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09-13-2005, 04:17 PM

Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! :cheer:

We are a friendly group of ladies who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles.

Everyone has their ups and downs and we’ll be here with you thru both! Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

So please join us and let's work together towards a healthier us!! :gossip:

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at: The Thin Group

09-13-2005, 04:19 PM
Here we go - #6! Make sure you check the last thread for any posts you may have missed. So, let's get chatting!

Love, CJ

09-14-2005, 03:07 AM
Well, well, well ... seems like CJ is up to her old tricks .... BRAT BRAT BRAT! :lol:

I took Nico for a 2 hour walk this morning. I felt very good and really wanted to keep going. I have to get used to the walking as I'm doing the American Heart Association's Heart Walk at the end of the month. I've been watching the carbs but haven't cut them out completely and I've stopped eating late at night. Eating late at night is what's been getting me. I haven't eaten anything after 8:00pm for a week and I do feel the difference. Not much difference but enough that I can notice it.

Oh, I've got to run. Big hugs to all of you!

09-14-2005, 01:01 PM
Tonight...tonight I get to ride MY NEW BIKE!!! *happy dance, and a quick prayer that it holds off raining*

I used to love riding when I was a kid, but gave up in college when the weight really started packing on. Then one spring I got out of my dorm to discover that the snow plows that had kept the sidewalks clear of snow had crunched my bike (the pieces of which were still dutifully chained to the bike rack). That was the end of biking for me.

Then a few months ago Hunter got a bike seat for his bike for Gem. I really wanted to join them. I felt like an old, fat poop for not even trying. So I dutifully got on his old bike and wobbled around the block, expecting the tires to pop at any moment. I hadn't ridden in over 20 years and 100 pounds. What a rush!

But I couldn't continue. I tried again a few days later, and did make it around the block a couple more times. But those thin little tires just didn't do it for me. I was sure I'd hurt the bike, blow the tires, fall over and lie in a broken, bloody heap on the sidewalk where my neighbors, who probably don't know me from Adam, wouldn't know who to contact to help. *melodramatic back-of-the-hand-to-the-forehead "Ah, me!" gesture*

So when my birthday came around in August, and Hunter asked what I wanted, I told him I wanted a bike of my own, suitable for my weight. We went with some friends to the bike shop. It was really uncomfortable for me at first. The guy we talked to basically said they didn't carry what I wanted, and that I should go online and look, and then come back and order it. Not a very good salesman, but I think he was a little aback by me. Everyone in there was fit, even if they weren't all slender.

So I wandered around looking lost a while longer, an almost overwhelming feeling of "my god what the **** do I think I'm doing? Maybe I should just go home and forget it." in the pit of my stomach. I tried to look at the bikes knowledgeably, trying to connect what little I'd gleaned from him about mountain bikes vs. "comfort bikes" vs. "hybrids" vs. well, whatever. Who knew there were so many kinds of bikes? I felt much more comfortable when looking at things I could understand. Helmets, bells, baskets, lights...

Finally, my girlfriend got tired of watching me sink deeper and deeper into a fugue and flagged down a female saleperson to help me. She explained again, in terms I could understand this time, the different types of bikes. They didn't have "comfort bikes" in stock, but they could order one and assemble it for me. She let me try out different sizes of bikes, even holding one while I climbed on very shakily, to test what height I would need. She didn't laugh when I almost fell. We looked at their stock of comfort bikes online, and she explained the differences between the different models. (the thought of 21 gears scares me, but I'll deal)

We ordered one. It ended up being back-ordered, but they finally got it and assembled it. Hunter brought it home last night.

So I'm hoping to ride tonight if it's not raining, then take a day or two off to let the inevitable saddle soreness dissipate, then go again. I hope to ride two or three times a week, and am already planning out different routes I can try around the neighborhood until I'm comfortable on the heavier-traffic roads. I am practicing visualizing my success as I bike to church, or the elementary school, or explore more than five blocks away in our neighborhood (which is about as far as I've walked in the five years we've lived here). I have visualized the route to Phillip's farm for produce, and to the big park for picnics and playground, and to the Hair Cuttery, and the library...

I can do this. I am determined to re-learn something I used to enjoy so very much, and overcome these silly fears about being too old, too fat, too graceless. I am determined to be a good example for Gem and Hunter of how we can incorporate healthy, fun movement into our daily lives.

Besides... it means another excuse to shop for cool accessories...

