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10-17-2005, 07:59 AM
Good Morning LWL,
Well, this was one confusing morning :dizzy: My son, by accident, bumped his alarm clock an hour earlier and got up at 5:15, then thought it automatically adjusted for the switch back from daylight savings time. He was in a panic and pounding on our door at 5:30. Man, it's dark out there! I'd had a hard time falling asleep last night, so it was a short night.

I finally got a heart rate monitor- a Polar F11. I'm not 100% thrilled with it, but it'll do. It was far more expensive than I'd planned and has far more features than I wanted (like a built-in "personal trainer"- lol, I don't think I need that!), but if I can figure out how to use the 3 out of 300 features that I do want, it'll be fine. It does have a soft strap. The ones with the hard plastic gave me a rash.

One of the interesting things I've discovered so far is that I'm actually burning MORE calories than most of the machines say I am, and I'm working much higher than my "target" heart zones. For whatever that's worth.

Here's to a new week for all of us! For those of you still doing the October Halloween challennge, please remember to update your score sheets daily! No prizes, but just a daily reminder to do your best :)


10-17-2005, 08:27 AM
Good morning, all!

The cloud has lifted and it's a glorious autumnal day. I shifted a pick-up truck load of wood over the weekend and now have a virtuous feeling in my legs and bottom.

Rabbit - I was so pleased to hear you taking control of the situation in your last posts. That is definitely the way to go. Today's your appointment with the psychologist, isn't it? Hope things go/went well.

Mel - very interesting about the heart rate monitor stats. Thanks for telling us.

Everyone else - how are you? Come on in, the water's lovely!

10-17-2005, 11:34 AM
Ah we was in fog this morning! Uck! It's cleared since we've been out on an assessment. We left at 11:15 and got back at 10 past 3!! I fell asleep in the car on the way back :o

I'm feeling really icky since I fell asleep! I've got an hour lunch now, so just 50 mins of "real" work left after "lunch" :rofl:

Going to do lots of stretching tonight and no lacrosse (I'm so naughty...) but I need to warm up first. Last time I just stretched after a bath and I was a bit stiff... I'm going to get the dance mat out! WAHEY!


10-17-2005, 02:35 PM
Hi, fellow LWLers,

My weekend was rainy and cold... Teachers are here on strike and kids are at home for the second week, I wonder what the government is for? Obviousle to collect taxes and use them money...
This weekend I was invited to volunteer for my daughters gymnastics club. So far it is 5 hour/week and I hope to bring her with me and also to talk about no fees for us as I volunteer. I personally decided that working as fitness instructor did me more financial bad than good as I have an income and basically pay more taxes when I earn more. So volunteering and lowering substancial fees for the club seems more attractive. I never coaches kids and I seem to love it. And trust mee - rhythmics is a lot of work and 2 hour class with marching nicely long and tall on tippy toes in the gym and showing bridges and doing splits is harder than instructing 2 hour yoga adult yoga class! And try and catch the darn ball or skipp in 4 different ways :) I am happy to join them and it is much more rewarding to teach 4-6 year olds than 60 year olds - 6 year olds enjoy it and beam about every achievent.

Our adventure with the flood is over, seems we will nto even claim it as we did great mopping job!

Mel, I have heart monitor and I only use 3 options too. I have around the chest and I do not particularly like it - I am asthmatic and when I run first it strangles me and than it slides down my waist. So I run and "hold my non existent boobs" - so that monitor does not slide. Recently I stopped using it. Another thing is when you run with the group you often pick up reading of your fellow runners (my boss has the same monitor :) and we run twice a week together).

I am training for my 8km last leg of 100 km relays on Nov5th. I am very excited. Seems like I can easily do 8km now, so the only thing I hope for is not to get colds before!

Rabbit - I happy you are coping with what is happening around! Sometimes man are non-sensible that it is unbeleivable. Hold on, we are caring for you!


10-17-2005, 04:05 PM
Morning LWL :)

It's COLD here in Alaska these days. It's been 20 degrees the last two mornings when I got up - that plus the darkness does not improve my morning attitude.

Yesterday it was at least sunny and so I spent about 2 hours in the afternoon working on my raspberry patch - cutting out all the spent canes, tying up this years and generally pruning. There was enough squatting that my legs feel like I worked them hard. :lol: Otherwise it was a sitting-at-the-computer type of weekend - mainly getting reservations for DH to take several trips over the next 6 months, but also paying bills, etc. Booorrring :yawn: Oh, and I did have a so-not-exciting library board meeting on Sat morning, and lunch with a friend who'd been out of town for several weeks. Had a nice salad and caught up on all the news.

