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09-26-2005, 07:48 AM
Good Morning LWL :sunny:
It's still dark here.Ugh, Ireally don't like getting up in the dark, especially with a sore throat! Hopefull the throat part will disappear soon. I'm fairly confident the dark part will.

Despite eating clean and exercising the scale is up a few pounds :( I don't even know why this time. It's really depressing th think that I may need to drop what I thought were my maintenance calories or up my cardio just to stay in the same place... I'll see if this goes on for about another week, then start tweaking...sigh. The battle just never ends.

LEGS today! and I guess some cardio. Oh joy :)


09-26-2005, 08:02 AM
Oh Mel, you'll cope! You're tiny - like you said in the "trainer" post!

I'm "tapering" :lol: Well actually I'm just not doing much this week because of kickboxing grading on Saturday! No weights this week, upping the calories so I don't feel too hungry but keeping with lacrosse and kickboxing training (so just cardio for me this week! :eek: ) and LOTS and LOTS of sleep! Hopefully my rest from weights will rev me up ready to go for next week! :hyper:

Had a pitiful weekend - nightmare buses on Saturday to get to a design show, show was a big let-down, then trogged ALL ROUND London to try and find a lovely coat in Gap. Got it in the end then got £10 off! :D Then walked half the way home because the buses were STILL lame and the traffic was a nightmare cos of all the anti-war protestors going home! :tantrum:

Ended up cooking myself a lovely dinner and relaxing with a DVD (that was disapointing) and eating lots of chocolate cake :o Spent Sunday asleep, food shopping and playing scrabble!

Looking forward to a nice relaxing week this week ;)

Take it easy chickies :D

09-26-2005, 09:14 AM
Hey girls :wave:

Pretty quiet weekend and last week was quiet too, this is why I didn't post much. I'm up a couple too Mel :(, can we blame it on the weather or the moon phase? And I was pretty darn good food and exercise wise last week too :?: ...

Today it's chest, shoulders and tris... I find this one a very long workout :p: and I often cut is short by doing only 2 exercises of each with only 3 sets, but I always get a pretty good pump just the same from the workout...

It's an extremely dreary, rainy, gray day here, I have no idea how I will motivate myself to move today...

TTFN I'm going to try and get my butt in gear here...

09-26-2005, 09:48 AM
Today is bi's, tri's and abs for me. I don't have a preacher curl set up. Does anyone see anything wrong with trying them over the back of a sofa or chair? as long as I can keep my back right? Or maybe they're not even necessary if I'm doing concentration curls and barbell curls ?????

Edited to say to Ilene ... I did shoulders yesterday. I have an Oxygen mag with an article about shoulders by Anja Langer. Whoa, awesome arms. She does a dumbell front raise. Oooo for burn! I tried them when I first got the mag and could hardly do 4 with 5 lbs. I'm doing much better now. Maybe everyone has already heard of these but they were new and exciting for me :)

09-26-2005, 10:02 AM
Which month is that Oxygen, Susan? I have quite a few of those mags.

09-26-2005, 10:11 AM
Dec '04 it has Amy Fadhli on the cover in a white top and midblue bottoms with a striped belt. The cover says "15 minutes a day to sexy, shapely shoulders".

I ordered a subscription yesterday :)

09-26-2005, 11:58 AM
Legs today -- Upped my squats to 40 lbs. x 11 x 1. All my leg weights have suddenly increased. Maybe I've crossed a "hump".

Mel, Ilene -- despite eating clean, and exercising through the weekend, I gained a lovely 4.6 lbs! No, I am not PMS (although these days, it's hard to tell thanks to perimenopause). :( Mel, you and I live in the same general area (sorta), I'm wondering if this awful humidity has anything to do with the weight?

Ilene, humid, overcast where you are like it is here in the Mid-atlantic states?

Here's to a week of dropping the lbs. and increasing the weights!


09-26-2005, 12:28 PM
Ilene, humid, overcast where you are like it is here in the Mid-atlantic states?:yes: ma'am...

