Support Groups - The 5% Club - Three Years of Health and Empowerment

06-18-2001, 02:13 AM
Happy Anniversary to Us and to Everyone who finds themself in the happy percentage of people who make permanent changes in their lives and go forward with health and vitality!!! It was exactly 3 years ago today that I posted a heartfelt post on "Buddy Up!" and wondered, "Do people actualy answer these bulletin boards or what?" The next day I had gotten some emails (nice people, long dispersed into the universe) and a reply from kmh that really connected. As we wrote back and forth we were joined by many others, some of whom have come and gone, and I continue to send energy to all as we continue in our lives and our fitness quests. Steph is the longest loyal pal from that original group, and I feel like I know her like she is in my own town. Sometimes we "bump into" each other a lot, sometimes a week will go by between 'seeing her at the grocery store,' - you know what I mean - we are interwoven into each other's lives somewhat, via this unique time in history, on the web.

What am I going to do to celebrate? I can really relate to Justy's last post of the last thread - in this sort of celebration we need not each bake a cake and open champagne. For me this is more of an inner celebration, and the very best way I can think of to celebrate is to continue forward, to appreciate my 5% friends and all they have meant to me in this endeavor, and to be proud of all that has happened.

Three years ago I was spurred on because was 39 and age 40 was on the horizon. Now I am age 42 and I am smaller than I was in high school, and most certainly in better shape. Since 06/18/98 I have taken on jogging, working out at the club, Joyce Vedral workouts, have ventured further into vegetarian eating, taken on ballet as a 42-year-old nondancer, dabbled in yoga, concocted esoteric juices from my juicer, made marvelous soups, made friends with the Buffer (elliptical trainer), and read countless books and articles with things to offer on health, fitness, weight management and personal enrichment. I know you all have taken a similar path. I have also lounged on the couch, eaten large amounts of Cheetos, Easter candy and Christmas cookies, struggled with feeling uninspired and unmotivated to work out one more day, dealt with a thwarting schedule with work, kids, activities, had debilitating colds that laid me flat. And that is ALL the POINT:

You know that lady in the magazines, the Carefree Fitness lady (actually she looks a bit more like a girl) - she wears skin-baring fitness clothes, is muscled and slim, has even, white teeth and a Cameron Diaz smile and laugh, she has a look of rapture on her face as she works out, as she does every day without fail, and when she sits down to her dinner of salad and a naked chicken breast her joy is complete. This lady is a myth, my friends, and balancing our health and fitness with the above-mentioned realities is what the actual point is in the 5% club.

In the 5% club, we are not perfect but we are better than we used to be.

In the 5% club, we hit roadblocks from time to time but we develop resources to get around them.

In the 5% club, we try to move away from what isn't working and to embrace what is. And we try to find new things to add to our journey.

In the 5% club, we are totally accepting of the cycles in our lives, and we pay homage to where we are and where we aren't. When we are not doing so great, we know that with those 'baby steps' we will get to our better habits and abilities in good time. When we are flying high, doing great, we put a little of that great energy in our 'bank' because we know we will need the inspiration to draw on when we get a little low later on down the road.

I the 5% club we know our friends are out there. We send them energy and draw on theirs as we go forth and be great.

:wave: So - greetings to all of you and have a fabulous 5% day! Let's take this week to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. And let's also do something wonderful and healthy for ourselves, "above and beyond" the usual call of duty!!!!! Have a great day and I hope we can all take a moment to check in!!

Love :love:


06-18-2001, 02:18 PM
Happy anniversary!!

Just have a moment but wanted to check in and wish everyone a fabulous day. May this year have more power, strength and personal growth for all of us.

Love Justy

06-19-2001, 06:43 AM
Just a check-in today. I was bummed because the aerobics teacher did not show - that is her arrangement if the weather is nice and it was today - though my fingers were crossed that she would show up because her class is so energizing! Ah well, I did abs and arms and then cardio and felt really strong, good food today, just feeling like things are right on. I am back to Juno fighting weight says the scale this morning!

