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10-15-2005, 08:01 AM
Good morning gals! We may have to extend our "14 posts then on to a next one" with all the new gals or we will be starting new ones all the time. Jean, you and Maggie decide what you want to do and I am game to go along. My thread runs around 45 posts then I set up a new one.

Gosh, hope I can remember what I just read! I always hate that starting a new thread.

Maggie: We want to replace our deck but that has to wait for a couple years until we replace all the flooring. This old condo needs a lot of work and we have to fit it in between trips to Vegas! :lol: I know it sounds selfish to always be taking expensive vacations every year, but the truth is we never got to take anything but a trip where we were transferring from one base to another, some family member passed away or occasionally we got to go home for a holiday. So now that we have quite a bit more money, we are getting 30 years of no vacations our of our system! :lol: We have these huge windows that face out onto the deck, one in the living room and one in the kitchen and I want to eventually take down the ratty verical blinds that came with the condo when we bought it and put up louvered shutters on the kitchen window as it will look so cute. As for my Lucy avatar, I just trolled some Lucy sites, found what I wanted, right clicked on it and used the "save picture as..." function, saved it, then went back in and adjusted the size with my photo program and voila! I can do that with anything that allows me to copy it. What I am REALLY wanting that is Lucy is wallpaper border for my kitchen, but as of yet they don't make it. If you ever come across it somewhere in the future, let me know. I contacted a big Lucy site and she said there is no one that makes it as of now. I even have I Love Lucy bank checks. Jack and I take turns. When we run out, then the other person gets to pick what the check has on it. I had the last one and found Lucy checks, which made Jack groan a lot, but fair is fair. I had to put up with Indiana University the time before. I don't write a lot of checks anymore with online payments and being able to use our bank card everywhere so these are lasting longer than usual. I still have another box before Jack gets to pick again! :lol: Jack told my son he has some "splaining to do" about buying his mother a bunch of that, "Lucy crap" for my birthday! I was talking to him on the phone on Jack's bday and he asked me about my birthday gifts (if you remember I hit the mother lode with Lucy stuff this year) and I could see Jack sitting here at the computer rolling his eyes. He then got back on the phone with Jay and talked to him about it. See, I have an extra bedroom that has lots of Lucy stuff too. Believe me, I am nothing compared to some people. I don't collect for collecting's sake, I need it to fit in somehow. Now, truthfully, Jack can't be let off the hook as he has given me DVD's of ALL the I Love Lucy episodes, bought me an I Love Lucy board game and is currently getting me the Here's Lucy dvd series.

Gail: That is cool about your gift card. We got a $5 one from Lowes recently for rebate on a thermostat we bought. It is still sitting here until we need to use it. I love to shop, but I am not a shopper looky lew. I want to BUY when I shop not just go store to store looking. My sister does that and I hate it. You want someone who loves to shop, sheesh! We just came back from a beautiful 10 days in Vegas in August and my sister, who lives in Foothill Ranch CA drove over for the weekend with her dh to see me. First thing she wanted to do was GO SHOPPING at a Fashion Bug. In VEGAS! Now that is a shopper!

I got a phone call last night from my sweet baby boy that he got his report card and was on the honor roll and made all + in all areas. Made me cry! He is growing up too fast (for you new ladies my one and only grandson just started kindergarten in Aug) Jack and I are getting him a video game as a gift.

Well ladies, I have no chores done and we have a soccer game across town at 8:30 so I better get them done before Jack gets up.

Have a great weekend! I would love to see pics of everyone's grandbabies! For you new ladies, I am including one of Thomas and Jay at Easter (Jay is his Uncle not his dad)


10-15-2005, 04:18 PM
Good afternoon! This day has flown!!! Both Wayne and I didn't wake up until 9:30am this morning--to the sound of the phone ringing. If the phone hadn't woke us up we'd probably have slept on until who knows when! We had errands to run! Well, we were up and out of that bed so fast. :lol: Wayne is outside mowing the lawn. THE SUN IS SHINING! We haven't seen the sun in 7-8 days. It's around 75 degrees outside. Very nice!

I got a great surprise when we returned from our errands. Fed Ex delivered our new remote control. I just got off the phone with advanced technical support and my tv is all set up again. Oh please let it remain that way!

I'm supposed to be doing "stuff" now but thought if I didn't get in here now I don't know when I would be able to. I'm starting my big "company cleaning" now. Anyone want to come and help me? Pleeeeease?

Faye, did you say Vegas? Wayne and I flew out there about 3-4 years ago (I think--time flies) and we had a great time! That is a whole different world out there to be sure! I think people-watching was the best! :lol: We went on the Hoover Dam tour and met some great people on the bus on our way there. We want to go back and we were planning on going this past summer but the flights were way too expensive for us. So we ended up driving to Atlantic City, NJ for a few nights. We're not really big gamblers--I play the slots and Wayne will play the craps tables BUT we will only lose so much money! Anyway, Atlantic City and Vegas is like apples and oranges in my opinion. I like Vegas better.

Maggie, I'm in the process of getting a permanent bridge in my mouth. Ugh! I feel like I go to the dentist all the time and it seems no matter what I do I'm still ending up with this bridge! I go to my regular dentist very 6 months for cleaning and inbetween those visits I go to a periodontis for deep cleaning. It's very frustrating.

Well...I had better scoot...I need to get that guest room freshened up and clean out the pantry...and some other things...

10-15-2005, 04:19 PM
Oh! Faye! Congrats to your grandson! :D What a cutie! :D

10-15-2005, 05:05 PM
Gail: Thanks for the comment on my gs. He is my sweety! He is spoiled rotten as he is the ONLY grandchild on either side, his father has one sister who is mid 40's and single and my side he has his uncle (in the pic) and his wife who have been married 18 months and have no children yet. My dd is not having anymore so I am sure he will continue to be rotten as his paternal grandparents live across the street from them and we live across town. Only his uncle lives very far away. Jack and I go to Vegas once a year. We LOVE it there and one reason it is mainly adults for one thing. You rarely go into restaurants etc and have to listen to squalling kids, or the little darlings running all over the buffets etc. We live 40 miles from 11 casinos (Tunica, MS) so gambling is not the reason we go. There is just so much to look at. We went to two shows this last time and had a great time. We just love going there. We have already begun our plans for next year's trip, which is going to be right before Christmas (absolutely rock bottom prices that time of year and you can get a strip hotel for like $60 a night) Airtran flies from here so we fly first class for around $1300 and that is cool. I had never flown first class before and it is definitely a whole different experience including much more room for your fat ****! :lol: When you have live your married life practically in poverty (my dh was enlisted Navy for 20 years and I stayed home with the kids) it is like being a kid going to a place like Vegas let alone all the romance because we don't have to share the bed with our dog or cat! :lol: Jack is watching the Notre Dame/ USC game so I am BORED! I guess I could knit and go upstairs and watch tv or read, but nothing sounds interesting right now so am fooling around online.

Guess I better fold my half load of clothes! have a good Saturday everyone. Oh and we lost spectacularly again 6-0!


10-15-2005, 08:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a gorgeous day in my corner of the world . . . sunny, 70+ degrees, and NO wind! The leaves are turning bright colors and falling at a lazy pace. The local area artists are having open house today and tomorrow; some of the art teachers have studios above the downtown stores so I stopped in to have a look. We are looking for a new picture for over the fireplace but haven't found anything that we really like. I went to visit in an artist's home and bought a Santa Claus. The lady makes all kinds and sizes then takes them around to different shows in the midwest. Her husband was an art prof. at the college so some of the hands and faces are made by him. I've always admired the house from the outside not knowing who lived there. It is beautiful inside too. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with my cousin this morning. We try to call on each other's birthdays but she was in the hospital having some tests done. That pretty much took care of my morning. Now I have laundry going and need to decide on a menu for tomorrow. Beth, Will, and the kids are coming over for the afternoon.

