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10-13-2005, 07:31 AM
:wel3fc: WELCOME :wel3fc: to the Jaded Ladies site.

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please feel free to join us. :gossip:

10-13-2005, 10:45 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I feel like I'm really lazy this morning, I don't have to go in to work until 11:30 AM - but of course that means I stay until 8 PM. But it is so nice not to have to rush around early in the AM. The only thing I have to do yet is to fold laundry, I think I can handle that.
Went to lunch with a co-worker yesterday at a Chinese buffet - I love it but the sodium doesn't love me. So today my hands and feet are puffy, but the food sure tasted good!! So I will be "good" today.
The workers just showed up to work on the storage building and they want my "supervision" on a few things so I best be going. Hope everyone has a great day!


10-13-2005, 02:12 PM
Hello Ladies~

Got in my work-out this morning. The 2 mile WATP, 20 mns. on the bike and a little bit of weight training. Boy does it feel good. Not finished yet. As soon as I get off here I am headed out to mow the front yard. Then I plan on washing both my car and Josh's truck. Planned on doing it yesterday but time just flew by and it was 7 P.M. before I knew it. It's been getting dark by 7:30.

Connie~Chinese food sounds delicious! :T Yummy to my tummy! :lol: Haven't had any in ages.I've not heard of the SMART technique but it sounds interesting. Might have to check it out.

Angie~so glad that you are not going to lose your job. I guess the way I read your post I thought you had a choice, take the temp. position or you're gone. I have heard that can happen if you don't eat enough food. Also, I've heard and been told that when you start exercising you could actually gain a little in the beginning. Something about fat turning to muscle. So hopefully that's all it is. And you make sure you eat enough girly!

Marti~you are doing great with the work-outs! :bravo: I am definitely careful with my arms. It's not an injury, just other stuff going on with them, And while the exercise does feel good, too much can be bad. Supposedly though, eventually the pain could stop. Or so I was told by the PT. We'll see.

Jane~Glad Caylin's BD party was nice. And :bravo: to you for not eating anything. Now that is what I call self-control. Your day at the orchard with Madison sounded so nice. And the apples are sounding good right now. By the way, you mentioned the apple slices with splenda and do you prepare them? Do you put them on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven? I am going to have to have some. I played around with adding a second weight tracker thing with my highest weight, etc. yesterday and just felt like it was too much. So what I did was at the bottom under my name I put my HW/CW/GW. I like having the ticker for the smaller goals that way it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Of course with me who knows, tomorrow is another day after all and I change my signature so very often! :lol:

Susan~sounds like your assistant is a slacker. Geez, how many times does she need to be told to do something. I hope you are writing her up each time so that it doesn't end up coming back on you and making you look bad.

Hi Janet, Katy, Katiecat, Mindee, Sue and everyone else. I think it's been a while since everyone posted I can't remember who all has!! :yikes: So, sorry if I unintentionally missed anyone, which I know I did.

Gotta get going ladies. I put myself on a schedule today and have been waiting for the lawn to dry out so I can mow at 12:30. Lotta dew on the grass and cars this morning. I want to get that done and the vehicles washed and then get back inside and finish my bedroom. Started yesterday but didn't finish. Then jump in the shower. all take care and have a great Thursday!

10-13-2005, 05:15 PM
Afternoon Ladies--

I got my workout done this morning. Enjoying the energy I've been having lately so I definately want to keep it up. Although, I am feeling a bit tired at the moment. I only got a few hours of sleep.............ugh!


Cristi--I hope that the exercises do help your arm as long as you're not overdoing it. I think that it's great that you're making such great progress! Do you want to come over and mow my lawn??? It hasn't rained the last few days and it's only weeds :lol: I could sure use the help! :D

Connie--Oh love Chinese, but due to the sodium and the way it make a body puff up, I try to keep away. James & I only go once in a great while. It's been few months since we've gone. The buffets we stay way from though.....tend to over do it whenever we go.

Angie--You definately want to make sure you eat enough and not starve yourself. This girl I've been going to the gym with is always saying that she only ate one meal all day. I keep telling her that if she wants the weight loss to continue, she needs to eat more. Or else the body starts starving for energy and w/no food, it starts to store it's energy in fat. She gave me this Cristi said, you've been working out and the gain could be from muscle gain. So make sure you take your measurements too. (look at me, turning into some kind of nutritionist.....that I am NOT! Just giving advice that was given to me.)

Jane--I won't be able to pipe in on the "when" about Vegas. It is all according to James's schedule. Then I have to make sure I can get mine the same as his. It's all to crazy, but we should know more when the time gets a little closer. I will tell him what days everyone is talking about. So...I'll just have to wait and see. (hopefully it works out)

Susan--Bags packed already?? sound like you're just itching to go!! :D I'm looking forward to the trip too. I hope it all works out through taking time off when everybody wants to go. That's the one thing I hate about my job...I'm not the only one who likes a vacation!!

Hello to everyone else out there!! Hope you're all doing great!!

Katie, Katy, Janet, Sue, and the rest of the gang, how are ya doing????

Ok, I'm off to clean up. You all have a wonderful day!

da fat n da furious
10-13-2005, 09:20 PM
Come out Becky....join us.

Cristi,,,can you wash mine too? I got one load of laundry in,,,and thats about it. grocery shopped after my meeting last night,,,I like doing that. I all pumped up from the meeting usually,,last night though I kinda walked around looking at thigns going,,,nope not worth the points. So I only bought a 1/4 of what I normally buy. I think the family will protest soon.

Marti,,,I know,,I know. I just felt that eating an apple was better then eating junk. But I didn't have enough points she said. There was only one day I was so hungry,,and i was at work and didn't have the time to warm up my soup. I did eventually but ..
There is this guy in our meetings,,,he was whining,,I say whining (I wasn't of about how he hadn't lost as much as he thought he would,,,Lost? Buddy how about gaining once and that alone will make you appreciate the small 2 lbs he lost. Grrr anyways he goes on to say he goes for walks with his wife and he buys a small slurpee every so often or a choc bar. WHAT? I haven't had that and I gain and hes eating that and loosing then has the gall to complain? *breath
So the speaker wants us both to talk about this next week,,,give my story and his story. Shes kinda going ot pit us against each other...should I warn her Im very competitive..and that if he looses more,,well its *finger slices across neck for him?

Well off to rehearsal we go...

10-14-2005, 12:47 PM
Happy Friday Ladies!

I am loving this weather! :sunny: It is the perfect walking weather. A little cool this morning when I started so I wore a sweatshirt...should have worn a t-shirt under because half way through the walk I was sweating, ick! But I couldn't take my sweatshirt off! Anyway, made it through the 3 mile walk and now I am ready for a shower. But it will have to wait until I mow the back yard later. It is supposed to reach 80 today so about noon it will be very warm back there.

Marti~I am very careful with my arms. I'm thinking the exercise is helping because I haven't had as many problems with them. But I am still being careful. If you were close enough, yes, I would come and mow your yard. I say I am doing it to help V out but really, I am doing it for the exercise. I try to find things to do to keep me busy. Can you not put in for your vacation this early to ensure that you get it? The same with James. I would think that if you put it this far ahead that they can't give the date to someone else and they know you will be gone and do what they have to to replace you/James for the time you are gone. Anyway, just thought of that because that's what they do at V's job. His vacation time starts in June so when June rolls around he can put in for a vacation anytime from June 2004-June 2005 and then it starts over. And he can take his vacation time one day, two days, three etc. or take a week here and then another week whenever. He doesn't have to take it all at the same time. And if he doesn't take it by the following year he gets the money for his vacation days. Works out pretty good especially when he's wanted to take a day or two off like when we go to Georgia.

Angie~when I was going to WW there was a lady that always talked about fitting her daily candy bar in but she never whined about not losing though. Then there was an older woman and her mother that sat up in the front every week. They were life timers and SKINNY! But every week they brought a candy bar with them to eat and would get a soda out of the vending machine to eat/drink through the meeting. Then there was the green bean lady. Every week she came in with a different way that she had her green beans. She said if she ate anymore green beans she was going to turn into one! The following week a lady brought her a BIG can of them and we all laughed! :lol: Anyway, would love to see the debate between you and the candy bar man. And yes, like I mentioned to Marti, if we all lived close to one another I would definitely help ya out.

And a big HELLO to Becky!! Come on in and join us, we won't bite!

And HI to everyone else! :wave:

Well, ladies, not much on the agenda today. I will finish my bedroom today. Didn't think mowing and washing the two vehicles would take so much time but it did. And you all know I can't miss my Jeopardy even though it is kids week. Some of those kids are very smart and seem so grown up for their age. Most have been about 11 or 12 I think. Also, need to get a letter out to Josh today. Didn't get one from him last week but got two yesterday along with three post cards (he knows I collect post cards). He's been told he will be stationed in North Carolina and then they came back and said maybe not. Might be going to Fort Riley which is here in KS. So we will see. He has passed the 15 minute two mile walk! :cp: I know he told me not to worry but I was. Because if he didn't get it done he would have to start over. He's doing two miles in 13 mns. That would kill me! He's looking forward to his weekend so he can eat some good food and have a cigarette! The kid has lost 20 pounds since being there. Geez, if he loses anymore I don't think I will recognize him. Anyway...better get going.

Take care ladies and have a GREAT Friday/weekend! :wave:

10-14-2005, 01:08 PM
Good morning ladies!! :)

Becky - please join us!! Any friend of Angie's is a friend of ours. We won't bite! Well, depends on the hunger level around here, lol. :D

Susan - hey, Neal was bachelor until I got ahold of him. Made him see he just couldn't live w/o me, lol. Would you please PM me your new addy? I need to know where to go to smack the crap outta you when you eat only one meal a day, lol.

Connie - need your addy, too, if you're comfortable with that. Actually, it's for sending Christmas cards, not for smacking anybody, but don't tell Susan. tee hee. Hope you got some rest, and have flushed the salt out of your system by now, lol.

Angie - I've called you twice, but only left a message once. Never know when is a good time, so how about if you want to talk, call me, and we'll hang up and I'll call you right back so it'll be on my bill. I lost better when I ate more, (but not TOO much) that's for sure! As I said, I even added 3 points to my daily totals, but never used any activity points, so I guess it evened out. No, Mary's MIL (Judy) isn't on a program, she was honked off at Dale (her son). Because Judy wanted to bring her druggie dd to the party and Dale flat out put his foot down on that one. Yay Dale!!

Cristi - Meg and Mel the moderators talk about muscle in their LWL forum, and from what they say, it takes quite a while for new muscle to form. I'm a complete doofus about it, but they both work in gyms, so I assume they know what they're talking about. Looking at their bods, I'm sure they do!! About the apples, just slice them thinly into a saucepan, and then sprinkle some Splenda and cinnamon over them. Vanilla is good, too, if you add only a drop or two. Yum!! Anyway, cook them until they are soft, but not mushy. Depending on the apple type, it won't take but a few minutes.

Marti - hopefully you'll be able to join us in Vegas! It wouldn't be the same w/o you. Are you and James doing anything special this weekend?

I'm at the library so I can do this at a respectable speed. The good news is, I found another satellite company that will service my area. The not-so-good news is, they have a waiting list. Patience, Jane, patience!!!

I'm having Terry's kids over after school today, and can't wait for that. I don't get to see them as often as Mary's kids for obvious reasons.

Have a good day. :cool:

Edited to add - Cristi you were posting while I wrote this novel, lol. I SO hope Josh gets stationed in Kansas!!!! :crossed:

10-14-2005, 02:05 PM
Hi Jane :wave:
I don't know anything about muscle etc. either. I know I don't want to have those muscle looking calves or arms-looking like a man, just be toned. Anyway, I had heard something like what I said and didn't know how long Angie had been exercising and did figure it takes a while. I was told that about the gaining and muscle when I joined Richard Simmons exercise class years ago. Anyway, hope you enjoy your day/time with Terry's kids. I too hope Josh gets stationed in KS!! :crossed: Means no more flying for me! I have been thinking about flying for the last week because it's getting closer to leaving. Not stressed about it yet. I'm hoping though that I will just sleep on the plane since we have to get up so early to get there. The flight leaves at 7:30 and we are supposed to be there a hour before??? AAAHHHH, I can't remember. I have it written down. For some reason I was thinking we have to leave two hours before the flight to get to the airport, and get checked in. That means leaving at 5:30 and getting up at 4 to make sure I have enough time-don't want to be late leaving. And I am sure I won't be able to sleep the night before so I should be very tired. Blah, blah, blah...sometimes I talk too much! :lol: Anyway, have a good weekend.

10-14-2005, 02:56 PM
Good Morning to our newest members!!
Janet, Connie and Becky!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:
:welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2: :welcome2:

I did real bad yesterday at eating Jane. I had a nice hot meal :hun: :hun: last night of rice & chicken though. I had a bag of popcorn and some root beer for a snack in the evening.
This morning I had toast with turkey inside and some coffee. Starving now and no break in sight to go find something healthy to eat. So, off to the vending machine I go........cheese crackers sounds good:)

I did weigh this morning and went down to 157 - yay- I moved the scale around the bathroom to make sure that was correct - faced it North- South-East - and West and kept coming up 157 ( kind of like a slot machine! - lol) anyway - happy about that and am starting to feel better.

I FINALLY got my accent wall in the office painted - looks lovely. Now I want some boarding going up and I don't know where this comes from but I want some gold

anyway - back to work..............

10-14-2005, 08:33 PM
Hi Chickies!
I'm getting excited about know, I haven't ever been there. I'm not much of a gambler. But I am excited about getting away with DH, seeing all you gals, catching a show (or two).

I am twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the guys to get home from errand-running. This trip to Home Depot was to get all the gutter and french drain accoutrement. Our addition looks like it has a moat around it - time to get that taken care of.

This week, I shaved off a couple of pounds - worked out 5x, did alright on points. Pretty soon my ticker will be pretty close to accurate, lol! Since I've been working out, my muscle has been increasing, so my clothes are all loose, but the pounds are barely budging. I'm used to that, and I do like looking in the mirror and seeing the beginnings of some definition in my arms and abs.

Muscle really is a good thing, and you really can't get too much of it. All those super-bulked up people you see ( men and women) usually have taken some kind of steroid or other kind of drug, or they have cut every last carb out of their diet. For most women, you can lift to your heart's content. I just tell myself that a bulge in the bicep looks a heck of a lot better than the "wings" under my arms that like to flap in the wind when I wave hello to someone. Will those EVER go away?

Gotta go cook dinner - so "hi" to all - hope you are all having a great weekend!

10-15-2005, 01:02 AM
Sorry I have been MIA. I have typed posts and then my computer blinks and bleeps and the post is gone. That is why I had 2 posts on the poll thread. It bleeped and I thought I lost the post. Geesh....hate puter troubles.
I am sure everyone would love Las Vegas. So much to do. I won't know if I can be there in June for awhile yet. Still trying to decipher all the plans for the house. We want to fly back and forth as little as possible, but need to be here for several aspects of the building. It will all work out....(my new mantra)
I am still walking at least 2 miles and some days double, food is not like it should be...but "it will all work out." LOL
We have so much to do before we leave in 15 days. I get a chest x-ray tomorrow, but don't see the Dr. until the 27th. We have a card party tomorrow night. Sun. is a baby shower. Hopefully a few days next week will be devoted to packing. Whew! Can we get it all done? Yeah, we always do.
Have fun ladies planning your get away. Let me know if I can get an info when I get to Sin City. The is a good place for info.

da fat n da furious
10-15-2005, 02:31 AM
Good evening Ladies,,

Sue you should try to devote one room to each day...put some music on and go for it!

Susan,,,you lost 6 lbs in less then a week? No worries I found 2 of them,,,here have them really have them back! lol

Cristi,,Josh lost 20 lbs? What size was he when he left? Im thinking without all the junk foods he so readily had,,,plus all that boot camp workouts have probably toned him down,,,hmmm thats what I need to go to bootcamp...ha ha nah I don't think I could do all that work,,,
Tomorrow i plan to wash my and all

Jane and I just got off the phone,,,next call is on me Jane...geesh how yappy we are. Over 2 hours later.. Anyways we are all syched up about Vegas. Im bringing my suitcases of makeup...Who wants a makeover?
So if it ends up being just Jane and I we plan to get snockered and go and get tattoos. This is after the makeover,,,I am bringing blue hair dye. I'll get her back on the plane,,,can you just see Neils face when she gets off the plane! Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

well need to get to bed,,,my ears are sweaty,,(nice imagine eh?)

10-15-2005, 03:50 AM
Good morning ladies~

Went to bed at 10:30 and watched one of my favorite movies...While You Were Sleeping! LOL It's only the third time this week! Thought it would put me to sleep, not because it's boring as I don't think it is. I LOVE IT and can't get enought of it! But usually when I feel wide awake I turn the tv on and it puts me to sleep. Not this time. Then watched some of Porky's-OMG!! That movie cracks me up! :lol: And now here it is 1:30 and I am still wide a wake. Too many things going on in my head I guess. Getting excited about going to Georgia and Vegas!! Anyway, thought I would look up a few things to do in GA. We will get there around 10:30 so will have the whole day to do something, just me and Vince so we thought we would look around Atlanta while there. Then head to Columbus and do what Josh wants to do Saturday and Sunday. Not a whole lot to do in Columbus.

Susan~cool...WTG on the 157!! :bravo: So what color is your accent wall? Bet it is nice.

Angie~yeah, Josh has lost 20 pounds so far, the little turd! It is so easy for him to lose weight but I know all those work-outs did it. Even though he is eating he is getting a lot of exercise. He said they did a 8-mile walk with their 80 pound back packs the other day. I couldn't even imagine carrying around 80 pounds on my back! Would kill me! I'm sure he will end up losing a lot more. When he left he was wearing a size 33/34 and weighed 189. Will definitely get lots of pictures to share when we go down there. He's getting excited to! But yeah, when he was here and working construction he would eat fast food for breakfast sometimes but lunch every day. He wasn't gaining though because he was getting a work-out at work.

Katy~WTG on the shaving of the pounds! :bravo: Is your home construction going to be done by December as scheduled? That was the date right? Thought I read that somewhere...can't keep things straight...too much on the brain lately. Bet it is goin got be nice when it is done.

Sue~sorry to hear about your 'puter troubles. I like your new mantra! I always believe everything will work out.

Anyway, not much on the agenda for the weekend. Going to get some much needed house cleaning done. Then Vince and I will go running around when he gets home. He has to work the weekend but only till 1:30. The bad thing is he has to be there at 5:30. May go for a walk this morning when I get up. I am used to doing it 6 days a week I feel like I have to. Anyway, better get going to look up some sites about Georgia.

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

10-15-2005, 01:13 PM
AAHHH the weekend is finally here!! It's been a rough week, work-wise and personally. The weather is wonderful today so I hope to get outside and finish cleaning up the garden. Or maybe I'll just sit on the deck and read, or sit at the computer all day - the choices are endless!!! Ha! Hubby is at his daughter's for a while today. She's a massage therapist and so he gets a massage whenever he wants. With all his health problems it really is a blessing.
This next week at work will be hectic. State officials are coming in for accredidation interviews and I think the auditors will be here also. I think I'll just hide.
Lots of laundry to do this weekend - like always. I think my dryer is ready to bite the dust, it takes forever for a load to get dry. So I guess I better get started rather than sitting here!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


10-15-2005, 04:18 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Just woke up a half hour ago. I finally got some much needed sleep. The night before I couldn't get to sleep until almost 7:00 in the morning!! And I got up at 11:00.....then I went to bed a 4:30 this I'm doing better now. Sheesh.....why can't I just konk out??? (TOM is around the bend!)

Angie--Makeover?? Well heck ya! I'll get in line!! In fact, why don't you just have one of those fairy costumes waitin' for me too once we get there!! :D If Jane gets blue hair...I want pink!

Cristi--I could probably put my time in for vacation now, but I have to wait until James does his first so I can work my time off around him. And he can't do it until January. (I have no idea why...) So after the holidays we could probably put our requests in.

Jane--I'm hoping that we make it to Vegas!! I told James about when you all wanted to go....He was like "What?? June? Why not July?" I guess he already has some people who are planning on a fathers day week off vacation. We'll just have to wait and see. But wouldn't the 4th of July be cool in Vegas?? Or would we even notice??

Susan--WTG on losing weight....BUT---How in the world are you losing 6lbs already?!! I've been busting butt here and haven't lost an ounce! Tell me your secret! :lol: But I'm going to blame it on TOM.....I've been bloaty all day yesterday. But I do sit here feeling a bit green w/envy! :lol:

Katy--Fantastic on building muscle and losing weight!! I've been standing in front of the mirror and looking at my gut and thighs....that's been motivating me to keep on exercising!! Say...when we all meet....we'll all be thin little we really want to bring our hubbies w/us?? :s:

Sue--What exactly is a card party??? Do you all exchange cards?

Connie--How perfect for your husband to go visit his DD and get a massage in the process. I'm with ya on the lots of laundry to do.....I just gotta go by some detergent if I ever want to get it done!

Ok....I have much to do today. I've got to get a workout in today plus clean my house and then go run some errands in town. And it's already noon!!! Geez!!

Take Care Ladies

10-15-2005, 08:48 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - OMG! What a phone marathon, lol. The last I knew, we were over 130 minutes, lol. What I need the most help with is my eyebrows. You can bring wax and tweezers and work me over, ok? Just don't make them too arched, so I don't look surprised all the time. If I thought it wouldn't get infected, I could go for a tattoo of Mickey on my shoulder. My son would freak way more than Neal would, lol. I think it'd be funny to come back from Vegas tattooed, lol. :rofl: Not too sure about the blue hair. Would it wash out??

Susan - see what eating right can do? Yay for the loss, toots. Do you mean gold fish crackers or gold fish... fish?

Katy - I'm all excited about Vegas too! What the heck is a French drain? Sounds naughty, lol. :o

Cristi - airport security can be awful nowdays! In Chicago, Sandi and I saw a line that went on and on and on. Thankfully, we were on the other side already. In Evansville, after they scanned my purse, they pulled me aside and made me take out some little fingernail scissors I use to cut straws in restaurants for my DGDs. The straws are always about 4" too tall! I got the scissors back when I came back through on my return flight, though.

Marti - a card party here in the Midwest is where you join other people and play cards. Bridge, poker, euchere, hearts, blitz, bunco, or whatever type. I sooo hope you'll be able to make it to Vegas with us! If you let Angie dye your hair first, I'll go next, lol. (well, maybe)

Sue - hope you can join us, too. You ought to know the ins and outs better than any of us, lol, since you live there in the winter months.

Connie - if it's taking awhile for your clothes to dry, and it's an electric dryer, you might have a bad element. Did you get your gardening done? It was sure a pretty day here in the Midwest, wasn't it?

Today I did more Christmas shopping and had so much fun! Katie is babysitting overnight at Terry's, so Neal and I have the house to ourselves. :cp:

Then tomorrow, Neal and I are taking off for a couple of days at Spring Mill. That's where we went with the kids in the spring, but this time it will just be the 2 of us. I love hiking the trails, and the trees have started to turn colors, so it should be gorgeous. I'll take pictures to share, ok?

I'll check in early next week. Buh-bye... :wave:

10-15-2005, 10:13 PM
Hi Everyone,
Saturday evening here. Hubby and I went to a Buckwheat festival tonight, but Ididnt do too badly..Had 3 THIN buckwheats and some hash browns..but did have syrup and marg on them. Then bought a small bag of kernel maybe I did badly after all. I'll know tomorrow when I weight..
For some reason Im having a very hard time trying to get in 'some' exercises. I drive a school van..get up at 6am on the road by 6:30am back home by seems to me that that would be a good time to exercise but for some reason..I just dont. I have EVERY exercise book known to man and also have a gym membership, have an outside bicycle and a road to walk on...but do I do it...Nope I dont..Somehow I got to get myself moving..cause I do know that you do feel better...
The weather here in PA is just beautiful right now...and the leaves havent hit their peak just yet ..maybe another week. We generally get a good many vistors, out of town folks, around this time of year. In the mountains today, saw quite a few ppl taking pictures of the mountains and the different colored trees.
Going back to reading more of the recipes enjoy...
Be sure to go to church tomorrow.....

10-15-2005, 10:36 PM
Good to see you, Janet. Here's a good exercise idea: take all those exercise books, stack them up, and lift them up and down like weights. ;) The weather in Indiana is just gorgeous, too, and it just makes a person feel better! No, I won't be going to church tomorrow. I'll be at a state park soaking up the wilderness and the palette of colors of fall, which seems like a good alternative. Yep, there are some very good recipes here at 3FCs. The Dreamsicle Cake one gets compliments every time I make it. Very points friendly. :yes:

Enjoy your weekend!!

10-16-2005, 03:05 PM
Afternoon gals!! that's what a card party is! And here I was thinking of hallmark cards! :o I really am hoping that I'll make it to Vegas. We have such a long time before June...anything can happen. I'll just keep my fingers crossed! Have lots of fun on your hike. It sounds beautiful and I'm looking forward to the photos.

Janet--A buckwheat festival sounds fun! Any kind of festival sounds fun. As for exercises....I know exactly what you mean! I've just recently started exercising again, I had everything near me to do it, just didn't. Our weather here in Oregon has been nice. For Oregon, it's only rained a few times! Today the sun is out and it's absolutely gorgeous out!

Good morning to the rest of the group.

I've got some more laundry to do that I didn't finish yesterday. And I'm thinking about heading up to Eugene to do some shopping. Just don't know if I want to go for the drive. Got to get my chores done first.

Have a lovely Sunday!

da fat n da furious
10-16-2005, 05:47 PM
Good afternoon Ladies,
Sunday and I just woke a couple of hours ago. Went to a wedding reception (theatre people) and we talked in the wee hours. Laughing so hard mostly..tummy hurts. I did eat a couple of pieces of cheese,,drank water..and licked some cream cheese icing,,about a dime size. I think I did
Im still tired and am finding no modivation to clean the house,,,got a nice size mount washmore.
I bought some soup from Safeway,,its a mexi soup,,,add water and veggies...very tasty.
Marti,,was thinking of your idea of wht a card party was,,,I will raise you one birthday card for a baby shower
Like you I ve never been to a card party...sounds like fun. I bought a deck of cards the other day...

Monte went with one of the guys from work yesterday and spent the whole day working on his big truck,,it normally costs about 400 to do an oil change,,,but with doing it himself it only cost 75.. We don't have the room here so he went to Chili Peppers place,,(we call him Chili Pepper cause he's from Chile and hes quite the ladies

Jane,,,it was too easy talking with you! Its my call next time. So you an Neil make the most of that by yourself night? Probably running around nekked...

I won't be dying anyone's hair,,,possibly styling it different? btw I do love big And make-up!
I just learned last night there is such a thing as eyelash extensions. If you have short eyelashes I guess you can enhance them with somehow getting lashes attached to your own.

Well I should get back to cleaning...*sigh

10-16-2005, 10:46 PM
Evenin Everyone,
Just got home from bowling..I probably would be doing my team a favor if I would, I started bowling cause I read somewhere that it helps the arms to shape up, but then, after I started I thought "wait a takes only one arm to throw that ball" now Im wondering..will I end up with a smaller arm then my left arm...Somehow I hardly doubt
Ahhh Jane, I think that if I were where you are ...I'd being doing the same. I love nature, especially this time of the year...the trees are all turning and here the squirrels are starting to gather their nuts..I watch them in the mornings scampering about..going from tree to tree, I should be so busy.
Now see Marti...I thought it rained in Oregon all the time. I think alot of us here on the East Coast believe what do we know anyhow...but, I know that the pictures I have seen of your state...its quite beautiful there..Some day I would like to make it out that way!!
Well time to wrap this evening up....Nite all...hope tomorrow is a better day for you, even if today was great!

10-17-2005, 12:39 AM
Good evening. Lovely day here in IN. Enjoyed a baby shower for a great niece. Baby boy, due in Nov., but now they say anytime.
Janet, I was born in PA although moved to IN at an early age. Do you know where Clearfield is? Beautiful state.
Marti, Yes, it was a poker party. But I like Angie's raise you one baby shower card. That made me laugh!
Busy, busy here and it doesn't look to get better anytime soon. :)

Have a good week JL's.

10-17-2005, 01:26 AM
Hello again Ladies--

I went to the mall w/intentions to buy some clothes. Couldn't find any jeans that were for shorties like me. I even looked for petites, couldn't find any, tried on a pair from the teens section.....about a mile long. good grief!! I wasn't about to go to the childrens section! :lol:

Angie-- :lol: :lol: You crack me up! I wasn't sure if the card party was like some kind of scrapbook kind of thing or what. Didn't EVEN think about playing cards!! Could you imagine if I went to a card party here and I brought all my homemade cards?? :dizzy:

Janet--Oregon usually rains the most in the Spring. Washington actually has more rainfall than we do. Oregon is gorgeous. I would really like to explore more of it someday. So many places that I haven't seen!! If you really want to excite the bowling group, bowl w/the opposite arm next time. If they ask questions just tell them you're trying to even out! :D

Sue--James & I have been invited to a Texas Hold 'Em party a few times. Of coarse, he's never home and I work nights!! I told James to plan for an evening we can both go. (although, I'd instantly lose because I don't really know how to play well.....just watch the celebrities play on TV)

Well wanted to check in really quick....hope you had a great weekend. we come.

10-17-2005, 01:04 PM
Good Morning -

Honest - It rains more in Hawaii. It is beautiful up in Washington with the rain forest thing happening (whatever you call it - lol)

Feeling fat this morning. Sucked on 2 barbeque pieces of chicken yesterday , along with coleslaw.Didn't weigh this morning. I picked up a bagel at Starbucks and ate half and threw the rest out the window. Gaby usually shares half with me but she fell asleep.

I felt bad because she didn't want to go to the sitters this AM - pulled my hair and wouldn't let go, ouch! So, I am mssing her now.

Warm Rays is the paint color - gold fish as in real fish. Gaby had one from the sitter and it died the first week I had brought it home. Felt bad.........gurgle, gurgle. It died because I just put it in fresh water,,,,,gurgle - so it floated around for awhile and it was going rather fast - probably was mad it couldn't breathe :shrug: :shrug: . Anyway, it died,,,,,,,,was there a point to this story?

Trying to wake up! :dizzy:

Better get later :)

10-17-2005, 02:07 PM
Good Monday Morning Ladies

What a way to start the week. Another late night for me and man I over slept. If DD wouldn't have knocked on the door no telling how late I would have slept. Normally, get up at 7 am to go walking and I do remember turning the alarm off and that was it. Anyway, was out the door by 7:40 so not too bad I guess. I definitely wasn't awake though. I will probably need a nap later on for sure. The walk woke me up and it felt good. Not sure what is up with the higher than normal temps for fall but it has been nice walking weather for sure. :sunny: And I am happy to say I am down 1.5 pounds this week!! I ended up not walking Saturday but think I am going to add Saturday to my schedule again. Just really missed getting up and doing that, felt guilty. Gotta keep on walking...:tread:

Angie~sounds like you ladies had a nice late chat, fun fest. Haven't done anything like that in years! I have seen those eye lash extender thingys, whatever they are called. The had them in a magazine. Would be kind of weird to wear them I think.

Marti~I hate that...when I actually am looking for something specific and can't find it. It is usually when I am not looking that I find something. I broke down and bought a couple of pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago to have some for when we go to GA. I never actually realized that I didn't have any...I've been wearing dresses, skirts and sweat pants (not actually sweat pants but can't think of what they are called) and of course crop pants in the summer. I've got some that are small that I have kept and hope to get into one day soon. I can't believe I let myself go as I did when V and I got married but can't wait to get back in those clothes. Anyway, I haven't worn jeans of any sort since gaining the almost 30 pounds, never could find any that fit right. I have to get a bigger size so they fit around my big belly and waist but then they are too big in the leg and too short and look really dumb. Not sure why they think all big women are short. But these jeans fit perfect. Did you find anything for yourself though.

Susan~chicken is not so bad, if you don't eat the skin. I didn't think coleslaw was either but it depends on how it is made. I just use cabbage, carrots and fat-free miracle whip so it's not bad at all. At least you only ate half the bagel. You sound like me when it comes to gold fish-I thought I was the queen of killing them. I found out why though. If you use faucet water (of course I don't know what other kind of water you would use-duh!) are supposed to let it sit for at least 24 hours because of the chemicals in it. DS has one of those weird fish, don't know what it is called. But he has an extra bowl for when the one the fish is in needs cleaned. There is some stuff you buy to add to the water also but he still has to let it sit before adding the fish. So far, so good. :crossed:

Jane~hope you and Neal are enjoying your time together. Fall really is a beautiful time for hiking and I can't wait to go to GA. I'm hoping the leaves are gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics when you get back. I don't think there will be much of a wait at the airport in Wichita, especially that early in the morning but Atlanta might be another story. I had a knife that DH#1 gave me many years ago. I've always carried it in my purse and believe it or not, it has come in handy quite a few times. Anyway, I made sure I took it out already because I don't want it taken from me-sentimental value. I know...sounds goofy, a knife having sentimental value but it does.

Janet~I've never been to PA but I bet it is beautiful! The Buckwheat festival sounds lovely. I'm with Marti...I too like any kind of festival! Don't always go but I do enjoy them when I do happen to get to one. I haven't been to church in a while either. :o Must get back in the habit of going again. With DH & DS schedule I don't like going myself so have missed a lot in the last months and I do mean in I miss going.

Sue~a poker party sounds fun. I know growing up my parents used to do that at least twice a month. It was fun because I got to be around my cousins a lot. But sometimes it would go on for what seemed forever. It would be daylight when we got there and sometimes about 1 or 2 in the morning when we left. But it was fun. And I think I learned a little bit even though I am not a poker player.

Anyway...Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. Going to get some much needed cleaning done and a couple of loads of laundry in between watering the lawn. Ran my errands while out this morning for my walk. Glad we went early because I was just out moving the sprinkler and man it is HOT!! :flame:

Take care ladies and have a good day! :wave:

10-17-2005, 02:17 PM
Hiya ladies!

Marti - could you shop in the petite section? My mil was the same height as you, and we found things short enough for her there.

Angie - I noticed you didn't say we wouldn't be getting tattoos, lol. I've got a recipe for Taco soup, wonder if that's similar to your Mexi soup. This has pinto beans, lima beans, hominy, ground beef, chilis, tomatoes, etc. Although I love soup all year, it's even tastier when the weather is cold, imho.

Janet - we have pecan trees and walnut trees, and the squirrels try their best to get past the dogs to stock up, lol. I don't believe I'd try to bowl with the other arm, unless you do a lot of practicing first, ha ha.

Susan - oh, sorry about the fish! Yay for you, throwing the 1/2 bagel away. Some dog or squirrel thanks you, and you're practicing portion control, too.

Well, we had so much fun at Spring Mill! We hiked the Donaldson Cave trail, and my calves are still burning. I can really tell the difference from when I was walking the treadmill all the time. I got some really good Fall pictures, and will share them when I can get a faster connection. We also went to the Martin Co. State Forest and went up about 80 feet on the firetower. Yikes. I started getting freaked about the height, so we came back down, even though there was about 30 more feet to go to get to the top. Anyway, for being gone just a little over 24 hours, we had a blast. The Inn is so quaint, and we spent a good while last night on the patio, in Amish-made rocking chairs. Felt good after that big ol' hike, lol.

Got a million things to do, but wanted to say HI! :wave:

Edited to say hi to Cristi. You were posting while I was typing this novel, lol. Have a good day, friend.