I would love to see more participants in the 5% club. Just for more interchange, to go along with our dear friends. I wonder if we should move to one of the other forums. Let me know what you think? Maybe "support" or "exercise" would find us some new pals. Otherwise, I fear we are playing the same record to each other - wonderful record that it is. What do you-all think?

I have also read Suzanne FC's post above about the pop up adverts. I admit I have become lax about clicking on links, but it is a good reminder because this is a good site and obviously it doesn't come free.

Well as usual I am up much too late into the night. It is off to bed for me. go 5%!


06-19-2001, 09:45 AM
Good morning everyone. Gosh it feels good to say that again!

Juno Ė As always, thank you for the inspiring lead-post, and for keeping us on track. I for one would certainly welcome any attempt to gain new posters. I think we really have something special here. But if you move Ė let me know where we go!

I thought of all of you yesterday. And quite a bit of personal reflection too. I, like Juno, think of you as friends and wonder often how youíre all doing. I wonder what makes all of you tick, and what your personal motivations are for keeping with this journey for so long. I wonder when Iíll get it all together and feel good about where I am at in my journey. I hear the 30ís are good =)

But, in celebration of all of you, yesterday I roller bladed 6 miles, walked for 40 minutes and ate a HEALTHY Chinese dinner. Mind you, itís close to 90 around here now. But the sweat was good for me.

Tonight is a ballgame, but not til late pm. Hopefully it wonít be as warm. Will try and get out and walk at lunch too.

Sorry to dash off, but Iím late for an appointment. Will check in soon. Diva dust to all!

06-22-2001, 02:45 PM
Well NO I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!!! I'm here...going crazy with workhomelifeprogress! :dizzy:

Juno gave me a little beepbeep email the other day and embarrassed to say its been like a month? maybe since I've posted?? :nono:


Juno as always a very introspective start up post on this thread! Three years already at 5%! It doesn't seem possible. To think of all the changes, both large and small, we have all made! It boggles the mind! Remember BG's scale rating of exercise? We were all there, rating ourselves everyday for a long time! And slowly we discovered what we truly loved (okay well maybe not love all the time) to do with our bodies!

From yoga to dance to weights to running to do we do it all!

Vacation was great...I partied WAY too hard. And everywhere I went people commented on my biceps. That was very strange for me. I'm not used to getting attention in that manner.

Work is crazy - which means I'm very stressed out. I have one particular client who can't decide if they are coming or going and they make me run in circles.

Home life is good. It takes its normal dips and curves. There are of course tons of things we need to "do" and don't have the money, time or energy to do it. Its hard to prioritize sometimes when it comes to your home.

In the middle of all of this I completed my certification course to be a Personal Trainer and I'm currently marketing myself to gyms in my area. This is a big leap of faith for that I am proud and happy to take.

Body work is coming along nicely. The zig zag food plan I mentioned a while back is wonderful! I eat so much (good whole food of course) on the high calorie weeks its almost a relief to get back to the restricted level! Body fat is going down again at a nice slow pace. Pictures will happen won't believe the changes!

My back still bothers me time to time...I think I'm getting to the "age" where when you injure yourself in a delicate area it hangs around permenantly. I'm taking good care of it though!

I've barely had time to just skim through the last thread...just enough to get the basics on everyone. I'll try to be more diligent but know that even if I'm not posting I'm still here!!

Juno I'm okay with a thread move to another board...I'll track you guys down where ever you land!

Take care everyone! Raychel

06-24-2001, 11:01 AM
:( I can't believe I have only 24 hours left of my vacation (8 of which I need to sleep). I am already looking forward to the actual fun vacation in July because this was a lot of work. I do have a beautiful new ceramic kitchen floor but if anyone out there is thinking of putting in ceramic call me so I can tell you how much work it is. Since we put in the new floors we cleaned all the cupboards, touch-up with stain, painted the kitchen. DH did most of the harder stuff so I can't complain but I was working too. He spent the whole week working but I did make time to do some fun stuff so I had a better time than he did.

