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Ice Princess
10-01-2005, 11:30 AM
:wave: Can't wait for us to meet this months goals. Anyone is welcome join. :grouphug: Please post your October's goals.
My Goals
3 times a week Curves
5 times a week 3km walk
No pop ( starting tommorow the 2nd ) cause I already opened a can of pepsi
No fast food
Try and make my mini goal of 250lbs, that means dropping 13, for my weigh in on November 14th.
(I only weigh in once a month at Curves and that is on or about the 11th of every month.)

10-01-2005, 01:02 PM
Happy October everyone! It's going to be a tough month for birthday is next week and that means cake on top of that my husband's brother and sister-in-law will be here for two weeks at the end of the month. My sister-in-law is a southern girl who can cook like you wouldn't believe and we always eat ourselves silly when they are here! I'm really going to have to watch myself this month and make sure I don't skip the exercise! I didn't meet last months goals so I'm trying again and keeping the same ones...4 pounds and 10 hours exercise.

10-01-2005, 02:43 PM
I posted this on the old September board, but I'll repost here for those who don't go back to the old one:

:dance: :dance: THE SCALE WENT DOWN!!! And I had to restep, restep, to make sure it wasn't lying to me. I'm down 2 lbs, not a bad way to start the month. Even though I didn't lose pounds in Sept., my body was doing something because I lost 5.5 inches:

2 from chest
1 from hips
1 from thighs
1 from calves
.5 from ankles

I cannot say how happy I was to see that I've lost inches even though the scale wasn't moving. And I lost 5.5 inches in August as well, and that's when I lost 8 lbs. so I must have done something right to still lose the same inches exactly.

My SIL used to be very heavy, around 300 lbs. I think, and she took all the weight off and has kept it off for over six years now. I asked her last night what she did/does to get it off and her answer shocked me. She said she went on strict diets, like the firstweek all she ate was eggs, that's it! Then each week she did a different diet, like the cabbage soup diet, etc. and she exercised, mostly riding her bike and lifting weights. When all the weight was off, she went back to eating what she wanted but since her stomach was smaller she couldn't hold as much. Whenever her pants start getting snug, she just goes on a diet for a week. She said that all the dieting taught her self control and in the end she just really doesn't want to gain the weight back so she eats in moderation. Her kitchen is STOCKED with everything from cookies to potato chips, brownies, you name it she has some. She said she eats that stuff, just one treat a day and then if her jeans get tight she diets a week or so to get it back down.

I am not sure what I feel about this. I always firmly believed that if you take the weight off through unhealthy diets like that, it would just come right back. Seems to me she's in a yoyo pattern where she eats and gains, then cuts back to some crazy diet to get it back under control, then goes back to her junk again. I also noticed last night that she's at least a size, probably 2, bigger than when we saw her a few months ago, so I think the weight is starting to come back...she said she's into the egg diet this week because of some "minor gains."

I am so happy I am doing this the right way. She told me the only way to do it is to stick with a diet and exercise. I think she is right, but I want a healthy diet, not one crazy fad diet after the other. I am working to change my lifestyle permanantly so I'm not cycling through diets and gains trying to maintain. I'd rather get there slowly and have an easier, healthier time getting it off.

Okay, enough rambling. Happy October everyone!


10-01-2005, 03:12 PM
I started with Fitday today, and I am learning so much already, even just from eating one meal and putting it in. First I thought it was too much work, having to go through each ingredient of what I ate and putting it in there. But, I saw that my meal was way high in carbs, and that almost all those carbs came from one thing, which I could have cut out completely and still liked it.

I had leftover chicken and dumplings that I made for supper last night, and the biscuit mix I used for dumplings was way high in carbs and calories. I could have taken out the dumplings and been just as satisfied, and come in WAY less on calories and carbs. So is teaching me something! Next time I will not eat the dumplings, and the rest of it was very low in fat and calories and would have been fine. Thanks to everyone who recommended this site.


10-01-2005, 03:34 PM
Happy October!!! Fall is my favorite season!!
Well I made the September challenge-even passed it by 1 pound!! That was yesterday :( This morning my wonderful new scale I bought yesterday says that I have gained 2 lbs since yesterday :mad: (TOM water gain hopefully?) I was so ready to come in here and tell you about my new scale that even tells you your body fat%(very ugly number!!), but now I don't think I'll tell you how wonderful it is!!!!! :lol:
I am setting my Ocotber goals higher
Lose 8 pounds
15 hours of exercise
45 miles on the treadmill
I'm not saying no fast food because I have to have my veggie sub from Subway! I don't consider it fast food, but hubby said it was :mad:
October will be a hard month for me, I have 3 of my children having birthdays this month :dizzy: 7th, 21st, and the 24th. Someone's gonna have to chain the fridge to keep me away from leftover cake, it is my big downfall! Maybe I can talk them into having a cake I don't like-cherry, strawberry, lemon???? I won't touch those! Wish me luck and strength!
Hubby said I could buy a gazelle, so I went to our big(NOT) Walmart and they had a flimsy looking one for $98, next to it they had a good looking elliptical for $132. When hubby got home I took him in and showed it to him. He agreed so we bought the elliptical-It rang up at only $79!! :D BUT GIRLS- THAT THING KICKS MY BUTT!!! I can walk on the treadmill for an hour at 3.6(pretty good for starting in Feb at 2.5!) But I can only do that darned elliptical for about 2 min! OH I hope it gets easier!

Well, I hope everyone has a great day, it's the beginning of a new month, lets make it a great one!!


10-01-2005, 03:58 PM
You are doing it the correct way Theresa-that yo-yo stuff just messes your whole body up and you are much better off to eat correctly and continue to do so. Not to mention how much she is robbing her body of the nutrients and minerals it needs. I would rather make the necessary changes to live a healthy non-overweight life than to always be on guard and flipping out every few weeks and then doing something crazy. I know I will always need to watch my portions and be responsible even when I reach my goal weight but at least I won't be like a binge purge kind of thing to stay where I need to be.

10-01-2005, 04:09 PM
Kathy, I'll be celebrating with your kiddo on the 7th! I'm planning on making a small 8x8 chocolate cake so that there won't be a lot of leftovers and anything that is left is going home with the grandkids! A whole birthday cake would be way too much temptation for me to have around too...not to mention 3 of them!

I've been thinking seriously about getting a treadmill...with winter coming I'm going to need to come up with an exercise alternative. What does everyone here do for exercise in the winter months?

10-01-2005, 04:30 PM
Winter and summer exercise for me is all the same, since it's hard to get out and exercise with both the babes. I do the gazelle and lots of videos, love WATP but not everyday cause it gets boring. I'm going to order Carmen Electra's striptease aerobics to do this winter, and will put on a little show for hubby when I am in better shape :o I also run and walk around the house. All our doors open up to a big circle and I just pretend it's a track. It's a big tricky going around furniture and all those corners, but it works and I get some good workouts in. I like to do running/walking intervals, that really gets the heart rate up. I want to get an exercise bike or treadmill, something to vary with the gazelle in the evenings.

***CALLING ANYONE WITH A GREEN THUMB***I just raked the biggest part of our front lawn and I thought I was going to die! Such hard work, and according to fitday I only burned 199 calories. I want to use the leaves to make compost to mix into the flower beds in the spring...anyone know how to do that? Is just leaving them sit in plastic bags over winter enough?


10-01-2005, 04:47 PM
I have well actually two birthdays on the 11th. Odessa will be 3 and my grandmother will be 92. No worries I think for cake for mimi (that is what we call her) but I will have a cake for Odessa but after Amanda's birthday, I sent home cake with everyone so that there was only 3 small pieces left for the kids the next day. It helped immensly not to have it in the house. I don't live for cake but if it is there, you bet your bippy I will eat it.

10-01-2005, 05:53 PM
Theresa- this is a compost recipe that works out ok- 30% green matter (Grass clippings etc..), 5% high nitrogen fertilizer, 10% moisture holding soil, 5% water, 50% brown matter (fall leaves, newspapers, chopped twigs, etc...) When the pile is at least 3 feet high you can start turning it from the outside in every 5 days adding water to keep it moist. The most important thing is to keep you brown matter at a 2:1 ration to your green. Not as hard as it sounds, I promise. :dizzy:
October goals: Cut down the diet soda intake and drink more water. More exercise, trying for 10 hours again. As for the fast food, I do get a Wendys grilled chicken sandwich alot on my way to work. 346 calories, can I keep that?? I promise only a salad for a side!!! ;)
Also I am hoping for a 9 pound weight loss, but will be happy with 5. I got to thinking about it and I am now at a weight that I haven't been in 10 years. I think it was LauraB who said she tended to sabotage herself when she saw change. I do the same, I wanted to celebrate with a piece of carrot cake, but I ate a salad instead.
We don't get trick or treaters here, it's too far in the country, the only one I have to worry about is hubby, he loves all those mixed bags of candy and is a major chocolate fiend.
Time to go to work again, I really hope I can find a new job soon. Good luck everyone and have a great October. :dance:

10-01-2005, 08:54 PM
Melissa - I just realized you added another sun for another 10 lbs !! 41 lbs lost!! Great job!

SuzyMc - just do you best this month, it is hard with the cakes - I just went through it myself, but you can do it!

Theresa - great job on the inches lost!!! Don't worry about not losing more weight, you are changing fat to muscle!!

Great goals Ice - I am keeping the same ones as last month - 4 lbs and 600 min of excercise. I didn't meet it last month but am determined to meet it this month!

Kathy - the two pounds sound like water weight to me - don;t worry it'll come back off, it always does for me! I am jealous, I would love an elliptical, but hubby doesn;t trust that I would actually use it!

Misty - I think you can keep the grilled chicken sandwich! Sounds good too!
Halloween candy is my downfall too, I always buy way too much and end up eating it!

For winter excercise - I am lucky, I work at a school, so we walk in the gym in the winter, depending if the roads are cleared well of snow, we will walk outside some days if it is not too cold. We have a Total Gym and I haven;t really used it much, but I am determined to start, I think I will make that another October goal!!! I need to add weight resistance to my plan, just walking is not going to help the flabby arms!!

A New Month and New Goals- :Good Luck: to Everyone!!

10-01-2005, 10:54 PM
I am so tickled to see the great goals everyone has for this month and I know we all can achieve them. I got the decorating done outside and raked all those darn pine needles although I have to wait until monday to get them in the bin. I already had filled that darn thing with the last cleanup. The girls are out shopping with other grandma and cousin and Josh finally broke out of his rut and will be Darth Vader this year. Star Wars is playing as we speak. Made cookies for the kids and I found it so odd that they don't even appeal to me at the moment. The ring I used to wear on my ring finger now has to go on the middle finger. This is just getting so exciting to me and truthfully I never thought I would see this again. I should go load the dishwasher and Josh needs his hair washed too.

For those who have their standard drivethrus-you are counting the calories or points and I feel you should do what you want to do. It appears you have a control over it-me I don't know if I would make a good choice if I were to do it. I will probably have to take Josh thru one on Wednesday since he can't have any food before the MRI and I dont' think he is going to be jazzed about it so I will need to use it as an incentive for him. I may just pack something for me if I am able to grocery shop by then. *&(&(&^%%% still hasn't paid any support-two months now and just started the third today so we will see. I think the bacon ranch salad at MD's is only 6 points so it would be doable.

10-02-2005, 12:35 PM
Melissa, it makes me so mad to hear about parents not supporting their kids. How does your ex expect you to get by without his help? I'm so sorry that he isn't helping and I wish there was something to be done about this. You are handling it so well though, better than I would I'm sure. Some states are going after them and putting them in jail for not paying, I guess yours isn't one of those?

I stayed under 1500 calories as planned yesterday and Fitday was just a huge help. I drank 2 glasses of sweet tea before I realized that it has SUGAR in it, which is what I'm trying to go off this month :rollpin: I didn't have anymore and added those 2 glasses into fitday as part of my 1500. Usualy I would drink whatever I wanted and not count it in the calories, because I wasn't sure how to figure it out for something like tea. It was very easy with fitday, and so it got added in. Today, I'm not letting that slip by me again.


10-02-2005, 12:42 PM
I am so glad that you are finding fitday such a help. Yes this state is really strict but when he legally changed his first name, he never changed his social security number to reflect it and he is the type to put things in his girlfriends name or someone else. He did that when I was married to him and that is how I got stuck with all the bills. He doesn't care if they take his lisence, he will drive anyway and if they took his hunting lisence, he would still go. He does exactly what he wants when he wants. All I know is that eventually it is all going to catch up with him. He owes me over 1600 right now and he once told me when I complained about the support that "hey I wanted him so I can take care of him". I still can't believe what I ever saw in him and I have decided that when I do move again, I will not be telling him where. He doesn't know the name of josh's school or anything and plus he isn't on the list to get him and chances are I might be in Bremerton and that is like an hour and a half away plus a ferry ride. I just want him to go away. He has nothing to offer Joshua-he only gives josh scraps of his time even and truthfully if Josh had nothing wrong with him, he probably would have told Dennis to flake off a long time ago.

10-02-2005, 01:38 PM
melissa I am so sorry you have to go through so much grief with your ex. At least you've already figured out what a loser that guy is--his new gf has to start figuring out what you already know! You've done so well on your weight loss in spite of all the drama! Congratulations!

Theresa: You've been waiting so long for that scale to go down--you must be elated!

I've felt so lazy this weekend and I have so much to do! DH is out getting a powerwasher now so we can clean the deck and prep the house to paint. I can't wait to get the house painted--it's a seriously ugly color now and I want to get a few foundation shrubs in before it's too late.

The rec center is closed today so I'll probably have to pop in a video later. I need to do some ab work so maybe I'll try to do a cardio and then a pilates video. I upped my exercise minutes for this month and I also added some strength goals for myself.

Ice Princess
10-02-2005, 01:41 PM
Yesterday wasnt to bad, I did drink 4 glass of water and 1 can pepsi and 1 can gingerale. The pop will be a big thing for me to give up I AM ADDICTED :^: I know I can do it, its just to break the HABBIT :tantrum: I did quit pepsi for three weeks about 2 years ago and lost 15 lbs, so I know if I can do that I will drop off some weight fast and be even more motivated. :cheer: Well today is good so far but the day is not over.There were a couple adds in the paper for treadmills so I called but no one was home, hopefully one calls back so I can get started on my walks, I am going tonight or this afternoon. I need to get my 5 a week, and Curves I have been going Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:00 a.m. So far that has been working, I get back by 7:30 and wake kids, take my shower, help with lunches, and off we all go. I figure a month of 3 times a week then I will go 5 days a week ( future November goal)
I am getting very excited about my Octobers weigh in, cause my pants seem to be lose in the butt and waist. I also tried on a pair of shorts that didnt do up before summer and they did up they were still abit snug but the did up and I didnt have to lay on the bed :woo:
So her we go ladies a new month, a new goal, and new pounds lost not found.

10-02-2005, 01:53 PM
Sunday weigh in and I'm down another pound! That makes the 20 pound mark for me! (I was 173 when I started, but 169 when I joined here) 20 pounds...that's just about what my 2 year old granddaughter weighs! When I think how heavy she is to lift and I was carrying around that much extra weight every day all day long! :eek: No wonder I have so much more energy now! :lol:

10-02-2005, 02:37 PM
Keep going ice-I know pop is a hard thing to kick but you will be better off in the long run. Congrats also Suzy for the 20lbs total! Odessa is 30lbs and Amanda is 24 and I can identify with picking them up and realizing I was actually carrying that on my body. It is amazing I could get it to do anything and also no wonder why I was having such a hard time with so many things.

I tried a new pumpkin muffin recipe today only 2pts which is low and these puppies are huge! I haven't tried one yet so if they taste good, I will post it for those who would like to try them. I am hoping they are good cause they look like a real muffin and they are also made with whole wheat flour and no fat at all.

Happy Sunday everyone!

10-02-2005, 03:27 PM
:bravo: 20 pounds, Suzy! That is a huge milestone!

Ice, I know how you feel with the soda because I am the same way with sweet tea. It used to be all I drank, all day long. Now I have 2 glasses tops in a day, and when hubby isn't here I dont even make at all. Since I'm going for no sugar this month, this is my biggest obstacle. I usualy never counted it in my calories, but I am now as a deterrant. Yay on the pants zipping up. There are so many rewards in this besides the scale, and every little thing keeps the motivation high. I know what you mean about laying on the bed :lol: hopefully we never have to do that again.

Melra, we all have our lazy days...up and at 'em tiger :drill: Once you get going your body will pick up.

I am loving fitday even more now that I found the daily journal! I will use that on days the cravings hit. I was going to oprah, but the space to type in is so small it's distracting. i am a writer, so when a craving hits I get going and going and going...I need space!


10-02-2005, 03:36 PM
Have you thought of using Splenda or Sweet n low for your tea? That way you aren't getting the sugar but still have your beverage. I use the sweet n low in my coffee and I bought some slenda last time I was shopping to use for baking the muffins.

10-02-2005, 04:26 PM
I would like to join your October challenge. I am new to this community and am looking for friends, buddies, etc to keep my eyes on the goal.

I have set a goal of 13 pounds for October
excercise 3 times a week at Curves.

10-02-2005, 04:35 PM
Well you got the right place. We are very active and it looks like you got some great goals! Welcome to the group!

10-02-2005, 04:38 PM
Thanks Melissa, I hope I can keep up. ;)

10-02-2005, 04:42 PM
Welcome to the group sweeetpeaches! :wave: This is a great'll find lots of support and encouragement here!

10-02-2005, 04:48 PM
If you have time and want to go to septembers thread, we did a questionaire so you can read about us and then copy and paste and put yours in Octobers thread. I know once you get the hang of it, you will be fine. Under UserCP you can find tickers and things for a signature to track through the group your progress.

10-02-2005, 06:13 PM
Welcome Peaches! This is a very friendly group so jump in and enjoy yourself.

Melissa, I have two reasons I don't want to use splenda: 1. I have read a lot that it is not good for the body, the way it's made. New things that come out always scare me, so many come out later on to be harmful and get yanked off the shelves. 2. It is so expensive! We make a LOT of tea here and put a LOT of sugar in it, so it would just be way too expensive. I need to just get off it because sugar is a trigger food for me.


10-02-2005, 07:03 PM
I agree with you Theresa...artificial sweeteners are not good for you! They are chemicals! It just doesn't seem worth the possible health risks just to have a diet soda or glass of sweet tea that would have only empty calories and no food value whatsoever. You are much better off to have a little of the real thing and teach yourself healthier eating habits and skip the artificial sweeteners.

10-02-2005, 08:09 PM
Thank you all. You made me feel so welcome. :sunny: I will go back to the September one and try to find that questionaire.

Theresa, I don't like Slenda either, mostly for the taste. I personally drink about a galloon of tea a day. My Dr. told me to make it about half grren tea, and half regular tea for the added anti-oxidents. I don't use sugar at all, but do add sweet-n-low to my glass. (Lime is also really good in it)

I look forward to getting to know all of you. You have really made me feel really welcome already. :flow2:


Ice Princess
10-02-2005, 08:20 PM
Welcome Peaches, I'm gonna be yoru Curves Buddy, K? 3 times a week.
I did pretty good today, I did have a piece of pie but thats cause I went to my Aunties house for supper and kinda had to. ( well I didn't but, its easier to blame it on her) shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell her. LOL She is also going to Curves and she said don't deprive just cut down. So I just had a small piece. I am already craving a good, cold, mouth water glass of pop, bit I don't have any and I aint gonna go to the store. I can go with out. I can do it.

10-02-2005, 08:34 PM
Melissa- I am having a hard time finding that questionaire. I hope I'm in the right thread looking for it.

Ice Princess-Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I would LOVE to be your Curves buddy. I am challenging myself to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before classes. Having someone that I have as a buddy will keep me honest about going. Pop is not my downfall, ice cream or cake is. :D Luckily we have none in the house. :) but the brownies in the cabinet are calling to me to make them. Resistance isn't too hard yet, the kids are still up. :)


10-02-2005, 08:41 PM
Here you go.

All questions optional of course

Goal weight:
Have you always been overweight?:
Do you eat when your bored/tired/stressed?
Chocolate or gummy candy?
Describe your favorite outfit?
Top 3 favorite Movies:
Top 3 favorite books:
Do you like reality tv?
Who's your movie star crush?
Name one song that comes closest to describing YOU:
Do you think captain kirk wears boxers or briefs:
If you came back in another life as an animal/fish what would you be:
What are 3 life changing moments you've experienced in your life?
Do you know your neighbors?
Do you like them?
How much of life's down's do you blame on your weight?
Was this questionaire way too long?


10-02-2005, 09:20 PM
HEY ! Happy October everyone! Ok I am a couple days late but better late than never.we had 'puter problems yesterday-couldn't stay on for anything.
I can't wait till next year when we can get a new one.

Warning : venting ahead
I HATE THE SCALE ! I know I should only weigh in 1 day a week but I wasn't tracking and jumped on today and it was up 2 &1/2 pounds...I mean how can someone gain that in 2 days???My food hasn't been bad -I worked my butt off this weekend cleaning out the porch (15 bags of trash) we're not done yet but emotionally I stressed and needed to stop.
:devil: "insert bad word here" scale.. :mad:
ok I will say forget it and back on track- we did have as we call it" the most fabulous whole wheat veggie pizza" tonight and I almost wanted to eat more but I stopped myself.

Ice princess- you can do the no soda thing!!! I had to give up soda and tea and caffiene all in 1 day- I went thru lots of withdrawls. I do drink seltzer for the bubbles- but it has no salt, no calories, no sweetner of any kind etc.. I add a twist of lime to make me feel special.
Welcome peaches! I couldn't make it without theses ladies - they are awesome!
congrats Suzy- 20 pounds is fantastic!
Agree with fitday- I like it!
Ya'll have a great night- and yes I am terribly jealous of those of you who are enjoying cooler weather :lol: - could you please send some my way? :^:
Again a "balmy & scorching" 92 today.

10-02-2005, 09:35 PM
Im new here, but can I join in?

I'm just starting out on my weight-loss/exercise journey, so I'll try to be reasonable with my goals

1. No sodas-drink lots of water
2. go to Curves at least 3 days a week
3. Write down everything I eat/drink realistically to be more aware of bad habits

10-02-2005, 09:42 PM
Name: Monica
Married/Single/Dating: Married
Pets: 3 cats
Occupation: Mom, Student, Substitute teacher
Height/weight/: 5'7", 288#
Goal weight:150 by graduation
Have you always been overweight?:Since 7th grade
Do you eat when your bored/tired/stressed? OH YES!!!!! way more than I should
Chocolate or gummy candy?yes :)
Describe your favorite outfit?something sexy, low cut, heals, preferably boots
Top 3 favorite Movies:The Three Musketeers, The Princess Bride, Gone in 60 Seconds
Top 3 favorite books:Earth's Children Series, HP series, Meave Binchy
Do you like reality tv? HATE IT!!!
Who's your movie star crush? Wil Smith
Name one song that comes closest to describing YOU:no clue
Do you think captain kirk wears boxers or briefs:William F***ing Shatner wears tighty whities
If you came back in another life as an animal/fish what would you be: a Lion
What are 3 life changing moments you've experienced in your life?realizing I was being abused by my first husband and subsequently divorcing him, having my best friend and her husband living in my basement, going back to college as an adult
Do you know your neighbors?Yes, the neighbor behind me is a great lady!
Do you like them?see above
How much of life's down's do you blame on your weight?prolly not as much as I should, I blame alot of my weight on medications I take, but depression probably has more to do with it.
Was this questionaire way too long?nah

Thanks for finding it for me, I appreciate it.

My answers are in blue.

10-02-2005, 09:51 PM
You are more than welcome to join itsjustme and welcome to the group. You got some good goals for October and this has to be by far the best group of gals around. I look forward to getting to know you.

10-02-2005, 10:15 PM
Welcome Peaches & its just me!!!! This group is great! I know I couldn't have gotten this far without them!

Has anyone tried the Yoga Booty tapes?

10-03-2005, 12:51 AM
Welcome Itsjustme and Peaches. We are a great group. Lots of support and good ideas. I don't think I could have stayed OP for so long without all this help.

Today was ok and not ok. The bad part was that as soon as I see my mom, I have to eat. I had some fried calamari and then a huge salad with lots of shrimp avacado blue cheese and veggies. When I got home I had 2 pieces of bread and a tablespoon of ice cream The whole day is probably 1800 calories, which is not terrible. The ok part is that I stopped. It didn't turn into a binge the way seeing my mom usually does. She is 88 and rapidly losing her short term memory and being with her upsets me to no end. I know I can't fix it, and I just feel so bad. We have the same conversation over and over and my dh and I just pretend that we haven't said the same thing 20 times already. My mom was very sharp and still working part time till 2 years ago when she was knocked down in the street by a kid on a skateboard. She has gone downhill rapidly since then.
The other good thing is that I wore pants today that I haven't worn in a very long time. They fit and they are comfortable. It's almost midnight and I am still dressed. I didn't have to rip off my digging in pants and shoulder hurting bra and my feet don't hurt after a day of walking in the city. This is a dangerous time for me cause it's always been the time I start to sabotague myself. I will be back here when I feel the need to ruin the past few good weeks so thanks in advance for the support.
Melissa-You are doing so great and under pressure too. I wish I could bop that jerk in the head for you.
I missed 2 days and it was great to see that everyone is setting goals and so many Sept goals were met. I am still not ready to WI. I am scared that a small loss will be too disappointing so I will wait. It means not moving my ticker, but that's ok.
Good night all.

10-03-2005, 09:31 AM
Mornin' ladies! I did that BIggest Loser workout again last night, but just the cardio part. I just did it walking and running in place and I got myself worked up into a bigger sweat than I did on the gazelle. It's definitely better on the ground! I'm going to do it again today, but the weight portion as well. I want to get a couple miles on the gazelle as well, but we'll see. The kids are better now, but I'm not feeling so well it's my turn :( I don't have croup as they did, just a bad runny nose that is starting to feel stuffy, and that's how theirs started out.