Ack - 1/2 hour has passed since I typed the above. Lost my whole train of thought.

Ellen, sounds like things are looking up for you! Keep up the good work and get healthy. :)

Rabbit - hang in there. I know it's hard now, but once your husband is out and takes more responsibility for his decisions life will be better - not the same, but better than now. Big hugs to you.

:wave: to everyone. Have a great day, and a good week!

10-17-2005, 06:00 PM
I'm still here gals - working hard on eating clean right now - have got all my old Cooking Lights and EFL book spread out on the coffee table and am figuring out my old food routine. I feel much better after 2 weeks of clean eating! I've even managed to eat a few meals with processed carbs in them w/o going overboard.

Bottom line is that I feel like I'm back in control - hurray! Now I just need to work on the working out part!

10-18-2005, 04:08 AM

Silverbirch, Sashenka, Pat - thanks for the support. Things are quaeting down here. Yesterday my husband & I went to the psychologist. All in all i think it was a good session. The psychologist has advised a time out for 1 - 2 months, so we can gather our breath and get less emotional. This means that my husband must move out for 1 - 2 months, and in that time he is not allowed to live with his new relation. He has of course protested because his new realation is also in the spare room of her house, and this is very stressfull for her, but the psychologist firmly said that that is her problem, that she should solve her own problems in her exisiting relationships and that we must solve ourproblems in our relationship. Finally she stated that if he does not accept this condition, she will not take us into therapy. She has also ordered him to look for housing and given him names of real estate agents that handle such affairs.

I very much like the way she is handling this, but I do not like it that the decision to continue or not continue the therapy is again in my husbands hands. Still, I am relieved that he will be out of the house as his is continuously sending mixed messages: telling at what time he will be home, putting out the garbage, fixing the car etc. Also, I still have false hope for our relation, and every time he comes home I think he will talk to me, or say that he was mistaken, and of course this is not the case. This causes me much grief, and I think the same thing goes for my children. Better all around to get him out of the house.

For the timebeing, while he is still in the house, I have made the resolution not to talk to him about things that matter as I invariably get mad at him because he does not respond. Just sits and stays quiet. According to the psychologist this shows that I do not communicate effectively to him and I think she is right. It does not work to talk to a brick wall.

On the bright side: we are getting out from under a lot of dominant personality, which he projects, maybe even without knowing. Also my doctor has complimented me on getting grip on things. I take care of my kids and affairs while crying sometimes, but nonetheless I DO cope. I liked that from her. I am having a nice holiday with the kids. Tomorrow my husband will take them to a museum for the day. The rest of the week is planned with nice holiday stuff.
And on a whole different note: the scale is down 3 kilograms. I want to start excercising again in the near future, and today I will continue my project in the attic.

I will check in again tomorrow.
Thanks again for the support,

10-18-2005, 05:38 AM
Well done, rabbit! Your doctor is right: you are coping with things. It's really impressive. I hope very much that your husband moves out pronto! Sounds as though it's half-term there; we've got it next week. Good excuse to go out and crunch through the autumn leaves.

Pat - your raspberry cane feeling in the legs is the one I got after moving the wood. It's good, isn't it?

Sashenka - I liked your description of the children's class! It's going to be a hard workout for you. Good going.

Cindy - I'm trying to eat clean at the moment but it's not falling into place. I'm going to say to myself: think of Cindy, what would she do? whenever I want to eat some rubbish, or too much stuff.

2F - Put me straight here: what is the point in going to lacrosse? I give you permission to give it up!! Life is too short to be miserable, muddy and wet. Oh, and shunned by upper class nincompoops. Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick? Good work on the stretching, by the way.

And me? I've done my morning mobility exercises, my straight leg exercises and I intend to eat clean for the rest of the day (have had one slip-up already). Also go to bed as early as I can.

Let's be determined.

10-18-2005, 09:02 AM
Just wanted to let you know I am still checking in - rabbit, I am so proud of you *hugs*. I know this is hard, but you will look back and be as amazed at you and your strength as we are. You are doing great - keep your boundaries and morals intact. I think you need to tell the psych about the control issues you are feeling and see if she will still see you if he does not uphold his end of the agreement.

2F, I agree with Silver - let the lacrosse go if you are not enjoying it. If you find you miss it, you can always go back. To quote my DH, "I wish I had the time for *insert thing you really don't want to do here* so I could spend it doing something else."