I haven't exercised since last Saturday but I have done quite a bit of labor and leisure walking. I can really feel my middle section needs some exercise bad. As soon as I finish typing I will be hitting the treadmill for a quick sprint and then out to my weights. Our food selections for the past week have been crappy too since it was eat out, eat "picnic" type stuff at others, or junk in microwave. I have been appliance-less since the 15th. Never knew how much I loved my stove!! Hopefully we can get that back this morning and lunch and dinner can be good!

Juno, how you find the time to think up inspiring intro's is beyond me! I am sitting down knowing that there is a list of junk for me to do and no wonderful thoughts come to my head. Baby steps, road blocks, LIFE, and all those other little pitfalls that try to thwart my helpful being are getting much easier to just step over and continue on. I think I've found much more of a peace with myself since posting here because I have taken much more control of my life and make time for me. I know at the beginning I had littler kids so it has been easier since they have grown. Now I am approaching a different stage in my life this year which means my kids will have more outside activities so I will be struggling with trying to blend them in. C moves back permanently in Aug. so I will have a highschooler who anticipates involvement in a few sports and wants a job. MN weather makes it kind of hard to bike around Oct - Apr so I imagine some eye rolling on my part in helping to transport her. A starts kindergarten so that is a whole new venture. I want to be an involved mom but also want to be happy with the other things in my life.

Raychel - I kept wondering when you would post but I don't have your e-mail so I couldn't drop you a line. I was wondering if you were having a hectic work life since my GF is in the same line and she is just stressed out right now and thinking of changing positions. Our bodies take longer to recover from the bumps once it realizes we aren't 20 anymore, boo hoo!

:D :D :D Congratulations on the Personal Trainer certification!! Wish I were there so I could be your first client!!!!!!!!!

Catherine - The 30's are good just because most people tend to get wiser immediately. I can see as a parent why we try to steer our kids because you think so differently in your late teens and 20's then you ever would now. No regrets about my life but I would have loved my 30's wisdom. We just turned the AC on here because 88 today, 92 tomorrow. I am not fond of anything over 80 but what can I do. Enjoy your softball - I live through your team sports since that is something I used to partake in.

JS - I am glad that you are heading into this year with such a great outlook and such positive strength! Your last posts have been filled with energy that we can all draw off of. Sounds like you are on a great path to a happier JS and I look forward to seeing you follow that path.

Okay it is 9am here and I need to be done exercising by 10. I am ignoring my kids, have the list of 23 things to be done by bedtime and I want to finish my book I bought to enjoy over vacation and I can't get to the end!!!!!!!

I don't care if we move forums either - I'm not attached to a board as long as I don't lose my friends :)

Happy 5%, Strong 5%, Powerful 5%, Excellent bunch of women!!


06-27-2001, 01:50 PM
I have a few minutes to sneak in, and wanted to catch up with all of you.

Raychel - I am so proud of you for completing your certification. That is wonderful and I'm so jealous. Let us know how the journey continues. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I do know that you're going to be great at it! Woohoo!

Steph- Sounds like you're busier than ever. An a teenager moving in to boot! They keep you young though! Or, realize how old you're getting!

As for me, things are going really well. I was sick for a day last week and lost 5 pounds. Water weight I'm sure, but a motivator none-the-less. I've been working out more regularly, and due to the heat, at a much higher rate. Last night we had a double header nad then I walked for 40 minutes. All in 85+ degree heat. Whew! It was fun though because I played a spectacular game and even won a card for best defensive play of the game. Picture a diving catch, girls =)

Eating has been a ton better. Partly due to conscious effort, partly due to the heat and lack of time. Whatever the reason, it's good.

That's if from me. Keep in touch everyone, I think of you often!


06-27-2001, 04:58 PM
Hi Ladies - a quick check in from me while I have few moments left on my lunch hour.