Laura, you are very smart to not WI while you're feeling vulnerable. Sounds like you have enough on you with your mother to add in what the scale says. Just take the way your clothes fit so much better and know that's your reward, that's your sign of progress. The scale will be there another day.

Cheers to a happy, productive day everyone.


Ice Princess
10-03-2005, 04:30 PM
Well ladies I was up at 6:30 and at Curves by 7:00 did my morning workout and going for that 3 km walk tonight. Will post back after my walk. Weigh in will be the 11th cause the 10th is our Turkey day and Curves is closed so I have another week to lose a couple more inches or pounds ( go pounds) Keep up the great, inpirsational work ladies. ((hugs))

10-03-2005, 05:03 PM
Wow great job ice princess!

Theresa I need to print out that exercise routine again - I attempted it a few times- ( the important word here is ATTEMPTED) and it was ok - it kicked my butt but it was ok. I do think I am getting in a bit better shape because before I would huff and puff all the way to the drive carrying trash cans now it's easier- I have a bit more stamina ( and our drive way is NOT miles long) it's really short.
The stupid scale ( again- insert bad word of choice here________) is still at a gain... if it contines to show this gain I will move my ticker up.. NOT a good start to my month. But I will keep on - everyone is so inspiring!

Welcome itsjustme!!
Laura- I can't feel exactly what you are going thru but when my nana showed signs of slipping I lived at 7-11 on their sodas, potato chips, hot dogs and deli sandwiches (of course with extra mayo and grilled w/ butter.)
It was right next to the Nursing home and After a visit I'd be in line for a big gulp.
Melissa- I am thinking mean thoughts directed at your ex. while I am at it I will direct some to my ex too-
Yoga Booty?? hmmm I failed miserably at Pilates.. yoga may be too much for me too.. it sounds really interesting..
Ok I have found Theresa's work out info and will print it out yet again.. It's time to go sweat!
:grouphug: thanks all!

10-03-2005, 06:06 PM
IcePrincess you're putting me to shame in the exercise department! Curves and 3 miles all in the same day? You're really moving...those pounds are going to come off for sure! Keep it up!

10-03-2005, 07:08 PM
Late post for me today. I got myself all worked about going to court tomorrow to the point of getting ill. I hate court. I am finally feeling semi-human now. Congrats on all the excersize! I have gotten none in today but tomorrow will park far enough away to get some extra walking in. That and I don't want to be anywhere near where HE is going to be parking. I will be just so glad when I am finally shed of him. Well I suppose since I am fealing better, I should clean up some of the damage caused while I was down. Keep up the good work!

10-03-2005, 07:15 PM
:barf: I really messed up today :( I ate all the wrong things, went over my calories and just feel so icky, bloated, gross. How did I ever eat this way, all day every day? Just one bad meal and I feel so horrible. Uck, I just want to go throw up, but I'm going back into that habit...I"M NOT. I'll just get all my exercise in tonight and get back on track tomorrow. It's just hard now because I feel this is impossible. I can't do this! Everytime I take a step forward I eat myself back two or three steps. :( It just seems impossible that I will ever knock off 100 lbs. I feel hopeless.

I will feel better when I exercise, hopefully. I did 2 miles on the gazelle before all this, obviously I should have stayed on there and not gotten off for supper. My 1 year old has been pure rotten today and just stressed me out with messes. He has a new found love for toilet paper, and ripping it into shreds all over the house, and for tearing pages out of books and shredding them up all over the house, and for taking his diaper off right in time to pee....and this afternoon he even pooped in the hallway. He's just got me exhausted with the messes...and to top it off, he's starting to throw temper tantrums.

Okay, enough complaining and off to dress them for bed. They're in my bed naked, where hubby deposited them...what is it with MEN? Why couldn't dress them? Doesn't he know no diaper in MY bed means a mess in MY bed? Have to remember all the reasons i love him while I get them dressed.


10-03-2005, 07:30 PM
Theresa-You will lose it all. One bad meal is not the end. Forget it and get right back on. Remember when one bad meal lead to a month of bad meals? That's what used to happen to me. Now when you fall off youcan get right back on and we are all here for you.
My son was a climber when he was one. He could get on top of the fridge and the kitchen cabs and he always had a goal of getting on the roof of the garage. We had to watch all the time. He thought if he got up high enough, he would be able to fly. I think he is still waiting.

10-03-2005, 07:41 PM
I agree-get right back on. I think these "reminders" serve as a tool to remind us just how awful we used to feel and give more incentive to not do it again in the future. I know they have worked for me and now they are getting fewer and fewer of those episodes. Small children and messes go hand in hand. Every morning after Odessa eats her cereal, she has to spread the left over milk on the table and her chair and then fingerpaint the slider window too. Every stinking day. This is kind of my second time around and believe me you will look back on these times with both fond memories and much laughter. It just doesn't feel funny right now. Hang in there.

10-03-2005, 07:59 PM
Hey, Tyler went pee on the potty!!!! He is almost 2, and that's too young I know, but he won't keep the diaper on, so what else can I do? He is really into the potty, but only because he thinks if he sits on it he can get the toilet paper. I won't let him have it, what little we have left from him throwing it all over the house today, until he pees....and he did it tonight! I was so happy and excited for him...then Allie went potty and expected a big party for her as well, even t hough she's been potty trained for a year :lol: That made me feel somewhat better.

I still feel icky. I'm going to do the Biggest Loser workout tonight, and on this full tummy I don't know how I'll get through it. It's so much easier to exercise when my body is light. I didn't realize how much lighter I feel until tonight.

I made taco chili and I haven't had it in a long I may never want it again. It's not so much the chili but the amount I ate, and all the crackers I scooped it up with. The crackers I believe are what's making me feel so ick. And I had quesadillas with tons of cheese for lunch and I was floored when i p ut it in fitday. I wasn't that much over on calories, but over half of it was FAT! Over half! I am so ashamed at myself.


10-03-2005, 08:03 PM
Theresa-It's good that you didn't go too far over in calories, so just forget about the fat part.

10-03-2005, 08:50 PM
I was coming on to check that you went to Curves today Ice Pincess. I did go, at about 8:15 this morning, but could only get in 2 circuts before I had to leave for class. So I figure I'll make it up to myself by going back tomorrow morning. :)

10-03-2005, 09:00 PM
I must say all of you wonderful ladies have made me feel so welcome and very motivated. I want to thank :thanks: you so much. You ladies have really made me feel like I can do it this time. :balloons: You make me feel like I'm not alone, and that I can do it. I wish I could hug you all. And :goodluck: to you all too.

10-03-2005, 09:15 PM
Theresa- You can keep on and do great-you are so motivational and sweet- when we're down you cheer us up so ((((HUGS))) to you-
I am glad my little one is 7- I am dealing with 12 YO getting sent home from school for being mean to another (overweight) kid,( i wanted to - i don't know what I wanted to do to him - last year he was the unpopular one and now he got tall & slim and the girls tell me he's a hottie :dizzy: .. Now he's being mean....the 7 YO is a drama diva- but nothing compared to the TP incidents or stress of you Melissa with the ex.
But theresa Thank you for that workout- I can do this and will do this-
I have decided to move my ticker up the 2 pounds as I has no idea where it came from.. :(
Well back on program and back to drinking more water.
Tomorrow is a rough day at work - big luncheon and many VIPS - I am so glad I can hide in my office then. Work has not been fun lately- and I normally I love my job but not lately and maybe that's why I have been not so strict on everything-who knows??
Have great night all

10-03-2005, 09:22 PM
You can do it peaches. You are going to have ups and downs and have times where you could kick yourself cause you did something you regret-we all do it but the important thing is to not give up. Good job on going into excersize. It has been all I can do today just to semi-maintain. Tomorrow is another day.

Ice Princess
10-03-2005, 11:03 PM
Not 3 miles, 3 kilometers I think equals about 2 miles,1.86 miles, to be exact. Our Curves is only 2 times around the circuit and I love going there, I find it easier for me in the morn, than its done for the day. I did my walk and I feel great I even cleaned my bedroom. But I did have 2 glasses of pepsi, but I figure if I can go every 2 day, then 3 days, then 4 days, and before I know it, it will a month with out any. I just feel so stressed, and I need my CAFFEINE :tantrum: but I will quit just need it now to reduce the stress. I know it dosnt reduce the stress but it sure does help in the mind game. LOL
well ladies take care and keep up the great work. 1 week till weigh in gotta lose at least another 5 inches, and hopefully a couple pounds.

10-03-2005, 11:19 PM
You can do it Peaches!!! And we are here for the long haul so just set your goals and stick to it. If you need to whine, cry, throw a tantrum, we are here to listen and get ya back on track. You saw my little "I can't do this!" tantrum earlier :lol: so obviously you won't be the only one.

I feel SO much better after getting an hour of exercise in. I did the Biggest Loser again, just the cardio part, and then walked for another half hour, for a total of 1.5 hour exercise today. Hopefully that will help get off the extra calories and all the fat. i know I shouldn't focus so much on that half fat, but when you see it on fitday in that graph it is so shocking. I just never realized the bad choices I make are THAT bad. That graph just sums it up for me.

I need to up my protein intake and am seriously considering South Beach again. I LOVE the plan, found it easy to stick with long term if I start with the second phase, it's just an issue of $ right now, having to feed the kids as well. I'm going to look at the requirements again and follow it at least on weeks when we have a little extra cash to buy more groceries. I'm going to write out the recipes I used to make too, even if I"m not technically following it, I can eat some of those meals to help out with the protein thing.

Whew, I am very tired now and my 3 year old is STILL awake because i let her take a nap today. I swear, she is so difficult when it comes to sleep. She comes home so exhausted all she can do is cry and beg to nap, but if I let her, even just for 15 minutes, she is up half the night. If I don't let her nap, she is cries and screams all day because she's just so exhausted, and then she falls out about 6PM and there's no waking her. My 1 year old sleeps all night like an angel, but she never has.


10-03-2005, 11:26 PM
Forgot to post this new exercise I got of I haven't done it yet, but will tomorrow. IT's a 20-25 min. workout, haven't done it to work it out exactly yet:

1. 3 minute slow cardio warm up
2. Raise arms w/weights out to sides, palms down, then down and touch behind back. 12 reps.
3. Hold weights in front of thighs, palms facing in, keep close to body and raise straight up to chest level and rise up on toes. 12 reps.
4. 3 minutes run in place.
5. 12 wall push-ups
6. Side squats with arm curl. 6 reps on each leg.
7. 3 minute run in place.
8. Put weight on one leg, other leg just bent with toes barely on floor, squat down to isolate one leg. 12 reps one one leg, then switch.
9. Put weight on one foot, raise other in front bent at knee, then hop on ground foot to the side. Rotate side jumps ten times, then jump back and forth on both feet ten times.
10. 3 minute run in place.
11. Stand with feet wide, toes out, weights touching in front with arms down, knees bent. Pull arms to the right, weights staying together and swinging out at head height, rest of body straight. Straighten legs and swing arms up over head, then to the left and then to center again. Squat and repeat 12 circles in each direction.
12. Feet wide, toes out, weight in each hand. Bend elbows, turn forearms out to side, palms up. Lower into squat, lean and reach to the left, come to center, lean to right all while in squat. 20 reps.
13. 3 minute run in place.
14. Lie on back, feet flat, knees bent, hold weights with arms crossed at wrists a few inches above body. Raise up slowly until sitting, chest high, spine long. 20 reps.
15. 1 minute cardio cool down.

I did the directions so I would remember how to do it, but the site had pictures to help. The one online was actually just the weight exercises, but there was a suggestion to put in intervals of cardio (walking/running) to make it a complete workout. So, I did one cardio interval per 2 exercises. I'll see how it works tomorrow, but any of you are welcome to try this out as well. Set of weights and your body is all ya need.


10-03-2005, 11:33 PM
Your daughter sounds alot like Odessa who will be 3 on the 11th. Last night she dropped at 630p and there was no boosting her at all. Of course then she was up at 3a like it was time to be up. Fortunately I was up anyway having my issues but she finally went back to bed at 4a and slept till 8a. Today she has been a bit better and I am just getting ready to boost them all into bed. She gets up at least 5 times, shakes my hand and then tells me goodnight, loves me, and see me in the morning. My mother keeps telling me it will get better and I know it will but how many more gray hairs will there be? Hang in there, it does get better.

10-04-2005, 02:07 AM
hi y'all. welcome peaches and itsjustme. i know you will love our group. everyone here is so supportive and committed to their goals. well, except me today. i haven't even had dinner yet and i am over on my calories, like i have been by at least a few days (but not too much :devil: )
I did have a piece of pie but thats cause I went to my Aunties house for supper and kinda had to. ( well I didn't but, its easier to blame it on her)
same goes with the piece of cheesecake i had tonight with the lady i tutor. how can i refuse? that would be rude! :devil:
theresa, i'm glad you are feeling better after the exercise! one bad day every now and then won't hurt anything.
melissa, your ex sucks. he needs to be in jail or something. what a creep.
congrats on the 20 lbs suzy! that is awesome!

10-04-2005, 04:41 AM
Welcome sweetpeaches and itsjustme! This is the BEST group of ladies! So much support and understanding!
So good to come in and see everyone doing so well. Even if you messed up today doesn't mean tomorrow can't be better!
Bad news-I went with hubby to Monday Night Football at the casino tonight and they had a terrible(terribly good) buffet! Hot wings, mini corndogs, nachos, etc. I did end up eating some :( I don't think I went over calories, but probably over fat?
GOOD NEWS!-I am starting Curves Wednesday!! I kept talking to hubby about it, but I had never called to find out anything, so today when we were out he just pulled up in thier parking lot and said GO FIND OUT! So I went in- super nice lady told me all about it, did a little questionaire, and made an appointment to get weighed and measured and start working out! They are supposed to have a 50% discount if you get a mammogram done this month, but since I'm not over 40 she went ahead and gave me the discount-VERY COOL! I've read alot around the boards here and many women seem very happy with the workout, so I'm really looking forward to it! It will help me meet new people here also(I've only lived in town 1 1/2 months). Can't wait to start!

Have a great day ladies!!


10-04-2005, 09:43 AM
Kathy, hope ya kissed that hubby for pulling up in the drive and telling you to go in. Sounds like a supportive guy, keep ahold of him! Let us all know about your WI and workout.

Cadwell, you're in the eating dog house with me :devil: BACK OP! I am today, though I've only had one little meal: 1 cup Special K Vanilla Almond with 1/4 cup 2% milk. I'm going back to 5 small meals a day, since I feel more in control that way. I'm not as tempted to overeat because I know I can eat again in a few hours, or 2 if I want. Plus, I just got the scale moving after sitting still for 3 weeks, I can't destroy that now!

Yeah, Odessa sounds a lot like Allie :lol: Signing her up for preschool has made a world of difference because she HAS to get up, I don't care how late she stays up I make her get up and go to school. I want her to get used to good attendance now, because I won't let her off unless she's sick and they won't allow her in. She stayed up until midnight last night and I was dressing her this AM while she slept. I had her shoes and everything on her, hair brushed, and when it was time I picked her up and stood her on the front porch. She cried a minute and whined she was too tired and I said "well, you'll sleep tonight then, won't ya?" Halfway to school she dried up and just didn't look happy, but when the teacher opened her door she was smiling and acting all happy. She'll be cranky when she gets home for sure :yawn:

Good luck today girls!


10-04-2005, 11:50 AM
theresa and melissa--your trials with the girls just sound so cute. I mean, it's so funny to see how those little things will just flip on and off so dramatically. I 'm AWAKE! Sound asleep. AWAKE! zzzzz. It must be so strange to wake up fully dressed and on a porch! :lol: I wish my husband would dress me while I sleep, maybe I wouldn't be so cranky!

I measured myself last night just for kicks--most of the measurements are the same, but my chest has deflated by 2 whole inches in the past month. Thank goodness. Now maybe I can wear some of my normal tops that have been sitting in the closet waiting for me to cram myself into them.

I had a great workout last night at the gym and I can really feel the extra strength in my arms and thighs after the weights. I was able to increase my weights for a couple of exercises and I added an extra set--I didn't make it through the whole thing though. I can now do 15 pushups in a row! And I can do 25 crunches in a row on the incline bench (set at the lowest level, of course).

I didn't get up early enough to workout this morning and I blame my dh for keeping me up till 2am. I won't get anything in tonight either--we are having dinner w/ family. I'll have to try to get up tomorrow and at least do some stretching or yoga or something.

Good luck to everyone today! Is everyone putting their October goals in their signature?

10-04-2005, 12:29 PM
Congrats on going to curves! There is one just down the street from me but between no $$ and all the kids, just too impossible for me to go at this time. I am feeling better today although the butterflies are still fluttering around in there. I will just be glad when it is over. I don't want to be in the same room with that jackass and it is his stupid debt not mine and I am sure his little chippy will be there with him too. I need to play catch up from not doing anything around here yesterday-man it amazes me what they are capable of in just 24 short hours. Love them but boy are they alot of work! Doing good OP and looking forward to that scale going down another pound.

You know it is weird, on the one hand I do feel smaller and like I have lost weight but on the other hand I still feel like a heifer. Now I realize that by standards I am still really overweight but does that feeling ever go away? I don't want to hit goal and not see myself realistically and then fall way over to the other extreme. Not sure that makes sense or not.

10-04-2005, 02:03 PM
Melissa, there is a name for what you're describing, when you lose a lot of weight but still see yourself as you were when fatter. I forget what it's called of course, but it is recognized now as a true disorder. With heavy people, it's usualy when they drop a lot of weight but still see themselves as a fat person, their mind just doesn't make the connection and they don't see what other people see. It can happen with other people as well who haven't lost weight, even thin people, they think they are ugly or look like a monster and just think they are hideous...they don't see what other people see when it comes to their own body. I am scared this will happen to me, that no matter what my weight I will always feel like the fat lady. I wish I knew an easy answer to it. You have lost over 40 lbs. girl...I'm sure this is a big change in how you look! Maybe taking pictures of yourself every 10 lbs. or so will can look and SEE the difference. Do you have pics of yourself before you lost this weight? IF so, go take a picture today and see the difference. Hope things go well in court and you can get out of it and stick him with his own debt somehow...all my luck is with you.


10-04-2005, 02:07 PM
Melra, they are cute at this age, but not always in the moment. Sometimes you have to get through it first, then sit back and chuckle. But I have to say, I did keep looking at her face while I was dressing her because she is just so beautiful. She doesn't have like chubby cuteness at all, she just has very gorgeous features, she's so beautiful, that's what I was thinking while I dressed her. Then I got her awake on the porch and she started screaming and got all red teary faced and those thoughts all went away :lol:


10-04-2005, 02:26 PM
I think that is a good idea. Mom has a digital camera so for every 10lbs I will start having her take a picture of me. I have massive fattie pics-all in various poundages. Maybe if I see it in front of my face it will start to give me a better image of myself. I just don't want to go way over the other way-look at me, I am worrying already over somthing that is way far away. I still have over 80lbs to lose and I am stressing about it. Geez.

10-04-2005, 03:44 PM
Melissa-Don't stress-out about how much you still have to lose, look at what you have already lost, it may not seem like much but hey, that's a small child already. I have to put it in things I can see, a pound of butter, a baby, a small child, etc. You have already lost so much. It's inspirational, really! :hat:

Ice Princess- Our Curves is only 2 1/2 times around, but I push myself to do 3. I have been keeping my heart rate in the 80% range too. I went again today, because I never went back and did my last circut yesterday. I did all three this morning, but I really had to push myself to finish towards the end. :dizzy:

Sandi-I hope work went well for you today. :strong:

Theresa-Sounds like several of us have 3yo with the same sleep issues. Good luck with that. :cheer:

Kathy-That's great! You will love Curves, I am so happy for you. It really does help. Give that man of yours a big hug and kiss. :) :bravo:


10-04-2005, 03:46 PM
I think what we can be is delusional, always feeling fat no matter what we weigh, always thinking we are not good enough, someone else looks better, etc.
I was once passing a psychiatic hospital that had a beauitiful lawn in front and a woman had her back to me and she was reaching up to catch falling leaves. She was wearing jeans, and had no bulges and a flat belly and little tush. For a moment I was jealous. Then I saw her battered face, which had been in all the newspapers for weeks because her partner had beaten their little girl to death and this battered woman's legs had been shown on tv, black and blue and gangeous and scabbed. Can you imagine! I had a moment of jealousy when I saw her.

Although I am 60 lbs away from being thin, I am going to try to be positive and look at the improvements, not at the bad parts. I know it's easier to say than to do, but I am going to try. I think that women who don't have food issues have a better and more realistic attitude towards their bodies. We are never satisfied. They are and food isn't a crutch to deal with the dissatisfaction.
Maybe this time when I weigh 135, I won't think I am a huge elephant.

10-04-2005, 06:08 PM
melissa, you are doing great. i agree you shouldn;t worry about the pounds you have left to lose, but the ones you have lost already. i'm sure you look different now.. i think it takes some time for your brain to catch up with the changes of your body. congrats on your loss!!! :)
everyone is doing great. as for me, no cheesecake today :devil:

10-04-2005, 06:39 PM
Well I just got back and the other side never showed so it was dismissed without prejudice which means if they can show the judge good reason why they didn't show and what the bill is actually for, I could have to go back. For now though it is done. The jackass couldn't quit talking to me the whole time we waited-I just kept reading like he wasn't there. Apparently the cps thing is on me and it was that neighbor I had it out with a few weeks ago. She called because josh rode his bike with no shoes. Can you say get a life???? There was supposed to be welts on his rear too but if she added that, I would like to know what she is doing looking at my son's bottom. Cps obviously isn't taking it seriously since I have heard nothing at all from them so not going to stress about it. I know I am a good mother. Well I am going to get out of this dress that is saggy and see you guys all later.

10-04-2005, 06:46 PM
Glad everything turned out well.

10-04-2005, 07:03 PM
Other than having to be in the same room with my ex I am very pleased to have that at least out of the way for the time being. Tomorrow post will be probably later in the day since I have to have my son in Seattle tomorrow for his MRI. I have planned ahead and will have the bacon ranch salad which is 6pts compared to their grilled chicken sandwich which is 10! That salad is about the only thing on the menu that is worth the points to me. I want to thank everyone for such great support. Mom is going to start taking a picture of me every 10 lbs with her digital camera so I can make a kind of weight loss journal picture diary thing. I think that if I keep looking at the pictures it will help me over time. I tell you I was really kind of embarrassed to wear that dress to court today-it was so stinking baggy but the two other ones that are smaller, I still need to lose about 10-15 before they fit nice. So I opted for a bit baggy than a bit tight.

10-04-2005, 08:53 PM
melissa- glad to know all is ok for now- I hope all goes good for the MRI
and your neighbor does need a life.. and you are doing great!

Kathy - your hubby sounds so wonderful! I hear so much great about curves- I'm just afraid I'd go 1 or two times and not go back- I'd make up an excuse not to go..

Melra it IS possible for adults to go awake and then 30 seconds later go zzzz my hubby does it all the time after working a 16 hour day :lol:

I avoided trigger foods and temptations today when i wanted to eat all the bad foods.. french bread, strawberry poke cake with homemade icing, mayo and cheese and all those YUMMY foods that make me weigh even more. I hid in my office- safer that way- i don't know if I would have stopped eating if I started.
I think my stress/ upset/ issues is all work related and I need to stop nibbling. Office politics and the fact that we had a memorial service monday and have another one scheduled Thursday - too many people are dying- I have a habit of getting attached to these little old people- but I shouldn't use it as an excuse to nibble- I should just learn to live with it and accept the fact I can't change it and eating can't fix it so...
I am glad you all are here- hubbys just don't get it sometimes ;)

I am glad to see everyone is doing great- have a good night all!

10-04-2005, 09:11 PM
Hi all -
Melissa - glad it worked out for you in court today. Too bad your neighbor is such and ***.
Sounds like everyone is doing well on their plans and exercise! Keep up the great work!
I got a bit of the stomach bug today - so I've been eating bread, rice, toast and drinking water - I know it's not very nutritious, but I need the FIBER!
Hopefully I will be back to normal tommorrow... this sucks! :(
I'l let you all know how I like the Yoga Booty tapes when I get them and start, seems that no one knows about them, so I will be the guinea pig!

10-04-2005, 10:02 PM
Sorry to hear you are under the weather-I just got over a mess myself of course it was all psychological for me. Once I figured out I was more upset about being around my ex than actually going to court, I started feeling better.

You did the right thing by removing yourself from anything that tempts you Sandisuze. Sometimes it is the only thing a person can do. I don't work outside the home but I did work in a grocery store and man it would be so hard sometimes not to buy things especially on a stressful day which was most of them.

I think we are getting smarter about things and choices!

10-04-2005, 11:00 PM
***BIG HUGS*** Melissa, you sure are going through a rough time there. I don't understand people who call cps just to get back at a parent--do they not know what they could be doing to the child, who doesn't deserve to be in the middle of something they don't understand??? I think sometimes about what if someone called and made a false claim on me, would they come and yank my kids away over a lie? Anyway, I have a huge soft spot for kids and thinking kids are put in the middle this way is just heartbreaking. And you are SO right, what is she doing looking at his bottom?? You'd think they'd start questioning HER once she made that claim. Gets me boiling :mad: I'll hush now. We're here for you, and you are handling this all so well. You're a role model mommy.

You actually remind me of my MIL, though she only calls my hubby and complains instead of saying to my face. The latest thing I've done is not pick up all the little sticks in the front yard that fall from the trees, because that could poke of the kids. Well, I DO pick up the sticks but more fall every single day, so of course there will always be some, and now leaves to join them...I go out about every 3-4 days, but come one, they keep falling, we have 4 huge trees out there. I seriously think she just has nothing else to do with her life but pick me to pieces.

