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10-19-2005, 01:52 AM
A new house. How exciting. My only regret in building our house is we didn't make it bigger. I'm not talking more rooms ... just bigger rooms. My family kind-of grew. Went from 4 to 10 ... so now I wish I had made my living room, dining room and kitchen all larger. It's great when it's just hubby and me or us and another couple, but when we have all the kids ... and at Thanksgiving and Christmas when everybody is here - it's crowded. We've talked about going out where the deck is and making a great room with a kitchen in one end and storage underneath and then turning the kitchen into an office for the business. It could work ... maybe some day.

I'm still hurting really bad. It's so warm here. Going to be in the high 80s tomorrow. Then it's supposed to turn cold and rain by the weekend so I'm not expecting the pain to get any better.

Mima ... still working on that wedding I see. When is it anyway? I'll bet you'll be glad when that is over and you're in FL!

Yes, pets can be a pain but I sure do love my Sami! But at the same time I'm sooooooooo glad to be rid of Nika. I swear that dog was ******ed. (I never thought that was two words I'd use in the same sentence ... dog and ******ed!) :p Joanne ... what kind of dog do you want?

Anne ... I agree ... It would be awesome if we could all get together somewhere. I'm thinking a nice five or six bedroom cabin with a fireplace and a hot tub up in the mountains of TN ... around Pigeon Forge. We could go to the Dixie Stampede one night.

My church is in revival this week ... every night at 6:30. I'm tired!!! Ed Bruce sang for us tonight. Anybody remember him? He was on Maverick ... James Garner's Co Star, He was the sheriff on Fire Down Below ... the Steven Segal movie, He was the "Tennessean" if anybody remembers back that far, He hosted "Route 66" and played on a lot of shows like Walker Texas Ranger and other TV shows plus he wrote a lot of songs. He wrote "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys." He got saved and is now writing Christian Music. He sings for us from time to time. He's pretty good.

I gotta go to bed ... really tired. I think my blood is low again. Have a good Wednesday.

10-19-2005, 06:48 AM
Nice to hear from you Meme. The wedding is Saturday and the party is Sunday. Going to get the napkins today. There is a category 5 hurricane in the Gulf and it's projected to hit FL. Maybe we won't have a house to go back to. Just kidding but I am sure everyone is worried, including Joanne. Too soon to tell. I had a nice walk with my aunt yesterday and she bought me lunch AGAIN! Today I am going to the tea room with a couple of friends. Tammy, it's confusing to know what you need in a house. I moved to a small condo and set out a buffet for 14 people and got it to work. Here we have a great room and 3 other rooms that are small. We can have big parties in there. And seat 10 if we need to. My daughter went back with her old boyfriend for 5 days but realized he hadn't changed a bit. Hope she got him out of her system. Brad's coughing is making me lose sleep. He waits too long to take the Nyquil becasue he doesn't want to take it. Bye for now. Mima

Joanne D
10-19-2005, 12:50 PM
Meme- SOMETIMES, I think it would be nice to have a small dog. We don't have a fenced yard and I wouldn't leave one outside here anyhow.My hubby says no still.It would just be more work for me.They do let you know when someone is around.
Tammy- Hope you find the house you like. Ours is 2 bedroom and one bath. We always said when the kids left it would be big. Well don't count on it. I need much more room. We will be about 12 for Thanksgiving. My dining area is real small. We will have to use two tables or set out food and let them sit where they want. ..
Mima- Wilma has messed up my plans for coming week. We were going away but the time to leave is up in the air now..Have a good time at the wedding. Tell your daughter men don't change,sometimes just get worse.
Hello all...Joanne

10-19-2005, 03:03 PM
We built our house ... I drew the plans. I made the kitchen small on purpose because I had been on crutches so much before and even in a wheel chair. I made a corner sink with the dishwasher right next to it on one side and the stove on the other side ... fridge next to the stove and then a 9 foot bar across from all that. A pantry going all the way to the ceiling next to the fridge and cabinets all under the bar and, of course all around everything else. The stairway goes behind the bar and it's open over the bar ... there's a ledge over the bar between the bar and stairway and I have my aquarium, plants and the TV there. It sounds big but it's long and narrow so I can navigate with a minimum of steps when I can't walk. I can seat 4 or 5 at the bar (it wraps around and drops down to a desk at the end) and then it opens into my dining room where I can seat 8 more. Then that opens into the living room where I can seat 8 more if we want to eat in our laps or on TV trays. I have used a card table but I don't like to ... too crowded with the kids. I have a lot of room in the basement. I have let the kids eat down there before, I have a huge room down there with a couch, love seat, table and 6 chairs, stove, fridge and TV. I just don't like having to clean up the mess. We just remodled everything 3 years ago ... put in all new flooring and those stainless steel appliances and painted everything ... I'd almost as soon as built again. What a job that was.

Joanne, you have to do like me and ask yourself just how old you will be when this dog will be getting ready to die. Most dogs live to be at least 15. That would make me 73 ... probably, at the rate I'm going now, unable to take care of an ailing dog. I really would like to have another poodle. I was thinking of trying to replace Nika with a SANE puppy that (hopefully) is not ******ed ... but when I started thinking about going through the potty training all over again and then thinking about how old I'd be when SHE started getting old & sick ... I changed my mind. They need so much care, especially at the beginning and the end. If I could get one already potty trained and calmed down and it would live about 10 or 12 years and then just die ... but what's the chances of that? I guess I'll just stick with Sami. She's trained and she loves me unconditionally. She isn't an inside dog (except in the basement when the weather is extreme) but she would lay down and die for me. She doesn't have to be penned up, just stays here on our property when whe are gone. We can leave for the weekend and just leave her here by herself. We leave her food and have one of the kids or in-laws come feed her the next day and she's still here "guarding" the place when we come back. She stays on our covered, 50' front porch. Hubby "fenced" it in for her (put up rails and a gate) and put a huge dog house on it. We only close the gate when it's pouring the rain ... she like to get out and 'play' in it! :p Or, sometimes, when the coyote are howling ... I lock the gate at night, I get afraid for her. She is spoiled ...

I miss Candice.

Joanne D
10-19-2005, 08:54 PM
Meme- I will be 73 in March.. And you are right dogs take a lot of care.. The last one we had 14 yrs. He was blind ,incontanant, deaf and had arthritis when we had him put to sleep. I could not go through that again. Too much work.
Hello everybody Joanne

10-19-2005, 09:49 PM
Meme, since Tim is our only child, even when he is married and has kids, this place should be big enough for gatherings. The largest room is a combination living room/dining room. Just off of it is the Florida room to the back and the kitchen to the side. Your house sounds great. Maybe we can just come to your place for a get-together!!!

Mima, I don't like taking Nyquil. When I take it, I shiver. Bob and Tim stand and watch. It's embarrassing!

Our dog will be 12 in January. Some days he seems to be hurting, but other days he's as frisky as ever. Bob really doesn't want to take him to the new house. I don't know if I can stand not to take him.

10-19-2005, 11:20 PM
Joanne ... well, there you go then. I guess you just answered your own question. You would be between 85 and 88 when having to go through all that again with another dog. That would be really rough.

And, Tammy, I guess you just answered you own question about the house. Big enough for your family even when it grows. Boy ... am I a good counselor or what? :lol:

Happy Canuk
10-20-2005, 02:20 AM
Meme, I live in a 1150 sq. ft. condo and I have had over 20 people here for dinner without a problem. I can only seat 12 at my table and three or 4 at the counter bar, so if we are more than that, we do a buffett. I have lots of seating area in my living room. I wouldn't mind having another bedroom, as I only have 2, but then again, it is only for a few times a year, when both my kids come and stay over, with their families.

I don't know if I told you guys, but I am going to be a grandma again-in May. It is time for a new baby, and I am quite excited. This will be my sons first biological child.

