Weight Loss Surgery - A Poll for Those Who are Considering WLS

09-20-2005, 09:17 PM
so, everyone - tell us how you REALLY feel about exploring this option...

10-19-2005, 01:50 AM
I first started considering WLS earlier this year after a few months of dieting and exercise with no results. I was diagnosed with PCOS, which explains the inability to lose, but offers no hope. Some family members told me I was crazy for even thinking about it, so I stopped talking about it, but kept researching. A few months ago, still without sucess, I again brought it up to my sister and mother, and they were more supportive after seeing me fail for so long on my own. This is my last resort. I'm young (23) and mostly healthy, but my health is starting to go down hill. I'm doing the RNY to, hopefully, save myself from being diabetic in the next few years, save myself from infertility, save myself from immobility...


10-29-2005, 06:21 PM
I am waiting for a surgery date now. About three years ago I began on 3fatchicks under low carb. I lost 104 lbs. It isn't the first time I have lost so much but as I am now 51 it is of dire importance as my health is poor. After losing so much weight and fighting my own health issues as well, the time came when I was down (bedfast) for many months, yet again. My back went out, and just when I began to get better I had severe pnemonia, then during revovery from this my left leg began to swell to unbelievable proportions. No blood clots but lots of edema. Unable to walk on it many months went by , very little movement (of course) and the weight came tumbling back on despite all my efforts. In a three months 67 lbs returned and I became depressed. Something I just do not do.I gave up. Tricare again allowed gastric bypass so here I am waiting for my surgery date with hope renewed. I found a highly skilled Doctor who has preformed 1800 of these surgeries , had it himself and is a precious man to boot. I traveled three hours to him and am so glad I did. I am currently back to where I started here so long ago plus 5 lbs. 368lbs. I have issues to overcome with several large hernias but I hope all will go well. I know the drawbacks and had done over a year of research online before making a move to have this procedure done. I am ready.

10-29-2005, 09:46 PM
oh pam. i remember you!!! you've really been through the wringer in so many ways, and yet you always have such an upbeat attitude!

we'll help you in any way that we can... chin up, darlin! you're getting the help you need.

10-31-2005, 11:57 AM
I am currently doing my the 6 month doctor supervised weight loss program, with no luck. Even though I am only eating about 1500 calories a day I am hardly losing any weight. I have done WW several times and gained the weight back several times. I discussed the surgery with my doctor and he said with my family history of a long line obesity, that this is probably a good option for me. This is a last resort for me but I consider it a great tool. I have a great husband that supports whatever I do, no I am not doing it for him. But I am doing this for me and my children. I just really want to be healthy and not in pain. I also want to be able to go to amusement parks (which right now I can't fit into the rides, which can be depressing), and do all the things my kids want to do without just sitting off to the side watching. My heighest weight was 304 and now I am at 296. My goal is not to be skinny minnie but to just be comfortable.

11-09-2005, 01:16 PM
Well, some of you may be a wee bit suprised to see me here. Just today, just right now, I am seriously considering this as an option. I just can't make myself follow a plan and I don't want to die. I know that this ISN'T the easy way out, but it may be the only way out.

I won't annoy you with 1,000 simple questions, because I have done almost zero research. Just wanted to show my face. But where do I start? With the Insurance company?

11-09-2005, 03:26 PM
MWA MWA MWA sandi. do the research. talk to everyone you can find, and then make your decision. we're with you every step of the way.

and yes, it's a good idea to see what your insurance will cover, and what their requirements are that you'll have to meet. at least, you'll know what you'll have to do and have an estimate of how long it'll take.

11-29-2005, 12:02 PM
I had a friend that did this surgery and it was not without difficulties but the thing that I realized is that it doesn't address the issues causing over eating in the first place, she was food addicted, I mean she would gorge and although she has lost over 100 pounds her skin is loose and not flattering, and she doesn't exercise and she STILL has the drive to over eat! I don't think it is an end all beat all situation, I believe that it still requires a great deal of change and planning because you can restretch the stomach that was downsized, over eat and put the weight right back on. I know that for some it is a solution, but I think that it is NOT a one size fits all, like anything, I personally have decided not to have the surgery because I want to lose the weight naturally, and I don't want the heinous scar, I know it might sound bizarre, but I have no flaws on my skin I am just too fat!:smug:

01-11-2006, 03:46 PM
I wonder who thinks it is an easy way to lose weight? It isn't easy at all. You have to change your entire lifestyle, PERMANENTLY, and you have to conquer what makes you over eat and choose unhealthy foods to eat or else this surgery does not work. You may lose at 1st, but if you fall back on old eating habits and do not exercise, you will soon gain all the weight back. WLS is only a tool. It won't work if you don't use it properly.

I am waiting for an RNY, and am in the process of losing my pre-surgery 10 % weight.

01-11-2006, 04:59 PM
I began my journey toward WLS on March 29, 2004--yes, I remember the date!--about three weeks after I made up my mind that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, being in constant pain (I have arthritis in both knees as well as once had pain so bad with my periods, I actually had to take Vicodin to allieviate it), depressed and being in and out of hospitals with my cardiac problem.

I had tried everything previously from Xenical (and had a violent reaction to it that I won't get into here), to near-starving to Slim Fast, and nothing changed. When my PCP told me about the option of WLS as well as recommended a 1500 calorie/35g fat daily regimen, I decided to look into it.

I found a wonderful, caring surgeon through research on ObesityHelp.com who guided me through everything from the required pre-op testing to getting approved by the insurance. It was perhaps the most enlightening 18 months of my life, to say the least.

As I mentioned in another thread, I was scheduled for Roux-n-Y gastric bypass surgery on 9/28/05, butI didn't get the gastric bypass done, because once they had opened me up (laproscopically) to perform the procedure, not only did I have several intestines twisted...but a rare condition termed a malrotated digestive system was discovered.

To put that in more simple terms, everything is on the OPPOSITE of where it should be (example: my appendix was on the left side instead of the right). This is found in 1 in 5000 adults in the United States and those who have it usually experience no symptoms that anything is wrong at all. To think I walked around for 43 years like this!

So the surgery I DID receive instead was to correct this problem as best they could (untwist the intestines and remove scar tissue) as well as remove my appendix as a precaution in the event I ever got appendencitis.

So at present, I have been referred for the laproscopic banding, which has been successful in patients with my condition and am consulting with the new surgeon on 1/24/06. The surgeon I will be seeing has trained with the top experts in both Australia and Europe and has a great track record, so I am optimistic that this will work out after all.

