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08-26-2005, 12:43 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please feel free to join us!:cofdate:

Angie - Have fun at Disneyland!

To everyone else - chat at ya' later. :)

08-26-2005, 03:38 PM
Happy Friday ladies!

And man am I glad it is Friday. Had some running around to do this morning and it is good be home. Was trying to find some stationery somewhere and just couldn't find any. Going to order some from Colorful Images, of course that will take a week or two. Finally went to Penneys and got the new fall catalog. Meant to do it the other day but got sidetracked with other things running Jason around. Had to get gas while I was out also. Boy, I knew I should have gotten it yesterday, it was only $2.53. Today it is $2.59 and I cannot believe how high it is. I have never seen it this high.

Anyway, got another letter from Josh yesterday. He is doing fine. Was telling me that he will finally start(ed) basic the 25th-didn't realize that was yesterday when I received his letter. So now he won't be bored any longer. He also told me about a Corporal trying to commit suicide. They were standing in the lunch line and it was right on the other side of the wall. They heard someone say OMG, or something and then they heard a BIG thud and of course saw the big puddle of blood after they took him away. At first they didn't think the guy would make it because his head was cracked open (he dived out the window head first) but he's going to pull through after all-thank god! So far they've had about 6-8 people go AWOL and like he said, he's not sure why because they haven't even gotten to the hard part. So, yesterday he went to down the range as he called it and will write to give me an address and specifically told me "NO fluffy, fluffy, girly, girly, sweet talk junk" :lol: Who me??? :lol: He knows how I get carried away sometimes with the cards, labels and stickers. But I would never do that to him, wouldn't embarrass him and I definitely don't want anyone on his case teasing him about it, not in there!

Mindee~so glad the Drs appt. went well and everything is fine. That would be amazing if you only gained 5 pounds! The most I gained was 25-30 pounds.

Marti~yay, for long weekends! Hope you enjoy it and do something fun.

Susan~how sweet of your co-workers to throw you a little going away party. You can always go back and drop in every now and then for a short visit to say Hi. I would be excited about the new job as well. And just'll be closer to the girls and you'll be making LOTS of moola!

Angie~hope you guys have a blast at Disneyland! Wish I was going with you! :D

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, ladies I should get going. Need to check my e-mail and then straighten the house. I was out of the swiffer dusters and got some this morning so now I need to at least dust and vacuum and possibly do a load of laundry. Try to stay on it so I don't have a lot to do at one time. Then, I've got catalogs to look at! :lol: Can't wait to see what's new this fall!

:flow1: Take care ladies and have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend too! :flow1:

08-26-2005, 04:47 PM
Just a quickie for me...

This is from Angie~

I had such a morning...I laugh now but I tell you I added some years to all our lives. Took Miss Skittles out for her morning trip...and noticed as I was walking down the stairs that there was a smell in the house...went outside and being fresh and crisp morning I came in and noticed the STRONG smell of natural gas scent. I freaked,,,woke both boys up and raced out the door. Called 911 and had flashing lights and the whole bit fire trucks there within 3 minutes. All because the furnace had gone on for the first time since spring and the lil bit of dust that was by it had burned giving off the same smell as natural gas. Was my face red? Yes,,,but better safe then sorry. The one guy was pretty hot,,,dang and there I was in my funky bright blue doggy pjs that are too small,,,,they look like capris and a muscle shirt that's kinda big. No bra! Hair like standing up on end...ya it was a pretty

You can pass my lil adventure on to the other ladies,,,it's a good laugh.

08-26-2005, 09:48 PM
It must be really hard to have a child in the military Cristi - many hugs to you :)
My ex had 2 grandchildren over in Iraq. One is going on her 2nd tour and the other was injured and came home - lost some fingers. He wants to go back though and be with his troop. Amazing people serving our country.

I visited my new place of employment today. It was a 3 hour visit and exhausting. Had to call my fave boss and tell him I was running late. What can he do , fire me?? lol So, he said fine.

HUGE building and very disturbing to learn that they have had 3 people jump from the building since Dec. That kind of is spooky and makes me wonder why we don't change the windows so people can't fit through? The last one was 2 days ago and jumped from the 8th floor. Now I know why the job pays so much *nervous laugh*......doesn't scare me though.

Also disturbing to learn my assistant is living with my co worker who is the other manager. I supervise her but still I find it unacceptable in a work place. It has already been dealt with in the union so nothing to do but keep my radar up for any hanky

arrrgghhhhhhhh - how do I get myself into these things?? lol

BEST news is my fave boss was promoted and is going to be located in the same building as me!!!!!! news yet. He is the greatest, makes leaving not so difficult.

Weighed in at 153 this morning. I need to drink water but I don't.

HUGS Mindee, can't believe you are comin along so fast in your pregnancy! :)

Better get - has been a long day. Miss the Gabster sooooooooooo much.

08-27-2005, 12:46 AM
Good week-end to you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sat. and Sun.

Today I felt even better. I got my 2 walks in and did really well on food. I just had a few pretzel sticks for my snack.....wanted ice cream, but Thank goodness we were out! I did get so frustrated with my last WI that I said I wouldn't even look at my scales again, but we all know if the scales are in the house we have to look.

DD and I went to have lunch with Mom and my aunt yesterday. Had a good visit. DD is so busy with her business that I seldom get to spend much time with her. So that was nice!

Nothing planned for the week-end. How about you all?

08-27-2005, 07:08 AM
G'Mornin' everyone! :dizzy:

I should be in bed, but I'm not yet. But soon!

Tonight we had a fiasco in one of the employee parking structures. I got off early so this was around 12:30am. There was a man/woman (not sure which) who was threatening to jump. At first we didn't know which structure it was. The one I park in, is only 3 stories high. The other is 5. Found out it was the taller one. Police surrounding every corner. Any employee who needed to go home and was parked in that structure...had to wait to leave until it was all over. Very bizarre!

Cristi--I'm happy w/the long weekend too! I plan on a coast trip w/Jhanai and back to school clothes shopping! I'm sure I'll be broke by the end of the weekend!

Susan--How cool it must be to have your favorite supervisor move to the same building!! Sounds like everything is falling into place for you!

Angie--Holy Moly!! I agree...better safe than sorry! Like our "fire" we had last was just smoldering smoke, but it was a LOT of we had the fire department out! Glad it wasn't serious!

Sue--I hate to weigh myself so I hardly ever do! Last I was back up to 145. That upset me, so I haven't been back on the scale since. And since I've cut down on smoking, I feel I may have added some more. Sheesh!! Imagine if I quit completely! Why is it that we eat more??? Must keep these hands busy!

Good Morning to the rest of the JL's!!

Ok...I must get to bed. So sleepy.

Hugs to all!

Oh...I may be gone most of the weekend. But I'll post when I get a chance. Take Care!

08-27-2005, 12:14 PM
Good morning ladies~

Marti~I hope you and Jhanai enjoy your long weekend. A drive down the coast and shopping sounds like a good weekend to me! ;)

Susan~that is cool that your boss moved to the building also. And yes it is hard having a son in the service. Of course right now is the easy part, sort of. I miss him being gone but this is just basic training. I still worry tho. A 3-hour tour huh? Must have been lots to see! Are you nervous about starting?

Angie~by now you guys are off to Anaheim, safe and have fun! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

What is it with jumping off buildings? Must be something in the air. Crazy stuff. I would think that would be the worst way to go. BIL jumped off a 12 story building years ago-I just can't imagine anything being so bad that you would do that. I wonder too if when people do that if on the way down they are thinking what the **** have I done! Horrible, just horrible and sad too that things get so bad that they feel they have to do it. Anyway, was just checking in for a minute before getting on with the day.

Nothing special planned, cleaning the house and taking the valances down and dusting them. I try to only take them to the dry cleaners when I absolutely have to. So I throw them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets-gets the dust off and they smell fresh. It's just too expensive to have them dry cleaned. Of course I didn't think about that when I bought them.

Have a great day ladies! :wave:

08-27-2005, 01:14 PM
Hello ladies, and happy Saturday :wave:

WI today, down 1 more lb :goodscale I do hate when it slows down after that initial exhiliration of the big losses for the first few weeks (a part of that is water weight, of course). My biggest downfall in the past has been getting halfway to goal, hitting a plateau, and giving up. I cannot even convey how much it helps that Tim and I are doing this together. :cofdate: :cheers:

There was a lady at the WW meeting today who had lost 100 lbs -- quit going and gained every bit of it back and then some -- then came back and lost 130, and has been at lifetime goal for like a year. She lifts weights, swims, does treadmill, rides her bike...really incredible. She has a very small frame, was maybe only 5'3" or so, but now she has all these muscles on her tiny body! :D It was great to hear her story, very inspiring. The physical therapist finally gave me the OK to go to the gym -- OK for biking :ebike: and swimming, and I think treadmill is ok, too, as long as I don't overdo things. :tread: We've been walking at night and have gone out for a few bike rides (although I really don't like riding in the dark, it's cooler and there is less traffic).

The other night we were really munchie, and I came up with a low point artichoke-spinach dip that was soooooooo good :hungry: We ate it on baked pita chips, but would have been great on carrot and celery sticks, too, I bet. I will post it in the recipe thread...

Sue, I found a really good low point icecream -- Dreyer's Slow Churned Light. We like the Vanilla Bean best, it has natural ingredients, and is 2 pts for a 1/2 cup serving, and we can add other things like fruit, or lowfat chocolate syrup, etc.

Marti, here's to long weekends! :cb: :dance: Next weekend I have Friday off, and Monday for Labor Day, whoo hoo!!!

Cristi, my drapes and valances are a disaster, but you're right, dry cleaning would be a fortune. Maybe I'll try the dryer trick with the valances. Oh, and hon...regular gas here is 2.67 at the cheapest. :fr: Hopefully the prices will settle down after Labor Day.