Joanne - leave the dog and enjoy your retirement. Freedom has a certain quality to it :lol: Hope that hurricane Wilma doesn't come your way.

Tammy - we built our home as well. My hubby had the plans drawn up. It was about 1750 sq. ft. and I always had a lot of room. Downsizing was the best!!!

Mima - not much longer before you leave for Florida. Glad you are home and safe right now.

Well, that's it for tonight. Catch you later.

10-20-2005, 06:08 AM
If it wasn't for the wedding, we would be in FL right now and I sure would be worried. We have to watch and wait to leave next WEd. Life is what happens while you are making other plans. One scenario has that hurricane coming this way. But we live very far from the Cape!!We will have to make sure nothing can blow around. I hope Mike is ok first of all!! Brad says he wouldn't buy again if something happened to our house. It survived Charlie with very little damage so there is hope. One day at a time. We had a lovely lunch at the Tea Room. Pumpkin and Squash soup. tea, a scone, and apple crisp for me. I also went and got the printed napkins and they are nice. Mima

10-20-2005, 01:49 PM
Well, it's a good thing I like my house because I'm stuck with it probably until I die! ha I have a 'lift' to go up and down to the basement and have the downstairs to slop over to when I need the extra room ... have my piano room down there when I need to get away from hubby! ;) And he has his garage down there when he needs to get away from me! :p Also, we can send the kids down there to the big room with all the toys and the TV when we can't stand THEM anymore! :lol: So it works out good with 2 floors. Our house isn't huge by any means ... the rooms aren't that big at all ... I've often wished we had made them bigger.

I dread the weekend - it's supposed to get cold and rain. If I hurt any worse than I'm already hurting I think I'll just take some sleeping pills and sleep through 'till next week. Maybe that's a good idea ... the bears have it right - just hibernate through the yucky weather!

Happy Canuk
10-20-2005, 02:15 PM
Good morning. This is ME today - I have a headache that doesn't want to leave - feels like sinus trouble to me, but could also be from my neck.

Meme - I hope you don't have too much MORE pain with the change of the weather. At least here, it is now consistently in the 40's during the day but soon, we will be into the 30's and the rest I am NOT ready to think about :lol: It is the darn humidity that causes me the most pain, NOT the cold. I actually feel pretty good when it is really cold, as far as pain goes.

Mima - I hope that storm loses some ground in the next little while. My goodness, I would be scared to death. Never been around a hurricane, and only two tornados that touched a place where people actually live. Usually, they hit out in the open fields. Never even knew we had such a thing until 20 years ago!!!!

Here's a cutie for you

10-20-2005, 03:04 PM
Oh thanks, Anne ... I LOVE THAT! It just fits me so! I haven't snapped yet but I'm just on the verge! I was a little late mailing my Capital One payment last month ... I have it for when I want to buy something on the internet. Well, lo and behold, I noticed the dummies went up on the interest to TWENTY-SIX percent this month. Just because I forgot to mail the payment ... ONE TIME! (it's just my alzheimers - actually that's when all that was going on with my face being numb, etc.) I've had that card since 2001! I started to just cut it up but I snapped! I called them just now and told them if they didn't lower the interest rate back down I was going to cut up the card and start using my Discover card ... and they did. Boy did that make me feel better! Girl power!!!

Happy Canuk
10-20-2005, 03:42 PM
Hey Meme, good for you. They sure aren't wanting to loose clients NOW. Those interest rates are outrageous! I pay mine every month, but I sure feel sorry for those that can't. I haven't snapped YET, but I am draggin :lol:

10-20-2005, 04:06 PM
Anne, congrats on the grandbaby!! Loved the snapdragon!! Wow, can I relate to that!!

Meme, it is cold and rainy here today. I am so glad that I called for a sub and stayed home today. I slept most of the time. Bob was off today, so it was nice eating lunch together. Way to go on the credit card! My brother did that once, and they lowered the rate when he called them.

We're going to sit down tonight and make decisions about Tim's senior pictures. They are all so good, but we really do need to decide and get back with the photographer (even though he is my cousin). He did a great job. Not a bad one in the bunch. Craig said that Tim was an easy one to do.

10-21-2005, 07:35 AM
I guess he's a handsome boy!! The storm is supposed to lose strength when it gets to FL-good news. Well, the bride called up last night and said her mother had bought SUNFLOWERS to put on the table. This is after we worked with a color scheme of lilac, blue and green. And Angela made centerpieces to match. Back to a redneck wedding. I must have been upset because I dreamed I was about 4 hours late for the reception and I had all the stuff. So theyw ere waiting and didn't know where I was. Don't get me wrong, I think sunflowers are beautiful but you would plan a different color scheme. What will change tomorrow?? I am getting a manicure and pedicure this morning. Bye Mima

10-21-2005, 08:09 AM
Good Morning All..........
The weather here in Maryland is rain.........hard rain...It is just the tip of what is to come. With the weather and having Fibro I wonder how each of you deal with the pain..??? I sure rely on my pain meds...and it helps most of the time..
I am getting stiff as we speak........Hope your having a painfree day..

Joanne D
10-21-2005, 03:29 PM
Mima- What a enteresting relationship that is going to be with the mother of the bride..It looks like a contest of wills already..We are still watching the weather to see where Wilma is going. It has already ruined my trip to N/Fl. We were going today. Now it looks like it may not be till tuesday. My hubby will not leave till he sees Wilma on the other side of Fl.
Meme- It sounds like you have a great house.I guess I need to get rid of a lot of my things I have pack ratted away.Then I would have more room.You are right about the dog..I don't need it at this time..
Happy -40 degrees! That is what we get on cold days here.Great about the new G/baby.. I wish it were me. I guess all I can look forward to G/Grandchildren. Of course it will be awhile yet. Both of my G/children are still in college.
Tammy- It has been so long since I looked at school pictures! Last night our son brought a CD of his wedding. We all sat around smiling and shedding a few tears. It is very nice.God did indeed bring him a great wife. He so deserved to be happy. He waited over 20 years to remarry.It is unlikely they will have any children. That makes me a little sad. He would have been a great father. She has 2 almost grown. He is 47 and she is 44. I can understand her not wanting to try again.
Back to the weather program. Later...Joanne

10-22-2005, 12:03 AM
Barb, welcome! I also am pretty achy with the cool wet weather too. I just got home from a football game, and I took medicine right when I walked in the door.

News about the house. The owners of the house that we bid on have decided not to sell! I couldn't believe it. We're supposed to look at another house tomorrow on the same street.

Happy Canuk
10-22-2005, 01:14 AM
Hi everybody.

Wecome Barb, to our thread. I have OA and FM and find the humidity is the killer. Not much you CAN do about it, but hope it passes. I live in Western Canada, so mostly, it is a dry climate. The cold of winter actually leaves me feeling better than any other time. It can get to 30 below zero, but it is dry as a bone and that = NO PAIN. The past few winters have been warmer than usual, and this winter is supposed to be warm with lots of blizzards and snow, so that = humidity = pain! Not looking forward to it, for sure.

Tammy - sorry to hear that the people decided NOT to sell. Perhaps the house you look at tomorrow will be the one for you. It isn't easy to find the perfect house, that is for sure.

Joanne - stay safe and I sure hope that you are not in the line of this hurricane. I just don't know how you stand it, one right after the other. It is just sad to see everybody lose everything they own.

Well, I am going back to work. I have been feeling pretty good the past year - have a few ups and downs, but mostly good. I am going to go do some data entry at the Lab (where you get your blood work and tests done). It will be 4 hours a day Mon. thr Fri. Looking forward to it. The best part is, I get to wear scrubs, so it will be like going to work in my PJ's :lol: I start on the 31 Oct. It is a temp. postion at the moment and ends in June. I sure hope I can do this. It isn't just sitting so I might be just fine.