*goes back to looking at for just the right basket for her new bike*

09-15-2005, 02:25 AM
So happy to hear that you got your bike. I recently bought a bike. It's nothing fancy, just a plan bike no gears. It's like the one I rode when I was a kid. My grandkids love to come over to our house and ride their bikes, so now I can ride with them. It's been about 40 years since I've been on a bike!!!!!!! I just love being able to ride with the kids and they love having a grandma that rides with them. Hope you have lots of fun on your new bike. It's a great way to exercise.:bike:

09-15-2005, 11:55 AM
Well my my my, if CJ isn't the Brattiest of The Thin Group! Ha Ha You are really a BRAT BRAT BRAT, just in case you didn't know it. I see you are still up to your old tricks and starting new theads again. HA HA Well it is still good to see you back to your old self and being Bratted royally by all of us. Ha Ha :queen: This is for you oh Queen CJ!

Ok, now I am glad to see everything and everyone up and running. That is great! :grouphug:

Jo-Hey welcome back girlfriend. Glad you came back to the fold. We have missed you so much, but I see you have changed your name. What happened to Jello? I do love the Daring2Dream name though. When did you change it? You know I have thought of you fondly since you have been gone, wondered how you have been and missed you so much. You have been there since the beginning with The Thin Group. When I joined there was only you, CJ and maybe one or two more, including this girl, who helped start the Thin Group and than up and disappeared. What the heck was her name? Help me out Jo or CJ, hope your memory is better than mine. I usually do have a pretty good memory, but somehow the name escapes me. I wonder where she went too. Glad things are going great for you and you are still with Rich. Gosh you two have been together for quite a while and I am happy for you. I hope your new job is better than the old one, I remember fondly about how you used to work with this one WITCH of a woman and she used to drive you nuts. Have fun in the Virgin Island's with Rich, you work hard and deserve to go somewhere fun to rest and relax in the sun. :beach:

janice-Glad that your brother in Mississippi and his family are alright. I know you were so worried and glad that you had some good news too. Wow congrats to you for going down a size. :bravo: Good idea to all try really hard now that we still have a bit of summer and the fall left for us to kick butt. We can all try for another size by Christmas we will look so very sheek. LOL Well I don't know about that for me, but I think it will help me to remember how far I have come and worked and maybe help me to avoid some of those holiday temptations. :crossed:

CJ-OK little Brat, glad to see you are back in the saddle and really trying to get back on program. Actually with all the company you have had, you haven't done too bad I don't feel. I know what it is like with company, when you spend time with your sister and go out and eat, it sure is hard to make good choices isn't it? I have been trying now that we have been home for awhile to just cook at the house and that seems to be much better for me. When Ken and I travel we eat out so much, at Chrissy's and daughter, Tracy's place. We tried to cook at Traces, but ended up eating out too in St Louis, so much to see and do there. What can we do but try try again right? Sorry we didn't get to get out and see you, I begged Ken to make a pit stop, but he said it was pretty far out of the way and with time restrictions and gas prices soaring we just couldn't make it there. But don't worry, we will one of these days, and what fun we will have. :cofdate:

synger-Way to go with your new bike. That is great. I just loved your bike story. I can really relate to what you said. I don't like those bikes with the skinny little seats at all, makes my butt hurt. Ken got me a regular old fashion one with no gears and a big comfortable seat. I love it! Isn't it funny that you couldn't get any satisfaction or imfomation out of the guy salesman and he made you feel uncomfortable and seemed unwilling to help you out. But than you get the ladysalesman and things change, this time she is very helpful and knowledgeable and she made you feel very comfortable to be around and she was able to help you get your bike. Either that guy was a jerk or didn't know bikes from beans. Ha Ha But I am so very glad your friend rose to the occasion and got you that great lady to help you out. Have fun with your bike and I know this bike will really change your life for the better and you will get to where you want to be. :ebike: Well not exactly what you have but close enough and the only thing I could find. LOL

sylvia-You are walking for the American Heart Association? You know Chrissy is doing that too and has raised quite a bit of money for the wonderful cause. Good for you for doing that and good luck with your walk, I just know you will do great. All that walking with little Nico is sure to help you out. I think the plan of not eating late at night is great and I try to practice it as well. It seems to have helped me get where I want to be too, I also have been trying to get all my water in by at least 6 PM otherwise I will be up several times a night to go to the bathroom. LOL We can all do this I just know it. You are doing great sylvia, I am proud of you for all you do, you are a wonderful lady and I love you much. Thanks for all the prayers for Chrissy and her family, I will tell her, she always loved you very much. :love:

Peggy come on back in here and post with us, We all miss you lots and lots! :flow2:

Also Sherry, come on back again. I love when you post with us, :comp: you busy lady. Hope things are going great for you and I know you are back working at your school and going all the time. But I miss and love you much!

