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09-15-2005, 08:45 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please feel free to join us! :)

09-15-2005, 08:55 AM
Good morning ladies,

Angie - first off, thanks for much for the hilarious bd card. :rofl: Also for the poem card, and the butterfly, too. I'll have to wind it back up and send it to someone else. How exciting to be part of a commercial! And yes, I too hope there'll be no metal bras involved, lol. Hope the cramps have lightened up some, and that you got some rest.

Cristi - could you maybe add a little Crystal Light powder to some of your water? I buy those On the GO packets, and they sure come in handy sometimes. Although I like water, a change is nice once in awhile. Of course, at dinner and after, I switch to iced tea year-round. Why are you going to be selling your house in a few years? Did I see you mention that you want to get back to country living? I sure wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sue - I have to wait about another month down here to get the yard winterized. Since we'll be tearing down the house, there are some plants that I want moved to a safe spot. And I told Mary before we moved that some of my plants are coming with me, lol, so I plan to dig them up in the Spring.

Neal woke me on accident when he went to the bathroom at 5:25, so I decided to get up and get an early start on the day. Hope you all have a good one, and I'll "see" you when I get back!

Toodles, :wave:

09-15-2005, 10:23 AM
Hiya ladies :wave:

This will be my last post before we had it right the first time, Cristi -- we leave tomorrow, the 16th, and we are coming back on my birthday the 24th :dizzy:

I have quite a few of your addresses, and will try to send postcards if I can -- Susan, I just realized you've moved, and I don't have your new address. I know you aren't in here every day, but if you see this, PM me your new address. Don't know if I'll be back online before we go, but we may have internet access at least at one of the hotels. Anybody else who hasn't sent me their address, feel free to PM it :)

Ate dinner last night at El Torito, first time we've been to a Mexican restaurant since starting WW. Was a bit of a challenge, since I went wayyyy too hungry. But I didn't eat one single chip, had the Mexican Caesar Salad with dressing on the side (I just dip my fork in the dressing and only eat about 1/3-1/2 of what's in the cup), and had the Sonora Chicken Burrito Light -- which is 15 points, definitely not the best choice for WW, but certainly not the worst on the menu. Ah, is another day.

So much to do today, finishing up laundry this morning, gotta pack as much as I can before work today.

Work...ugh. Please hold good thoughts for me, guys. We got a new manager for our unit a few months ago, and he decided he needed to fix a bunch of things that weren't broken. Now they are just grinding us to dust, and everyone is miserable. But I've been there 4 years and I'm too old to start over -- I need to stay here for my retirement, so I have to just tough it out. But I keep looking for job openings in other departments...on the positive side, the pay is good, and I have some fantastic co-workers, really great folks.

Ack, not enough time...gotta get busy here...see you soon!

09-15-2005, 01:07 PM
Good morning ladies~

Angie~I have been taking both Claritin and tylenol severe allergy medicine, plue the allergy relief eye drops. I'm about ready to go to the doc and see about getting something stronger or a shot. Today is a better day but it's mostly my eyes watering and itching now and of course I am like a little kid that keep my hands away from them! You must be so excited to be in a commercial!!

Sue~your walk last night sounded like my walk this morning. This weather makes me lazy and sleepy and I rolled out of bed later than usual but made it to the park for my walk anyway. It started drizzling while we were walking but we did make to the car before getting soaked thank goodness. I don't think I could have ran! I was draggin this morning so I would have been soaked!

Katiecat~okay, I thought I read that right and now I know I am just losing my mind! :crazy: :lol: I swear since Josh left for basic my brain went with him! :dizzy: Keeping you in my thoughts and sending good vibes with the new manager. :goodvibes: At least you will be getting a break from him. Why is it you get a new manager and they feel they need to change things?!If it ain't broke, don't fix it! You are killing me with this talk of El Torito! I haven't been there in years! DD and I joke about losing a lot of weight and then going back to CA to visit just so we can eat all our favorite foods there! El Pollo Loco, Tommy's or Pete's (haven't had pastrami the way they fix it since leaving either) Del Taco (used to be a fav) Wienerschnitzel...OMG I am making myself hungry thinking about it! LOL You would think living in a place with so many cows they would know what pastrami is and how to fix it. :nono: They don't! and Tim have fun, and be safe!

Jane~I have mentioned moving but not for a while. Our plan was to live here 10 years and then move back to the country. I love it here but I so love the country more. That's if we make it 10 years! When we moved here we had no idea about the plans the city had/has of expanding. I like it because it is a small town but close enough to Wichita, too close actually. They are building all around us and north of us they broke ground for a small hospital, about 700 houses, a new shopping center and an expansion to the Community College. That's a few miles from us but just around the corner from us since living here they have built two new shopping centers, a bank and they are widening the main road into the city. So...while I love the city, small cities actually I would rather be in a small town in the country. It seems so big here because we are so close to Wichita. I can't believe it is almost two years that we have been here already. Time is going by so fast. About the water...I did buy some crystal light, I think it is raspberry-just haven't used any yet of it yet. I definitely will take it along on our trip next month for something different than drinking sodas. Have a fun and safe weekend!

Well, like I said to Sue, I did get my walk in this morning. I was sooo close to not doing it just because the weather and wanting to stay in bed but forced myself to do it and feel better that I did. Of course I needed wipers on my glasses! LOL But it was nice, nice and cool too. Had to wear pants this morning with a t-shirt and sweat shirt. But I love this cooler weather. No big plans for the day, same old, same old...laundry, vacuum, clean, etc....same old stuff, different day!

Hi to everyone else. Hope everyone has a great day! :wave:

da fat n da furious
09-16-2005, 02:18 AM
Jane did I mention that I got a bracelet for my birthday? I told Monte about how I just loved your story on your bracelet so now I have one too. He bought me a glass charm tht has flowers all over it..and a heart. Told him every 25 lbs I would like a new charm.
I know that when my parents moved they took alot of their plants...
Just 2 hours away there are towns that have lots of snow...there is a place that had no power for 4 days due to snow..ARghh

Cristi, I know that I had to change my allergy stuff,,,and well so did Brandon,,Thank goodness we are on the same kind,,,gawd that stuff is expensive. And I have the drops for both my eyes and nose...hmmm don't I sound

Katiecat,,,Have a wonderful time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We had our call backs for Evita,,,it was brutal. but looks to have a great cast.
Cramps let up a bit...the thing with my cramps as the Dr. said is from the abalation I had two years ago (scalding of the uterus) the nerve endings and muscle are exposed somewhat around my uterus,,,and when I have a period it bleeds into the muscle,,,which is the same as having a bruise. Hence the constant pain. The Dr. offered surgery in 2 weeks,,,which I declined for Feb. she also offered pain meds,,,which again I declined. If I really can't tolerate it I will take advil and if that doesn't do it, then I will do surgery ASAP.

Well I should get to bed,,,night

09-16-2005, 08:24 AM
Hello gals--

Been busy lately and for the next few days, James has the computer (and phone!) for some testing he's been doing. He calls in and he's on the phone for 4hrs (they do get breaks) answering questions! Crazy! He'll be on here in a few hours!

Angie--What a great gift! When Jane mentioned hers I had thought about getting one too...but then I found other things that I've been wanting and I'm still sitting here wanting! I think it's a great reward! Sending you hugs to help ease your cramping! So sorry you have to have such painful ones!!

Cristi--I wanted to congratulate you on the weight loss!! I'm proud of you! You're walking so much and it's showing. I bet your energy is getting better too after you've been walking! This morning was chilli here, I was wearing a sweater!! I LOVE this time of year! Summer getting over and Fall moving in! PERFECT!

Katie--Oh I hope you still have my address!! I would love to get a postcard from Ireland!! I hope you have the time of your life. I wish I was going w/you! I know you wont' get a chance to read this, but I do hope you have a safe trip and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!!

Jane--We have Verizon now. Have been w/them for years. Just like what they have. But our contract is up next month and we decided we want updated phones. I wanted a phone that has a camera!! :D Now I've been w/Verizon for years, but don't it a mobile to mobile kind of thing? Would it be free to call from my phone to yours or is it still long distance charges?? I'm so not good at remembering things!

Hello to the rest of the apologies for not getting everyone. I can't seem to remember who all wrote on the last thread! I will eventually get caught up.

Since I'm tuckered out...I'm going to bed.
Night Ladies!!

09-16-2005, 01:09 PM
Hi ladies and a happy Friday!