Gail -- Maggie was our oldest cat; Beth and I brought her home Memorial Day weekend, 1990. The cats are like our kids, and each has their own personality and quirky little ways about them. It was nice of Sears to send you the gift card. The same thing happened to Jason and Amanda. I was with Amanda when she picked the refrigerator out and the only one left was the one on the floor which she agreed to take. The dept. manager even came out and we looked it all over for any marks, dents, etc. When they delivered it, it had a big scratch and a small dent on the side. The way it sits in the kitchen, they were on the side that is visible to the dining area. :( Amanda was so upset and called the store. They agreed to bring out a new one and they did. How long will your parents stay with you? I know what you mean about company cleaning. ;) It's nice when it is all done and you know what you've done. Have you been having trouble with your teeth that you mentioned going to different dentists? I have so many crowns now but when my teeth hurt, I hurt all over. :yes: Good luck with the bridge!

"Gma" -- Thanks for sharing the picture of T! He is growing up so fast. Tell him "congrats" on the good grades! :cp: I thought decks were built to last forever. No?

The dryer is buzzing so time to change loads. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-15-2005, 11:52 PM

We have been gone all day. First we picked up a freezer that would fit in this MH and got a chest style. The rest of the day was looking for baskets to fit into the bottom so I could lift the food up without doing a head stand. Needless to say we didn't fine anyone carrying square buckets. A few years ago they were everywhere. I know I had them for a different freezer. Sure makes it easier to get those illusive things off the bottom.

FAYE I don't really care when a new thread is started as along as I can find it I am fine. How bout a weekly thread or even a thread by the Month. Like I said, makes no nevermind to me. I agree with your taking vacations now while you can enjoy them after that long fast with out one. Goodness the remodeling will be there when you can be there to do it. I got a chuckle about your checks. Will and I have our own and mine have a set of lips kissing and it says "kiss it goodbye." Love that little guy! All good grades and I can imagine your smile is still on from that.

GAIL AH bet it did feel good to sleep in this day. Not every day do you get that chance. Which tooth is out that you get to have a bridge built? When I was twelve my moler on the right side got pulled ~ guess now they would have done a root canal or something to save it ~ but alas, the dentist built me a bridge. Looks like a spider when I take it out to brush my teeth. Every dentist lately has wanted it for their museum and said they would build me a perminant one (my cost I am sure. :dizzy: ) Anyway I was just curious if it was the same tooth you have out. CONGRATULATIONS on getting that TV working. Now you can enjoy your favorite programs on the latest equipment offered. Those TV's are sure nice.

JEAN how neat for you to get to go in that house. What a great thrill it must have been to stroll around and see all the neat art things there. How big is Santa that you got? I have a tiny head of Santa that is about the size of a lime that was hand painted by someone years ago that is a lapel pin. I think it was Annabelle that painted it. Really cute face.

Well ladies I am beat and am just going to relax and read a book.

10-16-2005, 09:22 AM
Happy Sunday morning everyone! :D It's a little cool in the house this morning--definitely feels like Fall. But...the sun is shining--second day in a row! It had rained for so long here in Delaware that everyone was wondering if we would ever see the sun again.

I got a lot done yesterday. With the help of technical support I programmed the new remote. I cleaned out the pantry--had to throw some canned goods away--they were starting to expand. Washed some clothes. Washed and put away dozens of assorted glassware downstairs. Knitted. Read for a few minutes. Vacuumed. I'm slowly getting the house ready for Mom and Dad. I've got to do some baking--I'll do that Thursday evening. I'm going to bake a coconut custard pie...from scratch. I was given this wonderful recipe from this nice North Carolinian woman...about 20 years ago. Anyway I found it about a month ago and I've been promising Wayne I'd bake it for him. Since he kept to his bargain (I'd handle the satellite/remote/tv and he would handle the programming of new telephones and the additions) I figure I will reward him! :) Both of us agree: no more "technical" things for awhile!!! :lol:

Maggie, my troubled spot in my mouth is in the back--tooth in question....or now lack of tooth in question is next to the last one on my left lower side. It was a tooth I had to have a root canal done back in the 80's which resulted in it getting a cap. Then about 6-8 years ago, I had to have some oral surgery done on the gum surrounding it to save what was left of the tooth under the cap. The periodontist had told me back then that I would probably be going through this one day. And he's right. When I went for my 6-month checkup with my regular dentist they discovered I had an absess. I knew something was there on my gum--I thought it was a gum boil or something. It never did hurt me! Anyway, the dentist showed my x-ray to me and sure enough there it was big as day. So, about 2 weeks ago, the dentist started the procedure. I have a temporary right now--it does not come out. I go back this Thursday and I think I get my permanent bridge then. I'm glad it doesn't come out either--that it will feel like my real teeth. I had asked about an implant but the dentist didn't recommend it for me--he said the other two teeth surrounding the now missing tooth needs the added support. My dental insurance is covering a lot of the cost but it's still costing around $1800 out of pocket. Oh what I couldn't do with that $1800!!!! Anyway, Wayne says he's thankful that we have the money to pay for it.

Jean, Sears is pretty good about replacing appliances, etc. I was shocked that they gave us the gift card. Believe me I had it for two whole days before I spent it all!!! :lol: Talk about burning a hole in my pocket! Christmas! Christmas will be here before you know it. I'm sure that artist's home was nice. :) Know what I'd like to do? I'd like to find a Christmas picture to go over our mantle for the holidays. I've always wanted one. Which just reminded me. There's a Thomas Kincade (sp?) art gallery at the mall and I bet he has some Christmas pictures or at least some wintry type scenes that would do. Hmmm...I might run out to the mall this afternoon and have a look. Or maybe next Saturday--Mom wants to go shopping at the mall then. Mom and Dad are arriving on Friday morning and leaving on Sunday. It's a 4 1/2 hour drive from their home. Wayne and I are from Virginia Beach, VA and that's where they live. Wayne's Dad lives in Virginia Beach also. Also other assorted relatives. Mom is bringing her home made potato salad and home made dinner rolls. :) We're planning a big ham dinner on Saturday night.

Faye, I know exactly what you mean--there is so much to do in Vegas! Who wants to spend the whole time throwing money away?! :) I've never flown first class but Wayne has. He had to fly to Detroit, Michigan a couple of years ago (work-related) and they flew him first class. He said there is a BIG difference! Me? I'm just happy to get from Point A to Point B. :lol: I understand about hard times as well. I think anyone who has been married for a long time has experienced tight times. We could probably swap stories! Wayne and I have been very blessed in the last decade. Grandkids: It's okay to spoil them! Isn't that what grandparents are made for? ;) :D I say "spoil 'em rotten and send 'em home!" :lol: Sometimes DD2 says she has to deprogram the kids after visiting me. :lol:

I hear DH stirring around the house. The day is beginning...

10-16-2005, 10:10 AM
Good morning gals! Hope all is well in your part of the world! Jack is sleeping in this morning. I think he is depressed! :lol: The NASCAR race was on last night and boy what a night! I don't know what it is about that track, but I bet at least 10 cars got ruined with blown tires that threw them into a wall or something. I guess on Friday, the Busch series race they had there it did the same thing. So much so that NASCAR officials were making FORCED stops for tire checks with the Nextel race last night, but still didn't help. Jack's favorite driver, Tony Stewart (an Indiana boy btw) ran over something towards the race end and crashed into the wall. Ended up being 25th and being tied for first in the pt standings where before yesterday he was 1st by 75 pts. Jack would have been suicidal if Southern Cal had not pulled out a last minute upset over Notre Dame (Jack DESPISES Notre Dame) yesterday afternoon! :lol:

Me, I could care less except I would like Tony to win being from Indiana and all.