We would love to hear from some of the others we miss: Marblefly, Jane, Karla/Shortiemetoo, Norissa/Mom Of 3 Monsters, Motiv8ed, and Yvette120 too. We want to hear from you guy, let us know how things are going for you. :listen:

Well better get off here, I am trying to get things done around here. Son, Dan wants to go to see his Air Force sister, Tracy in Illinois tomorrow and wants me to go with him. Tracy wants me to come too cause I guess Dan and her husband, Brett will probably be playing his Playstation all weekend, till we drag them out, and she wants me to go shopping and do things like that cause she says the guys are BORING! So this will be yet another trip to see her and you can bet we will be going to my favorite place good old St. Louis, which is really close to where she lives. But don't worry guys, it will only be for 3 days and will be back on Monday or maybe I can get on her computer and post this weekend in between our coming and goings. :crazy:

So talk to you guys later, and love you all. Love, Sassy Sharon

09-25-2005, 01:44 PM
Yoo Hoo! Where is everyone? I posted 10 days ago and no one has posted since than. Come on guys, I don't want to be alone anymore. I need some company so get in here and talk to me. OK?

CJ where are you? Did you fall off the face of this earth? I sure hope not.

Hey Sylvia where are you too? And synger, Janice, Peggy?
And what about good old, Jo alias Jello, you always come though too I remember. Post again and talk to me.

And who could forget Sherry? Come Out Come Out wherever you are. I miss you lots and lots. I would love to hear from you too, come back to the fold and post.

Well anyone else too, old or new or even brand new, take a few minutes and post with our group. Would love to hear from anyone, even if you are lurking come on and post with the Wonderful Thin Group.

Love you guys and hope the next time I check I get a bunch of posts. I would love that.

Love you guys much, Sassy Sharon

09-26-2005, 07:32 PM
Hi Sharon,

Remember me? I didn't want you to be all alone, so I'm popping in to say hello. It's been a long time since I've posted. Glad to see that CJ, Sylvia, and Jo are also here.

I need some motivation!


09-27-2005, 10:39 AM
Hidy ho! Yeah, I'm still around. Sure is quiet here sometimes. :shrug:

Hey Ms. Sassy Sharon! I do think about you and CJ and this bunch a lot of the time. Nice to "see" you all here. :balloons:

Trish, I just noticed you're in PA. I think I knew that. Whereabouts are you, if I may ask? I live just north of Philadelphia.

Regarding weight loss, I'm still plodding along. 1 step forward and 2 steps back. No, I guess that's not true. It's more like 1 forward and 1 back. And here I sit. :dunno:

As of today, I have exactly 6 weeks before I leave for sunny St. John. Hm... Any chance of me losing 40 lbs by then? :^: Guess not. But I'll hang in there.

Talk to you all again soon.
Your old friend, Jo

09-27-2005, 10:47 AM
Hi - I am here! Sorry for not being around but I have not been feeling well lately ... had a bit of stomach flu or something and my back is out again and sitting at the computer is not a good thing. But, I've been thinking of you all that's for sure. Our son and DIL were up for the weekend, they just left for home a few minutes ago.

Trish: Welcome back to the group! Hope you will stay with us - we'll give you all the motivation you need! Glad to see you back.

Sharon: Sorry you and Ken couldn't make a swing up here .. but dont' worry, I understand. Maybe next time ..... I really really miss you guys!

Janice: Where are you?? How are you doing? Did you get on your new bikes and forget to turn around? lol ..... well, don't desert us ... come on in and post and let us know how everything is going.

Slyvia: Your walk is coming up isn't it? Good luck on it .. I know you will do great!

Jo: Hows it going? Keep in touch.

Peggy? Synger? .. come out come out wherever you are!

Well ... I need to get busy and get Dick's bag packed .. he is leaving tomorrow morning for Maine - he's meeting a friend of ours there and is going to help him bring back his antique fire truck. He will be gone until Sunday .. I will be here in the woods all my my lonesome! I will be fine .. I am actuall planning on redoing my cubbords .. cleaning, and putting in new liners. That will keep me busy, that and my knitting. I am making a couple ponchos for xmas presents. I'll check back later .. hope to hear from everyone soon.

