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06-14-2001, 04:36 AM

I know diet pills aren't the best way to go, but I am running out of options! I am25 year ols and weigh 260ish. I have to have knee reconstruction surgery late fall. I have to lose weight by then, or I won't recover right. It is a very difficult and long recovery. Does anyone know about diet pills that can help. I take a lot of meds. Synthroid-hypothyroidism, spironalactone-PCOS, Ziac- high blood pressure, and Celexa and the dreaded depression.
I am trying to watch my eating , but not doing very well at it. I love carbs. I can go weeks without eating meat! Chocolate is my life. I need a lot of help and advice!!!!


06-14-2001, 10:12 AM
Hi utopia4all24,

I am taking an appetite suppressant called Adipex-P (Phentermine). I got it online, but you should get a physical from your doctor before trying any types of diet pills. I don't have any high blood pressure, cholesteral problems, etc.

I have lost 12 lbs. in 14 days. I am taking the pill as a training process to eat smaller meals and healthier meals. It takes away my appetite and cravings. The only side effect I have had is dry mouth which makes you drink plenty of water (12 glasses for me) each day. I bought a 30 day supply. But after the 2 weeks of being on them I am taking them every other day, to teach myself to stay on the eating pattern that I have been on when taking them.

I am taking in about 900 calories a day, but I make sure that those calories consist of drinking milk, eating salads w/tuna or chicken and fruits plus a vitamin.

It has helped me to stop craving sweets which is something I would do every day, reach for a candy bar or cake for dessert at lunch.

Well enough rambling on my stats in the past two weeks are:

190/178/hope to be 130 by October/November

I can't post the websites here but you can email me at

I think I can post my email address, if not my apologies to the moderators.