Maggie: I can't believe you can't find those baskets anywhere. You are right, they used to be everywhere. Nothing worse than having to go headfirst into the freezer and if you are short, whoa boy!!!!! :lol: My grandparents were huge canning and freezing fans. I lived with them the last two years in high school and they had 3 full size freezers full of stuff. They had a canning room that was full of canned fruit, veggies etc. My grandfather always one for a bargain, would go and buy hot dogs when they went on sale by the case as well as canned veggies and his morning breakfast food of choice, canned grapefruit sections. He never ate anything for breakfast but coffee, 2 pieces of toast and a bowl of grapefruit sections or half fresh grapefruit. I can still see him sitting there and my GRANDMOTHER buttering/jamming his toast for him. Here is a funny story relating to the freezer business. Like I said, myself, my younger sister and younger brother went to live with my grandparents when I was a junior in high school. They lived in a 3 bedroom house, but the middle bedroom was used for storage. It had a huge upright freezer in it and was chock full of stuff. They put a bed in there and my 11 yr old brother slept in there and my sister and I shared the other bedroom. One day, my grandma went into that freezer to get hot dogs for dinner and there were NONE!!!! They couldn't figure out where they all went as grandpa had bought like 15 packages because they were on sale. They :mag: looked in every freezer they had and nada. A few days later, my grandmother was dust mopping my brother's bedroom while we were at school and the mystery was solved. My brother was eating FROZEN HOT DOGS and putting the empty packages under his bed! :rofl: :yikes: The sad moral to this story is the man weighs probably 450 lbs now and is in poor health because of his eating habits, which started way back then.

Gail: My dh loves coconut cream pie. I despise coconut. Like the flavor of the milk, but gag on flaked coconut. Don't ya just hate all the things in your house that have to be "programmed" in one way or another! Drives you nuts! Our downstairs tv can't be programmed into our satellite remote so we have 3 remotes, one for the surround sound system, one for turning the tv on and then the actual channel changer. Our phone is just as bad, having to program what message, how many rings, whether you want the thingy dinging at you to let you know you have a message (it isn't enough to have the big red message button blinking away furiously, it has to make noise too! :lol: ) then you have computer stuff to program and we have a dvd burner that takes a bit of understanding to burn copies of movies, etc. I think back to when I was a kid and wonder how today's generation would have fared with no cell phones, no cable, no video games, no microwave, etc etc. Let's see they would have to use pay phones, read a book, cook a meal, how awful!

Well, gals, I have not done a single thing this morning. I guess I should get my downstairs chores done and get a loaf of bread ready to start rising for dinner.


10-16-2005, 12:04 PM
This morning a strange sight occured when we awoke. There was this bright orb in the sky.....the Sun was shining. We have had 8 straight days of rain and I was beginning to grow gills. :) They said the we had 4" of rain overnight on Thursday in our town. Lots of flooded basements. DD#1 called to say she had some water even tho she has a sump pump and is having some one come in today to help clean. She said the DD#2 also had water but I haven't heard from her. They had a French drain put in the basement a few years ago and they have a finished basement so they may be so busy they haven't called. I will call later to give them time to get something done. They have a lot of electronics, TV, Computer etc in the basement so I hope it wasn't too bad.

Gail: The light just dawned on me when you mentioned you were from Delaware. Of course, I remember you. You work or worked for a college don't you? I know how it is to 'company' clean. It is the only way I will do in depth cleaning. Once over lightly each week but deep cleaning when company comes. :o I also had to have gum surgery to deal with an infection at the tip of a root on a tooth that had had root canal done years before. I have had no problems with it since then. Hope everything goes smoothly with you.

Faye: You have every right to be proud of T. After all doesn't he take after you and Jack. :) I know what you mean about years of not going anywhere....with 4 kids we never went away, just day trips. When they were finally grown and able to stay alone we did take a couple of weekend trips but it wasn't til DH retired that we started to do some good traveling. Still we usually only take 1 good trip a year.

Jean: Sorry to hear about your Maggie, it is tough to lose and animal that you have had so long. How many cats do you now have, in house? I know you have a bunch that live outside.

Maggie: Hope you can find those baskets for your freezer....wouldn't want to lose you by having you fall into the freezer in search of dinner. :)

Gloria in the midst of laundry and my dryer is buzzing me.

10-16-2005, 09:06 PM

What a wonderful Lord's Day this is. Still sunny and the time changes this month. Time does fly. We went looking again after lunch for square pails and the only ones we found were for mopps and had pour spounds on both sides. Now if there was only one pour spount I would have cut it off but cutting both sides like that would have weakened them too much. Sooo here is what we are going to do. When we had Turn his kitty litter came in square pails. Cowboy saved a couple of them and has some of his leather tools in them. They are going to be cleaned out and will just have to do the job. If both of them won't fit then one is better than none. They won't be hard to clean since only clean stuff was used in them anyway ~ never any "used" litter for sure. :dizzy: At the Smart and Final store they sold mayonaise in square pails and of course lard but we didn't exactly want any mayonaise or lard just to get the buckets. Maybe when we go down south whrere there is a "container" store we can find something better than what we have to use.

GLORIA How nice for you to be able to see the sun today. That was a lot of rain to fall last night and I certainly hope your daughters room isn't ruined.

FAYE that was a might lot of frozen hot dogs your brother ate. You know maybe they need to look into who made those tires for the race. Could be they were a bit inferior. Just a thought.

GAIL I never thought about how much a permanent bridge cost really and WOW that is a lot of money. Good thing that you do have insurance that covers part of the original cost. The thing to remember is we want to keep our teeth as long as we can. My dentist once joked ~ but there is truth to it ~ only brush the ones you want to keep. Now they say "floss." I wanted to keep them all and still have a couple of my wisdom teeth. I only ever had 3 come in and had one pulled because there was no room for it. Now please don't take me wrong I didn't mean that you didn't take good care of your teeth. Plenty of folks that take good of their teeth are now wearing false teeth. The dentist said a lot of it has to do with heredity. He has folks come in that hardly brush and have great teeth so go figure.

I need to start getting ready for evening services. Type at you later ladies. Have a wonderful evening.

10-17-2005, 12:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Went to early church, made meatloaf for dinner thinking Beth and troops would be here but she was running late so we ate anyway, did the rest of the laundry, played the afternoon away, did my algebra homework, and here I am! It is almost time to head for bed. Why do weekends have to go by so fast?

Maggie -- My Santa is probably about 15" -- he has twinkley eyes and is holding a Christmas wreath in one hand and a rocking horse under the other arm. I can't imagine the hours of work this lady puts into her Santas much less transporting them to shows. She has all sizes . . . some are 3 feet tall and stand on the floor.

Gail -- Years ago I worked in the sewing/craft area of a store and we could buy the finished needlework displays. The store manager was in Jaycees with DH so I was able to put first dibs in on a Christmas picture that I put up every year.

"Gma" -- I did see the race was on and promptly turned the channel. I hate seeing the accidents!

Gloria -- We still have two inside cats . . . 'Mom' who was an unwed mother and moved in 14 years ago. Leonard is her son and Jason promised if we could keep him that Jason would take him when he moved out. Well, Jason graduated in '92 and Leonard is still here! Outside we have a mother cat, her kitten, and a smaller kitten that she adopted from somewhere. I'm hoping to transplant them to the farm asap.

I have a reading meeting tomorrow after school until 5:00. I hope I learn something I didn't already know. *sigh* Then I have card club after supper -- the first one of the season. I guess someone found a gal who was willing to take the vacant space left by a death last year.

I'm off to catch the news and head for bed. Have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-17-2005, 09:59 AM
Good morning gals! It is pretty cool this morning, but I will surely take it over what it was a month ago.

Gloria: I wondered whether you were getting pounded with all that rain. We really need rain. We are way down for the year. Gosh I hope your dds didn't have a lot of damage to their things.

Maggie: Maybe you should look online and see what you can find. If you don't have stuff available close to where you live, it might be a solution. It is always so frustrating when you want or need something and can't find it. A year or so ago, I looked all over for these bottles that had a pumper that made foam when they were pumped. I have a diy book that gives instructions on how you can clean oriental carpets using household stuff and this pumper bottle that converts it to foam and you use just the foam to clean. He said you could find them in dollar stores. I hunted everywhere and still haven't found one.