Love, CJ

09-27-2005, 10:53 AM
Hey JO ... I guess we were posting at the same time ... so hello, I wasn't ignoring you. Well, I guess you could lose 40 lbs in 6 weeks if you just didn't eat but that sure wouldn't be healthy! lol ...... just keep trying like the rest of us and one day it will all come together and we'll be thinner! Just never give up trying! St John's is beatufiful. I remember it when we were on our cruise. That will be a fun trip! Glad you posted ... talk to you soon.

Love, CJ

09-27-2005, 07:56 PM

CJ, thanks for the welcome back. I'll try to post regularly if the rest of you do too. Sorry to hear about your bad back. I've had some back problems in the past and know how painful it can be.

Jo, I live in the Lehigh Valley. If I remember correctly, I think you have some family living in this area. I went to the Celtic Festival last weekend in Bethlehem; lots of good food, music, and crafts. I hope you stick around and post often. Your sense of humor always made this thread a fun place to visit. I don't think you can lose 40 lbs. in six weeks. How about 12 to 15? That's more realistic. How about if I try to lose the same amount in the next six weeks? Are you up for the challenge?

Since it's been a while since I've posted, here's an update on me. I'm still working full time. My daughter and son-in-law had a baby last December, so I now have a 9 month old granddaughter (my first grandchild) who's a real cutie! My husband was told to restrict his sodium intake for health reasons last spring, so we have cut most prepackaged and processed foods out our diets because they all have large amounts of sodium. I managed to lose about ten lbs. eating mostly fresh foods and cooking with herbs instead of salt. My husband lost about 20 lbs. What is it about men that makes them lose weight more easily?! We went to Hawaii for two weeks in August, and I gained a few lbs. back. I'd like to lose that and lot more.

Hope to hear from everyone soon!

Take care,

09-28-2005, 07:28 PM
I'm back . I've been real busy trying to get my garden ready for Fall. The rain will be here soon and I won't want to work in the garden. I just ordered the G.I. Diet. I'm going to try it and see if the weight doesn't come off a little faster. I read a magazine about the diet and it sounds like it works real well.
Good to see more people are posting. Synger hope you are having fun with your new bike. Well, got to go. We are going out with friends

09-30-2005, 03:36 AM
Hello Ladies! :wave

It's so nice to see some of the "old" faces posting here again. :D I'm popping in for a quick hello as I have to get some sleep. My Heart Walk is tomorrow. I raised $235. Not bad but a bit shy of my goal of $300. I still don't know how many miles it's going to be ... they are sneaky, I wonder why? I just hope it's not 10 miles or anything close to that. I won't be able to finish that!

Well ladies, I'm falling asleep as I type this. A big hello and hugs to: Jo, Trish, Synger, CJ, Sharon, Peggy and Janice. Keep up the good work! :hug:

10-04-2005, 01:18 PM
Hello again all! Like Sylvia said, it's so nice to see the ol' faces here. :D

Trish, I remember now that you live in my hometown area! I almost made it to the Celtic Fest this year but not quite. Spent quite a few days at Musikfest in August as usual. It was sooooooooo hot :stress: but we had a good time anyway. My brother and his family come in from Ohio every year for it and it was nice to see them again. Actually, my sis-in-law had breast cancer and a mastectomy early this year and is undergoing chemotherapy. But she looked FANTASTIC and has a GREAT attitude. :cheer:

BTW Trish, I'm thinking a challenge is a great idea. It's officially 5 weeks now before I get on the plane to St. John. I've done nothing (at least nothing good) :shrug: about my weight since I first posted here a couple weeks ago. So can we start today? 10 lbs in 5 weeks???

Anyone else interested in this? Don't have to post your weight, just keep track of how many lbs lost each week. Today is X. I hope to be X-10 by November 8. :goodscale:

Well, I'm supposed to be working :write: so I'll go. Talk to you all soon, I hope!


10-05-2005, 12:34 AM
Jo, count me in on the challenge. I will be TEN lbs. lighter by Nov. 8. Anyone else interested? Join us!

10-06-2005, 03:47 AM
Hello Ladies! :wave:

I did my Heart walk! I feel so good about doing it and raising some $$$ for such a good cause! I have been doing a lot of walking lately just to get myself ready for it and I've been keeping it up. I have been very careful with what I'm eating as well so hopefully the pounds will start to "melt off" (fingers crossed). Today I took Nico for a walk by the beach and then walked on it ... I actually made hime walk and not take the stroller. We walked for 45 minutes and he didn't want me to hold him. Let me just say that the 5 minute walk on the soft sand made my b*tt hurt. That's a good thing, right? I've also been doing 50 situps and 50 pushups every day for the past month and lately, have been slacking off a bit and only doing 30 of each instead of 50 (I have a pulled muscle in my neck). I'll get back to do the 50/50 once my neck is better.

