Support Groups - Teachers Successfully Losing Weight/back To School Edition

08-29-2005, 05:17 PM

08-29-2005, 07:12 PM
My condolances to you all beginning the new year. I am into day three with the kids. It has been AWESOME!
Then, I come home...........There are five teenagers, plus three little kids at my house. I feel like I am running a home for wayward youths or something.
Robyn: I have the Leslie Sansone walk and jog. It's not to bad. I probably couldn't do it now since I haven't been walking lately, but I am trying to get back in that groove also. Stayed up way to late last night watching Jaws 2. Didn't want to get up this morning.

Summer: Poor thing......Hope your dd will get back into the swing of things and not miss her mom so bad. It is only Monday, and I am pooped.

Sue: I know what you mean about the shoe thing. My husband is not very pleased with my shoe problem. Ha! Oh well. I guess I need to go to shoeaholic annonomous.

Michelle: Hey!

GINNY: WELCOME BACK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!WE'VE MISSED YOU. Sounds like you got some much needed rest.

Tammy: Welcome! You'll love it here. I have a son who just started college. He is having trouble getting up in the morning.

Kerry: Where are you?

There is a line at the gas station because the rumor is that gas is going up 30 cents a gallon tonight. I hope not. I will not be able to afford to work before too much longer, or I will have to find somewhere closer.
I have eaten properly today, still haven't drank enough water. However, I have only had one soda today. This is a big improvement since summer started.

Talk to you all later!


Michele L
08-29-2005, 10:37 PM
Well, I've been trying to get up at least 2 or 3 days a week before schol and do 1 or 2 miles, but I just COULDN'T do it this morning! Monday, and it was so cool with the windows open and I was so snuggled up in my comforter! NO WAY!! Then, I've been trying to do at least 1 or 2 miles right when I get home from school, but the kids need Mom to help with homework. So, before I knew it, it was 7:30 and I hadn't walked (which usually means I DON'T). But, I DID tonight!! I did the 2 mile Walk Away Your stress tape! Yay! Now I don't feel guilty and I'm still on track for Week 5 of the 6 week Walk Diet!

This working for a living sure messes up my free time!

Michele :wave:

08-30-2005, 11:18 AM
Good morning!!!!
I am going to be a lazy bum....and not get to the end of the last thread this time. Forgive me for not getting more personal than I will..... sounds as though last week was a busy one.

Welcome Tammy and Michele! I am the resident diesel sniffin' bus driver here....(you can tell when the fumes and or the kiddies are getting to me......I get wierder than normal). Glad you are both here. I have found these ladies to be wonderful company- very supportive and encouraging. It will be great getting to know both of you better.

Mouse- are you MIA??? Where are you working? And is your resident Imp back with you?

Kerry- you MIA too? You must be back by is this year treating you so far?

Pam- that is incredible with the darn gas prices. My Dh mentioned that he heard something about rationing/gas lines in the future. Actually, gas prices were the cheapest in Robynland......(Virginia)- at least that is what we found on the way to the OB. Drink some water, ok???? (and with all those kids visiting, you might want something stronger did the day end up?)

Sue- NOONE wanted to golf??? Shame on are you doing? Guess you go back the same day as me, day after Labor day. Stinks doesn't it?

Summer (I hope I got this right)- noone is helping you get the junk out of your room?
How do the powers that be expect you to function in a disaster zone? When is your first day?

Robyn- so the crab made it to your house......hehehehe......glad I made your day (revenge is SO sweet!). Sounds like you are making tremendous progress with WW. Looking for a workout???? I LOVE their workout DVDs/VHS tapes. I have the Get Fit one, and for 35 minutes of sweating and hopping around I get 4 AP's. Talk about a bang for the buck! I totally suggest their you have a DVD player? They gave out a demo DVD about 6 months ago, I hear it is 30 minutes (earning 1 AP). I have never done it, for me it is a bang for the buck issue. It must be lower intensity, so for someone just starting out it would be good. If you are interested, I can mail it to you.....just gotta find the darn thing. Or, they sell two lower level workouts-Get Started and Get Moving. Ask your leader or one of the ladies at the scale about them. As I said, what I love is there is no guess work about the workout level. You know exactly how many AP's you get. And there is a bit of WW chatter going on during the workout - stuff about the program- just to keep your mind going too. Congrats! I am so happy for you that WW is working!

Me? Got another busy day. Dh went back to work today- and I miss him. (when the burned out monster comes home please remind me I said that!). I did my WW tape this am......gee it pooped me out. While in NC I walked 5 miles each day- despite the miserable heat early on. Ok, one day I cheated and walked a mile and then came back and kick boxed. (brought my DVD). trying to get caught up with the wash....and all the other stuff I have to do before school starts. Oh gosh, it hurts to say that!!!!
I am tired already thinking about it........

Guess I had better go be productive. Kitchen floor is a mess......Dd and I canned some homemade salsa the other day with all the peppers and tomatoes that ripened while we were gone.....and the place is a sty.
See ya later!

08-30-2005, 12:10 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry I am not going to get personal today. My DH just called and said he can get into the sleep center tonight so I need to gather up some information for him. He is going because we think he might have sleep apnea. I am not sure if I hope he has it or not. It is serious but on the other hand they give them a machine that helps with the snoring! That might be worth it. Of course the sleep I use to lose due to his snoring will be lost due to worrying if he is stopping breathing. I guess it is a no win situation.

I feel everyones pain with the back to school wake up call. I know I'll be there soon enough! I love my job but I love summers so much better! I am not sure I'll have the time and/or energy to get on line everyday. At least the first few weeks while I am trying to figure things out!

Aren't gas prices crazy? I drive an SUV and I about have to take out a loan to fill the tank these days. I will probably have to sell it if gas goes up too much more. Then I won't be able to pull the camper next year.

I admire all you serious exercisers. I wish I could get motivated. I have lost a bit of weight lately I think (If I ever made it to my WW meeting I would know) but it is because I have been busy with school stuff and can't eat as much. If I could just get myself to exercise I could maybe actually lose the weight I gained after I screwed up my knee.

Okay. I am really worried about Mouse. She was not in a good state of mind the last time she wrote. Hopefully it is just the realities of work that is keeping her away and not depression caused by the people she works with. Did anyone check to make sure she wasn't still going to the summer posts?

So was anyone effected by the big storm that hit New Orleans? Does anyone have exciting plans for the long weekend (besides catching up on your sleep)? I am taking my children on one last camping/canoeing trip. We are meeting a friend of mine who currently lives in Oklahoma. My sisters and another friend may also join us for part of it.


08-30-2005, 05:26 PM
I have an hour in between my day of workshops and tonite's class at SCSU, so I don't have much time. But, I had to tell you what Nimrod (my custodian) did today.

This morning we had our convocation with our new stupidintendent at the Arena where my DH works part time. Today he took time off his full time job to work at the Arena and happened to be monitoring the area where Nimrod was standing. Well, Nimrod had a box cutter in his pocket that he'd left open. When he went looking for his keys, he sliced his hand on it and bled all over the place...on the program, on his clothes, etc... He didn't move. He just stood there bleeding not knowing what to do next. People were looking at him like he was nuts. Eventually, someone told him to get it bandaged, and so he left.

So, do you think my furniture got assembled today? Of course not. The principal is doing nothing about it while all these boxes that I can't lift or move are crowding up my classroom. I was hoping to have them moved out into the hallway which would in turn cause congestion in the halls forcing my principal to get my furniture assembled, but that didn't work out. I reported the situation to my early childhood director so that at least she knows what I have to deal with and what the children will be facing in the morning. She wasn't too pleased. Tomorrow morning, 36 liddle kiddles will have to try to maneuver around the mess. WELCOME TO SCHOOL!!! Oh well. :p

Gotta spend time with DD, eat dinner, and run out the door again. I'll be back tomorrow to spend more time.

08-31-2005, 12:00 AM
Evening Ladies,
Welcome to Michelle and Tammy! Hope you enjoy this fourm as much as I do. It has been a lot of help with my weightloss journey to chat with these wonderful ladies.
I am a MH teacher for my local county school district for students in grades 7-8 this year. In the past few years, I have had a mixture of grades 4-8 in my room. So I am glad that I only have 2 grades in my room this year. I have 7 boys in my classroom this year. So it is challenging on some days to be around males all day long and than come home to my dh, two stepsons and a stepdaughter.
I am sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. I was very tired from my first week back to school and tried to veg out some this weekend. But really couldn't when my two teenage nephews spent the whole weekend at our house. And it wasn't even a weekend that we had the kids. The boys had their first offical football game on Sunday afternoon. They lost 20-0. But atleast our little guys got some playing time with the 3rd and 4th graders. I guess it is very rare for a 2nd grader to get much playing time during their first season of football. Last night I had to go to a meeting with my Local Prof. Development Committe to renew my teaching cert. They told me that it could take up to 8 weeks for me to get it and to look at not getting a paycheck for that long too. Once I get my certificate than I will be getting my paychecks again along with the ones I missed. So that is going to make things tight around here for a while. Say a prayer that I get the certificate sooner.
I went to TOPS tonight and lost 2.5 pounds. So I must be back on the losing track again. I did my walking videos every day last week expect on the weekend and than went to Curves three evenings last week too. So that must have helped me lose the weight this time. Let's see if I can keep it up this time!
Summer, hope you have a wonderful first day tomorrow with your kiddies. You could have them decorate the outsides of the boxes with pretty pictures until you get the furntiture put together. :)
Mouse, where are you? I hope that all is well with you. Please let us know if we can do anything for you.
Robyn congrats on your weight loss. That is awesome! Keep up the good work. I take it you are looking for some kind of workout program. I love Leslie Sanone. I would recommend her Walk Away The Pounds for the Abs or Walk Away The Pounds Express. You can do them at your own pace and they are just great!
Ginny, glad that you have been getting in your walking. I think of you every morning when I am sweating along to my videos. :) So you have one more week off than it is back to the gas fumes. What are your big plans for this last week?
Sue, so are you enjoying your last week before going back to school? Where are you going camping this weekend? Will it be your last camping trip for the year?
Pam, sounds like you are having a great year so far. I know what you mean about having a house load of kids. On Sunday evening, we had my two nephews and two stepsons and boy can they get loud when they are together. :) Are you working on starting your walking program again?
Well ladies I better think about going to bed. I didn't realize what time it was. 5:30 a.m. comes awful early on very little sleep. Talk to you all tomorrow. I promise I won't go MIA again.
Have a great evening!

08-31-2005, 08:25 AM
Summer - As I type you are no doubt gearing up for your first day with your new students. I am sending you good vibes with lots of energy included too!

Kerry - No pay for 8 weeks? Oh my God, we wouldn't make it. On the other hand it might be a great savings plan! We are camping up north in the middle of no where in a place called the Old Log. I use to go there every year with a group of girls canoeing. It is also where my DH proposed to me. This is the first time I have taken my children. We will canoe on Sunday. Unfortunately I think we are a bit early for there to be a lot of color but it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend. I am pretty sure this will be the last camping trip of the season. Once school starts, I don't have the energy for such endeavors! I am really kind of dreading this trip but I am sure it will be fun when I get there. The kids will get a kick out of it atleast.

Robyn - I just saw about the red cross effort on the news today. I just can't imagine what it would be like to have your whole community wiped out like that. It sure makes Michigan's long sunless winters (our worst weather problem) look good. Unfortunately it sounds like things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. It is so sad!


Michele L
08-31-2005, 08:37 AM
Well, the school year is already catching up with me. I needed to do 1 more mile yesterday when I got home, but my 9 year old son decided to throw up, so he and hubby couldn't go to their meeting. It was to be his last meeting of "God and Me" for Cub Scouts, too! Hopefully, they can schedule something so he can get his patch or badge or whatever he gets. Without that last meeting with the pastor, he won't get it.

Needless to say, I didn't get to exercise with a sick child. I know hubby could take care of him, but he was calling "Mommy!" and I just can't ignore that!

Then this morning, I was just TOOOOO tired to get up and walk (and today is a 3 mile day!). So now I owe myself 4 miles. I see that tomorrow is unstructured, so maybe I can do 2 today and 2 tomorrow. We'll see.......

Hope everyone has a great Wed!

Michele "wave:

08-31-2005, 12:59 PM
Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! My day is going awesome so far. I got up and did my two mile walking video and took my measurements to see if my new diet plan works well. My kids think I am crazy today because I have extra energy and am in such a great mood! But if I keep this up than their behavior is on the up and up for the day.
Sue I hope you have a wonderful trip this weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun. When are you going?
Michelle sounds like you have a wonderful plan on getting your walking miles in. Sorry to hear that your little boy is sick. Is he feeling any better today?
Robyn I can't believe the stories I have heard about the damage this storm has caused. I will not be able to give money to a relief effort at this time. But I sure will keep saying my prayers for the folks in the South.
Summer hope that you had a wonderful day with your new class. How did your day go? When does your little girl go back to school? Hope she is adjusting well to you having to go back to school.
Pam how is your week going? You haven't taken any more swims with Mr. Bullfrog have you? Your sandals sounds cute. I hope they are comforty and don't hurt your feet like your other ones did.
Tammy, I noticed that you were from Ohio too. I live near Chillocothe in Wellston. I think it is so cool that you live in Dayton. Hope your school year is off to a great start!
Mouse where are you? I hope your year started great with your kids!
Well I have to go to recess duty. Talk to you all later.

08-31-2005, 02:17 PM
Kerry- so glad you are back from the missing! Congrarts on your losing ways and your dedication to workouts (always a strong point for you!) Duh, I forget- what is your new diet plan? I am so glad you have all that energy- it is contagious! Keep up the hard work, it will pay off in your measurements and at the scale.

Michele- good for you getting your workouts/walks in too. One piece of advice, if you don't mind. I too have a goal for how much excercise I want to get in each day- but there are those days......well you know......sick kiddies (hope your Ds is feeling better!), crabby Dh, whatever. Then I consider myself lucky if I can just squeeze in a mile walk.......any more than that is gravy. Just do not want to see you set yourself up for failure-any workout is better than none.

Sue- how sweet that you are now taking your kids to the same place that Dh proposed in! (ok, now how you gonna handle it if he gets amourous :dizzy: this time!- or you for that matter!) Enjoy that last camping trip......hope the weather is great.

Robyn- every penny sure does count.....and there is a Bible story of a widow who gave only a wee bit, but it was all she had. And that was looked upon with more sincerity than another man's riches. Whatever you can give will be welcome. I too am sickened by this awful disaster. Can't believe the devastation. It will be years before that area returns to a wee bit of normal- if ever. thanks for the reminder about how much the relief effort can mean.

Summer- lets see.......want to play hide and seek around the boxes? King of the mountain? Gee, we could send Nimrod to move them- but then you might need biohazard bags to put the boxes in, should he attempt to wrestle with his box cutter again! Oh, hope today went well for you.....36 critters, eh? Let us know how your day was.

Walked a bit over 3 miles this the remains of Katrina. (basically just very windy). Then took Ds for his hair cut- ok usually I "pay" for every other hair cut and in between save the $$ and buzz it/style it myself. The shop owner usually does his hair- and he just had surgery so we used another lady in the shop. Crumb, I could have done a better job with my lawn mower!!! So when we got home (and that is when we really saw the dammage) I had to recut his least it is even. Poor kid looked like a chicken with all the tufts hanging out........remind me to run that lady over with my bus if I see her on the street. Other than that a quiet day......gotta go vacuum......WW either tonite or tomorrow. And tomorrow Dd and I get our hair done (no NOT the same moron.......). I would like to look like a human being for the first day of school.
Nuff babbling from me.........see ya!

08-31-2005, 07:28 PM
You know it is Wednesday, but I am worn out already. It's not stressful, I just think it's just the whole act of getting back into a routine. Also, I have made a promise to myself to not go to bed if there are dishes in the sink, my stuff isn't ready for the next day and my house atleast the parts where people see, is in some sort of order. Once I get hustling and bustling around I can't go to sleep. I still am hanging onto the remnants of a sinus infection.......The one from August which as Kerry reminded me :dizzy: caused me to fall head first into the fish pond. Ha! I sound rather like a whiny butt don't I? Ok, so I am...... :D I found myself eating a poptart this afternoon before I even realized what had happened. Geez. The time between when I get home and when it's dinner is awful for me. We eat lunch at 11:20, so I am starving when I get home.

Robyn: I understand exactly what you mean about the devestation. In 1999, we lost everything we owned with the exception of that stupid stuff you throw up in the attic to get out of your way, to Hurricane Floyd. Everytime I see flooding it literally makes me sick and sad, and panicky. We were lucky. We waded out in the middle of the night, and I was told by my neighbor that within an hour, it was rushing in the house. Your whole life changes. I will definitely be sending some money. If it were not for the kindness of strangers, we would have had nothing. My parents couldn't get to me, I couldn't get to them, it was terrible........

Ginny: Don't let me hear about you on the news running down some hair "stylist" . Hair mutilator? Hmmmm. When do you go back to school?
Read anymore Scarpetta?

Summer: Get rid of those boxes yet? How was school?????????

Sue: Camping.....Hmmmm, I haven't been camping since girlscouts.....Camping with kids? I'm bored. Ha. That would be mine.
I'm kind of with you. I admire these serious excercisers. I was getting to be that way until school got out. Now I'm a lump. I need to get rid of some lumps, so maybe I'll do it tonight.......................

Michelle: You go girl. That's a lot of walking. I'm impressed. Please send energy my way......
Kerry: No more run ins with the bull frog. Haven't seen him since.....
the day I went for my swim. I have a couple of little frogs in my pond, no fish and lots of plants. My son wants more fish. But, it's getting late in the season. Good job for losing 2.5 pounds. I just can't seem to get my act together. I have been taking my lunch everyday, and with the exception of those stupid poptarts, have been doing well. We are supposed to be going to Tennessee this weekend, so I'm sure eating out isn't going to help. I need to get on the ball before it's time to go on my cruise. I would like to lose thirty more pounds. Even twenty would be awesome. I only need to go down about 15 more pounds to be considered within my normal weight range, but that figure looks so far away right now.

By the way, gas has risen to 2.99 a gallon. They say that there is a risk of a gas shortage, because of the hurricane, so they are telling everyone to conserve down here. Of course, everyone is running out to fill up the tank. Apparantly, we get our gas from two pipelines, that have been down since Sunday.....SO, a lot of gas stations are running out of gas.


08-31-2005, 07:51 PM
Pam- and just what did the 19 yr old do to merit free adoption??? Can I make it a package deal and add mine too????? (guess who is sort of back with the Bf from ****) Anyway- hope you spit out that darned poptart. They taste good, but are SO high in calories (points for me). Hope your new organizational skills work for you- it makes life so much easier when the sink is empty at the end of the day and total chaos does not exist in the rest of the house. Helps your attitude upon waking too. Unless, of course that 19 yr old is good a demolishing the kitchen after you have cleaned it up. My family is so good at that one! Hope you are feeling better too! I hear ya, the strain of the first week or so, just adjusting to the school routine is challenging. I got a look today at my schedules (got the same route, so I drive for the public school and pick up from 2 private schools). Of course noone is on the same schedule- which means that Wednesday and Thursday I will be driving most of the day- one of the schools has a half day. Oh well- good for my sagging bank account- bad for what little is left of my sanity and order in the house! And no, I will not run over any hair least not this week. BTW, can you plan some sort of healthy snack for yourself, one that you enjoy and will kill those nasty urges?
I have babbled enough for one day!!!!! WW tomorrow am, after my hair.

08-31-2005, 09:06 PM
Hi, all.
Sorry, I've been missing. The school is still a disorganized mess, and I'm hating it just as much as ever (well, maybe a little less, because I DO have the kids now!). Let's see...
I have 6 kids, but none of them are with me all day. I have 1 planning period every other day, but I also don't have anybody scheduled for 2nd period, so I have like the whole morning free on A days. I suppose any NORMAL mouse would like it, but you must remember: I ENJOYED where I was working the last 3 years except for the administrative torture. I loved the kids, and was always doing things with/for them. It feels really weird to not be hopping all day long since the voc ed teachers only had 1 planning period... I have been doing some serious organizing, though... My TA isn't experienced with the kids, and so she's doing all the copying and making of stuff, decorated the room. Like, I printed all my grocery store units and associated worksheets put into a binder, all the vocab cards that go with it are laminated. The reading inventory I use has been copied completely through Level 6, and she put the student pages in page protectors in a binder for me.
Except for 2 periods (7 and 8), we only have 1 kid per period. Which also drives me nuts because how do you teach just ONE child? And of those periods, I only have the kid for like 45 minutes because he has adaptive PE the other half... AND then he collects attendance forms or some other "in-school" work job.
They really didn't need a full-time MR teacher. I'm dreading some of this because the other teachers are making comments (doing any work yet?), and because they aren't used to having my kids in mainstream classes... they want to put them all back in the room all day with me. For a few of them, it might not be a bad idea, but one of them isn't MR at all, he's just ED... lower IQ, but he doesn't fit the MR label. He plays games too well!!! I suppose he could be like one of my kids from my last school where he's primary ED and secondary MR, but I'm guessing he's just missed so much classtime for behavior that he can't keep up. And the other kid I think is more high-functioning autistic... he's very regimented, quiet, needs structure, etc.
Oh... and then we have the best part. I have a student who is from Central America; they moved the US in 2004. So he's been here a little over a year. He has picked almost NO English, and last year had a spanish translator. They took it off the IEP, and now the district heads are arguing over who is going to pay for the service to get it back. Meanwhile, he's with me for Academics, Community Instruction, Independent Living and Basic Skills (another academic period). The poor kid was in tears the first day, and totally shut down yesterday. I found some stuff I used with one of my students in my inner city school...they did the same thing to me my last year there, only the child was from Puerto Rico... and so we used some of that as a springboard, then made a language experience book. I found out he LOVES pizza, and likes to eat at pizza hut, so we made a book about pizza. And then we practiced reading it. I told him we could order pizza if he could read the book next week. I put English & Spanish on it for him, and picture cues.
I think I'll keep doing that... I doubt I'm going to be able to teach him phonics.. not yet.
I so VERY VERY VERY much wanted to have a year where I wasn't going to fight with administration and make myself unpopular with them in the first month of school. :cry: That is definitely not going to happen this year.
So far as dieting? Eating is fine... I pack my lunch most days for school anyway, so... I'm not drinking enough though.
Imp IS back home, he came last Saturday... but I need to figure out what to do with his litterbox. He kicks litter EVERYWHERE... and it drives me nuts!
I'll try not to go missing again...

08-31-2005, 10:55 PM
Evening Ladies,
I had a wonderful day with my students. It really got even better when the sun finally came out to shine. Since we haven't seen it in Ohio since Sunday. I went to Curves and worked out tonight with my friend. Than came home and worked on setting up my gradebook and entered some of my grades in it. Now before I make my lunch for tomorrow, fill up my water jug and lay out my outfit for tomorrow, I thought I would pop in for a quick stop.
Sounds like everyone had a good day! Thank God it is Wednesday though, huh! Two more days and than a long relaxing weekend I hope.
Ginny, I was given some Herbalife products to try. I drink a shake for breakfast and one for lunch. Than eat a normal healthy dinner. Plus I have a herbal tea that I can drink to give me energy in the morning's instead of drinking coffee (yuck). I just started it today so I will hopefully be able to tell if they are worth buying. If they are than I might start selling them to make some extra money due to my paycheck hold-up for 8 weeks or longer until I get my teaching certificate. My kids thought I was sick this morning becasue I was in such a wonderful exicting mood. I didn't let the small stuff bother me. Now when two fifth graders got into a fight on the playground, I was the one to break it up. So how many days until you start getting on your natural gas high?
Mouse welcome back! We missed you. Glad that you were able to sort of reach the boy from C.America by using the language experience book. That is a cool story! That should make you feel really good about being a teacher of special needs students. Today one of my boys that I have had for 3 years, raised his hand during classtime and stated a full complete sentence about his favorite game. I was so proud of him. Since when he first came to me he was very limited in his language skills.
Pam, glad that you haven't been swimming lately. As for your eating right after coming home from school, could you eat a healthy snack to tide you over to dinner. I like to snack on those 100 calorie packs of crackers or cookies, carrots, yogurt or a rice cake. Hope this helps you. Pick a day and decide that you are going to do your walking for 10 minutes and than after a few days add another 10 minutes and do this until you are at a level where you are comfort excerising but still feel a challenge.
Summer did you survive your first day of school? Or were your buried alive under the boxes in your room? Hope all went well for you today.
Robyn, how is your WW plan going this week. Have you decided anything about your excerise plan?
Sue, have a safe camping trip. Hope the gas prices don't put a damper on your trip. We had gas last night for 2.74 and today it went up to 3.09. I didn't feel like getting gas tonight since I would have had to go to the ATM and than drive back to the other side of town. So I am hoping that I can do that on my way to Curves tomorrow afternoon. I just hope the prices don't go up between tonight and tomorrow.
Michelle did you get your walk in tonight? Hope your little fellow is feeling better.
Tammy, hope your week is going well!
Well I better stop rambling and get my stuff ready for tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

09-01-2005, 10:17 AM
You are NOT going to believe this.... I actually exercised yesterday! I did a little Pilates and a little free weights. It's nothing to brag about but for me it is a step in the right direction. Plus I golfed twice, so I guess all that walking must count for something. I need to start toning. I was sitting on my DH's lap the other day, which made my legs kind of squish up. I was SHOCKED at the amount of celulite I saw! I've lost the weight but now I need to do some replacing of muscle with fat. Hopefully that little view will be a good motivator. I guess I should have taken a picture of it!

Michele: Don't feel guilty about giving up exercises for your sick DS. Children need their Mommies when they are sick. Just as long as you make sure there is some time for just you.

Kerry/Ginny: We are leaving Friday and coming home Monday. I sure hope my DH does not get too amourous as he is staying home to golf. I am just taking the kids and meeting up with my girlfriend and her children. My sisters may also come.

Pam: I know that 3:00 hunger thing too well. That is my weakest point. Not only am I really truely hungry because lunch is so early but I am usually tired and overwhelmed by what I still need to do. Those things are also big triggers for me. I am so sorry to hear that you lost so much in the flood of 1999. I have never experienced such a tragidy so I can only imagine how tough that must be. My children love to camp. Of course they are still only 10 and 13. Remember to take your weight lose one step at a time. Any lose is a victory. This weight didn't come on over night, so you can expect it to go away that quickly either.

Mouse: I am so glad you are back! I was worried sick. Worrying is one of the things that I am really, really good at! So is your student from Central America really MR or is it just a language barrier thing? I hope they figure out a way to get an interpreter soon for the poor guy. I get teased all the time about being a part time teacher because I only have 10-12 students in my class at a time. Of course when I offer to trade classes (and work load) no one wants to take me up on it.

All your talk about school and students is making me anxious to get back. From what I heard from the other teachers, I should have a great bunch of kids this year. Plus only having two preps will be wonderful! One week from today I'll be with the little (well okay most of them are bigger than me) darlings again!

Today I get to go have my mamogram. Yipee skippee! They are so much fun and I almost always have something that they want to see again. For being totally breastless, I sure have a lot of lumps! Other than that I am just planning on doing some packing and doing some family time, since we won't see my DH for four days.


09-01-2005, 01:48 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
I am having another great day! I can't believe two days in a row. My kids are finally settling in to a routine. I have a few boys who try to test the waters all the time, but I am trying to stay on top of them.
Great job on getting some excerise in Sue. Any little bit helps. Hope you get your packing done and can spend time with your dh and kids. I told my dh last night that I wanted to spend some time with him tonight since we have his kids this weekend. I feel at times that I have vie for his attention when they are around. He will give me attention, but his daughter has to be everywhere we are and not leave us alone for two minutes. If he sits by me on the couch then she has to be on the other side of him. If he kisses me, she comes running up to him to get a kiss. She is very jealous of having to share her daddy with another female at times. Oh well, I am starting to get use to how she acts and deal with it accordingly.
Hello to Pam, Michele, Tammy, Robyn, Ginny and Mouse. Hope you are all having a wonderfu l day!
I better go and get my kids started on their math lesson. They were silently reading to calm themselves down from recess. It seems to have worked today, so I think I might run with this idea for the rest of the year.
Check back with everyone later this afternoon or evening.
Take care,

09-01-2005, 03:01 PM
Sorry not to get personal.....just stopped in for a short hello.
Went up .6#.......seem to be losing the same .6 all the time. Gotta break out of this rut......but TOM is due next week, so that could be the problem.
Off to take Ds to baseball practice. See ya!

09-01-2005, 09:00 PM
Back from a wild day.....just entirely too much running for my likes.....and the price of gas??????? $3.15 for regular downtown.....ugh.......

Kerry- love your attitude! Hope you get your time in with Dh before the weekend. Glad too that the Herbalife stuff is working out well for you. Must be something good in it, cause you have been in a great mood! :)

Sue- well are you sufficiently squeezed to death for one year??????? I had a mammo a few years ago, they called in the head of the department mid stream, cause they thought they saw something.....she came in and made the wierdest faces...almost as though she saw aliens in my left boob or there I lay on the dumb table- three people oggling at my left boob.......wondering if that alien they saw was potentially malignant or a friendly alien. I was ready to strangle the dept head- whose reaction was absolutely the worst.....her faces gave away her reaction (oh, how professional). So I understand the abnormal mammo thing.......hope yours went well.

Mouse- glad you are ok......sounds as though you are in yet another interesting situation. Focus on where you can do some good (sounds as though there is tons of potential for that!). How good that you were able to reach that Central America student. Keep your chin up and keep smiling......
Glad too that your Imp is back home with Mommy. For me, I have finally found a good use for the awful local newspaper......I put lots of it underneath and around the litter box. RC will use one of those "hooded" litter pans- had to get that because otherwise her fat fanny hangs over the litter box and she gets the floor. So the hood keeps her fat fanny in the box. Fidgie- well being an alien cat herself, and infested with space cadet disease too, she needs the paper underneath just to keep things under control.

Anyway......not much else new.....long day.....Dm is on the phone. Gotta go

09-01-2005, 09:49 PM
Good evening...

Ginny: Imp has that automatic litterbox, and I think he's rebelling a bit because he doesn't like the clumping litter. But it is the only kind that works with. Hmph.
And today he figured out where his plastic baggy of treats from his Grandma was (on top of the fridge... they were in the middle of the living when I got home. Must've interrupted him because they weren't open yet.)

All: I'm sorry you all were worried. And remember my kid and the language book? Guess what? He's NOT ALLOWED TO EAT PIZZA! Apparently, its a trigger for his seizures! I've gotten my first love note from a parent, and a phone message. The adapted PE teacher didn't take the kids to get their pictures taken. I have no idea why, since all the other kids did it through health and PE or some other core class. I don't teach any of my kids core classes. The communication in this building SUCKS, and really, my mentor bears a striking attitudinal resemblence to the team leader I thought I got rid at my last school!
The kids make it worthwhile, but its so hard to get a straight answer out of anybody!!

I found a neat Italian place near the gym I interviewed at today... they had a cucumber and feta salad with low-fat dressing premade. It was awesome, and I have some of it left for lunch tomorrow. I had it with some shaved lamb and a small piece of bread (how could I resist? It was FRESH baked naan! I watched him make it!). Other than that, I'm pretty good on food. I amaze my teaching assistant, I think... she has PCOS, but doesn't follow the diet at all. She tells me how her doctor isn't really doing anything, so I gave her the name of my endocrinologist... maybe she'll go see her.
Speaking of which, I worked at a bike ride to raise money for the local Red Cross chapter last Sunday... its either a full Century (100 miles) or a metric century, or half metric century... (62 or 31 miles), and a lot of the money goes to the local chapter disaster relief. I was the manager for the start/end site, and while I'm getting set up for lunch and dealing with the county department of health (apparently you need a license to serve food even temporarily at an event of this size... 1400 bike riders!)... who walks up to me but my endocrinologist?? I was stunned. I think I knew she rode a bike, but she did the whole 100 miles, and was definitely one of the first ones back. It couldn't have taken her much over 6 hours, because we didn't start registering people until 6:00 a.m., and I don't remember seeing her when we were doing that.
Okay... gotta run. :) G'night. Hope everybody has a good Friday.
Oh: I might have problems getting here this weekend! I'm doing some minor consulting for a friend's son, plus of course we're busy with Red Cross stuff. I'll probably be at the local chapter answering phones since I can't go to New Orleans.

Michele L
09-01-2005, 10:03 PM
I got myself caught back up tonight! I did the 4 mile Super Challenge! I wasn't feeling all that guilty about choosing my son over walking. But, I WAS a slug yesterday--there was NO EXCUSE for not walking. I just didn't feel like it. That happened again this morning. I just didn't want to get up and walk (even though I always have so much energy when I do it!). I HAVE to get up and walk tomorrow because I won't have another opportunity. I have to do my ticket-taking duty (1st of 2 a year) at the first football game of the season tomorrow night. 4-5 hours of standing on a cement slab taking money and handing out tickets for a whole $20!! By the time my duty is done, it will be going on 9:00 and I'll probably stay for the rest of the game. So, I'm getting my fanny out of bed at 5:45 and doing 3 miles (I hope!).

Have a great night!

Michele :wave:

09-02-2005, 08:59 AM
Good morning!!!!
Michele- great job getting that 4 miler in...Hope you made it up today and got another "walk" in. I know I feel so much better when I do! Oh, the things we do for our kiddies.........hope your ticket taking tour of duty is as good as it can be. I will be thinking of you when I get stuck with one of my 2 tours of duty at the concession stand at Dd's soccer league.

Mouse- darn it, when you gonna teach Imp how to open the bag of treats!!!
Bad mommy you are, my dear! ;) I bought one jug of that clumping litter, found it a regular pain in the butt.....went back to the clay stuff. (speaking of which, I have to change the litter pans this am). I am sure that you will be very busy with the Red Cross this weekend. I just tried to make a donation (Katrina) online at another organization and their server is on overload. No surprise, I guess. Have a good weekend, if you don't make it here.

Any of you southern ladies......NC or Virginia residents find my husband???
I think I left him somewhere on the OB- or in Va, Md, Del.......6'3", 190#, folically impared a bit, eyes..... All I know is I went on vacation with him, and he was nice to be with last week. Sort of like the man I fell in love with 20 years ago......nothing like the monster that is masquerading for him and coming home from work this week. Breaks my heart- ate myself into oblivion last nite and slept on the couch. Wanted NO part of being near him. He picked all over any and everything- did not like Dd's hair cut (this kid has gorgeous, wavy blond hair, the whole shop was goggling over it, tons of people pay lots and lots of $$$$$$$ to get hair that looks like hers naturally) he did not like much of anything else going on.....just managed to find something I did not do (and why the heck did you not do that!) as opposed to what I did accomplish. Ok, to his credit- he knew he was a monster (Atilla the Hun is back!) and did apologize,but the hurt is still there.
Ok, Ginny, just shut up and deal with it. Sorry for my ranting and raving....had to vent and I am shifting into PMS time. It all still hurts, nontheless.

Well, on that happy note, got another busy day. Dd is coming home for the weekend and bringing her roommate, so I'd better restraighten the house (I had it looking great on Wednesday :lol: ). Got a few errands to do.....and Ds has a baseball game this evening. Its my turn to stay for that- Dd can't get home from work early enough. (he gets the double header on Monday! ;) ). Speaking of Dd, she is most definately seeing that wonderful creep who dumped her just before Christmas (and totally trashed our Christmas break). Lord give me grace........

Hope everyone has a good day. I will stop foaming at the "keyboard" now.

09-02-2005, 09:29 AM
Morning Ladies,
Thank God it is Friday! I am sure you are all looking forward to a long 3 day weekend, like I am. Tonight I might get out of going to the high school football game with the family, if my one nephew decides to go with them. I am really hoping so that I can get some downtime and recharge before everyone floods our house this weekend. Tomorrow the boys have their second football game of the season. Thank God it is a home game and we don't have to go very far. Sunday I think we are going to take it easy. I hope to be able to go to church. I only got to go I think twice this summer with everything that was going on with my summer school, kids actitivies and family duties. I might see if we can go out to the lake and take a nice long walk as a family. Than Monday we are having a birthday party at our house for our 4 year -old great niece. So I think I am going to have a great weekend!
Mouse, glad that you are enjoying working with your students. Atleast that makes it worth getting up in the morning and going to school. Lord knows the staff doesn't cut it for you. So when will you hear something about the interview you had at the gym? Hope all goes well this weekend for you working at the Red Cross center.
Ginny, I wonder if there is something in the air that makes males at this time of year acted like a heartless idiot. My dh has been like that at times this past week. Last night I went to the local pizza shop with him, so he could get something to eat for dinner and there was a guy in there that made the statement when football season comes around he dumps his girlfriend for about 5 months. I think that is just awful and after sitting by this guy for about 10 minutes, I now know why he is still single. What a jerk this guy is. So I thought of you and how you are a baseball widow during the spring, summer and fall. You will be proud to know that I just drank water while my dh ate last night. It wasn't too bad even though I love their pizza. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and your dd's roommate.
Summer are you still playing hide and seek in your classroom? Hope you are having a wonderful week with your students.
Pam, how is your week going? Do you still love your students and being changed to 6th grade? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Robyn, good luck tomorrow morning at your WW's meeting. Hope you are getting in all your points and excerise in.
Sue, have a wonderful, safe camping trip. Enjoy the last weekend camping of the season.
Michele way to go about getting your walk in. I hope you were able to get your fanny out this morning to put in your walk. Have fun doing your tour of duty at the ticket gate.
Tammy where are you at? Hope all is well with you!
I did weigh and measure myself this morning. I have lost 13 inches and 2 pounds on my new diet plan. So I am so happy with the results so far.
Well I better go, since my kids are here. Have a great day!
Take care,

09-02-2005, 12:41 PM
Hello everyone: I decided to postpone my camping trip until tomorrow. My girlfriend isn't getting up there until then anyway. I just had to offer to pay for the site for tonight anyway because they wanted to rent it for the full weekend. My heart just isn't in this trip, although I know it will be fun when I get there.

Kerry thanks for the reminder about step parenting. I am in the opposite boat as in my children live with us. I have been trying hard the past few weeks to give my DH some extra special attention just for him. I know I have to continue this once school starts.

Ginny - Be happy with your $3.15 a gallon. I think the pumps were running right around $3.40 yesterday. I have to fill the tank today for camping and will need to do it again when I get back. I am not looking forward to that sticker shock. They found another lump yesterday. Now I have questionable lumps in both breast so at least I am even. They had me stay and do an ultrasound on it. I will probably get the results next week. Nothing like giving you a little stress for your last weekend of summer! Sorry your DH isn't treating you right. It is so much harder to be hurt by the person you love and is suppose to love you.

Mouse - Ohhhhhh homemade bread! My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it. That is probably my biggest killer when I go out to eat. I can order sensible but I can't keep my paws off the bread! I know I could ask them to remove it but I am usually with other people so I can't. It is so honorable the work you do for the red cross. My BIL is a paramedic and his company is sending him and several other down south to help out. The film footage is just so depressing. It is uncomprehensible to me that that is happening in the United States!

Michele: I use to take tickets for our freshman basketball team to earn a season pass to all athletics. Then I realized I spent more money feeding my children from the consession stand than I would to buy tickets to the few football games I attended. (I don't care for sports but I like the marching band!). I hope you survived your tour of duty. I have tendonitis in my knee and standing or walking on cement really does a number on me.

I am not sure if I'll have time to get on tomorrow or not. I guess it all depends on how constructive I am today. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend.


09-02-2005, 12:41 PM
Just had to come in and tell you my embarassing, but funny story. I just got a new tool for my classroom called the Attention Getter. It makes three noises when you what to get your class's attention, race track, rooster and Tarazan. So I decided to use it today as a transition tool for my boys. One of them kept trying to make it go off ,so I stuck it in my back pocket. Well I forgot that I had it in my back pocket and sat down. Guess what Tarazan went off. Must have been the heavy load on him. LOL The kids started laughing immediately as well I did. But the embarrassing part is that I said "It isn't everyday that you hear that noise coming out of my butt!" The boys just thought that was so funny and kept right on laughing for about 10 minutes. I bet my face was really red. Just thought you might need some humor to go on with your afternoon. Talk to you all later.

09-02-2005, 01:21 PM
Just a short hello....

Kerry- proud of you with that water! Hope your Dh is treating you right.

Sue- most questionable lumps end up being nothing...I will keep you in my prayers.
See ya later-

Michele L
09-02-2005, 02:54 PM
Kerry, thanks for the chuckle this afternoon! I needed that!

I DID get up and did the 3 mile Express tape this morning! Now I can stay at the game when my duty is over and just enjoythe beautiful weather and hopefully a win! We are playing our near-by rivals, so this would start our season off right if we won!

No big plans for the weekend. We'll run to town (about 40 minutes away) sometime for some errands. Otherwise, the only thing is cards with our dearest friends. They were supposed to come over last weekend, but he forgot to tell her and she made other plans for them (it was their anniversary, so I don't really blame her for wanting to be alone). So, now they're coming over this weekend. I'll probably make up some munchies and we'll sit and laugh and play cards. Otherwise, a very quiet holiday weekend--YAY! Next weekend we are scheduled to go to the Twin Cities. Hubby and son are going geocaching (a sort of treasure hunt using a GPS) and daughter and I are going to the MALL of America!

The following weekend, we are going camping at a lake near Des Moines. It is also a geocaching activity. But this lake has so much to do that we will be very busy! Good thing we have a pop-up (we just bought it in May), the weather is getting crisp at night.

Well, I really should use my prep for some school stuff......

Check back in with you later in the weekend!

Michele :wave:

09-02-2005, 08:05 PM
Evening all.
There are some issues with my getting set up with the Red Cross. Most of my contacts have been directly with the director, who is also the person in charge of sending out all the national people! She's up to her eyeballs, and doesn't have time to answer... so I've been shunted into the group of all the people who are new volunteers or haven't ever gone out before. And that means I'm told to attend the orientation: which is at 10:00 a.m. or noon. ;) That isn't going to happen, not with my principal!
I guess that means I won't be doing anything this weekend, I can't reach anybody to talk to them and explain.

Michele: I don't think I said hello before. I think I missed your original post when I was MIA. WElcome! The others know that I went from one really bad situation and seem to have landed in a similar staff/administrative situation to the one I left. You'll have to excuse my posts... I'm trying to be positive, but its hard. My mentor can't possibly be as clueless as she seems, but she is sure making it hard for me to find the paperwork I need and get answers to my questions.

Kerry: I love your story! I laughed so hard... that is great, and sounds totally like something I'd do!
Ginny: NEVER! I'm NEVER teaching Imp to open the treat bag! He's figured out how to open the foil covered ones on his own... he uses his teeth. He couldn't get a simple plastic sandwich bag open? Nah! I'm sure I interrupted him at his deed.
And he may not like the litter, but he darned sure loves his SUPER CLEAN litterbox.

And now, I have a student story. I have more than one kid that I'm pretty sure isn't MR and shouldn't be coded that way. :sigh: One of them is emotionally disturbed, however, and a kitten compared to my kids that I just left. He's a wanna-be.... big mouth, the whole deal. He was absent Tuesday, which would have been my first day to see him, so I didn't meet him till Thursday. And he tried his games... telling me how stupid he was, and how I was going to kick him out of class. I just jumped right on him and structured the whole deal... spent quite a bit of time talking to him. And the first time he did something wrong, I pulled him in the hallway and REALLY jumped. Today, I helped him out with his schedule and guidance counselor (who is as much of a prize as the rest of the administrative staff!)... He did a really nice bit of self-advocacy, and I made sure he was rewarded for it. Later, he was coming down the hallway, and he stopped to give me one of those totally teen gestures... he gripped my one hand, then bowed over my shoulder. ;) Then he ASKED if he could do the same with my TA. Since I'd jumped on him yesterday when he couldn't keep his hands to himself, I was super pleased. And when I asked him if he was working on thinking before he talked, he VISIBLY paused, counted to 5, and then spoke... just like I'd asked. It'll definitely take time, but I was super psyched over that.
Also, the reading teacher stopped me to tell me about reading test scores, and she and I got nearly identical scores from the kids we tested... so that was really good.

09-03-2005, 09:14 AM
Good morning everyone! I am just waiting for it to warm up a bit before I attach the camper to the car and take off. Sounds like we are going to have a beautiful weekend! I am getting excited about my children's first canoe trip. I wish my DH could come too.

Kerry - Your story cracked me up! I can just see the children's reaction. That will be something they will talk about for years to come!

Ginny - I have had many of lumps in the other breast, so I know not to spend too much time worrying about it. Actually I should be excited. I am so flat chested, I can use all the mass I can get! I appreciate the prayers anyway, just in case.

Michele - So do you have some good diet friendly munchies that you feed to your non dieting friends? My girlfriend is having a retirement party and asked me to bring along some munchies. I would like to make something that I can eat guilt free but I don't want to gag the regular people who will be eating it!

Mouse - Sounds like you made a big difference in that boys life. Probably no one has ever taken the time to help him before. See that is why we do it all. That one moment was worth all the crap you put up with up to that point. I notice your school day count down, how funny!

Robyn, Summer and Pam - Where are you?


Michele L
09-03-2005, 09:57 AM
Well, we didn't get home until 10:30 last night, but WE WON!!! 50-21! It was a great way to start the new season, and with a new coach and against our local rivals, it was even sweeter!

Sue, no I don't have any good "diet" recipes. The friend who is coming over with her husband can't have regular sugar, but she is a fabulous cook. She has discovered Splenda and makes all sorts of sweets using it. More than likely she will bring something sweet. I thought about smokies in BBQ sauce because my kids love them and don't get them very often. Haven't decided what else. Actually, I have found that I do pretty well when they come over--we're so busy playing that I don't munch much! But if anyone has any good ideas, I'd gladly take them!

I'm planning on doing at least 3 miles today (the prescribed amount for today on my Walk Diet). Hubby is gone until late this afternoon and the kids will be outside playing all day (it's gorgeous here!). So I can walk to my heart's content! I also need to get caught up on household chores this weekend. Working for a living has meant NO TIME for that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful, Labor Day weekend!

Michele :wave:

09-03-2005, 11:02 AM
Morning everyone,
Well I had to go to the football game last night. My nephew was still at work in Ky. near the Tenn. border when my dh called him yesterday afternoon. So off to the football game we went. Good thing the team won 20-15 to make it worth going. I did fall asleep on the way home. Today, my dear stepsons' have their ball game at 2 p.m. So I better get my walk in this morning if I want one. They are at that age where they want to start doing the same things I want to do, which is nice. But it broke my heart having to tell them that they couldn't go for a walk with me this morning, because I didn't want them to get too wore out for their football game this afternoon. So I promised them that if they felt up to it after their game, we would go for one this evening. So those are my only plans for today, so far.
Mouse, I am glad that you made a positive connection with that young man. That must have made your day! See you can find rays of sunshine in between all the storm clouds that seem to be hanging over your school year so far. Keep up the good work!
Sue, I told a couple of my coworkers my story and they were cracking up too. Now I just hope that my boss doesn't find out because he will probably make fun of me for a while if he knew. I hide it for the rest of the afternoon and the kids kept asking where it was. I said it just needed a break. Have a nice camping trip with your kids!
Michele, glad you survived your tour of ticket taking duty. Sounds like you have a nice day mapped out ahead of you. I know what you mean about the house looking like a wreck after we go back to school. I try to do one small task a night during the school week and than over the weekend straighten up and clean the house. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. My dh use to get on my case all the time about my lack of energy to do much of anything during the week after school. But after the h@#$ he saw me go through this summer to become highly qualifed to teach my MH students, I think he finally saw the light. Because he said that he would do most of the houseclean during the school year, if I just helped out every once in awhile. So I can't beat that deal. It only took him being with me for 3 school years to see that I am very busy at school. Enjoy your walk!
Ginny, hope you are enjoying your weekend with your dd and her roommate home! Sorry to hear that you have to put up with the idiot boyfriend again.
Summer, how was your first week with your students? I hope things went smoothly for you.
Robyn, how did your weigh in go today? You are a more dedicated person than I am to get up on a Saturday morning and go into a WW meeting that early. Keep up the good work!
Pam, how did your week go? Are you still loving your students? I love the change from last year to this year with my class. They are more quieter and I can reward them more. Plus I don't have to watch them like a hawk and have to yell all the time at them. So did you figure out some healthy snacks to have after school?
Well I better go and get ready for a walk with my sdd. I am trying to get her more active again. She is starting to fall back into her old pattern of sitting around watching tv again. Her weight is starting to creep back up on her. She is taking gymanstics (sorry about spelling) classes on Monday's and Wednesday's at the local Y. She really wants to be able to do this one move and said that she needed to lose a couple pounds and she thinks she will be able to do it. So I am letting her lead and just guiding her with suggestions on how to lose her weight. I can't believe she is in the 4th grade already. When I met her daddy,she was just finishing kindergarten. Oh my God, does this meaning I am getting old. Her brothers and her are growing up too fast on me!
Well I better go and get that walk in. Talk to you all later.
Have a great day!

09-03-2005, 12:36 PM
Okay, you have all been quite busy typing away this past week. How are you all finding time to come here?! I was tired Monday after my meetings, and then of course on Tuesday doing meetings and grad school. But by Wednesday night, after having kids all day for the first time since June, I absolutely collapsed. I thanked heaven that DD didn't have homework, ordered take-out from Boston Market, and was ready for bed at 7pm...DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?!!! I haven't had to deal with DD's homework yet since school began. I've only cooked dinner twice this week, and that was under extreme pressure by my family. I haven't had to work the after school program yet. (They can only give me two days a week, so money will continue to be TIGHT.) I haven't had the energy to drrrrraaaaagggg myself to the gym. I love you all, but I couldn't even begin to think about posting on our thread. I hate to say this, but unless something changes, I don't think you will be seeing much of me. :( I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. :yawn:

My furniture finally got piece was done incorrectly, but right now, I don't give a sh*t. And, because my director of early childhood bought me a computer, and ordered the I.T. to come and hook it up, I will actually at some point have a working computer in my classroom for the first time in 4 years!!! My principal doesn't do sh*t for me, but my director loves me basically because I do whatever I'm told unlike many of my tenured colleagues. Which reminds me, I HAVE TENURE!!! (she said trying not to doze off.)

Nimrod was moving a table in the hallway while I was unfortunately having a conversation with the art teacher. I saw him coming, got out of his way since he had the legs facing out toward me and everyone else in the hallway, but I didn't move far enough away from him. With a big stupid grin on his face, he stabbed me in my abdomen with one of the table legs. When I screamed and doubled over, he almost got the art teacher. The art teacher saw the look on my face and told Nimrod to get out of my way and let him help him. Nimrod while still holding the table came toward me to see if I was okay. I told him to get away from me. The art teacher took the table from him and called him to come away from me again. Nimrod wouldn't stop apologizing as he blocked my path to the nurse's office and the ice pack. I repeated that he'd better get away from me as I fantasized about beating the crap out of him. Another teacher tried to help me and told him to move out of the way. The stupid idiot just stood there apologizing. AAAAHHHH!!!!! When the art teacher saw me walk toward Nimrod with rage in my eyes, he grabbed Nimrod and pushed him out of my way. I was in so much pain, but as of now, it appears that no internal damage was done, just a bruise. For the rest of the day, Nimrod skulked around my classroom apologizing. He must have emptied my garbage 20 times. My aide told him I was okay but to just give me my space. He couldn't do that. What a f*cking nag!!! Then, my aide pulled her classic move of getting a call that she had an emergency and had to leave. Hmmm, how convenient to have an emergency on the Friday before Labor Day weekend... Needless to say, I was in a charming mood by the end of the school day. I ordered take-out again. At this rate, I'm gonna gain some serious weight. I've got to get a grip.

09-03-2005, 12:51 PM
Summer sorry you had such a trying and tiring week. I think the first week or two are always the toughest. So once you get into a routine, you will feel much better. Sorry that your nimrod injured you. Hope your feeling better. What are your big plans for the weekend, other than resting?
Well I got my 3 mile walk in with my sdd. It was a wonderful sunny fall day. It hasn't gotten too hot here yet. There was a slight breeze in the air. So it was a good walk. Came home to jump in the shower and was told by my dh that I would have to wait until he was done. That was fine with me, until he done little stupid stuff before going to the bathroom about a minute ago. He could have done that other stuff while I was in the shower. So now I am going to be rushed through my shower I bet.
Well I better go and get ready to hop in the shower once my dh is done. Talk to you all later.

09-03-2005, 12:53 PM
Time to catch up with you all...

Sue, hope you enjoy your weekend trip.

Mouse, I'm glad to hear that you have found some rewarding aspects to your new job. It is the kids that keep us coming back for more every year. Discard the bullsh*t.

Michele, enjoy your weekend with friends as well as your upcoming fun activities.

Kerry, there is nothing like self-depracating humor to help you connect with your students. I wish I was there to laugh along with you all. Did I tell you my grad class this semester is "Enhancing Learning Through Humor?"

Ginny, sorry DH is being a cranky crab. But, after having some special time with him, you know the potential is there. Do you know the source of his stress? Is it something he can change? I know there are things we are just stuck living with, but if he can make a change that will make him happier, it might be worth a shot. If he can't change it, maybe you can help him find a way to manage his stress better so he doesn't take it out on you and the family. In my household, I have found that disengaging (or just plain getting out of his way till he calms down and comes looking for companionship) works well. Just try to remember the lovely man on vacation through these tough times.

Robyn & Pam, I can only assume that the two of you are about as overwhelmed with the new pace of life as I am. Take care and just think...we only have nine more months till summer vacation!!! :lol:

09-03-2005, 01:45 PM
Good afternoon all.
Quick note, as I'm on my way up to do some work with a friend's child with special needs. And then Sunday I start my stint at the local chapter. ;) I'm not sure what they're planning but it involves me knowing the code for the front door. Oooo. ;) :giggle:

Yes. The kids are what keep me going, and I can see changes in some of them already: two of my boys who have behavior plans for various and sundry things seem to be responding well to my structure. One boy, I've been jumping on all week for being nosy and reading things or getting into things that don't concern him... and TWICE now I've been able to "catch him not doing it" and compliment him. Both times were yesterday, once when a guidance counselor (and his counselor too) came to talk to me about a student (my other boy that I talked about), he just kept right on taking his math placement test... did a nice job too, scored 2nd grade WITHOUT a calculator, so I'm going to start him at 3rd grade instruction. :) And then the 2nd time, responded very well with just a verbal prompt because I'd written his mother a note, and he wants to read them. I asked him, "Who is that note for? Is it for you? No? Then can you read it?" :grin:
Michelle: Congrats on the game win!
Sue: Have fun camping!
Summer: Get some rest... have you checked the store for "Nimrod-Away Spray"? They must make it... maybe the cockroach spray would work? As for take-out, I do a lot of that during the year too. I dont' have a child to add into the equation though, and I do it because I get home so late after I hit the gym...
Ginny: :waves:


09-03-2005, 02:06 PM
Good morning!
Hope everyone is having a good life is interesting. I am hanging on by a thread at the moment. Ok, ok, I know I am fighting hormones- but all I have gotten from Atilla is scowls today. Dd (19) was helping me with something in the kitchen- we were standing right next to each other and WHO did he choose to tenderly touch on the shoulder???
Don't hold your was not me. I just don't get him sometimes. I know he missed Dd (gee, she only left a week ago)- but I do not think there is a law against showing a wee bit of affection to one's wife. At least last time I checked there wasn't one. A lot of this comes from that she is his female many, many ways. Which of course makes it so interesting when they quarrel. But I feel so.....second best, bottom of the barrel, last on his list. Yes, I am fighting hormones, but this is a normal thing too. I keep a bit of a journal, and if you were to read it many of these sentiments are there too....just much more intense (I write crap in that that I would not dare put in a public forum). Nuff of me bellyachin'. We don't have much planned for the weekend. Monday Ds has a doubleheader- and it is Atilla's turn for that. I have to transfer my neighbors cat to my Dm's house.
Our neighbor is moving from thier house to an apartment (older couple who are downsizing) moving only a mile away. They do not want to keep their kitty- who is a sweet lovable beast......I have "cat sat" for her many times.
Well, my Dm's cat was put down this am (we have known this was coming too- he was 17 and very sick). Dm is very upset- but she has known for weeks that as soon as her cat was gone, she would be gaining my neighbors cat. So, I am the officially kitty transfer person. That too should be emotionally draining- taking my neighbors much loved cat away will be tough (and I am close with this couple, so I will fell some of their pain), driving away with her (and they tell me she is a lousy passenger, but most cats are) and then of course dealing with Dm's emotions over the loss of her cat, but gaining this sweetie. Ok, now that I have babbled on and on about nothing.......let me at least say hello to each of you.

Summer- are you ok?? I mean after Nimrod's assault! Is this guy ok (stable?) or some kind of nut case? Why would he act that way? I sure hope that you do not give up on us, but understand all the pressures of working, school, family life.......etc. The first few weeks are always the worst, getting back into a routine. Give yourself some when you can (please do not feel pressured to do so!) and see how your schedule works out. The most important thing is that you take care of yourself- get some excercise in, try to eat well.....check in with us when you can. Hang in there!

Kerry- hope you got that shower in! Great that you got a nice walk in with Sdd. 3 miles! Great! I love fall weather beautiful. Too bad we did not have this kind of weather in the summer.

Sue- happy camping!

Michele- get that walk in! Glad that you too are enjoying the great weather. Hope your weekend is relaxing.......

Mouse- how wonderful that you are making a positive impact with that student ! (makes all the crap you go thru worthwhile, right?). Mean mommy you, not teaching your sweet Imp to open the treats..... :lol:

Think I am going to grab my walking shoes....Atilla is sleeping. At least when he is sleeping he is not crabbing.
See ya!

09-03-2005, 06:13 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Just got back from the ball game. The poor boys' lost 40 something to 0. It broke my heart to see them come off the field all heart broken and mad. The boys wanted to stay and watch the 5th and 6th graders play, so my sdd and I walked home from the field. So it looks like we got another mile in for the day.
Ginny, I know how you feel about your dh and dd situation. My dh is like that with his dd. Sometimes it just grates my nerves raw at times how he shows affection towards her first and than I am like an afterthought to him. If he is walking out the door to go somewhere, he goes and kisses and hugs her first and than comes to give me a little peck on the cheek or lips. He gives into her all the time and I feel at times that he is creating a spoiled little girl and we are going to have major problems on our hands when she grows up. So hang in there! Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way. Did you enjoy your walk?
Mouse, glad that you are reaching those young man. That is great news! I bet you are glad to get your Red Cross stuff straightened out so you can start working there.
Summer sounds like you are in a better mood. Hope you are enjoying your weekend?
Hello to everyone else.
Check back with you in a little bit.

09-03-2005, 06:49 PM
After doing a few hours of housework, I managed to get outside in my bathing suit to l-o-u-n-g-e in my l-o-u-n-g-e chair by the pool to read and watch DD swim. The sunshine beating down on me and the balmy breeze with the sounds of birds and DD splashing were totally relaxing and melted away my stress. I weeded and watered my garden almost forgetting that we are back at school. All this tells me that I was meant to marry a rich man and live in a tropical climate, then I could do this every day for the rest of my life...

I'm in the middle of Hard Eight by Janet E., and I'm getting frustrated with Stephanie Plum who could have Morelli at any time if she would just compromise a little. He turns me on like crazy, and I can't figure out why she is so stubborn...Robyn, do you understand her? And, her bumbling ways drive me crazy as well...I'd be so much better prepared to do the job...

DH got stung by a bee, so he was pretty much DONE. DD got cold in the pool because although it is hot in the day, as late afternoon approaches, there is a nip in the air. Then finally a bee tried to sting me between my toes, I jumped and by some miracle escaped being stung. So then I finally gave in and came inside. Then DH and I snuck upstairs and had a "quickie!" Tee Hee Hee!!! :rofl:

09-03-2005, 10:14 PM
Gee, Summer, glad you had a good afternoon! :) First of all some lounge time and a few minutes with Dh. (is that what I have to do, have Dh stung by a bee first??? hehehehe). So you too were meant to marry a rich man and spend the rest of your days in leisure.....think I was meant to marry a rich man who lived in Vermont.....I'd spend the rest of my days hiking- sitting on the front porch observing the moose or something like that. Honestly, as far as the Stephanie Plum thing goes- I have looked at some of the books in the library and she does sound ditzy. Not sure I could handle I have been rereading the last few Scarpetta books, attempting to figure out where Scarpetta will go in the one due out in October. (Cornwell usually leaves some major clues for the next book in the previous one). And while I am onto my favorite subject of Scarpetta- Cornwell had darned well better have this relationship with Benton end up well. I am tired of him either dying, or them feuding or her crappy niece Lucy messing them up or whatever. Ok, so now I have vented again, and you knew from my previous mood that I was in a pistol of a mood anyway!

Kerry- Thanks for being so understanding about my Dh situation. It is just killing me today- once while we were on vacation last week, and mind you he was for the most part in a good mood, I told him that I loved him. He had the nerve to tell me that I had no need to say that, as it was assumed. Huh???? Yeah, you do know me well, trying to get my mind off the situation by reminding me of my walk. I did not get to it until after dinner, and although it was only 2 miles, still it was peaceful and pleasant.
Think I am going to go upstairs and work my miserable abs once I get off the computer. Saw some pictures of my from vacation and I look pregnant. Ugh. (I carry my fat in my abdomin). Glad you got another mile in!!!!! I feel for you about the boys loss. It hurts so much to see them become crest fallen. Hopefully the outcome will be better for their next game.

Well, I guess I'd better go see what Dd is up to. Atilla is I will finish my book and start another tonite. At least with him sleeping it is peaceful.
See ya tomorrow! (and hopefully my mood will be better)

09-04-2005, 12:36 PM
Morning everyone,
Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! Did you get to do some relaxing for just you? I was able to sleep in, get two walks in and some me time in the evening. My dh took his two boys and myself to see a rodeo last night. It was a lot of fun. I am glad that he talked me into going. I was just going to stay home and do some paperwork and he was like come we need to get out of the house for a little while. I was like whoa are you my dh and if so what changed with you. Since it is football season and he likes to watch all the football games he can. I decided that I better run with his idea before he changed his mind. I did come home from the rodeo and do some work on my paperwork for about 2 hours than. So I guess it was a win-win situation.
So what does everyone have planned for this wonderful Sunday? My family is going to a birthday party at a local park for my dh's great-nephew. Than I think we might go out to the lake and take a walk if I can convince my dh and stepkids. They have to go home this evening with their mom. So than will be the time that I clean house and do some more paperwork.
Well I better go and get some chores done before going to the party. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

09-04-2005, 11:02 PM
Hey ya'll I'm back after the weekend from ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Well most of it anyway.)
We went to see the University of Tennessee play in Knoxville this weekend. Well, we left Friday afternoon to Asheville, and spent the night with my monster in law! Got up early Saturday Morning and drove two and a half hours to Knoxville. Ok, let me give you a clearer picture....Me, hubby, nine year old two nineteen year olds and a seventeen year old. OMIGOD!!!!!!!! All males and me! We had to walk a zillion miles to the stadium, and then we forgot something, and had to walk a zillion miles back to the car. It was terribly hot, and we ended up with tickets in the student section. Ok, so, they would have been great seats on the fifty yard line, but ended up being in the midst of a bunch of drunken cussing college students who stood on top of their bleacher seats the whole time. I couldn't see, so I stood up, and then someone stood up on my seat and I couldn't sit back down for like ever. I was so hot I felt like I was going to pass out. So, finally and thankfully the game ended, and we herded with 103,000 other people out of the stadium. I felt like I was in a herd of orange and white cows. Ughhhhh. Back to the car. Stuck in traffic...........
Back to my monster in laws house. :mad: Who, by the way is on my :censored: list because she called my little one a jerk this morning because he jumped in front of her while she was trying to take my picture. So, at that point I said, Ok, time to go........My nineteen year old and his two friends argued over the back seat everytime we got in or out of the van. I was ready to knock him out by the time we got home.
Ok, so, after we left evilene's house this morning, we went to Lynville Falls. Which was like a two mile hike straight uphill. My ankles are hurting tonight. But, that was pretty, and we stopped at a Trading Post on the way home which was kind of cool. But, man, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME....
I am way to tired to get personal with anyone. I've missed you guys. I am making a pledge to get back on my diet in the morning, and back to my WATP tape daily if it kills me. I have got to lose another twenty pounds before we go on the cruise in March. I am going to find a pretty sundress on clearance sale now, and work to get into it. Maybe that will motivate me, I will just hang it on the back of my bedroom door. I will have to look at it everyday.......

Talk to you later!

09-05-2005, 01:41 AM

very busy trying to prepare for the beginning of school. meetings, unpacking, meeting parents, reading iep's, meeting kids, trying to plan and plot.... you know the usual.

i will be back eventually. i just don't have the luxury of ME time right now. hope that you understand! i'm sure that next weekend..after the first week of school...i will have plenty to type about!

i will refrain from voicing my opinion of the treatment of the storm survivors by our government. i have yet to hear from my friends in mississippi. i am beginning to get more than just concerned. i did a google search and did learn that their town was flooded with 6 - 13 feet of storm surge.

i've spent an hour or more tonight just putting my kids' names on their school supplies! i've still got much to do tomorrow for my own classroom. i've got the ingredients for the playdough all measured out...but was out of cream of tartar... so i took that as a sign to wait!

gas is around $3.20.... late last week there was none...and the little that was left was $3.70! i guess there IS a good thing about dh being out of work....he used to travel nearly 40 miles (roundtrip) to work daily! we're saving a bundle!

will try to be more personal when i drop in tomorrow! i've got to get the living room floor school supply free before i turn in for the night... THIS could be quite a feat!

take care,

09-05-2005, 10:28 AM
Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone is planning on having a nice, relaxing Labor Day! We are having my dh's family over for a birthday party for his 4 year-old great-niece. Her mommy, her baby brother who is a cutie pie and her live in North Carolina right now. But her daddy is in the army and is being a real jerk to her mommy,so they are getting a divorce and she is moving back home next month with the kids. Since our house is the biggest, she asked if they could have the party here. My dh and I said sure. So we are got a clean house out of the deal, since we had to straighten it up before everyone got here. LOL. That is one way to make sure the house gets cleaned. Don't know whatelse I will do today. I might work on the computer for a little while this evening. But other than that I don't have any really big plans. I am waiting on a friend to come over and pick up some papers for my TOPS group. She said she would be here around 9:30, so I figured I better not start my Walk and Jog video just yet. But once she leaves I am going to do it.
You would all be proud of me yesterday. We had to go to a birthday party for my dh's great-nephew. They had pizza, pop, doritas, cake and ice cream. I didn't touch any of it. I was very proud of myself since before I would have to have a very small piece of the cake. But none of it sounded or looked tempting to me yesterday. By the time, we got home though I was very thirst and hungry. They didn't have any water there and I refused to drink Mountain Dew or Pepsi due to the fact it was outside and bees galore. My ex-sil kept asking me if I was going to eat anything and I said no. She asked me why and I just politely told her that I had started a new diet and was finding success with it and didn't want to cheat. She was please that I had lost some more weight and said that she needed to do something for herself. But she was just amazed that I would not eat anything.
Pam sorry you had a weekend from ****. Sounds like your monster-in-law is a real dandy. I can't believe she called your son a jerk. That is just rude! No wonder you got out of there so quick yesterday. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan on getting back on your diet and walking videos. Start out small and gradually build up and that way you will stick with it better. Hope you have a wonderful day!
Robyn, what are you big plans for today? Are you all ready to start school in this week? How did your wi go on Saturday morning? Gas prices around here finally went down 10 cents. They had been $3.09 for two days and than on Friday sometime they lowered it to $2.99. But talk had been that it could go up as high as $4 something or $5 something by the end of the weekend. That is crazy. Hope you feel from your friends soon. I will keep my fingers crossed and saying my prayers for you.
Ginny, Mouse, Michelle, Summer and Sue hi hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

09-05-2005, 11:51 AM
Yesterday was another day of housework early in the day. By 2pm, I was in my pool probably for the last time till next summer. It was COLD :eek: (which I don't understand since it was so friggin' HOT :devil: here all week. My classroom thermometer read, 90 degrees...and it was so humid that by 9am every day, I looked like someone dumped a bucket of water on my head) but since I don't see myself having any more opportunities to swim in my pool, I forced myself to stay in it for about an hour. Eventually, it felt warmer in the pool than out of the pool. I tried lying in my lounge chair to read the end of Hard Eight, but I was freezing in my bathing suit. It was 80 degrees, but without the humidity I felt me crazy :dizzy: . I put on a dry sundress, covered myself with a beach towel, read for hours, and pretended it was July. ;)

Today, more housework then I'm taking DD to the movies. Here and there, I will start working my way through To The Nines, by Janet E.

My new curriculum arrived on Friday, but I wisely ignored it and left it out in the hallway. Good thing, because my computer geek BIL who did his "magic" on my computer screwed up my lesson plan template. So, I have to design an entirely new one. Since I wanted this weekend to myself, I will cheat and copy last year's plans from last year's plan book, and next weekend I will design my new lesson plans with the new curriculum. Goodie goodie gumdrops.

Pam, your weekend sounds HORRIBLE. Whatever possessed you to go? Did they tie you up and gag you? Was duct tape involved? Sorry about Evilene the aren't alone.

Ginny, yes, always let sleeping dogs lie.

Robyn, I'm feeling your crazy pace. I thought I would have a nervous breakdown last week. This weekend, I'm choosing to be in denial about all the work I need to do. I spent too much time last year being "Super Teacher!!!" This year, I need to concentrate on DD more, and of course, I need to take better care of myself.

I decided as I lounged in the lounge chair yesterday that I'm not taking another graduate course in the spring or summer. I will use that time to apply officially to the graduate program getting all the bullsh*t paperwork together, writing the essay, and getting my letters of recommendation. I could throw it together now and take another course in the spring, but what's the rush anyway? My salary won't be greatly improved by having my masters for another ten years anyway. As long as I finish it in the next 5 years, I'm within the requirements. I have a graduate course I took as an undergrad which I will try to get to count, last spring's course, and this semester's I will have 9 credits under my belt. As long as I meet all my requirements for my job, there is no reason for me to bust my hump pleasing all those around me at the cost of my mental and physical health. Screw 'em all!!! :lol:

Kerry, good for you staying strong at the party.

09-05-2005, 04:13 PM
Hey Gals! I am back but I don't have time to read all the posts I missed while I was gone. If there was anything really important I should know, please retell. We had a beautiful weekend. The children LOVED canoeing and think we should head right back next weekend! I had to totally clean out the camper as this was our last trip for the season. I am now in the middle of about six loads of laundry! Tomorrow is my first day back to school on the clock but no students until Thursday. Wednesday is my MIL 70th birthday and Friday I have a retirement party. I think it will be a long week! Right now my DH is taking a nap and I am planning on crawling in with him!


09-05-2005, 05:11 PM
Ok, I have the headache from h*** but will explain that later.

Sue-glad your weekend went so well. Must be a ton of work, getting the camper all cleaned up for the winter, and of course those lovely loads of laundry. Wonderful that you had such a good time- your batteries must be all recharged. Sounds as though you have a very busy week ahead. What a full schedule!

Summer- I think your decision about not taking a course this spring is wonderful. Think most of us here tend to overload our schedules.....and of course everyone but "mom" gets what they need, by hook or by crook.
Think this will be a well needed break for you and allow you to focus more on the day to day. Better to take your time on the masters than to burn yourself out. Let sleeping dogs lie, huh????? Yup, I sure did. Atilla had the bed all to himself last nite, and lie he did......he was such a moron I could not bring myself to stay with him. Hopefully he will come home from his day out with Ds in a better frame of mind.

Kerry- yes I am also so proud of you for resisting all that food!!!! Much to be proud of! Hope your get together went well, sounds like a fun day. And yes, any excuse to get a clean house! Bet that feels good too. Hope you got your video in....

Robyn- hope you can get some time in for yourself.....even just a few moments would be good. I hear ya with the chaos caused by Katrina. At least it sounds as though things are starting to pull together in New Orleans- and it is about time. What I find so scary is the lack of understanding of the entire situation from most of the elected officials......they all seem to be out to lunch. I will remember your Mississippi friends in prayer.....Lord willing they are fine, and just not able to make any other than the most basic contacts. Have you tried any of the web listings for missing people from Katrina? BTW- I would love to pay $3.20 a gallon for gas. Filled up the van(was almost on "E") and 2, 5 gallon cans of gas in NJ today, for a whopping total of $83. thankfully my van does pretty well on gas (for a van, gets around 25 mpg) and I paid $3.29 a gal. Here in NYS regular is going for $3.59- at least. But the guy told me that gas will be going down .10/gal tomorrow, and another .10 in a week. Price gouging I guess.

Pam- while I am running folks over in my "other vehicle" want to send your MIL my way?? How awful.......can't believe she called Ds a jerk. (takes one to know one???? although I am not saying Ds is a jerk). How did he react- was he aware of what she said? Poor is awful when you have to explain another adults moronic behavior like that. Glad you are home too!!!!!!! Did you get your WATP tape in?

Been in tears a lot today.....I transported my neighbors cat down to my mom's. Even her husband cried as I started to drive away (and he is a so called "tough guy"- but a marshmallow inside). then got down to Dm's- she had put her much beloved cat down Saturday am. And she is still shaken from that.....but had no idea how much she was looking foward to getting my neighbors cat until I found the 4 pictures I had taken of the cat (so my mom could see what a pretty beast she is) all over the house......reminders I guess that she would not be alone for long....cried my eyes out over that.....then cried when I got home after telling my neighbor that the cat fared well on the trip. Guess I am a mush bag too, but then you all knew that anyway, I think. Atilla has been out all day with Ds, at Ds's double header. So I am sure when he returns, he will have no emotional reserves left for me- aw so what else is new. Just the continuing saga of my life.
Oh, one other thing that made me cry - my neighbor- the one who is moving and gave her cat to my mom. Well, she did not tell me that today is her bday, until this I ran out and bought her flowers before I picked up the cat. Then she showed me the card her husband gave her this afternoon-
had to be the most beautiful card I have ever seen....very simply stated, but said how she was the woman of his dreams~ and they have been married for 35 years!!! And that had me in tears.
Ah, back to reality- Dh just called,and they are on their way home, and have not eaten all day. Guess that means I better get to work.
See ya!

09-05-2005, 11:35 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I had a nice day. The birthday party was nice even though it was just my dh, me and our three kids, his niece and her two kids. My mil had come over for a while and had to leave to go shopping with my bil, so she didn't get to see the 4 year-old's reaction to her suprise party. My niece had invited other family members over like her dad and a couple aunts and uncles and they never showed up. We waited for about 2 hours before going ahead with the party. So after all that hassle, I felt bad for my great-niece and eat a small piece of her cake. So she didn't feel so bad. But I passed on the ice cream and pop. Than this evening I finally got my 2.5 mile walk and jog in since I got interrupted this morning doing it. Then I done 10 minutes of my cardio hip-hop dvd. Than my dh came home and asked me to go for a walk with him. Since we haven't really gotten for walks here lately, I couldn't tell him no. So we took a 3 mile walk through town. So I think I worked off the small piece of cake I had today.
Sue, sounds like you had a nice weekend. Love it that your kids want to go back there next weekend. So do you think this might become a favorite camping spot for your family? Did you get your laundry all done? Have a wonderful day at school tomorrow.
Summer, got a kick out of your story about lounging by your pool yesterday and having to cover up and act like it was July again. Your attitude for this school year is great! Keep up the positive attitude and many good things will come your way! Glad you are focusing on your mental and physical health.
Ginny, sounds like you had a very rough day today. I would have cried too when your neighbor showed you her dh's birthday card for her. That was so sweet! Sending hugs your way to help you through this tough time of many transitions for you and your neighbors. Hope your headache is better.
Robyn, so are you ready for school? Hope you had a nice relaxing day today.
Pam, did you find sometime for you to just relax after your weekend from H@#$. I bet you would have rather been teaching than spending your weekend the way you did.
Michele, are you recovered from your ticket taking duties? How was your get together with your friends? Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Mouse, are you glad Imp is back with you. Even if he did try to get into his treat bag from his grandma. How did the interview go with the one gym last week?
Well I better go and get ready for bed. Since I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I teach all day. Than we start our after-school program tomorrow afternoon and I have to work from 3-5. I would like to come back to the town I live in and weigh in at TOPS and than have to be at school for back to school night at 6. Than I have another meeting tomorrow evening at 8. So I am going to probably fall in bed exhausted tomorrow.
You all have a wonderful Tuesday!
Take care,

09-06-2005, 09:21 AM
Morning Everyone,
Just wanted to share my great news with everyone! I had to take my measurements this morning since starting on Herbalife last Wednesday. I am pleased to announce that I lost a total of 4 pounds and 31 inches on this plan. I am so happy!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Good luck to those of you who today is your first day back to school! Hope your students are good to you!
Talk to you all later.
Take care,

09-06-2005, 01:18 PM
Kerry- well, this herballife program sure seems to be working well for you! Congrats on the 4# loss and the missing inches! 31!!!!!!!! :D WOW!!!!
You sure do have a busy day ontap- but probably can't wait to get to your TOPS meeting to share in your success. I am so happy for you.........and yes, I think you worked off any cake you ate! :lol:

Oh, I forgot how hectic things are with school in session. AM went well.....the stupid mother that always chases my bus did so on the first day and accused me of being at the stop too early. Then she lied and told me that the local paper had her stop at 8:26 (route sheet and the paper said 8:19!).....oh, I was sweet to her and explained that 8:19 is the time of the stop and that my bus clock is set to the office clock......can't believe she is starting this junk already.....the conversation was civilized- so we will see how things go tomorrow. Otherwise it all went pretty well. One major bummer- Dd's best friend left.....her mom called me last nite to tell me.....and the poor kid is beside herself. It was a last minute decision-I feel so awful for her. As far as the cat adoption goes, the cat has not really come out much yet- but I am sure that she will venture out of my former bedroom sooner or later.....(hunger has to set in!). My neighbors are horribly depressed over the loss of the cat (this was their choice to adopt her out!).
And my headache is gone. Thankfully Dh was pretty sensitive to my emotions last nite......he knew I had had a rough day.
Gotta go......forgot how delightful :dizzy: it is to live on this crummy bus schedule. Hope everyone is making it thru the day fine!

09-06-2005, 07:20 PM
Hey everyone!
Happy Tuesday! I am almost afraid to say this outloud, but I have had
8 great days! OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!I have not had to raise my voice once. I have actually enjoyed going to work. Although, this morning was a rough start. I was not feeling good last night and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and remembered that I had to write emergency lesson plans which were due today as well as transfer my lesson plans to disk to turn in. Is that a run on sentence or what?So, I was up until twelve getting all that stuff done. Hit the snooze until 6:20, thought I was gonna wear this new shirt I bought, until I discovered it was a wee bit see through, so that sort of threw me off. However, I made it to school with ten minutes to spare. Thank goodness. Hate to start a day that way. It turned out great after all. Except, I already have gotten one student from another teacher because the mom had problems with him. So, she is on some medicine that makes her cry at the drop of a hat, and so my coteacher keeps having to take her into the hall and talk to her, and try to get up with the guidance counselor.
My blind student was very irritated Friday, because as well as learning new math, he has to learn new symbols on the braille writer. This is a new challenge for him, and he is not liking it at all. He told me that he liked today better though. So, I hope he will adapt. He's quite a cool kid.

Kerry: You rock girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!31 inches......WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I'm jealous! :D You have impressed me to no end especially your willpower not to eat junk food. Send me some of that. I went out yesterday, and bought two dresses both in size 14 to wear on this cruise. I must get my butt in gear and get into them. I got such a deal, they were both on sale. One was regularly sixty for 8.39, and the other was regularly 50 for 8.00. They are really cute, and sleeveless, so I best be getting rid of some of this flab around my middle so I can get into them.

Ginny: Although your hit and run offer is awfully sweet, I think I will have to pass. ;) Knowing my luck she would just get injured and then I would have to take care of her. Ha! No thank you.

Summer: I went to the football game totally against my will. My husband has been after me for years to go, and I always said nope! Well, he bought the tickets and then told me about it, and told me YOU ARE GOING. i THOUGHT THAT WAS EXTREMELY EVIL.........

Mouse: Sounds like you are getting more settled into a routine. You don't sound quite as stressed as you were. Sounds to me like you are making positive strides with your kids too. Good for you.

Robyn: Hang in there girl. The beginning is always hectic.

Sue and Michelle: How's it going?

Gotta go cook dinner.

09-06-2005, 07:58 PM
I. am. so. tired.

What an exhausting day! For the last 17 years, EVERY first day of school is filled with those OMGtheirSoTeeny&Needy moments! ...and this year is NO exception! EXCEPT this year, as I was promised, they are so LOWWWWWWW. I mean LLLLOOOOWWWW! I promise that this is THE only story for tonight! (Mainly 'cause I have NO energy to lift my fingers to type!) I am required to do a baseline writing sample on the first day of school. WELL... we do the prewriting junk...yadda yadda yadda! Get them all "set" and send them off to their seats to produce this required document. Here are just a small sampling of the comments that caused me to need some Excedrin. "What is this paper for?" , "I don't do letters." , and my personal favorite.... "Ch...Ch... What number goes Ch?" Holey Moley! :) ...and well... the one kid was correct, he truly DOESNT do letters and evidently it is a 6 that goes Ch 'cause his paper had all kinds of 6's alllllll over it! 179!

;) hugs to all my fellow teachers. WHY did I say I'd take this group again?! hehehe

take care...and your vitamins!

09-07-2005, 12:49 AM
This is ... a fly-by hi. I'm alive, but somehow I became the administrative assistant to the job director. That is, frankly, a scary thought!

If any of you have children's books, art supplies, children's games... please send me a PM. We're looking for activities for the kids that are staying in my area as guests. They need stuff to do during the day unless/until they get in to school... and that is an issue in and of itself. The County might be doing computer-based instruction with them, where they are staying because they're afraid of separating some of the kids from families right now. I think that is a smart move!!!!
Things can't be too worn, and any games need to have all their pieces. We have kids aged 7 months to 15 years.
:) :)


09-07-2005, 09:23 AM
Morning Everyone,
This is quick stop in. I made it through my day yesterday without any problems. I just was so tired that I couldn't make myself go to sleep. I did lose 5 pounds at TOPS last night. So I am happy about that.
Sounds like everyone is busy getting back into a normal routine with school. For the ones who just started school, hugs go out to you! It does get better, I promise.
Well my kiddies are here, so I better go and get them settled in for the day. Talk to you all later. Now that Boost has started for me again, I might not get to post as much. But I will still be thinking about you all.
Have a great day!

09-07-2005, 11:09 AM
Gee, as school gets into full swing the posts get shorter........ :dizzy:

Pam- glad your first 8 days were so great...and that you somehow pulled it off getting the emergency lesson plan in. Hope that your tear prone student calms down. Perhaps in a week or so when she is back to routine and knows you and your assistant well, she will not be quite so needy. Or you can head off troubles at the pass.

Robyn- my condolences.....the first few days are SO intense!!! Try, try, try to get a wee few moments to yourself in the midst of all the madness. Hey, honey, I don't do letters least you found the humor in the situation. Better days are coming!!!!! Hang in there, drink your water and count those points!

Mouse- I did a major downsizing of games etc....that Dd had outgrown,so have little to contribute. SHould I find something, I will let you know. Congrats on the "promotion"???? :?: ! Guess this is a good thing for you~ at least gets you in the "loop" of what is going on in the administration.....or is this just a load the donkey position. I have confidence in you, it will turn out fine.

Kerry- 5#!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!I am so happy for you!!!!!! You must be thrilled!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

Survived this am, kiddies were pretty good. Lost a lot of trouble makers last spring (promoted to middle school). Just so darned much stuff to cover- the first safety drill is Monday, and I have a ton of material to train these kids on. And it is hard to train while driving~ and I really only have them for 10 minutes a day when I am not driving.......and the subject matter is boring (at least for them) but oh, so important. Oh well......

Got thru yesterday ok- as far as the cat adoption, my neighbor has been in tears for 2 days now, but late last nite my mom finally got the cat to eat and drink and she got to pet her and brush at least for my mom (who was freaking out that the cat was hiding) all is well.
Got my WW tape in today. Going to a meeting tonite.
Gotta go.....see ya! Hi to Summer, Sue hope I did not miss anyone.......

09-07-2005, 08:06 PM
Just a quickie as I have much to do this evening and an overflowing bookbag. More crying from my little transfer student today. However, according to the counselor, we should just tell her to step into the hall, take a few minutes, and then come back into class. She missed the majority of my lesson today, and had my co teacher in the hall for half the class. I can be sympathetic, but this is ridiculous. Because when she comes in, she acts like there has never been anything wrong with her. Apparently, she was really babied last year, and they let her call her mother everyday from school. We aren't allowed to do that here at Middle School. So, I may try and reward her for just staying put in class. I don't know. Any suggestions?
Although I have not been excercising yet, I have managed to lose back two of the six and a half pounds I managed to gain over the summer. I was quite terrible, I must admit.
Dishes calling..........

09-07-2005, 08:23 PM
Pam, don't be so hard on lost and that is a good thing!! So you gained, now you are losing. Look ahead, my dear. I am plum out of ideas on how to handle that transfer student. You are left with the unenviable task of unspoiling that student. Good luck with that! Someone will have to do that sooner or later.....sorry it has to be you.

Got to WW this evening, down .6#. TOM showed up today, so I figure I am still up a wee bit of water....guess I am doing ok. PM, kids were rowdy......sounds as though a seating chart is in their future and mine.
Gotta go, Dh and Dd want the puter! And my dishes are calling too.........

09-07-2005, 09:44 PM

I got the phone call that I've been hoping and waiting for! I have finally gotten word from my friends who live in d'Ilberville, MS! They are all physically ok! Their house is gone. They are living in a "salvaged" camping trailer (one of their neighbors!) that is "parked" in what sort of was their front yard. They have recovered some of their personal belongings from the ruins, yards, street, etc... Her mil got out of her house with the clothes on her back. She has literally nothing to go home to. They helped 10 people escape their flooded houses through their roofs. They did what they had to survive! (Including spending the night in a school that was entered via windows!) Things are pretty tough. Food, water, ice, clean clothes are at a premium....BUT they are alive! ....and for this they are very greatful!

...and after speaking with her.... my rants about my crazy times at school seem so unimportant! Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care!


09-08-2005, 09:27 AM
Morning Ladies,
Sounds like everyone's week is going along smoothly. My day yesterday was okay. Considering one of the poles behind the school caught on fire and the electric company was called out to fix it. We had to shut off all our electrical applicances off in our classrooms and it about killed my one little guy. He loves to watch a movie in the afternoon right after recess, that is how we get him to come in. He sat in the cornor and cried because he couldn't watch tv when he wanted to. It broke my heart and I wanted to cry too. Then when he could watch it, he didn't want to and he wanted to tease the others when it was their worktime. So it made for a long afternoon. But after they were put on the bus things went fine.
Robyn, I am so glad you finally heard from your friends. That is great news that they are alive! It must be a relief to you to get the news! Hope things will settle down for you for a while now.
Ginny, congrats on being down .6 of a pound. I know what you mean about TOM. I started yesterday, so that was probably why I didn't get along with my boys yesterday afternoon. I wanted to tear them from limb to limb when they won't listen during my math lesson that I have to teach for my follow up class on Saturday the 17th. So I just wanted to get it done early before Friday the 16th so I can have some breathing time. Hope you are finding time to get your walks in between bus routes.
Pam, congrats on your 2 pound loss. Like Ginny said a loss is a loss. Keep up the good work! The reward sounds like a great idea for your little crier. Hope it works out for you.
Hello to Summer, Sue, Michele and Mouse. Hope all is going well with you.
I have to go to the dentist afterschool today to finally get my filling fixed. Yeah!
Talk to you all later.

09-08-2005, 01:56 PM
Robyn- SO glad that your friends are ok. Sounds like a real horror story as to what they went thru. As you said, that they are ok overshadows all......happy for you!! How are you doing?

Kerry- how did the dentist appt go???? How old is the little guy who became so upset losing the power/TV? Glad your TOM started- no, noone likes the cramps and otherwise yucky feeling, but at least the moods settle down.
Hope your day goes well......

Snuck in a walk this am-gotta go back to work.
See ya later!

09-08-2005, 07:44 PM
Robyn: That's great news! Glad to hear it.
School was ok. Here's what happened with my little snuffling girl today. SHe came in and before class even started saying she felt like she was going to cry again. My co teacher was running late, and I said well go to the bathroom, get yourself together, and come back into class. She did, and about halfway through the class I left her a sticky note that said" You're doing great!" Then, she stayed the entire class. I gave her a happy note at the end of the class. Apparently she was really excited about that cause she showed her next period teacher the note! Maybe it will work tomorrow.

However, I got another student transfered to me from the same teacher today. He will start tomorrow with me. I haven't met him yet. So, we'll see.

Ok, gotta get going.

Michele L
09-08-2005, 10:17 PM
Hello, all! It's been really hectic here lately and I haven't done as much walking as I would like. Yesterday it was only 10 minutes on the treadmill. Today I did Walk and Jog, which is 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. I'm still behind for this week's Walk Diet and I may not get caught up. I've decided that's OK as long as I continue walking consistently.

School is going great (mostly). Tuesday night I had a mother call saying her daughter was in tears over her homework for me. I was doing a workout, so I called back and the child answered. In the end, she explained that there are a number of personal issues going on that are making it hard for her to focus. First, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. Then, she decided to go off her ritalin and is discovering that maybe she SHOULD be on it. I think I made some progress with her, but she's a very emotional young lady, so you never know.

Then, today I ripped into my Spanish II class. They have a chapter test tomorrow (the first of the year) and we were reviewing all period. About 3/4 of the way through, there were several students who were being quite disruptive and getting worse. I had already tried to "sh" them in a variety of polite ways, with no success. So, I lost it! I was at my side board and marched to the front of the room, grabbed a stack of discipline forms, slammed them down, and asked, "Who's name am I writing down first?" They got very wide-eyed and silent. I went on to explain, in a not so calm voice, that they had no right to interfere with other people's learning, which they were doing. That some of the worst offenders were the ones whining about not understanding the material, but were NOT coming in for help and were NOT paying attention. I added that there was NO reason that 5 of them (out of 18) had D's and F's as of today, when 75% of their grade was simply DOING the work and handing it in on time! I think I got their attention! The rest of the class went well and I reminded them at the end that I hoped they returned tomorrow ready to behave appropriately.

We'll see......One of them even had the nerve to "suggest" that I rethink my grading to base it ONLY on participation! I didn't say what I was thinking (good thing). She can't even DO a partner activity and stay on task the entire time, so her grade would be HORRIBLE if I did as she suggested!

Well, enough of my rant! I don't know if I'll be in tomorrow. We leave VERY early Saturday for the Twin Cities, so there's a million things to do before we go.

Have a great weekend!

Michele :wave:

09-08-2005, 10:20 PM
Just a quicky to say that I am still among the living. Today was my first day with students. I think it will be a great year once I get in the swing of things. Right now I feel so disorganized and as an anal person I am NOT comfortable with that feeling. I move classrooms EVERY hour of the day. My life is on a three shelved AV cart. We had so much crap to hand out to various hours plus my teaching stuff. Everything got mixed up and I couldn't find a thing I needed on my cart! Hopefully that will get better as the year goes on. My knee is aching already from walking on cement all day. My throat hurts from projecting my voice all day and I am oh so tired from getting up at 4:45 a.m.! After lunch my body thought it was nap time. It was quite a shock to my body to realize that not only was there no time for a nap but I couldn't even fit in a bathroom break! I know things will settle down next week but until then I may qualify for temporary insanity!


09-08-2005, 10:50 PM
.........yeah.... cement and standing/walking all day! Not being able to get to a bathroom! Projecting all day..non stop! Needing eight pairs of eyes! STAYING on schedule no matter what the darlings are up to! (I'm not even close to successful with this yet!)

Ohhh wait! I've got a tale to tell.... one of my kidlets goes to the hallway restroom and completely undresses.... not a stitch... NOTHING... everything off ...right down to no socks and shoes...every bit of his clothing was in a pile...outside of the stall...he was standing on the toilet looking out, yelling for me. This happened not once but twice in one day! I tried to remain calm. I about went nuts tho! I asked him what he was doing and he said and I quote, "Getting nekkid!" to which I responded and I quote "Do you see anyone else getting naked?" (Which he thought was a hysterical comment! Today I refused to let him go to that restroom today! This is going to be a very long year!

Our local paper is published on Thursdays. One of my students and I made it to the front page! We were eating lunch together. (as I'm mandated to do for the first 10 days! ...ahhh, isn't the teacher nice? eating with her new students! RIGHT! LOL) While it isn't the most complimentary photo (I actually look horrid AND have ALL of my chins exposed!), I am THANKFUL that I do NOT have my mouth open OR have the fork shoveling in my lunch! :) We were famous at school for about 10 minutes! WhoooHoo! Thankfully, the photographer was in the cafeteria and not the hallway restroom a few minutes later! ;)

gotta run...
hope everyone is well!
take care,

09-09-2005, 12:50 AM
Hi, all.
I want to thank those of you that posted funny stories. The laugh was appreciated.
Today at school was pretty hellish. My mentor is definitely channeling the team-leader from my last school. She gives me wrong information all the time and insists I do things that the administrators for special ed say I don't have to do. Things are also definitely not better administratively. I don't have respect for any of the admin, and I don't think they have any respect for me. My school has decided to do fund collection for the Hurricane relief... and they're using the Red Cross logo. They aren't allowed to do that without getting permission and signing a contract that ALL the money will go to the Red Cross. There is no cost involved, we're just protecting ourselves. Of course, they did not do this. I checked with administration... and also with the financial director at the local chapter (I'm there every night, afterall!). The principal didn't get it (he says, "We're not using the Red Cross... it doesnt' SAY Red Cross! Obviously, he doesn't understand that logos and symbols are copyright protected too!). I also had one student bleed on me twice in one day: my non-English speaking child pricked his finger on a staple in his bookbag just right to bleed like a stuck pig. Around the end of the day, he had a major nosebleed... and while we were trying to get it stopped and him clean, we had a firedrill!!! Then, the janitor and an administrator argued over who was going to clean up the blood in my classroom. I said I'd do it, but that wasn't allowed. Of course, the child speaks no English, so I had to drag him to the nurses office both times!
I also taught a class tonight: 25 people, 4 hour class. We didn't have the video, and most of the forms were missing. I have my own materials, but I ddin't know I'd have access to a LCD projector, so I didn't have my laptop. The school printer ate all of my transparencys...
It was a long day. But even with that: I have a roof, a nice bed, a TV, adequate food (most of my meals this week have come from 7-11, so we can't call it good... that is, when I remember to eat!). I can take a shower when I want, and have a kitty cat to cuddle. I am much better off than all of my clients. And I am very grateful for that.

09-09-2005, 07:33 AM

I understand your concern regarding the misuse of the RedCross logo! However, I'm also positive that there are many people doing the exact same thing as they don't have any idea that they need permission and contracts from the Red Cross. (BUT your school has no excuse since you told them!) People feel the need to help in some way and throwing change in a jar adds up!

I know my own school is doing a similar "drive"...and I'm nearly certain that the sign says Red Cross on it along with the Red Cross logo...and I'm also nearly certain that there has been no contract signed or permisssion granted to do this. I work closely with the SCA sponsor so I'll ask her today!

Last year, our school did a similar drive and sent a chunk of $ to the Red Cross after the tsunami....not a huge amount, but what was collected was 100% ! The Red Cross took the donation! They didn't seem to worry about permission or contracts! Maybe an added paragraph to the thank you letter that says something like "next time, ask first, please!" ??? I don't know! But I am certain that most people are "breaking the policy" quite honestly!

I am so thankful that the Red Cross exists! I got our first bag of ice from a Red Cross truck back when we were suffering after a hurricane! (There was also much more relief...more than just a bag of ice... for the area from the Red Cross locally! They set the first shower trucks up here! ETC...) I hate to imagine what would have happened to the GulfCoast people without the Red Cross and other church groups and individuals! Thank you, Mouse, for your time and hard work! You know that you are making a difference and truly helping people! :)

:) meee

09-09-2005, 01:42 PM
Gotta be brief.....

Michele- have a great trip!!!!!! Relax and enjoy, fill us in with the details when you return.

Sue- hope ya feel better.....knee and voice. Can't imagine teaching from a cart, but I hear it is done at times......hang in there!

Mouse- yup, that is what it is all are blessed....and so many do not have even close to what we have. And I so feel for those whose lives were wrecked by I know you do too.

Robyn- ok, my flasher moved to the state of Florida!!!! Love your stripper story......keep smiling, hon!!

Pam- perhaps you were the first person to ever attempt to make this sniffler follow some rules! Congrats.....

I will be MIA for a few email is hopelessly messed up and I am taking the computer for repair.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! See ya sometime next week!~

09-09-2005, 01:44 PM
And Hi to anyone I missed..............

09-09-2005, 08:11 PM
Evening All,
Yeah we all made it through the work week and to the weekend!! :)
Sorry I didn't get to reply last night. I went to my dentist appointment and was able to get my filling finally fixed. Well I was there they offered to do my 6 month cleaning and whiten my teeth for free. So I just had to take them up on the offer. Than I made a trek into Curves. The girl working there last night even worked out with me. So it made my workout seem like it was over in a flash. I came home to do work on my computer for almost 4 hours. With an hour break in there long enough to walk to my mil's and visit for an hour. Didn't get go to bed until after 12 and got up at 5:30 to do my walking video and start my day all over. But the good news in all of this is that I got my lesson plans and copies for next week done this morning before school started. I was also able to enter grades in my computer before leaving school today. So I was happy with all that I got done on so little sleep. Came home to take a nap only to be woke up by my stepson playing in the hall right outside my bedroom. Needless, after being woke up and trying to go back to sleep, I couldn't so I just got up. My dh came home and was suprised to see me up. He asked why I was not napping still. When I told me about being woke up, he immediately went into his son and talked with him. I got a sorry, a hug and a kiss out of that deal from my dss. After seeing everyone off either to go home with their mommy or go to a football game, I treated myself to a take-out meal from the Chinese restuarant on their diet menu. I was only able to eat half of it, so looks like I have dinner for tomorrow evening. Don't know what my dh is going to be eating. LOL. Now I am relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.
Robyn, just loved your getting neekid story. Two years go my favorite student ( I know we are not suppose to have favorites, but he is just a special little guy) went to the bathroom by himself. He stripped down to nothing but just his t-shirt and walked down to the office. He has a very special bond with my principal and walked right into his office. My principal started to talk to him and than realized that he only had a t-shirt on. He immediately calls the school secretary and office aide to come to his office. He tells them that they need to help get my student out of the office with the rest of his clothes on. It seems that my little guy went and used the bathroom and than decided to go talk to the principal, but he forgot to wipe his backside. So we get the phone call that my aide needs to come to the office immediately. She comes back with our student in tow, just laughing. So now we keep a much better eye on him when he goes to the restroom for this very reason. Hope you were able to survive your first week back to school.
Summer, hope all is going well for you. No more run-ins with the Nimrod, I hope. Are you getting into a routine yet?
Michele enjoy your trip. I would love to go to the Mall of America sometime. So please share with us how your trip was.
Sue, sorry to hear that your life revolves around a 3 tier AV cart. Hopefully once you get back into the swing of things , you will find or develop a system that works for you. Take it easy this weekend and rest your legs.
Pam, that was a neat way of rewarding your crier. Congrats on getting her to make it through the class period. Keep up the good job!
Mouse, is your mentor even someone who has a special ed. degree? My mentor for my current position wasn't. Thank God I wasn't new to special ed. She was clueless on a lot of things and I didn't really get much out of having her as my mentor. Hope things get better for you at school. Have you found a gym yet that meets your needs?
Ginny, sorry to hear that your computer is under the weather. We will miss you over the weekend. Take care of yourself and make sure you are able to squeeze in a walk or two. I have faithfully done my walking videos or dvds every morning before school, since school started. So hopefully I can keep this up.
Well I better go. I need to regroup before Sunday. My dsss' have another football game. This time it is away, like 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours away. So we have to leave at 10 in the morning to be there by 12. The game starts at 1. So it looks like I will be bringing a book with me to read will waiting on the game to start. Lord only knows what time we will get home that day. I hope in time to get a walk in with my dh.
I think I am going to go watch a little tv since I really haven't done that this week. Once school starts my tv watching goes down to about nonexistent. I will have to make sure I do schedule in time to watch Biggest Loser. I love that show.
Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

09-09-2005, 11:36 PM
Wow... two nights in a row! :) Do I get a prize? ;)
Robyn: I definitely understand where you are coming from, but I feel as if I have some responsibility to the school & to the organization that if I know something that might make it easier, I should at least try. It wasn't so much about signing the contract but about making sure that the information they are giving is correct. I don't remember the contracts from before 9/11, so I think it is a result of the media flap over how donations & money were handled then. If the contracts were in place, they weren't as stringent. But the REd Cross got a lot of bad publicity as a result of media attention to 9/11 donations... and this has caused extreme hardship to many local chapters. My chapter in Central Maryland is pretty hard hit constantly because the majority of our clients were inner city Baltimore residents, and we have a lot of fires there. My current chapter is better because we don't have as many fires and we have some pretty awesome fundraising going on.
And, honestly, I can't imagine the REd Cross busting on a school; they might, however, shake their finger at me as knowing better. Plus, many of the flyers for one of the fundraisers (ALL of them, actually) have incorrect information on them including a wrong web-address for the Red Cross.
Kerry: That is EXACTLY what I am going to do... on Sunday. ;) We're not opening the chapter Sunday, so I intend to sleep late and maybe go out for brunch with friends (if they're home, I think they may have gone out of town), and then work on school stuff. I have to go in tomorrow to help with casework and train a new caseworker. We're getting hit pretty hard with clients. My mentor IS a special education teacher, and in fact, she's the multiple & severe disabilities teacher. She knows all about what I need to have and do in order to be successful with the kids... especially the paperwork for Community Instruction & work/study jobs! I don't understand the problem, honestly. But I'm getting that strong vibe that she's looking for a way to get me in trouble, and unfortunately, she has that reputation among others in the department.
Ginny: You are so right, of course. As usual. :)

As for me, last night when I posted, I hadn't read the class evaluations from the class I did. Most of the participants took their frustration over how classes are being handled out on me. I admit it was my fault for forgetting the video tape... but I can't be responsible for the lack of course paperwork and materials since I didn't get anywhere near the box of stuff until the class started. They weren't interested in the class itself, just in knowing what they'll encounter and do when they are deployed to various shelters for Katrina. I can't answer those questions, which made them more frustrated... It was a long 3.5 hour class. I'm disappointed that they couldn't empathize with the chapter as an entity: that we have to keep day to day operations flowing, while also running a major disaster operation... without any extra personnel. The paid staff is doing their regular jobs AND helping support us. My chapter is very small, and doesn't have a large disaster crew pool to draw from. The main complaints were that they couldn't get through on the telephone...
:shrug: I am not sure I'm making any sense right now. I think I'm going to goto sleep.

09-10-2005, 08:26 AM
Robyn your nekkid story just cracked me up! I don't know how you lower elementary teachers do it! Congrats of the famous front page picture! Maybe you could get extra copies and autograph them for all of us!

Mouse - You are so right about putting our troubles in perspective. There are so many people who would love to have our problems instead of theirs! Sorry to hear your class didn't go well. Was it a one shot deal or do you get another chance to prove yourself?

Ginny - I hope your computer is fixed quickly. So how is your bus run going? My children get to keep their same driver from last year which thrilled me to no end. They keep flipping routes around. The woman they had last year was so good to them (and me). I am sure your students and parents feel the same to have you back.

Pam - Congrats on getting through to your crier. Hopefully she will continue to feel safe with you and not do that anymore. Sometimes it is amazing to me how much power we have to make or break a student.

Kerry - I hate TV but I do watch the Biggest Loser! Does it start next week? I just saw the first promo for it last week and I can't wait. Last year I didn't start watching until about 1/2 way through, then I was hooked. I don't want to miss a single show this year! Is it still Tuesdays at 8:00?

Today I am suppose to meet some friends for breakfast. We meet the second Saturday of the month. Unfortunately I usually email everyone to remind them and I forgot this week (darn working messing with my free time again!) so I am not sure if anyone will show. I will have to go anyway just in case. I guess I could take my children so I won't have to sit alone at least. Bowling also starts this weekend. My children bowl EVERY Saturday. Plus it is in the middle of the day (12-3) so I am pretty much screwed for most activities. I have to keep telling myself that I only have them for a short time so I need to make the best of it and they do so love their bowling! My DH and I bowl every other Sunday night with my DM and DU. I, myself, am not much of a bowler so again it is just for the bonding.

I was much organized on my cart yesterday. Plus I didn't have as many students having "emergancies" that they thought required my immediate attention, so it was much more of a productive of a day. I want to come up with a name for my cart though. I thought you all might be able to help. I'd like something catchy like the Meals on Wheels slogan. I have thought about Room to Go (like room to grow) but I'd like something humorous too. I'd like to have a license plate made up so I can hook it to the front of the cart. I know I'm weird but if I don't find the humor in it, it will bring me down and I don't want that.

Okay enough run on sentences for one morning! My brain is mush and I am thinking I am going to need some Mystic Chai Tea to help me face the day!


09-10-2005, 09:36 AM
Hi to all!!! This has to be a quickie...I will only get personal with Robyn who had me laughing hysterically at my computer screen...Rob, that is something you will never forget.

I've been kept away by my computer problems caused by all BIL's "help." I want my old hard drive back with all its least I got my work done and printed on it. I haven't been able to print a document since he "helped" me out. I sort of solved the problem myself yesterday at the crack of dawn basically because I was desperate and wasn't gonna give up. I have an entirely new curriculum this year which by the way, sucks. I have to learn it and write lesson plans on it this weekend remembering to stick in the CT frameworks for every objective. I also have my first assignment due Tuesday. Both need to be done today after I work out at the gym. Tomorrow is trying out the new church again and going to my niece's birthday party.

I had my first personal training appointment with Radke. OUCH!!! I can barely move, but after exercising today, things should loosen up again.

Nimrod has been driving me NUTS constantly. He has this way of being nearby no matter what part of the building I'm in. He says, "How's it going?" about 500 times per day. After asking once or twice, is it really necessary to ask over and over and over again?! I am a friendly person and always greet people in the hallway, but he is forcing me to avoid eye contact or just nod or grunt. Besides the annoyance factor and the risk to my health and safety, the other downside to him lurking around is that he never bathes. The B.O. on him is so potent that you smell him before you see him. There have been a few times his fragrance has almost knocked me off my feet.

One more thing before I head out to the gym. I've been asked by the director of early childhood to give a district-wide workshop at our city's early literacy conference!!! After popping some Imodium, I said, "yes." I am terrified, but I am going to do it because I know this is a great opportunity for me. The reason I've come as far as I have in my career is that I've never said, "no" to my director. I've always taken her up on her challenges and with God's help and guidance, I have succeeded. So, in spite of being totally intimidated by what I've taken on, I'm going to do this and hopefully do it well.

I hope all of you enjoy this beautiful weekend. Keep praying for those affected by Katrina and remember those who we lost on tomorrow's anniversary. It is time for this country to care about every man, woman, and that President Bush?

09-10-2005, 10:24 AM
Oh Gees.... does President Bush read our thread??? Cause if he does...ya'll haven't heard me RANT yet! ;)

Hey to everyone. I've got to leave for baseball in 22 minutes...and I've got to change my clothes yet. So please forgive me for not getting too personal!

Sue...Re:your cart's name... PM me with the name of your school, your last name, your "subject"...and let my sarcastic brain get to work! LOL I'm SURE we can come up with something! hehehe

Mouse... I totally understand re:the contracts, etc... and your responsibility! Of COURSE you should have tried to make things "legal" and fix the website addresses... I forgot to ask the SCA gal about our drive...She was in my room for the better part of the day...but our goal was to keep our nudist dressed! (Which we did! :) ) He also worked very very well using a 1/2 hour contract. I didn't have time to think about my ? as I was running around marking the contract and praising for remaining dressed...AND teaching the rest of the kidlets! Oh mannnn do we have room to grow!

I came home from work after 6 dragging a bag of chinese food with me. We ate. I told my dh that I *HAD* to lay down for a second.... and I woke this morning when my alarm went off to go to WW. I'm still tired... HOW can that be? OY!

Gotta run... I left this sitting here while I got dressed...but we're going to be late to baseball now! ARGGH! Hi to everyone!

take care,

09-10-2005, 03:18 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
First of all congrats to Robyn on her 3.8 pound loss. Way to go, Robyn! Keep up the great work!! Hope you weren't too late for your son's baseball game. How was the game?
Congrats to Summer on your invitition to present at your city's literacy confernence! When is it? Hope your weekend is relaxing, even though you have work to do today with your new curriculum/lesson plans and assignment for grad. school.
Sue, will have to think of a name for your rolling classroom. So did you have anyone show up at breakfast? Have bowling this weekend! The Biggest Loser is starting on Tuesday, the 13th at 8 p.m. for 90 minutes. I have an important phone call at 8 that evening, so I might have to tape it. So I don't miss anything.
Mouse, hope you are finding some time to relax after your stressful week at school. Hope the next time you teach that class, the people are a little more understanding and have some common sense. They shouldn't have taken their frustrations out on you. That was just wrong.
Pam, hope you are having a much quiter weekend this weekend. Are you able to do things that you want to do this weekend? Maybe you need to return the favor to your dh about last weekend's fun!
Michele, by now you are well underway of shopping and enjoying the Mall of America. Hope you are enjoying your weekend away!
Ginny, hope your computer is easily fixed and you can connect with us you! Miss you!
Well I got up this morning, went to Curves, to Wal-mart and was back home before 9 a.m. Got my shower, got dressed and went to the bank before 10. So I must have really enjoyed my time alone last night and got my batteries recharged to do all that on a Saturday morning. Usually I would just sleep in until about 8:30-9:30 and than get a slow start to my day.
Well I better go and get busy doing some chores around the house. Talk to you all later. Have a great afternoon!

09-10-2005, 03:24 PM
So glad it is the weekend. Remember that wretched sinus infection that had me "falling" into the fish pond? Well, it has dragged off and on since then. However, it had gotten so bad that I was ready to pull all of my teeth and put a drill into my forehead. After crying, I met my husband at the door on his way into the house and said I am going to the doctor, I can't take this anymore. So, I went and the immediate care closed at 5:30, I was about to die. Made it to the urgent care with three minutes to spare. I was in and out of there in 11 minutes. Only to find my car dead. With half a bar on my cell phone, I called hubby who couldn't get it started. Ughhhh. So, anway I started this really strong antibiotic that the doc calls guerrilla-cillin. He said it will kill any kind of bug. There is a warning label on the actual antibiotic...........So, I went to work yesterday feeling strung out, and shakey and jittery, and weepy. I worked until 11:00 at which point I called the office and said I HAVE TO GO HOME......... I slept for three hours. I have had no more pain. However, now I feel like I have a cold......and one of my eyes was stuck shut and gooey this morning. So..... I am glad to be rid of the sinus pressure. I still feel yucky though.

Robyn: Hmmmm, is that a new policy at your school??????I was laughing so hard. Ha! Glad it wasn't me!

Hey to everyone else.

Gonna go turn on the dryer and take a nap.

09-11-2005, 09:05 AM
Pam: You poor thing. :grouphug: I'm so sorry you were so miserable. Feel better.

Kerry: You're so busy busy busy :dizzy: you're making me dizzy!!! I don't ordinarily have that kind of energy either. Good for you!

Robyn: You go girl!!! Great job!!! That weight is just falling off of you!!! Oh, and please rant away...I love it when you rant and rave especially when it is a just cause. It is so funny to me that you fell asleep so early the other night, but I have to say, Friday nights I totally crash after a looooong week at school. And with what you've been dealing with, it is no surprise to me at all. Get rested and enjoy your weekend.

Sue: You've got a great attitude about your cart. At the moment, I'm pretty much brain dead from school work yesterday, so I don't have any snappy ideas. What does the abbreviation DU stand for? :?: Damned if I couldn't figure out that one. Enjoy bowling. In my household it is making sure DD gets to gymnastics, cheerleading, and I get it.

Mouse: Rest up while you can. Keep fighting the good fight.

Ginny: Miss you.

Well, yesterday, I worked out hard and am having difficulty moving my body parts this morning. I worked for 5 hours on my assignment for school, and as far as I could tell, it came out good. I had to read a book of various humorists and then write a spoof on two different comedy writers. You wouldn't think this would take 5 hours, would you? But, you see, it had to be funny...and unless I'm inspired, that takes me some time to conjure up. Then I moved on to my new curriculum. ICK!!! :p I hate it. It appears that I will have to use parts of my old curriculum to make sure that these kids will be truly ready for kindergarten. This lamo curriculum will not prepare them enough for what they will be facing in K. Finally I had some time to read my Janet E. I'm almost done with TO THE NINES.

Today we are trying out the new church again and then we have to go to my DS's house for my DN's birthday party. Goodie goodie gumdrops. :p

Oh I got it Sue...DU is uncle!!! Sorry, I must have been having a "blonde moment!"

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!

09-11-2005, 11:26 AM
Summer - You will be great conducting the workshop, so relax and have fun with it. You were probably thrown off when DU was connected with DM. Not too often grown brothers and sisters bowl together. My family is really, really strange that way. We do tons together. Our spouses think we are nuts to want to have family get togethers! This year our school is doing 18 minutes of SSR (sustained silent reading) three days a week. I am so excited because I usually don't have time to read for pleasure during the school year. Of course I have two severely ADHD students in that hour so I may be doing more monitoring than reading but I still have high hopes. We start on Tuesday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Robyn - I knew I could count on you for some really good name for my cart. I'll send you that information. You must have needed that rest or you wouldn't have slept through the night. I wanted to sleep in this morning but after my DH alarm went off three times (between 5-5:30 a.m.) I was wide awake.

Kerry - Thanks for the Biggest Loser information. My DH said he would set up the satelite thingy to automatically tape it each week. Since I don't normally watch TV, I tend to forget to turn it on. How long were the regular shows? I was thinking they were only 1/2 hour but maybe they were 1 hour. I can't wait to see a whole 1 1/2 hours of it! You definately don't want to miss the first part due to your phone call, so you better be safe and tape it. Breakfast didn't happen. I decided to make a quick phone call to someone whom I thought wouldn't be home but was. That made me late. No one was there when I got there but a lady told me that one of my friends had just left. I waited for about 10 minutes more (25 after we were suppose to be there) and when no one showed, I left. Another friend emailed yesterday that she got there 1/2 hour late, so I must have just missed her. I guess I should be happy that I got my grocery shopping done instead but I would have rather laughed with my friends! The kids bowling was quick as it was only fun day. We were out of there in less than an hour (too bad the real days aren't that quick!). When we got back my DH suggested we go see a movie. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was okay but I thought they left out the most important part, where Charlie gives up his ever lasting gobstopper. Charlie kind of won by default instead of goodness in this one. The kids loved it though. Tonight my DH and I have to bowl. I'd rather go golfing! Congrats on your productivity yesterday morning. I am very much a morning person, so I usually get more done before 11 a.m. than the whole rest of the day combined.

Pam - I hope that this power drug does the trick. You have been suffering way too long with this thing. Sinus infections are the worse because they affect so many different things from head pain to nausa. I hope you are taking it easy this weekend!

Mouse - Hang in there. Just remember you are making a difference in the lives of your students and that is what is important!

Ginny - I hope you are up and running soon, we miss you!

Michele - I hope you found all kinds of great bargins at the Mall of America. I have never been there. I really like new clothes (especially shoes and coats) but I hate to shop! Some day I will need to go, just so I can say that I have been there.


09-11-2005, 07:51 PM
Evening All,
I just got home from my dsss' football game. They finally won their first game it was 7-0. It took them almost until the last 4 minutes of the game before they scored. So it was a very boring football game up until that point. It was friggin' hot too. There was no shade and a lot of hot sun. I just kept downing the water. On the way home, my dh and I stopped at this biker bar that our one friend's told us about called Jimbo's. They have really good fresh hamburger's there. It was an awesome hamburger. I thought I deserved it and some french fries after getting up this morning and putting in my 4 mile Super Challenge Tape. So before everyone else got up this morning I got in a 4 mile walk. They told me that I was just a little too bouncey and perk. I don't know why! :) I might see if the dh wants to go for a walk here in a little bit to stretch our legs after sitting all day long. It was about an hour and a half drive to the football stadium. Than sitting for 4 hours and climbing back in the van to come home.
Sue, I think the shows were an hour long last year. So I just might have to tape them all so I can watch them for sure. Glad you had a fun day yesterday.
Summer glad that you were able to find some Summer time yesterday and got your work done. That must make you feel good about your productive day! How was church today? Do you think you might start attending there?
Pam, glad that you are finally feeling better. It sucks to be sick the first month or two of school. Like you aren't already tired from trying to get everything ready and getting back into a routine.
Michele did you have a nice trip! Did you buy yourself anything?
Robyn, how was your son's baseball game yesterday? So are you going to reward yourself for your 11 pound loss? If so, what is your reward?
Mouse, were you able to relax and recharge your batteries over the weekend? Hope you have a great week with your students. Sounds like you are making a positive impact on several of your student's lives. Keep up the great work! :)
Ginny, we miss you! Hope your computer is fixed soon.
Well I better go and get some work done. I need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow. So that way I don't have to do much in the morning. Talk to you all later.
Have a great week at school!

Michele L
09-11-2005, 08:55 PM
Hi, ladies! We're back! It was a nice, but busy weekend. We spent Friday evening packing and getting ready. We were on the road at 6:45 Saturday morning--UGH! It didn't take as long as we estimated (only 4 instead of 5 hours),so DD and I were off and running by 11am! Unfortunately, we didn't find much. DD found a postcard to add to her collection and then we found a cute picture frame trimmed in crystals for DD's bedroom. She had a picture of her with our next door neighbor and no frame, AND it was 50% off the already clearanced price (only $3.98!). She was thrilled! By 4:30 we were heading to our hotel and by 6 we were searching for somewhere to eat. We ended up at a place called Chevy's. I don't know if it's a chain, but it was really good Mexican food. We were all stuffed by the time we got back to the hotel and the kids wanted to go to the pool. DH and I just sat in the hot-tub. Then it was time to watch TV, unwind and go to sleep.

This morning, I asked DH if we could stop at this outlet mall I had seen. It was the exit before the Cabela's we were heading toward, anyway. We found NOTHING at Cabela's, which disappointed DH, as he has REALLY looking forward to this trip just because of Cabela's. At the outlet mall, I found 2 things at Casual Corner Woman. I spotted a rack of those faux suede jacket-shirts originally $49 clearanced to $19.99! I debated between a dark green and a dark tan, but ended up with the green. I already have several of these jackets--they are great with a t-neck under them or even a short-sleeved top depending on the weather. Then, I found a rack of chenille sweaters originally $21.99 marked down to $14.99. I got a red one, which is one of my favorite colors in sweaters. And to make matters even better, Minnesota does not charge tax on clothing! I walked away a happy woman (even though it's so darn HOT, I won't be wearing them anytime soon!).

As far as walking is concerned, I haven't done any formal fitness since Thursday, but I logged more than 20,000 steps on Saturday at the Mall. I think that counts for something!

I'll get back on track tomorrow. I'm working on laundry, emails, etc tonight!

Good night, all!

Michele :wave:

09-11-2005, 10:58 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well my dh went over to see his nephew. So I set out on a walk by myself, after calling a friend from TOPS and being told that she was already out taking a walk with her sister. At first, I was just going to stay home and started doing little things around the house. Finally about 15 minutes into my chores, I said forget I am going for a walk. So I set out on my little walk and ended up walking three miles. I came home and finished doing the little things I planned on doing. So now I guess I can relax a little bit better and hopefully sleep will kick in soon.
Michele sounds like you had a fun weekend. Congrats on the new clothes. Sorry to hear that you won't be able to wear them just yet. LOL I think you are allowed to take one weekend off from any formal excerising, since you went away for the weekend. It's not like you are going to fall off the bandwagon or anything.
Hi to everyone else. Hope you had a pleasant evening. Wishing you all a wonderful week with your students! I am hoping that I can get my students to work hard on the math lesson that I have to turn in next Saturday at my follow-up math class. Maybe I need to bribe them with something extra special. Since I will have to do 3 more lessons before Dec.
Well I think I might be able to fall asleep soon. So I will head off to the comfort of my bed. Don't want to fall asleep at the computer and have the keys from the keyboard imprinted on my face tomorrow morning.

09-12-2005, 09:15 AM
Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing weekend. I got to bed finally last night around 12:30. But I was back up this morning at 5:30 to start my day. I don't know why I couldn't go to sleep, other than it was my 3 mile walk around 8:30 that must have done it for me.
Have a wonderful day today! Hope everyone has an easy work week this week.
Talk to you all later,

09-12-2005, 05:38 PM
Hey everyone!
Made it through Monday. I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
Oh well, I have gone through tons of Puffs plus. I was testing today, so it wasn't to bad.
I am happy to report a three and a half pound loss last week. Unfortunately, that still puts me three pounds shy of where I was in May. However, it works for me. I know I was bad this summer.

Checking to see where Hurricane Ophelia is headed. Somewhere along our coast I think. She needs to go right on out to sea if you ask me.

Sorry not to get personal, I have a ton of stuff to do. Have a great day everyone!

Oh, before I forget! Someone said the funniest thing to me today. She said the reason I have this sinus infection, is because I have lost so much weight, and am not getting the right nutrients. I said "Quite the contrary actually, I'm eating healthier than I ever did." Her suggestion to me, is that I slow down on this "weight loss thing!" :D

09-12-2005, 05:47 PM
Thanks, Pam.

We made a point to encourage him to take late morning classes his 1st semester even if it meant classes in the late afternoon. He agreed and his first is 10 something on 3 days and 11 on the other two.

I'm stuck in a rut.....I haven't lost a pound in 3 weeks! I continue to exercise 6X a week (brisk 30-45 min walks or bike riding). Sometimes, I have to make myself eat because I'm not taking in enough calories. Of course, I've been back to school for 3 weeks.....less water intake, skipping snacks at times, stress.. you know the rest. Has anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions???


09-12-2005, 05:52 PM
Thanks Ginny & Kerry and anyone I might have missed.


09-12-2005, 05:59 PM
Hi new friends,

My mother came up from Florida 2 and half weeks ago and left last Tuesday.....she's in great shape at 60 and exercises more than I do! (She came the day I started school!) I haven't been able to get free moments with her, school and the Hurricane heartache I have been feeling for all those affected since then. My hubby has volunteered to go to one of the affected hospitals (don't know which one) for 3 weeks and lend his expertise. Normally, we could not afford it but the hospital he works at it "giving" them 3 weeks of PTO time, which in turn is reimbursed by the federal government. No answer yet as to when or if.

Luckily my kids are in college and high school, and we will gladly manage without him to do such a great thing.


09-12-2005, 10:05 PM
Good evening, all.
It looks like things are winding down locally in terms of the Red Cross response. We've about 20 in hotels, the rest are with family and friends. We have nearly 300 people locally who have come up here and asked for assistance. But I can't do casework because that is from 8-6, and I don't get off work until 4:00. Its another 30-45 minutes before I can get to where we are doing the cases.
My state has a leave law similar to the one that Tammy described... at least insofar as if you're a national volunteer. And I admit to being rather worried: we have 1.5 caseworkers tomorrow (1 brand new person, and our director). :shrug: Not much I can do about that. But my principal will not allow me to go, so I have been doing what I can do after school.

Now, for school stuff... I need some help. I have two separate issues, and no other teachers to really ask, though I'll be sending some emails.

1: I have a student with high functioning autism, and I've scared the daylights out of him. I had the idea he was scared of me, because I am rather brash and can be loud. I probably do have a strong personality with most of the kids... and things haven't gotten any better from being in a school of kids with mostly emotional issues the last 3 years. Any ideas on how I can help him get over being so scared of me? He's literally stiff as a board constantly...
2: I have two students that are lower functioning that the rest. Normally, I'd split my group and have my TA take one and I take the other, but my TA isn't very comfortable teaching... and she's very unsure of herself academically, or for tasks. There is no initiative, and even when I've asked her to do specific things, they don't always get done (except copying... that ALWAYS gets done, and very well). Add in that one of the kids speaks only Spanish, and I have a recipe that could be disaster. They ALL very much need functional academics, but I have only my own personal teaching materials, and I'm afraid that most of my lower level stuff has been given away (too old to keep), lost, etc. Any ideas for stuff for these lower guys? Typically, I'd do a lot of picture book stories that fit our theme (grocery stores), or fit the words in our reading program (Edmark Functional program). Also lots of hands-on, cooking and community stuff. But I don't have these guys all day, and the one child I have all by himself (he's responding very well to a sight word reading program, and I really want a complete Edmark kit for him!), and the other child I only see 2 times with the other groups.
I also don't have any materials for cooking, and I flat refuse to buy a microwave or blender, toaster oven, and bowls/cups/plates, etc... for cooking.
Help is definitely appreciated. What I want to do is get textbooks for the one group that is higher... I wish I could teach them core subjects, but NCLB doesn't allow me to do so. Instead, the one kid that is scared to death of me has English with a regular ed teacher, a brand-new special ed teacher... and they are giving him remedial work so he can pass an 11th grade test he won't ever take.

09-13-2005, 09:29 AM
Morning All,
Welcome back Tammy! We sure did miss you for the last few weeks! As for your no weight loss and working out like crazy, could it be that your fat is turning into muscle? Maybe you need to change up your walking and biking routine so that you are challenging your muscles and not falling into a set routine. See I change where I start on whichever machine at Curves everytime I go there and I do a different walking video each day so my muscles don't get use to do the same pattern and not work as hard. Does that make sense? Also if you started drinking water on a regular basis that would help flush out your fat. That is very honorable that your dh has volunteered to go help in the South.
Mouse, I had a three students with autism over the last few years. I had a high functioning one and two low functioning ones. What I did for them is let them find a space in my room that could become their comfort zone. Than when they started to feel stressed or scared,I just suggested that they go to their spot. I also would give my high functioning one a special errand or job to do for me to earn his trust and respect. Hope that helps.
Hi to everyone else! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
I did weigh and measure myself this morning. I lost another 1 and 10 inches. So I am hoping that I have a great loss tonight at TOPS.
Well my kiddos are here so I need to get them started on their work. Talk to you later.
Have a great day!

09-13-2005, 05:52 PM
Rudolph here!
I am just not getting any better. I am doomed. Oh well, On with the kleenex.....
Pretty good day today. Had a conference with the cryer's mother. She blurted out today that she took her daughter to the gynecologist and she is sure she is about to start her period......... Things have been ok with the girl, except she comes up with eighteen million reasons to leave class. I have not allowed her to leave class. Until.............She told me today, that her privates were burning and itching...........Didn't know what to say about that, so I refered her to the office to speak with someone there........I was like "Oh, hold on a minutes and I will see if someone in the office can see you."
On top of being sick, I just started myself.......Boo hiss........
Mouse: There is a program online, or used to be at that will allow you to type things in in English and will translate it for you in Spanish. As far as the student who is afraid of you. Kind of just do things quietly around him as far as a slight smile, praise, sticker, good job, maybe that will help. I don't know, I am not used to working with autistic stuidents. But, I defintely agree with the helper idea.

Tammy: Welcome back......My college kid, has informed me today, that he is withdrawing. Over the telephone of course, so I am ready to kill him. Only, he is not home for me to do that.

Hey everyone else.
Going to get dinner started.

09-13-2005, 06:06 PM
Hi all,

I tried to start this 30 min. ago and got sidetracked with school stuff! DH just came home, have to go out "under the oak" and talk to him about his day.

Kerry - Great idea. My husband suggested the same thing last night as I was lying in bed sneezing and blowing my nose writing up a test study guide. I was too receptive at the time. (infected already) I do not belong to a gym so he is going to help me with my 'old' exercises.....sit ups, leg lifts, etc. I tried to make a consious effort to drink more water today (I take my own from the filtered fridge....cheaper and plenty of it). I think that is big part of it also. Thanks for the advise.

Pam - I would want to kill my ds also He's only been at school since 8/18 and still calls home every 4-5 days. We'll see how long that lasts. He's turned into a parent pleaser this year, so our fingers are crossed. How long has your son been in school?

Be back later tonight!

Have a great evening,

09-13-2005, 09:09 PM
Evening Ladies,
Oh am I glad that my day is almost over. I was having a great day until I came home from my foot doctor's appointment. My foot was killing me since my doctor tried to take off the core of my fat deposit with his metal pick thingy and couldn't get it to budge. So he put some medicine on it and told me not to use my punice (sp) on it for about two weeks. My dh was on the floor with my dss by the front door going over his spelling words with my dss in tears. Than my dsd and other dss asked for help with their homework and I got ticked off at them when they won't comprehend what I was explaining to them. Than my dh and I got into when he kept yelling at his son about how he has been practicing lately at football practice. I just couldn't take it anymore and I let my dh have it. Than he replies back that we are done as a couple and he says that we are selling the house and getting a divorce. So than when I won't talk to him and he asks why not, I explain to him what I was trying to do since he kept yelling at his son over and over for about 45 minutes straight. He finally saw my point and felt sorry for what he said but I am still mad over how they all acted when I came home today. Now I know why I work the afterschool program so I don't have to put up with this crap. So that just set the tone for my whole evening. Now I feel like ringing someone's neck. I did get a phone call when I was gone that we don't have school tomorrow. Someone shot a hole in our hot water tank.
I have some good news though I did lose another pound. So since school started on August 22nd, I have lost 8.5 pounds. So hopefully I will see 150 by the end of the school year.
Well I better go and get some work done around the house. That way I can have a free day tomorrow.
Talk to you all later.

09-13-2005, 10:32 PM
Hey ya'll....

sorry not to have the chance to get personal.... with the exception of ..

Get well, Pam! I'm sorry to hear about the kid and college! Hang in there.

Kerry, soooo sorry to hear about all the stress! I'm sort of jealous that you don't have school tomorrow due to someone shooting the water tank! (I'd LOVE not to go to school tomorrow! LOL) Congrats re: your weight loss! YOU can do it! Keep it going!

Mouse, I am also one who could scare a kid with my "aura"...yeah, I know you find that hard to believe! LOL ...and I know that dealing with kids with autism can be a bit different BUT, I've always sort of killed those who found me "different" , ahem, "scary" even with kindness and goofiness. I keep at them until they see that I'm funny...not scary (unless deserved!)... Last year, my very high functioning autistic kiddo was petrified. After a few "moments" alone with the teacher...just talking, he figured out that I wasn't going to bite him. (We talked very frankly about him being afraid of me!) It also helped that his mother's sense of humor is veryyyy sarcastic... so he "got the jokes"! ...and I have to admit...I did put on my "kid gloves" when it came to interacting with him.... I just had to remember that he was petrified...and he had to remember that I was just ME! :) In the end, we had a pretty good relationship! This year he is petrified of his 2nd grade teacher....and I'm sorry to say I am too! Don't know how to help him with THIS one! Good luck!

My "special" group of "special" kiddos is kicking my "special" butt. I'm "on" all day...EVERY day. There are soooooo many academic issues. There are sooooooo many behavior issues. I've been to one CS already. We have a FBA on Thurs. I've got 5 IEP's already....with the CS pending the IEP. AND I'm sure that I need to do at least 5 more CSs! I feel so badly for these kiddos.... We are doing Brain Gym. Playdough, listening games, movement to music, 10 minutes motor, 10 minutes academic lesson, back to motor.... morning recess after 2 hours of this... I even have them doing lamaze breathing! I'm trying everything. Dictated sentences, whole language memorizing sight words! Poetry notebook with new poem each week working on concept of print at this point then fluency .... songs (academic and other)tracking words, BEHAVIOR charts, management plans, Marvin Marshall's "you choose" ideals.... yadda yadda yadda... Shared reading, guided (??? at this level...but I'm trying!) reading, listening to stories on tape... Puzzles! AND now they want us to do something re: the constitution for Friday... ARRRGH! :) Anything I'm missing? I'll try it...just tell me what to do!!! I spent $80 to join Reading A to Z. It is a great site with lots of resources.... but $80??? yeah! for one year! and they won't reimburse me...but I"m trying... OH and we are working on color word and number word recognition, sentence vs. word (concept of print), Writing their names, routines, procedures...yadda yadda yadda...

I've not forgotten about the cart name issue...I'm just not coming up with anything that makes me I'm not done yet!

Summer.... Read all that I'm doing with these kiddos... YOU are preschool girl.... tell me what I'm missing! What other angle haven't I gotten???? Besides the one at the counter of the liquor store! (Actually, I asked the assistant principal...joking of course, if it would be alright if I kept just a little vodka in my desk...she didn't hesitate. Her response...OF COURSE! ...then she hugged me! :) Gotta love her!)

Going to go.... I've further exhausted myself typing hair is turning grey! or is it gray? grey or gray... Oh dear...

take care... thanks for listening to my rant.

09-14-2005, 10:10 AM
What a good night's sleep can do for a person is amazing! I still can't believe we are not having school today. This is my first year being at my current school that I am actually disappointed that we are not having school. Since I have a wonderful group of kids, I wake up each morning wondering what new and exciting things we are going to discover today. Or what challenges are we going to have to conquer together. Mind you the other three years there I loved any day we got off from school, since I had about 4 or 5 students who challenged my nerves and patience every day.
So I will use this time off to make some phone calls that I normally don't get to do until the weekend when the businesses are closed or on a holiday from school. Spend some quiet time with my dh and work on my stuff for my class this weekend.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Talk to you all later.

09-14-2005, 08:31 PM
Good evening, all.

I must have been channeling you all this afternoon during the period I had my student with the high functioning autism... My TA made a wonderful check model to hang on the wall for my kids. I had checks donated by the local credit union: REAL CHECKS that they had printed for me for FREE! They'll have to write checks to access their "classroom money" and "buy" their rewards. We used real prices too that we looked up at on-line stores. Anyway, I can't climb on a desk to hang things up, so I asked the student to help one of the TAs to do it... and he totally got into helping tape it up, place it on the wall, etc. Then we chatted a little about names, because their drill was to write as many names as they could think of in their topic dictionaries. Then he did one page of independent addition, timed, without a calculator (trying to improve that fluency, don't you know??)... and we worked on his back-to-school paragraph. I'm trying to have all the students write a paragraph or similar for back to school night. For my two lower students, one of which is my Spanish only speaking child, we're doing an experience book. My TA took the two of them on a walk through the school and took digital pictures of places they go, then we put it in Power Point and they started writing sentences about the pictures. I'm translating the sentences into Spanish using Babble Fish at Alta Vista (yep, knew about that one... but it only helps for writing or if we're at the 'puter. And its not always accurate!).
Robyn: You might consider "experience stories". Those are stories that the kids dictate to you, about things they are interested in. I'm doing this with my Spanish-speaking child... his first one was about Pizza. And now we're doing one on bread since we're doing the Edmark Functional reading program/grocery store set... the first set of words are bread or related to bread: Bread, Hamburger Bun, Hot Dog Bun, Cracker, Flour, etc.
He's doing other sight words in his ESOL reading class. I really want a complete Edmark kit (preferably software!) so he can work with that too. He's got a good memory, so I think sight words are the way to go for now, with phonics instruction embedded... modeling, so to speak.
Thanks for all the ideas, everybody!

09-14-2005, 09:17 PM
Kerry, hang in there. Everyone else "Hay."

I finally got my walk in before dinner. Dh and I took a 40 min walk (for him) practically running for me. I came back nice and sweating and hot! Then dinner was ready in slow cooker! They may be old-fashioned but they're great.

Got back on the scale this morning and the pound that I couldn't get rid of finally fled my body. The only thing I can attribute it to is the 400-500 cal breakfasts I've had in the past two days along with other larger healthy meals. I thing I was becoming obsessed with keeping it under 1500 cal when I was used to way more and more water. I'm starting the sit ups again tonight. We'll see how long that lasts.

Hope everyone is having a better evening than their day.


09-14-2005, 11:55 PM
thanks for the suggestions about experience stories, mousie. Yep... Been those! I've got a FBA meeting tomorrow to prepare well as papers to get marked... (I've got ZERO moments at school to do them these days! I actually had to beg to get to the toilet...CRAZY as well as in humane! ~~NO planning time NOR any time without kiddos on my Day 1. I hate Day 1's! I guess I'm going to have to get some Depends, huh?!)

gotta hit my "to do list"....
take care

09-15-2005, 07:58 AM
As I type this, my favorite spot on earth, Cape Hatteras, is getting a visit by Ophelia.
Last night on the 11pm news, Route 12 (the only road in and out) had already been washed over. If you watch the weather forcasts, I am about an hour away from the dot they have called "Hampton Roads" (which doesn't REALLY exist.... it is a nickname for a huge area!) (Enough geography for the morning!) It seems that this storm is going to come about as close as it can WHILE missing us! Hurricanes have always gotten a lot of press; however, since this is the first one in this area since Katrina.... well, it has been nonstop for literally DAYS. Yesterday the lines in the grocery were unreal!

My fingers are crossed for the storm...even the "tropical storm" to stay away from us as I'm sort of certain that the tar paper and buckets that are helping make my roof of my classroom water tight aren't going to hold up well to much of any winds! While everyone down on the ground is in line at the grocery....the roofers were noted to be taking their regular breaks as well as leaving at their regular time..3 after arriving at their regular time...9:30. Yes, after 7 days of being in my classroom, I'm dreaming of being a roofer! ;)

hey no one has gotten naked THIS week far!

09-15-2005, 11:05 PM
Wasn't able to get on here yesterday. Been a crazy couple of days. Yesterday, had a female student who shortens her name because she doesn't like her full name go totally bullistic when someone called her actual name. Crying, yelling sliding all the way down in her desk.....I asked her to step into the hall, she slammed the door. Her name, by the way, is beautiful. Ughhh. Today, almost had a fight during first period between two boys who can't get along with anybody..........Managed that one too.....
Haven't killed my son yet. I talked with him. I really didn't think he would hang in college, since he struggled so much in High School. However, I wanted him to have the opportunity to try. Although I don't feel he really did try. I am not surprised. I just don't know. I hope he can get it together.
Oh, by the way. I went back to the doctor yesterday. I was still having so much pain in my face, teeth, ear. Nose running, but stopped up at the same time. He cocked his head sideways like he didn't believe what I was saying since the anitibiotic that was prescribed was the strongest possible one. I finally said LOOK THIS IS AWFUL AND I'M TIRED OF HURTING AND popping tylenol all day long every single day. Something is wrong.......
Finally, he did a sinus x ray. Well, I'm having a cat scan on Monday because my xray is abnormal, and he said something just looks wrong....Duh....I don't know....Atleast, I finally felt validated like I wasn't some hypochondriac or something. Like I actually enjoy feeling ^%&%###@#@#! and paying money I don't have ever other week to the doctor. Anyway, I go for a cat scan Monday, and then have a referral to an ENT. Hopefully, we can't get this mess straightened out.

Gotta go pack my lunch for tomorrow.
Hey to everyone.

09-15-2005, 11:25 PM
Hey girls! Seems like I haven't been on-line in forever! I sure hope I eventually adjust to this working schedule! Right now I take a nap if I ever get a few extra minutes! I am just too old for that 4:45 alarm!

Kerry - Did you catch the Biggest Loser? I am so excited to have it on again! I wish they would have told a little more about the people. Right now I like the doctor and the woman that looks Native American (I don't know names yet!). I'll probably change my mind as the personalities come out though. Congrats on the inches and pounds lost! Keep up the great work. Your DH has to stop those divorce threats, that has to be a terribly emotionally wrenching thing to hear even if he does feel sorry afterwards. I am so glad you have great students this year. Mine are pretty good too. It helps so much to have a great year to re-energize you and remind you why you went into this profession in the first place! I hope you enjoyed your day off!

Michele - Sounds like you got some good deals on your shopping trip. That always makes for a fun trip!

Pam - So sorry you are sick. My children and DH have been passing around germs and I am afraid I am finally going to succumb to them. My throat is awfully sore today. I don't know how many people have accused me of not eating since I lost my weight. In truth I eat probaby 2-3 times MORE food now I just eat healthier stuff. So how many classes did you pay for before your DS decided college wasn't for him? If you haven't killed him yet is there any hope that you can change his mind? I actually called my parents my freshman year and told them I wanted to quit (actually I think it was the first week and only band camp!!). They just told me quitting wasn't an option and I am so glad they did!

Tammy - I am glad that stuborn pound finally decided to leave you but don't be dissappointed if it happens again. As long as you aren't gaining, you are better off than you were before, RIGHT?! Especially with the beginning of school and all the stress envolved with that! I think I have gained 5 pounds this week! So do you have a swing under the Oak? That sounds so romantic. My DH and I are trying to make time for cuddling every day now. We really drifted apart there for awhile and we are trying to get back on track. I ABSOLUTELY love my slow cooker. Nothing like knowing supper will be ready when you get home!

Mouse - How high functioning is your autistic student? With my DS social stories really helped. You can use picutes or words depending on his level. You just make a little book with pages that read something like. People talk at different volumes. Some people talk loud when they are angry but some people have loud voices when they are happy too. That isn't very good but you get my drift. I also like Kerry's idea of a comfort zone area. My DS's teachers use to send him to the office to deliver a "note" when he seemed stressed. The sensory of the walking really helped him. Of course they are all so different! Really I think once he gets to know you, he will be okay. They just need to adjust sometimes.

Robyn: That's okay. I can wait for the perfect name for my cart! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Ophelia makes a speedy and uneventful exit from your area. So glad your little streaker is under control this week!

Summer/Ginny: Where are you?

I think I am finally getting into the swing of school. If I could just get eating/water drinking back under control now! Once it is part of the schedule, I do great. Of course the fact that I haven't been to WW in a month doesn't help at all. Right now between stress and PMS I have been eating everything in sight!

So what does everyone have going for the weekend? Friday night we are going to the home football game and we are invited to a bomfire afterwards. Saturday the kids bowl and my DH would like me to go shopping for a new bowling ball. I figure even though I got my ball in 1984, I have used it so little that it is practically brand new! I guess the technology may have changed a bit in the past 20 years! I was thinking though that it might be fun to look at new bowling shoes! You all know how much I like shoes! It is suppose to be beautiful up here this weekend so with any luck I will get a chance to golf! It won't be too much longer that I can do that. We did get the fees for memberships for next year and they are more than double what I paid for this year. It changed owners, so I wasn't too surprised but I am not sure I want to pay what they are asking. It sure was nice to get out as much as we did though!

Take care. I hope everyone enjoyed their week of school.


09-16-2005, 07:39 AM
hey. when the hurricane takes a right turn...we don't even get any rain! :) yahoo! (well, we really need rain...we just don't need it with 85 mph winds!)

won't be on this weekend much... i'm going out of town... you know you are old when your best friend's married (THAT was bad enough!) daughter is having a baby! (OMG I'm old!) going to her shower. my friend ann is coming from florida for the fun... so it will be a real treat for me! going up to richmond after my ww meeting in the morning ...will come home on sunday morning!

talk to you later...take care,

09-16-2005, 11:05 AM
Well, this is going to have to be short...I am at the library, which means that my computer is still not done. I have only tried calling the service guy 4 times....he has not answered at all....but his assistant tells me that he is still working on it. HOPEFULLY today, I will really be back. Gosh I miss posting...and venting.....
I will not have time to respond to any comments/ I hope to read a bit while I am here and that is it. Robyn, I was thinking of you a lot the other day- worried that darned Ophelia was whopping the tar out of Va, but I have really only heard about trouble in NC. Hopefully you and Mouse and Pam (how close to the coast are you???) are fine and not drowning. Lucky us, we get the rain today/tomorrow, but we need it something awful.
Life for me has been busy, but nothing monumental. Getting back into the routine of things. Major bummer, Dd got another bladder infection-she has been antibiotic free for almost 18 mos, no infection, but with the onset of this one, I am sure we are looking at surgery. Her sono is next week (looking for scarring of the kidneys) and Dr appt is 10/2. The procedure is outpatient, and will be done at a later date (10/2 is just the consultation). So just when I thought things were going to be quiet, it gets kooky again.
Okie, dokie. Nuff from me. Hi to everyone.........hope to see ya for real soon!
Take care.

09-16-2005, 12:17 PM
Morning Ladies,
Sounds like we are all glad that it is Friday! I know I am. It has been one long stressful week. Yesterday my dh got mad at me for asking about his ATM withdrawal and not writing it in the checkbook. Than my students had to act up after being off for a day, so their schedules were thrown out of wack. To top off all of that, I had to go to the dentist. He fixed 5 of my 6 fillings yesterday. So my mouth is still killing me. I did go to bed early last night though and slept through the night. So today is going much better for me. I have my lesson plans and copies done for next week. Now all I have to do is write two journal entries for my math class. I have to go to a math follow-up class tomorrow an hour away from my house. So I probably won't be on here much tomorrow. Than after leaving my math class, I have to hurry home and get ready to leave for a football game for my stepsons over an hour and half away from our house. So I will be glad for Sunday to get here, so I can relax some.
Sue, yes I did catch THE BIGGEST LOSER. I taped and than watched it on Wednesday afternoon. My favorite right now would have to be the doctor too. My second favorite would have to be one female who is a cop for NY City. I am hoping that it moviates me to keep losing my weight. My TOPS group is going to have our own BIGGEST LOSER contest, starting next week. I am looking forward to starting the contest. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Robyn, have a safe trip tomorrow. Enjoy your time with freinds celebrating such a joyous event. Glad that you have had a great week with your kiddos with all their clothes on! LOL Good luck at WW tomorrow.
Pam, sorry to hear that you are not feeling good still. I hope you get some much needed answers from your cat scan. I will say my prayers for you. Hope you can get some rest over the weekend.
Michele, hope you are having a great week! What are your plans for this weekend? Probably can't top last weekend's plans ,huh. How is the walking going for you?
Mouse, hope things are going great with your students. That is awesome how you were able to get the one student to help you and feel so special and important at the same time. Keep up the great work! Hope you will be able to find sometime to relax over the weekend. You deserve it!
Summer, how is your school year going so far? I hope it is getting better for you. Did you get your curriculum figured out? Have a nice relaxing weekend.
Tammy, so how is the walking and sit-ups going? That was sweet of your dh to go for a walk with you the other night. Had to laugh about your comment about your dh walking and you sort of running to keep up with him. I use to be like that when I first started walking with my dh. But now sometimes he has to run to keep up with me. Hope your scales keep going down. Keep up the great work!
Ginny, we sure have missed you over the last couple of days! Hope you can get your computer back soon. Sorry to hear about your dd. Isn't the oldest or youngest one? I will keep her in my prayers. Hope you will get the answers you need soon to start her on the healing mend. Did you go to WW this week? If so, how did you do?
Well I better go and get my kids ready for lunch. Than I can have some free time from them before going outside for recess duty. Talk to you all later. I might be able to come on this evening before going to the high school football game. If not, it might be on Sunday. Have a great, relaxing weekend!

09-16-2005, 05:46 PM

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!I have a joke for you and yes it's stupid, but it's funny. Bubba and Earl were riding down the road drinking a couple of beers. Earls says " Look Bubba, it's a roadblock. We're gonna be in trouble this time for sure. " "Nah, Earl don't worry about it, I have a plan. Drink your beer, pull off the label and stick it to your forhead." "What?" says Earl? "Just do like I said and pull off the label and stick it on your forehead, I'll handle the police". Both men drank their beers, peeled the labels off and put the labels on their foreheads. They slowly pulled up to the roadblock and the police officer shined a light in the car and said" You boys been drinking?" Without missing a beat Bubba replies........."No sir, me and Earl here are on the patch!!!!!!!!!!" Ha! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry, I just thought that was so cute.
I have had an ok day today. My kids were a little chatty, but nothing to major. It was funny. I have written all of these short stories that I use to introduce math concepts. I started to read one of my stories, and this boy said Oh yeah, my teacher read me that last year. I said really? That is amazing since I just wrote this.............He just laughed and said "Oh, my bad" must have been another one.

Kerry: Doens't sound like you have to much going on in your life this weekend. Busy as usual I see. I can say I have nothing planned but paper grading and maybe a little house cleaning. Yuck.

Robyn: Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Enjoy. ;)

Ginny: I am about an hour and a half from the coast. We got a few heavy rain bands and a little gusty wind, but nothing to speak of. I was hoping for a little more rain, since we haven't had any in quite some time.
Hope you get your computer up and running.

Sue: I really knew that my son would not stick with college. I was hoping he would like it and want to go. I am hoping that later, with a little maturity, he will continue. The community college was not very expensive, but he is going to have to pay us back......Just, for the principal of the thing. I always loved school, and just could never understand why he didn't like it. But, everyone is different. I was just trying to be optimistic. We weren't shocked. I really just want him to find something, he enjoys, and stick with it.................

Hey to everyone else. Gonna go chill for a while!


09-17-2005, 12:15 AM
Evening Ladies,
Well I got my homework done for my class tomorrow. It should be interesting. I do have to tell my instructors that I have to leave about an hour earlier than our dismissal time, since I have to go to my stepsons' football game in the evening. My dh has promised me that he will have my dinner made for me, so I can eat it in the truck on the way to the football game. So we shall see if he keeps his promise or what drive-thru we go through. LOL
This evening we took my two nephews and three stepmunchkins to the football game. It started to rain great buckets when we got there. Than it cleared up for a while. By the middle of the 3rd quarter, it started to rain again and my dh said that we were going home after we rounded up the nephews and stepmunchkins. Well my one nephew decided to disobey his uncle and walk away from him. Wrong move on his part. He is not allowed to go with us to any more games until he can show respect towards my dh and I. He is one angry and hurt little 12 year-old. He basically runs the show at his house and he can stand it when he can't do that with us. So needless to say that is why I am still up when I should be in bed sleeping. He has me so keyed up right now it isn't funny.
Hope everyone had a great Friday evening. Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you all on Sunday. Don't miss me too much tomorrow!

09-17-2005, 04:26 PM
Just dropping in to say hi. Hope you are all having a wonderful relaxing weekend. I got up this morning at 5:30 and did a 3 mile walking video before getting ready to go to my follow-up Math Class. Went to class, there were suppose to be 17-18 of us there and only 5 showed up. So we got out at 2 instead of 3:30. So I was happy to come home and be able to eat with my family. Now we are getting ready to head out the door to the boys' football game. Hope all is well with you. Talk to you all later.

09-17-2005, 05:00 PM
Hi, everyone,

Almost done with laundry! I finally lost another pound when I WI yesterday! I haven't done any situps yet though. My intentions are still there. I have increased my water intake at school even if it means running to the potty between classes (4 min & the ladies' RR is at the opposite end of the hall). I have also upped my breakfast calories (even ate at Micky D's...sausage day) and lowered my lunch calories while adding fresh/fruit. It's been tough doing that since going back to school, easy to do at home. I just have to pack the night before so I remember everything.

4 lbs gone since 8/10, mini goal of 8 more to go by Halloween.

Tammy :cb:

09-17-2005, 10:49 PM
Good evening, all. :)
I guess I sort of disappeared again for a bit. I was teaching Red Cross classes on Thursday & Friday night. I got some amazing tech support at the administration building for my public school Friday for my presentation. If only the rest of the building was that helpful!!!! :) :) It was the first time I used my PowerPoint presentation for the shelter operations class, because I usually do it on overheads. Most Red Cross chapters can't afford LCD projectors, and most disaster training is done at the chapter.
My TA was out on Friday for a medical appointment, and the substitute they had for her was great. It was nice to have somebody to talk to when the kids weren't there.
Kerry: Not busy at all, are you? And you talk about me? :)
Ginny: Hope that 'puter gets fixed quick! We miss you! I just bought a new one since mine is 3 years old. I got an awesome deal from Hewlett-Packard, and upgraded EVERYTHING: new printer/scanner, new laptop, new digital camera... They have an academic purchase program that is really good! It cost the same for all of that as did the Dell Laptop I priced out. I'm not sure how far I am from the coast, honestly... I don't think this part of Virginia touches the ocean because of MD's eastern shore.
Robyn: I should've known that you already do experience stories. Its hardly a new idea... I stole it out of a book I read written by an elementary school teacher of kids with emotional disturbance (Torey Hayden). I wish I could show all of you "The School Book" they wrote... I printed it on cardstock, laminated it, gave it front & back covers... and had it bound at Staples this afternoon after I finished at the Red Cross. It looks awesome! I wish we had a binder at the school: I'd print more of his books that way, and we'd have a whole library of Spanish/English books in print & digital format... it'd be great for the ESOL program too.
Sue: I know about social stories, and am just stunned that I didn't think about that!!! That is such an awesome idea, I am going to have to pull him during one of his study halls (3rd period, my prep) and talk to him about it. I bet he'll buy in if I explain it to him. He reads with 4th grade comprehension, so I don't think I'll need pictures. I have Boardmaker if I do, and I have Writing with Symbols at home. I am worried about all my kids because they don't seem to be getting what they need, but I'm mostly worried about this guy. He's a senior this year, due to graduate and hasn't gotten any transition services at all. :( I have 2 juniors in the same boat.
I really need to find a place to swim. I'm not happy not being able to swim, and the gym I'd joined is now ignoring me so I can't even get rid of the membership. The rec center is as far away at the other gym that I liked, and more expensive! The RecCenter locally charges $63/month. And they don't provide any of the services that the gym I worked for in Baltimore did (towels, private showers, etc). Gah! The gym I joined down here is $79 a month, so not much more than the rec center, and does the towel/locker/shower thingy too. So now I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't afford to join a new gym and pay the old one: but I can't use the old one because I can't get in there during peak hours (no accessible parking), and the only thing I can do is swim laps.

09-18-2005, 08:12 AM
Hello Ladies! Sounds like everyone is having a busy weekend. Yesterday my DH took me to a bowling alley his friend owns (about 1 hour away) to get a new ball. My current ball and shoes are from 1984! The guy watched me throw a few balls then showed me several to pick from. I picked one called Tropical Storm. I thought it would be good to help me remember all the victims of Katrina and therefore appreciate how good I have it. I also picked out a new pair of shoes. I just wanted basic ones that wouldn't be outdated in a year. Of course these catelogs have no prices in them and I am clueless when it comes to bowling gear. I picked out a very basic pair, nothing fancy and definately nothing to get excited about. On the way home my DH informed me that they were probably the most expensive pair of shoes in the book and they propabably will cost over $150!! I was so mad that he didn't tell me that while we were still there. Like I need expensive bowling shoes. My current shoes were less than $30 and they have lasted me 20 years!!! Have I mentioned how badly I stink at bowling?! Like I need fancy shoes! I didn't even think I needed a new ball but my DH thinks it might help my bowling since technology has really advanced in the past 20 years. Of course this is coming from a man who buys a new ball every year! Funny how price is no option for golf and bowling but heaven forbid I buy the children new shoes when they out grow their old pair!

Today I am hoping to just lay low. I don't think I will be ready in time for early mass, so I will relax with a cup of coffee for a bit. Late mass isn't until 10:30 a.m. I have my lesson plans all ready for next week and my papers are all corrected and entered into the computer. My DS has a couple of homework papers I'll need to help him with but other than that (and housework) I am a free woman today! Next week looks like it is going to be crazy with something going on every night, so I guess I will relax and enjoy the day!

Robyn - I hope you enjoyed your "friend" weekend. One of my friends is expecting her first grandchild in a few months. It does make you feel old! I have step-grandchildren but I am not sure that is the same.

Ginny - Sorry to hear your DD has a bladder infection and may have to face surgery. What would they do for that?

Kerry - My you had a rough Thursday! I hope the weekend was better for you. I liked the female cop on the biggest loser too. I can't wait until Tuesday to get to know the characters more. My DH recorded the first one for me on Tbo (sp?) so I am tempted to watch it again before Tuesday.

Pam - I am sure your DS will figure out what he wants to do and then be ready to work to get there. Boys are just sometimes a little bit slow in that area (figuring out what they want to be when they grow up).

Tammy - Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the good work. Do some sit ups for me!

Mouse - Did you sign a year contract with the gym? Did you pay for it all at once or are you still paying each month. Couldn't you just have the bank stop the payments? I thought most gyms had a satisfaction garenteed policy where you can get your money back if you aren't happy. So what types of things are you going to do for transition with your AI boy? I keep talking about transition for my DS but I guess they aren't going to worry about it until they have to (14- years in Michigan). I just want him to be exposed to different things so he can have some idea what is out there. Right now he wants to be a police officer like his favorite uncle. Can you picture rainman with a gun? Probably not happening. He has sensory issues so a job where you get dirty is out. He will need something that is pretty much the same everyday at least where there aren't any surprises. Plus he is limited academically! I have no idea what but there must be the perfect job out there for him somewhere!


09-18-2005, 11:24 AM
Morning Ladies,
Sounds like you were all busy this weekend too! I made it through my Saturday without hurting anyone. LOL I did drive my van to and from the football game. So I basically drove 4 hours yesterday. An hour to and from my class and an hour to and from the football game. Jeez I just could have driven home to see my family since that is how long it takes one way. LOL My dh knew that I was running out of energy and patience on the way home when his one son would not stop asking fifty millon questions. I stopped a stop sign and told my stepson he was not to talk anymore until we got home since it was 10:30 at night and foggy out on this curvy road. He wanted to debate the issue with me and I started to get out of the van and open his door, so I could look him in the eyes and repeat myself. I think I scared my dh some. My dh told him not to talk again or he was going to be in huge trouble. Today I don't have a whole lot planned. I did bring some school work home to work on if I had some free time. It isn't really necessary that I work on it before tomorrow. So we will see if I even pick up the bag. I do know that my dh and stepkids are to go for a walk with me sometime today. I asked them last night to and amidst grumbling from the boys my dh did say that yes they would do that today with me. He explained to them that I was up early yesterday, went to class, came home and went to their game last night and stayed for the second game so they could watch it. Which they didn't watch much of because they played with their little friends instead. We did leave at half time though. So I don't know if we will go to Old Man's Caves, to the lake or just walk on the bike path with them. But I know we are going to take a long walk. LOL
Tammy congrats on another pound lost. I knew you could do it! Keep up the great work! See you just needed to treeck (sp.) your diet a little bit. Atleast you are in the same building as the bathrooms at your school. I have to walk from my portable into ever the immediate or primary buildings to use the bathroom. Needless to say I can't hold my water intake for long periods of time or I might have an accident. LOL
Mouse, sounds like you had a better time teaching classes at the Red Cross this weekend. I am glad that it was easier on you this time. Glad you are making progress reaching out to your students. Sounds like the school really doesn't get very involved in preparing the students for the real world after high school though. That is very sad. Hope you can think of somethings to help your senior and get the backing from your school staff. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on Friday talking with the sub. TA. Is there any possibilty that you could requset that TA to sub again when needed? Hope you are enjoying what free time you have this weekend.
Sue, so you got a new bowling ball and pair of shoes yesterday. I know what you mean about the price of stuff and when it comes to their stuff it is okay. Like I can only wear New Balance tennis shoes and Clark shoes from now on because of my feet problems. Since I was heavy for so long and than took off some of that heavy load, my feet produced fat deposits on the underside of my pinky toe on both feet. So I have to wear insoles and the above name brand shoes. My dh almost went into stroke mode on me when we were pricing shoes this summer for school. He was like can't you wear Dr. Schol's shoes. I said remember I tried once and they did more pain than help. I did get my shoes but had to get them on sale and installments. But if the kids need sports gear, money is no object. So I can feel your pain, Sue.:) Hope you have a nice relaxing Sunday.
Robyn, hope you had a wonderful weigh in and trip this weekend.
Summer, how was your week with your kiddies? We miss you and hope you come drop us a line or two soon.
Ginny, miss you too and hope your computer is fixed soon. How is your dd feeling?
Michele, hope you had a nice relaxing weekend.
Well I think I am going to throw some clothes on and workout a little bit before my whole family is up and moving around for the day. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

09-18-2005, 01:27 PM
Got my 3 mile WATP Express tape in this morning. My stepsons' even joined in with me. One walked the whole 3 miles and the other one walked 2 miles with me. They just seemed to pleased to share a workout with me. They are only 7 years old and had fun. They even said that they would still go for a walk with me later this afternoon too. It is apparent to me now that their mom really doesn't do much of anything with them. Which is sad. My dh and I are always playing with them, taking places that they want to go to and helping them with their homework. The kids told us the other day, that they are left pretty much on their own to do what ever they want to at home. That might explain why they don't want to leave and go home anymore with their mom. This has been a good reality check for me today where the kids are concerned. Remind me of this when they are driving me nuts the next time. :) I just can't believe having children and not doing anything with them. Last night at the football game, my sdd came up to my dh and I and asked if she could go run a favor for her mom ( it is our weekend with the kids). My dh asked what it was and my sdd said that she had to go get her mom and sdf something to drink. He told her to go ahead. Mind you we were on the visitor side of the field in the middle. Her dm and sdf were sitting by the end zone closest to the concession stand. So it won't have been that far of a walk for them. Since her dm has met this guy she is married to now, she has gotten heavier. My stepkids have told us that their mom will sit out in the van and send them into the grocery store to pick what she needs. They are only 7,7 and 9. My parents didn't trust me to go into the store to pick up stuff by myself until I was a teenager. When they are with us, and we stop at a store they want to run in and get it for us with us staying outside. I won't let them do it, since there are a lot of crazies out there in this world and you never know when one is going to appear. Sorry for my little rant. Need to go and get my shower.
My dh took the kids out to lunch at the Chinese buffet near our house. I didn't want to go and be tempted by the buffet to overeat. My goal is to be 175 by Dec. so I don't want to jinx myself. Talk to you all later.

09-18-2005, 01:36 PM
Hey ya'll!

I've returned home after a WONDERFUL Saturday! Nothing like good friends to make you NEARLY forget what goes on Monday - Friday! HOWEVER, we were ALL teachers! At the baby shower with 15 in attendance total... only 2 were not some sort of teachers (but they have hung out with teachers so long they might as well be!! Actually they are both nurses... so they have their own "issues"!)

We each got to "name" the baby! Only teachers would sit around and think of the most CRAZY name we could think of! We did a bunch of other goofy stuff too! You KNOW how teachers get! LOL ...and then it turned into "war stories"! We laughed until we cried! I ate NOTHING! I knew that as soon as the others left we would had reservations for dinner!

We went to Maggiano's! If you are not familiar, look that up on the internet! I did fairly well.....but I've used up points for next month! LOL I allowed myself to taste a small portion of everything we ordered. (It is served family style!) OMG! The food was exceptional! :)

Left for home at 11:45pm, promptly took a wrong turn, realized my error about 10 minutes in the wrong direction... got back home around 1:30 this morning! Ann has called from Florida! They're home. Momma to be is sleeping the day away! All is good! NOW.... I have tons of house work and school stuff to do...I've yet to read all that happened here this weekend.... BUT I wanted to run in and say hello! The baby is due next month! So I will get to see Ann (and MY new "grandbaby"!!) in a few weeks!

I've posted my wi results from Saturday PREMaggianos ;) below! Anyone here have issues with constipation caused by MENTAL issues due to the fear of not being able to go before the weigh in??? I need to talk to you, if so.... for the 3rd week in a row... I've psyched myself OUT so much that my WW leader and I are certain that I weigh less than the scale is showing on Saturdays! (Too much information?! You've not heard the worst parts! LOL) ANYone have experience with this sort of MENTAL PROBLEM! I'm NOT joking.... I've GOT to figure out how to control my brain! THIS issue was the cause of the NO weigh in week 3! Thanks for listening to my poop problems! LOL :)

take care,

09-18-2005, 03:01 PM
Robyn Congrats on the 1.8 pound loss. Keep up the great work! I don't know what to say about your mental poop problem. Can honestly say that it doesn't seem to be a problem for me. But I will ask my one friend from TOPS if that has ever happened to her and get some feedback to you. Glad that you had a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy your day doing housework, schoolwork, and everything else you might get into. LOL
I am trying to talk myself into doing some housework. The house looks like a diaster area. I did get the laundry rounded up and started. So that is a plus, I guess. After my sdd watches her movie, than we are going out to the lake to take our walk. So I guess I could reward myself with the walk if I get some housework done, right? Well I better get off my big butt and get started. Talk to you all later.

09-18-2005, 09:15 PM
Evening everyone,
Sunday evenings get me blue when Monday I have to go back to schoo. :stress: Sorry, had to say it. I'm just sitting in my office listening to Loreena McKinnett (Canadian that sings Celtic) with my 'mood' candles on trying to relax.

Mouse: I hope you can find a place to swim. I do not even have the courage to swim in public in a gym. I only get in the water on vacation because I know I'll never see the other folks there again.

Sue: Bowl a game or two for me! We now live one mile from a huge alley and I've been once with people from my DH work. One of the gals organized it and it was great. There was a unique mix of people DH and I, several other 'tradional' couples and three 'non-traditonal' couples (males and females)! We're going again next month. Do you know if it burns a lot of calories??? Maybe that could be an alternative to my walks/biking in the winter. (BTW, my DH doesn't have a problem with frequent golf-related purchases either. I told him when I hit my goal, watch out.....I'm heading to the mall for a shopping marathon.)

Kerry: I'm so jealous....I love Hocking Hills. Old Man's Cave is our fave walk there. Hocking Hills is my DH favorite park. We've camped there several times when kids were younger (sold camper before I had to sleep in it again). We really want to get there for a weekend in this year...even if its winter. One of our Cinci friends has an old cabin in the woods there. When do the leaves start turning?? I bet it's gorgeous. We actually only live about an hour and half from there (I think that's what my DH said). I haven't been since we moved here from Cinci. He goes to his bud's cabin every Feb. for a guys acting like college kids weekend of skeet, paintball, beer, and storytelling, not necessarily in that order.

Robyn: I hope you work out your PP. I had a friend like that but she got psyched for different reasons. Maybe lots of water and listen to some relaxing music???? My 18 year old DS actually has a CD called "Come Poop With Me." :censored: Of course its a comedian with a dog puppet that used to be on the Conan Show (I think). It's crude, lude, and pretty funny to listen to at home when no one else is around.

DH just came in from his bike ride. I think I need to finish up my school stuff. :comp:

Later, ladies. Have a great week!


09-18-2005, 09:56 PM
I only live about 45 minutes to an hour away from Hocking Hills. We didn't go there today like I had wanted to. But we did make it to the local lake and walked around the island. I could have went farther on a walk but the kids were too tired after that little hike around the island. Maybe sometime when you head to Hocking Hills, we could meet each other. Just a suggestion. Would love to have a little reunion of sorts with everyone on here sometime? I wonder were would be a central location for everyone to meet at?
I did get all my laundry done for the week so far, straightened up the house, graded papers, put grades in my computer, did my folders for each day this week of my kids work, and went grocery shopping this evening. So now I am relaxing before I go to bed.
Well this coming week looks like it is going to be a busy week too. I have to work after school on Monday through Wednesday. I have my TOPS meeting on Tuesday night. I have to go to a middle school about an hour and a half away for an iDiscovery meeting. It is for a free 2 hour graduate class through one of my workshops that I took this summer. So I couldn't pass it up. Than Friday night going to an away football game with my dh. Plus fit in three evenings at Curves too. On Saturday, my dh and I are to meet some of my old freinds from my first teaching job for dinner. Sunday the boys have another football game. So looks like I will be busy this week once again. When will my live ever slow down or will that be when I retire?
But I will seek on here doing my kids specials and my lunch breaks. Plus if I have some time in the evenings I will drop in.
Hope everyone has a wonderful work week! Keep up the great work on your diet and excerising. :) :)

09-19-2005, 10:38 AM
Hi All,
Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful work week. Hope you have a great week with your kids at school! Plus an even better week at dropping a pound or two and having your scales move down instead of up. :)
Take care,

09-19-2005, 05:12 PM
Hey everyone!
Had my cat scan today. Yippeeee. Still won't know the results until a few days. So, I worked until 11:30 and was out of the hospital by quarter til two, picked my son up. I was starving. COuldn't have anything to eat or drink for four hours before the test. Yuck. So, I came home and ate some grapes.......I figured I would wait until dinner. You know, the funny thing is, normally I don't think about being thirsty, but I was thirsty today.
I am getting ready to do my grades for progress reports. I spent Saturday recording the eight million papers that have been residing in my book bag. Isn't that fun....But, it was a relief, My book bag weighs a whole lot less. Kinda nice....Progress reports are not due until next Monday, but my husband's company is having a family picnic/softball game next Sunday, so I need to go ahead and get this done.
Went to lunch yesterday with my friend from the fourth grade. It's great. It doesn't matter how much time we spend away from each other, we pick up right where we left off. It was really nice. She was my matron of honor, and I haven't seen her in couple of years.
Other than that, not much happening. I can happily say that I have eaten properly today since I couldn't eat. So, that's a nice way to start the week. I think I am going to try and walk tonight. The cruise is quickly approaching..........
Talk to you all later.

09-19-2005, 06:25 PM
Happy Monday Everyone,

Nothing too exciting in Ohio today. I tried to pay the latest tuition installment for my son's college, and he changed the password on me! I called him and he actually answered his phone during a movie in sociology! He called back when he was out and said "He didn't think he had changed it," but gave me a new one to try. It didn't work, so he said he would go right then to Student Services to take care of it.

I stayed after and got my copying, etc. for the rest of the week so I can relax in the evenings.


09-19-2005, 09:02 PM
Okie,dokie........the computer guy says my computer if fixed. Seems to be, although it will need some more work. Memory upgrade.......and he wants to strip out the operating system and reinstall it. Seems as though one of Ds's games messed up my IP - I dunno........hope this works. And he felt sorry for me, worked on it for hours and only charged me for 2. And charged me at the old rate. We had some really interesting conversations about our kids over the past week- one of the reasons he took so long working on this was that his Dd totalled their van last week- after passing her road test only 2 hours before. I can relate to that one......Ds passed his road test today. Lord give me grace. He seems to be a good driver- better than his sister. I hope!!!
Anyway- a quick hello. Welcome Tammy......sorry I have no time to get personal tonite, wanted to let you know that I hope to be back for awhile. :) This week is busy- tomorrow I am helping my neighbors move, Wed is Dd's sonogram, things might slow down Thursday. Friday volunteer day at Dd's school and hopefully I can sneak in a WW meeting. Somehow, I will get here tomorrow.....and address each of you personally. Gee, I missed you all!

09-20-2005, 01:35 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Well my day is going okay. It is not the greatest day. I think part of the problem for me today is that I am a little hurt by my dh's behavior/reaction of a little encounter we were having last night. When we were almost done, he looks at me and says we need to stop. I just realized that today would have been my 13th wedding anniversary to my ex-wife. Than he says that he is going to go away for awhile and leaves. He left at 11 p.m. and came home around 3:30 a.m. this morning. I could understand his weird behavior if it was the first or second year after their divorce. But it was the fourth year. I know that he loves me and doesn't have feelings for her anymore. But it still bothers me. I just don't know what I should do or how to react around him for the next couple of days. When I kissed him good-bye this morning since he was still in bed when I left, he woke and said I love you. I really do! So was that his way of trying to apologize for his rash behavior last night ir what? Please give me some advice. I really would appreciate hearing from you more experienced wives. Since I have only been married to my dh for 1 1/2 years.
I have one student who likes to pout when he doesn't get a reward and someone else in the room does. I tried talking to him and he just refuses to listen. I did get him to answer my question of whether or not he gets mad at home when someone in his family has a birthday and they get presents and he doesn't. He said no that is just stupid. So I am trying to use that approach with him to see if he can grasp the concept that not everyone gets rewarded all the time. Any suggestions for this?
Tonight is my TOPS meeting and than I get to go home and watch The Biggest Loser. I hope that will motivate me not to eat poorly in the evenings. Last night I just had a little pig fest. I ate some soup to go, yogurt, fruit cocktail, sweet and sour meatballs and rice. Than I got into the candy jar in my after-school program directors office and eat some chocolate. Then when I got home I had some chips and salsa. So far today, I have stay on track. I hope I can keep it this way. Enough about me.
Ginny, welcome back. We sure did miss you. Sounds like you have been busy as ever. Hope your dd's sonogram goes well tomorrow. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers during the next couple of days.
Pam, sounds like you had a rough day yesterday. Hope you get your results soon. Hope you have a better day today. Atleast you started the week off right with good food intake. LOL The scales should go down some for you. :)
Tammy, did your son get his password figured out yesterday. Sounds like you got a lot done for this coming week. So how do you plan on relaxing in the evenings?
Hello to Robyn, Summer, Mouse and Michele. Hope all is going well for you all this week.
Take care,

09-20-2005, 02:15 PM
Ok, just me and one of my drive thru visits........
Hugs to you Kerry. I know little about divorces/divorced spouses, but can imagine that because dates become such a large part of our lives, that Dh's reaction was just that, not intended at all toward you, but just frustration over all the pain from his failed relationship of the PAST. And stuff like that never really goes away- and depending upon how the rest of his day was, or maybe something reminded him of the bad times with the ex- you know how stuff just creeps into your life like that. How sometimes you are surprised at how something in the distant past can seem so present, something reminds you of it. (hope I am making some sense here!). That is what it sounds like to me. And you just might have to tenderly approach 9/19 for the rest of your lives, and possibly expect a reaction from him. But, I totally agree, his reaction was outof line- and an overreaction (does he have some family member who is chucking old guilt at him about his ex, perhaps?). And his I love you today was an apology. Sometimes that is the best you will get.
Hugs- get a good sweaty workout in, try to forget about it for now, and if you feel the need to, talk to Dh about it, but in a few days when the topic is less volatile.

Back to diesel fumes...................see ya later!

09-20-2005, 07:55 PM
Evening Ladies,

Kerry: I've been married for 20 years and I married at 20.....ah, yes I turned 40 this year. So I have been with the same man half of my life!! OMG. I really do not have any advice specifically for what happened, but I do have some general are kind of like adolescents regardless of their personality, profession, intelligence, or maturity,etc., etc. The best of them will have their moments. I try to keep the big picture in mind and know that we are all just human, and I do not sweat the small stuff. We both have learned when to step back, step away, or step in. I guess that's why even though we married young and it seems like we've been together forever, we still act goofy at times and get along even better now than before.

And yes, the password situation is under control and tuition payment made on time. DH is getting the grill going as I type for some Laura's Lean Burgers and salad tonight. The season finale of my show INXS Rockstar is tonight. Boy, I live life on the edge. Anyway, take care.

Ginny: Take care of that computer. My DH gave me my own personal computer for my birthday 2-1/2 years ago. He sent me on a scavenger hunt starting in the garage when I came home from school through the first and second floors, and finally to the basement where he had it stashed in an old trunk. And yes, he had written clues all along the way. The kids thought it was hilarious that I was finally on the end of one of his unique ideas. But back to my reason for the story....he got so tired of my griping at the kids for downloading crap and putting too much 'stuff' on the family computer that he got one for me that was hands off to everyone, even him. It didn't have all the bells and whistles that was available, but it is still nice.

Pam: Hope your week is going well. Keep up the proper food, water, and exercise. We're thinking of you.

I hope everyone is having a decent week, and things are starting to settle down. They are a little at my school. Hopefully Hurricane Rita will not do much damage (kind of weird that's my mom's name and she just move to the gulf side of Florida in May). She's got a hurricane-like personality.

I would ramble forever if I didn't have to go and help with dinner and family life. See ya,


09-20-2005, 10:35 PM
Just another short hello......
Hi Tammy! I never really got to "meet" you yet, with me and my dumb computer saga.
I agree with you and Kerry's Dh saga.....yup they all get addle brained from time to time (my Dh can be such a knuckle head at times!). How many children do you have??
And 20 years with the same man.....bless you for that! (we are in the 20+ year category, ourselves). But it sounds as though your Dh and marriage are "keepers". What a wonderful thing!!!!! Hope your evening went well.

Me, I am pooped. Did a Leslie Sansone this am. tomorrow Dd has her sono. Eating was pretty good. And I'd better get off this darned thing and get Dd to bed (myself too!).
See ya tomorrow.

09-20-2005, 10:47 PM
Hi, Ginny,

I never properly introduced myself to begin with... I just kind of jumped in chatting. And I lied yesterday about getting caught up with school stuff for the week. Here I am again at the computer doing one more 'last' thing for the night.

I have an 18-year-old son who just started college at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. I have a 16-year-old daughter that's a junior in high school. I teach in the neighboring district so she doesn't have to be in the same school with me. OMG.

My mom, 'Hurricane' Rita, just IM me that her doc told her she has Type II Diabetes. When she was up last month, she was complaining about her stomach fat (even though she is quite small, size 6-8) even though she exercises daily and eats extremely healthy. I talked to her about insulin resistance and she should go to the doc and have blood work done. She did and I told you the rest. Her mother also had mild diabetes II. They gave her the pills and she goes back in a month. My grandma took the pills to and never had to go to shots. I think I'm going back before my scheduled appt. in 2 months to have new blood done.

Good night, for sure, this time.


09-20-2005, 11:50 PM
I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one watching INXS Rockstar, Tammy! I've not missed an episode of the performances... I don't care too much about the reality show parts! BUT... I've LOVED watching these people perform...AND INXS...and well, I'm 40 also... so do you think that it might be our ages? :) Us 80's girls just won't give up "our music"! :) I've never cared about Survivor or Big Brother...but this one has me GLUED to the tube! I've got a load of laundry that must be done before tomorrow... but here I sit..waiting to hear the BIG announcement! it comes...
take care,

09-21-2005, 08:39 AM

Was in the car just down the street from my house going to work and heard on the local college channel that we have a two hour delay due to fog! Yeah! I was just teaching my freshmen yesterday about how fog causes the 'Tyndall effect,' so you can't see to drive causing us to have an occasional school delay in Sept. and Oct. The weather gods were listening! I called my DD because she has a delay too (had her watch TV to double check) and I came back home.

I'm the same way with reality shows. INXS is the only one I'm addicted to. My DH and 60-yr-old mom in FL is addicted too. I've never watched BB or an entire epsidoe of Survivor. I have watched a couple episodes of the celebrity weight loss show (can't remember name of it) this summer due to boredom and kind of got hooked.

You're right about 80s girls and their music. INXS's "What You Need" was big right after I got married ('85) and was actually going to college. Lots of good memories. Hope you have a great day.

I teach HS AP environmental science and chemistry. What do you teach?

Have a great day!


09-21-2005, 10:26 AM
Morning All,
Thanks for your advice Ginny and Tammy. Things were much better at home last night. I even did a huge favor to my dh and his ex. His dd had gymastics pratice last night at 6. If we waited on her mom to come pick her up at our house, she would be about 10-15 minutes late to her lesson. So I left work,stopped at our house picked up my sdd and took off to her mom's work. I did all of these within 30 minutes. So I had a busy evening last night. Then it was off to my TOPS meeting where I was going to unwind and relax some. Only to be asked to take the secretary notes for the meeting. So I finally unwinded at home watching the Biggest Loser show. My dh even came home and watched it with me. He made a comment about how my weight is going down and how my body is getting trimmed and toned. So that made me feel better. I did lose 3/4 of a pound last night. So I lost 9 1/4 pounds since starting school one month ago.
Glad you got a two hour delay this morning, Tammy. It was very foggy out on my way to school this morning. Glad that I left my house a little earlier than normal. So what are you going to with yourself for those extra two hours?
Ginny, hope your dd's test goes well this morning. When will you hear the results fcrom it? Glad you were able to get your walking in still. Sounds like your kids are a little bit better on the bus this year.
Robyn, are you having a better week this week with your kids? Hope they were all able to keep their clothes on. I got my shirt ripped yesterday by my favorite student. I know that you are not to have a teacher's pet, but this little guy has been with me for 4 years now. So I feel really attached to him. This is the same student who the school deputy gave him his handcuffs to handcuff me yesterday afternoon right after recess. So I came home yesterday and told my dh that I felt like I was on Jerry Springer yesterday getting arrested and getting my clothes ripped. LOL :) Keeps me hopping around here and I stay out of trouble that way.
Hi everyone else. Hope you are having a great week!
Take care,

09-21-2005, 02:06 PM
Another shortie......
Yup, Tammy, get your blood tested early and just stay on top of it. My Dm is also typeII diabetic. Lots of type II's (Dm included) can get along without shots- there are so many decent meds out there for it these days. SO you have teens too!!!!!! Ain't it a hoot?? Me, I have a Dd, soph year at Adelphi University, Ds, junior in HS and then Dd in 4th grade. I bellyache a lot, but my kids are pretty decent individuals. Except......nah, just joking! How did you spend your xtra 2 hours??

Kerry- congrats on the loss!!!! Sweet of you chauffering sdd around, and just forgetting about all the other stuff. I think that was the best approach-at least for the short term. ANd great for you that Dh noticed and commented about how great you are looking these days. Sure sounds to me as though he knew he blew it the other day, and although an Im sorry would have been nice, decent behavior counts for something!!!!! Getting any workouts in?

Robyn- how you doing!!!!!! What is your meeting day for WW. How are you finding it to follow the program?

Me, well, got up at 4:30 am.......stupid kitten and her side kick the 4 yr old cat decided to chase each other all over the bed.....down the hall....sounded like a darn stampede of wild I conceded defeat after a half hour of the nonsense and got up at 4:30 to feed the bums. Then I did my WW tape.
Got Dd's sono in, won't know the results until Oct 3 when we see the Dr. But the sono usually is just looking for an absence ofscar tissue and that her kidneys are growing normally, and that has always been the case to date.
Nuff of me to sniff diesel fumes!!!!!

09-21-2005, 02:25 PM
Glad that you gave up defeat and feed the poor cats. Plus you got a workout in to boot too. I have been doing a walking video every morning and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and either Thursdays or Fridays I go to Curves. So I have been able to get my workouts in and burn off some stress and calories at the same time.
Glad that your dd's sono went so well this morning. Sorry that you have to wait two weeks before getting the results. Hope things are going well for you dd health wise.
Well my kids are ready to move on to their next activity. Talk to you all later.

09-21-2005, 09:31 PM
Wow. I didn't realize I'd been gone since Sunday.
Not much going on here... Same school stuff, different day. I still don't get a straight answer for most of my questions, but we're making progress on getting some instructional materials.
My kids are drowning in their regular ed academic classes; at least one teacher refuses to adapt or modify assignments for them. Looks like I'm going to be having a whole lot of IEP meetings in the next few weeks to either add accommodations/modifications or change diploma status because the kids are failing. Interims come out next week.
I am going to meet my new primary care doctor next week, and my endocrinologist's office says she is really good and not to worry about referrals or any of that stuff, because she'll take care of it without any questions.
I still haven't figured out the gym issue, but my credit card that it was being charged to has been cancelled: somebody stole a new one that the company accidentally sent to the old address and used it for cash advances. So, they can't bill me. Maybe that will get their attention? I really miss swimming and lifting weights. I won't have time this weekend but maybe I'll go look at the new rec center that opened up near me. Its about the same distance as the other gym... it is actually more expensive than the other gym, though, and I know they don't do towels or private lockers. I haven't heard anything from the other gym about teaching swimming. :shrug: I will at least get to swim on Saturday... I am going to my mom's house either Friday night/Saturday afternoon, or Saturday night/Sunday morning. It depends on the whole Red Cross thing: I'm not sure what will happen with our service center or shelter given the situation right now in the gulf.
I also ... FINALLY... managed to get my new stuff from Hewlett-Packard. FedEx and HP don't make a good combination!
I think I read most of your messages, but I'm not sure I processed any of them:
Kerry: Hope things are going okay.
Sue: Bowling? I have done that and plan to take my kids bowling. I saw a special on the back of Baby Ruth candy bars for free games. I think I'll pick up 2 10-packs of the bars and save one set for later and one set for October. I'll use the candy bars for something... Another teacher is doing something similar to my rules chart.
Ginny: Cats need to be fed. That is why Imp has his own feeder, so he can feed himself without bugging me. ;) Remind me to tell you part of the HP/FedEx story, because it involves Imp learning to sign his name.
Michelle: I know you asked me something, but I'm not sure I remember what it was. I'm sorry. :(

Tomorrow is our first community trip; assuming the bus shows up. But only 2 of my 4 kids brought back permission slips. One of my kids has a birthday tomorrow so we're going to have a little party for him: I baked the brownies. ;)


09-21-2005, 11:42 PM
HOW can it ONLY be THURSDAY??? I'm so exhausted I could sleep for a month!
BUT, I'm happy to report that MOST (but not all...sigh...) of my transitional first graders can identify what is a letter, what is a word, what is a sentence. MOST can even tell me how many words are used in a given sentence. Most have gotten left to right...and most have return sweep! THIS IS BIG news! We have also nearly finished our initial chapter in math! Counting and beginning patterns! Fine motor skills are holding us back a bit with our handwriting skills.... but, they can count to 10 FINALLY...even if they can't form the numerals! Baby steps, gray hair and plenty of sarcasm! 11 days into this... 2 FBA's, 2 IEP meetings, 1 far! GAWWWD I'm gonna be really really unfriendly to be around by June!

Tammy, I finished HighSchool in in 87! We got married in 88...complete with GIANT bow on my fanny and HUGGGE HUGGGE sleeves on what I considered THE most perfect wedding dress! Looking at the photos... oh my! The bridesmaids dresses are much more 80's than my dress.... DH wore his checkerboard vans to the wedding reception.... THOSE photos are our dss' favorites! The youngest wears an identical pair to school! He thinks that his dad is THE coolest! I keep trying to explain that *I* am the cool one...he wore those shoes and I didn't kill him!!! :) Anyway.... most 80s music makes me smile some goofy huge smile! Especially... Melt With You and OLD Madonna's Lucky Star, anything by Journey... REO Speedwagon! YOU know the ones! :) We also love late 70's music around here! Thank you for getting me to smile tonight!

WWDay is Saturday morning for me, Gin. That way, I have Saturday night to "relax"! ;) The plan is easy IF you don't have to worry about other things.... I am trying to stay focused and work the plan that I make weekly...but the lunch thing is getting to me! So good...but much turkey and salad can one gal eat???

Kerry... the officer gave the student the hand cuffs to put on you??? GEESH! Yes, my sweetie has remained dressed this far! AND...yesterday he was even absent...for the WHOLE wonderful day. Aren't I horrid?! Ya'll know what I mean!

Summer, where are you girl???
Hey to everyone...gotta get back to my school work! yippeee!
take care,
meeee (Tammy, I'm Robyn....but well...they also know me by my other name...ME! :)
AND...were you happy with the end of Rockstar last night?! By the time it ended, I was so confused with who should the end, I'm sure that JD will do the best with INXS. I do like Marty, tho...especially now that he isn't screaming! LOL)

09-22-2005, 01:18 AM
Hi, everyone,

Yes it is midnight and I'm up because I took a 3-hr nap after my walk! DD went to the mall with friends and dinner at friend's house. DH didn't want to 'chance' getting his head bit off he said so he let me sleep. I had to get up even though I could have slept forever it seems. I needed to rewrite a lab for my APES kids tomorrow and write a key for my essay test.

Robyn: I think J.D. is the best for the band, but I agree about being torn between Marty and him. I like Marty....he's come a long way, but I think he would do better solo or with a 'younger' type of band (not that INXS is old...they're young to me.)

I graduated from HS in '83 also, married in '85, didn't finish college until '95! It was my choice, I really wasn't that motivated after HS, I had to pay all the way and ran out money before the first year was over even though I also worked full-time. After 1st kid was born (now 18) I stayed at home until I went back to school, except for a small part-time job to get me out of the house for sanity's sake. My DH worked at a university medical center which gave me free tuition, so I started off slow when kids were 2 & 4 ('91), but still finished in 4 years. I was a food scientist right after I graduated. I went back for my teaching certificate/M.Ed. in a special program at the University of Cincinnati in '97. I started teaching in the inner city in '98 (one year only as part of the program).

Sorry so much me stuff, but I need to get tired again so I can fall asleep and be chipper tomorrow ....labs all day.

Nighty, night

09-22-2005, 09:34 AM
It is Thursday morning and I am not at school. I go to the ENT at ten, so hopefully we can figure out what my problem is....... It was nice, I actually got to feed my kid breakfast and take him to school this morning. I wish I could do that every single day. :(

I am an all eighties girl. It's funny cause at the end of our cable channels we have all these digital radio stations. They have a great eighties station. Ha! I thought I was the only one caught in the muscial time warp..........

School hasn't been bad I must say. Although, we have so many meetings that it isn't even funny. I just called my school to make sure that my co teacher got my plans and as usual I could hear my chatty first period in the background. They are defintely a group of talkers. Man oh man...Do they like to talk. One little boy will burst into song at the drop of a hat. I told him the other day that this was not the auditions for American Idol. He says well it should be cause I would win............Oh dear. Gonna be a long year with that kid.

Ok gotta brush my teeth and change my clothes so I can get ready to go.
I'll be back later with updates!


09-22-2005, 12:56 PM
Morning Ladies,
I am enjoying my lunch break. It is nice and quiet. In a few minutes, that will all change when I have to go out on recess duty. I like lunch duty better, since they are busy eating and not really talking too much.
Well my week is getting better. Maybe it is because I can see the weekend is near. :) I have my lesson plans done for next week already. Just have to make my copies. I might do that this afternoon right after school before I leave to go to a middle school in the next county over from where I teach for a meeting on 2 free graduate credits from Miami U. of Ohio. I can't pass up the great deal of them being free. The meeting is from 5-7 and than it is home to have a confernece call with my mentor for my home business. I just hope that I can get my training over with and get started with it soon. I don't want to have to work the afterschool program for the rest of my life to help make ends meet. Enough babbling from me though.
Pam, I hope your appointment with the ENT goes well. I go next Thursday to do my yearly exam with my OB/GYN in the morning and that afternoon go to the dentist to get a filling fixed. What a combination of appointments that day, huh? LOL But I figured since I had to take the day off for my yearly exam since my dr. is only in her office at the office closest to my house I might as well just go to the dentist that afternoon. So did you start back on your walking program yet?
Tammy, hope you were finally able to go to bed last night. I didn't have any problems falling asleep. It might have been the Nyquil I took before going to bed, though. I had a stuffy nose yesterday and figured maybe if I took the Nyquil it might just help me this morning. I haven't seem to have a stuffy nose yet today. Naps, what are those things? I bet you really needed the sleep though if you slept that long. Hope today is going well for you.
Mouse, we missed you. Glad to hear that things are going a little bit better for you. You sound more upbeat about school. Sounds like you have a wonderful group of kids to work with. Where are you going on your field trip today? Hope you had a fun time.
Ginny, hope your day is going well. Have you been able to squeeze in any walking here lately? I was able to drag myself through my walking videos this week so far. I just hope that once the weekend gets here I can do it than too and not become a couch potato. LOL
Robyn, I think the officer might like me if you get my meaning here. My aides have been picking on me about it. Since they said he clearly told my student to come on lets go get your teacher. They said he has been awful friendly towards you since you started to tone up and really drop some of those stubborn pounds. But I have warned him that he isn't to encourage my student to put handcuffs on me again. That he needs to set a good example for the class.
Hi to Summer, Sue, and Michele. Hope all is going well with you ladies this week. We miss you and can't wait to hear from you.
Well I better go use the restroom before going to bake out in the hot sun. It is only 90 here today and very humid.
Talk to you all later,

09-22-2005, 10:39 PM
Evening Ladies,
I made it through my day successfully. I found the school for my meeting okay. I was an hour early so I went to Wendy's for a nice dinner of a salad and iced tea. I went to my meeting and got there 20 minutes early and no one that was suppose to be there was there yet. So I was wondering if I was in the wrong place or had the wrong date and time when everyone showed up 5 minutes before the meeting was to start. The meeting was to set up our accounts for our on-line graduate class to implement the information I had learned in my Science workshop this summer. We just got started and the server went down so we had to wait around for about 30 minutes when we decided to go to the local library and use the computers there. So instead of getting out at 6 we got out of our meeting at 7. Our instructor was only going to keep up an hour. I was excited about that when she first told us that. But Murphy's Law had to come into the picture. LOL
Hope you all had a wonderful day! Looking forward to the weekend. I am going to a football game tomorrow night with my dh and stepsons', Saturday going to workout at Curves and than going out with some friends from my first teaching job that evening. On Sunday I have to attend my stepsons' football game. But I plan on finding sometime to relax a little bit and do some Kerry things.
Well I need to go get ready for school by making my lunch and filling up my gallon water jug. Talk to you all later. Have a great night!

09-22-2005, 11:32 PM
Okie dokie, this is my 3rd attempt to post today! Now that it is just Ds and me awake (both of us being the resident night owls.....)Maybe, just maybe I can get a post in!

Kerry- sounds as though your meeting went ok, despite the delays and difficulties. And I hope your weekend turns out as well as it seems as it will be- I am so impressed with your upbeat "looking foward to the weekend". My line would be more like "dragging my can into the weekend :lol: " or something poetic like that... How nice that your lesson plan is done for next week- which means that this weekend is yours to enjoy!!!! Hope you can sneak in some "Kerry" time, and of course, time at Curves too.

Pam, how did the visit with the ENT go???? Any answers? (praying for you!)
Love your story about the future Idol contestant. Somehow you have to find a way to harness his "energy" to help cope with him!

Tammy- hope your body clock got reset.....I am wondering how your could sleep after a walk?! (my walk is usually like taking a cold shower and I can't sleep for hours) A wise man your Dh is letting you sleep.....very wise indeed. And how nice for you! Get all your work done?

Robyn- congrats on all the progress with your kids!!!! Bet that makes you feel good! BTW- you gotta come up with another lunch idea. How many points do you allow yourself for lunch usually????? "Ennui" will kill ya- perhaps I can help you avoid that. Now your end of the week approach is more like mine.......please, lets just get this crummy week over :lol: !

Mouse- hope your trip tomorrow goes well. (hey, whaddya mean if the bus shows up.......I could drive down and take you!hehehe ;) ) Good news for you about your endocrinologist and the billing, merciful doctors are so appreciated (and rare!). Hope you get your swim/gym time in this weekend.
As far as feeding our felines- well Fidget (who earns that name more each day) eats like a bird, and only till she is full. I could have the "bottomless" bowl of dry food out for her and it would be fine. Miss Piggy- aka RC eats, and eats and eats. She is fat- we have her excellency on reduced calorie cat food (Fidgie is on kitten food)- and as soon as she finishes her measured portion of diet stuff she sticks her fat face in Fidget's bowl- which I then must hide. (great run on sentence, Ginny). So I am afraid I am stuck with the 4 am alarm clock. Good thing that Dh likes Fidgie or she would be road kill outside my house. (just kidding).

Survived today. Monsters are beginning to act up- tomorrow the crabby bus driver will emerge. Had to pull over and shut down to gain some semblence of control- and still immediately after I started up again chaos broke out. This seating chart is only one week old (new world record for the shortest lasting seating chart). My biggest problem is that my route is largely 3rd graders- very few kindergarteners and5th graders. The kindergarteners are great because they are usually so intimidated the first year that they dare not misbehave (and the parents still have a high level of interest in behavior).
The 5th graders at least know the rules, and well, until spring show some self control. But I have way, way too many off the wall 3rd and 4th graders- they are seated in the back of the bus- too far back for my personal comfort- but I have no room elsewhere and someone has to sit in the back. So I am stuck....but somehow will prevail. I have 3 charming gentlemen who will find themselves sitting in "Row 1" tomorrow am- and it will not please them one bit. Oh well......
I sprained my ankle this am- oh, I usually do thisonce a year- I was doing a wee bit too much multitasking this am and fell. Banged my knee too- took 2 advil and kept on ticking. The ankle is a bit swollen- but I have functioned pretty well with it for today. (happened at 7:30 this am). It had better not keep me from my walk/tape tomorrow. You will hear me screaming if it does.
Lets see.....this weekend, Ds has a double header- and now that he drives that helps a ton. Dd has a soccer game, so I will be there. After that I was asked to drive the HS band to the homecoming parade......(2 1/2 hours pay for aboat 15 minutes total driving- a win- win in my book! we need the$$$).
I think I get to stay downtown and watch the myself a coffee...there are some occasional advantages to this job. Dh????? Anyone want to guess where he will be????? Nah, not the dog house- but at Dd's double header. Actually it is the last game (s) he or any of us will be able to see, the next few weeks after this her team will be travelling too far to get to. So I should get to see Dh Sunday- which is better than last weekend, when I only saw him sleeping after he watched a gazillion baseball games.

SO- shut up Ginny- get some sleep, I am sure you are all sick of my mindless babblings.....Happy friday!

09-23-2005, 06:14 PM

Hey everyone.

Thursday morning: only took 10 minutes to fall asleep after I posted around 12:20am. I was "whooped."

Thursday night: fell asleep watching some celebrity dance show at 9:15! Woke up at 2:30, laid in bed until 3:30, got up, finished the work I should have done the night before, got ready for school, and out the door at 6:00 am. Went to the store for dry ice and other cool supplies for a neat 'change of state' Harry Potter activity for my freshmen. It was so worth it! They loved the lab. I even did part of it for my junior/senior AP class......they were also impressed. Great day to end the week on.

DH is in golf tournament with high school bud. Will not be home until around 9:00 tonight. DD is ????? She hasn't come home from school and hasn't called. She is quite the airhead (very book smart, but common sense.....I wonder). She knows dad will not be home for awhile so she's taking advantage of me.

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start!

Talk to you later,

09-23-2005, 08:15 PM
Hey and Happy Friday!
I feel so tired today.....I have so much to do this weekend, and don't know where to start.
Well, went to the ENT, and he said I'm full of infection the whole right side of my head, according to the cat scan. He didn't see whatever it was on the xray. I was really nervous about that, and my blood pressure was up. So, I'm on to round three of antibiotics. I'm so tired of taking stupid medicine. Also, a decongestant and steroid nasal spray. The medicine was fifty dollars for ten tablets. Must be some super strong stuff. I sure hope it works. Cause pain sucks!
Lately I just feel so out of control with me. I am not eating right. I eat well one day and then eat terribly the next. In answer to your question Kerry. No, I'm a bum............I have felt so terrible lately, and tired. Tuesday night, I cried for three hours with pain in my face, ears and teeth. The pressure was worse than childbirth I swear! So, I am not excercising. I am drinking unsweetened tea today instead of Pepsi, so that's a plus. Had chicken for dinner. But, I feel starving all the time lately.
School has been fine. I too, have all my lesson plans done for next week. I still haven't entered my grades on the computer for progress reports. I guess I will do that tomorrow night, while my husband is acting like a maniac watching his football...........It gets pretty ugly around here. Last Saturday night, my husband drank too much. He fell asleep on the couch. I was happy about that cause he had been yelling at the TV for three hours. I had the bedroom door shut, and the volume up, and he still drowned out the tv. Then, he threw up all the way from the living room, through the kitchen through my bedroom into the bathroom. He has NEVER
done that before. He fell asleep. I was up in the middle of the night cleaning my house. SO, there better not be a repeat performance of that or else he is dead meat. What really pissed me off, was that I had just cleaned. :devil: He has been apologizing to me for a week.
I am going to try and get my fall decorations out this weekend also, although it will probably be next weekend before I actually get to do it. I really need to clean clean clean.

Talk to you all later!


09-24-2005, 09:41 AM
Happy SATURDAY, people!!!! :)

I've already been to my WW WI! This week the meeting was about emotional eating! WOW, she might as well began each sentence with my name! What a week this has been... and I have to admit that I did fall into old patterns at least once... or twice! So listening to the message of the meeting has reminded me ...."Robyn, food is not a bandage!" It doesn't make anything better...AND it truly makes you feel worse due to guilt when all is said and done! GEESH! Why don't you think I can get this thru my brain ANDDDD why did I eat that chocolate in the school office on Thursday afternoon?! (It did taste good...and it didn't kill my week...but darrrrnnnn! Why can't I fix my brain?!)

So, how is everyone? Where is Summer?

Pam, I have decided that I've already decorated for Halloween! I will just NOT disturb the spiders that have made our corners home since I became distracted by school until November! THAT way, I've killed 2 birds with 1 stone! ;)

Gin, give me some lunch ideas! I'm considering frozen WW meals for this coming week JUST so I don't have to eat turkey or salad! ???? HELP! ;) Hope your sprain feels better soon!

Tammy, Where do you buy dry ice? I've never been able to find it locally (and in surrounding areas of PoDunk!) Don't you love to impress them?! HS CHeMISTRY???
Oh dear GAWWD! I made a vow 20something years ago to NEVER associate with a HS Chemistry teacher! Are you as crazy as the one that I had? LOL She nearly blew up
the HS messing around with chemicals and refusing to wear her glasses! OMG! You've made me LOL from my memories of that woman! You know that NOW in my brain, well, you are that crazy Chem teacher! LOL (I teach 1st grade.... have taught first grade for years, decades even! ;) )

Mousie, hey! Guess the credit card issue sorta solved the gym issue! You have GOT to find a gym! Your fingers are going to unshrivel IF you don't get into water soon! ;)

OMGosh! Just noticed the time...gotta get the youngest to his baseball game! I must go without any further hellos to my other friends...
sorry! Ya'll take care!


09-24-2005, 10:02 AM
Good morning everyone,

I actually was up by 8 am on a Saturday....doesn't happen often for me unless I have an appt. or something.

Robyn: I'm am crazy but a differnent kind of crazy. I used to work as a food scientist for a Sara Lee company that was awarded 'Safest Plant in the Country' of any kind for several years in a row when I was there, so I am super safety conscious with myself and esp. the kids. There is a big chain discount store kind of like super Wal-mart here called Meijer's. They have dry ice next to the reg. ice. You buy it by the lb. ($.89). You can also try one of the local seafood markets (I bet there are a lot in your area), esp. ones that may ship their goods inland. If they will not sell it to you, they may be able to tell you where to get it. Also, I was going to try one of the too many Halloween stores in my area, since it's great for that time of year.

Pam: I really hope you get better. I know how hard it is to deal with school when you are miserable. You sound like you have some of the problems my mom had when she was younger. She would describe it as her head getting ready to explode. It got so bad once that she had to have some kind of inpatient procedure???? She finally found out she had multiple food allergies and other normal allergies that were making her more susceptable (sp?) to these infections. Now that that's in control she doesn't have as many problems

Ginny: Are you out there??

Everyone else: Hope your weekend is nice and relaxing.

I lost another pound this week (even had Wendy's chicken strips and a plain baked potato. Brought it home and put FF sour cream on it to cancel out the badness of the fried chicken.) DH and I are riding bikes to our local Panera as soon as I'm ready. It's 10 miles round trip with a biking path all the way there. We've never done it before. Hope it's not too much for me and I get up there and don't want to go back home. I'll have to send DH home to get the truck and come back to pick me up. He would not be happy!

I'll be back,


09-24-2005, 12:06 PM
Morning Ladies,
Well my Friday was okay. Went to an away football game with my dh, two stepsons and nephew. Only to want to cause harm to my dh and one sds. They were so embarrassing hollering at the refrees and just be stupid. We lost 22-6 left at the end of the 3rd quarter. My dh was suppose to drive home but drove so I could focus on something to calm myself down. Get home and my one sds refused to kiss me good night and informed me that I don't really have to go anymore to the football games with him and his df and his db. So that really hurt my feelings, since that is one way I can spend sometime with my boys doing the things they love to do. Than this morning they were to be up and out the door at 7:30. Well we woke up at 7:27. I set the alarm for 6:30 and must of turned it off and went right back to sleep. So my dh is all mad at me now. Thank God I didn't plan on going with them to their football game this morning. I went to Curves and worked out. Did some homework for my graduate class and am going to do a 4 mile walking video here in a minute. Than I need to get ready for the day since I am going to meet my friends for dinner and just to hang out this evening in Springfield. That is were I first moved to when I got my first teaching job 7 years ago. So I haven't seen my freinds in a few years so it will be fun to see them again.
Tammy, hope you were able to make the ride to Panera and enjoy your quailty time with your dh.
Robyn congrats on the 2 pound lost. Way to go girl! You are going to reach your mini-goal very soon aren't you?
Pam, hope you are feeling better today. It is no fun to be sick the first month or so of school is it. Once you are healed I think you will get back into a routine with your diet and exercising.
Hi to Mouse, Ginny, Sue, Michele and Summer. Hope all is going well with you ladies.
Well I better go and get my walking video done, so I can have desert tonight with my dinner. :)
Talk to you all later.

09-24-2005, 12:39 PM
Hi, Kerry,

I made it to and from Panera. Getting there was rough....gradual up hill, but going home was great!

Springfield is only 1/2 hour from where I live in Beavercreek! My DH has work friends (Miami Valley Hospital) that live there. Have a good time tonight. I really miss my Cinci friends. A couple of them came to DS graduation in June but haven't seen any since. We're going to DH mom and dad's next weekend to make ketchup the German way....big brass cauldren and giant stirring padddle. No joke! They live 40 miles SE of Cinci. We haven't done it in 6 or 7 years. We bottle enough for six families! We use tomato juice that my mom-in-law makes from her own garden tomatoes. Do your friends still teach in the area?


09-24-2005, 01:20 PM
Hi Tammy,
Glad to hear that you made it to and from Panera without any problems. My freind teach in the Cinnci area now. I have a few teachers who still work in Springfied but I haven't stayed in touch with them like I have the other one. Then one of my friends work for the Social Secrity office and the other one works for WIC as a nutritionist.
So have you ever been to Young's Dairy Farm? That was my favorite place to go when I was in Springfield to eat ice cream. Maybe that was my problem why my weight was sky high. LOL.
I got 3 out of the 4 miles done on my walking tape and then my one friend called from Springfield to talk. So I will have to finish it when I get off the phone with her. Can you tell that I am multitasking at this time?
Hope you have a great day! What are your plans for the rest of your day?
Talk to you later.

09-24-2005, 01:45 PM
Hi, Kerry

Doing laundry now. Young's Dairy....yum! My son's Cinci friends always have to go there when they visit. We like to go to Yellow Springs a lot (Peach's Bar & Grill is our fave). I haven't been to Young's since last year. Our county (Greene) education office is in Y. Springs and we have a lot of math/science in-service there. I grew up in and around Cinci. I lived in the Forest Hills School District (Anderson Twp) when the kids started school. My first year of teaching was at Western Hills High School, and the rest was at West Clermont (Glen Este/Amelia High Schools). Most of my teacher friends also teach in the Cinci area since I went to college & grad school at U.C. I really do miss Cinci and all of the great diverse neighborhoods.....which equals great ethnic food! Ah, you've got me reminescing (sp?) too much. I'm going outside under the oak to read a little between laundry loads. Now that the DS is in college, the work load around here is down.

Again, have a good time tonight.


09-24-2005, 10:25 PM
I know I have been MIA...sorry. I haven't been able to catch my breath. I'm still alive and kicking. I'll be back when I really have time.

09-25-2005, 12:41 AM
:mad: :mad: I NEED DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR I AM GOING TO STICK A DRILL IN MY HEAD AND RELIEVE ALL THIS PRESSURE MYSELF................. :mad: I don't have a headache. It's like multiple toothaches, earaches, like all the bones in my face are going to crumble. It's getting on my nerves.......In spite of the fact he has given me antibiotics, decongestants, nose spray steroid, nothing is coming out.......To top it all off I think all these antibiotics are giving me a yeast infection. Ughhhhhhh....My moons and stars are not in alignment or something..
With that being said...........How was everyone's day? In spite of the fact that this stupid $%#$##$@#@ sinus thing is pissing me off to no end, I managed to CLEAN EVERY SINGLE ROOM IN MY HOUSE AND ENTER ALL MY GRADES INTO THE COMPUTER AND PRINT PROGRESS REPORTS...... I have two more loads of laundry to do, and then it will be done.......YIPPPPEEEE.CAN I GET AN AMEN???????? Sorry, I know I'm ranting and a bit insane at this moment.

Robyn: I have decided I may as well leave the spider webs on my front porch alone. I agree it makes decorating much easier. Isn't that multitasking?

Kerry: 4 miles. Oh lord. That makes me tired just thinking about it. I am going to have to seriously start back with the one mile watp and a walk around the block. Jeez. You all impress me.

Tammy: I thought I might have allergies. I suddenly became allergic to live Christmas trees. Last year we bought a christmas tree and everytime I went into the livingroom my eyes would start burning. I ended up sick. My best friend said you have done this for the last two years. I had to undecorate the tree, and buy an artificial ones. I mentioned that to the ENT, who just said I'm full of snot and gave me the antibiotic. Who knows.



Mouse: Hope it's all going ok for you. How are your two kids you were worried about?

Sue: How's it going?

Good news. Well, by the time summer had it's tole on my eating habits, I was back to 180. Now, I'm back to 176. Tomorrow is my hubby's company picnic, so I'm going to try awfully hard to behave myself. It's being catered........

I got out my fall stuff today, so hopefully I can get that stuff put out this week. My youngest son is a trip. He went to spend the night with his new friends who just moved in down the street. Well, their mother told me that the first time she met him he introduced himself, and she asked if he had any brothers or sisters. He said, yes, I have a brother, he's nineteen, not very successful in his job and needs gas money! :lol: :o I thought I would die. He is defintely the mouth of the south. I know all the stuff I hear at school. I'd hate to know what he tells his teachers!

Off to fold another load of the endless multiplying laundry.

09-25-2005, 09:25 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Pam: I still think you should have the tests. Afer quite a few docs and endless amonts of meds, my mom was 50+ before she was tested and finally got some relief. I hope you get some relief today. Be careful at that picnic!

Robyn: I got one Halloween decoration out (2 if you count the spider webs that never ends....we'r surrounded by woods). It's a "Beware" sign in dripping blood. My DH saw it from a distance and thought something was terribly wrong with the windows. Maybe I'll get the rest out this week.

Kerry: I hope you had fun last night catching up with your friends. DH and I went to the "Lube" and order wings, chips, and pretzels, oh my! I had less than half the chips, 1 pretzel and only 3 wings. I actually do have a little will power. DH only had 4 wings...good for him. DD and her 2 girlfriends that stayed the night will have the leftovers today. DD went to Columbus last night/afternoon to shop at Easton Mall and see a free concert at a store or something and decided to bring her friends home with her. I gave her $100 and told her to buy at least 2 pairs of pants, then she could buy a shirt (even though she has a million) with the leftover and I wanted all receipts. Well, she came home with shirts, no pants, and $60! Now she will complain for another month that she has no jeans to wear.

Ginny, Sue, Mouse, Summer: I hope everything is going okay with you. I'm sure you all are busy or we would hear from you. Take care.

Ah, Sunday, DH is in another golf tournament today. I told him last night he was a golf slut. He had a tourney in Middletown Friday with his Cinci bud....prizes and cheap fees. He has his league tourney today....prizes, food, beer, and he picks up a prize for something he did this summer. Wed. he has a tourney at neighbor's country club.....lunch, steak dinner, prizes, beer...and the neighbor takes them out and writes it off as a business expense! What do I get to do?? Ooo, grade papers, go grocery shopping (that's exciting), and maybe, just maybe, if I get my school work under control I can run off to the bookstore. Now that's something to get wound up about!

Good news though....I pulled out two old pairs of jeans and they fit :D comfortably. I can actually button them and still walk and breathe at the same time. Anyway, enough ranting, have a great rest of the weekend.


09-25-2005, 11:06 AM
:lol: Hi!
Just a quickie. Getting ready to hop in the shower and go to this picnic. I am happy I was down to 175.5! Yeah, so that really motivated when I went grocery shopping this morning to buy healthy foods. Had a major hair coloring fiasco last night. I would just pay the money and go to the salon or something but it's so expensive. I colored my hair to get rid of the gray and it turned RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the same color I've been using. Same brand. I don't know what the **** happened. So, I had to go today and get something else. My hair is normally light brownish blonde. I had highlights in it. Well it was so red that when my son's girlfriend went to re highlight it, you couldn't even see the dagonne things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Or, I will be wearing a hat today. I can get away with that at the softball game. Don't think I could get away with that at school.. Oh well. Life goes on.

Wish me luck!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

P.s. Tammy: My husband is a football slut. Used to be a golf slut too! Ha :lol:

09-25-2005, 01:20 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Well I had a nice dinner last night with my friends. But you can tell that we have all changed. Out of the four females that was there last night, three of us are married and the other one is still single and really not looking but doing a lot of complaining how lonely she is. I am the only one with other responsibilites beside work, house, having a husband, because I am the only one that has stepchildren. Everyone else just doesn't understand how your life changes once you add children into the mix since you have to take care of them, help them grow up to be mature responsible individuals and do things for them. So I was glad to see the evening roll to a close. Don't get me wrong, I love my freinds to death, but I can see that I have grown up and they are still footloose and fancy free so to speak. So it will probably be a while before we get together again. Plus I have changed my eating habits and they kept trying to force food, candy and pop on me. I was good and politely declined. We went to Friday's for dinner and I got the Jack Daniel's chicken and shrimp meal. It came with grilled vegetables and mash potatoes. I was so stuffed from that I couldn't get an dessert and remember I did my 4 mile walking video yesterday to make room for my dessert. My one friend wanted to go to Young's Ice Cream Dairy and I even passed that up. I got the idea that they were jealous of me because I have lost so much weight and am healthier now. They talked about how tired they have been, how they can't workout and how they have been so sick here lately. They asked if I was experiencing those problems and I had to say no. That I had been busy juggling school, my after-school program job, my summer school course work, working out, starting my home business, family responsobilities and being the co-leader of my TOPS group. Granted I have been tired here lately but I have to keep plugging away. So they quickly changed the subject.
My dh just told me that he is probably going to sign me up on Oct. 9th to work the football game in the concession stand. I have to admit that I threw a fit. Because I don't feel that it is my responibility to work the stand when the boys' mother is the one to be responsibile for it. All she does is go to work at her job and that is it. I don't feel that I need one more thing added to my to do list for this fall. So in a few weeks if I came on here and cry on your shoulders you will know why. I said to him that I am tired of picking up the slack for lazy people and that I am starting to learn to say no when I know that there are other people just as capable to do the same thing. Enough babbling about me.
Pam, hope you are feeling a little bit better today. Have fun at your picnic. Congrats on the scale going down some more. That should is a grea motivator when going to the grocery store, isn't it?
Tammy, I loved going to Easton when I was living in Springfield. But that was when I was single and had some extra money. Good Lord, if I took my stepkids there now, they would spend my whole paycheck in one visit. LOL Love the Cheesecake Factory. What about you? Sorry to hear that your dh is a golf slut. My dh happens to be a football and a baseball slut. So I can feel your pain. :)
Summer, glad to see the short note from you saying that you are still alive. I was afarid that the Nimrod permentantly hurt you for life. Pop in when you can.
Ginny, how was your weekend? Get any walks in this weekend?
Robyn, how was your son's game yesterday? Keep up the good work on your weight loss! What are you going to do to reward yourself once you reach your mini-goal? I am still working hard to get my leather coat from my dh. He said that once I got to 150 pounds than he would buy me one.
Mouse, did you have a nice visit with your mom and grandma this weekend? Any swimming time figured in to your weekend?
Sue and Michele, hope all is well with the two of you. We miss hearing from you.
Well ladies, I must go and get something to eat for lunch. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Michele L
09-25-2005, 04:14 PM
Hi ladies! I know it's been quite a while since I posted. I have NOT been doing well with my walking :( I've walked once in the last 17 days. I am SO angry with myself because I've mostly made excuses. I am vowing to restart my walking program today. I did really well with the 6 week Walk Diet from the WATP book, but as soon as that ended, I started slacking off. At first, I used school as the excuse (and it still is). Then, meetings for me and my kids. Now we're pretty much in a routine and I SHOULD be able to carve out at least 30 minutes most days, but I don't.

Enough rambling! I have enjoyed reading about how your days are going. I'm not going to get too personal right now so I can go do a tape! I will try to check in at least every couple of days (hopefully more often).

Have a great week!

Michele :wave:

09-25-2005, 05:25 PM
We sure have missed you Michele. Glad to see you are back. Hope you enjoyed your walk.
I just got back from the boys football game. They won 6-0. Just waiting on the boys to come home and change before I take me a nap. I was catching myself wanting to fall asleep at their game several times.
Talk to you all later.

09-25-2005, 06:36 PM

Lots of school grading today....labs and Darwin projects. Why do I assign those things?! Sometimes I wonder if I am not a glutten (sp?) for punishment. Interims are due Thursday and I do not want to be up all night Wednesday putting grades in. Golf slut is watching Bengals game now. Yes, he is also a football slut, esp. for those
Da_ _ Bengals! Winning or losing. The tickets are so expensive, he only goes 2X a season unless last minute freebies pop up. He'll literally drop everything to go.

Tonight I shall watch the season premieres of Extreme House Makeover (I think that's what it's called) and I think (hope) Desperate Housewives. DH and I actually watch together...isn't that sweet. Sorry for the sarcasm. I don't what my deal is today. Oh, and I've decided I'm not cooking today either. We'll get pizza I guess. We haven't done that in months.

If I get bored/need a break, I'll probably get back on. I'm going to go take my walk now before it gets too dark.

Hi, Michelle.

Later ladies,

09-26-2005, 10:45 AM
Just a quick note to say hi! Hope you all have a wonderful week at school!
I brought to school with me this morning, my one mile walking video to do with my kids. They are always so tired on a Monday morning and complain about how they have to do work, so this morning I made them get motivated for the day by doing the video with me. They all liked it, except for one. So he just won't get any privileges for the day, since he made fun of the rest of them.
Well I need to get back to getting my work folders put together for the week. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

09-26-2005, 01:47 PM
Sorry, this has to be a drive thru visit..had to leave a long uplifting email for Dd at school (she is having big troubles with her softball coach). That leaves little time for hellos here.
I am still alive- my ankle/knee has lasted longer than I thought it would, but did not get nearly as sore as I thought it might. Only had to take advil that day- and was pretty much up to normal stuff after that. I was able to work out- just had to go a wee bit easier.
Had only enough time to skim the posts.....but I will be back later. Hope everyone's Monday is going ok!

09-26-2005, 02:14 PM
Glad to hear that you didn't let your knee/ankle injury stand in the way of your working out. Hope all gets better with your dd and her softball coach. Have a nice afternoon. Hope your angels don't give you any problems this afternoon.
Talk to you later.

09-26-2005, 08:49 PM
ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What ANGELS???????? Aw, the little critters were not all that bad.
But then there must have been some after school activity, as about a third of them were not on.....which was good because we were/are suffering the last laugh of "Rita" here and I did not really want a full load of wound up kids and crummy weather to boot. Kerry,what a sweet idea to bring your 1 mile video to school (hey, can I be in your class, PLEASE). DId you do the video with the class?? How did the rest of your day go?
Well, my parole came thru....I busted my buns today to get my housework done (and did not get it all done but at least the house is presentable) because I thought my MIL was coming over tomorrow (while her car was being repaired). But it sounds as though she will not be here.....which frees up my morning..... and keeps me much more sane (whatever that is). So, tomorrow I will have time to read the past few days and get each of you a proper hello. Note to Robyn- I have lots of lunch ideas- how many points are you willing to use on lunch? Also, I assume, because you mention using the WW frozen lunches (a bit pricey and salty but some of them are great!)that you have access to a microwave. As I said, I have lots of ideas. Also- is the rest of your family eating WW? You might want to invest in a WW cookbook- or go to their web page and get ideas from there freeze portions for your own lunch.
Ok, I will shut up......Dd wants the computer.......see ya tomorrow! I am so glad to be back, I missed you all!

09-26-2005, 09:15 PM
Evening everyone,

I got to do the drive thru thing also tonight. My day kind of sucked....PP presention was a remote for TV so I couldn't switch it to S-video to hook up computer. Chemistry video is MIA, so I had to stretch what I had for the day. No problem for me, I can ramble forever about chemistry.

DH is wonderful though and alway cheerful. I kind of feel bad that I'm so mean sometimes on school days, and he actually understands, or at least pretends to so I don't ignore him later in the evening :o .

DD has her nerdy guy friend over, I hate to admit it but I like the nerds over much more than the "cool" guys.

DH is watching a new show for him "Arrested Development," and is yelling for me to join him. I guess I can watch anything with an ice cold BudSelect in hand. It's been one of those days.

Take care,

Tammy :p

09-26-2005, 10:02 PM
Evening Ladies,
My kids were great this morning, but awful this afternoon. I was ready to pull my hair out. I burned through my frustration at Curves tonight though. I put in a really sweaty workout. So it is all right now.
Ginny, I did my walking video with my kids. They wanted to do it again this afternoon, but I just didn't get that squeezed into my afternoon. I will have to open up the day with it again tomorrow. Maybe that will burn off the extra orniness out of them. I might have to also think about doing it right after recess to calm them down for the afternoon.
Well I hope everyone had a great start to their week! I need to go and get ready for school tomorrow. I will talk to you all later.

09-27-2005, 11:24 AM
Good morning!!!!
I will stay as long as I is gorgeous out here in NY and as soon as I get this next load of laundry out on the line I am going for a real walk. First real walk in quite awhile, due to crummy, humid, stinky weather.

Ok, you can watch anything with an ice cold Budselect in hand!!!!!! :lol: Had me smiling, girl. Is that what I need to do to watch hour after hour of baseball? Sorry your day stunk. Guess you hit some major roadblocks,but prevailed nicely. I hear ya with liking the nerdy types more, somehow you get the idea that gang rape or severe substance abuse is not their first thought and that somehow, just somehow they might appreciate your Dd for her personality and intelligence, instead of bra size or whatever.
Ah, the joys of parenting teens....... Ya like chemistry, eh??? In a former life, I was a chemical engineer- and confess that chemistry was the first big subject in HS that I fell in love with. So I can appreciate that.....all those little electrons floating around looking for an orbital to play in.......can you tell I am losing it????? Hope today goes well for you.

Kerry- what a scream- using Leslie for your class!! Hey, if it gets the ya-ya's out of their legs and they sit better, I am all for it!! (plus helps with all this darned childhood obesity). Sorry the kids were so bad for you yesterday. But a major Bravo to you for not letting it get to you and burning it off at curves (instead of some chocolate). It would be nice if the kids were good for you today. I know I am starting to see the "novelty" of school wearing off, andtrouble beginning. I am already revising my seating chart (the one that is only a week old). Guess it is a universal problem.

Michele- did you get that walk in?? Even 15 minutes is great- a good start! Try not to overwhelm yourself into thinking that if you do not workout for hours it does not count. A WW leader once told us that 3, 15 minute walks were just as good as one 45 minute one. Don't give up!

Pam- oh you are scaring me!!! How did the hair come out- and how did you survive it??? What is scaring me is that I am planning on saving a few $$$ next week and touching up my own, now I wonder if that is such a good idea. Let us know how things turned out for you. Congrats on the weight loss........great to hear that!!!!!

Summer- hope you get a wee bit of time to stop and say hello....We miss you but know you are busy!

Robyn- yup I am gonna keep on bugging you about lunches.....yesterday coming home from my HS run I was all full of wonderful ideas. I will throw a few your way- w/o points or close guesses on points for you.
Try a WW bagel (2pts) with a slice of fatfree cheese(0pts) and a slice of ham.
Melted in the micro......I love it. Total of 4 pts(depending on how much ham).
Then there is the tuna salad sandwich- ff mayo, 3 oz tuna, 2 slices of WW bread.....that goes for around4-5 points depending on how much mayo you like. Or- make some of the WW week 1 soup-the recipe is in the Starting out book- and add a sandwich (even using full point bread and some turkey).
The soup has 0 points- the sandwich about 6. Or a "subway" sandwich- either buy theirs or make your own- the turkey one(no cheese, no oilor mayo) is only 6 points and very filling. Or some bean soup (again filling!) and WW low fat of 4 points...Or a bean burrito with a wee bit of low fat cheddar....5pts....some WW chili (I can give you the recipe, I love the stuff) 4 points a serving. Or some sf yogurt- add some fresh fruit and crackers- again 5 or 6 points depending on which crackers. I can go on and on and this is just off the top of my head. Experiment!!! treat yourself. Let me know what kind of stuff you like to eat (pm me if you like) I have lots of recipes. This is NOT boring stuff!!!!!

Okie dokie- a dear friend called me last nite (you lurking out there, Jackie, my dear!!!!! ;) ) to tell me to watch Wife swap- a baseball family wife swapped with a tatooed family. Pretty funny. Dh found NO humor in it (you mean not everyone loves baseball!????HUH??????? :lol: ) Well I got a laugh out of it- even if Dh did not see the humor.

Lets see, who else did I miss.......Sue, Mouse....Hi to each of you! Out to hang out the laundry and get my walk in. Before this cold (yup I am getting one) sets in and makes me feel like garbage)
Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!

09-27-2005, 11:26 AM
Oh, and today's moron feline move goes to the "mature" (ha!) one in my house who at 4 am (what is it with these jerks and 4 am!!!!!!!!) decided it was time to land on the piano keys.........gimme a break.

09-27-2005, 12:17 PM
Good Morning Ladies,
It is a chilly but sunny day here. So I am hoping to get a real walk in this evening after my TOPS meeting and a phone call meeting for my business. I wanted to go for one last night, but I was just too tired after getting my stuff ready for today.
I have to remember to set the VCR for the Biggest Loser. It is on tonight when I have my phone call meeting, so I might be able to muster up some courage to watch it before going to bed. I did get on the scales this morning and I am down two pounds from last week. But I won't use that as my actual weight until I go to TOPS tonight and get on their scales. I will let you know tonight.
Ginny, hope you enjoyed your walk. It is a beautiful day out there today! Your lunch ideas sound so yummy. I might have to think about doing them on the nights that I work late. They sound so quick and easy.
Pam, how did you hair turn out? Hope you don't have to wear a hat all the time this week. How was the company picnic?
Michele, hope you are not beating yourself up too much over your lack of excerising. It is so easy to fall out of habit of doing it and than ten times harder getting started again. But if you just take baby steps, you will build yourself into a routine again. Keep up the faith! You will get there.
Mouse how was your trip home this weekend? Did you get any gym time in? Hope your kids are doing great this week for you.
Sue, where are you? We miss you. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Summer, hope all is well with you. We know that you are very busy with school, your graduate class and your family. Hope all is going well for you this week.
Robyn, how is your class this week? Any nekkid kids lately?
Well my kids are in gym class,so I have a few free minutes. Need to make a quick trip to the bathroom and get ready to go to the lunchroom with them. Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful afternoon !

09-27-2005, 09:22 PM
Survived this afternoon. Once again, there must have been some program after school this afternoon and the ride home was a bit less populated than normal.
Poor babies, I had time during Dd's piano lesson to finish the 2nd revision of the seating chart.....and will introduce it tomorrow. I did get a walk in, and by the time I was at the end of the 2nd mile (with about 3/4 left to go) I was tired. Can't figure out if it was because it has been so long since I really walked, or the darned cold that I know is lurking in my system. I had to take 2 cold capsules midday (non drowsy, of course) as my head was pounding and sinuses starting so stuff up. The thought of starting my afternoon feeling that way and facing the masses overwhelmed me totally- unless I was able to ditch the headache. At least by the time I got to the HS I was feeling pretty decent. Then I had a student (I used to drive her home last year, she is on another route this year)- whom I have not seen since last June run to me and give me a huge hug. (I do miss her). She had a really rough spring last year....her bf moved to Texas and then 2 friends lost parents, in a very short time (about 5 weeks) she faced a lot of loss. Most days she cried her way home, and I did a ton of listening and some cheering up. It was great to see her-and see that she is doing ok. I am just a mush bag, get attached to these kids depsite all my bellyachin'.

Kerry-I do the same thing with the scale. I will weigh myself here, but go by the WW scale for the real #. Hope the TOPS scale shows a loss.....that 2# loss at home must make you feel good!! You have been working hard...and it shows! Let us know how the WI went. Hope you got the walk in too. Got a funny story from last weeks WI- and a good indicator of my mental state. Went to WW, weighed in and had gained 1.2#. I was kind of surprised, thought that I "felt" and clothes fit lighter. Then I went to the ladies room......was shocked silly to see that it seemed as though TOM had started, and in my stupor I was not "due" till this week. So, I thought that something was wrong- perhaps something serious. Then after some regrouping and straighteining out of my mental calendar I realized that TOM was on mental calendar was all messed up (ok, everyone stop ain't the only part of me that is messed up!). Who knows how this weeks WI will be. I think I am going to WW Thursday. Oh, BTW, anyone looking for meal ideas, that is one thing that WW does really well- teaching you how to adapt/cook eat with great variety. I have some magazines of theirs and a cookbook and am happy to look up stuff for anyone.
Ok, I am pooped and you all must be sick of my nonsense. Have a great nite!!!!!!!!

09-27-2005, 10:30 PM
Evening Ladies,
I went to TOPS and weighed in with a 2 1/2 pound loss. So I became this week's weekly best loser for my group. I was so happy to see that much of a loss. I should have realized today when I kept having to pull up my pants and tie they tighter that I had lost more weight. One lady informed me that I excerise too much and need to slow down a little bit. Mind you she is a bit overweight herself and not a excerise person at all. I did get my walk in with my boys after recess. They begged to do it again. So I hope this keeps up.
Ginny, I hope you are feeling better. That is funny about your TOM story. I have had that happen to me too before. So I can totally relate. Wishing you well with your WI on Thursday.
Hello to everyone else. Hope you have a wonderful evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

Take care,

09-28-2005, 10:23 AM
Good morning!
Well, at least for this am I am home bound, Dd woke up with a stomach bug, so I called in for sick this am. I will have to see how she fares for this afternoon- she seems a bit more stable now and the color has returned to her face a wee bit. Now lets just hope she is not generous and does not share this wonderful bug with her mother. I got little sleep last nite in addition, Dh was up coughing and blowing his nose a good part of the night. And he refused to take something for it- mind you I have plenty of cold remedies in the house.....would it have been too much for him to find something for himself? Finally I conceeded defeat and got offered him something for his sniffles....again, I hope I can manage to stay away from whatever he has (but I think I have a mild case of it already). So, no walk this am....can't walk now as half of the world would see me out walking- and I did call in sick (my supervisor knows that it is Dd who is sick, however). So, as soon as I finish my computer business I will do my WW tape.

Kerry- you big loser!!! Congrats on being the biggest loser at TOPS! I am so happy for you!!! As far as the excercise thing goes....I can offer this guideline. WW (and I have never heard anyone, doctors included, trash their program as being unhealthy, so I would think that their guidelines are pretty accurate) recommends a total of 3-4 activity points per day. Four activity points for you would equate to 53-75 minutes of a moderate activity, once which would probably make you break a sweat. Or 78-100 minutes of a light activity (leisurely activity). (I have sort of rounded off some of the numbers). So you figure it out......but gee, if you are feeling good and like that much activity, can it hurt??? I am one to talk, on a good day I would walk for hours, if I had the time to do so. Keep on shrinking there!!! How great to have to tighten up those pants.
Better lots to do this am being that I have the morning off. Well, sort of off....Dd kept the tea down so I might drive this afternoon. (my route takes me right past my house, I bring my next door neighbors son home so I could do a quick check in on her). Gotta save the sick time for when she needs it- as she will most likely need surgery for the bladder condition.
See ya later.

09-28-2005, 08:00 PM
Running in...and running out!

hey! what a flippin week! one was moved out of my room'd think that i'd notice... I did...however, he had classmates nearly as, um, i blinked and moved on to the next need! anywhooo.... i'm trying not to eat the paint off the walls and the table cloth off the kitchen table ....stress makes me fill my mouth with bad things!

gin...have you seen the new WW chicken cookbook? i saw many wonderful things in there...i'm considering buying it! i use the recipies from cooking light often....however, they shorrre do use some freaky ingredients...AND pine nuts and capers are NOT daily staples in my part of eastern (banjo playing) mongolia!

darn. someone is at my door. i hate hate hate drop in company...especially after 3 full school days... no one EVER visits on Sunday afternoon when the place is less filthy than during the week....sigh! gotta go... friend with new baby from across the street... hope she doesn't want to sit down! hehe

take care,

09-28-2005, 10:19 PM
Evening all,

It's been a crazy week. I've been waking up at 3:30 - 4:30 and not being able to go back to sleep,so I just get up and enjoy the quiet. Anyways, I'm so tired, I'm going to bed. I didn't even do a walk or bike ride tonight.

Kerry, congrats on being the biggest loser!

All you other great "losers," sounds like everyone else's week is a bit wacko, too! Two more days. Talk to you later,


09-29-2005, 08:20 AM
Morning, everybody.
I can't even begin to catch up on what's been happening, so I won't try. Things have slowed down here with Red Cross. I went home to my mom's house last weekend, though, after I finished at our service center so I could take her out for lunch for her birthday. And then we went to the local library's used book sale. Its huge, and on the last day they sell you a bag for $4, and you get to fill it. I should've stopped to get cash: as it was, my mom and I filled 2 bags for $8, and I now have a lovely classroom library that has everything from Babysitter's Little Sister books to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. And last night, the librarian at my school (I think I told you all how cool she is!) kept her promise: she used some of her budget to buy books so my kids can come check out FICTION books too! I got to pick them out; I went over to the larger Border's bookstore where we have a corporate account and shopped to my heart's content: spent $175 of her money. Not bad considering what I came away with: the entire Ramona series, Little House series, Judy Blume's Fudge, some Captain Underpants books, the entire Shadow Children books from Haddix, the first two books in "Support Your Local Wizard" by Diane Duane, etc. Its just lovely! I wanted some of the Dear America books, but they are only available in hardcover, and at $11/each, too pricey. The two most popular Cricket in Times Square books (for my one kid who will ONLY read books about dogs or mowing the lawn... if I can get him to read the first 2 books, I'll let him borrow my copy of the 3rd one: Harry Cat's Pet Puppy). I think I also picked up a couple of the Henry & Ribsy books from Cleary.
I did get to the gym and swim on Saturday on my way to my mom's house, and plan to do it this Saturday as well. I need to find a gym down here... I'm kind of holding my breath because I had a small issue with the credit card that the other gym was billing and it doesn't exist anymore. So, the automatic charge should be refused. We'll see. Because I surely can't get their attention any other way: I emailed them a month ago, and have had no response. I just want to cancel my membership at this point so I can join a better gym. They have a nice gym, its just not nice for me! Just like Kerry loves Curves, and so do bunches of other people that I know, I don't go there because I can't do most of the equipment because of my ankle. I don't understand why they are so insistant that their gym is the only one that will be good for me, because its not true! The other gym isn't perfect (its farther from where I live, its huge, for example, and lots of people...), but I can at least get to the equipment!
I also met my new primary care doctor on Tuesday... she's pretty good. Running late, just like my endo, but that's okay becuase it means she takes the time to listen to the patients. She gave me a referral to find an orthopedist down here, and had no problems giving me one for my endo.
Okay... going to work.

09-29-2005, 08:27 AM
Okie dokie.....just a short hello! Decided to sleep in a bit, but snuck in my Power walk tape after Dh and Ds left. This am I am going to WW and have promised myself that I will stay for the whole meeting (so many times I sneak out to save a few minutes) and then pick up my new glasses enroute home.
(so now you all know that I have "4" eyes- I usually wear contacts, but one of the few benefits I get with my job is free eye care and glasses, guess the figure I need to be able to see or something like that!) So I am going to take a few rare minutes for myself this am.

Tammy-sorry you are so pooped.....that stinks that you are waking up at such a miserable hour! (that happens to me a lot too). Nothing like a good nites sleep...I hope you got your rest last nite.

Robyn- nope, have not checked out the WW chicken book yet, but today I will be at an actual WW center, so there is a good chance they will have it there. Me too with the pine nuts and capers not in my usual repetoire- if I buy stuff like that I use it once and then it dies in my I don't.
Good for you on the PB&J. Find some variety!!!! You can eat anything on WW- just gotta count the points. Walk that stress out, girl.......hope today is better for you. to face the monsters.. Have a great day everyone!

09-29-2005, 01:21 PM
Another short hello......just got back from my WW meeting. I lost 2#! (about time!)
A great meeting too, sorry for being so enthusiastic but I needed a good kick in the butt and got one today. Actually a kick to stay the course.......
It just started raining here, fortunately I got back from all my errands before the heavy rain hit. Now to get ready for my afternoon, and face the monsters (who, BTW were pretty good this morning). I probably will not be back tonite, Dh wants to go with me to Sam's (our big hot date out....Sam's club.....ugh......).
Hope everyone is having a good day. See ya!

09-29-2005, 06:19 PM
Afternoon ladies,

Tomorrow's Friday! Yeah!

Mouse: I have to stay away from those sales, because I do not know when to stop. That's great that they had some good stuff you could use. I absolutely love my books and sharing them with me students. I even let my highschoolers "check out" my personal books (science and non-science).

Ginny: I slept until 5:30 today, I usually get up at 6, and I felt great! I've just been running around school so much lately (I've been a lab-oholic) that it finally caught up with me. This is my third year at this school and I always had to switch with another teacher for lab since there were no more by the time they added me. Well, we had a huge addition to our only 8-yr-old school and I got a brand-spanking-new 1500+ square food classroom and lab. I got all new equipment (although some of it is on backorder) and all that jazz, so I've kind of went crazy on the experiments. It's paid off at the scale too....I felt "light" today and hopped on the scale this morning (couple of days before I normally do). I'm not sure (no contacts in or glasses on) but I think I may have lost more than my usual 1 lb this week. I won't know until the official one.

Going to in-laws tomorrow night until Saturday night to make ketchup in a big brass pot outside. Dh and I really know how to party! I like being with the's just a two-hour drive...ugh. Ds is coming home this weekend but I will not let his friend and him spend the night here without me being here. He has a history with parties....not crazy, but I still said he had to stay at his friend's Friday. They're going to Ohio State Saturday to hang out with some friends there, so I'll probably see him for about 2 hours before he goes back to school Sunday.

Have a good one,


09-29-2005, 07:13 PM
Hey everyone!
Just realized that I hadn't been on here since last Sunday. I have been busy busy busy.............Proud to say that I did my walking tape today. I wasn't going to do it, but I felt so good afterwards, that I'm glad I did.
I have been on this major house thing lately. I run around making sure everything is tidy. Believe me, this isn't me! I guess, once I got the house cleaned, I didn't want it to get back to the way it was. Now, if everyone else would just take the cue...........

Don't have much time to get personal, except to say to Ginny....
My hair actually turned out fine. Everyone thinks that maybe the three months worth of antibiotics may have had something to do with the hair color gone bad. Hey>>>>We have a chemistry teacher around here. Can that happen? Anyway, it's darker than I wanted it. However, the highlights I put in it look very natural. None of the kids at school noticed. Atleast nobody has said........"What did you do to your hair?!"

Gotta get dinner in the oven.

Hey to everyone!


09-30-2005, 07:26 AM

09-30-2005, 09:14 AM
Morning Everyone,
TGIF!!!!!! :) :) My feelings exactly Robyn.
Boy what a week this has been. I had to take yesterday off and go to the OB/GYN for my yearly check-up, while I was there she checked my thryoid. So I have a nice big bruise on my arm this morning and it is really sore. Then yesterday afternoon, I went to the dentist and got a tooth filled. They told me that they almost had to do a root canal on it. So I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend. I might be getting a new minivan this weekend. I looked at one yesterday and came home to tell my dh about it and we are going to go look at it tomorrow morning. I am just waiting on the dealership to open up this morning so I can call them to find out some more info.
Well my kids just came in. So I better get them on track for the day. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Friday!!

09-30-2005, 11:40 AM
Gotta be of my schools gets out at 12 today....and then my supervisor is abusing me by having me take home a middle school run. Ok the $$ will be nice....where's the advil???
Mouse- we crossed paths yesterday. the sale sounds great, I am so dangerous around books. hope the new Dr works out well.
Pam- glad the hair is not bad......maybe you started something there!!! Hope your weekend goes well.
Kerry- so now you are all doctored out. ouch! (did they do a blood test for the thyroid?) WHat kind of minivan are you looking at? Hope you get a workout in.

Dh stayed home last nite from Sam's and Atilla came with me instead. :mad: Oh he was such a creep. Got up at 4:45 to go for my 2.5 mile walk outside- had to get rid of the darn stress of shopping with Atilla. At least he was civilized this am.
Kiddies were monsters this am.....thankgoodness it is Friday!!!!! (thanks for the reminder, Robyn).
Enjoy your day.......

09-30-2005, 06:09 PM
Let me again say TGIF! My kids were maniacs today. Ughhhhh. None of my first period seems to be able to get along. There are I think, nineteen boys and 7 girls. Lord give me patience.................And I want it right now. No matter where you move someone, they can't get along with the people you move them beside. The one boy who I said will burst into song at a momen's notice, gets on everyone's nerves. One boy in there told him today that he needed to shut his fat *** up. Omigod........... This boy has anger management problems to say the least. Not a great way to start the day. I wish I could move a few of them out. 27 is entirely too many in an inclusion class if you ask me. I gave out Star Student good notes and candy to all of the ones who I never have to speak to, and who always work hard. That pissed a bunch of people off. They need to just build a bridge and get over it I say. Other than that. I'm just worn out.

As soon as my little one can move out of the livingroom I am going to go and do my walking tape. Maybe I will get a little pep from that. I could seriously go to sleep. I tried to take a nap when I got home, but the dog kept barking right outside my window and then my nineteen year old and his friend came in so I got up and took my youngest one to get his hair cut.

My house is still in decent condition, so I won't be slaving over that this weekend. Maybe it will take me only an hour or so instead of the whole weekend.

Be back later!


10-01-2005, 10:05 AM
Hey ya'll! Just stopping in for a second to update my signature file with today's WW WI.
I'm getting depressed over how long this is taking me! Yeah, I know... I didn't get this fat it isn't going to come off overnight... yadda yadda yadda.

This week's cause for the small loss was: 1. emotional reaction to stress at school and at home.... ate within my points BUT ate things that were farrrrr from healthy! 2. Not enough water. The weather changed. I've VERY limited access to a restroom (A teacher's bladder can ONLY be SOOOOO big!). 3. DH makes THE best homemade pizza AND instead of making it on Thursday, he made it last night. I ate 1 piece more than I should have... it is my DH's fault! JK! It tastes soooooo yummy! He makes me special veggie and teeny amounts of cheese.... He even mixes whole wheat flour with his special bread flour in an effort to make it a little better for me!

So. For the next week, I will:
a. drink ALL of my water and wear adult diapers!
b. write down EVERYthing that goes thru these lips
c. find time(??) to do SOME sort of exercise 2 days MINIMUM! (Baby Steps!)
d. find something else to do when stress other than figure the WW points in cookies!

Have a great weekend!
Take care,

10-01-2005, 10:53 AM
Robyn, Robyn, Robyn!!!!!!!!!! WW is NOT known for fast weight loss.......but it is known for so, so many other good points....the only program endorced by the american diabetes foundation (I am sure I got the name wrong), doctor approved, one of the few known for long term weight loss (you do want the weight to stay off, right?). No deprivation- you can eat any real food-(within reason and guidelines), support, support, support, and although the weight will not come flying off, you have to keep your focus on how much you have taken off already!!!! ;) You are doing great! It has only been a few weeks- and just think on most other plans, you could not even entertain having that cookie! So, my dear, figure out how many points a piece of Dh's wonderful pizza is......enjoy a slice......but either plan on using additional points (out of the 35 for the week) or go really easy the rest of that day. YOU CAN DO THIS! For excercise- 15 minutes of walking counts!!! :D Or 15 minutes of dancing around the house.....chasing Dh......get my point. You deserve it!! Now get rid of that stinkin' thinking (was your meeting about that too?). Love you- have a great day! (PM me if you need to)

Pam- glad the hair was ok. Hey, I am no teacher, but 27 sounds like a lot to me for any class....and you have to face them first period! :( Hope you got some excercise in. Gee, if your house is so neat, want to come clean mine??

Gotta go to Ds's baseball game, I get to run the concession stand. Already been to Dd's 8 am soccer game.......(they won)......just want to hang out this one load of laundry and then I am off for a day of baseball.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
See ya!

Michele L
10-01-2005, 02:09 PM
Hi, ladies! Sorry I have still been MIA! September was NOT a good one for walking :stress:! I only walked 9 days the entire month :cry:! And this week was Homecoming AND Parent/Teacher conferences :yikes:!

Crazy dress-up days everyday, a 12 hour day on Wed (PTC), my son was sick on Thursday and I had to LIE to stay home with him. Friday was a shortened schedule with the crowning of the royalty, powder puff football game, and parade. Then we went to supper and the game, which was great--we won 54-0 :cheer:!

I got up this morning to find that one of the kids had puked during the night, but had not woke me up. Not only did they not flush the toilet, but they missed and it was on the seat and floor. I wasn't upset (too much) about that, but I was sad that she (found out later it was my daughter) didn't wake me up to support her. When she got up she was fine and appologized for not cleaning up, but didn't know why she hadn't woken me up. I'm afraid my little girl is growing up .......

Anyway.....NOT a good week! starts a new month and I am going to walk more! I started with the Power Mile this morning and will go do more shortly. Tomorrow DD and I are walking a 5K for Breast cancer with my 2 sisters. My mom is a 15 year survivor, but can only do the 1 mile walk this year due to lung cancer surgery in January.

Sorry to dump on you! I'll try to check back in later!

Michele :wave:

10-02-2005, 08:37 AM
Hey girls! No time to even read the posts. I hope everyone is doing okay with no major crisis. This working stuff is taking up too much time! Luckily I have a great bunch of students, so I think I will survive. I am hoping that things will slow down soon so I can get back into checking in with you everyday. I miss you guys!

I haven't written down a single thing since school started. I haven't been to WW in over a month. I don't even want to get on the scale! Oh where are my lazy days of summer?!

In case I don't get back on before then. Happy birthday to Summer on Wednesday! I hope all your dreams come true!


10-02-2005, 01:25 PM
Hi, everyone,

Home at last. Went Friday night to southeast Ohio (found a new way to get there, so it only took 1-1/2 hours) to in-laws for the night and all day yesterday. DH, DD, and I went "home" to make ketchup in this pot that belongs to mom-in-law. She is the 4th generation to have it. It has a little outside stove that it sits in on top of a temporary brick base. The men wrap this giant chain around outside of pot to keep it in place and pack mud around it to keep heat from escaping through cracks. They build a fire under it early, early in morning and we stir with a giant paddle all day. It was ready to bottle at 4:30 pm.....over 100 bottles! It is delicious (more like dark barbeque sauce).

Anyways, weight loss "plan" took a nose dive starting Friday night. We had Cincinnati chili spaghetti (I had a 3-way and coney, everyone else had 4-ways with beans). Then Saturday, it was a down home banquet in the barn...OMG! And it's too dangerous to take a walk out on the road with all the crazy hot-rodders, so no exercise. Not like it was back in the day at "home." To top it off DH lied about who was going to be there. He said it would just be his brothers and sisters (4) and their kids (10+), but when we were almost there he started naming all the other relatives and friends that would be there (50+). Oh, well, it was fun. Back on track today. I'm not even going to weigh myself until next weekend, so I do not get depressed.

Sorry, for complaining. I'll be more positive (and personal) later in the day hopefully.



10-02-2005, 03:45 PM
Michele- hope your little one is ok......mine too had a rather fast moving stomach bug. They do grow up SO fast.

Tammy- homemade ketchup! Sounds great.....neat to do for yourself like that too. Hope today was good for you and you are back on track......

Sue- glad your kids are good this year. Hope we can hear more from you soon, but we all understand how busy life gets.

Busy to church, got my 2.5 mile walk in, and the walked to Applefest again with Dd. Figure I walked well over 4 miles today.....more like 5.
Nice weather too. Dh actually noticed that I looked thinner yesterday. Amazing......and was kind enough to say something. Very unlike him.
Well he wants the computer. Gotta go.

10-02-2005, 04:16 PM
Ok, Gin....

Tell me what to pack in my lunch this week! I'll give you 7 to 8 points.... GO! :)

I'm up to my neck in preparing homework and my weekly newsletter! (MANNNN do parents KNOW how much goes into this crap?) AND I just realized, I've not done plans... pooooodles!

gotta run!
take care,

Michele L
10-02-2005, 04:17 PM
I did my Breast Cancer 5K Walk in a personal best of 49 minutes 30 seconds! I had set a personal goal to be at or under 50 minutes and I DID IT! Last year I did it in about 55 minutes.

Sorry I'm short on time for personal notes. DD is better (she walked with us). Need to finish the laundry and get ready for the week. I'm leaving early Friday am for the state Foreign Language Conference and then I htink the family is joining me at the hotel for a family night. It has a great waterpark for its guests, which is always fun!

Chat more with you later!

Michele :wave:

10-02-2005, 05:27 PM
Michele- how wonderful that you met your personal goal for the 5K walk.....and for such a good cause. Congrats to you- and what a great accomplishment!!!!!! Yeah, I have laundry to do too......oh well.

Robyn- okie dokie......want me to plan your lunch???? You gotta tell me what you like to eat, hon!!!!!!!How about a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (make at home,nuke at work) use the WW or other lite bread, (1pt), 2 0z ham (2pts) and ff american (0)- total dammage, 4 pts, have a banana (2pts) and a V-8 (little can). Total lunch- 6 points. Or a cup of whole wheat spaghetti (3pts), 1/4cup spaghetti sauce- (1pt), parmesan cheese on top if you like.....(1pt) and some fruit (1-2pts). I LOVE my WW chilli- 4pts a serving...add the cheese for 2pts......enough ideas?????
GIMME MORE TIME.....and seriously, let me know what you like. I just made a turkey meat loaf recipe that even my husband and son liked (rare occurance) that was 4 points a serving........
Okie dokie.....the reason I came here is Dh announced that he wanted to go out for dinner, and for those of you on WW, check out She has WW points for TONS of restaurants...the list is exhausting, and although she is not WW authorized, the points seem pretty realisitic to me. So I am picking out my dinner now.....and that is why I came back online.
Gotta go ladies.......see ya and enjoy the rest of today!

10-02-2005, 05:57 PM
Been a busy day. Grocery shopping. Yuck. Grading papers. Lesson plans.Yuck. Yuck. Weeding my flower bed....Yuck. Hm sounds like a yucky day. Actually except for venturing out to Walmart, it was pretty peaceful. Had to weed the flower beds so I could put my little scarecrow out there. Maybe I will go dig it out of the shed. Maybe maybe maybe.......
Maybe we will actually take a walk after dinner. I didn't walk last night, but I did do a slight work out. I seem to feel as tired today as I did when I came home Friday afternoon.

Hope you all have a great week.

10-02-2005, 06:10 PM
Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a wonderful day! My day got a little better after I worked out. I was in a depressed mood after leaving the car lot yesterday afternoon. We didn't get a new van, since they wanted too much for the van we liked. They did say that they would keep looking for a van for us though. So I guess that is a positive. We went to the boys football game last night for them to get beat 32 to 6. We came home and I went to bed, only to be woke up about 30 minutes later by my dh saying he had to run out for a little bit. That the boys were watching a movie in their room and was already in bed. So I had to wait up a little bit before going back to sleep to make sure they didn't do anything silly with their df gone. Then I really couldn't get back into my good sleeping pattern. So I did a lot of tossing and turning last night. Finally got up this morning at 9:45. I did get a half hour in on my excerise bike and did a 3 mile walking video. Did some laundry, straightened up the house and went to the grocery store for dinner ideas for me this week. Took the kids to the DQ to celebrate my one stepson getting a 100% on his spelling test on Friday. Since this is a major rare occurance we wanted to treat him. So I lived it up a little too and got a blizzard.
Sorry not to get personal with you all right now. The kids are still here and their mom should be coming shortly to get them. I need to see if their clothes are all packed up. Talk to you all later.

10-02-2005, 07:30 PM
Hi, all.
I'm in the midst of transferring my junk to my new computer and getting used to it. At least 3 times, the damn thing almost went off the 4th floor balcony today... it took 3 hours for Audible and I to figure out how to get the computer to recognize previously purchased audio books. I'm still trying to burn the 2 of them to a CD for my classroom, because ... lord forfend we actually USE the technology in our classroom for something useful instead of just MS Office or Inspiration! :P That means I can't use the audio books on the computer at school unless they are burned to a CD: I can't hook my iPod or my iPaq to the machines. Any idea how many CDs a 7 hour audio book takes? I'm at 5 and counting!
I'm also still really ticked at my teaching assistant. She's as bad as one of the children... or worse. I can give them instructions and usually get what I asked for withing certain limits. I can't even manage that with this woman. We were out in the community on Friday and one of my kids had 4 seizures... one he fell over, literally, but I caught him and got him on the floor okay... the school advised that I should have the store manager call 911, which I did... EMTs get there, and my TA LEAVES THE OTHER STUDENTS TO COME ASK ME ABOUT MONEY FOR THE VEGETABLES THEY WERE GOING TO BUY!!!!!! Good lord, she left the other kids alone, she sees I'm talking to the EMTs, and is babbling about money? Anybody with sense would have put the things back if you didn't have money for it, or just WAITED. She can't handle anything like a seizure or medical issue... the same kid had a nose bleed and she freaked over that too. This does not inspire me to leave her with a substitute in my classroom for the Jewish holidays, let me tell you! I'm afraid of what might happen when I'm gone.
Gah. The computer upgrade has taken most of my time today, so I've been very good with eating... And I still need to find a place to go swimming down here.
Things have slowed to nearly a stop with local response to Katrina, though, which is good... and things are smoothing out for the kids...
Hope the rest of you had good and restful weekends: I need to go finish my sub plans.

10-03-2005, 01:01 PM
Just a short hello. Mondays are usually very busy, today is no exception and we have a county wide 15 minute early dismissal (test of emergency systems). So things are more hectic than normal. I did sneak in my WATP tape....did that before work.

Mouse - good to hear from you. I am not all that well versed in computers (just do not have the time to become so!), so am useless to help you with anything. Sounds as though your life might be settling down a bit.....guess that is good. Hope you find a pool!

Pam- you busy lady. How is WW going??? Get a walk in?

Kerry- sorry the van you wanted was so much$$. Gosh, vehicles are so pricey.....(ours are all older, and I know that sooner or later we will have to be on the market for something new also.....dread it!). Glad that your workout picked you up. Sounds as though you are headed for another great WI with all your excercise.
Gotta go make beds.....vacuum.....fold wash. Can I get all this done???? Augh!!!!!!!!!

10-03-2005, 02:27 PM
Hello to all you fine ladies,
Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I finally got out of my bad mood last night when my dh and I had a heart to heart chat on the way to dinner. He didn't realize that he had said something to offend and hurt my feelings. So he worked extra hard last night to make me happy. I think we might have a date for next Saturday after I am done with my follow-up class for Science. My dh suggested that we go to the mall and get some new clothes and shoes for both of us. So I think I might get some dinner out of the deal too at Lonestar.
Sounds like we are all going to be very busy this week.
Robyn congrats on the weight loss. Way to go girl!! Remember that you want it to come off slow and easy that way it is less likely to come back on you and than some.
Mouse, sorry to hear that you were having fits with your computer yesterday. But it will be worth it in the long run to have a new computer. Did you get the audio books burned to your cd's yesterday? Glad to hear that you are having a good rapport with your students. Now if you just could have a good rapport with your TA you would be all set. I wonder if Summer's TA and your TA are related somehow. I can't believe she left your students alone to ask about money during your emergency with your one student. Hope you can find a gym soon.
Ginny that was so sweet of your dh to notice that you are getting smaller and to comment about it. I bet that you made feel awesome! So you were able to sneak in a walk too this morning. I did my walk and Jog video. Tonight is normally my night to go workout at Curves. But I am going with the afterschool program on a fieldtrip to a farm to go through a corn maze and pick pumpkins. So we will get back half an hour later than I normally work. So I think I am going to for a walk after I do some work at home this evening and beg my dh to go with me too. Hope your day isn't too crazy with the early dismissal.
Sue, glad to hear from you. Sorry that you have been so busy and can't come visit us. But I believe that you will finally get the hang of your school and famiy schedule one of these days. Once you get that down pat than your eating and excersing well get better. Hope you can find the time to come here and go to your WW meetings for support.
Michele sounds like you have a good plan set in place to get back on track. The first full month of being back in school can be a tough one. But knowing you I think you can be strong and get the job done. Hope your daughter is feeling better.
Summer, hope all is going well with you. We sure do miss you. But understand that school and graduate class come first. Hoep you can drop in and visit us soon.
Pam, sounds like you had a busy but productive weekend. So did you get your walk in after dinner last night? Where you able to keep your house clean over the weekend? We had the kids and they are at that age where it feels and looks like a tornado hit any room they are in.
Well ladies, I better go and get my kids started on their Social Studies work. Than it will be time for snack, take the flag down, maybe play a quick game of Uno with them and than get ready to go home.
Hope you all have a wonderful evening ladies!
Take care,

10-03-2005, 08:59 PM
Evening, all.
I figured that I'd stop by and say hi to my virtual friends since I wasn't able to get home for the Jewish New Year. My district is very strict on only allowing 3 religious holidays a year, and with the hours we have (9-4), its impossible for me to get to my mom's house before the sun sets and the holiday begins. I thought about going to a shul locally for services, but most of them started the price for non-member tickets at $200 and up. If I have $200 to spare, I'm super sorry, but I'm going to see a show on Broadway in New York! Not a very religious attitude is it??
I hope things will go well in my classroom tomorrow: I left everything organized. I'm trying really hard to get my TA to understand that there are things that need to be done and I can't do it all on my own, plus she needs to anticipate... but ASK when she anticipates. She finally finished a project I gave her when school started... and then labeled the binders I keep stuff to photocopy in... I didn't say a word about the labels even though what she labeled them with is not what is in the binder. It makes sense to her... Like, the one binder is labeled "Shopping Mall Math", but that isn't all that is in there or even most of what is in there. Its a binder full of functional math word-problems. But, like I said, she did something on her own and I didn't say a word! Of course, that was after she took a double-lunch break for an hour and 10 minutes! So she was only able to get some of the copying done because she has hall duty too. She keeps praising me too, like telling me how organized I am (I made sure my plan book was super organized so the substitute could find the notes I left, class rosters, etc).
Ginny: I hope you survived the craziness of Monday. I think about you when I have bus duty (EVERY morning and EVERY afternoon!!!). I bet you're not all that computer illiterate... you aren't scared to death of it, right??
Kerry: Yes! And its a total success! I had to pull tricks out of my bag today till it was nearly bottomless with my ED kiddo... even some mild cursing (not my style, but I'll use it if it gets through to them). He finally got settled, and we sat down with the audio CD and 3 worksheets I did on the computer: One character sheet with spots for description and role/job, one setting sheet, and one summary sheet. The summary he gave me for the first chapter was totally awesome. He is very into the story, so it was worth the fuss on the phone with Audible yesterday and the 6 CDs it took to burn the book. He's never used a screen reader or a audiobooks before, and he really wants to learn how to use the stuff because he recognizes that it will make his life easier. I can't wait till I can get him typing on his own, but we don't have word-prediction yet, and the school is using Word 2000, which odesn't have the accessibility features of Word 2003. His spelling is atrocious. I am amazed everytime I work with him about how much he grasps, and can't understand how ANYBODY could have thought he was mentally ******ed.
I'm going to try and go to the gym I want to join tomorrow since I'm "off" for the Jewish Holiday. I can't go home, and I can't go to shul, so I will do some important to me stuff... like finding a place to swim!!!!

10-03-2005, 09:26 PM
Hi, everyone!

Sounds like everyone is so busy already this week. Someone last week asked about antibiotics and hair....I believe that any medication (and pregancy hormones) change the composition of your hair. It's like a fossil record of what's been in your body. Of course, it has to be hair that's growing out during the medication-taking and for some time after. Supposedly, if you take certain drugs (cocaine) it can be detected for up to 10 years in your hair (even if it's been cut). So yes, it can affect how perms (esp.) take and dye.

Kerry: Sorry about the van. I feel your pain and I know decent vans cost. I finally broke down a couple of years ago and got a Jetta (I had been driving an SUV that I loved). DH now drives SUV, since I get off school on snowy days and I've become accustomed to a small and environmentally responsible car.

Mouse: Hope your holidays is uplifting and you find a place to swim.

Ginny: Can I have some of your energy? You sound like a very positive, energetic person. I need that for my housecleaning....DH is going on a golf weekend this week and asked me if I was going to clean since he deep cleaned two weeks ago. I guess he thinks that I do not have anything better to do since he'll be away. It's DD's homecoming and DS is coming home for fall break (4 days) so I'll have plenty to keep me busy. DD just came into my office to ask for a chore list....she needs cash for her Japanese dinner plans, football game, and haunted hike with friends Friday. I see housecleaning in her future!

Pam: I could use a little of your energy, too. You go with that garden! DH only "lets" me weed, he doesn't like me messing with his plants. He was an assistant grounds keeper at a tiny golf course in college. He's a professional don't ya know.

Robyn: Crazy chem woman here. How are you? I hope you're eating a variety this week. I'm in a rut myself. I tried to make slow cooker chicken noodle soup tonight. It was okay, but I was fantasizing that it would taste like Panera's. I think I figured out what to do next time, if there is a next time. Chemistry kids finished artificial vs. natural sweetener lab today. AP environmental kids will "operate" on owl pellets tomorrow and Wed., and chem kids will end week with a water testing lab (for hardness). Busy, busy, busy, but they are so good when they're working on labs, it's worth the extra work.

Michele: Hi, I'm new here. I just kind of jumped in one day and now the other ladies can't get rid of me. I teach HS chemistry and APES (AP Environmental Science) in Ohio. Have a good week.

Nighty, night,

10-03-2005, 10:06 PM
Evening Ladies,
My fieldtrip to the pumpkin farm was fun. We had a snack of donuts and apple cider. Than we went through a corn maze and got to take a hayride out to a pumpkin patch and picked a pumpkin. It was cute watching the kids try to find the perfect pumpkin. One little guy in kindergarten wanted this huge pumpkin that was the size of him just about. Let him get and had to have one of the parents carry it for him.
Well I better go and get my dh up and moving. I asked him if he would go for a walk with me about 15 minutes ago and he has yet to budge from the couch. Guess I have to go pry him off the couch and shove him out the door. LOL Talk to you all later.

10-04-2005, 11:42 AM
Hi Y'all:
Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! I got my day off to having to rush to work since I was taking my good old time this morning at home. I was 15 minutes late leaving my house this morning. I had to park in the lower level of our parking lot and hike up the little hill. I was tired by the time I got to my classroom. LOL
Mouse, I hope you enjoy your holiday too! Have a great time checking out the new gym. I hope that it is what you are looking for. Sounds like other than your incompentant (sorry about spelling) TA, you are making great progress with your students. Keep up the great work!
Tammy, sounds like you had a great time over the weekend making homemade ketchup. Where does your inlaws live at? I guess the good thing about not getting a new van is that we don't have a higher van payment right now. I will just keep paying on my current van and get it lowered even more and than hopefully trade it in for a new model.
Ginny is your day going a little bit better for you today? Did you get a walk squeezed in?
Well I need to go and grade some papers while my kids are out of the room for Art. Talk to you all later. Hopefully I will have a loss to report tonight after my TOPS meeting tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.
Have a great day!

10-04-2005, 05:27 PM
Hi, ladies,

Just a quickie for now. Great day....APES kids dissected an owl pellet and will reform the skeletons of the rodents/birds tomorrow. They will then key out what the animals were that the owl ate and finally make a food web.

My freshmen are still pretty sweet and compliant...they're scared of me still. As Martha says, "It's a good thing."

Kerry: My in-laws live on the Clermont/Brown County line in Bethel (not the Bethel Twp. close to Dayton). It is about 1 mile from the Brown Co. line & about 40 min. from downtown Cinci. DH and I actually grew up there about 2 miles apart, but didn't date until he was out of college (he's 3 years older than I). I was buds with his younger brother....we had our own little group of party animals.

I'll probably get back on later when I have more time to chat and get personal.


10-04-2005, 09:40 PM
Hey everyone!
These have been some busy days. Seems like we have meetings everyday. We are taking a diversity class which takes up every other planning period. Also, there are IEP meetings, afterschool meetings, and I start a practicum next Tuesday. Geez.......I am having to miss a countywide Math Leadership meeting because of the practicum. However, that could be a good thing..................I find them to be a total waste of time myself.
I have been doing great with the WW plan. I have not gone over my points once. Ok, so I have only been doing it for a few days, but, so far so good. I really like the online program. There is arecipe builder program on there. I put in a recipe and then it will tell me the points, so I don't have to guess. Also, if I don't like the points, I can modify the recipe so that I can get it to be where I need it to be....I guess I am really excited about it right now. My friend acts like she is kind of pissed about it. She is like well I think you need to slow down on this weight loss thing. Well, it has been dagonne slow. I mean, I lost the thirty pounds by the time school was out and then lost and gained back the same pounds for the remainder of summer.
Actually I should have changed my ticker. As of last Saturday I was back up to 178. We had been eating out more and it really does jump back on if you aren't careful.

Tammy: It was me who asked about the hair color and antibiotics. It defintely did a number on my hair, however, I have remedied that and it looks fine. I did go quite red for one day. Yuck......Sounds like you have an interesting class. I never did take chemistry in high school or college. I am more of a biology girl.

Kerry: Hope you have a great date! Sounds like fun. It's great when the hubby tries to suck up to right a wrong isn't it? Especially fun when you get shopping out of the deal. Although, I hate to take my husband clothes shopping he stands there and looks bored and I feel like I need to hurry.
My house.........Back to an F4. Looks like a tornado hit it. I lost my motivation about mid Saturday, and said screw it. Oh well.

Mouse: I'm sorry you can't make it home for the holiday. Do you all get personal days at all? We get five per year, but we have to pay a sub for half a day out of our pay if we use them. Have you gotten your computer straightened out yet? I changed my computer last year after it crashed. I just realized a few days ago, that I hadn't saved some stories I had written to floppy disks, and I am hoping.........That my mother has them on her computer.

Ginny: How's everything? I think I am going to stick to toast for breakfast. My lunch is ending up right around seven points, and my breakfast is about three. However, I have to throw those three points in for that Pepsi......However, happy to report that today I only drank 3/4 instead of a whole one. Withdrawal.......I have three points left not including activity points, but I think I am going to eat a sugar free jello instead......
I have walked everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels really good to get back to it....The weather is perfect.

Robyn: Were you poking fun at me for asking about lunch points Missy??????????? Hope everything is going ok for you.


Have a great day tomorrow.....

10-04-2005, 10:20 PM
Evening Ladies,
I went to TOPS and gained 3/4 of a pound. But I think that has something to do with it being that time of the month is very near. So I guess just have to work really hard at getting it down for next week.
Well I have to go and get ready for school tomorrow. I need to get my lunch and dinner ready for tomorow, lay out my clothes and get my workout clothes ready for after work and my trip to the gym. Talk to you all later.

10-05-2005, 07:58 AM
Good morning!
No time to get personal this am........sorry.
Yesterday was hectic- Dd had the appt with the urologist, and I was totally prepared to hear that he wanted to perform surgery on her. He is giving her one more try.....wants to see her in a year, and see if she can go infection free for the year. His comment that was her kidneys were normal- bladder emptied well (as seen on the sonogram we had 2 weeks ago) and because she did not spike a fever when she had the urinary infection (fever indicates that the infection went to her kidneys, which it did not) then he wants to wait this out. If she gets another infection- then surgery. But he is willing to wait......(I love this doctor!)- and I do know him to be a kind and caring man (he annually goes overseas for a month and practices in 3rd world , what is it called, Doctors without borders or something like that?).
Anyway...a good day.
Dd came home - she has no classes......goes back later today.
WW my tape in this am........see ya later!!!!!

10-05-2005, 02:53 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Hope you all had a wonderful day at school! My day was great! I got most of my Science lesson plan taught for the follow-up class I have to go to on Saturday the 8th.
My kids did a really good job once I modified it a little bit.
Ginny, hope your weight in goes well today. My WI went okay last night even though I gained 3/4 of a pound. Glad that your daughter's appointment went so well. Sounds like the doctor is very understanding and not surgery happy.
Pam glad that your WW is going so well. I am sorry that your one friend is giving you a hard time about your weight loss. Let it roll off your back. Keep up the great work!
Well I better go and get my kids working on their Social Studies. Than it will be time to get ready to send them out the door.
Have a wonderful evening.
Talk to you all later,

10-05-2005, 06:36 PM
Home at last, home at last,

Good afternoon ladies,

Decent day today. Went on a hike with the other science teachers and representatives for a family donating land to the school and community as a "sanctuary" in their family's name. It runs along a small river and part of it floods a lot in the spring, but we'll take what we can get.

DH is home now & lighting the grill for a weekly Laura's lean burger night. I'm making coleslaw with low-fat dressing for a change. I was going to make guilt-free potato salad but decided to go for some spicy Buffalo fries. (I'll skip the wheat bun so I can have some.) My daughter will eat them better than tater salad.

It's beautiful in mid/southern Ohio today. I'm going to go outside in a few. Talk to everyone later tonight.


10-05-2005, 08:00 PM
Noooo, truly, I was not making fun of you, Pam! (Don't remember my question or comment....but I know that I was not poking at you! I'm having a horrible time trying to find stuff to eat...meaning NEW stuff....I'm in a rut...)

Gotta run.... 5th grade science homeworker needs my help!
what a week...and it is only Wednesday!
take care all....hope to get back...

10-05-2005, 09:20 PM
Loooooooong day.....tired bus driver......never got to WW this am, she got weepy about leaving to go back to school, so I stayed home with her. I went after work, to the 6 pm meeting, gained 0.2# (good considering I had had a ton of iced tea this afternoon). Now just want to get some sleep......hopefully Fidgie will not bite my toes again....she did that last nite as I was trying to fall asleep and again at 4 am......ah the joys? of kitten hood. Sorry not to get personal.....see ya!

10-06-2005, 09:43 AM
Morning Ladies,
Hope you are having a great Thursday. For some reason, I am very tired this week. I don't know if it is because of the change in seasons or what. But I just feel like I am not getting enough sleep no matter what time I go to bed.
I had fun afterschool last night on the playground with three of the 5th grade girls and another staff member. We played on the jungle gym, slide, swings and the tetter totters. I felt fine last night, but this morning I feel a little sore for some reason.
I hope that this evening is still nice out and then I can go for walk outside for a change. I am going to go workout at Curves this evening to get my second day in.
I am looking forward to go shopping on Saturday for clothes that fit for a change. But it is going to feel werid going to the smaller sizes and trying them on. I will still probably reach for the sizes that I currently wear. Does anyone else have this problem when they go clothes shopping?
What is everyone's big plans for the coming weekend? I have class on Saturday from 8:30 until 3:30 and than it is off to the mall and dinner with my dh. Football games on Friday and Sunday. Plus trying to get some walking time in there too.
Well I need to go and get my kids started on their work for the day. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

10-06-2005, 05:45 PM
Was having an ok day til I came home and read a horrible note in my son's agenda from his teacher. She is a piece of work if you ask me. Just from the two times I've met her. So, I have to schedule a teacher conference with her. I am planning on asking her to meet with me tomorrow afternoon. I know it's Friday, but the tone of her note pissed me off. If this meeting is so urgent and she said schedule it at my convenience, then I will meet with her tomorrow..........
Let me tell you about a small victory I had yesterday. We had a baby shower for a teacher in my grade level. Well, it was quite a spread, cake, cookies, candy chips, soda etc. I had already decided that I was NOT going to indulge, because I am really trying to be good. So, all I ate was ONE potato chip. Just one.........Yes, I only ate one. Which my hubby found hard to believe because I do love potato chips. So, anyway, these teachers were giving me the hardest time because I wasn't eating cake. Oh, you are just trying to show off, oh are you just trying to make us look bad? Trying to prove you have will power of steel? One piece of cake isn't going to hurt you.....So, I just said no thanks. But, you know, a lot of these same people have been very snotty to me since I've lost weight. I thought geez, if somone was trying to quit drinking, or smoking would those same people throw a beer in their face or give them a cigarette? It just made me mad.
Believe me, I could have licked that cake it looked so good my mouth was watering big time.

Hope you all have a great Friday tomorrow. Wish me luck with my parent conference.

10-06-2005, 07:26 PM
Hi, everyone,

It's Thursday and I'm not exhaused. Maybe it's because I went to bed at 8:00 Tuesday and 9:00 last night!

Kerry: Have fun shopping. I can't 'weight' until I'm a complete size smaller. It's coming off slowly but steady. I have hidden it well for years because I have such a small frame. Even my old doctors didn't think I was that bad off until the blood pressure started to skyrocket and then my petite little mom (size 6/8) being diagnosed with Type II diabetes recently. But when you have gained 60% of your old body weight....that's not good. I never dieted....I lived a fairly low-stress life. Then I started teaching and that's when the poundage poured on. Oh, enough already. Have a great time...get's something that you would never have thought about buying before the weight loss (for that matter, go into stores you usually wouldn't go into either).

Ginny: Hope your rested and kitties left you alone last night. There's nothing worse than trying to work when you're beat.

Pam: Good luck with the conference. I've been there with DS (DD was always an "angel" in school). I had one 6th grade teacher tell me she thought I needed to get him tested for ADD because he was too "active" in english class. His doc said she was just making excuses for being a boring teacher; there was nothing ADD about my kid and she probably wanted him medicated so she wouldn't have to deal with him and other inquisitive kids like him. I've learned to stand my ground nicely....I prepare a list of questions to ask the teacher before a go in so I do not sound like one of those parents who thinks it's always the teacher's fault...little Jonny is perfect. I took DS with me also, so he could defend himself/or admit to his problem. Then I ask him what he thinks the problem is. Then I ask him how can he, the teacher, and I do to help him get back on track. I'm on a role...your comments brought some old memories back. Sorry,,,,,,anywhose,,,,,,,,good luck!

Talk to ya later everyone else!

10-06-2005, 10:38 PM
Evening Ladies,
Hope everyone had a wonderful day today! I had a great day until I had to do recess duty. Then the bottom fall out of my day. The one teacher that I have duty with was absent today and had a sub. The sub is an old lady who really doesn't have her heart in subbing, just a warm body in the room babysitting basically. She left me alone on the playground for about 10 minutes out of our 30 minute duty without telling me that she was taking a student into the office. In the meantime, I had a student throwing rocks at the slide and the people who were around it. I tried to get him to stop and go into the office to chill out a little bit. Then at the end of recess, I had one of my students and a 4th grader get into it and knock over a trash can. I asked that they please stop running after each other and pick up the trash. They first refused to do it and I told them that I was going to take them to the office. They refused to go to the office, so they went and picked up the trash. They got done with that and I walked them both to the restroom to wash their hands I walked the one up to his classroom and talked to his teacher. Then was finally able to walk back to my classroom and try to start my afternoon. I get back to my room 15 minutes late and my kids were already lost for the day. So I gave them some free time to relax my nerves before we went on to our afternoon work. Made it through the afternoon with my kids, go to the office and check my mailbox. In there was a note from my principal. I signed up for a refresher course in the Alternate Assessment testing on Nov. 4th in the next county over from our's. Well the one lady in my district decided to ask the presenter to come to our district and give her talk to just our group. I thought that she had set it up for Sept. 28th. and I told her that I couldn't take that day off since I was going to take the 29th off for my two doctor's appointments and I didn't feel comfortable leaving my kids alone for two days straight. So I thought that was it. So in my mailbox this note says that I am not to reimbursed for any expenses I encounter on the 4th of Nov. when I go to this meeting, since it was offered on 10-05-05 at our county office and I refused to attend. Since I was already pissed about my afternoon, I choice to write my boss a note before I went into to talk to him. I just politely explained that I had not heard about the meeting happening yesterday and if I had I would have attended. As for an expenses that I would encounter I planned on paying for myself. I mean the meeting is free, it is only 30 minutes from my house and I drink a weight loss shake at lunchtime so I won't be charging them for mileage and lunch. So I am interested to see what the outcome of this whole deal is going to shake out. I went to Curves and blew off my steam this evening. So I feel so much better now, just needed to vent a little. Plus that TOM hit this evening so hopfully I will feel better the next couple of days. :) :) Thanks for listening to my rant.
Ginny, hope you were able to get some rest. Sorry you had a gain but atleast you went and didn't skip your wi. Hope your day on Friday goes smooth and you sail right into the weekend without a problem.
Pam, sorry you had a crappy day today with your son's teacher. I hope that your confernce goes well tomorrow. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I hope all goes well with you. Way to go about your willpower yesterday at the babyshower! You go girl! Keep up the good work!
Tammy, I plan on getting nice clothes that I normally won't think about. I use to feel that I had to wear two shirts, just to hide my fat rolls. But now I am down to just wearing one shirt. I also plan on going into Victoria Secret's and trying on some stuff there since I can finally wear their stuff. So what are your plans for the coming weekend?
Hello to Robyn, Summer, Mouse, and Michele! Hope all is going well for you. Opps I forgot to say hi to Sue.
Have a great evening!

10-07-2005, 09:13 AM
All I can say it TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the weekend begin! :) :)

10-07-2005, 01:40 PM
Kerry- sorry your day was such a all seemed to go in the tank for you once mid day's Friday!!!!!! :D and hopefully better!!!! Enjoy shopping!!! :) :) Try on those smaller sizes......maybe a new color for you....try to break out of the mold of what you were wearing. You have been working so hard at this weight loss thing and deserve something bright and new and in a SMALLER SIZE. (gee, am I emphatic enough?)

Pam- well, congrats on the nerves and will power of steel- resisting all that junk. My MIL can be like that.....hey, you know what so what if you are making everyone else (who is pigging out!) look like wimps! Your scale will go deserve are worth it......go for it! Stay empowered!!

Tammy- my Dm is also Type II diabetic- and that is one of my driving forces to get this darned fat off my body. Oh, she is "under control" but takes a million pills a day.......gee if I can avoid that by losing weight it would be wonderful. I do the same thing as you- go into conferences (and doctors visits too) complete with a list of what I want to ask. (gee, they must LOVE me). Are you taking meds for bp?? (mine did the same thing.....went thru the roof).

Okie, dokie.....guess I'd better go. At WW, I storyboarded.......wrote what my goal is......I want to be 150 or less by 1/1/06. (10.6# loss). That would put me at goal for WW .....yes I know that the holidays are coming...but I have to do this......and think I can. (anyone else think I can :lol: :dizzy: ?)
SO I am trying my kick box tape in this am....and have been good with my eating yesterday and today.
Guess I'd better go freeze the parsley I picked....... see ya!!!!!!
Happy Friday!!!!!

10-07-2005, 06:28 PM
Hope everyone had a good day today. It sort of seemed to drag for me.
But, it is over. I am happy to say that I did really well with my ww points this week. I only went over by two points once. I actually have some points to blow tonight, as we are going out to eat. SOMEWHERE...............
As for the conference. She couldn't meet me today. So, we had a phone conference. We are having a regular conference on October 20th. Here is what happened. Yesterday my son took this thing out of his bookbag called an air pac. I didn't even realize there was one in there. I guess it is inflatable and it is supposed to make things easier on your lower back. Anyway, he took it out of his backpack and and was hitting himself on the head with it. (Yes, it's stupid, but he's nine) anyway, he said it feels like a balloon. So, she took it. Then she told him to give him her agenda. The agenda was in his bookbag. He slung the bookbag off his shoulder. This thing is HEAVY. It landed in front of her foot. So, she said were you trying to hit me with your bookbag? He said I wasn't trying to hit you. She said DON'T SAY ANOTHER WORD, The note, implied that he threw his bookbag at her. Well, he may be capable of many things, but that isn't one of them. So, she was very nice on the phone. She said he has a low A average, is an auditory learner, and would rather discuss things than put them on paper. But, that he is TOO SMART, and should have a higher average. She also said that it has been her experience that fourth graders tend to become slackers. I have noticed that this year. He has become Mr. Forgetful. Anyway, I guess everything is ok, and I am going to send a checklist for her to check off everyday, and do some sort of reward system at home for him bringing his stuff home everyday etc..... I was shocked by the tone of her note. Maybe she was just in a bad mood. I don't know, she was very nice today.

Ok, gonna get off here, and get ready to feast. :D

Talk to you all later.


10-08-2005, 08:16 AM
Good Saturday Morning to you all,
Well we made it through another work week. One week closer to summer vacation. LOL :) Yesterday wasn't too bad. Much better than Thursday go around at school. My principal talked to me about the note I sent to him about my meeting on Nov. 4th. He said that he was just passing the message from my special ed. supervisor and that he my principal didn't see anything wrong with the way I was taking care of the alternate assessment refresher course. So I am glad that is all straightened out. Had to bring a ton of school work home with me. But after my week I had if I get to it I get to it tomorrow if not I will just tackle it on Monday.
This morning I already put in my 4 mile Super Challenge walk. Since I have class at 8:30 until 3:30, needed something to wake me and give me an energy boost. Then when I am done with class , it is off to the mall with my dh. Look out world, here comes Kerry shopping in a smaller size. I think I am going to be brave and try and get a different style going for myself.
Robyn, hope your WI goes well for you today! How was school this week?
Mouse, how did you like the gym you tried out the other day? Is it a possiblity? Hope you enjoyed your holiday!
Michele, are you slowly getting back into a routine that balances work, family and Michele's personal needs like diet and excerise? I hope things are going great for you!
Sue, how is the moving classroom going for you? Going to go bowling any this weekend?
Summer, where are you? I hope all is well with you and your family. Plus that the Nimrod has stayed away from you and not harmed you anymore.
Ginny, I have faith you honey that you can be 150 or less by Jan.1st. You are so dedicated to making your life healthier that you can do it! Do you want me to think of a goal weight I would like to be by Jan.1st and we work together to get there? Would that help you?
Tammy, hope you were able to get some sleep the other night since you were so well rested. Sounds like you are really enjoying your classes so far this year. Any big plans for the weekend?
Pam, glad that your phone call went okay with your son's teacher. I bet you were thinking it was a lot worse. Sounds like you were able to work together to come with a pretty good plan to help him not to be so forgotful. Sounds like you might be one of the ones to reach her goal weight by Jan. 1st. Keep up the great work!
Well I must go and get ready for school. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

10-08-2005, 10:01 AM
Here I am for a quick run by again. I skimmed the posts but that is about it. I have a busy day planned. First I need to run my DD into my DM's as I have my monthly breakfast with the girls this morning. I will then take my DD to her bowling league(my DS went to his Dad's this weekend but my DD didn't want to go). My DH is in Chicago on business. After bowling we are going shopping for something for my DD to wear for her school pictures this week. I am hoping they have some cool weather clothes out by now as the last time we went they didn't have much in that department yet. Sunday we have mass in the morning and our couples bowling league at 6:00 but I am hoping to actually stay home and relax inbetween!

My rolling room is actually not bad. It REALLY helps that I have great students this year. I actually have a system now and a place for everything, so I am able to find something when I need it. I just tell myself it is great exercise having to push that loaded cart from one side of the school to the other each period!

I actually made it to WI this week. Unfortunately I just had time to WI and couldn't stay for the meeting but at least I did that. I actually lost 3 3/4 lbs from my last WI! That is pretty amazing since I haven't been tracking nor measuring at all. Must be all that cart pushing!

Someone (I think Pam) mentioned how people try to tempt you with food. That was a good point about the booze or cigaretts. No one would ever do that. I get so much crap when I refuse something it is unbelievable! Just because I have reached my goal weight doesn't mean I can have a free for all. I don't want to go back!

Robyn you were asking about low point lunches. For a quicky, Lean Cuisine has some good froozen meals. You may need to add a salad or some carrot sticks to bulk it up though. I also try to cook extra of whatever dinner I am making. Then I divide it up into containers to take to work. WW has a lot of good cookbooks that have lunch ideas also. Just make sure you look at them before you buy because some have stuff with hard to find ingredients or just things that you wouldn't eat on a regular basis. I like the Simple Goodness book but I'm not sure you can get it anymore. I have tons of cookbooks so if you let me know what recipe you would like, I could probably find it for you.


10-08-2005, 10:23 AM
It really is the weekend isn't it? Yipppeeeee. I dread next week, because I have sooooooooo many things going on, but this too shall pass.
I am happy to report that I have lost three pounds my first week on weight watchers. Although, I wasn't doing too much watching what I was eating last night....Oh well, today is a new day. My ds had a friend sleepover last night. I am exhausted. Ha! This boy is sooooooo full of energy. I think he has my dog scared too. She is hiding in my room. She is a pretty tolerant, laid back gal, but I think he is a little much for her. His dog likes to wrestle. I tried to explain to him that our dog isn't used to that. I think she was about ready to snap at him last night, so I just called her over to me and told them to go upstairs and play. Then, this morning, I was making blueberry muffins for my son cause they are his favorite, and I just can't do them on the weekdays. This little boy doesn't like blueberries. I said Ok, well what do you like? Everything he mentioned we didn't have. So, I popped two waffles in the toaster and he ate those. My son is not a morning person, and this boy is. He is as cute as he can be, but man oh man, if I could bottle his energy...........

Stuff to do.....
Talk to you later.

10-08-2005, 11:14 AM
Is it JUNE yet???

Perhaps I just have to be thankful for Saturdays and Sundays, huh?! Wowwww.... What a week!
...and it wasn't even THAT wacky! Just SOOO busy! I am in the process of conferencing with all of my kiddos' families... Did 3 after school yesterday.... this is after my dear friend began vomitting shortly after lunch and needed to go home and they couldn't get a sub SO I took her class so that she could leave. Now, I am NOT afraid of kiddos. I am NOT afraid of having a room packed with 1st graders.... BUT.... jammed packed room of kiddos requires a bit of animation, drama, and zing! It exhausted me! Sub showed up 15 minutes prior to the very end of our day. But atleast I didn't have to take them out to the buses by myself! Returned to my classroom to pop a piece of gum into my mouth, grab my water bottle and begin talking for another 1.5 hours to parents. Yipeee skipeee!

So this morning, in the pitch black, in the pourrrrring rain, I pulled this lard butt out of bed and headed to my WI. It is coming off.
And I have to be honest. This week was FARRRR from stellar with both my effort AND my intake. (Altho I did NOT eat horribly!). So, yes, I did my storyboard.... and I truly KNOW what I need to do! NEXT week folks... I'm gonna reach my mini goal! It is SO easy to be SO determined sitting behind this keyboard on a Saturday morning prior to my REAL life waking up around me, without the weekday demands pulling my hair out one strand at a time! :p
::shrug:: The reality of my busy life makes me nuts! HOWEVER, chins in the air, fist over head in Scarlett O'Hara fashion... "THIS is the week!" (Didn't you hear this speech from me last Saturday morning?!)

Yes, Gin, I KNOW that you will reach your goal by the new year! I believe in you! :cheer::cheer:

Sue, thanks for the info about the cookbooks and the offer for recipies! I'm going to buy the new chicken WW cookbook if they ever get any more back in stock! (I've heard it has recipies for duck.... I'm sure those pages will get lots of use at my house! Quack, quack! NOT!) Congratulations on your WI!
Pam, Congratulations on your WI! :bravo::woo:Keep working your plan, girlie! Watch out for Mr.Morning and his energy! :hyper:
Too bad it isn't like a cold...."catching"! LOL
Kerry, :cheer:you are so smart to "kill the exercise" before the day even gets rolling! You and your dedication are inspiring! Keep up the great work!

I'm sorry if I've forgotten anyone.... I'm seriously considering going back to bed.... this rain...and my early morning run in it has given me very heavy eyelids....and BASEBALL IS CANCELLED for the day! whoooooohoooooo.... Everyone else is bummed...I'm estatic! (Great mom, huh?!)

Take care...type to you all soon!

10-09-2005, 07:43 AM
Good Morning!
Robyn: You are doing so good!!!!!!!!!!! You inspire me. I managed to get a whole lot of nothing done yesterday. Not one thing, but listen to kids play and be lazy. Oh well..... It has been raining for the past few days. Makes you sleepy. Ok, I did manage to go to the grocery store. That's always fun. I had a house full of kids yesteray. I think six plus my oldest and his girlfriend. I have yet to write a single lesson plan for this week. I suppose I shall do that at some point today.

Have any of you ever heard of the Halleluyah ( I have spelled that three different ways. I don't know how to spell it....) Diet? My neighbor across the street started it on September 7th. Anyway, she is down twenty nine pounds. I knew she was doing it, but I haven't seen her in like forever, and I ran into her in the grocery store she looks amazing. I could not eat like that for the rest of my life. She is not eating meat. She can only eat, whole grains, brown rice, veggies, no sugar, white cheeses like swiss, and mozzerella, pure butter. She said she loves it. She is mad because she wants to lose quicker. I was like my goodness, you've lost thirty pounds almost in a month. That is pretty darn quick.

I did great yesterday with my points. I was actually under my target points by six points. Don't know how I did that.......

Have a relaxing day...............

10-09-2005, 11:44 AM
Robyn- congrats on the weight loss and storyboarding........hey sweetie, don't feell guilty at all for enjoying the rain out. Dh and I were both thrilled that yesterdays games were rained out......ya need a day off here and there, right? BTW- WW is funny- you can have a week where you eat totally OP and do everything right, and the dumb weight stays the same. Or a somewhat less than stellar week and drop 3 #. Go figure. All I know is that you are doing GREAT. BTW, and this applies to Pam too- I found a great lunch! Or dinner for that matter. Veggie burger (yup, I do like those) on a lite roll.....3 spinach/garlic balls (made this new recipe, and cannot tell one bit that it is "diet") and a cup of cantaloupe. Whopping 6 points total. And for me a lot of food. Anyone interested in the spinach ball recipe and I will post it later.

Pam- good for you on the 3# loss!!!!!! That is great for week 1. After the first 2 weeks the losses are usually a bit smaller, but then considering that almost any food is allowed- especially with the holidays coming up- then life is good right?? Never heard of the halleluyah diet......but look at all the stuff she can't eat. And how is she going to face name it.....all that stuff is around the corner. You are doing great!!!!!! SOrry about the fussy sleepover kid. Drives you nuts, doesn't it?

Sue- hope your breakfast was nice yesterday. And a pleasant shopping trip with Dd too. Did Dh make it home on time for bowling???? Hope you get some time to relax too!!!! Great WI too!!!!!!!!! And you were not even counting (wish I could be that lucky!).

Kerry- how did the shopping go???? Hope you got some great new clothes that make you feel like a million $$$$. You so deserve it! All that working out has to have toned you up a lot. Sure, if you want to join me in my goal (keep reminding me!) I would love the company. I have to do this....I refuse to buy another pair of size 12 jeans (and mine are so well worn I could use new ones) and I am not allowing myself the new Patricia Cornwell book until I break out of the 160's 2 weeks to do that.....but I need all the inspiration and butt kicking I can get. Thanks for the support and help.

Going to see Dm today. So I'd better get off of this and get my walk in. Did 2 WATP tapes yesterday....snitched a bit.....but not an awful day. I can feel the water weight coming on (PMS time, my friends, so I am likely to say anything this week, y'all know me by now!) But now I have 2 buddies for attending meetings- both mom's of kids in Dd's class. It will be nice to have some company for those times that I can get to the same meeting.
Gotta go be productive here......enjoy your Sunday.
(does everyone have tomorrow off??????? Hope so!)

10-09-2005, 12:53 PM
Yipee! Look at me posting two days in a row! That is a record for me since school started I think. Yesterday was great. My dd and I had a great bonding day plus I actually had grown-up girl time, which is very, very rare for me. My DH did make it home from Chicago around midnight. Then he was up at 6 to go golf. Should I add to his insanity that it was probably about 42 degrees this morning?

Congratulations on everyones weight loss. We are all kicking butt right now. Must be those crazy, overwhelming first months of school are paying off! As for Pam's neighbor, sure that weight is coming off fast but when people do those really restricting diets they just can't stick with them. Then when they go back to normal eating they gain it all back and then some. That is why I like WW. There isn't anything I can't eat if I want to spend the points. For me the key was portion control more than anything. I could easily sit down and mindlessly finish off a whole box of something. I would eat even when I was feeling full.

Today I have been very unproductive. I did make a coffee cake for my family. I usually make something on Sunday for them to eat during the week. They think they are getting something bad but really I sneak healthy stuff in there. Then I also make them eat a protein before they can have the other. I figure it is better than sugar cereal and I still don't have to dirty pans in the morning.

Right now I am debating between dusting my house, which it is in dire need of. Washing the windows (but it is sooooo cold out), going into school to get some work done, or going grocery shopping. I really should do them all but I don't want to do anything. I really want to look through cookbooks and find something exciting and new to make for supper today. At least if I found something that sounded good I would want to go get the groceries!

I have to bowl tonight. I just bought a new ball (my DH thought it was time since I bought the last one over twenty years ago). Now I am afraid to bowl because I will still suck at it and I won't be able to blame anything but myself! HA HA. Actually I am not competitive at all so I find my ability quite amuzing.

I guess I should be productive.


10-09-2005, 01:39 PM
Afternoon everyone,

I just lost my whole page of replies!!! I guess I'll be short this time then. Not an easy task for me.

Ginny: Thanks for asking...I do take lisinopril for my bp and it seems to do the trick. I do want to control my bp by losing weight and eating right though. Who knows where it'll be in 20 years if I don't.

Pam: I agree with Sue about the fad diets. Just like people I know that tried Atdkins' it all comes back (as fat) plus some as soon as you step off the plan. It's not natural either.

Kerry: Where are you? I'm dying to know what you bought! Talk to us girl.

Robyn: Congrats on the exercise so early in crappy weather. What determination! It's dreary here too but no rain yet today. I feel ya about the game cancellation. I got like that too when the kids were both in sports.

Sue: Don't feel guilty, I'm feeling that way today, too. I think I'm just going to grocery shop and finish getting ready for tomorrow, and do dinner (if the fam is nice to me!).

Anyone I haven't mentioned, heyyyyyyy. Talk to you later. I need to dry my hair before it stays like this all day.

Bye-bye now,

10-09-2005, 01:42 PM
Forgot to mention, DH went on annual family golf trip in around Lexington, KY (exact location forgotten). I've taken a bunch of bad food "trips" and gained a lb. DS was home from school but was hardly here and DD was off doing homecoming stuff all weekend. I was the only one I had takeout. I feel like crap mentally and physically today. I was knocked to my senses by the scale this morning and had a healthy breakfast and lots of water.


10-09-2005, 02:19 PM
OMGosh! Just Googled "Hallelujah Diet" ........... um, more power to your neighbor. Go look. It isn't for me! Just stopping by after a "wonderful" (sarcasm, sarcasm!) trip to the grocery and before I get the living room straight and my lesson plans done and my homework for next week ready. Sigh! Thanks for the great support and cheering for my "shrinking"! I did about 15 minutes with weights yesterday. Whoopeee...but hey it is a start AND my body is yelling at me about it today! :) Yes, Gin, I would like to see your recipie! Yahoooooo and keep going to everyone who is sticking to their plan! Come on, you can do it! to everyone who isn't! :) I've GOT to get at LEAST a path through this living room so I'm gonna RUNNNNN!

take care, ya'll!

10-09-2005, 09:44 PM
Hi, all.
I had this nice post the other day and lost the whole thing. I was totally frustrated, because that has never happened to me before. I blame it on the placement of my new computer's glide pad (that little mousey thing at the bottom of a laptop)... Its to the left of center, so my hand keeps hitting it when I type, and I go back or forward or select everything and delete it constantly!
My Friday was like Kerry's: it tanked after lunch. My TA wasn't there again (and called while I was at school on Friday... guess she's not brave enough to call when she thinks I'll be here???) and won't be back before October 17! Okay, look, I know she has PCOS. Allegedly, I have it also. But I don't respond to the typical treatment! And you guys all know that I've had CT scans and ultrasounds and whoknowswhatall done to see why I have that pain on the right side... to no avail. So I just take tylenol (since I can't take advil!!), and deal with it. And you all know that I spent over a year throwing up everything I ate, but I dealt with it and WENT TO WORK! Anyway, the result of her not being there didn't really hit until 4th period. I only have one student that period, and he was invited to an ice cream party with the other class he spends time with. I was going to go down there, but we had a schedule emergency with the girl that we've been changing over to a certificate. She was put in a class that was really bad behaviorally, and the teacher was afraid the girls would chew her up... so we had to change her schedule again just before that class. I went to get her from that class, and she never showed up! So, myself and the TA from the other class went all over the building to find her. About halfway through, she was found in a bathroom... and then we realized that she hadn't gone to Art either (who was it who posted about the babysitter as substitute? This guy didn't even take attendance!). That shot the rest of 4th period, because I couldn't let her go to the ice cream social, so we sat in my room. She has after-school detention on Tuesday... this is the 3rd time this year she has cut, but because she is one of my students, nobody reports her. They just tell me; well, I did something because she cut MY class on Friday! Otherwise, she wouldn't have even gotten detention!
And it was pouring all day on Friday, too. So I leave school (thinking I'd forgotten my wallet at home, so I didn't do my errands), and get home... to realize my wallet was in my school bag the whole time! Duh!
Saturday was supposed to be packed: Red Cross class I was teaching, concert, then home to mom's. Well, the rain killed 2 of those plans. They issued a state of emergency for my mom's county in PA, so I couldn't drive up there. The concert was held, but the free parking is packed dirt and stones, and we had lawn seats. We didn't go... My local chapter was given the tickets to the Montgomery-Gentry concert at Nissan Pavillion for our support efforts during Katrina and Rita. Strange, then, isn't it... that we had a FLOOD during the dang concert?? :grin:
The class was held, but it was far from a roaring success. I have never been to the new Fairfax County office. They weren't where they are now when I was there last. My directions were screwy (the building faces a major street, so has that as an address, but you can't GET to the building from that MapQuest was confused!). It was pouring so hard that I went the wrong way off the beltway... and almost ended up in Arlington!
I got there a few minutes after 9:00... and the students didn't have the brains to sit in their car! They were all waiting for me IN THE POURING RAIN! So, they were in just a wonderful mood.
The class they were taking is an EIGHT HOUR class. They're lucky: It used to be 16 hours! And when I took it, it was required before you could do anything. And there was no video. And ... and... and... the training building I took it in didn't have Air Conditioning, and I had to walk 28 miles in disaster-caused mud to get to the class.... ;)
Anyway, the students had this idea that they could go to lunch for 45 minutes and STILL get out of the class at 4:00. Not. They lucked out: some of the required papers were missing, so they did get out at 3:30. They think they scammed me, but I couldn't do a major part of the class because the paperwork wasn't there. They were rude, though, and spent the after-lunch period passing around a newspaper.
And took out the lack of paperwork, the fact that the posters were missing, and other things out on me! Like... okay, I don't volunteer for this chapter! I helped them out at the last minute (literally... they called me Thursday night to ask if I'd do it, and didn't get me all the details till after 8:00 on Friday!), so I can't answer questions about specific chapter details. I couldn't tell them where they were supposed to be for training on Sunday. I didn't put the packets together, so its not my fault they were backwards. Now, this is the second time this has happened to me: the first Shelter Ops class I taught for my own chapter was really disorganized, because we didn't have all the stuff we needed. Also, this particular class hasn't been updated to phrase out one type of paperwork and incorporate the client assistance cards that we use now instead of the checks. They spent a lot of time using the checks in the class. It didn't help any that I had some smart-asses. I hate smart-asses! I really, really do.
So, after class, I came home and treated myself to a nice dinner (fairly low carb, at that!)... and went to the bookstore today.
Tomorrow, before I go anywhere, I am going to hook up my new printer, change the sheets on my bed, and vaccuum. My apartment is a pig-sty!

Oh... and if that weren't enough: On Friday afternoon at school, they told me that our community trip to Trader Joes wasn't going to be allowed. Its in the next county over, and not more than 5 miles from the school. But, its IN THE OTHER COUNTY!!!!! So we can't go! The special ed office (and my mentor!) had told me that it was okay because it was so close. So, I have to go tell the manager at the store that we can't come on Tuesday now. He set up a whole tour and everything for us. And because of the late notice, we probably can't go anywhere. We've already been to Safeway and did a tour there... plus went shopping there. :mad: I can take them if I fill out a field trip request... so, what, I'm going to take them on a 45 minute field trip? Maybe I'll try to combine the Trader Joe trip with the one I wanted to do to Whole Foods (same problem: they're near each other, not more than 5 miles from the school).
And I still don't have a gym, but I think I finally got the other club to drop my membership. They haven't asked me to buy it out (which is what the corporate office said I'd have to do)... And they can't charge my credit card because that card doesn't exist anymore. :sigh:

10-09-2005, 11:13 PM
Just getting ready to get ready to go to bed! :D Still have to pack my lunch.....Get my clothes together.
Had a super busy day today. My house is back to cyclone city, but it will be here tomorrow....
Did five days worth of lesson plans, graded and recorded a gibungus stack of papers, did all my homework for my practicum which starts Tuesday :( , ran off a set of papers for tomorrow morning, made a delicious chicken and dumplings which I threw in the crockpot. Yummy.

My baby boy turns twenty tomorrow :( ! :o It was funny we got him a cute card that was for a little kid that says to our little boy on his birthday. Ha! My husband was cracking up in the card aisle. We were looking for like a big bird card or something doofy, but this other one is so funny. Also, a cute little clown balloon. (These two things look likie they are for a four year old or something.)He already thinks we are crazy. I wanted to get him a Power Rangers cake for his birthday. But, we got him a small cake with a football on it. He said he wanted a tequilla cake, I said I don't think so. He is getting money, so we will probably not see him, and the cake will be staring me in the face. I think I am going to leave it on the table in the morning with a note that says You and your friends Enjoy,just leave a piece for your brother......

I also googled the Hallelujah diet. before I posted the first time. (Notice I spelled it correctly this time.) There is no WAY I could eat like that. This lady tends to jump from one fad thing to another and then moves on to something else. I don't mean with just dieting either. I am not saying this to be mean, but I seriously think she could be one of those people who would be easily persuaded to join a commune or something.......I am very happy with weight watchers. I even told her that it was for me because I can eat whatever, but I have to be accountable.....Especially doing it online. After I made the mistake of wasting two points on two toosie rolls the other day. I was like man, I could have had a whole bag of those 100 calorie chips ahoy. Dang.......Oh well......Live and learn.

Have a great day tomorrow!


10-10-2005, 10:15 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Survived my day yesterday. Kind of hectic getting everything done here and then scooting down to Dm's. For the most part it was a pleasant visit- sure wish that she lived closer (would make a short pop in visit possible, as opposed to an all day excursion) but she has no intent on moving, so I guess I'll just shut up and quit bellyaching.

Pam- sounds like you have school today. Bummer. Happy Bday to your "baby" (mine turns 20 in May 06). Great idea with the cake... Got a laugh out of the Power Rangers cake idea. Reminds me of my Ds and stuff like that we have tried with him. Think I would have done the power rangers cake as a goof....... As far as the tootsie rolls go...sometimes you have to allow yourselves the darned things to get it out of your system. I was at a meeting in the summer where this one woman (who was BTW very close to goal, so WW was working well for her). Her big indulgence was a chocolate croissant. (sp). I think the darn thing was 8points or something outrageous like that but she had one every day. And she was willing to give up the points to avoid feeling deprived. So you do what you have to do.....If chocolate is a problem, if I remember correctly the M&M Kudo bars are only 2 points......they have just a few mini M&M's sprinkled on top and could get you out of that chocolate thing. Just an idea there. You are doing great!

Sue- good to hear from you two days in a row. Hope you found some focus and knocked something off your "to do" list. (isn't it amazing how we can stress over which job to get done first?) So glad that your time with Dd was so rewarding. Ok as far as Dh and the golf outing.......what is it with men and baseballs, golf balls and footballs anyway?????? :lol: Aw, he could have been doing far worse, and I guess you have to take advantage of somewhat warmer weather before winter sets in.

Tammy-good for you on hoping to control the BP with weight loss and getting healthy. I hear ya with not knowing what you will be facing in 20 or so years. I know that is a major driving force for me to get these # off. Hope that the rest of your day was healthy eating. You can do this!

Mouse- good to hear from you!!! Hope you can find a place to swim (is it starting to bug you that you can't?) I feel for you - seems as though whenever you are assigned an assistant you get a loser......and too bad you did not get to see your Dm. Do you have school this Thursday??? (if I remember correctly you had to take personal time for the Jewish holidays, right?)

Robyn- good for you getting a workout in!!! Hope you are not too sore today- and are sticking to your eating plan. I took some of those spinach/garlic balls to my Dm's- she liked them too. I'll post the recipe later- and honestly I think you could reduce the point value a bit more with some substitutions. But these do taste like the real diet thing at all and of course you get a veggie in. Did you find your living room? :lol:

Kerry- waiting anxiously (can't wait to hear about the good stuff you got!) to see how your shopping trip went!

Guess I'd better get my hyde in the shower. Dh and Ds are at Ds's double header.....who knows if I will get there or not. Forgive me but I do not really want to go anywhere today. Ain't I a crumb!!!!! BTW, for you WW'ers out there, one member mentioned the other day that 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal is 0 points......a pleasant sort of sweet, crunchy snack if you are into eating dry cereal. Just don't eat too much of the'll be sorry! :lol:
See ya later!

10-10-2005, 07:12 PM
WELL.... read the posts from today as I sat down to my husband's home cooking. :hungry:You know...dinner at the keyboard!
So .... here is some GUILT! :crazy:

Get this.... tonight when I arrived home from school dinner was ready! He made: homemade rolls:devil:, twice baked and then mashed potatoes (my absolute favorite thing he makes!:?:), green beans that he cooked with meat:eek:, and OIL.... in a PAN ON the stove! :love:

He also had dessert waiting... some sort of apple cashew cinnamon bun stuff! I asked him if WW sent him into the kitchen with plans of destroying me?! :rollpin:

I did eat a small helping of everything with the exception of the greasy beans. It tasted yummy. I'm done for the night. Well, duh! I think I'm sorta feeling a bit queasy at the thought of all the points I just ate. BUT .... :?::devil::rolleyes:What was I supposed to do??? Insult him?! (hehehe!)

This won't happen again this week....So I HAD to enjoy the chance when it came up!

gotta run....boy scouts...yipppeee skipppeeee
take care, meeeee (don't report me to the WW authorities!)

10-10-2005, 09:57 PM
Good evening, all! I have some really great news, and have to share (but also had some not-so-good news):

Okay, so I get it out of the way: not-so-good is that my lower wisdom teeth have to come out, the upper 2 were already taken out because they were twisted when they came in and eventually decayed... however, the bottom teeth are also grown into the bone, so it'll have to be done by an oral surgeon. My own dentist cannot do it. I'm going to ask my primary care doctor if she can recommend somebody local because my dentist is near the gym in Baltimore. I see her 2 times a year, and I always make my appointments during the time I'm off school anyway... So it didn't make sense to change.
First good news: I joined the other gym that I saw (the one I wanted to work for). I'm going to try to start going tomorrow, at least to swim... I forgot to ask about getting somebody to show me out to use their equipment upstairs because it is a little different than my old gym. But its REALLY accessible, I've been there 3 times at different points of the day and not had any issues parking. There is an easy to use elevator, and while the pool isn't perfect (steps instead of a ramp, and no hot pool to do the PT exercises in), its a bit deeper. If it doesn't work, I just might sign up for water aerobics classes at the nearby rec center. They have some neat classes that sound kinda fun... water kickboxing, and water yoga. I just hope they have them in the evenings. But they also have quite a few deep-water classes, and water jogging. I could probably get into water jogging with my iPod once I learned how to do it.
I can get the classes for free if I volunteer for 4 hours a month, and they need lifeguards. I'll have to see where I can squeeze another 4-6 hours in...
Second good news: I saw my endocrinologist today. She had bloodwork done last week, and she already had the results back. I OFFICIALLY have normal insulin levels! When I started seeing her, it was like 56. HIGH normal is 17. I was at 15, so I'm not just high normal, I'm NORMAL NORMAL!!! Also, the last two blood tests have shown normal liver function as well... that is what we were hoping for, because the liver has a remarkable way of healing itself. The enzymes went wonky after I took Glucophage for several months, and its taken 3 years to have two tests come back normal. It was usually one would be normal or slightly elevated, and the next time, it would be elevated and the other would be fine.
I do still get nauseous from time to time, but its nowhere near as bad as it has been. And, I guess the reason I can't go without eating completely now is that since my insulin level is normal, my body is mostly doing what it is supposed to do. With any luck at all, weight loss will follow. I am wearing smaller sized clothing, and I can wear some pants that aren't stretchy. I wore my jeans today for the first time since last spring (can't wear 'em to work so they don't get worn much... my new school allows it, but you have to pay $2 to the scholarship fund on Fridays for Jeans Day... I don't think its worth it, personally!)... and last time they were just a bit tight. Now, they are loose, and I have to pull them up.:D But the scale hasn't changed at all. I don't get that one.
Oh well. Can't wait to get swimming again.
Ginny: Yes, it has REALLY been bugging me. I don't have the patience that I developed from getting the exercise. One thing I need to work out though is a snack. Our hours are so strange: 9-4, and my lunch break is at noon. I need to find some low-carb, easily portable snack that I can put in the car so I eat something before going to the gym. I was thinking something like a SlimFast snack-bar, but they don't have any low carb ones... and most of the low-carb ones have chocolate coating, which I can't have. I wonder if the low-sugar ones from South Beach or SlimFast would be okay? I usually have celery and cucumbers with lunch, so I'm not going to want those again, and if I buy anything that needs to be refrigerated, I'm likely to leave it in the fridge at school.
Any ideas?

10-10-2005, 10:32 PM
Hi Ladies,
Just a brief visit to tell you about my weekend. Went to class on Saturday. it was okay. Came home to pick up my dh and off to the mall we went. I got a new winter coat. Get this it is a men's medium. I was floored at the size. I tried on a coat by the same company (columbia) in a women's and it was too tight across my shoulders and upper arms that was a large and an extra large. I was able to get 4 pairs of jeans in a size 16. I got a couple Ohio State t-shirts in a large too. Then my dh and I went to Lonestar for dinner. Which by the way, sucked. We ordered a Texas Rose and it was burnt. So the manager tried to replace it with another one. Ended up giving us an order if potato skins but we didn't eat any of them since we had already gotten our dinners. The waiter never came back to see if I wanted something else to drink besides my big margrita and glass of iced tea. So that ticked me off. We got free desert out of the deal. i ordered a piece of cheesecake and eat it. But it wasn't any good. I think it had a lot to do with my mood by this point in the evening. I was tired and was looking forward to a nice quiet relaxing dinner with my dh and then this happens. We didn't have to pay for our meal though. The manager picked up the tab. Came home and walked to the local bar to play some pool. Ended up drinking 4 fuzzy navels and some old man tried to pick me up at the bar. Came home and finally fell into bed around 3 a.m. So I was up on Saturday for about 21 1/2 hours. Woke up yesterday morning at 10 to get ready for my sds' football game. But I did make the time for a 3 mile walking video. Jumped in the shower and hurried up to get ready to go to their game. Went to their game and then it was off to Wal-mart to pick up some much needed bath supplies like shampoo, deodrant and the like. I did treat myself to a new cd Big and Rich. Went to dinner with my dh and came home to straighten up the house and do some laundry. Finally fell into bed around 12:30 only to get back up at 5:30 to face my day. So that was by big exciting weekend. I did buy two pairs of tennis shoes yesterday. They were on sale at the Shoe Dept. New Balance.
Now I am off to make my lunch for tomorrow morning and get my clothes laid out and then it is off to bed for me. Talk to you all tomorrow. I will be more personal than with you all.
Have a wonderful evening.

10-11-2005, 10:24 PM
Wow, everybody must have been super busy today! So, for the second day in a row, I have good news...
My TA is still out, but since she actually called it in on Friday, I have a substitute for her. And he's pretty competent. He's a lawyer, but he has some time during his day, and he likes working with kids. He comes prepared, too... he has a pretty neat Memory Book to teach mnemonics to the kids, and a stamp album. I'm so psyched, because I'll be out on Thursday for Yom Kippur. I'm hoping that he is really there all week like we think, because he can do some of that stuff when I'm out. He's also quite capable of working with either my higher kids or my lower kids. The lower kids started sorting beads by color today for our classroom business, and he was quite happy to help with that, but he also helped one of my girls with Algebra.
The last bit of this may not sound good, but it is: my student who has seizures had one right at dismissal: went to his feet and everything, made the usual noises that he makes when he's seizing.. but came out almost instantly! I hope that means the new medication is working better; otherwise he'll have to have surgery and I don't want that for him.
Second bit: I went swimming today. I got kicked out of the slow lane! At my old gym, I'm one of the slower swimmers. Nobody ever wanted to share a lane with me, they'd rather wait. Here, I'm too fast for the slow lane... and I was the faster of the 2 other women in the lane with me. About the time I left, a man joined the lane and he was faster than me. I was really surprised, let me tell you. And I just confirmed how much I missed swimming: I was seriously less stressed when I was done.

10-12-2005, 08:25 AM
A drive thru visit here......I am going to WW this am, and then the rest of the late morning/afternoon I am locked in my big yellow bus. One school has a 1/2 day......gotta go up to that town 2 X........ :( But rain or no rain I am going to WW once the am monsters are safely delivered to school.

Robyn- if I give you directions would you send up Dh to cook for me too? :lol:
The meal sounds wonderful and aw so what as far as WW goes. Just figure you used up some of those additional points (of the 35) and regroup today.

Mouse- congrats on the normal insulin levels!!!!! Great news for you (about time for you, as I am sure you will agree). Not sure about a low carb snack- but the SB bars sound as though they will work. Or, check out some web sites, there has to be a recipe for something you could make yourself. SO glad you got some pool time in! Bet it felt great.

Kerry- so, a successful shopping trip! :) Hey, Tues is your WI day, right?How did that go? Too bad about the restaurant.....sure wrecks a meal.

Okie dokie......guess I'd better go get ready to sniff some diesel fumes.
See ya and have a great day!

10-12-2005, 08:06 PM

Well, tomorrow is Thursday. I am sooooooooooo pooped. I have had one meeting after another all week, no planning period, meetings after school. Meetings scheduled at the same time. Bluck.........
I wish it were Friday. So, I could get some much needed rest. However, I am planning on going to my mom's this weekend, so I don't think that is going to happen. I don't know though. I have been so tired.....Maybe I will go next weekend. Or not......
I was soooooo tempted to drive to KFC tonight. However, I went to the grocery store and bought chicken..... So, it's currently in the oven. I am starving. I just realized I have only had nine points today! I have been really working to shave my points in the morning and at lunch, so I can have a decent dinner. So, I bought some WW english muffins (1pt) and ate one for breakfast. I took a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch ( I only use 1 teaspoon of peanut butter) sugar free jello and a fruit cup. I ended up eating an apple during planning. I'M STARVIN LIKE MARVIN! Oh, I only drank half of my pepsi this morning too. Miracles can happen.
Mouse: Sounds like your luck is changing for the better. It's about time!
Congratulations. Glad you finally got your swim in. I was going to walk tonight, but I'm just pooped.
Kerry: Wow! Size sixteen. Dang, I'm jealous! I have some shirts that are size sixteen. I bought one outfit that was a sixteen. However, I'm debating on whether or not I want to keep it. I just put a new coat on layaway this weekend. I need some money, cause I need some clothes. I have nothing to wear. I was so mad this morning trying to get ready for work. I only have two pairs of pants. I was great when it was warm enough for capris. Now, I'm in trouble.....We don't get paid until the end of this month......I think I am going to go to the thriftstore and find something.
I certainly can't go to school naked! :o I mean clothes were flying everywhere this morning.....
Ginny: Wish we had half a day! We have next Friday the 21st off. I'm very excited about that. I am taking an annual leave day and being a bum.
Hey to everyone else!


10-12-2005, 09:55 PM
Pam- I am exhausted too.....wish this darned week would just end. Good job on keeping your points so low. So nice to do that because it opens up a ton of options as the day goes on. Hey, I hear ya with financial woes.....Dd has been burning thru the $$ at school- and we just had to pay property acounts are suffering and payday is a week away for me. Fortuately Dh is paid the 15th.

Got to WW for a short WI and most of the meeting... (had to run out because of the early closure). I lost .8 -considering that TOM is due I am happy. I broke out of the 160's I am one happy camper. I worked awfully hard for that .8. Lots of excercise and I really did fairly well with my eating this week, although it was far from perfect.
Ok, better go- schools are closed tomorrow - except of course that my run services the Catholic HS which is NOT closed. So I willl be sniffing diesel fumes at 6 am (yawn).
Spent far too many hours in a school bus today......over 120 miles......not looking foward to tomorrow am, but at least my day will probably end a wee bit earlier. Might actually be home by 4:15.
Time to shut up. See ya tomorrow! G'nite (and Hi to all I missed)

10-12-2005, 11:23 PM
Tomorrow I am NOT going to school...and I can hardly see straight! Yippee skipee, I'm going to a doctor's appointment! Isn't that pathetic? I more than likely only needed a 1/2 day...however, I decided "Why be rushed? Why have to worry about traffic? Take a whole day!" So.... tonight I will eventually sleep with no tension! What an amazing bonus! Usually I only REALLY sleep on Friday nights! I am SO ready for the weekend.... but the sitting in the dr's office waiting room will be a great treat! I think I may take some magazines of my own to glance at!

Oh, I need a cheap, homemade halloween costume for meee! Any ideas?? I was thinking of going as TinkerSwell.... hehehehehe... I don't mind creating something; however, I don't sew... Family has been invited to attend a Soireee in late Oct. The boys want the 4 of us to go as Kiss... I might give in... I've already called "the star guy"! The 10 year old has dibs on Gene Simmons, DH will be Ace and other ds will be Paul Stanley (the kitty!) Unless you girls come up with something else... I'm doomed to dress in black with heels and full face paint! (Actually, I love that my kids came up with this family plan!) Visit kissonlinedotcom and see why you MUST come up with an alternative plan for me! (I don't have NEARLY THAT much chest hair!) :lol:

Enough...I've got to go find my stack of magazines...and make sure I'm ready to sit and wait and wait and wait and wait! I sure hope I'm not surprised by some freak "Doctor on time" thing!

Hang in there people...Friday is coming!
take care,
:) meeee

10-13-2005, 10:59 AM
Robyn- I gotta tell you, I love the yippee skippee thing.... cracks me up everytime I read it (yes I have noticed it before, just never had the chance to comment on it) You feeling ok or is this just one of those annual checkup thingys? Hope you got some relaxing detox time with your magazines...and that the office visit went well. Hmmmmm.........costume ideas? Both my Dd's went as scarecrows last year. Only stuff we had to buy was raffia (and I had that here) to use as straw- old jeans and flannel shirts.....rope for a belt......I made felt hats (super easy to do! you could actually hot glue one together instead of sewing). And of course some blush circles on your cheeks. They looked really cute. And it was cheap and easy- my kind of costume.

Lucky me. Got to drive early this am- in the blasted pouring rain and on these darned windy unlit country roads of my town. It was to impossible to find the houses/stops. They gave me a bunch of students that for the most part I had not driven before, and my regular route does not take me there.
SOOOOOO it was interesting. But, thankfully, without incident. At least this afternoon I will have some extra students (just from the Catholic HS, public is closed) but I have driven most of them before and daylight really helps......a lot. I am pooped. Might just take a nap which is unheard of for me. And thankfully tomorrow is Friday. :D Got a crummy memo (we all did) from the director of transportation. Because of all the food allergies, we are no longer allowed to hand out candy/treats etc to our kids. THAT STINKS!!!! :mad: First of all I had already bought the junk for my bus- and secondly my kids love it. (yes,I do have one student with food allergies, and I get her some pretty stickers instead). Somehow, handing out pencils "just don't make it".
Oh well, guess I had better go get dinner started. Then load the dishes.....then maybe that nice nap. (which knowing me will never happen).
See y'all later.

10-13-2005, 12:58 PM
Hi All,
Sorry I have been MIA for a few days. But by the time, I get my kids straigthten out and send them to lunch/recess I have to play catch on classroom things during my lunch break or I have phone calls to make. It doesn't help that on Monday and yesterday, at least one of my aides was absent and we had a sub in the room. So that lucky gal got the grammy winning performances from several of my students. That might also explain why three of the boys owe me time at recess today. Then I have had to go home and do work in the evenings. By the time I think to come in and check in with you all I am fast asleep or darn close to being fast asleep. Looked at the calendar last night and wanted to cry because every Saturday from now until the middle of Nov. is booked with something either for school, family or TOPS. Where is the fairness in it all? As for my wi in the other night I gain 2 3/4 pounds. It was that darn TOM over the weekend. So I just have to work that much harder to eat properly and excerise over the coming week.
Congrats GInny on the weight loss. Hope you were able to squeeze in your nap this afternoon. How come you had to drive a route this morning that you were unfamiliar with?
Robyn, hope your doctor visit goes okay. You had me rolling on the floor with your sons' Halloween idea for your family. You don't want to be a member of KISS, what is the matter with that idea?
Pam, I know what you mean about the meetings all the time. I would just love for one day to be lazy. But I know that will never happen. Sounds like you did a really good job on your points yesterday. Kudos to you about your half a pop. How was your chicken for dinner last night? How did you fix it? Did you get your walk in? I have been dying to go for a walk with my dh in the evening this week, but by the time he gets home from football practice for the boys, I am either pooped or it is raining. Maybe we will try for this evening though. The kids come to invade us for the weekend tomorrow, so we will not have any private time to ourselves after tonight. His daughter has to be in the same room we are no matter what. She is a very clingy child. But once we go to the football games and her little girlfreinds are there she is off and running around with them. Hope you were able to get some rest!
Mouse, I think things are looking up for you now. Aren't they? Glad you were able to go swimming and enjoyed it. Hope you are able to find some more time to go swimming this week.
Well my lunch is over. I must go out to recess duty. Talk to you all later. Have a great afternoon!

10-13-2005, 07:56 PM
Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!! I feel like a walking zombie. I was supposed to have an IEP meeting today, but the mother cancelled. Then, I had a 504 meeting, I had a meeting with my mentee this afternoon after school, and didn't get home til like 5:10. Ughhh. Tomorrow during my planning I have to cover a class, then I have a parent conference at 2:30. The only thing about that meeting, is that I didn't even schedule it. The guidance office takes it upon themselves to schedule meetings whenever they see fit without consulting anyone else. So, that should be a ton of fun. Oh, and another teacher is coming in to observe me tomorrow morning. The office has taken it upon themselves to let other new teachers know, that I would be a great teacher to observe. So, I feel like I am under some magnifying glass all the time. Like I have to be at my very best all the time. I should be anyway, but you know how it is. Yesterday, the mother of my blind student was substituting for mt braillist, and then another teacher came in to observe on top of that. I was like YIKES! NO PRESSURE! You know, last year the kids were the ones stressing me out, this year, it's everything but the kids. Oh well.....

Kerry: MY CHICKEN DINNER WAS AWESOME. I could have licked the plate. I was so hungry. All I did was flour it, throw some lowry's, paprika, poultry seasoning, pepper on it and throw it in the oven with a little bit of brommel and brown yougurt spread in the bottom of the dish. It's almost like oven fried. It has a really good flavor. I didn't walk, I was way too tired. I am hoping to walk this evening, but my son has volunteered us to babysit. So, I came home to a kid we're watching. The one with so much energy..... :dizzy: I haven't been as good on my points today, I used them all up. My hubby was off today, and his cooked dinner was Little Caesars. So, I ate two pieces of cheese pizza and two breadsticks for a total of twelve points. Oh well. I may dig into that low fat ice cream that is in the freezer later anyway. I still have thirty three flex points...... I don't see myself using that many tomorrow........If I walk, I get two extra points............HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Ginny: You are right about there being so many more options to use if you watch them during the day. I have been doing little things, like buying the bread that is one point for two slices, and english muffins for 1 point. So, I have shaved off several points from the day time. I hope you got your nap. Congratulations on getting out of the 160's. I am excited about nearing the 170's. Hopefully by Halloween I will be under 170. I am only a couple of pounds away.....................

Robyn: Enjoy your day off even if you have to spend it in the doctors office. Maybe it won't take too much of your time, and you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Hey to everyone else. I need to go fill up my car with gas, I'm running on E!


10-13-2005, 08:25 PM
I am running on "E" also. What a long day. And no nap......ended up on IM with Dd (who needed to chat, she was bummed and won't be able to get home for another week cause of midterms). So I cleaned, folded wash....made know some real quality time for me. (HA,HA). Then drove a double route on the way home, for one reason or another one of the other drivers could not make it today (I knew about this on Tuesday- this was no surprise) so I took his kids home and mine. (possible because neither of us are fully loaded coming home from the Catholic HS, but they send up several buses because the school is 30 minutes away and state law says we have to have the students home in an hour or less- lots of distance and the town we live in is the largest in area in the state and very rural and spread out).
What long afternoon.Sorry not to get personal. I am such a burnout.

10-13-2005, 09:19 PM
Good evening, all.
I was off today as it was Yom Kippur. I did fast for most of the day after I ate breakfast (no choice, but you do get medical allowances; I worked too hard to get my insulin normal to mess it up by fasting ALL day!). However, I also used some of the time to take care of business that I can't do other times because I don't have access to a phone at school, or my computer. So... I found out that its pretty likely my insurance company isn't going to reimburse me for the items that my former employer stole, and if they do, its a maximum of $200. If its more than $200, they'll apply my deductible and then still send me $200. I think. I also managed to get my new scanner/printer hooked up and to get Hewlett-Packard to deal with my digital camera (it doesn't work).
A chance email I posted about needing a way to keep my kids from accessing things that I don't want them to get at on the old laptop (I'm taking my old one to school so we can use some of the educational software and such I have at home) resulted in a company that makes one (Its from Judy-Lynn Software) offering it to me gratis. I'd said that I needed one, but that I couldn't (wasn't) going to spend $59 since I'd already spent so much money on the classroom this year, and the computer was icing on the cake... Something really nice, but not something that was required. But, I'm looking forward to getting it set up so the kids can use it. I need to get a security cable for it. I'll just have to hope the printer and scanner don't walk; I can't attach those to any kind of cables.
I also had an email from the aquatics director at my old gym; she wanted to know if I wanted to work over Thanksgiving and Winter break, so I said yes. I have a whole-day shift the day after Thanksgiving... and will have some time over Winter break as well.
Hope everybody had a good day. I'll try to get here more often so I can be personal. I did see that everybody needs a break, and will hope that your weekends are restful!

10-14-2005, 11:08 AM
You know I can handle screaming kids....irate parents, snow, icy roads, fog, brats, diesel fumes, bus noise all the other dumb stuff that goes with this job. But some a**h*** ran my reds this morning. Just as I was boarding a student. This junk I can't handle. I am still shaking. Had the student been a "crosser" he would have been killed- the jerk (of course in a brand new Audi, nice high priced perfomance vehicle) rapidly pulled out from behind me and very rapidly accelerated to pass me. Like I said, the boy would have been killed had he been in the road. I would never have been able to get him back to the side of the road on time had I sent him to cross. Good part of it- if you could say good about this incident- the boy's grandmother saw the whole thing, I got the idiots plate # and the best part- the vehicle behind the moron is the parent of a student I had just boarded 2 stops earlier. I hope, and pray, that he was watching and can be a witness for me. Believe it or not, these cases are almost impossible to prosecute without a witness. (they claim denial, or that someone else was driving their car, blah,blah,blah). I did call their house and left a message asking for their support with the police. One tiny bit of humor.......when we got to school I had a few minutes to discuss stuff with the kids......stuff like I am not allowed to give out candy anymore....and I also wanted to review crossing with the kids (believe it or not I was going to do this anyway). So I told them I was in a crummy mood and very shaken and why. And I covered all the other stuff I wanted to. Upon leaving the bus- one girl - the one who's mother chases the bus or is never on time or throws her daughter out of the car after chasing the bus......anyway this girl asked me as she was getting off at school, "that wasn't my mom, was it??" HA! At least the poor kid knows her mother is a flake.

Robyn- glad the Dr visit went ok and that you made a dent in the magazine pile. Hope the headache is better.

Mouse- a free lap top? Gee, what a nice company!!! How great is that. Too bad about your stuff not being reimbursed much. But I think you were not really expecting much from the insurance either. Stinks either way. Hope your weekend is restful too......

Got my WATP tape in this am....could use a week in a rubber room right now but have to scoot. Today is my day to volunteer at Dd's school. All I want to do is curl up with my fat black cat and sleep.......

10-14-2005, 01:41 PM
Ok, the raving lunatic who posted before is gone.....just wanted to let everyone know that. I went to Dd's school and saw our pastor-he is a very sensitive man- immediately saw that I was not "normal" (0k I am never normal, but not normal for me).
So I told him what happened.......bless him he prayed with me.....and the Lord got my head screwed back on straight.
It IS Friday, right?
Happy weekend!

10-14-2005, 11:47 PM
Oh, don't I just WISH it was a free laptop, Ginny??? I'd be shouting from the rooftops! No, its my old laptop, and FREE software! I'm still excited about it... it was super cool of the company to offer that to me. And of course, they know that if I need anything else that is similar to something they market I'll be more likely to come back to them (I certainly do it with Attainment, which is my all-time favorite special needs software company in the world... they are an utterly AWESOME group of people!!!).
I'm so sorry to hear about your idiot driver this morning! I'm super careful, and even annoy people because I don't just stop... I WAIT! I get honked out for not "jumping" the red light at the intersection ... IE, I don't roll 10 seconds before it turns green.
And I won't block an intersection either, because that's super illegal in Pennsylvania...
I used to get honked at and finger'd all the time in Baltimore for not going into an intersection if I couldn't safely get to the other side.
Robyn: Glad it was an easy doctor's appointment and you had a nice wait in the lobby! :)
I had high hopes for my day because my ED kiddo didn't argue with me as soon as he walked in the door today; he actually sat down to finish his flash cards, but that calm, cool, and collected child disappeared around 9:45 this morning and he literally spent the rent of the morning in chill-time or with either myself or the substitute TA trying to talk him out of a major paranoia/total disconnect with reality session. He loves to tell us how good he is at something and what he wants to do when he grows up, and I hate to sound so mean and harsh, but ... but ... I mean, this kid wants to (all of a sudden) be an EMT or a Lawyer. He hated Biology so much he cut school every B day until we pulled him from the class. He can't read to save his life and he refuses to fill in the books on tape forms with me so he can get those. Then, when I point this out to him (Hey, look, you need to be able to READ to be a lawyer!!! And WRITE!!!), he says I'm killing him, and he hates me and hates the school and we're so disrespectful which is why his mom is pulling him out, and whatmakesmethinkhecan'treadnayway,the readingteachersaysthathecanreadbestoutofeverybodyi nthewholeclass! :D
Yea. Right. I keep pointing out to him everytime he tells me that his problems are somebody else's fault that he's responsible for his behavior. I'm not getting very far.
So... 4th period was actually very nice and very quiet. My administration managed to impress me today, too. Some adult staff had overheard how I was "speaking" to this child and the schoolwide assumption is that my kids should be wrapped in cottonwool and treated like sugar... Yea, I don't buy into that theory. I explained that to the principal, and he said that I came from a very different environment and probably the other staff just weren't used to hearing a teacher for kids with mental ******ation talk like that... They're totally used to enabling and babying, which doesn't do the kids any good! But it wasn't at all accusatory, which if you remember my stories from the previous 3 years... any meeting like this at my old school would have been accusatory and had my supervisor throwing papers across his desk at me.
Then I come home (I really wanted to go swimming, but I think Robyn's sinus headache decided to split and come visit me too!), and received the wonderful news that my TA will be out again ALL next week. I wish I could have some sympathy... or more sympathy? I feel like an incredible monster for not being more sympathetic for what she's going through. You know? But... I've had 2 of my days where I couldn't eat at all during the day (wednesday and today), because I was too nauseated to do it, and I can't take those pills for the nausea at work (or rather, I won't, because I can't focus!). And I have had that whole right sided pain thing, and its still there... but they don't find anything on CT scans, MRIs or ultrasounds... so there isn't anything they can do. And I'm THERE! I don't stay home unless I'm REALLY sick.
I worked the whole time I was on glucophage and really sick; I worked with my leg in a cast, my hand in a cast, and with badly sprained ankles more than once. So, I guess I'm just having issues feeling sympathy for her... really... :( And I feel like a witch for that!!!!

10-15-2005, 07:30 AM

Yes we've made it to the weekend! Yipeeeeee! Friday was just a horrible day. We had a fire drill first period, and ended up around a bunch of bees or wasps whatever, buzzing around everywhere. I got caught in the middle of a swarm of kids trying to see a fight I was trying to break up yesterday between two boys right in front of my classroom, third period was just off the hook. They are just a bunch of hyper boys. One of the boys in there has ADHD and OCD. So, he will fall out of his seat, then say sorry. Saying "sorry" is one of his OCD things. He will say it fortyseven times a class period. He also has to wash his hands a ton. Parent conference at 2:30.....Ughhhh. I am planning on going to my mom's today (Virginia Beach) and coming home tomorrow. So, I have to try and get a few things done before I leave this place.
I have lost three pounds this week....I am finally at 172. WOOOOHOOOO!
So, finally I am under where I was in last May. I really like weight watchers. I think it is really helping me with portion control and making the right choices. Do I want to eat this piece of candy for three points or I could eat cheese toast for two? I love it. I even went to KFC last night. I ended up eating one chicken breast, a couple of spoons of mashed potatoes and 1 spoon of coleslaw. I was totally satisfied. And no.......I didn't take the skin off! :o My favorite part of the chicken is thighs, but I figured since the points for a thigh and a breast were exactly the same, I would rather eat a breast and feel satisfied.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


10-15-2005, 10:15 AM

It is finally the weekend!
The principal MAY have understood Mousie! :)

Pam is doing GREAT on WW! (Have fun visiting Mom in VaBch!) Oh and BTW, Sorry about your kid who says sorry obsessively! Really! I'm sorry! :lol:

Ginny is recovering from THE idiot driver! :dizzy: And thankfully no one was injured!

I'm getting closer ....SLOWWWLY... to my mini goal!:p
Hurry...I'll add yours as soon as you post it! :D
How close are we to a full moon? It HAS to be soon!

Baseball today! Finally sun after more than a week.... yipeeeskippeee just in time to get in a game!

:) take care,

10-15-2005, 11:23 AM
Mouse- forgive me for misinterpreting your post.......I was not having the best of days. But still, free software is better than nothing. Finally, and administrator who is worth his salt..........that must make you feel better!!!
Hope your headache has left you (and Robyn too!) and found someone else to infest......please let it stay away from NY state.

Pam- hopeyour trip to VA beach and mom was great. Safe travelling.
You have hit upon what is to me the greatest part of WW. You can choose how you want to spend your points.....and if you really thought it was worth it, have that candy. COngrats on the loss!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

Robyn-the full moon is MOnday. Just ask our kitten Fidget........her tail looks like a squirrels most of the day these days..... Get to WW today???? How did you do? Keep your focus! I know WW is not the fastest game in town- but the darned weight stays off. And they teach you how to live with all different situations. This is an investment in YOU- and we all want a healthy, happy, hilarious Robyn.

I am slowly coming down from yesterday. I did find myself reliving the mess several times. And on the way home, spoke to the guy's wife (the one I hoped had seen the event) and yes he saw he entire thing- was able to give me the make and year and model of the car (I was uncertain on the make), he had already reported it to the police and was just as horrified as I was. Told his wife that he had never seen anything so awful as that. Completely brazen......the office called the police, who were going to put together my report and this dads....I will have to sign a police deposition (with joy I will!) and possibly go to court. That is just fine by me.

Dh brought home hockey tickets for tonite....NJ Devils vs Carolina- a contractor at his work gave them to him-they are center ice......just a few rows up. Can't wait to go!
Been a good girl and did my WW tape. And will save my points for one of those big pretzels tonite ;) . Guess I'd better go hop in the shower. Happy weekend! Hi to anyone I missed.

10-15-2005, 03:39 PM
Hey Gin,

Have fun at the hockey game! May there be much action and excitement! I don't like violence....but sometimes a hockey match with all its gory details is sooooo much fun! Last time we went to see the ECHL Norfolk Admirals, there was a huge melee with young men ripping each others shirts off! WhoooHooo! Now, there is a sport! ;)

Yeah, I made it to WW.... -1.6 (2 TENTHS of a point from having a total of -20!) WhooHOoo! Close but yet sooooo farrrr! Ah, well, considering that on Thursday I ate a wonderful hunk of chocolate/peanutbutter fudge AND on Friday, I ate 1/2 of a full sized Hershey bar....AND I didn't get in nearly enough movement... I'll take it!

Oldest DS is off camping with his BoyScout troop! Whooohooo! Youngest DS is thriving on being an only child. Always does! Baseball earlier today was a tonnnn of fun! No really! Our team won by something like 8 runs! DS not only hit two wonderful hits, made two outs as Short, he also pitched one inning! Not to bad for a kid who had NEVER pitched in a game before! His inning ended up being 4 up, 1 walk that was left at 1st! and 3 strickeouts! NOT TOO BAD! :) Momma was a wreck the whole time he was on the mound! I guess I would learn how to deal with it...but I much prefer my kiddo at first, short or third! (His favorites!)

Gotta run... My grandma is turning 98 today. I get to go do the family celebration thing...OHHH mannn...

take care,

10-15-2005, 06:08 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Well I made it through the workweek. I found a lump on my neck under my left ear on Wednesday and went to my family doctor right afterschool on Friday. He said that it is an infected lymph node and put me on an antibotic for 7 days. I had a follow-up class today for Social Studies. We were suppose to be there from 8:30 until 3:30 and we were finished by noon. So that was a plus. It was nice to come home early and take a two hour nap. I probably would have slept longer had I not been woke up by my dh and two sds' yelling at the tv for the Ohio State/Michigan State game. Don't have any big plans for this evening, think I will just chill out for the evening. Did get up this morning at 5:30 to get my family ready to go out the door at 6:45 for the boys playoff game at 8. They lost, so their season is officeally over. Their own mother didn't come see their last football game for the season. I feel bad now because I wasn't there. I am taking the evening off from my afterschool program on the 7th of Nov. to go to their football banquet though. So I guess that will make up for me not going to their game today. I did do my 4 mile walking tape before getting ready for school this morning. So atleast I got in my excerise for the day.
Pam, sounds like you had a rough week with teaching and than meetings on top of that. Congrats on being down 3 more pounds this week. I am working really hard to take off the 4 1/4 pounds I gained in the last two weeks. But I had a hard time yesterday at the boss' day lunch we had at work. We had homemade chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, cake, fudge and cookies. I didn't eat a lot, but I still felt guilty for doing it. So I am really going to try to be good for the rest of the time before my TOPS weigh in on Tuesday evening. Hope you have a safe trip to your mom's today. Enjoy your visit!
Congrats to you, Robyn for losing 1.8 pounds this week. Keep up the great work! Remember you want it to come off slowly so that it does come back on and than a ton more with it. So how are you going to reward yourself when you reach your mini-goal?
Mouse,I bet you enjoyed the change of pace from admistration yesterday compared to how you were treated the last 3 years. I understand completely what you mean about how people percieve the way they feel MR students should be treated and can't understand why we treat them the way we do. I still getting the looks and comments from staff about the way I talk to my kids sometimes. But you can't always baby them because that doesn't teach them anything and they wouldn't be able to survive out in the real world if someone doesn't show them a little tough love every once in a while. Are you feeling better today? I hope your sinus' aren't acting up on you. Did you make it into the gym today to swim?
Ginny, hope you have calmed down from your idiot driver. I am glad to hear that the one father got the make, model and other information for you. I hope they are able to take the bozo to court. Thank God your students have such a kind, caring and wonderful bus driver. Enjoy your hockey game tonight!
Hi to Susan, Michele, Tammy, and Summer. Hope your week's went okay.
I am hoping that tomorrow I can convince my family to go hiking and not sit at home and watch football all day long.
Well I better go and get some work done. Talk to you all later. have a wonderful Saturday evening.

10-16-2005, 09:02 AM
its 8 am...I'm heading to Walmart in hopes of beating the crowd.... I came home yesterday from my grandmothers party and laid down for a nap and woke up 5 hours later! it was great to sleep, BUT 1/2 my weekend is gone and I slept thru it!
so...gotta run to fill my cart before the place is a total zoo! hope to be home before the place fills up with the after church crowd...the heathen that I am! hehehe

planning the week's meals.... then we're off and running again!
:) take care,

10-16-2005, 03:47 PM
This is a swim-by post. Sounds like everybody is having a great weekend...
Ginny: No problems!!! Hope that hockey game was cool.
Robyn: Wal-Mart? Crowds? Gee... ;) Have I told you about Wal-Mart Whiskey?
Kerry: Oooo! Lumps aren't any fun, and neither are anti-biotics. Enjoy the football banquet! I was just asked to help plan a major awards ceremony for the Science Fiction Writers of America. I was picturing a nice sit-down dinner, and some speeches. Uh, no. This is like the Academy Awards of Science Fiction. I'm wondering just what I've gotten myself into! :)
As for me? Well, I'm STILL working on my Red Cross class (which I have to be ready to give tomorrow night!), but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel (of course, it could be the oncoming train...). I'm being observed on Wednesday... and my TA is of course out all next week. That should be interesting. We're making fruit salad, and I made an executive decision that we're going to make CANNED FRUIT salad... so I don't have to worry about knives. ;) I even bought fruit with pop-tops.
(And of course, its all either juice-pac or no-sugar-added!) I'm not changing my lesson plan so I can do a dog & pony show for the supervisor... I told the kids we'd cook on Wednesday, so cook we will!
I did get to the gym to swim on Saturday... my old gym, because we had swimming lessons. I swam for an hour, and it was WONDERFUL! Then I spent 90 minutes helping test the kids because it was the last session till November. I might get to my new gym today for a quick swim because ... well... the hamburger didn't thaw, so I stuffed it back in the freezer. That means I have to go out for dinner, and if that's the case, I may go down toward the gym because there is a great pizza place there that has a non-oily cucumber and low-fat feta cheese salad. :) That'd be a good dinner, and the leftovers would make a great lunch with some celery and tuna.
I won't be home tomorrow or Tuesday because of my class, and won't be able to go to the gym either of those days. :( And Friday, we're going bowling for community instruction... Assuming that Ms. Mousie remembers to buy the darned Baby Ruth candy bars at the store that have the free bowling coupons on the back! :)

Okay... back to working on my class. Oh, and then to find the cable so I can hook my laptop to the TV at the chapter. I'm glad I bought that extra card for the computer so I can do that!

10-16-2005, 04:56 PM
Okie, dokie..lets try this again and hopefully a power surge will not kick me off. We have 45mph gusts of wind out there and ....well need I say more. Obviously my ISP had some trouble and kicked me off. :(

Mouse- enjoy that swim, ok?????? And your dinner sounds yummy- something a little bit out of the ordinary. (we generally don't have too many out of the ordinary places here, a wee bit too rural, even though NYC is only 50 miles from here). Gee, enjoy planning the awards dinner.....beam me up, Scotty.

Robyn- congrats on the weight loss! (as long as that darned scale goes down instead of up life is good!) Do not dispair- pick up a 1# block of butter and know with a huge smile that over 1.5 of those came off of your body this past week. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! Hope Gm's bday party was nice. Gee,you have some longevity genetics going for you......well, it makes me happy to think that you will be around for a long time to keep us laughing and kick me in the can from time to time! ;) My condolences on the Walmart trip.....I hate the place when it is crowded.n Also condolences about being a pitchers mom. Remember I have 2 pitchers for kids.....have survived some 9 years of the grey hair to prove it too.....ok, it is covered up! :lol:

Kerry- so glad you took the time to get that lump checked out! Busy mom/teacher/wife/friend- you do so need to take good care of yourself.
Great news that it is a lymph gland, I've had that happen too. Guess with all the wonderful germs you face each day, your resistance might be challenged.
I sure think that going to the awards dinner makes up for missing the last game. (it would in my book!) Good job getting that 4 mile tape in. I do not usually allow myself the time for that hour is a luxury for me.

Well, the darned hockey team stunk......Carolina out played them all night but we had fun. Forgot how much I like watching moves constantly, unlike that other sport that is epidemic in my
Dh was a sweetie and went for a mile walk with me this am! (and he was in a good mood too......).
Better go check the oven, got some cookies in there for my Dd- midterms this week and I am mailing them out tomorrow am.
Hi to Summer, Pam, Sue, Tammy.....hope I did not miss anyone!

10-16-2005, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon everyone,
Had a great day! Spent it with my sdd. We went to lunch at the local Mexican place. Then went to Wal-mart. Where we picked out 9 new pairs of earrings for the little lady. Going shopping with a nine-year old girl can be a hoot. Then we picked out some cards for birthdays, wedding and baby. Plus got healthy stuff for my lunches and dinners this week. Then came home and put all of it away, then went for a 5 mile walk around town. That is already on top of the 3 mile walking video that I did with my two sds this morning. Plus I rode the excerise bike for 15 minutes. Had plans to go hiking with the kids but my dh had volunteered to help at the football games this afternoon. I will be so happy when football season is over and we can do some things that my sdd and I like to do. Enough about me.
Mouse, sounds like you are having a great weekend. Good luck on Wednesday with your observation. That sounds like a fun activity to do with the kids. I really think they will like it. So did you get your swim in today. So what is Wal-mart Whiskey?
Robyn, you probably need that 5 hour nap yesterday. So how was your grandma's birthday party? Did you survive Wal-mart this morning? Hope you had a great day!
Ginny, glad that you had a great time at the hockey game. I have always wanted to go to a hockey game. It looks like it would be really fun to go to one. Sounds like you enjoyed your mile walk with your dh this morning. So what kind of cookies did you make for your dd?
Hi to everyone else. Hope you are having a great weekend!
I have to go do some work. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

10-16-2005, 08:35 PM
Back from the beach. Not ready to go back to work. In spite of the fact that we went out to dinner and had lunch out today I have managed to stay within my points. It almost killed me last night as we sat right by the desert bar at Golden Corral. But, I didn't eat any desert. I may be going back next weekend .My mom and my brother are closing their shop after twelve years of business, and they need a lot of help since they have to be out by the end of the month. I feel like I am coming down with a bug. I hope not, I have spent more time sick this year than well. I have a sore throat lurking.

Ginny: How about them Carolina HURRICANES!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOHOOOOO!
Heard they blew threw last night. Ha!

Robin: I HATE Walmart! The prices are great but the crowds suck.
Congrats on your loss this week. I know what you mean about the candy thing. It is currently my TOM and I could hijack a candy bar truck right about now. I do have some light chocolate ice cream in the freezer, so I think I will grab some after our walk.

Robyn and Ginny: My oldest son was a pitcher for a year. Everytime they would put him into pitch I would almost cover my eyes. I was glad when he slid into shortstop the following year. He was a high school field goal kicker and punter too. Everytime he would get up to kick in a very important game I would close my eyes. Even when they would be out of town and we would listen on the radio I would have to walk out of the room. It had my stomach in knots. Gosh, I miss going to the games, but don't miss the stomach aches.

Mouse: Glad you got your swim. How far is it from where you live now to go?? Good luck this week on your observation. Hope all goes well.

Kerry; Sorry you aren't feeling well. Don't you wish you could just go to bed until you felt better? I sure do. Sounds like your schedule is about as hectic as mine. Although, we have Friday off. Yippppeeeeee.

Hey to everyone else. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!

Off to walk!


10-16-2005, 10:30 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well went out to dinner with my dh tonight and he told everyone at the Pub we needed to come home to clean house. The only things he did was gather up the trash, take it to the curb and load and start the dishwasher. Then he said that he had to go and run a few errands and go see a few friends. I know that I shouldn't be pissed off but I didn't really spend any time with him this weekend. We had his kids and they were at football games since Friday night. I had thought we would take the kids hiking today and said something about it yesterday afternoon. Only to be told that he had promised them at the football field that he would work the chains for both playoff games today. So there went my idea of spending quality time as a family. I am just getting so sick of football. That is all the boys did and talked about this weekend. Then we go out to dinner tonight and they have the tv on at the Pub to a football game and the one guy in there was talking about football nonstop. Just once I would like to spend a couple hours on a weekend with my family were there was no mention of football. I guess it will be the middle of winter when they will want to do what Kerry wants to do and than it is going to be too darn cold to go outside and going hiking. Well I needed it to vent before I got back to cleaning house. I am just doing a quick run through and picking up stuff and sweeping the floors. I am not planning on doing a fancy cleaning job. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great evening.

10-17-2005, 12:29 AM
Well... I didn't get to go swimming today. That Red Cross class is taking forever... I'm almost halfway finished, but at least have ALL of what I'm teaching tomorrow done.
I had to go out and get a cable to hook my laptop to the TV, so I hope it works!
Kerry, since you asked... Wal-Mart Whiskey is the stuff that teachers drink. We buy it at Wal-Mart because we can't afford to buy real alcohol anywhere else. ;) Another teacher came up with it 5 or 6 years ago, maybe more, when I told a story about interviewing in a REALLY REALLY rural town in the mid-west. The HR person giving me the tour told me, quite seriously, that if Wal-Mart didn't have it, their classrooms didn't need it! Its kind of stuck ever since.
So... since I didn't swim, I also didn't get my cucumber salad. I found a sandwich place over near the BestBuy, and bought a 1/4 roast beef, and 1/4 tuna. They can make the sandwiches "low carb" by giving you just the shell of the roll, so that's what they did... and it was whole wheat bread. Its kind of like a Quiznos, I guess, but the atmosphere is more my style.
My apartment is a pig-sty, still, and my clean clothes are in the dryer. I did, however, get the dishwasher emptied and the dirty dishes put in it! :) And there isn't a Saturday in the next FOUR WEEKS that I'm home. Next weekend is an Emergency Management drill, then Homecoming. The following Saturday I'm going to help my mom grocery shop, which is an all-day event (its kinda fun, though... we meet near the Fort Meade Commissary, and I help her shop and we talk, then we grab lunch). The Saturday after that we start swimming lessons again... and the aquatics manager always comes the first and last session nights, so we always go out after lessons. They drink alcohol, I drink iced tea. Its fun.
And somewhere in there, I have a feeling I need to plan my friend's babyshower... Her husband was supposed to get back to me, and I just realized that he hasn't done it yet. She's due in December, so I'm really running out of time!

10-17-2005, 05:23 PM
Good Monday ladies,

This is a drive-thru, I'll get on again later. I have been quite busy this week and haven't had much time to get on the computer for me and not school stuff. Weekend was pretty good.

Hey Kerry! Did you ever go to John Bryan State Park out of Yellow Springs when you lived my way? DH and I walked a couple of the trails Saturday, and it was really nice. I had only done the stay-in-the-car stuff before there. We went to Peaches in YS for a late lunch, early dinner later.

DH flew out this morning to Burlington, VT on business. Happy, happy, joy, joy! It's just DD and myself until Thursday night. We are a little too happy though to be "manless" for the week.

I'm still at school after cleaning up the lab mess from today....but again, it was worth it. Take care.


10-17-2005, 10:17 PM
rainy days and mondays always get me down....
especially when the moon is as huge as the one i saw
as i returned home from my son's BoyScout meeting

Here is another observation.... my mom was always
THE mom that all the kids flocked to...the one that
everyone trusted and talked to yadda yadda yadda...
So, tonight I realized that I'm now THAT mom! Or
maybe I'm just giving myself some higher position in
the world, but...
The Troop boys are something else! :)
Tonight one of the guys came up to show me his newly
pierced (with a safety pin at lunch time...) ear! He begged
me not to tell his father (his mother knows!). OK..
Soooo.... the way I figure it....a pierced ear is minimum....
I did tell him to clean it with some sort of antibacterial stuff
AND I added that if I saw that he was doing that incredibly
stupid guaging then I'd tell EVERYONE and ANYONE about
his ear! (HOW or WHY do you middle and high school people
do it?! AND what was I supposed to say? And I must add that
my sons know that I'd never fight their desire to pierce their
ears...their father had a pierced ear for years, I wear 4 earrings
and a cartilage what could I say?! Anyway... sigh!) of the guys brought his project over by me to paint
so he could "mess with" me (his words!) as he painted! He talked
and stole my paint the entire project! Our little group had a nice
long talk about how long I have been a teacher and why I can't
seem to get to 2nd grade! (They were teasing that it only took
them 1 or 2 ;) years to get out of 1st grade!) Then another asked
for a ride home and then as he was getting out of the car, he asked
if I could drive him home next week as I was much cooler than
his mom!

So.... um, it is a good thing that they talk to me, yes?! (Have I
told you how much teenagers give me hives??? EWWW!) There is
a group of about 5 that call me "OtherMother"..... This is ok, yes?!
AND it could be worse, yes? I could be one that they are hiding
stuff from...right?!!!?? My mom still hears from "kids" that were in
her church youth group way back when. Of course, they are nearing
50 now! They still tell me how special she was / is to them! So,
this is a good thing with those kiddos at BoyScouts?!

Today:My food intake was good as well as controlled! My water intake was passed my goal! I've not done a bit of exercising.... and it is 9:15.... perhaps I could
do a 1 mile walk with Leslie! That wouldn't take very long at all...
and it would be something! to dust off my 1 mile tape and
put on sneakers....

gotta I can walk! (I crack myself up!)
take care....

10-17-2005, 11:37 PM
Evening Ladies,
Looks like we all survived another Monday. Just think we are one Monday closer to summer vacation. LOL I guess I should just work on getting closer to getting through this week until Thursday with my kids. I took Friday off as a personal day to spend the weekend at my parents house visiting them. Today was a good eating and exercising day for me. I mean this would make it three days in a row for me since my last TOPS weigh in last Tuesday. I am hoping to see the numbers on the scale go down tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please! :) :)
Tammy, I had been to John Bryan several times hiking the trails with my friends. Plus my dh and I went there on one of our dates. It is a beautiful park, especially in the fall with the changing leaves. So what are your big plans for this week with your dd since it is only the two of you at home?
Mouse, hope your class went well tonight. Sounds like you are just as busy as I am the next couple of weekends. I will be so glad when Thanksgiving break rolls around. Because I know that I can relax a little bit then. Watch I will either get sick or sleep through it all from being so exhausted. Sorry to hear that you were not able to go swimming yesterday. But your sandwiches sound yummy! :) Hope you have an awesome day on Wednesday when you are observed.
Robyn, it is an honor to be the other mother, the cool mother. You had me cracking up with your comments about how the kid asked for a ride home next week because you are a lot cooler than his mom. Plus how you haven't made it out of first grade yet. Glad to hear that you decided to spend a little time with Leslie tonight. Way to go. You will that 20 pounds or more milestone this coming Saturday. I have faith in you my cool mother! :) :)
Hi to Summer, Pam, Michele, Ginny and Sue. Hope you are all having a wonderful start to another work week!
Just got home from a 3 mile walk with my dh. So I need to lay out my clothes for tomorrow, make sure I have a healthy lunch and snack packed, got my gallon of water ready to take and go to bed. I think I might try to finish watching Meet The Fockers. I started to watch that last night before going to bed. It is funny in parts. Have any of you seen it?
Well I will talk to you all tomorrow. Hope to have great news to report to you tomorrow evening about my TOPS weigh-in.
Have a great evening. Have an awesome Tuesday!
Later gators,

10-18-2005, 12:58 PM
Just a drive thru hello.......and I most likely will not be back later. Tonite is my CPR refresher......and won't be back till 9.
Guess we all made it thru the weekend.....and now heading toward the half way point of another fun work week! :lol: Speaking of fun- I called the police this am to find out how the investigation of the moron who ran my reds is going.....and they have no idea who the report was filed with. So I called work, she had no idea who she spoke with. HOPEFULLY the father who also reported the event has a brain and knows who he spoke with, otherwise I guess I am stuck giving the jerk a summons myself.......or running him over which is a very appealing idea. :dizzy: Gimme a break......

Been a good girl walking the past day or so- and my eating has been fair- considering I have been fighting PMS it could have been a ton worse.
Gotta go wash the kitchen floor. Oh what fun.
Sorry not to get personal.......I miss "chatting" with you!