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10-09-2005, 07:57 PM
Down the Oriental aisle, I've discovered A Taste of Thai foods. I've only tried them for one meal, but it turned out well! Basically it's curry sauces and other sauces and put-together seasonings that you can use on beef, chicken, fish, whatever. And some noodle things, but I'm avoiding those. Oh, and rices.

For me, I hate to cook. And I get bored cooking the same thing when I do (and that's rare), which is mostly fajitas or stir fry. It's funny, I could eat McDonald's daily and not get bored, but I get bored cooking the same thing and eating it, I don't know why.

So this was good for a bit of 'something different' to do, different tastes. I made peanut thai baked fish with tilapia, and some jasmine basmati rice with some lite coconut milk added in, and-- er, well okay, the Green Giant teriyaki vegetables didn't fix, but I needed something to dress them up.

As someone who cooks for one I appreciate not having to buy whole bottles of like 8 different Asian spices I'll use like twice ever, just for a change of pace.

P.S. They have a web site with over a hundred recipes, using their products. I don't think we're allowed to link, but you can google to find it if you're interested.

10-17-2005, 04:15 PM
Love your avatar! :rofl:

Thanks for the tip - I think I saw these products at the grocery store a few weeks back but didn't really pay attention. I will check them out tonight when I go shopping. :)