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09-30-2005, 12:57 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a 'cool' day again today; the temperature dipped down to 38 degrees last night and I turned the furnace on before I went to bed. It felt pretty darned good this morning! It's supposed to be back in the 80s for the next few days. I'm ready for the weekend to be here although I think it is going to be busy. It is my Saturday to work at the hospital gift shop and now they have asked if I would do one evening a month . . . I'll have to think about that one. DH and Jason plan to close the cabin and take out the dock, on Sunday, but I'm not sure if Amanda and the kids will stay here or even come along.

"Gma" -- Thank you for sharing you pictures with us! I noticed a tail and paw in one picture! ;) I'm sure you will enjoy the extra storage that the baskets provide. Maggie would be trying to squeeze herself in through the crack . . . she likes boxes. Her thyroid test came back low and the meds we were poking down her would make it go even lower. So we stopped giving her anything and will watch her for a few days. The vet said it could just be a virus going . . . standard answer when they don't know what's going on. :s: Seeing T's hat, I'd bet money you could make money taking orders online -- it sure looks like Iowa State colors to me. :jig:

I keep thinking we will hear from Maggie one of these days. She was supposed to be in my neighborhood sometime in August or September.

It's time to head off to bed. Have a fantastic Friday and a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-30-2005, 08:52 AM
Good Friday morning girls! I can report it is actually quite cool this morning and only supposed to be 70 today! That will be a nice change.

I got the MOST adorable Lucy stuff from my friend in Indiana. I got a music box with Lucy and Ethel on the top and it says True Friends and plays the James Taylor song, "You've Got a Friend" and the cute cute cute salt and pepper shakers. One is a couch and the other is a Tv with Lucy on it. They are so cute.

Jean: I was thinking the same thing about Maggie. They just must be having way too much fun to think about us! :) Butterscotch and Fortune were upset with the changes actually. They didn't like the fact I moved the furniture around nor that there is new stuff. B meowed for 2 days expressing his opinion and Fortune went and peed on the carpet, which he rarely does! So, I had to sit down and have a talk with them and tell them the stuff stays so get used to it! :lol: They decided it was best to let mom have her way. You know the saying, "If mom ain't happy nobody's happy!" :lol:

I don't know if I could knit for money. I worked on that blanket yesterday until I ran out of yarn (yep, still don't have enough!) and then started on my sil's scarf. By evening my shoulders and hands were aching telling me I was too old to be doing this stuff so I think I will just do it for fun and maybe soon I can get my candles and soap stuff up and running. Right now I am busy enough with Christmas coming up soon. I know, ugly word, but I have to have my son's and dil's done by November so I have to get a move on and on top of that, my dh's birthday is Oct 10, my son's the 22nd and my dd's bday is Nov 16th with our anniversary the 18th! SIGH! This part of the year is broke city for us I am afraid! :lol:

Guess I need to get going and check to see if I have e-mail from either my phone company or direct tv. I am supposed to be paying my new bill through my phone company but I got a bill from direct tv yesterday! I knew there would have to be a glitch. It went way too easy last Saturday! :^:

Have a good weekend girls! Tomorrow is soccer game day.


09-30-2005, 07:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world! Today was a long day at school for some reason . . . the kids were good but I was tired and droopy. I think Beth and the kids are coming over tomorrow afternoon so my weekend will be gone before I know where it went. I don't seem to get anything done when they come. Maddy wants to 'help' and it's easier not to do whatever I was going to do. LOL I need to shorten some slacks sometime.

My cat-hating neighbor has his live trap set again and it's closer to our property line than it ever has been. I'm tempted to go over there after dark and poke a stick in it. :devil:

"Gma" -- Actually, I'm surprised Maggie hasn't checked in a time or two as she did the last time they were on the road. Hopefully, we'll hear from her soon. My fingers get stiff from sewing, writing, etc., for a long period of time. Like my MIL says, "growing old isn't for sissies!" ;) Our family's busy birthday month seems to be the end of April, through May, and then again in August into the first week in September. Jason was born on our anniversary so we rarely ever celebrate our anniversary. I hope you get your phone bill straightened out. I'm going 'round with a vitamin company from NY right now . . . they shipped an unauthorized shipment after I had cancelled it and then debited our checking account. DH was supposed to start working on that one this morning and he isn't home yet so I don't know how he came out. I don't know why company reps can't do what they say they will! :mad: I did get a tracking receipt when we sent them back and they were delivered on the 17th but of course there is no credit yet. :mad: :mad: :mad: I am going to write a letter to the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce when this is all over and done with! :cp:

I need to make a grocery list and get moving. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-01-2005, 04:26 PM
Happy Saturday to you all! It's a beautiful day in NW Iowa! We started our day with a waffle breakfast at the high school for the music department's fund raiser. Then DH headed for the farm and I headed for the hospital gift shop. Beth and kids were supposed to come this afternoon, but she either has allergies, a cold, or whatever so is staying home. She sounded terrible and her ears are beginning to hurt. I think she should see a doctor but what do I know!?

