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09-19-2005, 04:42 AM
Happy Monday Morning laydees! I guess you're probably all still in bed what with the time difference!

I was up with the lark this morning! 6am weights! WOOOO! Actually I was probably up before the lark, cos it was still dark when I was lifting! Then the sun rose and all was purdy!

Got nice food today, chicken chow mein and a half sugar egg custard :T

Then I get to go home and have a long nap before lax tonight @ 9pm! I still can't get over the lateness of training! :doh:

Happy days :D

09-19-2005, 07:34 AM

2F - I could not believe my eyes, the thread was started so early !

Today I ran 1 hour outside. Sunny weather out here.


09-19-2005, 08:41 AM
Morning LWL :sunny:
I got up early to start the thread, but it was already here so I went and had a leisurely breakfast.
Off to the gym for clients, spinning and leg day. I've never tried spinning and legs on the same day before, so you may never hear from me again :dizzy:


09-19-2005, 12:48 PM

This is my week off in morning cardio - so I slept in the morning. I will go for a run however during lunch time. Last Friday I did my first run outdoors since April - I did not use any asthma meds and I MADE 5 km run - I was really surprized myself - obviously my morning treadmill brisk walks/short runs help!

I am planning 2 weight lifting sessions this week! I also HAVE to share that I found a way to exercise during my kids classes (which ends up in about 6 hours/week for two of them) - I do 1 hour yoga during my little daughter rythmics class (of course, nothing spiritual there as she still comes to me about every 10 min - she is only 4 y.o. and 2 hour class is a bit too long for her), and both her and I have 30 min stretch/rythmics/skipping session in the swimming pool during my son's 1 hour swimming class! I realized that I do not have to SIT and watch my kids activities, I can do my own and keep an eye on their progress! Having mommy during gymnastics class made a big change - my little daughter opened up and started to try things like throwing skipping rope up and catching it or doing splits and jumps she never attempted before :) She is so flexible and her age is so easy to try new stuff, and she is so excited about everything that it is hard to resist! I did not do skipping for ages and now two of us just skip in the corner of swimming pool (stretch area for club members). It makes me proud of my kids and makes them proud of me!


09-19-2005, 02:29 PM
:D hooray Sandy! Hopefully you will be teaching your little ones exercise for life! Sounds like an all-round good day.

Lacrosse for me soon - can you tell I'm excited? :hyper:
Actually a bit aprehensive cos I haven't played since school and I have all the changing room fears and the worry that I'll be rubbish! :rofl: Well as Monica says, "Yeah, but at least I'm doing it!"


09-19-2005, 05:23 PM
I keep toying with the idea of taking up netball, our work team are desperate, but it's on swimming day, and there is the slightly small matter of me being absolutely rubbish at netball. But I get a bit lonely doing all my gym activities and swimming on my own, I am beginning to talk to myself!!!!

I had a great day, walked five miles this morning before work, and did an abs and back workout at the gym after work. My new program seems to be really working, I hurt today from Sundays legs and shoulders workout, which is a good thing. I never used to hurt with the last program cute gym instructor put together, no matter how hard I worked! He's getting tough on me, lucky me!!!!

I'm getting my measurements done tomorrow, I do hope I've shrunk!

09-19-2005, 05:39 PM
Tips ladies? I have a bursitis in my right hip. It's been bothering me off and on since I got the video "Buns of Steel" :s: So I've been fluffing through lifting, doing upper body or very cursory legs.

We went to see #2 son on Saturday and sitting in the car for almost 6 hours just aggravated it!

I can't do a side leg lift. If I'm lying down, I can't dig my right heel in and turn on to my right side. Backwards and forwards are OK, I can do that. Which lower body things would you try in the mean time? Hip-lite?

09-19-2005, 10:47 PM
Ouch, Susan, the only thing I'd suggest is do whatever doesn't hurt. Anti-inflammatories?

I didn't get to try my full leg torture today. I had a walk-in client arrive 15 minutes before spin class started. Shoot! I already had my bike shorts on, too. He booked me for the same time next week, so I won't get to try it then either. I did do a torturous leg workout with the big boys in the afternoon, though. :) Next week I've got to remember to bring my camera to the gym and take pictures of us running up the hill behind the gym pulling a weight sled. I'm now up to 90 pounds plus the sled. Not real speedy, but I keep moving :D


09-20-2005, 04:51 AM
Ouch Susan! I'd be lying in bed with Mr Ben and Mr Jerry by now! :rofl: (only kidding - I'm far far too healthy now!!)

Mel, you are a usefull person to know! Don't let everyone know about the sled otherwise you might get lumbered pulling Santa round at Christmas!! ;)

Well I got my leg weights in yesterday morning :dance: (I really must look at upping the weights a bit - I don't hurt like I should today!) then I spent 1 hour in a gym hall practising lacrosse - cradling left handed! :faint: I can't even cradle right handed at the moment! :doh: and some sprints and throwing and catching and then a little game (about 5 a side) in which someone got a sliced nose!

It was really girlie! I was the worst one there! :dizzy: and they were all young and sprightly and had obviously played loads at school! Whereas I gave it up as an "extra" after about 2 years!

But I don't care! At least I'm doing it! I feel like Monica in her tap-dancing class!

Kickboxing tonight! I hoped to have done more BK practice but half an hour on Friday was all I managed! Bad Frus! Will have to do some tomorrow - just a week and a half left till grading! :kickcan:

09-20-2005, 08:41 AM
Good going on the lax practice, 2F! And think of me at 6 am. I'm also doing a few exercises on the kitchen floor before everyone else gets up.

Life is so very busy at present that I've hardly been near a computer. I've changed gymns from the community one near work to the university one. It's got more room, more free weights, better showers, good views. And reduced rates for over-50s in the morning (um, that's me now).

Sandy - good idea to make good use of your children's classes.

Good to see everyone here. Must dash.

Love, Silverbirch.

PS Eat clean today!

09-20-2005, 09:23 AM

Mel - don't overdo it with the big boys !!

SusanB - Bursitis? I also have some pain in my left hip, which I thought was bursitis. It is healing very slowly. I am now at a stage where it hurts when I run or climb the stairs, but it does not hurt when I walk. I guess I don't have it as bad as you have... For LBW I can do squats and lunges and calf raises and basically that is what I do, but I do not do a lot of them: I take the weights so high that I can do 5 - 10 reps, and I do 3 sets.

Sandy- sounds great, these workouts with the kids. This weekend I went running and my 11 year old came with me on her bike. It was nice.

Silverbirch - I hope you put a gym mat on that kitchen floor. it sounds cold and hard apart from also very early!

Today I did stationary bike 30 mins, and then UBW. I had to hurry through because i had an appointment at 9am, but I made it. Also yesterday I treated myself to some weightlift for women books at Amazon. I can't wait to get them in.

have a great day,

09-20-2005, 09:27 AM
I hope you put a gym mat on that kitchen floor. it sounds cold and hard apart from also very early!

Yes, I do! Because it is!

09-20-2005, 09:40 AM
I talked to my friend the physiotherapist. He decided it was bursitis. He also suggested the anti-inflammatories, ice and stretching. However ... he wanted me to rest for a bit. I think not! I know how I regained weight before.
I'll figure out how to exercise and protect my hip too.
Thanks for the tips and encouragement folks!

09-20-2005, 10:08 AM
Susan - very good luck with it! Bursitis sounds so horrible as well as being horrible. Perhaps pace yourself?

09-20-2005, 05:49 PM
I can do them!

:hyper: :D

I fall over at about 1 in 10 now but my form is greatly improved! HOORAH!




09-20-2005, 06:39 PM
Susan, ugh on the bursitis. No tips, just be careful - a couple days off might help it heal and shouldn't lead to a big gain.

2F, way to go with the kicks and the lacrosse! My DH started playing goalie in his hockey league last week, 3 games in a row! Needless to say he's been a bit sore, but he loved it.

I'm sticking with activities where I won't fall on my butt on the ice :lol: Changed up my lifting splits this week, went up to a higher weight on most things, less reps; it feels really good so far.

09-21-2005, 05:19 AM

Susan- how is the hip coming along?

2F - WTG on the BK !

I did 35 mins stationary bike & 10 minutes stretch. I will also mow the grass this afternoon. It was too wet this morning.


09-21-2005, 10:38 AM
I haven't had much trouble with the hip. Although I haven't asked it to do anything special either :) Thanks for thinking of me gals. My friend asked me yesterday if the 3fc forums were postive and supportive ..... :grouphug: hmmm :grouphug: ..... well, yes, indeed!

My body is just crying for a heavy workout. I'm starting to get antsy about it. So, I'm gonna see what I can come up with that is 'right-hip-lite' and I'll let you know how it turned out.

09-21-2005, 12:21 PM
Well, that wasn't too bad. I could do just about whatever I wanted as long as I set my feet right and I didn't use a very heavy bar. SLDL's, squats, a bit of abs, leg press (not too heavy). Then I did hanging calf raises. When I got shaky, I wobbled down the stairs and back up and did some more ... 5 times. Then I started to lunge walk out to the mail. Lunges aren't good. It was hard to keep my hip in line.

So while I didn't have a heavy workout (probably wise) I did have a good satisfying LBWO. That feels much better.

09-22-2005, 04:58 AM
Glad you managed a good workout without too much pain!

I went to a Body Pump class last night! Last time I went I enjoyed it but was using tiny weights cos it was "my first time" then last night I told instructor I could squat 50lbs so she told me to use 20kg for leg work and 10kg for arms. It was crackers! I couldn't even press the 20kg over my head! :dz: So I missed out a set changing the bloomin weights down. Words like "tone" and "sculpt" were used. She told me that lower reps with heavy weights were for "bulking" and that all the class did was "tone". I wanted to leave at that point! :dizzy:

Apart from that I feel good! Aching slightly all over but it might be more to do with 4 hours on the motorbike rather than the "toning" class!

Double kickboxing tonight :hyper:

09-22-2005, 07:16 AM

Susan - good to hear you are managing the workout with bursitis

2F - Are you in the right class?? This body pump sounds awfull!. It totally reinforces my gym anxiety. Good for you also on the motorbike. I have one sitting in the shed. I haven't used it much since the kids were born...and now I have to gather up my courage before I use it again. Another aspect of "rebuilding life" after a decade of combining work & family.

Biked to & from work today - 20 kms, 80 minutes

have a great day,

09-22-2005, 08:27 AM
I only go to body pump when I see my friend! It's good exercise - when I get the weights right! I'm just not convinced the instuctor is clued up!

09-22-2005, 09:39 AM
Hi guys,
I'm sorry but I never really leave comments on this particular for LWL because I thought maybe I wasn't lifting enough but now I actually have the confidence to post regularly. I love lifting and resistance training. Within the past 2-3 weeks I have been playing around with lifting and I've seen some great improvement in strength and I can definitely feel that some muscle has been built. This is a great forum/thread, you guys are soooo resourceful! OKay now off of the mushy stuff.
Yesterday was legs day and I did 2 sets of leg extensions for 8-10 reps with 30 lbs. 3 sets of leg curls on each leg with 30 lbs of weight. Nautilus machine 3 set of inner thigh workout with about 30 lbs and something that you put your foot on and push back(sorry I didn't read the name of it.). Today I feel pretty good but I know that by tomorrow I WILL be sore in all of those places LOL.

Today is ABS day. Quick Question? Most articles and from past experience talk about maybe being sore the next day after a workout but my soreness doesn't set in until 2 days after a workout......is this normal? Or am I not getting enough water or oxygen to my muscles? I drink half of my body weight in ounces daily so hopefully this is enough. I exhale on lift and inhale on release... This is correct isn't it?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

09-22-2005, 10:09 AM
:yes: Looks good to me! I sometimes don't get sore for a good 36-48 hours after exercise although it's usually just 24! I wouldn't worry about it, after all, everybody's different and it sounds like you're doing everything spot on! Keep up the good work :cp:

09-22-2005, 01:57 PM
Hi all,

2F, your instructor sounds totally clueless. Good for you on not walking out and staying to do the workout. I am also going to assume that double kickboxing went GREAT!!!

Mrs.D, I never get sore the next day. Its always 2nd day that the soreness creeps in.

I've come to the sad realization that cheerleading and lifting weights don't work together. I can't get in bed before 11:30 so getting back up at 4:15 to get to the gym is an impossibility. I've modified my routine and instead am getting up at 5:10 for Tae-Bo each morning instead. It isn't weight lifting but I am at least still getting in some form of exercise and also getting in enough sleep to be normal.

This AM, I didn't feel like Tae-Bo, so I did an hour long Pilates DVD instead. The instructor kept talking about the "core". About 1/3 of the way through I had to admit my "core" is ROTTEN! I kept rolling over on my butt, couldn't hold the poses, it was humiliating. This chickie has a LOT of work to do.


09-22-2005, 08:09 PM
I am thankful every day That the gals here don't much care how much you lift, just that you do it! It's sooo good for you.
I'm also grateful that you don't actually have to be maintaining (yet) to go to the maintainers forum :)

BTW ... MrsD... I use free weights a lot, so my arms get a workin' even on legs day. I did almost all my arms and shoulders today with 5 lb'ers. I don't think I'll get kicked off the board for that. :o
I'm not a real weight lifter, I just play one on-line.

09-23-2005, 04:52 AM
Tiki - double kickboxing went great thank you! :lol: My back kicks are coming on. Still a bit wobbly but I will practice lots before next saturday (not tomorrow - just one week left! :yikes: ) Also tiki, couldn't you get some dumbbells and do some weights in the morning instead of your videos? I do all my weight training at home, cos it would take such a long time to faff around at the gym! Plus it's free (apart from the weights) I can lift in my underwear if it's getting too hot and I can chat to him indoors too! All round good points!

Susan you are a hardcore weightlifter ;)

We're off to Oxford for drinkies after work. Should be really nice - I'm looking forward to cracking out the nice dress in my wardrobe! Also bought some knee high boots that actually go over my calves! :eek:

09-23-2005, 08:59 AM
Hi everyone :wave:
Just coming up for a brief bit of air before I head to the gym. I've been glued to hurricane infor when I'm not at the gym, on the computer, or hassling over homework with my son. I have a few friends and a brother and SIL with an eight yr old who live in Houston, plus my poor friend from New Orleans who had temporarily relocated to HOUSTON after Katrina!

Tiki- I'm glad to see you posting again, whether you are doing weights or not. Hope life's craziness isn't getting you down :grouphug: Hang in there!

MrsDawson- I usually get sore 18-36 hours later with the peak soreness at 2 days. Sometimes 3 days if it was a really brutal leg day. Everyone is different. And yes, you are most certainly welcome here!

2F- The idea of you prancing around with dumbbells in your underwear cracks me up! Have fun in Oxford in your nice dress ;)

SusanB- Now you crack me up! Do you workout in your "gotchers" too?

Hi Rabbit, Laura, SB. Where are our MIA's? Dip, that was a pretty short appearance! Same for you Susanje! Ellen, are you still on the disabled list?

I'm having a pretty good week, despite the scale being up a tad and refusing to budge down. Oh well, I'm doing everything right, so it will go sooner or later. My client load has actally been light this week. Don't know what's up with that, but I don't think it's going to last.

OK, off to the gym. Cardio and bis and tris for me today :) Then garden mulching cardio this afternoon if the weather holds.


09-23-2005, 09:23 AM
Mel .... you don't know how tempting it is to say ... Good heavens no, I work out in the nude. Doesn't everyone? .... No, I have a dreadful assortment of awful looking baggy things that I work out in and the dreaded leggings from WalMart so my thighs don't stick to things.

09-23-2005, 09:57 AM
Tried that once but the old gals didn't like it! ;) :rofl:

09-23-2005, 10:20 AM
Just thinking of everything that would stick sent me in search of a good underwire bra. Ooooooo yuck!

09-23-2005, 11:25 AM

09-23-2005, 12:45 PM
Man that's funny. When I work out in the early AM, I wear only the sports bra and shorts. My kids aren't up early enough for me to sear their corneas.

I do have some dumbells at home, 10s 15s and 20s. However, I don't want to buy anymore and I am beyond this weight on any of my exercises so I'll just wait until November to go back to the lifting. I would also have to get up earlier to fit in the weight lifting and the cardio.


09-23-2005, 01:04 PM
Tiki? What do you do a concentration curl or a tricep kickback with? My elbows started to ache just reading your post!

09-24-2005, 06:41 AM

Tiki - I believe Krista at sumptuous.com has some suggestions on heavy household items that you can use for lifting at home. I bought some cheap dumbell bars & weight plates so I can stack heavvier and lighter dumbells. I agree with the posts before- it's much easier to lift at home because you can do it in your choice apparel AND don't have to spend time & money on going to the gym!! Also, I find that Pilates DVD don't tire me enough to count as cardio or lifting- strictly for flexibility I would guess.

This said, I think that tae-bo with Billy every morning would count as workout absolutely !!

My own excercise for yesterdaay & today:
yesterday 30 mins stationary bike & LBW
today 30 min stationary bike, 30 min run and 10 min stretch.

And I have met my 7 hours excercise per week goal already. I might take a day off yesterday... or I might not.

Mel-I hope your loved ones get through Rita OK!

have a great weekend,

09-24-2005, 04:40 PM
I bought a bikini. It looks fine, it's just everything between the two pieces looks kinda soft and wrinkly.
Here's to sturdier lifting, gals ... as per Mel's excellent advice :)

09-24-2005, 07:44 PM
Hi LWL - sorry to be MIA - still on the DL - made it back to 6 miles, pain at 8. Resting and hope to try 8 again on Tues or Thurs. Have continued lifting and Pilates, too. Gave up yoga until I have my mileage back up. Meanwhile, I have lost vision in right eye since 15 Sept. I am freaking, but Docs say all blood tests are normal, so wait and see (no pun intended). Back to opthomologist on Tues. I admit I am scared, but they don't seem to be. I can only spend little time on computer, so have been mostly lurking. But, my eye patch is pretty styling and I hope young children will just think I am in costume and not be afraid.

Went to Las Vegas last weekend and had a blast. did not run in the 12 mile Canyon Run, but gambled and ate well. This weekend was the Quantico 1/2 marathon and I went and cheered my friends on. I admit I was a little jealous I wasn't running with them. The shirt is really cool, so I am glad I went and picked up my race packet. The cute Marine who gave it to me didn't hurt, either ;) Next week is the Army 10 Miler that I never made it out of the parking lot for in 2000, so I hope to do it this year. As one of my running buddies says, "This is personal".

You all are doing wonderful and I miss "playing" with my girlfriends (and Robert). Keep up the good work! Laura - are you starting on your taper? Can you believe how quickly this training has passed? Yikes!

I'll let you know more when I know more ...

09-25-2005, 01:37 PM
Shoulders today. They feel nice and tired but I kinda wish I'd gone heavier. Ah ... impatience!