Rats, Tim needs to do something with the router/internet connection, so I have to cut this short...hi to everyone else (Hi down there in Disneyland, Angie!!!) and have a great day ;)

08-27-2005, 02:09 PM
Hello ladies and a good weekend to all---Gee, I can't believe all that has been going on this past week!!! I feel like I've been gone forever.

Katie: Congrats on the continued weight loss and thanks for the recipes. I can already tell since school has started that I'm going to have to be really careful....I am so tired by the end of the day (and that is when I am the weakest about food--when I'm tired) that I'll grab ANYTHING to eat. I bought a small frig to keep at school and have been loading it up with yogurts and fruit. Anyway, I think any loss is a victory....slow and steady wins the race. And thanks for sharing about the lady who had lost the weight...I've never been able to lose that much, but about 2 years ago I lost 51 son had a horrible wreck and we spent weeks in the hospital--he came home to live with me and recoup and of course I cooked all the time for him...he's 6'4" and a bean pole so he can eat whatever....I guess I thought I could too and ended up gaining all of my weight back and about 20 more. I felt so disgusted with myself....even when I knew I was putting the weight back on I felt like I just couldn't stop myself....This time the weight coming off is for life...Thanks again Jane....I think of your story often and that part about doing it for life so inspires me.

Jane....I hope the house moving is going okay. That'll be great to already have your kitchen stuff moved....that to me would be the biggest job and to already have it done !!! Smart thinking! My weekend at the Discovery seminar was awesome! It's been a 3 weekend deal ---one weekend every 5 weeks. The first weekend you try to deal with past issues, the 2nd weekend they try to help you "discover" traps that are keeping you from getting out of life what you want, and this last weekend was helping you find what you feel like God wants you to do with your life and how to set goals to get there. About 10 years ago, it was called Pathways and Dr. Phil ran it (when he was in Texas). After he moved out to California, 2 other men took it over and changed it to Discovery. My DD, Kayla, my oldest brother and his wife went through it's amazing how close we have all become. I wish I could get everyone I know to go----it just makes you feel so inspired and hopeful about life! You can check into it more at

Susan: If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you do? Sounds like there must be alot of stress at work....Yikes!!!

Well shoot--my son just called and needs me to come pick him up so I'll try to catch up more later--

Love you gals!!

08-27-2005, 05:08 PM
Beth - I work at a place where we put the FUN in dysfunction,lol. You learn to roll with the punches in low income housing where you deal with residents that have difficulties in their lives. It is beyond property management, that is for sure.

I think it will be great though, so much to learn and most of my co workers are great. And yes.........VERY happy by boss is tagging along to the same building where his office will be. Would have missed him because we would have been in different sections of towns , he wouldn't have been a co worker as much as he will be now.

My mom is funny because I said how great he is and she goes "is he available?".......nope......happily married & 30 years old (too young for me).Just a really outstanding person.

yikes.....better get going.....working on my last newsletter.

08-29-2005, 01:34 AM
Hello girls--

How are you all doing on the beautiful Sunday? Jhanai & I had a busy day walking all over the mall and other shops hunting for "Back to school Shopping!" :dizzy:

I'm already ready for bed. It's only 9:30 but I'm ready!! Very unusual to my "can't sleep and the sun is already up" problems.

Had an "event" happen today. Jhanai was feeling bad and had a headache. Later she had gone to the girls room and I was in the kitchen when lo and behold I hear a "scream!" :fr:

She started her...............period!

My, just turned 11 year old, just had her first monthly. Can you believe it?? :eek:

She's growing up and I just can't seem to stop her! :lol: Well, I better get going, I thought I would share that milestone w/you all. I need to get myself and Jhanai to bed. You all take care and I'll check in later on tomorrow. We're going to the coast!


08-29-2005, 10:40 AM
Good Monday morning to you!

Cristi - I just love my swiffer, too. :) Hope you got everything done that you wanted done. Glad you've heard from Josh and that all is well. I got my Penney's catalog awhile back, and there are some really nice things for fall in there. I don't like how the blazers/ suit jackets are so much shorter, though! With my big ol' butt, I like the longer ones, lol. Notice all the browns this year?

Angie - if you get a chance to read this when you get back, I want you to know you're missed. I don't do email much at all, but will try to call you when you get back.

Susan - "fun" in dysfunctional, lol!!! So glad your fave boss is moving to the same building as you. At least you'll have a friendly face in the lunchroom.

Sue - glad you had a good visit with DD, mom, and aunt.

Marti - aww, I'm so glad Jhanai was with you (and not her dad) when the big event happened! It puts them on such a different level, imho, and they become someone to be reckoned with. Katie started at 11 also, but Mary was 13.

Katiecat - YAY for the 1 pound down!! :cp: As long as you're losing, that's great! Much better than staying the same, and waaaayyyy better than gaining! Those pounds add up. Do you have something planned as a reward for your first short-term goal? I had a charm to represent each 10 pounds, for the first 50 pounds, to put on a bracelet. These are the old-fashioned gold charms, not the Italian ones. The first is a cross to remind me that with God's help, I could do it. The 2nd is a heart to remind me to love myself, no matter what. The 3rd is an owl for wisdom to change the things I can. The 4th is a lion for courage to keep going. The 5th (last) is a key and lock to represent the key to success of losing 50 pounds. The bracelet got caught on something, and is broken, so I put all the charms on a necklace, with a spacer bead between each one, and I love when someone asks me about them.

Beth - so glad that I've been an inspiration to you!! Your saying that makes me feel so good. The Discovery seminars sound like something I would like to attend if they are ever offered locally. Yay for you bringing your own fridge to work. Planning ahead sure helps, right?

Hello to the others. :wave:

Well, I was w/o the internet most of the weekend while we got the computer moved from the kitchen into the den. Dale painted the den for me, since it was Care Bear purple, lol. Even though the room will eventually be totally redone, I wanted a color I could live with until then.

Did I mention that I will be going to Philadelphia soon? The mods are having a meeting, and I'll be gone Sept. 16 - 18. I'm flying out of Evansville to Chicago where I'll join Jacobsmommy(mod of the 100+ pound club), and we'll continue on to Philly together out of O'Hare. I sure wish Marti (and all of you!) could join us. I have to say I'm really excited about meeting the administrators and other mods.

Gotta get busy. Hope you have a great Monday. :)

08-29-2005, 01:00 PM
Hiya ladies~

Marti~they do grow up so fast don't they? Girls seem to be starting earlier, and developing earlier than when I grew up. So glad she was with you. Glad you guys had a fun day shopping.

Katiecat~WTG on the loss this week! Hey, a pound is a pound and so much better than a gain! So :bravo: The drape trick, if you want to call it a trick...does work and it is a whole lot cheaper than the dry cleaners. I know tho eventually I will have to take them, all 10 of them! :yikes: I used to buy this kit thing at the store for clothes that need to be dry cleaned but found just throwing them in the dryer with dryer sheets works just as well.

Jane~I love all the brown colors for fall! I may get a few new shirts but won't buy too many clothes, not yet anyway. I will have to have one of the blazers even tho they are short-just love them! I like to cover my big butt too! I remember reading about the PA trip-you guys are going to have a BLAST! I need a get away. I actually will be going to AR about the same time you go to PA. Not sure of the date yet, but it will be a week or two after Labor Day-need to see my dad. So what color did Dale paint the den?

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not feeling so great today. TOM decided to come today and on top of it I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep until 6. I have been waking up every morning at 3 a.m. for a couple of weeks now and I am feeling it. I am going to drag my old fat self in the exercise room though and force myself to do something as soon as I get off this thing.

Have a good day ladies!

08-29-2005, 09:37 PM
Hey Ladies!!

Christi: Sorry you're feeling crummy. Do you have a bug or is it lack of sleep? I'm just miserable the next day when I don't get enough rest.

Marti: I so glad Jhanai was with you--so much better to be with mom....I think God had a hand in that one....

Hello to you ladies that have chimed on since my absence. I just love these girls!!

My neice had her baby last Wednesday (Aug 24) Named him Hagen (Not sure on the spelling) and he was a little over 9 lbs.....which was amazing because Mom Carli is not very big.

I think I've told ya'll that they've been building a dairy west of me? Anyway, I've always lived on a dirt road and it has been horrible this year with all the big trucks coming up and down with the building going on and when it has rained it's almost been impassable. Well...they've been working all this last week and have put caliche (don't know if that's how you spell it) down. Maybe when it rains we won't have ruts up to our bumpers!!! I feel like I'm moving uptown!! The ruts were so deep last winter, my son actually drug the bumper off of his Envoy. I have an old old suburban that sits up really high or I would have really been in trouble.

I mowed all Sat and Sun afternoon with the mower at it's highest level---it was looking like a jungle around here. We've had rain 4 weekends in a row!

I haven't weighed in 2 weeks. I usually try to on Mondays but was running late this morn and didn't even think about it. Guess I'll try to weigh tomorrow... I've wanted to try this diet by this man named Dr. Perricone (I think that's his name). I saw him about a month ago on Oprah and he was talking about a diet that was very good for your skin and wrinkles and it also helped you lose weight. They showed some of the meals from the book and it looked like WW---very healthy and filling. He said you should eat a protein in the morning and follow that with fruit....the protein will help burn off the carbs in the fruit.....showed salmon at night...said salmon was so full of antioxidants...Anyway, thought I'd order the book and read it. Anyway, if it follows close the WW, I thought I'd try to incorporate some of it into my daily diet. Just reading books like that encourages me to stay OP. I think I'm going to make my own folder with success stories from ya'll and when I feel weak, I'm going to get it out and read it. ;)

Jane---that's great that you get to go be with the admins and mods. I had wondered if ya'll ever got to meet each other in person. Do they show you new things they're planning with the website or is it mainly to get to meet each other? I wish you could go to Discovery. I think they're going to try to start having them in Austin, Texas and then Ok City, Hopefully, they will continue branching out. It's just so inspirational to hear 40 to 50 people decide on a mission. I was amazed that I could spend 3 weekends with a group of strangers and get to know them so intimately---their hurts, their hearts, and their dreams. It was phenomonal! Some of the things some of them had endured was unbelievable. I don't want to sound preachy but we talked about how God brings you through difficult trying things and through that you can help someone else get through something. So....this may be a very difficult time for us trying to take off the weight, but if we can help someone else or encourage someone else when they are struggling to stay on plan or just get through a day then what we've gone through can be turned into a good thing when we can empathize and help others.