Thanks for your congrats on the certification. I am eager to get started and am sending out intro packets to local its a waiting/selling game.

Steph - The house work counts as exercise! Truly! We tend to work longer and more consitently on a "project" and it really does make a difference. Besides you are on vacation...not supposed to be working out everyday anyway!!

Catherine - uck. Sick in the warm weather! Glad you are feeling better and on track!

Take care everyone!

07-02-2001, 10:13 AM
I wanted to check in before the holiday and vacations set in.

I am doing so well lately. I'm down 5 lbs and feel so much better. Have been really trying to keep myself positively occupied and moving all the time. My biggest weakness - food- has become my better area. For some reason I'm eating just three good meals and being ok wih it, instead of hungry all the time. Whatever it is I'm not complaining. Excercise has still been hard, but I've been doing a lot of "other" things that count too.

I read a quote this morning that stuck with me. "Success is getting what you want; Happiness is liking what you get." Isn't that what it's all about?

I am looking forward to the holiday and some needed time off. Hope you're all going to be enjoying yourselves. Take care and be safe.

07-03-2001, 04:03 PM
I keep looking at my watch and wondering why it isn't moving faster....after all today is a Holiday -yahoo!!!! I just hopped on briefly to say hi and wish everyone a safe & happy 4th. No traveling for us this week (just have tomorrow off) but we are seeing fireworks tonight and then just hanging out tomorrow. I only have 2 kids on Thur & Friday so it will seem like a vacation!

Things are fine here. I have decided that my slack off approach to exercise in the summer has done nothing for me but make me crabby so I put myself back on a tighter and harder schedule. My mood has greatly improved already.

Hope everyone has a day off and enjoys themselves. I have 6 (yes 6) 10-day books that all came on-hold for me at the library. They are all books I have been wanting to read and would buy if I were rich but now I am banging my head against the wall trying to read. 2 of them are read.......(but they are still here) and I have 4 to go. Guess I will be hanging on my deck as much as possible lounging and reading!!

Happy Happy 4th of July!


07-03-2001, 06:39 PM
Hullo there! Happy almost 4th of July!

Ahh Steph - a book orgy!! No, a book binge!! How wonderful and no calories!!

Catherine - I love those times when everything just "clicks" with food. You don't think about it, worry about it or obsess about it. You eat, you are satisfied and thats all there is too it!! Always makes me wonder when it gets tough with food - I mean what the heck were we were doing when it was so easy!!??

Good news!! I sent out my intro letter, case studies and reference letter from ISSA to one of the largest gyms in the County and the owner called me over the weekend for an interview tonight!! I'll keep you all posted...I'm excited! I did some research on the establishment and here good things all around about them....Its nearly 3pm my time right now and the interview is at 5:15. I'm just starting to get a bit nervous now.

Wish me luck!! Talk to you later!

07-05-2001, 08:10 PM
OMG - well, turns out I'm offered the Fitness Director position at the interview!! The owner wasn't aware of my HR/Admin background because I didn't send him my resume in my intro packet. (Since nothing on the resume shows anything fitness related) But I brought it with me to the interview. I have a second interview tonight with the other directors...

It pays a bit less but not really when you compare hourly salary and regular salaried employee and the taxes that come with I'm regulated to 20 hrs admin duties, 20 hrs on the floor as fitness instructor.

How about them apples gals?????:D

07-07-2001, 12:21 PM
Raychel - That is so wonderful!!!!!!!! Even if you don't accept I think that is just thrilling news! I even told my DH about it last night at dinner as such an inspirational fitness story (I had showed him your pics along time ago and we couldn't figure out why you didn't think you were a fitness goddess!).

Keep us informed because I feel like a very proud sister! I am going to draw some inspiration from your success. I need some direction right now as I feel like I am foundering. I have been on a very determined course for the past week and am setting about making some major changes.

I read your post the other day and should have taken a minute to post a congrats but I've been cheering for you in my head until this moment. Way To Go Raychel!!!!!!!!