Jo & Trish, count me in for the challenge! I will be 12 pounds lighter by November 16! ( We are having our Christmas pictures done that day and I want to look half way decent!)

10-09-2005, 07:58 AM
Sam from Australia here, used to post here back in - what, 1999? Wow.

Have been holding steady on my weight for over a year until this last 2 months, lots of stress and not dealing with it very well, so thought I'd reconnect :)

Kids are going well - Charlotte is 4.5 and Josephine just turned 3. After some recent personal upsets we have decided to go for #3. So I want to get back on track first....

Hi everyone!

10-09-2005, 04:45 PM
Well this is so great to have everyone back her posting and some oldies too coming back to the fold. :gossip:

CJ-Hey there girlfriend, I sure hope you are feeling better once again and no more stomach flu or back problems either. I hope you also had a wonderful time with your son and daughter in law as well. Is it getting cold yet? I hope it hasn't snowed up there yet like it did in Minnesota. I bet you are so glad that you are living there for good and not going back and forth to Royal Oak all the time, now you can enjoy yourself and your retirement at long last. I miss you and Dickie Poo too as does Ken, one of these days we will get out your way again and than you better have the buttershots and the hot tub ready for us. :cheers:

Sylvia-Great job on your walking for the Heart Walk. It is a great cause. Chrissy walked as well in Detroit, and she did really good moneywise. I gave a donation as well, as my Mom died about 10 yrs ago from a tear in her aorotic artery, like John Ritter did, about a month after a quadruple bypass. It hit me pretty hard and I miss her so much. So the Heart Walk is near and dear to my heart as well. Thanks for making a difference. How far did you end up walking? Was it 10 miles like you thought it might be? Also thanks so much for the wonderful email the other day on my brother Rick's anniversary of his murder. It is so much appreciated, you are always there when anyone needs you. I send you an email back this morning and I do love you so for being the great person that you are. Thanks again, I appreciate it and I know Chrissy does as well. When I talk to her I will mention you and I am sure she go your email and appreciates it as well. It is great to know that my brother is not forgotten. Thanks again! :angel:

Trish-Thanks for being the 1st one posting when I was was wondering where everyone else was and didn't want to be all alone. Congratulations on the birth of your new grandaughter. I know you will have so much fun in her life. She is a lucky little baby to have you in her life. I can't wait till I am a grandmother either, with 2 of my daughters married, hopefully one of these days it will happen.Also way to go on the 10 pounds you have lost, it feels good doesn't it? :cheer:

Sam-Hey there, welcome back to the group. My gosh has it been that long? It seems we have heard from you before 1999. But anyways, I do remember when your name was dreamer and I see your new name is a combination of both your kids, Charlotte and Josphine. Good thinking! Boy they sure got big fast, to think they are almost 5 and 3 now, it seems like you just had them. Sorry about your personel upsets, but we are her for you always in everyway. Hope to hear lots more from you, you are both loved and missed. :love:

Jo-Thanks for the great thoughts about me, I feel the same way and think of you so much and I am so glad to see that you are doing great. Gosh you are one lucky dog to be going to St. Johns soon, :beach: will Rich be going with you? You are sure to have fun in the sun when you go. Also thanks for starting the new challenge, it is just what we all need to lose some weight before we go into the holiday season. I am joining you as well. Do you want to start a separate new thread for it? Whatever you want to do will be great. We can all use the help. Thanks for thinking of it :thanks:

janice-How does your garden grow? What are you doing in your garden? Planting bulbs for next year? Maybe putting in some Mum's? I love gardening, but hate weeding, so mostly I plant container flowers or have some tomato plants in my garden or even in big huge pots. Much less weeding, which I have always hated to do. Let us know what you are doing in the garden. I also would love to hear more about the G.I Diet, what does the G.I stand for? I have never heard about that one, but would love to hear about it and how you are doing too. You can be the first one and maybe others will want to follow in your footsteps if it works and you can lose weight faster. Fill us in! :write:

I myself am doing really great weightwise. I have been slowly and steadily losing, and am down 35 pounds. A while ago I finally got down into the 190's and now if I even only lose a pound, will go into the 180's. I hope this Wednesday when I go to my WW meeting I will get to that goal. I am trying to set mini goals, first it was to be into the 190's, which I met, now I am trying for the 180's. Abd my next mini goal will be to be down more than where I was, which was a few years ago and I was down 42 lbs. So if I get over 42 lbs lost, I will have made that mini goal. I find that mini goals are the best way to go, this way you don't see that you have to lose tons of weight and feel like you will never, ever get threre. :goodscale

Well take care everyone and let's keep on going to get to where we want to be. With this new challenge, we will get closer to our goal.