My previous surgeon also made the point, which I also saw in a couple of posts here in so many other words, that just like any other weight loss program, WLS is NOT a cure, but a lifestyle change. There were actually other patients in the office during my visits that were/have undergone WLS a second, third, even a FOURTH time. No thanks; one time will be enough for me.

My nutritionist also stressed this as well that once the surgery is done, your eating plan has to change altogether and one needs realistic views toward food and weight loss, which I have been more than ready for in the past coming up on 21 months.

01-12-2006, 03:42 PM
I have been diagnosed with PCOS by my ob/gyn and I am struggling with my weight loss. This is different than any other time as I am writing down everything I eat and drink, keep track of calories and fat, am exercising 4-5 days per week and I am not losing weight. I am actually gaining weight!!!

I have an appt. March 3rd with my family doctor and if I don't lose weight by than, I am really going to pursue weight loss surgery because I have changed my eating habits and I work out now so making a lifestyle change isn't the issue, the issue is losing the weight even with all of my changes!

01-12-2006, 08:31 PM
I just realized I hadn't posted on this thread before.

I am considering WLS for various reasons, but the main one is that I just want to be healthy. I may never get to the elusive 'goal weight' and I may never look quite the way I always dreamed I would when I was younger. If I live an extra 5, 10, or 20 years because I've become healthier, it's enough for me.

I have PCOS and am a diabetic. My cholesterol and blood pressure are high. I want children at some point, but I don't want to have children when I'm so unhealthy. There's a long family history of cardiac and pulmonology issues. My maternal grandmother died of a heart attack when she was 54, my paternal grandfather suffered from 3 heart attacks before an aneurism killed him, and my maternal grandfather died due to emphysema at 73. My father currently has emphysema and has for the last two years - he's only 63. There's a history of a couple of types of cancer as well as the above issues. In other words, I'm a walking time bomb and I really don't want to be detonated. I plan to be a stubborn, ornery old lady who chases people off her porch with a stick.

WLS isn't my only option. I've tried to tell myself it is just to convince myself to go ahead with WLS. I've tried all the other options I can think of and my doctors can think of, but one way or another I will get the weight off. Right now, I think my main focus is that WLS may be the tool that jumpstarts the loss that I need to be healthy. I'm undecided as to whether or not it will be the tool I use, but I know that no matter what I do, there's no easy way to do it.

02-24-2006, 04:58 PM
A friend of mine had WLS. I thought about it, but have no health issues associated with my weight. IMO having surgery and eating like that for the rest of my life is harder than dieting. I lack the discipline for that. But I love going to WLS boards they know so much about protein and hair loss(which runs in my family) and other weight related issures.

03-14-2006, 03:37 PM
For the first 16 years of my life I was 135pds and 5'7" after I got pregnant with my first son i gained 50 pds and only lost 20 of that after I had him. so that put me at 170 (which right now doesn't sound to bad) I wish I weighed that now. I then gained 22pds 3 yrs later I guess age catching up with me or something I don't know. But then I found out I was pregnant with my second son so I couldnt do anything about the 22pds I had gained. I had to wait 9 long mths. After I had him then I could finally start loosing. It has been 8mths and i have been up and down (mostly up) on my weight and I really can't live like this. I have to do something about my weight and I'm about ready to try anything, including the surgery I have tried pills diet and excersise and still haven't lost I just keep gaining more. The only thing stopping me from getting the surgery is not having the money. :(

03-15-2006, 01:29 PM
I am currently trying to get approved by my insurance to have lap band done. I have been overweight since I was 10 years old, with my highest weight at 334 (which was not that long ago) at my last weigh in i was 313 but I go back to my dr tomorrow for another weigh in (crossing fingers). It's a long process to get approved...i don't have great insurance. lots of hoops!

03-23-2006, 01:51 PM
Its not something I consider for the immediate future, but for maybe in about a year I suppose or something like that.

My health is not good. I have severe GERD which is mostly under control with medications and other lifestyle things. I have fibromyalgia which is flairing up at the moment. I have a sleep disorder which can just completely disrupt my ability to function. And, perhaps most importantly, I have an entrapped nerve ending in my abdominal wall. It acts up everyonce in a while in response to things like abdominal muscle spasms (from the fibro) and so forth and then I have to go to a pain clinic to get an injection, but it is acting up with a really increased frequency. I fell down in the fall and hurt my knee and now it swells up and aches, etc.

Also I want to prevent other health problems like diabetes or joint complications. And I want to get pregnant in a few years I think. But not until I am healthy.

While I would rather not have surgery in general, I think I could do the lap band. Ironically, the health issues are one of the reasons I think surgery might make weight loss easier to do in terms of discipline. When I feel crappy or my life is out of control because of sleep issues, etc, I just can't focus on what I am eating or weight loss issues. I actually tend to stress eat then or eat to try and stay awake or whatever. and I feel I need more consistency in order to be sucessfulll, but at the moment I feel like it is impossible for me to do that- it would be just another ball to juggle. I don't know if that makes much sense.

Right now I am going through medication changes and lifestyle adjustments with the health in a slump. So if those are sucessfull I can get back on the weightloss wagon and see where that leads me.

04-13-2006, 08:13 PM
Once a long time ago I felt that WLS was my only option. I always ate right, low fat, lots of green veggies, and no scrap of junk food to be found in my house at all. I even taught a few friends of mine how to cook healthy, converting them from "pizza-and-wendy's-bacon-cheeseburgers" to spinach salad w/ vinegarette, lemon grilled chicken and almond couscous.

While I was close to 250 lbs eating healthy and not losing a pound, my converted friends whom I taught to cook were dropping weight like crazy (and they ate MORE than I did!!!). Over the years I had tried every diet out there except atkins with no success.

So I picked up aerobics, weightlifting and kickboxing. After going to the gym regularly for three years and still seeing no weight loss I didn't know what to do. I was doing everything "right" to loose weight, but I'd either stay the same or gain! My best friend took aerobics with me, and she would loose weight but I wouldn't no matter what I did.

I saw a doctor and brought with me a food journal for the past 1 month. He scoffed, said that if I were telling the truth about what I ate, that I'd be losing weight. HE suggested I go on a 500 calorie a day liquid diet and "stop stuffing my face and then lying about it".

So I decided to see a weight loss clinic instead. My thyroid tests were normal, blood sugar normal.. They couldnt find anything wrong with me. So, it was once again assumed that I was a closet overeater. "There's no magic to weight loss: calories in, calories out. You need to burn more than you consume". been there, tried that, didn't work... I never went back there again.