My cat hating neighbor caught one of the kittens in his live trap. It was in there at 6:30 this morning and still there at 10:00 when I left home the second time. DH called the police and wanted to know how long before it would be considered cruelty since it had no food nor water. The police officer was going to come and get it. When I got home the cat hater was on the answering machine saying we could take the kitten to the farm. He had called right after I left, and the trap was gone when I came home at 1:30, so I'm wondering if the police officer came and got it. It would serve the jerk right!

I need to change laundry loads so better get moving. I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-01-2005, 08:21 PM
good evening gals! Sorry I didn't get in here this morning, but Jack wanted to go out to breakfast before the soccer game and the soccer game was at 8:30 AM so we had to get up and out early. I am including a picture of the FINISHED BLANKET!!!!!! I finished it this afternoon. It came out so beautiful but is it so big I can't take a pic of the thing spread out so I had to fold it.

Jean: I am glad that whatever happened to the kitten that is it ok. I don't understand why the guy is so anti cat. They help keep the rodents off his property for one thing. They aren't like dogs. What a creep. Sounds like you had a great breakfast too! Hope the hospital work was fun and not boring today! :lol:

Our poor soccer team got the stuffing beat out of them today. By the last period, I just wanted it to get over fast for the poor things. I think the final score was 10-0. We came home, Jack got a haircut, I got the last skein for the blanket, we got some groceries and came home. I knitted all afternoon and then Jack cooked chicken out on the grill. I bought a new BBQ sauce that Emeril puts out called BAM and boy is it good. I got the "kicked up" version and it was just spicy enough. It was totally yummy. We put sliced potatoes and onions out on the grill and it was pretty darn good dinner.

Well, so much for nice cool weather. It was cool this am, but got hot and sticky this afternoon and is kind of miserable this evening again. SIGH, hope it doesn't stay this way for long.

Hope you have a good evening and enjoy yourselves.


10-02-2005, 06:10 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is 'hot and humid' here this afternoon and those tiny black bugs are coming in through the screens so have the house shut up and the air set to come on. It's quite windy so DH and Jason will try for the lake project next weekend. I/we skipped church this morning because it is "rip and dip" Sunday -- the more we do it that way the less I like it. I feel like I've been spinning my wheels all day. I've sorted through some pictures I made copies of and now can't remember who I've already sent what copies to. :dizzy: My mind is definitely going! I am not ready for it to be the start of another work week tomorrow.

"Gma" -- The blanket looks beautiful, so soft and cuddly! I know it will be much appreciated. The neighbor says "my" cats eat their birds! I have bird feeders and a bird bath, but the cats pay no attention to the birds over here. They do chase the squirrels once in awhile though. :lol: She is just a witch and there is no other way to describe her! The family on the other side of them have a dog and were told in no uncertain terms that dog had better never be off the chain to run! :rolleyes: I'd like to collect some dog poop and throw it in their yard! :devil: Your grilled dinner sounds yummy! I fixed a roast and had hamburgers to grill plus stuff to make a breakfast casserole and then no one came to visit. :( I also made a pan of pumpkin bars which I can get rid of at school tomorrow.

I can hear the dryer buzzing so better go fold DH's undies. Have a nice 'rest of the day' and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-03-2005, 09:21 AM
Morning girls! Hope all is well in your world this am. Well, we are back to steamy sticky temps again. Hard to believe it is going to be in the 90's this week and it is OCT!

Jean: An animal hater is an animal hater and your neighbors seem to fit the bill. I can understand getting upset with a neighbor who lets their dog roam, poo all over your yard, urinate on flowers and kill them etc, but obviously that is NOT what goes on with your neighbor. They sound like bullies to me!

We just hung out at the house yesterday. We went and looked at recliners on Saturday but I guess we weren't dressed well enough or something because we walked past at least 3 salespersons and not one of them asked if they could help us or help us find something. We found something we liked, but Jack said no way to giving money to such rude people. They have closed the Lazy Boy Showcase Shop here and so we went to the closest furniture store to our home and it is a more upscale one. Their loss, though they probably could care less. I found something online we were going to go and look at yesterday but it was so hot we decided to go tonight after soccer practice. Our recliner is shot! It is about 7 years old and broken down. You can't raise the foot pad, the sides sag outward and the fabric is tearing so it is time to get something else.

I have a horrible 2 day headache for some reason (may be the heat I guess) and I can't seem to get rid of it. Hopefully, it will go away today as I have things to do in the house and need to get started on them. Which, with that being said, guess I better get to it before it gets so hot! I also have 2 scarves going at the same time so need to work on both of them some today!

Have a great day


10-03-2005, 05:47 PM
Good Afternoon!
We just got back from the was the most beautiful weather any could ask for. Across The Vineyard Sound, Martha's Vineyard was as clear as a bell. DH was in the ocean every day and was in seventh for me, it was after Labor Day, need I say more. Chatted up a storm with my girl friend and ate more than we should, so it was a successful weekend.

Faye: The blanket is lovely and I am sure will be a hit. Don't overdo the knitting, give your fingers and hands a break every once in a while. You are so good to go to T's soccer games. We have had to curtail our attendance as there are so many gks that we would be at a game every day. :)
We just got a new recliner for is a Lane and it is so much better than the "Archie Bunker" we had before. Your Lucy gifts sound so cute. It is nice to have a collection of something you enjoy.

Jean: That is a real mean neighbor and I hope the police did take the cage. It would serve him right. Kitties do very little harm and don't leave the evidence of their journeys as do dogs.

Gloria in to do a laundry but I just had to see you guys first.

10-03-2005, 07:58 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was a hot (90 degrees!) and humid day in my corner of the world, and of course we put in a whole day of school. It's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow and then will drop into the 50s by the end of the week. DH is at singing practice and won't be home for awhile yet. I think it will be leftovers for supper.

"Gma" -- I was thinking you and Jack were going to be gone this weekend. No? I'd write a letter to the furniture store manager and share your observation of the rude sales people. I did get a call back from the Sears manager that time I wrote my letter. We have a recliner and it is too big (long) for me because I can't touch the floor with my feet. I do like sleeping in it though. :o I hope you can find one you like. Hope your headache is gone by now.

Gloria -- It sounds like you had a nice weekend! My parents were good about attending the kids' activities -- football games and dance recitals were at the top of the list. Our four are so close in age I'm a little afraid to think of what the activity calendar could look like some day. :lol:

Guess I will go get the leftovers out and start warming them up. Hope you all have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-03-2005, 09:11 PM

Good afternoon - evening MAGNOLIAS. It has been 4 long months without being here and I miss ya'all. I won't tell you about my weight gain ~ didn't quite put it all on that I worked so hard getting off though. Back on track now and plan on stayeing there.

I know I have a lot to read and catch up but I thought I would post first.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe evening and I will type at you later.

10-04-2005, 08:44 AM
Good morning gals! Wow we are the happy 4 once more! WELCOME BACK MAGGIE, WE MISSED YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!

Well we went to another furniture store and found what would work ok (it is a color problem mostly!) but they wanted a whopping $80 to deliver the chair so we are going to have to think of a way to pick it up ourselves when we decide which one we want. We will probably ask our dd's fil if he we could use his pickup again.

Gloria: The one nice thing about the area you live in is its beauty. Unfortunately, it is darn cold in the winter so I will have to be satisfied with looking at the Mississippi I guess! :D Sounds like you have one brave hubby! I have never liked anything but pool swimming since I was a kid so I may put my toes in the ocean, but that would be as far as it goes. I like to see what is below me! :) Unlike you, we have UNO grandson so we don't have to spread it around! The kid has a mind like a steel trap though. Last night, he had his little chair sitting next to me and while it was his "rest" time, he says, "Nonny, you need to fix your air conditioner because I want to come over because you broke your promise that I could come and play games at your house." That was a month ago almost! :lol: I have two projects going, but I do about 20 rows of one scarf and put it down for a few hours then do 20 rows of the other one. This way I don't end up with hands I can't open and close and aching shoulders!

Jean: I guess you've got some of this nasty hot weather too, huh? It was so sticky at T's soccer practice last night that I had to give up knitting because the yarn wouldn't slide through my fingers. We were supposed to go last weekend to Nashville but opted out to buy the furniture instead. Since I am thrilled with my new furniture I don't mind at all! ;) Looks like your kids need to get together and find some sport or whatever they can all play on the same team somewhere in the middle of where they all live! :lol: :lol: When my son and dil have kids then we have to juggle holidays, which is going to be fun. Right now we spend Thanksgiving with dson and Christmas with dd. Actually, Christmas Eve. We are alone on Christmas Day and usually go to the casinos and eat at the buffet for dinner as it is the ONLY place open around here for food and that includes grocery stores, Walmart, Target, etc.

Maggie: You will have to tell us all about your travels. We are so glad you are back. We have had a fun time here over the summer months but we missed you and all the interesting stuff. How is your little doggy, Rags??? I know it is a cute name but I am not sure what it is.

Everyone have a great day. I need to get my cleaning for the day done before the heat gets too awfully bad.


10-04-2005, 10:23 PM

What a lovely evening we are having. It was in the 70's here today and quite lovely. We bought a little ~ I mean little heater today. One of those ceremanic kind that turn off if turned over and such. It will be plenty of heat for the MH. It qot kinda chily last night but we didn't want to turn on the furnace since it hasn't been used in eons of time and just imagining the dust it has collected just made us shudder. This little guy should do us fine as long as we are hooked up to electricity that is. We didn't do a whole lot of traeling mainly because of the horrendous gas prices. We mostly had fun just dinking around Yosemitie and the area. We figure if we want to go somewhere farther it is fun to stay at "bed and breakfast" places anyway and drive the car which is so much easier on the pocket book. Living in it here is fine for we have everything we need. I love it out here in the country. My view out my window as I type is a rail fenc and beyond is a rolling field covered with oak trees and no buildings in that direction. I can see the main house out of the door window if I turn my head that direction. Life is good

Ragg Mopp had his weekly bath and grooming today and smells good this once a week. He loves being outside so we put him on a long lead and he frolicks around with the kittens and gets his line all tangled up. It will probably be easier on him when we get the deck built.

FAYE sounds like we need to go into the furniture delivery business. That $80 to deliver a chair seems rather steep doesn't it. Hope you can borrow that pick up to move it yourselves. We are so fortunate that we have one here we can use when ever we want. In fact these folks are so neat ~ she cooked a dinner for us and her husband delivered it before Cowboy had to go to work. He leaves at 5 for his shift as Park Ranger at the lake. Dinner at the casino Faye, sounds like a good thing though for most of them have wonderful chefs. I think we had pizza from Dominoes last Thanksgiving though.... I don'tknow what we will be doing this year. Always have choices to make.

It is funny with all the fruit that California grows that we are getting things from other countries. Guess it has a lot to do with the losses we have been having because of the foul weather. Our oranges and tangerines are from Australia. Our avacados are from Chile and the plums and peaches are from right here in the valley. Oranges from half around the world ~ just figure. Most of the fresh veggies are grown here locally that we buy though. When we visit our folks down south we can get all the oranges and avacados we want and that is in this very state. It all just seems weird to me.

10-04-2005, 11:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is pouring rain, thundering, and lightning in my corner of the world. I lamented that I wanted to get on the computer and DH said, "go ahead," so here I am. I feel like I spent the day on the phone! Our water has smelled like bleach since last spring and it is worse in the morning when I make coffee and get ice out for my school mug. I have called the water department a few times and each time they tell me they will take a water sample to test it. The last guy I talked to told me I'd have to live with the smell. :mad: We have a 'hunk' of street/road that has been rough with potholes, patched, and repatched to the point where it is level with the curb and it is a mess to drive on. I drive on it every day when I go to school. So this morning I called the city administrator who is always in a meeting of some sort and never available to talk. Yeah, right . . . . I got the next guy in command who happens to know DH. He was going to check into the water problem and a guy came out to take a water sample, while DH was home, which showed we are in the acceptable level. :( The road belongs to the state and is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2007! He told me to call the DOT with my concerns. Oh well . . . . . . Then I called the vet and played phone tag with him all morning. :crazy:

DH took Maggie back to the vet for me. She is so unsteady on her feet and can't jump up on the counter any more although she is eating -- chicken, roast beef, and hamburger! I don't care what she eats as long as she eats. This time the vet did more blood work and took an x-ray which showed 'something' but he couldn't tell if it was a growth in/on her intestine or stool that needed to pass. She complained all the way there and home again so her 'meower' is still working. He did give her an antibiotic although she isn't running a temperature and I think he is puzzled as to what the problem could be. She is 15 1/2 so I'm not going to put her through surgery and as long as she isn't hurting we'll take it a day at a time I guess.

Maggie -- It is so good to see you! :cp: I kept thinking I would have you knocking on my door over the past few weeks. I'm glad all is well with you and Will. :D

"Gma" -- It is hard to share holidays with your family, but I think it is easier when they live far apart. :yes: Both of our in-law families live within an hour of us. We don't even try to do Thanksgiving Day because the kids go to the other side of the family and then they all have to work on Friday. DH and I have been going to my 'sister's' along with my 'mom.' It's pretty quiet without the little kids around to liven things up. :lol: Then for Christmas, they do Christmas eve with the other side and spend Christmas Day here along with my 'mom,' 'sister,' and her husband. It will really be buzzing with the four little ones! :dizzy:

I need to figure out what I am wearing to school tomorrow. We are supposed to be going from 90 degrees down to 50 overnight so I think it will be layers of some sort.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-05-2005, 09:20 AM
good morning all! It is cool right now, but supposed to bust out with heat again today. They are calling for 70's starting Friday so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hang on, have to go put the laundry in the dryer.... :rolleyes: dum de dum de dummmmm.....ok, back again!

Maggie: I wondered how much you were going to be able to do with the gas prices the way they are. We rented a Trailblazer to take to Indiana for Thanksgiving and I imagine that will cost the bulk of our money for Thankgsgiving in gas. We are taking Fortune plus Christmas presents for Jay and Alicia and food for Thanksgiving in coolers so we needed the room. Sounds like you had a right good time and that is all that is important.

Jean: We can't get anything done here either. It is bad enough to have chucked up roads but nasty water. Years and years ago when we were stationed in San Diego, we HAD to buy water to drink and cook with. It smelled and tasted nasty and they said it was ok. Everyone bought water from the Sparkletts man. We couldn't afford it as Jack was a Second Class Petty Officer back then and I barely made anything working as a secretary in a private school (besides which, the school had financial problems so when there wasn't enough money for payroll, married teachers were paid first, then unmarried teachers, then the principal then ME! ) So there were times I only got a partial paycheck. Anyway, it was a real strain on the budget, but you didn't have a choice you couldn't drink the water.

I am posting another pic as I posted the yarn for it. This is the scarf for my dil. I made a hat, but the yarn stretches so much it would fit Andre the Giant so I scratched it off the list! I am hoping to finish my son's scarf in the next day or two then start my sil's I guess. I am leaving the mittens until last as I am unsure about them and my dd's stuff I haven't decided on yarn yet. I am going to make myself a present though. I found a couple nice patterns for pillows so I am going to make a couple for my couch to cut up all the blue. I want to get a tan recliner, but it will depend on what we can get and how many $$$$. If I have to go with blue, I need some pillows or something to break up all the blue in the room.

Well, girls today is mopping day so I need to get to it before it gets so incredibly hot!


10-05-2005, 07:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to rain and chilly winds this morning. The sun is out now but it is still a cool 55 degrees out there. I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE . . . that my cat hating neighbor caught a BIG possum in his live trap last night and the critter literally tore the inner mechanism apart trying to get out. :lol: :lol: :lol: I would have liked to watch him let the critter loose because I'll bet he was one angry possum! I didn't even check the trap this morning because both mother cat and kitten were here for breakfast. DH pointed out the trap is now being held open by a board.

"Gma" -- The scarf looks so pretty and soft! You are so organized to be thinking about what you need to take for Thanksgiving already. :yes: I have no idea what a Trailblazer looks like but I will keep an eye out and see if I can find one. :D They took another water sample this morning before I left for school -- the water didn't smell this morning! :twirly:

DH just left for a meeting in Des Moines tomorrow. He likes to go the night before so he doesn't have to get up and get going by 5 AM. It's not bad when it is light early but now it is so dark and we have an abundant deer population roaming the countryside.

I have bell choir practice tonight and we are polishing bells first so I'd better get my clothes changed and get going. I want to stop at WM on the way.

Have a nice evening and a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!