Everybody have a nice weekend. It is my daughter's birthday today, and she , and her family are coming here for the weekend. Probably won't be around until Monday.

10-22-2005, 01:54 AM
Welcome to the Fibro thread Barb ... we're glad to have you. Friendly bunch, one and all. (If a little crazy at times ... all but me that is!) :p I live in TN (Nope ... not a Redneck Mima ... wouldn't use sunflowers with lilac, blue and green ... YUCK!)

Tammy ... sorry about the house but you will probably find a better one. All things work together for our good and I firmly believe that! Let us know what the next one looks like.

Good luck with the job Anne. I hope it works out for you. One of my best friends is going to work at the hospital ... delivering trays to the rooms. She's so excited. My daughter works in administration at the hospital and helped get her in. She said once you get on there unless you do something really bad you have a job forever because they hardly ever fire anyone. My friend's husband is disabled ... he's already had 6 back surgerys so it's about time she got a break. She needs a job where she can get some good insurance for him.

Joanne ... sorry you missed your trip but I sure hope you miss the storm brewing over you! I think I might be wanting to run the other way right now! If your son's wife has 2 children nearly grown, maybe he will get to make a great grandfather someday!

Gotta get in the bed, long, cold, rainy weekend coming up with lots to do in pain and misery.

10-22-2005, 06:40 AM
Good morning-they are not sunflowers, they are small. I guess bride doesn't know names of flowers. I don't expect to have much of a relationship with bride's mother-but we do have one with the father, who is a good guy. But they do not have a good relationship-I know too much about them. We offered to pick up church expenses and found out it will be $450. At least we found out yesterday. We are not members yet. We are also concerned that there won't be enough food but found out step-father of the groom was worried too and is making a lot of it. Well, today is the church wedding and it should be nice-and it's not going to rain til later. I need to concentrate on that. And the spiritual part. There will be lots of people that never go to church so I hope it will be a good witness. All this other stuff is not important. I heard it said once to ask if on the day you die, will any of this really matter. Too bad about the house Tammy but there will be a better one. Your job sounds exciting Anne. gee Meme-can you fly up to sing? Should have told you before. I am learning so much about what not to do. Mima

10-22-2005, 05:36 PM
Yep ... you should have asked ahead. I could have been your "Wedding Singer" ... high on Darvocet! It's definitely a Darvocet weekend!!! :p

We just had to go to Lowes and buy a new grill ... I hate having to do that this late in the year but we have two weekends of grilling out ahead ... friends this weekend for my best friends surprise BD party here tomorrow - we're grilling ribs - and the kids next weekend for hamburgers and hotdogs ... and our grill has burned completely out. Hubby bought new racks for it back at the beginning of the summer and we thought we could make it through one more year but the bottom burned out. It was a big one with a burner on the side. They just don't last very long. He got one with cast iron racks this time ... maybe it will last longer. It's a big one with a burner on the side, a drawer and the bottom is enclosed with doors in the front. It has a rotisserie rack, too. We have 3 gas tanks ... That way if the power goes of, we can just use the grill for everything.

It has turned off cold and is supposed to rain tomorrow and I'm hurting so bad I'm dying. Working on getting my nasty house cleaned for the BD party tomorrow. YUCK ... dust allergies ... I'm crying. I need one of those vacuum systems in the walls that suck out all the dust ... the dust in my house would probably clog it up.

(I just opened a Dove Choc. that has the little saying in the wrapper ... it said "Hey, Why Not?" Now ... that could mean ... why not get back to work, why not just sit here, why not have another chocolate, or why not just go to bed! ... Hmmm ... :dunno:

10-22-2005, 05:39 PM
Hey ... thought you might like to know I decided the "Why Not" meant have another chocolate ... the next wrapper said "Don't Think About It So Much!!! :lol: :p

10-22-2005, 08:34 PM
House News!!! The one we looked at today is 1/2 of a double. The other one was a single house. Anyway, this one is right next door to the first one! WE LIKE THIS ONE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word! I couldn't believe it. The floor plan is nicer than the first one. This has a breakfast bar in the kitchen so we wouldn't have to use the dining room all the time. The Florida room is nicer because it is more cutoff from the rest of the house, more privacy. The porch isn't enclosed, but we can do that. It needs paint and maybe new carpet, but we put a verbal bid on it with our realtor. Hope we get it!!!

10-23-2005, 06:51 AM
Hey tammy-that's good. I hope you get it. Even though the groom was later than was said and the bride's family forgot the flowers for the church and had to go back to get them, the ceremony was nice. I love that Pastor. He evem directed what shots we should photogaph. When he got to groom's parents, he was a little mixed up because I am not brett's mother, but he figured it out fast. Then we went to eat. My daughter was disturbed because as soon as they got their food, they started to eat and not wait for grace and everyone else. But I am sure i knew that would happen. Except the bride and groom knew. Brad was taken aback because his ex-wife called him moneybags, Her husband, who picked up the check, has a gambling problem, hence they have a money problem. Oh well. I was very nice to her. Then I went home and took a nap and made the cream puffs and another pan of macaroni, sauce, and cheese. And the I saw Signature Sound on the Gaither hour. What a treat that was!!!!!!!!!!!So now back to waiting for the hurricane, My daughter is coming to church with me and then we are going to go set up tables. And then I will come home to get dressed up. Again. Have fun at your party Meme-sounds like a nice grill. I am glad about your house Tammy. Hi Joanne-Anne. and Freeto be. Mima

10-23-2005, 04:28 PM
Mima, did you cry at the wedding? I think I've cried at every wedding I've been to except mine!!

Anne, good luck with the job!! I have quite a few friends who are going into new jobs right now. I guess I did too by switching grade levels!! lol

Meme, the grill sounds great. We have a gas grill and a charcoal grill. The gas one is so handy, but Bob is a charcoal man. As for the Why not? I think it is Why not have another chocolate and go take a nap!!!!!! I just read what the 2nd wrapper said! Oh my! Too funny!!!

I remember attending a wedding years ago before I attended church regularly. They did communion. I had no idea what they were doing, and I felt so lost. It wasn't long after that that we started attending. Maybe that was a spur in my side to get me going. I think that has happened to others after a wedding.

I need to go to school and work on grade cards. This year is the first time that we've done them on the computer. I would much rather sit in the recliner or at the kitchen table to do them.

10-23-2005, 09:34 PM
Hi Everybody! It's been a while. Feel like I'm being sucked into the abyss. Fatigue is crushing me like a bug. I haven't been able to drive for two years, and unable to work for almost one year. Have filed for disability, and am being sent to more doctors than when I was first diagnosed. Neurologist is offering some hope, and tomorrow I complete a neuropsych evaluation for a memory clinic program. Fibrofog is my scariest symptom, as I have almost no ability to concentrate (the fibro or the fibro meds, probably a mixture). I have a bunch of other health problems (sleep apnea, arthritis, morbid obesity, high blood pressure, lung/sinus problems, prediabetes, spinal disc problems, depression?)

The weather change is killing me, and I'm hoping the cold will not dampen my enthusiasm for the warm water exercise program at our health care center (amazing - I wish lived closer, I'd go every day)

Don't remember where I was headed with this post, but just wanted to say hi, and vent a bit, and try to find a little inspiration.