Surgery looked like the only way out of the thick layer of fat around my body. The more I thought about it, the more I tried to justify the surgery and ingnore the negatives associated with it. I saw it as a means to an end, nothing more. My lack of funds stopped me from going through with the decision.

My boyfriend at the time would convince me to try Atkins. I tried it and lost 15 lbs. I was perplexed on why this weird diet seemed to work for me, there was a chapter in the Atkins diet book about "Insulin resistance" (hereinafter "IR"). The symptoms of IR spelled out the story of my life! The more I learned the more I became convinced this was my mystery problem.

My boyfriend became my fiance, and with his new job I got some very good medical insurance. So I began my quest to investigate my suspicion of IR. I asked my new doctor about IR, she scoffed at me and somehow assumed I was asking her for diet pills "everybody wants a damn pill!". When I insisted on a "glucose resistance test" she dismissed me and pointed me towards a weight loss clinic. I called that clinic and asked about getting a "glucose resistance test", they immediately refused "Oh we don't do that sort of thing here. We're all about behavior modification!"... I never spoke with them again.

Along with the new insurance I also got a new OBGYN. I didn't bring up my weight problems or my suspicion of IR. Instead I asked her about my 9 day long periods and the intense crippling pain. I refused to take BC pills because when I was 17 I took them and gained 50lbs within 3 months. She said to me: "I'm going to have you come in on monday for a glucose resistance test. I think you may have insulin resistance." The next week the test was done, and it was confirmed that I had IR. She explained to me that IR requires a special diet to "work around" the metabolic impairment, and sent me to a nutritionist who put me on a very special low-carb diet (very different from atkins). So far I've lost 50lbs this year, and I'm only 30lbs from my goal weight.

If you have considered weight loss surgery, please stop and make sure you get checked for insulin resistance first!!!! It is very mysterious and TOO easily overlooked by doctors, especially when they pre-judge you for being overweight and don't bother to investigate!!!

If you have PCOS and are thinking about weight loss surgery, please get checked for IR also!! PCOS and IR usualy go hand in hand- if you have one, it is likely that you have the other.

I've seen a lot of people with PCOS and IR loose hope and go through WLS because they were misdiagnosed or didn't know how to properly diet for the disorder (finding a good nutritionist was the key for me!). Please see a medical professional with experience treating IR/PCOS and directing their patients through successful weight loss. They are worth it! And if you're like me- with IR or PCOS+IR- you'll be thankful that you spared yourself that stomach stapling, and weeks of pain & misery as you teach your stomach to accept solid foods.

04-14-2006, 12:28 AM
sub - i'm glad you've found something that worked. but please believe me that most of us have tried - and failed - low carb diets for a wide range of reasons. for us, WLS has offered us the best chance of losing weight and keeping it off. and frankly, there's a school of thought that believes that all of us who are heavy enough to qualify for the surgery have IR. we always have to be carb-controlled.

04-17-2006, 12:15 AM
jiffypop, I empathize entirely because I've been there, too :hug: ; But if anyone feels I've placed a placed a blanket statement on which diet everyone should be doing and what everyone's metabolic culprit is then they are mistaken. Does everyone with weight loss diffulty have IR? Absolutely not, I never said that at all. I'll reiterate what I wanted to convey: anyone having weight loss difficulty should be tested for IR to rule it out as a cause, especially if they have PCOS. Why wouldn't anyone want to rule it out? Having that piece of mind is very valuable, especially when considering WLS as a last resort. In my case it wasn't finding "something that worked" it was discovering the underlying medical cause of my weight gain + difficulty losing weight. With that piece of the puzzle solved, it opened up new solutions to me. Many are undiagnosed and considering WLS as I did in the past; all it takes is one blood test to find out!

04-21-2006, 02:22 PM
Surgery for me has ended up as the only real option. I have tried everything from WW to Jenny Craig to Atkins to South Beach. I've exercised, I've journalled, etc. I was thrilled in late 2003 when my MD recommended the surgery. The road since then has been a bit wacked, but I am passionate about bariatric surgery, its benefits and its results. Do I think anyone should just jump into it? **** no. Do I think it is for everyone? Definitely not. Is it an "easy way out"? Anyone who thinks it is, need their head examined.

My knees are shot. My back is screwed. I have relatively nasty fibromyalgia that I suspect will improve greatly when I get weight off. And now, I have an umbilical hernia that continues to get worse and has greatly affected my ability to dance and exercise (thereby hindering my pre-op weight loss). Kaiser won't fix the hernia until I've had the gastric bypass (it would be cutting through the repairs they made, and make a mess). So as of next week, my bariatric MD is putting me on Optifast (an extremely restrictive liquid protein diet). This is another option that I would never say should be taken lightly, nor would I ever consider it as a long-term "diet plan". We're only doing it to get my pre-op weight off, quickly, so they can get me in there and get the hernia fixed and my bypass done.

Do I believe gastric bypass is my best option? I believe it is my only option at this point. My body is falling apart, rapidly. I'm 35 years old, and I feel about 20 years older. This surgery will save my life. And yes, there is the slightest chance it could take my life. Kaiser South San Francisco's program is one of the best in the nation; their death rates are less than 1%. I'm willing to chance it. I'm otherwise healthy and strong, and I'm a good candidate for a variety of reasons. I can't wait to get on with my life, living healthy and living well, and I'm more than ready to make some sacrifices to do it.

Thanks for this poll. Very thought provoking. Nice to be back, too... it's been awhile. :)

~ C

08-23-2006, 02:09 PM
At this point in my life (almost 40) I really just want to feel healthy and be able to jump out of bed and start my day, and right now it is a struggle. I have chosen the Lap Band because I don't want to be out of work and at home for 8 weeks.

09-09-2006, 07:35 PM
I sound like a broken record, but I too have pcos, gerd, sleep apne, hernia and slight depression most of these have been diagnosed during the last couple of months as I prepare for my lap band surgery (surgery should be sometime the end of Sept.) I have spent all summer researching and asking lots of questions about wls and I feel I still have so much more to learn, but I guess some questions will be solved with just trial and error. I have been over weight for about the last 10 years and I am ready to change this for good!!! I have wonderful family that would love to see me healthier and happier. I am hoping that someday very soon I will be able to keep up with my 2-year old twins!!

09-11-2006, 10:50 AM
dana - LOVE your attitude, but i'm wondering if ANYONE can keep up with two-year-old twins!!!!!!!