09-26-2005, 02:17 PM

Humid and overcast! Lighten up, girls, it is SUNNY here! It is chilly in the mornings - but no rain for the whole week - that's an accomplishment!

Anyways, I think I figured out what *does* make my body slimmer! Yoga! Like I noticed that I gained about 6 pounds since mountains biking/triathlon events, and those pounds were half muscle half fat I guess (my BF is 17.9% as it was before but I feel a layer of fat around my abodomen and my jeans are too tight!) So I started to do yoga while my kids are doing their activities (swimming and rhythmics) and I see the difference is my waist at least. This Sat I even did 1 hour rhythmics as my little DD who is 4 was way too distracted during her second hour and when I joined she was doing just fine. Well, did I feel it next day! My legs are still sore from all this jumping and skipping and tippi-toe jumps! Unbeleivable what our kids do and we just sit there and watch! After the class we did 6 km hike - my 4 y.o. was running, I was barely dragging my feet - and that is me with my exercises!

So today morning 30 min of Kathy Smith cardio challenge (legs part) and 5km run during lunch - have to do it since weather is nice!

Also, I am reading BFLFW and so far I am thru about half of the book - and it is really nice - read it if you need time to remind yourself why are you doing it!


09-26-2005, 04:51 PM
Hi LWL, It is, as always, sunny in AZ, a little warm for this time of year, we should be hitting mid 90's and it is suppose to be 101 today but the humidity is gone so unless you are out in direct sun you don't really notice the heat.

I'm switching this week around and meeting with my PT T, W & Th so today is cardio and I plan on doing that when I get home. On days that it's under 90 at noon then I get out and walk during lunch but today isn't one of those days.

Food is doing pretty good, I've signed back up with my counselor and weigh in tonight and expect I will be down. I didn't have all that great a Sunday but that is the only day that I lost focus so I'm not unhappy. A big turn around from what I was doing a few weeks ago.

It is just to cool, I'm starting to get definition in my arms and I just love it. :D

SusanB, My PT showed me that I could use my stability ball for preacher curls, he also said I could raise the back of my bench and do the curls off that too.


09-26-2005, 09:09 PM
Hey there LWL! I'm back from my trip, and trying to get my life back! :lol: Home wasn't too back (except the mail) as DH and the cats take good care of themselves. All I need to do there is my trip laundry and grocery shop. Work however, is another whole story... Yikes, things certainly pile up when you're gone. Plus I started the morning with a 90 minute dept head meeting.

I didn't do much with weights while I was gone (unless you count schlepping around a laptop that feels like it weighs 50# :eek: ) but I did get in a lot of walking at a pretty fair pace. Notice I'm not talking about the food :), though I was up only 1-2 lbs this morning. I'll be back at the gym tomorrow and see how I do. A week off the weights shouldn't set me back any, but I'll likely need to drop back the cardio a little. I don't have any travel for a month, and that'll only be 3-4 days at the end of Oct, so I'm hoping to settle back into my routine quickly.

Missed talking to you gals. I was so busy that even though I had my laptop and an internet connection I only got to read a few times.

09-27-2005, 08:04 AM
hi LWL,

It was nice out here but it's clouding up now.

Mel - maybe you have some swelling (water or otherwise) of your muscles because you lift heavvy with the big boys now???

As for me, no formal cardio so far, but the scales are creeping down. As informal cardio I have been busy in the attic - I want to clear & redecorate so I can use the spare room for "gym".

Then the car broke down, spend 30 mins to fetch my daughter from school by bike, the this morning biked 80 mins to & from work, and will bike 30 mins this afternoon to get the spare parts for the car.
Yesterday I also did 1 hour (??) "car -repair cardio". This is no formal excercise but nonetheless very challeging. I managed to get my stuck brake loose on the car, then discovered that the brakelining had separated from the brakeshoe- so I have to put in another car repair session this afternoon.

I can't wait for all this to go back to normal... functioning machinery etc.
My DH is on a hanggliding holiday in france so I'm much more out on my own this week.