Now I am off to the movies to see Cats & Dogs.


07-07-2001, 02:49 PM
I just had to pop on for a minute and say

Yahoo Raychel!!!!!!!!

Either way you decide, I am so proud of you!!

07-09-2001, 05:59 AM
My Friends --

Gosh I guess I just have to start out with Raychel's fantastic news. :wink: With your determination and perseverance I have to add myself to the list of the "not surprised" - but I know that you are still pinching yourself. Don't you sometimes want to go back in time to visit yourself at your lowest and tell yourself to be more kind and to just wait at what is in store in the future! I sure wish we were more proximal because I would love to make use of your services! Oh well you will be online or emailing soon enough! The idea of a new job sounds fantastic!

Steph I am envious of those books. My book club meets next Friday and I have not even been able to get my hands on a copy of our book. (I am known to go anyway.) I am reading a book by Kenzaburo Oe "A Quiet Life" whenever I find myself with a minute, which as you all know is seldom. Also doing a lot of homey books, time management books and self improvement type books that I don't so much read as skim through at odd tea-break moments.

Catherine I am so glad things are clicking so well for you this summer. I am having a good summer as well. I feel that certain aspects of my body have changed permanently for the better, as if some structural changes have taken place. Some of my stellar achievement was struck down a bit over the last 2 weeks - company for one of the weeks, my daughter's birthday involving a kid party and a family party, and the holiday. July 4th is my favorite holiday as some of you well know, but it wreaks havoc with my sleep pattern and my unusual working hours. Wednesday is not my first choice. In Juneau our city fireworks display, which is wonderful, is on the night of the 3rd and is at midnight - because we are so far north there are only a couple of hours of darkness. Makes for a late night! (That's nothing, the 6 years I summered in the Interior I never saw fireworks at all because up there there is NO darkness at that time of year.) On July 4 we had the parade and then a barbecue with friends (Juno indulges in 2 off-character blender drinks) and then had to return home to work as the clinics were open the 5th.

Needless to say the weekend was welcome.

I won't enter into it in an overly lengthy way but I really decided to make simplicity the rule this weekend. I canceled a dinner date with friends. I ignored emails from the dance studio calling for dance master selection help and declaring a pot-luck (ordinarily I'm first in line for that stuff). I left the house only to work out at my club, both days (as I recover from the holiday week)...and what a good decision it was. I just have to slow down. How many little essays do I have to write on using the "N" word ("NO") before it really sticks to me? Well I think I am there.

Justy I hope you get a minute to illuminate us on your life. I'm not sure if we know is the divorce final or progressing or what? Do you ever have any regrets? Was your new life of healthful living in any way a catalyst for these dramatic changes?

This summer I sort of made up a very streamlined strength training segment, designed for time efficiency - and I am marvelling at how well is it working! Marvelling because I have worked lots harder in the past, but maybe it is muscle memory or maybe I just picked the right things to do, but it really is hitting the spots. I am using mostly the cybex machines and some dumbbell stuff, mats for abs and the buffer, using concepts gleaned from Joyce. The awesome aerobics teacher is gone all of July - boo hoo. I may approach her for learning her method and being a sub for her when she returns.

I can see I will have to do some lurking in our "neighborhood" as I just don't understand what the cow thing is all about. Am still pondering the idea of a new place to park the thread, but there is still time to decide together IF and WHERE.

My goals this week involve continuing to live in the moment, to call myself on it when I get my priorities out of alignment and to remember what great achievements the smallest steps can add up to. I'm ready for some beautiful workouts.

Have an awesome week--


07-09-2001, 12:41 PM
Thanks for all your support ladies...went for the second interview last Thu 7/5 and *phew* was it a doozy. I was sitting at a table with 5 other people getting grilled! (In a nice way of course) I think I did really well - but you always second guess yourself when its over. You know - "why didn't I say this instead of that" game!

But I made them laugh and I was very honest and direct and had a good feeling overall about it. They said they were interviewing one other gal internally and then would let me know. They must have decided to take the weekend to think about because I haven't heard yet! (biting nails/on edge of seat!!) I didn't realize that I wanted the job until Friday after the interview. My best gf had to slap some sense into me. I'm not a big risk taker in the financial arena and this is a BIG change for me. I mean what if I take the position and I hate it??? Yikes!! But I beleive its kismet that I ended up interviewing for the position. Proof that when we are on the right path, doors open up for us! Even if I don't get offered the position it is still a good experience!

Juno: What is it about the female psyche that makes it so difficult to say "no"? I always admire your introspective thoughts and pursuits to achieve all of your goals and obligations! Streamlining our lives - be it personal or physical - is a wonderful idea. Consitency is key. I haven't read it yet but there is that book about simplifying our lives "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".

Steph: How was the movie Cats & Dogs? Next week on tv is The Story of Us. My gf said I have to watch it - its made for married people! Also on TNT next Sunday is the Mists of Avalon. I read that book a long time ago and the movie version looks good. Of course you have to like that era too - Kings and knights and battles and such.

JustStubborn: I echo Juno's thoughts....I hope you have time to catch us up soon!

I'll keep you posted about the job!

Take Care!

07-09-2001, 03:30 PM
Hi! Just another quickie from me as I have a bunch of stuff to do as always but wanted to check in!

Raychel - Whatever the outcome the fact that you are being interviewed for that position is fabulous!! Cats & Dogs can wait til video. I lost interest halfway through. Cute but it got old. I was really annoyed the other day as I was searching through the TV guide because I though Mists of Avalon was on this week and I couldn't find it - Thanks!!

Juno - The great No word. I am getting better at it but I recently needed to have one of the kids I watch leave daycare (he has been very out of place & unhappy here for quite a while) but I didn't want to hurt the parents feelings. So instead of just telling them to look for new daycare I just started saying things and planting the seed for them to look elsewhere. I should have just said "adios" a month ago but I was so relieved last night when she said that they were moving him. I hate being cheerful about it but I had no fun watching him. Next time I will act sooner. I've read tons of good books lately. I use magagazines for non-fiction but usually read only fiction. Did you ever read Sister of My Heart of The Red Tent (my newest favorite).

JS - Hope on when you have more time!

Catherine - Glad everything sounds so good in your neck of the woods. 5lbs and it's not even Christmas time yet!! I love the quote. I've been sounding off all that advice at graduation parties this summer. The kids are probably running from "crazy Steph that thinks happiness is more important than successful career goals :)"

Exercise has been going great and I have made changes in my eating habit that are going to stick this time. I am journaling my thoughts (not about food) but everything else regarding my "well-being" . My brain needs a rest now and more errands are calling my name. Happy Monday!


07-09-2001, 03:54 PM
Auuughhhh - HANDS DOWN!! That's what they told me when they called and offered me the Fitness Director position!! That I got it "hands down!!" Weeeeheeeehhhheeeeetteeeehhheeee!

I'm excited and scared and happy all at the same time!

Just had to let you all know...gotta run!!

07-09-2001, 04:04 PM
Yahoo Raychel!!!!!!!! Many, many congratulations!! I'm so proud of you!!

07-09-2001, 04:06 PM
100 Cheers For Raychel!!!!!!!!!

I can't say I don't believe it because I do! Congrats on a job well-deserved and I'm thrilled for you!!


07-09-2001, 05:30 PM
Raychel You Rock

Can't help but feel the pride of the 5% here - kind of like learning a classmate has 'done good' - you have really harnessed the power and look where you are girl! I hope you will have time to report every detail of the new job. (Of course you are taking it!) Hooray! Hands down, I love it!

Gotta go


07-12-2001, 12:29 AM
I am sitting here sipping on a celebratory 1/2 glass of wine. I went to & retained a lawyer this morning. Last year shortly after I moved out I went to see a lawyer that was recommended by a friend. I wasn't very happy with him and just left things sitting there. This one I like. This one is also female which helps!

Perhaps I should put a warning preamble here - I feel like babbling tonight and most is going to be about me! :dizzy:

Things are going well. I've now past the 8 1/2 months since I moved out. Because we didn't split for any of the 'big' reasons - abuse, etc., we have to go through a year separation. After that year, the divorce is granted with the separation as the reason. Today I met with the lawyer so we can start getting all the logistics out of the way. K & I still get along (for the most part) but I want this all over now. I am so tired of this hanging on and over my head. I haven't told him that I met with the lawyer so being served with the papers will come as a bit of a surprise to him I'm sure but I just need this over. So these papers and the next bit of wrangling will take care of all the logistics so when our year is up, all is taken care of and it's done. BTW, our 'year' date is 21 October. We will have been married for just over 6 years when the divorce goes thru.

Juno, you asked if I have any regrets. Not a one. I guess the only 1/2 regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner but then again, I would have missed that part of the journey and all has been a part of making me who I am now.

I had to smile tho, yes, my lifestyle change did have a big part in me leaving. The longer I'm out, the more I realize how true that is. When I started taking care of myself, I started taking control over my life back. The more control I took back, the more I realized I had given up. I don't think I would have had the personal strength to make the break and make it on my own if I hadn't started changing my life, taking care of myself again and making myself, my physical & mental health my priority.

The first couple months after I moved out were really rough. Not so much because I wanted to be back with him, because I didn't. There was just a lot of fear and uncertainty about being on my own again. Thankfully, between all of you (many thanks!!), friends and my family I was been blessed with a strong circle of support.

Now I am doing pretty good. I still get lonely at times but that's something I'm getting used to. I'm also getting out more and doing more things which I didn't feel free to do before. And it's the simple things that I'm enjoying - such as going to a friend's house for a bonfire. I have also noticed that I'm stronger in who I am and what I want. I am enjoying getting to know myself again! What is the phrase - I am woman, hear me roar! :)

Raychel, so what's up with the new job? I am assuming that you're taking it....... When do you start? I am so proud of you for going after this and doing so well.

Steph, thanks for the heads up on Cats & Dogs, I was debating seeing that next weekend. I'll find something else to see now :) How soon is that one kid leaving? I'm glad that's worked out for you - & him.

Catherine, way to go on the 5 lbs!! Glad to hear all is going well with you.

Ah Juno, that fabulous 'no' word. Good on your for taking the weekend for you. I love those weekends altho they do tend to end to quickly!

I should quit babbling and get some stuff done around here. Take care!

07-15-2001, 10:55 AM
These weeks just seem to fly by in the summer. I thought it was going to just drag with all the kids here but the days go by quickly and then the weekend is here. Even with all the house projects going on I've had some enjoyable weekends. I must admit though that I can't wait for the kids to get a tad bigger because I really don't get out for any hikes and stuff because I want their little legs to get longer. There are some great state parks but the drive doesn't make it worth it when they can hike in but are crabby hiking back.

Two weeks I am in the Rockies and can hike all I want and leave the kids at my moms. I think she has to work til noon but then DH and I are off to hike. I am sure C will hike too but we'll see. We have a relaxing vacation planned even though my mom seems to think we need "real plans" to do things. DH and I are just fine getting to the mountains and enjoying them. We have one day trip planned and the rest is just going to be wing-it type stuff.

JS - I am glad that you are happy with your new lawyer. Wish we all could have been with you to share a bit of wine (except I'd have to have congratulatory beer since I HATE wine :). You sound really strong and happy that this has all happened and don't regret that you didn't do it sooner. Like you said it is all part of the journey. I remember the loneliness after a break-up. My cats were my best friends and used to sit on my lap and share my popcorn and watch TV with me. Now my cats only seek me out when everyone is in bed!

Hope everyone else is doing fine. Raychel - did you give notice at your current job? How did they take it?