Hope you feel better tomorrow, StillTrying!

I stayed under calories today, but the content was mostly fat and carbs again :^: Does that really matter? I was almost 100 under my calorie max and I got in 7 miles of I hope I'm okay. I never worried about anything but the calories before, but seeing that graph on fitday and how little is protein, how MUCH is carbs, how MUCH is fat, it bothers me now.


10-04-2005, 11:36 PM
Makes you sad to think that some people have so little in their own lives, that they need to pick at someone else's. I just don't let it get to me anymore and the more I have been thinking, I think my ex was lieing anyway. They wouldn't tell me the other day about the call about him so why would they tell him anything about me?? He also apologized for not sending support in aug or sept and that he would give me cash. I think he really was just trying to get me to talk to him which I didn't do. I just kept reading my book like he wasn't talking to me at all. I did forget to tell ya'll that a really good looking cop smiled at me as I walked out of the courthouse today. Heehee. Wouldn't that just kill my ex if I dated a cop! ROFL. I did smile back but got the heck out of there cause I didn't want him following me out to the car.
About carbs-your body does require them. It is what your brain turns into food for it. the thing I would maybe watch is starches which I think alot of people confuse with carbs. they are both carbs but starches pack on the weight more readily. Potatoes, pasta, corn, breads, and the like can pack on the pounds. Fresh green veggies, fruits ect-if those are your carbs, I wouldn't worry about it. Fats too depends on what you are eating and where they are coming from. Your body also requires a certain amount of those daily too. Ok I am off the soap box lol.

10-05-2005, 10:37 AM
See, turning heads already Melissa, and even in a baggy dress ;) Imagine if you wore the tight one :lol: I'm sure the ex noticed too, not that you want him to. I wouldn't trust him that the report was on you. Why would he hear about it, and never you? I'd think they would tell you about the one on him, considering it is your child it concerns. Shouldn't the other parent have the right to know what kind of accusation is being made? I would think so.

Let's be productive today ladies and post the positive things we do for ourselves. I'll post later, off to log breakfast into fitday.


10-05-2005, 12:19 PM
melissa~You've done quite a bit of work toward your goal. The photo journal thing is a great idea!

stilltrying~get well soon!

sandisuze~When you can't face the temptation, hide! :lol:

theresa~ I think the best part of and and other sites like them is the learning curve we go through when we realize what the composition of our diet really is. I try telling my hubby that even though he's a naturally thin person, he still needs to eat lots of veggies and fruits throughout the day--some with every meal--but he thinks that if he has tomatoes and onions on a pizza, that counts for veggies. sigh. I think it's great that you're still meeting your caloric goal for the day, but eventually all of us will have to really focus on true health--the whole foods and veggies and all that. For myself, it's mainly b/c of laziness--I mean, I don't want to be counting calories every day for the rest of my life. It's always the processed stuff, the sauces and dressings, sodas and fatty stuff that throws my calories off. I am not going to gain any weight back by eating fresh veggies. It's too bad that I have such a hard time APPLYING what I totally KNOW to my diet, because I slip up soooo often. Sometimes I just can't get psyched for a salad, but then again, if someone sets out baby carrots or sugar snap peas and hummus I'm all over it. I want to be healthy, I want to be full and I want to be I'm just working on changing my attitude that those things are mutually exclusive.

All that being said--I did not do well last night and I knew that I wouldn't and braced myself for it. I did get in 45 min of cardio (I'm still sore from weights on Mon!) but we had my bro and sil over for dinner last night--they are moving to TX tomorrow! So we had a little tex-mex dinner of chili, which wasn't fatty in itself b/c I used ground turkey and fresh tomatoes/onion and lots of different beans. The guacomole and cheddar cheese, though...oh yeah and the margaritas ( 2 big ones! with salt!) and then the cinammon roll for dessert...I don't know how many calories I had. Probably a lot. I know I had about 550 under my belt (literally, hee!) before dinner started. I was still full this morning so I just skipped breakfast and I'll have a snack here soon.

Needless to say, thanks to the margaritas, I did not wake up early today. Which means I must must must get up early the next 2 mornings to meet my Oct challenge goal. sheesh.

Good luck to everyone today!

10-05-2005, 01:06 PM
I can identify with applying what I know. I even took nutrition in college and know all the bad things that happen when you are overweight and the things we SHOULD be eating versus things to avoid as if they were the plague. Why do the icky things have to taste so stinking good? If broccoli tasted like chocolate, there would be a shortage! Morning has been interesting since Josh can't eat. I finally let him go ride his bike. He is very anal about meal times and this is just killing him. I keep reminding him I will take him to MickyD's afterward but it isn't helping much. The kicker is his first appointment is at 11 and that is lunch time so I will have try and keep him away from clocks and my cell phone. I already planned on the bacon ranch salad for myself. 6pts so that isn't bad for a meal. I just hate driving in Seattle or to Seattle but at least the traffic will not be as heavy when we leave.

Everyone have a great OP day and will check in when we get back.

10-05-2005, 02:08 PM
:( Hope your little guy pulls through this okay Melissa, and you keep your sanity until getting to McD's. Sometimes being a kid is so tough, and you dont realize that until you're all grown.

Melra, I do know what you mean about applying what you know. Problem for me right now is we can't afford all the healthier foods every week. Hubby is a truck driver so our income fluctuates from week to week, plus we are putting back extra into savings right now because we need to redo the kid's bathroom...the floor is caving in by the tub and it has to get done soon. I stick to the outside of the grocery store, only hitting in the aisles for a few things I need, like diapers and such. Problem is, that fresh stuff goes so FAST, the kids just inhale it and within a few days the house seems so empty. The processed stuff lasts longer, costs less, and is of course, not as good for us. So, I have been compromising and buying a bit of both and mixing it all in together to make the good stuff last longer. We do eat a lot of fruit though, fresh, frozen, and canned in water. I've been going through my recipes and making them lo cal, lo fat as much as possible as well. Turkey burger instead of hamburger (but I do buy the very lean hamburger when it's on sale and stock in the deep freeze), that kind of thing. Tomatoes are outrageously expensive here, so I do buy them diced in the can. We are doing okay, some weeks I have the money to spend a lot more and we eat very healthy, then other weeks it's more processed. All depends on the runs hubby gets.

Of course, all this means that the weeks we eat very healthy are the weeks we don't see him :cry: and he wants to buy his own truck, and then for about a year or two I will hardly see his head because it is very tough to get going on your own. He'd make a LOT more money that way, but I would miss him so much. I kind of feel like a single mom sometimes, except I don't have to worry about the finances. Everything else with these kids falls on me. Okay, I'm going to hush now. He's not going to buy his own truck anytime soon, thanks to the high diesal prices, so I don't have to worry about this right now. Off my mind, right now.


10-05-2005, 06:28 PM
Joshua did sooooo awesome!! Poor little guy didn't get to eat until 1:30 today too. They gave him some crackers when he woke up and he ate them with his eyes closed and then told me he was hungry-LOL. I was good and just got the salad and even declined when Josh offered me a frie cause I didn't have any. Man that salad tasted so good-I was stinking hungry too. Now I am pooped out and since the girls are both sleeping, gonna get a cat nap in.

10-05-2005, 07:02 PM
Theresa-I always try to make fruit and veggies go further with the kids, by slicing the fruit and just giving them slices rather than a whole apple or pear or peach, which they usually don't eat all. My grandsons like a little peanut butter on apple slices or pear slices and it makes it into a good treat.
I am having a tough day-3 fifty calorie icepops, 2 slices of bread, 2 tablespoons of mango sherbet and a corn on the cob. Also some turky and a scrambled egg with an ounce of cheese. I am anxious and worrying about my son today and totally unfocused. I'll be ok calorie wise if I stop now, it's just 6:00 pm, but I am grabbing for junky stuff rather than having any meals. The hopeless fat feelings are starting.

10-05-2005, 07:49 PM
Ok stop now while you are still ok. Hurting yourself won't help your son-pray, take a walk, sit and the closet and yell. Whatever you need to do. Tell that little voice in your head to shut up cause none of it is true. It isn't hopeless-promise. We are all here for you and want only good things for you.

10-05-2005, 08:30 PM
Hang in there LauraB, try not to think about food to help you feel better. Stay on-line and surf the net or read. Anything but going to the fridge! :)

Melissa - So glad that Josh did well today! Hope the traffic wasn;t too bad for you too!

Theresa - sounds like you are doing great managing the types of food you can afford and how you choose to serve them. I, on the other hand, do not have a creative cooking bone in my body! I make the same things all of the time and keep telling myself I will try new things and never do. Lazy!

Sandi - I hope work is going better for you! Sounds like you have a handle on what your triggers are there, you just need to think about that when you feel the urge to nibble, you are stronger than the temptation.

Caldwell - glad to hear you are staying away from the cheesecake!!!!

I weighed in today and have not lost or gained - Geez I thought the stomach bug would have lost me at least one pound! :lol:

I am feeling much better today, thank God it was a one day thing!

Take Care all!!!

10-05-2005, 08:34 PM
Oh laura, don't let that upset turn into eating. We are here for you - rant away- fuss- yell -kick something - ride your bike!! I said it last night-( now I just need to believe it) eating and nibbling will NOT fix my problems it will not make me happier..
although today I may kick someone unless I am given chocolate- :devil:

Things at the office are calmer as to politics -But I have the funeral tomorrow to sit thru and then there will be food galore afterwards. I will sneak back to my office. I may have to be at the service but I don't have to eat. But I do have to make 5 lbs of chicken salad tonight .. Mmmm chicken salad. :nono:
So true Melra- when faced with temptation --HIDE :lol: or maybe we should say RUN and HIDE :rofl:
melissa- I hope all comes back with good results. :bravo: for not eating the fry!
Theresa- I understand about the processed foods- I am always looking for ways to make the meals we eat healthier- I make up my own "hamburger helper " type recipes with chicken and whole wheat noodles and fat free broths and add stuff till it tastes ok :D I think frozen veggies and fruit canned in it's own juice is fine- I even buy canned veggies like green beans I just buy the No salt added to them. we don't have a budget to buy all organic fresh etc. foods either, But I stopped doing mac and cheese and other not so good foods. My hubby says it's a mean cycle- we want to eat healthy but it does cost more and then they make cheap foods bad for us so the dr.'s make more money as we eat bad cause we can't afford good foods. ( I think he's joking- but I'm not sure?)
Well my little one started "cheernastics" today (cheering tumbling dance etc.. ) she did good and they gave me a video of stretches to do with her during the week for practice - so at least I will stretch and it'll be fun with her.
How are the curves ladies doing?? :wave:

Well I am off to make chicken salad and wash dishes and do laundry and fit some :ebike: in there some where, get kids to bed and :faint:

10-05-2005, 08:36 PM
Kristen- good to hear you are feeling better- I hate to be sick for some reason I gain weight when I have a bug? who knows ?? LOL

10-05-2005, 08:36 PM
I'm glad things are working out for a few of us. Little Joshua pulled through and got to eat, StillTrying feels better...I'm so glad for you both.

Laura, don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing the best you can. You'll be fine, just get something else to do, preferably far away from the kitchen. Can y ou go outside and sit or something? Look at some pictures of yourself fat, or someone who you'd like to look like? Sit down and write out your feelings maybe, that helps me sometimes.

I was shocked when I checked Allie's bookbag this afternoon and pulled out another health alert sheet...then read that it's tipworms. WORMS???? I was freaking out because I never expected something like THAT to go around school, I was expecting strep or something. I called the prediatrician and the nurse said it's not easily passed on, so there's probably nothing to worry about. She said to go in about 2 hours after Allie falls asleep tonight, open her little cheeks and look with a flashlight :^: Apparently, I need to look for little white things, about the size of a piece of rice or smaller, all squirming around. I SO do NOT want to do this! If she has it, I have to go through this big thing of getting everyone in the house treated, washing all the bedding, etc. Wouldn't the teacher notice someone in the class with their hands down their pants scratching around? That's what would have to happen for this to be spread...they have to get an egg in their fingernail and then into someone else's mouth or airways. I just don't like the idea of my little girl having worms...and then that would mean Ty probably has it since he bathes with her..and she sleeps with me sometimes, so maybe me as well. She better not have it, that's all I can hope for. Sorry if I grossed anyone out, but I'm so grossed out just at the thought, and looking in there will be no pleausure :(



10-05-2005, 08:39 PM
Forgot to mention that I decided to take my measurements today - last time I did it was July 9th. I lost a total of 11.25 inches! I almost fell off my chair! I feel better about hovering here at this weight, because at least I know I am toning my muscles!!

But, it definately has me charged up now to keep at it!! :cb:

10-05-2005, 08:45 PM
Good job with the inches live up to your name and keep going.

I added to my last message everyone, but it's not pleasant.


Ice Princess
10-05-2005, 08:48 PM
6 more days till my weigh in. I did Curves twice this week, 1 more to go. I only managed to get in one 3 k walk, due to the weather :sunny: it aint :rain: this it is, so tonight I am gonna walk (march inplace for 40 min, that is how long it takes me to do my walk) so I think it will be close to the walk. What do you all think? Close or no cigar? Because if that works maybe it will not bother with a treadmill, I guess it would be like walk away the pounds, right? Well it sounds good to me :yes:
I know what some of you all are going thruogh with the ex and all that bull. Mine came over last night cause he was driving by and seen the lights on at 9:10 wandered what we were doing cause it was late, give me a break. Just came to spy I'm sure, didnt even knock just came on in. Can't wait till I move and it won't be our house, it will be MY apartment and he cant just walk in.
I just feel so stressed, I can feel the tension in my shoulders right across, feels horrable. It will get easier as time goes by. It will get easier as time goes by. It will get easier as time goes by. It will get easier as time goes by. :dizzy:
Well ladies once again take care, and keep up the good, no great work.

10-05-2005, 08:51 PM
Oh Theresa... I am sorry you have to even think about worms at all... no less have to scope her out while she sleeps!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!
Try not to worry about it too much, sounds like it is not an easy thing to pass along - THANK GOD! I work at a school and we have these type of notices go out all of the time... hand, foot, mouth disease, lice and last year even pertussiss (whooping cough).
Good Luck - I'm praying for ya'!

10-05-2005, 08:53 PM
Ice, you can get a good workout just marching in place, I do it all the time including yesterday afternoon. I go kind of slow for 5 minutes, then really pick up those feet and march fast and strong. You have to keep up the pace and I swing my arms bent at the side, not a free swing but controlled motion. I did that for an hour yesterday and was sweating just as much as when I do the gazelle for 4 miles (almost an hour). The trick is to keep the pace up, you can't go too slow or it doesn't get the heartrate up. You can do the Biggest Loser workout I posted as well, jogging in place for the jog intervals. That is a really great workout, even if you just do the cardio and skip the weight half.


10-05-2005, 08:57 PM
oh theresa - you poor thing- I SO hope she's not infected! poor all of you!
This year for the first time in 20 years they had to send a kid home from my kids school with lice- I mean the school has been there 20 years and they have NEVER had lice -I was in a panic about it. I know so many other schools had problems and one in the area sent home 3/4 of the school including teachers one month- BUT worms??
I have never heard of that.. again you have my sympathy.
Kristen - YOU ROCK! you go girl... that is so awesome!
I am sorry for being a board hog tonight- hubby got the kids down- the laundry for tonight is in and I have to wait for hubby to get out of the shower to do dishes..
Speaking of hubby he brought home a 5lb box of candy his boss gave him... so I am here getting support so I don't eat any of it. I will stop as I am gonna toss the candy at him If it doesn't get put in the deep freeze NOW

10-05-2005, 09:24 PM
I have never heard of the worms either, which is why I've been freaking out over it. The nurse assured me it wasn't anything to worry about, but how can you NOT worry about something like that? They're worms for heaven's sake. I'm waiting for her to fall asleep so I can look, who knows when that will be.


10-05-2005, 09:26 PM
Welcome to the world of public school! Josh already came home with a notice for head lice. Kid keeps wondering why I am playing with his hair all the time and I just tell him cause I love it. I am seriously thinking about home schooling the girls. It will depend on how finances are when they are old enough. Back in the day my mother wormed us kids every spring and fall whether we needed it or not. Carters worm pills-geez I still remember them after all these years.

Hope hubby throws those in the deep freeze fast!

My kids are all in rare form tonight. I know the girls are cranky because I have been gone two days in a row and while they love gramma gramma, they still would rather have me. Tomorrow after dinner I am taking them to the Farmer's market to spend the last 20.00 in produce checks the WIC office gave me. I am going to get apples and make applesauce out of them. I was hoping I could score some free ones but so far no one has had any to give away. Well I suppose I best give some snuggle time here.

10-05-2005, 09:38 PM
Theresa-I hope your daughter isn't infected! Does not sound like much fun for you! I just hate those notices! Never had one for worms but 2 of my daughters have had lice-big pain!!
Melissa-Glad Josh did so well today! And you did great too!!! I would have eaten the fry :hungry:!
Kristen-Glad your feeling better and GREAT job on the measurements:strong:!

Laura-I hope you made it through the evening with some healthy food and a better spirit. Don't you hate that it is so easy to get depressed, but much harder to kick yourself out of it? Tomorrow is a new day!
Okay, my day went up and down-before I even got out of bed the real estate agent called and said the people who looked at the house want to make an offer to the owner :( He said if the owner accepts the offer we could have as little as 30 days to move :?:
Well I got myself together and went to Curves-love it!! The women there today were so nice and helpfull! They even said they would keep a look out for a house.
After I got home, a man called that has a house for rent! We went to look at it and it is a beautiful house! Lots bigger than what we are in and only $50 more! The only downfall is it is farther out of town than we already are :( I was hoping to move closer. But we will take what we can get, and it is a really nice place. Hopefully no one else wants to live that far out of town. I tried to call him when we got home from looking at it, but had to leave a message. Keep your fingers crossed for me!:crossed:
I haven't eaten bad so far, but I haven't got dinner done either! BBQ steak, baked sweet potato fries, and salad. I think hubby might have put on some broccoli too? If I can just watch my portions-but I am REALLY hungry!

Sorry for the long post! Hope everyone has a great, healthy night!!!


10-05-2005, 09:47 PM
OOPS-Almost forgot-I lost 2 pounds!!!!! 41 down! :woo:

Melissa-You are such a good mom/grandma! I can't wait to meet you when we come up to visit my daughter!(she's in Everett too) She's wanting us to come up for Thanksgiving, we just have to see about the weather? I told her- "Cool, I finally get to have one of my children make me TDay dinner!!" She said, "No mom, you know I can't cook, but I'll buy everything for you to cook it!" :dizzy: :lol:

I homeschooled my 2 middle girls for 1 1/2 years, that was all I could take with having the 2 little ones always in the way wanting to "do school" too! I am looking into what the laws are for Nevada for homeschooling and might keep the 2 little ones home for awhile. It is so good for them not to be put right into some strict schedule at a public school(and you don't get the wonderful health notices either!!)

Well, I better get dinner done!!


10-05-2005, 10:16 PM
Congrats on the pounds gone! That would be so cool. My daughter did that one year for Thanksgiving so she could learn how to do it and I wound up doing the whole meal! I could have done that at home but it was nice to be with Odessa for the day. It was before they moved in with me. With Josh I have no choice but to have him in school because of all the learning issues he has and he gets services through the school too plus to be honest, I need the break from him. We did have a really good day today though and while he did get a little undone once, he got out of it just as fast. I will just have to see where we are all at in 3 years. If I go back to work which I can't do until I finish college-lol then I will have to put them in but hey if prince charming comes along, I would be free to do that then. It also depends on Josh too. Right now it is not uncommon for me to have to go to the school to clean him up because he had an accident or pick him up from school because he is in meltdown so that has to be under control before I even attempt a job. It is something I am seriously thinking about though. I was initially going to college to teach but by the time I get done with all that schooling, I am going to be at retirement age so then I thought about being an aide but then I am in special ed-I already live special ed so not sure if I could handle it both at home and at work. Don't know anymore what to do. I just know with my arthritis, I can't do retail anymore plus the hours bite bad and you always have to work holidays and weekends. You just don't have a life and it is really hard on kids, especially when you are a single parent.

Man I guess I have been a board hog tonite LOL.

10-05-2005, 11:50 PM
Melissa, it is so much better to let it all out here than to run to the fridge so you don't have to think about it, so don't worry about hogging the board. We all have our moments, so go with it and no apologies. I really hope you find the direction in life that will make you completely happy. I dropped out of college to have my first baby, and have been home with the kids ever since. When Tyler gets into Kindergarten I want to start working again but have no idea what I will do. I would love to go back and finish college, but we'll see.

Fancy, congrats on the lbs lost :)

I thought about homeschooling my little ones because I hear so many horrifying things about public schools. But, I believe I wouldn't be a good teacher, and I do enjoy the break when she goes to school. I like that she's only gone 4 hours and is in a small school, being taught by the same teachers that taught my hubby, that babysat for my MIL back in their day, and who Mawmaw is very close friends with. I feel safe with her there, but I'm sure it'll be a different story when they get to public school. I definitely will yank them out and teach them myself if I ever think it's necessary, and especially if they get teased and tortured as I know some kids, won't make them go through that.


10-06-2005, 01:44 AM
:cry: 12AM and I am up, still waiting for time to go look at Allie's rear end, and hubby and I just had a huge fight on the phone, during which he spat out the following lines:

"It doesn't matter what you do, you will always be a fatty! You can do twenty hours of exercise every day, eat lettuce and carrots the rest of your life, and you'll still be fat. That's biology, that's life, you'll always be FAT!"

"You jump out of bed every day, get on that scale, and if the numbers are down your happy for the day, but if they're down you're a royal bi*** for the day. And then me and the kids have to put up with you."

"You're just a miserable bi*** and will always be, doesn't matter how much you weigh."

And, the most painful for me: "No one else is ever going to love your fat ***, but me! So stop talking about leaving, your not going any fu***** where! Just hush on that."

That last one was after I told him I am going to take care of myself, because I deserve to be proud and feel good about my own body, and I don't know why it offends him to begin with...he should be supporting me, not turning against me. He then just shouted out that no one else will ever want me pretty much.

I am sorry, I probably shouldn't even be typing this here, but i wanted to go finish off the kid's M&M's, but that would only be proving him right so I came here instead. Normally I would call my sister in Ohio and she'd tell me to leave him adn come back to Ohio and live with her, and I'd start feeling better and just stay. She just had a miscarriage last week, so I can't turn to her and lay this on top of that pain. I just feel so horrible right now, I don't know what to do. For some reason me losing weight makes him crazy, he gets possessive and emotionally abusive, so it's like I"m stuck. As long as I'm overweight he's happy and content, a complete sweetie, then everytime I start to take it off, this happens. His attitude toward me changes, he's been accusing me of cheating on him even! I think that's what he's afraid of, that I'm going to lose the weight and find someone better than him, so he just gets overly possessive and starts belittling me and talking me down and I ALWAYS just go back to overeating and stay unhappy...and that makes him happy.

I'm at a crossroad right now, I see what's going on. I can stop losing weight to make him happy, and be miserable myself. Or I can keep going with this and make myself happy, and he'll have to fall into line or eventually I will leave him and he WILL lose me. I have to make myself happy, I cannot be miserable just so he feels safe. I want to have a long life, to see my kids grow up and my grandkids born, I don't want to die in this misery just so he won't feel threatened...or whatever he's thinking.

If he really believed I can't lose the weight, he wouldn't be fighting me over this. I know he thinks I can do it, and that's what threatens him for some reason. For five years I have loved him more than I love myself, I have quit the weight loss to get him off my back but I don't want to do that this time. I'm going to keep going, it's just getting harder and harder the more I lose because he works more and more against me.

He even complained that I exercise, saying it takes too much time away from the kids and I am ignoring them while I exercise,and he said "exercise" like it was a dirty word. I informed him that if the worse thing my children see me do is exercise then I am doing a damn good job! It's a good influence on them, to which he said that he's fat, I'm fat, and the kids will be fat when they get older as well. I said "Well, with you around to put it in their heads that they have to be fat, they might be."

I don't know where we go from here. He was also complaining that I am "blowing" HIS money (hate when he acts like I don't work because I stay home with kids), because I bought pop tarts for the kids at the store, when I was only supposed to buy diapers. :?: I spent a buck on pop tarts and he's upset? He just bought a motorcycle, we agreed on $40 a month, he added a bunch of extras onto it and we are paying $100 for it now GRRRRRR I'm just so upset right now, not sure what to do.

I've decided to start hiding some money and saving up, because I think this will get worse the more weight I lose. I lost 30 lbs. before and we ended up separated for a month, and he sweet talked me back and the weight came right back on. This is a pattern, and it is going to break right now. I am going to stay, continue with my weight loss plan, use his anger at it as fuel to prove him wrong, and if in the end he can't handle it then I will have to leave to get away from him. I'm going to start saving up money, in case I end up a single mommy sometime soon :cry: it's just so hard because I love him so damn much, but I have to love myself more...I have to!

Thanks for listening, if anyone even makes it this far :lol: I feel better now, I know what I have to do. WHen I signed in here I was thinking about just quitting to make him happy, but I just can't do that. I don't want to this time.


10-06-2005, 01:46 AM
i agree with you about working in retail melissa. i don't even have kids and it was awful. the hours were terrible, and if there was a holiday, i had to work all day on the holiday and seven days that week, not just the regular 9 hours a day, six days a week. i seriously "blimped out" then (to borrow my mil's phrase), eating chips and candy all day long. grrr. i still can't believe that woman said my recovering anorexic sil was "blimping out." what a nut!
evil non-diet like food is stalking me. today i opened my door and saw a plastic bag with a sample of some hazelnut chocolate spread and crackers on my doormat. i can't go anywhere, not even right outside my apartment, without the temptation to scarf down some cake, candy, ice cream, or something else that will make me "blimp out." i think maybe i should just be on hiatus inside my apartment with nothing but veggies, soymilk, and splenda in the house to eat. :lol:

10-06-2005, 01:52 AM
MMMMM who dropped the treats at your door? You must have nicer friends than I do :lol:


Ice Princess
10-06-2005, 07:51 AM
Oh Purple, I tottally understand. The more weight I gain the less jealous he got. It's not fair, they should support you in what ever you do. I know mine will be kicking his butt when I'm done and down about 75lbs, because I will be able to get however to tap that *** LOL. You have to do it for you and no one else. You should love yourself more then anybody, cause if you dont love yourself, then you cant love anyone. I hope all works out and keep going, suggest counselling, so he can deal with his issues, because they are his issues, not yours. Keep going.

I am on my way to Curves, and I could only march in place for 15min it was harder then I thought, I did swing my arms, and hold them stright out and I could feel that working, but eventually it will get easier.
Take care eveyone, and keep up the great work.

10-06-2005, 10:02 AM
Theresa- I'm so sorry he is giving youa hard time. He obviously needs you fat for whatever his reasons, and they are his reasons, not yours. I am glad you know that. I think it's a good idea to hide money. Even if you don't ever need it to leave, it will make you feel better. Maybe you shouldn't discuss your weight loss journey with him. Just do what you need to do and don't make him part of it. Don't weigh yourself when he's in the room and don't tell him what's happening. He is threatened by a thin wife, but that shouldn't stop you.
Also they kids won't be fat cause you know how to feed them right.

I feel better today than yesterday. I ate a good breakfast with lots of protein and maybe theatwill set the day up as a 3 meal, good food day, rather than nibbling and junk.
It's funny, when I am OP, I feel like I look better. When I am worried and eating bad, I feel so fat and hideous. I hate my hair clothes house etc. Then when I am OP it is all ok I have to stop blowing in the wind depending on how I think my kids are doing.
DH is out again for 4 days and I will be alone again, and I have to make plans, so food is not an issue. I have never gone to the movies alone and I think I will this weekend. I have flown to Europe alone, but never to a movie alone. Weird huh.

10-06-2005, 10:15 AM
Theresa-- Sorry to hear of your fight with your hubby. For some reason men have decided that everything is about them! It sounds like his insecurities are surfacing the more your weight disappears. They just don't realize that you feeling good about yourself and who you are can only add to the relationship--not take away from it. I tell my hubby that one of the reasons I want to lose weight is so that I can grow old with him. (That makes it about him and makes him happy!LOL!) The bottom line is it's your life your fighting for, if your not healthy your giving away years of your life. Plus you'll be around longer for your kids, and be able to take a more active role in their lives. To me that alone is one goal worth fighting for. Take heart, keep losing, who knows maybe he'll realize how lucky he is to have you!!!

10-06-2005, 10:31 AM
Thanks for the support guys. He has an issue with feeling insecure, and we have split up over this before. I talked with MIL about it once and she said he has never been this way over any other girl. It didn't start with me until after I had my daughter, then all of a sudden he wanted to know right where we were every second of the day or he flipped out. If he just calls the house and I don't answer, he gets upset...he thinks we've all been murdered or something. He used to want me to take the phone into the shower, and get out and answer if he calls :lol: I said no to that one right quick.

He called me back last night and acted as if nothing happened. Again this AM, sweet and loving like everything was normal :?: He does this every time we fight, he gets mean and vicious, we go round and round, nothing is solved, and then he just acts like nothing happened. THis is why we end up having the same fight over and over, this won't be the last time.

But guess what? Some good things happened today this AM and I'm feeling so much better, more focused than ever thanks to his doubt. First, I put on a shirt that I didn't think would fit me, a friend gave it to me as a gift last year and it was too tight, so I threw it on this AM and it fits great, a little loose even! I noticed that my chest is looking real nice, separating out from my middle section quite nicely ;) and my jeans are loose, I had to keep tugging them up as I walked across the parking lot into the grocery store. Fresh from the dryer and they are loose!

As I put my 3 year old into her car seat for school, she said "Mama, how come you're getting skinny?" :D I just feel so good today and know that there is no way I'm quitting this time. He'll just have to get over himself and deal with it. But the little passive aggressive comments that I must have a boyfriend are really old, then he blows it off like he was just joking. :dizzy:

Okay, have a great day everyone, I'll check back in here later. I'll just not be calling him today and talking very little when he calls. I just feel hurt and emotionally exhausted still, so best to leave him alone and deal with that myself.


10-06-2005, 12:24 PM
Have to go with Laura on this one too. It is HIS problem not yours and you are doing the right thing. I also agree that this is just not something you talk to him about at least at this point and time which is a shame and also I would start socking money away too. I went through this stuff with my ex all the time. He on the other hand constantly insulted me because of my weight and then when I would start to lose, did everything in his power to mess me up. It was just a viscious cycle and unfortunately at the time I wasn't strong enough to shut his words out and just do what I knew I needed to do for my own health and self worth. I would like to think I would handle it differently now and do what I know to be right and true and best for me and ultimately my family. You are right when you say you want to be there for your kids and hubby too. Obesity cuts a life short and makes the short trip miserable to boot. You did good by coming to the board rather than the fridge!

10-06-2005, 01:01 PM
I have nothing to report but I was reading through (to stay caught up!) and Theresa, your post worried me and I sincerely hope that you two can have a full, face to face, calm and loving conversation about his feelings and your goals. I find it completely unfair for your husband (or anyone for that matter) to try be sabataging, threatening, intimidating, belittling or dismissive about your goals to happiness just b/c he perceives a threat to his. He needs to get a grip, but obviously just telling him that isn't going to help. It's unacceptable for you to quit your efforts toward a healthy body and lifestyle b/c he's insecure. Your children need you to be a good influence! Your daughter needs to see that you are capable of being whatever you want and if you want to be healthy then you should become what you want! Our daughters are told they can grow up to be president--how much easier is it to help them be healthy than help them run a political campaign? He needs to understand that you are not just doing this for yourself or to spite him. This is important, health is important, happiness is important.

Barring professional counselling, you should look into weight-loss specific books on dealing with an unsupportive partner. Dr. Phil is the only one that comes to mind right now, which is unfortunate b/c I hear Phil's been an *** lately. Your husband might not want to read or participate or whatever, but you might learn some things to say to him to difuse any negativity or angry words.

Your man's going to have to step up and be responsible for his own happiness rather than putting it all on you. We support our spouses, we don't take care of them! He needs to get back to being that strong and loving man that you chose over all others past present and future and to stop trying to turn you into someone you don't want to be.

If my husband ever demanded that I be miserable to keep him happy I would be gone in a heartbeat--I did not marry an ogre and I will not be in a marriage with a man that turns into an ogre. Likewise, I would not expect him to stay in a marriage with an insufferable shrew b/c that's not what he married.

I cannot BELIEVE he brought up the money thing. What, is he going to put you on an allowance next? Sheesh.

And his "joking" about your "boyfriend" is disrespectful to the commitment you made to him and your marriage vows.

You are a much calmer person than I am, obviously, b/c I would FLIP OUT if I every heard those words coming out of anybody's mouth. I have zero tolerance for that crap. You married a strong woman, now guess what? You are in a MARRIAGE with a strong woman. Funny how that works.

omg I'm getting a leeetle crazy now. sorry.

You stay on track and resolve this issue with your man. You can have both him and the YOU you want to be. Perhaps you can remind him how many more "maneuvers" you can perform with all the exercise you're getting in? Men are simple, after all, and it's either food or sex that's going to put a smile on his face.

10-06-2005, 01:55 PM
Thanks for all the support ya'll know I was serious awhile back when I said you ladies are the only support I have in this. He's acting like everything is normal today, so I'll just not talk to him about this anymore. Not sure I want to be in a marriage where I have to watch what I do and say so he doesn't get upset, so this might not last too long :(

I went to the grocery store today and none of the bad stuff even looked good to me. My pants were slipping down every few steps, I felt thin and beautiful, and had no temptation to buy fattening foods. It was like a miracle, but this fight just made me realize that this is what I want more than anything else, even if it ends my marriage. It's what I have to do for myself and my kids, and he's not going to stop me. He actually pushed me further toward my goal. ;)

Normally after hearing him say those things I would agree, yes I'll just always be fat, and would be eating like a ten ton hog today, but I'm the opposite this time. The difference this time is I KNOW he's wrong. He left a message on my cell this afternoon saying how beautiful he thinks I am and I'm perfect just how I am, and that's what should matter. What he doesn't get is that this isn't about HIM. It's wonderful that he loves me how I am and finds me attractive, I'm lucky he feels that way, but I don't like myself this way and that outranks how he feels. he doesn't get that, he seriously thinks since he thinks I'm fine, I should be fine. MEN LOL Though I know not all men are this way. Too bad I didn't know about this before I married him.

I was thin when I married him and he was heavy as he is now, so I don't understand how me going back to thin again would threaten him. It's not like I've always been fat with him.

Oh, and on the food thing, there is a bit of MIL involved in this. His mama has never liked me, but now that I haven't spoken to her or brought the kids to her house for a few weeks, I believe she's trying to turn him on me, and I think it's working. He spent an afternoon with her a couple weeks back, and came home saying that he wants to see all the bills...I have always kept track of the finances, since he's not here most of the time. I showed him everything and he basically started saying I was "blowing" all his money and he was taking control of the bills and checkbook. I didn't care, though the accusation ticked me off royally. He swore that with the amount of our monthly bills we should have all this extra money just lying in the bank...and I told him he's not considering ALL the expenses, like food and doctor's visits and medications, and haircuts, etc. He blew me off, got on this big thing he's going to start putting all this $ back that i've been "blowing" well in 2 weeks he's managed to save NOTHING and I think he realizes that I'm not blowing it, life just costs money. This week Allie has to have a haircut because her bangs are in her eyes and she can't see anything, and his blood pressure meds need refilled, and next week Allie has to see her eye doctor which has a $40 co-pay, and we owe $15 to the school for the pumpkin patch field trip coming up. Those are the things he doesn't consider and they add up.

Anyway, I believe MIL is behind all this because it starts up after he's talked to her or spent time at her house, without fail.

Okay, now I'M the board hog, sorry gals.


10-06-2005, 03:22 PM
Theresa- He really is scared of your getting thin, but you certainly sound determined and I am glad for you. Marriage is all about compromises, but not when you have to lose your self respect. I've been married a very long time and I really regret the times I've given in to keep the peace, or sometimes because I couldn't imagine being a single mother. There are no do overs and sometimes I wish there were. It sounds like MIL is a big pain too.
So stay on track cause it's what you want. Don't worry about being a board hog cause everyone is here to support you. I would probably have gained 10 pounds this summer instead of losing if it weren't for our group.

10-06-2005, 03:34 PM
Laura, I know I would be heavier too if it weren't for this group. I'm so glad we all found each other and have stuck together long term.


10-06-2005, 03:49 PM
Cracks me up how they can go out and spend 500 on a toy but when the wife spends 26 to get her haircut it is throwing away money. You made some amazing and wonderfully positive choices for yourself theresa and that is soooo awesome! You need to give yourself a big pat on the back and be proud of doing what is good and healthy for you. I feel guilty as I had only a few dollars for groceries and I got the kids top ramen, mac/cheese and hotdogs-all of them cheap and on sale. I know that stuff is hidious for them but I felt stuck today. Apparently support enforcement called my ex today and he is supposed to be paying his support in full this month. Can you say I will believe it when I see it??? You guys are all so awesome-I just wanted you to know that.

10-06-2005, 06:31 PM
I only have 2 minutes to do a quick post right now BUT

(((( HUGS)))) to Theresa

and Melissa-(((Hugs))) to you too-


and to echo the above: I would have given up a LONNNNNGGGGGGG time ago if it wasn't for all you wonderful ladies!

I will try to get back on either after hubby is involved with dukes of hazzard or smallville- ( although Tom Welling without a shirt is NICE- ;) :lol:)

10-06-2005, 07:11 PM
omg theresa i am so sorry about your situation with you husband. what a controlling jerk. i am glad you are not going to let him manipulate you into giving up on your goal this time. what is really sad for him is that if he continues his abusive behavior he will fulfill his prophesy about you leaving for some other guy when you lose weight (not because of your appearance, of course, but because a zillion other guys would treat you better.)
i totally agree with you about saving up some money. i think with his chameleon way of being nasty and then nice, you will need it.
it's really sick he wants you all to be fat, even the kids, because he can't stand to have to face he can't control himself.. everyone in the family must be like him.
well, hugs to you. i hope things get better soon.

10-06-2005, 07:44 PM
I am at 1280 calories and I am stopping right now. Nothing more! It would be fine if 420 of those calories weren't from 6 50 calorie ice pops and some sherbet. I am going to stop buying ice pops. They are irresistable. I can't bring myself to throw the rest away cause they are expensive. I feel like such a jerk that I can't have anything in the house with sugar or I go nuts. But for now that's what I have to do. I know how much harder it must be for those with kids in the house and you really do need to shop for them. I can't even have peanut butter in the fridge cause it's so good late at night, just on a spoon in front of the fridge. Luckily my DH has no food issues and doesn't need to have sweets. His favorite snack is sliced tomatoes and butter on bread.
Food is harder for me when he is away, like now, cause I am not on a 3 meal schedule, so it's 6:41 and I have eaten all my calories. I am knitting a baby blanket, so soon I will hide in my room and watch tv and knit and stay out of the kitchen.
I am very whiney today. I appreciate this group.

10-06-2005, 08:06 PM
Whining is allowed anytime. There are certain things that I had to just quit buying because I can't leave them alone and will eat them out of desperation if there isn't anything else for me to nab. You are not a jerk-you are wise! It takes wisdom to realize where a weakness lies and then to admit it. You are doing the right thing by busying yourself in a project. Been hard for me lately since Dess has just been on a I am not going to bed kick lately. By the time I get her to give up, I am too stinking tired to look at a pattern. Hang in there!

10-06-2005, 08:18 PM
Laura, I am exactly the same way with sugar, it just cannot be around me and survive until morning. I have been getting healtheir snacks for the kids, and buying reduced fat versions of things when they are on sale. Today I bought some vanilla wafers reduced fat and they didn't seem to notice the difference.

Melissa, I know about the not going to bed kick, Allie is doing the same thing. She's been against sleep since birth actually. I only pay $5 for the kids to get a haircut, that's both of them, so he doesn't mind. Like I said, he has never complained about money before, and I spend everything he makes just to keep the house and kids going. It's been years since I have even bought myself a pair of jeans, let alone anything else. He has nothing to complain about on that front. He did ask me, in a smart manner, "How would you support the kids without my $?" and I said "well, I'd get a job like any other single mother." He thinks I can't even get a job for some reason I guess? Oh and all the hideous foods you listed for the kids...mine have lived off that suff many, many weeks. You gotta do what ya gotta do, feed them any way you can. You're a good mommy, don't be so hard on yourself. I hope the idiot actually pays you this time. :grouphug:

Cadwell, hubby is just like his mother...exactly! I really, really wish I knew that before I married him. The true personality never came out until I started to lose the weight. Which makes no sense to me, since I weighed just under 150 when we married. I did find out through that arguement that he honestly believes i will never leave him, so he can treat me however he wants. That works in my favor because if I do decide I'm out of here, then it will be a total shock to him. He'll just come home to an empty house. I don't want it to come down to that, but if he starts this again or tries too much to force me to stop losing weight, it's what will have to happen. He's held me down enough, I"m done.

10-06-2005, 08:26 PM
It is kind of mean but if he asks you next time how you will support yourself you could smile sweetly and tell him with your spousal and child support of course. In my state, you can get up to 50% of his income just in child support and he will be garnished. You could do something then part-time so you could have more time with the kids. Just bide your time and hopefully he will wake up and smell the coffee is done brewing! Just try to be as loving as you can be-I know it is hard when they are being soooooo ugly! Hopefully he will get more secure as he sees through your actions the depth of the love you have for him and it will mellow over time.

10-06-2005, 08:49 PM
I think Melissa is right. Your DH is acting out like a real jerk right now but that doesn't mean that he will always be like that. Is he under some new pressure and he's letting it out on you cause he's scared that you will leave when you reach your goal? Gas prices must be hard on him. For that he can blame George W and the mess he is making.
He must have some real good qualities or you would not have married him, so I think you should be real quiet about your loses, stash whatever money you can hide, and wait and see. (this of course is marraige advise from an overweight woman, me, who just sent her DH a nasty email cause he is traveling and I am lonely and mad.)

10-06-2005, 08:58 PM
He is acting completely sweet today, like nothing happened at all. We'll see how long that lasts. Hopefully he can handle it if I just don't talk about it, he'll see the difference but I won't say a word. We'll see. I'd hate to break up our family because he couldn't handle me getting healthy. After 5 years, you'd think it couldn't end over something so petty, sheesh. It really would be hard on him if I did leave, since I'd go to Ohio and he'd have to travel 8 hours to see the kids. I"m not looking for it to go that far. He's already acting like it's all over in his mind.

Maybe he's bipolor or something :lol: one minute he's mad, the next he doesn't care about that anymore.


10-06-2005, 08:59 PM
I wish you were closer Laura-I love would love a coffee-tea buddy or someone to walk with. I spend all my time alone (except with kids). I spent alot of time alone even when married because dennis would leave before the chickens and sometimes not come home at all and sleep at the job site he was working on. Then he drove truck and he was gone for weeks and would only stay home maybe a day or two and then be gone again. A neighbor man came to my home one time threatening to beat me up and he wouldn't even leave the job for that. He told me just to go in and lock the door. I know it is hard to be alone. I have for one found all you guys and it helps and I just try to keep myself as busy as possible which is usually no problem during the day but nights are still hard sometimes. I have lots of books, a hobby, and sometimes I just go to bed. It is just a season right now in my life and I try to make the best of it. I have sympathy for you though cause I remember how hard it was when I was married.

10-06-2005, 09:19 PM
Thanks Melissa. Isn't it something. Here we are, on opposite side of the country, we would not recognize each other if we passed in the street, and yet we can help each other. I truly love the net and the changes it has made in our lives. I don't understand my friends who refuse to use computers for anything other than typing a letter. They are missing so much that's out there. I've said it lots, but I couldn't be doing this without all this support. On a night like tonight I would have gone to the store and bought a Chunky Monkey pint and eaten the whole thing. Now I am drinking water and coming to this board and not blowing my food plan.

10-06-2005, 09:25 PM
I am finallly able to get on here and chat-

theresa- maybe he is jealous of you losing weight? maybe he thinks you are gonna leave if you lose weight?? I mean guys get so weird about stuff- I am the type to do a Melra type post so I can't add anything else as everyone already said it very nicely. I'd try and stash some cash in case of emergency and keep on your toes. maybe he's having a bad day and took it out on you?? no excuse for that at all though
but his mom is another matter- inlaws can be so UNhelpful in a relationship.
again, I can't add anything else but I am here and ready to support you when you need it.

Melissa- you are a good mom and don't sweat the foods- we all have been there or are there . the kids will be fine- now around here if guys are behind on child support they make a flyer with pics and names etc.. and it says in BIG BOLD letters : this man does not pay his child support and these flyers go up at gas stations, grocery stores etc.. of course they will lose their license and after so long go to jail and while they are in jail the state pays for the support and when they get out they have to pay the state back. I kinda like the flyer thing.

Right now all foods are tempting me and i have blown today to the point where I don't care right now. I need to get out of this blah mood and get it together. I ate so bad today that I should be ashamed of myself. it just wasn't a bad eating day - It was a BAD eating day :(
I hope everyone will have a better day tomorrow and if you had a good day today :bravo:

10-06-2005, 09:27 PM
I have used the board the same way and also been pulled through some tough times emotionally that would have before sent me straight to the fridge until I was comotose. I think it would be awesome if we could all travel to a middle ground and have a vacation when we all get to our goals! or better yet, take a cruise-see how big I dream?? I am so glad everyone is here.

10-06-2005, 09:34 PM
Man I LOVE the flyer thing! I probably would get into trouble if I did that here. One thing is I do like the new caseworker I have for support enforcement. She had been bugging dennis alot and that makes me happy. They do lose their driver's lisence here too and they can get jail time also. He just seems to put a bit of something on to keep it from happening. He now owes me 1600+ dollars-do you have any idea what I could do with that? Talk about a major trip to costco and as much tp as my car can hold ROFL. Wish we would start that flyer thing here though-man I would personally only eat once a week if I had to to make sure it was paid so there was no flyer of me.

Ps-quit eating crappy LOL

10-06-2005, 09:34 PM
A cruise is endless food. It's everywhere you look. We would all have to be 5 lbs under goal and it wpould be great fun. Maybe that can be a goal in a year.

10-06-2005, 09:36 PM
I am game-Jason will just have to take some time off to watch the girls and we can do other stuff too other than eat-most even have a gym on board and lots of things to go see but I am also willing to go under 5 pounds of my goal (wink wink)

10-06-2005, 09:52 PM
We could be 13 Thin Chicks on a Boat.

10-06-2005, 09:55 PM
We will have to change to Chicken Littles!

10-06-2005, 10:14 PM
Hey, I like Chicken Littles :lol: I had a very good day today gals and I'm looking forward to the scales in the AM. It's been awhile since I could say that, so I'm very proud of myself tonight. Allie is STILL up fighting, and she woke Tyler up and he's in his room babbling still :yawn: I might never get to sleep tonight. They wouldn't even rock to sleep, kept playing with each other, talking, anything but to fall asleep.


10-06-2005, 10:28 PM
I will have a late night too-Odessa wound up crashing and not waking up until 530p. Wait until they are teenagers-they will never get out of bed then.

10-07-2005, 01:17 AM
Ohhh teenagers, I am not looking forward to that, especially with Allie. I hear girls are so much worse than boys. I'll keep them at this age for awhile :lol: She finally tuckered out about 11:30, and I got to finish my exercise in the meantime. I did 7 miles today, and felt I could keep going but I stopped, don't want to overdo it ya know. Tomorrow is my WI and I feel lighter. I feel really good. It's like I stalled out then all a sudden wham...I feel thin, my clothes are loose, and I'm just feeling more confident in myself. I haven't felt good in a long time...and I wouldn't be here without you all, so thanks. I hope we do all meet up one day, that would just be a blast.


10-07-2005, 07:45 AM
yay me! i lost 2 pounds!! woohoo.
lol. a cruise would be fun. as long as there was stuff to do except eat on the boat. i wonder if they have gyms on the cruise boats or whether the fitness-inclined can just go for a swim ;)
theresa.. i hope that men and mother connection doesn't happen in my case. before i married dh i just tried to tell myself that he was adopted. my mil is something else. she has been so overweight in the past she has diabetes but she has pressured her daughters so much about their looks that they are both anorexic (well, one is getting better now, but the other one is 5'9" and about 110 lbs.. and getting thinner everyday i hear.) totally nutball crazy. so far dh has been supportive of my diet and he enjoys going to the gym as well. but i have mentioned my goal weight to him (the real one, not my ticker goal :devil: ), and he says that is way too low. hopefully he will not have a problem in the future, because i do not intend to hang onto the extra 25 lbs between his idea and mine ;)
melissa, i think it would rule if you made a flyer about your bum ex. i really have to wonder about his little "chippy." bless her heart.. what makes her think she will be in a different situation in a few years with him. gosh. some people have no clue.

10-07-2005, 10:58 AM
Good job on the loss Candace! I seem to be maintaining wonderfully right now so I suppose I need to get a bit more movement in-ugh. They have gyms, spas, and pools on the boat so there is lots you can do for a bit of pampering or excersizing too. Man it is a shame what some mothers do to their children. I suppose we mess our kids up in one way or another but some just seem obsessive about doing it-make sense? The only thing about his new girlfriend is A: she is very young and her husband is like 20 yrs older than her so I dont' think she has ever really had to think for herself. It was scary listening to her talk because she sounded just like me 10 yrs ago. Dennis can be very charming and he knows what the woman wants to hear or needs to hear and preys upon that. By the time he lets his true colors show, you are in up to your eyebrows and several thousand dollars in debt. The one before this one was left with 6000 of debt when dennis left. He left me with about 40,000 worth. One of these days he is going to take the wrong gal and she is going to shoot him or poison his food.

10-07-2005, 12:58 PM
Sandisuze~lol you totally busted me with your "Melra type post" line! I've become an adjective! "don't go all melra on me.." :tape: :rofl: Now, Drop The Treats, Lady! Don't derail yourself with any more bad eating. Refocus on your goals and throw in some extra exercise to get rid of those extra calories.

Congrats on the loss Cadwell!!! So glad you're seeing some progress! :encore:

I am back in plateau mode now--no change for like a month. I don't think I'm working hard enough though. I need to get more cardio minutes in, I think, and I definitely need to watch my calories more. I have seriously slacked on a food journal and the whole "winging it" thing just doesn't work, I guess. :dunno:

I had hoped to be down to 155 by next weekend b/c I have to be in a hot tub around other people, but obviously that's not going to happen. I'm going to work on getting as much cardio as possible in the next week though.

I know that I'm getting fitter, I wish I were thinner! I've been doing cardio 4-5 times a week for over 2 months now and it has made a big difference. I ran for a bit last night on the treadmill and when I took my heartrate I realized I had to push myself a bit to get my hr up! My resting hr is lower than it has been (72) and I don't huff and puff as much. Also, I did 15 pushups in a row--2 months ago I could only do 3. I've been trying to work my legs and butt as much as I can b/c those are the areas I'm most self-conscious about. How I wish spot reducing were true! :lol: !

I just wanted to remind you all that technically middle ground for us is, um...where I am! and there are no cruises around here. Unless you guys want to cruise around the countryside on a hayride. The food, however, would be just as dangerous b/c hello, kansas city bbq is A*Maz*Ing. True fact.

10-07-2005, 05:14 PM
I do so love it! Melra .... the new Adjective.. instead of going off and having a :rollpin: I'll just go "melra" :rofl: :lol3:
MMMMM BBQ *wipes drool off bottom lip*

Melissa- the state puts up the flyers- They also do billboards along the interstate. it's kinda cool to see them - everyone stops and make comments.

I deal with to many women who have been "taken" by ex hubbys and how the women work 2-3 jobs and the hubbies have a nice new car etc.. if I get going I'd be on a :soap: for pages :lol: Not all men are like that but it seems 1 is too many

I like the chicken LITTLES- and i'd be willing to lose 6 pound under goal just to go on a cruise. But I hear you can :workout: on cruises too - so I start saving pennies in my penny wish jar.

:cheer: cadwell on the loss!

:thanks: everyone for fussing at me- I didn't eat junk like cake or cookies or candy I just ate too much of the foods I had around. I totally ignored the fact that I am trying to lose weight - it seemed NOTHING satisfied my hunger so I ate when I wasn't hungry. I have decided to spend and hour or longer tomorrow when everyone is gone to add foods that I normally eat to fitday so I have no excuses NOT to put in a food. (my typical excuses: takes to long to add a food, no time etc..) I am not sure what's wrong but I will get over it - overeating won't fix it so why do it. I can just go "melra" on the :ebike: :lol:

Little kids are easier then teens - at least I think so -I am still looking into going into the witness protection program when the last one leaves the house. ;)
have a good afternoon all-thanks for cheering me up!

10-07-2005, 08:18 PM
:lol: I love the Melra, we'll have to keep that one around gals

I was SOOO looking forward to WI today...and it says I'm UP a pound. How is that possible? I've been so good eating wise, and have done 28 miles of exercise this week. What more do I have to do to lose a pound?? My legs are a tad bit sore, so maybe it's muscle gain? I haven't done any weights, but I guess all the walking could build muscle. It's okay though, because I learned last month that the scale doesn't have to move to lose inches. My pants are loose, and that is all that matters!


10-07-2005, 09:47 PM
Theresa-don't be upset by the scale. You know it doesn't mean anything. You know what you've been doing and that's what counts, not the silly number.
Sandi- I am definately ready for witness protection. Not only do I have my own 4, but my 2 DILs feel compelled to call at least once a day. But witness protection has to be in a resort, with a nice beach.
I will stop buying 50 calorie ice pops. There are 3 left out of 14 and I bought them Tuesday. That's 550 calories in 4 days. Not good. I must face that I am powerless when it comes to sugary stuff and it just can't be in the house. I know I've said this before, but now I have to act on it. There's nothing else with sugar, and summer fruit is over here in NY, so it's apples and pears and bananas and I can control those. I am powerless with peaches and plums and melons.
I am at 1280 calories for the day so I am ok.

10-07-2005, 10:24 PM
Theresa I keep going back to what the trainer I talked to said: You can lose inches but not pounds. Your pants are loose! that is awesome!:bravo:!

I like the "melra" as long as she is ok with it :lol:

Laura- I am thinking nice resort with sunny beach and a private chef and trainer- add maid service and all the books I want to read or movies to watch-NO PHONES- mmm maybe toss in a cute guy or two for applying suntan lotion..or a massage now and then.... Hmmm I could handle that ;) with me it is the fudge bars I could eat 6 in no time flat
they actually have guys in Miami that are "tanning Experts" they work at fancy resorts and walk around the beach area applying the perfect tanning lotion- of course they are good looking buff type guys.. cracked me up when I saw that on TV

I am NOT stepping on the scale this week. I don't want to go even deeper into "the I don't care" mood I am in. When Jocie goes to visit her sister tomorrow I will have the house to myself and I plan on adding all kinds of food to my fitday. I don't care if it takes me 3 hours. Let the dishes sit :p
I am more important than breakfast dishes :lol:
Ya'll have a good night and see ya tomorrow!

10-07-2005, 10:42 PM
I just read the fitday directions today, so for weeks I've entering each food over again. I didn't realize it was all there if it had been entered before. What an idiot I am. It's easy now. I do love fitday.
Aren't we going to have husbands in Protectice Custody with us? They won't like the cute guys.

10-08-2005, 03:17 AM
well i am very excited about my december goal. i think i will be able to do it if this month goes well. are we still racing melra? i bought my ticket today to go visit my family for christmas and i hope to reach my mini-goal by then. even though my mom knows about me and has seen my pictures, she will be all excited about it. yay, i can't wait!! :D

10-08-2005, 09:53 AM
Cadwell That is so fantastic! you can tell people what you have lost and even send pics but it's nothing like in "real person". cameras really do add weight.

Laura- I plan on insisting on a place that has 24/7 car racing, car fix it and home repair shows on TV that way when I am enjoying lounging by the pool checking out the *sights* hubby will be busy with his own hobbies! ;) :lol:

besides getting my hubby to exercise or eat right will NEVER happen until he has a major illness from it and it will scare him into behaving. his dad and all 3 uncles & his oldest brother have either had bypass surgery, or they are on meds for heart disease related problems. he feels he is young enoug to enjoy his food as he says . he has been very accepting of some changes and is eating a bit better because of my health issues but he still can down a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 2 days- (and don't forget the 5 lbs of toppings with that ice cream.)

As soon as I drop off Jocie with her sister I am back home to enter foods into fitday and I have decided to make it public:yikes: - (if anyone would want to look- :lol: they say laughing DOES burn calories) I am gonna post it in my sig as soon as I get it together. Laura, I did the same thing for weeks so don't feel stupid. I am also trying to reload my IM's back into this new hard drive. I CAN'T wait to get a new computer the beginning of next year.

I hope everyone will have a great day!

10-08-2005, 01:00 PM
Quick note between chores: hubby and I had a quite heart-to-heart last night and he said he doesn't care that I lose weight, but he thinks I am not happy with myself and that he loves me as i am and I should too. I told him that is why I'm doing this, to feel good about myself and like myself again. He said he's been worried because he thinks I'm heading back into my eating disorder and am getting obsessed. i guranteed him I'm not, but this was his "evidence" against me:

1. I won't sit down and eat what everyone else is eating, i have to have my own special meal or I leave something off. I told him to deal with it, but he is welcome to eat what I'm eating as well.

2. I weigh in every morning and he swears my mood for the entire day hinges on this. I don't know if this is true, but said I'll keep it in mind and try to only WI once a week.

3. I down water all day and act as if one glass of tea will kill me. He doesn't understand that it's a trigger for me, but I tried to explain.

4. He thinks I exercise obsessively and that it might not be good for the kids to see me doing that. I just think he's flat wrong here, exercise is good for the kids and they don't even pay attention to it anymore. It's just what mommy does, normal life now. He said he just doesn't want me to end up in the hospital or something because I'm doing like 10 miles a day. I assured him I do not do 10 miles every day, that's only been a couple times in the last few months. I've gotten into a routine of doing 3-4 miles one day, and 6-7 the next. And when I have a busy day I do less. My goal is just 1 mile every day, which is just 15 minutes.

He informed me he's been coming home and searching the cabinets for laxatives and diet pills he's been so concerned. I told him I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT, TRUST ME. And he said okay, and noted that I do have a bottle of diet pills in the kitchen. I told him they've been there for a few months, and are unopened. He can throw them away, and he did. If I was doing this, the weight would literally fall off, a LOT quicker than 10 lbs. in 2 months.

I brought up him accusing me of cheating and he said he honestly was joking each time he said something like that, and I told him it's not funny and don't do it again...unless he has a guilty conscious he just can't control. He agreed to not go there again.

Things are okay now. I exercised while we watched TV together and it was nice, we laughed and joked, but he was in the chair and I was marching and jogging in place. Got 4 miles in and he didn't say a word, but did kiss the back of my neck and commenting that my sweat tastes good...ick.

Have a great day everyone, I hope to check in on you all later.


10-08-2005, 01:16 PM
I am glad to see that things have mellowed for you Theresa-me I am ready to ship kids to outer mongolia! For the second day in a row, they stopped up the toilet and my whole laundryroom was covered in water. First time it was josh but today he watched odessa put like a whole role of tp in the toilet and flush it and then couldn't understand why I was so stinking mad! Two days in a row the girls completely tore my bed apart and threw everything on the floor. I sometimes wonder why I even try to bother keeping things tidy. I kind of watched supernanny last night while reading and how that woman kept her house so stinking clean with 4 kids is beyond me and those cream colored carpets! Ugh I would be insane. So ok I am cranky today and would like nothing better than to take off for while and let someone pamper me for a bit. I will check in later after I get some of this muck out of my way.

10-08-2005, 01:48 PM
Melissa, i feel your pain on the kids tearing things up, have the same thing here every day. I think I have finally broke Ty of tearing the toilet paper up all over the house, but he has never stopped the toilet up like your little ones, guess I should be thankful :lol: Oh, the lady on Supernanny last night, she kept the house spotless because she locked the kids outside and refused to let them in. Did you see that? I was shocked! She put them outside in the swimming pool, went in the house and locked the back door. Let alone they were small for being in the water alone, but they were banging to be let in, crying and begging, and she would open the door, yell in their faces to be quiet and go play and no they can't come in, then shut the door in their faces, lock it and continue cleaning. The windows weren't even open so she could watch them.

I was really appalled at that. I could never do that to my babies. Come on, they are more important than a clean house! Okay I'll hush now.


10-08-2005, 01:59 PM
Forgot to say that the pound I was up yesterday is gone this AM, so it must have just been water.


10-08-2005, 02:29 PM
I saw it too and was telling mom about it. I think that is abuse and neglect. It is so easy for kids to drown. I believe in being tidy but home should still be home and comfortable and you should feel like you can walk around in your underware if you want to. Glad the pound was gone and probably was water. I have got a jump on a few things but much more to do-I am cleaning out toys again today. They have so much junk, they don't even know what they have anymore. Two bins are full to over flowing around here. Plus I need to go put josh's bed together yet again. For some reason, he just can't leave his sheets and blankets on his bed. They are stripped off the mattress daily. I will check in later and everyone have a great OP day!

10-08-2005, 03:20 PM
wow i can't believe someone would leave their kids in the pool to swim by themselves. if she wants them to play outside that's one thing, but not in a pool. there are stories all the time about kids drowning even when adults are supposedly watching them. what a nut.
i have been reading this online book i found called the hacker diet and it's terrific. have any of y'all heard about this book? i can't remember ever seeing a diet book beside this one that actuallly talked about calories and just plain eating less food to lose weight. awesome.

10-08-2005, 07:33 PM
never heard of the hacker diet-I would be interested in reading it too and you know truthfully that is all that needs to be done to lose weight. Watch portions and sweets and get that body moving! I got alot done today and the house is as normal as it gets lol. I am so glad I can go grocery shopping on Monday. I never thought I would say I miss eating salad but I do. No matter how hungry I feel, I just can't make myself eat any top ramen or mac and cheese.

10-08-2005, 08:18 PM
if you want to check it out melissa it's in an ebook-type format at
i was interested to learn about how many calories i burn in a day. definitely not as many as i had hoped. even within my calorie target range, i sometimes go over what i supposedly burn everyday (not counting exercise).
i haven't had a salad in forever either. i kinda got salad-ed out toward the beginning of my diet, but i know i should be getting more veggies (esp. green) in sometimes. i tend to stick with hot foods because i feel more full after. but i agree with you about the ramen. yuck. we always have a case of korean ramen in the cupboard because my husband eats it everyday, but i have personally never had it (except a bite of his, like twice). even though it's better than regular american ramen, it's still useless fat-filled carbo caca. if i'm going to eat 560 calories, it's going to be a delish homemade entree or yummy restaurant something-or-other. not dehydrated kimchi and noodles :barf:

10-08-2005, 08:33 PM
ROFLMBO I hear you. I did a search and found it and have started in between all the interuptions and screamining fits. I am going to have Odessa's vocal cords surgically removed I think. I did the same thing with salad for awhile-it was like it made me feel like gagging so now if that starts, I save some points and add some cheese and sunflower seeds to it until I feel more normal about it again.

10-08-2005, 11:23 PM
I read some of Hacker. Here's my question. He says a 5'4" woman uses between 1594-1967 calories a day. Is that for a woman whose at her "correct" weight ? I thought if you were 190 lbs you needed more calories to maintain that weight so if you had 1200 calories a day you would lose faster than a 150 lb woman on 1200. I am 5 4 so if I need 1700 to maintain and I eat 1200 calories per day, that's minus 500 calories a day, times 7 days a week, equals 3500 calories or a loss of 1 pound a week. Is that what he's saying? That means to lose faster. I would have to do 1000 calories a day and that's way too hard.
any ideas?

10-09-2005, 01:45 AM
it's still useless fat-filled carbo caca. if i'm going to eat 560 calories, it's going to be a delish homemade entree or yummy restaurant something-or-other. not dehydrated kimchi and noodles :barf:

:lol: For now on, when I have a craving I'm just going to ask Cadwell for her rendition of that food, she makes it all so unappetizing! You could charge money to ruin negative cravings for people.


10-09-2005, 01:54 AM
I am here to confess. I had nachos for supper and it has my belly upset. I did have a small plate, instead of a large bowl as I used to, and I used reduced fat cheese instead of full fat. Still was a lot of cheese, and 3 glasses of tea along with it and I feel queasy. Chicken was marked down way cheap at the grocery store, so I have the deep freeze loaded. Boneless skinless breasts were down from $15 a pack to $4.95, because they were almost to their sell by date...but get them in the freezer and they'll be fine, so really it was a steal. Split breasts with the bone (boil it, do all kinds of good stuff with it, white meat) were down to $3 a pack, just because it was a sale. I've been wanting more protein in my diet, so there I go, should have no problem for awhile.

Tomorrow, I'm hitting the water big time to chase the sugar and cheese out of my body, and will start aiming for protein and veggies at every meal. I see from fitday I am going way high on carbs and fat, so time to change that.


10-09-2005, 02:19 AM
Confession time?? I ate onion rings for dinner! I ate a large salad first and didn't finish the whole order of o-rings, but I still ate about 7 of them. (Okay Cadwell- give me your rendition of o-rings so I won't be tempted next time!!:rofl: ) But they were better for me than the GIGANTIC burger my sons friend ate sitting next to me :o ! I also ate a brownie earlier today after the owner of our house called and told us he had just signed the sale papers for the house :( I now have 30 days to move in a town with nothing for rent :?: And TOM is on it's way, will probably be here tomorrow, so I am just a TOTAL wreck :crazy:!!
Still getting my exercise and I've been to Curves twice, I really like it. Hopefully I can get there more this week.
Thanks for the link to the ebook Cadwell, I'll have to check into it.
Well I better get myself off to bed, a heating pad sounds really nice right now(hubby is on night shift :( )

Night all!

10-09-2005, 11:09 AM
You can overcome the o-rings Kathy. You did good since you only ate some of them and left it at that. Scarfing down a big burger and the entire order would have been worse, so you did well. Having a little treat now and then isn't going to hurt, it's when it leads into a full out binge that gets bad. So, great job! You had a treat and kept it under control, you're moving forward. Guess I need to listen to my own advice and think of my nachos in the same manner. I could have had a huge bowl as usual with the full fat cheese, but I didn't! And, I used to eat it as a snack, I consider it dinner now, way too much for a snack...what was I ever thinking????

My goals for this week:

1. FINISH MILESTONE 5!!!! This will be huge for me, I've been on this one for weeks. Have just over 20 miles to finish, so it should be easy.

2. 4 jugs water daily.

3. NO TEA. This is my only setback from cutting out sugar, and it goes 100% this week.

4. No red meats.

5. 5 strength workouts by next Friday.

Anyone else setting weekly goals to reach the monthly goal? I find this makes me stay focused.


10-09-2005, 11:29 AM
I have been gone for a few days and I miss so much.

Theresa- I am so glad you and your husband talked, it's always important to get things like that out in the open.

As for me I am doing really well. I went to Curves 4 out of 5 days this week, and yesterday I walked a mile. My 12yo daughter could stand to lose a few pounds (though I'd be thrilled to weigh what she does, 135 & 5'2") But she is not happy with her weight and according to her BMI it says she could stand to lose 7pounds. So I took her and the 2 boys walking with me around the block (1 mile). I decided I would walk the block in the evenings, after dinner.

I have lost 3 pounds this week, so I want to keep it up. :)

10-09-2005, 11:41 AM
Theresa, setting weekly goals is a great idea. I'll join you.
1. Drink 104oz of water and/or unsweet/decaf tea a day.
2. Curves 5 days
3. Walk 5 days this week
4. Eat more fiber daily

This is all I can think of for daily goals right now, got any other suggestions?

10-09-2005, 12:17 PM
lol theresa and kathy! hmm, i think onion rings are also greasy fat-filled carbo caca. no dehydrated kimchi, but same caca. maybe i could microwave the hello out of some kimchi and douse it in water and add it to the onion rings as a side dish for a delicious and nutritious meal :D. salad is sounding so good right now!
great job with your oct. goals y'all! i think weekly goals sound very helpful. my weekly goal i think will be 2 lbs and 4 workouts.
laura i also wondered about that when i read hacker. i think higher weight burns more cals, but i am not sure. i will try to look it up.

10-09-2005, 12:40 PM
Regarding Hackers Diet-He seems to be saying that it's just calories in and calories out. If you have a day of junk it's ok as long as it adds up to your calorie goal and doen't go over. He certainly acknowleges that one needs to eat good food to nourish one's body, but regarding losing. it's calories that count. He says exercise is very important for your body to be strong and healthy, but not as a calorie burner.
I'm not sure I agree with this guy, but he writes nice and it's fun to read.
Has anyone else had a chance besides Cadwell and me?

10-09-2005, 12:53 PM
ROFL the rate you are going Candace, we won't touch anything remotely icky! Keep it up! Congrats on the pounds gone Peaches! I am still holding and what totally suck is even the last two days, I have been hungry when I went to bed. I know I need to get more movement in, it is just so hard with the weather going bonk and the little ones. I have been keeping my eye open on freecycle but haven't seen anything on there yet. I wanted to stay home today since tomorrow I have my son's shrink appointment and a very heavy grocery shop but he only has enough meds to get through today and I can't in all good conscience send him to school without them. It is bad enough if I forget during a particularly hectic morning. I had a rough day with Odessa yesterday-just a little button pusher and she took to wetting herself several times. Bedtime is a nightmare around here and by the time I get her to finally get to sleep, I am toast myself. I also had to leave my very first negetive feedback from ebay yesterday and I hated to do it and those rotten kids from around the block are now riding where their mother said they weren't allowed and chasing Josh and calling him names. It just is so sad those children lack imagination and intelligence that they have nothing better to do than torment a special needs kid. Not sure what I am going to do about it yet-I would like to go punch those parents right in the kisser but it isn't what God would like so I haven't. It is soooo hard to do what is right sometimes. Ok enough belly aching from me. I need to dress the darlings so I can get this stuff done as soon as ex *&^#@ comes to pick up Josh.

10-09-2005, 12:59 PM
I started reading it yesterday and I am with you-I really don't agree with everything he has to say. For instance eating only frozen dinners for your calories-those things A aren't that nutritious really and they are loaded with sodium. While I have them on occassion for convenience, they aren't my main staple. I also don't agree with calories are calories. Your body utilizes healthy food choices and works much better when you eat that way rather than blowing all your calories on sugar. He is fun to read though plus you need to remember he is a man and they just plain lose weight easier and faster than women do. Being incubators, we have an extra layer of fat men don't and their metabolisms are different too. It has been kind of nice for me to read though since I had already kind of started doing it this way except that I add point values of foods and stay in the range rather than the actual calorie per food.

10-09-2005, 01:25 PM
Melissa- Thanks for reminding me, I need to go pick up my sons meds. I can't in good conscious send hm to school without them and he ran out yesterday morning. Guess I'm off to the pharmacy.


10-09-2005, 01:43 PM
Peaches, all that exercise and 3 lbs. is great! Keep going girl.

Melissa, you have so much going on I don't know how you deal. The neighbors would put me over the edge, I'm not sure how I'd handle it though. It's one of those things where if you're not in the situation first hand it's hard to say. :grouphug: I really just don't get parents like that, they need to teach their children to be better than this. To treat people with respect and definitely not permit them to torture another child like this! They don't seem fit as parents to me.

Allie had a friend in school that she's been talking about all the time, Brooke. Now this weekend she tells me Brooke said she's no longer her friend, and Allie said yes you are, and Brooke said no, I'm not your friend. She keeps telling me this over and over so I know it bothers her, but there is nothing I can do. She has to deal with these things. She is saying Kayley is her new friend, so I guess this is just what kids do in preschool?


10-09-2005, 01:49 PM
I think what I got out of the Hacker book is that I have to more careful, and count everything calorie wise, cause the line between calories to sustain and calories to lose is so close. Definately good food is more important that junky food, but if you slip off and stay below your calories to maintain, you certainly won't gain. However, I am unclear on what Hacker says are the claorie amounts. So I will stick to my goal of 1200-1300/day.
Also Melissa, you are so right about women's bodies v men's and also the emotional component, which women are certainly more likely to discuss.

I had not ok food yesterday. I had lunch in a cafe- a salad with shrimp, and I forgot to say dressing on the side and it had a ton of orange goop on it. I ate 2/3 of it and dumped the rest, but I do regret it. Then I had supper at a friend's and ate a slice of pound cake. I don't think it was a losing day, but not terrible. Today will be ok. Dinner at another friend's and she is making fish and veggies.

10-09-2005, 03:20 PM
Well I had a huge deal with the ex. He is at my door yelling at me that if I don't come out he is calling cps on me. What a jerk. Apparently josh went to the intersection and didn't look before he went out-typical kid stuff but the kicker is if he had been on time josh wouldn't have been out there looking for him. Yelled at me for blocking his number which he had plenty of opportunity to quit harrassing me but chose not to. He says he needs to be able to call and talk to his son-like he ever did in the past. He has gone up to 2 months without so much as a boo to anyone. I am not unblocking his cell number. He tried to give me money today and as hard as it was, I declined and told him to send it to support enforcement because I wasn't going to lie to them about money I recieved. I really detest him.

Theresa kids are really fickle and fighting one minute and then best buddies the next. It usually works itself out all by itself and it is a learning all kids go through and teaches them how to deal with other people in life. The only time I would suggest stepping in is if Allie is being nasty or the other kid involved so they can learn to work things out peacefully. Boys usually have to talk more about that then girls since they are more physical about things where girls are more verbal about it.

Dust off laura and begin again. I say if the amount of calories work for you then go with it. I am kind of confused anyway how he got the numbers ect. Like for my frame I should be like 104-112?? I don't think so. Have to take into account age too. Like it or not, after kids and the clock going like crazy, our bodies change and unless you are Demi Moore or Cher, it is the way it is. I don't expect to be twiggy but I do want to be healthy and at a weight that will support that health.

I just don't want to do anything now-I could skip his meds tonight and save them for in the morning which is what I think I will do. By the time the jackass brings him home, I will probably barely have enough time to get him in the tub before he needs to go to sleep. Life will get better!

10-09-2005, 05:58 PM
I will never look at ramen noodlkes the same ever again...and while i don't like onion rings, they normally come with fries so everytime I am tempted to eat a fry I'll think of Candace and her descriptive food terms!

Oh melissa- I am so sorry you are not having a good time with kids and ex's same with you for kids theresa.
Kathy I sure hope you find a place to rent- I have been in that situation a couple times. we ended up having to stay with inlaws for a couple weeks waiting for a place.

I am gonna check out the hacker info.

I was miserable yesterday- I had to go without my medicine for a week because of stupid insurance changes and although I would have bought it last week -for a week it is 179.00 ! talk about making a fortune off me for 6 tiny pills- so I was stubborn and refused to buy it all the while fussing at the insurance company . But they finally got it together and I started taking it again. well it made me sick like it did the first time i took it so I didn't have a good day yesterday. But today i decided to get it together icky feeling or not and MY HOUSE IS CLEAN & ORGANIZED :D I mean really CLEAN :lol:
I only have 1 more load of laundry to do - hubby's hours change tomorrow so I am all organized and ready to meet my week. the tape is even in the VCR for workout in the a.m.-
my weekly goals will be for this week (Oct. 9-15)
1. Drink my water
2. Exercise 5 days
3. Pay attention to PORTION sizes- measure, measure, measure EVERYTHING.
I hope everyone has a good or better afternoon - night

10-09-2005, 06:02 PM
:grouphug: I am so sorry Melissa. Hopefully he will really send the money in so you can get it soon. Threatening to call cps is so horrible, doesn't he realize that it would be hurting his son more than you? I don't think people get that, he's threatening to hurt his son to get you to open the door. Low, low, scummy low. Some people need to get their heads out of their rear ends and think about things straight, not just think about themselves.

I'm sorry, it just makes me mad to hear about you being treated this way.


10-09-2005, 06:22 PM
Ok I am back again. I can't focus but I did finish reading Hacker. He is right in the fact that this is lifelong not just for a time but I don't agree with alot too lol. I put in my email for an excersize bike through freecycle so hopefully it will fit in my car cause not sure dad will go to marysville for it. Then I wouldn't stress so much about the lack of excersize I get. I like to walk but it rains so much here and I really don't like to drag myself or the kids out in it. I could maybe let josh ride it too and then he wouldn't have to deal with those rotten kids. Right now the only real deal I have is to take him to the park and let him ride while I push the kids in the stroller but if they aren't in the stroller I am not attempting it cause they always go in opposite directions. If I liked my sister in law I might ask my brother if I could squat on one of their 42 acres but there is no plumbing or electricity-not my gig. Ok I have rambled on now and will be quiet.

10-09-2005, 06:30 PM
Well on the upside I was on the phone with other grandma and she heard the whole thing so if he does wind up being stinky, I have a witness as to why there were called and it wasn't because of anything to do with josh. I think he forgets I am not his naive little chippy who thinks he is mr. wonderful. I know him and that he is a royal class jerk. I almost laughed when he said I had to unblock his number so he could call his son. It is laughable really. She couldn't believe how awful he was-told her that was nothing compared to when were married. I had lots of people ask me when we were married if he always talked to me like that. At that time, I didn't even realize the way he treated me was awful. Talk about low self esteem! Well I don't tolerate it anymore that is for sure. Killed me to decline the money though-just killed me. My caseworker said that if he gave me money again, I had to send it in and I am not willing to lie about money he gives me and then too it gives him power over me which I am not willing to give either. I am not going to do his job and mail his support in for him which is what I would be doing. I truly feel bad for josh to see that stuff and plus the fact he has to spend the day with the bloody boar.

10-09-2005, 11:33 PM
Melissa-Bet ya all the Summer Starters would like to come and kick the crap out or your ex and the genius neighbors and then we could all go have great big ice cream sundaes.
I am longing for an ice cream sundae and I might do a "Hacker" and spend a full days 1200 calories on ice cream and then feel stuffed and yucky and be done with needing ice cream.

10-09-2005, 11:48 PM
Believe me it is tempting. It is times like this I wish I were remarried because he wouldn't pull half of what he does if I were. He was hovering yet again at my porch when he dropped josh off and glaring at me-like that is supposed to initimidate me or something. I don't care anymore and I didn't hit the fridge either. I ranted a bit and fumed alot but hey that burns calories right?

10-10-2005, 12:09 AM
Isn't it wonderful to be done hitting the fridge. We just went to dinner at a friend's. She is one of the few friends I have who know I am dieting so she baked some fish for me. Everyone else had huge slabs of bloody roast beef. Then there were lots of veggies. I had a tiny piece of apple pie and no guilt cause I don't think the fish and veggies were even 250 calories, no bread or appetizers. I didn't feel left out or bad or anything, just pleased to be with friends. What a change!

10-10-2005, 08:23 AM
Melissa, sorry to hear what you are going thru with the ex. I never had a child with my ex so he had no reason to stay in my life- a mixed blessing --I married a wonderful man who couldn't have children. Life is strange sometimes. I know it was hard to turn down the money but you did the right thing. :grouphug:
I went shopping Sunday with the hubby, I wasn't going to try on anything, we were looking for a jacket for him. Anyway, he talked me into trying on some dress pants :yikes: I ended up wearing a Misses size :faint: (true it was a LARGE misses size ;) , but hey, I haven't seen that size in 11 years!) :spin:
So I came home on :cloud9: , I can't remember the last time I had a good experience clothes shopping. Weighed my self and am down 3 pounds :goodscale
Good luck to everyone this week. I might fall behind on posts (this is my 60 hour week) :tired:
Maybe I'll do a MELRA on my boss :rollpin: :lol3:

10-10-2005, 12:32 PM
congrats on the loss Misty
Melissa- I have a blue ribbon in dealing with annoying neighbors and ex's :lol: !
I on a real quick early lunch today so i stopped by to see what's up.
After I get home I will post and :bravo: everyone
But the next person to read this please check and see if my fitday link works??? and let me know??
I would be very thankful - that way my sig is ok and I don't spend all day wondering if someone is going - geez she can't even put in a url correctly :lol:
Have a great day!

10-10-2005, 12:41 PM
Thanks guys for all the support! I really appreciated it alot. All that fussing and fuming must burn calories cause I was down two more pounds today! How different from a time when I would have been up 2 pounds or more from that kind of thing. I am still struggling with the seeing myself at 250 still but soon I can start my picture journal and I am really hoping that helps me out. I can tell a difference in my clothes and congrats Misty too on the clothing change! I know what an awesome feeling it is.

Busy day for me today. I have to go see my son's therapist today. He is the one with the issues but I get to go. I told her a long time ago that I have her for 50 minutes and so it will be some therapy for me too LOL. I do like her alot. Then the big grocery shop today too. Man I tell you I am so excited to go! How pathetic is that? It also looks like I got the excersize bike too! She emailed her phone number so when I get a chance will need to call her. Now I will feel like I am doing something-not that I am not moving most of the day but it will give me some intentional excersize which I am thinking I need to do. I know it will be hard to keep josh off it but that is ok as we are still fighting against the medications that cause him to gain weight. I also decided if Dennis ever pulls anything like he did yesterday, I will definately go Melra on him and have him removed from my property. It is just so stupid for him to act that way, especially in front of Josh.


10-10-2005, 12:42 PM
Yes your fitday works perfectly!

10-10-2005, 02:06 PM
WOOHOO!! I got the excersize bike! Now I just have to get Dad to get it for me LOL. Hopefully I will have it by tomorrow.

10-10-2005, 02:54 PM
Yay on the bike Melissa! Maybe you should call the police next time he does something like this? Seriously, if he knows that you are going to take it serious and do something like call on him, he might think twice before doing it again. Then, if he files on you with cps (thinkt that's what ya called it there) then you have some official proff that he is just getting back at you and filing for nothing....have the police file an official report and make sure it includes his threat to call on you. Then if he does call cps, you have proof it's not legit. You just need proof that he is doing this to you. If you have a camcorder, then maybe put it in a window aimed to the porch or wherever he does this at, and turn it on to record when he comes to get Josh again. He won't know it's there, but you'll have solid evidence of him banging your door down. I just think you need evidence, not to hang over his head but just to protect yourself if it winds up in court or something. You might even use it to get his visitations cut down or ended completely. If you can prove he's being a hazard to the child (as he is with this behavior) than you may be able to prove him unfit.

Maybe I'm no help, but I would try to get some evidence on him. Even recording the noise somehow migh work, like a tape recorder. Check on Freecycle for a camcorder next ;) ya never know.


10-10-2005, 05:23 PM
Alright Melissa! way to go on the bike- and I agree with Theresa- Document every threat/annoyance/ irritation he makes- time, place, what he says or does.
A short burst on an air horn works great for annoying neighbor kids as they ride by..
Thank you for telling me the fitday is ok. I am doing it so I can be honest- and if anyone wants to look I am warning you :lol: they DO say laughing burn calories!

Laura -you said apple pie.I am craving now... YUM hmmm I got some beautiful apples yesterday and I do believe I will bake (ok microwave) one tonight with cinnamon and splenda- oh I am getting hungry

So far so good today- drank my h2o- i got up this a.m. and exercised- I am tracking my food- a good start to a good week ! I hope everyone else is doing good today!
Have a great afternoon all!

10-10-2005, 06:38 PM
Yeah I had kind of started too but now it is more detailed ect. I talked to Josh's shrink about it and she was concerned that he seems to be losing control of himself and that I may have to get a restraining order which would suit me fine because then I would never have to see him. Still waiting for dad to call about picking up the bike. got the shopping and and whew it is nice to have produce ect again. I am making a huge salad tonight to go with the mandarine beef I am making. Tomorrow my grandmother turns 92 and Odessa turns 3. I guess I better find out if there are plans before I make my menu for tomorrow. We are doing Odessa's party on Saturday so Maryann can be here (other grandma). I am really pretty birthdayed out. I am in the clear after Saturday until January so that is nice. I am off the chop veggies but will check in later.

10-10-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi all! I have been terrible about keeping up with the thread lately but I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I hope everyone is doing well and staying on track to a healthier lifestyle!

Yesterday was my day to weigh and I got to move the ticker down 2 more! I had been holding steady at 156 the two previous weeks so things are slowing down for me but I'm ok with that because I only have 4 more to go!! I can't even put in to words how good it feels. I don't obsess about food, I don't worry about what clothes I'll be able to squeeze into for work tomorrow, I don't stay home every weekend just because I'd rather not be seen...I'm having FUN.

Exercise has been mostly walking. I feel like I'm not getting enough and need to do something more strenuous once in a while. I think I am going to have to start getting on the NordicTrack again or doing an aerobics tape once in a while. I just feel like I'm slacking in the exercise department lately. I did jog a couple of times last week but other than that I haven't done anything but walk. At least I am getting some leg muscles out of the deal. Really surprised me when I was jogging one morning and reached down to scratch my leg and felt muscle instead of flab...I was so excited I went straight home to show my husband. We had a really nice day today and I had the day off so I spent a lot of time outside. My husband was working on things around the farm so he didn't want to take the time to go with me so I took one of the new llamas with me instead. Actually he was a pretty good walking partner....didn't argue, complain, or talk back...and even hummed part of the time. I did get some pretty strange looks from some of the farmers in the fields but that's ok. If you spend much time with llamas you get used to funny looks and lots of questions.

Eating has been fine. Even with eating out a couple of times last week, and going to a baptism reception on Sunday, food just hasn't been much of an issue. I had salads in the restaurants because that's what sounded the best on the menu, and at the baptism I had sliced peppered turkey on a wheat bun and a big plate of fruit salad. I didn't even feel deprived saying "no" to the cake. I don't really have to count calories anymore and I can pretty much eat whenever I want to as long as I make the right food choices.

Hope everybody is doing great! I'm going to go do some reading and try to catch up on what everybody is up to. I've missed you all!!

Ice Princess
10-10-2005, 07:29 PM
Wow all you guys seem to be doing so good staying on program. Not me I am so stressed. I just dont feel like doing anything, no exercise, not eating, not drinking, just sittin here feeling more and more depressed. Hopefully after I see lawyer on Thursday, for suctody and get that started it will be a bit easier. And when I get he letter from the bank on when I have to be out of the house, that will make my life a bit easier, cause then I know when I have to be out. Life just sucks.....

OK OK I know stop stop stop

I think I am going to go have a nice hot bath and shave my legs do a facial, do somthing for me to take my mind off all the bull.
I go to Curves tommorrow for my weigh in, hopefully I have lost somthing.
Well i feel a little better getting this stuff off my chest. I think just posting and lettign it out makes sucha big difference.

10-10-2005, 07:49 PM
Divorce or seperation is hard even when it is a good thing. Going through mine was one of the hardest things I have done but as you guys have all read, it was absolutely the best thing for both Joshua and myself. Even though you don't feel like it, make yourself stay busy and you will feel better if you make right food choices. Stress is hard on the body and at least by eating right, you won't have the added oogies from eating yicky on top of the already mounting emotions you will be going through. You do have alot of loose ends right now and you will feel better as there is some closure on some of them. Hang in there and post post post and do whatever you need to to keep on track. Self-abuse won't help-making right choices and feeling better will. We are all here for you Ice.

10-10-2005, 11:19 PM
kayelle~ good to see your post! I thought of you yesterday while standing in the middle of a petting zoo at the RenFest--crazy llama! I have no food for you! You might have posted this before, but how long has it taken you to lose all that weight? You sound so confident and relaxed about it and I wonder when I will ever be.

I was really good up until dinner tonight and I ate too much. Waited too long for dinner and I was soo hungry. I ran 45 min tonight sort of by accident--i was supposed to do 30 and then weights but I started thinking about how proud of myself I would be if I did 45. Then of course I was getting a bit lightheaded doing weights so I had to quit for the night. sigh. I estimate I burned 400-500 calories, based on the treadmill. I made it through squats and lunges (ow!) but I'll have to try to do abs and arms and back tomorrow. I really like that I'm adding muscle tone, mostly b/c I know the metabolic rate for muscle is so much higher than fat, but dang it is hard to stay on top of it.

I have been slipping up on my diet a lot more often than I can excuse. How do I deal with this? I feel like my exercise levels are okay, but my eating sucks and I don't seem to stay focused on my calories anymore. I just hate the thought of a diet. I will try again tomorrow to make it stick and will do better at eating times so I don't go overboard from hunger. I haven't lost weight or inches in a little while and it all has to be my eating.

10-11-2005, 01:08 AM
iceprincess, i am sending some hugs your way. i hope you doing better soon. it must be so hard with everything you are going through now. hope you have good news on the scale at curves tomorrow.
melra don't feel too bad about taking it easy on the diet front for awhile. at least you are keeping up with the exercise and haven't gained. i think you are right about not getting hungry so you don't go overboard when you eat. that should improve things. so don't go melra on yourself :lol:
melissa, wtg on the pound loss. i am always inspired by how well you hang in there when your *&*% ex gives you grief. i wouldn't worry about cps. they are so incompetent i doubt they will hassle you much if he calls. although they seem to be most interested in complaints that are totally bogus than real abuse. i guess it's easier to give nice people a hard time than genuine abusers. (guess everyone can tell i have had some bad experiences with cps! ;) )
well i went way over on calories yesterday. i just need to accept that days when i have a couple drinks, i can't have ice cream and vice versa. it all adds up to too much. i was fine before dinner, and then, wham! tacos, chips, dip, beer, ice cream! at least i didn't have any pie. well i put a small amount of the fruit filling on my ice cream. :devil:
today is a good day. haven't had too many calories before dinner, and today dinner is going to be more reasonable. also i have been in a good mood all day because my new red glitter shoes arrived. whoopeeee! i red-heart red glitter :D

10-11-2005, 11:06 AM
Ice, things are going to get easier once the unresolved issues come to conclusions. Soon you'll be too busy moving to worry about much else. It is hard when everything is changing around you, and you're not sure what's coming up or how you'll pull through. But you WILL pull through...this day will pass and lead into happier, much more settled ones.

KayElle, you have lost over 90 lbs. and you make it sound like it's so ordinary and normal. It's NOT. You are one of the few people that manage to take that kind of weight off and have the lifestyle to support it long term. You have to be dancing around the room and showing yourself off with so much pride. If you're not...well, get to it girl! Celebrate your accomplishment, you deserve it. But don't go away once it's all gone because you are my inspiration, remember?

Melissa, restraining order sounds perfect. Can you get one for Josh too, and how would visitations go, or would they stop?

Congrats to those who took off lbs., forget who ya are. And Ice, good luck on the scales.

I had a great workout this AM, yoga and upper body weight workout. Going for some cardio in the afternoon and while watching TV tonight.

10-11-2005, 11:07 AM
okay, I packed up food for myself which includes: apple(80cal), banana (100cal), tomato/black bean soup (220cal), deli turkey on a mini-bagel (whole wheat, natch, 225 cal total), and ff yogurt(80cal). Problem is I am already way hungry and I really want to eat that dang bagel now...I have had a banana so far. I'm planning on having broiled fish and a salad tonight with skim milk. That should bring me to about 1300 cal.

10-11-2005, 11:44 AM
Well I ate too much last night. Nothing really bad but too much. I think we all go a little nuts on grocery day and it has been especially so the last couple of months since there was no support and it was very lean around here. Even little amanda went gahgah yesterday and I am sure ate her weight. But back on track this morning and hopefully Dad will pick up my bike today. The lady called me last night and said she would hold onto it for me and not give it to anyone else. I guess this thing tells you mph and your heart rate and has all the bells and whistles which is so kewl.

Yes if I wind up putting a restraining order in, he won't see Josh either for two reasons. First one is he won't be able to come within 500ft or call me and the second is if he is too nuts to be around me, he is too nuts to be around josh. The guy is just delusional. He actually believes all the garbage he feeds to his chippy.

Odessa is 3 today! It looks like her other grandma won't make it for saturday since her property tax is due on the 31st so we will just have a quiet little deal here at home after dinner. She is so young, she won't know the difference anyway and she will just be happy with her backpack and cinderella movie. I got her a disney princess backpack. She tried to rob Raleigh of his bob the builder backpack on amanda's birthday so now she will have one of her own. I can't believe all the kids are still sleeping an it is 739a at my house. Nice for the peace and quiet but I will have to wake josh up here shortly cause he has a bus to catch.

I know it is hard but stay in your target Melra! You can do it. Drink more water today to help fill the gap and luch will be there before you know it. I am trying an eggplant caserole tonight. Amanda loves eggplant-goofy kid. She like the obscure veggies like cabbage and eggplant but won't eat much else in the veggie catagory other than those mini corn on the cob I get from Schwans. I know I will be drinking extra water today too to help combat last night and if my bike comes will ride it no less than 15 minutes-need to start slow lol

10-11-2005, 11:59 AM
Melissa-I'm glad you got the restraining order. Be ready to dial 911 if he shows up or bothers you.
Today I am trying to eat more protein cause I think protein fights hunger and maybe the need to nibble will go away. So for breakfast I warmed some leftover white meat turkey and some leftover roasted veggies. It was a much smaller serving than I would do at dinner and am not hungry. We work at home, so the kitchen and fridge are always a step away. My DH has no issues with food, but I am another story. I am hoping to just have some fruit and yougert for lunch and fish and veggies for dinner.
I want to be between 1200 and 1300 calories.
Has anyone on WW computed points vs calories? What do the points you have chosen add up to in calories? I am curious..

10-11-2005, 12:24 PM
It is a 3 part process. First you count dietary fiber in the item, then calories, then fat to figure out the points. I also have a huge book with all kinds of foods that already list the points and all their cookbooks have it in points. For example an item with 3g fiber, 190 calories and 4g fat will be a 4pt food item. I know the fat and fiber content play into it. I just like it cause I don't have to think-LOL. I get right now 26pts a day and when they are gone, I am done. Vegetables are 0 points and fruit is 1 or 2 points. After doing it awhile, you just start to know what the points are for how much and now I just use my slide if it is something out of a box or can which is rare or I want to know what the points are for a bagel-depending on fiber ect, it can flexuate on how many there are.

10-11-2005, 01:15 PM
Laura, I have been focusing my food on protein as well, and you are right that it fights hunger. Yesterday I had a salad with chicken breast on it (boiled chicken), and I put a lot of chicken since the salad was on the thin side, and it kept me so full I didn't even eat supper. It was around 2PM that I had the salad and I just felt so full all the way up to bed time. My calories only came to barely 1000 calories, which is way low, but seriously I was just so full from that chicken. I woke up very hungry and had some eggs and it's going to be a chicken breast (baked) with a bit of cheese and mushrooms for lunch. I feel a lot more energetic when I have more protein and veggies than carbs.


10-11-2005, 01:28 PM
Somebody sent me this in email, and I thought it was cute:

Only One Pound

Hello, do you know me?

If you don't, you should. I'm a pound of fat, and I'm the HAPPIEST pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.

Want to know why?

It's because no one ever wants to lose me;

I'm ONLY ONE POUND, just a pound!

Everyone wants to lose three pounds, five pounds, or fifteen
pounds, but never only one. So I just stick around and happily keep you fat. Then I add to myself, ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice it. That is, until I've grown to ten, twenty, thirty or even more pounds of weight.

Yes, it's fun being ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT, left to do as I please. So, when you weigh in, keep right on saying, "Oh, I only lost one." (As if that were such a terrible thing.) For you see, if you do this, you'll encourage others to keep me around because they'll think I'm not worth losing.

I love being around you - your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips and every part of you.

Happy Days!!!

After all, I'm ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT!!!

10-11-2005, 03:03 PM
cute email theresa! I want to lose 1 pound 25 more times...but not the same pound, that would displease me.

I made it through to lunch and now I'm full. bodies are so crazy.

In Shape magazine a study was quoted on protein intake--that for women if the majority of your protein intake comes from non-animal sources your risk of cardiovascular disease drops super significantly. Now, I've tried to be vegetarian before and it didn't work for me, but we do eat very little red meat--maybe once a month--and that's supposed to make a big difference in heart health. I've been getting more protein from non-animal sources lately though as sort of a by-product of trying to get in more fiber. I've been sprinkling little flax seeds on my salads and some entrees for a boost of fiber and protein and I recommend it for everyone. Just have floss handy cause those babies like to stick!

10-11-2005, 07:11 PM
I went 78 calories over my 1500 limit today and it was totally avoidable :( I had the rest of the chicken a bit before making the kids supper, and was full and just under calorie limit. Then, Allie just insisted she had to have mac & cheese for supper, she hasn't had that in weeks so I decided might as well go ahead, since I wasn't eating with them tonight. Well...of course I decided I'd just have a bite of what was left in the pan, and then the rest was all gone. It was only about a half cup, maybe less, but it still put me just a bit over calories. Wanna kick myself mercilessly right now because I know better than to do the "one bite" thing! I KNOW BETTER!! :mad:

Okay, done with my tantrum. I got all my water in today, have done 6 miles plus strength and am going to do 2-4 more miles this evening after kids go down, so I will hopefully be okay. I just SO want to lose this week. Losing every couple to three weeks is so frustrating.


10-11-2005, 07:59 PM
Things I have learned so far:

1. Even if the scale doesn't move, there are changes happening in my body and inches are still coming off.

2. Water is critical. I simply do not lose without it.

3. One bad meal or day is not the end of the journey. Flush it out with water, do some extra exercise and move on.

4. I can lose by staying under a low calorie limit, even if those calories are nothing but junk. BUT, this kind of food makes me feel miserable, and how I feel is more important than just numbers on the scale dropping. I have to count not only calories, but what those calories are made up of.

5. I have no one else to blame for me being overweight, but myself. I choose how I respond to the world and eating is not the only option!

6. Cookies, cakes, and pizza will never make me feel as fabulous as loose pants and baggy shirts.

What I look forward to:

1. Not having to worry if any of the clothes in my closet will fit.

2. Not having to lie down on the bed to zip my pants.

3. Not struggling to reach my hands behind my back to snap my bra (this is already getting easier).

4. Getting up and down from the floor to play with the kids without struggle or my belly squeezing against my pants.

5. Having fun with my husband and not worrying about how disgusting I look or if he's really thinking about me, not some supermodel.

6. CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT!!! Because I will no longer need it long to hide my double chin.

7. Shopping for clothes in regular stores that don't have a plus section.

8. Walking into places around other mothers, mosty Allie's preschool activities, and not feeling like the "Fat Mommy" in the middle.

9. Getting in and out of my car without my legs pulling the steering wheel and locking it up (this also is better already).

I juste needed to remind myself of these things ladies, and thought someone here might need to think of their own lists at this time.


10-11-2005, 09:16 PM
Those are great things you wrote theresa! It is so true and if we just remind ourselves, frustration I would think would go down a bit. My bike is here! I am not sure I can do 15 minutes lol. 3 and my legs were burning(very sad). I passed up cake and ice cream and man it was hard cause I wanted it bad. I just put it out of sight. It was hard this time cause it was just me and the kids. Last birthday I only saved 3 tiny pieces and sent the rest home with the guests. My new cookbook came today too and I have already circled things I want to try. Tonights dinner was a flop! I laughed my butt off cause when mom and dad came to drop off the bike, mom looked at it sniffed it and said ewe what is that???? I told her dinner do you want some? She couldn't get out fast enough ROFL. Hey you dont' know if you dont' try and this will go in the freezer for desperation meals if I need them.

Odessa is really pushing the envelope today. Defiant, screaming and I do believe she called me a butthead twice. Well I suppose I should do the dishes and clean up all the melted ice cream and I know a birthday girl who is going to bed early although I will have to put back about 20 times before she stays. Toddlers got to love them.

10-11-2005, 10:59 PM
Theresa -How awesome! that was so nice to read. Thank you!
Melissa- congrats on the bike! and i am sure you will share new recipes with us??? ;) I looked up an old ww one with the angel food cake mix and pumpkin and decided it was going to be made this weekend.
I finally got my baked apple tonight it hit the spot -I found a recipe for crustless apple pie and I will look into it.
melra- I have been on Flax seeds- (my hubby's coffee grinder hasn't been the same) and I do the oil in salads and I also have to take fish oil caps - in 2 months my triglycerides (sp?) have dropped by 200 points. I just got blood tests back and except for the liver all looks alot better- it's a pain in the butt- in order to get better I have to lose weight but it's almost impossible to lose when you have a fat liver. :(

((( HUGS)) to you ice- what a rough time you are going thru
Kayelle- Congrats- I am in awe of you- seeing this makes me know that it can be done and it's not hopeless. Thank you for inspiration.
Candace- my daughter and you are soulmates- anything red and with glitter is her fav. she double hearts glitter.

I find when I add protein to a carb- like chicken in salad or tuna or egg whites I do better too- Lots of fiber too- arrgh balancing protein,fiber, carbs... I need to be careful or I will stress over what I am eating.
I growled at a boss today when he was looking at my apple :p
I did the scary monthly trip to walmart tonight- the two carts of tp, paper towels etc.. Publix has chicken breasts on sale for 1.79 a pound so I am buying as many packs as I can- I will bone and skin them myself for 1.79! But i couldn't handle wallyworld and publix all in 1 night.
I am off to bed- ya'll have a great night!

10-11-2005, 11:10 PM
Yummy, I might have to try a baked apple. 2 points for it and it would feel like a real treat too. How long do you bake it for? You aren't going to believe this. I had a call come in through my intercept saying they were Washington State Dept of Revenue (it is one of the debts from my ex) Well I didn't get to the phone in time so I called Mary my gal and she said it wasnt' her. Then I started thinking about it and she doesn't come in through the intercept but Dennis's girlfriend does! What is up with this guy???? He is now resorting to fraud to try and get through to me. Now I am glad that I didn't make it to the phone in time and I also think I am going to talk to Mary about it and see if they can be in trouble for representing themselves as a state agency. I know you can't say you are a cop if you aren't-he is going to wind up in some serious trouble if he doesn't stop. I did document it though. That cake is calling me but I have told it no yet again. Soon Amanda will go down and I can do some cross stitch since Odessa passed out at 6 and is in bed now. No idle hands here!

10-11-2005, 11:12 PM
Melra people tease me that I could open my own petting zoo. Between cats, dogs, horses, pygmy goats and llamas it stays pretty intertesting around here. Hubby keeps telling me "NO MORE ANIMALS" but he really just hasn't learned how to say no to me yet. Poor guy. Not sure if he knew what he was getting into all those years ago when he married me. Our vet bills are as high as our doctor bills and our animals are as pampered as our kids.

I started changing my habits on Jan. 19th of this year. Our school was involved in "Lighten Up Iowa" where we had to keep track exercise and fruits/vegetables eaten. We didn't have to keep track of anything else, and the goal was to take 10,000 steps and eat at least 5 servings (perferably more) every single day. When I first started that's all I did but when the pounds started coming off I started counting calories and cutting out everything that was high in fat or sugary, and adding more strenuous exercise. I've lost big amounts of weight twice before, but I've always been starved the whole time and just couldn't keep it off. The reason I seem confident and relaxed this time is because I feel so different about it. This is a way of eating that I can live with forever. I could not live with feeling hungry all the time. Some people do better with portion control but that just isn't an option for me because if I get too hungry I grab the wrong things and eat them until they are gone. Also, I have a much better support system this time between you all and the people I work with. You and everybody else here will be able to say "I did it!!" before you know's just a matter of figuring out what works for you and sticking with it no matter what. Everybody is doing're here and you're not giving up, so that only leaves room for success.

Theresa I'm not going anywhere! I know you all will keep me in line and get me back on track when I slip up. Maintenance is what's been hardest for me in the past so I'm not about to give up any support that I have. Also...great list!

Ice...good luck with your appt. on Thursday and I hope it eases some of your worries...sometimes life does just suck, you are right, but things will get better. I hope your WI went well today.

melissa...happy birthday to Odessa!! Too bad your dinner was a flop but I can really relate to that one. I am such a bad cook that when my 2 year old niece saw me at the stove making mac & cheese (mac & cheese is just about the extent of my abilities) for her one day when they were visiting, her eyes got big and she went running into the next room yelling to my sister "Kay's cookin'!!"

Yikes...I hardly ever have time to post but then when I do it's a long rambling novel. Sorry about that gals...I really need to keep up better....

Hope everyone is having a great night...I'm off to have some pineapple & then go to bed.

10-12-2005, 08:32 AM
I just 10 miles away from finishing milestone 5!!! That is so exciting, I've been on this one for so long. I'm going to try and get in a couple workouts during the day, and hopefully finish it TODAY! If not, I'll just leave a little for tomorrow. I did 9 miles yesterday, in 3 workouts, to get this close and I just want to be finished with it.

I can tell today that I went over calories, just don't feel as light. But that's okay, back on the ball today. I did get in tons of water and all that exercise it's not too bad I guess.

OKay what about you all? What are you going to do today to make yourself feel good? It's mid-week, so let's give a good push toward our goals ladies!


10-12-2005, 08:52 AM
i really need to get my own scale. the one i use at the gym is acting up again. yesterday i tried the one i normally use and i could tell it was off because i didn't balance at zero, and the other one said i was 160. that sounded a little low to me, but i figured maybe the other one has been off for awhile, you know? today they were both messed up. i figure 160 is the most reliable number right now, but i still wish i had a digital scale at home. i have never had a problem with those before. grrr.
i did ok today calorie wise. i was doing great until dh brought home some beer for us. oh well. at least it was light. i am hoping for the breakthough into the 150s will come soon. i bet i weighed more than that in middle school :lol:

10-12-2005, 10:40 AM
I would die if I didn't have my own scale! Go get one candace-they aren't that expesive really. I think I got mine for like 14.00 or so and it is digital. Ok for this week I am going to stay totally OP and get on that bike every chance I get. I am not sure I did the full 15 minutes yesterday but I sure felt what I had done. I will have to work my up. We are quickly approaching the midway mark for the month and I still have a ways to go to make goal.

SIL is in town again too waiting for his team driver to get here from Oklahoma so he will be up to visit the kids.


10-12-2005, 12:48 PM
theresa, you're quite the little cheerleader lately! I love it!

kayelle, I can't believe you've come so far in less than a year. Really amazing.

melissa, You keep it up with the bike! I'm so excited for you that you have one! I started running again not too long after getting on this forum and I know that my total minutes were nothing to brag about--I think I started at 8 min. I was totally excited when I was able to run 18 min continuously and I was seriously winded after that. In less than 3 months I am up to 45 min of continuous running and it's just because I've been doing it 3-4 times a week. I also increased the # of pushups I can do in a row from 3 to 20 in less than 3 months and I don't even do those regularly! (i should though--I've been slacking) Measure out your progress and keep posting on it and I think you will be amazed at how quickly your endurance level rises. Push yourself a little bit more once a week and then try to maintain it and don't worry if you don't make it at every workout.

I had a bowl of fiber1 with a banana and skim milk for breakfast (~300cal) and that has made a world of difference today. Still not at all hungry. I brought a turkey sandwhich for lunch--whole grain roll w/ turkey and yes, a piece of cheese (~340cal). Grapes and yogurt for a snack (~100cal). Baked chicken and brocolli for dinner, maybe something else in there as another snack? Not sure. I went over my calories last night by waiting too long again for dinner and then overeating.

My WI today was 161 and when I tried to change my signature, I messed it up entirely, so now I have to figure out what to do with it. I am bummed that I am so far away from my mini-goal. It's totally on my eating, I know.

10-12-2005, 01:32 PM
My computer crashed yesterday morning and it took till now for DH to get me back into the world. I really missed this site last night. The support is so terrific.
We are traveling tomorrow thru Sunday pm for work so it means lots of eating out, 8 times and sometimes in nice places with people we work with. I am determined to stay OP and choose food that I know is ok. 2 appetizers instead of an entre is good, and so is a salad. It's bread that usually messes me up in a restaurant, and there can be no desserts even if something sounds wonderful.
I went to look at clothes yeaterday cause everything I have is kind of baggy, but I decided it's silly to spend money on pants that will be baggy soon (I hope). So I bought 2 inexpensive tops, and I will wear my best baggy pants which I am washing in hot water right now.
Everyone sounds so good. I love Theresa's list. You said it all. I just got a new used small car to save gas, and it's hard wiggling in and out, especially since my thin DH pulls the seat forward.
Melissa-I'm glad you got your bike. I bet you can warn silly chippy that the FBI is recording your phone because of some silly calls from someone. That should make her miserable.

10-12-2005, 01:52 PM
You can stay OP Laura and enjoy your trip too! I think I am just going to change my phone number and then I won't have to deal with this stupid junk anymore and I will make sure it is unlisted and there is no forwarding to it. It costs about 40 bux to do it though so I will probably have to wait until after the holidays to do it. I have been on my bike twice and I ride until I feel rubbery legs. Thanks for the encouragement Melra cause talk about feeling like a wimpy ol' lady on that thing. My son has been on it alot and rides circles around me. I know it is bound to get better though.

10-12-2005, 04:19 PM
Do what you can to stay op during your trip Laura!

I just went out to buy a new swimsuit. I've needed one for a couple of years and I was waiting until the last minute b/c I had really hoped I would be closer to my goal of 155 by now. grump. So of course I could only go to a swimsuit boutique and had to spend twice as much as I really wanted to on this suit. It's the most flattering one I've ever owned though, so at least I'll feel a little better when I'm around our friends this weekend.

10-12-2005, 04:28 PM
Melra- You've done so good and a good bathingsuit can make you look 10 lbs slimmer. A nice sarong works well as a cover up. You can tie it many different ways so it's most flattering to you . You will be gorgeous anyway with all your new muscle.

10-12-2005, 04:35 PM
Melra, you'll be just fine in the bathing suit! Part of it's in the head..if you walk in confident and head held high others will follow that with positive views of you. Don't go in sulking and hiding, it will be obvious. Just have FUN.

Melissa you will work up your strength on the bike, just keep going. When I first started exercising the 1 mile WATP exhausted me, now I have to carry weights with the 4 mile and still it's too easy. It didn't take no time at all to pick up the miles, just had to keep to it every day, and soon the 1 mile was easy, then the 2, then 3....on ya go.

Laura, good luck on the trip. Just keep putting it in your head that you can and will make wise choices. If you know some of the restaraunt names you might look them up online...depending if they are online or not, i have found even some small local places I love are even online now so ya never know. That way you can plan ahead some.

I'm going to be very busy tomorrow: Alllie's eye appointment, grocery shopping, and then halloween costume shopping. So if I'm not around, that's where I am. Allie wants to be Barney of all things for halloween :rolleyes: so I'm hoping we can't find that costume and she'll have to pick something else.


10-12-2005, 04:41 PM
I am with everyone else. Dollars to D word it is a smaller size than you were and you have made yourself some new muscles. Stand tall cause dawling you look mahvolous!

I went out today and got some project things that I can do even if the girls are up cause I know I need to stay busy-boredom is NOT a good thing. I have two shoe boxes full of pictures so I got a memory book today and will start getting that mess cleaned up. I think I still have 3 rolls I need to develope too lol. Man I am bad. Both girls are sleeping for a change so I am gonna go ride till rubbery and then start cleaning out pictures.

10-12-2005, 08:57 PM
Oh geez, I just went through massive pictures and I can't believe how FAT I am in those pictures! It almost made me depressed. I have pics with me and Odessa when she was an infant, and there is hardly any room for her on my lap. Ugh! Just makes my resolve stronger to keep doing what I am doing that is for sure.

10-12-2005, 09:48 PM
Oh melra- You will rock the place in your bathing suit!
You will look great! enjoy yourself for all of us w/o hot ;) tubs

Theresa- THANK YOU for all your great motivational words that so help with the "i don't wanna's"

Have a nice trip Laura!

Melissa- I remember posting in here that I couldn't even do 3-4 minutes on my bike and now I can proudly do 20 before rubber legs - I look forward to the day I can do an hour before i turn into gumby. I microwaved my apples- I cored it and sprinkled cinnamon and splenda on it and then covered it with plastic wrap and gave it about 3 - 5 minutes -I guess it depends on how mushy you like your apple.

I am SO close to 165 it isn't even funny- all I want to see is that scale hit 165
so I am stepping up my exercise. I do think the careful attention to food and portion sizes is helping ALOT. I kept saying well gee you know what to eat and how much and then I thought well how honest are you being? so for right now i am being anal :lol: about measuring and weighing. after a while i will be "trained" to really KNOW serving sizes. That way I will be able to work portion sizes on turkey day and holiday parties. I am getting into oatmeal- the real stuff- I never thought I'd say that! EVER- me eat real oatmeal?? I would have been :rofl: 3 months ago if you had told me that.

Everyone have a great night and thank you all so much for kindness and caring!

10-13-2005, 01:14 AM
theresa, Allie's costume reminded me of this so I thought I'd share: when my daughter was 2-3 years old she was really into Barney so we picked up a BabyBop costume on clearance after Halloween. BabyBop sort of became her alter ego and anytime she was pouting or whatever we would ask her if she wanted to be BabyBob and she would always tearfully nod her head. So I have all these pics of her dressed as a green and purple dinosaur all tear-stained and pouty. She was BabyBop at the grocery store and all other sorts of errands and it was even funnier b/c she wouldn't go anywhere without her Easter Pig (that's a whole other story). So dang cute. I got all kinds of looks from other people but of course any mother we ran into would totally interact with her and complement her costume "You are being very good for a dinosaur!". I love that stuff. We never had any money for the cutesy kids' clothes anyway so I just let my kid wear whatever she wanted as long as it matched the weather--although a few times we had to put on long johns under BabyBop and then boots and a coat--the little tail stuck out of the back!

10-13-2005, 08:59 AM
awww melra i bet she was so cute! Allie has a princess costume from last year that is now in her dress up box and she likes it more than all the other stuff in there. She is now saying she wants to be a care bear, though at first she said bears stink and now she wants to be one. She also mentioned a dragon (Dragon Tales), so I'm just gonna take her and let her look. I'm sure once she sees all the options she'll pick something totally different. This is the first year she is old enough to care what she wears so it's fun.

I made a mistake, her eye appt. isn't until tomorrow so today is just the grocery store. The doc is in Shelby where all the stores are, so shopping for the costume will have to wait. I'm relieved because all that running with the kids in one day would be ****.

I blew the diet last night, so have to be strict today because WI is tomorrow. It's looking like I'll maintain AGAIN. I have to get on the ball or I won't make my Thanksgiving goal, which will throw off the goal to be under 200 by my birthday in Feb. I have to refocus on those goals.

Allie woke up today soaked in pee...this will make the second night time accident since she was trained over a year ago, so it was a big big surprise. I had to give her a bath and even her hair was soaked in it, which meant I had to wash it and get out the hair dryer since it's chilly out there now in AM. That put us running late, so I got hubby out of bed and made him drive cut out time on me getting myself dressed, we were that late. I also made him go get diapers because I ran out last night and all the stores in our town were closed. Of course, when I only had one left he had to poop in it :p

Anyway, the day feels rushed and I"m going to sit back with Tyler, hold him and try to slow it down some.


10-13-2005, 12:19 PM
i ended up doing okay on diet yesterday--not great but better than I have been. I haven't done much strength training at all this week and it's just going to have to wait until Monday. Today's our anniversary so for lunch I'm going to the restaurant my husband bartends and I will have a salad.

I forgot to mention that even though i haven't lost any weight in a month now, the new swimsuit I bought yesterday was a size10, which surprised me. I never would have picked it out for myself but the gals that worked there fitted me.

10-13-2005, 12:24 PM
Way too cute Melra!

Thanks too to sandisuze-next time I have an apple on the menu I am going to bake it. It just sounds like a delicious treat!

Theresa remember that determined young woman last week and reread your resolves! Plan the night before what your menu is going to be for the next day. I have found that tool immensly helpful. I get hungry, I go look at what my meal is and act accordingly and I know exactly how many points I have.

I know the bike is working cause when I got on it this morning, my butt hurt (what little I have) and my legs were a bit sore too. Right now I am just getting on it a few times a day but already by my last session, I was able to go longer. It sure took a load off now that I have something I can use to get some excersize. I was feeling bad because I never was able to get out there and get some walking in and it is such a pain to load the kids up and washington rains so much too. Now if I have a few minutes, I just hop on the bike and make sure the blind is closed-I just don't want to subject my neighbors that side show. Seeing those pictures of myself last night really bothered me and really come **** or high water, I am never going to look like that again. I should put one of them on my fridge if I am tempted to eat more than I need. It is absolutely repulsive.

I forgot milk while I was out yesterday and I ran out of stickies for the pictures so it is another outing today! Plus if the weather holds, I really need to get to the market and buy those apples. I was going to make some breakfast cookies and realized I am out of applesause. Didn't buy any because I was going to make my own. I am going to cook up a pumpkin too. Between josh's chocolate pumpkin muffins ect, I am buying alot of it lately and I get alot more miles out just making my own there too. Plus it keeps me busy. All this energy is new to me and now I just don't know what to do with myself half the time.

Everyone have a great OP day!

10-13-2005, 12:40 PM
Melissa you have lost so much! How wonderful! You'll break into the One-derland soon! And, if you really have so much energy, I can send some projects your way to keep you busy!

10-13-2005, 01:14 PM
Right now I would take them. It is like night and day for me. I used to always be behind in the housework and it would look like a tornado had struck. Now I usually have my chores done by 11a, get the girls their lunch and then think ok, now what? Boredom is a huge trigger for me to eat along with stress. Working on those pictures yesterday was the fastest two hours I have spent in awhile and there are still alot to do for them. I got some wallies for the kitchen and bathroom too. They are like wallpaper but easy to remove. Fish for the bathroom and sunflowers for the kitchen. So I will have some projects for awhile now. When support gets here, I am getting shelf liner and going to clean out all the cupboards, murphy oil soap them and put in paper. That will take me a bit LOL. Well I need to dress the kids and go on a milk run. I hadn't realized how low I was yesterday and since Josh has no school tomorrow, better to do it today instead of dragging all three with me.

10-13-2005, 01:15 PM
I am off to chicago. We had a dog crisis this morning. The kennel where I always board him closed suddenly, and we found out when we went there at 9:00. We had to find another quickly. Luckily our vet boards so he will go there. (a friend stays at the house but he is afraid of the dog) It's always hard to leave.
I will stay OP all weekend, no matter what. I will not fall into my old awful way of thinking that if I am eating out, I can eat anything on the menu that looks good.
See you all on Sunday. I hope everyone has a good weekend and sticks to her goals cause we are so terrific together.

10-13-2005, 03:53 PM
Melissa, you can come clean my house :D There's always something that needs done here, no matter how hard I work. My son is the best mess-maker around, you can have him a couple hours and he'll give you lots to do :lol: Right now Allie is trying to teach him to play tea party and he just doesn't get why he can't bang the little cups on the floor and smash them together like he wrecks his cars...I think she'll give up on him soon.

I was over 1300 calories after lunch today :eek: because I dressed my chicken up in a casserole with cream of chicken soup (not easy on calories) and then topped it off with a brownie :nono: When will I stop doing this? I was telling myself no but went on with it anyway. I need to refocus and none of my usual ways of doing that are working. I would normally quit by now, so you guys are really keeping me going. I am past the "I WANNA QUIT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" stage, and onto the "ho hum, I wont lose again anyway so why not enjoy myself some." Then I feel horrible and want to kick myself. I haven't gained anything, but this lose a few, sit still awhile is frustrating. did you just resolve to do it and drop everything? You lost so fast, I must be missing a link that makes it go smoothly??? How do you get going, i'm finding it so hard.


10-13-2005, 06:02 PM
congrats on the great new swimsuit melra! that babybop costume sounds adorable!
laura, don't worry about staying op during your trip. hopefully you will so busy you won't have time to think of any unhealthy food.
yesterday was good calorie-wise. today i hope will be even better, so i hope i have good news on the scale-front today, if it's even working :mad:

10-13-2005, 08:04 PM
o.k. ladies – I have not checked in for a WEEK!!
Hopefully, I haven;t missed anyone here!! ANd hope my replies to you all aren't too old. :^:
Theresa – Glad to hear you and hubby are doing better. You must do this for you and if he can’t support you in it…. Well he needs an attitude adjustment!
Don’t stress about the lb, if your pants are feeling loser, than that is what counts!! Your toning it up Girl!!!
Caldwell - great job on the loss!!
Melissa – I hope you get your support $$$ soon – the loser!!! Congrats on the 2 lb loss!!
Fancy – try not to stress about moving – it will all fall into place for you!!!
Sweatpeaches – great job on the 3 lb loss!!!!
LauraB – great job at dinner with your friends! You deserve the pie! Enjoy your Trip!
Misty – congrats on the dress pants and the 3 lb loss!!
Kayelle- congrats to you also on the 2 lb loss to add to the rest! You are an inspiration to us all!
Ice – hopes things are better for you, you can do it!!
Melra – I have been feeling the same way lately about eating, but I am not beating myself up about it – I am going to get back on track and get out of this plateau (weight-wise) that I am in. Just keep thinking good thoughts!!

It is so great to hear everyone is LOSING!!!! :bravo:

I will update my ticker for excercise as best I can recall for the past week!
Missed you all - glad I'm back!

10-13-2005, 09:00 PM
Melissa- I second Theresa's invite- you can come help me anytime!

The baked apples are yummy- I am on an apple and pumpkin kick - they are affordable at least although peaches are still 1.29 a pound for now. Grapes are cheap too but dangerous for me as I can't stop eating them when I start. I even made a really good chicken and apple recipe tonight for dinner and everyone inhaled it like it was the best meal they ever had.
I made the pumpkin - angel food cake muffins tonight . 3 months ago my family would have turned up noses at a lot of the foods I buy and prepare - now they will eat most of it.. Not all but most.

I had a WW smart ones for lunch today- I used to eat all those meals like crazy- but today it was ugh- I haven't had one in a while and it was "gloppy"-I think my taste buds are not used to sugar and salt and gloppy :lol: any more- I won't be buying anymore of them -. I used to drive by BK or McD's and be desperate to grab a burger or fries- But now they just smell greasy when i drive by. though driving by a subway I get all stomach turning and want to drool when they are baking bread- I get told eat at Subway as they have healthy food and Arrgh the bread will do me in- That is something I can't eat is the bread.
Melra- I had to laugh at the baby bop story- it was a princess dress for my little one- and last year she sweet talked my friend who can sew into making her an angel costume for Christmas so she could be an angel. She wore the costume and halo all over walmart- grocery store...etc.. of course when she is told aren't you a sweet angel she goes "yes I am,That's so nice of you to say that, thank you very much." of course this is the child who goes thru the stores asking everyone if they are having a good day-

Theresa You are such a great motivator- and look how much you have lost- and all the things you listed--You keep going girl :cheer: and don't give up!
Candace good luck on weigh in-

I am really getting annoyed at all this PMS and TOM struggles I am having- I know it's because I am getting older, and the body is changing :blah: but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Everyone have a great night and :thanks:

10-13-2005, 10:20 PM
We just got back from the farmers market-if I had known this one was so small, I would have just bought more when I went before and it was in Everett. The guy was very nice though. Josh ate his dehydrated apple samples and spilled all his toothpicks and odessa stole his plate of pluots and he kept smiling! Josh loved the apples and mom has a dehydrator so I am going to make some for him. They were 5 bux for a small bag there. Josh bought 3 bags of kettle corn and he took one to my Dad for being a great grandpa and odessa already dumped one all over the carpet and Amanda is making angels in it. Love kids! It is hard to stay away from that popcorn-kettle corn is like my absolute favorite but I have determined I am not eating it. Nothing is worth staying fat over. So tomorrow I will be making applesauce and my SIL is supposed to be here sometime tomorrow too to see about the divorce and see the girls too.

Hurry back Laura-we will miss you.

Glad to see you stilltrying too. I don't know how you work the long hours you do!

Sandisuze I think we are in the same age bracket and I know what you mean. I feel like a rollercoaster half the time and then I miss a month or I got the achies crampies for two weeks before I start. I just want the whole mess to be done with. I figure I have more than put in my time for pities sake. I can't stomach very many tv dinners anymore either. They just don't seem filling enough for me or they are gooey, rubbery or wind up with cold spots.

I made a buttermilk chicken tonight and it was delicious. 6pts for it but man I felt like I was eating something naughty. Odessa ate two drumsticks herself. I messed up on the directions but my way was easier anyway. Well I need to hose down the kids, mop the kitchen and clean up all this popcorn too. Amanda is covered in it now. Ugh

10-13-2005, 11:20 PM
I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!

I finished milestone 5...FINALLY! Now I just have to finish 6 by halloween night, 60 miles which will be no problem. That's only like 3 or 4 miles a day and I do more than that most days.

I'm nervous about WI tomorrow AM because I just really want to lose. Even just one pound will thrill me to no end right now!

Okay ladies, cough up the recipes! I'm talking the apple chicken and the buttermilk chicken...what do i need and how do ya do it? I am anything but a cook and am trying to learn more recipes as I go, so please share.


10-13-2005, 11:31 PM
Hi all! Sounds like everybody is doing well!! For those of you that have gone over on calories lately...don't worry about it...just put it behind you and do better the next day, and then be proud of yourself for not letting it turn in to a weeks long binge.

Congrats on the size 10 swim suit, melra!! And to everybody else who has had any victory recently!

Theresa to answer your question....well I guess I don't really know how to answer that one. It's like something just clicked for me. Like I said, I started slowly, wearing a pedometer and making sure I got at least 10,000 steps per day and eating at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day. That was pretty easy and I was losing so it gave me the motivation to start cutting the bad things out of my diet and replacing with good things. It's hard at first but you do eventually lose your cravings for your trigger foods. It does seem like I lost it pretty quickly, but believe me, at the time I thought it was coming off so slow. Generally I'd lose 2 - 3 per week but sometimes I'd lose a little more and sometimes I'd go over 3 weeks w/no loss at all. There were a lot of frustrating times but I was losing enough to keep me motivated and to eat better and exercise more all the time. did make it easier for me that my kids are older and I can go for a walk or a jog or whatever whenever I want to and don't have to worry about my kids. That's an extra responsibility that a lot of you have right now and you are all doing a great job of sticking with your plans while taking care of little ones. Also...I just kept reminding myself of all the reasons why I wanted to get fit. Every excuse I came up with why I couldn't just seemed so lame because there really was no good reason to stay unhealthy, so I just forced myself to stay away from that bad stuff no matter how bad I wanted it.

I got my school pictures back today (employees have to get them, too) and I actually like them! It's the first time that's EVER happened. Even when I was a student I always hated my school pictures. As an employee I dread picture day every single year...and I finally have some good ones! I was even having an OK hair day that day! I walked into the office and one of the secretaries said..."your pictures came in and you have to see them, they're beautiful!" Really made my day. She is a really sweet person and most likely said the same thing to me last year, but it still made my day.

You are all such an awesome group of ladies and you all have so much determination. I know it won't be that long and we'll all be celebrating meeting our goals!

10-13-2005, 11:38 PM
Buttermilk Battered oven-fried chicken
1 1/2t paprika
1t salt
1/2t pepper
1/2t garlic powder
1/2c flour
41 crushed saltine crackers
1/2c lowfat buttermilk
3 6oz skinned bone in chicken breasts
3 5oz skinned chicken thighs
cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 425 degress
2. Combine first 4 ingredients in a small bowl. Place flour in a large heavy-duty zip top plastic bag; add 1 1/2t paprika mixture. Toss until thoroughly combined. Place cracker crumbs in a shallow dish; add remaining paprika mixture. Stir until well blended. Pour buttermilk in a small bowl.
3. Add chicken, 2 pieces at a time, to flour mixture; seal bag and shake to coat chicken. Remove chicken from bag; dip in buttermilk. Dredge chicken in crumb mixture. Place on baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Repeat proceedure with remaining chicken and flour mixture.
4. Lightly coat chicken with cooking spray. Bake at 425 for 23 to 25 minutes or until chicken is done. 6 servings.
points 6
calories 280

Ok what I did-LOL I mixed the crackers and flour ect all together and dipped the chicken in buttermilk and then dredged the chicken. I would also use foil on the pan cause the spray doesn't cut it for easy cleanup. I also did 2 chicken breast and then about 6 chicken legs instead since the kids prefer that part of the chicken. The kids loved it and I thought it was really good too.

10-14-2005, 11:11 AM
congrats on the milestone theresa, that's awesome!
i refused to give into the ice cream temptation tonight and let dh save the rest of his haagen-daz for breakfast :lol: he really does that, can you believe? well, hopefully my iron will will show up on the scale. yay me!
the buttermilk chicken sounds yummy melissa. i will have to try that.

10-14-2005, 11:19 AM
Yesterday was a much better day for me, diet-wise. A hearty salad for lunch and chicken, brocolli and toasted baguette for dinner. I don't think I had any snacks...nope, but a banana for dessert. I finally made it through a day without trying to justify something extra. I just had to stay busy all day so I wouldn't think about it!

Theresa, great job on your milestone! It's so inspiring to see how dedicated you've been with your exercise goals!

Kayelle, glad you got the look you want for your pics :lol: !

10-14-2005, 02:27 PM
Glad to hear you had a better day Melra. I have found keeping busy really key in staying OP. I never realized before how much I think about eating when I am bored. I got the applesauce going-already made 6cups and more cooking. Talk about a workout!

Congrats on saying no to ice cream and yes I can believe he would eat it for breakfast-I used to do the same thing, especially if it was fudgy or chocolate.

I am not sure I will make my goal this month. I just don't seem to be dropping like I did last month. 7lbs in two weeks is alot. I haven't given up though and even if it is 3 or so more this month, it gets me closer to my goal of being under 200. I am having a hungry day so I am going to be extra busy and drink extra water. I am getting closer to TOM and that week or so before I crave massive protein and just loads of food and I really want to avoid that this time around. I detest relosing pounds that I already lost.

Will check in later

10-14-2005, 04:53 PM
KayElle, thanks for sharing your experiences,I really needed the pep talk. And Melissa thanks for the recipe, I might try it tonight. Cadwell, nice resisting ice cream! I am struggling with the brownies in there...that's what I get for taking hubby to the store with me! I've only had 1 in two days, so that's great, usualy they'd be GONE by now.

I had one heck of a day today. I woke up feeling kinda sick in the tummy and it was like I was filled up with air from belly to chest. I decided not to weigh because I was holding water, air, something in there. I'll WI tomorrow AM because it wore off as I got going and ate something. I did drink a TON of water last night, was just really thirsty, so maybe it was not digested yet.

Got Allie from school, fed kids turkey sandwiches in the car while driving to doctor's office, then had to wait 35 in the waiting room. Allie was an angel thorugh the appointment but when we got to Kmart to look at costumes she turned into an evil child. She whined, cried, aggravated her brother until he hit her in the face and knocked her glasses off. I thought they were broken and was about to cry, but they were fine, thankfully. They didn't have much in her size, and what she did like they didn't have her size. So, back across the road to Walmart and I sat them both in the cart and gave them cookies...but that didnt' work, 5 minutes in Allie was back to crying. She picked out a pink and white cowgirl outfit, and they had her size so I stopped looking, picked up some cucumbers and bananas, wanted to look at clothes on clearance but Allie was sitting there STILL crying, so we just hit the register. On the way home I got behind a school bus going 35 in a 55, all the way home and it took forever. I know they have to keep the kids safe, but it's frustrating sometimes when you just really want to go HOME.

The kids were asleep when we got home and I am just letting them go as long as they want to sleep it's fine with me because I can't take anymore crying. Through two stores hearing her nonstop just shot all my nerves. Tyler was good, except for smacking the glasses off her face and that was seriously provoked. He feel asleep slumped forward in the cart in Walmart too, was so cute.

I still have to go to the grocery store here in town sometime because it's the last day they have chicken breasts on sale, and we cannot afford them full price so I'm going to stack up since we have the money this week.

Right now I'm going to stretch out somewhere and just relax a bit.


Ice Princess
10-14-2005, 08:35 PM
Well Ladies, I finnally went in for my weigh in and measurments...... I have lost a total of 2 lbs and 10 inches in the last two months of Curves. I am very excited. I know I can do IT. I know the last month has been hard but it will get better and I will lose more. I am leaving for a workshop for a week, nice thing is it is where all my family is so I am leaving early to visit a little and bringing the kids. So I will not beable to post till next Saturday unless, my sister has he internet back on. So take care keep up the good work, and congrats to all of us who have lost something, we wanted to lose.

10-14-2005, 09:09 PM
:dancer: YAY ICE! YAY ICE! :dancer:

Those are awesome results...see what you can do? Keep going!


10-14-2005, 10:19 PM
Way to go Ice! that is awesome!
Everyone here is so awesome in inspiring me to keep going and not give up
(although ice cream does have MILK in it and milk is a breakfast food... Umm doesn't work huh?)
I woke up with a cold, bug whatever- scratchy throat and grumpy- every muscle hurts..and all i want is tea and crackers. and to top it off TOM arrived so I am all bloaty and even grumpier.. I ran by the library and grabbed a few books to lay in bed later and read till the nyquil kicks in and I can sleep. Hubby is off all weekend and will handle kids and cooking if I am miserable in the a.m.

Here are some recipes that have gone over good with my family:

Chicken and apple bake:

4 chicken breasts( i slice mine into 4-6 slices each)
1/2 medium onion sliced thin
2 red cooking apples sliced ( i used red delish ones- all I had)
1/3 cup Honey
1/3 cup italian dressing (I used fat free)
Mix the honey and dressing
Preheat oven to 350
brown chicken in pan about 2 minutes each side
spray baking dish with cooking spray
place chicken in dish, place onions on top of chicken, place apples around the sides of chicken, pour dressing mix over all.
bake for 30 minutes until chicken is cooked thru
I served this over brown rice and broccoli- kids didn't like onions but ate the restcalories: 320, carbs38, fat 6 grams, 2 fiber, 28grams protien

this is my #2 fav. lunch soup
Chili soup:
1 can (28oz.) diced tomatoes undrained
1 can 15 oz. kidney beans drained and rinsed
1 can 141/2 oz. chicken broth
1 samll onion chopped
2 carrots chopped
2 stalks celeery chopped
2 tsp. chili powder
bring all ingredients to a boil in sauce pan, lower heat and simmer 20-25 minutes until veggies are tender- the calories vary on this one depending on which tomatoes i use etc..

Pumpkin angel food YUM

1 box angel food cake
1 cup water
1 -15oz can pumpkin- not the pie filling
mix all in a bowl, pour into a 9x13 sprayed baking pan, bake at 350 for 30 minutes-
You can add a dollop of cool whip for a topping- i know it has 3 points per serving-1/12 of a cake) but I'll figure calorie count tomorrow- I also make cupcakes this way. if ya like pumpkin it is soo good

My fake stir fry:
4 chicken breast cut into slices (1-1/2 lbs)(you can use tenders but I can't afford them)
1/4 cup catalina dressing (fat free again)
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 cup snow pea pods, 1 cup sliced peppers, 1 cup sliced into strips carrots, 1 cup broccoli

mix dressing and soy sauce, pour over chicken, let sit for 5 minutes, add meat to fry pan- i don't use oil but spray the pan,
add the veggies and cook until all is cooked thru.
again served over brown rice-
I toss carrots and broccoli in the microwave for a minute or two to get them started but not cooked too much- we don't like soggy veggies :p
you have to play with this recipe at times- add a bit more dressing of you want..
calories:380 fat6, fiber depends on veggies you add- around 2-4 grams

I have lots more if anyone wants

theresa- i bougt 12 packs of chicken - it was on sale 1.79 a lb and when i got there they had marked it to 1.59 a pound - they said the ad was wrong. I boned and skinnned it all myself and packaged it for the freezer.

I am off to let the nyquil work so maybe i can feel better tomorrow
See ya'll tomorrow!

10-15-2005, 09:26 AM
I think ours were marked down to the same price or about that, but they were the boneless skinless ones. There was about $10 knocked off each pack, can't beat that. I also buy the split breasts with bone, and I freeze it as is. Then I boil them with the bone, and pull off the meat when it's done. It makes a nice broth as it boils, and I use it to either make a soup throwing in veggies, pasta, whatever I have at hand, that freezes well in small portions and I use it on busy days. Or, it can be used to make chicken and dumplings, but those can ruin a diet for the day :lol: It's actually not bad if I pick out the dumplings in my own bowl, those are the fattening part.

Well, the scale says I'm up a pound but I know it's muscle. I noticed that this week I can see the muslces popping out in my calves when i walk! I'm getting my shape back, thanks to pilates and the weights. Clothes are loose and I look and feel thinner, so I know this pound is just muscle. I don't wanna add it to my ticker, but I'm going to get to next week and if it's still there I'll have to add it in.


10-15-2005, 10:24 PM
Theresa - great job on reaching your milestone!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Same congrats to you too Ice Great Job!!!


Caldwell - I think your hubby is onto something.... at least he has a chance to work off the ice cream calories throughout the day! I, on the other hand, used to sit and eat a pint of ben and jerry's at 10PM!! and then go to bed! :ink:
Hope you feel better Sandi.. nothing worse than being sick with TOM!!
Melisaa..Sandi.. thanks for the recipies... you girls make it hard for me to wimp out in the cooking department!! ugh.... i hate to cook unless it MAC & cheese, lasagna or homemade pizza!
I'm doing fine, lacking in the excercise area though, it has been raining here for 9 days straight! :tantrum: I can't take it any more!!
We couldn't walk in the gym at work on Thurs & Fri due to today's fair being set-up in there. I got my Yoga Booty stuff I ordered today, so I will try to check it out tomorrow!!

10-16-2005, 11:56 AM
Thanks for posting the recipes! My family is always looking for new healthy foods to try out. 3 out of the 4 people in my family are trying to watch what we eat so something new to try is always great.

Theresa...Congrats on reaching Milestone 5 and your newly found muscles!! Keep focusing on all those positive changes, the scale will catch up eventually. You are doing great!

Great job, melra, staying on track and staying away from snacky type foods for the day! Staying busy definitely does help. Keep it up!

Melissa don't let it get you down if you don't make your goal this are doing a fabulous job and look how far you have come already! Even if you don't quite make it, you will be close. TOM is such a pain but you are strong and you can get through without overeating.

cadwell great job resisting the ice cream! It's so hard to resist that favorite food. Keep it up! You're doing an awesome job!

Congratulations, Ice Princess!! That's terrific!! Have a great trip and enjoy the time w/your family!

Sandisuze hope you got some sleep and are feeling better. Glad you have hubby at home to help out so you can get some rest. was the Yoga Booty? Hope you liked it. Have you gotten a break from the rain yet? We've been lucky and are having beautiful weather this weekend. I know it won't be too long and we'll be having blizzards so I am enjoying every minute that I can outdoors.

I got to move my ticker down 2 more this morning! Only 2 more to go!! Hopefully I should be able to meet my Nov. 1 goal. I was a little surprised w/the 2 lb. loss. I felt like I would maintain because things had been slowing down and I lost 2 the week before. I am pretty excited! I've been walking a LOT but I've also been eating a bit more. This time of year I just get HUNGRY and it takes more to fill me up. We've had a few cool days and the evenings have been downright COLD. This is the biggest downside of losing weight for me...I just freeze all fall and winter. It's not even super cold out yet and I've been wearing longjohns under sweatpants or jeans, a t-shirt or turtleneck under a sweatshirt, heavy socks and boots, heavy coat, whenever I'm outside and it's cold out. Yesterday it got so nice for a while I was able to change into shorts...but as soon as it started getting dark I was back into my layers of clothing. I hate that. But, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. I may have to wear layers of clothes all winter but at least I'm not wearing holes in the inner seams of all my pants caused by my thighs rubbing together. My clothes last a whole lot longer now. I have to keep reminding myself of all the reasons that I lost this weight so that I don't slide back to my old ways like I have always done in the past. This is just a hard time of the year for me, but I WILL make it through.

Have a happy and healthy day, everybody!!!

10-16-2005, 12:20 PM
hi everyone. well i am off to go camping. we bought lots of healthy stuff to munch on, so hopefully i won't go over on calories like i usually do when i am camping. see y'all on tuesday! i will have a lot of posts to catch up on ;)

10-16-2005, 04:27 PM
KayElle, you didn't need all the layers before because you were carrying them on you already! I have enough natural layers right now to share with another person, but I still freeze all the time, so when I get to goal weight I might need to move somewhere else entirely :lol:

I've been raking leaves all day so hubby can hit them with the mulch mower, so this was technically my day off exercise but I've been sweating all day anyway. I also pulled some dead annuals out of my back "test" flower garden, took some pictures of the mini roses that are still blooming endlessly, and the lantana which has grown to super-enormous size. I have some tulip bulbs that have been in the refrig. since spring and I want to get them planted. Soon, all this will be over and I'll be working on our indoor rennovations...and I'll be dreaming of spring again.

I was thinking while raking leaves that if we all keep at it over the winter, just imagine how fabulous we will all be next summer! When it comes time to strip off the layers and run around in shorts and bathing suits we're going to be HOT BABES! We'll all have to take spring pictures and post them here or in email! I just want to go to the beach next summer and not feel like the escaped whale...and I believe next year will be the first in a very long time that I'll feel comfortable.


10-16-2005, 08:36 PM
I'm back from Chicago. Flying is a nightmare. The first flight we were booked on was cancelled when we arrived at the airport, so we were rebooked, from another airport, and hour away. So we drove and then had a 3 hour wait and arrived in Chicago at 9:00 PM. We had left our house at 1:00. That's 8 hours for a 1hour and 40 minute flight. Coming home there was no luggage, so we waited an hour for the next flight in from Chicago and I bags were on it. I am happy to be home.
Food was hard. It was a diner breakfast each day where I had 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and a side of bacon each day, no lunch and a nice dinner each night, fish veggies, salad and one night a potato. One night I dipped bread in olive oil and I did have a bubble gum attack one afternoon, about 20 pieces, chew out the sugar and get another piece. I'm sure I didn't gain weight. I worked hard all weekend, on my feet for 2 full days, so I think I'm ok.
I felt much better too. My fat jeans could use a belt and that was good and I was more comfortable flying.
Glad to see everyone is ok and thanks for the recipes. It's a good time to stock up on chicken cause who knows what will happen with the bird flu scare.
Glad to be back here.

10-16-2005, 09:47 PM
Kayelle - congrats on the two lb loss!! You will meet your goal!!! I am the same way this time of year. Hungry all of the time! I was bad tonite - had two serving of roasted chicken dinner w/ all the fixins' I said to my hubby - no wonder I "had" (even though I am not at goal) a weight problem - I ate like this all of time! :ink:
Portion control is one tool that really works wonders for me - I can pack in the food - I can eat more than hubby at dinner.
Caldwell - have a great time camping!
Theresa - I'm with you on the HOT BABE thing! can't wait for next summer to show off the new bod.
LauraB - glad your trip was fun, sorry the flight wasn't!
Didn't get a chance to try Yoga Booty today - hubby put together a computer cabinet for me this AM (3hrs at least-he's a sweetie!) and then it was time for football, so I couldn't get to the DVD player.
Here's to a great week for eveyone!

10-17-2005, 09:54 AM
Laura, flying can be a hassle but at least you are home safe. Your eating sounds fine and with all the activity I agree, you'll be okay on the scales.

Hubby decided he was going to change the fuel filter, or something like that, on my Explorer yesterday, because of a very minor problem I was having with it. I mean so minor it didn't even really matter, but he said "oh, it's only a $6 part I'll just do it real quick." :lol: Next thing I know, he comes in and says he can't get it off the car, so he's called his stepdad to come over (he's a mechanic). Me and the kids go to bed because it's getting late, and before I know he's sliding in next to me saying "you have to drive my truck for a week." I jumped up, "what did ya do to my car?" and he says that when FIL got the old part off it took some other thing with it, and now we have to replace that as well. GRRRRRRRRR I absolutely hate his truck because he rebuilt it engine to bumpers and purposefully made it loud and mean. The whole "0 to 60 in 5.3" saying is right on with his truck, it's fast and the steering wheel is extremely touchy, and I just don't like driving it. Besides, it's just a single cab and it's very tight with 2 car seats :(

FIL gets off work at 3 and is coming back over. Hubby had to buy a special tool yesterday, now today says he needs another special tool and the replacement parts for whatever they knocked off yesterday. What happened to it being ONLY a $6 real quick deal? And I think he's having FUN, he just loves this kinda challenge but I don't care. I want my car back! :tantrum:

OKay, I'll hush now. But, if they don't fix this thing tonight I will be seriously upset having to drive that truck the rest of the week.


10-17-2005, 07:39 PM
It is a guy thing. I can't tell you how many times "simple" jobs became huge and long drawn out jobs and wound up being way more money than originally verbalized. Well I have been a busy girl and also had a couple days of eating more than I needed to. I just dread sundays now and I have to learn to cope with them better although this one was incident free even though he didn't get josh home till almost 8p. I know he is just trying to push my buttons so that is why I am not saying anything. I did finally get my kitchen chairs painted and went with mom yesterday for the vinyl for the seats and when I get back from Odess's checkup we are going to assemble them. I can't believe how much nicer they look with just the paint job. Dinner will be interesting without really good working chairs but that is how it goes. I really need to go to the grocery store but I am putting it off mainly because I just don't want to go-especially with all 3 kids. I should go do it tonite and get their pumpkins while I am at it. Dunno we'll see. Got messed up with SIL coming today although he sure didn't stay long. Surprised me considering he probably won't be in town until around Thanksgiving. Just got the blahs and I am sure the weather doesn't help.

10-17-2005, 08:27 PM
Theresa-At least your guy tries. Mine just says later later later. the towel rack in the bathroom fell down 3 years ago. He's gonna do it soon.
Melissa- People who live in your part of the country are extra strong cause of the weather, so says my Seattle son, and you are the strongest. Look how good you did in the last few weeks and you painted dressers and chairs and got a bike and stood up to the stupid ex. You amaze me.

10-17-2005, 08:40 PM
Melissa, I have the blahs too. I'm ovulating, and the week before TOM is my worst. I've eaten a bit over calories the past couple days, but nothing serious and with healthy choices, like grapes last night instead of nachos loaded with cheese. I'm getting depressed, it's mid-month and yet again I have lost NOTHING. My body is just doing this 3 week stay the same, 1 week drop a couple, then repeat. I know it's my eating, but that's just been so hard to me. I am addicted to food :mad: and I'm mad at myself that I seem simply unable to tell myself no. I'm not good with self-discipline in any way, so it's not limited to food.

I have to go back on South Beach. When I was doing t hat I felt WONDERFUL and it was easy for me to follow and I felt satisfied all the time. It wasn't so tortorous as just counting calories is getting to be. THe only reason I had to quit SB was because of $ issues, wanting to not make separate meals for myself, etc. But, we are doing better $ wise now and I will just have to plan ahead and make separate portions of meals just for me. Nothing else is working, so going back to what did work is the only thing that makes sense to me. It's not a fad diet, you ease into it as lifestyle forever and I know I can live by it, it's just getting going again.

Allie's cowgirl costume is too tight on her, so I took her in the truck to exchange it, only hubby put the receipt in the paper shredder :rolleyes: and they didn't have anymore of the same outfits, so I am now holding a gift card for walmart and we are back to square one with her halloween. Ty looks so adorable in the elephant outfit, but is stuck on Oscar, everytime I hold them up and say "you want the elephant, right?" he screams "GROUCH! GROUCH!" I am putting him in the elephant for pictures, and he can go out with Oscar, but I am getting those elephant pictures for sure!!

Okay, I'm seriously tired, going to bed. The kids are down, hubby is STILL outsie working with FIL on my car, they've been working since 3, almost 6 hours into the second day's know though, it was just a quick thing ;) he just came in to pee and I asked if they're almost done and he laughed and said "not even close." So, I'm going to bed alone again.

Where is everyone at? Don't tucker out on us, this is the most exciting time! It's push through the winter and come out in the summer sunshine a bombshell one can quit now! I'm the queen of losing nothing and I'm still here.


10-17-2005, 09:45 PM
Theresa-At least your guy tries. Mine just says later later later. the towel rack in the bathroom fell down 3 years ago. He's gonna do it soon.
Amen to that! My hubby always says "eventually" when I ask when he is going to get something done. He is the worst procrastinator ever! Then once he starts a job he never finishes it! He paints rooms and never finishes the mouldings, starts putting down mulch, never finishes, starts trimming hedges and doesn't even finish that!! I've given up really... we have been in need of a new deck for a couple of years... it is getting dangerous ..I won't let my nephews on it .. it's just ridiculous! O.K. I am done venting now... sorry! :mad:

Melissa/Theresa don't best yourself up about eating off plan a little.. it happens to the best of us and I swear the change in seasons has a lot to do with my eating habits. I have been feeling downright piggy lately!
I am still holding at 168.5, but I need to kick up the excercise, hubby has gone to bed so I may throw the Yoga Booty DVD in to see what it is all about!
Take Care all!!!! Hang in There!!

10-17-2005, 09:59 PM
Hey guys I am here- :wave:
I was so miserable icky this weekend that a good book and hot tea were my best friends. I did miss everyone though
I am so tired of all these TOM issues- I have had my kids- I am 42 years old -almost 43 and it's not necessary to go thru all this crud.There should be a rule after kids it goes away - (W/O surgery thank you) and to have a rotten cold doesn't help at all- I feel some what better but I am gonna take it easy. I get bronchitis so easily and I don't want it to get bad- but my hubby made homemeade rolled out cookie cutter biscuits for breakfast with bacon and eggs- ( i had toast) then he did dishes and steamed cleaned the carpets, cut the grass and cooked- maybe i should get sick more often??? :s:

Well the bikers are here- 7 days of biketoberfest and it's wild. I don't go to any of the biker bashes - hubby goes to one but it's too crowded and loud for me- Just not into jello wrestling :lol: Most bikers are pretty nice but I hate driving with all the bikes around.

Theresa- I am not going anywhere- I am a card carrying member of the summer starters and ya'll have to kick me out to get me to leave! I don't know where I'd be without you all! I know I can't make it thru the holidays without back up! you have my sympathy with the halloween costumes- Jocie used to be given every costumne around by family and friends and every year she wanted to be a princess- for the past 6 years she has been a princess. This year out of the blue she wants to be a ballerina with fairy wings?? it's easy on me.
Melissa- I have 4 loads of laundry to do and a kitchen floor to mop and it's really sunny and warm down here (86 today)so if you want more to do.... :lol: Laura is right you are amazing with all you do and you keep such a great attitude too-

I am with all of you on the hot babe thing- Even us old ladies ;) can look good in a bathing suit! I am so looking forward to saying, "why yes I'd love to go to the beach ." Instead of cringing in horror and going nope no beach for me-

I hope everyone has a good night and I am so happy to be back - I really missed eveyone!

10-17-2005, 10:06 PM
My hubby and i have a deal, we made it years ago- he finishes what he starts or i do no laundry, no cooking, no shopping etc..I have only gone on strike 2 times in 10 plus years. this keeps him finishing stuff- but there are still things that don't get done and I have to NAG .( and I am a very good nag according to him) If i could work enough to make what we both make in salary I'd let him stay at home and take care of the house and kids- he's much better at it than I am. I am not greatly domestic except for cooking-
there was that time it took him 3 years to hang up a pic :lol:

10-18-2005, 11:16 AM
Hello all! We had a great weekend at the B&B--checked out 3 wineries and 1 brewery, lounged on a blanket at the vineyard with wine, hot tub in the evening after dinner. Lots of eating it seemed--hearty breakfast and big dinner but just bread and cheese during the day.
I brought my running clothes but not my shoes :mad: and I totally would have gone out. Our friends ran 7mi before breakfast!

I did okay on calories yesterday, maybe too much bread stuff. I think I ended the day at about 1500-1600 calories. Yesterday I did 20 min on elliptical, then lunges, squats, presses and abs, 20min of running on the treadmill, and finished with biceps, triceps and pushups. Today I'm going to get in a longer moderate cardio workout, but I think I'm also going to throw in a couple of sets of crunches and maybe some pushups b/c I am seriously behind in my month's goal. I should be at least halfway through it by now and I'm not.

Congrats to those of you with losses this week! And to everyone else, keep working and don't give up! Calories in, calories out. 3500 a week drops a pound!

10-18-2005, 11:27 AM
Okay, I just did some calculations and in order for me to make my goal, I have to get in at least 35min of exercise a day from now to the end of the month. Plus, I need to do at least 31 pushups everyday and 28 crunches everyday to make those goals. How did this happen? I don't feel like I've been slacking!?

I have 6 pounds to lose by the end of the month to make my goal of 155, which I last weighed in high school. That's 21,000 calories or 10,500 calories deficit per week. :yikes: I was hoping to get to 148 at New Years and my long plateau here has really messed up my timing. Still, I might be able to do it. I have like 11 weeks, right? But that also includes Thanksgiving and Christmas. whatever. I just don't want to go up.

10-18-2005, 04:34 PM
Melra- I'm glad your weekend was good. You were so worried about the hot tub and it was all ok.
I'm freezing. It's 65 degrees in the house and fuel is $1.94/gallon so I won't turn up the heat. The cold came too quickly, so I didn't have time to work into it. I bought black silk thermal underware for both of us, but I'm not ready for that either, so I'm just complaining instead.
I haven't been near the scale in 2 months. I'm so afraid that if I weigh myself and the number is bad I will be so depressed, so I am continuing to say, calories in, calories out, it's got to work.

10-18-2005, 06:55 PM
I have a confession to make:
I ate 1/2 of a chocloate poptart today and 4 Cheetos- I wanted the whole poptart cause it was chocolate- but i don't even like cheetos and i just ate 4..
I am stressed ( sorta job related again) i put too much blame on myself about issues and I just want to eat- bread, chips, cake.... Today is the first day in 2&1/2 months i have been "bad" ---and i really feel as though i want to binge... just sneak out and get a candy bar or two -
I will be back on later... I just had to STOP and write a note before i did eat more of the poptart or run to the store and buy candy - talk about this group as a life line!
I will go make the famous pumpkin muffins and have one to let the temptations pass and exercise on the :ebike: while the biggest loser is on.
Thanks all! I think i'll be ok -- where's Candace and her food descriptions about poptarts?? :lol: