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10-12-2005, 10:20 AM
Looks like we went to page 2 so thought I would start a new thread. Looks beautiful out this morning. After I get finished here I am out for a walk. Maybe I will take Fortune with me today though he drags me down the street like I weighed nothing and he only weighs 12 lbs! :lol: Maybe he things he is a great Dane or something???? I am again OP for yesterday, which is great.

I made two more pillows and never had to buy a thing to do it. We received some ugly pillows with Christmas decor a few years ago for gifts and I just stored them as I didn't like them. They now have a home covered in the blue fabric AND the cool thing is one is a small oblong pillow and the other square so I now have a square at each end and a smaller oblong in the middle. Looks like they came with the couch they are so pretty. Now, I would be a rat if I didn't tell you the truth about the pillows and the cube covering. I didn't sew a stitch to make them. I used Stitch Witchery for all of it! I would love to have a sewing machine but since I don't I either have to hand stitch or use the other stuff so.....

Maggie: Have you ever seen the movie "The Notebook?" It is a true story about Nicholas Spark's (the author's) grandparents. Be prepared as it is a tearjerker though and hits you where it hurts because it is about people around our age as far as the story goes. If you ladies haven't seen it, rent it. It is a beautiful story.

Jean: I would definitely need Algebra refreshing. It is one of those things that you learn but don't keep with you I think unless you use it in everyday life in some way.

Jack has opted out of the Nutrisystem. He looked at the foods provided and felt he couldn't come up with a month's worth of food without repeating the same meal over and over so it wasn't worth the money if he was going to eat something else on certain days and I agree. I told him I would happily cook for him, but I wanted to try at least one month to see if the food was edible or not. I eat Lean Cuisine meals on and off and they are ok so I suppose this stuff is similar to it.

Well, the outside calls me. I did weights and a short treadmill yesterday, but I am pretty sore today from the weights. The treadmill I have to work up an endurance for again and besides with it being so beautiful I would like to get outdoors as much as I can since I am home in the house so much of the time.

Have a great day girls!


10-12-2005, 11:50 AM
Good morning...I haven't posted in such a long time, I'm not sure if some will remember me. I know Maggie remembers me! Jean, hopefully you do too. And Gloria... Anyway, I hope y'all don't mind if I just jump in and join...

Faye, my youngest daughter ordered a month's supply of Nutrisystem a couple of months ago...and I don't think she likes it because when I was over at her house a couple of weeks ago, I noticed an awful lot of uneaten Nutrisystem food in her pantry! I didn't ask her about it...but I will...if you need a "real" opinion of the food. I've been a member of Jenny Craig Centers and I did like their food; however, I didn't care too much for the shelf-stable foods (and that is what Nutrisystem consists of). I did very well while on the Jenny Craig program but was and still is EXPENSIVE. I've even thought about returning to the Jenny Craig program since I have paid for a lifetime membership...but the holidays are coming and then there are presents to buy at Christmas...well, I can come up with all kinds of excuses!

Right now, I'm doing WW on my own and have lost around 11 pounds. I'm tracking points and writing everything I eat down in an WW journal book that I bought. I have a nice digital scale that weighs in 10th's.

Jean, how many grandchildren do you have now? It's been such a long time that I only remember when the first one was born. Isn't it great being a grandma?! You get to spoil them and send them home! I have two grandaughters now. The oldest is 5 and in kindergarten!! The youngest will be 2 at the end of January--she's into EVERYTHING! My oldest daughter has been married a little over a year and she says she will be pregnant by next summer. :)

Gloria, I need to do exactly what you've done--clean out my closet and switch things around! I am just not motivated yet!

Maggie, I think I heard something like that about Steel Magnolias (love that movie) that it was based losely on a true story. I have that movie in my library. I always cry at the graveyard scene. Always!

Well, I'm at work and I've just been told I have a meeting to go to...I seem to go to a lot of them lately. A lot of changes are happening in my college this year.

10-12-2005, 12:33 PM
Gail: It is nice to meet you. Yes, I am the newest member though I have been posting here about 3 years now. I am 52, have a married son, a married dd and a grandson who is in kindergarten too! He is he light of my life. I have been married almost 33 years (next month) and am a stay at home. My dh is retired Navy and now works for the city of Memphis as an electrician. Thanks for the info on the Nutrisystem and I would appreciate it if you can find out if she likes the food or not. When I started researching, I have become a little wary of the product taste and my biggest problem is until you order a whole month's worth, you can't order just one meal to try. At $300 a month, it is a little steep if you hate the stuff so I haven't made a firm decision yet. Right now I am doing fine having either a cereal bar or yogurt for breakfast, something light for lunch then a lower fat dinner without seconds! :lol: I have a huge amount to lose so it will take me about 2 years to get it all off as long as I am diligent. I am tempted to join E-Diets instead as I can get a shopping list etc with my food choices and what not. It is a LOT cheaper!