Love you, Sassy Sharon :goodluck:

10-13-2005, 10:54 AM

:listen: (

10-16-2005, 02:41 AM
:wave: I'm here!
I hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well. I'm hanging in there. I have been doing a lot of walking with Nico. The weather has been very nice here so we've been walking on the beach. Talk about workout! phew. Try walking on soft sand while carrying a 2 year old... not fun and not easy. I have been also doing 50 situps and pushups every night before I go to bed. Marcel says he can tell that I'm losing inches and to keep it up. I finally seem to be making some kind of progress with my body.

Sharon- Aw, sweetie, you know you and Chrissy mean a lot to me. Yes, I did the Heart walk. I raised $275 and did the walk by myself. First time I had ever done anything like that. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and gave me the kick in the b*tt that I needed. Luckily, it was only a three mile walk and not more than that. I did it in 45 minutes ...I had two huge blisters on the bottom of my feet (it was in the upper 80's that day) but I felt good. Great job on the 35 pounds lost! :cp: Keep up the good work!

Sam- Oh my goodness! :wave: It's so good to "see" you! The last I heard from you was when Nico was born (he's 2 now). I can't believe that Charlotte is almost 5 and Josephine is 3! Time does fly doesn't it! Welcome back!

Big hugs to everyone I didn't mention by name! Keep up the good work ladies!

10-16-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We have been busy traveling and my hubby has been sick with the flu. Things are starting to settle down and I'm trying to get caught up with everything.
Sassy, the garden is slowing down. The weather here in Gresham,Oregon is starting to get cooler so the tomatoes, berries etc.. are just about ready to get cut back and get cleaned up before winter. We grow strawberries, blackberries, loganberries, blueberries, kiwi , boysenberries, apples, apricots, cherries and a few vegetables.
I also love flowers so I have lots of roses, mums, and many other flowers growing all over the place. We are on about 4 acres so I have lots of room to garden.
The G. I Diet I just started is the Glycemic Index Diet. It's easy to follow and it works!! My husband is diabetic and has had a terrible time trying to lose weight. He seems to gain a little more with each passing year. Well, we both started this eating plan and in a few weeks he lost 10 pounds! He is so happy and he feels better eating this way.The book I bought is by Rick Gallop. He has basically divided foods into 3 groups. Red light, Yellow light , and Green light foods. The green light foods are good for you the yellow you need to be careful with and the red light are no-no's. You want to eat foods that are low in sugar and high in fiber. Avoid foods that are processed. The more natural the food is the better it is for you. I've also started to eat non fat yogurt that is sweetened with Splenda. Some of the yogurt even has fiber added. The more fiber the better. We are making small changes in our diet and seeing results plus we both feel full all the time because you can have snacks and all the extra fiber really fills you up. Hope this helps to give you an idea of how it works.
Take care,

10-18-2005, 11:02 AM
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we are cooking now arn't we. Now I have people to talk to. Thanks Sylvia and Janice for posting, now if we could just get good old Queen CJ in here, we will have a PARTY! LOL Well, not just CJ we could also use Jo, Sam, Trish and synger too. Come on guys, come and post with us. :comp:

Sylvia-How great that you raised $275 for that wonderful cause. Look at it this way, you got the benefits of a 3 mile walk and they got the money to help a wonderful charity. Wow between your Heartwalk and all the walking you have done on the beach you should be shaping up for sure. Hope your blisters are healed by now, you poor thing. You mean lots to me too, in fact I was talking to Chrissy this morning on the phone and was just getting around to mentioning you when her cell phone died. But I will be seeing her again or talking to her again soon and will tell her you send you love, which I know you do. :dance:

Janice-Thanks for the imfomation on your new program. When you think about it, it all makes sense that program. It is much like my WW program, to try to eat foods that are low in sugar and high in fiber and processed foods are bad for you, natural foods are the way to go. I am sure you will do wonderfully on this plan and congrats to your husband for losing those 10 pounds. I too feel better when I am following my program, have more energy and stamina too. I get sluggish when I eat lots of food and have too much alcohol too. I am always happy when I am on my WW plan, exercising and drinking my water. This is a plan I will have for the rest of my life, not just while losing weight. I know you will do great on your plan. :goodluck:

CJ-Hey girlfriend, get in here. I know you are busy, but I miss you. Hope you are doing alright. Hope you go my emails, am sure you are just busy. Talk to us, we miss you, so get in here and post with us. :tantrum:

I went to Cincinnati last weekend with Ken for a weekend getaway and we had a great time. Stayed at the Millinnium Hotel on the riverfront, looking over the Ohio River. We walked a lot, but ate out and I had some wine and too much food. I came home feeling really sluggish and up quite a bit, but jumped right back on my WW program and the scale has been slowly coming down. I know I will have a gain tommorow when I go to my WW meeting, but hey it would have been so hard to gulp down all that water while on the go. I go to the bathroom enough as it is. I was also craving chocolate so I went with it with some nice deserts, split with Ken, but he only wanted a spoonfull so it was up to me to eat that brownie or chocolate Lava cake that I had over the 3 days. But I had fun and I refuse to have to deny myself when I want something and not be able to have what I want in moderation. We did split some dinners and I would have a salad and I tried to watch it, but it is so hard to follow program when I am traveling so I say I enjoyed it and now I am back to doing what am confortable with in my home. I have been working out, drinking my water and following my program so I know I can't gain all of my 35 pounds back again in a few days so here I go. Ready to tow the line once again. :tread:

Take care all and hope to see some more posts from our other Thin Group buds. Miss you guys, Love you, Sassy Sharon


10-19-2005, 10:51 PM
It's been two weeks since we started our weight loss challenge. So far, it's been slow going for me, only 1.5 lbs. down. How are the rest of you doing? Jo, are you getting into swimsuit shape for your vacation? Sylvia & Sharon, how are you doing?

10-20-2005, 11:42 PM
Hi everyone .. in case you are wondering where I've been for the last couple weeks - I've been down sick in bed! Really really sick ... some kind of virus bug but it sure hit me hard! fever, headache, congestion, coughing, chest congestion, LOSS OF APPETITE (can you belive that?) ... and it's turned into a broncitus and still battling that. But hopefully I am on the mend now and can get back into the life of the living!

Great job on loosing those 35 lbs! You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work - and it's ok to go "off-plan" once in a while ... just so you get right back on again! I got all your emails and I will answer them soon - very soon! I was so sick I wasn't even on the computer at all - I know that is hard to believe but it's the truth! So, my mail is "overflowing" ... You'll hear from me soon I promise.

I was going to join your challenge, but guess I cheated a bit - since I was sick I lost 4 lbs ... I am slowly getting my appetite back so hope I don't mess up and gain them back! Are you all set for your trip?

Sam! Welcome back!
Wow, it has been a while .. your girls are getting so big! Glad to hear from you .. hope to hear lots more from you .. glad you're back!

Great job on the walk! I'm so proud of you! Hope your blisters are healed now ... good job on the sit-ups too ... sounds like you are on your way this time around ... keep on keep on keep on!!

Hey, 1.5 lbs is good! Don't give up ... it'll come off!

Glad to hear from you ... I have to clean out my veggie garden too ... nothing is growing in it now that's for sure ... in fact, snow is in our forcast already! Sounds like you are doing wonderful on the G.I. diet ... what foods are you eating - is it similar to lo-carb? I'll have to check it out.

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry ... I wanted to check in ... now am going to take my medicine and get to bed. But ... I'll be back!

Love, CJ

11-02-2005, 11:18 AM
Good Morninggggggggggggg?????!!!!!!! Where did ya all go? I'm not contagious any more ... honest! I'm actually on the mend, getting better every day. Sure has been a long haul - haven't been this sick in years! Hope none of you get it - not fun!

Getting my appetite back so now am going to have watch myself. Hope all of you are doing great and HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE REAL SOON!!!

Well, I'll check back later to see if anyone has returned! Have a great day!

Love, CJ

11-03-2005, 08:35 PM
Hi guys,
How is everyone? CJ I am so happy you are back and doing well and feeling much better. Missed you so much. Boy you must have been sick if you didn't get on the computer and your mail is overflowing too. I will wait for you email reply to me. :yes: See I heard you were lonely so here I am!

Jo-Where are you? You need to come back for your challenge to get it going. Or are you on your trip with Rich to the Virgin Islands now? Come on and post and let us know how things are going for you. :sunny:

Sylvia-How goes it with the family? Nico doing great as usual I'll bet? Are you all recovered from your Heart Walk by now? I know you are busy with the little one, but if you have a minute post and let us know how things are going. Are you still doing all your sit up's and push up's too. :workout: Miss you lots too.