I did a weight session yesterday - felt tired, but good after. I was tentative and know I have lost some strength, but am OK with it - we start from here. This is not a race and my goal is health - long term health. Tomorrow I have Pilates in the morning and *hope* to get the results fo the spinal tap in the afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.

10-18-2005, 02:04 PM
Way to go Rabbit! Hope your husband finds his own place very quickly. It's awful to be in a house with someone who won't talk to you! Glad he's spending some time with the kids though. Your psychologist sounds like a good person to be working with.

Silver, we heated with wood for nearly 20 years, and I know that feeling too! :lol: I really love my gas heat. :)

2F- I agree, why *are* you doing lacrosse???

Ellen :wave: I'm crossing my fingers for a good report from the spinal tap (which is a little silly, as the result is done, you just don't know it yet).

Tonight will be an upper body workout - still feeling the raspberry-legs a little - and then some sort of cardio. I listening to Terry McMillans "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" and I'm at a good spot, so maybe that'll keep be going longer?

10-18-2005, 03:07 PM
I'm slumped here at my computer because I can't stand up on my legs :p I finished up with my morning clients, then did a long leg session and worked on some new exercises for clients as well. Need to be able to demo them, right? I don't think I'll be doing cardio today.

Rabbit- Way to go on regaining a measure of control. Your therapist sounds like a keeper. I agree, though, that she's put the balol back in your husband's court in terms of compliance. I'm hoping that he agrees to the terms for you and your children. Stay off the scale! Worry about your health (mental and physical) at this point ;)

Pat- Atfter our nine days of rain here when the sun didn't seem to come up, I don't think I'd do well in Alaska. Long, long ago (in a galaxy far away?) I always told people I wanted to live there. In college, I had a boyfriend who was from Anchorage (wonder whatever happened to him- he was cute!) who fed that fantasy. However, even now when DH talks about moving back to Toronto every once in a while, I cringe. And the sun shines there! :sunny:

Cindy- Good for you on the food. OK, get the workouts going soon, too :)

Sandy- The kids' class sounds like quite a workout! I'm glad someone enjoys teaching kids- they drive me bonkers! All those years of volunteering as a girl scout leader, a cub scout leader, a reading assistant, you name it...now I love teaching adults.

Ellen- Love your attitude. You're right, it's not a race. I wish I could remember that when I'm injured. My fingers are crossed.

2F- It's sounding like an echo- but why are you forcing yourself to play lacrosse? You don't seem to enjoy it at all. Find something else that you do enjoy. Life's to short to suffer through something that is supposed to be fun if it's not. How about football (soccer)? Women's rugby? Ultimate frisbee?

SB- How is your knee doing? Congrats on the (mostly) clean eats :high:

Mel (time to go limp into the shower)

10-18-2005, 03:43 PM
But Mel, the sun :flow2: shines ALL the time in the summer! :rofl: Well, at least it's daylight for 19+ hours where I live, and more further north. But I agree, it's way too dark and cold from October to February. I grew up in Massachusetts, so I was not unused to winter, but Alaska's is too long IMHO. You can see our weather today (rain) at www.cityofpalmer.org The webcam is on the roof of my library. No mountains visible today, but on a sunny day it's pointed right at them. :)

So is a workout that leaves you like a puddle on the floor a good thing? Hope the shower helps.

10-18-2005, 06:02 PM
Hi everyone, I don't normally post here, but i have just started reincorporating weight-lifting into my workouts. For the past two weeks I have done 20 minutes of lifting twice weekly. This is my third week - my first day of this week was today, with another 20 minutes of weights, plus 2 miles on the treadmill.

What really caught my eye is that Pat is from Palmer. I was born in Alaska and went to elementary, middle school and 7th grade in Palmer, and then from 8th grade to junior year went to Wasilla (lived in Wasilla and then Big Lake). Two of my aunties still live around Anchorage.

I will try to remember to check this section out now that I am a lady that lifts :D

10-18-2005, 07:02 PM
Well, someone from my "neck of the woods." :wave: We've lived here since 1973.