I am dragging this morning for some reason. But I did get to the park and get my three miles in. Actually did 3 1/2 and feel so good about that, especially considering I didn't feel like walking at all this morning. I've got a few more weeks of the WATP book plan and then I will work out some kind of schedule for walking. I know I will miss walking 6 days a week but really don't think I can continue this the rest of my life, 5 maybe. But I am thinking maybe 3-5 days a week will be good, just depends on what is going on. I was worried about not getting any walking in when we go to Georgia but the motel where we will be staying is by Riverwalk and there is a trail by the river so feel good about that. I guess it is true about doing something for so long and it becoming a habit. I'm not sure I can drop to the 3-5 days since I am getting used to getting up at 7 and doing the 6 days. We'll see...

Angie~(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie. :grouphug: I too am sorry you are having such painful periods. I don't know how you do it. I would have had the surgery like yesterday! Or at least taken the drugs for the pain. I hope you are taking it easy and the advil is working for you. I get painful periods sometimes but I just couldn't imagine what you are going through. I may have to switch allergy pills soon. I know when DS, Jason was taking them the doc would switch him from allegra to claritin and then do the shots if it was really bad. Hey, I too have a charm bracelet. Mine doesn't have so much to do with weight loss though. V bought it for me for mother's day a few years ago and it came with a little heart on it and then he bought me 3 boy charms and a girl charm with the kids birthstones in them, an angel because I love and collect angels, a mom charm that has a heart in it with a little bitty diamond in the center of it and a heart, anchor, & cross that is one charm which represents faith, hope & charity. It sounds like a lot of stuff on a bracelet but I actually have enough room for two more charms! LOL Hmmmm, maybe I will get two for losing some pounds.

Marti~four hours on the phone?! I was going to say how could anyone be on the phone that long but just remembered before I met V one of our phone conversations was 4 hours! :yikes: Glad he called me! lol And I have no clue what we talked about. I have cingular for my cell but I think verizon is the same way...regardless of where I call, if the person I am calling has cingular I pay nothing which is good because when we went to AR this past March I called V several times and him and Jason called me. I just have a plain old simple phone, nothing special but Jason has one with the camera and every other add on you could imagine. I would kind of like to get a new phone, none of the gadgets except the camera. Think that would be kind of neat. I still am not used to having one and so forget it half the time until I want to make a call. So don't want to spend much on one, I am cheap when it comes to certain things. :)

Well, Katiecat and Jane hope you ladies have a swell time in Ireland & PA.

Hi to everyone else wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Don't have much planned for the weekend but V has the whole weekend off so will be spending most of the time with him. Tomorrow we are headed to do some shopping for him. He is needing some new jeans and boots for work. Then we are going to have lunch somewhere (don't know where we will end up) and then head to the cemetery so will be gone for most of the day. Not sure when we will leave in the morning and where we get his jeans and boots is about a 1 1/2 hour drive which is a good little get away from here so we tend to roam around there for the whole day. Sunday, I believe I will sleep in, or try to and then we are hanging around the house and doing some yard work. I mowed the front and back yard for him Monday but with the rain we got it needs it again. Of course we fertilized so that didn't help. When we do that sometimes we have to mow twice a week, can't go a full week. Trying to get it ready for winter. Anyway...take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend whatever you do! :flow1:

09-16-2005, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome from all of you! Hope the pain is gone soon, Angie, whether with surgery, or just gets the heck out of Dodge. :) Pain is such a drain on our energy. I'll be saying prayers.

It is cool here, also. (Ohio) ---don't think it's above 60 yet today. Nice change, actually. We'll be at our cabin this time next week, and it is quite a bit further north, so I'm sure I'll be singin' a different tune with my sweatshirt hoodie on, lighting a fire in the wood stove! :lol:

Got a camera for my birthday, from hubby, and hope to take a few pictures of the leaves changing up there. And maybe fish on the lake one day, but mostly SIT and knit and do nothing but stare into space. My mind needs a rest. :dizzy:

Going to the ND/Michigan State football game tomorrow, (I'm really not up for it, but I know I'll feel differently, and get some spirit, when I get in the stands.) and then the usual packing and last minute home round-up things, and out 'o' here!

da fat n da furious
09-17-2005, 02:53 AM
Good evening ladies,
4 hours on the phone is nothing Marti...child's play for I just did a short call a few minutes ago,,over an hour.
thing is I am taking care of a surprise party for two dear friends of mine. Shawna and Pasqualina,,,both whom I work with and do theatre with. Pasqualina taught me how to be a stage manager,,,then I taught Shawna. Shawna is our boss,,or used to be. She is now done with our company. Shawna is off to Australia and Pasqualina is off to Winnipeg Manitoba. Im shocked Ive been able to keep this quiet...gawd I have struggled but I did it!

Cristi, told my mom about the charms so now she wants to buy one for me. Im thinking I would like to buy her one. I really love the buying the special charms idea.

Cheryl,,,I would love to be in your shoes! A cabin,,,football, campfire....(not the fishing) but picture taking,,,and knitting. Another JL knitter,,,watch out for Katie,,,,shes like our knitter...and was doing some weird thing that well didn't sound a bad thing she caught.
I have Momma Chris (lady I work with who mothers me) knitter a few more scarves,,,then Im going to sew beads on them and fringe. Some lady stopped me one day and offered me 40 bucks for my scarf.

Well I went and got a about carshing...I jerked myself awake when I heard (was me) Only problem is she got this stuff all over my hair too,,,hoping tomorrow it washes out. Talking about washing out,,,have to wash out Tanner's pink as much as I can so I can recolor it, director has told him he has to have natural colored hair.
I didn't get the viking commerical...ahhhh I was so looking forward to being stuffed into a corset,,,and wig.
well I should get to bed...night all

09-18-2005, 12:10 PM
Hi Ladies--

Don't have much time since I need to get ready so I can go take James to the airport. He's heading off to Salt Lake City Utah for some written testing and simulation testing and will be gone for two weeks.

We had a great day together yesterday!! Went out for lunch and did a little shopping. Just some nice quality time together.

Ok...must get ready! I will be back later to do individuals!

09-18-2005, 06:10 PM
Afternoon Ladies--

Well James is on a plane heading to Utah by now. I sure will miss him. But it's only for 2wks.

Cristi--I'm cheap when it comes to a LOT of things! :D I think that's why I have such a hard time buying myself anything. Now James on the other hand... :lol: We are able to buy two phones w/the credits we have accumulated through Verizon. So instead of a $400 price tag on both we'll only spend $100. I liked that price! I hope you're having a great time w/V this weekend!!

Cheryl--Hello & Welcome!! I don't remember if I've greeted you yet. Your cabin retreat sounds WONDERFUL!!! I envy you! I hope you're having a relaxed time while you're there.

Angie--You crack me up. Snoring?! Boy, you really must have been relaxed! So when is the surprise party?? What do you have planned for these girls? What a wonderful friend to go through all that and STILL manage not to slip out any info!! :D I hope you all have a great time when the day comes!!

Hello to all the others out there! How are you all doing?

Not much on my agenda for the day. I need to go return a top I bought today. I didn't bother to try it on while I was there, I figured it would fit. (it is a large) Well it fit perfectly everywhere but where my girls are!! I couldn't even get it to fit right when I took the bra off! Heaven forbid they add some room so we can be comfy! Sheesh! :lol: So that's what I'll be doing. Other than that, nothing. What a lazy sunday! all have a great rest of the day and I'll chat w/you all next time!

09-18-2005, 10:23 PM
Hey gals--

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I woke up this morning at 5 am to cows mooing at my window. I jumped out of bed and looked out my back window and there were cows EVERYWHERE in my yard--some on my porches. I threw some clothes on and ran outside and shooed them into the field. They had broken the fence across the road (from the dairy they're building down from me). I got in my car and drove down the road to tell them their cows were out---the guy that answered his door said they had just moved in and he wasn't sure what to do but he'd come down as soon as he could. I spent all morning keeping them out of my yard and finally at 9:30 the guy came down with some of his sons and ran them back across the road. I have to tell you girls at the time I was pretty mad :mad: :mad: ---there were over 50 of them and they can just tear up your yard just walking through it---not to mention stopping and grazing in my flower beds. I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up from them....something I think those men should have done.....I guess I worked some of my mad off----I don't have steam coming out of my ears anymore!! :lol: :lol:

Cheryl---Welcome to the group---A cabin sounds so wonderful!! I hope the air is crisp and cool and you let yourself really enjoy your time!