10-24-2005, 08:08 AM
Hi back!! The hurricane is hitting below us-and my son but they are still getting clobbered. Hope you are ok Joanne-funny thing is that it's coming up this way tomorrow. Not a hurricane though.
I didn't cry at the wedding-I get full of joy-but when Brett danced with his new 4 year old step-daughter. I felt something. Reception went well. Ther was way too much food and they called a home for ******ed to pick it up. great idea-that included 3 dishers that I mad which we didn't have to use. I am so glad it went to good use. Most of Brad's stepchildren were there-they are so nice!!! I am glad you said that about church, Tammy. Brett said Angela's parents apologized to each other-they have a very stormy marriage.
I think we won't leave til Thursaday-that is if we will have electricity by Sat. Gives me more time. Flu shots this morning! Mima

Joanne D
10-24-2005, 12:42 PM
Hello Everybody..I will be gone for the next week.. Going to N/Fl.
Mima- Everything good here. Breezy but little rain. That is what we really needed here in Tampa bay.
Kaplods -Try to look at the bright side.. Work on your diet and getting healthy. We all have been down at times.
Tammy- My daughter has been doing plans etc. on the computer for some time. She uses her laptop and sits in her recliner to do her work.
Meme-Stay well. Hello Happy...Joanne

10-24-2005, 02:50 PM
Kaplods ... just take it one day, one step, one meal, one exercise at a time. You didn't gain the pounds all at once and they won't come off all at once. You didn't get all the disease at once and they won't get better all at once. I think we all expect too much when we first start a new program and then we get dissatisfied because things aren't going fast enough. We need to just keep plodding along, even if you slid back a little a day or two, get right back on the program you set for yourself and keep going. If you can lose a pound or 2 a week that will be AT THE LEAST 52 pounds a year ... as opposed to gaining a pound a week ... that's a difference of 104 pounds a year. When you look at it like that a pound a week doesn't sound so bad! Just minor modifications will cause you to lose that much. Just think what you could do if you really tried! Fried foods, sugar and white flour are the big culprits. If you want to lose big, cut down on those. Start out by drinking a Boost every morning ... that will give you added energy that you need without all the added fat. Eat more protein ... in the form of lean meat, eggs, fish, etc. Add green tea throughout the day, it's an antioxidant and will help clean out your whole system and make you feel a lot better ... and from what you just said you could benefit from a whole lot of green tea! ;) It's good for everything that 'ails' you! I have a lot of the same things you have and I found out that foods hurt me A LOT! Start watching what you eat and how you hurt afterward. You probably have a lot of the same food allergies I have. Most people with Fibro and Arthritis hurt worse after eating foods with a high content of white flour and sugar. I also notice a flare up of IBS after eating a lot of sweets or fried or greasy foods. I have to be careful about eating stuff with certain kinds of mayo, too. The list is long but I've learned it well. Oh, I have my occasional 'fling' ... but I know I'll pay afterward ... and it usually wasn't worth it! If you do this and just generally move around more the weight should start to fall off at first. Then, after a few weeks, you HAVE to give yourself a break ... if not, your body will adjust itself to your new eating regeme and start conserving calories. I know that sounds dumb but that's what it does. It slows down your metabolism to a crawl because it 'thinks' you are starving it ... so it just shuts down. What you have to do, when you stop losing, is eat a little more. Not a lot ... just a little ... and just for a few days. Then go right back to what you were doing. Then, you'll see, you'll begin to lose big again. It works, I have friends who I've help to lose a lot of weight this way ... give it a try!

Joanne, have a nice vacation. It is soooo cold here. 44 degrees right now ... at noon. I have the heat on for the first time this year. I hate the cold!

Mima, glad the wedding went good. Bet you're glad it's over and you can get on down to warmer weather. I'm confused ... did they have the reception a long time after the wedding that you went back home first or was that something different you went to?

Tammy ... see, I told you that other house would be better ... Hope you get it. If not, there might be something even better waiting around the corner, who knows!!! Is this other house bigger than the first one? I'm excited. You're going to have to make some pictures if you get it.

I'm just trying to "Not Think About It So Much" today! :lol:

10-24-2005, 03:43 PM
Thanks for the pep talk MEME, it really helped. I created a Health Journal/Goal Checklist to complete every day. I think it will not only help me stay focused, but to record diet/behavior/health/pain issues that will help me find patterns. I already know that weather changes cause flares, and some foods do as well (I also have to avoid too much processed foods, but likewise too much dietary fiber from fruits and veggies also hits me pretty hard). Moderation, I'm not very good at it. Again, I think the journal will help, in this regard, hopefully I'll be able to "catch" myself getting too far astray. I know a good deal of my fatigue is due to the weather changes, and once it gets cold and stays cold my energy level will stabilize, but I feel like I could hibernate until spring (which unfortunately sounds really good to me, right now).



10-24-2005, 09:43 PM
Colleen, I understand the fatigue! And the cold wet weather has really been doing a number on me. I hurt so bad even with the meds. Take it easy, and take it one step at a time.

Joanne, a laptop would be a great idea. I know quite a few of the teachers have them. I tried to use one once and I think my fingers aren't coordinated enough to use it. lol

Mima, having the extra food go to someone who could use it was a wonderful idea.

Meme, I thought about what you said when I realized that I liked the 2nd house better. It is 200 more sq. feet than the first one. Not much, but every little bit helps.
Our realtor called today and we are meeting with her tomorrow after school to write up a contract that hopefully they will approve (since they've pretty much approved the verbal one). I think I'm excited but I'm too tired to know!!!

10-25-2005, 02:56 AM
The weather hurts me a lot, too. It hurts us all! Just something else we have to work through. The thing is, we all know what hurts us and we know what we can and can't do about the things that hurt us. We just have to do the best we can from day to day. But a lot of times we do things to ourselves that hurt us like letting our eating get out of hand and then sit around and feel sorry for ourselves ... we get depressed and eat more and all the wrong things when we know better ... vicious cycle ... and then we blame all of it on the Fibro or the arthritis.

My best friend had a BD yesterday and I had BD cake etc. So, between that and the weather I'm hurting expecially bad today! It's fibro and arthritis, yes but I didn't help it any! :p Back to Boost and green tea and eating right today!

10-25-2005, 07:17 AM
Wheat makes me ache-and dairy! PTL-Our house is unscathed!! Mike lost some trees. Now we need electricity. We are having a bad storm here too. It could even snow-high winds. Another PTL-Angela says her father is going to go to church. Brad has been talking to him for a while. Who knew that his daughter would marry Brad's son. The wedding was Saturday and the party was on Sunday. And I am sure glad it's over. But the bride and groom had fun. You can't have a lot of fun yourself when you are doing all the work. If anyone wants to have a wedding that way, talk to me. We even had to clean up. By then my body was screaming pain. 2 more days-if we get electric!!! Glad you are ok Joanne. Collen-I see you have a hard road-the journal is great!! One day at a time. Sometines one hour. Mima

10-25-2005, 01:17 PM
Thanks Mima - yes the journal will be a big help as long as I use it. I started using a health journal in August of 2004, when I first began realizing that my fibro and other health problems were getting worse, and I was hoping to find some pattern other than the weather which I couldn't control. I kept at it for a couple months, and then when we moved to Wisconsin fell off the journaling wagon - although I lost 20 lbs without really trying - being more active and not being near a vending machine I think.

I started up again when I realized I was going to need to file for SSDI, but have been hit or miss about journaling. It seems I don't feel like writing on my best and worst days. Then my husband suggested that I work off a daily schedule to help me see what I've accomplished (the fibrofog was getting so bad, I couldn't focus on anything). I decided to incorporate a daily goal checklist, a food journal, and a health journal (a pain chart, symptom checklist, medication list....). I adapted it from Memory Minder Personal Health Journal that I had bought in 2004.

I've begun using it like I did my Day Planner when I was working. Seeing it that way seems to help me use it everyday, not just the days I feel like it.


Happy Canuk
10-25-2005, 06:08 PM

Mima - glad the wedding is over and that all went well. Sounds like nobody was really in control of it. When I planned my daughters wedding it was so easy. There were only the two of us having imput. So, you will soon be off. I hope you don't get snow. Heavens, even I haven't had any snow yet. It is close, but hasn't arrived here, thank goodness.

Meme - Glad you got yourself a new BQ. We have a gas BQ as we are not allowed to have charcol or propane here. Anyway, we like it a lot, as we never run out of fuel :lol: I hope you are feeling better.

