100 lb. Club - I think it's time to give up exercise (LOL)

09-23-2005, 11:57 AM
I decided to make exercise my 1 main focus right now. (Yes I'm still attempting to eat healthier). I started back on Monday. I popped in my 3 mile WATP for abs tape and figured I would just see how far I could go since a month ago I was struggling through 1-1 1/2 miles. I made it through the whole 3 miles with really no trouble. Then I got it into my head that I would do some squats (Just bend down and stand up) to try work on my butt muscle since I need to build more muscle. Decided to go for 25 squats. I made it through all 25 with just a bit of struggling at the end. My thighs were feeling tight but not too bad. By Tuesday they were hurting but I still made it through the 4 mile superchallenge. Tuesday night I found the absorbine and lathered my legs in it. They started feeling better. I did the 3 mile again on Wednesday and by that night my legs were barely hurting.

Did the 4 mile on Thursday again. No problems there. Now we're up to this morning. I start up the 3 mile tape and am going along. I get to the 1/2 mile mark and I must've stepped wrong or something but I pulled a muscle in my butt region. It hurt something fierce to just step with my left. I tried to continue with the tape for another minute or two thinking it was like a charlie horse of the butt or something and it needed to be worked out. It wasn't happening so what did I do? I woke Jeff up and made him rub it for me. :D. It hurt less but was still sending sharp pains when I would step.

I got out my stability ball and decided to do the exercises on it since the cheek was just fine as long as I wasn't stepping. I got to the pelvic thrusts and I guess I thrust just right because I finally got that darn cramp out and I finished the rest of the 3 miles.

I'm not sure what's going to happen on the exercise front this weekend. I'm hoping it will all go peacable and no injuries. :)

09-23-2005, 12:07 PM
:lol: Exercise is supposed to be good for us, right??

You are my inspiration. I am going to get my WATP CD out and start doing it again. You go girl!!!

09-23-2005, 01:51 PM
I find it hard to believe you have to go to all that trouble just to get Jeff to massage your bum. :p :devil:

Keep at it, girl ~ no pain, no gain, right? :D

09-23-2005, 05:32 PM
Do you stretch after you do your WATP? Not familiar with the series, so I don't know if stretching is included in the workout. If not, try doing 10 minutes of gentle stretching after your workout, while your muscles are still warm. It should help with the soreness. :)
Keep up the good work!

09-23-2005, 08:49 PM
Oh, my! I don't think exercise is supposed to hurt like that. Hope things go better tomorrow. :)

09-24-2005, 05:58 AM
You go Girl!!! Wow, sounds like you are really moving :bravo: I just wanted to chip in with what Laura said. Stretching after you exercise really! helps with soreness. I know the WATP tapes have a few stretches at the end but you might want to add some additional leg stretches if soreness is a problem.

09-24-2005, 08:45 AM
I find it hard to believe you have to go to all that trouble just to get Jeff to massage your bum.

:rofl: Oh, I imagine it was no trouble at all!

Oh Dawnyal, I feel your pain honey! But seriously, the suggestion I wrote in your blog is definitely the way to go... sooooo much more fun! :s: :devil:


09-24-2005, 07:33 PM
I find it hard to believe you have to go to all that trouble just to get Jeff to massage your bum. :p :devil:

Jill, you're such a bad girl. heh heh.

Something tells me Jeff will be popping in those videos for you, encouraging you on!! :o ;)

Great job, Dawnyal :)

09-26-2005, 04:31 PM
LOL you guys are too funny. So far no more soreness. I just overworked those thighs the first day and not sure what happened in the nether region. :)

09-27-2005, 11:36 AM
Glad to hear the soreness is gone but maybe could fake it one more time for that rub! ;) Sounds like you had some great workouts!

09-27-2005, 12:14 PM
Geez - I'm tired just thinking about the exercise you're doing. Good for you!