Got my walk in this morning though did it a little later than I would like and it was a little warmer. I like it when it is chilly actually as it is easier to walk in chilly weather.

Talk at you gals later and again, Gail, :welcome3: back!


10-12-2005, 01:15 PM
Thank you Faye! :) By the way, my husband is an electrician! We celebrate our 35th anniversary February 11, 2006. I'm 54. I'm a secretary. I also knit--I have lurked on and off at this thread so I know that you knit as well. I consider myself an advanced beginner--I can knit socks now! (Never have knitted a sweater.) Knitting calms me. Also keeps my hands busy so I don't reach for food at night. Night time is my most difficult time when it comes to food. I'll ask my youngest daughter what she thinks of the food but I have a feeling I know what she's going to say...

10-12-2005, 02:02 PM
Gail: have you ever made mittens? My dd wants me to make mittens for my grandson to go with his Harry Potter scarf and hat, but I have never done mittens. I bought the yarn and the appropriate needles, but am leaving it until last just in case I chicken out. I knit left handed so more intricate stuff is difficult for me to decipher sometimes. I knit when I have the tv on mostly and when I am alone. Who can eat when your hands are full of yarn and needles, right???? Thanks for asking your dd. I am thinking of going with Ediets as it is much much cheaper and I can cook the same thing for my husband as I have and put him on the same program somewhat though he is kind of picky. Won't eat fruits, most veggies, fish of any kind except fried shrimp, Long John Silvers or salmon (which I have ALWAYS found a little weird as it is so strong tasting)Faye

10-12-2005, 02:33 PM
Hi! I hope you don't mind if I poke my head in here. I have been email buddies with Gail for years now. Maggie and Jean both know me also. I just don't usuall have time to post on this thread as well as other places. I have posted here before.

Faye, I just wanted to tell you that I don't care for strong tasting fish either. But, my husband loves the way I fix Catfish. It is a mild fish. Get the fillets. i brown it in Pam and then dump some salsa on it and let it cook until flaky. It is so good this way. Maybe you could try it. I also knit some. I like plain and simple that I don't have to think about too much. That is restful to me.

By the way, I am celebrating my 39th anniversary this weekend. It sure goes fast.

Hi Maggie and Jean. Gloria, I know you have been on this thread for a long time also. :wave:

10-12-2005, 03:03 PM

Another pretty day in the west. Hippo Birdies 2 ME. Aren't I just scandelous. But this is me and guess who sent me the first e-mail greeting card. Pepsi wouldn't you know. Those folks keep track of every thing don't they. Jean has a birthday tomorrow ~ time still marches on. We are having a finger food party tonight and it is a 19 point day. Peal a pound soup for me this day. Yogurt for breakfast.

I received the neatest FREE thing in the mail yesterday. Awhile back in one of the many many catalogues that I receive there was an offer of this bracelet as a free gift for anything I chose to order, you may have gotten the same catalogue. It is a photo bracelet of some sort of silver metel with 3/4 x 1/2 inch photo squares. Anyway I am using it as a picture journey of my weight loss. It will hold a total of six photos and I have put something in each frame. I have my "before" picture, my little Thin-Within girl that is my avitar, lips biting a bullet, a 100 pound star and those little chicken's like on Gail's avitar in between with different numbers denoting my loss. I love visuals! I didn't take any of the charms off my silver charm bracelet when I gained back that weight but won't wear it until I have once again reached the point where I match up with the last charm that was put on it.

:welcome: GAIL how nice to have you back. Girlfriend you are doing great - 11 big ones gone! You know I just recently got back here also so we are storming the place and isn't it fun. Knitting is a great way to keep the hands off munchies. You go girl. I remember when that first grand baby was born. OH where has the time gone. Life is good

FAYE that is just too rich about stitch witch. I don't take it back though, because you are multitalented. Obveously you don't have to sew to get things done. Your pillows sound like they are functional now. I wonder if it is Nutrasystem that makes the food for the troops. :lol: I can just see that little ball of fluff pulling you downt the street. Those little dogs are strong aren't they. All 14 pounds of Ragg Mopp are muscle. His groomer isn't afraid of breaking him anymore. When he was so tiny he seemed so fragile. He has more heart than fight in him.

Everyone have a lovely day and I'll type at you later.

10-12-2005, 03:36 PM it your birthday Maggie?! I think it is! I forgot! I forgot! Shame on me! I should have remembered!! HIPPO BIRDIES TO YOU! May you have a wonderful day! I know you will! Is that bracelet one of those Italian charm bracelets? Or do the charms dangle? In any case I'm sure it's gorgeous. I've been trying to post a weight change ticker from tickerfactory but it won't "take" for some reason. Tickerfactory shows 10ths. I like visuals too. :) Jenny Craig has shelf stable foods and I wondered if they are those MREs the troops eat except for the fancy packaging. I don't know what I'd do without that knitting. I just went to a yarn shop on my lunch hour today and bought more sock yarn. Honestly, I have a HUGE stash of yarn!!! I could probably sell some on ebay if I wanted.

Hi Sharon! :D Best wishes on your anniversary! Aren't you going somewhere (having another brain freeze here) nice for your anniversary? And you're doing a wonderful job on LA Weight Loss! In my area, we're being bombarded with LAWL commercials on tv.

Faye, I just phoned my daughter who bought Nutrisystem food and...well, it's not all that great especially if you're a little finicky about the food you eat. She says (in her opinion) that it's way over priced. I've tried ediets before...a looooong time ago...and it works...but any weight loss program will work if you work the program like it's intended. ;) One of the things I do remember is that you they tell you which Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice frozen entree to eat. But of course, I'm sure they have tweaked their program by now and there may be all kinds of different plans for you to choose from. I say give ediets a chance before Nutrisystem...but that's just MY opinion. Mittens? I was supposed to take a knitting class for mittens but I came down with a severe case of sinusitis (took me 4 different prescriptions before I started getting better) and I had to cancel. I wonder if you can find a book for left-handed knitters? Have you tried "googling" that? Someone out there has probably written a book...don't you think?

10-12-2005, 03:59 PM
:welcome2: :welcome3: SHARON you squeezed in there while I was typing and posted and I didn't know it. Please don't think I was ignoring you! Good to see you here with us and do come back when you have time to do so. That bull I told you about last night did belong to the man that came with that trailer. I love cat fish fixed that way. Will isn't much of a fish eater also and so when I want fish we go to Red Lobster and he can have a fish sandwich that they make that he likes. There is a wonderful place for fresh Red Sapper down the coast that is actually a burger joint but they have a fish plate to die for. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you! That is great that you two have been together for 39 years! Go for more. I love to hear of folks that have been married for a long time.

GAIL the bracelet is made of little frames with beads between all in a row on stretchie stuff. The only thing that dangels is a heart with a rose pattern stamped on it. No problem about not remembering my BD. My rememberer isn't so good now days so I give you slack. ;) I just don't know how Pepsi remembered. How did they ever know in the first place . . . I am still working on eating my container of Like ie Yogurt which is my breakfast and it is just one minute from noon.

10-12-2005, 04:17 PM
Ok, this is the yackiest this thread has EVER been! :lol:

MAGGIE: FELICITATIONS TO YOU!!!!!:woo: :dance: :hb: :gift: :hat: I will have to put you in my birthday alarm website so I remember your birthday every year now.

Gail: Thanks for calling your dd for me. I went ahead and joined e-diets though I am not sure they are going to charge me my monthly fee. I got everything ready to go ahead and do it, then changed my mind deciding I would wait until I talked to DH tonight. I took everything out such as my name, address, cc info etc and got out of the site, but when I went into my e-mail, found they had made me a member so I went and looked at my bank account to see if they had authorized payment and they hadn't so??????? I am finding that what I really like about it is I can put in my meals and they figure up my calories for me etc. I can also put in my exercise for the day and all that without having to keep it in a journal like I usually do. I like having a tracker that shows my progress too.

Sharon: A big :wel3fc: to you too! It would be great to have a few more here as we were down to just two everyday posters (Jean and I) and occasional posting by Gloria when Maggie decided to run around the country! :lol: Sharon, do you live in Maggie's part of the world or farther south. We lived in San Diego 30 years ago when my dh was stationed at what used to be NAS Miramar and I have a sister and all her kids who live in the Santa Margarita areas, Corona area of CA.

Ok, here is your awwwwwwwww moment everyone. I snapped this pic of Fortune laying on my new pillows. Isn't it cute? He is such a ham, he just laid there while I took his pic!

Have a great afternoon. I am going to get to it and mop the kitchen floor now


10-12-2005, 04:29 PM
THANKS FAYE what a cute picture of Fortune. Now if I had done that with Ragg Mopp he would have grabbed it with his teeth and shaken it and jumped down and ran with it. I can't wait till he gets a bit older and settled down so I can get some cute pictures of him. How old is Fortune? (the color and font thingies aren't working now for some reason).

10-12-2005, 04:42 PM
HAH! I got it to work! That tickerfactory thingie! :lol:

AWWWWWWW...Fortune is cute! I like little dogs. Faye, I think I've tried every diet known to womankind! I even went on Nutrisystem when there was a center in my area. That was about...1990 or 1991? I'm not a finicky eater but I did get a strange taste in my mouth from all those shelf stable foods. I stuck it out for about 4 months and lost a lot of weight. I got down to about 175 lbs. It cost about $60 a week for the food back then. But even so that got a little too expensive for me back then because we were paying for private school for my daughters. And of course, the food's taste might've changed since then--that's why I called my daughter for you. have to do what's right for you. Of course, I had to go look at the ediets website and it looks like they have changed a lot since I did that too! Looks interesting! Looks like they give a lot of options.

Maggie, have you ever eaten tilapia (sp?) fish? I had that at Ruby Tuesday's last Saturday night. Very good! You must've filled out some kind of questionaire somewhere since Pepsi knows you. You may have been on a list that a company bought from another company. Makes you wonder where all our personal information goes to, doesn't it?

10-12-2005, 05:23 PM
Faye, I googled left-handed knitting for you. Go to:

They suggest knitting by the continental method.

Go to

They have some great tutorials on knitting. Continental knitting is included. The videos was really clear.

10-12-2005, 06:05 PM
Maggie, Happy Birthday. What are you doing today to celebrate? You said you were near Yosemite? Short memory. :rolleyes: I intend to go for more than 39 years. Too much trouble to do otherwiwse. :D

Gail, we are going to Santa Cruz. Maggie I know you know were that is, but for those who don't, it is on the Pacific Coast. Gorgeous area. We are staying at a hotel that is right on the beach. We can sit on the private balcony and just watch and listen to the ocean. I can't wait. Tilapis is good. It is a nice mild fish.

Faye, I live in the Central Valley. About an hour or so SW of Sacramento. We go West to get to the coast. It is about an 2 hour drive to Santa Cruz. About an hour and half to Yosemite. I love that picture of your pup Fortune. I had a wonderful toy poodle. He died last year at the age of 16. He was such a good friend. We couldn't stand the quiet and went out and bought two minature poodles. (Never get two puppies at once) :eek: They gave us a run for it. But they are worth it. They are now almost 2 and housebroken. Of course, the carpet has been replaced. :mad: If I can figure out how to put their picture on I will. Oh, their names are Teddy and Bear. Teddy is cafe aulait and Bear is brindle.

I will stop yaking now.

10-12-2005, 07:47 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. We went to town for the sandwich fixins and I got a sugar free, fat free latte from my favorite place that also sells nuts and dried fruit. PG&E just notified us that on November 1 we won't have any electricity from about 8 am till 2 pm for they have to put in a new pole down the lane. Nice to be notified so much in advance. Someone must be building down there.

SHARON a few of us are getting together tonight to celebrate our birthdays. Several of us have birthdays this month so we decided to all celebrate at once and have a "finger food" get-together. Those things are always fun and I do plan on NOT eating too much. I do believe you only live about 50 miles from us ~ we should meet sometime. Cookie is out here in CA also (do you remember her?) and we have been meaning to meet sometime. I love where you are going and Carmel and Monterey. I really love the Pacific Ocean wehre I learned to surf. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

10-12-2005, 08:13 PM
Maggie, it looks like we are only about 40 miles away. We usually don't go to Yosemite, so don't go that way often. More often we go out to Oakdale and then on to Sonora. I don't remember Cookie. Refresh my memory if you don't mind. I have a short memory span anymore. Have fun tonight.

10-12-2005, 09:02 PM
WOW! That was some postal explosion! I mean all those post by Gail & Sharon. It is nice to meet you both and if I have met you before please understand with age comes a very short memory. I think I am the oldest member here...real age not 3fc age. :)


I am envious of everyone's weight loss. I am at a stand still right now. I had lost 60 #s but put a lot back on. We are going away for 3 weeks in November....driving to Disney to meet DS & family and some of his wife's family and our oldest DD & her son. We will then drive to Raleigh, NC to have Thanksgiving with DS & family for the first time since 1989. We haven't seen them since June 04 and are looking forward to the time spent with these grandchildren. Dieting is on hold but I hope to resume it upon our return.

Maggie: That is some story about the bull....glad Ragg Mopp was so vocal to keep the bull at a distance.

Gail: I used to knit but then went to doing counted cross stitch then gave that up when I ran out of space on the walls to put the pieces. Now I have my computer and books.

Sharon: Another 'California Girl' It's nice you and Maggie live so close, maybe you can meet.

Faye: That is a really adorable picture of Fortune and you have some talent as those pillows are really nice. Look great on the sofa. Fay a late Happy Birthday :hb: :woo: to you too. It was just a while back wasn't it or am I having another 'Sometimer' moment. I may not have Althimer but I definitely have Sometimers.

Well I got the closet changed around and noticed that it would be nice to go shopping and some new winter clothes....hmmm. I did get a nice velour jogging suit and had to shorten it about 4 inches. Did that today, too.

Tomorrow I will tackle the windows....there are 20 of them. Screens up, Storms down and add a strip of weatherstripping where the sashes meet. This is an old house folks.

Gloria in MA.....Think I will go and read a book before bed. Good Night All

10-12-2005, 09:28 PM
GLORIA isn't it wonderful to have Gail and Sharon join us. It livens up the group for sure. New winter clothing sounds nice. I wear the same clothes all year round now that we don't live in snow country. Seems kinda boring. I love nice winter coats and don't need one. I did save a nice coral colored jacket with died fox fur around the hood just in case we take a trip up to the cabin in the winter. We have one in the Sequoias up around 6 thousand feet that really gets hammered with snow. I love nice winter clothing but can't have any. You are fortunate to live in seasonal country. Have fun on your trip and then when you get back we can discuss your getting back on program. Seems some of us may have had a lapse and are getting back to work on our losing weight. At least I can speak of that for myself. But it is good that you don't try to get back while on a vacation. You may be the oldest but I am pushing right behind you. :lol: Or should I say coasting ...Have a great time.

10-12-2005, 09:30 PM
GLORIA isn't it wonderful to have Gail and Sharon join us. It livens up the group for sure. New winter clothing sounds nice. I wear the same clothes all year round now that we don't live in snow country. Seems kinda boring. I love nice winter coats and don't need one. I did save a nice coral colored jacket with died fox fur around the hood just in case we take a trip up to the cabin in the winter. We have one in the Sequoias up around 6 thousand feet that really gets hammered with snow. I love nice winter clothing but can't have any. You are fortunate to live in seasonal country. Have fun on your trip and then when you get back we can discuss your getting back on program. Seems some of us may have had a lapse and are getting back to work on our losing weight. At least I can speak of that for myself. But it is good that you don't try to get back while on a vacation. You may be the oldest but I am pushing right behind you. :lol: Or should I say coasting ...Have a great time.

10-13-2005, 12:03 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! WOW! Imagine my shock when I saw all of the new posts tonight! :cb:

It's a rainy evening in my corner of the world. The BEST news is that we now have heat at school! Yippy - skippy!!!!! It was late afternoon when it finally reached our room but it will be toasty in there tomorrow. When I got home from school DH was already home. After I shut the garage door I could hear a cat meowing. After much investigating, DH got down on his hands and knees and could see the kitten underneath the riding mower. We haven't seen the kitten for 3 days and I was convinced it had gotten caught in the live trap next door. Of course it wouldn't come out to me so we left food out and the door open a crack. I had bell choir tonight -- we are scheduled to play on Christmas Day of all things! Several of us groaned -- I spoke up and said to count me out as I would have a house full of company and I wasn't going to add any more to my agenda for the day. A couple others agreed with me. The kitten evidently found it's way back outside because DH saw it on the deck after I left for bells.

"Gma" -- I'd say you definitely are the "Stitch Witchery QUEEN!" :jig: Thanks for sharing the picture of Fortune . . . he is a cutie!

Gail -- Hi Stranger, welcome back! It has been quite awhile since we have visited! :yes: We have four grandchildren! Ian will be 3 the end of November, Maddy just turned 2 in August, and we doubled our fun this spring! Kolby was born in April and Zowie was born in May. Each of our kids have a boy and a girl so it will be nice as they all grow up together.

Sharon -- It's so nice to see you here again! Happy Anniversary! :cp: The years do fly by, don't they? I hope you have a wonderful time in Santa Cruz!

Maggie -- I sent you a :hb: email; I hope you got it! May you enjoy many, many more happy birthdays! It sounds like you will have an enjoyable time celebrating tonight.

Gloria -- DH just washed our windows and then it rained! :( We don't have much overhang so the windows only stay clean for a day or two. I know you are getting excited about your trip.

I need to figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow and head for bed. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!