Weight Loss Surgery - I have checked but I can't find anything on popping feelings

09-02-2005, 01:42 PM
Hi all! I reached bak to scratch my leg yesturday and felt a distinctive pop in my chest area, right where you would get heartburn. I kinda froze and waited, I wasn't sure what was gonna happen(AH! self distruct button!) LOL :lol: I drank some water and had a cramping feeling. My right calf went numb around 7 pm and didn't wake up till this morning(which I hear isn't all that uncommon). So, I called the doc and was actually told there were no surgoens on call(isn't that great!) I checked obesity help and this forum and have'nt found anything on a popping feeling. I haven't got a fever and no vomiting and I drank some protein, it just really freaked me out so I though I would ask. Anyone else have popping sesations?

09-03-2005, 12:50 AM
how do you feel now? for about 2 weeks afterwards, i had weird feelings where the major internal incisions were done. stiffness, pain, and so on. but i can't remember poppings. although for about a week after, until the anesthesia is gone, there might be some weird crackles.

my view: if it doesn't hurt, there's no blood, no fever, no weird vomiting, no swelling, you're probably ok.

but tell us how you are!!!!!