Colleen - The fatigue is the killer if you ask me. I have been fighting that myself for a very long time, but part of it is from chronic yeast. I have now found something that helps with that, and have been feeling really quite well. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to diet when you are so fatigued, as your body is literally SCREAMING for fuel - sugar or starch!!! I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. The answer for me, was with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. I have been getting better and better now for a couple of years - and now I will start a part-time job on Monday.

Candice - if you are around and reading, please know that I think about you often and hope you are feeling better.

Joanne - I guess you won't be reading for a bit either as you are now gone away. Glad the hurricane didn't reach you.

Tammiy - Gosh, I hope this house deal goes through for you. Is it an attached house - like a Duplex
The one we looked at today is 1/2 of a double.

Well girls, I am going to post some pictures from my recent trip.

Happy Canuk
10-25-2005, 06:14 PM

These were from our trip to the mountains with my internet buddy, when she was here visiting. She is from Georgia, and she DID see snow as we went through the mountains. It was a wonderful trip and I did so enjoy meeting her.

10-25-2005, 08:22 PM
Meme, I think I asked before, but is the Green Tea in bottles (like pop bottles) a good kind to drink? I'm not fond of tea at all, and I've tasted the sugar free kind and it wasn't bad.

Mima, so glad about your house being ok!!

Colleen, I'm awful when it comes to journaling. I'll start, do it for a few days, then stop.

Anne, yes it is a duplex. The 2 car garages are side-by-side toward the front. Behind that a bathroom and a bedroom are back to back with the neighbor. Very well insulated throughout, so sound from the neighbor shouldn't be a problem. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

10-25-2005, 08:36 PM
Me Too Tammy, but I'm trying to stay committed.

I'm not normally a tea fan either, but I found a good way to start drinking it. I love Crystal Light's and Walmart brands Peach tea, and so I started making other flavors at home. I microwave a cup of water and make a really strong cup of green or black tea.

Then I put the cup of tea into my 2 qt pitcher and make my drink mix as usual. I like lemonade, cherry, and even fruit punch that way.


10-26-2005, 06:49 AM
Tammy-look in the tea section-so many green teas. I drink a cup a day. I have a prayer journal-it is amazing to look back and see how so many things I worried about have been resolved. Now I am praying for the electricity to be restored-especially for Mike. But if we get it first, he can go there and use the computer and cook. They said don't count on it today or tomorrow, I got so much stuff out to leave. Problem is Brad filled up a lot of space with his train stuff and tools. That is a one shot deal. I would also like to have clothes in both places. I could buy them at the thrift store down there!!! My niece found out she is having a girl-she has an absolutely beautiful boy named Evan-Evan 2. Luckily she has adifferent name picked out for the girl-not Alison. My SIL and I would go crazy-now we say "your Evan " or "my Evan".
What gorgeous, breathtaking pictures, Anne!!! Have a great day everyone. Mima

10-27-2005, 07:10 AM
Good morning-I will be traveling for the next few days.Things seem to be ready to go-lots of work especially since Brad filled the trailer with HIS stuff!!! Of well-it will stay there. The electicity seems to be coming back on in Ft Myers. We even goy a gutter guy to put up a gutter when we are not here. We are hoping that will stop some of the water comimg in. Mima Behave yourselves people!!!! When I return I will know if Tammy got her house and a few other things.

10-27-2005, 09:06 PM
Colleen, I may have to try the way you make your tea. Maybe I could stand it that way.

Mima, I'll say hello but you won't be reading for a few days. Hope your trip is safe and uneventful. I can't believe Brad filled the trailer with his stuff!!! Men! You know that we always behave around here!!! lol

The owners of the house made a counter offer and we accepted. It's a couple thousand more than we offered, but it is still cheaper than the first house. I guess we're going to do ok. They have to do a title search and a termite inspection, and then we'll be ready for the closing! We're going to go look at carpet this weekend and decide what colors for the walls. Easier to do things while the place is empty.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday!

10-31-2005, 10:30 AM
Hi!! That's great Tammy. We had a great trip!! Weren't sure we were going to come all the way down but electricity was back on Thurs. night-Mike didn't get his til Sat.ikes-using dialup again-10 minutes to download 3 fatchicks. I ordered a new laptop and it should be here soon. Then I will see if I am going to change to cable. I saw Evan-he looks and acts like Dennis the Menace. But he did remember me. I said Jill could drop him off after I get settled. But then Jessica will be here next Tues night. She is going for her license tomorrow. Pray. I am putting things away slowly.
If we hadn't come right down, we were going through TN and I was thinking of a way to get in touch with Meme. Bye for now Mima

11-02-2005, 11:56 AM
Pretty quiet group here.
Mima, glad you had a good trip.
I'm off of school today, blood tests, etc. at the hospital.

Joanne D
11-02-2005, 08:28 PM
Hi Everybody..It only took mr 45 min. to get on here.. I had a great trip.. We were deep in Fl. woods. We say signs of bear and deer were every where.. I slept in a 40 foot t=r.v. No way in a tent.. Not my style.. I'll be back again if I can get on..Joanne

Happy Canuk
11-02-2005, 11:41 PM
Hi everybody

Mima - glad you made it to Florida. I woke up to a nice blanket of white this morning, but it is now gone. One of these days, it will stick around.

Tammy - hope you are feeling ok. Getting blood work done is the pits. I had to do that today as well - unexpectedly! The job I have is in a lab, and they ran a test for a couple of different things - 3 vials of blood. Yukk!!!!

Joanne - glad to see you back. Sounds like you had a good time.

Meme - hello, wherever you are. Hope you are feeling better.

Well, I started my pt job on Monday. So far so good. Just lots to learn, but it should come quickly. I am not braindead YET :lol: I am fighting a cold, here. Sore throat, running nose, plugged ears. Makes it hard to concentrate, so am hoping next week will be a lot different.

11-03-2005, 08:24 AM
Hi-Like Joanne, it takes too long to get on this site and sometimes I give up. I am on dial-up now-miss that DSL. But I have a new laptop which is very fast . We will see. My son says I can use his backup ISP. WE are settling in!! Good weather-went to the WEd. service at church. Dennis the Menace Evan is coming over this morning for a trial visit. He was so cute on halloween-an engineer, If I could download my pics, I could show you but I left my cd at home, not remembering I have a new computer. $500 for a Dell laptop-last time I pd $11oo. for a lemon. Too funny. Mike never got his power back til Sat night. I told him to get a generator and it turns out FEMA would have pd for it. People next door already got their check. New neighbors-been married 2 months. Good plac to get married when you are older. Hope your tests are ok. Tammy. Bye Mima

11-05-2005, 01:16 PM
The weather is so nice here, you'd think I'd be feeling better, huh? NOT! Trailer business is booming. Sold two carhaulers this week ... both going out today. We need to get some coming in. Can't get the ones we have ordered delivered. Manufacturer said first of the week, hope so, we're about out and need to place another order already. I almost don't mind going out to talk to the yahoos that come to look at the trailers it's so nice outside right now ... we had 4 or five people out there at once this morning ... don't like when that happens. Wish it could stay like this for awhile but winter is a coming. Then I'll be out there shakin' in my boots! :(

I don't have any trouble getting on the site but I have a cable connection. Does it make a difference when there are more pages to open. Like, when we go to 4 or 5 pages, is it harder to open the site? Do they send you email notices when someone has left a message? If not, you should sign up for them to do that and click on the link to bring you right to the last message.

Tammy, when do you get to move?

Anne, did I read somewhere that you just looked at another new place to live or was that a dream or something???

Mima ... what kind of Camara do you have and what kind of software? For example, I have a Kodak and it uses Kodak easyshare software. I don't even use the disk that came with it any more. I download the software that goes with it online now. I just go to the Kodak site online and find the easyshare software and the download is free. You might want to check into that with your camara.

What happened to Colleen?

11-05-2005, 09:32 PM
Joanne, I'm with you on not sleeping in a tent. When I went with the Boy Scouts several years ago to Canada in January, the scouts slept in tents in the park there. Leaders stayed there too. Three of us stayed in the Travel Lodge in town. We're silly, but NOT that silly. We stayed for the evening activities with the kids (bowling one night, hockey game another night), then we headed to the hotel with the bus drivers. They took us back to camp the next morning.

Anne, I hope you are feeling better! I hate to have a cold (or anything for that matter). Hope the job continues to be a good one for you.

Mima, how did Evan do? Too funny calling him D the M.

Meme, we've had some beautiful days also. Last Friday night we froze at our football game, last night I just had a light jacket on. Our team is in the playoffs and last night was the first game. We won!! The other team was ranked higher than we were, so we were thrilled. I still go to the games to do the band announcing.

I haven't been having trouble getting in here. I have dial-up. Weird.

Our house closing is Wednesday at 4:00. We ordered some new furniture that won't be in for 6-8 weeks. In that time, we want to get the house painted. We really aren't in any rush. We'll do it a little at a time. We won't be putting this house up for sale until spring. We figure we will probably be in by the first of the year if everything goes as planned.

Not sure about Colleen. Wish we'd hear from her and all others.

11-06-2005, 05:21 PM
Meme, I went to church with one of my students today. There was a choir there from the Gateway College (?) of Evangalism in St. Louis, MO. The members introduced themselves, and one of the girls was from Cookeville, TN!!!!! I didn't catch her name. I thought of you immediately.

11-07-2005, 07:13 AM
I just lost my post!!! Darn-I hate when that happens -here is he condensed version.
Congrats on the house Tammy-when are you going to sell your other one?
Hi Meme-In the 80's here. I will go to Fuji to see about my camera. Mcafee didn't like my download.
How is the new job Anne?
Hi Joanne,
My stepgrandaughter is coming tomorrow night and all the girls , grandma's, mother and Evan are going up to Disneyworls Thurs. night!! Going to post before I lose it again. Mima

Happy Canuk
11-07-2005, 11:14 AM
Good morning Mima. Hi Tammy, Meme and Joanne.

Mima - glad you got to Florida and that it is nice for you. I went to work Mon., Tue. and Wed and went in Thurs., but they sent me home. I went to the Dr., got on antibiotics and they don't seem to be working very fast. I will have to make a trip to the Dr. this morning again. What a way to start a new job!!!

Tammy - glad you got your house deal settled.

Meme - No, I am NOT moving!!! I started a part-time job. Hope you are feeling a little better.

The weather has been ok here, but not great. It has a winter chill in the air now. Had a skiff of snow one day, but it is gone. Won't be long and we will be into the throws of the season. It is about 24F during the day, and that is cool for this time of year. Should be around 40F.

Hope you all have a good day.

11-07-2005, 11:03 PM
Mima, we will probably be moved around the first of the year. We'll put this one up for sale sometime in the spring I think. One of Bob's aunts passed away last spring. She left Bob some money, so we are able to wait a while before selling this one. We want to do some "clean up" here before we start showing it.

Tonight was the marching band banquet. Tim's last one. I got a bit teary eyed. Such a wimp.

We had meetings all day today. Not very thrilling. I would have much rather been in my classroom.

11-08-2005, 06:19 AM
Good morning-My cousin is waiting to sell her house also-they are moving into a huge house and there will be 4 generations living there. The daughter and husband and 2 baies, my cousin and her husband, and my aunt. Wow!! I finally got into the art class here-I have been on the waiting list since last year. It was worth the wait-what a wonderful teacher. And only $6 a week. I also had a massage yesterday-he worked on me for an hour and a half. My dryer is broken!!! Brad took the clothes to dry while I had the massage so now we have to get a new set. They are very old-I am sure the new one will be more efficient. But I just bought the computer!!!!!!!!Brad says we got the one at home free-from his Mom-so not to worry. I wish we just had one house. But then I don't want to be here in the summer. We are going home for Christmas-Suzanne is so happy. Bye Mima

11-08-2005, 03:41 PM
Mima, wow! That's alot of people in one house. Good thing it's huge!

That's great about the art class. The price sounds good.
We are getting a new washer and dryer when we move. What we have here belonged to my parents. I don't remember how long they had it. I'm sure new ones will be better.

11-09-2005, 08:54 AM
We got a great deal at Sears-it was returned and reconditioned. And it can stack which we want to do later. I have a Maytag stack at home and I love it. Talked to my son last night-he is in Chicago for another week of training. Jessica is here-came in after 10 last night. Ft Myers has an awesome new airport. 2 levels but very easy to maneuver. She did well-today we have to shop for a bathing suit and 2 prs of pants-Capris. Should be fun. And then off to Disney tomorrow. Bye Mima

11-10-2005, 07:08 AM
Good morning-we got the bathing suit after 2 hours-nothing else!! Then we went to Wed. night church-I think Jessica thought she was in a foreign land. Meme-I downloaded a driver from Fuji so I am all set for my didgital camera. DIL has to take semester off from school because she may end up on bedrest. She is a high risk pregnancy. She also has a cyst on her ovary. Well-hope the Disney trip goes well-we have 3 adults and 3 kids. We can get onto the rides easy because Al is in a wheelchair. I think we need 3 adults because of Evan. Hopefully, Al and Jessica can go off by themselves a bit. They grew up going on vacation together. And they were taliking a lot at my house this summer. Be good everyone. Mima

Joanne D
11-11-2005, 04:30 PM
Hey Everybody.. It is still hard to get in here. I cleaned my carpet today.. What a job! I was doing good till I fell on my butt. I will be sore for awhile. I won't have to do this for a year. Thanksgiving is almost here. We are having 14 this time. I am looking forward to lots of help.Then I can think about Christmas. So much work. Everybody stay well...Joanne

Happy Canuk
11-12-2005, 10:40 PM
Hi. Hope everybody is doing ok.

Meme - where are you? You are even worse than me :)

I ended up with Strepthroat and have been on antibiotics for almost 10 days. Tomorrow should finish them off. I have now finished my training at work, and Monday will start on the real thing :dizzy:

Mima - hope you got your new dryer. I have a front loading set by Bosch(they also stack) that I love, but it is at my son's taking up floor space. This place comes with a stacking washer and dryer and they won't let me put mine in here. Hope you had fun at Disney.

We have been having some great weather in this part of the country. Might end up with some snow showers this week, but we shall have to wait and see.

Hope everybody is enjoying the weekend.

11-12-2005, 10:59 PM
Mima, we looked at the stackable washers and dryers today. We also looked at the stacked ones that are hooked together permanently. Is that what you have now? We're not sure what to do. I want to go to Disney!!!!

Joanne, how did you fall? I hope you are feeling better.

Anne, strep throat is the pits! Hope you are feeling better soon too! I've had quite a few of my students out recently with sore throats and fevers.

11-13-2005, 04:53 PM
Hi-Jessica and I have super sorelegs but we had fun at Disney. Lots of rides can accomodate the wheelchair and we don't have to wait. Brad put the dryer up on a shelf and built me stairs so I couldn't use the washer without hurting my back. He is now fixing that. At home I have a Maytag stack attached to each other and all the controls are on the dryer. I love it and I have it in the bathroom. Evan was scared of some things but he would look and cry at the same time. Bye for now. Mima

11-14-2005, 10:50 PM
Glad that Disney was fun! I'm ready to go again.
I think we're going to get a washer and dryer and put them on pedestals that have drawers in them. Storage space!!

It's raining and getting colder. Probably have snow by the end of the week. Snow day off of school????

11-15-2005, 06:28 AM
Snow! It's in the 80"s here. Jess is going home this morning-we had a nice dinner at Mike's last night. Brad put my dryer up and lowered the step for the washer. It takes getting used to. He wanted the space for his trains!! If my back didn't hurt, I wouldn't care. My DIL is going to be baptized in Dec. I wish we could be there!!! But I am sure we willl see the video. PTL. We are going home right after that to get more stuff, even little things like the holder for my eye drops!! Have a good time in your new job. I am going to need one-our health insurance just went up and all the co-payments!!!! Yikes!!!We knew they would have to do something soon. Mima

11-16-2005, 01:23 AM
Anne ... hope your feeling better. I've been feeling pretty bad myself. But I keep on going like everybody else. What choice do we have?

Had Ross and Jenna last week (again). Getting up at 6 to take them to school was the worst part. That and getting Ross to do his homework.

Seems like there is something every day and every night. My son was here tonight working on my computers. I got a new notebook ... needed to network it to my desktop and add spyware and firewalls, etc. plus, I needed spyware on my desktop computer. I've been having some site called place adware on it almost every day and I have to remove it manually. He said he'd come fix them if I'd make him dinner. :p Said he never got any 'home' cooking. ;) He was nearly sick when he left because he ate so much.

Speaking of computers, I got an email from Candice today ... still having computer problems. She can't even sent out email anymore. She sent me mail from a different mail address from what she had been sending mail from. She said she couldn't pull up the 3fc site anymore either.

The rest of this week is completely full for me. Church tomorrow, I've picked up new piano students Thursday, hubby is having a Colonoscopy Friday, I have a shower I have to go to Fri. night and a Thanksgiving dinner I have to help cook at church on Saturday ... then on Sunday it starts all over again with a new week.

11-16-2005, 06:29 AM
Darn-lost my post. I got a 3 wheeler that I bought from a 93 year old man-I can.t ride the 2 wheeler because there are too many stop signs and I have to get off each time ut you don't with a 3 wheeler. I only pd $25 but it needs work. Jessica went home but I can't talk to her because the phone has been disconnected. I hope it,s temporary. I will send her a phone card and have her call me from her grandma's. Alison is going to Boggy Creek, a Paul Newman camp. This getting up at 4:30 is getting old. Mima

11-16-2005, 08:48 PM
Mima, that's neat about the 3 wheeler! Be careful on it. 4:30 is way too early to be getting up.

Meme, glad that you heard from Candice. Wish she was able to get in here and chat with us. You are so busy! Bob and I were saying today that we're ready to be moved so we can sit down and relax. lol Of course, we'll still be busy doing other things.

11-17-2005, 06:46 AM
No such thing as relax. I spent all day doing paperwork-Brad's acct is 1200 over and ours is 500 short. So we are ahead. I need to get back to be more careful. I think I know what happened with the shortage. My back feels better because I am doing stretching for my hamstrings, doc's exercise didn'twork. He's the same doc who wrote the wrong dosage on my script and now I don't have enough so I will have to call. I got the paint to paint my bike-tomorrow, Today is shopping and cleaning. Bye for now-gotta check my accts-it's so great to do it on line!!! Mima

11-18-2005, 06:59 AM
Our acct was 500 over so I gained 1700. Yikes!!! But I will have to keep checking. And Jessica got her phone back. Mima

Joanne D
11-18-2005, 08:19 PM
Hey Everybody- Well a new twist in my Thanksgiving plan and yes I am happy about it. My son decided to take over the day. He is cooking the Turkey with his wife and all the rest of the family are bringing the extras. All the pressure and most of the work is off my shoulders. I am makinging a couple pies and a couple other things. I think my sister Eleni put a bug in their ear that it was time for mama to retire. This might last till Christmas!There won't be 14 people then.My brother was here today working on the computer. I don't think much was done. He said next week he will look at it again.
Have a good weekend. Can you believe we have another storm out there. I doubt it will come to much...Joanne

11-18-2005, 10:36 PM
Mima, I hope you find our where the numbers are wrong. Things like that drive me crazy! I don't have the patience anymore to sit down and figure things out. Glad Jessica has the phone again!

Joanne, I think that's great about everyone pitching in. We did that for years with my parents, and we still know what is "expected" for each person to bring. Makes it much easier for everyone really. Not sure what we're doing about the holidays with us moving. I'm going away with friends Dec. 16-18, then Bob, Tim, and I leave for Georgia on Dec. 21 for a week. I thought we'd try to have a combination Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now we have boxes sitting all over the place. We have to do something though, because this will be the last holiday in the family home. Oh my. When I typed that, I ached inside. I know we are making the right decision to downsize, but this place sure has loads of memories. My parents bought it in 1966.

11-19-2005, 02:27 AM
Yesterday I found out that my SSDI disability has been approved, and I will get my first check just before Christmas, and my back pay shortly after. This has been such a relief, and a Christmas miracle. I can't believe that it was approved at the first appeal. The doctors the state sent me to must have made very favorable reports.

It's been such a stressful wait. I'm hoping I can lose the weight and maybe not have to be on SSDI forever, but it sure is a blessing to know we will be able to pay our outstanding medical bills.

Just had to share the good news.


11-19-2005, 03:09 PM
That is so great. Speaking of money, I was ahead the 500 and the 1200!!!!!!!! Good mistake. I am hoping my son will have Christmas in his new house. We are not going to decorate because we will only be home for a week. Got some shopping done today even though it's80. My son is coming for supper-I am making stew in the crockpot. His family has gone to Al's camp. That will be hard to move, Tammy. I sold my house after 28 years. But now I have a whole new life and 2 houses. We are putting an appt in downstairs in MA and are going to live in it and rent the upstairs!!! Then later we could sell it or not. Mima

11-19-2005, 03:33 PM
Hi Ladies

Wondering if I could join in, fairly new to this group, trying to lose 50 pounds, and exercising, but the pain always stopped me, Kept going to the doc, kept telling me lose weight and feel better, I was sure I had Fibro because both my sisters have it. I am now on a new drug because he is convince NOW that is what I have. But the pain is awful, my question is how do you ladies exercise and cope with the pain, can you make any suggestions on diet or exercise thanks Lynda

11-19-2005, 07:10 PM
Colleen, that's wonderful that it was approved just in time for Christmas! I'm glad that you shared your good news with us.

Mima, I attempted to balance the checkbook today, and I thought of you the whole time that I was doing it. I was off because Bob had written a check but forgot to put it in the check register. Then I found an other subtraction mistake. I was still off a little bit, so I just subtracted the amount to "balance" it. Is that legal? lol

I love my crockpots! I have 2 sizes that I received as wedding gifts 24 years ago. They still work fine. I thought about buying a new pretty one for the new house, but decided that would be silly to spend the money. I'll just buy something else for the house with that money!!

That will be good for you to live in the downstairs apartment and rent the upstairs. Good planning! Nancy, one of our new neighbors, called to chat a while ago! I was so surprised. We met her and her husband last Saturday. I think we will like the new neighborhood. Bob met another one of the neighbors yesterday when he was up there.

Lynda, welcome to the group!!!! Pain isn't good, and we are all dealing with it. Right now with the weather turning colder, I'm not dealing with it very well. The odd thing is, I had lost almost 40 pounds when I was first diagnosed with the Fibro. I still tell my doctor that I felt better before I lost weight. And I'm not kidding! Walking has seemed to be the easiest thing for me to do. When I hurt, I stop. We are planning to join the YMCA after we move, and I know that I'll be using the pool and the whirlpool. When we were on vacation over the summer, I couldn't believe how good I felt when I was in the water.

Stay in touch with this awesome group of ladies. They will give you encouragement and support. I've learned so much since I starting coming to this thread.