Jean: Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Hope you win at card club. Jack has started playing poker online (not real money though). This site is supposed to help you learn so you can play in tournaments, which is what Jack would like to do. Well, he says the other people playing are stupid and because they aren't playing with real money just bet all over the place so you don't learn anything. Jack would like to play in some local poker tournaments once in awhile but he needs to sharpen skills. He says he isn't getting it this way. Maybe he should go back to our casino program that has poker tournaments. They are computer generated so may be more of a challenge! :lol:

My sweet little guy has a big goose egg above his right eye. Saturday he got his training wheels taken off and you guessed it had a major run in with the ground! :lol: He scraped himself up, but was back outside riding again yesterday. He looks like a miniature prize fighter right now! :lol:

We have another soccer game tonight so will probably grab a sandwich out. It is so much easier than trying to rush around and get dinner and clean up before we go. I don't know how the parents that work until 5 do it as the games are at 5:45. Guess they have to eat dinner afterwards and that makes it late for the kids I guess. Of course, kids nowadays stay up until 11 on school nights. My kids had to go to bed at 8 during the school year and 9 when they got older. They were still hard to get up in the mornings and get them ready and out the door for school.

Well, guess I should get to today's chores. It is vacuum and dust day (I forgot to vacuum yesterday, OOPPSSS!)


10-17-2005, 11:27 AM
Good mornin'! :D

Yesterday was such a nice day. The sun was shinin'...again. It's shining today--we're going for a record 3 days in a row! Yesterday afternoon I got quite a lot accomplished around the house.

Guess what I'm going to do this evening? :?:

Can't guess? ;) :D

Give up? :lol:

I'm going to a reading, Q&A session and book signing at Borders. Nora Roberts. I'm a fan. :)

I usually take care of the grandkids on Monday evenings but they are going to meet their new cousin this evening. My SIL's brother and his wife just got back from China--they adopted a 10-month old little girl. I've seen a picture of her and she's a little doll baby!

I did pretty good with food over the weekend--no evening snacking. I'm pretty proud of that. I stepped on the scale this morning and it has not budged. When I get home this evening I'm going to start walking on the treadmill. I'll let y'all know tomorrow morning. I'm telling y'all today so I'll actually do it tonight. I'm also thinking seriously of going back to WW on Thursday evening (after my dental appointment). I refuse to regain this weight.

Gloria, I knew you would remember me sooner or later! :D Wasn't all that rain and gloomy weather just the pits?! Thankfully, we didn't have flooding in my neighborhood but right over the stateling into NJ and PA they certainly had a lot.

Faye, DH and I were talking about that very same thing--how entertainment was so much simpler when we were growing up. I think today's kids (and a lot of adults also) would probably go into shock if all their ipods, computers, cell phones, etc. were taken away from them. But...then again if we didn't have a computer we wouldn't be posting on this thread! How are you doing with ediet? Have fun at the soccer game--bless his heart--he's all scraped up! I hope he doesn't get any new bruises at soccer today. I bet that's a lot of fun to watch him play! I'm hoping that one of my grandchildren will start to play sports--I know I'll be there cheering!

Jean, I never did go to the mall yesterday but then I know I'm going this Saturday for sure and I do plan on checking out the Kincade gallery. There is a yarn store in Chesapeake City, MD that will sell knitted items. But they are pricey!! Today I have a meeting also--all the staff in my college as a matter of fact--with the university provost. It's very secretive. We're all wondering what's up! This is highly unusual for us to be meeting the university provost.

Maggie, that's how it usually is--you've seen what you need NOW a year ago and now when we go to look for it you can't find it anywhere! But it sounds like y'all are improvising pretty good. I just noticed your tracker in your signature line--you're doing great! Good job! :D LARD! I haven't heard about anyone using lard in a long time! I remember my paternal grandmother keeping lard in the house but that was a very long time ago. I've heard that expression before about brushing the teeth you want to keep! :lol: But gosh I've gone and still go to the dentist so often and it seems no matter what I do (at home also) I still have problems. But my mother has had the same problems and it seems I'm following in her footsteps. I wonder if all this is inherited--I've never asked the dentist about it. And my mother has always gone for regular dental visits and has tried to take care of her teeth. She has a permanent bridge the very same place I'm having mine. Coincidence? Hmmm...

Okay...I guess that's it. Gotta do some work. I'll go reheat my coffee first though. :smug:

10-17-2005, 08:28 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers! I have a few minutes before I head off to card club. It's been another beautiful day in my corner of the world. DH is farming so I won't see him until I get home from card club later.

The reading meeting was so stupid! The 'leader' read an overhead to us while we followed along in the handout. :crazy: I'm sorry, but I think I could do that on my own. We all kept looking at each other and thinking the same thought . . . "get us out of here!"

"Gma" -- I hope T's goose egg is fading quickly. Maddy fell over the weekend and had a slight bruise on her cheek. She made sure that I saw it. :lol: I've never played poker but have watched it on TV a few times. DH tries to explain it as the players play but I just don't get it. I think young families eat frozen and/or fast food most of the time. The quicker they can eat the better they seem to like it.

Gail -- Have fun at your book signing tonight! I hope your secret meeting was a good one! :D Congrats on no evening snacks!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-17-2005, 09:02 PM

Today was a great errand running day. Glad to be home now and when Cowboy is working tonight I can get some stuff done that needs it. Not that I can't do it when he is here but it is just easier if you know what I mean. It is 4:48 as I type and the temp is 80 with a nice breeze. Got my fan going that is beside my little desk.

FAYE that poor little guy but you know it will heal and he will get more bumps and scrapes as he grows up. But you just want to hug em don't you. Something terrible happened to a friends fiance. She was walking on the sidewalk in San Jose and got hit by a guy riding his bicycle "fast." It split her head open a bit and broke her tail bone. He did stop and told her his name but she was so groggy she doesn't remember. Two other folks helped her up and to the hospital.

GAIL That is exciting that you get to meet Nora Roberts. Guess they sell lard here because there are forenigners that live here that cook their tortillas in it and re-fried beans and such. Yep you may have inherited your teeth from your mother ~ they say things of that sort can be inherited along with eye color and hair, etc. Be sure and let us know if you do get back to WW.

JEAN poker is fun. I never played for money though but it is a fun way to use your mind ~ takes some finesse. :dizzy: Have fun at your card club ~ nice way to get together with ladies isn't it to trade stores.

Have a lovely evening my cyberfriends.

10-18-2005, 09:03 AM
Good morning ladies! It is going to be a hot one here again today. Supposed to be near 90 today, UGH!

Maggie: What the heck was the guy doing on the sidewalk? Most cities, that is illegal anymore. I hope she gets to feeling better. Poor Thomas got his tore up knee hit with a soccer ball last night and just broke into tears and had to sit out one period. He was sitting next to me and I started teasing him about being the goal exterminator (that is HIS name for himself) and so he popped up and went right back into the game. :lol: I like playing Texas Hold Em poker but I tend to be rather reckless so I only play for fun not money! :lol:

Gail: Do you read NR's books written under her sudonym JD Robb? I like her "Origin" series under that name. How cool is that to get your book autographed. I only have one autographed book, I wasn't even the one that it belonged to. I worked with a lady whose father was getting rid of a lot of things out of his home and was giving away books and I took several of the older ones. I have a very old primer and an autographed copy of one of Corrie Ten Boom's books. If you have never read any of her books, she is a religous writer from WWII who was a Jew that went through the Holocaust with her family. I treasure this book and keep it in a safe place. My great grandmother was a Jew in Germany. By providence, she and her husband moved their whole family to the US before the War. Thomas is a whiz at soccer as long as he is in the goalie box. Thomas has a small disability that is neurological that keeps him from running very fast so he has become very good in the goalie box. He is fun to watch as are the other kids. He has 2 girls on his team, very tiny but man do they have energy. They are tough little girls!

Jean: You seem to have school staff who think the teachers are morons obviously. They have a "reading" meeting and I guess figure the teachers can't read! :^: I have a plush Santa who has a motion detector in it. When you walk past it, it shouts out "HoHoHo, Merry Christmas," then plays a short Christmas song. Drives Jack nuts. I will come into the room and the santa is face down, or stuffed into a corner face first, etc. :lol: :lol:

We are all sleepy around here. Jack had to go into work at 9 PM last night and didn't get back home til near midnight so it is a yawning day I think. Since it is so deserted out where he works, when he goes out there at night, I stay up until he gets back home. I was desperate to stay awake so I watched cartoons! :lol: The Jetsons and The Flintstones. Thank goodness he got home around the time the Banana Splits came on. I hate that show and hated it when I was a kid. Thought it was stupid.