Okay, okay, okay----I'll get off my soapbox..... :D

Stay strong, stay OP, we can do this ladies!!
I love ya'll

08-29-2005, 10:34 PM
Hi everyone....
I thought my family was the onlyone that put the FUN in dysfunctional, lol!
I just had a really busy week, now a really busy day. I should have time to post more in depth tomorrow. Help me out, gals...did I post my yahoo page with remodel pix here yet? I can't remember who I've sent them to ... I am so scattered these days...

Beach was great.... took the kids to the Oregon Coast Aquariium and played on the beach

Came home Wed. and did laundry. Thurs. I took the kids up to Goldendale and camped out on my mom's property until yesterday. A good time was has by all. Now we are home and the house is an utter mess.

My mom's husband's entire family lives in New Orleans and have been evacuated to Mississippi as of last night, but may be evacuated yet again. They figure they will lose their houses, but at least not their lives. :( A scary time, indeed.

Will post more tomorrow

08-29-2005, 11:14 PM
My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is in the path of the hurricane. Please be safe.

08-30-2005, 01:43 AM
Hello ladies--
Another short one as I'm tired once again! Left for the coast this afternoon. It started raining in town as we left and we weren't sure how the weather would be once we got was BEAUTIFUL!! We spent a few hours at the coast walking along the beach, finding shells and looking at the living creatures on the rocks. Then went to lunch for some clam chowder. Was a very FUN mother/daughter day! So glad we went!

Now, I'm tuckered out! My body is not used to day time activities!!

I'll catch up to all once I'm back to work.

Take Care

08-30-2005, 12:27 PM
Good morning ladies~

I am feeling pretty good this morning, so far. I will probably need a nap later! LOL I don't do mornings! DD and I were up at the crack of dawn, well, almost :lol: We left for the park at 7:30 to do a walk. Of course the park we go to is almost 30 mns. away but well worth it. The have the trails mapped out so we know just how far we are walking. Of course I thought that the trail around the whole park was 2 miles but it is only 1.5, which was good enough. Just supposed to be doing a mile so it is all good. It is nice to get it out of the way. I put my pedometer on and am up to 3127 steps so far and it's only 10 a.m. Going to ride my :ebike: when I get off the computer and do a little weight lifting, plus a zillion times up and down the stairs. Hoping to pass the 4600 or 4800 steps today that I did last Monday. I walked one day and got busy so am starting over today, actually yesterday. Already downed one bottle of water, working on #2 and vitamins have been taken. So I am feeling pretty good about the day. I weighed in today because I forgot to yesterday, :doh: and it says I am up two pounds. Not going to change the ticker to reflect that because I know it is from TOM. However, I am changing it to reflect a smaller goal. Looking at my ultimate goal seems overwhelming at times.

Beth~CONGRAT'S on being a GREAT-Aunt! I've just been tired because for some reason I keep waking up at 3 am. Last night, or rather this morning I was able to go back to sleep right away but Sunday night sleep wasn't coming and by the time I dozed off it was time to get up. Top that with TOM hitting me! ICK! I'm having a little cramping today but feel pretty good. I've heard a little about the Dr. Perricone program. I thought someone here mentioned it a while back, can't remember. Sounds like a good program.

Marti~your trip to the coast sounded so nice, such a nice mother/daughter day. That and my friends are the only thing I miss about CA. I so miss just being able to get in the car and drive along the coast. Our favorite drive was from Long Beach to San Pedro. Then from San Pedro to Redondo Beach where we spent the day at the pier. On a clear day you could see Catalina. Once in a while we would head up to Venice beach or Mailbu-there was always sooooo much traffic though. Once in a while we would head the other direction. Anyway, when does Jhanai start school? I know you probably mentioned it before, can't remember.

Katy~glad you and your family had a nice trip camping. I haven't been camping in ages. We've been meaning to go but just get busy with things. You did share the pics of your construction and it is coming along fine. Is everything on schedule as far as it being done in December? It was December wasn't it? Again, I cant remember anything, I swear. I'm losing my mind. Many thoughts and prayers to your family in New Orleans.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I am headed for a short bike ride and do some weights. Then I have vacuuming to do, a little bit of dusting, change the sheets on my bed and a couple of loads of laundry to get done so that should keep me pretty busy today. I'll be on here probably another hour or so. Need to look up a few things and map out a trip to GA. See how far it is and how long of a drive.

Take care ladies and have a terrific Tuesday!

08-30-2005, 02:05 PM
hello ladies.....

sorry it has been some time since my last post. I have been fighting a tooth infection and trying to keep up with Brandon and staying awake when I have to.

my thoughts and prayers are with those in the path of the hurricane. we are suppose to feel some wrath from her sometime this week, but not as much as those in the actual path.

we have come to a conclusion about this little boys name, we are thinking that the name choice that is a must sounds better as a first name as opposed to a middle name. So now, we just need to sit down and agree on which middle name to go along with the first name.

I will be back when I can.....not sure when exactly but I will sneek on here and there. Hopefully we can get into an apartment soon!

08-30-2005, 08:10 PM
Hey -

I am happy you were with Jhanai, Marti. Your little baby growing up :) Beck just had her first period 2 weeks ago and she is 12 1/2 . I think Rach was 11 or 10. I don't even remember. Anyway, hugs to her as she goes through this stage in her life - she certainly needs her mom!

WOW, Cristi :) I feel so lazy reading about all you are doing. I don't do anything except walk down to the vending machine and back up the stairs. Keep up the good work!! Very inspiring.

It is really great that you get to meet the other mods Jane. I am sure it will be tons of fun. I am going to paint one wall in my office as an accent wall. I was thinking of a creamy shade of yellow.

Sounds like you are having fun Katy.We are so neighbors !! lol Some day we should meet in the village for coffee :) Don't worry there is a lot of dysfunction in the world to go around - lol.

hmmm, kind of curious where you live Beth? Sounds so country and peaceful......

yay Mindee. MANY hugs to you - time is going so fast in your pregnancy.

Gaby starts 2 days of preschool at a church - close to her sitter. She will start speech at Kaiser on the 13th. Happy about that.

Just crazed at the moment - ONE day left on this job before I head to greener pasture!! woooo hoooo get my purchase card tomorrow.....lets go buy paint :)

better get. just pooped and craving beans again

08-31-2005, 12:11 AM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Cristi - yay for all the exercise you've been doing! How odd that you wake at 3, because I often wake right at 3:15 and then can't get back to sleep. Must be you turning on the light that wakes me, lol. :lol3:

Beth - maybe the Discovery seminars will come this way someday. About the mods, lots of them live in the east, so some of them have met before. And I met Sandi when I was in Chicago last March. But as far as I know, this is the first official meet-up for all of us at once. We're mostly in it for fun, but Suzanne and Jennifer may have new instructions, etc, for us; I'm not sure.

Katie - hope your in-laws are all ok. My bil Paul lives close to New Orleans, in Hammond LA, and we haven't heard from him. DH left a message on Paul's cell phone last night, but he didn't call back yet.

Marti - aww, your day with Jhanai sounds like so much fun. I always like special days with just one of my children at a time. No matter how old they get, they seem to like it, too. Probably because it doesn't happen very often with the two oldest anymore. Katie could probably use a little less time with me, lol.

Mindee - sounds like all is going well with your two boys!

Susan - I think a creamy yellow would be very nice for one of the walls in your new office. When we lived in town, I had a spare room for crafts, etc, that I did in yellow, white and a little blue. It was so cheery, and I called it the sunshine room.

Well, I was here earlier, but got interrupted before I could post, lol. We had a good visit with the contractor, and it seems things will move along nicely as long as the foundation guy gives us good news on Thursday.

I've been doing well with the food, exercise and water. My exercise has been all the moving, and truly working up a sweat unpacking, moving things, etc. Even my butt muscles hurt, lol.

Have a good one, and I'll chat at ya' tomorrow. :cool:

08-31-2005, 01:03 PM
:flow1: Happy Wednesday Ladies :flow1:

Was up early again this morning to get my errands done and out of the way. That and get the lawn watered. Luckily I haven't had to water it for 2 weeks-we got so much rain. Going to get my walk in on the treadmill today. I was amazed at the number of steps I took yesterday. Up to 5696 when I took the pedometer off to take a nap and didn't put it back on so there was more. Eventually, I will get up to the 10,000.

Jane~well, I went and messed up because I woke up this morning at 2:30! LOL I honestly don't know what is up with that. I know when DH#1 passed when I finally did start sleeping I would wake up every morning at 4 a.m. It was hard because I normally couldn't get to sleep till about 1 am and did that for months. It was almost a year later when I finally started sleeping through the night. So I am thinking it has to do with Josh being gone, I don't know. :dunno:

Susan~no, no, no, not inspiring at all. I always start with good intentions and end up quitting after a while, and I'm hoping and praying I don't this time-taking things one day at a time and not focusing on tomorrow or the total weight I want to lose. You are the one who is inspiring. I have my journal (notebook) where I have your newspaper article and a recent picture of you on the third page to inpsire me. You have come such a long way and reading that really helps. I think a light creamy yellow would be nice also-brighten things up in your office.

Mindee~so what conclusion, what did you guys decide on? Inquiring minds want to know. Or I do anyway. LOL The due date is closing in fast. Hope your tooth is better today.

Well, have a change of plans on going to AR next month. I am moving it up to the first of November because will be going to see Josh the end of October. They are having a special weekend thing and he gets an overnight pass to spend with his family. So we are heading there Oct. 26 or 27. Haven't worked out the details yet but we need to be there for him on the 29th. And when I leave GA on th eway back I will stop in to visit family in AR. Don't feel like making the trip and then turing around the next month and taking another trip. Because then we have to turn around the end of November and go again. He will have his graduation on December 2 and then he gets to come home with us for two weeks. So we will have an early Christmas. Then he is off for his Airborne training and home again for 2 weeks and then off to god knows where. Anyway, on with the day. Need to go water the back now.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

08-31-2005, 05:27 PM
Cristi - WTG on the steps! I tried out a pedometer a little while back and my first day was similar to yours. Then I became aware of having it on and looked for all kinds of little ways to add steps, and it got up to 10,000 pretty quickly. I haven't put it back on since I started step class, but I should just out of curiosity. I'm so glad your son gets an overnight pass relatively soon...end of Oct is not that far away, really. You just hang in there.

Jane - so - do you have to put a new foundation under Fern's old house ( or I should say your new house, lol)..if so , that will be quite a job! Certainly a worthwhile one. How are Dale and Mary settling into your old house?

Susan - Judging by the landmarks you mentioned, I would say you are definitely in my neck of the woods now! It must be nice to be so much closer to your older girls. Is Gaby seeing the speech therapist I mentioned? We sure enjoyed her - Leigh's therapy sessions were like big playdates to her...she cried when she couldn't go anymore. Sorry things haven't worked with Rocky, but I think you are doing the right thing. He is just such a nice guy...maybe you two can still be part of each other's lives through your parenting group...who knows.

Well, today we ran a bunch of errands, culminating with a trip to Costco where we bought some Skinny Cows, which just made the whole day perk up :) On the home front, yesterday the sewer was hooked up, and more progress was made on the roof. Next week we get the rest of the plumbing set up and the electrical box will be moved. We are very pleased! We should definitely have the exterior finished before the weather gets yucky.

My step-dad's family are all safe and in Tennesee, but we are virtually certain that their homes are destroyed. His brother lived only two miles from Lake Ponchatrain. So, we are grateful, yet sad for what it is going to mean for them to put their lives back together.

Hi to anyone I neglected - hope you are all having a great Wednesday

08-31-2005, 05:42 PM
Hello Ladies--

What a weekend, and I go to work and think "my break wasn't long enough!" At least I get another 3 day weekend this weekend too.

I am very sore today. My legs really got a workout walking in the sand on Monday. We did a lot of squatting too while looking for shells. Such a wonderful day it was! I will have to go once more before Fall really hits!

Cristi--Jhanai starts school on the 6th. She's so excited and nervous at the same time. I remember my first time in middle school...actually it was Junior high for us (7th-9th) and I was so scared. I swear I was the shortest girl in the school!! :lol: But it was fun and Jhanai is going to have lots of fun too.

Jane--We had a special day together. I wish we had gone more often over the summer but we can plan for next year. I also wish I could have a day w/James. It's been close to 2mos of no days off for him. And it's really getting frustrating for him. I feel so badly. He looks so tired. I miss seeing him through the days too!

Hello Beth, Katie, Susan, Angie, Mindee and the rest of the gals.....I hear some commotion going on outdoors so I'm going to investigate what's going on. I'll check back in later!

08-31-2005, 09:57 PM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - usually when I can't sleep, it's because I have a lot on my mind, too. Lately it's been because of the house. Not knowing whether it can even be saved is a burden. Glad you're getting your travel plans set up. It will be so good for you to see Josh. Where will he get his airborne training? My 1st DH had his at Ft. Campbell, KY, with the Screaming Eagles of the 101st division, and that's where my son was born.

Katy - well, we'll find out more tomorrow from the expert just what has to be done with the house. And another guy from a different city is coming the 6th. We like the idea of 2 opinions for something so huge. I love Skinny Cows but found out it's best if I don't bring the chocolate ones in the house. :o The vanilla ones are so good, but not too tempting, if ykwim.

Marti - yikes! No days off in 2 months? How long can that go on? And why is the schedule like that? I feel for James and you both. So what are your plans for Labor Day? You can come here and cook out with us. :) Actually, I think I have tacos and Spanish rice on the menus for that day.

Went shopping today, with Madison, since the foundation guy will be here tomorrow, which is my regular shopping day. Also had lunch out with her, and Katie. Had a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup at Wendy's.

We got over 4" of rain in about as many hours from the tropical storm. Still haven't heard from Paul. Other than that, not much else is new.

Have a good one!

08-31-2005, 10:38 PM
You are inspiring Cristi :)

I am just exhausted and don't know whether I am coming or going. Decided to just sit and chat for a minute with you all.

I agree with Jane 2 months with no breaks must be torture for James! I think I worked 2 weeks straight once when I was younger - that was enough for me to go insane.

Actually I am close to pooping out now. Cranky and wanting to settle in with a routine again at work. It was my last day at work as an assistant. I cleaned my desk and my boss kept saying.........."don't take all the office supplies" He was joking, it was a busy day there today. The person who was offered his position was there on a tour with the director. So I just handed him some messages and left. I wrote him this email .......

Sorry we didn't get a proper good bye. Where I could cry and you could say how impossible it will be to run the office without me. Where you would beg me to stay and promise 75 % of all your future earnings.


It was great to work with you and much gratitude for the opportunity to learn the job. I know there is so much I still need to learn but thanks for getting me in a place where I was able to get through the door and have a chance as SM.
Thanks for always being patient and for providing a fun place to work. You are a great supervisor and I look forward to taking what I learned from you and applying that in my new position,,,,,,,,,,

Anyway, I always wanted to work for Hallmark Cards.....can you tell :)

Congrats to you and see you at _______

So, he called and said thanks and he enjoyed working with me and wished me well. Of course he will see me again,,,,,,,,,,lol

Sheesh......I am just so eager to start something new.

I went and picked up my keys and was given a purchase card. I think my allow is $2500 for a month. That is a lot to me. I am going to be real careful and buy what we need - shop around and get good prices. I went and picked up a nice table / along with a 2 door file cabinet. The table is long and narrow, I think someone made it. I have one in my old office and was happy to see another one. Some real nice computer desks but they would be too big for my new office. The office is long and narrow.......going to be a challenge to fit everything in there. Anyway, this was extra furniture that was going up for sale, it was free to me though.

Anyway, I took Gaby with me this morning and she acted up *roll eyes* I feel bad for her - we rush everywhere. I picked her up last night and she fell asleep on the way home. So, we didn't really see each other - hope we can catch up this holiday weekend.

Received a note in the mail from Mike saying where he is living. He also sent his other daughter 3 birthday cards with $5 in each one. That is the least he can do. I can't wait to let him know I am moving

ok- I better get back to work.....early to rise! My new hours are 8 to 4:30....


09-01-2005, 01:39 PM
Good morning ladies~

Katy~glad to know your family is safe. That is just horrible for everyone down there. I just could not imagine the horror of it all. My heart goes out to all the people down there, it is going to be a long recovery. I was watching the news the other day and just started crying when the woman was talking with a guy and he said he was holding on to his wife's hand really tight and she told him to take care of the kids and grandkids and then was gone-heart wrenching to say the least. About the pedometer...that's what I seem to be doing now too...trying to find all kinds of things to do to get those steps in. :lol: What a great motivator!

Jane~apparently my new time to wake up is 2:30 now, crazy. Totally understand about the house. Just think though, you guys will be preserving a piece of history for your family so to me that would well be worth it. I'm not really sure where the airborne training will be. Josh passed on this letter from the Corporal with the info about basic and the way I read it I just assumed it would be there, but I'm not sure now. I'll have to ask Josh in my next letter. He scribbled something fast at the bottom of that and said he didn't have much time to write but wanted to send that and get his address to me. Hope everything goes well with the expert.

Marti~wow, poor James and you. Him not having a day off for two months is crazy and I bet he is tired. And then you guys not have much time together would be hard. I hope he gets a day off soon. Jhanai is going to be in 7th grade?! Or is it 6th? Jeez, lately I can't keep anything straight.

Susan~nice e-mail,a nd have fun spending that allowance. I know when I shopped for the gift shop a few years ago, it was soooo much fun going on shopping excursions to Tulsa & KC spending other peoples money! We didn't really have a budget and I didn't really go overboard but it was fun. Here's to many years in your new job and I hope you love it! :cheers: Now when do you get to move into your new place?

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Today is an "unstructered" day in the WATP program. Don't have to walk a mile plus all the other steps. She wants you to focus on getting 5000 steps in today. But I will do at least a 1/2 mile walk anyway. I was thinking about mowing the back yard for V since it has cooled off. He has been working so hard and then coming home to mow is just another job. At least he would only have to do the front, and weed eat. I don't handle the weed eater-too much for me! Anyway, I was up early this morning and have my laundry done and dusted and vacuumed so not sure what to do with myself for the rest of the day. I'm only at a little over 1600 steps so have a ways to go so maybe mowing the yard would get me almost there. I think it was about 1800 steps to mow the back. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a good day!

09-01-2005, 04:47 PM
well.....things really are looking up for us now. My sister Wendy called me and told me that the lady from the apartment place is trying to get ahold of me or Tommy. Tommy went and called her and she told him that he needs to get his work to fill out this paper and then once that goes through, we could be moving in a week!!!!

we also got a new family member. (no, little boy hasn't come yet) I went to go to the bathroom last night and when I opened the door, there was a blur there. I thought it was a cat, so I closed the door and then opened it again to see if it was still there. It was.....and it sure wasn't a cat! It was a dog. A Jack Russell Terrior mixed with something. He looks about 1 to 2 years old. He is really skinny and skiddish. He slept outside the door of our "place" and greeted my mom this morning when she took the kids outside for the bus. She called and had the local sheriff post a bulliten so that if someone calls then they know where to contact. But so far there haven't been any calls, and my mom said that if no one claims him, then Tommy has a new dog. Tommy was calling him Fido this morning, but then changed it to Harley when he was eating breakfast.

Susan~ I can't believe how fast time is going.

Jane~ Things are going well with all the boys.

Cristi~ I know....I can't believe that I can actually say now that I am due next month. I am not sure if the name is 100% official yet....we were just tossing around the name and it seems to be sticking but I am not sure. My tooth is feeling better. It is still sore on one point, but other then that it is almost back to normal.

09-01-2005, 06:41 PM
Hello ladies--

Almost Friday.....and then another short week afterwards! So very cool! :)

Jane--I'm not sure why they schedule these men like that. I guess they figure that the 12hrs they have for resting before going back to work is enough "time off" for them. Which is absolutely crazy if you ask me! Having to sit around waiting for that phone call...that is not time off! You never know when you go to work, plus you can't plan anything. But....James says it's temporary during this training. I can't wait until it's over!

Cristi--Jhanai will be in the 6th grade. Such a big step forward for her! You are doing such a fabulous job on your walking!! So proud of you and very inspired!! One of the girls I was suppose to work out w/after work, decided to cancel her membership! I couldn't believe it! So now I'm going to have to find someone else to go w/me after work. I hate to have the membership and have no one to workout with!

Susan--What a lovely note you sent! You have a great way w/words and adding humor to it all! Have fun w/the allowance you get! That's going to be fun going out shopping. I'm so glad to hear that things are going your way and things are looking up!

Katie--Sending lots of hugs to your family!! My prayers are with them all. I've been reading the paper about it all and then I go out in my yard and just feel so grateful for what I have. Then it makes me tear up thinking of all that people have lost! Makes me appreciate what I have and to not think that I need more just "because".

Beth--I watched that episode on Oprah before. I'm so not good at following anything on my own that I didn't think of buying the book, even though I wanted to. If you do try it, let us know how it works out for you!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Got some news at work yesterday. We are getting a bonus on our next paycheck!! I'm excited. This is my first one and I've asked around from people who've been here longer how much it is. One guy got a check for over $1000 last year and he hadn't even been there a year yet!! So I'm thinking "Just in time before Christmas" I'm going to try and get some shopping done early this year!! Very excited. Now, to tell James the news.

Ok, I gotta get going. You all take care!

09-02-2005, 09:42 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Susan - aww, your email to the old boss was very touching, and I bet he had a lump in his throat as he read it. Good luck with your new job. Do you start today, or after the holiday?

Cristi - did you end up mowing? Good way to get those steps in! You're doing so good with that, and as the others have said, you're a good inspiration. Btw, I don't weedeat, either. Seems like the darn string breaks too often when I'm in control, lol.

Mindee - yay for you being so close to getting your own place!! So, was the dog in the bathroom? How did it get there? Jack Russells are so energetic, it would be a good pet for Brandon. Lots of energy to wear each other out, lol.

Marti - yay for the bonus! Hope it's a bundle. You could use some of it to join the mods in Philly. That would be great!! I already started my Christmas shopping. For the 2 littlest ones, Caylin and Macy, I got each a Dora and the twins doll set. It's so cute! What does Jhanai want this year?

Well, yesterday the foundation guy gave us bad news. He said it would cost approx. $47,000.00 just to fix the floors, and even then they would only be about 80% level. The problem is because the house was built so close to the ground, except for the kitchen - there's a root celler under there. So they'd have to go in through the top of the floors, and it would take a crew of 3 about 5-6 weeks to get the job done. Most of the expense would be labor. He said the house is just too far gone, and we could tell he hated to be the one giving us this info. So if you add the near $50,000.00 to the probable $70,000.00 we had planned to use for the other renovations, it's just too much to put in this house. I told Neal I'd do whatever he wants, since it's his family home, but he said it would be almost like throwing the money away, since the house still wouldn't be right. I'm the one who cried like a baby after the guy left. I felt sorry for Neal, and also kept thinking about all the unpacking I just did, knowing I'm going to have to go through it again.

We'll have to have the place torn down, and go on to plan B, which is build a home. But we'll put it on the same piece of land, or very near. The idea of living somewhere else during all that is enough to make me sick. Since it's too late in the year to begin this, at least we can have one last Christmas here. Neal will be sad, I know.

Well, didn't mean to bring you down. Hope all you Yanks have a great Labor Day weekend, and that our Canadian friends have a great weekend, too.

09-02-2005, 12:23 PM
Hi ladies

Oh my goodness!!! Gas hit an all time high of $3.19 a gallon here! :eek: :fr: :yikes: I do hope it goes down some before the end of Ocotber! I'm wondering if that if because of the holiday weekend. It was $2.98 yesterday and I know there is no shortage or gouging but they do tend to raise the prices any and every time there is a holiday weekend. Anyway, gotta have it so...

Jane~I am so sorry to hear about the house, (((((HUGS))))) to you guys. That's too bad that it can't be fixed 100%. Would you guys really have the house demolished? Why can't you guys live in it till a new one is built? Oh, that would be hard, I really feel for you guys. Such a tough decision. I did mow the yard-really should have waited until later, much later. But it felt really cool outside 'til I got half way through and I was sweating like a dog! And these darn allergies! I have been taking a claritin for a week and yesterday and this morning is terrible. Mowing did me in. After cooling off from that I was hungry and you talking about a Wendy's chicken sandwich sounded so good. I don't know what they put on them but I ordered one plain and got a fruit cup which wasn't so good. The pineapple was, the grapes were good and fresh but the honeydew and cantaloupe were icky. The sandwich was really good. So thanks for mentioning that. I am not a fan of Wendy's but that made me one.

Marti~wow, what a nice, early Christmas present! Hope you get a nice big one! Sorry, couldn't remember if you said Jhanai would be in 6th or 7th and then you mentioned middle school and I thought I missed something. Got to thinking that being 11 in 7th grade was young that's why I asked. Sorry, your friend quit the gym-just when you barely got started. I know you will find someone else to go with you. Enjoy your long weekend. So will you be going to PA with the other moderators? That would be a cool weekend getaway.

Mindee~a new doggie, how sweet. I used to see this young couple walking their 2 Jack Russell puppies and they were so cute, a little energetic at times, but cute! Well, I am keeping my fingers :crossed: in the hopes that you guys get the apartment. It would be perfect timing if you did, right before the new baby.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I did get my required 5000 steps in yesterday. It was actually 6300 when I took it off at dinner time so I am happy about that. Going to try and add a few hundred steps everyday and so far today I am at 4025. Today I was supposed to do a mile in 20 minutes which I did. Went to the park this morning at 7:30 and did 1-1/2 miles in 30 mns. Tomorrow will be my first 2 mile walk and then I get Sunday off, yay! I know I am supposed to feel more energized but I don't. :lol: Anyway, nothing planned for today except the usual-laundry, vacuum and dust. When Vince gets home we are headed to SAMS to get a few things and grab a bite to eat, may just get a chicken sandwich at Wendy's! ;)

Take care ladies and have a safe, and wonderful weekend!

09-02-2005, 03:49 PM
Morning Ladies--

Jane--I'm so sorry Jane! I wish I was there to give you and Neal hugs! I"m sending one out to you anyway!! ((((HUGS)))) I'm asking the same question as Cristi, couldn't you live in the house as the other one is being built since you're not building on the same area? As for what Jhanai wants for Christmas, I'm not really sure. Which will of coarse make it hard to buy gifts! :lol: I know what I want!! :D Does that count?

Cristi--No, I won't be joining the other mods. As much as I would like to. I still want to meet the JL's!! You know, you have me wanting to get my pedometer out again and count my steps! I had stopped wearing it since I sit all day at work. But I should try it again and just start recording the steps I take. Give myself some motivation. I do have to say're inspiring me to want to walk more!!

Hello to everyone else out there.

Got some more good news this morning. Just before I left for work, I told the others that I just NEEDED to go home on time because James didn't leave a message saying he had left for work and that meant he was still home. So I got home and sure enough, I was thrilled to see his truck still in the driveway. I just wanted a few hours of cuddle time while he slept! Then around 7:00 he wakes me up to say he's leaving, and I get up w/him and he proceeds to tell me that two more trips and he can take OA!!! Meaning: he can have a day off this weekend!!! I was all smiles and hugs and everything!! It was just what I needed on a Friday!! I get to have some time w/my husband and that makes me so happy that I could cry! :dizzy:

I'm a nut I know.

Off to take a shower.

Take Care!

09-02-2005, 05:50 PM
Hi ladies, just a quick pop in...waiting for the plumber, happy happy joy joy -- hope this is a quick and easy job with no complications. Last time they pulled the toilet up off the floor the guy said, oh, lady, I'm sorry, we can't put it back, the floor is damaged and the flange is rusted. The home warranty covered the flange, but we had to pay for the floor out of pocket, and that was $500. So I've got my fingers crossed this time.

Jane, so sorry to hear about the house! What a disappointment, and it must be so hard for Neal. I am thinking with the amount of money you were prepared to spend on a remodel that you should be able to build something nice, though? Housing prices here have gotten ridiculous. I live in an old neighborhood, ok but not the best part of town, houses built in the mid-1950's, and about 1200-1300 square ft, and certainly nothing special. The house across the street from ours, very similar to our house, just sold for $303,000!!! That is just absurd, and I just don't see how this market can hold. I understand a lot of people are buying on interest-only loans, thinking it's an investment property and they'll resell at a profit and they can't afford it any other way, but how risky! Paying only the interest and nothing on the principle???

Cristi, my understanding is that the gas prices have shot up so quickly because of Hurricane Katrina -- it shut down a lot of refineries and distribution, and prices were already outrageous, and normally go up for a holiday weekend, too, so it just made it much worse. We can still get regular here for 2.89 at the cheapo cheapo stations, but probably not for long. One of the cheapest was at 2.99 yesterday, so I'm sure the others will follow suit.

Marti, so glad you are getting time with your sweetie :) :) :) I know you must miss him terribly. I hated it when Tim and I worked opposite shifts, and even then we still got to see each other coming and going...

Mindee, good luck on the apartment! Would be nice to have everything fall into place and get settled in before the baby comes. Would the dog be able to move with you, or will he stay with your mom?

Well, WI is tomorrow, hope I lost this week. For the most part, Tim and I have been so virtuous, but this is the hard part, after the initial loss, and it's now like pedalling a bike uphill -- you work and work all week and hope that you see results, no matter how small. We did lay in bed the other night and had a pity party about all the things we miss -- pizza, beer, chocolate, butter, bread, just going to a restaurant and ordering whatever you want without thinking, "How many points is this?" Not that you can't have whatever you want to eat on WW, but you have to be aware of portion sizes, and how many points it is, and plan accordingly. *sigh* But the results should be worth it. My jeans are now all too loose, and I will have to buy a few things before our trip. I really don't want to buy too much at an in-between size, especially since I have sooooooo far to go, but I'll have to get a few things here and there, I know. Maybe I'll dig through my closet and drawers for stuff I stopped wearing because it was too small! Might have a treasure trove I don't even know about...

NSV -- I was in the break room, eating my carefully prepared but not very exciting 8 point lunch, when a bunch of leftovers were brought in from a manager's meeting -- tons of stuff for make-your-own fajitas, and a huge tray of cookies and BROWNIES. ACK!!! But I didn't have any of it :D I just tried not to drool on my own boring lunch :lol: And a week or two ago, for the first time, an acquaintance at work asked, "Are you losing weight?" so that felt pretty good too, that someone who doesn't know I'm on WW noticed a difference.

Pray for the victims of Katrina,'s so bad, the pictures make me cry...our work is doing a clothing drive, which I think is a good idea, and the Red Cross is going to get the clothes to the Gulf Coast, but I think the relief organizations really need funds, so maybe my co-workers will be willing to take up a cash collection, too. I've never been to New Orleans, and always wanted to go...I hope that beautiful, historical city isn't totally destroyed, and at least some of it can be preserved or restored.

OK, gotta get busy again, cleaning my messy house...have a great day!

09-02-2005, 06:27 PM

I am new to this board, but not 3FC. My friend and I really tried to get a thread going for Chicks on Motorcycles, but we are the only two posting these days. Your group sounds like a lot of fun and we would like to post, if that's ok with you all! :)

A little about me-- I am married (little over a year), 28 years old, and no kids yet. I work as a paraeducator for special education grades K-5. Most the time I enjoy my job, but this year is VERY stressful. I have been overweight my entire life and I work around a lot of self-esteem issues with myself. My Dh is great about trying to "build" me up, but I have to start doing that for myself! When I was 25 (Nov.'02) I was about 315-320 pounds and then I went on a very strict diet and went all the way down to 190 around the summer of 2003. I really lost it too quickly and thats probably why I'm in this position again. :( Anyhow, I think that I restricted myself so much that when I felt "thinner" I went crazy and just ate whatever. I went back up to 282 (Jan. '05) and am now 252. Sometimes I had tons of motivation and other times it's slipped, but I have really changed a lot of my bad habits and doing it for life this time. I do struggle with exercise, b/c I'm not to fond of it, but I am forcing myself to do a little and build up. I have 3 spoiled pets, too. Lucy, my senior citizen terrier mix, a little black kitten named Simba, and a big teddy bear of a Rottweiler mix named Tika. I guess that's all I have to really say about myself.

Well, I hope to get to know you all!

09-02-2005, 07:03 PM
Afternoon gals!!

I thought I would check back in before I head off to work. I have to get some gas and w/the prices going up (Cristi, I read in the paper that it was going up due to the hurricane) I'm not looking forward to seeing what it is!! It already cost me $35 to fill my tank!!

Katie--What a great NSV!! :cp: Having someone comment on your efforts,whether they know about it or not, is SUCH a great motivational feeling! And passing up on the leftovers at work! I know how tempting it is to eat sweets....I always cave in. You & Tim are doing a great job on WW and I'm so happy that you two are having success! I'm sure you'll have more weight loss on your next weigh in!! Keep us posted on how it goes!

Andrea--Hello & Welcome!! :wave: Of coarse you and your friend are more than welcome to join us here. I would like to say congratulations on the weightloss you have so far! You've lost a lot and that's got to be a great feeling! We will be here for support anytime you need it so don't hesitate to keep on chattin' with us! And tell your friend to join us too!!

Well I have to say that I've sat on my butt all afternoon. :dz: Ever have one of those days that, that's all you feel like doing? Well today was my day. And it's friday, so I figured.......enjoy it!

I have decided that I'm going to go to the gym after work after all. Whether there is anyone w/me or not I need to work out. There is a way to get to the gym w/out having to go outside to get to it. So it shouldn't be too bad. And I"m sure I can talk to one of the gals to eventually come w/me, at least I hope. Must quit all this stressing about things and just do it!!

Ok, off to tend to hair and then get some gas before work.

chat w/you all tomorrow!

09-02-2005, 10:15 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - gas prices are $3.29 a gallon here, and rising. Living where I do, I think twice before running to town on a whim now. The chicken sandwich is good with a tad of BBQ sauce, if you like that.

Marti - so glad you'll get to spend some time with your sweetie this weekend. Any special plans? Let us know how it went in the gym.

Katiecat - hey, I was so surprised to get your call today! It really cheered me to hear from you, and I'll call you back as planned on Monday, since the plumber interrupted us, lol. YAY for your loose jeans, and for your NSVs. Feels good, doesn't it?

Andrea - a big welcome to you! We aren't exactly a bunch of Motorcycle Mamas, :D but I think you'll like it here anyway. We're fun, loyal, and supportive. And Jaded. ;)

The reason we want to build where this house is, is because the well is here, the septic system is here, but most of all, the trees are here. Most of the land is free of trees because we rent it to a neighboring farmer, and he plants his crops on it. The well has never gone dry, so we for sure want access to that. The whole thing is scary to think about, so I'll think about it tomorrow.

Ran errands with Maggie today, and also got my hair colored and trimmed. She trimmed quite a bit, and I'm hoping it will grow a little before I go to Philly. I really like the style, though, since with no part, my gray doens't show so soon, lol.

Have a good weekend!

09-03-2005, 03:12 AM
:wave: Hi Andrea, and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! Always room for one (or two) more, we'll just scoot on down the bench. And feel to ride your motorcycle on in here... :scooter: :moped: (OK, so those are wimpy looking motorcycles, but you get the idea) :lol: Hubby the Technogeek has his heart set on getting a Harley, and with the way gas prices are going, I think he may have the right idea! Hmm...and I would always be assured a parking place at work... He even signed up for a motorcycle class with the Highway Patrol in October -- after you take it, then you can skip the road test when you go to get your license.

How are you tackling your weight loss? I tried halfheartedly on my own for quite a while but wasn't really ready to take the plunge. Finally, my husband agreed to go to WW with me, and that did it. It's so much easier to do it with someone else! I've lost on WW three times before, then always hit a plateau before I reached goal, got discouraged, gave up, and gained it all back. This time I realize...this isn't a diet. This is the way I have to approach food for the rest of my life. Of course, once I reach goal, I won't have to count and fret over every single point, but I will need to make healthier choices, watch portion sizes, stay active, and if the scale starts creeping back up, I'll have to get serious right away and get it under control.

Have you thought about changing your ticker to reflect the weight you already DID lose, and have been able to keep off? Because, that really is something to be proud of! :bravo: 252 is a LOT less than 315-320...just think, every 1/4 lb of fat we lose is like losing a stick of butter! Well, I like butter too much, so I'll think of it as one of those 1/4 lb sticks of Crisco shortening, because shortening is yukky, and I think of it as pure fat, not as something yummy that I miss slathering on bread :T :rofl: But sometimes I think about every pound gone as like a 1 lb box of butter, helps to visualize how far you've come. So that's...what...68 boxes of butter you've lost and kept off?!?!? You GO girl!!! :high:

Plumber update...he FINALLY showed up, 5 hours late (they got seriously behind on a job, I think). Changed the wax ring under the toilet, but he said the floor may be damaged...grrr... :tantrum: :censored: after we just paid $500 less than 2 years ago getting it fixed! But he said just wait and see, it may be ok once it dries out a bit, since it's no longer leaking under the linoleum.

OK, it's getting late and I'm soooo tired. And we are going to the State Fair tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I can resist the funnel cakes and the deep-fried Twinkies and deep-fried Snickers Bars (I solemnly swear, they really do have those), but I think I might talk Tim into splitting one of those jumbo cinnamon rolls with me... :hungry: We are going to try to stay the whole day (we'll see if we can make it), because there is a free concert, Huey Lewis :D In the past at the Fair we've seen the comedian Gallagher (I missed the Smother's Brothers and was really sad), and Kansas. Styx played that year too, but we were too tired to go that night, sorry we missed that one, though.

OK...must....sleep...exhausted... :tired: :faint: My cat, Princess Not-So-Bright, is batting at my elbow to let me know it's time to go to bed. Her real name is Chloe, but we have a long list of nicknames that suit her personality so much more. At the vet's office, she is know as the Evil Demon Princess She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, because she hates going there, and attacks the vet when she is examined! Heaven forbid if she actually needs a shot or something...they have to send out a valiant knight in chainmail and dragon-hide gloves to battle with and subdue her...

In two weeks, I will be on a plane to DUBLIN!!!

09-03-2005, 12:32 PM
Hi ladies~

Well, V & I finally had an evening to ourselves. He too has been working a lot and we haven't had a date night in ages it seems. Of course this wasn't really a date night, just going to SAMS and out to dinner. He also went walking with me this morning at the park, and we will go Monday. Trying to go to the park at least 3 days a week. Seems like a long way to drive but it is well worth it and it forces me to get up early and get the walk out of the way. Not feeling so energized though. Don't know if it is because I am walking when I first get up and I don't really feel awake or what.

Jane~do like BBQ sauce but like the sandwich just plain, nothing but bread and meat. At least now I know where I can get a good sandwich when out and about. Either there or Subway. DD got me eating sandwiches plain and I must say it actually taste good to me, just like to add all the veggies once in a while.

Marti~I am soo glad that you finally get some time with James. :love: That is just a crazy schedule he has. About the Katy said, you seem to try and find things to do to get those steps in. I am very aware of it when I have it on. and even though it is a is pretty accurate. I put it on the mile setting this morning and started it once I got out at the park and it is 1.52 miles around the whole park. I did have to go around one of the other little trails tho to get in my two miles today. Good for you for going to go to the gym yourself! :cp: And hopefully you can get someone to go with you, would make the time go by faster.

Katiecat~oh, I do realize the gas prices went up because of the hurricane. But they have always raised the price on a big holiday weekend and was just wondering if that's why they went up so high. Of course it is down this morning to $3.06. And it doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from going places-you should have seen the traffic yesterday! People heading out to the lakes with their boats and jetskis. WTG on your NSV! :bravo: Good luck with WI this morning. Bet you guys are getting excited about your trip coming up soon!

A big WELCOME Andrea! We would love for you and your friend to join us and look forward to getting to know you both.

A big HI to everyone else!

Well, I got up early again this morning and headed to the park for my walk. Today was a 2 mile day and was supposed to do it in 50 mns. And tomorrow I get a break! YAY! :cp:

No special plans for the weekend, a little bit of yard work and that's about it. Kind of let a few little weeds take over my hydrangeas and roses. Thought the roses were done in, then we got all that rain and main have they grown. Of course throw a couple of loads of laundry in there also. I've got a few new books waiting to be read so that may get done. Anywhooooo...

Have a GREAT weekend ladies whatever you do! :flow2:

09-03-2005, 12:51 PM
Good morning...just a quick flyby :angel: ...then we are off to the State Fair...

Lost 3.7 this week, really at 266.3, down 14.5 total, but the weight tracker thingy won't calculate to the tenth of a pound. Tim is down 16.9 total, whoo hoo!!!

Have a great day everyone :)

09-03-2005, 01:50 PM
Back again for just a second before finally getting off the 'puter.

Katiecat~WTG!!! :cp: :cheer: :bravo: You and Tim are doing an awesome job! Really motivating me to get off my big fanny and do something! Have a fun day at the fair!

Just remember our fair is coming the 9th. We were going to go and then not and now I think we are back at going! :lol: I think Vince just wants to play hooky from work! :lol: Anyway...

Have a good one ladies :wave:

09-03-2005, 02:35 PM
Hello Ladies---

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

I hoping to get some house cleaning done---you know when you're in a mood to throw things out---I've got that feeling coming on. The weather has been so nice here mornings and the afternoons aren't so hot---that's important when you're watching 40 little kids for afternoon recess!!

Susan---I live out in the country about 10 miles from Hereford in the Texas Panhandle. It's a small old farm house that my grandparents built in 1945. There are so many things going wrong with the house---my kids are always nagging me to move to town, but I just love being in the country. I don't know if I could stand all the noise in town and I think it would make me feel claustrophobic with everyone so close together.
It is a very peaceful place---I've been out here for 20 years. I would really like to do alot of work on the house---maybe someday I'll have the money for it.

Katiecat---congrats on the weightloss for you and your DH. I'm so proud of you!!
Hope ya'll have fun at the fair---our tri-state fair is all next week. When I was a kid, we had show calves---such great memories---I always like to go back and see all the show animals and exhibits. I love the rides too! Do ya'll have kinfolks in Dublin or is this a dream vacation for you?

Big Welcome to you Andrea!---I wish I knew how to ride a motorcycle---I drive about 80 miles back and forth to school everyday--even further if I have to buy gro or go to the bank etc....The gas price is really eating into my budget. I've always thought motorcycle riding looked like fun.."Get your motor runnin...Head out on the hightway.....lookin for adventure." Born to be Wild has always been an old fav of mine...however, I have a hard time picturing my old fat self straddling a motorcycle :lol: :lol:

Jane---I'm so sad about the house for you and Neal! It's so hard when your heart is there---I know ya'll will come up with something.

Marti and Christi---I'm glad ya'll are having time with your hubbies. Sometimes I really miss having someone that I can confide in (among other things :D )

Hello to all you other Jaded Ladies!

Gotta get busy with the laundry --
Love to all---so many prayers go out to those hurting from Katrina. It's so heartbreaking....

09-03-2005, 08:31 PM
I wrote this last night and thankfully saved computer kept kicking me off and I never could get it to post. SO here is my Friday post..

TGIF and Happy week-end to you all. Ahh, a long week-end at that. Our family reunion is Sunday, so lots of family is in town or coming in. Today I took mom and my aunt to a big festival/flea market. Over 400 booths. We just strolled around and enjoyed ourselves. I refuse to buy anything for the house until we move, so all I bought was veggies from the farmer's market. Will make chicken fajitas tomorrow with the fresh green and red peppers. YUM!

Jane, I was sorry to hear about the news of your house. Quite a shock for you and Neal. I hope you can figure out what is best to do. We will keep you sane while you are going through the challenging months ahead.

We have decided to put our house up for sale....tomorrow. Don't know how soon we will have to show it, but I am a "cleaning fool" right now. We had thought it was sold and got all excited...but the deal didn't come through. We did buy a lot and have our plans with the builder, so those baby steps are under-way. Add to this the fact that I bought our tickets for Vegas for the end of Oct. and we are now entering "stress city."

While we are in wait mode here, the kids are all doing so darn good. DD#1 just got news of a big contract for her business. Means great things for her. DD#2 is madly in love and planning a Spring marriage. DS is madly in love and planning a trip to Chicago in Oct. to bring his GF to CA. No wedding date yet, but I bet they don't wait too long. DH just had a birthday but doesn't look a day older. :) I just get grayer every day...and feel old. (I did get a hair cut today and I think DH has more hair than I do. I have gone shorter ever time I got cut this year. Sure can't go any shorter now though.)

Okay, now I gabbed so long that I don't have time for more individuals. Just know that I am thinking of you all...and "hi" to the newbies.

P.S. Walking is still going great, eating is going so-so. I am no longer weighing since my scales bit the dust.

09-04-2005, 01:37 AM
Hello gals---
Just got in from the restaurant....nary a thing past my lips except salad---lettuce, tomatoe and red bell pepper with a little ranch dressing---didn't even have crackers...very good for me. And seeing as how I didn't do a thing today except laundry, that's all I needed to have.

Our school is having a food and water drive for the Katrina victims. I feel like I need to do more.....I read where on the first night 42,000 people across America had called the Red Cross and offered to house someone until they could back on their feet. That's so awesome!! A lady emailed our Discovery group from Dallas and said the refugees had started arriving there yesterday and some of the churches where starting something called adopt-a-family. The churches were screening the people and they said to expect a family to need a place to stay for 6 weeks to 6 months. They were also asking that if you knew of any work to post that with the Dallas Red Cross. I'm sure that's going on in Houston and San Antonio also. I am awed by their generosity!

I'm continuing to walk at least a mile at school. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and then doing some yard work....want to get it in shape so that next spring the flower beds are not such a mess. My sister lives in Hereford and they have a small hot house...they let me overwinter my big hanging baskets and pots during the winter. It really saves me a lot of time and money in the spring.

Well, I'd better get on to bed. Decided to get online and read the posts to keep myself from eating something when I got home...I so appreciate ya'll being are my willpower when I am weak!!

Love ya'll

09-04-2005, 10:54 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!

Katiecat - YAY for the wonderful loss!! :cp: You and Tim are both doing so well. Did you get to see Huey Lewis? Bet they put on a good show. I want a new drug... one that won't make me sick... lol.

Cristi - glad you're getting all that exercise, and that Vince is going with you some of the time. Hope you do go to the fair. I've never been to the state fair, can you believe that? It's always held when it's so darn hot that I don't even want to think about it.

Beth - I love Steppenwolf, especially Magic Carpet Ride. I have good memories of their music from my early teen years, lol. Glad we JLs can help you when you need us. The group helped me lose 85 pounds, and still help me every time I log on.

Sue - good luck with selling the house. Are you going through a realtor? Funny thing about us moms, we're happiest when our kids are happy, right? Have fun at the reunion today.

As I sit here, I hear guns shooting, and it makes me sad. It's dove season, as of Sept. 1st, and the hunters are in the field across the road. Too sad.

No special plans for the weekend. Just want to rest and reflect. Hope you have a good one!

09-04-2005, 08:54 PM
Wow! Thank you for such a warm welcome ladies!

I decided to take KatieCat's suggestion and change my ticker to reflect the weight I have lost. Maybe it will help with my motivation.

Normally I don't believe in "diets", but it was suggested that South Beach is a great program for diabetics, which my husband is. He really likes that WOE and his blood sugar has been normal since we began it 2 weeks ago. I suppose it works ok for me. I lost 8 pounds the first week, but NOTHING the second week. Kinda ticked me off. It seems that I have to work my @ss off to lose even a pound. I do feel guilty b/c Dh and I decided to take a cheat day on Saturday and I do feel kinda bad that I did that! I decided though that since TOM is just around the corner I wont even weight myself this week. I tend to gain 5-7 pounds in water weight during then.

Not much going on this weekend. Dh and I went to my grandpas 75th birthday today and we mananged to eat pretty close to plan. I ate a burger, corn (not allowed), 1 spoon of baked beans and a hotdog later. We'll probably go to my parents house this evening and I may have a couple whiskey/diet Sprite's...again, not exactly diet approriate.

Well, have a great weekend girls!

09-04-2005, 09:58 PM
Jane - So sorry about the foundation news; but, you know, it's better to know now as opposed to later. Neal has pics and memories and this will be hard, but in the long run you two will be spending your retirement in YOUR own space, made especially for you! Now how many of us get to do that? Just remember to put the handle bars on the tub and a ramp up to the doorway for the walkers and you can stay there until the end of days :) (JK - really) - maybe not - we are certainly thinking of these considerations as we remodel our's hard to find one level living in our neck of the woods.

Marti - took the kids to Enchanted Forest to day and I smiled, remembering the photos you posted last year of your day there. My kids had so much fun! I went on the log ride, because my DD is finally tall enough and she wanted to - it is not my favorite thing to do and my eyes were closed for half the ride. I really do not like anything resembling a rollercoaster :p

Welcome rebelrider (PSST - are you Andrea? I can't keep people straight anymore) I really like your avatar. I am so anti-Britney, and I like Avril's image of just being herself and not arranging her packaging around her sexuality. I liked the song "Complicated". I am very impressed with your progress and glad you posted it. I tipped the scales at 245 on the day my DD was born 10/31/01. My ticker just reflects what I weighed when I was able to really start losing, and that was when I weaned her in 03. I was visiting with my Grandma today and when she complimented me on my weight loss, I reallized that I do finally have all the baby pounds off. I felt so good! Yeah, I have another 30 of the "me "pounds to work on, but it just really sunk in that those baby pounds are really gone...YES!

HI to everyone else! As mentioned, I took the kids to Salem today. The guys are working on the roof and we just felt a bit cooped up. The State Fair is going on, but I really OD'ed on the State fair as a child ( I grew up in Salem) and I just wasn't up for the crowds and all that junky food. So I took the kids to Enchanted Forest, then a short visit wiht my grandmother, then a little trip the the Children's Museum, then home. We are pretty tired!

I am still a bit stressed about NOLA stuff. My step-dad still hasn't heard from his daughter or 4 grandkids. Did get confirmation that his mother, sister, brother and their families are OK. Mom and Sis are living in a camper somewhere north - Bro is in TN. I hope the rest of the family gets in touch soon. The kids were, presumably, living with their respective fathers, which is good 'cause then they are most likely safe. Lord knows where the daughter is. Not a responsible person in the best of times. Just say a little prayer if you think about it.... a very tough time.

Ok - enough about me...How's it going with the rest of my JL pals?

09-05-2005, 12:51 AM
Afternoon Ladies---

Thought I'd pop in before getting ready for bed....haven't done much today. Got to talk to my DD in OKC this afternoon. She's sounding kinda homesick. She said "Mom, I thought you might come over since you had a long weekend...." I wish I could have but I would have had to leave early this morn and come back tomorrow afternoon and with gas the way it is, I just had to stay home.... I did toodle around outside for a bit just watering.

They have started bringing people evacuted from NO into Amarillo this afternoon. They are flying them in and they are staying in the Civic Center. Amarillo is just about 55 miles from where I live. The Red Cross is having emergency training today and on Tuesday. I think I'll go in Tuesday and see what I can do to help.....even if it's just talking with people or helping with the children...We'll see. I think they are only bringing in 750 to 1000 people...alot for this area. I'm sure it's because the larger cities are filling up. Katy--I'll for sure be praying for your loved ones. Let us know when you find something out. That Enchanted Forest sounds really cool--I bet the kids loved it.

Jane, I think dove season is a little later in the year for us. In December, Pheasant season is really big around here and hunters come in from all over the US. I used to really be nervous the first few days of the season when the kids were little---I wouldn't let them go outside---hunters are walking the fields and I was always nervous about accidents. My mother can really fix smoked pheasant well. I guess since I grew up with 3 brothers and my dad always hunting, we just got used to it.

Well, I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying their weekend. I hope to get my house cleaned up tomorrow and get ready for the school week.

Love to all and prayers to those hurting from Katrina---

09-05-2005, 05:20 AM
Hello gals--

I've had SUCH a busy day! I decided that I was going to finally clear out one of the sheds and put it all in the bigger one so we can use that for a workout room or what ever we decide. about back breaking! All that lifting and squatting and shoving. Only got half of it done. It's getting there.

James came home Saturday evening. And he didn't have to go to work until 6:30 Sunday. So that was very nice. And he's pinned to a job right now to where he'll be coming home once he's done!! VERY happy w/that!

We had the 3rd annual "Animal House" celebration Saturday. I went to town w/some friends and watched the parade. They had a food fight in the middle of the street! It was fun to watch. Anyone watch Animal House w/John Belushi? (did I spell his name right?? doesn't look right) They had a HUGE toga party someone made the "Deathmobile" and drove that through. Lots of fun. Since the parade in the movie was filmed in Cottage Grove, they finally decided to make it a yearly gathering. Pretty big thing for a small town.

Well's getting late and I need to get some sleep. Since I've written so much already, I will do some individuals tomorrow morning. You all take care and I'll chat w/you in the morning!

09-05-2005, 10:38 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Andrea - wouldn't the water weight come right back off with whatever you actually lost? If you like corn and stuff like that, I'd like to recommend WW, where you can eat anything, only in limited portions. I really enjoy eating the same foods as the rest of my family. Just a thought. Something tells me you probably like Rilo Kiley, too, since you like Avril. I love her song I Have Never.... the music is so good that I had my Katie record it on a CD for me.

Katy - sounds like you had a great weekend. Is the Enchanted Forest the place Susan posted pics of awhile back? Really did seem enchanted to me!

Beth - my MIL used to fix game, but don't think she fixed pheasant. I never could eat game at all, being a city girl. Now I'm living at Green Acres, but still get my meat at the grocery, lol. Neal used to hunt a little before we were married, but I told him I'd never think of marrying a hunter, so he never went again. If he misses it, he doesn't complain. Smart man, right? lol

Marti - I remember most of the Animal House movie, lol. It was pretty wild for the time back when it was first popular. <chanting> Toga, toga, toga, lol! Will you have heat and a/c in the shed for your workout room? How'd things go at the gym? I haven't been to the Y since I hurt my knee, which is no excuse since it was better after about 3 days, lol. I'm thinking that since I'm in such a big house, I ought to just bring the gazelle back in.

Didn't do much today. We had tacos, lol, not very American. Neal found a bunch of Fern's stuff that was in Rubbermaid boxes under the stairwell, in the closet, and we've been sorting through all that. ah-choo!

No news, so I'm outta here..... see ya' later, chickas. :cool:

09-06-2005, 12:46 PM
Good morning ladies!

Katy-Yes, my name is Andrea. It is hard keeping new names straight! Sounds like you had fun at Enchanted Forest! Also, congratulations on losing the baby feels great to have someone notice all the efforts!

Actually everyone is doing great on weightloss! Great job!!!

Marti- Sounds like the "Animal House" celebration was a lot of fun. I will have to rent the movie sometime...

Jane- Yeah, the water weight does come off. I stepped on the scale last night and I'm up a pound probably from the water weight. My rings and waistband feel a little snug, too. Most the times I don't really eat (or miss eating) corn. It's not one of my favorites. There were no other healthy choices at the cook-out other than grilled I just chose the corn over chips, potato salad, Smores, and cake. My all-time favorite veggie is green beans! I discussed WW with my husband and he just isnt too interested...needs a little more strictness. So, it just makes it tons easier to do the same plan! But thanks for the suggestion! Actually, I did join several years ago. I would use all my points and eat junk and loads of I didn't lose much! LOL. I do like a lot of their recipes and use them sometimes.

Another day back at work. I really enjoyed having a long weekend. I ordered some Denise Austin tapes and hoping they will come in the mail today so that I can get started on a more structured routine. Right now I've been just doing 20-30 mins on the Gazelle, some Tae Bo, and then ab work on a stability ball and free weights to tone my arms.

Have a great day!

09-06-2005, 01:08 PM
Good morning~

Just checking in with a quick Hi! :wave:

Have a good one ladies!

09-06-2005, 01:16 PM
Hi Ladies,
I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have been getting ready to be around even less. Wed. morning I am catching a train to Nova Scotia to spend some time with my 86-year old mother who has cancer. (I will get to Amherst, NS at 1 Thursday afternoon.) I got a one-way ticket because I am unsure how long I will be away. I know that I won't have much computer time. I plan to try to check in when the library is open but their hours are very limited. I hope everyone here is well. I will try to get better acquainted after I come home.

Judy A.

09-06-2005, 03:30 PM
Hold it, hold it! It looks like we need to go on over to Weight Loss & Chit Chat # 143.

See you there!