09-16-2006, 05:43 PM
Hi Ladies,

I'm reading these posts with great interest as I'm seriously considering the procedure.

My question is - how to keep my 'secret'?

I work in an office and though my co-workers have watched me try and fail a zillions diets ... what am I to say when I actually START losing weight with the bypass?

I have a BIG personality so I can't just pretend nothings going on ... and I defintely don't want anyone to know as I will certainly be JUDGED and talked about.:devil:

On the other hand .. I don't want to tell an out and out lie .. and somehow, one day (who knows) everyone finds out - then what?

Any ideas?

btw - I must say I take exception to people making posts about just trying yet another diet ... as that's what they did ... and now they are losing weight without the surgery. I'm thinking ..'who cares' ... people that are on these threads have mostly tried EVERYTHING.

This another reason to keep my secret (though I will tell my close friends) ... people telling you that all you have to do is this thing or that thing. :dizzy:

Sorry - just had to get that off my back.

I'm serious about the surgery and it is scary ... so I don't want any nay sayers. Becky.

09-16-2006, 08:24 PM
I don't know- that is a pretty big secret to keep. Also, if you ever eat around people at the office they are going to notice you are eating differently especially after the surgery. And maybe someone would ask what is going on- for a variety of motives. I suppose you could just say that it is a new diet. But you do have to take time off of work for procedures. I don't know which one you are considering. I think Bypass is more dramatic and people are definitelty more likely to notice that one. I suppose if you are really worried about it you could try to change jobs after something like gastric bypass.

01-23-2007, 07:52 AM
i am currently at my highest weight ever- 230 pounds on a 5'3" body. i have pcos, ir, gerd, hypothyroid, and the list goes on! ever since the pcos and ir flared, i have gained weight no matter what i try. pills, diets, exercise, etc. the dang scale won't budge. i am frustrated. i am seeing an endocrinologist to get my hormones under control, hoping that the weightloss will follow. however, it is a slow and uncertain process. i spoke to my gp several months ago about gbp and he said i would be a good candidate. on one hand, i think it would be great but on the other hand i am scared to death. i'm an icu nurse and have seen so many of them "go bad" with nasty complications and while it is vain, i don't want to go through the hair loss. so i sit on the fence.

02-03-2007, 07:15 AM
Hi all,

I haven't posted in quite some time ... but I'm now 10 days out from my RNY surgery and I feel great!:carrot:

I decided against the lap band after doing my research and reading all the maintence hassles, eating problems and the fact that it has the lowest sucess rate of all the WLS. :(

I wanted the FOR SURE method ... not the FOR MAYBE methd and the RNY was the 'Gold Sandard' in WLS.

I think there's a lot of misinformation floating around though. You will not need 8 weeks off work. I'm taking (in total) 3 weeks off work but I can already tell I'll be ready to return after my second week.

I still feel a little stiff across my abs where they made the incisions and I do get tired sooner than usual ... but I am recoving nicely and am soooooo happy I did this!!

Safe? Yes. My doctor has performed 7000 procedures and only lost 2 ppl - but they had problems to begin with.

Just my two bits. :p

06-04-2007, 04:11 PM
Becky, I was thrilled to see your last post about having the Surgery. How is it going and will you tell me how much you've lost? I'm scheduled for June 20 for RNY and am eagerly waiting my new life.

06-05-2007, 05:09 AM

Welcome to the LOSER'S bench! There's plenty of room ... we'll just squeeze over a bit!

Well, I had my 4 month surgiversary May 24th where I was down 45 pounds! I only weigh in once a month on my surgiversary date (no sense in driving myself nuts!) but I figure in this last week or so I've lost another couple of pounds.

Yes, I'm one of the slow people but my BMI was only 41 so I'm really (kind of) a lightweight.

I am VERY happy had the surgery :carrot: and I'm happy that it's a slow loss. Mainly if it's too fast you have the loose skin issue - which can only be fixed by .. more surgery and of course, you'll have the scars etc.

I'm self pay - which pretty much wiped out my savings so I DON'T want more surgery. (Actually, I think I will get a boob job next year - but that's optional!!:D )

So I'm spending the remainder of this year saving - getting myself back to where I was.

Second, no one knows at my job - except the HR lady of course. So they are seeing me slowly slimming down and it LOOKS like I'm just eating right and exercising etc! This is fine .. I don't want alllll the attention. You know, people judge you for having this surgery - so I only told a few friends.

When I order meat etc for lunch .. people all assume I'm on the Atkins diet which is VERY simular to our diet .. that is NO BREADS. (Well, you can have some - but NOT MUCH.)

How do I feel? GREAT! I had no complications and had a fast recovery!

I would say that after 2 1/2 weeks I felt EXACTLY the same as I felt before. The only thing is, since I eat so little food, my energy level is not as high as it used to be.

You know - your appetite will be almost NULL.. THANK THE LORD!!! So I have to remind myself to eat 5 - 6 times a day. If I get busy at work or whatever ... and skip meals - by 5:00pm I feel TERRIBLE!!! This is because with the RNY, I have a 30% malabsorption rate. So on an average day I might get in 800 calories but since only 70% of those calories are obsorped ... then maybe I'm down to like 550 a day! So I CAN'T miss meals or I will be dragging!

Water - I should get 2 liters a day - but I'm lucky if I get in 1 liter. It's hard. Before wls I will guzzle 1 liter in no time .. but with the small pouch .. I can only sip. So it takes much longer.

Anyway .. sorry to ramble on like this! I hope your surgery willl go well for you also!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

06-06-2007, 04:05 PM
Thanks for the info and replying, Becky. I will be using my medicare but have to pay the remainder which will amount to quite a bit,(thousands) so plastic surgery isn't in my future either unless I have to sell the house or something. LOL. Depends on how I feel I look, I guess. I'm so glad to hear you're having an easy time of it and was able to go back after two weeks. That's wonderful. I'm 68 so I know I'll be slow but not planning on it slowing me down. After the weight loss, I then have to have my knees replaced. Looks like a busy year for me. Did you stay on your liquid diet for three months?
I'm a slow loser also so will be glad to compare weight loss with you. I think you're doing great with your loss and like the way you're not telling fellow workers. I've not advertised it either. Only my immediate family know and my hair salon stylist. Had to tell her so she can watch for my thinning hair!
Have you noticed that yet? Oh, I'm also having the RNY. My doctor left it up to me and that was my decision also. I had gone in for the lap band but since I need to lose so much weight, figured the RNY was the way to go. At the present I'm really trying to get all this water down and I am on my liquids for the pre-surgery. Please keep me informed. I'm with you all the way.