Well, those chores are calling


10-18-2005, 10:13 AM
Happy Tuesday! Another day of sunshine! I know y'all on the west coast must think I'm nuts but going without sunshine for 7-8 days really makes one sit up and take notice when it comes out! :D

I had a lot of fun last night at Borders. I am soooo glad that I drove over to the bookstore during my lunch hour yesterday to buy the book and get my ticket in advance. By the time I got to Borders last night the parking lot and joining parking lots to other stores were just about full but I was lucky--I found a space! Then getting into the store was not easy! So many people. And of course all the seats were taken BUT...being the resourceful person that I am I made my way to the front and took up a position on the sidelines standing. One woman was standing beside me and she asked me what my number was. I was 52. She was 379!!! After the Q&A session, people would be called up to stand in line in bunches of 25. It started at 6:30pm and I was home by 8pm. I thought that was very good. My goodness, Nora Roberts is a tiny woman!

Faye, I've got all the "In Death" books by JD Robb. :) LOVE ROARKE! :lol: Doncha' just love that couple: Eve and Roarke! My last JD Robb book is signed BUT not personalized (like last night's book). Sometimes bookstores will get a few signed copies in their shipments--that's how I got the last one signed. Yes--I've heard of Corrie Ten Boom. I read a book by her YEARS ago! I'm talking decades. I can tell you're proud of Thomas! I hope he's feeling better today. And how are YOU feeling today? How's your leg/knee?

Jean, that meeting yesterday? :s: I thought the whole thing rather condescending. How can someone talk for 40-50 minutes and no one still knows what he said?! The provost is a good politician!!! He was supposed to be talking about the direction the college is going. Well...geeee...I never did (and neither did anyone else for that matter) did figure exactly which direction the college is going!! :lol: And they didn't even serve coffee! :lol:

Maggie, I walked last night on the treadmill when I got home! I plan on walking this evening if I don't walk on my lunch hour. It's going to be a gorgeous day out there; in the low 70's so I probably should take advantage of it. I'm still thinking I should get my butt back to WW on Thursday evening. The scale is not budging. Maybe it's just taking a rest!

Not a whole lot planned for today. I just need to get some work done here at my desk. Tonight, I should clean the bathrooms and straighten up the home office since my nephew will be in there playing on my computer this weekend. The downstairs is in tip-top shape. :) I finished knitting a scarf (for my oldest daughter) last night. Now to finish a pair of socks (the second sock) tonight while watching tv.

10-18-2005, 03:28 PM
Good Afternoon

It has been a busy day...actually two days. Yesterday went to DD#1's to prepare her supper and do some food shopping for her. She has been up the wall with the damage to her basement from the 8 days of rain. Finally got someone in (other that her bil &I fil) to help. They had to rip up the entire carpet and pad and draggggg it to the back yard. I don't know if it can be rained again last night. Almost all the furniture was removed to the garage except the sleep sofa (too heavy to move) but that only had wet feet and not the upholstry. She has a dehumidifier, sump pump and fans going in hopes of drying off. We expect more rain this weekend. I feel so badly for her....she is a widow and depends on help where she can get it and Jack & I are not into heavy lifting. The other daughter had water but I don't think it was so devastating (sp). The first daughter home is on ledge which prevents them from digging a dry well to drain off the water. I think this was a once is a great while rain....I hope we have some dry weather so she can dry out.

Today we went to the Air Base to do our twice monthly Commissary shopping and I think every one in the area had the same idea. The aisles were crowded and the highway from here to there was a mess. Oh, well, we area back and most is put away and I am sitting here catching my breath.

Gail: Oh my, that little green monster, Jealousy, is hitting me......would I have loved to see Nora Roberts. I, too, am a great fan of hers. I have read almost all of her books and all of the J. D. Robb series. OOOH that Roarke!!

Faye: I am almost forbidden to get any more Santas. My collection stands at about 75 now and although I love them it is getting to be a pain to put them out each year and then put them away. I will still do it though.

Jean: How educational to have a meeting and be read what you could have read yourself. That took a lot of thinking!!!

Maggie: Eighty and a slight kind of weather. Today was a cloudy, rainy start but mid day the sun came out and did get warmer....68!

Gloria in MA....DH just came back from taking groceries to DD#! so I will say TTFN

10-18-2005, 06:04 PM

AH today was Ragg Mopps day for a bath. He gets so excited which is such fun to see. His groomer said he is the only dog that when he gets out of the car runs to her door. Well he really likes her too. Right now he is napping which gives me time to type without him wanting to play tug of war. It is overcast and looks like rain. Sure hope it does rain. The temp is 72 with a good breeze.

I gotta tell you this ~ it really ticks me off. :tantrum: A 16 year old boy took his 22 rifle out and shot some horses. Not just any horses but those half million dollar race kind. The judge gave him 1 year with 6 months served he has 6 left. He is to do 1000 hours of community service and his parents are to make restitution. In this state you can get 5 to 6 years in the slam for drowning some puppys. Those parents will never pay for those horses and they will never own anything either. And since the boy refuses to admit he did it even though the evidence says he did it ~ they are going to have more trouble with him then they can imagine. And to think I used to counsel those types of kids. I really would like to get a hold of him right now and do some counseling to try to turn him around. :soap: The judge probably won't get re-elected.

FAYE I can just imagine how cute Thomas looks being their goalie. What a precious little boy. You are going to have many more games to go to with that little sweetheart. But they grow up so quick I know you cherish every moment.

GAIL I heard that Nora was a tiny lady but she can sure write. That is good that you are doing the treadmill. We do need to do exercise don't we. I do the walk in place (small space here) DVD's and use my "heavy hands" and stretch bands.

GLORIA water can sure do some damage. I can imagine that rug is headed for the dumpster. Isn't it the way with folks ~ after a storm to fill their cubboards once again. A day when everyone can get out ~ they do go somewhere it seems. We could sure use some rain.

10-18-2005, 08:14 PM
Good Evening, Cuties! It is 84 degrees in my corner of the world but it is windy so doesn't feel as warm as it might. The leaves are really falling today. I had to sub for another teacher's math class while she did an 'exit' staffing of a special ed. student. He is very capable but so very lazy and they are basically going to kick him out of special ed. second semester. I'm not sure why they just don't do it now because another 9 weeks isn't going to make any difference to him. He has tattoos and piercings all over places you can see and probably places one wouldn't want to see, dresses all in black including dyeing his blonde hair black!

DH is farming again today but should be home shortly since the location is not the most desireable for after dark hauling. I'm hoping they are about done as this has seemed like it has taken forever this year. I guess that must mean it is a bountiful harvest which is good!

Maggie -- That is too bad about the bike accident. Unfortunately, we have local riders that think they own the road and won't budge for cars nor pedestrians. :( I won first place at cards last night! We put a quarter and a dime in the kitty -- high gets the quarters and low gets the dimes. I'm usually in the middle and get nothing! :lol: My cards weren't the best but I had good partners all evening. I wish Iowa had stiffer penalties for animal abusers! Some kids attacked a cat shelter a few years back, killed and maimed the cats they could catch. All they got was a fine and a slap on the hand. :mad: I think that some kids of today have no conscience when it comes to violence -- they do hurtful things just to be doing something and see if they can get by with it. Our juvenile court system is full and over-flowing! I personally would like to see the chain gangs come back as well as no color TVs, computers, etc. in prison. I'm sure that wouldn't solve much but at least it would give them some time to think about things and maybe reflect on their actions.