10-19-2005, 04:45 AM
Okay okay! I'm giving up lacrosse! I just like running round with a ball and remember that I used to enjoy it at school. Maybe I haven't found the right crowd of lacrosse peeps, but there aren't any others round here! So I'm pulling out of the match I said I'd play on Saturday, there's no practice next Monday and that will give me a breather to re-evaluate. I think I'd have to practice more to really enjoy it, but I'd rather be spending that time practicing my kickboxing! So I think it will fall by the wayside. The thing that's annoying is that I spent 120 on membership for the year, and 50 on a new stick! :mad: I think I'm crazy! :dizzy:

Went to a conference yesterday and ate biscuits. Lots of biscuits (cookies) ... :doh: But I'm back on the wagon today! They made me feel so thirsty! I'm always surprised at how bad junk food makes me feel! :lol: I just don't seem to remember it before I eat it! I'll get there in the end!

Then I went kickboxing :hyper: and worked really hard - I was kinda teaching and helping with the newbies and kiddywinks, which was fun! Then it's hardcore kickbox tomorrow - he works us SO hard! :faint: But I really love it! :love: kickboxing vs lacrosse, no competition! :D

Tonight I'm scheduling cardio for warm-up, (probably dance mat!) then weights then stretching. I'm going to have to find more videos to watch while I stretch!

Rabbit, glad you're handling things well! Ellen, hope you're spinal tap is ok. Everyone else :goodvibes: and have a lovely day! :D

10-19-2005, 05:41 AM
So much wisdom to read today!

Ellen - fingers crossed for the results. You're quite right: it's long-term health that matters. We all have to find out what works best for us. I see it as a personal challenge which changes its shape from time to time.

The shape my personal challenge takes at the moment is to juggle getting enough sleep, doing the straight leg exercises first thing in the morning, and going to the gymn. Against a background of too much driving around, cuddling a darling Boy (oh! and a darling Man), rodent control at the office, work, food, etc, et @# cetera. As ever for me, when it gets this hard, it can all be traced back to not enough sleep. I am an 8+ hour a night person and anything less than that leads to trouble.

Mel - legs, eh? Say no more. We understand. Thanks for asking about the knee. It's OK as long as I do straight leg exercises three times a week (sets of 10 down to 6 reps lying down, then sets of 10 down to 0 reps sitting up with my hands either side of the leg to stop the back doing the work).

2F, you are so right about junk food. I eat very little of it (peppermint Aeros in extremis) but I feel horrible afterwards. Regrouping about lax sounds good. 170 is a lot, I agree, but if you don't feel good about it ...

Rabbit - hullooo!

10-19-2005, 08:21 AM

Mel, Ellen, Silverbirch, pat, 2F - thanks for the support. Today my husband is taking the kids to the science museum Nemo in Amsterdam. It sounded an exhausting expedition as they are going partly by public transport; Amsterdam is not feasible by car, but it is 1.5 hour from here by train.

Good news is that my husband has agreed to the terms of the psych. Also, he will be looking at a furnished cottage tomorrow, so he can be out by the end of this week. He looked very hurt when I said so, but the point is that I and the children cannot cope with this false hope issue much longer. My daughter told me yesterday that Daddy is not sure yet, and she is acting super sweet to him. I do NOT want her to think Daddy went away because of her not being nice enough. My husband wants to phone the psych to tell her his decision, and to tell her that he is NOT doing this if the goal is to make him reconsider. Whatever, I think we all will benefit from this 1 - 2 month time out, and with him out of the house it will be much easier for me and the kids to cope with the new situation.

As one way of coping I have just ordered a car navigation system on the internet because my main problem in daily life is that I always get lost. This was one area of life where my husbands help was indespensable, however, there is a technical solution and i am looking forward to getting it delivered to my door.

Ellen, I am keeping my fingers crossed for your spinal tap results.

2F - too bad on the lacrosse!

Silverbirch - glad to hear you are coping with the knee.

Have a nice day all,

10-20-2005, 04:27 AM

My husband will look over the holiday cottage today. He can move in immediately. He will be away for the weekend with his new love, so in practice this means that he will move out monday evening. So he will be home this evening, maybe sunday evening, and move out on monday. I have asked him to communicate this himself to the kids, so that they understand that this whole affair is his initiative. As said, I will cry for days when he is gone, but I also feel relief that he will not be around much longer.

have a nice day,

10-20-2005, 07:36 AM
:grouphug: Poor rabbit. It'll be less stressful for you guys with some breathing space I think!

I had a rubbish day yesterday, needless to say I went a little bit over the top - I had ice cream on top of my clean eats, oh and a few chocs at the cinema. Ho Hum! Back on track today! But I guess it was a minimal binge compared to the stressy-ness of the day!

We saw Wallace and Gromit - oh it's such fun! I loved it!