10-17-2005, 02:17 PM
Yes, I know about the 24 hour "let the wadder sit thing" but that doesn't apply to me does it??
Obviously it
The fish was at the sitters for weeks and lived. I brought it home and it died on the first water changing. I think I was just excited about the pretty rocks on the bottom and wanted to see the fish swim.....and it did swim.....for awhile. lol
It was KFC chicken ......need I say more?? Ooodles of calories I am sure.......I won't eat for weeks,,,,,,,,,,

best get!!

10-17-2005, 02:35 PM
Okay, so I was getting off the 'puter! :lol: I saw Jane and Susan had posted and had to say HI! :wave:

Jane~glad you and Neal had a grand time! :love: Sounds like you also got in a work-out! Now I can't wait to see photos. It sounds like a BEAUTIFUL place!

Susan~gotcha! :lol: Hey, when I was killing all those gold fish, I didn't know about the 24 hour rule thingy! Oooopsie! :o :o Poor little fishy. That's why I don't have fish today! :lol: I'm surprised I've had a dog this long!! Just kidding...I think the dog is a lot easier than the fish. OIC about the chicken being KFC! :yikes: Now if it was a leg and you took the skin off it wouldn't have been bad. Not sure about their BBQ chicken, never had it but I bet it was gooooood!! :T

Better get going ladies or I will never get anything done today! :lol: But then i don't really want to do anything but sleep! TTFN

10-17-2005, 02:40 PM
The chicken was awesome! I love the skin and would never dream of not eating it!! lol

Yes, Jane. Lets hope the critter that runs in the road to snatch the bagel with cream cheese is alive to eat it - and omg - I was on the freeway when I threw it - so lets hope it was like a Road Runner.....remember that cartoon?? He was always so fast and so dang ugly.

da fat n da furious
10-18-2005, 12:18 AM
Good evening ladies,
its cold and rainy here...brrrr

Cristi, FANTASTIC! you go girl!

well Im off to bed...

10-18-2005, 12:32 AM
Another busy day here. Mom and I went running around, Kohl's, K-Mart, Meijer, Walgreen, Goodwill and ate at a fish place. (although now that I read about the goldfish I'm glad I ate chicken) I actually got 2 pair of slacks that fit me...they are Chic, but not jeans, the khaki type. I have worn jeans , sweats or capris for so long. These are pretty comfy and are not supposed to wrinkle. Funny thing is, they are the same style, but I had to get different sizes for the diff. colors. One was a 12 and I was high fiving myself. If you can imagine Anyway, I think I wore my mom out. Missed my walk, but I think I walked enough at all the stores.
Tonight I had to pick up my 3 "grands" and drop one DGD off at the school and bring the other 2 here. DD is in Georgia and her DH was working late. So I had company for 3 hours and will do the same thing tomorrow night. DGD is in choir and they have a program Wed. and Thurs. so I will have to make it to that one night. I am so glad they are having it before we go West since this is her first performance in High School.
DD is due back Thurs. and hopes to arrive in time to go to one performance.

Ummm, I don't think I want eyelash extensions OR blue hair. Does the makeover include $5000 for clothes like on What Not To Wear? If so I am FOR that.

Jane, There are so many nice parks in IN. Lots of beautiful walking trails. The leaves here are turning and I know Southern IN is probably lovely this week.

Have to clean house and get my clothes ready to be packed the rest of this week....ironing, ugh!

Have a nice Tues. all JL's.

10-18-2005, 10:59 AM
Good mornin' ladies... :coffee:

Oh man, no coffee yet this morning...that won't do at all...ok, gotta make 1/2 a pot and I'll be right back....

Ah, that's better. Tim stopped making coffee in the morning because he got a motorcycle and is riding that to work -- no way to take his cup with him. I'll bet he gets a thermos this weekend to take in his backpack. The bike is beautiful, a Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Classic (cruiser type bike, looks a bit like a Harley), and he got a good deal on it, but I'm still not comfortable with the purchase yet. More than I wanted to spend, and this is the first time we've ever bought a vehicle that wasn't a necessary purchase. The last time I bought a car, my electric window and door locks were broken, it would have cost a fortune to trace down the electrical problem, and I literally could not open the driver's door, and had to climb out over the passenger seat! :rolleyes: So, his car is still running fine, but it does have over 130,000 miles on it...I dunno...if he only takes it to work in bad weather, maybe it will last a lot longer...

Anyway, I didn't like skim or 1% milk in my coffee (unless it was about 1/2 milk, like a latte), but I tried fat-free half and half, and it's pretty good -- only 20 cal for a 2 Tblsp serving (Land O' Lakes brand). I used it to mash potatoes the other night too, and it worked really well.

Susan, if you are craving KFC BBQ, the Honey BBQ chicken sandwich (not a fried one, but boneless chicken cut up in BBQ sauce) is only 6 WW points. And the individual serving size of their Mac and Cheese is only 3 points (or mashed potatoes w/gravy for 3 points, or BBQ beans for 3-4 points, depending on the website) a sandwich and one side item is not a bad fast food meal -- would be better if you rounded it out with 1 point of fresh fruit, or a green salad with non-fat dressing. And yeah, gotta let the water sit a while for goldfish, but once you do that, they are pretty hardy, don't need pumps and filters and heaters and stuff like tropical fish. Betas are pretty and very colorful too, and easy like goldfish -- just remember, they are SOLITARY, and you can only have one, because they are stupid boys and will fight.

Anybody else have the point values on their favorite quick meal? I try to figure out what the best options are at every restaurant or fast food place we like to go to, and know exactly what I'm going to order before we go.

Auugh, all this talk about clothes shopping -- my last experience was no fun when I tried to buy clothes for my trip. I tried on at least 20 tops and 12 pairs of pants, and only bought ONE of each -- hated the way everything else looked or felt or both. :tantrum: I've lost about 17 1/2 lbs, and my pants are all now baggy but the next size down still is too snug for comfort (I'm very tall, so it takes a lot of weight gone to drop a clothing size). And I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe every 20 lbs anyway, and I've got a LONG way to go in my weight loss, so I will just keep wearing ill-fitting clothes until I can comfortably cram my butt in the jeans I have in my drawer right now that are too tight. To make matters worse, they came out with an official dress code at work -- we were allowed to wear blue jeans all summer, as long as they were clean and neat -- but now they've decided blue is too "casual" for weekdays and can only be worn on Fridays, so for some reason colored jeans are appropriate for the week. Most of my pants are blue jeans, so I'm stuck rotating the same few pairs of pants that aren't blue until I can reasonably buy new clothes. *sigh* I know, gripe, gripe, gripe... :D

Seriously, ladies, I must confess -- I am terrible at "girl stuff". I am awful at clothes shopping, literally can't do a thing with my hair, don't wear makeup because it makes me look like a clown :joker: everytime I put on pantyhose I have a run within 5 minutes, can't walk in high heels...I'm hopeless. I think I might even be too much of a challenge for Angie.

Jane, you play Euchre? Tim taught us all to play, nobody here had ever heard of it, although it's a bit like a game my Great Uncle George used to play with us when we were little called High-Low-Jack-Game (we can't remember the rules, though!) Sounds like your trip to Spring Mill was lovely...looking forward to seeing the pics. I love fall color! BTW, I put up some more Ireland pics, and will be adding more later, too...

Janet, I have an gym membership with cobwebs on it, too -- my knee was messed up, but my physical therapist gave me the go-ahead, and my arm is messed up from work, but I could still treadmill, bike, or swim -- just gotta make the time to go and make myself do it. The Buckwheat Festival sounds like it was fun! Local food festivals like that are always fun -- although Gilroy has a Garlic Festival and I don't think I could stand that, too overwhelming! :fr: :faint:

Cristi, yay for you and your walking! You're doing it, and it's very encouraging to read about your successes :) :) :) Are you going to see Josh, or are you flying to GA for some other reason? Erik is still in SD, but he is coming home on leave in January. I'm just grateful he is still state-side.

Marti, hope you and James make it to Vegas! Come to think of it, hope Tim and I make it, too...Fairy costumes??? Ok, Jane gets blue hair, you get pink, and I want dark reddish purple -- won't the hotel love what we do to their bathroom sinks???

Sue, yeah, I really don't want the eyelash extentions or the Easter Egg hair either (although Tim keeps saying he'd like to see it purple), and if I got $5000 for clothes I'd probably put $4000 on the motorcycle to knock the payments down :moped: I've had to buy different sizes for different colors in the same style, too, isn't that weird? Maybe because the fabric is different? I don't know...

RosieKate, what are you doing for your workouts? I need to start working on toning up, or I'll just be a shapeless blob as I lose weight :lol: I still have to be so careful with my right arm, but there's got to be something I can do. Maybe a personal trainer at the gym can suggest something to tone my upper arms that won't put much strain on my forearm. I just wish they'd hurry up and get the stupid nerve-damage test over with -- I'm dreading the needles and electric shocks, ugh. :stress: Hopefully it won't be as bad as it sounds...but have to wait for insurance approval. Off the board, do you go by Katy, or RosieKate, or??? I've gone by Katiecat on the net for so long (my middle name is Katherine), but my first name is Mary, so maybe I should start signing that way...