11-20-2005, 03:09 AM
I'm so tired. We had our Thanksgiving dinner at church this afternoon ... I baked a 23 pound turkey with stuffing (and an extra huge pan of stuffing), a 5 quart crockpot of creamed potatoes, big bowl of green beans, strawberry salad and banana pudding. Didn't bring back ANY turkey, dressing or potatoes and very little of anything else. We had over 100 people to eat. There was a lot of food ... people just like MY food! ;) Least ... that's what they tell me, anyway ... they may just be saying that to make me feel good! :p I had to sing a "Thanksgiving" song ... sang "Thank God For My Christian Home."

The shower was a total bust ... there were only 10 women there so my friend and I cut out early and met our hubbys in town for dinner. So, it was a nice night Fri. night after all. We went to Cheddars and had a great time! (Can you tell I'm not crazy about showers???) I thought it was kind of lame anyway. It was for a couple who had adopted 2 boys, ages 5 and 7 and the girl and her husband both have been married for a long time, own their own home and make pretty good money. And to top it all off, it was given by her mother, who goes to our church, and when she gave us the invitations, she wrote on the inside to give gift cards from either Wal Marts or LOWES! I asked my friend what THAT was about??? Made no sense to me. Lowes is mostly home improvement. I don't like being told what I have to bring to a shower and that it has to be money. That whole family is weird. We just went in together on the way to the shower and got a $30 gift card ... my friend said at least we didn't have to do much shopping!!! :D

Talked to Candice again. Her FIL died last week. She's still having computer problems, too.

Kaplods ... congratulations on getting your SSDI. That's great. Maybe with some of the stress gone now you can concentrate on YOU! Stress is a funny thing, it often leaves us unable to think straight. Just don't celebrate TOO much! ;)

Welcome Lynda - I DON'T exercise ... can't. And as far as diet goes, I just cut way back on the amount of food I eat. If you don't eat much, you don't gain weight. You may be hungry at first but it'll wear off and you'll settle down to not wanting as much ... just tough it out. You can do it if you set you mind to it. Just depends on how bad you want to look good and feel even better! It's a day to day battle! Just determine every day that you're going to make it through just this ONE day! Then you'll do it. One day at a time. (And you can come in here and gripe like the rest of us do when you need to!) :p

11-20-2005, 07:20 AM
Good morning.I wrote it wrong-the stew was made in the pressure cooker and it was awesome. And late because church got out late!! Bobby is having Christmas in his new house. I can't believe my 3 kids know how to cook. Mike says he learned by necessity but he went to the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park. But the stew was as good as anything he makes. For once. Exercise-I can only do some stretching, walking and swimming and the hot tub is great. They have arthritis classes at the Y-do they have Y's in canada? Mem-I hate showers that tell you what to get. Half the fun is buying a gift. Maybe they were going to add on to the house. Got some shopping done yesterday-where else, Walmart. Does anyone make the sweet potatoes with marsmallows. How do you cook it? One time we put it under the broiler and it burned. We are going to my DIL's mother's. When we are home. I have a lot of holidays!!!!!The secret to having extra money in your checkbook is to forget deposits-not checks-haha!! I actually can't find my mistake. Bye for now. Mima-church at 8!!!

11-20-2005, 03:07 PM
thanks Meme, I appreciate that, cause I feel like griping sometimes, the last couple of days have been terrible, I am just waiting for this new medicine to kick in. I hope it helps, just talking to other people that have it really helps. Driving up to Kingston to see my daughter, she is away at college and she is lonesome, so are mom and dad. Really looking forward to seeing her, so buy for now guys, and again thanks for sharing with me.

11-21-2005, 06:34 AM
Good morning-busy day at church yesterday and we went out to eat after-our other friends are back-it was so great to see them. Then we ate after the 6 o'clock service-I had a sundae at DQ-half my aches come from dairy and wheat. I will be good today-art class this am. More Christmas shopping this afternoon. Bye for now-Mima

11-21-2005, 05:09 PM
I was good last weekend ... until last night ... had a piece of strawberry pie at Shoney's but I only had one meal yesterday so actually I was very good. I lost weight over the weekend so yea for me!!! Just a couple more pounds and I'll have off the 5 pounds I gained over the summer. :carrot:

It's raining ... all day long raining, cold rain ... hurting really bad. Went for a massage today ... a deeeeeep massage. **** ouch! **** I'm already getting sore. She said I had one knot in my left shoulder that was harder than any she had ever felt. I had never been to her before. My son got me a gift certificate for my BD back in May ... just hadn't used it yet. I'm definitely going back, though. She's very good.

Had a 'confrontation' yesterday ... don't like 'confrontations'! Left me feeling depressed! I'm supposed to go bowling tonight but I'm not physically up to it nor mentally in the mood. I got somebody to take my place. I'm hoping she'll like it and want to do it all the time. There's several things I would really like to just stop doing ... ever felt like that. I'm on overload ...

11-22-2005, 06:23 AM
Yes, yes!!!! I have felt like that. I guess it's good to see what you are saying yes too. The best thing I ever learned was saying I'll think about it. Usually when you do, you realize that you don't want to do it.
Cooler today-feels good. I went shopping at Beall's outlet yesterday-15%off. That helps with the 6% sales tax-next time I get 35% off because I filled my card. Yesterday I pd 30 cents for one item and a 1.20 for another. Went to Art in the morning-my painting is looking like something. I really enjoy socializing with the others.I usually hurt after massage Meme-then it feels better except for the last 2 times. My legs hurt but then I started doing stretch exercise for the back of my legs. Up at 4 thanks to Cassidy. Mima

Joanne D
11-22-2005, 08:40 PM
Hey Everybody...What a week I have had. I just seem to never stop.. I am tired. Eleni(my sister) is back in the hospital.They think a couple of her latest meds have caused a reaction.. I hope that is all it is. Prayers please. Her health and heart condition is not good. I seem to be always anxious about her.
Thanksgiving will be more fun this year. I am not doing all the work!My son and daughter-in-law will do fine.
Welcome newbies..
Meme- I wish I could lose the weight as easy as you seem to.
Mima- I haven't bought the first Christmas card yet! I am so bad!..I then get in a panic. Somehow it will all come together, I am told.


11-22-2005, 10:23 PM
Lynda, I typed a message to you about visiting your daughter, but it's not here!! I remember typing it on Sunday. We'll be in the same boat that you are next fall. Our son will be going off to college. He'll only be an hour away, but I know how much we're going to miss him. I hope your visit with your daughter was a good one for all of you.

Mima, what kind of sundae at DQ? If it was a favorite, sometimes the pain is worth it! lol

Meme, yum to the strawberry pie! Good for you for losing what you've gained!! I've been on overload many times, so I can relate. I had a shirt once that said Volunteers Anonymous. I started wearing it to Scout meetings when Tim was a Cub and to school for meetings.

Joanne, we'll keep Eleni in our prayers. You take care of yourself too!! I have plenty of Christmas cards in the closet, but I need the time to get them addressed. I need to type up a little letter to put in each one with our new address. We don't have a phone at the new place yet. Wish I could put down the new phone number also. Hate to pay for a phone at both houses.

Went to my uncle's funeral today. He was my dad's youngest brother. No more uncles left. Only 2 aunts, and one of them isn't doing very well. When I got the call about Uncle Bill, I said that all the boys were together again. It was good to see cousins that I rarely see, but it was so hard. The funeral was in northern Ohio, so Bob and I drove part way after school yesterday and stayed overnight. We both knew that I would be in too much pain to go up, go to the funeral, and come home all in the same day.

11-23-2005, 06:47 AM
Sorry about your uncle Tammy-it's tough when you see the family get sick. Good idea about traveling and funny about that t-shirt. I used to be like that too but not now. Actually I would like to do a bit more but today I will have Evan for a couple of hours. We are going to walk to Walmart to get a potato peeler. He is too cute.
I will pray for Eleni. Hope it's the meds for sure.
Went to turkey dinner at church-pretty generic but we saw the Annie Moses Band-anyone heard of them=probably Meme. We sat with people from Tennessee. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Mima

11-23-2005, 02:05 PM