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10-09-2005, 04:07 PM

Hello :wave:

Here at McSkinneys, Our mission is to motivate,support and lose those pounds & inches.We must keep those Loozing Floozies loosing!!

Feel free to join our group of wonderful ladies.Come on in.....Give us YOUR motivation,support and ideas.We would love to have you!!!

10-09-2005, 04:09 PM
Hello :wave:

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! ;)

Gayle...I miss ya already!!! :grouphug: Have fun! Get to feeling better!

Janice....I'm so glad that everything went well! Take care & get well soon!!

Hugs to all....

10-10-2005, 06:47 AM
Ladies-I need your help and advice. I graduated in 1971 from a correspondence school. I only took the required courses to get a diploma. I looked up the school's website, and the courses I took were minimal, just to get the diploma. I don't blame my parents, I was just too scared to go to school in a new town and always hated school. On my resume for where I work, I put that I graduated from a regular high school. Now they are clamping down on new hires, and are requiring transcripts and copies of the diplomas. I only have a wallet size copy. I am so scared that if for some reason my principal leaves and wants to take me with her, when I go to apply for the new job they will find out. Also, the secretary is retiring this year, only for a month, then coming back. They expect me to take over her job for that month, which means that I will have to apply for that job. I am so scared. You ladies are the only ones that know about this, except for my family and 1 close friend at school. What should I do? This has been weighing in the back of my mind for years now. Help me!! In case you want to check out the website, it's

10-10-2005, 10:44 AM
I know that at my schools district, you have to have a copy of your diploma the day you are hired. I believe the wallet size copy you have will work. It's STILL a diploma no matter what classes you took! Right? You graduated so that's what matters! There is no reason to be worried about it. Don't let it bother you. This was 34 years ago!! I think you're ok.Try to relax and don't worry about it. :grouphug:

I'm off today.The kids are out of school. I'm going to go through old clothes and get rid of a lot! My closet looks terrible!! So that's my project for the day!!

My weigh-in was the same this morning. No gain..No loss. I was kinda disappointed but I'll just try real hard to eat all my carbs daily.

Have a great day all ;)

10-10-2005, 07:03 PM
I'll be back later girls, but wanted to post to Shelley real quick!

Shelley, I looked at the site and I agree with Sher, everything SHOULD BE ok. I would just tell anyone who questions it that you were home schooled. No one needs to know anything else. I personally received my GED the same year as my class graduated ~~ I was alot like you, school just wasn't my thing. When I fill out a job application, I just write the year graduated, if anything I had to take a test to prove what I knew compared to some of the graduates now that just scrape by and hope for the credit. It really doesn't matter if it is from a local high school or an acredited correspondence school...YOU EARNED IT!

10-10-2005, 07:05 PM
BTW: I'm sorry, but if your work history can't hold up for you too, then you do need to find another job were they will appreciate you!!! Your history as an A+ employee SHOULD out weigh any silly diploma any day!!!!

10-10-2005, 07:16 PM
Gayle-You are too sweet.

10-11-2005, 12:25 AM
I'm back! The wine tasting was fun, in fact I think I found a new hobby! It was a blast walking around and trying all the new wines etc. This tasting had everything from shooters to scotch to mead and wine, so there was never a free minute with an empty glass. We headed back this morning after breakfast, even though it was a small break, it was a very nice break away from the kids, parents etc.

Janice, so happy to hear the surgery went well and things are looking up!

Sher, don't fret about the weight loss! This is the time for your body to play catch-up from the pounds lost. Next week I bet you see a loss!

Shelley, try not to worry too much! I hope everything works out like it should. Even though you are going through this stuff and I'm sure you have some issues about yourself, know that I think you are a wonderful and treasured friend!

We arrived at the motel about 35 minutes before the tasting (in the same motel) we were in a rush to get ready. Steve decided to step out of the room for a minute while I prepared myself for the evening. He propped the door just open and I went about my business of getting ready. I had just tossed my jeans to the side and was getting ready to grab my pants ... the door popped open and instead of Steve...there was a MALE hotel employee! I quickly grabbed my shirt (trying to pull it down) as I greeted him with a "HI!" Talk about embarrassing, I'm not sure who was the most flustered! He probably went back and told all of his co-workers about the 42 year old woman flashing guys down the hall!!! LOL!

10-11-2005, 06:56 AM
Gayle-Sounds like you had an amazing time. Didn't you get a hangover, or was it just a sip of everything? Too funny about the "flasher"!

I have been getting these damn hot flashes during the night. My weight is up 2 lbs, and I feel so bloated. I'm afraid my WI tomorrow will be up. I know it's just hormones, since I didn't go overboard this weekend.

Debbie-Great job on your weight loss this week!

10-11-2005, 09:28 AM
Sherry - How many carbs are you eating each day. I think I don't eat enough because I try to be below 15, what should I be eating?
Gayle- Sounds like you had a blast!
Shelley - A diploma is a dimploma don't you think? You did graduate and I think that's all that counts.

10-11-2005, 09:54 AM
Shelley, I agree w/the other girls. I got a wallet-sized Marriage Certificate when Stewart & I got married and it's just as official as the big one. You'll be ok.

I had to go to the Dr. last week for my "yearly." While there, he told me I need a colonoscopy, because I've been bleeding a LOT when I use the bathroom. That's scheduled for the 20th. I'm dreading it. Colon cancer runs in my family, so I've been very worried.

I got a letter from my insurance co yesterday about some work I had done in September (I had 3 moles removed). They're saying that if I don't send in a pathology report I'll be responsible for all the charges -- $948!!! I thought the doctor's office was supposed to take care of all of that stuff, but I'm getting myself down there today to get that done!! My mom said the reason they want it is probably because insurance doesn't cover it, anyway. Great!

Gayle, glad you had fun wine tasting. I don't like wine at all. I tried to develop a taste for it in the past, but just can't get past the "rotton" flavor--or the "vinegary" flavor, depending on the wine. I do like non-alcholic muscadine juice, though.


10-11-2005, 10:39 AM
Shelley, the rule to a tasting is to eat something before going and to continue eating as you taste. They had a huge buffet setup with anything from cheese & crackers to meatballs and stuffed mushrooms. I munched on cheese cubes every so often to help with the alcohol. Most ofthe servers would give you about an ounce or two of product, there were buckets at the tables so you could quickly pour your drink if you didn't like it. We paced ourselves and did not over indulge, actually we were in bed by 10:00. Boring old people, huh??? LOL!!!!

Cheryl, I never thought I liked wine until I expermented with the different types available. I still prefer some over others (some are just gross IMO) a shiraz/merlot/cab sav you really need food with it to enjoy it, I learned this AFTER I was choking and gagging!!
I will be thinking of you...when will you have the test? You really should have it done since you have a family history of colon cancer.
We are fighting it out with Liz's insurance co. too! They decided the surgery she had was not needed and this was a pre-existing condition. It looks like after SEVERAL hours on the phone, they will take care of most of it and leave her with about $800.00 to pay.

Janice, so glad things are better for you!!!

Well better get to work!
Everyone have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

BTW: I show a 2 pound gain from my over indulging this weekend. I'm leaving my tracker alone though...

10-12-2005, 06:45 AM
Cheryl-I sympathize with you on the colonoscopy. I have to get them every couple of years because of my UC. Also, my dad had colon cancer, but he has been clean for over 10 years of it (knock on wood.) I got a letter saying that I'm due for one, but don't want to get it yet. I cost us about $700.00 out of pocket before I was done with the last one. My mom goes on the 19th for hers. You do really need to get it done. The procedure isn't bad, it's just the prep for it. Let us know when you are going to have it done.

I don't know if I can continue to post on the weight loss thread. The anxiety of my weight going up is just too much for me. I don't have a problem tracking it on the WW points tracker, but for some reason in my mind, any gain is a real downer for me even if it's just a bit.

I am off tomorrow for Yom Kippur, and will be at services for most of the day. I will be running 6 or 7 miles before I go, but I may not be able to post to you.

Have a great day, and love to all!

10-12-2005, 11:52 AM
Shelley don't worry about not posting on the weigh in thread. Do what is best for you. You are at goal and it is normal to fluctuate. You are doing great. Enjoy your day off.

Gayle I am glad that you had a good weekend. Larry's last batch of red wine is so godly and I don't even like red wine. How is your cold? So what exactly were you doing in bed at 10:00. Hmm, no kids umm lets
I am going to you that saying you gave me Gayle for our card for our anniversary. Thanks.

Janice how are you doing this week? Are you able to do a little bit yet or is it too soon after surgery?

Cheryl as uncomfortable is a colonoscopy it is important that you go if you are bleeding. It is too risky not to go with you family history.

Sherry how are your closets looking now? Time to go shopping and get some cloths that will fit that hot body of yours. losing 20 pounds is awesome. We can't lose every week. You should be thrilled that you didn't gain. The scale will show a lose next week if you drink your water, exercise and watch your carbs. You are doing great. Be a proud Mama.
I am going through our pictures looking for some suitable for a slide show. Thanks for the idea. It will be a nice touch. I can't remember if I told you girls that I have a friend that does marraiges. She is going to renew our vows for us. We are keeping it a secret and will do it just before dinner. I have always wanted to do that. I am thinking of writting myown vows too. I will let you know how that goes.

Ramona are you out there? Please post we are worried about you. If you are down in the dumps we are here for support. Please let us help you.

Jennelle how are you doing? Let us know where you are.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had two big family dinners with lots of outside time. That was a treat after last weeks snow storm. It is above normal temps this week. Thanksgivng dinners are no big deal it is all the munchies and appetizers that you eat before and after the meal. I am up a pound but I will make sure that I get back down the pound.
Yesterday I went to a WW's meeting. I haven't been in a couple of years. I am a life time member so I only needed to pay for that meeting because I am under goal. I would like to see how the core plan works and maybe switch it up every week with the points plan. Being accountable to WW's scale should help me be accountable and maintain my weight. I
Last night Dez wanted to go shopping to buy a suit jacket for a business trip she is taking out of province this weekend. We went shopping at Salvation Army. I really do love getting a deal so I like to shop here. I am the biggest bargin hunter. I need some jeans since my sudden size drop. I refuse to pay $70-$100 for a pair of name brand jeans. I found two brand new pair of Gap jeans for $6.99 each. I also got a new Gap long sleeve striped t-shirt for $2.99. I lucked out, Gap must have donated a truckload of clothing. I am happy with my bargin.

10-12-2005, 07:46 PM
Dee, did Larry make his wine from a kit? If so, may I ask which one? I find my taste growing and year ago I would of never thought about touching a red to my lips! I'm still a sparkling girl though...I just love the bubbles!
Honestly, the saying was the first thing that crossed my mind when I seen the pictures. You two look and are very much in love.
You caught me....NO kids, No parents, NO phone....YEP! We were in bed by 10:00 LOL!

Shelley, I love having you on the weight loss thread but I also UNDERSTAND how our mind can screw with our everyday thinking. It is completely up to you, if you feel comfortable posting, then go ahead...If not, I understand.
Enjoy the day off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
BTW: I remember you posting one time about drinking the Baily's Irish cream at a friends house. I tried a new one at the is called Brady's Irish Cream, it seemed to have more of a chocolate flavor to it. Steve can't stand Irish Cream, I told him he is not a PMSing woman!! LOL! Two things we love, something sweet & creamy and full of chocolate flavor!

Did I tell you guys my employer gave me a raise after just 6 weeks? Typically it is after 3 months but she must want to keep me around a bit longer! LOL! I enjoy working at the store, I like time with the customers plus the physical work (I'm getting a workout plus never bored) seems to make the time go by quicker. I do not enjoy my "manager" (the snot) or the mass confusion that seems to surround the place. It is getting easier every day though, just in time for the holiday season!! LOL!

Sher, is Drew graduating this year???? I'm thinking this is the big one for him.

I'm worried about Ramona, I think I'll send her another letter.

everyone have a great day!!!!

10-12-2005, 10:07 PM
Hello :wave:

I hope all is well!! I'm very tired so I'll try to make this quick. I need to iron and try to go to bed early.

Gayle....Congrats on the raise! You must be a very good hard worker!! Your weekend sounded like fun! Are you feeling better? Yep...Drew graduates this year! He's growing so fast!

Cheryl....You'll be in my payers on the 20th! :angel: I just know everything will turn out great! Did you get your insurance straighten out over that bill? I agree...THEY were suppose to take care of that!!!

Janice....I eat between 20-25 carbs daily. You're not getting enough!!! Please try to eat atleast 20 per day!!

Shelley...Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!! Any plans???? We had a child to fall off the monkey bars today and she broke her arm! I had to drive to her Dads and get him & take him to the hospital where the principal had taken her. What a day!!!!!! :yikes:

Dee.....I think it would be awesome if you renewed your vows!!! That's what Wayne & I want to do for our 25th!!!! I can't believe that we're going on our 19th! Time sure does fly!! Are you doing the video or having it made? I'm glad you liked my idea!! ;)

Ramona.....I sure do miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU OK???????

Doni..........WHERE ARE YOU?????? ARE YOU OK??????

Vicki....Are you better since your fall? Try to post more often. I miss you when you're not around!!!

Debbie...I'm so proud of you for all your weight loss!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!! :cp: I'm looking forward to you cutting & frosting my hair Saturday night. I'm finding GREY hairs!!!!!! :yikes:

Carol.....PLEASE post too!!!! How are you???? Are you ok??????? Heck...I sure miss ya too sweetie!!

If I left anyone out....please forgive me. I'm about to fall asleep!

HUGS............... (Love ya too!)

10-13-2005, 06:58 AM
Gayle-Congratulations on your raise! I am so proud of you. You are such a hard worker and deserve everything you get.

Sherry-Becky graduates this year also. Time has flown so fast. I can't believe how quick the children grow and leave the nest. BTW, I am getting my hair highlighted Saturday too. I'm going with my mom. I have decided to start having my hair colored professionally. I deserve it! We have gotten 1 broken arm so far this year. We have a huge playground for recess, and the kids are constantly getting hurt out there.

Dee-Thanks for the recipe. I can't believe it's only 2 points. If I use FF dressing and only the walnuts, I can just use 1 flex point.

Went to services last night and kept having hot flashes. I hate this! I am going to wear a sleeveless dress today with a jacket over it so I can take it off. It gets cold in the sanctuary, especially have a big sweat comes on.

Gayle-Thanks for the update on Ramona.

Cheryl-My mom keeps dreading her colonoscopy prep. Her procedure is Tuesday.

Gotta go out and run before it gets too late!

10-13-2005, 09:28 AM
Gayle - Congratulations on your raise. We all knew you would be great in your job.
Sherry- Thanks for the info on the Carbs.

10-15-2005, 11:22 AM
Good Mornin' :wave:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! ;) We're going up to Debbie's & eat dinner out and then she's going to cut & frost my hair. Tomorrow is another football game that we'll be working.

Next Friday (I'm off work), Wayne & I are going to Gatlinburg (the mountains) and staying in a chalet with De & Vicki, friends of ours. I'm really looking forward to it!! We'll come back on Sunday late afternoon.

Hope all is well with you! I'll post tomorrow night after the game....HUGS!

10-15-2005, 12:21 PM
Sherry I am happy that you will be getting away for a weekend. Have fun with Debbie tonight. For our anniversary will have somebody vido tape it for us and of course we will some photos taken.

Gayle congrats on your raise. I knew that you do well at anything that you put your mind too. You are a good worker.

Shelley I envie you, it is fall here and getting cooler. I wish that it would stay warm longer and that there would only be snow for Christmas. Much easier to jog or walk in. Snow is like jogging in the sand.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

10-17-2005, 07:33 AM
Sherry-I hope you have a nice time this coming weekend in Gatlinburg. How did you hair turn out? I was supposed to get mine highlighted, but she didn't know that I wanted her to color it also, so she did the color and I am going back next Tues. for the highlights.

No kids at school today. It's a teacher duty day. I'll be helping with textbook inventory. It was due Friday. I usually only have to make the computer entries, but it needs to get done, so I'll help get it finished.

It has been so nice in the mornings. It's in the 70's, so running is enjoyable early morning. I only wish I could do it every morning before work, but I'd have to be out there at 3AM to make it work.

Have a great day, everyone!

10-18-2005, 12:09 PM
Sorry I'm not posting much, I am busy as a little beaver!!! Between home life and elderly parents, our life is full of honey-do's etc.

My WONDERFUL brother took Allison to the pet store and they came home with a Degu (pronounced day-goo) now since we have this cute little creature, we have invested another $60.00-$70.00 dollars in a cage/supplies. I am also reading on the net that unless you plan on spending LOTS of time with them, they need a playmate. If they do not socialize, then they become depressed or ill or can even become aggressive. Soooooooooooo, thanks to a sweet uncle, we may soon become Degu ranchers!!! LOL!
Steve had me promise last night that we will not adopt another animal until some of the current ones start passing away etc. Here is my animal count:
1 miniature dashund (indoors)
1 large Rot/Shepard mix (outdoors)
1 parrotlet (he's just a little guy, doesn't require much space)
1 guinea pig
1 degu
indoor fish
outdoor fish

Did I tell you guys I always wanted to own a pet store!!! LOL!!

10-18-2005, 01:40 PM
Gayle your own pet store, I think that you have a ZOO already! I can tell you sure love your animals. I will have to look up what a degu is, I haven't a clue. I am guessing it is some sort of lizard.

I am going to the ww's meeting today to get book 2. I haven't lost over the week but I have to remind myself it is only a number. I am under ww's goal so I need to be encouraged by that. I would like to be a few pounds less.

Not much new around here. Tomorrow is Jason's birthday so I will be making a big dinner. He is on the core plan from ww's so it won't blow my meal.

Hope you all have a good day. It is a rainny day here.

10-18-2005, 06:55 PM
Dee, a degu is a small furry creature, kinda like a gerbil. actually they resemble a rabbit in the face and grow to about the size of a very small g. pig.

10-18-2005, 10:30 PM
Wow Gayle...You DO have your own pet store!!! Who takes care of all these little babies when you & Steve are out of town? How's your Mom?

I hope everyone is well. I'm not going to post to everyone tonight. I'm really,really,really tired.

PLEASE POST SOON.... RAMONA.........CAROL............DONI.......I SURE MISS YA!!!!!! :grouphug:

I love everyone....Goodnight!!!

10-19-2005, 12:11 AM
I have well trained, spoiled creatures. The fish can go a few days without care. The others make sure to stay underfoot or make enough noise until Liz can take care of them if we're gone. The bird can survive a day or two with a feeding/watering too. I usually take care of them before work in the morning, but they also know if I can't do it then they just need to suck it up until someone thinks of them. Everyone in the house REFUSES to take care of my bird, he weighs a whopping 5 ounces and everyone is scared to death of him. LOL!
Mom is doing good! She is walking EVERY DAY on the treadmill and has lost around 50 pounds. She has some short term memory problems and still has some health issues, but nothing compared to what could of been. I still over see all doctr visits and prepare her medicine weekly. The doctor is taking her off her oxygen and nebulizer this week. She is probably healthier now then what she was a year ago!

10-19-2005, 07:05 AM
Gayle-I am so glad that your mom is doing good. Your pet store sounds hectic! BTW, care for a visit from 6 people, 3 birds and a dog? We've got Cat 5 Wilma heading our way! Hopefully, she'll turn away from Fl., but it's not looking too good for us. I really think I should talk my parents into going to NY and visiting my brother this weekend! I am more worried about them than us.

Dee-I didn't realize you are going to meetings. I didn't think they let in people that don't have under 10 lbs to lose.

10-19-2005, 10:27 AM
Shelley, you guys are welcome anytime!!!
Please stay safe, they say this one could be very bad! Last I heard, it is a cat 5, again, please stay safe and hopefully you can talk your parents into going to your brothers home.

10-19-2005, 01:33 PM
Shelley I sure know what it feels like to have a loved one in the path of a hurricane. After what Larry went through a few weeks ago I soon realized the reality of it. I hope that your parents will go see your brother and that if you guys need to leave to be safe that you do so. Stay safe and post so we know what is going on.
I just started back again at the ww's meetings. A long time ago they wouldn't let you join if you had 10 pounds or less to lose. Now it doesn't matter, they will take your money. I am a life time member so I can go anytime. If I miss a month I pay or if I am 2 pounds above goal. So for now and hopefully forever I will not have to pay. Jay is trying the core program this week. I am to scared to try it incase I gain. lol I will let him try it to see if it works better than points. He has been doing points for the last month.

Gayle I have been thinking of your mom too and wondering how she was doing. I am glad that she is doing better than a year ago. I am sure that even if she is doing much better it is still a big responsiblity for you. You are such a good daughter.
Thanks for filling me in on what a degu is.

Sherry I hope that you will get some rest this weekend. You need to take care of yourself before you get sick. You are doing great losing weight.

Today is Jason's last birthday with us living at home. I sound a little sad don't I? Well I am, dispite all the problems he has given me I still love him and will miss him not living at home. In the last few months he has spent more time with me than he has in a long time. Every day after work he has 2 hours before Ashley gets home that we hang out and talk. He realizes that this will be a big change in his life and I think that he wants to hang on to the last moments. He won't be far from home. Only about a mile but living away from home is so different.
I really need to get going because I have a big dinner to prepare for him and wrap all his gifts. I also have a flu shot this afternoon.

Love you all.

10-19-2005, 10:28 PM
Have fun with Jason Dee!!! When is the wedding? How soon before the move?? I bet he will still come visit you after he gets off of work since he will be living so close by.

I received this in my email and wanted to share with you guys.

A baby asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth
tomorrow,but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?"

God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care
of you."

The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don't
have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy."

God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for

And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy."

Again the child asked, "And how am I going to be able to
understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?"

God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet
words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel
will teach you how to speak."

"And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?" God said,"Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray."

"Who will protect me?" God said, "Your angel will defend you even
if it means risking its life."

"But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore." God
said, "Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach
you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from
Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to
leave now, please tell me my angel's name."

"You will simply call her, "Mom."

10-20-2005, 06:37 AM
Gayle-That's beautiful.

We have made plans to go to my parents condo if the storm is over a cat 3. I want to be with them. They live in a cement block villa, so it will be safer than my house. We will be boarding up this afternoon. Guess I'll have boards on my windows again until next hurricane season unless I take them down.

10-20-2005, 08:25 AM
Gayle....The poem is beautiful!! I printed it out to share with the teachers. Thanks for sharing it.

Shelley.....You,your family & your parents are in my prayers. :angel: May you each be safe sweetie. :grouphug:

I haven't posted much the last couple of days. The other secretary and principal at BOTH schools have been out the last two days and I've had to run the whole office by myself!! I know Shelley knows what I've gone through!! I can't wait to get away this weekend! Even though they are calling for rain the whole weekend there! :(

I'll post again tonight before I go to bed. Hugs to all.........

10-20-2005, 10:24 AM
Shelley, please let us know if you can, if you go. Prayers are sent for you and your family. I heard this morning on the radio that Wilma has weakened a little, I will be hoping and praying that it loses even more strength.
BTW: boards add a nice touch to any window, as Martha Stewart says "It's a good thing"!!!! LOL!!!!!

Sher, you sound like your running yourself ragged again. Remember to have some Sher time before you end up sick again. Ok, enough of my mothering. LOL!

Dee, I hope the party went well!

It is chilly here today, I guess Fall is just right around the corner. I'm going to toss together stuff for a crockpot stew tonight (Core) and head out the door. I have an appointment this morning for a vision check.

Wishing everyone a blessed day!

10-20-2005, 11:18 AM
well i wonder if ya'll remember little ole me!
believe it or not ive had the dickens getting in here!
carol sent me a email and i thought im getting in there if its the last thing i do!
im doing ok!
getting stronger everyday.
i got some kind of respitory infection.
i cannot remember when i posted last or what was going on in my life.
ill hafta tell.
but first just wanted to know if it was ok to come back.
missed you all so much!

10-20-2005, 12:00 PM
Doni what is with the pic? I can't recognize you! I am glad that you are back, of course we miss you. Infections sure can take a lot out of you. How long have you been sick?

Gayle, Jay is moving out Nov 1. Big count down is on. He is so excited. It is both Jay and Ashley's house but she will not move in til they are married. They are planning the big day for July 07. Long way off yet. We had a wonderful time last night. I think that Jay was glad that we made a big fuss. I even brought out his baby book of his first two years.
Thank you for the beautiful poem. It means a lot to me at this time of my life.

Sherry I am glad that you are going away this weekend. You deserve the rest. The weather forcaster is often wrong so I hope that this is the case.
When you made Debbie and James the slide show did you use captions and how many pics did you use? We are thinking of letting the pics run for the evening and will probably have over 100. We will put music with it but not play the volume because it will go over and over again. Did you start out with a sequence of the marraige, kids, etc?

Shelley you are in my prayers. Stay safe with your family and let us know how you are doing. You are definitely on my mind.
Dad will be starting radiation with in the next week. He still hasn't shared with us that he has cancer.

10-20-2005, 12:35 PM
my pic is on the left the avitar.
the pic underneith is hugh jackman its one of my tags of him.
was that what you meant?
this time since fri. but the cough is awful!
thanks for missing me!
how are you doing now?
better i hope!
sorry bout your dad!
he is in my prayers!

shelly,you are in my prayers please be safe!
gayle,that poem was beautiful.i cried!

have a great day!

10-20-2005, 12:38 PM
Doni it is the pic of Hugh Jackman. I have no clue who he is. I thought that maybe you had a sex Thanks for the prayers for my father. I am doing really good. Thanks.You take care of that cold.

10-20-2005, 12:45 PM
you are to funny!
he plays in van helsing,also played wolverine in the x-men.
thanks for the laugh!

10-20-2005, 12:46 PM
Dee, you are a funny one!!! I wondered who the hot guy was too, but I never once thought about Doni having a sex change!!!!! Hmmm...maybe thats why Doni has been away so long???? Do you need to tell us something Doni??? LOL!!!!

Doni, thrilled to death your back here with us! You have never been forgotten! In fact, you are mentioned every so often. You were haveing a few marriage problems the last you posted. Hopefully things are better for you now. How old is Cat now? I bet she is growing into a lovely young lady. BTW: Who is the cute Hugh dude????

10-20-2005, 12:48 PM
I can't keep up! You guys just switched pics on me again! Doni, I like the first one! hot! hot!!!

can you tell I just came back from the eye doc??? Because of the testing, drops etc. I can't see a thing! I can get kinda dangerous here on the keyboard!

10-20-2005, 12:52 PM
you guys are a riot!
if i was to be a man yea id look like that!
gayle i sent you a private email earlier.
the site wouldnt let me in and i sort of gave up!
carol sent me a email and i tried again and wala!
i missed you guys!
cat is 13 now!
my marriage?uh what marriage,ya dont have enuff room for that one!

10-20-2005, 12:55 PM
i changed again!
dang i missed you guys!
look its changed again!

10-20-2005, 09:33 PM

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