Angie---Those scarves sound beautiful with the beads and fringe. Did you knit the scarf too or buy it and add the neat stuff? There were a few ladies at school that were crocheting some scarves using that fun fur. They were really cute. One mother was crocheting that fun fur onto her daughters flip flops and they looked pretty cool. :cool:

Jane--I don't know how long you were going to PA to be with the mods. Are you back and was it great fun?

Marti--Is James usually gone more than 2 weeks? That seems like a long time :( I guess that gives you time to get some things done for yourself--I know you deserve doing something good for yourself---you're always there for everyone else. ;)

Mindee--I hope you're still feeling well--It's almost here!!!

Christi---Have you heard from Josh in awhile--I know he's probably doing fine. I so admire the young men and women who serve and protect our country...

Hello to everyone else---hope your days are going well and you're sticking to your plans and goals....I know I need to do a better job this week controlling my eating. I seem to be doing pretty well with my walking but I guess I think that means I can eat anything I want. aaarrrgh!!!!

Love to all~~~

da fat n da furious
09-18-2005, 11:35 PM
Beth you are a better woman then me. I would of told the man that over 4 hours after him being informed is not very neighbourly and that in the future he had better be there pronto. And bring a shovel....
I didn't knit the scarves,,one of the ladies I work with does and then I sew on beads and knot fringe on it.

I had the party last night and it was well turned out. Had alot of fun talking with friends...and made plans to go to a play called High School Reunion. And we are dressing up 80's! I need to stop at a Value Villiage and get a over sized dress shirt,,,and beads...would love to find leg warmers but Im not pushing my luck. My hairdresser was there last night too and will lend me her crimper...I will take pics.

I cleaned my closet out,,,got rid of lots of junk and organized a dresser in. Then started in on Tanner's mess,,,he got pretty whiny when I told him to clean up his together with new bins and such we organized him. And then started the spare room...just have to put the pics on the walls...
The new mattress came in yesterday,,,its so high up,,Skittles has to take a running jump. But boy its awesome...thinking i need to go to bed
well should finish doing my theatre mail...arghhh never ends.

09-19-2005, 12:25 PM
Hiya ladies,

Katiecat - I know you're gone, but still I hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland. We want pictures when you return, ok? About the job, bosses like that usually end up not staying long, so maybe you'll outlast him or maybe you will find something in a different department.

Cristi - it's great that you plan to keep walking even on vacation. The riverwalk sounds peaceful. If it rains, maybe you can check out the fitness center in the hotel, if they have one. I heard that the hotel I stayed at this weekend had a fabulous fitness center. I wouldn't know, however, since I didn't go, lol. I did take a walk outside to see what was around, though.

Angie - wow, that's great about the bracelet, and the charm sounds so beautiful! I got a charm for every 10 pounds, and at first I wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did, and I know you will, too. Glad you had fun at the party, and your 80's one sounds like lots of fun. You gonna do the Big Hair thang?

Marti - on Verizon, you can call anyone else with Verizon on their cell phone, and neither of you are charged any minutes. It's great, since most of my family is on the same plan.

Beth - it's an adventure when you live in the country, isn't it, lol. The day Mary's twins were born, Neal, Katie and I were driving down the lane to access the highway, and came across 5 or 6 cows in the middle of the road. Neal had to stop the car and shoo them away, and one of them did not want to move! It was so funny!

Well, I had a total blast in Philadelphia. Meeting everyone was so awesome, and putting a face and personality with a name is great. We Jaded Ladies really have to think about meeting up. My eating was terrible over the weekend, didn't get nearly enough water, no exercise except walking, and now I feel sluggish. But I did have a Philly cheesesteak and it sure was a good sandwich! I'm back on track today, though. :yes:

Hope you have a great day!

09-19-2005, 02:17 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Not much going on...did my 3 mile walk this morning and was feeling a lot better than I have the last few days. Going to call the doc later to see if I can get something stronger for these allergies. Yesterday I slept most of the day because of them. Of course being out in the wind Saturday probably didn't help. Oh well, can't stop living because of allergies. I changed my ticker thingy again. I liked the last one but only lost 1/2 pound this week and I like for it to reflect that. So had to go to ticker factory and get one there since they show a 1/2 pound loss.

Marti~I was telling V I would love to have a camera phone but they are too expensive and he said I could get one for about $50, still kind of high to me for a phone that I can't remember to carry anyway! LOL I don't know...maybe I will get one one day. I would like to get one of those that holds about 100 songs and you can listen to music-ha! maybe then I would carry it all the time! LOL Try not to miss James too much while he is gone. I know...easier said than done. At least you guys don't have to pay for long distance. Do you have the text messaging? I know DS and his GF uses that a LOT! Especially while in school. Anyway, glad you and James had a day together before he left.

Jane~glad you have a great time in PA. I would so love to have a Jaded Ladies weekend sometime! Maybe next summer everyone will be able to. The motel, we have reservations for does have a gym. I think that was the first thing that caught my eye, that and the fact that it is new and had good reviews. We'll see when we get there. Still trying to find out what there is to do there. Found a few things that I would like to do but not sure Josh would like to. I think he will just be happy to see us and have a break from that place.

Beth~Just received a letter from Josh Friday and getting ready to type one to him. I usually write unless it is a long one then I will type it so he doesn't have to go through so many pages. He's doing fine and looking forward to the end of October. I swear it seems like he's been gone forever! It's only been a little over a month. It's really going to be weird when he's gone for years! :cry: I think you handled the cow situation just fine, and I agree too that they should have cleaned the mess. It is interesting living in the country sometimes.

Angie~glad your party turned out nicely and you guys had fun! That would be so much fun dressing in the 80's to see the play! Hope you find everything you need. I bet if you check out some stores that sell vintage clothes you can fine some leg warmers. Enjoy your new bed!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Need to get going and check my mail and get a letter to Josh. I know he enjoys them so I try to get out three a week even though we only get one from him. It's acutally two letters but he mails them together! LOL Trying to get my laundry done. I did some yesterday even though I felt terrible, just didn't get it folded and put up. And I need to vacuum, so much fun! Take care ladies and have a great day!

09-19-2005, 03:14 PM
Hello Ladies--

Beth--No, James isn't usually gone for 2wks. the beginning he was in Portland for 2wks at a time but that's only a couple hour drive. Now he's in a different state all together! But time goes by so fast that the two weeks will be here before I know it! I think you handled the cow situation very well. I don't live in the country, but way back in the day (in highschool) a group of cows had gotten loose just down the road from where I live now, and tried to cross the train tracks.....and they all got hit! :( It was so sad. I have NO idea where these cows come from!! But it was in the news. Cows have the most beautiful eyes....ever notice that?

Angie--So glad that your party turned out great!! Going to the play and dressing up in the 80's sounds fun! Would be like being back in highschool!! :lol: If you really need leg warmers, just find an old sweater that you don't want and cut the sleeves off! That should do shouldn't it?? Hope you have fun...we definately want to see pictures.

Jane--Very happy that you and the other mods had a fabulous time!! I wish I could have been there. It must be great putting a face & personality to a name now. I agree....Jaded Ladies really DO need to get together.

Cristi--When do you go to Georgia? The riverwalk sound romantic!! I think you and V should take advantage of that! And you're so right about something becoming a habit once you start doing it. That's what I need to do right now. Is get back on track of exercising. James & I were talking about how when I got my gazelle, I was on it every day for over 2months. I seen results where it counted, then we went on vacation and I was so sore from all the walking that I was waiting to get back on the gazelle. Well sheesh....I've gotten on it only a handful of times since then. Nothing like I was doing. I can only imagine if I was still on it everyday how I would look now. tsk tsk....must get on that baby!

I don't have much going on today. I have to take Chewy to the vet to get his vaccinations. And then after that.....the rest of the afternoon is cleaning up my house. What fun!

Ok, I"m going to browse a bit then head out the door.

take care!

09-19-2005, 06:12 PM
Beth, the cow/train story is so sad. :( It was a full moon a couple of nights back, maybe they 'react'. ??

I do LOVE knitting. And sometimes quilting. Have had some 'creative artist's block' isssues with it lately, though. Kind of like writer's block. But, most of my knitting is from a pattern, so no 'issues' with that.

Have been walking on the treadmill, while hubby does the recumbent bike. We are about to go do that now.

09-20-2005, 11:13 AM
Happy Tuesday to you! :D

Cristi - I know Josh will be so glad to see his family! How many days will you get with him? Yep, a meeting with the JLs would be so much fun, and your state is just about 1/2 way for everyone. But there are several in Oregon, so maybe we could hold it there in Portland or Eugene.