"Gma" -- I have a Christmas wreath that has 3 cats on it. They "meow" Jingle Bells whenever the door is opened. Our cats all take off whenever it plays. :lol:

Gail -- I'm glad you got to meet Nora! I've read some of her books but my daughter is her biggest fan in our family. Sometimes I think college and university powers-to-be may be brilliantly intelligent but common sense stupid! ;)

Gloria -- That is too bad about the wet basements! I hope your daughters can get dried out without too much trouble. :yes: (That doesn't look too good but you know what I mean!) We have had standing water and it's not fun! We could use some rain as we are DRY.

I'm off to finish some laundry. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-18-2005, 09:24 PM

It actually looks like rain may come tonight. Feels like it anyway. Amber (a young cat) came over to play with Ragg Mopp. He tossed her about and carried her around by the back of her neck for awhile and then when he quit she gave him a back rub. Then he rolled over and she gave him a stomach rubb and I bet he comes in all dirty. He chews on their ears and they keep coming back for more. Never does he hold them down when they can't get away and it is a riot to watch them.

JEAN that boy sounds like he wants a lot of attention. Probably plays Dungeons and Dragons and things he is hot. Hopefully, this too shall pass. But he needs to wake up and pay attention before he losses it all. Congrats for being the winner at cards last night! Isn't it fun to be the winner once in awhaile. It is actually against the law in this state for bicycles to ride on the sidewalk so we will see what happens to that guy if they can catch him. California is stiff on peanilizing animal abuse but I guess if you shoot one and kill it isn't abuse. Go figure. Maybe if you shoot one and it lives that is called abuse. I don't know.

Hey, everyone have a wonderful evening and sleep well this night. I think I'll watch some more DVD's of the CSI ~ the Los Vegas ones. A friend loaned us 23 episodes that were nominated by Golden Globe of their first season. Nice pack of 6 DVD's.

10-19-2005, 09:39 AM
Good morning ladies! Lots of posts to catch up on this morning. It is fun having all the news though!

Jean: Don't you wonder why the parents let this go on? I know that when my kid was in high school, he did things behind our backs, but when he got caught he never did it again. He wasn't allowed to have long hair, wear certain clothes or listen to certain music,though I know he did away from the house. His sister has rules too. All kids go behind their parents backs, but dyed black hair, clothes and tattoos are pretty obvious. Truthfully, the parents let the kid get out of control when he was little and it has been building up. Rarely do kids just act out unless there is something wrong ie abuse etc. Too bad that kids of today see violence as the way to solve things more than in our day, where we were afraid to get caught chewing GUM in school! :lol: Congrats on the big card payout! Now you can afford that Mercedes! :lol: :lol: That wreath sounds so cute!

Maggie: So much for grooming, huh? We have just the opposite. We have this meek little dog and this bully cat! They love each other to death and even groom each other, but the cat will chase the poor dog or attack him from a hiding place. Ooooh, I LOVE CSI, the Las Vegas one! One of the cable channels has old episodes on in the evening and I watch them on the nights there is nothing on. I just like watching Vegas I guess! :lol: It's like, "Oh, we have been there, oh, I know where that street is they are talking about, etc." Some of them are pretty graphic though so you don't want to be eating supper and watching! :lol: They need to make that kid clean up horse poop for his 1000 hours and groom them too. Maybe if he realized what fine animals they were he wouldn't be taking his agression out on the innocent. Again, parents don't care what their kids do as long as they stay out of their hair. You're right, the horse owners will never get a dime back. I think they should make the parents clean horse poop up too!

Gloria: UGH, the commissary! I have to go this weekend and you know how I love it. Besides the rude people in scooters, my big thing is they aren't stocked well. Why drive 20 miles to some place then they not have what you need? The meat guy told me last time that the pork chop contract expired and they weren't renewing so no pork chops anymore! That is plain stupid. Looked like they were doing that with chicken too as there was only a few whole ones. They have all these stupid regulations etc for buying food. Ahh well, I still save a bundle even with higher gas prices. I feel so bad for your dd. How terrible for her to have her basement ruined.

Gail: I am finishing up a scarf for my son and then it is on to my sil's scarf. I still have a hat and scarf to do for dd and those mittens besides sil's scarf. I was thrilled to hear from my sister that my blanket was a huge hit at the shower and she told her mom my gift was her favorite of them all. I guess she already has it on the babie's bed. They are having a little boy they are naming Luke and his bedroom they painted in primary colors with surfers all over the walls (she is a dyed in the wool Southern CA girl) She even named her dog Hobie! :lol:

Well, the floors are calling at me to get them mopped so better get to it!


10-19-2005, 10:47 AM
Happy Wednesday! :D

My jaw just dropped when I read your post Maggie. Shooting horses?! THAT is all the punishment he's going to get?! That teenager also needs psychiatric counseling. Good grief!

Maggie, I love CSI: Vegas. However, I'm not too crazy about the Miami or the New York versions. I also like the Law & Order series--favorite is Special Victims Unit. There's one show I like this year...and I was not prepared to like it and that is Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights. I also like Geena Davis in Commander in Chief.

Jean, I have a feeling you and I could sit for hours and exchange stories about educational institutions, stories about students, and some of the stories I could tell you about professors would make you sick to your stomach...but then again on the other hand there are some really good people I work with--some real gentlemen and ladies.

Faye, ooooooooh another knitter! :) I ordered some yarn and a knitting book from and it arrived yesterday. I wish you could see some of the yarn I bought--it is ugliest green I have ever laid eyes on! :lol: I won't send it back though; I'll just store it away in my yarn stash. I look at it and all I think is "St. Patrick's Day". :lol: I finished a pair of blue worsted wool socks last night while watching tv but I'm not happy with them--I didn't knit the heel flap long enough. That's okay--it's all a learning process with me.

Gloria, you would have loved that question and answer session with Nora Roberts. One person asked if Eve and Roarke will ever have a baby (in the JD Robb "in Death" series) and she said an emphatic NO. She said didn't know if Eve (and Roarke) will ever be able to handle having a baby--they have so much baggage they carry around from their childhoods. She said she just doesn't want to take them in that direction. It will be interesting to see how Eve reacts to Mavis' baby don't you think? Someone asked her if she will ever stop writing the "in Death" books and she said as long as her imagination is working she plans on continuing that series indefinitely. AND someone asked her if she SEES real life people when she makes up her characters...specifically Roarke. She says her fans see Hugh Jackman but for her her characters are real people in their own right and not patterned after a movie star or anyone she knows. In my opinion, Roarke is just too perfect to be portrayed by a real person! :lol: And here I am talking about these fictional characters like they are real people! :lol: She was very interesting. People asked her about her writing process. She does not make up an outline first--she flies by the seat of her pants so to speak. She gets an idea of a storyline in her head, chooses the setting and goes from there. She was also asked how long does it take to write a book and she answered, "as long as it takes!" And she writes ONE book at a time--she does not have several going at one time. If you ever get a chance to go to a book signing by any author you should go. I've gone to a couple of others and its always interesting and fun. Do you live near a Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstores? They always have book signings. And if you do, always call ahead to the store to find out the rules because there may be a limit on how many an author will sign and sometimes the store will make you buy the book there that is to be signed. I had to buy Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts to have it signed but I also was able to buy it 30% off. It was a good deal. But the bottom line is it's fun to SEE and HEAR the author of books that you like to read. :)

Okay...gotta go do some work. OH! The advisement center downstairs is having a free luncheon buffet for students and staff today. I had forgotten. But I also had forgotten my lunch from home also.


10-19-2005, 06:57 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has disappeared and the clouds are rolling in. We are supposed to get some rain tonight and we could use a nice gentle rain. We had a student drop out today and what a situation that is. She was a freshman last year and moved to Lincoln, NE, in April. She moved back here in October, having failed the classes she took in NE, and has done absolutely nothing in any of her classes here. We found out from another student that she is living with her boyfriend who is court ordered not to set foot in the high school. I don't know him so I'm not sure the reason for that. She showed up after school started this morning, with a marriage license and boyfriend/husband in tow, announced she is quitting and moving to CA. Meanwhile, this afternoon her mother called the school and wants to set up a staffing to keep her daughter in school. We're wondering if she doesn't know anything about the so-called marriage. It's never too dull around the school, that's for sure.

Maggie -- It would be fun watching Ragg Mopp and the cats play together. Do you ever see Turn?

"Gma" -- Brandyn's parents are divorced and remarried with step-siblings in the picture. His bio sister tried to commit suicide when she was in high school; she is extremely overweight. His dad is divorced again and drives an over-the-road semi so I think Brandyn pretty much does whatever he wants to w/o any supervision. He does work at Hardee's but I think he only cooks now and doesn't wait on customers. I hope the commissary has everything you are looking for this weekend!

Gail -- Did you knit the socks for yourself? I can knit and purl but I can't read a pattern so anything I make is either square or rectangle shaped. Do you have to read Nora Roberts' books in sequence?

I have bell choir practice tonight so better get moving. I want to do some ironing before DH gets home. Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-20-2005, 07:13 AM
Good morning gals! Sure didn't cool down here much last night. Like Jean, we are expecting some rain, but it may skirt by us. We sure could use it, except it is time to blow leaves off the deck again and wet ones don't blow! :lol:

Jean: Geez, a kid that acts out through his actions and outside appearance, a sister who internalizes it and eats to feel better and when that doesn't work tries to get rid of the pain by killing herself, I would say that is one screwed up family. Poor kids! Some people just shouldn't be parents. I think a lot of Nora Roberts stuff is sort of "serial" books. She is mostly romance, but the series I was talking to Gail about is a futuristic lady cop. It is romance, but mystery mixed in too. I used to read romance novels by the fistful but in my old age have gotten more into the mystery, thriller stuff. I am a died in the wool serial reader though.

Gail: I would rather go to the store and buy yarn. It is a lot more fun to be able to fool with the textures, colors, etc. Sort of a candy store experience without the fat! :lol: Since I started knitting again 2 months ago, I have done big baby blanket, a Harry Potter scarf and hat, a ladie's scarf, am almost finished with a men's scarf and have yarn for the dadblammed mittens, another men's scarf and have to get the yarn for my dd's hat and scarf. I still have to get out and get the leather gloves for all the adults scarves for Christmas. Need to go to Wilsons and look and see what I can find, I guess. They do have a fabo leather outlet in Tunica, but I wanted to see if I could get colored gloves for the girls.

My doggy is sitting here behind me softly woofing telling me he wants me to go downstairs and let him out so I better go.


10-20-2005, 09:51 AM
Jean: Quick reply on my favorite subject....Nora Roberts. A lot of her writings are 'Trilogys' but the are all inclusive in each book so if you picked up one you would be reading a story from start to finish. It is if you get the next one that you realize the 'back' story gets carried over a bit. The 'In Death' series is on going but you can still read one and it is complete in that one book. She is a great and prolificate writer. I like mysteries but I will through in a romance every once in a while. Gloria

PS: Sun, Mon, Tues.....more rain here.....just what we need.

10-20-2005, 10:10 AM
Would any of you ladies be interested in an online book club if I got some info from my dd about it? She is part of one and maybe she could tell me what they do with regards to picking books, how they meet online to discuss what book has been picked, etc. Let me know if you are interested. I only read for entertainment and enjoyment so I wouldn't be interested in Oprah stuff as I think she picks books with social redemption involved where she wants everyone to "learn" something and if I want to "learn" something, I will go back to school or pick something out specifically for what I want to learn. I read one of her picks a few years ago and was so depressed afterwards I vowed never to read another. Have any of you ladies read any "Red Hat Club" novels? They are fun and funny. Also, there is another one I read that was about a bunch of older women that was hilarious and I can't remember the title. Have to think about it. I didn't like the "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" books though. Those women were just plain WEIRD! :lol: If you want to laugh, read Janet Ivanovich's "number" series. Those are a scream. I have also read this series by a young woman named I think, Sarah Strohmeyer who writes about a blonde bimbo beautician who wants to be a detective called Bubbles Yablonsky. They are pretty funny too.

I shouldn't have let Gloria get me started. I am a book reading fool and would be blabbing at this all day!

Faye ;)

10-20-2005, 11:41 AM
Goord mornin'! :coffee2:

Well. My parents are not coming this weekend. The truth of the matter is I'm a little relieved. Dad is still walking with one crutch since his hip popped out of it's socket two weeks ago. And the weather is going to be nasty--we're going to get a lot of rain and the thought of my Dad driving 4 1/2 hours in all that and still recovering from his hip thing had me worried. Now we are planning their visit in a couple of weeks.

I go to the dentist this afternoon for the on-going bridge work. Afterwards I'm going to WW. My scale moved...but in the opposite direction I wanted. So now I'm going to COMMIT myself to...(no...not the looney bin)...healthy eating as well as counting points. While I have been tracking points I have not been eating healthy...know what I mean? :s: :o The holidays are coming and I would like to get through the coming weeks with a healthier attitude and perhaps weigh 10-15 lbs. less than I do now. So, I'm going to delete the tracker I have down in my signature and start a new one tomorrow.

Faye, you've been knittin' up a storm! I love yarn!! Have you checked out because their prices are very good. However, I would rather go to a local yarn shop and SEE and FEEL the yarn. I just bought a book titled Scarf Style. I'm getting ready to start another scarf--it has cables in it. I have never knitted mittens but I guess I could figure it out. If I can knit a pair of socks (and yes, they are for me--I always like to perfect my knitting before giving something away) I can probably knit a pair of mittens. I still want to try my hand at lace knitting though this winter. The Harry Potter scarf I'm knitting is the new style (you can see it in the last movie and also the upcoming one in November). It's knitted in the round and it is going to be one heavy scarf--I hope my youngest daughter appreciates it because I'm sick of knitting the thing! I'm almost finished--it's extremely long--good thing she is 5'6". I read the first Red Hat book--loooooved it. There is another one out there...right? I'd be happy to join in book club as long as the book is light reading--nothing heavy! I have always loved reading--started reading early as a child. I'd rather read a good book than watch tv.

Gloria, but if one reads the "in Death" books out of order then one can't follow along with Mavis' pregnancy...or Eve's growth in her personal life...and I love reading about Eve's and Roarke's relationship development/growth. The next "in Death" book comes out in January. I cannot wait! Don't you just love Feeney? And Dr. Mira! Gotta love her. I love all the characters. I have all those books too. I still haven't started reading the latest NR book--Blue Smoke but my Mom has and she says it's very good. OH! You do know the third book, Red Lilly in the flower series comes out in December? And NR said at the book signing there will be another paperback trilogy coming out in September, October, and November 2006. She says that trilogy is going to take on a little paranormal slant. The woman can write anything and I know I'm going to love it. I'm a fan. Can you tell? :lol:

Jean, good grief! The kid is...too young. What a mess she's made of her life at such a young age! Living with boyfriends. Marriage?! Not even through high school yet and it looks doubtful if she will have much success there unless her life is turned around. Where in the world are her parents? Where have they been? Is there no discipline? In regard to knitting, I learned how to knit a pair of socks last February. Until then the only things I was knitting were flat pieces. Scarves mainly. And I still love knitting scarves as it's more about the knitting process with me. Knitting calms me. Keeps my hands busy.

My break is over and now back to working. I'll let y'all know how WW goes in the morning--I know their scale is going to be different from mine but I'll be okay. I'm determined.

