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06-20-2001, 03:23 AM
Well, I finally found Cybermom and it's boring as heck. I have written to the authorities, since that's the only button that worked, and given them a piece of my tiny mind. In the sweetest of ways, of course. :smug:

Had a cup of tea in my new-best-divorce-lawyer-friends kitchen yesterday and she had crumbs and greeblies on the floor just like meeee. AND she let's her kids eat junk and watch tv! Finally a normal person in this town :dizzy:

My kid gets out of school next Wednesday and then it'll be six weeks of boredom. I'm thinking of making a giant paper mache totem pole. That should use up a couple days. Dh can't take holidays until October so we're stuck in holidaying in Gardenia and Balkonia, as they say here.

Gotta go clean my kitchen. After that I will do weights. Then I will go downtown and buy a fake eyebrow ring to shock the butcher's wife (who probably already has one in her belly button, hip girlie that she is) :devil:

06-20-2001, 12:34 PM
Nephew is mowing the lawn, laundry is whirling about, DD is taking a shower, dog is contemplating her navel. Life is pleasantly dull today.



06-20-2001, 12:42 PM
I still can't get anything at cybermom. Where are you all going that you can get a page at all?

06-20-2001, 01:08 PM
I would have thought you'd at least made it through high school, Lush.;)

Kiwi, your summer day sounds absolutely lovely. I'll get a tiny slice of that at lunchtime when I will go home, water my flowers on the deck and have a sandwich w/ iced tea. It's going to be hot today, so hot that I actually am wearing shorts today at work. Not really appropriate, but since my ac doesn't keep up with the heat, too bad. It was a real dilemma whether to be comfy or presentable. Comfy won.

Sugar, I want to come hang out with your new best friend too. Think how well behaved my DH would be if he knew I had a divorce lawyer for a friend! :s: I just finished reading "The Pilot's Wife". It was a good summertime book. Not too deep, but a good story. Any book suggestions?

You cowsies have a wonderful day.:) :) :) :) :)

06-20-2001, 04:48 PM
I am quite speechless to find that LushAnne .. more than the average second grade mom ... was s*x**lly active eight years ago when she was ALREADY getting discount coffee at Bob's Big Boyfor that IS the statement being made by allowing a child of hers to be that young!!! Appalling!!!

KiwiMoose, these chances don't happen all that often. Mail or carry in a picture of the dd and the incriminating evidence. Maybe she won't see it in the paper. You need stuff for the scrapbook, tell her. You must do it now. A year from now it will seem tacky.

I can't say anything. In a spurt of talkativeness, I mentioned this site to someone who will, if she can remember it, take a look. I must go underground. Kiwi. look at THECYBERCOW not CYBERCOW ... or I mean the other way round.

06-20-2001, 07:08 PM
I've tried every whichway and I still can't get into old Cybermoo!! I've even tried different browsers!! What is wrong with me? I feel very rejected. I don't even want to go there, but I'm becoming obsessed!

Please, somebody send me a URL that's working for you because I will go insane!! Thank you dears.


06-20-2001, 07:27 PM

That does it for me. Is Dusty messing with you?

06-20-2001, 09:26 PM
Well, talk about udderly disappointed -- I just followed your link, Peaches, directly from your message, and got the same thing I always get: Cannot find server....Page cannot be displayed etc.

I have tried,,,, etc etc, plus every link I ever saved from the stupid place, and I just get the same thing over and over. Nothing.

How humiliating to be so uDDerly rejected.


llushanne luscious
06-20-2001, 09:43 PM
I could have adopted him. I could have had artificial insemination, I could have gone with in vitro fertilization, he could be a foster child. All those 28 year olds are probably wondering which. At least no one said...."gawd, my mom's only 45"
Kiwi, I feel you must have insulted the Cybermoms. What else could be the explanation? You should have been nicer to CRAZY MOMMA.
Sugar, We are all a little nervous about you finding a friend. You will be dumping us soon, I just know it.
Gotta go, helped an SIL move today. I'm dead.

06-21-2001, 09:50 AM
Hey! Where's that link I posted for Kiwi??? Did 3FC delete it? I am not amused. All I get from the Cybermom thingie is the Local mom site, which i am not.

My Canadian friend and I are going to see "Chocolat" together on Saturday afternoon. Anyone like it? I figured I could see her axe better in the daylight. She's a vegan. I have absolutely no idea where we can find a place to eat lunch. She told me she weighs 140 lbs - I'll let you know if she was lying. She's been here since November so she could weigh 200 now for all I know.