06-07-2007, 04:00 AM

68 is not so bad. :D It's never too late in my book, hey I'll be 52 next month myself. :)

The liquid diet - umm no I never went on this.

A little background: I'm American but have lived in The Netherlands (Holland) for almost 7 years now. The Dutch only do the Lapband (conservative) so I went to Belgium which is right next door for the RNY. From reading all the posts here as well as other wls forums, the Europeans definitely do things differently.

So I had no liquid diet in advance nor did I have to lose any weight in advance etc.

The cost was very low compared to the States as well. I paid only 8700 euros (cash or credit card) which might be $10,000 for the works! My doctor is very well known in Europe as he has performed over 7000 wls and only lost 2 ppl. These are very good stats.

Anyway, so the cost was at least managable. LOT'S of his patients fly in from all over the world - in fact, they offer these package deals which include the airfare and hotel. :carrot:

Hair loss. Umm I've noticed hair shedding but - not so bad so far. (fingers crossed!) btw, I forgot - I did tell my hair dressor as well - just to prepare her in case I did lose a lot.

Anyway, good luck on your surgery. I'm not usually on this board though. I'm usually on the obesity help and thinner times boards which are really good for the RNY!

:D Enjoy! :D

Do keep in touch!

06-07-2007, 04:38 AM
I had a friend that did this surgery and it was not without difficulties but the thing that I realized is that it doesn't address the issues causing over eating in the first place, she was food addicted, I mean she would gorge and although she has lost over 100 pounds her skin is loose and not flattering, and she doesn't exercise and she STILL has the drive to over eat! I don't think it is an end all beat all situation, I believe that it still requires a great deal of change and planning because you can restretch the stomach that was downsized, over eat and put the weight right back on. I know that for some it is a solution, but I think that it is NOT a one size fits all, like anything, I personally have decided not to have the surgery because I want to lose the weight naturally, and I don't want the heinous scar, I know it might sound bizarre, but I have no flaws on my skin I am just too fat!:smug:

What you are saying IS true. You can regain your weight if you don't adhere to a lifesyle change - meaning watching what you eat, drinking water and exercise.

Btw - you won't have a bad scar if you have the laproscopic (sp?) wls. They just make five 1/2 inch incisions in your midsection. Already mine have faded considerably and it's only been 5 months!

The statistics are this:

90% of the people that go on conventional diets gain it all back (and more)within 5 years (haven't we all been there!) That's why I finally wrote off the conventional weight loss route. I must have lost and gained a million pounds by now!

However - 20% of people with wls gain it back within 5 years. And these are the folks that REALLY applied themselves to gaining it back.

These are good statistics in my book, but yes, if you apply yourself you can stretch your pouch and some people even go in for a revision to another wls like the DS.:?: These are the exceptions.

The wls is just a 'tool' to remove that crazy 'I want to eat everything' thing from your head (thank the Lord ... because I barely have a desire for anything now at all) and of course the malabsorption helps take the edge off!

But after that honeymoon period of the first 6 - 9 months your body kind of adapts to the malabsorption and finds ways to compensate and your pouch naturally grows a bit ... up to 6oz. By then though, you should have adapted good lifestyle choices during so that when the honeymoon is over, you can MAINTAIN your weight loss. That's the catch!

Again, wls is only a TOOL. It's up to you to use it wisely.

quilting lady
01-05-2008, 07:31 PM
I am going to have the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. No malabsorption, no dumping. Of all the procedures this one appeals to me the most. I am waiting to speak with the nutritionist and then I will be scheduled for the surgery.

01-06-2008, 08:19 AM

I'm not trying to discourage you but ... I think you if you want to go 'under the knife' .. you want the wls that has the highest sucess rate and that been around the longest so you know what to expect.

VSG has one of the lowest rates of success.

Have you done your research? Because I did and the RNY is the 'gold standard' of wls.

I have meet several people in person and on the net that all had stories of not needing the RNY because they 'only' had to lose X amount of weight or they were afaid if side effects etc and months later - they were complaining about their poor results.

You should visit this board obesityhelp.com and check out all the wls forums to get a better idea of your options.

I'm not trying to act like your mama .. but knowledge is power.

01-16-2008, 08:52 PM
My mother had this surgery and she has never been more happier! She was at about 275-280 when she talked to her doctor about it. Her insurance covered every penny because they could prove it was for health issues, wich it was, everyday i would wake up hoping my mom would live another day being how heavy she was, there was just so many negatives by being that heavy! She had a little complication after, she was sick for a few days.. Then she started losing weight rappidly. She went from around 280 to a petite 135, she looks better than me! Im so proud of her, she doesnt hide in the bathroom anymore when guests of hers want to soak in the hot tub, shes the first to put a suit on now! Woo Hoo mamma!!:carrot:

Jiggly Wiggly
02-18-2008, 05:10 PM
Hi everyone! I am new here even though I have been reading the forums for years. First of all I wanted to tell everyone that I think the comraderie here is absolutely wonderful!! I decided in December that I wanted to have surgery. When I talked to my doctor he told me he "does not believe in that and will NEVER give a referral for surgery." I felt like the air had been left out of me! He then proceeded to tell me to starve myself at least once a week because "I'm fat, my body will handle it." At that point I decided I was hopeless. I contacted a bariatric surgeon and got all of the requirements that I need. I changed my doctor this week and I see my new one in March, I see a glimmer of hope!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!:carrot:

02-18-2008, 07:07 PM
Jiggly, good for you :hug:

I remember going to my doctor at my wits end, crying, no where to turn and she just totally ignored my plea for help. I also switched doctors and I'm so happy I did. My new doctor is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bizzy Bee
03-08-2008, 12:02 PM
I really feel this is a last resort for me. I have lost 100 pounds 3 times in my life, just to gain it back. I hear people talking about so in so who lost a lot of weight.... and then they add, they did it by surgery though. I really don't think surgery is going to do it ALL. I know I am going to have to work at this. I wish everyone understood that this is a life change. You will never be able to eat the same again if you want to use your tool effectively. I know I am not experienced at this yet as I have yet to have my wls, but common sence should answer some of this for people. I don't want my coworkers to think I took the easy road when in acuality, it was the only road available to me for long term weight loss success and a healthy life.

03-09-2008, 09:04 AM
Bizzy Bee..... If you don't want your co workers to know...do not tell them. IMHO the less people know the better off you are.... its in peoples nature to be jealous and judge what they do not understand. I choose not to tell anyone, including my inlaws.... and I'm SOOOO glad I didn't tell them....because there are going to be rough times even with surgery and they just wouldn't understand.... but thats me.

