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10-03-2005, 07:41 AM
Rise and shine LWL :sunny: Happy Monday morning :)

I hope everyone had a good week-end and is ready to come back with a vengeance! How about a Halloween mini-challenge to help us get through the next 4 weeks? Between the piles of "football food" here is the US and Halloween candy (is that an international atrocity or just limited to North America?) is dangerous out there!

Here's my proposal: State your plan of choice, and stick to it! Live within yur plan.


10-03-2005, 08:12 AM
Halloween candy is slowly creeping in on us UK peeps! :mad: I like the idea of a halloween challenge. I need a kick in the :censored: to get going again!

Kickboxing grading went ok, but I won't know if I passed or passed so well I can skip a belt for another couple of weeks! I sincerely doubt I've failed!

DF and I went out for dinner on Saturday. I ordered a salad :faint: I NEVER order a salad! It's usually chips (fries) with EVERYTHING! I said we'd have to go get some from the kebab shop over the road after we'd finished our meal! :lol: But we didn't! Hooray!

Saturday was mainly "clean" apart from a gooey rocky road sundae which had an ingredient list as long as my arm and made me feel ill! Sunday wasn't bad either, I think I had a bag of crisps that was off plan - oooh and some EXTREMELY gorgeous white chocolate fudge which was my treat for the week! But I did eat too much on Sunday. Oh cripes! :yikes: I had pizza too... :o

So I've confessed! Forgive me LWL for I have sinned! And I'm still full from the weekend! Back to weights this week. Oh :censored: I was supposed to do my legs this morning because of Lax tonight! :tape: I'm feeling :tired: too and so not motivated for Lax - too many girlie girls! :tantrum: Maybe after a Pepsi Max I might feel better! I wanna go sleep! :yawn: It doesn't help that I am now getting up before sunrise just to get to work! Come on GMT! I'm fed up with BST!

Okay! I'm going to be positive from now on! It's nearly lunchtime, I get to walk out to the supermarket for some fresh air (and boy is it fresh out there!) and a bit of an exercise and some pepsi! I just need to work out a weekend strategy! :stress:

Alrighty - well the Halloween challenge is decided then! My goal for October - have at least one WHOLE WEEKEND on plan and have the other 3 weekends with just one day with just one treat! I may even manage it!

10-04-2005, 05:14 AM
:censored: Oh NO! I'm so very bad! Mel will you give me a good :rollpin: ? I'm so ashamed! We went out for dinner last night, and I had chips and a cheese panini. I'm eating clean starting from TODAY! I'm going to be the BEST over the weekend. I'm going to be so good :angel: I'm determined to get some lard off for Christmas - It's my present to myself! Although I did do my weights last night so hooray for that! :hyper:

Right enough food talk, I know it can be done, I know how to do it, I just need to DO IT!

Kickboxing tonight! WOOOOHOOO! :hyper: I'm really up for a good fight! (Okay now I sound like a psycho, but never mind!)

Have a lovely day laydees - WHEREVER YOU ALL ARE!! :D

10-04-2005, 08:47 AM
LOL 2f- it does seem like we are talking to each other in an echo chamber here!

I had a good day yesterday. Did a spin class at noon, then chest instead of legs. My lifting buddies have changed their schedule because one of them can't get to the gym on Mondays and the other doesn't think I can spot him on 700 pound squats. Gee, wonder why not? So we are doing chest on Mondays and legs on Tuesdays when the whole crew can be there. Just as well, I wasn't sure I could do spinning AND legs!

I am determined too to get this extra lard off me by the end of the month! No more little cheats and tastes. My biggest challenge now is that hockey (ice) season starts this weekend. My dh plays every Saturday night leaving me alone to be annoyed at home, and when he' not playing, the TV in ON with snacks. Argh. I've gotten through this every other year, I can do it again!


10-04-2005, 09:34 AM
Hey, Mel and 2F - I hear you guys. I am on a IV steriod treatment right now and cannot exercise until it is over (Wed) at the earliest. I need to tell you, the hyper energy people get with steriods is a bit of an urban legend to me. All I want to do is eat and sleep. If I could figure out a way to eat in my sleep all would be peachy. Oh, good thing there is food in my house, but no junk food. and since I haven't been able to see wellenough out of my right eye to drive, it is all good (this is not a good time to remind me of delivery grocery services, OK?)

2F - have you heard your belt results yet?

I am missing my workouts - who would have expected that to happen? My mind is willing but my body is not. Last night I had dreams of working out on the elliptical. I am worried about my sanity now :lol:

Vision is vast improved after 3 treatments. Optho expects it to take another 4 weeks or so to fully recover. Headache is finally gone. Meanwhile tests and appointments continue through most of the month of Oct. I'll keep you all posted.

I used most of my energy this morning replying to Elizabeth_C and her running questions "Getting weaker ..." above (It was Mel's fault :devil: - she egged me on), so back to Lurk. I am missing you all

10-04-2005, 09:53 AM
Hey ellen - you could be building ENORMOUS muscles on those steroids! :rofl:

No belt results yet... About a week they said! I need a biting fingernail smilie!

Feeling slightly more positive than this morning! My binge fest of cheese and chips has gone down considerably! I'm soooo going to be a good good girl the rest of the month and see what happens!

10-04-2005, 12:20 PM
Hey gals - I'm back from lurking for a while...

I'm hanging in here - holding my own while waiting for the motivation to really jump back into my workouts. I'm eating cleanly most of the time and have lost a few pounds. Started up on SB P1 today - hoping a quick loss of 5-10# will give me the guts to get back into the gym. In the meantime I'm walking at lunch time and I've dusted off my NordicTrak at home so at least I'm getting some cardio in.

Ellen - I read your post and thought "geez - what if I *couldn't* exercise?" That in itself should be the kick in the butt I need to stop procrastinating on this whole thing!

Hello to Mel and everyone, hope you're all doing well. Dip, how are you?

PS - oh, and I'm in on the Halloween challenge - just the thing I need to get my going. I'm doing a hybrid South Beach/BFL food plan, and BFL workouts once I start lifting again. Let's see if I can drop 10-15# (I'm retaining water) for this month.

10-04-2005, 12:32 PM
Hi all,

Ellen, I hope you are up and at 'em real soon. "Couldn't" exercise? That is a nightmare. I have a co-worker that has gained 25 lbs in about 6 months cause she had to have foot surgery and still can't go on her daily walk / jogs. I feel so bad for her. And also ashamed of myself for skipping a lot of my workouts.

I'm in on the challenge. I haven't been able to manage more than 4 clean food days in a row in like FOREVER. Therefore, I have managed to gain 10# in 2 months. YIKES! I caught a glimpse of myself nude and I swear I look like Jabba the Hutt - rolls and all! I got in 3 miles yesterday and this AM I did back and elliptical for 40 minutes. No more lying to myself that so-so cardio will maintain my losses. I need to sweat off fat and build up muscle.

My Halloween goal will get back to my end of July size of 8-10s and not make the dreaded trip to the basement for the 12s and 14s.

Hi to everyone else and thanks Mel for putting up this challenge. Sounds like we all are in a Fall fall!


10-04-2005, 02:06 PM
Morning all. I'm up for a challenge since like Tiki I can't seem to put more than a few days of good eating/exercising together. Sigh. I always think of fall as the beginning of a new year - stems back to starting a new grade in school I guess. :)

Ellen, good to see you. I think that you're taking a different kind of steroids! :lol: My DH hated it when he was taking them - made him "twitchy" and increased his appetite (a good thing in his case as he fights to get up to 150!) Hope things are going better for you soon. Vision problems are my nightmare.

10-05-2005, 03:50 AM
Hi all,

Halloween challenge - count me in !! I have miraculously lost some weight last month with my new goal of getting 7 hours of excercise a week. In getting ready for the cold and dark months I am now converting the attic to have a gym place in my house. So I have been hauling tons of junk around, and i am putting in a decent floor etc. During this project i do no additional excercise for that would leave me without energy for the rest of my life.
So my halloween challenge plan is: get the gym place in place and resume the 7 hour excercise goal when it is ready. And of course, clean eats!!

Tiki - great to see you are back ! I was wondering how you were doing !

Ellenuw - Glad to hear the eye is coming along. Take care !!

Pat - Good to see you around too!

Have a great day,

10-05-2005, 04:46 AM
:wave: Hello laydees!

Feeling a bit dehydrated this morning - headache and all! Am guzzling water by the bucketload!

Kickboxing was great last night - got in lots of fights, really held my own with a real "full on" girl! :rofl: She's almost as hard as me!!! Actually - I think she's harder, she's got piercings where no piercings should ever go! :barf: Apparently my kicks have really improved - must be all the grading practice! :D

Looking forward to having a healthy day today and doing some weights tonight! DF was wondering what we should do tonight - go out for a meal or something! :yikes: I said NOOOOO! Also I can't afford it! But then we decided to stay in and cuddle! Sounds like my idea of a good night! :D

So tonight I have to get my weights done before he gets home. Feeling positive about staying OP this week. Going to work out a strategy for the weekend too! :lol:

10-05-2005, 09:47 AM
Good morning ladeeeyysss!!!!

2F - "Full on"??? Brings to mind a ex-coworker of mine that is pierced up, tattoed down, wears stretch denim in a way that should be ILLEGAL and BRIGHT blue eye-shadow. If my imagination matches who you battled, you ROCK!!!!!!

Rabbit your project sounds cool. Hope you get everything set up inside so you can get ON it. And good job on losing weight last month.

I'm working harder at managing my time so I can get into bed by 10:30 even though cheer practice is still going strong. I got in there last night at 10:50 and watched TV for 10 minutes to unwind. I was up and at the gym by 5:00 for chest tris and 35 minutes of cardio. I have lettuce, fiesta veggies, and turkey chili in the fridge for lunch and tonight's dinner is already cooked. Send positive vibes my way that I can keep this organizational, better time management system rolling!


10-05-2005, 11:13 AM
:goodvibes: I try to be in bed by 10, and I only get up at a mere 6:40!! I reckon the lass I fought last night was about 3/4 what you described! :rofl:

rabbit, oooh a proper home gym! So jealous! :D

Getting on with the proper eats ok today. I have one meal out at the weekend, so I'm going to be super SUPER good apart from that one meal! Who knows, I might even chose salad! :faint: ;)

10-05-2005, 03:31 PM
Vacation is wonderful but the aftermath! .... between the stacks of mail and laundry and the house the smells like it's been closed with a cat in it .... And I can't find my notebook!!!!
So I'm trying to eat clean, get my house in order and catch up on some travel lag ... I might go for a wee bike a little later. But I think the weights are for tomorrow.
I'll have to read over last weeks posts in the morning for a kick start.
Be well, everyone!

10-05-2005, 04:42 PM

Count me for Halloween challenge - I always noticed that I am better looser with all temptations around and all warning signs on rather than when I am unprepared and caught off guard!

Monday - cardio in the morning
Tuesday - upper body and nice 45 min brisk walk with the dog due to the fact that my dog walker was not available (I love walking my dog but do not have time - our forest is off leash only till 10AM every day and it is dark till 8 AM or so and I am scared to go earlier due to bears wondering there. O here it goes - why do I have to pay somebody to do something I would rather do myself while I have to do my job to pay this somebody for job I would enjoy myself :))
Wednesday - nice run 5K outdoors!
Tomorrow plan lower body and Friday is run!

Food is clear this week, no brownies in the house so I will be fine fine fine!

10-05-2005, 09:58 PM
I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!! I GREW UP!!!!! I LOVE cereal and I have been missing eating it because of the milk. Well, today I finally got up the nerve, bought some soy milk and tried it with Splena and half a bowl of cereal and it was GOOD! I don't need the cow afterall.


10-05-2005, 10:11 PM
LOL, my problem is the cereal itself :dizzy: I tend to want a whole lot more than the 1/2 cup that is one serving for most. I Just found "Kashi Go Lean Crunch". A serving size is ONE cup and has 9 grams of protein and 190 calories. I've been mixiing it with a 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese and it's delicious and big. The cereal still stays crunchy, and the whole thing has the consistency of cookie dough.


10-06-2005, 04:55 AM
I had Musli this morning! :D I put half a cup in my teeny tiny bowl and it filled it up so much there was no room for the milk! So I took half out and only had quarter of a cup! Yay me!

Had a lovely weights workout last night. Took less than 30mins to complete! I like it! :hyper:

Then a really early night to prepare for my double trouble kickbox tonight! WAHEY! :hyper:

10-06-2005, 07:20 AM
I lifted yesterday, and feel sore in the shoulders today (good sore not bad sore) so went for a swim for an hour and a half this morning, I don't feel sore now!!!

I had toast and low fat cream cheese for breaky, couldn't face oatmeal this morning, I think more to the point I didn't feel like milk this morning! My asthma is playing up this week (I caught dh's cold) so staying off the milky stuff.

10-06-2005, 09:03 AM
Finally tried the TOM pancakes (cottage cheese, egg whites, oatmeal and Splenda). Wow! Really good -- hit the spot and: 201 calories; 24 g protein; 2 g fat. Makes for a good start!

Today is chest/triceps/shoulders and cardio.

I'm down to 1000 - 1200 calories a day and still not losing. I can see some change in my body, but still holding onto that mid-life "belly fat". I have to keep reading Meg's story to remember that it CAN be done!


10-06-2005, 09:38 AM
Morning all. I had a hard time getting out of the bed this AM, until I remembered today isn't a gym day, its a Billy day. Those are cool cause I just have to put on socks shoes and an exercise bra. My PJ shorts are fine to work out in. Got in my egg whites with salsa for breakfast and I'm ready to hit the day!
I think I will use cereal as my snack in between getting home from work and heading back out the door to cheer practice. Its quick and I like it.


10-06-2005, 09:57 AM
:cheer: I like the sound of cheer practice - if only we had it over here... :lol: Actually if only we didn't cos I would've been heartbroken at being too fat to make the cheer squad every year! :rofl: I'm going to move to the US when I'm thin and join an adult cheer squad! Can we say PEP? :hyper:

Just getting one of the boys to fix my bikey! The gear lever FELL OFF! :eek: I had to ride for about a mile in 1st gear with the gear lever trailing on the floor! So much for modern technology! I shall take it out for a test drive to get the petrol that I went out for in the first place!

10-06-2005, 09:57 AM
Tiki .... I eat cereal with no fat soy milk in the evenings sometimes when my calories are low. I love it too!

10-06-2005, 12:37 PM

About food and where it comes from. About two weeks ago I purchased tomatoes from local farmers market. We started to eat them (I am tomato addict) and I realized that often after eating I am not feeling well. Like i was feeling like drugged or drunk (not that I ever was drugged or drunk but that is what I think drugged or drunk people feel like). After about 4 days and last tomato left I was taking it from the basket and realized that it had huge yellow spots coming from within and kind of growing into the surface. I cut it and figured out it is some kind of chemical which obviously does not show up right away but comes out with time???

Anyways, as soon as I stopped eating those tomatoes I started to feel much better after the meal and it actually pushed me to order from company which deliveres organics straight home. First I thought it is way to expensive but when my order arrived I found out it is a LOT of healthy veggies as well as some soy milk, organic butter and organic sour cream. My picky eater-kids ate apples in no time, they even tried sprouted bean mix! And sour cream is to die for (it is NOT fat free but I can not use more than one spoon of milk products anyways). Soy milk (I drink soy milk usually, but not this brand) was so yummy!

So I think we will stick with this company - at least I will not worry about quality of producs and as well I will not worry about chemicals my family puts into the mouth.

After telling that - I baked my own whole wheat bread at home (my kids eat only home made bread or multi grain rolls which I could not buy this week) and woke up today to the smell of the freshly baked loaf! Have to say - ate half of the piece with organic almond butter and topped with All bran cereal (2 tea spoons). It was delishious... The only good thing is that I only bake once in a while :)


10-06-2005, 07:58 PM
Bi's, tri's and I still haven't found my notebook. I just read backwards here and realised that I should have done abs too. I guess I'll do abs in front of Survivor tonight.
It's my DH's birthday so I ate gravy and peas with him. Not bad but not as clean as I'd like.

10-07-2005, 01:54 AM
Hey, everyone - I haven't been around for a while. Things have been busy but good. I've kept up the weights and cardio, but the food has been off-and-on. I think I'll join the Halloween challenge and get my butt back in gear. Hope everyone's having a good October.

10-07-2005, 04:40 AM
:wave: Hello!

Sash - I totally agree with you, Organic stuff is the yummiest! That might get me down to our lovely Borough market for some food this weekend! :T

Double kickboxing last night. Wasn't really in the mood and sciatic nerve is playing up. I'm not impressed! I could hardly walk when I got home! :mad: Going to concentrate on my posture today at work and try my very hardest not to slouch!

Going ok with the eats so far and sneaky peaked at the scale :sssh: :D but not telling in case it curses it for next week! :rofl:

10-07-2005, 10:21 AM
WOOHOOO!!!!! It's Friday!!! Had my healthy egg white breakfast, lunch is sitting on my desk, waiting for noon, and I feel GREAT!!!! I couldn't be in a bad mood today if I tried to. Can we all say I LOVE ENDORPHINS!?!?!?!?!?!

2F, you better not slouch today. Sit up straight, chin high and shoulders back. No more reports from you talking about "Wasn't really in the mood" for double kickboxing. One more of those and I'll sic that mean chick from your class on you!

Hiya LKTS, good to see you around. I think October is going to be a powerful month for all of us.

Okay, gotta go do some work. Bye!!!


10-07-2005, 10:28 AM
YESSIR! :rofl: No slouching so far! Revving myself up for day3split!

:cheers: Here's to October! May all our fitness dreams come true! :cool:

I'm boredboredbored! Wannagohome! :lol: Just another hour and a half! Then I can go shopping for my weekend picnics! YAY! :D

:goodvibes: for everyone's PLAN this weekend!

10-07-2005, 12:49 PM
I've had the week off this week, I went to the gym and did my weights this morning, I swum 50 lengths or so, which is my most every and I really enjoyed it. My asthma is 100% better today!!! NO darth vader impersonations in the pull, and I didn't have to jump out to get my medication I hate that!!! I've had attacks in the pool a couple of times, but I never seem to attract the attention of the lifeguards and have to rescue myself!!!

I had a little non scale victory last night. My very non-gym oriented dh came and washed my back whilst I took a bath last night, and said how fabulous and toned my shoulders and back are looking!!! Bless!!!

And on Sunday, we're going to Turkey!!!! I am so excited!!!! I get to live in a swimsuit for a week!!!! Hope the world is ready for my thunder thighs!!! Why does it take so long for my legs to look anything like normal??? Yeah I know, coz I'm fat!!! Hehehehe.

The hotel has a weeny gym area, so I'll read up on stumptuous to get lots of ideas for dumbells. No slacking with the exercise on holiday, but I make no promises on the eating front - hence not joining the Halloween challenge!!!!

10-07-2005, 12:57 PM

I had my non-scale victory yesterday too! Did not have time during lunch to go to the gym, so decided to go in the evening (stressful by itself as hubby NEVER gets home in time and I have nobody for kids to stay with). Disregarded hubby's late arrival and my dinner (that is BEFORE gym as I was starving) and still went with my daughter at 8PM - did legs and back :) I felt so good afterwards!

Today is either run (aiming for 8K as I have relays beginning of November as 8K is the shortest leg there so I have to be able to do at least 8K) or if it is pouring rain - gym instead.

I am really glad we have this Haloween challenge going - kept me off chocolate the whole night yesterday!

For those in Canada - happy Thanksgiving weekend, for those in British Columbia - don't stress about teachers strike!


10-07-2005, 08:11 PM
Yup, Yup, Yup, counting down to the weekend. It has been a nice cool day today and it makes it hard to stay in at a desk. I did spend my whole lunch hour walking and got in about 3.5 miles and so far so good on my food. I have to agree, thank goodness for the challenge, I really needed the motivation.

Tomorrow will be a good day, it starts off with playing golf with my SIL so I should have no problem getting my 60 minutes of walking since we'll play a par 3 and walk the entire course.

Have a good weekend,

10-09-2005, 06:04 AM
I made Saturday without going off plan :cp: :faint: I had my planned "free meal" and even chucked half my dessert in the bin! :hyper: :D

Just have to carry on regardless today! I'm off to the shops to buy some nice healthy food to carry on the trend. :D :D

10-10-2005, 05:33 AM

A sad post here from a devastated rabbit. My husband has told me friday that he is ending our relation of 24 years and has formed a new one. I am living minute by minute, day by day. it is very hard for me and our 2 children to take this in. I don't know if I will be posting.


10-10-2005, 07:56 AM
I'm so sorry rabbit. That sucks big time.

:grouphug: It will get better and you will get through the other side. After all, you are a strong woman. We're here for your emotional support and not just your weight loss support!

Keep your chin up :goodvibes:

10-10-2005, 05:31 PM
Rabbit - I echo what 2F has said. Sending you comforting wishes!

10-10-2005, 09:03 PM
Rabbit, I am so very sorry. I was in the exact same boat 7 years ago September 1st Honey and it hurts so bad. 24 years is such a large investment in a relationship and your plans for the future have just been radically changed by someone other then yourself. It will get easier, just give yourself a little time to grieve and you will get past this. My life is so much better now, I'm re-married to a really nice guy, my daughters think he is great and my ex-husband is unemployed. :devil: He really did me a huge favor by leaving but I didn't realize it at the time.

Take care and please keep in touch.

10-10-2005, 09:04 PM
Rabbit- I'm so sorry. We are here for you, not just for weightloss as 2F said. :grouphug:


10-11-2005, 06:33 AM
Dear rabbit. I am so sorry. As all the others have said, we really are here for you. Please do keep in touch. I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Love from Silverbirch.