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09-23-2005, 04:33 PM
Hello gals!!

Well, we've all read Janes experience meeting up w/the mods and getting to know them. And what an experience it was! She went home w/12 new treasured friendships. And others from 3FC have also met up and gotten to know each other.

So how about the Jaded Ladies??

We've talked about meeting up in the past. And it sounds like many are interested in still meeting so I'm bringing it up again. I called Jane the other day and we talked a little bit about this. We figured that maybe the beginning of next summer in June or the end closer to fall. It would give us plenty of time to save up for the trip.
And the meeting place? Well we've talked about Portland Oregon. There are 3-4 of us in Oregon. A few in Cali and a few spread out here and there. Does Portland Oregon sound ok w/everyone who is interested?? (Susan & Katy, I'm sure it does sound ok for you two!! :D )

This is just a beginning suggestion. Any thoughts and ideas are welcomed. Portland for the meeting area is NOT set in stone, and as the year goes by, we'll have a better idea for the actually meetup date.

So feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Just keep in mind...we have a whole year to think about it so it's nothing to worry over right away. Just wanted to try this again and see who all is interesed in meeting. open for comments! :D

09-25-2005, 05:25 PM
Thanks, Marti, for starting this thread.....

After the experience of meeting the mods, I can tell you that I'd go to great lengths to meet you JLs! All of the mods who went feel like we really know each other so much better now. And the emotional pajama party we had Saturday night, where each mod got to tell her story (or not) was so much more tangible in person where we weren't dependant on the computer keyboard to convey our feelings. Adequate words to describe it escape me. Plus, we just had a good old time in general! We laughed and laughed!

I'd be happy to go to Portland, and after all, we have several from there. It may be better to have everyone meet about half way. Can everyone plan on travelling some, or is it out of the question? Let me go to expedia and see what the rates are from Indy to Portland, and then Indy to Kansas.

As far as time, early June would be good for me. But I've got Terry's wedding with the showers, etc. in late June and early July. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to go in Sept! I missed parent's weekend at college with Katie, plus my own family reunion with the old aunts and uncles. I really rather not go again in Sept. because these things will be going on again next Sept. Is August too hot?

Like Marti said, we're just throwing ideas around right now, and looking for input from each of you who would truly go if you had the chance.

What're everyone else's thoughts about it?

09-26-2005, 09:28 PM
Well, I did some checking, and a person can fly from Indiana cheaper to SF than to Kansas, lol.

But what about you Oregon girls? Is going to SF going to be doable, or would you rather we meet right in Portland? Since there are 3 of you - Marti, Katy, and Susan, we need your input. If we meet in Portland, you wouldn't have any hotel or much other travel expense. Angie, how close are you?

As I said, I'm willing to go wherever. My only hesitation is the long flight. But since there'd be a lay-over somewhere, I'd get to stretch my legs then. Neal may join us, but he and I would stay a day or two longer than the rest, to go do some sight-seeing on our own then. The last thing we'd want is hubbies there for a pajama party, lol.

So, the whole purpose of this post was to say that since I have to fly anyway, it may as well be to Oregon or SF instead of Kansas, and it would save 3 of you some bucks.

What do the rest of you think about it?

da fat n da furious
09-27-2005, 12:12 AM
I am 2 small plane rides away...well one big plane and one small nail biter or puddle jumper plane ride away.

09-27-2005, 01:05 PM
Jane~why Kansas? I live here and I wouldn't even want to meet here! :lol: Plus it is too far for everyone else. I think a middle ground would be fine, or San Fran! ;)

I don't really have suggestions, well except San Fran but that is just my preference. Just kind of waiting to see what everyone else comes up with. As far as dates anyone have anything in mind? Beginning of June would be good, as well as August or Septemeber. I have no birthdays in June, just Father's Day, or August or September. Any suggestions as the amount of time-a weekend or more or what? And what to do? Or is anyone wanting to do anything other than just a get together?

I will be driving so this will be a vacation for me. Flying to GA is one thing but I won't fly to the west coast! Or anywhere longer than the 2 hour flight to GA!! :lol: I'm laughing but oh so serious.

I do think it would be great to do a get-together and to make it a yearly thing!

09-28-2005, 02:55 PM
I would love to meet up. Obviously, with all our $$ tied up in our remodel, Portland is my preference. I might be able to swing a weekend in SFCA, as I think I'll have enough visa points racked up to cash in for a flight. I was checking prices for a weekend in Aug. '06 on expedia, and I might be able to swing it even without the points. It's just hard to say until we get the final bill on our construction.

Timewise - I'm pretty flexible in the summer, as my DH is a teacher and usually just has a summer school teaching obligation. We traditionally take a family trip over July 4, and the 3rd week of Aug. (depends on when SS ends) Other than that, I can get it on the calendar and schedule around it.

Portland is really nice, if you've never been here before. I bet Susan, Marty, and I can find lots of fun stuff for us all to do. Maybe even a day trip to the coast.

09-28-2005, 08:58 PM
Cristi - I mentioned Kansas because it's about 1/2 way from those of us in Indiana and Michigan to the ones on the west coast. Well, actually, Nebraska is closer to the middle, but there are no Jaded Ladies from there, lol.

I think Portland is a good choice, too, since it would save money for those who live there. But SF sounds good, too. A long weekend from Friday to Sunday is about all I could manage away from home unless Neal would for sure come along. That would give us Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. So basically, only one full day. Even if he comes along, we'd be leaving Sunday, probably, since most of you have jobs to get back to, and Neal would want to go to Mt. St. Helen's. He's an Earth Science prof, you know, lol. He was out there in '80 or '81 and got some ash from when it erupted.

You're all welcome to fly to where I am! Indiana is so pretty in the spring and summer. And fall and winter. There's plenty to do in Indianapolis, and there's a big airport there. They have great restaurants, and lots to do right downtown. Great hotels, too. There's even a zoo downtown. Which JL said she loves zoos? Wasn't that in your bio, Katy? A short flight for you, Cristi - maybe nearer than Georgia! Very, very close for Sue, and not too far for Mindee and me. Hey, that's as big a group as the one in OR!!

Susan, Katiecat, Mindee, Sue, and any other JL, what's doable for you?

09-29-2005, 01:09 PM
Gotcha Jane about KS. There is a lot to do in the Kansas City area on both the KS & MO side.

Katy may have mentioned that she loves zoos but I am a big fan/lover of zoos also! I have zoo'ed the kids to death! :lol: Everywhere I go I have to see the zoo there.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind IN. Hey, it's a lot closer! And some place I haven't been too. I have been to Portland a few years ago and San Fran when I was younger (as a child) but never did much in San Fran and have been wanting to go back. I checked into flights, just for the heck of it (because I don't think I could fly that far honestly) to both Portland and San Fran and it is a little cheaper to San Fran. But I definitely won't be flying not at that price and I only checked for one person. I know driving will probably be the same, especially if the price of gas doesn't go down but I would see more and it would give me the extra money to spend on other things! LOL

Another suggestion to throw out there (like we don't have enough) what about Vegas? Any thoughts on that. Okay, I won't make any other suggestions, maybe! :D But I think it gives us all something to think about. And even though it is a few months fast as the time is going it will be here before you know it.