09-27-2005, 08:42 AM
Yesterday I also did 1 hour (??) "car -repair cardio". This is no formal excercise but nonetheless very challeging. I managed to get my stuck brake loose on the car, then discovered that the brakelining had separated from the brakeshoe- so I have to put in another car repair session this afternoon.

Good work, rabbit! Remember to breathe when you're doing the repair work! I find it slows me down and makes me think each step through properly.

My new gymn is working out well although some of the big boys do F and Blind rather a lot. My initial impression is that, yes, they do have testosterone and, yes, they also have one or more screws loose. I like diversity. I'll keep you posted!

Footnote: I'm eating a lot. I'm putting it down to serious lifting after several months off, rehabbing.

It's a lovely day here after the heavy showers started to move east. They'll be with you by home-time, 2F, and with you by tea-time, rabbit!

Hullo to all of you! Be kind to yourselves today.

09-27-2005, 09:13 AM
Mel - maybe you have some swelling (water or otherwise) of your muscles because you lift heavvy with the big boys now???

Nope, I've been lifting heavy for years and years, so if my muscles were full of water, they'd always be full of water. I've had a really hard time eating OP for the last 3-4 weeks. My gut is full of peanut m&m's :p . I eat clean 99% of the time, but that 1% kills me! I've got 4 totally clean days behing me now. Going for number 5!

Rabbit, you sure are handy! I can do just about anything fix-it wise around a house, but other than filling my gas tank and changing a tire, I don't touch cars :o Good for you!

Hi pat :wave: Nice to see you back :)

Evangeline :high: way to go on seeing some definition!

Luanne- At this point, I don't know what makes the scale go up or down. I binged off and on for 3 week and the scale went up. I ate perfectly clean for 3 days and the scale continued to go up. This morning it was down 2.5 pounds. Maybe your humidity theory is right...we had thunderstorms overnight. The heavy lifting-muscles retaining water theory doesn't work because yesterday was LEGS and that should be my heaviest, hardest biggest muscles lifting day.

Ilene- did you find motivation? Whenever I'm mopey in the gym and stare at a weight mumbling "why am I doing this" my boss fires back "Because you can!" When I see other women our age who look like they can't pick up a 10 pound bag of kitty litter, I realize that's a good point. Besides, we look better :devil: Chest, shoulders and arms would be a very long workout!

Gotta go,

09-27-2005, 12:26 PM

Yesterday was a good day for me - not only food was almost clean, but mood was clean, and I am not sure about you, but for me everything goes from the head. I guess the main break thru was after reading BFLFW - in one part she gave an example of woman which was diagnozed with cancer and got stuck in a traffic jam - like she said that she just put a relaxing CD on and started to enjoy music and be happy to have time for herself, instead of stressing out about beeing stuck in the traffic. I realized that I personally would be stressing rather than relaxing - it was so easy and so in front of my nose but I never paid attention. Somehow this discovery made me feel so content that I could do nice decisions about what to eat, where to go, and when I came to agility practice and waited for 20 min to find out it is cancelled - I realized that I was relaxed and content! I still have this feeling with me today - so if you are so stressed so much that you do not realize it (how does it sounds?) - pick up this book!

Today is UBW!

Ladies - your posts insipre me - a year ago in October I did not know anything about weightlifting, and now I even see muscles definition in my legs and sometimes when I suck my belly in - even in my belly! Thanks to you!

And another thing I did today - I tucked this shirt in!!! Automatically - obviously I relaxed enough to realize - I do not care what is in fashion, but as long as my shirt was tucked - I was fit, so here it goes! i am fit again!


09-27-2005, 12:44 PM
WTG on the shirt Sandy!

Personally I LOVE getting stuck in traffic! Gives me time to sing along like a mad woman to whatever's on the radio! And if you're stuck in traffic you're not doing anything else like working or cleaning the house, or washing up! :lol:

No weights for me this week but I'm there with you in spirit laydees! I'm just doing my classes this week before the BIG GRADING on saturday! :rofl: I'm also going to do some grading practice when I'm not in classes! I do keep saying this but I was lacrossing yesterday so I guess I just have tomorrow to do "extra" practice.

09-27-2005, 01:05 PM
Sandy -- I had read something similar a while back about waiting in supermarket lineups. You know how there are always some good magazines at the checkout? Well pick one up and read it and then you don't have to buy it but the real bonus is that you don't get stressed about the lineup. Because the line up or the traffic jam won't go any faster because you are stressing over it. My DH also taught me this, he is so easy going that he makes me angry sometimes. Why worry, he'd say, there's not much we can do about it is there? And really there isn't...

Mel -- I find that sometimes when I have been off program for a while, when I decide that I will get back on track, the first few days I keep gaining weight also. Maybe this is a cumulative effect of the bad foods? I dunno but it's a thought :lol: ... I did end up only doing chest and triceps yesterday. Today will be shoulders and abs and a run with my running group this afternoon...

09-27-2005, 08:52 PM
Good Afternoon LWL,

Itís been a good day food wise and Iíve been eating clean long enough now to feel yuck when I eat something off plan. Sunday I made some cookies for the family and couldn't resist them and I really didnít like the way I felt at all afterwards.

I was up and at the gym at 5:00am this morning, we worked on my chest and triís using the stability ball and then I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. When I got home I felt like I wanted to do a little more so I did 3 sets of 15 pushups off my weightlifting bar, I had it elevated about 3 feet off the floor. I canít do a complete pushup from the floor yet but I keep getting closer, I started having to do them off the wall.

I listen to audio books driving back and forth to work just because of traffic jams. If I get stuck I find I have a whole different attitude if I think about getting to listen to an extra couple of chapters before I reach my destination. The only draw back is when I get to work and Iím not at a good stopping point in the book, Iíve been known to drive around the block a couple of times because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next. (Of course that was before gas hit over $2.00 per gallon.)


09-28-2005, 04:45 AM
Kickboxing last night - I think my little busted muscle has healed up ok. So phew for Saturday! I'm also really improving on my back kicks - I was showing everyone else how to do them! Mwahahahahaha! I really need to get some more practice in though. I'm going to rest rest rest tonight but maybe fit in a few minutes kicking when I feel like it! Otherwise just a double class left tomorrow before the big day! :yikes:

Everthing else is going ok, food is going super! I was going to up my calories this week but I haven't felt too hungry at all at all! I must just come up with a strategy for the weekend!! Any ideas?? I think this Sat might be ok, cos i can take a packed lunch for after my grading, then whatever we do in the evening can be restrained! Don't know what I'm going to do on Sunday so I guess as long as I can be careful and not stray too far away from fitday I should be able to handle it!

09-28-2005, 09:15 AM

Phew!!! I fixed the car. As repairs go it wasn't the worst, just as long as you keep in mind that it isn't over till it's over. Fixing one thing led to having to fix the other...Anyway I replaced 4 brakeshoes and bled the brake system (with help of my 11 year old daughter) and I'm up and running again!!!
Funny how much you tend to take transportation for granted. Once I was down to just having a bike I noticed how much ferrying to and from you usually do, and doing them all by bike is no fun.

So no formal cardio today, but I sweated a lot with the car so I find this counts as well.

Silverbirch, Mel, thanks for the encouragement.
Silverbirch - It is indeed the point of taking time, figuring out how things have to go, plan the steps, take a couple of deep breaths and proceed to follow the plan. You may be interested to know that the car is a vintage Mini Estate. Chock-full of non-metric bolts & nuts and fortunately still simple enough to work on.

have a great day,

09-28-2005, 10:17 AM
You may be interested to know that the car is a vintage Mini Estate. Chock-full of non-metric bolts & nuts and fortunately still simple enough to work on.

Rabbit: very, very well done! I used to be the 11 year old helping with bleeding the brakes - that took me back! I'm a great believer in the agricultural principle with vehicles: not too many moving parts, and easy to work on. Oh yes, that was when I had an old British motorbike and tractors were tractors ... An old Mini Estate, you say? Ah yes! O tempora, o mores!

I digress. You noticed, I expect.

I have given myself the day off from the gymn. My shoulders were complaining with that sick kind of pain. I have work pressing. It's made sense to open up some time to take off the pressure. Now, will that translate into not needing food as soon as I get in this afternoon? That, my friends, is the question. I'll let you know.

Good work, everyone. Keep on doing the right thing, you know it makes sense.

Love, Silverbirch

09-28-2005, 12:55 PM
Hi all you loverly LWL! This is a voice from the past.....it's been almost 6 months since I had my knee operated on, and I really fell off the deep end these last few months, in total frustration. But my knee is finally!!!!! healing the way it should, and I've started back with my trainer this past week, so should be back on track and on my way. Because I am still having some pain, the trainer suggested we use the pool at the gym for cardio, and that worked out fine...in fact, I realized how much I like swimming when there's noone in my lane that I have to watch out for. I am even swimming on my non-training days, alternating with the bike and elliptical machine.

So I am so glad to be here again, and will try to read and catch up with what's happening with everyone in my spare time. Hope all are doing well.


09-28-2005, 04:13 PM
I've been without a phone line for two days!!!!! I'm gettting caught up today tho'. I'll read and come back and post an update on my 5 day split in just a few minutes.

Hi Artmaker/ Susan. It's good to see you back.

Well, I've been through one complete cycle of the five day split that Mel advised and I like it. The BSB for women talks about putting your mind into the muscle. Being more specific in the areas I'm working is helping me do this. It's good.
My food has been good for a few days. Maybe a little low in calories but I'll work on that.
In just a bit we're off on a wee holiday. I think I'll be able to check in. And I should be able to do some cardio each day. I'm really looking forward to the break.

Be good all. Eat well and move!

09-28-2005, 05:45 PM
Hi ArtmakerSusan :wave: So glad you knee is better and that you are back with us!

SusanB- WTG on the split :D Sounds like it was just the change you needed.

I did a heavy back session this morning and my shoulder is not happy :( Yesterday's rather intense chest session didn't seem to bother it, so I went all out today also. Big mistake. Tomorrow is supposed to be shoulders :lol: At one point, I was think of taking this whole week off from lifting, but every time I try, I can't actually bring myself to stop. Cardio I can find any excuse to stop :dizzy:

Food hasn't been stellar today...my shoulder wanted comfort. :devil:


09-29-2005, 07:50 AM
Hi all,

Still on rest and recreation today, celebrating that I have transport again. I plan to continue to clearing out the attic so i can use it as a home gym. So no formal cardio and weightlifting this week.

I ordered the BSB book, and I am now anxiously waiting amazon to deliver it to my doorstep.

Mel - take care with your shoulder

Siverbirch - I thought a Mini estate would strike a chord of remembrance. As for british vintage motorbikes...my husband has a Sunbeam S8.

Have a great day all,

09-29-2005, 09:56 AM
Just to give you an update: still no definitive answers. Could be one thing or another, but both would make sense for me to drop out of the marathon. I keep waiting to get upset about it, but it is just not happening. I embarked on the marathon training to see how far I could take my body, not to run 26.2 miles. So now I know how far - somewhere between 14 and 16 miles. That is still pretty amazing. So now I can go back to running for joy ... as soon as I get my energy back.

It looks like Oct is full of doctors' appointments and tests, but all the docs have told me to continue working out as much as I am able to. This is really about learning to truly listen to my body and not call myself a wimp if I need an afternoon nap.

So, here is my plan: rest through the weekend (pulled out of a 10-miler), then go back to weights 3x a week and Pilates 2x a week. Cardio on most days and add yoga back in by end of Oct - based mostly on foot ligament. Doctor thinks I may be able to go back earlier if I do elliptical and bike cardio and only run 1-2x a week for no more than 30-40 min. How lucky am I to have a primary care doc who is also a runner? Yay for me!!

Vision is still a problem - hope to have that wrapped up in next few weeks, too. Meanwhile, know I am lurking and thinking of you all. Use my experience to remind yourself how important rest days are. Oh, and Welcome Back Susan. I am back to "Lurk" - will write again next week.

09-29-2005, 11:55 AM
Hey Ellen and Susan :wave: Welcome back... Susan glad your knee is healing well... Ellen hang in there maybe you can do a marathon in a year or two, something to work up to...

Things in this neck of the woods are good... I'm weight training, swimming, running, cleaning house (which I haven't done one darn bit today yet and it's 11AM :o ) It's a dreary, rainy day, is that a good enough reason to do nada? Ok, I guess I can at least put a load of wash it... TTFN back later :wave:

09-30-2005, 06:42 AM

Ellen - hang in there. I can imagine you have stuck a rough patch now. I admire your attitude. Keep it up!!


09-30-2005, 06:57 AM
:wave: :dz: Hello! I'm nervous about my grading tomorrow. (read all about it in support thread!) I've just been writing down things that I need to remember like point my toes and keep my fists closed and elbows in and bring my knee in and stuff like that. I'm "thinking" practising!

My back is really hurting and my sciatic nerves are hopping! I hope the Deep Heat will cure them tomorrow!

Oh I want to go home and practice my kickboxing!! It's only 11am!! Cripes! :eek: come on day - hurry up!

Back to weights on Monday :hyper: It might sort my back out!

09-30-2005, 11:11 AM
2F - Good luck! You'll be fine. And then all your nerve pain will go away. Bound to.

Tell us all about it on Monday.

Legs this morning. Quick question: what's the benefit in going backwards on a crosstrainer? And, I suppose, what's the benefit in going forwards (other than cardio benefits)?

09-30-2005, 11:35 AM
Somebody told me that going backwards works your bum more than going forwards :dunno: he seemed a pretty sound guy! Although sometimes I think it just works your co-ordination and general balance more which is always good to mix stuff up!

I am more chilled out about tomorrow - I can only do my best :yes:

09-30-2005, 12:12 PM
Yes, good to mix things up a bit. Well, some things, anyway.

2F - I've just read your rant in Support. I take back that you will be fine tomorrow. You won't, at all. You will be .... brilliantly splendid! You will shine! How about that? Get a good night's sleep.

09-30-2005, 12:58 PM
I did my legs yesterday and boy, do I feel it! I did both forward and backward lunges with two 12 pounds dumbells in my hands and also I went up and down the stairs, as well as squats. Today I am walking like a puppet... I have 5K run planned today but will have a look how I feel :)

Yep, mixing things up seems to be fun!

09-30-2005, 03:42 PM
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Go frus go!!!!! I am sure you will be fine, better than fine, and if you don't get a 1 I will kick your butt, that oughta scare ya!!!!! ;)

My little (ok enormous) body does not know what's going on. Not had a loss in yonks and yonks, had my maintainance break last week, and lost 3lb. It's not meant to do that!!! :rofl: :crazy:

So the moral of the story is to stop trying quite so hard, and trust myself now after 9 months of this, that I know what to do to get this weight off and to stop torturing myself. My asthma is better when I eat a little off plan and increase my fat content just a wee bit.

I had a disaster on Wednesday night, I swum out of my swimsuit!!! Again!!!! This is swimsuit number four on my weight loss journey. So in the end of season sales I picked up three swimsuits tonight. Two size 18 (that's 14 US) and on size 16 (a tiny 12 US) to slim into. Well wouldn't you know it, the 16 is perfect!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! :dunno:

I now have two weeks off work, one week at home, swimming every morning, gym every afternoon, and one week away, hopefully sunny Greece!!!

09-30-2005, 05:52 PM
:bravo: Kykaree! That may have been a swimming disaster, but it's certainly a weightloss success :high:

Congrats on your new size :D Dontcha just hate it when your clothes fall off?


09-30-2005, 08:32 PM
I was visiting my Mother and Sister once (they live in NY and I'm in AZ) and had my half slip fall down to the floor! :o I decided I had better go shopping for some smaller sizes, all the way down to the skin. I was half embaressed and half proud of myself for loosing weight and very thankful it happened when it was just the 3 of us.

I've had a really good week, I've been very focused on my eating and have been really staying on top of my workouts. I always get my weight training in but cardio, well you know how it goes. It is cooling down some so I've managed to get all my cardio in this week too so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Have a good weekend,