Marti - is Chewy sore today from the shots? I need to take Molly in. She has a watery-feeling lump on her chest, and it hurts her when I push in on it. It hasn't gotten any bigger, so I don't think it's cancerous, but I still want it looked at. What do you think about a meeting in Oregon? I guess we'd need to vote on where it should be held, right?

Cheryl - yay for the exercise!!

I'm sitting at the library right now. My computer is fine, but ever since we moved, my connection is 16.8 - 19.2 kbps. I can't stand the wait when I'm trying to upload/download pictures and such. I asked the phone company about it - after all, we pay double to have 2 separate lines. But they said their job is too get service to the house, and the speed of it isn't their problem. I think the server is fine, but am not sure. :(

Anyway, I finally got some sleep. I only had about 8 1/2 hours the entire weekend, and felt like I was a zombie, lol. I'm going to have lunch in town with Katie today. She's so happy with college, but wants to change her major again after this semester. :dizzy: When I get home, I really have to do some laundry!

What are you going to do today?

09-20-2005, 01:50 PM
Hi ladies~

Did my 2 mile walk this morning. Actually, at this point I have over three miles walked so far. It really does amaze me the number of steps/miles a person walks in a day just doing little stuff. Probably won't get much more than that though because I am home for the day. Do need to vacuum later since I made a mess tracking in grass from watering. That right there is a lot of walking going in and out, and I must say, quite a work out walking up and down those stairs.

Marti~we go to Georgia Friday morning Oct. 28-31. We'll be back in time for trick or treaters. I know they say that doing something for so long makes it a habit but I am hoping that I don't get tired of it. I do something for so long it becomes routine and I get bored-therein lies my problem. I am going on my fourth week with the WATP book and I will finish the six weeks of walking six days a week but once that is over I plan on just walking 3-5 days, hoping to stick with 5. :crossed: You'll get back on the gazelle when you are ready. That is terrible about the cows.

Jane~Josh gets two days with us, well, not actually two full days. We will get there Friday and Vince and I will do whatever and then Saturday morning they are having a drill competition, then we go for a family brief and he can leave at noon and has to be back Sunday evening by 6 pm. I know he will probably enjoy a break from that place. Hope you have a nice lunch with Katie.

Cheryl~good job on the walking! :bravo:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I've got to go see if I can find some weighted gloves or balls online. I checked Wal-Mart & Target and Wal-Mart had some 3 lb. balls but no gloves. Target had neither and I don't really want to go to a sporting goods store-there's none close to us. Easier to order online and have them delivered. I thought I would check on the WATP site. Other than that nothing much going on today. Just doing a little straightening the house.

Have a good day ladies!

09-21-2005, 09:06 AM
Hello, hello, hello, hello..... Yikes, there's an echo in this empty room, lol!

Cristi - I think you are doing just wonderful with the walking! Were you able to find the gloves and balls online? I just love how we can shop for anything on the 'net, don't you? Wow, I bet you and Josh both are just counting the days until your visit there. What's the family brief all about?

Hi to all the others. :wave:

Not much going on. I'm going to put out my Fall decorations today. I usually have them out by now, so I'm running behind. Need to do laundry that I didn't finish yesterday and also go buy a new coffeemaker. Ours is leaking water on the counter every morning, so that's not good.

Have a good day, and take care.

09-21-2005, 01:00 PM
Good morning ladies~

Jane~I don't know if Josh is counting the days but I am! I think he is looking forward to seeing us though...his last letter closed with see ya soon. I know he misses home, and driving his truck! Not sure what the family briefing is about but I am assuming it is just basic stuff. :shrug: I know he is not supposed to leave Columbus. I did find some gloves online (no balls) but didn't order any yet. I may just end up going to a sporting goods store. I went to Wal-mart this morning to do the grocery shopping and went in from the opposite direction since I was coming from the park and saw a Play It Again store-didn't even know it was there. They are adding new stores to that shopping center all the time, which is good. Anyway, the WATP site didn't have them which I thought was odd since she recommends them and some of her videos come with the balls or the belt. Hey, I am getting ready to put out the few decorations I put out also. Just bought two small pumpkins yesterday that I put by the door with a small scarecrow and that will stay out through Thanksgiving. I don't carve pumpkins anymore for Halloween since they have the lighted ones-I have two medium sized ones and a string of small ones I put out just on Halloween night. is an unstructured day as far as walking. Not really sure why she calls it that because unless you are one busy person there is no way to get in 8000 steps, not me anyway. So I have to do a walk. Only did a mile though and then walked around Wal-Mart and will do another mile on the treadmill. Think I will also ride the bike and do some of the weights-haven't done that in a while. I have been somewhat busy with putting the groceries up and watering the yard and am up to 4899 steps, so have a ways to go. Was thinking about mowing the front yard but not sure, too hot. Have things to get done in the house. I did mow the back last night and man it was still warm out and that did me in. I was ready for bed! LOL

Hi to everyone :wave: Take care ladies and have a Happy Hump Day!

09-21-2005, 05:43 PM
Hello girls--

How is everyone doing? I've been weighed down w/MAJOR cramps. Felt horrible yesterday. ****sigh****

Anyway, where has everyone gone???

Cristi--Are you looking for the small weighted balls? When you get them, tell me how you like them. I've considered getting some myself for when I'm on the other ball. But I've accumulated enough stuff around here that there should be no excuse to not workout, yet I don't really do anything! I'm horrible! I've been doing a rough draft on a routine for exercise a calender form. And I want to hang that up and use it. find my calander program that I have to get it all pretty looking! (I should really put my time to actually moving instead of just making a rough draft shouldn't I? :lol: )

Jane--I want to get more of a "Fall" feel in my house too. I bought a couple little items last weekend. But it sure doesn't do my house justice!! I need to get in the shed and find my Halloween box and start putting things up. I'm not sure why I've been feeling in such a rut lately. I just don't feel motivated to move! It really bothers me at times. I haven't felt like this in years, so something in mind must be upsetting me and I'm just blocking it....if that even makes sense. But I have to say, Sandi's post in the 100lb club, truly brought tears to my eyes!! Kind of put perspective on things and I've been thinking a lot more lately about why I've put myself in the corner and forgot about me.

For those of you who want to know what I'm talking is Sandi's post:

Today is my "catch up" day on the house cleaning and laundry. For only being me house should NOT look the way it does. I think I have finally found out who the slob is in my house!! (that would me be! :eek: )

Ok...I REALLY need to take some IBProfin to get rid of these aches and pains. You all take care and I will check in after work!

Have a great day!

09-22-2005, 12:31 PM
Happy Thursday Ladies~

Marti~I did read Sandi's post yesterday. I was expecting to see photos of their weekend and saw a very nice post. I am looking for the two pound balls. Wal-Mart had some three pound ones and man what a difference a pound makes! There's no way I could hold on to those. They also had some wrist weight but didn't think those would be good since my wrists are bad-think they would make them hurt instead of doing some good. I like your plan for your routine. I will do that once I finish up the book-less than three weeks to go-this is the fourth week of walking. She keeps talking about all the energy I should have by now but I don't know if it is allergies or what but I am feeling more tired and stiff than energetic. I do have bursts of energy once in a while but not often. I am usually dragging when I get out of bed to go walking but once I start I am fine and wide awake. Hope you get to feeling better.

HI to everyone else wherever you are :wave:

Speaking of walking...I haven't gotten my walk done yet. Glad it's only a 2 mile walk today. I just couldn't get out of bed this morning, tossed and turned all night because I can't breathe. So right now I am a bit of a grouch and will be doing a walk on the treadmill. Would head out to the park now but it is too warm right now. Supposed to get up in the 90's again today! What happened to fall?! Anyway, gotta do some cleaning of the house and a load of clothes and that's about it for today.

Have a good day ladies!

09-22-2005, 12:42 PM
Yikes, we're gonna have to change the name of this thread to the 3 musketeers if more JLs don't show up to post, lol.

Cristi - my house looks so much nicer now that I have my Fall stuff out. I forgot that I had shared my decorations with Mary, though, and really need to pick up more. Wonder why they care if Josh leaves the city? Not that you need to, anyway, but it's not like he'd go AWOL, lol. Oh well, who can understand the military? Cristi, we didn't post photos of the weekend because some of the mods are very, very private and have never posted a photo here. But oh my gosh, we had SO much fun!!! And it was emotional, too. Just re-enforces my need to meet you JLs!

