Support Groups - Week At A Time Challenge #12 - Come Join Us!

09-12-2005, 10:55 PM
The object of this thread is to take on at least one challenge related to your weight loss goals for 7 days straight. Choose whatever inspires you - a certain amount of water intake, no sugar, 30 minute walks, etc.

I will award accolades for each day you maintain your goal(s), and 7 day winner awards and pounds down at the end of the week. We will begin each challenge on Monday - you can choose a new challenge or repeat any challenge for extra mileage. If you would like to stretch yourself, take on more than one challenge.

We will support each other keeping in mind to stay focussed on our successes and/or challenges of the day and week related to our weight loss. There are plenty of threads where a lot of time is spent on personal stories, so let's try to keep that to a minimum.

All that we have is right now.
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

09-13-2005, 12:42 AM
Hi Everybody!

Well - good news from me! :) I lost 3 pounds this past week. Woo hoo!! :cb: :cb:

Today I completed my challenges [which are the same as last weeks].

1. Walked 25 flights of stairs.
2. Drank 5 cups of water.

Bonus: I walked about 3/4 of a mile with my friend tonight!

Hope you all have had a good day!



09-13-2005, 02:05 AM
Hi Ladies - What a goof I am - posted this on the old thread by accident! I need to go to bed. I apologize for being so late with posting last weeks kudos . . . but here we go!

Sushi - :goodluck: on your new goals! Welcome back and we are happy to have you check in whenever you can.

Bobbi - :wave:We are so glad you joined us - Looking forward to seeing your posts this week!

Selina - :cb:Congratulations on your article! Hope your DH is doing better.

Casper :cp: We know you will have a lot to post this week!

Me :cp: :cp: :cp: Going for 6 days this week!

Bonnie :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: our praiyers are with you and your family

Allie :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: for 6 days of goals met! :woo:

Debi :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :bravo: :encore: :encore:

Let's all go for the gold this week!

All that we have is right now.
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

09-13-2005, 10:02 AM
Good morning ladies ... :coffee2:

I managed to do two exercise sessions yesterday, one being a 50 minute walk and the other a Water Aerobics class last night. It felt so good to be back in there exercising again, and then to relax in the Spa! And, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I actually managed to stay at 1500 calories!:o My weight is 196# today, so that's just seven pounds above my low of 189 at the beginning of Summer. Now to just stay on track ....:^:

My goals for this coming week: one good exercise session per day, and staying at 1500 calories or below daily. So Monday is under my belt; getting ready to walk this morning, then I go back into the Weight Room tonight .... carefully! Will try to get back into it with no injuries. I DO NOT want my neck hurting again.... :(

I am anxiously awaiting news from my brother today. This is the day we find out what the MRI and other pictures and tests have shown, and what treatment he will need, and if he is strong enough to receive it. I am very frightened for him.:(

Well, I hope to see all our oldies and newbies on our Thread this week. Thank you for keeping us going, Mscat! :grouphug:

09-13-2005, 10:09 AM
:dance: Congratulations, Deb, on losing three pounds! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: for you! Keep up the good work! :flow2:

09-13-2005, 11:14 AM
Go Bonnie :cb: for Monday's goals - you are starting the week out with a bang!

Debi :cb: for Monday's goals and :woo: :woo: :woo: for your 3lb loss from last week.

All that we have is right now.
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

09-13-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi Friends! :)

Got both of my goals done for today so am glad about that.

Ya know, I do so much better with having measurable goals like this than to just be trying to lose weight without having a plan.

Also - just being able to have somewhere to come like this with friends here cheering you on and being able to report successes ... THAT too is what keeps me motivated and on target. :)

mscat, you are not a goof at all ... you're just one busy lady is all and I so appreciate all you do in keeping this thread going. Thank you so much! :balloons: :grouphug:

Bonnie, way to go with getting your exercises in and keeping your calories down.

Please keep us posted on how things are going with your brother, okay?

I hope you're all having a good day - mine is good so far and though I hate to run, I've got to for now.

I'm dying my hair and it's time to go rinse the stuff out. :lol:



09-13-2005, 05:24 PM
Sadly, I've heard that my brother has lung cancer which has spread to his liver and brain, meaning that he has been given only a few months to live. From his appearance and knowing the cancer is now in his liver, I worry that he may have very little time, really. He has smoked for 60 years, since he was 12. What a terrible thing cigarettes are! :-(

Thank you all for your concern.