10-20-2005, 12:30 PM
Gail: I thought if enough ladies are interested we would do something like each person submitting a book with the author they are interested in reading along with a sort of bio on the book, then each person casts a vote for what book they want. There will be one person who leads the discussion each month and that is the person who picks the book if a tie breaker is needed. I know Kelly has belonged to a club for around 2 years and really likes it. They read chick lit stuff though and it is ok as she usually passes the books to me, but I am more into other stuff that I like. I am a big chicken doing anything very advanced in knitting even socks! I have never knitted in the round, but I don't think it would be anymore difficult, would it? One of these days I will get ambitious and start making stuff for myself. I used to cross stitch and made all kinds of stuff to decorate my house. I even still have stuff. I have one thing I treasure even though I made it. It is a poem that is called, "His Mother" and I made it years ago for Jack's mom. When she died, I went into her bedroom and took it straight off the wall before anything happened to it. She was one difficult lady, (she would sell stuff I made or bought her in yard sales,) but it is something to remember her by. I have pictures of the family going up both sides of my stairs to the second floor and this hangs right next to her high school graduation picture. I don't have any other professional pictures of her. Now that I have made pillows for my couch, I would like to make an afghan for the living room. I actually found one I love, but the pattern looks like a nightmare! I am a cheapskate and try and find free patterns online! I used to have books and books of cross stitch and knitting and got rid of them when we moved into the condo along with ALL of my knitting stuff like a boob! Now I am having to start over. I just print out my patterns and keep them in a folder. All that will have to wait until after Christmas though, I am afraid. I have too many presents to get finished. Thank goodness I only have 2 kids, 2 kids-in-law and one grandson!. All of Jack and my parents are deceased so it is just the kids and their families. I can't imagine having to make scads of stuff before Christmas at this late date. My gson's Harry Potter scarf is the first movie one, with the fat stripes that are equal. I am thinking of making my dd's in the later one with the long section then a thin stripe then a long section etc. She "belongs" to Ravenclaw so it will be blue and silver. She is really into Harry Potter even though she is 28 as is my grandson. They even take vacations to go see some band called Harry and the Potters! :lol:

Ok, I have now wasted almost half an hour where I should be upstairs doing the bathrooms. I had better get a move on! Sorry for all the blabbing this morning. That's what happens when I procrastinate, which for me is rare. I tend to be a cleanik always finding something to do! TTFN and wish me luck with the Lysol! :lol:


10-20-2005, 12:58 PM
Faye, you and I have a lot in common! I used to do counted cross stitch as well. I've cross stitched a LOT of pictures--mainly back in the 80's and into the 90's. I loved the samplers copied from antique cross stitched samplers from the 1700's and 1800's. I have a lot of those framed hanging on my walls in the dining room, guest room, and one of the bathrooms. I burned out on cross stitching! Here is a website for the new HP scarves (you may already know of it):

Lionbrand yarn has a great website with a LOT of free knitting patterns:

Free knitting patterns are also at but some of those...are...a little outrageous. :o

The website I gave you for the HP scarf has a lot of free patterns.

Knitting in the round is easy--I figured that out for myself--if I can do it so can you! ;) Too bad we don't live closer to each other--I'd love to yarn shop with you. :)

I'm willing to try the book club...although I'm a little nervous about LEADING a discussion group!

....gotta go...

10-20-2005, 01:18 PM
Ok, the bathrooms are done, but I ended up gagging and choking on the nasty stuff I have to use. I have tried EVERY product on the market including the organic stuff and my helpful hints and the ONLY thing that takes the ring out of my tub is Kaboom, which is an Oxyclean product. Not supposed to be "fummy" but it is and the ring was particularly nasty this week so I had to really douse it. Luckily, just getting it finished makes it ok again. I try and hold my breath, but that doesn't always work! :lol: :lol:

Gail: Thanks for the sites. I use the lionbrand site and Bernat's site and (which has some old stuff I wouldn't put on my grandma! :D ) Did you read the story about the lady that lost a breast and made her own at the site? That was sad, sweet and funny and what a great idea. I saw the end of a "Strong Medicine" program the other day where a very young adult woman lost a breast and instead of having reconstruction and all that had a beautiful tattoo painted on the one side. I am not a tattoo fan, but what a wonderful idea to make yourself feel better. It was beautiful flowers and vines, etc. Explain to me something. On the Harry Potter "prisoner" scarves, why the marker after you cast on? I guess I missed something with why there is a need for a marker.

Ladies you all have a good day and I promise not ot come back in her yakking again today! :lol:


10-20-2005, 01:33 PM
Faye, you need a marker when you are knitting in the round so you'll know where a new line of knitting begins. :) For example on the new HP scarf, you knit 27 rounds (lines) of the main color, knit 3 rounds (lines) of the contrasting color, knit 5 rounds (lines) of the main color, then knit 3 rounds (lines) of the contrasting color, and then knit 27 rounds (lines) of the main color...and keep going until you have 14 double bar sets of the contrasting color. Personally, I love the slytherin colors but they're the "bad" guys right? I'm not a HP fan. :o Did you see the pattern for knitting a uterus at Now you tell me...why...WHY...would someone want to knit something like that?! :lol:

10-20-2005, 03:34 PM
Hi! I am back and we had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful and I ate too much. I don't know how you can go away and not gain a pound or two. It will be off in no time though.

I hope all of you are well. I will try to catch up with what you have been doing. Right now, I need to go fix lunch.

10-20-2005, 06:01 PM
Well I just got word that my son will be having a cardiac cath with the possibility of angioplasty and/or a stint. His heart is not getting enough blood. They need to find out why. Those kids have had such a tough time. Plus he is leaving his job because the original company sold and the one that took over is not doing well. Plus he is working 12 hours a day and took a $20,000 a year pay cut. Not good. Thank God she is still working and not pregnant. They do not need a baby right now. Sorry, but I needed to vent a bit.

10-20-2005, 08:58 PM

It has been an eventful day. Went to WW this morning ~ at which I lost a 0.6 which I will not sneeze at becaue I am happy about any loss for it is in the right direction. Went out to lunch and then some shopping. Got home and tried to get on the internet and it kept giving me different reasons why I couldn't get connected. I tried all the tricks, unpluging everything, turning off the computer and waiting 5 minutes before starting it again. Nothing helped so I called the tech back and he looked up the records and low and behold I had been terminated. Why, I quired and he said that periodically they have a staff that goes through all the records and brings everything up to date. Well, they didn't bring me up to date becaue I got disconnected he realized but got me reinstated within 10 minutes. My phone number is different than when we first sighned up and my e-mail address is the same so it through their system a different thing it didn't know what to do but terminate me because the first phone number we had is still in use. Of course it is because it belonged to the church I told him. That explained to him why the phone company was still getting paid for that number all those 4 months I wasn't paying for internet service ~ and whe we did reinstate the contract and changed the number they tried to get us to pay for that 4 months of internet which they had failed to disconnect. We have a copy of the letter so they had no recourse but to quit trying to charge for something we didn't use. All because that old phone number was still being used. Go figure. Anyway I am back on line.

WELCOME BACK SHARON sorry about your son ~ hope all gets well with him and the doctors do him good. You are right what ever you gained on your trip will be gone soon.

There is lots I need to read it seems but I'll say HOWDY to every one and do some yacking persoanls later. Gotta fix dinner now.

10-20-2005, 10:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I ran a few errands after school and have been putzing around ever since I got home. Not much is newsy from my corner of the world . . . it was a cool 60 degrees but nice and sunny day.

"Gma" -- Knowing some of the baggage that these kids have at home, it is remarkable that they can function at all let alone be successful at school. It is evident that parents don't realize the impact their actions have on their children. I think I will opt out of a book club. I am not a fast reader so would get left in the dust for sure.

Gloria -- I lean towards the mystery/romance books too. I just started reading Barbara Delinsky and really like the couple of books that I have read. I hope that more rain won't do any more damage for your daughters' homes.

Gail -- This student is a Mexican and in their culture a way to prove their feminity is to get married young and have children. Her mother works at the local packing plant and I'm not sure if there is a step-dad or not. The mother's last name is not the same as the daughter's. The boys prove their masculinity by drinking and fighting. Most have the goal of working at the packing plant and driving a new car or pickup. We have LOTS of pregnant girls walking around with their bellies hanging out for all to see. It is sad.

Sharon -- I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. It's always nice to get away -- makes one appreciate home even more. I'm sorry to hear about your son. I hope that the tests go well and he will soon be on the road to better health.

Maggie -- Congrats on the loss! Any loss is a GREAT loss! Isn't it a pain trying to straighten out messes when someone doesn't do their job in the first place? I'm glad you were able to get back online so quickly.

I have some algebra notes to check over so better keep moving. Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-21-2005, 12:21 AM
Well since I yakked us right onto page three, maybe 4, I am going to start a new thread. See you at #38