Juno - I was re-reading a post and the statement about your body changing permanently is so true. Even when I slack nothing really "changes" but a bit of puffiness comes out. I'm getting happy with what I've got to work with (except when my girlfriends and I took the kids to the beach Friday and were surrounded with beautiful teenage bodies. We were scowling for a bit until we reminded ourselves we already did that stage and how stressful it is to look "perky" all the time;)

Must go and do my Sunday chores (incl. exercise)!

07-16-2001, 05:36 PM
Hi gals....well I did give my notice. On Friday. It was weird. For all the reaction I got from my boss, I might as well have been asking for vacation time! That's part of the problem with this job - he doesn't care about much except himself and the dollars coming in! All of us who work for him are pretty fed up - he doesn't make the stress of this industry any easier. I think reality will hit when I'm gone and things are a mess here! But again, it won't really effect him but all the gals I work with at my main office. The brunt of the work will fall to them. Of course, we might get someone really good in here, but this is definately a special position. I've expanded it tremendously from when I started 5yrs ago. But, the hard part is over.

JS: It was good to get an "update". I'm glad you are still feeling positive about the changes. I know its tough. Loneliness is problem for me whether I'm in or out of a relationship. (Product of my personality) Its something I've been working on. I think you are doing it "right" - taking care of yourself is always the correct approach to heal!

Steph: I want to come with you!! Hiking every day in the Rockies sounds like heaven and a great stress reliever! Did you watch "Mists" last night? I did. The second part is on tonight. Those things are never as good as I want them to be. Maybe because the books are always so rich and detailed, on tv it falls flat. The Harry Potter movie is probably coming out soon - I'm almost afraid to see it because I love the books so much I don't want to be disappointed by the movie version!

This weekend was interesting - I had an "training" session with one of the fitness instructors. It was like a secret shopper type thing - she didn't know that I am going to be her boss in a month! She was very friendly and accomodating but not nearly enough detail IMHO. The owner called this morning and talked with me about it - he is going to do my next training session. I think thats the best way. I have so many ideas for the job! Just from what I've observed the fitness dept needs some organization and professionalism. Just the kind of thing I like to do!

Welp - thats all for now ladies...enjoy your day!

07-17-2001, 12:02 PM
Raychel - I just got on to say that I taped Mists of Avalon and I am not sure why I even watched the whole thing. I kept waiting for it to get better but there were very few characters I even liked ( a lot of bad acting). I know better to watch movies after I've read the book too because I always always like the book 100 times more. This just had no spark, no fizzle, and just seemed fake. I think I am going to re-read the book just so I can get my imagery back :) I saw the previews for Harry Potter and it does look delightful but I did love the books so that will be a major decision come November. That magical feeling will be hard to capture no matter how many special effects are used.

That is all I had to say!!!


07-25-2001, 04:10 PM
48 Hours and I am on vacation! I just thought I would try and write now and wish you all a nice few weeks while I head out to CO and enjoy the mountains.

Everything here is just dandy. I have had a workout partner for the past week. I guess C and I have entered a new stage since she got here she has been into the healthy thing and working out with or near me. She claims she is preparing herself so when she is older it isn't so hard to stay in shape (guess she has listened to me whine too much & her mom so oops). But I must admit that I wish I had her mindframe at 14 to actually worry about healthy body because when I was 14 I never even thought about that.

I will be back sometime around Aug. 6 but in the meantime I shall be enjoying the mountain hiking, horseback riding, a nice little whitewater trip, some good reading, and the fresh mountain air. This is the first vacation too where I shall have babysitters (mom) and I can escape on my own. DH and I have a day outingplanned so it will be nice to have some alone time. Haven't had time really by ourselves in a long long time. Not complaining but will treasure the moments (or hate them :lol: )

Adios Amigas! Stephanie

07-31-2001, 03:57 AM
Hey Friends -

Can you believe the busy-ness of summer! It is unbelievable how long since I have posted, and I see things are pretty slow in the 5% neighborhood. I will start a new thread - c'mon over!