09-13-2005, 06:06 PM
Bonnie, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. My own brother died two years ago from liver cancer. If I can offer one piece of advice, it's to try to spend plenty of time with him, to talk on the phone every day, to reminisce about your childhood, watch old family movies together, and build as many new memories as you have time for. He will probably still have many good moments ahead of him. I also hope for him that he will be allowed to die at home, in peace, in the company of those he loves. With medication for the pain and the anxiety at the end, it can be done, and allows for a much gentler transition than a hospital environment. (It is harder on the family, at least at the time, but as hard as it was to experience, I will always be grateful for the chance to have been there to help him.) My apologies for writing this now, as it may be too soon for you to want to think about. Stay strong. :grouphug:

09-13-2005, 09:10 PM
Carla, I'm so sorry about your brother. May I ask how old he was? It sounds as though you really made the most of the time you had left with him. You sounds like a wonderful sister!

Carla, Mscat and Deb, thank you so much for your kind words. My brother is 11 years older than me, and lives across the state, and we have seen each other rarely the last few years. We haven't stayed in contact as much as I would have liked. But when a sibling is in trouble, all the good memories come back. He took care of me as a baby, and I used to visit him and his wife a lot as a young teen, and they were so kind to me always. He is the best kind of human being, and I'm not just saying that because he is sick. When he goes, the world loses a treasure. Carla, I will see him as much as I can now until the end. Thank you again so much for your concern, girls! :grouphug:

09-14-2005, 12:01 AM
Bonnie, I'm glad you plan to be with your brother as much as possible. You will always cherish the time together. My brother was 57, and had neglected his health (and his family) much of his life. Before he contacted me with the bad news, we had not seen each other for 25 years (long story). So our visits were bittersweet, filled with regret for all the time wasted. I was lucky that he found the courage to write when he did, and that I was able to get away to see him. (He lived in New Orleans, I'm in Canada.) But we had far too little time together, and there was too much we didn't talk about.

Rats. Now I'm getting all tearful, mainly because these memories are forever connected with the fact that my husband had unexpectedly broken our marriage into a million painful pieces about 10 weeks before I found out about my brother, and could not even find enough kindness to comfort and support me. It truly was a year marked by loss and pain. I'm much better now, but have these little flashbacks to the distress and confusion of that time.

Mscat and fellow pussycats, I don't think I'll be doing a challenge this week. I almost succeeded last week: I was supposed to stay in onederland, but was .3 lbs over. Too much fast food and eating out. So this week I'll concentrate on getting back down, and think about a challenge that will get my weight moving downwards again. My guests are elsewhere for a few days, but won't be gone for good until next Monday, which would be a good time to get serious. On Oct 7 I'm having my deviated septum corrected, which I'm quite scared about, but which should be good for a few pounds loss during the no doubt agonising recovery. And from then on I'll be able to BREATHE THROUGH BOTH NOSTRILS!!!!

Ciao, bellas! (not sure if that's the correct plural for bella...)

09-14-2005, 09:51 AM
Carla, so sorry you've had to walk through such ****. I guess we all face these things at times................... when you just don't want to get out of bed, really! My brother is a wonderful, sweet person, but a total loner. He could easily have been a forest ranger in a remote location, coming out for supplies twice a year, and been perfectly happy. Combine that with the fact that his wife, though I get along with her, is not a sociable person, and did not extend herself to my mother and family so that's why I've only seen him once a year or so for years. There's way too many families like ours .... TV would have you think life is like The Waltons, but I'm afraid it's not for a great many! I'm so glad you had the time that you did with your brother at the end!!!

Carla, sounds to me as though you've done GREAT with your eating, considering that you've had company staying with you. That is so difficult .... to eat healthy when you're entertaining. You'll be in Onederland before you know it, I'm sure!

For myself, I got my exercise in yesterday .... an hour in the Weight Room last night. I can feel it this morning ................. the fact that I haven't been on the machines in three months!!!! Tonight, I will go to Water Aerobics though I'll have to go alone as my diet buddy has a hair appt. My weight was back in the 195# range as of this morning. So now I am SIX pounds above my lowest weight of 189#. Slowly but surely ................

Have a really good day, girls!

09-14-2005, 10:02 AM
Dear Friends - I was touched by the out pouring of caring for Bonnie. How much alike we all are. I too lost a brother years ago at age 43 to a brain aneurism. In light of recent events and sharing of our losses I thought this message from the daily motivator was appropriate.

Treasure in each day

Some days you'll become weary. When that happens, rest for a while, but not too long, and then get back on track with a renewed sense of purpose.

Some days you'll become satisfied with what you've accomplished. Be careful not to let that stop you. Remember to continue building on what you've already created. After all, the greatest achievement means very little if it is not put to use.

Some days the turn of life's events will bring you sadness. When those days come, take comfort in knowing that your sadness is possible only because you care so very much.

Some days will be frustrating and filled with disappointment. Take the opportunity to learn from those days, and know that you're making progress even if it doesn't seem so at the moment.

Some days will be truly joyful. Dive deeply into those days and let yourself experience them fully so that their positive value will always be with you.

Each day, no matter what its flavor may be, contains a treasure that will add real and lasting value to your life. Give your best to each day, and that treasure will steadily grow.

Let's treasure the memories of those who have passed, treasure the presence of those who are with us now and treasure the gift of each moment we have to make a difference in our lives.

Have a great day! mscat-
All that we have is right now.
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

09-14-2005, 01:53 PM
Hi Friends! :)

Well - I have both of today's goals completed and am happy about that.

Last night I took another walk with my friend [a little farther this time] and think we did a total of over 1 mile.

Oh Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I hope that you'll be able to spend a lot of time with him now ... I wish I knew more to say to help make you feel better but during times like this - I'm one that is always at a loss for the proper words.

Just please know that we love you and care and that we are here for you, okay? :grouphug: :grouphug:

Carla and mscat, I am so sorry for your losses too. :( :grouphug:

Carla, I think you're doing wonderful especially with having so much going on [company, etc.] Keep it up and know too that we are here for you and will be here for you too during your upcoming surgery.

mscat, that was a wonderful message you posted today. Thank you!!

Love you all lots,


09-14-2005, 08:39 PM
Back in onederland! It was just a one-day blip after all. The tough part is getting back on the weight-loss bandwagon. I think I'm taking this week off, at least until the company is gone for good.

Bonnie, thanks for your kind words. Life really is a b****h sometimes, isn't it!

I'm not at my best right now - just want to burrow in and keep to my chubby self. I'll resume proper posting soon!

09-15-2005, 12:59 AM
Well ladies I am off tomorrow to Chicago with my family. We are going to see Wicked Thursday night - I am soooo excited! Then Friday, DD will begin her forum at 9:00 and DH and I will meet up with friends for lunch and a day in Chicago. I am not sure how much internet access I will have so I may not be able to post reguarly until Sunday evening. Will try my best even if I have to go to an internet cafe.

Kudos go to . . .

Debi :cb: for Tuesday' and Wednesay's goals! You are great at being accounable.

Bonnie :cb: for Tuesday's goals! We are here for you :grouphug:
carla - :woo: for pounds down to onderland again. Hope you enjoy your breeak from goal land.

Good luck on Thursday!

All that we have is right now.
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

09-15-2005, 10:16 AM
:grouphug: Thank you, girls, for all your support. You are wonderful! :) Mscat, thank you for posting the special words that you did yesterday. Good for all of us to think about.

Mscat, when you read this, know that I am sending you special vibes to have a wonderful trip to Chicago. I've only flown through so haven't experienced the city, really. Hope you have a blast! :flow2:

Carla, happy to hear that you are back in Onederland .... knew you would be, anytime! :D Always good to hear from you ... when you're ready to crawl out of your cocoon (I do EXACTLY the same thing!), we'll still be here.

Deb, you've said exactly the right words to me, and I appreciate every one of them. The worst part of this is that my brother is truly one of the Earth's kind, gentle, beautiful souls .... he should have at least another 20 years in his garden! :(

Okay, my goals yesterday??? Good news and bad news ... I did my exercise, 50 minutes of water aerobics last night, but I'm afraid my calories hit 1700 instead of 1500! :mad: I have already done today's exercise ... a 50 min. brisk walk this morning. So we'll see if I can manage those calories better today .... :^:

Have a wonderful day, girls! I'm pulling for us all! :cheer:

09-15-2005, 12:18 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry I'm hardly here. Sorry about all the sad losses many of you have had. I feel lucky that so far mostly only older relatives have been passing on. I don't look forward to my parents and anyone else going. Hope your days are brighter this year.

Looks like you are all staying very active and that's so cool! Me too! This is the 7th day I'll hit my 10,000 steps (or about 4.5 miles). (So if we consider Monday, day 1, then I'm on day 4, so far so good!) I walk about 6000 in the morning at once and finish the rest out all day long. So far so good, lost a couple pounds this week. Can't wait to get back in Onederland.. I hope to never leave it either! Have a great week! :wave:

PS Get this.. I might be starting on Monday getting up at 4:45 am and going to the gym til 6:25 am so that I can be back when my DH leaves for work. LOL. I have to do something and I'm not taking two toddlers and two babies to the gym every day! (two go to school) Soooo, wish me good determination, I'll need it. I bought a size 14 dress to wear at Easter, $60 reg., but it was a great sale at Torrid, lol, got it for $10.00.. hee hee. Love that. Actually I got 274.00 worth of cute clothes sizes 18 to 14 for 51.00. :D Ok, gotta go! bye!!

09-15-2005, 07:53 PM
:grouphug: Carla, just wanted ya to know that we'll be here waiting for you and can't wait till you get back to being able to post every day.

mscat, oooh it sounds like you're gonna have a wonderful time - I can tell how excited you are. :)

Thank you for the kudos [you sure do know how to make a gal feel good! :)]

We're going to miss you but will see ya [oops - I mean "talk" to ya :lol: when ya get home. :)]

Have a good time and a safe trip!

I hate to sound stupid but ... what is Onederland? :lol: I've seen it on several posts but have no idea what is meant by it? Just curious. :dizzy: :o

Wow Bonnie ... it sounds like you're doing really well. You've got the exercise part down and as for the calories ... you were close on those too! Keep up the good work!! :cheer: :cheer:

Selena, that is awesome that you are on your 7th day of 10,000 steps! :bravo: :cp:

Keep up what you've been doing [you CAN do it!!] :) And, I can't say as I blame you for not taking 2 toddlers and 2 babies to the gym ... I don't think that'd work out too good anyways. :lol:

You got a wonderful deal on your clothes! I need new clothes so bad but am determined NOT to buy any until I lose more weight.

And when I say I need new clothes - trust me, I kid you not. *lol*

All I have is shorts, t-shirts and one pair of sweat pants ... that's it. No old jeans, no dress clothes - what I listed is all I have to wear.

I know I need some but that'll come when I get down to where I either "have" to buy them 'cuz everything else is too big to wear - or it'll be when I lose all of my weight and I "want" to buy them 'cuz they're smaller and cute. :lol:

Got my goals done for today but just now posting it.

1. Walked down 25 flights of stairs.

2. Drank 5 cups of water

Hope you're all having a good day [evening] ... See ya tomorrow! :)



09-15-2005, 09:59 PM
Onederland is weight in the hundreds. As in 199.9 (this morning's weigh-in...). The bag of sickeningly sweet cookies I had for dinner will push me back out of onederland, I'm afraid. Right now is a bit of an off period for me. No patience, flying off the handle for no reason, anxiety attacks... I'd probably do so much better if I went back to eating veg and protein, and skipped the caffeine and cookies and wine. So tomorrow I intend to get some extra exercise and eat well and get off my pity party and do that onederful onederland thing forever.

I'm still not up for individual messages. Sorry. :shrug: Soon life will get back to normal, I'll stop sulking, and become my incredibly witty self again.

Sushi Penguin
09-16-2005, 08:09 AM
Hello ladies :)

Here I am on Friday evening, devastated after stepping on the scale (144...)... :(

Here is how I'm doing on my Weekly Challenge:
- bed before 9:30 pm --> Mon & Tue okay, Wed & Thur went to bed much later
- 1.5 liters of water before 6 pm --> missed on Wednesday, other days ok
- no food after 7 pm --> missed 1 day

It's a bit touch for me here right now. I'm staying in someone else's house in a small village, so no gym and less control over what and when I eat. It's very hard to get exercise - cold, rainy, windy weather do not make it any easier. All I can do is walks, but my boyfriend is not always in the mood, and I don't want to go by myself. I'm working on my determination, want to make myself skip rope in the garage. And perhaps I'll borrow someone's bike and try to go riding in those hills around here.

Talk to you all later :)


09-16-2005, 11:09 AM
Sushi, when you are settled in your own place, you can control everything again. Don't be too hard on yourself! :^: When you're in someone else's house???? Well, that's when I come "all undone" and have such a hard time controlling my eating, because I'm not in charge of the pantry and fridge! :(

When do you think you will have your own place? I'm sending you good wishes for whatever you need them for! :)

Well, ladies, did my walk yesterday! Calories???? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: About 2200! This morning I was still 195#, and just kicking myself because I'm sure if I had been better food-wise the last couple of days, I'd be down another pound or two, and getting back toward my 189 that I hit in June! :(

Miss Selina, so good to hear from you, and great about your losing the two pounds ... you'll be back in Onederland before you know it, girl! :)

Well, hope Mscat is having a great Chicago trip, and Carla, Selina, Deb, Sushi.... everybody, have a great weekend. I'm going to the N. C. State football game tomorrow with my diet buddy. We are debating if we should strip to the waist and spray-paint ourselves red and white?????????? :lol: Would you like to see us on TV, girls? :D


09-16-2005, 10:30 PM
Carla, thanks so much for filling me in on what onederland is [sheesh do I ever feel silly now. :lol: I should have known it was something I should have figured out. :rollpin: :lol:]

Anyways - good for you for being in the 100's now. Way to go! :) :cb:

Sushi, it sounds to me like you're doing very well ... especially with not being in your own home and with so much going on.

Don't give up and you'll get fully back on track soon, I'm sure of it! :) :grouphug:

Bonnie, you are too funny [red 'n white paint for the game, huh? :lol:]

I guess I'd miss you anyways 'cuz the only games I ever turn on are the pro games. :lol: :lol:

I know what ya mean about if you just hadn't eaten those calories that you would have been down some more on the scales.

I've done really well with water and exercising and keeping those goals but then this week I ate more sweets than I should have.

One good thing about it though is that they were fat-free [low cal] puddings and instead of ice cream, I bought fat free cool-whip and put between graham crackers for an ice cream sandwich.

The problem though? They are too good and I ate even though I wasn't hungry a few times. :o :rollpin: :rollpin:

Have fun at the game tomorrow!

As for myself -- I completed my challenges for today with both water and exercise.

My granddaughter come down tonight to stay with me and she'll be here till Sunday evening so when I post tomorrow and Sunday, it'll probably just be short ones till she goes home.

Have a good night 'n we'll see you all sometime tomorrow. :)



09-17-2005, 12:55 PM
Sorry to say that my knees were hurting a little yesterday so did not walk or do a water class, and I TOTALLY blew the calories! YIKES! :o :mad: :( Oh, well, tomorrow is another day. TODAY, I know, is not going to be a good one for the calories because we are tailgating before the ballgame, and I KNOW what a cook our hostess is! :D But I DID go to water class bright and early this morning, and I will be walking a zillion steps, many of them stairs at the stadium today, so that will help a little with the calories! :)

Deb, have a fun time with your granddaughter. I envy you, lady! :^:

Everybody, have a good weekend! :grouphug:

09-17-2005, 09:45 PM
Hi Friends :)

Quick post for tonight just to make note that I completed both of my challenges today.

Bonnie, I hope that your knees are feeling better by now. And, good for you with getting to your water class this morning. :cp: :cp:

I'm having fun with Lacey here but she'll be going home tomorrow. :(

Talk to you all soon!



09-18-2005, 12:23 PM
Good Morning! :)

Up early this morning so Lacey could go to church.

I've got both of my challenges done for the day already [Yippee!] And, it's not even noon yet. :lol: :cb:

Have a good day everybody!



09-18-2005, 01:22 PM
Ladies, I am not going to do any Challenges next week. I couldn't seem to manage those that I promised this past week, though I did do the exercise everyday except one. I ATE WAY, WAY TOO MUCH yesterday!!! I can't seen to stay true to my calorie Challenges at all! I am going to take a break, try to get my ducks in a row, and maybe re-join you guys again after next week!

Have a great week, all! Hope your Challenges work out well for you ...

09-18-2005, 01:58 PM
I love this idea to pick 1 goal to commit to for 7 days.... I am so grateful to have found this site. I want to say thanks to all of you. I will commit to reducing carbs in my diet this week.

09-19-2005, 01:23 AM
Hi Ladies!

Finally starting to feel better.

Last week I was horrible with the water goal of 8 glasses/daily.
I did manage to do the 4 days of walking though.

I am off to a bad start for this week, but I ill turn it around tomorrow.

Take Care!

09-19-2005, 08:24 AM