We all know its not the easy way out...having some one cut you open surely isn't an easy thing....actually its quite brave. And your 100% right...its a tool not the cure... even the tool can backfire if you choose to let it.

:hug: did you get a date ?

03-13-2008, 12:29 AM
Well, I'm considering WLS...and have done for years, with no real hope of being able to do it. Then, the last week of February, I learned that my insurance will cover the surgery, with certain qualifications, of course! I talked to my doctor, who actually suggested I consider the surgery before I had a chance to tell him I wanted to talk about it! Now, I'm in the process of getting authorization from the insurance, and finding a surgeon and facility that accept my insurance...two different sets of circus performances going on here! And, my insurance will change at the end of May, so this may truly be an exercise in futility...but I hope not!
I have seen others who have done well with WLS, and, others who've done not quite as well. So, the reality that I must face is that this is a tool, and that I still have issues to resolve, and that this is NOT a quick, easy fix. As I said, I've thought about it for years, and really as just an option, until I read the letter my doctor wrote to my insurance company! He didn't say anything that wasn't true, but did he HAVE to be so blunt! OUCH! It was very painful to see all my diet failures listed in one place, along with additional health issues, and the reality that I am morbidly obese. Whew! I was able to type it all the way out without fainting...that is progress!
At this writing, my authorization request is in review at my insurance company, and I have submitted medical records to a surgical center to see if they will consider me as a candidate for lap band. I would LOVE to say that I will get back down to what I weighed in college...in reality I will be so thrilled to just lose 50 or 60 lbs, and then re-evaluate.
But I want to be around to see my grandkids have kids...

la bella bama
04-04-2008, 06:23 PM
This was not an easy decision for me. It has been over a year in the making. I have been overweight for nearly 15 years now, and have tried every diet you can think of, but instead of losing weight, I've managed to just get bigger. I have TMJ, sleep apnea, bursitis in my shoulders and hips, a bum knee which makes it hard to exercise more than swimming, and I am diabetic.

At my heaviest I was above 280. Right now I am at 269 and I am barely 5'1". I have been at 269 for a year now. At least I haven't gained anything, right? For five years various doctors have been after me to have gastric bypass and I always say no. I personally know people with horror stories. I was afraid. But then my current endocrinologist introduced me to the LapBand procedure. I have waited an entire year before taking the steps to have the surgery. I figured one year wouldn't hurt much, and that would give me time to research, to ask questions, to meet people who have done it, to be informed.

Well, I'm informed. I'm motiviated. I'm very tired of high blood sugars, headaches, trips to the chriopractor, and just sick of being sick.

I don't want to be stick skinny. I don't want to be teeny tiny. I have a healthy goal weight in mind, my primary and my endocrinologist both say I have a healthy attitude about the entire thing, and they've BOTH written recommendations and referrals.

Tricare Prime has given me the green light and I have my first consultation on Monday.

I know this isn't the perfect cure for anything. I know its still going to be hard work from me that makes it all happen, but to actually be able to see results for once? That's all I'm asking for.

04-04-2008, 10:00 PM
La Bella Ma: I'm not a lapbander, but I'm a professional fatty!! LOL!! I had my RNY in October. THere are so many smart people here and they will support you. Good luck in your WLS venture. We will be here for you.

05-02-2008, 12:19 AM
Weight loss surgery is definitely not the easiest way out, however it has a far better success rate long term than dieting and excercise alone which has a 90% failure rate at five years.

I just wanted to add to the post from the person who said the VSG - Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy - has one of the lowest rates of success is incorrect, the lap-band is definitely the least successful and has the highest rate of long term complication and re-surgery rates.

Gastrectomies (partial stomach removal) have been used for 30+years to treat ulcers, tumour and cancer, and the 'sleeve' has been part of the Duodenal switch for many years. The VSG was developed from the results of splitting the DS into two parts for really high risk patients. While some people with very high BMI's may require the second part of the surgery to create the malabsorption component, the results showed that weight loss and maintenance was achieved by the vast majority of patients who only had the gastrectomy part.

Therefore the VSG as a stand alone Weight Loss Surgery only has a history of about five years and it is so far being proven to be nearly (and more in some studies) as successful than RNY and DS with minimal long term complications, unlike the lap-band and the malabsorption surgeries.

Please fully research each surgery before you make your decision, as your individual situation will determine which surgery is right for you, and that might not be the same for anyone else.

Personally, after EXTENSIVE research, I am choosing the VSG over the lap band, for many reasons, I do not want the malabsorption component of RNY/DS gastric bypass, I am quite happy to have the grehlin (hunger creating hormone) removed with that part of my stomach, and the long term complications, maintenance and high risk of re-surgery with the lap band is not conducive to my lifestyle, and I want a permanent fix to my weight, which the lap-band cannot offer.

For what its worth, new studies are indicating that complication rates with the lap band are up around 40%, and a number of surgeons are now not recommending the lap band. My surgeon would do either on me, however my nutritionist who has many wls patients has advised me that healthy nutrition is easier to achieve after the sleeve than after the band.

The VSG might not be the best solution for everyone, but the only way you can know for yourself is to research every type of weight loss surgery thoroughly yourself. Go to websites like lapbandtalk.com and obesityhelp.com and read the success, difficulties and complications of each type of surgery before you commit yourself to wls.


08-13-2008, 11:24 AM
I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have been on diets and lost the weight and over a year or two the weight would come back on. I would get depressed and that would just add to the problem. Finally this last winter I became so down that I just did not care anymore. My DH would try to encourage me but I did not want to have anything to do with it. Finally one day a flier came in the mail that offered something local. My DH in tears explained to me that he wanted to grow old with me and he wanted to be an empty nester with me and he felt that if something did not change for me that the possibility of growing old with me was not there. So after watching my twin sister go through the process and going to a seminar with me we both made the decision to make it happen. I still work on getting insurance approval but I am on the road to a better me and I can see a positive end. I can see by going through this that I will be able to loose the weight and keep it off. I do not have the dreaded doomed feeling of why should I do this and it only last a while.

02-13-2009, 09:35 AM
Great to read all of these posts. I have jumped through all the hoops and am currently cleared for RNY surgery. My doctor wants me to lose 50 or so pounds to do it laporoscopically but will do the open surgery now. I am working on the weight loss and losing about 4-5 pounds a month. I am nervous about the surgery as I have lots of allergies (to silicon for instance) and have aquantainces that have had very bad results (not regarding weight loss) that have created significant and serious lifelong health problems. I figure i don's really have to make up my mind until I have lost the rest of the weight my surgeon wnats me too.

05-04-2009, 08:28 PM
I have started the hoop jumping for y insurance company for the RNY. I wanted the vertical sleeve, however my insurance company considers in experimental so they wont cover it. I am also nervous and know its a tool, but at the point where I feel like it is the nest option for me. My co workers are all being very supportive of the whole process. which is good considering all the work I miss ofr doctors appointments :)

05-04-2009, 09:03 PM
... who put me on a very special low-carb diet (very different from atkins). So far I've lost 50lbs this year, and I'm only 30lbs from my goal weight.

Hi! I just started Atkins and noted that you said your low-carb diet was very different from it. Can you tell me a little about it, how it is different? Thanks for your story, it was very interesting. CJ

05-07-2009, 08:57 AM
I attended a class on weight loss surgery and came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me at this time. I am having multiple health issues and need to lose weight now. I came away less afraid of the surgery but it was the lifestyle changes after surgery that turn me away from the surgery. The surgery is only a tool not a solution. Whether you lose weight by traditional means of a healthy balance diet or by using Weight loss surgery we have to change our eating patterns. I kept thinking if I cannot change my eating style now what would be the difference after surgery? I came to the conclusion that lifestyle change must occur before surgery, or else I would be much worse off in the long run. Before I would consider weight loss surgery, especially on the procedures that cannot be reversed, The doctors will have to prove to me that I cannot lose weight any other way.

05-07-2009, 04:57 PM
I attended a class on weight loss surgery and came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me at this time. I am having multiple health issues and need to lose weight now. I came away less afraid of the surgery but it was the lifestyle changes after surgery that turn me away from the surgery. The surgery is only a tool not a solution. Whether you lose weight by traditional means of a healthy balance diet or by using Weight loss surgery we have to change our eating patterns. I kept thinking if I cannot change my eating style now what would be the difference after surgery? I came to the conclusion that lifestyle change must occur before surgery, or else I would be much worse off in the long run. Before I would consider weight loss surgery, especially on the procedures that cannot be reversed, The doctors will have to prove to me that I cannot lose weight any other way.
I had the same mindset as you before I decided WLS was for me. I NEVER wanted to have WLS for myself. I wasn't against it for others, but for me, I kept thinking that if I couldn't stick to a diet to lose the weight, then why on earth would I think I could stick to the rules you have to live with after the surgery?

So, I just kept trying the old fashioned way.

I dieted my way right to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 25.

Now that I've had the surgery, I realize how off my views of WLS were prior to my surgery. I find it MUCH easier to stick to the lifestyle changes required now because my stomach is literally so much smaller, I can't eat too much (for now, as I am still early out - I know my stomach will stretch a bit after a year or two). And they removed the portion of my stomach that produced grehlin, which is basically the hormone that makes you feel hungry. Whereas before surgery, I felt like a bottomless pit and was frequently hungry, I now get hungry only occasionally, and when I do, a small amount of food satisfies me. This is a winning combination for staying on tack and sticking to the lifelong changes necessary for long term weight loss and maintenance.

Also, the most common procedures (bands and gastric bypass) scared me because of the changes required after the surgery. When I discovered the duodenal switch, I knew I had found the perfect WLS for me (no dumping, no blind stomach, no having to limit fat intake after the surgery, no having to count calories after the surgery, etc.).

All of that said, WLS is absolutely not for everyone, and I agree that you really need to know that traditional diets/lifestyle changes just aren't going to cut it for you. Along similar lines, if you do choose WLS in the future, different procedures are best for different people, so be sure to research ALL your WLS procedure options, as different procedures require different post-op lifestyle changes, so you need to find the best fit for your lifestyle, comitment, and specific health issues.

06-12-2009, 02:12 PM
i attended the free seminar a local dr had for the surgeries, he explained the different ones they do. I would love to have the lap band. I figure thats the one thats best for me and what I want. The procedure costs around 11,000 yet the insurance I have barely covers a fraction of the cost. I'm trying to find a company for financing.

07-11-2009, 06:31 PM
I am currently considering the Realize band or lapband as a way to help myself lose the weight. I'm going to the doctor on wednesday for my migraines, and after a weekend of bad shopping and many tears, it's finally something I am trying to eagerly pursue. Lap band is a safe procedure, there is a DR in my area that is one of the leading doctors for lapband and realize. I know this is just a tool. The problem is my depression. I've been dealing with and trying to overcome depression and anxiety since I was 10. I'm now 19. It just keeps getting worse. My mom has been considering lapband surgery for a long time now. We have good insurance where it is infact covered. And I'm hoping I can maybe start taking the steps towards this goal. I've tried WW and other calorie counting diets and failed. I'd been excersizing at the school rec center at the beginning of the year, but my migraines have inhibited me. I may or may not have PCOS, so lapband is pretty much a last ditch effort for me to enjoy my life. I currently do not enjoy it. I need to take my life back. And with this type of surgery, it is completely flexible and manageable.

I'm hoping by the end of this year a decision will definitely be made. I have too much to gain and nothing to lose if I don't do this.

07-13-2009, 06:43 PM
oh sweetie - you sound so sad!!!! come hang out with us in the main part of the discussions.

09-28-2009, 11:48 PM
I am considering WLS for two reasons: One being I am 58 and two health problems that need me to lose weight and lower my blood pressure. The other reason is the nutritional information I will have to learn prior to surgery, which in my case might be enough to help me avoid surgery. I am thinking lapband. The one surgery center near me does 6 months to 13 months of nutritional and emotional counselling prior to surgery. I sent for an information packet sooooo.......we will see. I qualify with a 39.5 BMI and two health issues.

12-14-2009, 11:26 PM
I had my Sleeve Gastrectomy done one and a half months back. I was totally frustrated with my weight and was losing my self confidence and was struggling to do my everyday chores. It was so frustrating as I was not able to be real active to fulfill the demands of my kids. I wanted to sit on the floor and play with my kids without being tired, wrestle on the ground with my puppy,roller blade with my children, run up a flight of steps and not be out of breath, bend over and paint my toe nails easily, fit in an airplane seat with space left over, fit in cute clothes and feel sexy...The list of Thinngs To Do can go one. And the day when I could not take anymore, I decided for my weight loss surgery. Then the struggle for deciding which WLS to go for, which doctor, cost etc. came. After doing a lot of research I opted for my WLS in Mexico by Dr. Zapata. Now I am waiting for the day when I will shed off all my unwanted weight and look and feel wonderful !!