Double trouble kickboxing tonight! Hooohay! :hyper:

10-20-2005, 08:41 AM
Hi all - my spinal tap results all came back normal, as have all the other blood tests to date. This means that the markers for MS are not present. They will watch and see if another attack occurs before making a diagnosis. This does not mean I don't have MS, just that it is not definite. In other words, they cannot rule it out, but also cannot make a definitive diagnosis at this time. The neurologist does not believe it is right to start any type of a drug
therapy at this time, but it does make sense for me to consult with a nutritionist and physical therapist to make sure I am doing everything I can for myself from a lifestyle perspective. She has ordered another MRI of my spine to make sure. Additionally, she wants me to see an MS specialist at Georgetown University and run another MRI of my brain and spine in 4-6 months to see if there are any changes.

DH and I are both treating this as good news. I have learned some important lessons about myself and believe I am doing all the right things to be as healthy as I can be. I did ask point blank if I could have brought this on myself through overtraining and she said absolutely not (whew). She did caution to listen to my body and not overdo it as much as I have
(i.e., still no-go on the marathon) and to continue working out to the level I can without fatiguing. It is still important not to overheat or fatigue, as that
could bring on another attack since they cannot rule MS out (just not in, if you get my meaning).

So, today I plan on hitting the gym for cardio. I will do 30 min on the elliptical and, if I feel up to it, 15 min on the treadmill. Slowly I will come back. My goal is to do some cardio most days, get back to a 3-4 day run plan, in addition to weights Mon and Fri, Pilates on Wed and Yoga on Thurs. I will then work in swim sessions and upping the cardio. I am still planning on running Las Vegas, just not all 26.2 miles. Right now I am shooting for an "unofficial" half, as they are not sponsoring a half. Of course, this may all change based on the PT recommendations. I am back to workouts with my trainer and Pilates instructor and hope to start back to the Yoga sessions by mid-Nov (travel schedules and doctors' appointments, ya know). Speaking of appoitnments, internist today and optholmologist next week. Hopefully this will be it or years before my next attack. Thanks for being there for me, LWL.

rabbit - big hugs. I agree that it is his place to tell the children. This was his decision, after all. Of course, you will be left to pick up the pieces and it sucks, but it will get better, I promise.

2F - I read your posts and every day seems to be a confession of what you ate wrong. This does not help you. We are very good at beating purselves up and feeling inadequate. We all need to turn that kind of thinking around, for many health and psychological reasons. Concentrate and congratulate yourself for the eats you did well - one meal or one day at a time. In Volumetrics the author (I can't think of her name right now) stresses if you eat well 80-90% of the time the rest will be OK. This attitude has seen me through. Life is too enjoyable and too exciting never to eat ice cream or crisps again or to punish yourself for enjoying them. Let go and enjoy life - just not to the excess that got us here in the first place.

Mel - thank you for the kudos on my attitude. It has taken me a while to get here, but I am quite happy compared to a few months ago when I was moning over body fat percentages and scale numbers. Remeber? The advice you and the other LWL allowed me to let go of those and be ready to spend that energy on what I needed to do over the past 6 weeks.

10-20-2005, 08:58 AM
He he, Ellen, I don't really beat myself up about it, but I treat these boards as my confesssionals! :D I just had a rubbishy day yesterday, and although I did comfort eat, it coulda been a heck of a lot worse! I am doing ok! I don't mean to come across negative!

I had a great week this past week, but this week for one reason or another some days have taken a small tumble! :D

Oh and I'm glad your tests have turned out ok in the end and I'm glad they're still keeping an eye on you ;)

10-20-2005, 02:12 PM

Ellen :cp: on good test results. You are so right to treat it as good news. :) MS is so scary to contemplate. I have know two people with it (cousin's wife and a co-worker) and both have good success keeping symptoms low with diet. Glad you can get back to your workout schedule too.

Rabbit - yes, he should tell the children. And yes, you'll cry, but it will be easier not to have his presence as a constant reminder. You have to grieve before you can move on. Big hugs to you!!

2F - We saw Wallace & Gromit on Tues night - we were the only 2 people in the theatre! Loved it! It's so laughing-out-loud funny :rofl:

My arms are nearly recovered from Tuesday's workout. Yesterday's exercise was clearning the house. Lugging that vacumn cleaner up and down three stories works up a sweat. :lol: Tonight will be legs and a short cardio.

10-21-2005, 04:09 AM
hi LWL,

It's final - my husband will move out on monday. He is now gone to work & then off for a weekend with his new love. But guess what? I actually feel good this morning. I have been reading several self-help books on relationships and psychology, and this morning it dawned on me that actually, my husband, had made me responsible for his personal happiness. He tells me that he is leaving me because I failed in providing him with love, and he has now found another woman that does provide him with love.

IMO the only one responsible for one's happines is oneself.
This has lifted a burden of guilt for me. Also, it brings me to realise that of of course my husband is also not responsible for the happiness of myself or of my children. We are responsible for that and we do not need my husband for it.
We will grieve of course, but we do not need him for happiness.

Yesterday my navigation system got delivered and today the kids & I are going for a test drive in my aged mini. This afternoon we are going to see Wallace and Gromit together with my sister and her family.

We are going to have a good time.

Ellen- Great news on the results. However, please take care so you do not overtire yourself. According to my limited info, there is the possibility that MS and a whole lot of other mysterious conditions are in some way also linked to stress. Apparently a lot of stress influences your hormonal and immune systems and can deregulate them long term. The yoga sounds fine. I also try to do like 5 minutes of "getting out of it" meditation daily, along the lines of Kabat-Zin's full catastrophe living book, and I find this helps me in coping with my stresses.

Have a nice day all,


10-21-2005, 05:33 AM
:wave: Hello! Everyone sounds sorted today! :D Always nice to hear!

Went to "the fight factory" last night! :rofl: :faint: 120 roundhouse kicks. In a row! On each leg! Then more roundhouse kicks with contact :faint:

Loved it though! :hyper:

Had a good eating day yesterday! Started the day of with sausages today! :T I've run out of cottage cheese for pancakes, so I decided to have a fry up! :D (btw ellen, it's not a confession - I'm still OP!)

10-21-2005, 06:47 AM
Good morning! I am feeling pretty good about myself as I nipped down to London yesterday for a hair cut. Yes, it is rather a long way and yes, it is a rather flash thing to do. I feel very, very good about it. I took a cushion and slept for hours on the train so I've topped up that deficit a bit. So, 2F, you're right and I'm another person who is sorted today. I haven't slipped up with my eating today, either. Fingers crossed. One moment at a time.

Ellen - I'm so pleased about your good results, and you sound very wise about easing back into training.

Rabbit - very, very good news about your husband moving out. You are having so many insights into your situation. Let us know how the navigation system works, won't you?

Oh Pat, I looked at Palmer's webcam but it was blank. Then I realised that it was probably night-time over with you, and the camera had switched itself off!

Have a healthy and fun weekend, everyone!

10-21-2005, 04:29 PM
Rabbit - Wallace & Gromit is silly enough to cheer you up for awhile! :) Glad things are moving along well.

Silverbirch - yes, the webcam turns off at night. I knew the time difference last spring when I was faxing the UK repeatedly, but I forget now - 9 hrs? We're 4 hours earlier than the east of the US.

I'm having a quiet day here, getting caught up on projects that get put aside for the so-called crises. Makes me feel a little more productive.

Had a good cardio workout at the gym last night. Planning to go again tomorrow morning. If it doesn't rain (it's supposed to) I may go outside. I think I'm part cat, however. I don't like being out in the rain. :no:

10-22-2005, 05:32 AM

I had a great time yesterday at Wallace & Grommit. Also, the car navigation system is fabulous. I simply cannot describe the enormous relief from knowing that I will NOT be driving around anymore trying to figure out where I am, or getting a knot in my stomach because someone directs me to an address that I do not know already.

I am still all wired up from the adrenalins in my new situation, but I am feeling some inner peace by times, and I AM coping. I am taking measures to make living here more easy. Today I will be installing a cat-flap (which my husband never wanted ) to free myself from another little chore my husband always performed of remembering to put the cat in the shed in winter evenings and let her out again in the morning.

Also, as stated, I have bought the navigation system, because my husband always knew where we were. I will probabely get an new electric drill in time, because that is the other one thing that I know my husband always did because I could not: drill a hole in a stone wall.

Last anecdote: Friday he signed an email to me with "love ...(his name)". On purpose, because he says he still feels a lot of affection for me. And we put a cigarette lighter contact in my mini to feed the navigation system. I cannot figure this.
Yesterday morning he said that I should have stayed up so we could have tested the system together, so he could assist when I could not figure it out. I told him thanks but no thanks. The remark shows again that he does not think me capable of much. I am a mechanical enigineer with a university degree, with 20 years professional experience in the design of consumer electronics. Not to my surprise, my 13 year old son & I were perfectly capable of figuring out this system on our own.

Silverbirch- going to London for a haircut from Wales sounds absolutely extravagant!. How long does the train ride take ? The new haircut must make you feel absolutely fabulous! Good for you.

Pat- I also tried the webcam & it was switched off. So I'll try to remember to try again late in the afternoon.

2F - roundhouses ? I used to do karate at the university, but i was never very good at it. of course this was a techinical university, max 2 or 3 girls in training, and of course I always lost in sparring against the male students. But fun to do.

I am off to household chores, children on holiday and putting in a cat flap.

Have a great weekend all,

10-22-2005, 08:08 AM
going to London for a haircut from Wales sounds absolutely extravagant!. How long does the train ride take ?

:lol: Yes, I have very extravagant tastes which get indulged very, very rarely. I like to go to London to see what city life is all about and to see friends. When my hair has to be held back with clips (yuk, yuk, yuk) then I go! The train journey is about 3.5 hours each way, give or take. I take one or two books, food and water, and (this time) a cushion and the time is all mine. Total indulgence. And I'm a much happier person for it. Everyone benefits.

Rodent update: two caught yesterday and two today! It seems that you can design a better mousetrap!

Food update (and shortish ramble). I'm still having a bit of trouble sticking to clean eats but much less so. I think it's connected to consciousness. My sleep dep has made me pretty unconscious of what I've actually been doing. You know, there are things which have to be done, I'd rather not do them but they have to be done or there will be repercussions (eg, collect child from school, laundry to ensure there are clean knickers, buy food, etc). So I do them, all the while wishing I was doing something else (usually sleeping). And I eat food to keep me going. You know the result. Since my London trip, which was completely and utterly for myself, things have improved.

Exercise update. More work needed. Now I'm more conscious I will ask myself Ilene's question: what exercise am I going to do today? Thanks, Ilene! Just doing that every day has helped enormously in the past.

You are doing so well, rabbit. Good luck with the drilling. Will you get a special masonry bit for drilling into the wall?

Do go outside, Pat! Enjoy the daylight whilst it's there!

Hullo, everyone else!

10-22-2005, 02:54 PM
:wave: Hello!

Yeah rabbit kickboxing is a bit like that in the advanced class, 3 chicks at most! But I like it! :D I was in the minority at Uni, and at work (I am the only girl at work ;) ) and I find it really hard to make friends with girls, especially really girlie girls! I guess I just don't find things like celebrities, dating, fashion and nail varnish that interesting! I'd rather be beating something to pulp or lifting big chunks of iron! :rofl: I am so butch, I considered shaving my head, just so I didn't have to deal with the messy hair situation every day, but then I decided it might just be going a LITTLE bit too far! :rofl:

Okay, I'm off to tidy and try and wake up a bit! Some low-cal chips have sent me to sleep with their carby goodness! Must get more protein! :T

Have a lovely rest of weekend laydees :D

10-23-2005, 04:44 AM

Silverbirch - sounds like you are in the right track !
2F - I have been the token woman at work for years. I was the first female at my university to graduate in mechanical engineering. I also never was interested in celebrities, nail varnish and the other stuff you mentioned. However, I have never considered myself to be butch. Maybe different is a better word. And after about 15 years of male colleagues, when I got in the position, I preferred hiring females. In the technical profession I find they are often better professionally, better motivated and all in all I find them easier to work with.

My thought for the day this morning is that actually my husband was right in creatng this crises. Obviously, we were living in a major misunderstanding: That he needed to be the superdad to please us, so we would love him. And when we did not show sufficient appreciation, he turned to another woman. In my opinion this is a major faulty thought, and I am glad that it is not taught to my children anymore. I can imagine my husband harbors this thought, because he lost his mother at a young age, and when he failed to please his step-mother het was put in a foster home by his father at the age of ten.

Today I am doing household chores. I successfully put in the cat flap yesterday.
Silverbirch, I did not need the new drill for the work yesterday, but more in a general sense. I already have the special masonry bits, but I have very small hands and my own electric drill is sufficiently small and light for me to handle but not strong enough for walls.

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to air my thoughts in this whirlwind period I am now experiencing.

Have a great day,

10-23-2005, 06:48 AM
Morning all! Just checking in.

I have already slipped up with food (entirely linked with doing things I don't want to do - racing off to Tesco and on to check the traps at work). Note to self: I must learn to breathe again; that does help. But it did leave the coast clear for the Man to cut the Boy's hair.