Marti - so glad you called yesterday! It's always good to talk to a JL 1 on 1, right? Hope your cramps have eased up some. How long's it been since you had a physical? Maybe you need some vitamins, or something. Could you be anemic?

I'm sitting at my sister Maggie's house, using her computer. I've been checking out satellite internet, and want to go that route. I'm wondering if it will be a problem for them to move it when we get our new house, though?

A friend from church, Dixie, and I have a lunch date today, and I'm looking forward to that. She works at the hospital, and since they serve a lot of healthy choices, we're going to stay there and eat. I've been doing great staying OP and drinking my water. Gotta get some exercise!!

Have a good day! :)

09-22-2005, 12:57 PM
Hi Jane! yeah, not sure why they are worried about the guys leaving Columbus. Maybe they figure they won't have enough time to get back if they go too far, who knows. We'll find out what the briefing is all about when we get there. I know when we go the end of Nov. they have a family briefing and then a briefing for the married people, seems kind of odd to have two different briefings.. I can understand some of the ladies being very private. I know I was for the longest time, and think I still am a bit. I'm glad you ladies had a wonderful time though and I know if we all got together we would too!! I really think we all should seriously consider a get together. And I think I could swing OR next year. So what about it ladies? :) I love fall! And the decorating too so I know your house looks nice all decorated. I am still looking for something for the table...may just get a fall colored candle and some of those rock/marble things with some leaves and put it on/around the dish I have. I haven't decorated for fall like I used to since we've been here. Just put out a mini-flag, a wreath and the scarecrow and pumpkins. Haven't done anything inside, not sure why. Anyway, have a wonderful lunch with Dixie and WTG on staying OP and getting that water down!

09-22-2005, 03:33 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Cristi--You know, I think everyones body is different and the energy level for each is going to come when it's ready. I've experienced the same thing before when I was working out a lot. I kept waiting for that "energy" I was suppose to have. But maybe it had a lot to do w/when I worked out I don't know. I would work out after working 12hrs and that would relax me and I would sleep soundly!! But I did eventually start feeling more energetic the next day. I hope you get your energy boost soon! I agree that if you have bad wrist that you probably shouldn't buy wrist weights. Don't want you to hurt yourself.

Jane--Hope you have a lovely lunch today. I remember when hospital food was horrible!! Now a days it's not so bad. We have a chef at our hospital that does the healthy cooking and it's always so good. I just wish they were open during my hours of working! They close around 7:00 for clean up (that's to early for my lunch break) and they don't open back up until 1:45am (that's too late!) Maybe I should tell then that they need to work around ME and MY schedule! :D

Well yesterday I felt all stuffed up and congested. Had a feeling that I was coming down w/something. Today I'm just VERY sore and my throat.....ugh! Then in the lab last night I hear that they've been having a lot of Positive Strep test. Sheesh!! Just what I need.

But also, what worries me is this one woman I work with has been sick for awhile, and she just couldn't get a diagnosis....bronchitis? strep? just a cold? then we get this e-mail from HR saying there is an "uncomfirmed" case of whooping cough!! LAST thing I or anyone else want to read. So I'm feeling mopey and achey and just blah....soup sounds good.

Ok...I'm going to get of of this for now.

Take Care Ladies

09-22-2005, 06:42 PM
Hey..the three musketeers? Well, plus one today...where is everyone else? I have been busy with DSS home and doing family things. We went to see some family today that didn't come to the get together I had Sunday. My brother-in-law had to have a pacemaker put in Fri. and he is home and doing well. seems like there is always something going on with family or friends. I have just been stressed for a couple weeks and have had up and down days. Sorry I haven't been here... The walking is also up and down as is the eating. I am trying to get a handle on things and know I will get it under control.
Be back to talk again soon.

da fat n da furious
09-23-2005, 01:13 AM
Good evening Ladies,,,

Fall stuff? Already... there was snow in a town 20 minutes north of us today,,,there is a chill in the air, Yuck! I should bring out my boxes... of Halloween and Fall decorations. Went to Value Villiage tonight and bought an over sized men's dress shirt with a sweater that i will cut the arms off of,,Leg Warmers.

Marti,,when is TOM due? Your body could be fighting something,,,drink your fluids.

Cristi,,,how many more days till Josh comes home? About the weights,,,I had thought there was a wrist water container that you fill up to what ever weight you want,,,and if you need water along the way ,,,have a drink. If there is no such things,,then I better get it

Jane,,,I am an official WW member now. I am doing the points my friend Becky is doing the Core. So today I ate my points,,,and feel pretty dang good. As Becky and I have talked alot lately about this we came up with we feel better cause we feel more in control.

Anyways with working full time and 2 plays Im feeling a bit harried. So I officially stepped away from Evita,,giving way to Pasqualina who after talking with her one daughter has decided to stay in Calgary. She was going to go help her one daughter/SIL and DGD but after the talk found out that infact the DD will be moving her possibly with her cause her marriage is pretty rocky.

Anyways I should get going....

09-23-2005, 10:44 AM
Good Morning -

Have a second.

Would have loved to seen pictures from the MOD meeting too :) Though can totally understand the privacy thing. I am glad you had such a great time Jane. All for a meeting with the JL"s sometime - maybe next Spring or summer - maybe someone throw out a target date and a destination ?? lol - I always thought Oregon would be a good meeting place.

Though Katy & I live within blocks of each other and never seem to catch up with coffee or a margarita. Trying to keep up with life (psssst - though we really DO need a margarita Katy :)) myself.

Job is 2 1/2 weeks old. Have been on a whirlwind with training and a huge workload. Have been to HR for a meeting with my assistant who walked off the job one day.

Rachel has moved in with me and Beck might follow. I might need a 3rd bedroom quick. Gaby has been at the sitter for a few days - lol She lives so far away and the sitter wanted to make sure Gaby went to preschool because her little boy cries without Gaby.So, Gaby was happy as a clam to go. It is probably for the best because I get up at 5 am to get to work at 6 am. Not fair to drag her around.

and she is with her half sister - so it is family. Trying to make it ok - I guess.Miss her sooooooo much.

Her father has til the end of the month to make a CS payment (has been 5 months now) otherwise he faces contempt charges - he has never made an effort to see Gaby since the court thing in late July.

better get - tons to do and training starts back up on Monday :)

sorry to be a fly by :)

09-23-2005, 01:16 PM
Hi Ladies, :wave:

Cristi - yep, I think Oregon would be best for the meet up, depending what the others think. But since there are several from that area, it makes sense to me. I had white chili and an orange at my lunch with Dixie, and it was such good soup, and even better conversation. She is one of the most fun people to be with, and we always find something to laugh about.

Marti - hope you're feeling better today and that you don't have whooping cough. :no: Would you want to start up a meeting thread, since there's a good interest in it? We could pin down a city and month to meet. I'd do it myself if it weren't for the poor computer connection I have.

Sue - glad you're BIL is doing well with the pacemaker. You know, my dad had one and it helped him so much. But when he died, the thing was still going on the monitor, and the nurse had a hard time convincing us that he was really gone. Sue, if you'd come here when you feel sad or stressed, you'd be amazed at how much better you'll feel. I've done it many, many times, and am always happy to find out that I feel uplifted after reading the posts here.

Angie - YAY for being an official WW. :cp: The reason I couldn't do Core was, if I had any sense as to when to stop eating, I wouldn't have been so fat in the beginning, so I have to have the structure of points. And YES! The feeling of control is one thing I like best about dieting!

Susan - oh my gosh, you have so many good things going on in your life now! I think it's just so wonderful that Rachel is living with you now. And hopefully Becky will follow, too. I know how you have missed them, and they could be such a positive force in Gaby's life.

Well, I have good news: I'm getting satellite broadband internet. It's expensive, but I can't take this dial-up anymore! The speed now is 16.8 - 19.2 kbps. Can you believe that???? I could amost mail you a letter with my post and you'd get it quicker, lol.

Today I'm organizing the den, in between page load-ups on the computer, lol. What are you doing today?

Later, taters!

09-23-2005, 05:05 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

What am I doing today? :chin: Well...actually it should be what have I done today. Went for my two-mile walk this morning at the park, came home had breakfast and then decided to mow the front and back yard. It was so nice and cool this morning and my allergies aren't so bad so I went for it. It was a nice day to be outdoors so I did mow both and then pruned my roses and sprayed them, had just a little bit of grass to rake and then swept. When I came in at a little after noon the pedometer said I had walked 5.25 miles! So yippeeeee!!! I got in my 10,000 steps . I took it off because I like wearing thongs and my feet were sweating from mowing and since I already did the 10,000 steps. And the pedometer is accurate. I start it at zero when I get to the park and have checked it after my walk. I always wondered if they were and how accurate they really are and this is just a cheap $5 one. Anyway, came in and dusted, then vacuumed and took a shower, ate lunch and am on the computer now taking a break before Jeopardy-love that show. At 4:00 today the guy from the granite place is coming over to give us a more accurate estimate. He's going to measure everything exact and see exactly where we want the back splash and all. The more I looked at the samples we brought home the more I am really not liking it though. So may go with the Corian afterall. I honestly think I would like it better because everytime I look at those samples of the granite I see gravel and sand. That is what it looks like to me. Anyway, still finishing up with laundry also then I am done for the day until I have to fix dinner which is something very simple, just hamburgers.

Marti~I walk every morning first thing. I leave for the park at 7:30 and depending on which one I go to...I am there at 8:00. I think it is just these allergies that is zapping my energy. Today was a good day though so I am hoping it is close to the end. I've only taken one dose of Tylenol severe allergy today and can actually breathe! I did end up finding some gloves yesterday but they are just the one pound ones and they fit comfortably.

Angie~Josh won't be home until Dec. 2. We will go down for his ceremony and then he will come back with us. Of course I got a letter from him yesterday and he said the big guy said to tell family and friends not to make reservations for Dec. 2 in case they have to restart. He is doing good and said not to worry because all he has to do is run 2 miles in 15 minutes by the end of two weeks. But I told him, now you tell us! :lol: Vince gets in a hurry with everything and all ready made the reservations for all the flights but he did it to get the cheap rates-$79 to fly to Atlanta and then we will rent a car there and drive to Columbus. Orginally we were wanting to fly straight to Columbus but there is a layover in Atlanta so we went that route. It was a lot cheaper and we wouldn't have to sit in the airport for a hour or so just to fly for maybe 20 mns. And then we would need to rent a car in Columbus anyway so...but if by some chance Josh has to restart and doesn't graduate Dec. 2 we lose $50 per ticket to cancel. Anyway, WTG on being an official WW member! :bravo: Did you say snow Angie?! I am waiting for fall and don't even want to think about snow yet! LOL Of course today seems like the perfect fall day-finally!

Jane~you know, after I said I could probably do OR next year I started thinking about still going to San Fran and thought maybe that would be a good meeting place. I know if I go out west I definitely am going to CA so now I am not so sure about OR. Of course too it all depends on when and if everyone wants to get together and it would also depend on Josh also. Not sure if he would actually have another graduation from the special training or not. I don't know anything about that stuff. Anyway, I'll just wait and see what everyone else wants or can do and go from there.

Susan~I am happy that Rachel moved in with you. Now, have you all ready moved into the new place or is that later on? Can't keep dates straight around here sometimes. Anyway, if you could PM or email me your address I would greatly appreciate it! I lost your old address or I would have just mailed the card to it and eventually you would have gotten it. But I was adding new pages to my address book and somehow lost it. I figured Mike was just trying to make things bad on you and not trying to be a father to Gaby and he is proving me right. It's sad though for Gaby. Sounds like she is doing fine though and as are you and Rachel and REbecca. Hope Rebecca is soon to follow her sis in moving in with you.

Sue~glad your BIL is doing fine with the pacemaker. I've never known anyone who had one. Isn't it amaziing though, the technology today? I have to agree with Jane...when you are feeling down try to come here. It too has helped me to get through lots of downs. And it's okay to have down days. We all are not perfect and it is going to happen from time to time. I used to feel like a failure or feel guilty when I had some of those down days but have readjusted my way of thinking and know it is okay-as long as I don't go overboard with the eating and don't miss too many days of walking. I ended up not walking yesterday because I felt so icky and I didn't feel guilty at all because I know it is okay. I think I am repeating myself! LOL Anyway, we are here for you just remember that. :grouphug:

Well, ladies I guess I just about wrote a book there. Even though I did a lot today and still have a little to I actually feel wired. So Marti that energy level went way up today! Just feeling too good! Plus I love being outdoors. Better get going, the dryer has been restarting itself for the last 20 minutes, which is fine. But need to ge tthe clothes out and fold and put away and get another load in the dryer.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

09-23-2005, 08:15 PM
Ok, I think I will go get my Gabster and enjoy the weekend!!! Wanted to wish you all a great 2 days of relaxation and fun :)
Our residents are getting ready for the Christmas bazaar and I might pick up some of what they are doing with the girls. Cute stars and candy canes!!

I moved last Saturday Cristi to a 2 bedroom with carpet! Amazing how you miss it when you haven't had carpet for 2 1/2 years - can't wait to go buy a vacuum :)woo hoo

I just got back from a going away get together for my old boss. He will be here on Monday! Thank goodness, it will be sooooooooo great to see him on a daily basis again. My old co workers offered to come paint my wall in my office. I was told I couldn't do it because of the union - so they will come in a week or two - thrilled.

I would LOVE to go to San Fran :) Can we Ma Jane? lol I never go anywhere. I might even have $$ by next year. Oregon or San Fran ?

better make my butt across town. Just trying to get back in the groove with living a mormal life - tough year!

I have gained 5 pounds but will get on track - congrats for joining WW Angie :)

da fat n da furious
09-24-2005, 02:09 AM
San Fran? How about farther south and do Disneyland?

Susan, so glad to know life is sending you a good toss,,,and no curves. So what happens about the assistant?

Jane,,,I thought the same way about the core...Oh no I don't think I could hold myself back. So far Im doing my points. I have a family thingn tomorrow and am worried. Ill eat up on veggies and have a chicken breast.

Cristi,,,2 miles in 15 min could be tough,,,did he say he could or couldn't? Im thinking a trip to Atlanta in Dec...would be nice.

Sue, my GGP (grandpa) had a pacemaker and I thanked the medical wonders every day he lived. My grandpa was a trapper,,,had a dog team the whole thing, He was in his 60's when he passed on. But before that he would run infront of his dogs to break trail during the winter!

Well the paly was hilarious...the food was good,,,grilled chicken breasts with peppercorns and baby potatoes. Green beans and the dreaded carrots...yuck There was a salad with light oil dressing and yes dessert which I knew about,,,I had 2 bites and passed it on. Thinking them two bites are 2 points...cheesecake. So I used up my points but am happy.

well need to get to bed
night all

09-24-2005, 03:00 PM
Just wanted to check in real quick and let you know that I won't be on much this weekend.

My brother passed away yesterday and the family is getting together to figure out what to do and to handle all the funeral arrangements.

He had just turned 33 a couple weeks ago!

Love to you all!

09-24-2005, 08:45 PM
hello ladies.....quick post!

we are in our own apartment, no internet there yet. I am using my sister's computer to check my email.

I am keeping a list of what all has gone on, so when we get our own internet hooked up, I will post what all has been going on.

As of right now, everything is going great with this pregnancy. I had my 36 week appointment yesterday. I am measuring 1cm, still long, and little brother's head is right there when she was examing me. So when I dilate enough, I am sure that he will just come shooting out!

09-25-2005, 10:16 AM
Just got back last night...but before anything else, Marti, honey, I am so sorry (((hugs))) You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...

Have a ton of laundry and cleaning to do, and need to go to the grocery store to restock the fridge. I will come back as soon as I can to tell you about my trip. It was...amazing. Wonderful. We can't wait to go back. We want to move there (I'm not kidding!) Missed you guys terribly, but didn't get internet access, and I'm sorry but I forgot to bring addresses with me, so no postcards, guys :( But I'll try to figure out how to get pics on a Yahoo photo album to show you.

09-25-2005, 04:55 PM
Hi ladies~

Marti~((((((HUGS)))))) to you and your family! I am so very sorry to hear about your brother. Many thoughts and prayers go out to you. :grouphug: I wish there was something I could do for you, just know that we are here for you.

Angie~2 miles in 15 minutes doesn seem impossible, or at least hard but they HAVE to do it if they want to graduate basic. And Josh said not to worry. He's all into that fitness stuff and proving he can do something so I know he will do it, well, he has to eventually. OMG! I can't believe you said "the dreaded carrots" I love carrots-so good :T And cheesecake too! :lol: Haven't had that in ages!

Mindee~glad to hear you guys finally got a place of your own. And just in time for the new baby. Gonna be here before ya know it!

Katiecat~glad you guys had a GREAT time, but then I knew you would! And I can't wait to hear more about it!

Susan~a two bedroom and carpet?! That is GREAT! I had wood floors once and even though I loved them I too missed carpet. They were always too cold and too hard to keep clean. Always, having to sweep. A Christmas bazaar sound like fun, hope you and miss Gaby enjoy it.

Nothing much going on with me today. Just enjoying my day off from walking. It seems kind of weird though to miss a day. Anyway, I did get in my three-mile walk yesterday and it was actually nice. Anyway, take care ladies.

09-25-2005, 05:49 PM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - didn't see your post here about SF until I had already posted on Marti's thread. I'd love to go to SF, depending on when we go!! Neal would want to come along, but wouldn't hang with us when we ladies are gathering. Yay to you for all the walking!!

Susan - send me your new addy, ok? Hey, it's not up to me where we'll go for the meeting, lol. We'll take a vote, ok?

Angie - so glad to hear you're doing well with WW. People think it's complicated, but it isn't! Carrots sure aren't my fave, either, toots. :no: But when you do fill up on whichever pointless veggie IS your fave, it sure helps. Green beans are still my fill-up food, lol.

Marti - so sorry about your brother!! (((HUGS))) to you! Didn't you say something about him recently?

Mindee - let us know when the big day gets here, ok?

Katie - glad you're back safely from Ireland, and yes, we want photos!! I didn't send postcards, either, from Philly, so don't feel bad.

We had our first weenie roast of the season last night. It was so nice! Need to hook up some lights by the play equipment for the DGDs, though. It's raining today, and just kind of a lazy day.

Hope you and yours are having fun today.

09-25-2005, 06:58 PM
Goodness Gracious!!

It's hard sleeping lately!! So much going on!

My brother (the older one of the two that I have) is the one that passed away. I may have mentioned him before I'm not sure. He had a drinking problem. A very terrible problem w/it. He had seizures in the past from it. He walked and talked like an elderly man from it. And we had all worried and talked to him about this, tried to get him help, everything. And the family always said that if he doesn't get help soon, he won't live to see 40.....but to actually have this happen is still just devastating!

My brother and parents had gone over to the coast where he lived to spend a day w/him. Later on that night my younger brother called and Adam said he wasn't feeling well and was getting sick....and he was coughing up blood. They told him to go to the emergency room, but Adam just kept saying, I'm not that bad it'll pass.

Well the people who found him, found him still knelt down in the bathroom the morning. Breaks my heart!!

Anyway, that's whats going on right now. Thank you all for your well wishes. I need to get off here and get things done.

Take Care and Hugs to all.

09-25-2005, 08:38 PM
How devastating Marti - I am so sorry about your brother. Many HUGS to you and prayers to your family.

Just thought I would check in, Hi to Katie & Mindee - time goes so fast. Can't believe you are weeks from giving birth Mindee :)

The assistant? She cried and I felt bad but not too bad. She was given a stern "be on time and Susan is your supervisor." Assistant was late the next day but called and 10 minutes early the 2nd day and 5 minutes late the 3rd day. Keeping track but will talk with her if she is late the 4th day.

Better get! If it is Disneyland the girls would have to come too - they can hang out with Neal - lol

09-25-2005, 10:16 PM
just stopped in to say a big HI to JANE!!!! we had so much fun in philly...

and read about Marti's brother - so sorry... many prayers for you...

da fat n da furious
09-25-2005, 10:49 PM
Marti, I'm so sorry about your brother...<<<Hugs>>>

09-26-2005, 12:11 AM
Marti- I am so sorry to hear about your brother. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Jane- We had the same dreary day here, rain, rain and more rain. Must be getting some effects from Rita. Hey, glad you had a good trip and loads of fun.

Susan- Congrats on the new apartment, new job, new assistant, carpet, and all the good things happening for you. So neat that your DD moved in. THAT will keep you busier for sure!

Mindee- Glad to hear about your new place. Hope you find time to come back and tell us all about it. That is, of course, if you have time before #2 decides to arrive. Thinking of you!

Cristi- You have done so well with the walking. I got a good start and then fell apart. But I am determined to get back to it as this head cold is passing. I bet you will have a good time on your trip...and of course to see your son will be great also.

Katiecat- Welcome back and can't wait to hear about your wonderful trip. Move there? Wouldn't that be something?

Angie- Hope you do well with WW. I keep saying I am going to try that myself. It is just hard to go on anything too structured with my DH here 24/7. He is such a big eater and likes all the wrong things. Today he did say he needs to do something different to lose we will see.

Hey, I just realized there have been or are going to be lots of trips by JL's. We leave the end of Oct. if all goes well.

I am feeling somewhat better today, physically and mentally. My cold/sinus thing is clearing up so I should be able to get back to exercising and walking. Now if I can get my head back in it! Seems like all summer was a bunch of hurdles and roadblocks for us. Now we own a lot and have plans to get going on our house, but when is another story. Should find out something this week. It feels like we are always waiting to find out something.
My BIL is doing real well with his pacemaker and even went out to lunch with us last week. Mom is almost finished with her therapy and they say she is doing great. We found out that DGS does not have a major medical problem that we were concerned about. (which I didn't discuss here, but was a big part of my feelings last week)

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end and will follow up with a really great week.

09-26-2005, 10:04 AM
Good Morning -

Thoughts for you Marti :) and hugs & prayers.

Where are you headed in Oct, Sue? Thanks :) girls exhaust me - can't wait to get to work and relax - lol

How goes the WW Angie? My friend belongs to WW and Curves. She likes WW better because their scales weigh less. She is so funny. Best though!!! TRYING to get back on track. I know I am gaining with all this snack food at the trainings - going to try and run by the store for a bag of carrots or something to munch on today.

I better run - have a all day training and I need to catch up in the office first. Going to make a welcome sign for my old boss with tons of clip art because he calls me the ClipArt Queen. Haven't met a clip art I haven't used....haha...

k- lame.


09-26-2005, 12:12 PM
Good morning ladies~

Wow, where does the time go? I swear it seems like yesterday that I just started walking but this is the start of week five! Can you believe it? Me either! :lol: I got my walk in this morning and man was it nice, so cool and fall like-finally! Only had a two mile walk to do but going to this park that is 3/4 of a mile around I had to go three times so did a little over the 2 miles. I'll keep my pedometer on most of the day to see how many more miles I get in. I am also happy to say I am down 1.5 pounds! :cp: I was aiming for two but didn't really try this week and was surprised to see the 1.5 pound loss. It doesn amaze me that she (Leslie) says that the eating will follow once you get the walking and water drinking down and she is right. My focus has been mainly on the walking and water and not so much the food. Even though I have cut back. Not really keeping track of points, calories or anything...just watching what I eat and especially portion size. And boy does it feel good. I changed my ticker thingy again because for some reason when I just changed the numbers on the one from tickerfactory is didn't work. I had this problem before and had to go make a new one each time which is kind of a pain. So went back to the old one I had.

Sue~you'll get back to it all when you are feeling better. I know if I had just a little of what you have been going through it would be hard for me. You guys are busy, busy, busy. And it's hard to keep going when you are feeling bad. Okay, so it's Vegas you guys are going to in Oct. right? I can't keep things straight with everyone sometimes. Now will you guys be there till Christmas or will you be back sooner?

Susan~stay away from the goodies! Just kidding...I think it's okay to have some, just don't overdo it. Carrots actually sound good to me right now. Maybe I should go slice some up to take to the show. Love your siggy! But then I love Napoleon Dynamite. I swear last week it was on so much-I watched it at least three times. That and Dodgeball! Too funny! :lol:

Jane~I think that would be okay if Neal came-I sure wouldn't mind, even if he hung out at least once! Wherever we go Carrie will be coming with me. Of course she is so quiet no one will know she is there.

Marti~hope you are doing well today. That is terrible about your brother, so sad. It breaks my heart too and I didn't know him. It's just really sad to lose someone and especially at such a young age. My heart goes out to you all.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I really need to get going. I am running behind. Was supposed to be in the shower at 10 and here it is a little after and I still have to go turn the sprinkler off. I am glad it is supposed to be cool all week-it may be the only time this week I have to water. Anyway, DD and I are headed to the bookstore and then we are going to see Flightplan with Jodie Foster. It looked really good when we saw the previews so couldn't wait till it came out! I like her as an actress and like that she is particular about the parts she takes. So we will see if it is a good movie.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

09-26-2005, 09:11 PM
Happy Belated Birthday, Katiecat!!!

:gift::cp::balloons:::hb::cool::hb::balloons::cp:: gift:

Katiecat - I am SO SORRY I spaced your birthday! For some reason, I thought it was the 27th, and when I doublechecked, I see it was Saturday. So very sorry, hon!! Hope it was a good one.

Cristi - Yay for the 1.5 pounds down! :cp: Portion size is what it's all about, imho. Btw, I think it would great if Carrie came if we do actually meet up.

Marti - he is the one you mentioned recently about being worried over. Aww... so sorry about it. Will you have to miss much work for the funeral, etc.?

Jiff - hey, pop back in and join up with the Jaded Ladies!! We'd love to have you be a part of the group on a regular basis. Yes, we sure did have a blast in Philly. I'm already planning for the trip to Canada next year. Can't wait!!

Susan - I thought Ellen was the clip art queen, lol. Has Becky decided to join you yet? She may have feelings that if she comes too, her dad would be lonely. Kids get funny ideas sometimes.

Sue - we find out more about our house tomorrow. We've picked out a floor plan, and now are going to talk $$$. <gulp>

I had a very boring day, so not much to tell. I've been fine-tuning the floor plans and as I mentioned to Sue, we're meeting with the builders tomorrow.

I've been having trouble sleeping, and I know it's just worry over the house. Well, more correctly, where we're going to be in the meantime, once this house is torn down.

Chat at ya' later!

da fat n da furious
09-27-2005, 12:09 AM
Hello everyone...

Hey Jiff,,,welcome to our crew....

Jane you didn't say you were coming to Canada,,,which part? I would think straight up so that would have you far east of me.

Sue,,Im almost feeling the need to do a weekend in Vegas. But I guess living there and visiting is totally different. Glad to know all if feeling better...BIL and DGS
About the WW Im doing the points and feel so much in control. I love the part of just journalling,,,writing everything I eat down and knowing where I went wrong when my points to match up. I am having some problems with that with all the parties Ive been to lately. Its Tanner's birthday today,,,there was thought and did well till the dessert..*sigh
Cristi,,,thats fantastic that you walk each day...feel so much better knowing that eh?
Susan,,I swear the woman I shared the recept job with is the clip art queen,,,I admit it drives me nuts cause it really slows our computer down and with a few dozen faxes and double the emails coming in each day I can't be bogged down. I usually call IT to come and delete half of them...
well need to get ready for bed,,,night all

09-27-2005, 12:50 AM
Well, I did walk 2.5 miles today and it felt good. Had to come home and iron though, blah! I swear I wish DH would wear something other than 100% cotton.
Yes, we will go to Vegas to our home there....and plan to stay till Spring. If the house gets started we might have to come back early or go later, so that will be the next change. :)
Nothing else from here today. BUT I do feel better when I just come in here and read all your news. Even if I have no news to add.

Happy Tuesday all.

09-27-2005, 11:46 AM
I am my former bosses clip art Queen - I don't think anyone can compare to Ellen - lol. She is amazing - hang my head in shame. I am in reality a clip art Fairy.

Rebecca has basically moved in - Jane. Not her clothes yet but her body and make up have. She sleeps with me and Gaby in the king size bed. My father has a twin that I need to get this weekend and set it up for her. I TOTALLY need my space in bed - though she does keep to her side of the bed. Gaby rolls back and forth. Last night she (Gaby) brought her hobby horse (horse on a stick , I call it) to bed with us.She was feeding it diet 7 up earlier in the evening so the head was all wet.

I think Rebecca threw it off the bed sometime because I had to go find it when Gaby started crying for her horse in the middle of the night.

Hi Sue :) Hi Cristi - congrats!!! :) Hi Angie :)

HUGS to Marti

better get - munching on carrots today - already done with most of the bag I brought and it isn't even 8 am yet - lol....

09-27-2005, 12:32 PM
Good morning ladies~

Sue~glad you are feeling better and got a walk in. On the mornings I don't feel like walking I roll my lazy self out anyway and go for that walk and feel better after. Today was one morning I didn't want to go for the walk!

Jane~hope all goes as planned on the new house plans and the price is right!

Susan~oh, I remember the days when all three kids would sleep with me. I slowly through them out! :lol: Seriously, I made them take turns because I couldn't sleep with the three of them in bed. And that slowly weaned them, except for Carrie. She didn't want to go to her own bed. We had fun though, and stayed up late sometimes talking.

Angie~I do feel good walking every morning. Some days I just dread it but force myself to do it and feel better after. :woo: :gift: :hb: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO TANNER!!! :hb: :gift: :woo: How old is the birthday boy? Don't they grow up so fast?!

Marti~hope you are doing fine. Thinking about ya :grouphug:

Katiecat~I am so sorry I forgot your BD! I think I forgot because you were gone. Well, I remembered to send a card but forgot to post it here. Anyway, a :woo: :gift: :hb: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU too!! :hb: :gift: :woo: Hope your day was fun-I know your week before was! Waiting to hear all about it!

Anywho...did my walk this morning. Really didn't feel like doing it-(TOM) is fast approaching-ick! But I got up and did it anyway. I always feel better afterward. Today is a lazy day. Was supposed to get my hair cut later but rescheduled for Thursday-same style just shorter. It grew out so fast it won't curl/fix like it did when I first got it cut. It's just straight and layered. So today I will be straightening the house.

Take care ladies and have a great day! See ya :wave:

09-27-2005, 01:34 PM
Good morning. I am up-and-at-em this morning. Already vacuumed, dusted and cleaned the ceiling fans. Made and ate breakfast with DH and then straightened the kitchen. And I already did a 15 minute work out which I plan to do again this afternoon.

Cristi- (or anyone interested) I know you do the WATP's and I have been doing the one mile walk. I had been wanting to do it while watching tv, but couldn't since it is a tape. Well, I found an old article about walking. In it she tells of a 15 minute exercise. I wrote it on a card in black marker (so I could see it from across the room) and put it on top the tv. I did it while taking a break and watching a bit of Ellen yesterday and today. It is easy and I even did it while doing arm movements with soup cans as weights. You do 2 minutes walking, 3 side stepping, 1 marching, 3 knee lifts, 1 march/walk, 3 kick, 2 walk/march. The idea is to start off slow and as you gain strength you just do it faster and go lower for the side steps. More exagerated. And like I said I added weight and I guess you could add more weights as you get stronger. Now I can do it even when DH is watching a show or while listening to music. I am excited about it and know I can do it twice a day. That plus my evening walk will get me back on track. Now I have to make another card to take to Vegas with me. Fifteen minutes goes fast too.

NOW..I know, I know, gotta get back on the good eating train. I have to go get some fruit today as we are out. Looks like chicken fajitas and fruit salad for dinner tonight.
I took the tracker off my siggy since I was up and down. I decided not to show the no fair to show the down. :)

DD#2 in CA and her fiance were in Reno for the week-end and I was surprised they didn't get married. They did decide on a Jan. wedding in Lake Tahoe. Have to get his house ready for more of a family.
DD#1 living here, to go to GA this week to get the training for the new contracts her business just won. That gal has always been a go-getter and does whatever she sets her mind to. She bought out her boss for a small amount and stands to turn it into a very lucrative business for herself and 5 or 6 employees. Reminds me, I need to call her and see if she needs my help in driving the teens around while she is gone. I am sure they will have cheerleading, or track, or church group, football games, etc. and need a taxi.
DS called and he is really swamped with taking on the full load of the business while DSS is on vacation. That plus he just started his third year of school. He says he can handle it for another week with no problem. Then DSS will have to do the same when DS comes to get his fiance in Oct. Nice that they can both get time off without having to lose pay anyway.
DH is happy as a lark in the garage working on a project. Waiting to hear from the builder today.
So..that's my happy little family this week.
Okay, breaks over, I need to get my rear in gear and start sorting clothes for Vegas.

09-27-2005, 03:22 PM
Hello everyone!

Sorry that I've been MIA. Just so busy and SO tired. Haven't slept much since hearing about my brother.

I'm waiting for a call from HR at work to hear if I can have the rest of the week off so I can be w/my family. I hate waiting.

Also waiting for a plumber. SHEESH!!!! This house needs re-plumbed! I lost pressure in the water and then I heard some kind of leaking sound under the house. SO tired of this happening. Seems like I'm calling for a plumber every six months.

Just wanted to pop in real quick to say hello and to thank you all for your thoughts & prayers. You girls are just wonderful!!

I'll be back soon!

09-27-2005, 05:08 PM
Hold on there ladies!! Do NOT POST HERE!! Head on over to Weight Loss/Chit Chat #145. See ya there :wave: