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08-31-2005, 02:54 AM
Body for Life vs Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Ive done BFL 2x, but Ive gotten very bored with it. BFFM looks interesting, and everything Ive read online says its pretty good. But Im not sure if I should believe it. Has anyone tried it, or know someone personally who doesnt financially benefit from promoting it? Id love to hear some feed back about it.


Suzanne 3FC
08-31-2005, 10:51 AM
You make a good point, Robin, everyone on the internet that says it works is also selling the ebook :?:

We've had a few members in our Ladies Who Lift forum that have followed BFFM in the past. Mel gave a great explanation of the difference in plans in another thread that might help -

BFFM by Tom Venuto is not so much a "plan" as a good explanation of how building muscle and exercising works along with good nutrition to improve your body. Using his information, you can devise your own plan. He has sample nutritional plans and workouts for different goals (believe it or not, there are people who WANT to bulk) and body types, from which you can devise your own plan. His e-book is very readable, and written in terms understandable without a degree in biochemistry or kinesthiology. It is the theory behind BFL, and any other plan based on eating frequent nutritious meals, utilizing weight training and cardio to build muscle and burn fat.

If you've never done a weightlifting program before, BFL is a great starting point because everything is laid out for you- you don't have to experiment or make up workouts on your own. If you're not a beginner, BFFM is a great source of information to help you fine tune your own program. If you have access to a good gym, and are familiar with body building principles, BFL is probably too simplistic. Having said that tho, there are plenty of folks who do BFL for long periods of time with success, because it is so simple.

With 70 pounds to lose, I don't think you could go wrong with either. Or stay with SouthBeach, and incorporate more exercise, both lifting and cardio, into your program.


08-31-2005, 12:35 PM
Thanks so much for that Suzanne!!

08-31-2005, 12:42 PM
Ive posted this question over in "Does it work" and Suzanne (and Mel) gave me some good info. Here is the link

I always like to see what Im getting before I buy it, regardless as to the 90 day money back guarantee. So if anyone here has read it, what I would like to know, is how the eating differs from bfl, and does the book rely heavily on gym equipment and gym workouts.

Thanks :)

08-31-2005, 05:39 PM
I haven't read it, but I know folks who have. They like it because it provides more of the 'details' or science of a BFL-like approach. My impression, though, is that it's more of an advanced plan for people who are comfortable tracking their macros pretty carefully and are willing to do more complicated splits than a upper/lower split like on BFL.

09-01-2005, 08:05 PM
After doing BFL - I don't think you are going to learn to many new things in BFFM. Tom gives some very well presented information on fat loss (far more indepth than BFL) - but the principles are very similar.

The major thing is that BFL was closely tied to EAS supplements (IMO they are good supplements despite the promotion). However BFFM makes it very clear that you do not need any supplements to achieve healthy weight loss.

I believe Tom is looking to bring out a paperback/hardback version of BFFM at some stage. I personally found BFFM to be quite inspiring.

Good luck!

09-01-2005, 10:15 PM
BFFM is simply the truth. Come on we all want a quick fix and easy way out.
We all know we should eat correctly and exercise but and that is the entire basis of the program. Does it work? yes, if you do what he outlines which takes a lot of discipline. So in my opinion this is for those who are in for radical changes. It also may help those who are clueless to exercise and nutrition. Some people work so hard and see very little results because they are eating incorrectly. everything goes hand in hand I found out well anyway that's my five cents on the subject.

stay healthy, be strong
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09-01-2005, 11:24 PM
Bigjimboy and flipa...thanks so much for your thoughts and imput I really appreciate it.

I have made my decision, after some of the feedback here, and talking to a few others. Im going to go with it, make the changes needed to succeed and stay successful.

09-04-2005, 06:18 PM
bffm is kickbutt the real deal its is like an entire lesson on the nutrition, health, body building etc, you will find out how to eat correctly. most people don't need those costly supplements. I just call it in your face real deal.

09-04-2005, 10:32 PM
One more thing I forgot to mention. BFFM promotes a lot of cardiovascular exercise. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - but some feel that the author pushes this too heavily. Once again, it's a matter of discovering what works for you. For many of us, there is the matter of the number of hours in the day! and for me personally health and recovery are an issue. If I do "too much" I end up getting sick. I think I'd rather be healthy than ripped! All the best.

09-05-2005, 12:21 AM
I believe Tom is looking to bring out a paperback/hardback version of BFFM at some stage. I personally found BFFM to be quite inspiring.

So what is he going to charge for it - a $100???? $40.00 for an e-book but then another at least $30.00 for computer ink to print 300+ pages and $5.00 for paper for a total of approx. $75.00.


09-05-2005, 04:48 PM
Good point. Why are eBooks so expensive when they have such small production costs?

09-06-2005, 01:49 AM
I think it's great - ebooks send more of the money to the author, instead of to the packagers and distributors. Granted, most of the ebooks I buy are $4-$7, not $30, but it's a good gig if you can get it. :lol:

09-07-2005, 05:23 PM
Well I bought the book! Im on chapter 7 already....the only dissadvantage, is I cant curl up on the couch and read it :lol: Amoungst other things, Ive learned that Im an endomorph, that is going to have to work hard for every lb I need to take off. So far so good. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone for their opinions, I truly appreciate it.