Today's agenda includes housework as a group activity. (Rabbit - snap!) I think this is quite the best way of doing it. None of us like doing it on our own but it's quite fun doing it together. (NB We are not perfectionists in this area! Not by a long chalk.) I'm counting this as exercise but will also get out the rebounder later.

Rabbit - thank you for airing your thoughts. One of things about this board I find very helpful is when people think aloud about the situations they find themselves in. We all know that losing weight has a substantial emotional component and people's musings always shed light on the process. And does your cat like his/her cat flap??

10-23-2005, 07:51 AM
Oh snap silverbirch - I've been houseworking! We have DF's parents visiting. He's gone to pick them up and I've been left to finish off the housework! :mad:

Rabbit - I can imagine your cat being fussy (as cats are) and going to a different door to be let out! :lol: I'm sure he'll/she'll get used to it! :D

I made it yesterday! Woooo! Clean eats all day, sleeping to catch up from the hectic week and housework and filing!

Today, I've been ok. but it's only lunch time and I haven't eaten yet, so we'll see what the future in laws want to do for meals today! :dizzy: Then my parents are down tomorrow and the inlaws meet inlaws on Wednesday! :yikes: I have a trip to Ikea to look forward to on Tuesday! :D I'm still going to keep up the kickboxing classes and try to eat healthily since mum's doing Slimming World, but I think I might be too busy for weights, unless I can rope mum in on Monday and squeeze in a quickie sesh on Wed (which might happen.... :chin: )


10-23-2005, 09:50 PM
Well, I didn't do housework this weekend - but I did about 5 loads of laundry - Does that count? :lol:

Went to the gym yesterday and did a full body workout as I missed legs on Thursday. Then I did 30 mins of :tread: so I was nicely sore all day, and today too. I was please to up the weights on several upper body exercises. :strong: DH opted for a full hour on the :tread: How boring can you get?? :rofl:

TOday is a rest day, at least from exercise. I've been off to the grocery store so no excuse for clean eating. I have a bean soup simmering right now - and bananas were on sale! Yippee.

Rabbit, sounds like you're coping a little better. Hope the cat adjusts to the door soon. I'd love one, but I have one cat who goes out and one who is old and stays in. Better that I regulate the door opening. :lol:

Silverbirch, you reminded me of our visit to Tesco in Chester. We were gawking around like tourists (which of course we were) and this couple came up to us and immediately recognized us as being from the states and had lots of questions. Turns out they were making a trip over here in November and were curious about a lot of things. Fun. We loved all the varieties of cheese that were available, and trying to figure out just what some things were!!

10-24-2005, 05:09 AM

A sad day today as my husband is moving out this evening. I will come back tomorrow to tell how things went.

Pat - Yes, all in all I am getting a grip on things, and this goes especially well when I do not have to interact with my husband. Getting him out of the house is the main goal for today, although he will be around for the kids, his mail etc. But I probabely can adjust to that, just as long as he gets out and stays out.

Cat status is that the cat still does not get it. Yesterday I put the catfood in the shed & pushed the cat throug the cat flap to get to her food. Today she is mewing away outside the window, and when I looked in the shed the food was still there, untouched. So I pushed her through again and she went out again without eating. I wonder how smart a hungry cat gets???

Siverbirch, 2F - I still have to do that housecleanig but I put it off. First priority is to get through this day. At this point I have 2 kids underfoot, and this will be 2-3 this afternoon. I am still in the fringe of mid-term holiday. First get through this day, all the rest can wait.

have a nice day,

10-24-2005, 06:05 AM
Hey rabbit!

Maybe your cat can do make do with a different routine? If your hubby isn't there to put her in the shed, maybe she can come in the house at night? Or just let her come and go as she pleases. She'll find her food eventually. Cat's aren't THAT stupid! :lol:

Had DF's parents to stay last night, we ended up on the air bed. :mad: My back is not liking it one bit! My 'rents are down tonight, hopefully they'll come to work first so that I can give them the tour, then THEY'LL be sleeping on the airbed (bless em!) so that my back can have some nurturing on a silentnight mattress!

I'm going to show my mum my weightlifting moves tonight, cos I need to do my legs today and plus she needs a helping hand cos the programme at her gym has not been changed in months! I'm also planning some healthy meals, we have lots and LOTS of veggies in the fridge, so stir fry tonight and erm, well there's a veggie pizza... :lol: which I may or may not have depending on the timing around kickboxing tomorrow.

Then tomorrow I have a day off work and we are going to Ikea! :rofl: Such entertainment! :D