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09-07-2005, 02:34 PM
1lb WW angel hair or regular spaghetti pasta- boiled to yer like'n
1 Can pitted/ diced Black Olives
4 or so Chopped tomatoes (I use plum)
8 slices cut up hard or deli salami (a variation is use turkey pepperoni)
1 small bag of shredded LF cheddar (or I sometime use Chunked up bitey parmesean cheese)
1 cuke diced
1 bottle LF/NS Italian bottled dressing.. (I use Carboption italian. )
MUST use McCormicks Salad Supreme Seasoning. (I use a good 4 TSP worth..but you can use more or less.)

You can make the pasta ahead, and toss in all the ingredients but wait to add the salad supreme and dressing till you are ready for it. I put it in a big tuperware bowl.. lid on and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

That's the basics I use..but I found that the Salad Supreme seasoning is what really makes this pasta salad YUMALICIOUS!