Trish-Congrats on the 1.5 lb loss, slow is ok at least you are going in the right direction and that is a positive thing isn't it? How is your cute little grandaughter doing? I'll bet she will have a good time this Christmas season. Last year she was pretty little, but this year you will be able to enjoy her so much more with the presents and all that goes with the holiday season. :twirly:

janicej-I hope your husband is feeling better and his flu is a thing of the past by now. How is your G.I program working for you? I am sure you are doing great on it. How is your garden coming? Our's is about done by now, but somehow we are having wonderful summerlike weather this week. Mild temperatures and I sure love it. Are you having good weather over in Oregon too? :lol:

sam\charjose-How you doing sweetie? I'll bet those 2 kids are keeping you so busy too. Post when you can and let us know how things are working for you. Miss you too! :p

Peggy-Are you lurking? We all miss you too and want to know how you are doing? Maybe you are traveling, you are quite the traveler if I remember. How is work doing and everything else going on in your life. Post when you have a minute. Miss you much. ;)

synger-Hey there girlfriend are you out there? I'll bet you are busy riding your bike before the winter weather comes your way. We want to hear about any more adventures you are having on your bike. :scooter:

Sherry-You there too my friend? I miss you and would love to hear from you. How are you and your family doing? You know I love you and want to hear all about how you are doing in your busy life. :dance:

Well weightwise I am doing ok, been trying to get into that darn 180's and almost reach it and have a gain and than a loss and now I have like 1/2 to go and I will be there. I hope I can make it, cause that will hopefuly keep me motivated and focused for the holiday season. I won't want to gain my weight back if I can help it at all. :cb:

We went to Michigan this past weekend, saw Chrissy and glad to announce that her and my brother, Rick that was killed 6 yrs ago, oldest daughter, Emily is now engaged to a really great guy named Chip. We went to their engagement party, his family is Romanian and it is their custom to celebrate and they gave an engagement party for the happy couple. Well his Mom told Chrissy that no gifts were expected, but I wanted to bring something so I bought a nice bottle of Riseling white wine as did many of the other friends and family of our side. Than on the way home, Chrissy told me that they got around $3,000 in checks and money from his Romanian family. I guess that is their custom to give lots of money to the couple. I think his Mom told my SIL that so we wouldn't feel obligated to give that much money. But I am sure glad I at least gave them something. Now my question is if they gave that much for the engagement party, what the heck are they going to do for the wedding? But we sure had a wonderful time, plenty of great Romanian food and drinks. I was happy that I still lost a pound at my WW this week. I spend a lot of the night trying to get to know all his Aunts, Uncles and cousins, some of whom didn't speak English, but I managed and we all hugged, danced and kissed goodbye and said we can't wait till the wedding when our blended family celebrate the wedding of these great kids. They make a wonderful couple and I am so happy for Emily that she has such a wonderful young man she will marry. Our family has been though so much with the murder of my dear brother, Rick 6 years ago, so I am so happy that even though he couldn't be there, he was in spirit, we at least have some happiness finally coming our way. :dancer:

Love you, Sharon

11-03-2005, 09:51 PM
Glad to hear you are feeling better. My husband has been sick with that cold/cough that has been making the rounds. He is finally feeling better, but he was sick for weeks.
Sassy, you're so good about encouraging everyone. I hope you are able to make the 180's real soon. I know how hard it is to get that scale to move downwards. I was doing great till I bought Halloween candy. We only had 5 trick or treaters so I ate a little more candy than I should have. My husband and I are back on track so we should be seeing a weight loss soon.
Sounds like the engagement party went real well. It's so nice to have extended family.
Need to go out tonight, so I'll write more later.

11-04-2005, 03:01 PM
Hey Janice,
Glad you posted and that your husband is feeling better. Thanks for the great things you said about me. I really do try to encourage everyone because I love our group and everyone in it. I know I will get to the 180's soon too. I just will hang in there. Halloween I did pretty good and hardly had any,maybe one or two small fun size bars. But it is so hard to resist isn't it? Don't worry about what you had on Halloween, you and your hubby are back on track and doing great. Every day is a new day isn't it?

Take care and talk to everyone soon. :carrot:

Love, Sassy Sharon

11-04-2005, 03:03 PM
I forgot to ask everyone to go to our Holiday Challenge. This is just what we all need for the Holidays so everyone go and post. Don't let the holidays beat us.

Love you, Sharon Scobel :lol:

11-04-2005, 03:04 PM
Hey I might as well start a new thread since we are almost at the end of this one.

Go to # 7 right now! :smug:

Sassy Sharon