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06-19-2001, 12:58 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm currently reading all the books about The Zone (I've borrowed from the library both the original Zone book, and its follow-up, Master the Zone) in preparation for beginning this diet. Since there's a lot to wade through (and I have a 10-month old and a 10-year old demanding a lot of my attention) can anyone give me some quick basics that will help me through the first couple of days (before I "officially" begin the diet). I'm also breastfeeding and hope that's not going to hinder my success. I have about 80 pounds to lose (ugh).

Thanks in advance and I'm interested in hearing about all of your successes.


Mrs. Yogi
06-20-2001, 01:45 PM
Hi, you might want to do a search for my previous posts on this topic. I've been hanging with some folks on the Prevention Millenium Diet thread and having Zone discussions, and I think I did a pretty detailed breakdown awhile ago. Just search under Mrs. Yogi and you'll get plenty of info.

Note that I've modified it a bit for my own purposes (I have small indulgences on weekends), but use the Zone framework as a rule of thumb.

Good luck and have fun with it. I've lost 15 lbs and many inches.

Started Feb 26/01

06-20-2001, 02:54 PM
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