12-21-2009, 07:16 PM
After 20 years of yoyo weight gain, loss and the and then gaining it all back I have decided to have WLS. I am getting up there in years and the excess weight that I carry is beginning to really take a toll on my health. I can not afford to have that surgery here in the United States so I am becoming a medical tourist. My surgery date is March 4th, 2010 and am really looking forward to spending my golden years as a thinner self.

01-03-2010, 05:06 PM
I am in my fifth month of Insurance required Doctor monitored weight loss. I have only lost two pounds (like I was lying when I said I can't loose weight). I hope they don't deny me for the surgery... I decided to go for it last June after my realizing that I have been on and off diets for 17 years and I am almost 100 pounds heavier than when I started. At 12 I weighed 163 pounds (what I wouldn't do to weight that now!) and by 17, I weighed 214. Now I am at 274! When does it stop! I get sick all the time, I had a fibroid tumor which they said could have been caused by my weight... Ugh. Then of course, there's the Acid Reflux disease. It simply doesn't end. I can't weight for the surgery! I know I can do it! I'll never forget my fist visit to the nutritionist this past September... She said she didn't know what we were going to talk about for the next 6 months because I alreadyknew so much about nutrition. That tells you something! Don't mind me, just venting. So, yes, will be finished with the 6 months in Feb, and then back to the wls doc. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Lisa )0(

07-04-2010, 05:10 PM
I am so ready for the second half of my life! For the first time in a very long time, I am so happy personally, professionally and mentally! I have been exploring this WLS avenue for almost 2 years. I am informed and ready to make this change. I have been obese all of my life and I am tired of this battle. I know I need help.

For the new ones investigating this surgery - I encourage you to seek additional counseling BEFORE you have the surgery. That is what I did with Dionne Bushrod in Pikesville MD! She has helped me work thru so many issues and I am at peace with me. She told me she sees a lot of people AFTER the surgery and wishes people would do what I did. That one "psych" session the insurance companies require is not enough for folks like us who have been obese for many years. (Note - my insurance company pays for unlimited visits except for a $20.00 co-pay.)

My surgery is on July 27th and I am scared (I won't lie) but I know I will be in capable surgical hands and realize God will take care of me.

I will post after I have the surgery!!:)

07-05-2010, 12:12 AM
oh no, sistah - you're not gonna wait until AFTER your surgery to post - oh no. we want to hear the good, the bad, the fear, the organisation, just to make sure you're going down the path your doc wants you to go.

and congrats on making a decision - it doesn' really matter what the decision is, as long as it's right for YOU!!!

sooooo . which surgery are ya gonna have? lab band? gastric bypass, dueodenal switch? how did you make your decision???

07-23-2010, 10:02 PM
I've done it all, diet plans, pills and strenuous exercise routines. I've bought work out DVD and used them, It just seems like my weight isn't going anywhere. For me its tiresome and depressing. A friend of mine had her weight loss surgery and her results are fabulous. That's all it took to convince me. I built up my mind to just go ahead with the surgery after a very very long time of thinking about it.

08-13-2010, 10:14 AM
hi to all i have tried all knids of diet and diet pills and starving but i do loose weight and then gain 2 time as much back so i am in the process of getting it done i have had all classes and the lab now i have to have a stress test next week i am hopping that it is ok so i can get going i am so tired of being fat and not having energy so if any one that has had the surgery please help me to do what is needed

11-10-2010, 02:24 PM
I am at the end of my process and am going in for surgery on Dec 2nd 2010. I have tried for years to lose weight "the old fashioned way", and sometimes I even succeeded. Through calorie restriction and exercise I lost 100 lbs in about 9 months, I think I held at about 180 (I'm 5'9) for all of 2 months before I started to slowly creep back into my "old ways" and began gaining the weight back and then some. I gained and lost many times through out the years through various different methods. WW, Atkins, calorie restriction, diet pills, you name it.

I have a few family members who have had the RNY and so I decided to look into it for myself. My doctor was very supportive of the idea when I asked her about it and from there I went to the information session and started the process. After going to the session and entering the program I learned about the different types of surgery and chose what I feel is best for me.

I chose WLS both as a last resort and because I will do anything to get this weight off and keep it off. I have been struggling very hard since having my twin girls and I have accepted that I need help. I have been overweight my entire life and I have decided that I would like the help of the "tool" to help me make the lifestyle change that I have been trying to make for years.

04-19-2011, 06:28 PM
Brandnewme it's so good to see you!! I used to post on the 300+ forum and have been away for forever. xxoo

05-13-2011, 01:09 AM
BRAND new member here. I just went to a free intro to bariatric surgery class at a local hospital on Tuesday night, after waffling on the idea of surgery for a long time. I know two people who have done it and had great success.

I haven't told anyone that I even went to this class let alone told them I've decided to have surgery. I haven't told my husband or my mom even. My husband in the past has been dead set against the idea, and I'm afraid of what he'll say. We're both in the mid 300-lbs range, but he keeps saying all we have to do is buckle down. We have an almost-4-year-old daughter. I need to be able to do things with her, I want to run and play with her. And even after semi-successful attempts at losing weight, I can't actually picture myself healthy. This is my last resort.

I have an appointment with a bariatric nurse to get the ball rolling on the 25th of this month. I've called my insurance and they require 6 months supervised weightloss before they'll approve surgery. I need that time to build up some cash reserve and some PTO for work anyway. And to work up the courage to tell people who I'll need to have support me. Wish me luck.

05-13-2011, 02:03 PM
hi sweetie! wow. a HUGE step!!!! how do you feel about it? scared? brave? gotta tell you, though, that you owe it to yourself to investigate this as an option. EVEN IF YOU END UP DECIDING THAT IT'S NOT FOR YOU, you'll never know unless you look at it carefully and think about it.

hang out with us - ask LOTS of questions. write them down. talk about them with the doc and the nurse.

05-13-2011, 09:45 PM
Oh, Jiffy dear. I feel very nervous, but I'm determined. I'm determined to at least get the ball rolling. I mean, who knows, what if the 6 months of doctor supervised weight loss turns out to be the catalyst I needed to lose it myself? That would be great! But I owe it to myself to at least take the first steps down the path, right? Not only am I getting any younger, but neither is my daughter. I want to be able to play sports with her, I want her to be young enough when I lose this weight that she only has a vague memory of how big and unhealthy her mom was. And I'm running out of time for that!