Connie, a daughter who is a massage therapist? How lovely! My youngest son plans to be a rock star, and said he'll build a pool house for us to live out our golden years :) Maybe he'll marry a massage therapist someday! Except the poolhouse idea will have to be just for visits now, if we retire in Ireland...

Ack, this is quite a novel...I'd better shut up now and get ready for work...

Hugs to you all,
or Mary Kate
or Katiecat
or "hey you" ;)

10-18-2005, 01:41 PM
Good morning, ladies, :wave:

Cristi - sometimes when I just have to have KFC, I order the extra crispy drumstick with skin(4.5 pts) and the mashed pot. (2.5) and 2 orders of green beans (1 pt. ea.) and so for 9 points, I had the real deal. We don't eat out much, though. I'm going to list some of my faves for Mary Kate below.

Susan - yes, I sure do remember the roadrunner cartoons. It was always so funny at how fast the Acme company delivered stuff to the coyote, lol.

Sue - the jeans I bought run smaller in the black than in the denim. Go figure. I wish the fashion industry was forced to regulate sizing so it would be the same no matter what brand or color. Dream on, right?

MaryKate - I like that name! Well, I don't play euchere, but just about everyone else around the area does. Some of my favorite eat out choices are: at Wendy's I get either the large chili 5.5, and fruit cup 1, or the grilled chicken sanwhich 6, with fruit cup. See my KFC menu in the post to Cristi. At Burger King, I'll get the Whopper Jr. for 10 pts. and nothing else. It's worth it. At Arby's I usually get the Reg. Roast Beef 8pts. and and a plain baked potato with salsa. I throw away 2/3 the potato immediately, so it's only 3 pts. People think all I eat is chicken and fish, and although I do eat them, I eat lots and lots of variety for my lunch and dinner meals. Breakfast out is really, really hard for me. So I usually eat at home - my 5.5 pt graham crackers and Jif peanut butter. When I go to the movies, I'll take a cup of cereal for a couple of points. Peanut butter Cap'n Crunch is my fave, but I only get 3/4 cup of that. Still, it lasts a while if I eat them 1 at a time. Since I always plan my food ahead, I know when we're eating dinner out so I have lower calorie for lunch. Once in awhile, though, plans change, but that's when I go for the grilled chix or fish, a sm amt of starch, and then 1/2 my plate filled with green beans. If you haven't already printed out the restaurant pages at Dottie's, it will help you if you do.

Well, today is Terry's birthday. I called him right at 8:53 AM, which was when he was born, and sang Happy Birthday to him. Gina's having us all over for cake and ice cream tonight. This one will be a challenge, becaue it's fruit cocktail cake, which is to die for. The icing is like what's on a German Choc cake - coconut and pecan in a carmel base. Mmmmm. I've allowed for a 2"x2" square, which will cost me 4.5 points. I've done this before, and can do it again.

Also need to clean the living room and kitchen. Yikes, where's that darn housekeeper when you need her????

Have a good day, ladies!

10-18-2005, 02:24 PM
Just a quick pop in here. Jane, how do you know how many points you can have on WW? Do you have to do a two week induction or anything like some other eating plans? I am going to start studying these point sites and see if I can figure out how I could do WW when we are in Vegas. I can get about any food at the buffets..but breakfast is a hard one to diet on. Last year I did egg white or egg beaters with a small amount of ham and green peppers..but I wouldn't know how to do points or how much itmakes as some chefs make it largerthan others. If I try real might be doable. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!! I am getting frustrated here. :(

10-18-2005, 04:18 PM
Afternoon Ladies--

Yesterday I couldn't get my computer to do a darn thing! Everytime I wanted to go to a page, it kept giving me this "Page not found" error message. Finally I asked James what was going on...and he said he was downloading music which was slowing our computer. Oh......well I fixed it, I turned it off! :D

Susan--James & I get a craving for KFC every once in awhile. I always take the skin of when I go. Of coarse, after that there is only a bite left! :lol:

Cristi--I never did find anything for myself. I was feeling rather irratible. PMS and all. I hate shopping for myself. I just hate it. But I know that if I want anything, I gotta do it. Congratulations on more weightloss!! You're doing so great!! I won't be weighing myself at all this week. TOM being here and all. I can see how bloated my belly is. Maybe I should have shopped in the maternity section!!

Jane--I did check the petite section. But I didn't look to hard. As I said before, I'm picky and stubborn..... :) Your hike sounded so lovely!! I love hikes that let you take in all the beauty of fall. The place I love around here is Silver Falls. Beautiful. You hike on the trail and along the way, there are about 9 water falls. All different sizes. And in the fall...that is the best time to go. Gorgeous.

Sue--Bra's are the same way. I went to Victoria secrets to buy some bra's one time, and I wanted to buy three of the same style but different colors. The plain white run bigger than the colored ones. I thought how strange!

MaryKate--I like that name too! It's easier to distinguish you and Katy. Such wonderful photos!! I think I may have to think about going to Ireland for vacation some day!! We have a friend who lives in Spain who tells us to come visit and we'd have free room and board for the whole time we were why aren't we there already!?!

Hello to all the other gals out there!! Sorry if I've missed ya.

I've got to get on my gazelle today. I felt so crampy and icky yesterday that I just didn't. Even though it should have helped ease the cramps. But today I will be on it.

I've better get going....I'll check in later!

10-18-2005, 05:07 PM
Hi Ladies :wave:

Well, was going to post but out of time now. Took too long reading all the posts and trying to see Katiecats pics. Yahoo, is being dumb for me for some reason. Keep getting messages each time I click next so had to quit. Wiil try again later, or possibly post and see the pics.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day. See ya :wave:

10-18-2005, 08:34 PM
I just stopped to read, and, well, here I am. I have a little time here...

Katiecat or Mary Kate...yeah, I do go by Katy in the real world. My full name is Rosemary Kathleen. RosieKate was my late grandfather's nickname for me. I've messed around with other screen board I am known as "Rosemary's Baby" hee hee. I think you can call yourself whatever you want and people will keep us straight just fine. After all I'm Y and you're IE. We Katys (or Katies) know all about his one, don't we.

Workout... MWF I do a cardiostep class that is listed as an "intense" step class. last 15 minutes is weight conditioning. T TH I do a Nia class, I posted a link to that a while back. It's an integrative dance class, incorporates yoga, martial arts,and expressive dance. Very Mind-body stuff. When I can, I walk for an hour on Saturdays, but that's erratic. My son and I might start taking a family yoga class on looks like fun, but we'll see if my son's interest is still there in a few weeks when it starts. It sounds like a lot, but these classes are all from 6-7 am, and I've found that it's a consistent time for me. As long as I can get out the door, it's really not all that bad once I get to class. It's great to get it out of the way for the day, that's for sure. I also get extra WW activity points - yay!


10-19-2005, 08:59 AM
Happy Hump Day, ladies,

Sue - here are the weight/points ranges. I got them from the WW site a long time ago, so I think it's ok to share. If not, Suzanne will tell me to zap them to stay within the 3fc guidelines.

less than 150 pounds - 20 points
150 - 174 ...."............22 "
175 - 199 ....."............24 "
200 - 224 ....." .......... 26 "
225 - 249 ....."........... 28 "
250 - 274 ....."........... 30 "
275 - 299 ....."........... 31 "
300 - 324 ....."........... 32 "
325 - 349 ....."........... 33 "
over 350 ......"............ 34 "

Although I know you fall into one of the first categories, someone else may want to copy this. Then you get 30 additional points per week that can be used as you wish. I personally spread them out evenly, because one good binge of too many points could send me over the edge, lol. I never did count activity points, probably because I didn't work out that hard. You may still need to join WW to get the points slider/calculator. I got all my stuff off eBay. Hope all this helps.

Marti - tell your friend in Spain that your good buddy Jane will be there instead of you, lol. I'll need fresh flowers in the room, and a mint on the pillow, lol. Hope your cramps are better today, toots.

Cristi - I don't have the signatures turned on, and didn't see where you mentioned more weight loss, so forgive me for not noticing. WAY TO GO! :cp: You are doing so great, and I bet the control you feel is wonderful, right?

Katy - you're doing so good with the exercise. I haven't been to the Y for awhile but am going back and will just tune out the news commentator with all his doom and gloom repott.

I did great at Terry's last night. :yes: Although the piece of cake was little, I savored everybite by putting my fork down between bites, and taking my time.

Remember my friend with the broken knee? She's much, much better now, and I'm going to visit her today. Her DH has been fixing up their house, so she wants to show me the progress.

Hope all you ladies have a great day! :cool:

10-19-2005, 03:18 PM
Hi ladies :wave:

Katiecat~yeppers, the trip to GA is to see Josh. He gets a 36 hour family pass and he said he is going to eat and smoke the whole time!! He's dying from not having a cigarette but has done fine so far. I tried to talk him into quitting before he left but he wasn't having it. But there's a test he has to take and pass with a 60% and the last letter which was dated the 10th...he was at 50%. He keeps telling me not to worry though. I'm just looking forward to seeing him and getting a way for a 4-day weekend! Can't believe the month went by so fast. Finally got to look at your photo's and they are GORGEOUS!! Especially loved the one looking down in the courtyard-it looked so pretty. And the view from the ramparts! Everything is soooo green!

Marti~sorry you didn't find anything for yourself. Oooo, Spain would be a lovely place to visit too! And yes, why aren't you guys there yet?! Hope you are feeling better and the cramps have lessened. I think I will have TOM next week, wouldn't ya know. Got the cravings I am trying to fight and am a bear, grrrrr. Get ready to leave and have to have that happen. Would have been nice to plan around it but we can't always do that.

Jane~not much on KFC but once in a while will have a leg from there. Seems like everytime we get it it isn't so great. I don't know about control...not really trying to lose weight but more focused on walking. I do watch what I eat and try not to overdo it. But it does feel good to step on the scales and see a loss. Hope you have a goo dvisit with your friend.

Susan~I think the skin is actually the best part of the chicken! I joke sometimes about going up there and ordering an order of skin just to see what they would say. Or to McDonalds and order a hamburger without the bun. I just like the meat, onions and pickles! LOL

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Okay, back to finish up. Had to go put the clothes in the dryer. That washer drives me nuts with the beeping! :crazy: Don't like it at all! Anyway, that's what I am doing today...laundry, lots of laundry. I cleaned Josh's closet out yesterday, FINALLY! It's all organized and clean except for the clothes he left in a hamper. Now to work on mine. I'm thinking maybe Saturday after my walk. Speaking of walking. Good thing I went this morning because it is raining now. YAY!! We need some rain. Supposed to rain today and tomorrow so I am glad I mowed the yards. By the time it dries out it will need it again. Other than that not much going on. Did Wal-Mart this morning after my walk and then went to take DD to look at a couple of houses V and I looked at Sunday. Fell in love with the one. It's in the town where V and I bought our first house before we moved to OK. Always, liked the town and had planned on moving back but not for a while. Now, I hate to say it we are seriously thinking about moving! UGH! :yikes: I know, I us crazy. :crazy: Anywho...should probably get going. Need to check out some things online and get my laundry done. Or should I say Josh's laundry done. Actually, half of it is mine.

Take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

10-19-2005, 03:26 PM
Hello Hello!

Katy--What a busy schedule! But I think it's awesome. I would love to be able to go to the classes they have available at the gym....but the times are just not workable for me. Usually in the afternoon. And I'm just barely up by then! If I lived in Eugene, it would be a different story, so hopefully.......

Jane--Ok, so why would a person get an additional 30pts added to the points they already have?? (See how much I just don't know about WW?) I'll let our friend in Spain know you're coming. Tell him that you have request of flowers and mints too! :D

Cristi--Hope Yahoo is working better for ya so you can get on and yap a bit!

Hello everyone else! Come stop in and say "HI"

Ok...I have some things that need to be done, and the gazelle that needs attention. I got on it yesterday thinking 20mins will do. I stayed on for 50mins. (should've just stayed a whole hour!!) Since I'm right smack in the middle of TOM I won't be weighing in today. Next week...see if I see any progress or just a maintain.

Talk to you later!

10-19-2005, 08:50 PM
Happy Wednesday Evening Everyone!

It's been a few days, but like I said before, the first part of the week is so hectic at work, I'm exhaused at nights. There are 3 of us that cover for each other and 1 of them has had the flu all week so we've been extra busy. Plus there has been a full moon. Believe me, anyone who works in psychiatric services knows what I mean. There really is something to it - people's symptoms are really intensified during a full moon. Don't laugh - it's true!!!! Tomorrow is when the state accreditation people are coming, so there's some extra tension in the air.
Last weekend DH brought home a nice maple tree to plant. We don't have any shade around our deck & it faces the west so we can't enjoy it for a big part of the day/evening. I think we planted it in the right spot but I knew I shouldn't have been helping actually dig because the next morning the disk was out of place in my back/hip and I've been miserable ever since. Started Mon. out with a visit to the chiropractor. I sit on ice packs for about an hour in the morning so I can get going. Ever have an ice cold, numb butt??!! It's really not a bad thing. lol. :lol:
Anyway it is starting to get better but I'm still walking pretty slow. I've been watching what I eat this week but I know I've slowed down on drinking all the water I should.
More progress has been made with the storage building, I think the guys are coming tomorrow morning to work on it again.
DH had an OK checkup today. His symptoms are stable, I guess that's all we can ask for. No new meds - thank heavens!
Time to go. Hope all you wonderful JLs are doing great!


10-19-2005, 10:35 PM
Hi guys,
Wednesday evening here..Hubby is bowling, the dogs have been fed, the kitchen and dishes are done. Its nice for a change to be in the house with no one here and the television off!! It was a totally beautiful day here in PA..the skies were blue and white. ..slight breeze with sunshine all day long. We have a dangerous mountain here called Mt Summit...and I had to take a youngster home on my school van after tutoring, he lives at the very top of the mountain. Half way up we saw police lights and ambulance lights and firetruck lights...Major accident up there, trucks and cars everywhere..I just pray that no one was hurt. So many ppl have been killed on this mountain. They have signs erected everywhere warning truckers,...dangerous mountain, gear down to lowest gear. Generally they always do...dont know what happened this time.
Guys I cant bowl with my left arm...can hardly bowl with my right arm..but, it would be good balance..and it would be a terrific reason for having lousy score...but no one ..NO ONE would understand :rofl:
It seems like everyone here is following WW diet or at least the majority of women are..I just wish...and wish and wish some more that I would follow something...especially in the evenings..thats when the eating bug hits me..
Maybe I should work out...(like talking to the walls) maybe I should try walking, maybe I should just try me no mind...just talking to myself here..But, seriously why is it so hard to lose this weight. We all know what we have to do...but we just dont do it..and I know its not laziness...its like Im afraid to be thin...then I will have to deal with the other issues in my life and guess I just dont want to...Now, you wanna talk about Im on a major trip best I get off of here...and do something constructive...
Nite guys,
Have a great day tomorrow

da fat n da furious
10-20-2005, 01:51 AM
Good evening Ladies,

Jane thanks for writing in all the points for the fast foods...was thinking of buying the book on points and fast food. In Canada we get 35 bonus points. So you must feel good, like you have power over your foods. To be able to eat a small piece of to die for cake..and thats it, its fantastic.
I had one of them days from H*ll and (Katie you would relate,,cc enviroment and all) I had not one but 2 people wig out today, and even though I walk past this huge pumpkin hanging off her cubicle for others to help themselves with candie I kept walking by. And I am so happy,,,lost 4.2 lbs! Did my shopping and found some yummy treats that the points aren't all that bad. Got me a huge family size pack of graham wafers and p/b...going to look for the the fresh made stuff...lower in points,

Katie, I love a good challenge!

Cristi, thats too bad Josh won't just quit smoking,,hes gone a month...more or less,,,why not just stop? I still haven't clean that one closet of refolding all the day as God is my witness I will refold them!

Marti whats this about a trip?

well Im doing good,,,have to take my vehicle in for an oil change,,the big one. *sigh that means they have to drive me to work in the morning...argh means I wake EARLY..someone who isn't an early bird it kills me...waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaa ok Ive whined enough.

night all

10-20-2005, 11:16 AM
Good morning, ladies, :wave:

Cristi - yay for getting the closet cleaned out. :cp: I took all the Christmas presents out of mine, put them in those flex-steel garbage bags, and Neal tool it all to the summer kitchen. That room is strictly storage, of course. Wow, now I can actually step into my walk-in closet again.

Marti - when I first started WW, they gave a person a daily range instead of one set number. They redid the program so a person could have the points whenever they wanted. They're always trying to make it better so the people will continue to lose, and in the process, make $$$$ for the company that owns WW. Personally, I tweaked it to suit myself in the first place, lol.

Connie - I'm a firm believer that the moon affects people. Hey, it controls the tides of the oceans, surely it can affect us. More babies are born during a full moon, too.

Janet - Evening is the hardest time of day for me, too, foodwise. One thing that helps me is, I'll tell Neal and Katie what my evening snack is supposed to be, then I know if I go for anything else, they'd bust me on it, lol. Have you thought of writing your feelings down to help you deal with them better? Just a thought.

Angie - thanks for the kind words. And yay for the loss!! How much have you lost total now? I have the fast food points book, but Dottie's info is much more up to date, and has many, many more restaurants.

Did I tell you guys that I offered to make Katie an Alice in Wonderland costume? What was I thinking??? The pattern isn't one of those "Easy" ones, and it's been awhile since I even did a zipper. But I have velcro around here, if I need it, lol. The fabric is a medium blue satin, and the pinafore will be plain white. I got a pair of Mary Jane shoes at Payless for $3. They were already on sale, then I got half off again, by buying a scarf I can't live without. You know me, I wear winter scarves that match my outfits, lol. Anyway, all Katie needs now is a pair of white tights. We even have the ribbon for her hair. And no, she isn't going trick-or-treating, lol, she's going to a party.

But today is my shopping day, so I better get a move on! Have a great day, ladies. :)

Edited to add this photo of Neal and me on the patio at Spring Mill Inn. Aren't the leaves behind breathtaking? (didn't mean to make it so small)

10-20-2005, 11:56 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Augh, no coffee again, and I don't feel like making any. That's it, gotta buy a thermos for Tim so he starts setting up the coffee maker the night before again.

Yesterday morning....I killed a black widow spider in my house!!!!! EEEEEK!!!! :yikes: :eek: :fr: :faint: I cannot convey in print how scared I was! I think she came in because Tim moved a bunch of stuff in the garage to make room to park his motorcycle, and disturbed her. Well, her presence in my house disturbed ME!!! Anyway, I was big and brave (well, "big" anyway), and did her in. She better not have any sisters planning on setting up housekeeping...

Jane, just saw the photo -- love it! Wish I could see you and Neal better :) The Alice costume sounds very cute. Last time we were at Disneyland, the most surreal Alice in Wonderland moment happened. There was this group of Japanese businessmen on tour, all in suits, didn't speak a word of English, and their tour guide was holding up this little brightly colored flag so they would all see where he was standing and gather around. A cast member playing Alice came up, and said in this clipped British accent, "Oh, are we having a parade today? Very well, alright then, follow me," and she grabs the flag away from the tour guide and starts marching around with it. He just stood there looking confused, and the tour members were staring at her, evidently thinking, "Who is this bizarre American girl?" Obviously, they had no idea who Alice was. Stops and puts her hand on her hip, scolding, "no, no, like this, follow me!" then continues marching with her knees very high and waving the flag. Pretty soon, the Japanese businessmen, all in their suits and ties, are marching around behind Alice, very seriously, knees very high, all in an obedient line. We about fell off our bench laughing...

Angie, for WW points on fast food, there are a couple of great sites on the net...don't know what the rules are if I can link to them (Jane, help me out on the rules?), but if you just type WW points Wendy's or McDonald's or Taco Bell into Google, there are a lot of sites out there. Just compare them to each other, because some will have a point count that doesn't sound right, and several others will have a different count. I usually go with the consensus. Also, if you REALLY want to know the right points, the restaurants themselves often have detailed nutrition info on the web, and you can figure out the points yourself...

Janet, I had a really hard time doing WW on my own. I needed the accountability of a weekly weigh in, and my husband doing it with me has made all the difference -- if you can get a friend or relative to do it with you, it is so much easier -- even fun sometimes! And the weekly meetings give help, encouragement, and support, and you learn and get motivated from things other people share.

Connie, the maple sounds wonderful :) And glad to hear your hubby's checkup went well...hope your back starts feeling better!

Ack -- gotta run -- still not ready for work...hi to everyone else!

10-20-2005, 12:45 PM
Good Morning (or is it????????)

Gained bck to 161 and am depressed again. I feel so ugly and fat!!!! I don't even want to look in the mirror anymore. :( ,,,,,,,,and I am so pretty too - lol

WhatEVER......get a grip Susie Q........this is another day to get back on track!!! woo hoo

blah -

I haven't caught up on post I just wanted to say ello , so ello!!

Remember if you don't eat that Twinkie......... I will!!! :)

10-20-2005, 01:25 PM
Morning ladies~

Katiecat~you got that right! I have the Dining Out Companion and the Complete Food Companion that I purchased at WW a few years ago. The points that Jane posted here for KFC, Arby's roast beef, & Wendy's Chili are a little off. This book has a few points difference, on the plus side. I haven't checked any other sites except Dotties and some still don't match up. So I just go with the highest numbers that way I am covered and don't go over. That is when I do do WW. I have all the stuff from when I did it and just follow it which instead of having a set amount of points and the extra 35 a week I go by the range and go with the middle number. Then also you could carry over your extra points so it is almost like the plan today. OOoooo, a blakc widow!! :yikes: I would freak too! :fr: Bad enough that I hate spiders in general but I would totally freak if I saw a black widow! Hope there are no more. How is Tim liking his bike? Or should I say lovin' it! :bike: :moped: :scooter:

Jane~can barely see you and Neal in the photo. But the trees behind you are gorgeous! I am glad to be done with Josh's closet! Man, I didn't think the kid had so many clothes! He's like me...he wears the same few outfits over and over. This weekend I am going to tackle my closet! Wish me luck! LOL Bet Katie will be a cute Alice in Wonderland! I thought about dressing up to give out candy, but then I do every year. This year though, just too much going on. We will barely get back in time for the trick or treaters and I will want to relax so maybe next year.

Angie~CONGRAT'S on the loss this week! WOW, that is AWESOME!!! I am proud of you! :bravo: :cp: :hat: :dance: :cb: :cheer: I don't know why Josh won't quit smoking. Just had this conversation with my mother about my dad. He had breathing problems over the weekend and the doc told him to quit smoking-he refuses! Stubborn man! But then he has been smoking since he was a young boy so it would be really hard to quit. Now Josh...has just been smoking a few years and being in the Army and not having one for what, 3 months now you would think that would be the last thing on his mind. Not sure why he would want one and then have to go back to not smoking again. If I could make him I would, but I can't so...not sure why he started because none of us smoke. Although, almost everyone in my family does.

Marti~I don't have yahoo. I was just trying to see Katiecats pictures and yahoo was being stupid. It was slow, then every time I clicked next it would go to a page that said I don't have access to that page. Then I would go back and click on another pic and it would be fine. Then it would do it again with the next picture. Even when I came here it was slow and the pages wouldn't come up. Would have to refresh so just posted a HI and thought I would try the next day. I have noticed certain times of the day it will do that. WTG on getting in a 50 mn. work-out on the gazelle!

Connie~love maple trees! As a matter of fact we have three in our yard. Two in the front and one in the back. The leaves are almost off and I am sad because they didn't turn the pretty colors before falling off. Maybe next year. Hope your back/hip is better today. Count me in...I too am a firm believer about the moon and weird things happening. Seems like people just go crazy.

Janet~I haven't been bowling in ages. Actually, I've never actually bowled, just taken the kids and watched them have fun. Would love to one day though. Not sure I could hold a bowling ball though. My arms are junk and can only lift certain amount of weight. I mowed the front yard Tuesday and got the blower out to blow the little bit of grass off the drive way and man my arm was killing me after that. They will hurt if I carry a water bottle with me when I walk too so I have to be careful.

Anyway...Hi to everyone else :wave:

Need to get going. Haven't gotten my walk in for the day yet and was going to get in the shower at 11:30. I slept in this morning even though I woke up at 7. Had planned on doing the WATP video but I am disappointed in those. I did the one mile and two mile with my pedometer on and was disappointed to find that the one-mile tape does not equal a mile walk as she says it does. The two-mile either. I kept up with them and even did extra and still, no 1 mile or 2 miles. So I am not sure I will do them unless I add the treadmill to the mix. Just going to go walking. At least I know I am getting what the park says it is. Anyway, I am headed to the mall to get my wedding ring(s) cleaned-every April and October and I kept putting it off so I have to do it today while I am thinking about it. Then I am headed to the park to walk. It is so cool out, only supposed to get up to 58 degrees and I love this weather. So...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

10-20-2005, 01:29 PM
Hiya Ms SusieQ! :wave: Was just getting off the computerand saw that you had posted and have to say HI! Must have been that KFC chicken! Just kidding :p ;) And you are far from ugly and fat missy! And you stay away from those twinkies! :lol: Hope you have a nice day-gotta go for now.

10-20-2005, 03:45 PM
Back again for just a few minutes. Need to go post on the get-together thread. Read the posts before I logged off earlier. Anyway, went and got my ring(s) checked and cleaned. Man do they shine-look like a brand new ring! Everything is fine with them. Didn't get the walk in after all because it was raining a little. Didn't want to chance driving all the way to the park and then it rain. Of course if was closer from the mall than here. Still would have been a wasted trip if it rained. So think I will forgo the walk today since it is so late and walk the rest of the week. This will be my free day instead of Sunday. Checked the mail and received a letter from Josh and am very happy to say he is going to be stationed at Fort Riley here in KS! Yippee! :cp: :dance: :cb: Even though I still won't see him much it will be nice knowing he is closer to home. He got a 4 hour pass last week and said he was going to go eat ALL the pizza he could! LOL Anyway...tata for now. Have a good one ladies!

10-20-2005, 05:20 PM
Cristi - that's great news! I know that's where you were hoping he would be stationed.

Jane - great pic - can barely see you, but I can see enough. BTW - my WW points calculator gives me 35 flex points a week. And I have eaten mine for the week :dizzy: I like how you have made it work for you -

Ugh - no time to catch up...I started selling wreaths for DD's preschool today. They are beautiful, and I know people who like them, so it's not too bad. I try to sell UPS orders to my out-of-town relatives, then it's really easy. DD's school also has a silent auction and we were told yesterday that we would need to procure $500-$1000 worth of goods for said auction. By March. Yuck. I hate procuring. My previous plan of knitting things is kaput - no way I can get that much done. So now we are moving on to, hmm, I don't know, standing on a street corner with a sign?

10-20-2005, 06:31 PM
STOP :nono: :nono:

and go to Weight Loss & Chit Chat #148 :ebike: :ebike: