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09-06-2005, 12:53 PM
Welcome to the September edition of our Weighty Issues thread. We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life, spread out across the U.S. from the east coast to the west. We support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss, it's about LIFE. If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on, come on in, grab chair and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did.

09-06-2005, 12:55 PM
Hey girls, I started a FRESH new thread for us. Let's get motivated after this long, overindulgent weekend and get ready for looking good during the not-too-far-away holiday season :eek:

I'm re-posting Cherie's post from the last thread so it didn't get left behind. :) I'll be back later.
Happy Tuesday! Angie.. thank you so much for finding Kempy for us. I am so glad she is OK. Congrats on your new truck too! My dad had a fifth wheel and he used it all the time.

I had a really nice weekend with the girls. We found a water park here in Norman, it had just opened up earlier this summer. The park had taken out the wading pool and put in this water feature that had a ton of different kind of sprinklers and water sprayers that would alternate when they would come on. The girls had a BLAST... we went there all three days. I just took a chair and read... then we went to the play area right next to it. They just loved it. We also found a church to go to, and the people there were just so very nice. The kids section is pretty awesome. They had this huge room with chairs and a stage where they put on plays, they had a moon walk, a pool table, video games etc. I can see why Hannah wants to come back! The girls have been begging me to take them to church, and I am glad I did. However, note to self... remember to EAT before going. I had exercised that morning on the treadmill for an hour and the night before for an hour and by the time I got to church (I thought it started earlier than it did.. so I didn't have time to grab anything) I was pretty hungry. I was doing OK until we had to start standing a long time, and then we held hands and had a prayer session.. during that.. I started seeing black spots in my vision, I was getting really hot and clammy and was just about to black out. I had to leave the santuary and go sit down. Luckily the people outside were just so extremely nice, the went and got me a real coke to drink down so I could get some sugar into my system. I can't believe I was that stupid not to eat. I will know better next time. Anyway.. I was really impressed with the church, and we will go back.

Last night, Alan came over for dinner, and he surprised me with a new gas grill. :-) I was just going to grill using my George Forman electric grill... but he was just so sweet, and when I got out of the shower (he got there while I was trying to clean up, I had been running all day) he was outside putting it together. :-) I am very blessed to have him in my life. Wednesday is his birthday, and I have finally found someone to watch the girls for me, so I am going to take him out for dinner. First time (0ut of 4 birthdays) that I will get to spend with him.

Oh, and I have another motivation to lose this weight. My 20 year class reunion has been set for Nov. 4th and 5th. I haven't seen these people in 10 years. Then I was at about 145.00 (I am now at 150.00), so I want to get back down into the 130.00's at least. In high school I was normally in the upper 120's. So this will keep my motivation going!

OK.. well, I better get back to work! I hope everyone has a great great day!

And... btw.... as I noted earlier.. I am at 150.00. Since August 26th, I have lost 7.5 pounds doing my exercising and Phase One on the South Beach Diet... I am so pumped to keep it up! I have even lost quite a few of inches everywhere. I am feeling so much better about myself. I did splurge last night, but I figure that will only happen about once a week. I was under 1600 calories for the day, so in the big picture, not too much of a splurge. I'm just not used to eating 1000 calories for one meal like I did. It was yummy!

OK.. back to work!


09-06-2005, 01:08 PM
I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkkk :lol:

First things first, Cherie, you are doing a kick@ss job on SB! :bravo: Were you quite all right after your coke? You were in a good house for that to occur, glad you didn't get hurt. Oooh, great gift from Alan and you got to spend a b-day celebration w/him. Things are moving in the right direction, eh? ;) The girls must be beautifully tanned after their fun at the water park. I'm so glad to hear them having a great time and enjoying themselves.

Well, we had a 92 degree weekend. Didn't go much of anywhere but just hung around the house and played Scrabble all weekend (seriously). We had an old board game with 2 of the letter tiles missing. We went out and bought a new "Deuxe" wood Scrabble game. It's fun because my mom had bought Michael Scrabble Jr. and after a few games of that, he said it was boring. So we just let him play with us. He's getting to be quite a good speller--better than his father :lol: Then on Ebay I saw a "Premiere" edition of Scrabble, even more high falutin' than the Deluxe version :rolleyes:. I told Rick I want that for Xmas, I am such a geek. :lol:

Well, I really have to get the boy up and ready for school right now.

Hope to see all you other beautiful ladies check in.

:wave: Angie, Cal, Dips, Holly, Julie, and Kempy (if you're able). Have a great day.

09-06-2005, 01:18 PM
Hi I am here too. I have to work but I wanted to get subscribed to this thread so I dont miss any posts. :lol:

I am not sure how long Kempy will be away. She has power but the power surge took her computer out.

Noelle, Your weekend sounds like fun to me. I told Jay the other day that people would think we are so boring to hang out with because we dont do anything. :lol:

Cherie, I am glad things are coming together for you and the all deserve it.

I will be back later

09-06-2005, 08:17 PM
Cherie- I am soooo proud of you. You are doing fabulously well. You will be one hot little number by the time your reunion rolls around. Have fun with Alan tomorrow. What a wonderful man he is. MAke sure you show him lots of appreciation ;)

Noelle- Scrabble for me is more of a mental fake-out challenge than anything. I suck at spelling thanks to microsoft word. ( gotta love spell check) So I bluff my way through the entire game.

J- Your poor babies!! Glad they are feeling a little better today.

Well Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm very excited. I got my stuff all set to go so the remainder of this year should proove to be very interesting. YAY Education :D

09-06-2005, 11:29 PM
Dips have a great time on your first day of school. Can't wait to hear about it every step of the way through-out the year. You will do so well :).

Good Night Everybody else. Have a nice night....

09-07-2005, 10:45 AM
Good Morning everyone! It's Wednesday, so that means the weekend is on its way here! Today is Alan's birthday, and I can't wait to spend this evening with him. I think I will go by and get his favorite beer and take to him. :-) I know he will drink it. Then off to dinner.

Dips.. have a great day at school!

Julie.. are you feeling better? I hope you and your son are doing much better... are you getting used to him being at school yet?

Hey Angie! How are you today?

Noelle.. Scrabble scares me :D I can't spell for the life of me. I have to sit here and look at the work and re do it and re do it. I normally keep a dictionary by my desk, but here I just go to to make sure I spell things right!

Hey Holly! I hope you had a great weekend!

Kempy (((HUGS))) We miss you and hope you come back soon!

Well, since I was going out to dinner tonight, I already got up early and did 40 minutes of step areobics. I plan on doing some treadmill work tonight once I get home.. just trying to counteract the dinner I will have. He mention italian, and that is a weakness for me! :-)

OK.. well, I better get back to work. I'll check back in later!


09-07-2005, 04:17 PM
Goodafternoon Ladies,

Dips hope you are having a great first day at school. Good Luck!

Angie, how are you? Are you baking up anything good today?

Cherie, Have fun out to eat tonight and enjoy a glass of wine. I LOVE italian food. Maybe I will make a big batch of spaghetti and sauce tonight. That is sweet of you to get Alan his favorite beer. I am sure he will love it. Btw you are doing so good excercising. It is raining here right now so I can't get my walk done. I was thinking of getting my treadmill out but I can't find the key that goes in it, you know the safety thing? I will look through the bazillion toys and I am sure it will turn up in there ;).

Cal are you busy with school? Hope you are doing well and the kiddos are behaving for you.

Thinking of you Kempy.

How is it going Noelle? I missed Tommy last night. BUMMER!! I need to send myself an e-mail so I can remind my brain when it is on. Have a great day and don't work to hard.

Well girls I just got back from having lunch with ds at school. It was really fun. Oh, I have to tell you last night dd and ds were playing in the family room and I heard screaming, my dd knocked out my ds front tooth and now the other one is loose next to it! I checked them the other day and they were not even ready or loose yet!! Yikes! She was swinging a plastic kiddie chair and he turned his head and bam! Poor baby, has a bad cold and that now. We have a friend of ours who is a dentist in the neighborhood so we took him over to his house last night and said that it should be okay.
Well enough rambling form me....Have a wonderful rest of the day! Bring on Friday :lol:!

09-07-2005, 04:20 PM
Btw do any of you girls know which baby teeth are suppose to come out first, bottom two or top two? I was so mad yesterday when I called his dentist and they would not give me any information because he had not been seen in almost a year and the dentist was not in! They could have just answered my questions. Thanks!

09-07-2005, 05:33 PM
Julie.. not sure what is supposed to come out first.. but Hannah's two bottom teeth came out first, then her two top teeth.. now she has another top tooth that is loose. (This is from the perm. teeth coming in). Actually, I think she has lost three of her bottom teeth. Sorry to hear about your son. I bet that was a little tramatizing for him.

Good luck finding your key. For my old treadmill at Alan's, we got a wood shim and cut it down to use as a key. Luckily, when I was moving, I found the original one, but the wood one worked just as well. You might try some cardboard too.... :-)

Yes.. I'll be having wine tonight and good food and dessert.. he has to have dessert! But I am planning on coming home and getting on the treadmill. :-) I want to reach my Friday goal, so I have to stay focused... even though I am doing a planned splurge tonight.

OK everyone.. have a great afternoon/evening.... I am out of here in about 30 minutes. I'll check back in tomorrow!


09-07-2005, 11:45 PM
Hi Everyone,

I was really happy and relieved to hear about Kempy. I'm so glad they are ok.

I can't believe that this quarter is half over already. The kiddos are doing pretty well. They have some issues, but they are much better, overall, than the group from last year. It's difficult to have middle school kids in an elementary school. Many of the younger kids, as well as some of the staff (aides), are intimidated by the older kids. In fact, the middle school kids lost some privileges because of behavior toward themselves, the younger kids, and the aides on the playground. They complained about the administration treating the school like a prison. I told them to quit whining and look in a mirror or at their friends for the ones they should be angry at. I told them that the administration didn't do this to them: they did.

Tomorrow I have an official evaluation with the principal. I asked him to do it this week because I have an awesome lesson dealing with author's point of view and comparing and contrasting points of view. I think it will go over well.

I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the evening.


09-08-2005, 10:38 AM
Good Morning!

Cal... good luck with your evaluation!!

Julie... how is the tooth situation? I'm going to look at Hannah's loose tooth tonight to see how bad it is.. and let her "work" on it before I "WORK" on it. :-) She keeps saying its bothering her when she eats.. so it must be getting pretty lose.

Last night, I had a wonderful time. It was so good to see Alan. I ended up going to his house, and changing into a pair of jeans that I have't worn in a while, and they just slipped on like a glove.. it felt so nice! Now to move on to my next smaller pair of jeans! We ended up going to Bravo! a really nice Italian restaurant. I had a glass of wine, and a small piece of herb bread, and then not even half of my entree of spinach tortilleni with alfredo sauce. I even told them no, I didn't want to take the rest home.. I would only EAT it. :D We went back to his house and he opened up another bottle of wine and we shared that and just had a nice evening together. His best friend stopped by and we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. By the time I got home, I really didn't feel like getting on the treadmill.. so I took the night off. Luckily I did do my 40 minutes of step areobics yesterday morning, so I still had a good day.

Today... just busy working. I am even looking forward to doing my step areobics and my treadmill work today... I must be sick! :D I am one pound highter than I was on Monday... but I am not stressing over it. I am still highly motivated and determined.

Dips.. how did your first day of classes go?

Angie.. how are you? Are you enjoying that new Truck?

Noelle? How are you? My sister MIGHT have to go back to Hawaii for her company to work out a problem there with one of their call centers. She has such a bad job. Two years ago she spent 6 weeks in Hawaii for her job (She works for a timeshare/vacation type company, Cendant). Must suck to have her job and HAVE to go to Hawaii. :-)

Holly... come check in!

Kempy... Hope you are doing OK!! Thinking about you and Joe!

Back to work for me.... I will talk to you guys soon!


09-08-2005, 05:07 PM

Cherie, you dinner sounds fabulous. I am happy for you that you had such a nice time. As for the tooth, the gum looks like it is healing well. I think there might be a tooth under there? It hit me he is growing up fast starting kindergarten and now a missing tooth, lol. Good luck with Hannah's tooth. I think the bottoms do fall out first.

Cal I am glad that the time is flying by for you. Almost break time! Good luck on your evaluation. You are a great teacher.

Well girls sorry this is a quick one but I have to go pick up ds from school and I just got back from the mall. I needed some foundation and Estee Lauder was running a gift pack special with a purchase. It came with a really cute little tote bag. Okay check back later on.

Hi out there everyone.

09-08-2005, 05:23 PM
Hey girls, checking in this Thursday morning. I don't know if I told you guys I had my work computer up and running again the other day...well, my friend came over again yesterday and did a little more tweaking and diagnostics, he said there is one file that is corrupted and is affecting the rest of the system. He fiddled with it from around 10 am til after 5 pm. Needless to say, I'm not really able to get much work done over there. I decided to stick around home today where at least I'm near a computer that works and I can talk w/you guys. I need to go to the office store to pick up some color markers for Michael...they ran an ad in late July for a crayola 10 pack for $.39. They were sold out for weeks, but I got a rain check and now they are in. The limit is 10 so I may pick up a few packs for spares. Well, that's about my exciting day. Oh yeah, we had to go and buy a new washing machine on Monday so I got a new Whirlpool Duet--which according to the commercial, can handle 16 pairs of jeans at one time. We will see! Oh the joys of domesticity.... :lol: (I've still got Scrabble on the brain)

Cherie, you did good girl, saying no to the LO's and working out before hand. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing evening. Congrats on the jeans too. That's hot!

Julie, your poor DS, that must've hurt! I think whatever teeth grow in first are the first to loosen and fall out. For most kids, that's the bottom two. Michael's two top front teeth are getting loose as well. When I took him to the dentist last month, the xrays showed the permanents under the gum, as well the baby teeth on top--he looked like a shark :lol: I didn't get to watch Tommy either on Tuesday. For some reason, the time or day just doesn't stick in my head. But! I did buy the CD Tommyland yesterday. It isn't that great, but I like him crooning to me when I'm driving around town :devil: :lol:

Cal, I don't need to wish you luck on your eval--you will do wonderful! You are an awesome teacher. You were right on when you told those kids to take a look at themselves instead of playing the blame game.

Dips, how's the school schedule working out for you? Study hard.

Angie, what are you guys up to these days... what's gas running up there in ME right now? and what does it cost to fill up your beautiful new baby? Gawd, regular right now is running around $3.10 and we're expecting it to hit up to around $3.60 next week with the stupid gas price cap.

Holly, how are you doing girl? Jump right on in and say hello again.

Kempy, hope you guys are doing fine and getting back to normal. Can't wait to hear from you again.

Well, I gotta go and check the dryer. Check back later.

09-09-2005, 10:25 AM
TGIF Everyone... The weekend is ALMOST here. :-) Well, I had my weigh-in this morning, and was somewhat dissapointed. I am up 1.5 pounds from yesterday and 2.5 from monday. So that has minimized my loss for the first two weeks on Southbeach to only a -5. I'm not going to use it as an excuse to go feel sorry for myself, but hopefully I can get upset at it enough this weekend to really kick some butt and continue my plan.

Noelle.. congrats on the washer! That is a really cool one... I am sure you will love it. I hope your computer situation gets fixed soon.

Julie.. I am a Clinique gal. :-) I need to find out when the gift with purchase is for Foley's. (Macy's now) I think it's this month... well, used to be for Foley's, but Macy's used to be in August.. so I guess I better start looking. How is the tooth situation? Hannah has another bottom tooth that is really loose.... I had her work on it last night, but she didn't get it out. Maybe tonight.

Well, last night I went an registered/signed up the girls into Girl Scouts. :-) Hannah should have started last year, but it just didn't happen. So this year, she will be a Brownie, and Megan will be what they call a Daisy. They didn't have Daisies when I was in GS a very very long time ago. :-) Anyway... I hope they enjoy it.

OK, well, I need to get busy here at work. Payroll runs on Monday. I'll Check back in later. :-)


09-09-2005, 08:42 PM
School is a son of a gun to get started. I have all these books to buy and ofcourse they are sold out at all the stores because everybody else needs them and then one of my classes got canceled because there weren't enough students so I had to rearrange my schedule which was a pain beacause I had to make sure it didn't conflict with my work schedule but its all good now so lets learn!

Cherie- The scale can be a tricky thing. Keep in mind that when you work out, your body retains water so the scale will fluctuate. Don't sweat it, you are doing fabulously. Keep it up!

Kempy- I'm thinking about you, Hon. Keep your spirirts up. I miss you so much

Noelle- I am going through an adjustment period but I'm doing fine. School is going to be tough while working full time but I'm ready. Sucks about your work computer, hope thatworks out. I've been doing some school shopping myself. Got some cool notebooks, pens, post-its and a day planner. I'm cookin' with grease now!

Hi J- My little ray of sunshine. I love the little gift bags that come with mall cosmetics. Anyway, you work that foundation like you got it going on!

Cal- You are an awesome teacher, your eval should acknowledge that. Let us know how it went

By the way, Babes, I interviewed for the supervisor position the other day. My boss said the interview was "flawless" I find out if I got the job next week. Wish me luck! Goodness knows I need the dough :D

09-10-2005, 03:48 PM
Hey Dips... good luck on your interview! I hope you get the job.

Well, I didn't exercise yesterday. I wasn't because I needed the break (I had actually exercised every day for the past two weeks) rather, it was because I let what the scale said yesterday affect my mood and that is why I blew it off. I also ate a few things more than what I had planned. All because of what that damn scale said.

Today, I am back on track. It's been a small stuggle, but I just had lunch.. so I am feeling better. I have already gotten back on the treadmill this morning and did an hour. Now I am about to take the girls to the park and get out of the house.

I'll check back in later....


09-10-2005, 08:50 PM
Good Evening on this Saturday!

Hi girls

Cherie, good job being back on track. You know I have been excercising and taking 20-30 minute walks and I weighed in and not a difference! But I am not giving up my walks. They just make me feel better even though the scale is not going down like I want. Don't give up girl, I know you won't though. You are doing very well :). I like Clinque too. I think they are having their gift days around the beginning of October here. I just wanted to try a new Foundation and I actually like it. It is called Equalizer. Cool about Girl Scouts. Love the cookies. I think I will get my daughter in it when she is older.

Dips I will get my fingers crossed about the job. I bet you landed the job!
Glad the schedule got figured out for you.

Well girls going to watch some tv. Playing nurse here still, lol....everyone is still getting over their colds. Didn't do to much today, my mom and my brother came over to visit. We are having a major heat wave, it was in the upper eighties today. And so humid you could drink the air. Heat index way over 90. But we are suppose to cool down this week. Yeah!

Angie where have you been? Miss ya and hope everything is fine with you.

Hi Noelle, Kempy, Cal, Holly, Cherie, Angie and Dips.

09-10-2005, 10:32 PM
Well... I ended up going out to dinner with my neighbors to a local mexican restaurant. I logged all my food, and I think I did fairly well, but I do need to go jump on the treadmill to not feel guilty about it.

Tomorrow, I will be out of pocket. Going back to church, and then going up to the nurse who befriended Steven house and she and her husband are making lunch for the girls and I... then the girls will have a chance to swim in her pool.. and after that.. Alan told me to call him and stop by his place, WITH the girls! :-) Then I'll come home and do my treadmill work again. (I am getting up a little early and watch the F1 race while on the treadmill, so I will get both of my workouts in).

OK.. well, I need to get off here, do some walking.. then do some work in preparing for Monday's payroll.

Have a great rest of the weekend girlies!


09-10-2005, 11:32 PM
Cherie, have a great time at Alan's with the girls! It sounds like you have a busy, but nice Sunday planned.

Good Night Girls....have a happy and safe Sunday!

09-11-2005, 08:33 AM
In all this madness that is my daily life I woke up to a scale which read 130.5 pounds. The kid is dangerous! :strong: :cb: I think the four hours of paddle ball with my dad did the trick this week. Sports will work your entire body, let me tell ya. I've never been this close to my goal. I'm sooo excited! :D :cloud9:

Cherie- I know how it is to be discouraged by the scale. My weight is always fluctuating which is why I weigh myself at the same time everyday to gauge it as acurately as possible. your weight fluctuates every day all day. Do not let the scale rule you, just use it as a guide. You are so determined and you're doing great. Glad the girls are having fun these days. They sound like a great spirited pair.

J- Keep up those walks. You will see a difference soon. Have fun doctoring up the kiddos. When I was a kid, that was what made being sick fun! I knew my mom would caterto my every need. She still does. Mommies are so great.

Angie- Don't go MIA on us. Where the heck are you??!!

Hi Noelle- I was watching an HBO special which was based in Hawaii. I won't get into the context of the show :rolleyes: I just wanted to note that Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to go someday. I gotta work that into me list of things to do before I'm 30...maybe 35 :D

09-11-2005, 12:37 PM
Good Morning all!!! I didnt do much this weekend. We went and looked at new fifth wheels and travel trailers all day yesterday(just for fun since I am now officially maxed out!! :lol: ) We figured we would look for a floorplan that suits us and then look for used ones for cheap next summer maybe. I found the perfect one for us and it is pretty cheap new. It is a Tahit by Suncraft model number 28DBS. It has one slide for extra room and a bunk area for the kids. It would be perfect for while they are still young and then move up to aq fifth wheel when they grow up and move out. I can keep dreamin cant I? :lol: Oh legs are killing me today from going up[ and down so many steps.

Cherie and Dips, You are doing an awesome job. I am so proud of you both. You would die to know what I weigh right now. :yikes: It is my highest It makes me sad that food rules my life be it when I am thin or fat like now. I wished I could just think normally and eat normally.

Julie, You should have an email from me. I hope you can find something you like maybe a nice bath set or something and relax and enjoy some you time while the kids are in school. Love ya.!!!

Has anyone talked to Kempy this week? I should call her and see how they are doing this week.

I wished I was closer because it is killing me to see all of those dogs and cats with no help. I saw a newsclip where they were driving around shooting the dogs in St. Bernard Parish. That is terrible. The rescue groups are having trouble getting in to help them get out. I keep thinking of how hard it must be on the families to wonder how their pets are and not know. I mean It would be the straw that broke the camels back if I lost my home and everything I own and my pets on top of that. That maybe just me but my pets rank right up there with my kids. I donated to help the pets too. They cant really help themselves and they depend on us.

Noelle, I will try to post some pics of the truck this week...we have lots of goodies coming for it so I want to get pics of it all done up. :lol: I am a freak>.

Mickey(our dog) chewed all the whiskers off the face of the kitten this week. Poor guy is lopsided but he loves it when the dog nibbles him

Well, I gotta get to work.

09-11-2005, 02:51 PM
Hi girls

Angie, you are so sweet....I love the gift certificate. Thank you so much! Yup, Monday I turn 30 :yikes:!
How fun looking at the fifth wheels, my neighbor has one and I always look at it when I walk by ;). I have not talked to Kempy this week. I should give her a buzz but I don't want to bother them if they are super busy. I miss her around here, maybe I will give her a jingle to see if I can do anything. You know I saw a special report on tv about the dogs and other animals that are lost from their families. It is just so sad. I saw a guy crying because he was so upset by the loss of his dog. I was thinking about getting together some old (but like new) baby clothes from the kids and sending them down there. I might contact our local tv stations to see if they need any clothes.
Your Mickey chewed off the kitties whiskers? LOL...I can't imagine what the poor thing looks like. Thanks again!

Dips you are doing grrrreat! Keep going girl :bravo:!

I am going to try and get some work done around here. When my mom came over yesterday we had an ice cream cake and we are having another cake tomorrow. So I better get this butt moving. I think I won't be outside too much today. The heat index is 87 already. I am taligating already too just had some big sub sandwiches, hehe....the Packers come on this afternoon. Think of Brett Farve's right hand LOL, that is the one I shook last year. Sweet memories! :love:.

Check back later on. Have a great Sunday. Hi Angie, Noelle, Dips, Kempy, Cherie, Holly and Cal!

09-12-2005, 08:12 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE !!! :balloons: :grouphug: :gift: :woo: :balloons: :grouphug: :hat: :hb:

I hope you have a great birthday and get everything that you want.

Love ya

09-12-2005, 12:41 PM
:hyper: :twirly: :balloons: :lucky: :cheers: :sunny: :cheer:
Happy Birthday Julie
:wave: :chef: :hb: :joker: :cp: :cb: :bravo: :hat: :gift: :dance: :flow1: :grouphug: :goodvibes :woo:

Hope your day is filled with happy things and everything you wish for.

09-12-2005, 01:06 PM
Hey girls, happy Monday. I wasn't able to get online much this weekend. My dad slipped/fell off a step-stool a couple of weeks ago and he had to have surgery on Friday to get something fixed. He's left-handed and of course that's the shoulder that got he's a little incapcitated right now. Shoulder's all taped up and in a sling. Us girls have had to step up and take over all the housecleaning duties that he usually does--and just when we had him trained too! (I'm terrible, I know :p ) :lol: He'll probably lose a few pounds too because he can't really feed himself too well with his right hand--Hey! that's an idea for me!

Julie, well, as you can see the above post, I wish you only the happiest of birthdays. Whew, that heat index must be killer for you guys, your mom is so sweet to bring an ice cream cake for ya.

Cal, I got your message over the weekend...sorry I couldn't call ya back, I don't have your number stored in my new cel phone. Thanks for calling though, you're sweet. Yes! We go on vacation in about 3 weeks. How'd your weekend go? I sent you a PM.

Angie, OK, I guess because I've lived on an island all my life, I didn't know what a "fifth wheel" was :^: :doh: so I had to go and look it up. Those are pretty cool! I didn't know they even come in 2-story?! That would be cool to have since you've got that fancy new truck to tow it eh? Did you see how Matthew McConnaughey(sp) helped to rescue all those cats and dogs? He is such a babe for doing that :love:

Dips, you go girl!! You work it, you got it :cb: My gawd, the last time I weighed 130 was when I got married many eons ago :o Any word on the supervisor position?

Cherie, you are doing awesome! You live your life and enjoy the good things and you still lose weight--never mind the up and down thing, as Dips said, don't let the scale rule you.

Holly, give us a holler :wave:

Kempy, we miss you bud! How you holding up?

09-13-2005, 10:20 AM
Sorry I was AWOL yesterday. It was Payroll Day, and I was futher behind than usual.

Happy Birthday Julie!!!! I hope you had a great great day!

Noelle.. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the surgery goes well this Friday. Keep us posted.

Dips WTG on your scale victory. At least one of us is making progress. I am STILL at 152.50. I was that last Friday, I was that the Friday before. On Labor Day Monday, I actually saw 150.00, but how the **** that happened I, don't know. I can't seem to get this body to let go of the fat. But.. I'll keep trying. You are inspiring me. I can't wait til I am down to 130.50.

Angie... we love ya no matter what weight you are. You've had some pretty tough and stressful times this summer. Its going to get better, and you will get your motivation back. In the meantime.. just continue to hang out here!

Kempy... we miss ya girl. I hope things are getting somewhat back to normal for you.

Cal... I hope school is doing fine!

Holly..hiya!!! Come back out and play!

OK.. well, I need to get busy here at work. Oh.... The Biggest Loser premieres tonight. I plan on being on my treadmill for the whole show. 90 minutes. Hopefully it will give me the extra motivation I need to continue and not give up!

Talk to you all soon!!!!


09-13-2005, 01:51 PM
Hi girls! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I tried to post last night but it wouldn't come up.

Noelle, that was so kind and thoughtful of you. I will have fun with the gift!
Hope your dad feels better soon. You will have to be his helper now. My mil just a surgery on her leg so I am going to make her some dinner this week.

Cherie, thanks for the reminder about that show. I would have totally forgot about it. I loved to watch it last year. Those people were so awesome on it.
Are you still doing SB? You will see those pounds drop, keep it up girlie!

Angie, how are you? I want to get over to target soon!

Dips how is school? Did you find out if you got the job? I hope you got the books that were sold out.

Cal almost break yet?

Thinking about you Kempy....

Holly are you?

My birthday was really nice yesterday. Dh and I moved our sectional to our downstairs family room and brought our couch up from down there, its a newer burgandy leather couch and then we went and got a new loveseat that is tan with some burgandy in it. It goes pretty nice. Dh got me some new walking shoes, a Paula Dean cookbook (i just love her!) and gift certificates to the mall and to get my hair done at a new place I want to try. He spoiled me this year. I ate way way way too much cake the last couple of days! Well girls dd wants lunch better run and the chores are calling my name. Check back later on. Have a great Tuesday everybody :)

09-13-2005, 09:22 PM
Hey girls, I am back online with my work computer and I am just dizzy :dizzy: with happiness. :cb: My 4-in-1 printer is working too, not just 2 out of 4 or 3 out of 4 like usual :rolleyes: . Thank God for computer tech friends! I didn't get any breakfast (just coffee) or any lunch yet for that matter so I am starving. I guess I'll pick up my boy from school and see about getting something to eat. hehe, I got a bright yellow post card in the mail from WW yesterday, I am keeping it close to my heart. I am goingt to probably suck it up and join WW again when I get back from my vacation. I'm a little mortified about going since I gained back the weight that I lost there a year-and-a-half ago, but I'm sure they see people like me all the time, that's how they stay in business eh?

Julie, you're very welcome for the gift, whatever you choose--and choose something that makes YOU happy. Your DH did good this year, I'm so happy for you. How's your DS and DD liking their school year so far?

Cherie, you are probably getting ready to do your 90 minutes on the :tread: right about now. I think I'll try and watch that show too. I SO hear you on how hard it is to lose weight when you get older--it was much much easier to take off in my 20's. You go girl, you are inspiring to us with your determination.

I gotta run for now and pick up my boy. :wave: Hi to Angie, Kempy, Dips, Cal, Holly and everyone. Come out, come out wherever you are.

ps. thanks for the well wishes for my dad, I'll make sure he gets the healing vibes.

09-14-2005, 10:56 AM
I am soooo frustrated. I am up another pound from yesterday!!!!!!!! Here is my food diary and exercise log. What am I doing wrong??? I am now 153.50. (On Labor Day I was 150.00 EVEN) I've exercised every single day except one (this past Friday) and over all, I've kept my calories pretty consistant over a week at a time's worth...

I just upset with my body, it's not doing what I want it to do, and yet I feel like I am putting in a 100% effort. I should have gotten that burger and fries last night like I wanted. Instead, I came home and made soft tacos. On my food diary, I just listed the amounts for taco bell soft tacos, but I know mine were much lower in calories. I used Carb Smart torts, and 97% lean ground beef, and low fat cheese... and not alot of it either. I just am not understanding why my body is resisting me so much.

Ok.. I am finished with my whining. I got another flat tire yesterday. Second one in two weeks. I took it to Wal-Mart and they replaced it for free. So now I have two new front tires on my car, and the back ones are only a year old.

I watched the biggest loser last night... I think it's going to be a good show. It's going to keep me motivated .. I was on the treadmill for 80 of the 90 minutes the show was on. later when INXS was on, I got back on for 11 minutes and finished out my goal I had set for myself.

Julie.. sounds like your hubby did a great job with your birthday! Congrats! I am glad you had a nice one!

Noelle... congrats on getting your computer and printer fixed! YEAH!!!!! :-) I would try WW if I thought it would help me... oh well.. it's just a matter of finding out the right combination of calories and exercise for me I guess.

Hi Angie and Holly and Kempy and Cal! Hope you guys are doing well....

OK.. I need to get back to work.. Talk to you soon.


09-14-2005, 11:46 AM
Oh Angie.... ((((((((HUGS)))))))))) How terrible. I hope she is ok, and that you all as a family can get through this together. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.... Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. ((((HUGS)))) again...


09-14-2005, 02:40 PM
Angie, I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. I wish your family well. Hugs girl, love you!!

09-14-2005, 02:47 PM
Cherie, our bodies can be so difficult at times. I bet maybe you are building muscle and pretty soon the muscle will start burning those calories. Don't give up on yourself ever :).
Sorry about the flat tire. What a bummer being the second one.

Gotta run girls, I just got back from a doctor appointment.

Angie, again I am praying and thinking of you. Please, please let us know if we can do anything for you.

Hi, to everyone else....check back later on girls.

09-14-2005, 05:16 PM
Angie, thanks for letting us know what's going on. :grouphug: You must be so worried right now. Don't feel like you have to beat yourself up about not knowing what's going on in your kid's life--remember that not too long ago time where you could be all moody and secretive, defiant, rebellious...I'm speaking purely from my personal experience of course. What I didn't want my mom to know, she mostly didn't know. You hang in there and for sure, if you ever need to lean on us, we're here for you. Praying for a speedy recovery for Brit.

Cherie, your body will adjust to your new workout and eating schedule, most likely by next week. Sometimes it just wants to cling to the pounds, for your survival, ya know? You have the most amazing will power and determination. You're awesome :strong:. Man, having a flat sucks. At least you got two new tires out of it :^: and I am happy you didn't get into a fender bender with the flats.

Julie, did the doc give you a clean bill of health? just kidding, I'm getting nosey. Have a good day.

Have a good one everyone...gotta get back to work. :comp:

09-15-2005, 01:44 AM
Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I'm just very busy. Midterms just came out and it's amazing that the students are now asking about the work their missing; some have had work missing since the middle of August. What's more amazing are some of the parents thinking that their child should get to make up work they missed, even a month later. :dizzy:

Noelle: I am counting down the days until break. Thank you for the PM.

Angie: I think I missed something somewhere. I read everyone sending hugs (as I do), but I didn't read anything. Is everything ok? I hope so.

I'll be able to spend a little more time with more personal notes hopefully tomorrow. Til then, have a great night everyone.


09-15-2005, 04:27 PM
Good morning ladies. Not much happening here except it's HOT as heck and soooo muggy. Where's the rain when you want it??? I watched a little of Regis and Kelly this morning, they had a guy from Barcelona, Spain trying to break the Guiness World Record for breaking the most watermelons with his head :dizzy:. He did it at 32 watermelons. That's just nuts. I'm bringing my sis and BIL to the airport this morning, they're visiting family in NY (Buffalo area?)... Then I'll be off to the office.

Angie, how's Brit doing today and how's the rest of the family holding up? Thinking of you guys.

Cal, it's pretty strange how some parents will try and defend their kids' actions and make like the teacher is in the wrong :shrug:...I know you can keep them both in line though :)

Julie, did you catch the finale (I think) of Tommy Lee's show on Tuesday? My sis called me but I missed it--what's wrong with me? :lol: What are you up to today?

:wave: Hi to Cherie, Kempy, Holly, Dips and everyone, have a great day.

09-15-2005, 06:47 PM
Hey girls

Noelle I did see the finale. I thought the show was going to be on longer. I missed Regis and Kelly, I have not been catching much of it lately. I still don't know how that Kelly is so thin. I think she looks too skinny. Forgot to answer your question, ds is doing great in school. No notes from the teacher :lol:. No news is good news I guess sometimes. Dd is not going to start pre-k until early winter. She is having a blast having mommy all to herself though.

Cherie, I forgot to did it go at Alan's house with the girls? Sorry if you already said. I have been a scatterbrain and busy lately ;). I hope you are not down on yourself yet about the scale. It will drop. Keep your chin up sweetie. :)

Thinking of you Angie.

Well hello to Cal, Dips, Kempy, and Holly. Got to go get dinner on the table. Having my favorite, chili and cornbread. Check back soon. Have a good one. TGIF tomorrow :D!!!!

09-15-2005, 09:02 PM
Cherie, I know you are a Survivor fan and the first one is on tonight! I am happy all the good fall shows are starting :). Now we can all chat about them. I thought Biggest Loser looked like it was going to be a good one.

Anyway girls I am going to rest for the night, I am kind of tired. I took a nice long walk today. So I don't feel so guilty about all the cornbread I ate ;).
It should even it out I hope. I didn't tell you all my ds lost two more teeth. That is a total of three in about two weeks!! I guess they are ready to come out. Cherie did Hannah's loose one come out yet? My son said he wanted them back in :lol:. When we were putting the teeth under his pillow he had to go and take it out of the plastic bag and brush it before his bath. I got tears in my eyes it was so cute. Okay Survivor is on. Bye for now.

09-15-2005, 10:43 PM
Anyone see Survivor? The first challenge was so hard! It looks likes it is going to be an okay season. Okay....Good Night.

09-19-2005, 11:17 AM
Good Morning! I took a few days off and hid I guess. I realize that isn't good for me cause I tend to lose control and just not care, and not exercise. :-( Oh well... I am back today, and will be good!

This weekend was fairly quiet. Saturday, we went to see Alan and his friends at the race track, and I got my times all screwed up, so by the time we got there, it was over for the day. I did get to spend the afternoon/evening with him, and as a surprise, Alan's son Preston was there. This was the first time I got to spend time around Preston in over two years. WOW. Things went better than expected... and we left there around 8 PM so all the guys could go play their XBOX halo thing out in the trailer (Jonathan had set up a big screen... you just have to know these guys).

Yesterday, we went to church, and I was just really lazy all afternoon long. We went to Steven's cousin's house yesterday evening for a cookout and the girls had a blast playing with their boy cousins.

Today... trying to get back on track! Oh... I got confirmation this past Thursday, the girls will be getting social security benefits.. such a weight lifted off my shoulders. :-)

Well, I guess I better get back to work. I'll talk to you girls soon!


09-19-2005, 11:18 AM
Oh.. and Julie... I totally spaced Thursday and didn't watch Survivor.. I was so sad that I missed it. :-(

09-19-2005, 04:00 PM
Hi Girls!

Cherie, glad to know you got the confirmation about social security. Your weekend sounds nice. I am happy that you and Alan are seeing each other's children. It must make you both feel closer to each other. :)

Noelle what going on in paradise? How is Michael doing?

Kempy is your power back on yet? Wishing the best for you and Joe!

Hi Angie. Thinking of you.

Dips how is school going? I bet you are sooo busy with work and school.

Hi Cal, are those kiddies staying in line?

My weekend was pretty quiet too. Nothing to exciting. Saturday we were gone the majority of the day at my mom's. The weather was beautiful. She has a campfire area at her house so we roasted marshmallows and brought the kids bikes. They had alot of fun. We did end up ordering my favorite pizza. Sunday was filled with cleaning and running to Walmart and grocery store. All in all a nice weekend. My pms is just wiping me out this month. I have a major case of "bloatation" :lol:! I have to stay away from that salt shaker. That is about it from me. Not much news from my end. Check back soon. Have a good Monday. Hope the sun is shining by you, send it this way if you can ;). It feels like evening, it is dark and rainy!

09-19-2005, 04:48 PM
Oh Julie.. I love the dark and rainy days. I would gladly trade you. Yesterday, the heat index went over 100 degrees, and all week long the highs are in the 90's AGAIN... just when I thought summer was over and done with.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I got the girls their halloween outfits on Friday... Hannah found this cool pink princess outfit.. long sleeves, all the way to the floor dress.. and Megan is going as Princess Analise from Princess and the Pauper (barbie style). They both loved their outfits, and have been playing dress up.

Angie.. how are you girl? How is your daughter doing? I've been thinking about you all weekend and hope things are getting better.

Kempy.. are you dried out yet? :-) We miss you around here.. hope you can come back soon.

Noelle.... how was your Hawaiian weekend? :-) That just sounds wonderful.. :D

Cal.... Hi there! :-)

Holly.. are you still around? Come back and see us!

Julie.. your weekend sounded so nice.. I love the campfire thing... roasting marshmallows.. YUM!

OK.. well, back to work here..... I'll talk to you guys later!


09-19-2005, 05:06 PM
Cherie, love the girls outfits for Halloween. My dd is going to be a ladybug and ds might be a pirate....or he might pick something esle yet. My dd loves to play dress up. In fact she has a little girl makeup kit. And she did her makeup this morning. Green eye shadow. Oragne Lipstick and Bright Pink Blush!! I told her she can do her own makeup for Halloween :lol:. I better go see if she has all of it off by now before we go pick up ds at school. LOL

09-19-2005, 05:57 PM
Hey girls, happy Monday! I am super busy with trying to tie everything up from the previous weeks where my computer was acting kooky and I couldn't do any data entry--this sucks majorly! Then I am trying to line everything up to pay before the end of the month, gotta get those bills posted and checks cut before we go on vacation. We leave next Wednesday but I feel like I am working under so much pressure :headache:. It's good I guess, I have a deadline to work toward so I actually sit and do work instead of goof off. Sorry I can't pop in too much this week.

Glad to hear you guys' enjoyed your weekends.

Cherie, your girls' outfits sound adorable. I was a mean mom and told Michael that he will wear one of his karate gi outfits so I don't have to buy another "costume". I only bought one set of black and only have him use the pants from it. I did let him buy a "faceless" ninja type hood. It's kind of weird because it has a mesh thing over the front which they can see and breathe through, but when you look at him straight on, you can't see his face at all--so I guess he will be a faceless ninja for halloween :lol:.

Julie, your little one must be so beautiful with her makeup :lol:. She will make an adorable lady bug and your boy a fantastic pirate. Do you guys have the same problem with buying a costume early, and then your kid wants to be something else when Halloween rolls around? :rolleyes: I was at Costco (or Sam's, I can't remember which) this weekend and saw all those cute plush costumes they sell (i.e. ladybug, teddy bear,etc). I don't know why they sell those here in HI--it's too freakin' hot for our kids to wear that on Halloween. I distinctly remember the temps being in the mid to high 70's and muggy.

Man, I gotta get back to work.

Angie, how's Brit doing? Hope you can pop in . Take care girl.

Kempy you too, what's shaking?

Hello to Cal, Dips, Holly and everyone. Have a wonderful day.

09-19-2005, 09:33 PM
Julie... did you know today was the National Talk like a Pirate Day????? REALLY.. It was. :-)

09-19-2005, 10:38 PM
LOL Cherie, Thanks!! I had no idea. I didn't even know there was such a day. I just told my boy before he got in the tub and he was running around saying ARRRRRRR!!!! He has got a patch for his eye, hook for his hand and the hat.

Oh girls....I was looking at some pics tonight from last year and my weight is up. I was so in control of my eating last year. Tonight I made chili and topped it with tons of cheese and fritos. I will get back on track. Even if I have to carry around old pictures. :lol:

Lets all have a healthy and happy Tuesday tomorrow. My goal is to eat three meals and cut back on sugar and salt. And to drink more water. I might start writing down my meals for the next day for a while just until I am back in the swing of things.

09-19-2005, 10:47 PM
Ahoy mateys! Arrrrggggh..... i jumped on the scale and :eek: shiver me timbers! :lol: :lol:

09-20-2005, 12:49 PM
:-) Good Morning everyone!

Julie... chili.. oh that sounds so yummy. I can't wait til it cools down a little and I can make a big pot! In fact, I might not wait til it cools down.. that would be something really good for tomorrow when Alan comes. Fritos, chili and cheese... :-) YUM!

Noelle... I hear ya on the scale thing. That is one scary thing. :D

Well, yesterday, I ordered, picked up and installed a new digital cable box, its a HD/DVR box. So.. now I can watch those cool HD channels and I can have it record all my shows so I WON'T MISS survivor again. I got Hannah the HBO family channel, so she can get her Crashbox again, it's a kids educational program that is really really cool. It's on HBO on Demand, so she can watch it anytime. Its something I can watch with her and we both learn!

Tonight... it's time for the Biggest Loser. Thankfully, I have the DVR programmed to tape it since I will be taking Megan to her first Daisy meeting.. (and possibly Hannah to her first Brownie meeting).

Oh.. I didn't exercise last night.. no excuses.. just was having too much fun with the new digital channels. Tonight... I gotta get my butt into gear. I'm leaving in a month for the cruise.. and I still haven't seem to have lost any weight.. inches.. which is good, but no weight. So I need to buckle back down and just work!

OK.. back to work here.. I'll check in later!


09-20-2005, 07:24 PM
Hey girls, what's shaking? :cb: Us guys in Hawaii are watching 3 storms brewing east of our islands (Hurricane Jova, T.S. Kenneth and Hurricane Max). The first system is supposed to pass about 350 miles east of the Big Island, but with the other 2 right behind, you never know what could happen. I was at Costco this morning putting gas in my car ($3.09 p/gal reg and $3.23 premium :yikes: ) then I went inside to buy a couple of cases of water, batteries and somed canned goods 'just in case'. It seems everyone else was doing the same. We haven't been hit buy a major hurricane since 9/11/92 (Iniki). I think people are a little freaked out since Katrina and now with Rita. Better prepared then not, eh?

Cherie, enjoy your digital cable and DVR thingy. That is so cool to have. I still have my old analog cable box from about 10 years ago :lol:. I'm looking into maybe getting the Dish network? Does anyone know about that system? My cable tv and internet bill are going up so much, I'm thinking of switching to the dish and maybe DSL of some kind....things to ponder anyway. I didn't realize there was Girl Scouts younger than Brownies, the Daisies, how cute! Is it cookie selling time yet? :hun:

Julie, you are a beautiful, kind person--don't let those pictures get you down. If they motivate you, great, but if they make you feel down in the dumps, fahgeddaboutit! :lol:

What's happening to the other ladies around here? Hope everything is alright... come out come out wherever you are. :sunny:

09-20-2005, 08:56 PM
Hey girls, GoodEvening :)

Noelle, hurricanes around you now, my god....stay safe. I can't have two of my dear friends in a hurricane. I hope the storms pass! I never knew how to spell fahgeddaboutit, LOL :lol:! Love it. Can't stop saying it now. Haha.......I am a goof.

Cherie are you getting ready for the Biggest Loser? I am, it is a good tv night. I want to watch the Biggest Loser and Dancing with Stars-Dance Off.
Girl, I have been making chili all summer. I know though it is a cold weather meal. But I can't go to long without a bowl of chili ;). Hope the meeting were fun and went well tonight with the girls!

Hi everyone. Come on out and say Hello :). Take care girls. Bye for now.

09-21-2005, 04:49 PM
Hey girls whats going on? :)
It is sunny and a warm 84 degrees here. Can't complain! Did anyone watch The Dance off-Dancing with the Stars? I watched it last summer and wanted to watch the re-match last night. I could not believe how that John O'Hurley was whining how he wanted a rematch to dance again because he should have won! He was going up against Kelly Monaco, she has the best skinny body ever. Okay enough babbling about that.
Just wanted to check and see if anyone was here.
Hi Cherie, Noelle, Angie, Kempy, Dips and Cal!!!! Have a great day everyone.

09-21-2005, 07:01 PM
Hey girls, happy hump day. Not much going on here. Good news though, those hurricanes that have been coming slowly my way, they've been downgraded and are going to the northwest so they should only cause some humid conditions and some rain in the afternoons through the weekend. So I'm happy about that. I am being a good girl and doing my work like I should be doing. I'm almost caught up so maybe I can stop by here and goof off more.

I got in touch w/one of my high school girlfriends and she lives in Laguna Hills, CA, she says about 20 minutes away from Disney so I may hook-up with her for dinner one night. Haven't seen her since...well, I think I last her when I was pregnant--that's how long ago, 6-7 years? It'll be nice to reconnect.

Julie, I don't think I caught any TV last night. We did play 2 games of Scrabble though :dizzy: I had to put a ban on TV and video game playing for Michael because he got in trouble in school for talking excessively after being warned several times :rolleyes:. (He's portuguese for gosh sakes--and in Hawaii, "portuguese" means not only race, it means motor-mouth :lol: ) It's the same old story as last year. This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Well, last week he got in trouble because he was making "noises". He does the same things at home and I just can't get him to stop short of taping his mouth shut. Any ideas? I have a P/T conference tomorrow afternoon so I'm sure well be discussing that.

Has anyone heard from Angie? I'm getting worried about her and her daughter...think I'll send an email over, but I don't wanna be intrusive.

Well, i guess i should get back to work :)

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Cherie, so what did you catch on TV last night? Anything good? I canceled my Blockbuster movie pass rental thing and will switch to Netflix instead. THen I don't have to even drive to the store. Am i lazy or what? :lol: When do your girls have a fall break from school?

09-21-2005, 11:49 PM
Noelle, glad for you and your family the storm got downgraded. About little Michael, boys will be boys! I know I have one, haha.... I have my conference coming up for my ds. I am praying everything is going smooth. I think everything will be fine with our boys :). Let me know how the conference went. Have fun catching up with your girlfriend. I am sure it will bring back alot of good memories of your friendship and you being pregnant with your son.

My mom gave me a call tonight and told me to turn on the news channel, did any of you see the Jet Blue airplane do the emergency landing tonight? It was pretty scary. The front landing gear was stuck sideways. I watched the landing live. Those pilots are heros. They landed the plane and the front wheels were sparking and there was a little fire but it went out by the plane came to a stop. It was really dramatic! God was watching over those people for sure.
Okay girls it is almost 10:00 pm! The morning comes to fast. Going to go and get ready for bed. GoodNight! Have a great Thursday tomorrow.

09-22-2005, 08:58 AM
I'm sooo sorry that I've been absent these past several days but my new school and work schedule takes some getting used to. Today however I would love for that to be my biggest problem but now it is the least of them.

I got a letter from the Army ordering my mobilization back into active duty. Ya girl is being pulled back in. Good thing I still have the old uniforms, huh.

I have to report to duty in about a month. In the meantime I have to withdraw from school, quit my job and figue out what I'm going to do about my apartment. BF doesn't know yet but he won't be too thrilled about it. My mom and aunt cried all night.

I know that Cherie and Kempy have dealt with real issues this year so I won't be so insensitive as to let this break me as I know there are much worse things that can happen but DAMN This SUCKS!! I was so happy to be getting school going but I guess in essence, school will still be there whenever I get back.

Noelle- So very glad that you didn't get hit with the hurricanes.
J- My sunshine, I bet you make a really good chilli. I would love to try it.
That "Biggest Loser" show is some good quality tv. I LOVE it!!
Angie- What's poppin babe, hope everything is okay with you and your family.
Cherie- How's the diet and excersise coming along?

I have to go to work now. We're in the middle of a big project and everyone is more excited than I've seen in forever so I won't tell them until after the project is complete.

Anyways, keep in mind that I'm just sharing this info with my girls. I'm not sad and deppressed, just a little pissed off. Don't be sorry for me just join me in my pissed-hood :lol: I'll keep everyone posted.

09-22-2005, 12:08 PM
((((((((DIPS))))))))) I am so sorry to hear your news. What a major upheave for you. This is a life changing event, as much as what Kempy and I have gone through, so just know, we are here for you, and will do anything we can to help. You just never know what life is going to throw at you. I am so sorry, I knew you were so excited about school and being back home in NYC. ((((((HUGS))))))

Noelle.. I am so happy to hear that the hurricanes will miss you. Where are these reported? And why don't we hear about them here in the States??????

Julie... I finally watch The Biggest Loser last night.... and the premiere of Lost. I am so loving this DVR thingie... fast forwarding through the commercials. I can greatly reduce my TV watching time if I just let it record my shows, and then come back and watch them later! Time Management!

Angie... We are thinking about you and your family. I hope you are OK.. Please check in soon we are all worried about you.

Kempy.. same with you.. hope you are doing well, and life is getting back to normal.

Holly and Cal! HI! :-)

Well... for the first time in three years, I am happy I am not living in Houston anymore. I have called Steven's dad and step mom and they are being evacuated. I have offered my home to them. I have also tried to call Natalie and her family, but they were in the middle of a family disscussion and she hasn't called back. I hope they can get their stuff and get out of there. This hurricane that is going to hit the coast is going to be bad.

Well... I took off a week and have just been feeling blah.. it's a vicious cycle... you stop exercising, and stop eating right, then you stop feeling good about yourself, and you stop feeling good, and then you don't want to eat right, and you don't want to exercise.. and you just sprial. Well, I do anyway. So, today, I am back to focusing on my goal. All I have to show for my week of endulgence is tighter pants. So, I am back with a modified version of Phase one and a smidgen of Phase two. And my butt will get on that treadmill tonight one way or the other.

OK.. well, I better get back to work... OH and Julie... I got stuff to make chili for this weekend! :-) You got me craving it!

Talk soon!


09-22-2005, 03:50 PM
Hey girls, I was washing my car yesterday afternoon and like a dummy I stood on a chair (something I always do) to dry off the roof. Well, after going up and down a few times, the ground below was a little wet and my left foot slipped out from under me and I landed on my right hip :stars:. I think I overextended my right leg so it hurts like a s.o.b.! I had to get up on my knees and haul my big @ss up to my feet by holding onto the garage railing because no one was around. What a dummy. I know I shouldn't have been standing on that damn chair--with my dad falling off the stool not too long ago and hurting his arm... and to make matters worse, I only got done wiping half the car so the other half has water spots--AND Rick had to take Michael to his karate lesson afterward and it freakin' RAINED! So i hurt myself for NOTHING! I am taking 800 mg of ibuprofen for the inflammation and it's working so far. No visible bruises but my joints are out of whack. I do hope I can walk during my vacation. If this isn't incentive to lose weight I don't know what is. My gawd, I am so pissed at myself. BTW Michael took his exam for his orange belt and I think he did really good, so come Monday he may be a higher rank :crossed:

Dips, ya mon, that sucks about the recall :mad: I bet your old uniforms will be too big. all I can say is Godspeed, friend. Any idea when this will all take place and where you'll be going? I'm right there crying w/your mother :cry:

Cherie, you're making me want a DVR now. Am I finally going to succumb to digital cable??? :lol: I just heard that Hurricane Rita was downgraded to a Cat 4, still huge, but a little bit of good(?) news. I know you have many friends and family in TX and I send my prayers to keep them all safe. You know, I don't know why some on the mainland don't hear about stuff going on in the pacific. Maybe because of Katrina and Rita being such BIG storms a "maybe" hurricane threat to our tiny little islands isn't such news...that's my take on it. Our Costco and Sam's clubs were actually out of stock on bottled water, there was an article in the paper about that. The good thing is that all of the 3 storm systems near here are weakening. You never know what will kick up next though.

Julie, that JetBlue landing was amazing. That pilot was so skilled and he just saved everyone's @sses. Imagine being on the plane watching through the video monitors--that must've been so crazy with flames and the screeching metal. I'm so glad everyone was safe.

Well, I should get my butt back into a comfy position so i don't aggravate my aches and pains. You girls have a good day and wish me a speedy recovery so i can have fun at Mickey's house :crossed:

09-22-2005, 08:19 PM
Hi Girls. I popped in before but now I have a little time to post.

Dips I feel bad for you. Because I know how much you are enjoying your apartment, school and work sounds like it is going great. Hugs!! Are you going back to Italy? I hope you are going somewhere you will like atleast. Keep us posted.

Noelle, you poor poor thing!! I hope you heal up in time for your vacation. Go Michael on his exam :bravo:!! You know as you said to Cherie, I don't hear that much about stuff going on in Hawaii. I wish I did. I can tell you some farming and Packer news if you want it, Just Kidding! I will not bore you with the details :lol:.

Cherie, I hope your friends and family are safe. I just can't imagine how scared everybody is after Katrina hit. I think I am on the same page as you as far as taking a week off. Well I think I took a little longer than a week from excersing and eating right :^:. Soon as my pms terror time is done I am making a commitment :). I have to. Don't you just love fast fowarding through the commericals? is like saying I don't have to watch these dumb advertisements if I don't have to LOL.

Gotta run girls. Dh just came in and said he and dd are making an apple crisp, I don't think I will be able to resist a warm serving with a scoop of ice cream :o !! Check back later tonight.

For all of you not posting just know I miss you very much :)!

09-22-2005, 11:07 PM
Btw....TGIF :D :D

09-23-2005, 01:02 PM
Noelle!!!!!! Oh girl, I hope you are feeling better today. You poor thing. :-( Good Luck to Micheal!!!! That's pretty exciting!

Julie.. APPLE CRISP??????? Oh YUM... I just love those and apple pies. YUM.

I am sitting here watching the news online from Houston... the waters and waves are starting up now on the coast. I think I'll be watching this all day long. My friend Nat and her family are staying put, they tried to leave yesterday, but couldn't. The traffic was so bad, and I haven't heard from Steven's dad either.. and he is right in the way of the eye of the hurricane. I hope they left last night like he said.

Do any of you have a digital scale to weigh your food? I am trying to find a good one. I also splurged and ordered a heart rate moniter last night. So I am going to get really serious about this diet and exercise thing.

Oh wow.. a levee broke again in New Orleans. :-(

OK.. well, I better get back to work.. I'll talk to you soon.


Oh.. weight in.. 154.00 today. Down 1.5 from two weeks ago. :-)

09-23-2005, 05:19 PM
Go Cherie Go!!! :cheer: Down is good. You have that wonderful cruise to look forward to to keep you on track. I don't have a food scale or a regular scale for that matter. I think my niece swiped it. She's into judo and boxing so she's very conscious of her weight--darn skinny girl has got some muscles. Gosh I feel so bad for those people in Houston. I can only pray some more that everyone who could not evacuate are kept out of harms way. Did you guys hear about that evacuee bus with the senior citizens on it, they think someone's oxygen cannister exploded and ignited the bus, killing half of the people on board. That is just so tragic. And the levees in NO are failing, again... what the heck is going on? I hear there's talk of gas prices rising to $5-6 a gallon after this hurricane. I can only hope it's not true.

Well, the leg(s) are feeling better today, just a little achy in the thigh area, like a mean charlie horse or something. The left knee is still a little weak as well, my weight can not be helping things at all. Once I get my legs back I am going to get them working again and get some of this damn bulk off. Michael's PT conference went really well, the teacher said she didn't have anything "of note" that she could show me. According to her, he's reading at a 3rd grade level (along w/3 other kids) and come next quarter she will be expecting even more from them (sorry I just had to brag a little :lol: ). The only thing that brought his overall grade down was his handwriting...duh, he gets that bad penmanship from his dad :lol: I guess I've got to convince him to slow down and write neatly as it is part of his grade. So all in all, he's doing pretty darn good in the 1st grade. :strong:

Julie, how's the weather in your neck of the woods? I wouldn't mind hearing news about cows or cheese....or Brett Favre :T I was watching a show called Sports Wives (?) or something like that. They featured his wife, how they met, their daughters, his charity, blah blah blah...just kidding, it was a good show.

Have any of you ever watched Soap Talk (w/Lissa Rinna?) they are filming here in Hawaii (yesterday and today) so you might want to check it out to see the touristy Hawaiian sights (Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach). Rick was working at a condo in Waikiki and the cast of Lost was filming on the beach below where he was. Sucky thing is, I had his camera that day to take pics at Michael's school function... so no paparazzi photos of Matthew Fox :( .

Anyway, HOPE ALL THE REST OF YOU GIRLS ARE DOING GOOD OUT THERE. Long time no hear. Stay safe!

09-23-2005, 08:11 PM
Hi Girls, Happy Friday.

Cherie, way to go on the loss of pounds! Keep it up girl. I don't have a food scale. I would love to get a pedometer also. I might look into getting one.
Hope your friends and family are safe. I can not believe NO. is getting hit again. So scary. Have a great weekend!

Noelle, happy your legs are feeling better. Go Michael. That is wonderful about his reading level! You must be so proud! I have never seen Soap-Talk. I love Lisa Rinna though. Cool about the cast from Lost. I wish I would have saw that. The weather here is nice and cool here. It was in the mid-sixties today. Sunny too. Fall is here. I am ready for it after the long hot humid summer.

Well ladies we might go to a local orchard this weekend and pick some apples. Not to much else planned. Well I have to go get the kids in from outside or tell dh to put jackets on them. It is actually a little cool. Talk with you all soon. Hi everybody.

09-23-2005, 11:30 PM
Wishing you all a nice weekend :)

09-24-2005, 02:59 AM
It's been a long week. Only 2 more before break. I gave my kiddos a Literature test today and because they are reading in Literature Circles (they're in groups of 5-6; about 6 groups per class and I have 3 Literature classes) they are all reading different books. I had to make up 10 different tests; it took me over a week to do. :dizzy: I'm glad it's over. Now I have to grade them all before Monday. Only....2....more....weeks!!!!!

Noelle: I do hope you're feeling better. Take care of yourself. I hope you enjoy your visit with your friend. I've decided not to go to Disneyland for Ashley's birthday this year. I really enjoy going at Christmas time, so I think we'll go then. Of course, next summer we're planning to go to Europe and we've even discussed going to Disneyland Paris.

Cherie: It is scary to think about another hurricane threatening a Gulf city. I have friends in Houston and they are also being evacuated. My sister's in-laws also live in Houston, but on the northeast side. They are not being evacuated.....yet.

Dips: :grouphug: I feel for you because I know how excited you were to be back home, in school, and having a terrific job and bf. Let us know where you'll be so we can send care packages. You're always in our prayers.

Angie: I hope everything is ok. Please check in so we know you are ok.

Julie: I saw the news special about that plane in LA also. It was amazing. Those pilots ARE heroes. I had such a good, tingling feeling as I watched that plane land safely. I was so happy I cried.

Kempy: I am praying that everything is getting back to normal for you. Please check in; we really miss you.

It's late for me so I'm saying goodnight and God bless you all.


09-24-2005, 11:27 AM
Good morning ladies, I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd jump was 3:30 a.m. when I got up :yawn: We had dinner at an Italian restaurant last night and i still have garlic breath :faint: :lol:. So what's everyone up to today?

Cal, nice to hear from you. I like how you said "Only....2....more....weeks" like it was some monumental struggle :lol: :D Ooh, Disney at Xmas must be soooooo fun. Disneyland Paris sounds wonderful too. Ashley is a lucky girl to be so well travelled.

Julie, have fun at the apple orchard. I can smell the apple crisp baking already :hun:

Cherie, what cool things do you have planned for you and your beautiful girls this weekend? Any word from family and friends in TX?

Dips, so did you break the news to everyone? They're gonna miss having you around, and that goes for us here too. Yeah, and like Cal said, let us know where you're headed so we can send you some good stuff.

Kempy and Angie, hope you too are doing OK. Come out and say Boo :)

Well, I need to do my laundry so I can see what needs packing. Only 4 more days til vacation :cb: Have fun today ladies.

09-26-2005, 02:15 PM
Hi everyone!

Cal nice to see you. Your vacations for the future sound fabulous. Countdown is on, 2 more weeks :D!

Noelle are you all packed up yet? I will miss you around here. Have a great time :)!

Kempy I hope you are okay after the last storm. I have been thinking about you. Jump on line when you can girl.

Cherie, have you heard from Natalie or Steven's Dad? I hope they are safe also.

Dips how are you? Have you heard more news yet on the move?

Hi Angie, Miss you! Hope all is well with you.

I did not end up going to the orchard, the weather here was terrible. We had alot of rain. But maybe next weekend. Didn't do anything to exciting. I made a huge ham dinner last night complete with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, ham rolls, cauliflower and jello salads. I was hungry for an Easter dinner I guess :). I got leftovers and can't wait for dinner tonight.
I just cut my bangs....I hope it doesn't look funny, but I am in the in between hair cut stage and don't want to pay all that money for them just to trim up my bangs, I want to grow the back of my hair longer. Well girls wanted to pop in and say Hello. Check back later on.

09-26-2005, 09:04 PM
Happy Monday girls... how was your weekend? Mine was spent doing laundry and attempting to pack. I went to Walmart for a few "last minute" things and ended up spending $103... sheesh--so much for saving some money for vacation! :lol: It was miserably hot over the weekend, 86 degrees, but w/the humidity it was like 94, no breeze to speak of. I can't wait to get into a little bit cooler weather. I think I'll be okay walking-wise, the knees and thigh muscle are a little achy but nothing will keep me from seeing Mickey. This afternoon Michael should be getting his orange karate belt :crossed:

Julie, your easter dinner sounds yummy! I like to take a roll and put a little dab of mashed potato in it and a slice of ham :hun: Sorry you guys had a lot of rain but the apple orchard will be there next weekend eh? How are the pumpkin patches in your area? I drove by the nearby farm and the field was just a blaze of orange.

I'll be out on appointments tomorrow so I don't know if I'll get to check in before I go on Wednesday. I'll miss you girls while on vacation but will be thinking of you!!! Bye Julie, Cherie, Cal, Angie, Kempy, Dips....everyone. I'll be back in HI on the following Thursday afternoon :wave:

09-27-2005, 07:59 PM
Hi guys, I am so sorry I havent posted in a while I just havent been into doing much of anything lately. Brit is doing okay now I guess. I am sure it is just the normal teenage crap but it is very unexpected to be dealing with it all this young. On the plus side she did pass all the drug tests they gave her at the hospital so I now know that was the first time she really did something wrong.

I got a call from Kempy today and she wanted me to tell you all that she misses chatting and she doesnt know when her checks will come in so she can get a new computer but she will be back. They made it through the last storm okay...they didnt even lose power. She wanted to know if you got her birthday card okay Julie?

Noelle, Thanks for the email, I hadnt even realized I had been missing for so long. I am sorry.

Well, the leaves are starting to change up here. I cant wait until full bloom because I missed it last year because I had Salmonella...remember? YUCK!

09-27-2005, 08:29 PM
GoodEvening Ladies.

Bye Noelle. Have a wonderful time :) :wave:

Hi Angie, good to hear from you. I am so happy Brit is doing better. I have been saying prayers for you guys. Wow, I remeber when you were sick last year. I can't believe it has been a year all ready. Time goes by so fast. I remember how sick you were. It was like 20 days straight wasn't it? You will have to take a nice car ride and check out those leaves!! They are just starting to change here.

Yes, I did recieve Kempy's card. I just opened it today.
THANK YOU KEMPY!!!! It was a nice surprise. I was so happy!

Cherie, how are you doing? Hope all is well with you :)

Well girls my ds has a little homework. I can't believe how early they start getting homework now....LOL, I don't remember doing homework until 5th grade. Biggest Loser is on tonight and I would like to catch a couple of minutes of it. Bye for now

09-28-2005, 11:48 AM
Julie, I am so glad you got her card. She is so sweet. I love talking to her even though I seem to ramble on the phone. :lol: Yep, I was sick for over 3 weeks straight last October. YUCK!! That was the worst thing I have ever felt. I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy.

Noelle, Have fun on your vacation. I wished I could come too. :lol:

Dips, I just read what you are going through. I am so sorry. I know how happy you were to be starting a new life and college. That is too bad. Do you know where you are going yet? Stay safe. We love you.

Cherie, Whats up girl? How are you doing?

Well, I did 15 whole minutes on my bike this morning. That is 15 minutes more than I have done in 2 years so I guess it is a small start. My legs were so red and itchy after. haha

09-28-2005, 03:34 PM
Hey everyone.... sorry I've been missing.. this has been a hectic week. I've been to the dentist three times.. with my forth one tomorrow, it's been payroll week, and Monday I went and traded my old civic for a newer used car, a 2001 Subaru Outback Wagon, and that has been taking up my time.....

Diet wise.. I have been eating everything in sight. Not pretty I tell you... I just love food. Last night was Hannah's first brownie troop meeting, so I got way off my schedule again. Thank goodness for DVR, cause I have the premiere of Desperate Housewives to watch, The Biggest Loser, Boston Legal and the Amazing Race to catch up on... and tonight... LOST! :-)

Angie.... ((((((HUGS))))))) its so great to see you back.. I have missed you. I hope Brit is doing better. Your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Noelle.. have a great vacation!!!! And I hear you on the heat.. it's been in the 90's for the past two weeks here.. and I am so sick of this weather. It's FALL... it should start feeling like fall instead of the dead of summer.

Julie How are you doing? I took the girls this past weekend to go see Corpse Bride, and I thought of you.... Remember me telling you I thought you reminded me of Helena Bohnam Carter? Well, she has the lead voice in that movie! Movie was OK.. girls liked it.. I got bored a little, but as I said, the girls liked it. Not as good as Nightmare before Christmas in my opinion, but still good.

Dips... any word yet? Have you already been shipped off??????

Kempy.... we miss you!!! Hope you get your computer soon!

Cal... Break is almost here! I wish I could say the same for our school...

Holly.. have you left us again?????

OK.. well, I need to finish checking payroll..... I am just so unmotivated right now. Not even the cruise is helping me watch what I eat (except for when it goes into my mouth).

I'll talk to you guys soon!!!


09-29-2005, 10:37 AM
Good Morning... Thursday. My last trip to the dentist for this week... and more money spent.

This dieting/exercise thing is just a constant struggle isn't it? I mean I want to be healthy, and I want to lose weight, but I just am not doing the things I need to do to accomplish that goal. I am eating badly, I am not exercising, and I am sitting on my butt. I've gotta just do it I guess. No excuses, no whining, just do it.

Last night, I made chili. It was really good, but I got it too spicy and the girls wouldn't eat much of it. Afterwards, we went to the library, and I picked up the copy of the book Food for Fitness by Chris Carmichael (lance armstrong's trainer) that they were holding for me. I am going to start reading that today and just get some motivation. I came home, and the girls went to bed.. and I just wasted the rest of my night. I finally watched Desperate Housewives (I can't believe Rex is really gone, that was so sad) and The Biggest Loser. I got to bed late and had weird dreams all night, so I am feeling a little tired today. Oh.. and a cold front moved in yesterday evening, and it was brrrrrrrrrr cold this morning.

Tomorrow, I am renting a trailer, and I am going to take my brother the furniture I am giving him. I've been waiting for almost two months for him to come and get it, but he hasn't been able to, so I will just take it myself.

OK.. well, I need to go work on my desk. My dentist appointment is at 2.. so I probably won't check back til later tonight!

Have a great day girls!


09-29-2005, 08:49 PM
OK.. no more dentist appointments for at least two or three weeks! :D Next cleaning is in three months. My teeth are sore from all the deep cleaning they did this week...

After my appointment, I met Alan downtown and we went rollerblading along the river. It was nice. Neither one of us had done the trails by the river before (they just completed them earlier this year) so it was something new for us both. Afterwards, we went to Earl's BBQ.. there on the canal (right by Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill) :-) So I had a really nice afternoon.

Now.. I need to feed my girls.. I hear them screaming outside so I guess I better go check on them.


09-29-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi Girls!

Cherie, you poor thing going to the dentist that much, what are you having done if you don't mind me asking? I hope not a root canal....I had two and those things are a pain! I was ticked I forgot about Desperate Housewives and did not turn it on until it was almost done. How did Rex die? I was suprised when I turned it on and saw the funeral. It was cold here this morning to. I think it was in the upper thirties. It only got up to the fifties here today. But the sun was shining so that was nice. Congrats on the new car! I like those :). You know I am having a hard time with eating. I think that fall is here makes it harder. Lets just do the best we can :)!!

Angie, way to go on the bike ride. It is more excerise than I have done.
How are the kitties doing?

I am going to go and watch a little of Survivor now. Just got out of the kitchen. Made a big dinner. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and squash. It was great to run the oven on a cool day :). Nothing to exciting going on with me :lol:. I want to go to the mall and get some fall clothes. I need running pants and just everyday clothes to wear. Okay bye for now.

09-29-2005, 10:49 PM
Julie.. I wish I could send you my recording of DH.... about Rex.. remember in the finale he was having heart problems? (due to the drugs that the mad pharmasist was giving him) He was in the hospital and they were going to do a surgery on him, but he had a heart attack and died. The doctor called Bree while she was at home and told her, and the final scene of the last show was where she was sitting at the dining room table.. it was such a moving scene. Anyway... they had the funeral this time... and Rex did look like a creepy dead guy... I loved Rex.. I didn't want it to be true. As for Zach... Susan's boyfriend knows it's his son.. Susan decided not to move in with Mike because of it, she is afraid of Zach. Lynette went back to work, aced an interview WITH the baby in tow, and Carlo's wife faked a paternity test to make it show he is the father. (She still doesn't know who the father is, but didn't want to go through the test). And you saw the last weird part with Alfree Woodard... not sure what is up with that.

I need to come to your house for dinner.. that sounds GREAT! Your husband better know exactly how lucky he is to have you!!!

OK.. I guess I can go watch survivor too... I taped it :-) I'll see you guys tomorrow!


09-29-2005, 11:09 PM
Thanks Cherie for updating me on DH. It is going to be a good season. Those women are all so darn beautiful! I'm jealous :lol:
I am going to shut this computer down now and try and get myself into bed. I am so tired, LOL. TGIF All!!!! The weather here is going to be really nice here this weekend so I would like to get the family outside doing something. Maybe take a ride north and look at the fall colors or go hiking somewhere. I would like to go and get some fresh apples too.
GoodNight Everyone.

09-30-2005, 12:58 PM
Fresh Apples and hiking.. that sounds like a great plan! Myself, I'm just going to see my brother .. a quick trip to drop off my extra furniture. Sunday, it's church, going shopping for the cruise and back home to a church activity with the girls at Perfect Swing. A fun outdoors play park area. My weekend will be really full.. but fun.

Today, I am fighting a fever blister that came up yesterday and a headache that I had yesterday as well. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I just wish these annoyances would go away.

The weather is is beautiful... nice and cool... sunny. I love this. I slept with my window open all night long. Wish I could do that again tonight.. but I'll be somewhere in Arkansas.. not even sure where we will be staying tonight! I'll play it by ear.

OK.. well back to work here. I'll talk to you soon!


10-01-2005, 11:33 AM
Hi All,

Sorry to be MIA for awhile. Report cards have to be input and printed by Monday. I had 95 5-paragraph essays and 95 Literature tests that still needed grading. I'm all finished and reading to input the grades. We have conferences next Thurs and Fri. I decided to print out progress reports for any students with D's or F's so I can show the parents why their son/daughter is failing; mostly due to missing work. This week will be hectic, but it's the last one before break.

Julie: Going to see fall colors sounds great. I wish we could do that here. Up north, near Flagstaff and Sedona, the fall colors aren't worth going to see until November. Maybe we'll take a drive then.

Cherie: Enjoy your weekend. It does sound like fun. I'm actually looking forward to having some time to do fun things. I am so busy with school that I just don't feel like doing anything very much. I will be volunteering at Ashley's school for a couple of days while I'm on break. I'm looking forward to it.

This is short and I don't mean to leave anyone out, but I have to go to the school to input the grades. I want to get it done early.

Have a great day and weekend everyone!!


10-03-2005, 02:59 PM
Happy Monday! :-) It's October... I love October! Not too hot, not too cold. Great Month!

Well, I took my furniture to my brother Friday evening. I spent the night with them and got up and started coming back home around noon Saturday. It was great seeing my brother and his family, but it made me realize, I am so glad I don't have a baby anymore. His son, Connor, will be 2 on Xmas Eve. And all he did was cry! Needless to say, I asked Hannah if she wanted a baby brother now, and she said NO.. and I said, well me either.. and she said.. but you already have one, and I told her, See.. I know what I am talking about! :D My brother didn't appreciate that humor. :D

Sunday, I skipped church.. and cleaned the house a bit. The girls and I went and met a friend of mine and we went shopping for dresses for the cruise. I found a really nice black satin long dress to wear.. and a few others. It's going to be strange wearing these clothes. I haven't dressed like this in years, and Alan has never seen me in a dress really, so he will be surprised. Now.. if I can just buckle down for three weeks and make sure I look OK in the dresses, I'll be happy.

Tonight, Megan has her daisy meeting... and tomorrow my aunt and uncle are coming for dinner, so I need to make it to the grocery store.

Oh.. I took Hannah to the orthodontist.. and in a month, she is going to be fitted for an appliance for her upper mouth, with something called a Quad Helix with thumb habit reminder. Hopefully this will help break her of her thumb sucking habit and get her top mouth aligned. 6 months later, we will be addressing her lower mouth with another appliance. Now I know why my mother never took me to an orthodontist... they are expensive!

OK.. guess I better get to work now....

Cal.... Good Luck this week. Enjoy your break next week!

Talk soon,

10-04-2005, 10:50 AM
Good Morning! :-) Nothing much to report.. Megan had a great Daisy meeting last night, and I actually got on the treadmill! :-) Woo hoo! I tried out my new heart rate monitor.. but every time I tried to jog, it started beeping at me, seems my heart rate was going OVER the limit... so I need to look at the book and see if I can adjust it. Anytime I got it over 147 it would start beeping.

Tonight, my aunt and uncle are coming over. I am making meatloaf and mashed potatoes with black eyed peas. I hope I can control my eating.... I love that stuff! I never cook it cause it's just too much for the girls and I?

Well, I hope everyone is doing ok. I'll check back in later.

10-04-2005, 05:58 PM
Halloween candy sucks. I've had 4 mini bars today.. in addition to two rice cakes that came straight from Japan, and they are a little greasy, so I know they are not as healthy as my Quaker Oats ones. I can't read what is in them.. all Japanese to me :D

ok... going home now.

10-05-2005, 10:07 AM
Happy Wednesday... It is Wednesday right? We are expecting a cold front today.. so I sent the girls out in jeans and jackets.. even though they don't need them this morning. By this afternoon, the temps are going to drop over 20 degrees!

I didn't exercise last night. My aunt and uncle came over and we had a really nice visit. I was kinda surprised by that. They didn't leave til 8 PM.. and by the time I got the girls into bed... I just wasn't into exercising. I am procrastinating and I need to get past that.

Well... I'm not sure where everyone is.. but HI EVERYONE!!!! :-) I miss ya!

OK.. I'll check back in later to see if anyone comes up for air!


10-05-2005, 08:25 PM
Hi Girls.

Cherie, sorry you have been alone here the last couple of days! I have been busy and have not made time to post :^:. Plus I couldn't get on the internet today so dh had to call our internet server and figure what was going on with it today. Ds had a field trip today. He has got these two girls that just will not leave his side. It is so cute. One of them calls him her boyfriend. I am not ready for that yet, lol! I went over to the mall after to spend my gift certificate from my birthday and bought some bras and panties and I got these really cool knives. Oh joy, huh :lol:. I am just way to boring, lol. I also got some wine glasses and I am trying to talk dh into having a glass of wine once in a while with me. My eating has just been terrible, yikes!! I have to get control of it. I want at least ten pounds GONE!! I had some brats for dinner tonight. But on wheat buns ;).
The weather here was so hot and humid today. I could not believe it for this time of year. We are suppose to get a big cool down though tomorrow. Hopefully that will bring some of my motivation back to excercise. I just have such a hard time excercising in the heat. My body totally swells up even when pms is not here. I don't know what is up with that? We also ended up going apple picking last weekend. It was a great time. The apples taste so great right off the tree. I also tried a new apple crisp recipe from my Paula Dean cookbook. I will not even tell you how much butter went into it. I cut the recipe in half though. I love her recipes.

Cherie, I bet you will look beautiful in your black dress. How fun to dress up! I have not dressed up like that in years either. You have a thumb sucker too, my dd has been doing that forever. I remember on my ultrasound she was doing that in my belly. I am trying to talk her out of it. She is four. So hopefully I can get her to stop. I am craving Halloween candy sooo bad! I want a Almond Joy!! None in the house though.
I am glad you had a nice visit with your Aunt and Uncle. Your dinner sounds so good. I have not had meatloaf in ages. It is a great fall comfort food.

Cal I hope you busy week is going smoothly for you. I have so much respect for teachers. They work so hard!

Well girls kids are asking for a snack and dinner just got done with an hour ago, lol. Check back soon! Hi everyone. :)

10-05-2005, 08:27 PM
Btw Noelle I hope you are having a great time! You come back tomorrow I thought you had said. Missed ya!

10-05-2005, 11:28 PM
Night Girls :)

10-06-2005, 12:54 PM
Julie.. your son has some girlfriends eh? :D Well, back when Hannah was in kindergarten, they exchanged valentines with the class. In her bag was this very lovely homemade one that obviously someone helped the little boy with, and it said on the inside, I LOVE YOU HANNAH, LOVE ERIC. Well.... as you can imagine.. Mom wasn't too thrilled with this... and Hannah told me it was from her BOYFRIEND!!!!! I finally got to meet this little boy one day during the summer, and I have to say, she had good taste cause he was a cutie! :-) Now she has boys that she 'likes' and I try to keep it light hearted and enjoy her innocence. She still thinks kissing is EWWWWWWW so that is a good thing! :-)

Oh... and on another note about Hannah... I got two letters in the mail from her school yesterday. She took a standardized test a couple of weeks ago, and she scored above average on it. The second letter was from the school saying because of this ability test, (she scored in the 97-99% of kids her age and kids in her grade across the US), she qualified for the Gifted and Talented program in her school. And that she would remain throughout her school career in the G&T program! I am so proud of her! I knew she was smart! Now if I can only get Megan to be half that bright... but I think we are going to have a few learning disabilities with her... I just need to sit down and start working with her at night.

My diet and exercise has gone out the window... and I don't know where to find it. It just sucks not to have any motiviation. I am finding myself slipping into a depression again, for no reason that I know of.. so I may start back on the antidepressants for a while.

OK.. well, I hope everyone is doing great..... Julie, did you watch the biggest loser this week? I really liked Ryan.. I was sorry to see her go. But she looks awesome now.

OK..back to work.. talk soon,


10-06-2005, 01:42 PM
Cherie, congrats on your little Hannah! Wow that is great about the about her test scores. That is really something to be proud of. My ds has his conferences coming up and I hope and pray to hear good reports. He has really got adjusted to kindergarten very well. It is quite a change for a kid to go to school all day when they were never in like a full time daycare setting. But I have positive feeling he is going to do just fine.
I am sorry you are feeling down. You know you have been through so much, with the loss of Steven and moving and taking care of the girls on your own. It must be a lot to handle. You are so so strong! The girls are lucky to have you as their Mom.
I caught the end of the Biggest Loser. I have been missing parts of it. I have to send myself and e-mail to remind me. I liked Ryan too.
Okay I will check in later on, I have to finish getting dd signed up for dance class that starts next week. And I think I might make some tuna salad sandwiches for lunch, YUM! Have a great day girls :)

10-06-2005, 11:40 PM
Have a great Friday. Hi everyone.

10-07-2005, 11:22 PM
Hey girls, I'm back! I am tired and feeling headachy but I am glad to be home. I lost my voice at Disneyland (Space Mountain) and maybe California Adventure (Tower of Terror), then I caught a slight cold so it was a double whammy on my vocal chords. I sound like a raspy chain smoker :smoking: Anyway, the vacation was great, I did write post cards in CA but did not get to send them out until I got to Vegas so you guys should be getting them any day now. I missed chatting w/you guys but I had a blast.... my sis called me with the news that Motley Crue is supposed to doing a tour stop here in HI on 12/14--wouldn't that just be a major birthday treat for me??? I was seriously contemplating extending my stay in Vegas since they are performing at the Hard Rock on 10/8 and 9....I flew home on the 6th :( But anyway, concert tix there were $195 and up.

I have to go back and read up on the thread...I'll be back tomorrow hopefully. Love ya girls. Talk later.

10-08-2005, 01:51 PM
Hi Noelle!!!! So glad you are back, I missed chatting with you too! Glad you had a great time. You better take care of that voice because you will be losing it AGAIN on your birthday ;). That is so COOL about the concert right on the day of your birthday. You are going to go aren't you? WOOHOO so excited for you. We regret not going :( ....I felt like I was to old....what the heck was I thinking :lol:? Anyway I will be watching for the post card from you, that was sweet of you to think of us. Take care of that cold and get some rest girl.

Cherie are you feeling better? Thinking of you. Any plans for the weekend?

Cal how is break going? Relax and have fun!

Angie, how are you doing? Did you take a ride yet to see the fall colors? I think they are almost at their peak up north here.

Dips any word yet on where you are going? Been thinking of you.

Kempy miss chatting with you.

My mom just stopped by and dropped off a Casper DVD for the kids. I think we will watch that tonight. That will have to do until Chicken Little comes out, the kids can't wait to go and see it. It looks like a cute movie. One of our local grocery stores is having their annual pumpkin festival today so we are going to get some. The kids want to carve one so I will be making toasted pumpkin seeds. I just love the smell of a fresh cut pumpkin. Yesterday I went and I got a new pair of jeans but I got a size smaller than I am wearing now. And everytime that I want to have a bowl of ice cream after dinner (I had a bowl after dinner everynight this week :o) I am going to think about the jeans. Also I am going to go make room in the family room for my treadmill, I am going to dust the thing off and use it. Have a great Saturday everyone. Check back later on :)

10-10-2005, 12:02 PM
Hey ladies! Sorry I have been MIA again. My mom passed away in September, and I have been having a rough time. I feel like I was hit by 2 ton of bricks, one when my husband did what he did, and another when my mom passed.

Needless to say, my diet has been non-existent. I am considering buying stock in Brach's candy corn :ink: . I truly believe I am a sugar addict.

It's getting colder up here :(. Highs of 60.....Blah! Think maybe I'll fly south with the geese for the winter!!

I'll write more later!

Hope everyone is well!! :)

10-10-2005, 05:58 PM
Good morning girls, happy Monday happy Monday happy Monday happy Monday....I'm thinking if I say it enough times I'll start to believe it??? I am suffering from the Monday morning back-to-work-need-another-vacation kind of blahs. I spent the last half-hour planning my next trip to Vegas for New Year's eve :lol:. This time we are bringing our work crew instead of giving them a cash bonus. Leaving the kiddos at home this time so we can have some alone time too :love: :devil: I am wishing i was at home so I could do some laundry. It's Columbus Day but a lot of people are working here, so I guess I should too.

Holly, :grouphug: I know your mother was ailing for some time. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine being without my mother so I know how devastated you must feel right now. If you need to talk, you know where to find us, PM me if you like. Maybe you need a Hawaii vacation? Take care girl, we miss chatting it up with you around here.

Julie, did you get some good sized pumpkins? I like to carve pumpkins too, not so much for the smell, but for the therapy effect--gripping that knife and just gutting that poor gourd ;) hahaha. I must sound a little crazy about now. I remember one year Rick and I went out at the last minute to get a pumpkin for Halloween. THe only ones left were these huge, like 20+ pounders (that's huge for us). He ended up grabbing my mom's Betty Crocker cookbook (I kid you not) and making pumpkin pies from scratch! I was so amazed, and proud of him. THey tasted awesome too. Did I already tell you guys that story? :dizzy:

Cherie, that is so great about Hannah, I know she will excel in the G/T program. You have every right to be proud of her. Feeling a little down these days? I always get a little blue right before all the fall holidays--I mean, I enjoy them and all, but there's something like too much pressure with having them all roll one after the other...Do what you have to do to get yourself through. How's your work week going so far--or are you a lucky one that has the day off today?

Angie, don't be a stranger lady--we miss you around here. What's happening in Guilford these days? :)

Kempy, thinking about you and how things are going in your town.

Dips, is it mum's the word? Top secret military stuff and the like?

Cal, hope you are enjoying your fall break, I know I enjoyed mine.

10-11-2005, 10:48 AM
Hello All,

I am enjoying my break so far. Yesterday I had the day to myself. Ashley and Alberto were at school. I cleaned Ashley's room (a feat I still haven't finished.) :dizzy: I have a conference with Ashley's teacher this afternoon. Conferences were last week, but they were during the same time as the conferences at my school.
We're not going anywhere for this break. We're saving for next summer's trip to Europe.

Holly: I'm sorry about your mom. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Angie: I hope everything is well with you. We miss you.

Noelle: I'm glad you had a good time in Calif and that you got to spend some time with a friend. Thanks for the postcard. I had thought about going to CA during this break, but we will probably go in Dec.

Kempy: I hope you can come back online soon. We miss you.

Cherie: Congrats on your daughter. She will do very well. When is the cruise?

Dips: We miss you as well. Let us know how things are going.

Julie: We don't have any fall colors here, but it is starting to cool down. This morning it is about 60 and the high is supposed to be around 85-90.

Take care everyone.


10-11-2005, 08:43 PM
Hi girls

Noelle we did get some pretty nice pumpkins. Go Rick baking those homemade pies. I can't wait until Thanksgiving to eat some pumpkin pie. Isn't so hard to get back into the swing of things after a vacation, I hope you are having a nice Tuesday at work.

Holly I am so sorry about the loss of your Mom. Sending prayers your way. Feel free to come and chat whenever you have the time.

Cal have a nice rest of your vacation.

I went to the dentist today and my mouth is hurting. I am going to drink some ice water. I just can't stand the smell in the dental office, it gets me sick to my stomach. Anyway girls thats is it from my end. Not to much to report. Anyone hear from Angie? I wonder where our girl is. Take care everyone. Bye for now. :)

10-13-2005, 03:18 PM
Pulling us off the 2nd page....what's happening girls? Cat got your tongues? ;) Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying life. I don't have much to report here. In the news though, didya guys hear about actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer?) on Lost was robbed at gunpoint in his Hawaii home? This guy lives in a posh neighborhood now, on the east side of the island (i live out on the wild wild west :dizzy: ) I know it made national news. I don't watch Lost much, but I do know a good looking guy when I see one. Apparently the robber guy went into Holloway's home when he and his wife were in bed (it was early morning) took some of their valuables then drove off with his Benz. That just sucks. To liven things up around here, here's a pic of Mr. Holloway. :T

10-13-2005, 05:30 PM
Hi Noelle. I did hear about that. Scary. He is a good looking man!
I LOVE LOVE your quote. Awesome. Well just wanted to pop in and see if anyone was here. Gotta run ds is getting out of school. Hope to see more of everyone around and hello! Check back later :)

10-13-2005, 08:13 PM
Just popping back in after dinner. It sure is getting slow around here. Come on out everyone. Not much to talk about without everyone here. Miss chatting with you all. It seems like everyone including myself is busy I guess.
My dd started dance class this week. She looks just so cute in her little outfit. It is a tap/ballet class. Also I went on a field trip this week with my ds to a pumpkin patch. We got a nice little pumpkin. My husband suggested we go on a trip this winter. Either to a ski resort or maybe Disney, if we can save up. This winter heating costs are going up 70% from last year around here! That is just crazy.
Well girls that is about it from my end. Hope to hear from all of you. Take care. Hi Noelle, Cherie, Angie, Kempy, Cal, Dips and Holly :)

10-14-2005, 10:57 AM
Hi All,

I sure miss everyone. I agree with Julie that everyone must be really busy. I know the holidays are creeping up on us and I look forward to the support from everyone during those trying, but joyful, times.

Yesterday was Ashley's 8th birthday. She is so excited about being 8. Her dad wanted to spend some time with her because he doesn't get the chance very often, so he took her at about noon and they went off for some Daddy/Daughter time. He took her to the Science Museum and out to dinner. I enjoyed some alone time and then spent the evening with both of them.

I feel I'm really getting some rest now. I have one more week of break and I'm sure I will be ready to go back by then. Ashley is out of school yesterday and today, so I do get to spend some time with her.

Come out everyone and tell what's been happening.

Thinking about and missing everyone.


10-14-2005, 03:39 PM
Cal, please let Ashley know that Michael, Rick and i wish her the happiest of birthdays. :hb: :gift: :hat: :balloons: :woo: Wow, 8 years old already, a young lady! :) Glad she got to spend some quality time w/dad too. Enjoy the rest of your time off!

Today is sunny-but-drizzling. How am I supposed to get the laundry done without the sun??? Ha, who am I kidding, i love throwing everything in the dryer. Anywho, it's a month of birthdays for our family here. It's my #2 sis' b-day (45?) and I got her a Victoria's Secret Love Spell shampoo and conditioner set. It's my nieces 17th b-day on Sunday, then my #3 sis b-day on the 20th--she'll be 44. My two sister's were born 1 year and 6 days apart. My mom was busy huh? :lol: and that's just the #2 and 3. She had #1 to take care of too. 3 kids in 3 years :eek: then 4 more to follow! :yikes:
We'll have a combined b-day party for the lot of them so we don't end up having to eat cake on 3 different occasions.

Anyways, just rambling :blah:

Julie, you guys surely deserve a vacation somewhere warm--when you say Disney, you mean "world" right? That's obviously closer to where you are. I don't know if it was the travel channel or what but I was just watching a segment on Disneyworld where they showed all the hotels they have in FL on the Disney properties. Some are the exact same thing as in CA, which is kind of neat. In fact, aren't most of the parks anywhere in the world almost an exact replica of the other? I love Disney, hope you guys get to take a vacation there.

So hey! Angie, Kempy, Holly, Cherie, Dips....anyone else I may have missed, come out come out wherever you are. Have a good day everyone.

10-17-2005, 03:28 PM
come on out girls!!!!

10-17-2005, 03:31 PM
Okay what is going on here? It is just plain lonely around here. Angie, Cherie, Kempy do you have a new computer set up yet? It is hard to keep the thread up with just a couple of us. Miss you all girls.

10-17-2005, 03:33 PM
Hey everyone... I've been missing in action... just that non motivational crap going on... I've been busy with the girls... girl scouts and such. Tonight, I have a meeting at Hannah's school. Because of her recent aptitude test, she has been admitted unto the gifted and talented program with our school district, so I am very proud of her. Tomorrow night will be a roller skating party for the girl scouts, so I'll be taking both the girls. This week I have payroll to run (that is what I was running last week too) and when my work is done on Thursday, I'll be gone til the 31st on vacation! Alan and I and the girls are leaving Friday morning to drive down to Houston. From there, I drop the girls off at Natalie's and Alan and I will spend the weekend at the bay. On sunday, we pick up our friends from the airport and our ship leaves out of Galveston Bay. Well be back the following Sunday... I am taking my camera, so I will take pictures.. I gave up on trying to lose weight, so I am fitting nicely into my 12s. Not quite the 8's I wanted, but I am not going to stress over it.

Alan and I are doing fine. Still don't get to see him as much as I would like.. but we might get too much of each other this next week!

Steven's family had a memorial for him this past weekend. Hannah is still having a very hard time with it.. we just take it day by day. They are looking forward to going on "vacation" too.

Oh.. I traded in my old civic for a newer used car. A 2001 Subaru Outback. I love it. The girls love it.. it's great. I got a bike rack thingie for it this past weekend, so now the girls and I will be able to take our bikes to the park (and I'll have room to take them down to Houston for them as well).

Noelle.. thank you for the postcard! I hope you had a great vacation! Could you email me everyone's addresses? I would like to try and find something like that while we are on the ship! my email is:

Cal.. Happy Birthday to Ashley... :-) Wow.. 8 yrs old. Hannah's will be here in two weeks... I can't belive our babies are growing up so fast!

Julie.. sorry I went missing on you... :-( I feel bad... I hope you are doing great.. and I second.. you need a vacation! Some place really fun!

Angie and Kempy.. how are you girls doing?

Dips.... missing you too!

Well, ladies... I need to get off here... I just wanted to say hi... I don't know what I let my depression get the best of me sometimes.. I really do miss you guys! I have vowed, that Nov. 1st... I am going to get focused.



10-17-2005, 03:33 PM
Cal, Happy Birthday to your sweet Ashley. :hb:

10-17-2005, 03:50 PM
CHERIE....nice to see you. I am so excited for you going on vacation. I think this is just what you need. You deserve it. Go Hannah. What a smart girl. Congratualtions.

We went out of town last weekend to my Dad's on the lake. The weather was beautiful as well as the colors. We took a boat ride and got some nice pictures of the leaves. It was refreshing. I needed to get away.
My dd has dance this afternoon and I just put her tights on her and realized they are footless! So I have to find a thin pair of socks to wear for tap. Ballet shoes are okay without, but not tap shoes. Dh bought them. Got to give him credit for even picking them up though ;) :).
Tomorrow is conferences. I hope to hear good things. :) They are bringing up autism again. Which I have been going through a very hard time with that. So they are going to do some testing. I don't personally think he has it. Whatever though, I will do what it takes to help him throughtout life and school. I just love that boy so much and want the best for him and to be happy. He is such a great kid. So smart and caring personality. This is just weighing heavy on my heart. In my eyes he is perfect. Anyway ladies I will check back soon!
Take care. :)

10-18-2005, 03:27 PM
Hi girls, just checking in. I have been running around this morning, first dropping off the pup to get spayed and then bringing Michael to school. I can't find my Costco card to go and get some gas so I'm kinda pissed about that. I have it in my wallet normally, but because I went on vacation I took all the unecessary things out...I don't know what happened to the little baggie I put it in :mad:. Gas prices here have finally come down to just under $3 for regular. That sucks! It's supposed to come down even further next week but I dunno about this stupid price cap law we have. It's not helping my piggy bank. anywho, just had to get that gripe off my chest.

Cherie, of course I'll send you the addresses. I'll do that today when I get into the office. What I did before i went on vacation was to just make address labels for all the people I wanted to send a post card to. It makes it so much easier--just peel and stick, and voila! You soooo deserve your vacation, and it sounds so wonderful too. Let us know what you thought of it. My sis is trying to get a group together for a cruise to Mexico in April 06. Well, don't stress too much this week and enjoy your time off.

Julie, I loved those pictures of the fall colors, absolutely breathtaking. We do not have anything of the sort here, it's kinda just the same all year round, except for some rain during the winter. I'm not complaining though. Yesterday morning as the sun rose, the sky was a bit orange and the clouds had an outline of pink against the blue. That usually happens when there's volcanic activity, awesome sunrises and sunsets. Hope you got in as much relaxation as you wanted. How did your ds' conference go? I don't want you to worry too much about a "label". He is a happy, loving, well-adjusted boy and he'll do just fine with your support and the support of his teachers.

Angie, hey! What's up girl??? You abandon us? Were you affected by the flooding that happened last week? I hope you are safe and doing well.

Dips, any word on your recall? Did you hear about how a certain percentage of reservists or those who were recalled to duty did not report, and the military is not going after them? I'm not suggesting your just dis the call, but... :devil: Hope you're doing well.

Kempy, miss ya girl. Are things settling back to normal? I hope so. If you need anything, holla! :)

Cal, are you back to the trenches yet? Enjoy your day.

:grouphug: Hugs to all who need them. Have a good one! :wave:

Holly, how are you doing these days.

10-18-2005, 04:44 PM
:wave: hi

10-19-2005, 09:21 AM
Hey everyone!! How are you? It's getting chilly here..... :p . We had an abnormally hot summer....and now it has been rainy and cold for 13 days in a row!! These 35 degree mornings are making me want to head south.

Unfortunately, I gained weight back, and was up to 143.5 as of last week. I have been more careful, and am down to 142 today. This dieting stuff is not much fun. I seem to gain so easily, and it's so hard to lose. I work out 50-60 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week, and still manage to GAIN weight if I am not careful about my eating :(. My motivation is making sure I can fit into my clothes because with gas and heating as high as they are I cannot afford to buy new ones :lol: . The problem is, chocolate and candy corn are calling my name. It's awful! I sometimes play on a site called, and they have dancing candy corns on the advertisements. Talk about torture!


Hey! WOW! I guess those crue tickets were expensive!!! Here the tickets were $50 each, which included entry to the state fair! I was watching a Dr. Phil epsiode the other day about a woman who was so obsessed with Tommy Lee that she tracked everywhere he was going to play, actually had a dry erase board! She said that it would be great if she had a boyfriend who would have plastic surgery to look like him! A vacation to Mexico sounds nice right about now!


Hi! The colors aren't as bright here this year. Good luck with your son. I understand your struggles. My oldest son has ADHD and now they are suggesting bi-polar. I love him so much, and he has such a great heart. HE just has a difficult time with alot of things in life.

Hi to Kempy, Angie, Cal, Dips, Cherie...everyone else! Have a great day :)!

10-19-2005, 12:34 PM
Good Morning

Cherie, how did the meeting go for Hannah? I hope you had a fun time at the skating party :) Almost time for vacation :D for you! I bet you will look so pretty in your black dress. Hugs and be safe if we don't here from you before you leave!

Noelle, the conference went very well. He is one of the smartest kids in his class. He counted to 111. And told the teacher he could keep going to a thousand :lol:. Which he can. Overall I was pleased. I am keeping a positive outlook on everything. It helps ;). How is Michael doing? Hope you found your card! Have a great day and don't work to hard girl.

Holly nice to see you. When I dropped ds off at school it was kind of cold out. I should have put a hat on my ds. But it is going to warm up. Rainy that long, yikes that would do damage to my mood. I am not looking foward to being inside all winter. I might keep up walks, even in the snow. Thanks for sharing about your son. I wish the best for him. I sure know what you mean about heating costs. It is going to be so expensive this year.

Hi Angie.

Well laundry is just about done. Fun fun :lol:. I am going to try and get some kind of excercise in today. Even if it is just leg lifts.

Hi Kempy, Cal, and Dips. Check back later on. Have a good day everyone.

10-19-2005, 01:50 PM
YEAH!!!!! I have my puter back and the internet is up at least for now. I have lots to do on the computer so I can't chat. I did want all of you to know that I a still alive and things are slowly getting back to normal. I missed you guys so much. And hey, why didn't any of you guys call me? :D

10-19-2005, 01:53 PM
Kempy is Back!!!! Hi Girl....Missed you

Can't wait to catch up with you! :) :)

10-19-2005, 03:27 PM
Hey you guys!!!! Sorry I didn't check in yesterday, but I was busy trying to get payroll done and out the door.. and I can now say, as of 15 minutes ago.. its FINISHED!!!!! Almost vacation time!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO Kempy is here! Girl.. you have been missed!!!!!

Julie.. the skating party went well.... the girls had a blast, and it's something I'll need to do again with them soon.

Noelle.. thanks for the addresses... and what a great idea about the labels.. I may try to do that later this afternoon. That would make it so much easier!

Hi Holly! Welcome back!!!!

Angie.... I'm waving hi back to you!

:-) Cal!

OK.. well, I am watching Wilma. She may be destroying all the pretty sites I was wanting to see next week. I'm still taking my camera and I'll document the aftermath.. but it's a shame.. I am so sick of hurricanes and all of their destruction this year.

I saw a picture of myself at the skating rink from last night, and all I can say is.. I am ashamed. Once I get back from vacation, I am going to print out that picture and paste it all over the house to motivate myself. Nothing like a full length picture to make you realize what you are doing to yourself.

OK. well, I will check back tonight... all I will be doing is laundry and packing!

Talk to you guys soon!


10-19-2005, 04:14 PM
Good morning ladies. I have a lot to be happy about today. First things first, :cb: our girl Kempy is back!!! :cb: Woo-Hoo!!! Yay, I'm so happy to hear from you. ummm, I dunno why I never thought of calling :o :doh: But, you know we thought you every day right? Love ya girl! How're things at the "new" salon?

Secondly, we've been having a problem w/some homeless people (like 5 or 6 people) living under a bridge near our house. There's a vacant lot right behind our house which is adjacent to a canal. Under the bridge is where these people are. Well, normally, if they didn't bother me, I wouldn't bother them. But you guys remember that time that crazy lady was in the middle of my backyard and the dogs were going nuts barking? Well, lately we've been having some people stealing from our fruit trees. We've got tangerines, papayas and some beetle nut trees (which look like palm trees w/nuts)... anyway, someone's been coming into the yard and actually cutting down the whole bunch of beetle nuts--that's like 200-400 nuts on one bunch. Now my dad likes to sell these things for a little extra cash, and he sells them for $.25 a piece so that's a huge chunk of change he could be making. I wrote an email to the City and complained about these people who are trespassing on my property and stealing from us. Our yard is completely fenced in and the land that they are tresspassing on is also completely fenced in so they shouldn't even be there. So this morning, there's a dump truck, a backhoe and a couple of cops, and a whole bunch of city road maintenance workers down at the canal clearing out those homeless peoples' makeshift tent city over there. Like I said, if they didn't bother me, I wouldn't bother them. But when I feel unsafe in my own backyard, I am going to do what I feel is necessary to protect me and my family. You guys can think I'm heartless, but you've got to understand that most of these people around here are in those circumstances are on drugs and not in their right minds. I'm glad they'll be moved on.

Holly, I bet Tommy Lee would say that lady is "craise" (crazy), she sounds a tad bit unhinged. I missed that Dr. Phil show, shucks! The tickets here in Hawaii were $74 with the service charge, that's around average these days. I have loge seats so I will be above the crowd and able to see everything from the comfort of my own seat. my girlfriend got 8th row floor seats but I'll bet she'll have to stand up on the chairs to see anything. I hate it when some guys like 6'+ are in front and you can't see a thing.
Yikes! 35 degrees and rainy? :( Stay dry and think warm thoughts :sunny:

Julie, glad your conference went well. I know your mind is put at ease now. I knew you had a bright little boy on your hands. Michael's doing well, thanks for asking. He got to head up a group of kids that put on a mock TV news reporting presentation in their class. After the project, he told the teacher that it wasn't easy getting kids to listen--I bet she agreed 110% :lol:

Cherie, I hope Wilma doesn't wreak too much havoc and you can see what you wanted to see. I dunno though, that hurricane looked humongous. I'll be crossing my fingers and praying that things will calm down in the beautiful caribbean.

Hi Angie, back at ya :wave: Now come out and let your fingers do a little dance across the keyboard. We miss ya out here. You've at least got to come out and say hey to Kempy ;) How cold is it getting in your neck of the woods?

Hello to Cal!

Well, I have to give my puppy some pain meds as the dr. ordered. I dunno if she really needs them though, she just jumped up off the ground onto the picnic table out back like normal. Man, if I had surgery yesterday I'd be hobbling around. :D Have a good day everyone!

10-19-2005, 08:16 PM
Hey kempy, I missed you so much. it was great to talk to ya though. Thank you for letting me know you were okay.

Noelle, I dont think you are mean for having them removed. I would do the same thing. I have a hard time pitying drug users myself because if you know that you are going to take something that can get you addicted instantly and it will screw up your life than you are getting what you wanted. My cousin is a big drug user and she lost 2 kids and noone even bothers anymore. She brought her mom down for 16 years before she gave up. What a waste of a life.

Well, I found a note in Brits room so I read it...I know bad me but I did find out that when we let her go to a sleepover at one of her friends house thay had one of their friends Mom buy them liquor and cigs. I can not believe some idiot ***** would buy liquor and cigs for 13 year old girls!!! I am so mad. It happened about 3 weeks ago but I just found out about it. I would call the loser and ream her but she is a braindead moron. I mean this womans husband died from cancer a few years ago and now she buys cigs for her 13 year old son. DUH!!

That is where I have been. I havent been dieting at all, I did redo the kids bathroom and Coreys bedroom this weekend now to redo my kitchen....the kittens have chewed off half of the border.

10-19-2005, 08:25 PM
Hello out there,

Noelle, I don't blame you a're right. Safety comes first. That is just so funny what Michael said about getting kids to listen. The teacher must have laughed so hard. LOL. Forgot to say hope Lucky is doing well. Jumping around all ready, huh? What a trooper she is. Btw you are going to the concert? Wave at Tommy for me.

Cherie, that is a shame about Wilma. I hope you still have fun though. Glad the girls had fun roller skating. That may be a good thing to do with my kids during the long winter. I was also planning on taking them bowling. I just hate those stinky bowling shoes though :lol:.

It is going to be cold here tonight. May have to kick the heat on. Or put an extra blanket on. Okay I think I am going to pop some popcorn. I have this new book I am reading I wanted to tell you guys about it is called French Women Don't Get Fat. She has a pretty interesting approach to eating. She says eat for pleasure, don't get stressed about eating the wrong things. It kind of makes sense because when I am hungry for something and I don't eat it, like a cookie and have something else, it just makes me eat 4 of them later. Just thought I would mention that. Sorry for babbling. Have a good evening all. :)

10-19-2005, 08:31 PM
Hey Julie, I missed ya while I have been sulking. It is freezing here too. We are going to have a high tomorrow of 47 and our lows tonight are supposed to be 33. We had bad foliage this year too. It has rained so much and everything has been bland.

I painted Coreys room black and gray with a black border with a big red flame going around the room and I have to say that it looks really nice. Noone thought it would when I was doing it but after it was all done it looks great. I will have to try to post some pics.

I hope my last post doesnt come off as too moody, I dont mean it that way. :lol:

10-19-2005, 08:35 PM
Hi Angie,

My God....I can't believe that mother. What is she thinking? I would be ticked too. Some people these days. I hope Brit is doing well.
You have been busy re-decorating. I have really got to get to Home-Depot and pick out some new paint for my hall bath. I want to paint it a rose or dusty cranberry color.
Talk with you later :)

10-20-2005, 04:29 PM
Hey ladies, is it Friday yet? This has been such a dragging week. My eyes would like to close right now and I've only been at the office for a little over an hour and a half :tired: . Last night Rick decided that he would like to take karate lessons with Michael so he had his first class. He took Kempo Karate a while back so he had most of the form and stances down. We also sit around and watch Michael twice a week so he (Rick) knew most of the moves, punches and blocks. He gets a discount too since Michael is already enrolled. The sensei asked if I'd be interested as know, I really would be except that I'm so heavy now that my knees are not in the best condition and my left hip is still not fully recovered from that stupid fall I had a few weeks ago. Do I sound like I'm making excuses? :lol: I'm not, really. In fact, now that Rick can take Michael on Mon/Wed I can go walking w/my sis during that time. I was so out of condition on vacation that I need to get back into something active. I feel so blah.

Angie, you sure have a knack for decorating. Corey's room looks great, as do the bathrooms. Does he love it? He better. Glad you decided to come back out of the woodwork. I dunno what to say about Brit's friends mom buying the ciggies and alcohol...that's like child endangerment??? Gawd, I would be livid! But you know, looking back, i had a girlfriend in high school who when we went to her house for 'sleep overs', although her mom wouldn't be the one to buy us any liquor, she wouldn't say anything if we brought it in ourselves--of course, we were like 16-18 years old at the time....not saying it's a better scenario, but I know there are parents like that out there. Scary! I've become such a "mom" and I ***** about my niece skipping school and doing bad things now that she's a senior. I guess I'm nervous because I know what i was capable of at her age :lol:

Cherie, hope you enjoy your vacation--praying the hurricane doesn't interfere. Be safe and enjoy.

Julie, how's your day going so far? I wish I could send you guys some's still hot here, (reaching mid to high 80's). I want rain and cooler temps. wah wah wah I know... :lol:

Well, I gotta run and attempt to do some paperwork before I lose it and just go and take a nap on the couch... :)

Have a great day all.

10-20-2005, 10:25 PM
Hey guys. I still can't chat. But I did want to say htose pics of the rooms Angie are great and Julie I wish I could see all of those colors here. No such luck. Did you get my card Julie? I still think our mail is screwed up.

I do have one thing to say.......... ECHO HAD PUPPIES!!!!!! :dancer: :dance: :woo: I have to get back to the big girl. I'll try to pop on tomorrow.

10-21-2005, 12:09 AM
Congratulations on the new pups! That is so what colors do you have? I thought you were planning on getting her spayed? But who cares? Puppies are so sweet. So how's the new mama doing?

Did i mention to you guys that I got to go see Cesar Millan last Saturday? You know, the Dog Whisperer? That guy could've been a comedian if he wasn't a dog behavioralist.

Hey guys, here's something fun:

you put your zip code in and the map will show where you are. This is not to freak you out or anything, it doesn't show "specifically" where you are, but the general area of your zip code. I thought it was neat. If you add your zip to the map, we can see how spread out we all are across the US.

10-21-2005, 03:46 PM
Congratulations Kempy and Echo!!! How many puppies did she have? Oh I cant wait to see pics of them.

Noelle, I added myself to that. Oh boy we are so far apart. :lol: I hope that someday we can meet up in person though.

10-22-2005, 11:46 AM
good morning!!! It is sunny and cold here today but at least it is sunny....that is a first for about a month. :lol:

I want to go look at a travel trailer is so neat, it has a loft upstairs with 3 mattresses for the kids. I like the concept but I want a fifth wheel really but it would be fun to go see. I already have the fifth wheel that I want all picked out but I have to wait until next year to get it. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is Brit's 14th birthday and I am making a big turkey dinner with pumpkin parfaits for her and my sis and neice are coming over for supper with us.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

10-22-2005, 04:24 PM
Good morning ladies, happy Saturday. Well Angie, I wish we had some of your sun here. We've got rain with more forecast through the weekend. I was hoping to get out to the lone pumpkin patch out here, but every year it turns into a mud bog. I remember one year there were tons of cars getting stuck deeper and deeper into the mud just turning their wheels in place.

Today I have to pick up some fundraiser goodies (pizza and some other food stuffs) from Michael's school, then I'm off to get my nails done. Aaaaah, relaxation :dizzy: Tomorrow we're doing a Susan Komen breast cancer walk in the morning--me getting some exercise in! :strong: :lol: I hope the rain lets up just a little or we'll have to be wearing ponchos--something we hardly ever have to do here.

Angie, happy 14th b-day to Brit :hb: :gift: :hat: :woo:. It seems like just yesterday she was talking you into letting her get her eyebrow (or was it her belly button?) pierced, and that was a year ago already??? Your baby's almost grown up!

Kempy, so how old are your new pups? How's the proud mama doing and how's Rhea taking it? Can't wait to see pics if you can get them uploaded. So how the heck are you doing? and Joe?

Cal, glad to see you and Kempy (and Angie) got to add yourselves to that map. It's pretty neat to see everyone in that perspective huh? Looking at it that way I must say 'thank you' for making the effort of driving out to California last year. I know you said it's about a 4 hr drive but still, it's quite a ways a way.

Julie, what do you and the kiddos have planned for this weekend?

Cherie, hope you're having a good time off.

Holly, how are you doing today? Anything special planned for your little ones?

Well, I've got to get my stuff together and get one with my day. Enjoy the weekend ladies. :sunny:

10-22-2005, 08:50 PM
What a week!!
Today we had Ashley's b-day party at the park. It was a perfect day.

Angie: Happy 14th to Brit. It sounds like you are all going to have a great time and dinner.

Noelle: It was great to drive out last year to CA to see you. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed getting to meet Angie last summer. You mentioned that tomorrow you're going on a breast cancer walk; interesting that you mentioned that because a friend of mine passed away Thursday from breast cancer--she was 41 and had been battling the disease for several years.

Hello to everyone.


10-23-2005, 12:16 PM
Good morning ladies. I'm up bright and early for the 'Race for the Cure' breast cancer walk. Cal, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, she was much too young to go. I will hold her in my thoughts today. I just recently found out that one of my girlfriends from my old workplace was diagnosed as well. Luckily it was caught early and she is undergoing treatment. We're all hoping for the best.

It rained ALL of last night but right now it seems to have stopped. Maybe i should walk in my rain boots? :lol:

Well, I have to go and find some breakfast and go wake up the others. Coffee! I need coffee!!!

Have a great day ladies.

10-24-2005, 12:35 PM
Hi Girls :)

Angie, Happy Birthday to Brit. Your dinner sounds delish! I remember last fall you talking about the pumpkin parfaits.

Noelle how did the walk go? I hope the weather was nice. Hoping the best for your girlfriend, glad it was caught early.

Cal sorry about your friend.

Kempy the puppies are adorable. So tiny and cute.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It rained here on and off. But the sun is shining today. We may get snow flurries on Wednesday. We went and picked out a new kitchen table last weekend. It is hand made by the amish. It is just beautiful. The chairs on out last one were literally falling apart. LOL. It was time. Anyway sorry so short ladies! I will check back later on when the phone stops ringing off the hook :dizzy:. Have a good Monday everyone.

10-24-2005, 10:17 PM
Hey girls I gave into to some Halloween candy tonight. I should not even have it in the house until just before Halloween. Or I just should not get Almond Joys since the kids don't like them anyway.
Hope everyone had a nice Monday. I went to the mall today and got a pair of pants and thought they were going to be to small. Well they just fit and if I lose ten pounds like I want they just find just right. We had chili tonight. It tasted good on a cold night. Dd had dance class. She had to show me her moves when she got home.
That is about it from me. Hi everyone!

10-24-2005, 10:17 PM
:) Good Night :)

10-24-2005, 11:10 PM
OOoooohh BOY what a year!!

First of all I want to say that I am so glad that you all are consistent with this forum. The last month has been such a struggle. I am so glad that I can come back and find you all here. ESPECIALLY SINCE KEMPY IS BACK, HOLLA!

The whole army thing is crazy but what I will say is that I am working on getting an exemption. That's all I'll say for now on that but I'll keep you posted.

Kempy, I thought about calling you but to be honest I would feel kinda akward starting a "Voice" conversation. I wondered how I would introduce myself. How would I break the ice. It sounds silly but I was a little freaked out about the idea of actually calling you. So I was thinking we should all set up a day to call one another. Maybe we all randomly pick someone to call out of the group and then report back here. It's just a thought. It will kinda take the akwardness out of it. I get free long distance and I would like to connect even more with everyone so tell me what you think. By the way, Congrats on the pups!

Angie- What a milestone your girl hit! How's everything otherwise?

Cal- you are getting around aren't ya? Hope you swing to the big apple one day. Sorry about your friend. Cancer can be so devestating.

Noelle- Thank you for the card. It made my day! Good for you on walking for such an important cause. You are such a sweetie

Holly- Hope you're okay. So sorry about your mom. I am glad that you still find moments to let us know you're okay.

Cherie- I am so proud of you. You are doing so well. I have plateued something serious. But attribute that to all the stress of the last several weeks. Hopefully I can get it going again. I'm glad I didn't gain but I was hoping to be into the 120s by now.

Okay girls, I have to study for midterms. Talk to you soon

10-25-2005, 02:56 PM
Hey I am still here. I have been a busy bee with these puppies. I don't have time to post today either. I am about to head to Baton Rouge to help Joe find a shirt for a party this weekend.

Dips you can call anytime. I just picked up the phone to call Angie and it went great. I wont bite. :lol:

Ok, I am out, sorry to pop on and then off again. Here is a pic for those of you that I don't have e-mails for.

10-26-2005, 12:18 PM
Good Morning girls.

Kempy, The pups are beautiful and Echo actually looks happy in the pics. :lol: How many pups are there?

Dips, Good luck with your exemption. I hope you get it, I would hate for you to have to give up your job,apartment and college after you have put so much effort into getting everything pulled together. Everything seems to be going okay for now with Brit...she is a stubborn teen now and it isnt going to be easy to get her to 18. :lol:

Hey Julie, Congrats on the jeans. I cant even wear jeans now. I have grown out of all my clothes. I really really really need to get on my diet again and stick with it for the rest of my life not just untli I am smaller.

Noelle, Whatcha up to girl?

10-26-2005, 01:42 PM
Oh Yeah It SNOWED here last night!!!!!.... :yikes: They said some parts of Maine got 14-20 inches. We just got a dusting though

10-26-2005, 03:23 PM
Hey guys. I am taking a quick break from getting the house straight. We still have not got everything put back the way it was b4 the storm.

Angie are you guys getting snow from what is left over of Wilma? I havn't watched the news in a few days to see what is going on in the world. She had 6 of them. I swear they look bigger everyday I wake up. I could sit out there with them all day and just look at them. I bet Echo would let me take over so she can run around. I guess she is just like a real mom and needs her breaks.

I havn't gone back to read any of the posts since the hurricane so I am just going to start from here with the replies once you guys post. Sorry but I don't have time to watch TV much less be on the puter. I will try to keep up though.

10-26-2005, 07:46 PM
Hey girls, I'm at my desk working :carrot: --yes, surprising, but true. I'm also getting into the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas carols... fa la la la la la la la la :lol:

Angie, I heard you guys had a big Nor'easter? (is that how you spell it?) Glad you guys only got a light dusting and not a huge drift. We are still sweltering here, muggy 85. It actually cools down at night to about 69 (hehe) and that's usually when it rains.

Kempy, I love your puppies. They do grow really fast. Are you guys planning on keeping one or two or a few? It'll be so fun when they start tottering around on those stubby legs. What kind of nicknames (or regular names) did you give them?

Dips, good luck on getting your exemption, yeah, what Angie said. Maintaining is a WONDERFUL thing, esp. when you're under all the stress like ya said. It would make me want to eat and eat... oh wait, that's like normal :p

Julie, what's up girl? Congrats on the jeans. I love me a pair of good fitting jeans. 10 lbs ain't so bad...try wanting (and needing) to lose 80+ :eek: I have got to do something about myself and soon, my knee is complaining something fierce. :sumo: How're the kiddos doing in school?

Cal, is Ashley dressing up for Halloween? Michael will be a "Phoenix" ninja--the bird, not the AZ city :rolleyes: :lol: He refused to wear his real karate gi and chose instead to buy a cheaply made play costume from the party store.

Holly, how are you doing girl?

I hope Cherie is at least having some relaxing vacation time.

I've gotta run and pick up the boy from school....did anyone watch the Biggest Loser? How do you get on that show anyway? I wanna apply for next season :)

10-27-2005, 12:24 PM
Hi girls, sorry I have been is just so busy for me these days. I come to check the posts and then I find myself not having time to reply!
My ds had his party at school last night for Halloween. It was a lot fun, pizza, candy, games. My dd went in her ballet outfit and I put makeup on her. And ds went as dracula and I put face paint on him. Spooky :)
Anyway my mom turns fifty this weekend and I need to still go shopping for her. I have no idea what to get? Oh my dad is a part of the red cross and is being deployed this weekend. So I have to drive him to the airport this weekend. I am praying for his safety down there. He loves to help people so I am happy for him. So that is about it from my end. My eating has been blah. I am into the Halloween candy left and right, LOL! I can't wait to get the candy handed out.

Noelle isn't Christmas coming up fast? I should listen to some Holiday tunes to get me in the mood for some shopping, I don't want to last minute shop this year. I say that every year though, haha....

Angie, snow all ready? It seems to soon! Stay warm.

Cherie, I hope you are having a great time on vacation. Miss ya.

Cal what is Ashley going to be on Halloween?

Kempy are you planning on selling the pups? I would love one! Hehe....

Dips I hope everything works out for you the way you want girl.

Hi Holly.

Have a great day everyone. :)

10-27-2005, 02:30 PM
Hey guys. I have a few minutes to spare. We have th DU banquet tonight and I am waiting for the furniture people to get here. We ordered a bed b4 we went on vacation and they just couldn't seem to find our shipment so I have to beg them to let me have the floor model. Which is the one that I wanted in the first place. I guess they felt bad and said yes.

I think we have all of the puppies sold and I think by that time I will be ready to say goodbye. I will have 8 dogs to take care of by then and I have my hands fun with 2 usually.

Julie I made the mistake of buying candy early this year and I have made a huge dent in it myself. i love tootsie rolls and I knew better than to buy them.

Noelle we relaly havn't thought of any names yet. Most of the poeple that are taking them are friends and they already have names so I think once they see which one they want we will start to call them by that. Two of the friends are going to carry on the tradition of the Greek names which I think is great.

Ok, I need to get back to ironing for tonight. I'll check in tomorrow.

10-27-2005, 11:15 PM
Our first week back and it's not too bad. It has been a long week though. I'm sooooo tired.

Angie: It's still so warm here, I can't even imagine having snow right now. Be sure to stay warm.

Kempy: I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you. You were always in our thoughts and prayers; we're certainly glad to have you back.

Dips: I hope everything works out for you.

Julie: Ashley is going to dress up as Jasmine from Aladdin. It's her favorite far.

Noelle: Michael will be so cute. Be sure to post pictures. I'll try to do the same, but I usually have to email them instead.

Cherie: Enjoy your vacation!!

Have a good night everyone.


10-28-2005, 08:05 PM
Hey ladies, how's your Friday evening turning out? I am almost out the door to go pick up a pumpkin and some Halloween candy. My sis did some pretty neat artwork on her pumpkins. She got the idea from a magazine, but she did her own designs. Her pumpkin has a giant smile painted across the front with some freaky looking eyes. Then she painted another one dark bottle green (as in Heineken), and painted the label on the front, just like the real thing complete with the red star. If I can get the camera back this evening I will shoot some pics of it. She did it for my other sis who is going to a party. Everyone going to the party has to bring a pumpkin either carved or painted or decorated in such a way that everyone else will know who that pumpkin represents...and well, my oldest sis, I guess she likes to drink :^: :lol: It's pretty cool. I'm just gonna carve mine up with a nice 6" chefs knife :s:

Hi Cal. We're having some hot temps here as well, but lots of rain coming still. Do something relaxing this weekend and do take some pics of your princess Jasmine at Halloween as well.

Kempy, I'm glad Echo's pups will be going to good homes. I think Pluto would be a good name for a yellow lab--but then I've still got Disney on the brain... wait, I think Pluto was the Roman name :dizzy: ...Artemis the goddess of the (duck)hunt ;) would be an excellent name for a duck hunting dog :blah:

Julie, wow your mom is so young. My oldest sis is 46 herself (she'd faint if she knew I was telling anyone this :lol: ) . Have you found her the perfect present yet? I will say a prayer for your dad to keep safe during his journey. Your kids sounded adorable in their costumes. I remember when Michael was 4 he dressed up in a Spiderman costume at school. Another kid dressed as one of the Wiggles(?) kept tailing him the whole night. It seems this kid wanted to be Spiderman but his mom had already bought him the other costume. He kept trying to pull Michael's mask off, it was pretty funny and annoying at the same time :rolleyes:

i gotta stop here. :wave: Hi to Angie, Cherie, Holly, Dips and everyone else. Have a great weekend.

10-30-2005, 08:42 AM
I am going to be soooo miserable this winter. I hate the cold. I'm shedding tears over Angie's snow :cry: I will, however, be glad for the holiday season. My first one in my own apt. :D I can't wait to deck these halls. Okay, enough jibber jabber.

J- Your mom IS young! My dad is 47. Wow that means she can go out and get her club on. Go mom- it's ya birthday :dancer: Good for her. I bet your kids look so adorable in thier costumes. Please post some!
Noelle- I want so much to be in Hawaii where the sun is shining and it's nice and warm. Instead I'm watching the temperature slowly decend into the arctic territory. Today it will be 60 degrees so not so bad today. I'm hitting the club next friday for my b-day (shhh don't tell anyone) So I'll finally get some pics to post. Speaking of pics...You must post one of your very adorable child so that I may imagine pinching his cute little cheeks. Wait... does the ninja outfit cover his face? Can't get to the cheeks that way.
Angie- Say it ain't snow! I am not looking forward to the snow at all and I know it's coming. I don't think I ever experieced a winter in NY without snow. Hope you're staying warm up there. I'll send you some toasty toes. Those things are fantastic!

Kempy- The pups are beautiful! Lately I've been having dreams about having a dog. I think it's a sign :) I really want one but I'm harly ever at home and I want to be available to spoil my doggie.I'm thinking I'll get one that doesn't mind being alone for 10 hours out of the day. I guess it would have to be part cat, huh. :lol: Anyways, I have to exercise some tough love...Shame on you for indulging in halloween candy!! :nono: That goes for J too. You bad girls. (I still luv u)

Cal- I'm doing well with school. I did very well on all my midterms so far and I only have one left. You would be so proud of me! Hope you get some rest. The kiddies need you to be perky!

Holly- How's everything going? Well I hope.

Okay, Babes I'm off to work! I'll check in later. :)

10-31-2005, 12:05 PM
:) Happy Halloween!!! Stay out of the candy bowl or there won't be any left to give out to the kiddies! I bought 2 bags of that mixed candy (junky ones that I don't really care for--i know the neighborhood kids will love me :rolleyes: ) and I've got those mini bags of microwave popcorn to give out. Michael will be skipping out on karate lessons tonight so he can go trick or treating. I think I'll be dressing up Lucky and take her for a walk. I don't know if she'll be Darth Vader, Snow White or Superdog...we shall see.

OMG girls, I have got yet another horror story to add to my 'car maintenance and repair' file. Y'all know how I used to tell those stories about the Ford service dept? Well this one is about Nissan. I brought the Murano in on Thursday @ 8am for a regular maintenance, for a recall notice and to get the tires re-balanced. Well anyway, they kept it for the whole day and at close to 4 pm they call to say it's done. I drive home on the freeway and get it up to about 60 mph to check if there's any kind of shimmy in the steering--there was none at all so I was extremely pleased with the balancing job. The next morning I brought Michael to school and came right back (all of a 1/2 mile drive maybe?). Then I didn't drive it again until I had to pick him up. I did a few other errands at the same time but all within a 3 mi. radius from home. Right before I pull into his school I hear a rattling noise, it sounded like I was dragging a tin can. So I get to his school and one of the teachers comes and tells me she hears a noise from my tire. I pull over and look everything over and see nothing unusual. I thought one of the balancing weights had some off and maybe was rattling around, but after almost sliding under the car and checking things out, I still didn't see anything. So I just drive home slowly. Rick gets home and checks the tires, nothing there visually. He opens up the cap on the rim and a freakin' lug nut comes falling out. THat was the rattling noise. On top of that, another one was almost ready to fall off--and the other 4 were loose, like the stupid mechanic had only hand-tightened (FINGERTIPS!?!!) the lugs and did not use a wrench of any kind. My damn wheel could've came right off. It's a good thing I didn't drive into town or anything. I was so pissed off. My God! their incompetence could've killed me and my kid. I am writing a letter to their service dept. mgr., the president of the company and to the corp. office @ Nissan North America expressing my extreme displeasure about their employees' incompetence. Come on now, they're supposed to be the professionals. *shudder*

With that scary thought...have a happy halloween. Be back later.

10-31-2005, 12:07 PM
Happy Halloween


10-31-2005, 12:24 PM
Noelle that is just down right scary about the car!! Glad you are safe. I hope Michael has a spooktacular time tonight! I have got tons of the "good" chocoalte candy here. I think I ate enough last weekend though to hold me over, LOL.

Dips great job on the midterms :carrot:

Cal I hope Ashley has a fun time tonight.

Cherie, are you coming back today? What are the girls costumes this year? Miss ya and can't wait to hear about your trip!

Kempy how was the banquet?

Angie are the kids going out tonight?

Hi Holly.

I might carve a pumpkin or two for the porch tonight. I just love Halloween. It is not suppose to rain anymore so that is good. We went out for dinner Friday night for a fish fry. It was excellent. I have not had that in a long time. Also we went to mom's for her birthday and had a little party. I ended up getting her a spa/hair gift certificate. We had a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so good. Like I didn't get enough sugar. We made a trip to the museum. I also got my dad to the airport. As of now he is going to be in Miami. I scrubbed the all the floors on my hands and knees yesterday and feel kind of sore today. Age must be catching up with me :^:. Anyway ladies wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween :)
Have a great day :)

10-31-2005, 12:49 PM
Hey Girls!! Happy Halloween!! I am sick today my throat feels like someone grated it with a cheese grater. LOL I have been laying around all day today. No my kids arent going out for candy but they are using it as an excuse to go walking with friends. we will see.

I just found out this weekend that jays parents give my kids half the money they give the others for birthdays and Christmas. WTF!!!! I am so pissed. I emailed my other sisterinlaw because they have always hated her too to see if it is the same for her kids and it is. Nice and fair huh. The first born grandaughter is a little pothead who they spoil rotten. They paid for college which she quickly flunked out of after a year and then she got knocked up by some random guy so they built her a really nice house for free. I am so pissed.

10-31-2005, 12:58 PM
Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! I am back.. Sorry I didn't get any postcards sent out.. but two of our ports were cancelled due to Wilma and the other two were so small, I wasn't really able to get out and find a place to pick up any cards. :-(

The girls and I got back late last night, and I am here at work today. My brain is still telling me I'm on the ship, because everything keeps rocking. I'm hoping in a couple of days, I'll get back to normal! :-)

The cruise was good.... it started out rocky, for the first day and a half... the boat rocked so much, we ended up laying down all day because it just didn't seem as bad as when we were up. The two ports that I wanted to see, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel were closed because Wilma just tore them up. We were able to port at Belize City, Belize and Roatan, Honduras... but we spent most of our time out on the ocean. I found the boat a little constricting, I like exploring, and there is only so much you can explore on a boat, but overall.. I am glad I had the opportunity to take a cruise... However, I will probably never go on another one. It's just not my thing.. well, at least for another 30 to 40 years! :D (lots of old people!)

After seeing some of my pictures from the cruise... I am starting back on my diet. The good thing is.. even though I was on a 7 day cruise.. I don't think I really gained any weight.. the pants I gauge my weight gain and loss by still fit... so I am happy. :-) I am going to see if I can post a picture.... if not, I'll try again!

OK.. I can't .. my picture is too big.. but I did go do that thing that Noelle posted about where we all are.. and I posted the picture there!

OK.. I need to go back and catch up when I can get the chance... but right now, I need to get back to work. :-)

Talk to you all soon!


10-31-2005, 06:19 PM
Welcome back Cherie. I'm so sorry Wilma put a crimp on your cruising but glad you had a good time anyway--and no weight gain :carrot:. I know what you mean about "old people" on cruises :lol: They're the ones that have the time and money to go, eh? I'm sure there are different demographics for different destinations though... have you heard about the "Chocolate Cruise"? oops, bad me, this is supposed to be dieting website :p Hey, that's a nice picture of you on the boat!

Angie, get better soon girl. Drink some hot tea w/lemon, that always helps my throat. I don't know why families do the gift-giving "game" your in-laws think the other family won't find out the difference? We have the same situation w/my BIL (my oldest sis' husband). He gives extravagant gifts to my two nieces because he feels "sorry" for them, as if they're disadvantaged because their mother (my #6 sis) isn't married to their father (even though they live together). He gave one niece a Nintendo DS last year, and gave the other one a laptop computer. This is just because they asked him for it. I teach my son not to ask for things like that--and if he does, he'll only get them for stuff like Christmas or a birthday, not everyday kind of giving, ya know? Oh, and my sis and BIL gave Michael some kind of board game... and it wasn't more than $20, But oh well...

Julie, even though you got into the halloween candy a bit at least you burned some calories scrubbing that floor. My #2 sis just told me that she had 11 bags of halloween candy in her house, and as of yesterday, only 4 were left :o don't feel bad :lol: Hope your kiddos have a great time trick-or-treating as well. Stay safe and warm! I'll be carving my pumpkin this afternoon as well.

Dips, congrats on your mid-terms. Hey girl, I knew you were youngest one here but damn! 10 years younger than me :lol: If you don't get a chance to pop in before then, HAPPY early BIRTHDAY wishes to you!!! :hb: Enjoy your youth!

Hi to Kempy, Holly, Cal and everyone...gotta run and get some more work done. Have a fun Halloween!!!

11-01-2005, 10:30 AM
Good Morning everyone! I still have a cold but at least my throat doesnt hurt as bad today. I just feel blah.

Cherie, I am glad you are back. I am sorry you didnt get to go to the ports you wanted to though, did they give you guys any compensation for not getting to do the things that you paid to do. Congrats on coming home without a weight gain. Me and Jay want to do a cruise just for the food. :lol:

Noelle, I forgot to add yesterday that I am glad you caught the tire problem before your wheel fell off. Geesh, You would think they would know better than that. Some people. I remember you telling us about your BIL giving Micheal a boardgame. That is so low. Do you think these people think that the kids cant figure it out? I know I should take it as a compliment because it means deep down they know we take good care of our kids but when the kids are the ones figuring it out it is hard to explain to them. Plus My in laws are the first people to say bad **** about us and our parenting so that sucks.

Julie, did the kiddos have a fun Halloween? I hope so. My kids didnt dressup or anything this year. Jay said we are officially old. :lol: Corey and Brit hung out uptown with their friends and Alicia stayed home with us to hand out candy( I think it was mostly so that if Brit and Corey got in trouble than she wouldnt be involved....she is the good kid. :lol: ). Mickey and Rebel had fun last night. They didnt know what to think of all these people coming to our front door. They would both jump up in the chair and keep a lookout for kids. :lol: It was pretty cute.

11-01-2005, 05:12 PM
Hey girls, I started us a FRESH new thread for November....the Sept. thread was getting a bit long, especially since we kept it thru October. Let's get the party started and head on over to Weighty Issues #32 (