, then he told me to look....they weren't so tight. That's my NSV for today. Feeling INCREDIBLE about all this!!

Ok, I've got some things I need to get done around the house before I go to work. You all have a wonderful day! Or night for you East Coasters!

da fat n da furious
10-27-2005, 12:27 AM
Hey Ladies,

Went on a major shopping spree. *gulp Then cause that wasn't enough I went and bought 2 pairs of shoes. Becky won't be working at Pennington's much longer so we had to make use of her 50% off.

Cristi, at your Micheal's do they have lil classes? Cause I saw a class there for learning to crochet and knit. Beginner all the way to advanced. Check it out.

Marti, Good on the pants that fit oh so much better. I second what Cristi says,,that with everything,,,your work hours and James beign away so much,,,plus with the weather,,,its it darker longer in the morning and sooner at night? And of course your family loss,,
I think though you are doing well with still working out,,,that has got to be helping you. Your hip pain after TOM is that normal? I would just go see a chiropractor.

I got a call from of friend that there is an opening at her work for a full time receptionist. I am applying, if I don't get it,,no worries, still have a job. Next week i won't be doing the recept anymore but I still have the call centre. And if I do get it I get full time with benefits.
I should of eaten the choc halloween bar. Im up 1.2 lbs..does having TOM really affect the loss?
Well I need to do my resume.
night ladies

10-27-2005, 12:03 PM
Good morning ladies!

Marti~(((((HUGS))))) to you! You've just had a lot going on with you in the last few months I can totally understand you feeling under the weather. :bravo: for your NSV!! And it's even better when the hubby notices first! :love: Hope your leg/butt/hip is feeling better. Nothing worse than having a pain when you are trying to work out.

Angie~sorry :sorry: about the gain. For me...YES! TOM does effect my weight. I go up anywhere from 2-5 pounds! :yikes: Last month it was 2 and I am afraid to get on the scales next week! :fr: Between the trip (plan on eating right and not going crazy!) and possibly not getting any walking (going to try though) and TOM! Not good...Michaels does have craft classes here, as does Hobby Lobby but I don't know about knitting ot crocheting...will defiinitely have to check it out. :thanks: for the heads up! I actually never thought about them doing a class for anything other than scrapbooking, floral arrangements and some crafts. Another shopping spree! :queen: You go girl!! Hey, you can't beat 50% off. Did you figure out a costume yet?

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Need to get going...have tons of things to do today! Already started a load of clothes, and have another load to do. Have the suitcases ready to start packing. Don't have much cleaning of the house, just vacuum and dust a little and call it good. Anyway, better get going. ALOHA ladies! :wave: Have a great weekend and... :lol: :) :lol: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :lol: :) :lol:

10-27-2005, 04:52 PM
Afternoon Ladies--

Angie--I gain w/TOM every time too. That is why I don't ever WI while I'm on it. I gain anywhere from 2-4lbs everytime. So don't sweat it. You'll see your loss on the next WI!!

Cristi--Hope you have a fun time w/your son and hubby while you're gone. I know you will of coarse! And don't worry about getting the walks in, concentrate on spending quality time w/your family. I'm sure you'll get plenty of walking in anyway.

This has to be quick. James is getting ready to leave and I want to say bye.

I'll be back later on..................

10-27-2005, 04:55 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - yep, broadband is soooo much faster than dialup. But maybe not as fast as cable. Not sure. Well, I guess you're finishing the packing about now, and will leave in the AM? Anyway, have a good trip, and be safe.

Marti - tee hee, I just couldn't help myself, lol. Katie asked me to not share the pics of her that I already took, because her hair "wasn't right", so when she's ready for the party tomorrow night, I'll take some then to share. YAY for looser pants!!! :cp:

Angie - YAY for 50% off!! Hope you get the job you want. But as you said, either way, you're still employed fulltime w/benefits.

Hi to all MIA Jaded Ladies, and anyone else reading this.

Got all excited when I saw Splenda has brown sugar now, and bought some. It's good, but guess what? The points are the same as for regular brown sugar. That's a disappointment.

We went on an impromptu hay ride last night. Terry called and asked would we and Mary's family want to go, so we all did. It was so fun! Had sugar-free hot chocolate when we got back. Eighty-five pounds ago, I would have had trouble getting down in the wagon, and would have had to call a tow truck to get me back out. Little things like that make happy.

What's new with you?

10-28-2005, 08:45 PM
I'm freezing!!!

But I'm not turning on the heat or building a fire since I'm leaving here in about 15mins. So the poor doggies will just have to bundle up under the blankets!

Jane--Tell Katie that she's just too cute that her hair not being right is not going to make a difference!! Hope she has fun tonight at her party!

Not much going on w/me. Just the same old thang! Did get a load of laundry done that was desperately needed! How exciting is that?

Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned. I'm not sure what James & I are doing. He won't be home until tomorrow evening. And he'll be so tired! Just have to wait and see. to work I go!

10-28-2005, 10:30 PM
I tried to post a nice long page last night...even copied it to Word ..just in case. computer screwed up, I tried all morning to retrieve that post and Word won't even come up. long post, just a short "hi,bye" Gotta shower and get to bed for an early morning flight.

Talk soon....

10-28-2005, 10:52 PM
I finally reteieved last nights messages....nothing like a day old post.
(from Thurs. night)
Good evening ladies. I am all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow I will wash a small load of clothes so I don't leave a basket full, clean bathrooms, sweep and dust. Then Sat. early...bye bye.

Marti- Yes, we have a home in Vegas, not a time share, but our own place. They do have lots of nice time shares and when you are there they will accost you on the Strip with info and try to get you to go to a presentation. We never have, some say it is fun if you can say NO. Others say it is not worth who knows. They offer freebies.
Cristi- Have a good week-end and enjoy the family time. (and the hubby time) Hope you enjoy the flight.
Angie- I don't really have 2 of everything. Of course the basics, the house is furnished with everything it needs. I have some clothes I leave out there, some shoes, jackets, hair dryer, curling iron, that type thing. We can get by with just 2 suitcases and that is allowing some of the room for tax files and personal papers that we carry back and forth. I seem to always find something here that I just have to buy for the house out there. This time it was just an 8x10 or so picture, so that is in the suitcase along with my scrapbooking things for DH's book. So we really don't have lots of room for clothes. It has been fun trying to get enough at both places that we don't have to pack a lot. When we were driving back and forth we had a van full every time.
Jane- Wah...I want broadband or cable or anything but this darn dial up. Oh, your hay ride sounds like so much fun. Before my BIL got so sick we would have hay rides with his wagon and he loved to drive the tractor. Then SIL and her hubby would have a bonfire and a huge pot of soup beans going. After the rides we would have hot chocolate, beans and hot dogs. We all were younger than and could sit on logs around the fire....was a good time. The kids still talk about those nights.

Well, I did manage to walk some this week, but it was chilly a couple days. Today I walked twice as it was sunny. I mentioned earlier about my ears, and I think the meds. are kicking in. Feel some better. Today I got the best news....the nodule in my lung did not grow or change at all so they are 100% convinced that it is just a tiny scar tissue. No more x-rays for 1 year and that will be the last if nothing changes. Whew! (this is the lump they spotted when they were x-raying my abdomen last Dec.) I was going every 3 months just to make sure it wasn't anything growing.
I was upset when the Dr. weighed me Tues. and I was up a lot more than I thought possible. Then today this Drs. scales weighed me at what I thought I should be....hello...a 5 pound difference. So, I am up 2 pounds instead of 7. And I will take that because I am on steroids, so I know the weight will be gone when the meds. are done.
Tomorrow DS and his fiance will stop by for a short visit. He arrived Wed. up north to pick her up. They will head West in the afternoon. I pray the trip is a safe one for them. We have driven it many times and it is a long haul. Three days if you stop at night twice. You can make it in two, but I told DH when we did it I would never try that again. It was just too tiring.

I will try to pop in tomorrow for a quick good-by...but if not I will check in from sunny LV this week-end.
Hi to everyone and have a good week-end all.

Now a Fri. night PS....DS and his fiance did stop by briefly. I gave them a rocking chair and a box of his momentos to add to the load they are taking West. Now I am wishing and praying for them a safe trip.

10-28-2005, 11:23 PM
Here's Katie when she was ready for the party tonight:

Here she's hamming it up a bit, lol:

10-29-2005, 12:06 PM
Good morning ladies - I'm back!
Had an extremely stressful week - more than usual. Hubby had a "meltdown" Mon. evening and I was up all night. So the next day at work I was so tired and grouchy. I think it's taken me all week to catch up on my sleep. (If that's possible.)
I haven't done very well this week, I 'm so disappointed in myself. Not drinking the water I should and eating all the wrong things. I know I've gained but I won't even get on the scales. Tomorrow we're going to a buffet with some friends so I know what will happen there. I guess I'll start all over again on Mon.
We really had a hard freeze last night. Everything was white this morning. At least it's sunny. I'm going to put the Christmas lights on all the bushes and fence this afternoon. I try to get this done while the weather is still fairly mild. Of course they won't be plugged in until after Thanksgiving. We had two 6' Blue Spruces planted last year and DH decorated those with the large multi-colored lights, they looked beautiful. Don't know if he will be up to it this year or not.
His son and 2 grandsons are coming over this evening. The kids are 4 & 6 yrs. old and cute - but are pretty "active". My family room is usually a disaster when they leave and it's easier to pick things up myself after they leave!
Went trick-or-treating with my little granddaughter, Chloe the other evening. She was a kitty-cat this year and of course very cute! She, her Mom and I had a good time. :)
I think it's warmed up enough for me to get outside, so I better take advantage of the sunshine!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


10-29-2005, 09:01 PM
Evening Gals---

James & I are getting ready to go out and I thought I would pop in to say hi while he was in the shower.

Sue--How wonderful to have a vacation home!! I would feel so spoiled if we had one!! Have a safe trip over and enjoy your time there!

Jane--Katie looks adorable!!! I LOVE that costume! You did a fantastic job!

Connie--I think the weather is definately changing! We seem to be skipping Fall this year and getting into the COLD winter nights. James saw snow on his way home from Klamath Falls. (about 2hrs away from here)

I did my WI today and was quite pleased! 142lbs. That is my weight when I first started posting on 3FC!! That's a total of 6lbs. Doing my happy dance! :carrot:

Going to change my ticker....

Then get ready for tonight.

10-30-2005, 05:56 PM
Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. I think I need to tend to my house and do some "Spring" Cleaning!!

Just thought I would say hello.....I'll check in later to see if anyone has stopped in.

I believe James would like to use the computer now...............

Until Later on....

10-30-2005, 05:59 PM
Thanks Marti. And a big WOOHOO for the weight loss!!! :cp: How was your evening out with James? Hope you had lots of fun.

Neal, Katie and I have spent most of the day in Evansville, at the mall. I let Katie pick out some things she wanted for Christmas, and I have to say I'm glad that's over. Went in about 7 or 8 "teen fashion" clothes stores, then she ended up buying the most at Penney's, lol.

The grandkids are all coming trick or treating in a little while. Can't wait to see them all, and of course I've got bags of goodies ready for them. They'll be the only kids who come around, since we live so far out.

Better run.

:lol: :lol: Happy Halloween :lol: :lol:

10-30-2005, 06:09 PM
Well it's Sunday evening already! This weekend sure went fast, but I guess they always do. I got the Christmas lights on all the bushes yesterday. I didn't get the fence done, but I will. It seems like I can never have enough lights, I like lots and lots. Last year there was snow on the bushes and the lights were shining through the covering of snow and it looked so pretty! Went to a wonderful buffet today with some friends. I ate way too much but it sure was good. Then we took in a movie. We hadn't seen them for a while, she has been battling cancer and hasn't been feeling well, but she's a lot better now and wanted to get out for some fun. We all had a really nice day.
I'm starting to prepare my meals to take to work tomorrow, I just have to lose this weight. I feel lousy. Any tips/encouragement??

Enough whining, time to go. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


10-31-2005, 03:28 AM
Hello...we arrived in LV yesterday and have been busy getting the house opened up and cleaned. It is nice and sunny...hooray! I got my new server info on the computer and this old one is working better than the one I have at home in IN. Of course, that one didn't start acting up until it was out of warranty, so I will have to find someone to fix it for me when we get back there.
We are pretty tired, and our bodies are wondering what the heck is going on. Not much sleep Fri. night, early a.m. flight and then the time change this we have pretty confused body clocks. It takes a few days for me to get up to speed after traveling. The good news is that I have been able to eat properly and we have exercised plenty. I am anticipating being able to eat right...the fruit out here is fantastic.

Talk to ya'll soon.

10-31-2005, 04:29 AM
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